Sakata Kintoki (Berserker)



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Sakata Kintoki
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Japan
  • Allignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 88 kg


  • Scenario: Haganeya Jin, Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Design: Honjou Raita
  • CV: Yusa Kouji
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [E]

Retains normal capacity to think, but the benefits of status boost are not received.

A Luck Check is performed whenever he receives damage.

When check failure occur all status except MAG and LCK will rise. In exchange, he will go berserk and become wild.

Upon being Mad Enhanced, his whole body becomes completely red. Anger Gauge Max.

Divinity: [D]

There’s a theory which states that he is the child of Raijin.

Personal Skills

Monstrous Strength: [A+]

Rank ups his STR parameter.

While originally a Skill possessed by monsters, as Kintoki is the child of Raijin as a Red Dragon and the cannibal Yamauba, he displays a high Rank by carrying the former Skill to the extreme.

(Footnote: Wikipedia has it that Yamauba got impregnated by a clap of thunder sent by a red dragon)

Innate Fitness: [A]

Born with a perfect (golden) body as a life form.

Plus Correction is bestowed to his STR.

Animal Dialogue: [C]

Enables mutual understanding with animals that don’t possess language.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Golden Eater - Gold Eater

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Targets: 1

Golden Eater.

The True Name of this Noble Phantasm is probably not this. It’s definitely not this, but it is invoked with such Name. Unreasonably Golden.

A Masakari imbued with the power of Raijin. It has such weight in which it certainly can’t be lifted without Kintoki’s Monstrous Strength.

Its destructive power rises through the explosion of its lightning-loaded cartridges.

The destructiveness varies depending on the number of cartridges used. The maximum is 15. Sometimes, jamming would occur.

More details can be seen in the illustration references…Its shape is probably not like this originally. Unreasonably Golden.

(It is used in Fate GO, but its True Name Release is not employed.)

Golden Spark - Gold Impact

  • Rank: C-
  • Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 5-20/1-4
  • Maximum Targets: 50/1

Golden Spark.

Lightning is generated from the Masakari to mow down the targets. 3 cartridges are expended for the usage of this Noble Phantasm.

(It is used strictly as an Anti-Unit attack in Fate GO)



  • First person pronoun: ore, sometimes oira/orecchi
  • Second person pronoun: anta
  • Third person pronoun: aitsu


A rowdy, overbearing, and dangerous man----In fact, he is a compassionate and righteous person.

That is the impression given off by the brat who has grown up staying the way he is.

His mentality is that of a 1st grade elementary school student.

Impulsive and passionate, weak to feelings and easily moved to tears.

He is particularly kind to mothers and children. His life matters not if it’s for the sake of protecting the children and their mothers.

Due to being summoned in the present world, he is completely dyed by its nature. Likes flashy things, shining things, and especially gold (he super likes it).

His catch phrases are “Gold” and “Golden”. Those are the words lauded from his heart.

Likes strong things, big things, cool things, adorable things, and so on. How to say it, he is childish.

He is actually painfully weak to love affair - his greatest weakness.

A late bloomer in the sense that he is unable to insofar make eye contact with the girl he likes.

He morosely averted his eyes when meeting a girl with lots of skin exposure->Is he angry?->Actually just averted his eyes due to embarrassment.

He is a sweet tooth who is bad with alcohol. There was a time where he ate Kintaro-ame* without letting it melt in his mouth.

Don’t crunch it.

He fell in love at first sight with a teddy bear.

“What Golden loveliness….!”


  • Kintaro-ame = a cylindrical sculpted candy where upon being sliced shows Kintaro's face in its cross-section.

Attitude Towards Master

“I’ve never seen things like the Holy Grail, but it’s that, yeah? It’s gold, right? Then it can’t be a bad thing. Its content aside, its appearance is definitely awesome!”

… his ostensible reasoning.

But the truth is he has a reason for seeking the Grail.

That is “To revive Shuten-Douji”.

A member of Minamoto Raikou’s Oni extermination squad. They helped the weak and crushed evil, truly the exemplar of justice. Even though they said it was the Oni or Tsuchigumo who lit the sparks, in reality, it was a pretense maintained by the government in order to deal with meddlesome lot. Moreover, they had employed a foul trick on Shuten-Douji. That was a conduct far detached from Kintoki’s idea of justice. Hence, he yearns to at the very least, just once, fight against Shuten-Douji fair and square.

Because he frankly socializes with the Master, he has extraordinarily good affinity with the type who pursues equal relationship. In reverse, his affinity with the type who hurts women and children is lethally bad. He is the perfect protagonist type.

Dialogue Examples

“Ou, I’m in your care. Sorry, but I’m gonna be crashing here for a while. Call me Golden.”

“I’ve got no sympathy for villains.”

“Ain’t this rocks, I’ve taken a liking to ya, Chief!”

“…You may be an enemy, but ain’t ya Golden.”

“Quell the evil Oni, beat down the Rhaksasa, shine, Masakari Golden!”

“Get blown away, hissatsu!----Gooolden Spaaark!!”


  • hissatsu = one blow annihilation.

Historical Character and Figure

Sakata Kintoki.

One of the members of Minamoto Raikou -Heian Period’s strongest Mystery Killer-’s Shitennou*. Widely known by his childhood name, Kintarou.

While living with his mother in Mount Ashigara, he was found by Raikou and became his retainer.

Had participated in the extermination of Mount Ooe‘s Shuten-Douji. By disguising himself as a monk, he struck down Shuten-Douji after making the latter drank spiked sake.


  • Literally: Four Heavenly Kings. It's also a buddhist term which represents four deities governing each cardinal direction. Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryu, and Genbu for the Japanese version of it.

Character in FGO

Kintoki is the child of Raijin as a Red Dragon. His mother is the cannibalistic Yamauba living in Mount Ashigara.

Having inherited the power of a monster, he had fought against the mountain beasts and killed them.

Eventually, his female Oni mother was vanquished by Usui Sadamatsu*. Kintoki was then adopted by Minamoto Raikou, was taught the way of man, and became the latter’s retainer.

Due to being born with blond hair and blue eyes, he was feared as the child of an Oni wherever he went. But thanks to his positivity and Raikou’s guidance he was able to grow into a splendid warrior.

Eventually, he would participate in many Oni extermination quests as a member of Raikou’s Shitennou.

And then, he encountered Shuten-Douji in Mount Ooe---

His outrageous appearance that is much unlike a hero is due to being dyed by the present world upon his summoning.

At first, he is embarrassed by the name “Kintoki”, but upon knowing the wonderful ring of “golden”, he became poisoned by western culture.

He loves strong things, big things, and cool things. His mentality is that of 1st grade elementary school student. Weak to love affair. Changing topic a bit, his favorite apple is Golden Delicious.


  • A member of Shitennou, his weapon is the lance.

Favorite Dog

Golden Retriever.

Favorite Holiday

Golden Week.


“Ohh….You’re super cool, man…A golden that surpasses dimension….Truly a Gold among Gold…You’re without a doubt the true Golden King.”


Awed by Excalibur’s “Golden splendor".

“Ohh…What a Golden Flash….The Golden Rainbow that cleaves apart the dark night. You’re truly without a doubt the Knight of Gold!”


A relation etched between lightning and electricity.

Frankenstein is irritated by his wasteful manner of dispersing electricity.

Also, due to her characteristics of “monster girl” and “forbidden love”, Kintoki probably sees an image of Shuten-Douji in her.

Nikola Tesla

To be frank, this relationship is forced upon by the latter. To Kintoki, he’s a fitting opponent for a contest of strength, but the way he constantly meddles with him is troublesome.


They had shared a deep history in their previous lives.


Minamoto Raikou

They had shared a deep history in their previous lives.

Being his lord, Raikou also acts as his parent. There was a time when Kintoki considered the latter as his stepparent upon leaving the mountain. However, ??????????????????

Comment from the Illustrator

His design has been done for quiteeee a long time, and we finally got to see Kintoki-san in FateGO. It’s been a long time coming. But it was worth the wait! I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to work with such a charming character. I hope people are able to like the mischievous Kintoki who tends to play pranks and the cool Kintoki when he’s serious. I would be really happy if they do. Someday I want to try drawing Kintoki-san choosing sweets together with neighboring children in a dagashi store as they melt into the downtown night. (RAITA)

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