Robin Hood



  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Robin Hood
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: England, Sherwood
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg


  • Setting creation: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Toriumi Kousuke
  • Main works appearance: Fate/EXTRA, Fate/EXTRA CCC


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [D]

Invalidates single action magic use. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that wards off magical energy.

Independent Action: [A]

The ability to act independently for a period even if magic energy supply from the Master is severed.

At A rank, even if he loses his Master he is able to stay materialized for a period of 1 week.

Personal Skills

Subversive Activities: [A]

The ability to reduce enemy's war potential in the preliminary stage before going to battle.

An expert of traps.

With this skill at A rank, it is possible to disable close to 60 percent of the enemy forces before they advance.

Golden Rule: [E]

Indicating the fate of how much wealth follows him around in life.

He himself was constantly poor, but he seemed to never really have it bad financially.

Maybe it was due to him being thorough in self restraint, or maybe he was simply good at managing his expenses. Or maybe because he was receiving tributes from a girl in town…. The truth is laid within the deep forest.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Yew Bow - Bow of Prayer

  • Rank: D
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 4~10
  • Maximum target: 1 individual

Yew Bow.

A bow created from the yew tree located in the forest where he had based himself during his live.

A yew tree is considered by the Celts and Norsemen as a type of holy tree. The act of making a bow out of a yew tree has the significance of the ritual on “becoming one with the forest”. To add, yew tree is also considered to be the tree that leads to the underworld.

It holds the ability to instantaneously amplify and discharge the impurities (poison and disease) within the target’s inside; should the target carries poison with him/her, it would result in the poison exploding like gunpowder.

Invoking it in the case of the opponent already afflicted with a poisoned status would result in the poison being strengthened (damage increase plus and turn extension).

Other than its effect as a normal weapon, by piercing the ground as an origin point with an arrow it is also possible to turn the surroundings into a poisoned space dyed with yew poison.



  • First pronoun: ore
  • Second pronoun: anta/omae/**(no honorifics)
  • Third pronoun: antara/omaera/**(no honorifics)


His origin, being the son of a wandering druid priest, had made him excellent as the “guardian of the forest”.

Due to being able to become friends with the fairies of the forest, who are invisible to human eyes, he had been persecuted by the villagers as one possessed by fairies, treated as an orphan and a burden to the village.

Maybe it is due to such a personal history, but the villagers did not accept an orphan like him, and he too did not meet them halfway. He held no love for the villagers, yet he did not hate them so much that he would abandon them.

Rather than death in sacrifice for honor and ideal, he thinks that it is better to simply respect life, survive, and left behind a warm result.

But he did not manage to obtain such a life; and so he shrugged his shoulder as he thought that “those sort of things ain’t more than pipe dreams”.

His speaks in a way that does not tackle things in sincerity, and due to his principle to let sleeping dogs lie and an “is that so?” sort of attitude towards everything, people tend to hate him from when he had been alive. And yet at his core, he likes humans. In a cheery gathering, he would join them nearby, eventually settling down as someone not quite friend yet not a stranger as well.

A frivolous and sarcastic man with a sharp tongue to boot, but at his root he is a man of virtue. Due to him being somewhat timid and concealing his immature fixation on justice, his behavior comes off as insincere. He has a complex in regards of the guilt and shame of his own lowly way of life and way of fighting; but due to that, ridiculing other people’s endeavour and futile effort is the one thing he would never do.

Attitude Towards Master

He hides his true nature from when he was alive and fights with cowardly means such as using trap, tricks, and surprise attacks; due to that, his compatibility with Masters that prefers a fair and square battle is bad.

In the Holy Grail War of the moon, there had been a discrepancy of combat policy between the Master that wishes for battles that conform with chivalrous ideals who had summoned him and Robin Hood himself who dislikes such upright battles. However, while seeming to think that he too wish for such a battle that his Master desires, he made best use of the Archer Class’ special characteristic of the Independent Action Skill and assiduously working from the shadow where his Master would not see him. That too, sounds tiresome.

He is a man who, while not having the stock of a hero and bragging that he would simply do what he wants to do, ends up acting as a hero anyway and reached the Throne of Heroes.

Dialogue Examples

“Pride, eh. Even if you want that sort of thing from me, it’s a bit hard.
Although, I wouldn’t mind I could win just with that. I mean, if we could defeat the enemy with our pride, well now that’s what I call the strongest! Sorry though, Master, I’m not much of an expert in that department. I’m a realist, you see. I’ll just precisely pick them off with my poison.”

“The Faceless King comes-----”

“Let my grave be at the end of this arrow… O blessing of the forest… deliver your poison towards the tyrant.”

Historical Character and Figure

The protagonist of a popular ballad of England during the 16th century. The original Robin Hood was a chivalrous thief who had resided in the Sherwood Forest and opposed the tyrant John Lackland, but died out of excessive bleeding due to the scheme of a prioress of Kirkless.

His true nature is the imaginary chivalrous thief, the result of Orion of Greek mythology and the fairy (Robin) of Celtic legend combined with the druidic faith. He is the faceless hero born out of the prayer of the people of England, which had been repeatedly invaded by foreign countries. And although there was a figure who had served as the base, Robin Hood appears to be an existence which came to be from the amalgamation of many others.

This Robin Hood, too, is no more than one of the “numerous Robin Hood”. Originally a burden to the village, he had been a youth without a single relative living in the outskirt of the village yet due to the unexpected he ended up concealing his true nature and fighting the army of the feudal lord; during the course, he became known as the “Green Man”.

He was not able to abandon the village suffering under the feudal lord’s tyrannical rule; at first, he had only able to save them and repel the feudal lord’s army by chance, but from the second time on he started fighting hard while bearing the hopes and wishes of the villagers on his back.

Setting traps in the forest and covering his face with a hood all the time, not even the villagers were privy of his origin. He is one of the nameless heroes, throwing away his identity as a human for the sake of justice.

But the villagers, for the sake of self-protection, conveyed to the feudal lord that in no way was he related to them; they pushed all the responsibilities to him and turning him into a common enemy, yet still he continues to fight. However, in just short of two years he had died after being shot by an assassin. Receiving such a death without any reward, he was then turned into a Heroic Spirit as Robin Hood.

Character in FGO

In the fifth chapter, “North America’s Mythological Great War E Pluribus Unum”, he makes an appearance by opposing both the Celtic army and the federal army as one member of the resistance. His partner is his fellow outlaw, Billy the Kid.

Even casted away from the nation known as United State of America, Geronimo, an original inhabitant of the land loves it still. One can say that the outsider Robin Hood joining force with Geronimo in fighting the army of the ruler of the land is an inevitable outcome.

Depiction in previous works

He appears in Fate/EXTRA. His Master is Dan Blackmoore. He abides by his Master’s instruction unwillingly, but not out of antipathy; it is that he is disconcerted with his Master’s humane righteousness. Due to his Master, who values the spirit of chivalry, simply would not hear of his forte of smoke-and-mirror sort of methods, before long he made the expression of “I got involved with another pain in the neck, geez.” In Fate/EXTRA CCC, too, he ends up as the subordinate of the exasperating mastermind. Maybe he was just born under that sorts of fate.

Artoria, Knights of the Round

Being Servants from around the same area, he’s not really comfortable with them.

“I mean, it’s not like I’m a hero or anything like that, ok!?”

Nero, Tamamo no Mae

By becoming Servants, they end up as fellow members under the same bond. An undesirable but inseparable one, that is.

“Uggh, these two are here too…? This time is so gonna be a slapsticks journey full with weird stuffs on both side*, I bet....”

(*literally “on East and on West”)


Yeah, I don’t think overprotective Servants would really benefit the Master, y’know?

Comment from the Illustrator

I had intended to draw a robin (the bird) riding on the back of his hand, but it doesn’t mesh well in the drawing, so I put it on his shoulder instead. The result ends up a bit of a generic low pose. I feel like I’m receiving thoughts that said it’s fine, we’ll take down the ingame version that has the robin on his hand, we’re worn out, but we’ll do it anyway! I’m sorry… I’m really sorry…

I’m really pleased with the drawing of his final ascension the same way I do with Nero’s. (Wada Arco)

Material Images