• Class: Alter Ego
  • True Name: Passionlip
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
  • Origin: SE.RA.PH
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Height: 156 cm
  • Weight: 1 ton


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Illustrator: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Ogura Yui
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/EXTRA CCC


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

High Servant A:

An artificial Servant made by synthesizing the essence of multiple myths.

Contains elements from Parvati, Durga, and Brynhildr.

Magic Resistance C:

Cancels spells with a chant below two verses.

Can’t defend against large scale magecraft like High-Thaumaturgy or Greater Rituals.

Independent Action C:

Ability to act independently for a period even if mana supply from the Master is severed.

Alter Egos which exist as 『another aspect of a certain existence』can work independently without a Master, but since Lip is bad at economizing her fuel the rank has lowered.

Presence Concealment A+:

A skill to act while hiding one’s form.

A skill that the Assassin class has as a basic ability.

Lip displays an excellent Presence Concealment from her cowardice and prudence, but her huge claws get in the way and make her be found out immediately.

Were it not because of her claws she’d be an outstanding stalker.

Personal Skills

Breast Valley A:

Function for temporarily storing and archiving unnecessary data files. Same as a trash can.

In Passionlip’s case, that icon is set for some reason at the center of her chest.

To put it briefly, it’s a pocket of imaginary numbers where you can accumulate all the trash you want.

If it’s dust data crushed by Passionlip, they can be infinitely stored no matter the capacity. It seems that even those exceeding Lip’s own memory can be dumped into this valley.

Although it looks like a convenient function at first glance, since the dust data won’t return to their original form, it’s a completely meaningless function.

Passionlip is thought to have gained this particular structure because she’s a self-destructive/self-harming type of girl that keeps her feelings inside.

In 『CCC』, once something fell in this valley of death it wouldn’t crawl up again, but in 『FGO』she became able to scoop up the contracted Master.

Masochistic Constitution A:

Passionlip’s id_es skill.

In a collective battle, gathers the hostility (hate) of the enemy towards oneself, and increases the probability of being targeted by attacks.

Although it may be seen as a disadvantage, this skill makes those with a strong defensive power that have it function as excellent escort guards.

Besides including a slight bonus to defense, an additional special effect comes at A rank, the attackers lose their calm as they attack, and in the end they will only be able to think about the one with this skill. A skill that leads to death in one-versus-one, but a very useful skill in battles with a party.

Trash & Crash EX:

Called an id_es skill, one of the particular skills possessed by the Alter Ego · Sakura Series derived from BB.

A cheat skill evolved from 『Monstrous Strength』.

No matter how huge the capacity may be, as long as it is “something that can be wrapped with the hands”, it’ll be crushed and compressed by those claws.

Although what has been compressed becomes a 1 cm square cube, its mass can only be reduced to one tenth of what it was before the compression. Compressed things are later treated as dust data.

What can be compressed are only things smaller than Lip’s hands―

No, “what fits in the hand” from her point of view is treated as a target.

It’s planar physical interference that ignores perspective, but as expected it takes time to compress large things. A cheat-like pictorial compression technique (codec) unique to a digital space.

Lip is specialized in destruction, and if the target is stationary…… terrain or a building, she displays destructive power superior to BB.

Although, if the opponent is a Servant or a Master, escaping from the quick-to-sense-danger Lip’s vision → the dull Lip not chasing them is the outcome.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Brynhildr Romantia: Even if Death does us apart

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Mind Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2~10
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Brynhildr Romantia.

An Anti-Mind Noble Phantasm given to Alter Ego by BB.

Since the Noble Phantasms of the Alter Egos are illegal reconstructions of regular Noble Phantasms, the Servant used as a material is the Walküre Brynhildr from the 『Volsunga Saga』.

A spear of hate and love wielded for revenge against her husband Sigurðr, who betrayed her and wounded her honor.

Passionlip’s Noble Phantasm’s property too…… The more intense the love towards the opponent, the more intensely powerful…… That’s what it had, but that’s a story of the past.

The heart that ounce shouted called 『Until Death does us apart』, now has changed to hope for 『Even if Death does us apart』.

Farewell will surely come. Whether that is a catastrophe or a treason, love itself can’t be denied.

『No matter the farewell, since the love until then was true, I’ll believe it’s eternal』

As Lip wished, it became power not to hate the loved one, but to protect the loved one. Truly pure innocence and mature saint girl power.

After dealing great damage to the enemy party, it restores the energy of the ally party.



  • First person pronoun: わたし (watashi)
  • Second person pronoun: アナタ (anata)
  • Third person pronoun: あの人 (ano hito) / みなさん (mina-san)

Towards the Master: マスターさん (Master-san) / マスター (Master) / 〇〇さん (attach -san to name).

If it’s the female main character, when she wants to get along with her as a fellow girl and musters courage: 〇〇ちゃん (attach -chan to name).


An intense personality regularly misinterpreted as introverted.

If something goes wrong, she has the habit of blaming others (surroundings) and withdrawing in her shell.

In 『CCC』that disposition…… Regularly, she can’t approach the opponent…… But although she showed herself as a stalker, after recognizing her own mistakes/faults, she refrained her disposition as a stalker, and started to aim to “work properly, get along properly”.

But her laziness (if there’s a reason she’ll skip work) hasn’t changed, she herself is aware of that bad part, and tries to fix that.

As a result, the current Passionlip positively tries to fix “my bad parts” every day, and has become a hard-worker girl.

In contrast with Meltlilith who was 『a girl that loves love』, Passionlip was 『a girl that seeks love』.

But since she won’t be loved for her outer appearance, since nothing will be obtained from that love even while seeking it, that love turned into hatred.

The Alter Ego of love and hatred, that’s what Passionlip was born as, but there isn’t even the shade of it in the current Lip.

Since she originally had an honest personality, her personality has become a bit like the one of the girl that 『became the base for BB』.

Attitude Towards Master

She is self-conscious about what a Servant with an atrocious and troubling ability she is.

For that reason, she is thankful to the Master who doesn’t abandon her and accompanies her.

That thankfulness will gradually change into deep affection and longing, and in the end she’ll dream of love.

…… However, Lip, who is self-conscious of her biography and specialty, can’t 『seek love innocently』.

If she’s infatuated, if she can be loved, she’ll hurt that gentle person.

That’s why while she keeps dreaming like this, she strives to become the Master’s power from the shadows.

Dialogue Examples

  • 「……I’m, the Alter Ego of love and hate, Passionlip…… Er…… If I hurt you, I’m sorry……」

  • 「It’s a luxurious plate, but my hands are a bit…… Eh? You’ll feed me? T-then, please. …… Fufu. It’s been more painful to be able to see my own figure properly, but there are also more happy things……」

  • 「Since there are lots of fun things in this world, it’s hard not to lose to temptation. But that’s what living means. Good night, Master-san. Thank you very much for having summoned me.」

  • 「…… Ah. I was mailing Melt right now…… How cruel…… Today was my date……. To people who do such things, I’ll make them a cube and throw them to the bottom of the deep valley, you know……?」

Character in FGO

A familiar created by BB by separating her own personality (feelings).

Because she’s not a 『copy of the personality』 but 『something made based on the personality』, she didn’t become an avatar but an alter ego (another personality).

The Alter Ego of love and hate.

An impressive girl with a chest too big and ferocious claws. She doesn’t like fighting, but since her skill Masochistic Constitution makes her be attacked by her surroundings, she reluctantly counter-attacks.

The best power character from among the Alter Egos.

A monopolizing, blind incarnation of sought love that embraces her opponent, twists them off, and keeps them in her chest……

That’s what she was, but after being corrected in a certain encounter that unilateral sought love isn’t good, she’s careful not to harm the surroundings with the numerous lethal weapons of her body, and has become a shy yet gentle AI.

The bodies of three goddesses have been incorporated in Passionlip.

The first goddess is the goddess of beauty in India, Parvati.

The goddess that loved the god of destruction Shiva blindly and dedicatedly.

The second goddess is the goddess of war, Durga.

The aspect of Parvati, Durga, possesses ten divine weapons.

Passionlip’s huge claws embody those ten swords.

The third goddess is the Nordic goddess of war, Brynhildr.

A queen that, unable to be united with the hero she fell in love with, brought ruin out of sorrow. Regarded as Brünnhilde in Wagner’s opera, and synonymously in the description of some old Edda, she appears as a warrior maiden that sends the souls of the dead to heaven. Not to mention, the circumstances here turned love into despair too, a tragedy in which a loved one was killed with those hands.

Perceptive disorder:

Many people can’t look at themselves objectively.

It can happen not only mentally, but physically.

Humans can’t look at themselves.

No, to be correct, the impartiality to look directly at “my appearance without falsehoods” is scarce.

Since humans have wisdom, only convenient information from the reality in front of their eyes becomes truth.

It’s not like selection of information, but a hoax of information, that sometimes happens unconsciously to the point of modification.

Passionlip’s perceptive disorder was the most extreme.

She can’t recognize the shape of her own two hands. Her “brain” made her eyes to avert her hideous form, an exaggerated inter-cerebral conversion of her arms as those of a normal girl.

She only saw her claws as 『something normal』.

For this reason, Lip couldn’t understand the reason of “why are they scared of me?”.

Not understanding that her body is ugly as a reason, when she was pointed out that she only tilted her head:

『Why do you say such a lie?』

『Do you want to bully me to the point of lying?』

Yes, she could only hate her surroundings.

However, her current self is confronting her body properly and accepting her monstrosity.

Regarding her huge nails and perceptive disorder, Passionlip is a complete victim.

Because even though her perceptive disorder was born from escape, there are no deceptions or lies in her heart.


Selfish, conceited, sly, scary, mean, she was a person I couldn’t see but…… I’ve lost just a bit of that dislike recently. But since facing being a mother (original) is troubling, if there were reasons and chances…… N-no, it’s nothing!


The closest one to BB from among the Alter Egos, an Alter Ego that isn’t recommended to others.

Although she’s a mass of desire to control (pride) that gets excited when hurting her surroundings, I seriously think she’s more elegant than BB.

Also, the part of swaggering about 『I’m the older sister』 despite her manufacturing date being the same as mine is very childish, right?

Sesshōin Kiara

I don’t understand it really well, but I feel she’s similar to Melt.

Melt is much prettier, though.


He’s a very reliable knight! A prince with a white horse…… He’s a bit different than that, a prince that grows like that, has rather become an adult that knows his position as a feudal lord…… Anyways, although I don’t like him I think he’s a wonderful person!

Tamamo Cat

My first friend.

It seems she’s an Alter Ego different from the Sakura Five.

Being together is fun, calms me down, and makes me happy.

She’s also very good at cooking! Cat, incredible!

Robin Hood

Physiologically not good.

Comment from the Illustrator

She raised her head. And since a bare chest is no good in many aspects she wears a black cloth at the upper body. And I changed the pumpkin pants to a frilled skirt of three layers. I’m satisfied with having drawn her Final Ascension to resemble a cherry, but I’ll say it because no one else touches it. I drew a cherry at the position of the nipples! Look at it❤ (Wada Arco)

Material Images