• Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Scáthach
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: Celtic Mythology, Ulster Cycle
  • Region: Ireland
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 55kg


  • Character Creators: Sakurai Hikaru and Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Designer: Koyama Hirokazu
  • Character Voice: Noto Mamiko
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [A]

Nullifies Magecraft spells that are Rank A or below.

Modern Mages would not be able to wound Scáthach with their Magecraft.

Personal Skills

Primordial Runes: [—]

Scáthach possesses the Magic Crests/Runes of Scandinavia. These Runes mentioned here, unlike those the Modern Mages use, are the Primordial Runes that are endowed with a power from the Age of Gods————Because of Odin, the Great God of Scandinavia, they are known to the world. While she is a warrior, Scáthach, who taught Cú Chulainn the 18 Primordial Runes, is also a powerful Mage at the same time.

God Slayer: [B]

As the gatekeeper of the “Land of Shadows”, a foreign land/magical realm, Scáthach’s existential form that continued to slaughter Divine Spirits in great numbers has been converted into this Skill. It is particularly effective against Divine Spirits. A plus modifier is added to her attacks against Divine Spirits, wraiths, and Servants that are endowed with a Divinity Skill.

Wisdom of the Magical Realm: [A+]

The Wisdom of the Abyss that was consequently acquired by transcending mankind, killing gods and being left behind at the Outside of the World. Excluding those that are characteristic of certain heroes, almost all Skills can be practically demonstrated at a proficiency of B~A Rank. Also, only to those whom she truly acknowledged as Heroes, Scáthach can teach such Skills to them too.

A Skill Scáthach often employs during combat is “Clairvoyance” for the foresight of combat situations. Even in the Ulster Cycle, she often predicted the future according to this foresight————even the last moments of her favourite pupil, Cú Chulainn.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Gáe Bolg Alternative: The Soaring Spear that Penetrates with Piercing Death

  • Rank: B+*
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 5~40
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 50 people

Their shapes are similar, but as a matter of fact, this spear is something different from the spear that Cú Chulainn possesses. A specialized weapon of the same model as Gáe Bolg, it was put to use before that spear, being one-grade older in comparison to it. There is not only one, but several of them.

For its ability at the time of its True Name Release, it results in a special move similar to Cú Chulainn’s two Noble Phantasms – “The Barbed Spear that Stabs with Piercing Death” and “The Soaring Spear that Lunges with Piercing Death” – being combined together. First, for its close-range attack, a first demonic spear would snatch away the enemy’s freedom to move and act by “sewing them onto space”, then after that, Scáthach would throw a second demonic spear with all her strength to pierce through the enemy as the finishing blow. Naturally, enemies in the way of the thrown demonic spear will have their lives stolen away entirely as a result.

  • The Noble Phantasm is B-rank in the game profile

Gate of Skye: The Gate to the Magical Realm Brimming with Death

  • Rank: A+
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 200 people

Scáthach temporarily summons an enormous “Gate” that leads to a region located at the Outside of the World, the “Land of Shadows” – a foreign land and a magical realm that was severed from the World. It completely sucks up all living things that are within the effect’s range to the “Land of Shadows”, the domain under her rule. Those who fail a Magical Power Check and Luck Check will be sucked into the “Gate” and are instantly killed. People whom are not approved by Scáthach for entry through the Gate will not be permitted to enter the “Land of Shadows” while they possess life as they currently are. Even if one successfully resists the suction, they would sustain great damage since their Magical Energy was rapidly drained.



  • First Person Pronouns: “watashi”, sometimes “washi” (from the way it seems, Scáthach herself does not want to say “washi” very much)
  • Second Person Pronouns: omae / onushi / kisama / ○○ (without honorifics)
  • Third Person Pronouns: yatsu / kare / kanojo / ○○ (without honorifics)


Scáthach is highly proud of herself, and she will not serve any kind of person too. A member of the ruling class by birth. Possessing the temperament of a monarch, she views the matter of reigning as a queen that bestows happiness to the people as self-evident. Overflowing with talent, she herself properly understands the most that she is different from the mediocre. “Because I am excelling over the mediocre, I will rule over the masses.” “For the duty of the ruling class, I will rule over the masses.” Rather than granting her own desires (happiness) or some such, having the thought of “To rule for the sake of the masses” appears to be the natural thing for her to do. Although her mind has no intention on becoming a slave for the masses, she has absolutely no hesitation in refining herself for the sake of deciding on the happiness of the people whom she rules over.

In the same way on how she understands herself, Scáthach has a reliable eye to find out the qualities and temperament of others (especially whether they really are mediocre or not). That is, it is possible to say that Cú Chulainn was a rare individual who possessed a prodigious nature that made him worthy of being guided by her.

Attitude Towards Master

Concerning the Master, Scáthach recognizes their partnership as a temporary alliance, but sometimes, her habit comes out where she also conducts herself like a teacher around the time of when she was teaching lessons to her former child pupils. When she notices that, she would smile and say, “… No, I am not your teacher. Forget it.”

The wish Scáthach wants to make on the Holy Grail is “for someone who can kill her to appear.” Scáthach, having changed halfway into a Divine Spirit at the end of many long months and years, had become an immortal existence. She can no longer hope to die… like a human, with either a beautiful death, or an ugly death. Just that, she must keep on existing until the time when the World, and its Outside, finally vanishes. If it is true that the Holy Grail is proven to be something actually omnipotent, then it is fine if it sends over someone who can kill her. “And I pray… that person; if it is that person who holds the spear that was once granted to him with these hands”————

Dialogue Examples

“I will not act seriously. Yes, I am sure of it. Because there are already no more opponents anywhere on this world whom are worthy for my seriousness.”

“I wonder if it is ok to call you, ‘Master’. You?”

“It is not because it is funny that I am laughing, Master. You do not know, huh?”

“You know, nothing about your brazen way of speaking has changed, Cú Chulainn. The man who was even called Culann’s Hound, but have you become a little more obedient?”

“Be prepared to show me your strength, brave warrior. If you are not ready, I will even take your life.”

Historical Character and Figure

A female warrior who acted as a queen in Celtic/Ulster Mythology. The Queen who served as the gatekeeper of the “Land of Shadows” – a foreign land/magical realm, and a genius in spearmanship and Rune Magecraft. Scáthach possesses a tremendous power that is sufficient enough to close and control the Gate of the “Land of Shadows”, a region of which it is overflowing with a multitude of wraiths. It is said that she became the teacher of the young Cú Chulainn – who would later grow into the Great Hero of Ulster – guiding him, teaching him all sorts of her techniques, and even bestowing him his favourite demonic spear. She also guided and instructed his son, Connla.

Character in FGO

“Many things————

Truly, I have robbed many lives. Humans, wraiths, Divine Spirits.

I have confronted many existences of a countless number, having slaughtered all those near me.

Fight. Fight. Fight. Kill, kill, kill kill kill. In the end, this body was wet with the blood of many victims, and became immortal. The “Land of Shadows”, the territory that is under my rule, was ultimately driven out to the Outside of the World, and I ended up being promoted into an existence not greatly different than that of a Divine Spirit’s.

Without further aging.

Without even death.

I have changed into “something” that continues to exist for eternity.

Sure enough, I can no longer remember exactly how much time had passed since the first time I picked up a spear in my hands. No, that is incorrect. I, who continued to stand on the Magical Realm and guard the “Gate”, already since acquired the Wisdom of the Abyss, so I am able to accurately measure the exact time.

However, I simply do not feel like doing it.

It is different from melancholy. It is also different from resignation.


I do not understand. I might have said such a thing, but I am unable to affirm it.

At least, during the interval where I slaughtered many things, there is certainly something that exists inside the present me, something that I cannot stop feeling around the time when I was conducting my teachings towards the brave warriors of Ulster.

Ah, that is exactly right. I used to guide many of the extremely brave warriors.

Everything should have became extinct at the end of the days of the many passing months and years, but in the middle of my memories that are being preserved in a condition intentionally kept obscure, one person… There is only one person, a man who shows his figure clearly even to me.

Red eyes————

That fellow’s pair of eyes. It is only in the time where that radiance passes by my mind that a certain something inside this chest calms down.

Warmth dwells within myself, which is immutable for eternity.

A heart wishing for reunion?

That… is not the way it is. That I can affirm.

If so, what is it there? To speak of it firmly, as thus, to that man————

————I want you to kill me.

I want death as a person.

Of course, if he has the strength to kill me who slaughtered even gods and is an existence that already parted with the glimmer of life, then I will talk to that man who finished becoming a “Heroic Spirit” now, and yet—“


One of the immortal Servants that are few in number. A beautiful young woman who possesses a lightheartedness, is a teacher and a queen proven to be reliable, and for some reason or another, has the flavour of an elder sister who lives at the house next door. “I can still go on.“

A wise woman who grasps every incident and all origins, but does not speak of these things that she grasped. To say why she does not talk about these, concerning her, she already moved on from this World. For example, even if the World fell into a crisis, it would be a discourtesy to “those who presently live in the World” to have herself stand out and resolve those problems since it will result in those people’s opportunity for growth to be completely taken away. So basically, Scáthach does not participate in direct battles, and her cooperation is being held back to giving advice only… Although it can be said that, given that she has a genuine fondness for battle, she deceives herself by attaching a reason one way or another to participate in local battles, demonstrating some of her special moves. After taking away the turns of other Servants like that, she returns to her room to reflect on her actions alone, and this series of events is a one-set course of events for her.

Even in this form’s state where she boasts the ability of a Top Servant sufficiently, Scáthach seems to have a Saint Graph [body] one step further above her current form. Although it is a popular tradition, there is a theory that says the origin of her name was something transmitted from a Goddess of the Mountains, a Giant of Scandinavia————

Cú Chulainn

Once her favourite pupil. The way it seems, there was also a side to her where Scáthach thinks of Cú Chulainn as the opposite sex. Nevertheless, she chooses to maintain her outward appearance as a “teacher”. In her true feelings, she believes that wishing to be killed by him is equal to wishing to be saved by him, but in any case, because she also believes that he is probably not able to do it, it is not a very serious belief.


A rascal that cannot be helped. She likes men too much. Though, Scáthach does not hate that frankness.


He likes women too much. Though, Scáthach does not hate that frankness.


A connection as teachers of heroes. ‘Well, perhaps we might get along’————is what Scáthach thinks, but currently, they have never met each other. Should there be a difference in their education policies, it may result in them killing each other.

Comment from the Illustrator

Being called the teacher of Cú Chulainn, Scáthach’s standard outfit was roughly settled upon, plus she became as such because of the order of making her erotic. Even I was surprised afterwards while being truly unaware of it, but she has similar colours with Bazett. Because she is already drawing a line from the World while also having tremendous self-confidence and courage as a transcendental person, she may be a rather complicated character by being a shaking calamity that had cooled down… Hey, for this reason, there is a dressing gown mode that can be unlocked by breaking through the limits of her MAX Bond! (Koyama Hirokazu)

Material Images