Saint Martha (Swimsuit)



  • Class: Ruler
  • True Name: Martha
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Historical Fact, New Testament
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 49kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Sakamoto Mineji
  • Character Voice: Hayami Saori
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [EX]

Martha demonstrates high Magical Resistance due to her unwavering piety. However, since this resistance is just allowing her to divert (evade) the Magecraft, fundamentally only Martha will be saved in the case of a wide-range magic attack.

Personal Skills

Saint of the Waterside: [B+]

Having drifted on board a boat and reined in the Tarasque by the Rhône’s riverbank, Martha has deep connections to water. That disposition was strengthened by changing into a swimsuit at this occasion. Upon perceiving a waterside, Martha’s offensive power rises. She gets on board.

Natural Body (Sea): [A+]

Martha’s body, which was undressed from holy garments, is perfect as a living being. It is amazing when undressed. It is a Skill that denotes the absoluteness of the body, but it also functions as a charm Skill towards others.

Jacob’s Limbs: [B]

An old method of hand-to-hand combat that was continuously inherited from Jacob, to Moses, and finally to Martha. If reached to its limits, one can triumph even over an archangel. According to legends, a Saint who mastered this can surely beat to death an “angel of destruction” that leads 12,000 angels. In addition, the reason why Martha can bring out “that sort of behaviour” at the time of her Noble Phantasm’s True Name Release is surely because of this Skill.

True Name Discernment: [C]

Automatically grasps a Servant’s True Name as well as their entire status information during a direct encounter. However, in regard to Servants who possess concealment abilities, a success of a Luck Check becomes a requirement to bypass those abilities.

“It is expected that I have it. It is a Skill one should be endowed with as a Ruler.”

Divine Ruling: [A]

The supreme privilege of a Ruler. One can exercise two Command Spells for each Servant participating in a “Holy Grail War”, but in “Fate/Grand Order”, this consists of different Skill effects. However, Martha fundamentally does not use this Skill in “Fate/Grand Order”.

“It is expected that I have it, but… seeing that it is not a Holy Grail War, what I know is that even the role of a Ruler has come to be altered in due course, do you not think so?”

Noble Phantasm(s)

Tarasque: O’ Sad Drake Who Runs Wild

  • Rank: A
  • Classifications: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm / Anti-Dragon Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Iron Fist Holy Judgement. A fearsome Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm that looks like Tarasque’s prayer taking form; say, a sort of prayer of not wanting to be only treated like before. While Tarasque comes flying in to crash onto the target, Martha gives further damage with a barrage of fists. Although it appears as if Tarasque is being struck by the barrage, because Martha is swinging her fists with the same striking method as a kind of “sunkei”[1] that “goes through” him, there is no damage being done to Tarasque, and all the damage appears to be delivered to the target underneath Tarasque————or so it seems.

Tarasque’s voice: “Stop, it’s quite painful!”



First Person Pronoun: watashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / (sometimes) anta
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / (sometimes) aitsu / (sometimes) yatsu


It should be as usual, but… as a matter of fact, Martha’s state of being has become somewhat anxious given that she does not carry her cross. Because of that, it is possible to catch glimpses of the signs of “those times” from before she held the holy staff appearing and disappearing. When compared to her materialization as a Rider, these frequencies are somewhat higher. For Martha herself, who has manners like this, the way she loses her bearings is unconcealable, even though she has a feeling where she is not sure if this is the Lord’s trial.

Attitude Towards Master

Judging from appearances, Martha is her usual self. However, it is also a matter of time before she becomes serious in accepting everything from the Master as it cannot be helped that, since now that it has come to this, the Master begins to appear as her “younger brother”.

Even if things turn for the worse, Martha will not be wishing on the Holy Grail to return to her original Saint Graph. There is only one Holy Grail as far as Saint Martha is concerned, and even if her Saint Graph is altered, she will not be misled by a fake Holy Grail too. That is her foregoing thought.

Dialogue Examples

“————Martha. I have come once again. No matter which form I take, I am still me. Without hesitation, I shall save the world together with you.”

“Surely, we will save the world, ok? Hey! Answer me!”

“Let’s do this heavily.”

“Let’s do this sharply.”

“Let’s do this violently.”

“Repent! Reform now I say!”

Historical Character and Figure

It is completely the same as the time when Martha materialized as a Rider.

Character in FGO

Brandishing an Iron Fist, she breaks steel. With a single attack of her Strong Fist, she pierces even a dragon. With the words of the Messiah (that person) carried in her heart, even now, Martha’s oath as a Saint has not been forgotten.

————“This body surely exists for the sake of the people.”

“Apart from that, I won’t allow a slacken lifestyle just because it’s summer!”

Even if her form has changed, and even if there are some changes in the words she speaks, Martha is still herself. Nothing but a perfect Saint who intends to save the world and mankind. However, in any event, it is a special materialization. As she says, this is the Lord’s trial, or is it————

Standard Weapons

Hand-to-hand combat attacks. Basically unarmed. If anything, Martha has the Holy Knuckles armaments equipped in her Third Stage Ascension. “Even though I wanted to be a Saint, why!?” She says as Martha herself seemingly complains.

Moses / Jacob

“Moses, Jacob, please forgive me for swinging my fist. I believe this is also undoubtedly a step to take for the sake of saving the Human Order.”

Beowulf / Li Shuwen / Assassin of Shinjuku

“I did not say something like, “A barehanded brawl, that’s just fine!” I did not say that. Since I did not say that, please do not send your looks of anticipation for such a behaviour from me. Haaa…”


“Younger sister. I can’t show such an appearance to you!”

Comment from the Illustrator

There was a suggestion to have a facial expression of the so-called “sticking out one’s tongue after laughing embarrassingly” look, and it is nice that it came out OK. (Sakamoto Mineji)

TL Notes

[1] – A sunkei is a powerful and complex Karate punch that uses 17 joints or more in the user’s body. The one-inch punch is possible with this technique.

Material Images

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