Qin Liangyu



  • Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Qin Liangyu
  • Sex: Female
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: China
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 166cm
  • Weight: 46kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: Shima Drill
  • Character Voice: Shitaya Noriko
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [C]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that were done with a chant of two verses or below. Cannot defend against large-scale Magecraft such as Great Magecrafts and Ritual Spells.

Personal Skills

Nature of a Loyal Warrior: [B]

A Skill that denotes one pledging loyalty to their Master, while simultaneously, gathering trust from their Master onto themselves.

In spite of being a native of a minority group and her husband having been imprisoned on false charges, Qin Liangyu devoted her loyalty to the Ming Dynasty, and the Ming Dynasty placed tremendous trust in her.

Banditry Abolisher: [B]

The sublimation of Qin Liangyu’s anecdote where she defeated many bandits as the lady of a castle. She acquires an advantageous combat bonus against Servants who are Anti-Heroes or who have careers related to piracy or banditry.

Battle Continuation: [C+]

One does not know when to give up.

Qin Liangyu can hold superiority in things such as keeping the morale of troops high not in a single battle, but in prolonged battles such as siege battles.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Bai Chu Qiang (White Pole Spear)

  • Rank: D
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2~5
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

A spear made out of ash that Qin Liangyu was said to have been habitually using together with her subordinates. While there are no anecdotes about the spear itself, it has the effect of instilling some fear into Anti-Hero Servants.

It has been told that ash was used as a material for spears in Greece far and wide, and that Achilles’ spear was also made out of ash.

The Song of Selflessness and Loyalty: Chongzhen Di Si Shige (The Chongzhen Emperor’s Four Poems)

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel (Self) Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

The four pieces of Chinese poetry presented to Qin Liangyu by the Chongzhen Emperor, the reigning emperor back then in the former’s time period. When she was summoned to the capital, Qin Liangyu thought that she would have to take responsibility for the failure of not being able to subjugate the bandits, so she chose to prepare herself by giving away her own funds to her subordinates, but she was presented with a reward and four poems instead by the Emperor himself, the four poems giving praise to her, which were said to have been made by the Emperor.



First Person Pronoun: watashi

Second Person Pronoun: anata

Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo


Gentle and reserved, Qin Liangyu has both a hard and soft attitude towards soldiers; the type of person who is trusted by those above her as well as by those below her. “Beauty” is a criterion missing in her self-assessment, regarding only whether or not she is carrying out her work properly as important. Because of that, she can also be embarrassed and perplexed if the spotlight is suddenly on her.

Attitude Towards Master

Qin Liangyu recognizes her Master as the Master, properly establishing a hierarchical relationship between them. If it is a dangerous place, she will emerge before her Master and protect them, if it is a safe place, she will be standing behind them, and if she is requested for her opinion from them, she will respond with a pertinent reply. Even if she is in love with her Master, she will not think of things such as “I want to make him/her my own”, instead being devotedly moderate in that it is fine for her if she just gives them a smile. It is common for her to recognize her Master as a target that she should protect and be a patron to. Saying that specifically, she will become their caretaker.

Dialogue Examples

“I’ll do it![1]… Eh, ah, that’s wrong, you’ve got the wrong idea! Jeez, no waaay…”

“I may be trifling and incompetent, but to this trust in me, I will devote everything I have! Here… is the Song of Selflessness and Loyalty! Here I come!”

“… Hehe, it’s an unavoidable thing, even if I question it, huh? Only the Emperor… possesses the answer to that, and ultimately, I too————will continue to take up a spear in my hand… for the sake of subduing rebellions————”

Historical Character and Figure

The “Twenty-Four Histories” is famous as a traditional history book of China. In the “History of Ming”, a history among those histories where it has high fame, there is Qin Liangyu, who is remembered as the sole “female military commander” within that series.

Originally a native of a minority group, Qin Liangyu became the wife of a man named Ma Qiancheng, who governed a region named Zhong Prefecture, and she served in the subjugation of a certain rebellion together with her husband. Afterwards, she became a general by succeeding her husband’s position after he died in prison, who was imprisoned for a civil action-related matter, and she repelled the bandits many times, but at some point in time, four of the castles in the region she governed were stolen from her by the bandits.

Qin Liangyu, who was summoned to the capital, was prepared for death, but she was instead presented with a reward and four poems by the Emperor before being ordered to recapture the four castles she lost.

Qin Liangyu was inspired by the treatment given to her, and she worked well from then onwards. She remained the same even after the downfall of the Ming Dynasty, serving the Southern Ming Dynasty and its exiled government, and she continued to wage war until she died. It was told that she died a peaceful death due to infirmity at the age of 74.

Character in FGO

To speak of Qin Liangyu in a few words, an older sister of firm character who can become reliable for others. She recognizes the Master as a younger brother/sister who must be protected. She will wake up in the morning earlier than anyone else and wait for the Master to wake up, manage their schedule, and go to bed in the night after she waits for the Master to fall asleep.

It is strange that even though Qin Liangyu is not particularly forced to do this, it seems she will settle down into such a role. An older sister who will be in high spirits and work for the sake of the Human Order. Furthermore, she likes pandas.

Qin Liangyu appeared as an enemy Servant in a Lostbelt[2]. She dyed her hands in blood while building up an everlasting peace, but…

Standard Weapons

Her spear.

Tomoe Gozen

“For some reason or another, we get along very well with each other. Even as commanders whom lead an army.”

Lü Bu

“It is truly an honour to be able to fight together with the famous Flying General.”


“Um… Isn't she going to give up any time soon on invading Master’s bedroom?…”


“She was born in a different era, but there’s no difference in the troubles we faced when leading an army. Why, it’s nice to have some talks together as fellow generals!”

Robin Hood

“A thief? A chivalrous thief? Liberation from tyranny? Ungh… Hmmmmmmmmm… Unnnngh…”

Blackbeard / Bartholomew Roberts

“They’re pirates, aren’t they? Alright, I shall do them innn!”[1]

Anne Bonny & Mary Read

“They’re pirates, aren’t they?… Don’t carry Master away!!”

Jing Ke

“Don’t offer Master alcohol!!”

Comment from the Illustrator

I believe that Qin Liangyu was designed around the start of FGO’s service, but first of all, since she is a Lancer in Fate, I remember starting her design… by deciding on full-body tights for her. Yeah. Tights were not mandatory. There was a plan and the like that emphasized a figure typical of a military woman with a tall stature, but eventually, I settled down in a recommended design that emphasized cuteness. (Shima Drill)

TL Notes

[1] – Qin Liangyu often says やります and 殺ります, both pronounced as ‘yarimasu’. The first can mean to do something, while the second means to kill someone/do someone in. This is why in her first speech example, she was correcting herself and trying to dispel any misunderstandings on what she just said.
[2] – Qin Liangyu actually appeared as a living human in the Lostbelt, not as a Servant.

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