Sakamoto Ryouma



  • True Name: Sakamoto Ryouma
  • Class: Rider
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 72kg


  • Character Creator: Keikenchi
  • Character Designer: pako
  • Character Voice: Yasayuki Kase
  • Appearance in Main Works: Koha-Ace GO, Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Riding: [A+]

A special Riding Skill given to Ryouma for crossing the Bakumatsu period Japan riding the dragon that is the changing eras.
He is able to ride a Phantasmal Species that’s on the brink of being a Dragon.

Magic Resistance: [C]

Negates magecraft with a chant of two verses or less. It can’t block larger scale magecraft, like High-Thaumaturgy or Cursing Rites.

Personal Skills

Eight Proposals While Shipboard: [A]

The 8 proposals said to have been drafted by Ryouma Sakamoto, describing the shape of a new country. Its text is notorious for being very modern and ground-breaking for its time. It’s a Skill that represents a path to hope towards a better future even under the most difficult circumstances.

Hero of the Restoration: [A]

A special Skill given to Ryouma for his crossing of the turbulent Bakumatsu period and for his contributions to the Meiji Restoration, a grand revolution on a scale rarely seen in history.

Charisma: [C+]

He can’t do royal administration, but his bonds with like-minded companions are solid enough to remains after his death.
Ryouma’s charisma is strong enough put groups of opposing ideologies to work together.


  • Source: Teitou Seihai Kitan

  • Region: Japan

  • Gender: Female

  • Alignment: Chaotic Good

  • Height: 173cm (when in human form)

  • Weight: 57kg (when in human form)

  • Character Creator: Keikenchi

  • Character Designer: pako

  • Character Voice: Yui Horie

Personal Skills

Monstruous Strenght: [A]

Oryou-san’s Skill of having amazing horsepower. Saying horsepower is a confusing word choice for a dragon.

Divinity: [B-]

Oryou-san’s Skill of being very tough.
No blade can penetrate her fair skin. Her seducingly long hair is similarly so tough that it scrapes off the ground below her.

Rampage: [B]

Oryou-san’s Skill of being temporarily under Mad Enhancement if someone touches the scale at the bottom of her neck.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Amakakeru Ryuu ga Gotoku(Like a dragon dashing the skies)

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2-50
  • Max. Targets: 500 people

A human-shaped Independent Noble Phantasm that usually takes the form a black-haired woman named Oryou, but transforms into a dragon upon True Name Release.
Even in her usual human form, she still has enough monstrous strength and combat skill to face Servants evenly, and the Mystics enveloping her body boast a defensive power so off the charts that she can’t even be scratched by regular attacks. When her True Name is released, she takes the truly majestic form an ancient dragon and overwhelmingly wields her power.
Her Rank is EX in the sense of impossible to judge adequately.

The black-haired woman always by Ryouma’s side, Oryou.
She fell in love at first sight when he saved her from staying sealed in a mountain and used repaying the favor as an excuse to act as his wife. She’s technically not a dragon, but rather a lesser draconic being, closer to mononokes like Mizuchi or Orochi.
It’s possible that a lot of his exploits during the Bakumatsu had her help behind the curtains. Or maybe not.
By the way, unluckily enough, Ryouma’s last moments happened while she was away, which means she couldn’t help him.
Consumed by sadness, she disappeared into the depths of the oceans, beyond human reach, turned into a dragon and never soared the skies again.



Pronouns (Ryouma)

First person: Boku/washi (in Tosa Dialect Mode)
Second person: Kimi/oman (in Tosa Dialect Mode)
Third person: Aitsura/omanra (in Tosa Dialect Mode)

Pronouns (Oryou-san)

First person: Oryou-san
Second person: omae/name without honorifics
Third person: omaera/name without honorifics


Sakamoto Ryouma, the Hero of the Restoration. An aloof man on his mid-20s. He may be a master of the Hokushin Ittouryuu, but he’s actually a kindhearted guy who dislikes conflict to his very core.
In a Holy Grail War set in Japan, he would be a powerful Servant with a unique type of Riding Noble Phantasm and fame levels that rival Oda Nobunaga.
In order to hide his True Name, he speaks in standard textbook Japanese, but he lets some Tosa regional expression slip every now and then.

He left his name in history without trying to, just by doing everything he could for the kind people around him.

The problem with his personality is that he’s easy to like and easy to misunderstand. Since he acts so aloof, no one can tell what his intentions are, furthering the problem.
For that reason, he lived a life with many allies and many enemies.

His partner Oryou-san is not the one from historical fact, but rather an ungodly something that was sealed, pierced stuck to one mountain.
Ryouma, at the heights of his youthful impetuosity, pulls off the sealing spear and releases her.


Mackerel sashimi, wild chicken stew (but wild chicken stew gives bad luck, so he avoids eating it). Foreign ships, travelling, new things.


People with prejudice against those of different birth or education. Suicidal thoughts.

Attitude Towards Master

He wishes to have a good friendship with his Master no matter who they are, without exceptions.

Dialogue Examples

Ryouma: “Serpent of the landmass, sequestered to Amasakahoko… I only know of my deeds. Amakakeru Ryuu ga Gotoku!”

Oryou: “Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!”

Ryouma: “Yeah, most of the times, I move when it’s already too late. Well, better late than never, in my opinion.”

Oryou: “Ryoma has some screws loose, so I need to babysit him.”

Oryou: “Hey hey, you gonna chicken out?”

Ryouma: “Stop, don’t provoke them.”

Historical Character and Figure

Sakamoto Ryouma, a low-ranking samurai from the Tosa domain. One of the shishi who contributed the most to the Meiji Restoration, being the central figure of the Satchou Alliance, founder of the Kaientai, and proposer of the restoration of imperial rule.

As a child, he was considered an underachiever, to the point he was expelled from his cram school supposedly for bad results. But once he started his sword training, his skills increased remarkably fast.
Later on, he travels to Edo to study swordsmanship and joins the Chiba dojo to train the Hokushin Ittouryuu. At the time, Commodore Perry’s fleet of American black ships come to the Uraga seas and seeing that was very meaningful for the later parts of his life.

After returning to Tosa, he joins the Tosa Loyalist Party formed by Takechi Zuizan. However, he later deserts Tosa to live in the Chiba dojo in Edo. There he finally meets Katsu Kaishuu and becomes his disciple. This encounter would lead to great changes in Japan’s history later down the line.

Thanks to Katsu Kaishuu’s intervention, he was absolved from the crime of desertion. Then he did everything he could to advance Katsu Kaishuu’s plans of founding a training grounds for marines. And when that’s done, he works there as a head naval instructor.
The changing trends of the time lead to the start of a suppression movement against the Tosa Loyalist Party, casting a dark shadow over his friends Takechi and Izou. Ryouma even receives orders to return to his land, but he ignores it, branding him a deserter for the second time.

In 1865, after multiple incidents like the Ikedaya Incident and Kinmon Rebellion, he founds the Kameyama Shachuu (later known as the Kaientai), an organazition very similar in personality to modern corporations.
Through deals of arms and ammunition, he achieves the great feat of mediating the long-time enemies Choushuu and Satsuma, forming the Satchou Alliance.

At that time, events like the Teradaya Incident, where Ryouma’s dissenters go after his life, started becoming more frequent, but that didn’t stop him.

He continued his work, which included writing a project for new national structure, titled Eight Proposals While Shipboard. However, 1 month after the emperor returns to power, he is assassinated in Oomiya, Kyoto. Died aged 33.

Character in FGO

I didn’t want to cut anyone,
I didn’t want to shoot anyone.

At first, it was for the kids in his neighborhood, then it was for his friends from his village, then it was for his comrades-in-arms, then it was for the nation of Japan.
He was born with a kindheartedness that made him constantly challenge the eras for the sake of someone else, from beginning to end. Everyone liked him, everyone found him unsettling, and in the end, when he was cruelly murdered, he left the living world with no grudges or regrets about it. From beginning to end, he was dreaming of a society where everyone would have an enjoyable life. That’s all there was to it.

Standard Weapons

Katana (Mutsu-no-Kami Yoshiyuki)
Gracious pair-up attacks with his partner Oryou-san.


Despite her seemingly wild and unhinged behavior, they are in a relationship where both are ready to shield the other from danger at a pinch.

Okada Izou:

His best friend from his hometown. Ryouma still considers him his best friend even now, but their relationship was never repaired ever since they parted ways.

Okita Souji:

When he was alive, catching a glimpse of her swordsmanship made him feel hopeless dread. “It’s very comforting to have her as an ally this time.”

Hijikata Toshizou:

When they were alive, their incompatible ideologies made them enemies. “That said, he’s a very realiable of an ally now.”

Oda Nobunaga:

He admires her dignity and innovative ideas. Oryou-san hates because she’s at an almost hyperlevel of combat disadvantage.

Okita Souji (Alter):

Shows concern over her circumstances, as he has some responsibility over it.

Katsu Kaishuu:

His unofficial master. Ryouma first visited him with the intention of killing him, but Katsu’s words earned his admiration and devotion, so Ryouma became his disciple.

Takechi Zuizan:

A like-minded member of Tosa Loyalist Party. They once aimed for the same goal but came to part ways due to ideological differences.

Comment from the Illustrator

I think every Gudaguda character commission I get is a reason to party. I’m always going “Woohoo! Here we go! Drawing time!”. You guys have no idea how much I want to draw more Japanese outfits. I want Oryou-san(1) to fight using Oryou(2) yo-yos. (pako)

TL Notes

  1. As in Ryou Narasaki, Ryouma’s irl wife, not his dragon NP.

  2. As in Ryouma’s dragon NP, not his irl wife.

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