Saint Martha



  • Class: Rider
  • True Name: Martha
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Historical Fact, New Testament
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 49kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Sakamoto Mineji
  • Character Voice: Hayami Saori
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [A]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that are Rank A or below.

Modern Mages would not be able to wound Martha with their Magecraft.

Riding: [A++]

It is possible for Martha, who materialized as a Rider, to freely handle all vehicles and beasts. In addition, regarding the Dragon Kind, it should originally not be possible for one to manage them with the Riding Skill, but it is exceptionally possible for Martha to ride them.

Divinity: [C]

As a fellow traveller in the Messiah’s journey, and as the Saint who suppressed the Evil Dragon Tarasque, the child of Leviathan, Martha became a subject of worship and reverence.

Personal Skills

Faithful Protection: [A]

The absoluteness of one’s body and mind that was born from their beliefs.

Miracle: [D+]*

Miracles that occasionally make the impossible possible. Although a part of this has similarities with the Pioneer of the Stars Skill, it is something essentially different. There are also differences regarding the things this can be applied to.

  • The Miracle Skill is D-rank in the game profile

Saint of the Waterside: [C]

Having drifted on board a boat and reined in Tarasque by the Rhône’s riverbank, Martha has deep connections to water. Upon perceiving a waterside, Martha’s offensive power rises. She gets on board.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Tarasque: O’ Shield of the Drake that Shall Not Let a Blade Pass

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Martha temporarily summons the shell of the monster Tarasque, protecting herself and her allies. Drastically increases the defensive power of an (a single) ally; otherwise, physical damage is nullified for a short duration.

Tarasque: O’ Sad Drake Who Knew Naught of Love

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~200
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 300 people

The summoning and usage of the monster Tarasque. The reading is the same as the “O’ Shield of the Drake that Shall Not Let a Blade Pass” Noble Phantasm.

A gigantic head, a shell that grew sharp spikes on it, six legs, and a long tail with spikes containing a poison similar to a scorpion’s growing on it; the Tarasque is surely a monster that possesses such features, and he is reported to be the son of Leviathan as written down in the Old Testament. Being one of the Dragon Kins, and as a monster that can freely move on both land and water, the Tarasque lurked in the Rhône River, sinking ships and eating people; his hard shell entirely repelled all the blades and arrows of the warriors called upon to subjugate him, and he went to breathe out fire at them until they burned out. The one who suppressed such an invincible monster was Saint Martha.

The Tarasque summoned as Martha’s Noble Phantasm thoroughly burns and smashes the enemy camp into nothingness with his Giant Iron-Armoured Dragon’s Scorching Great Spin Attack.



  • First Person Pronoun: watashi
  • Second Person Pronoun: anata
  • Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ○○-san


The woman’s exterior is that of a perfect Saint. The woman’s interior is also that of a perfect Saint. Perhaps due to the existence of her younger sister, Martha fundamentally displays words and deeds in the manner of an elder sister frequently. A woman who holds an indomitable spirit, is tender on top of that, and would become reliable for others. If she can say, “I am okay”, her companions will truly believe that she is assuredly okay, and they will be moved to get back onto their feet no matter what kind of difficult situation they are in. Even when everybody receives an attack, and even with a monster raging around wildly, they will completely embrace that sanctity. A perfect sacred maiden.

However————especially around those she grew close to, she may come to show a “Martha who is not a Saint.” Her words and facial expressions suddenly turn sharp, and she becomes dynamic and determined right after. This face that is shown to her close companions, from the form of herself as “the town girl who lived together with her younger sister and brother before He had passed by” and from before she ended up as a Saint, is also a form of herself that comes from her trust – as someone who shows a kind of dependence on others. Even though it is a bit distant from the “image of a perfect Saint”, her charm that captivates everybody, her indomitable spirit and belief that guides and protects every single person, her love for people, and so on, are all fundamentally constant with her saintly essence. Nevertheless, the difference is whether her filter is ON or OFF.

Attitude Towards Master

Saint Martha has nothing to wish for on a Holy Grail that does not belong to the Messiah. Similarly like the times of before, Martha will live as a Saint even after she had materialized as a Servant. Therefore, she will be cooperative with the activities of her Master. So long as her Master continues to walk on the correct path.

Dialogue Examples

“Listen, we will surely save the world. But for now, it is necessary for us to take a rest first, ok?”

“I often cook and clean in the olden days, you know. Yes, it is usually like that in Bethany.”

“In spite of what kind of atrocities there are, there is always a reason for those. Even the circumstance of being born in that way is just one of the reasons. If that is the case, things like that are nothing to be afraid of. So that is why, with the hands of man, the likes of those reasons are not even unfathomable to us.”

“… Ha. What? The atmosphere around me is different?” ※In the mode where she is not a Saint.

“Haaa, the things that I haaate? No————What is it, Master? The things that I hate… there should not be anything for me that I could detest, OHOHO.” ※In the mode where she is not a Saint for just a few words.

Historical Character and Figure

A Saint of the 1st Century who suppressed the Evil Dragon Tarasque. Guided by the words of the Messiah, who she warmly welcomed with her younger sister and brother, Martha became a person of faith. She did not abandon her faith even later on after the Messiah was executed, further avoiding death as she was exiled by the Roman viceroy and was placed in a boat with neither a paddle or sail to use, and drifted to southern France upon receiving the Grace of God. At the town Nerluc, which was located ahead of her as she went north along the Rhône River, she confronted the monster Tarasque, who was also called the child of Leviathan and was a tyrannical dragon tormenting the people. Martha was not afraid of this monster and suppressed him with discipline carried out through her sacred powers. Afterwards, Nerluc changed its name to “Tarascon”, and it is currently prospering as a city that enshrines Saint Martha and Tarasque.

Character in FGO

A sacred maiden who made a terribly grotesque monster fall madly in love. A perfect person, endowed with beauty and overflowing with charm. As a Servant, Martha would be accompanied by the monster Tarasque when materializing as a Rider. Although there are various opinions on the details of how Tarasque was suppressed, from the scene back in Martha’s lifetime, Tarasque wears an expression similar to one who cannot be managed, but within Fate/Grand Order, Tarasque always appears to be sad; one can presume that what this matter in question is, is domestic violence done to a degree.

Role within the Game’s Story, Selling Points

A beautiful holy woman. Kind, chaste, gentle————The radiant and perfect Saint. Although then, to her companions who she can particularly confide in, Martha displays different facial expressions as a Saint. During that, her gaze and facial expressions suddenly turn sharp, and the atmosphere around her becomes unyielding. This happens when she is also doing things such as sulking, getting angry, or unconsciously getting quite irritated at those being dangerous. But she will control no more than her bare-knuckle brawling. Given that, she received her cross staff from “Him”. Although she is a genuine Saint, this persona is a little extreme.

Standard Weapons

Martha can carry out distant attacks through her prayers (magic attacks). She can deliver damage to her target by praying on her lengthy cross staff that she carries, of which it can be seen like a spear. This is not with something that causes an impact/violently explodes because of a fireball or an energy wave respectively flying through the air, but an attack where after Martha’s cross staff starts to shine, her target will automatically emit a magical light and “explode” or “burst”. There is almost never a course for that, but that result can be generated.


A connection between them as fellow Saints. “George is also not half bad.”

Jeanne d’Arc

A connection between them as fellow Saintesses. There are various things for Martha to think about regarding Jeanne. For once, Martha wants to do something like having a relaxing chat with Jeanne.

Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)

Since Jeanne Alter reminds her of her former self, Martha cannot look at her in the eyes.

“Impossible! Hey, you will REALLY regret this. Disgraceful.”


“You’re a “deviiil”!?” (veins popping)


“You’re the “Scourge of Goood”!?” (veins popping)

Comment from the Illustrator

Its shape is distorted by her breasts so it is hard to comprehend, but the exposed section of Martha’s torso is in the shape of a cross. (Sakamoto Mineji)

Material Images