Sesshouin Kiara



  • Class: Alter Ego
  • True Name: Heaven's Hole/Third Heterodoxy Pleasure Deva of Deliberate Delight
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
  • Region: Moon Cell SE.RA.PH
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 166cm~half a yojana[1]
  • Weight: 53~??kg


  • Character Creator: Nasu Kinoko
  • Character Illustrator: Wada Arco
  • Character Voice: Tanaka Rie
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/EXTRA CCC


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Authority of the Beast D

A skill that can surely be called Anti-Humanity.

Due to changing from a Beast into an Alter Ego, the rank has dropped significantly.

Benefits similar to those of a regular B-rank Independent Action are obtained.

Independent Manifestation E

Self-sealed due to changing into the Alter Ego class. "Self-restraint" is how one could put it.

Nonetheless, she possesses the "instant death resistance" and "charm resistance" that comes with Independent Manifestation.

In particular, she is 300% resistant to the charm debuff.

Logos Eater C

The special trait of the Pleasure Deva. Provides a damage buff against any sentient being that possesses intelligence (pleasure), regardless of scale or structure.

However, due to her current state as an Alter Ego, this skill also had its rank lowered. Currently, even that special trait is only comparable to touching. It's no different from foreplay.

Since Beast III is the love for humanity, naturally, it loves humans.

However, for Kiara, she, alone, is human. To Kiara, other people are nothing but toys used to satisfy herself, the human.

Nega Saver A

The fate of the beast who tried to bring salvation only to her own world, while possessing the qualifications to be a messiah (Saver).

Every skill possessed by the Saver and Ruler class is nullified, targets with magic stat not exceeding A rank are charmed with a 300% probability and the effect of buffs cast by Kiara are increased by 200%.

Although the scale of the existence of the Pleasure Deva that was born once on the moon is superior to Beast III, they say that she had no choice but to withdraw when faced with a messiah since she did not possess this skill.

Personal Skills

Clairvoyance (Beast) D

The rank of her Clairvoyance is low so she cannot see far without obstruction.

Nevertheless, she can see through and reveal the desires and true nature of the humans before her eyes.

...That in itself would be the skill of a sage, but by revealing the animalistic and true nature of the other party, Kiara is aroused, gaining overwhelming joy from the procedure. Just like a poisonous snake licking her lips in front of her prey.

In FGO, it drastically reduces a single target's debuff resistance and charges one's own NP gauge. Moreover, it's even capable of reducing their Arts resistance.

Thesis of the Still Heart (Five Thought-Stopping Meditations) A

Gojoshinkan.[2] Health-care software developed by Sesshouin Kiara.

With the cyber magic formula (Codecast) developed with the purpose of taking care of one's mental health, it measures the stagnation and disturbances of the spirit and then physically removes them to stabilize it.

Originally created in order to produce a map of the patient’s spirit to help understand it.

By nature, the tumor of the consciousness' depths (SG) is something meant to be slowly brought to the surface, but with the Thesis of the Still Heart it is possible to detect it and swiftly pluck it out.

Although the SG is a secret, it is also a matter to be disclosed.

Anybody would want to guard their secrets, but, at the same time, they would also want someone know about them.

A heart that persists in guarding its secrets is "pitiful".

Humans are creatures who want comfort. Because it's a secret they don't want anyone to know about, they have to confide in someone, be understood and ask for forgiveness. The Thesis of the Still Heart was created with the goal of granting the desire held in the depths of the heart, the true mutual understanding of the what Kiara claims.

In FGO, it reduces the NP gauge of every enemy and their defenses.

Goddess Metamorphosis EX

A skill where one undergoes metamorphosis into a god.

A treasure trove of powerful buffs. Similar to Tamamo (Swimsuit)'s Goddess Metamorphosis.

However, this has no stun the following turn; it reduces her HP instead.

The Ceremony of the Human Order's Ascension to Heaven A

By absorbing Zepar and raising Demon God Pillars inside her body, Kiara turned into a person with supernatural powers that can control Demon God Pillars.

The ones Kiara controls are not the "72 Demon God Pillars", but "Demon God Pillars who possess no name or personality". However, these numbers that one could call infinite, Kiara can control at will.

Masochistic Constitution

Passionlip's id_es. Converts 60% of physical and spiritual damage to one's own HP. This becomes an additional value.

(Not used in FGO)

Sadistic Constitution

Meltryllis's id_es. Snatches away the opponent's buffs, making it one's own.

(Not used in FGO)

Bondage Preference

Violet's id_es. The freezing of space. An enemy not possessing a Magic Resistance exceeding C rank, becomes stunned just from being in the surrounding space.

(Not used in FGO)

Desire for Growth

Kingprotea's id_es. Infinite growth (no level cap).

(Not used in FGO)

Congeneric Disgust

Kazuradrop's id_es. Predating on one's own species.

(Not used in FGO)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Pleasure Deva・The Womb Realm Magdala

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~90
  • Maximum number of targets: 7 knights

Amida Amidula・Heaven's Hole.

Anti-Human Order, or maybe Anti-Grand Noble Phantasm.

The Noble Phantasm for Beast III's exclusive-use, which breeds a virtually infinite amount of demon pillars within her own body.

The inside of her body has already become a single universe, the Sukhavati.[3]

Those brought inside her will disappear from reality, having their egos removed and their reason melted away.

No matter what kind of robust body or defensive armor one might have, they are meaningless inside Kiara’s body; they are all rendered powerless like a newborn existence and liberated from earthly desires and the woes of man.

Beast III is the “hole” itself that was formed in reality, and those who fall into this hole taste the greatest pleasure imaginable right before disappearing and are absorbed by Kiara while drowning in ecstasy.

Depending on how you look at it, this end of being released from the world of suffering called reality could be called salvation.

In FGO, it deals damage that ignores defense and pierces invincibility. It also recovers one's HP by the means of ecstasy.

In addition, as a hidden trait, it deals bonus damage to the Grand-class.



  • First person pronoun: watakushi
  • Second person pronoun: ○○○-san (attaching a "-san" to the name)
  • Third person pronoun: that lady, that gentleman (basically, it's a respectful way to say he or she)/mina-sama (a respectful way to say everyone)

Refers to the Master as "Master" and "Buyer-sama"


Introverted, timid and active.

She is a graceful and elegant woman, but that does not mean she is straight-laced.

Possessing the tolerance and sophistication to respond to any joke with a smile, she is the "my, oh my" (TN.: ara ara maa maa) type.

Despite displaying a gentle nature and a chaste sense of values in her speech and expressions, every word of hers has a strange eroticism to it.

Gentle yet assertive. Lively despite looking sickly. Tenderly compassionate when it comes to empathy.

She possesses the discretion to perceive the truth of things, read the hearts of every person and properly understand their viewpoint and suffering.

A talented woman full of graceful beauty, both outside and inside. ...However, one could call her absent-minded to some extent, having the side of a young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge about sex. Instead of a "holy woman", she ends up coming off a "kind onee-san".

...such is how she appears on the surface.

Her true nature is that of a bewitching bodhisattva who did nothing but thoroughly explore narcissism and pleasure until she reached nirvana.

A tender sadist and a hard masochist.

Although she claims to love humans from the bottom of her heart, she is a monster of narcissism who speaks about morals and the value of life solely "for her own sake", and even protects the world purely "for her own sake".

No wonder then that for Kiara, only she is considered "human", and the rest are nothing but beasts and insects wearing the guise of a person.

As such, despite directing her love towards everything in the outside world, its final destination ends up as something that is “for her own sake”.

A pervert not only when it comes to sexual pleasure, but also how she consumes the surrounding lives “for her own sake” and causes them to self-destruct in order to experience the greatest carnality.

If it's for that sake, it's alright to be violated or killed.

Being the one who does the violating and killing is also okay.

In any case, it is fine as long as that human's life comes to an end due to the body of the woman known as "Sesshouin Kiara".

Kiara will attentively watch that form, simply smiling as she experiences ecstasy.

By watching over the life of humans in such a way, she is like a boddhisatva treating others with tender loving care.

Even if it is a path leading to destruction, for those who are being toyed with by her on the palm of her hand, this process is no different from heavenly pleasure.

It is said that to Kiara, who feels rapture from both pleasure and suffering, the greatest pleasure is the greatest pain.

The cybercity submerged in the deep sea──────While possessing the senses of men, the pain, sensations and disgust that comes from transforming into SE.RA.PH, is not something a human being could withstand. The more outstanding the intelligent lifeform is, the greater damage it receives from this contradiction, malaise, and loss of meaning.

On top of that, she was attacked by Servants too, so Kiara's agony, who became SE.RA.PH, would reach extremely high numerical values.

"This is ecstasy too. After I've endured this, the Pure Land will appear." The mentality that can accept and find pleasure in such pain is the greatest advantage of Sesshouin Kiara's vainglory and what makes her the worst threat to humanity.

Attitude Towards Master

By changing into an Alter Ego, she became a bit meeker.

Specifically speaking, she swore to herself to lead a life of abstinence until her contract ends.

Due to this, despite her personality remaining unchanged, the thought of preying on all who attract her attention is gone.

Her attitude towards the Master is like that of Buddha's enemy, Mara.

In spite of looking forward to the time the Master succumbs to their desires and indulges in them, she supports them so they won't give in to the temptation.

When the Master gives in to Kiara's allure, it seems like she will transform from an Alter Ego into a Beast.

Kiara's lines during her final ascension clearly express this.

This is what she says as she views the universe, stemming from the overwhelming joy she felt from becoming a Tenma.

「Aah, what a thing... To think that offering up my body with this heart and all of its desires would cause me to take on this form....」

(Of course, she takes pleasure even from feeling ashamed)

「I am now the center of the universe, nobody can escape from these fingers of mine, no matter who they are.

...However, ufufu, not yet, I'm still not satisfied at all.

My vow will remain everlasting until my love fills this whole universe.」

(From here on out are the lines she utters as she turns her eyes to the Earth. She changes her object of focus to the Master on top of her palm.)

「But please, be at ease, Master.

I am your Servant and you are my beloved contractor.

Regardless of the time or place, this relationship of ours will never change.


Fuu~ (She releases a long breath towards the top of her palm) Please, do be careful, alright? After all, I am a fickle woman...

I do not know what I'd do if you were to fall from the palm of my hands.」

Although, in such a manner, Kiara has transformed into a semi-boddhisatva, as long as she is an Alter Ego, she'll never become a threat to humanity.

Dialogue Examples

  • "Alter Ego, Sesshouin Kiara. I have come after hearing your voice, wishing for salvation.

Even so, fufu... To think you would call for a woman like me, just what kind of person are you, I wonder. I am the Demonic Boddhisatva who relishes in the taste of all living things, making no distinction between sentient and nonsentient beings. There is no longer any other choice left but to descend to the pits of Hell together, no?"

  • "If I'm forced to say it, it's for the sake of love[4], I think.

For the sake of my love, the people known as humans, I want to dissolve them all."

  • "Have you become aware of it? Both you and BB, no, every creature trapped on this Far Side of the Moon, are simply frolicking on the palm of my hand."

  • "Fufu────Fufufu. Yes. I am a poisonous insect.

If I do not collect every flower and their nectar, I won't be able to flap my wings.

After all, this is the way of God.

The worldly desires that are hard to come by pouring into this body of mine will elevate me to a greater height and I will metamorphose into a god.

All living creatures possess the nature of Buddha,[5] plants and countries can all enter Nirvana[6] ──────

The lives of all living beings, regardless of their sentience, will be used for my sake."

  • "While thinking, I piled up good deeds.

As long as good and evil are hard to measure and there is equality in this world, something like equal happiness won't exist.[7]

Therefore, let this universe be filled with my love alone.

With my sacrifice alone, I will rescue all from wisdom.

Well then, everyone, the day of salvation has come.

──────Liberate the Heavens from earthly desires and the woes of man.

Character in FGO

The true boss of 『Fate/EXTRA CCC』.

Taking over the Moon Cell used by BB, she metamorphosed into a divine Daemon. The Mara sprouting from her head are that of a Tenma. In other words, it signifies the fact that this person is the enemy of Buddha.

The embodiment of narcissism prioritizing pleasure above all.

That process where other people are made use of and preyed upon is a calamity that brings ruin to men and animals alike.

The people who knew this woman, at first, were mesmerized when they into contact with her Holy Mother-like affection, and enthralled. After that, they exposed their foolishness in the single-minded pursuit of the desire to be loved by her; however, if it was satisfied so easily, the desire would end up weakening.

Weak desires are unwanted by this woman.

Unable to hold her interest, the believers took their lives as they despaired that "they weren't loved by her anymore". The victims' bodies and assets would then become her food in their entirety.

This woman is an evil specter who perceives all of her deeds as something good and advocates them as so.

This specter does not tell a single lie about herself, however, she preys on her surroundings with words full of falsehoods and consumes them for her own sake.

When seen from a normal person's point of view, the absoluteness of that ego and that lack of hesitation is a state of enlightenment. If there was one thing that could be called "saint-like" about her, it's this.

In 『FateGO』, she is introduced as a staff member of the maritime oil field base, Seraphix.

While she was exasperated upon being allocated to the Western church despite being a Buddhist, she wholeheartedly endeavored in her professional duties.

At this point of time Kiara was unmistakably a saint, but on January 2017, having escaped successfully from the Temple of Time, the Demon God Pillar Zepar hijacked her body, turning her into a puppet in order to control Seraphix as the pawn of the Demon God. least that's how it was supposed to go, but, at some point, Zepar itself was the who ended being controlled by Kiara, who turned into a majin that could freely manipulate demon pillars and, in the end, she was reborn as a Beast.

Kiara discovered her most excellent self among the multitudes of parallel worlds and fused with her. Bringing over the imaginary number phenomenon of the CCC world to the FGO world, she turned her own body into SE.RA.PH and grew by using Servants as a source of nutrients.

Ultimately, she was planning to become one with the planet, but by the hands of BB, Meltryllis, Passionlip and the Master of Chaldea, her climax was prevented.

BB (Swimsuit)

My... I have achieved eclosion by my own karma, but it appears she had such grounding since the beginning.

For her to get along with a God from Deep Space, she is truly a heretic among heretics at her core. As fellows with similar circumstances, let's get along, shall we?


Her pleasure and the pleasure of a woman, that alone could be called the difference, but that Ego and I are opposite existences.

If there is a next time, yes, not just her hands, I'll smash her legs too and throw her away at a garbage dump.

Tamamo no Mae

To think a bunrei like that would be created by the principal object of my worship, I am astonished.

No, rather, I am deeply moved. It's the most optimal way to enjoy life.

Fufu. Fine things, aren't they? The Tamamo Nine. Should I also follow their example in secret?


I see, so that was L.

I'm a being that receives love from all. They are a being that gives love to all.

This means we'll never be able to stand together, no?

A certain Caster

It's not like I'm concerned or anything like that, but isn't that person in bad shape?

After all, there is no sharpness to his abusive language. That is just a nice person who's simply hard to understand!

He used to be way worse than this. Laughing at the private parts I was the most conscious about without holding anything back and driving me away without giving a damn, such a useless person...

Eh? It depends on the other party, you say? In other words, that is... Pardon me, I remembered an errand I have to take care of so I'll be excusing myself here, alright? (Kiara absconds while blushing furiously)

Comment from the Illustrator

Awright, Ms. Kiara~ let's make your final ascension amazing! And so -「a cross-section view of a woman pregnant with the Earth」 or 「a naked portable shrine in space」 or 「an ordinary wide leg-spread」- three amazingly rough concepts, where nothing is shown and nothing is worn, were assembled, but they were really, really, really, completely out of the question. I learned a lot from this. Ain't that right!!!! I drew her standing pose in the image of Buddhist pictures. Can I make the background a little more Mandala-like? Or would that be too much trouble?? (Wada Arco)

Translation Notes:

[1] A Yojana is a Vedic measure of distance used in ancient India. The exact measurement is disputed amongst scholars with distances being given between 6 to 15 kilometers (4 to 9 miles).

[2] So apparently, in nenbutsu, there is a method of contemplation where the mind is suspended to see things more correctly called 'gojoshinkan' (五停心観).

[3] Sukhavatī, or the Western Paradise, refers to the western pure land of Amida in Mahayana Buddhism.

[4] Something interesting to note here is that while "愛" usually means love or affection, it can mean craving and desire as a Buddhist term which suits Kiara perfectly.

[5] One of the ideologies of Mahayana Buddhism. They think that every sentient being has the potential to become Buddha.

[6] This is apparently from the Nirvana Sutra and it's pretty self-explanatory.

[7] Another line I was struggling with. Original is "善悪は計りがたく、この世が平等であるかぎり、平等の幸福など存在しない"

Material Images