• Class: Assassin
  • True Name: Shuten-douji
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: “Otogizoushi (Fairy-Tale Books)”, etc.
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 145cm
  • Weight: 46kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Honjou Raita
  • Character Voice: Yuuki Aoi
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [C]

A Skill to erase one’s own presence.
As for Shuten-douji herself, she does not have much of a motivation to erase her presence.

Divinity: [C]

Shuten-douji is the child of Yamata no Orochi-Kuzuryuu. Because she is falling into the state of an oni, the rank has dropped.

Personal Skills

Alcoholic Scent of Fruits: [A]

Targets can be made dead drunk – similar to being charmed even – from one’s tone of voice, sigh, or even just their gaze that possesses the aroma of a fruit’s alcoholic scent. If they are beings that do not have the means for magical defense (common people and animals), their thoughts will end up melting completely in an instant. Essentially a Charisma Skill and a charm Skill, it is a composite Skill of both Skills. Even if they are Servants, there is a likelihood for them to feel charmed if they do not have the means to defend against this. It is even possible to eventually throw the targets into insanity.

Demon of the Oni Kind: [A]

A Skill that represents the superpower and demonic nature of an oni. With the exception of Oni and those that are mixed-race beings with oni blood, one is not able to acquire this Skill. It is even a mixed Skill of the Natural Monster Skill, Monstrous Strength Skill, Charisma Skill, Magical Burst Skill, etc., but in Fate/Grand Order, the effects has been adjusted. The form of an oni’s Magical Burst is commonly thought of as something related to “Heat”.

Battle Continuation: [A+]

The ability to continue combat.
Combat is possible even when receiving a decisive fatal wound.
Because of the folklore where she attacked Minamoto no Raikou, combat is possible for Shuten-douji even if her head is decapitated.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Senshibankou – Shinpen Kidoku (Multitude of Colours – Providential Oni Poison)

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 100 people

It is originally the poisonous sake drank by Shuten-douji because of Minamoto no Raikou and her Four Heavenly Kings. Now that she became a Heroic Spirit, this poisoned sake has been sublimated into Shuten-douji’s general existence. The “sake’s” only purpose for her is to pollute the surroundings with poison at once. By manipulating its concentration, she can bestow every bad status ailment. If it is at its greatest concentration, it will decompose all of the living body, leaving nothing but a few bones behind. The gourd for the sake, held underneath her arm, can further change into a weapon that holds a sword in its mouth, and also, it is said to even be a cage that locks up the spoils that fascinated Shuten-douji.

Bone Collector: The Riot of a Hundred Flowers (My Nickname)

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1 person

An ability Shuten-douji was endowed with since birth, or a super-high grade special move. She literally “debones” the opponent completely. She extracts the bone without spilling blood————As long as she does not make a mistake in the location of the attack, the opponent will immediately die. Whether it was inherited from her father who is worthy of being a malevolent god, whether it was inherited from her cannibalistic mother, or whether it is an ability that originated from Shuten-douji herself, it is unclear. Now that she exists as a Heroic Spirit, this ability – or technique otherwise – has been transformed into an Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm. One should not necessarily assume that the purpose of doing this is to kill the opponent, but if she feels like doing it, this operates as a Noble Phantasm with an exceedingly high probability of causing instant death.



First Person Pronoun: uchi
Second Person Pronouns: anta-han / danna-han (sir) / ○○ / ○○-han
Third Person Pronouns: an hito / ano hito / are


Under the moonlight, a man-eating flower is glamourously in full bloom to the extent that it is stealing away the eyes of those watching. A demon wearing a girl’s form, narrowing her eyes and licking her lips with her seductive tongue. It may not be known that although her outward appearance properly resembles a human girl, Shuten-douji is not a human being. Even though she seems to communicate with words like a human being, she is essentially different from human beings. Her preferences are similar to a human’s, but for her to love something is especially said to be a theory, from the idea that if she suddenly killed the things she loved with her own hands, it could not be understood by humans as love. Although she knows love, requests love, and clasps love to her breasts, it is impossible to overlap that love with the right people. Her love is accompanied with blood; her love spreads death; her love tears one’s heart. The impulse hidden below her white naked body is surely swelling up, being twisted, and rolling over from side to side.
Therefore; one can say with confidence that she is a demon.

Attitude Towards Master

Shuten-douji does not speak of her wish for the Holy Grail. Just like how she was when she was alive – going wherever her fancy takes her, she thinks and behaves as she likes, not being any different whether she is in the bygone days or in the present days.
In addition, Shuten-douji is also a collector of antiques and rarities, even having a keen interest in the Red Dragon’s ulna dwelling in Kintoki’s arm. It appears that she attaches an importance to an article’s rarity and the elegance of their appearance, so she is incompatible with, for instance, the Hero King who attaches an importance to an article’s performance and history.

Dialogue Examples

“Heehee. Thank you very much… for summoning me. Although I’ll be doing things as it suits me————There’s no problem with that, yes?”

“Thank you… very much.”

“Though you don’t need to be afraid of me to such an extent; I won’t pull out your bones, y’know? Heehee. Good child, good child.”

“Yesterday as well as today, you’re quite a… fairly busy person. Although it’d be fine if you lounged around a bit instead of working so busily.”

“Yes, that’s right————It’d please me if you died.”

Historical Character and Figure

The boss who governed the Oni within the castle structure on Mount Ooe during the Heian Period. There are various theories about Shuten-douji’s origins. There is a theory where she is considered the child of a human and the Great God Ibuki of Mount Ibuki (- Yamata no Orochi), and there is another theory where she is considered the heaven-sent child of Mount Togakushi (- Kuzuryuu). At any rate, she is the child of a Dragon God, possessing a shared background with Sakata Kintoki.

Because of the disappearances of young men and princesses at the Imperial Capital happening one after another, Abe no Seimei was in the process of doing a divination to find out the culprit, and he ascertained the matter to be the deed of Shuten-douji. Raikou’s Four Heavenly Kings, lead by Minamoto no Raikou himself, was ordered to subjugate her, arriving at the Oni’s castle while dressed in itinerant Buddhist monk attires. At the banquet, Raikou and the others made Shuten-douji and her group drink poisoned sake, then attacked them while they were asleep, punishing them. Shuten-douji’s removed head attacked Raikou, but it is said that the attack was thwarted due to the latter’s helmet that was given by a god.

In this work, it was Ibaraki-douji who was the boss and ringleader of the Oni on Mount Ooe, and Shuten-douji was perching on the oni palace of Mount Ooe as some kind of house guest————That was the taken point of view. However, the one who was viewed by the gods as the ancestor, Ibuki-douji – that is to say, the existence of Shuten-douji – was certainly adequate enough to draw the attention of the authorities of ancient Kyoto, Abe no Seimei, and the others. Surely, the most dangerous existence among the Oni of Mount Ooe was no doubt Shuten-douji, so to speak.

Whether she is the direct “child” of the Great God Ibuki, or whether she is a “descendant” who succeeded its blood, it is not clear. In the end, Shuten-douji herself does not speak about her origins. The alias called Ibuki-douji is just something attached to her by Ibaraki-douji, who saw the true nature of Yamata no Orochi’s power in her. It may not be discovered that Shuten-douji herself has forgotten her past and the likes of it. As long as there is beguiling alcohol, brilliant banquets and enjoyable performances, she has no regrets.

And yet… from the way it seems, one cannot conclude that Shuten-douji had completely forgotten her past in regard to the existence of Sakata Kintoki – one who possesses origins similar to her owns (being the child of a man-eating witch and a Dragon God) – the man hanging in her mind ever since the time when he was young.

Shuten-douji’s connection with Sakata Kintoki continues on since that time. Given that this companion was easy to tease on some occasions, she had a good time while being accompanied with snacks and alcohol. As far as Shuten is concerned, they are no more than drinking bouts, but as far as Kintoki is concerned, they are demonic banquets that would kill him if he took the atmosphere lightly. “To struggle for life while intoxicated in alcohol. Isn’t it romantic to cheat each other while hugging our bodies?” That is Shuten’s eloquence.

Sakata Kintoki

“Fufu. That blond-haired, blue-eyed youngster. As usual…”
As a matter of fact, Shuten-douji thinks it is better to take off those sunglasses. If she sees a chance, she will take them off.


"By the way, when my decapitated head was laid down at Mount Ooe, like that, I thought this was farewell from this world, and from this Ibaraki. ’Twas a strange relationship we had. Sharpening my horn like that even in this morning… that naughty kid hasn’t changed, you know.”

Minamoto no Raikou

“What, a cow is mooing? Fufu, I wonder what it is.”

Raikou’s Four Heavenly Kings

“Ibaraki would be delighted if Master Tsuna came around, no? Oh, Ibaraki, your face is deeply red from this sort of thing? What what, are you spouting out blood from your forehead in that much rage from having heard Tsuna’s name? Yes, that’s good.”

Abe no Seimei

(Laughing) “Eh? What? After all, it can’t be helped that it’s amusing.”


“Ohhhhhhh. Hmm. That fox… so she’s that kind of woman here. Well that’s very… you know…?"

Ura / Otakemaru / The Akuro Lord

“Come to think of it, I don’t see them appearing around here. Y’know, we are all said to be Anti-Heroes, so it seems to be difficult to summon them. Ah, that’s not true. There’s a way to summon them, yes.”

Kouga Saburou and his family line

“For me to utter about them… there’s no reason to. Truly… intolerable————”

Comment from the Illustrator

I requested to draw a lolibaba who speaks in a Kyoto dialect and who acts lively yet restrained, so I’m thankful to get the OK to only put on a kimono over her practically naked body for her appearance. Her equipment seems to be a collection of shops making a sudden visit to Kyoto, but I wanted to include a multicultural design to give somebody the impression of the Silk Road, so it might have been nice to incorporate some more. Also, her magnificent voice is alluring, and it’s also the best that her dialogues create a smokescreen by mixing together truth and falsehood; I’m melting~ (Honjou Raita)

Material Images

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