Shuten Dōji (Caster)



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Shuten Dōji
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: 「Otogizōshi」 and similar [1]
  • Origin: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg


  • Scenario writer: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character designer: Honjō Raita
  • CV: Yūki Aoi
  • Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Item Construction: [B]

Can create new outfits or tools in order to rise her ability depending on the season.
Seems so, but it isn’t used much.

Territory Creation: [B]

「Appearing in high places」
「Hearing her voice but not seeing her」
There are rumors about such stagings actually being done by putting her Territory Creation skill to use.

Divinity: [C]

The child of Yamata no Orochi = Kuzuryū. [2]
Because she’s fallen as an oni, the rank has dropped.

Personal Skills

Oni of Dharmapāla[3] · Heart Clutch Kill: [A+]

Heart Break.
Together with the class change, her Noble Phantasm that pulls out the bones of the target 『Profuse Blooming · My Intimacy (Bone Collector)』[4] has been turned into a skill.
A fearsome special move in which she shoves her hand into the body of the target that fails a resistance check, and mercilessly crushes the important organs starting from the heart.
The skill granted to Dharmapāla Girl in order to control oni… is how it’s professed to be, but won’t most creatures be silent[5] if you crush their heart? It is said to the question of the dubious Chaldea personnel, Shuten Dōji just laughed pleasantly and didn’t answer.

Oni of Dharmapāla · Strike Kill Rod: [B]

Break Rod.
「The princess in that tee-vee box, y’know. She was swinging around a queer stick, all sparkly~. I want that too」
「Leave it to me」
She had this conversation with the familiar Haku or something like that.

Oni-Kind Demon (Rescue): [A]

The base skill that represents the unusual power of the oni and represents the Phantasmal Species has been altered for this time.
A composite skill comprising the skills Natural Demon, Monstrous Strength, Charisma, Mana Burst, etc., but its effects have been regulated in this work.
A skill that gives a special attack and special defense against the Oni Kind and its analogues.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Gohō Shōjo · Kuzuryū Ōsatsu - Dharmapāla Girl · Nine-Headed Dragon Massacre

  • Rank: C++
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~10
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Gohō Shōjo · Kuzuryū Ōsatsu.
A phantasmagorical battering unleashed by combining the strong body and physical performance as an oni with her natural elegance and cruelty.
Specifically, she hits and kicks through super-high speed movement that could be mistaken by teleportation.
It has a short range, but evasion is nearly impossible. Punching and kicking that defeats even the protections of Divinity.
Opponents usually die here.
After the beating, she fires the poisoned sake of her Noble Phantasm 『Multitude of Colors · Providential Oni Poison』 from her large gourd, but ——— this is 「an extra」, 「something to cheer things up」 for Shuten, so in the end the attack’s core is the bashing.



First person pronoun: うち (uchi)
Second person pronouns: あんたはん (anta-han) / 旦那はん (danna-han)[6] / 〇〇 (without honorifics) / 〇〇はん (name + han)
Third person pronouns: あん人 (an hito) / あの人 (ano hito) / あれ (are)


Exactly the same as the Shuten Dōji with an Assassin Saint Graph, but ————
She… at least seems to be careful not to destroy Ibaraki Dōji’s dreamed image of 「Dharmapāla Girl」 …?
It may be accurate that it represents how ‘Tis somehow like dancing a kagura so it’s fun[7], and that she continues because it feels good.
For the time being, it seems she will stay in this outfit until she gets bored.

Attitude Towards Master

Exactly the same as when she’s an Assassin.

Historical Character and Figure

Ibaraki 「In Hinomoto’s[8] TV, look, there’s that on Sundays on TV. Couldn’t that by any chance be derived from Shuten? Beautiful, strong… Just like an oni!」
Hah, right.
…Well, there was something similar among oni.

It’s uncertain whether that existed in the world of the Heian era.
It’s also unknown if it’s something whose word was sent among the oni living in the interval to the modern era of the 21st century.
But even so she speaks.
The heroes that save the world of humans become Heroic Spirits,
those who save the world of oni become Dharmapāla.
Admonishing oni, ascertaining oni, killing oni ——— The one who saves oni by doing so is the oni of Dharmapāla.

Ibaraki 「Whyat?!」
If you believe it, well, can’t be helped.
…Well, since it’s a dream-like story, why not leave it as such?

It looked fun so while acting as Dharmapāla Girl, the oni of Dharmapāla Ibaraki believes in, Shuten is active at Chitose, which has been turned into Oniland with the power of the Oni King (to be exact, with the power of 『The Gold of The Kamuy』[9]), in order to thrust 『If you want to entertain someone it must be humans, not oni』 at the Oni King (Elisábeth JAPAN), who is too human to be an oni.[10]

At the beginning she intended it to be just a disguise/masquerade, but since she’s accompanied by the small Demonic Beast「Haku」 that she caught in the vicinity of Chitose, the Saint Graph seems to have changed temporarily.
Her methods are just like those of a hero, but don’t be mistaken.
In the end what she’s acting as is the one who 『admonishes oni, kills oni, and by that saves oni』.


Note that the familiar 「Haku」’s true nature was the evil dragon originating from 『The Gold of Kamuy』[11], but…
The current 「Haku」is, just like the old Haku, a familiar composed by Shuten separating her own mana.
Haku won’t speak ———
Although that’s what Shuten says, there are testimonies about it saying something when nobody’s around.


She doesn’t intend to hide herself that much, but strangely enough there aren’t many people that realize 「she’s Shuten Dōji」.

Ibaraki Dōji

When will she realize…?

Oni-type Servants

Where are the oni that pretend to be humans?
Should I knock you with my rod to discipline you?

Minamoto no Raikō/Sakata Kintoki/Mochidzuki Chiyome, etc.

Ne~ither, no matter how long, won’t realize it’s me.
Hah. What a let-down.
But, right. With things as they are I may play a lot.

Comment from the Illustrator

At the beginning the design had long pigtails but thinking that would be too much, it turned into now’s hairstyle. Oni and magical girls and Japanese style and Halloween, there were many various elements and I have memory of how hard it was to put them together. The result, I think she’s hot with lots of exposure as it’s typical of Shuten-chan and she became the Onicure[12] Ibaraki-chan admires, but how is it? Looking really closely I drew hearts in many places, and the eyebrows in particular may be difficult to understand… (Honjō Raita)

TL Notes

[1]: Otogizōshi is a compilation of about 350 prose narratives from the Muromachi period (1392 – 1573). It’s one of the representative literary genres of medieval Japan.

[2]: Kuzuryū was an evil dragon who was offered human sacrifices to be appeased, similar to the Yamata no Orochi. But rather than being killed, it was tied to an underwater rock formation by a priest called Mankan, and ended up being worshiped as Kuzuryū Daimyōjin. The legend also includes Mankan witnessing the dragon turn into a Dragon King and building a shrine for it.

[3]: A type of wrathful god in Buddhism. Its name literally means “defender of Dharma (the Law)”. In Japanese it’s written
to make a pun with
mahō shōjo
(magical girl).

[4]: 百花繚乱・我愛称. 百花繚乱 can refer to either flowers blooming or a gathering of many beautiful women. At the same time, 愛称 can be “nickname” or “intimacy”. I suppose that the message the NP’s name tries to convey is something like a private harem, but the result is a bit awkward.

[5]: 沈黙 usually refers to simply being silent, but here it’s more like being silent because you’re dead.

[6]: 旦那 can be “husband” or “master”, as many of you know.

[7]: The parts in italic are said by Shuten. Wish there was a way to put the Kansai dialect in English.

[8]: An old way of calling Japan.

[9]: I guess they’re simply referring to the gold offered to the kamuy?

[10]: This type of paragraphs full of commas are always difficult. I apologize if it’s difficult to understand what it says.

[11]: They probably mentioned it in FGO (I’m a NA pleb), but it’s probably the dragon Sitonai killed.

[12]: Written as 鬼救阿 (Oni Rescue Shade). It reads the same as オニキューア (Onicure). Obvious reference to Precure, one of the most known magical girl anime. Speaking of that, Yūki Aoi (besides vocing Madoka) will also have a leading role in ​the latest season of Precure that will start airing on February.

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