• Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Salome
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: New Testament / “Antiquities of the Jews” / “Salome”, etc.
  • Region: Israel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 47kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Shimokoshi
  • Character Voice: Sarah Emi Bridcutt
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Madness Enhancement: [C]

Coming to a mutual understanding with Salome is feasible, but her mind while as a Servant is always broken. Even though it seems like having conversations with Salome can be done on the surface, one cannot be careless with her.

Personal Skills

The Bloodstained Silver Platter: [B+]

The platter of silver – which John the Immerser (Jokanaan)’s head is said to be placed on – that Salome possesses even now. With it, Salome reacts sharply to existences such as Saints, Prophets and Saviors.

Natural Body (Body): [C]

One possesses a perfect beauty since birth.

While it is a Skill falsely similar to the Golden Rule (Body) Skill, if she satisfies specific conditions, Salome can even shapeshift her physique as she desires.

The Dance of the Seven Veils: [A]

A gorgeous dance where Salome dances while taking off her seven veils one at a time, before her body becomes almost stark naked at the end of the dance. The appearance of her vivacious and elegant limbs dancing around causes various effects to the minds of those watching. This once caused a type of fatal effect where it destroyed King Herod’s reasoning.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Femme Fatale Baiser: I Have Kissed You

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~3
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

Femme Fatale Baiser (Lethal Woman’s Kiss). Its outward appearance is that of a skull made of crystal. A trophy Salome attained at the end of much yearning, insanity and fresh blood; that is to say, the crystallized head of John the Baptist. Although it is normally in a hand-held size, it is possible for it to enlarge/reduce its size freely according to Salome’s intentions. John the Baptist possesses legends where he used various Magecrafts, so that head is a clump of Mystery, converted into a Magecraft Mystic Code of sorts. It seems it becomes possible for the owner of that head to use various Magecraft————even if, they do not contain Magic Circuits within their body.

At the moment of its True Name Release, this crystal skull will considerably enlarge, before preying upon Salome’s opponent. If Salome reaches the limit of her Saint Graph Ascension, the skull will transform from a skull made of crystal into a skull made of gold.



First Person Pronoun: atashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / ○○-sama
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ○○-sama


An insane girl who overflows with love and kisses with bloodstained lips. A dancing girl clad in thin veils who happened to fascinate even her stepfather, the King. Cruel and brutal, Salome gets excited with the blood of her beloved.

Attitude Towards Master

Salome properly understands the relationship between Master and Servant. She really does, and yet, as their bond with each other deepens and she happens to become intimate with them, it seems she will eventually have a desire in wanting to “have” her Master.

She will want… their head.

Salome is actively trying not to behead her Master in that case since she is aware of the matter where if her Master loses their life, then she cannot maintain her materialization as well, but if the ideal opportunity happened to appear to her, then sure enough————

Dialogue Examples

“Lovely, lovely… Now, please give me your head!”

“The lips of a lovely person is the taste of love. The taste of blood is more enlightening than any high-grade alcohol of the finest quality.”

“Jokanaan, hehe, Jokanaan!”

“Do you like me? Heeey, do you?”

“My King… My King… Don’t you want to see my dance?”

Historical Character and Figure

(Writer: Morise Ryou)

Salome is the stepdaughter of Herod Antipas, one of the four feudal lords [Tetrarchs] (since Israel at that time was under Roman control, they were more accurately government proxies) who ruled over Galilee and Perea in the same time period as the Messiah’s. She fell in love with John the Immerser, also known as John the Baptist, and she used the fact that her stepfather King Herod was in love with her to obtain John. She seduced King Herod, who is said to have not allowed the Immerser alone to leave prison, and had him decapitate John————She had then attained the head of her beloved one.

Although her name did not appear in the New Testament, it turned out to be “Salome” in “Antiquities of the Jews” that was written by Flavius Josephus, a Hebrew writer from the same time period as Salome’s.

It turned out that the situation of “John the Immerser’s head was placed on a platter, carried in that condition, and handed over to a girl” gave vivid inspiration to artists of posterity, those artists painting religious paintings of it in great numbers from over the Renaissance Period to the Baroque Period. Through these artworks, various speculations were made regarding Salome’s motive.

In the story “Hérodias (the French word form of Herodias)” – which was written by Gustav Flaubert, a novelist of 19th Century France – Salome’s ambitious mother Herodias was afraid of John’s influence, and that was treated as the reason for the incident taking place, Salome herself being depicted in a complicit role all the way to the end of the story. But afterwards, it turned out that Oscar Wilde published the play “Salome” in the year 1893[1], which resulted in the play being made into an opera by Richard Strauss, and that allowed the deplorable image of Salome – a girl who is deeply in love with Jokanaan (John), resulting in her eventually wanting his head – to take hold.

Character in FGO

Although she was a pure girl in her lifetime, it appears that Salome has materialized in a state where her mind was fixed as it was at the moment when she approached her end, yearning for love and perishing in madness.

As a Servant, Salome is overflowing broadly and generously with her love, which should have been devoted only to John the Immerser. That is to say, she will completely fall in love with even those who oppose her. It seems that if she is controlled well, Salome can work as a powerful Berserker, but it appears that each time she kills an opponent who she fell in love with, her mind will creak and break even more.

Standard Weapons

A crystal skull, which is a Noble Phantasm. The ways in which it can be used are diverse.

Saint and Prophet Servants

“Oh, yes. That’s right! I feel as if you’re similar to Jokanaan. It’s lovely, isn’t it? It’s very, very, very very very lovely, isn’t that right?————”

Sovereign Servants

“……Oh, yes. You’re… a King, right?”


“At first, I thought that she was also someone similar to me, since it’s been said that she’s poor with Kings… I wonder if I can get along with her then.
Yes. I was able to get along with her! I think I have a new friend. Ah, Scheherazade. Pretty Scheherazade. Also, please let me hear one of your tales, ok? The tales she spins… are very, very lovely… Hehe. I… was able to get something to look forward to in Chaldea.”


“I wonder how I can put it… That child… She’s a terrible THING from the Orient, isn’t that right? The child herself often says that… she’s not a human… But even then, I wonder why… do I, somehow, have a feeling of closeness with her? To have a feeling like THAT… I wonder why it’s continuing to surge up from within me…————”

Comment from the Illustrator

Salome is famous in theatre, but if I were to draw her in accordance with the rendition formed by the stage play, she would have been nude and covered in copious amounts of blood while holding a freshly severed head, sooo, given that it would have completely become a BRUTAL thing, that depiction would have naturally been rejected. I tried to draw her as a dancer with a moderately erotic impression and one who has an oriental sensation. There is a mature impression about her as a result of her makeup, but she is considerably younger in her setting. The performance of her voice actor regarding that area was splendid I tell you. If one makes a move on this girl, then they will get a CRAZY feeling to an outrageous extent! (Shimokoshi)

TL Notes

[1] – The Salome play’s original publication was in the year 1891 in London. The publication in the year 1893 refers to the one published in Paris, as the one prior to it was not approved for presentation in Britain due to it depicting biblical characters on stage, which was prohibited because of an English rule.

Material Images

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