• Class: Caster
  • True Name: Scathach-Skadi
  • Sex: Female
  • Origin: Celt, Nordic Myth
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 162cm
  • Weight: 50kg


  • Design: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Design: Koyama Hirokazu
  • Voice: Nouto Mamiko
  • Appears in: FGO


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [EX]

As a queen, she's able to reproduce her castle anywhere she goes.

To modern magecraft, this extraordinary ability would be equal to Temple-level, but Skadi herself claims that she's 'not very good' at creating territory. If so, one must wonder how incredible the God of Magic Odin's abilities would be.

Item Creation: [A]

As a queen, she's able to create many things with her mana.

She can create anything from miraculous medicines to equipment to tree seeds, but they all seem to be created with a low temperature. Her items will be cold to the touch.

Goddess Essence: [A]

A skill that symbolizes her status as goddess.

A composite skill that includes Divinity.

Due to Scathach-Skadi possessing both god and giant attributes, she has been classified as A-rank instead of EX.

Personal Skills

Primordial Runes: [-]

The ability to freely control norse runes.

Unlike the runes commonly used by modern magi, these are the original runes created by the great god Odin. Their power transcends human understanding.

Freezing Blizzard: [B]

A skill that represents her attribute as the goddess of the icy mountains, Skadi.

The manifestation of the cold winds of the north that freeze all of creation.

Normally this ability is part of her goddess authority, so if she uses it at A rank or above, Queen Scathach's spiritual core will completely shatter. Due to this, the use of this skill is limited to B rank.

Wisdom of the Great God: [B+]

Due to being known as 'the beautiful bride of the gods', Skadi's body possesses the blessings and protection of the Norse gods.

A skill based on the wisdom obtained by the Great Odin when he gave up one of his eyes. It's similar but differs from Scathach's 'Wisdom of Dún Scáith' skill.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Gate of Skye - Gate to the Magical Realm Brimming with Death

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Army, War Declaration
  • Range: 2~50
  • Maximum Targets: 200

Gate of Skye.

This Noble Phantasm temporarily opens a gate to the demonic realm of The Land of Shadows, that exists separate from our world. During activation, the Castle of Shadows can be seen. This castle is part of the domain controlled by Scathach, not Skadi.

Within the area of effect affected by this Noble Phantasm, only those approved by her will receive various blessings and fortune. Even those who are weak and powerless gain the strength to defeat great enemies if they are loved by the Castle of Shadows.

If this Noble Phantasm were to be used effectively in a normal Grail War, there is a possibility that it could bring incredibly unexpected results.

Scathach-Skadi doesn't completely understand why she's able to use this Noble Phantasm. She seems to think of it as the blessings she received from the gods being used through the power of her other self (Scathach).



The bride of the gods, and queen of the Norse lostbelt.

She doesn't possess any traits of the mentor of heroes, nor is she a master in the art of combat.

It would be correct to think of her as an entirely different entity from the panhuman Scathach who can be summoned as Lancer or Assassin.

Unlike the Lancer Scathach who was easy to approach while acting detached, Skadi possesses a natural detachment and fickleness befitting of a goddess, and will sometimes say things like 'Did I step on something?', 'Hello, little one' or 'Should I love you, or kill you'.

She lets out a breath, which becomes a blizzard that extinguishes life.

She puts on a smile, which becomes spring and allows life to bloom.

To her, these are the same thing.


There's a feeling she kept hidden during her time as queen of the lostbelt. The sorrow of being one who 'was left behind'.

There was a time when she was loved and proposed to by many gods, but before she realized, ragnarok has passed, and she was left alone as the last god in the world of the lostbelt.

If one were to deepen their bonds with her, they'd eventually come to see another side of her...Not her as a queen, but rather her own character.

Once her mask as a goddess, ruler and mother of the north comes off, one will come to see her true self.

Attitude Towards Master

The Scathach-Skadi that comes from the lostbelt recognizes Lancer Scathach as a different person. Even if one had created a deep relationship with her Lancer self, there would be no choice but start over from scratch with Skadi.

Queen Scathach doesn't have much interest in humans, but maybe she would eventually start to feel something after observing her Master as they try to save the world.

Dialogue Examples

'Did I step on something?'

'Hello, little one. So you've called upon me, who reigns over the blizzards of death.'

'Struggle all you want. I won't allow you to give up until you've shivered, frozen and broken down.'

'Should I love you, or kill you'.

'I've made up my mind. You must dissolve into the shadow of my castle.'

'Stop, stop, do not get so close to me like that. I am not very fond of humans' heat.'

'It's so hot...Huh, w-what? Stop. Pretend you did not hear that. Die. Freeze and die. Become ice and cool me down.'

Historical Character and Figure

Skadi's name means 'the one who creates wounds' in the old Norse language. According to the poem of Grímnismál from the ancient Edda, she's the daughter of the evil giant Thiazi, and they live in an old home on the tumultuous country of Thrymheim.

Later she married the norse gods and became known as the 'beautiful bride of the gods'.

Skadi was also known as Öndurguð (Ski God) and Öndurdís (Ski Goddess). She was a master of hunting in the mountains and skiing.

Character in FGO

A Servant coming from the Norse lostbelt.

A completely different entity from the panhuman Scathach, and an existence that can only materialize in the lostbelt. She has inclined more heavily towards her attributes as goddess and queen.

She displays many of the traits of the goddess Skadi, who shares her origin with the celt hero Scathach.

Rather than 'a Scathach who is very much like Skadi', it'd be more accurate to call her 'a Skadi who possesses some of Scathach's traits'.

The Scathach and Skadi presented in the game aren't completely equal, and it could be interpreted like the two influenced each other and melded together. The fact the Lancer Scathach possesses Odin's primordial runes, could be due to this melding.

According to the Heimskringla, Skadi left her first husband, the sea god Njörðr, and re-married to Odin.

The Skadi in the game is unmarried, but it seems she was wanted enough for it to be written that way into posterity...or so she was supposed to be.

The 'Scathach-Skadi' who appeared in the lostbelt has her Skadi side being especially dominant, and so she displayed many of her attributes as bride of the gods.

She appears cool-headed, but is actually quite careless.

She appears calculating, but is actually quite oblivious.

She appears to be like cold ice, but is actually quite warm.

She was loved and treated dearly by the gods as their beautiful bride, and thus she doesn't possess the strictness of Scathach. She possesses very few aspects of the Scathach from Celt myth, including having almost no knowledge about the Land of Shadows, but still possesses a Noble Phantasm belonging to it. Skadi doesn't seem to find this strange.

She is a being who lived through the lostbelt, and in a way, could be said to be the existence that best represents them.

Usually, Scathach-Skadi is a being who only exists in the lostbelts. If a similar being were to exist in panhuman history, it would likely be an avatar of Skadi as a full goddess.

By the way, she may have been called the bride of the gods, but in the midst of all the fighting over her, nobody managed to actually marry her and then Ragnarok came and they all died protecting her. It's likely that Odin's the one she had affection for, but she'll never say it. When talking about details of the age of gods, especially early Ragnarok, she simply puts on a desolate smile.

When summoned into Chaldea, she's still summoned as the Scathach-Skadi of the lostbelts. She was quite surprised when she saw the panhuman Scathach. "That other me seems much more mature...Not only that, she's also much more dependable...!?"


The 'Chaotic' part of her attribute is something she sees herself as. This is due to the fact that she realizes that during her time as ruler of the lostbelt, her will was the law of society, but having died and been summoned as a Servant things are now different.

It would appear that there exists a saint graph for a 'Queen Scathach-Skadi' that has the panhuman Scathach as its 'main' persona.

Standard Weapons

Frost magecraft.

Sometimes a number of spears similar to Gae Bolg will materialize from the shadows, but she doesn't seem to understand why she can use these.

Scathach (Lancer):

No way...That other me, isn't she too imposing...?

Scathach (Swimsuit):

Awawa, that's so embarassing.

Cu Chulainn(s):

They make me feel strange.

Somehow I can't seem to face them and talk.

Queen Medb:

There are many ways to go about being a Queen. I have to say her methods aren't bad.

...Or so I thought to myself coolly, but Medb won't stop talking to me.


Poor girl...

Or so I thought, but recently I've been changing my way of thinking.


Will those girls walk the same path as their older sister?

So I wondered, but...


I finally managed to get used to him after being summoned.

At first I couldn't help but scream "Surt!" every time we met.

Comment from the Illustrator

When I first heard 'Queen Scathach', I thought 'Queen of the Land of Shadows'? But it turns out it was something completely different and she ended up being the frivolous queen of the land of ice. Her first stage was designed thinking of a queen who would likely live in a castle of ice. Her second stage has her changing to something closer to combat attire. Her third stage was designed as something more like a battle dress. It seems her third stage got used to allude to her legend as the bride of the gods. I designed her to be younger and of a smaller build compared to Scathach. I drew her with the intention of them being completely different characters despite looking similar. (Koyama Hirokazu)

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