Red Hare



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Red Hare
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact, Romance of the Three Kingdoms etc.
  • Origin: China
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: 250 cm
  • Weight: Over 400 kg


  • Scenario designer: Hikaru Sakurai
  • Character design: Midorikawa Miho
  • CV: Midorikawa Hikaru
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Riding: [EX]

Can ride anything skillfully.
However, his state as a rider and horse as one (?) upon manifestation as a Rider means that he has no need to ride any more.

Personal Skills

Long-Distance Dash (Horse): [EX]

Inexhaustible physical strength that enables long-term and long-distance travel.
It is possible to temporarily increase the Agility parameter sharply, as well as increasing Strength and Agility parameters while sprinting at full speed.

Every Martial Art (Horse): [A]

A combat skill cultivated in a wide variety of fields, making it possible to deal with any situation in battle. He can immediately respond to unusual circumstances like battles in the air or underwater, even as yet unknown or situations where one has no experience, by making use of cultivated skill and experience.

Combat Maneuver (Horse): [B]

Mastery of mounted combat. A plus bonus is awarded to attack checks and damage while riding. As a demerit, fighting ability is reduced when not riding, but it is not a demerit to one in a state of a rider and horse as one (?).

Nature of a Rebellious Spirit: [B]

A Skill that is actually owned despite the owner’s insistence of “I don’t have it”.
The temperament to never remain in one location and to never embrace a master. A wandering star that does not have the capacity to be king but is not able to find his own king.
(Fundamentally not used in Fate/Grand Order)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Red Form: Horse and Rider as One

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: -
  • Targets: 1 person

Red Form.
Known as Lu Bu’s horse, Red Hare has the ability to perform a “combination sequence” with the Fierce Flying General Lu Bu--------- So it is rumored in small parts of Clock Tower.
It’s true.
That really is the rumour.
As a Servant, Red Hare runs through the battlefield as an invincible man-horse soldier with high mobility and toughness, with a centaur-like appearance due to the side effect of the Noble Phantasm that makes the horse and rider one. Even without Lu Bu.
Although he calls himself “Lu Bu combined with Red Hare”, he is just a horse… Red Hare. Sorry for fooling you so far, everyone. Not giving Lu Bu a ride, nor combining with Lu Bu. It is no more than a centaur soldier mode that exists as the side effect of a Noble Phantasm.
Whether you point out that fact or not depends on the breadth of your tolerance.
(A continuously active -type Noble Phantasm. Fundamentally not used in Fate/Grand Order)

Imitation God Force: False - The Five Soldiers of the War God

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Unit, Anti-Army
  • Range: 1~40
  • Targets: 50 people

Imitation God Force.
He doesn’t have the Noble Phantasm “The Five Soldiers of the War God”, which is called Houtengeki, that Lu Bu possesses as a Heroic Spirit. What he releases as a Noble Phantasm is “The Five Soldiers of the War God”’s Shoot Mode… Or a big shot that brings it to mind.
However, it is not released as magical light like a large-bore cannon, but is just an “enormous spear” shot as an arrow from a strong bow.

As a result of having sought a powerful arrow, he may have decided that “It’s faster to shoot a spear…”



First person pronoun: 私(watashi)
Second person pronoun: あなた (anata)
Third person pronoun: 彼 (kare)/彼女 (kanojo)/〇〇 (addressing by last name only)/〇〇殿 (〇〇-dono)/〇〇公 (〇〇-kou)


Even though he gives his name as Lu Bu, he is serious.
However, his nature is rough. He is easygoing in most things, and gives off a calm presence too.
That is certainly an excellent horse---------

Attitude Towards Master

Carrot please.

Dialogue Examples

“Rider has manifested here. This peerless body of mine will now become your power.”

“I don’t have a rebellious nature at all. Fufuh...”



“I am Lu Bu Fengxian! Also known as the Flying General. Y-yeah… Of course. Y-yes.”

Historical Character and Figure

The Flying General Lu Bu, whose actions are told of in books and stories such as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
A legendary warrior and general boasting peerless courage, he is said to have continued to fight until the end of his life. With his favorite horse, Red Hare, he ran through the battlefield.

“And now, with his Noble Phantasm, Lu Bu has become one with Red Hare! Surpassing even the centaur told of in Ancient Greek mythology, and combining man, horse, armor and arms to become the strongest man-horse warrior! Like Innocent Monster or something. In other words, I am Lu Bu! Neigh!”

There is not a single reason to doubt this impassioned story.

Character in FGO

A ferocious appearance that can no longer be called human---------
At the same time, filled with a severity like a war god that overruns the battlefield.

Other Info

The true name “Red Hare” is proudly displayed.
But about that truth, he stays silent.

Favorite food: carrots
But anyway, this horse has a nice voice.

Lu Bu

Ooh, Lu Bu! Lu Bu!
I am Red… Neigh, n-no, I am Lu Bu as well. It is true. In other words, together we are double Lu Bu! Magnificent!
That being so, how about an EXA-Red Form?

Chen Gong

Soldiers are easily misled. I understand that. But I’m wondering what they think about suicide bombing. That being so, has there been development towards a new form? I think it would be good for a horse to be able to fly through the sky.

Cao Cao/Guan Yu


Llamrei/Bai Long/Dun Stallion


Comment from the Illustrator

With a horse’s head, a person’s body resting on a horse. … It was a horse? I made it more than a year before the release of FGO, but I think it’s in the storehouse~, FGO is exciting but I can’t say I’m participating~ Whatever your thoughts, to think that you’d receive a character like this, with a double Midorikawa no less. (Midorikawa Miho)

Material Images

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