• Class: Saber
  • True Name: Sigurd
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Norse Mythology
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Neutral ・Good
  • Height: 178cm
  • Weight: 79kg


  • Scenario Writer: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Designer: Miwa Shiro
  • CV: Tsuda Kenjirou
  • Main Appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA++

Class Skills

Riding: [A]

He can control all mounts and beasts at will except for those with a Mythical Beast ・Divine Beast rank.

Magic Resistance: [A]

Magecraft that are Rank A or below can all be cancelled by him. Effectively, Sigurd can't be injured by modern day mages.

Divinity: [B]

Given by his ancestor, the Almighty God Odin.

Personal Skills

Primeval Rune (Warrior): [B]

He has Runes, a Norse Magic Crest. As he was taught by Brynhildr, he has the ability to possibly be summoned forth as a Caster.

Dragonkind Modification: [EX]

It is the ultimate self-modification due to him swallowing a dragon’s heart. He manifests a mana reactor core as a dragonkind, allowing Sigurd to act nearly independently despite him being a Servant.

Crystallized Wisdom: [A]

A magical item that shouldn’t originally exist within mythology. It crystallizes his wisdom as a hero. If another person other than him utilizes it, then the tremendous amount of information will give the person a severe headache.

Noble Phantasm(s)

The Dawn of Ruin (Gram)

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1
  • Maximum Target: 1 Person


A rare Noble Phantasm that takes shape as a demonic sword while possessing the sun’s properties. It is an unparalleled sword bestowed by his ancestor Odin that brings fate, ruin, envy and glory, and at the same time, it determines the rightful King. (It’s been selected as a normal weapon within 「FateGO」)

Heavenly Ring of the Kalpa of Destruction (Bölverk Gram)

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Targets: 1~900 People

Bölverk Gram

Releasing the full potential of Gram, which is originally an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm. Instead of Sigurd releasing energy from the sword, he’ll draw out the power of the sword by throwing it as an 「Anti-Fortress」Noble Phantasm. “I think that throwing it is more effective” is what he says. The sword that he threw strike a direct hit on the target while spewing flames, followed up by Sigurd slamming his fists with all his power into Gram, having the stabbed edge penetrate deeper even more. Bölverk means 「those who inflict calamity」, which is Odin’s alias, his ancestor.



First Person Pronoun: Touhou (This one) / Watashi (I)

Second Person Pronoun: Kiden / Omae

Third Person Pronoun: Kare (Him) / Kanojo (Her)


A formal and extremely straight-laced person. He wears those glasses that shouldn’t have existed naturally long ago. He’s a man of logic fundamentally; he achieved in getting his father’s revenge not out of love, but because he had an inexplicable sense of duty. He’s blunt towards everyone without a trace of being「affectionate」on the outside. But if he protected someone without any regard towards his own safety, then that is a sign that he trusted that 「somebody」.

He’s a hero, but consequently, he was a strong man honing himself as a mere military man. He has a strict attitude, but he doesn’t expect the same seriousness from others; he is generally “Fumu. There’s that as well, huh.”, which him being generously understanding.

While he does not hold back against formidable opponents, he shows restraint against the weak while being fully prepared to have that decision come back to haunt him in the future. He has no problems if his opponents resort to cowardly methods, but he cannot use it by any means. This sort of principle needs to be supported by strength or else it’s just laughable, but for Sigurd, but it’s no joke when his hidden strength and mystery ranks among the top even among many Servants.

Attitude Towards Master

While remaining disinterested, his earnestness and steady outlook reveals his strength to Masters facing a Holy Grail War. While he trusts Gudrun0, he doesn’t have any memories of dedicated love for her; Brynhildr alone is worthy of both his love and affection in the entire world as far as he is concerned when he is first summoned.

On the off chance that he is summoned by an ill-natured Master in a Holy Grail War, he sets certain limits upon himself. The likes of consuming souls or murder of innocents is rejected absolutely, demanding the use of Command Seals from the Master. In that case, he is fully prepared to be ordered to end himself.

A hero that’s「not obsessed with a second life」similarly with Cu Chulainn and others. The one thing he seeks from the Grail is a 'reunion' that could probably never be granted, unless Brynhildr is summoned as well -- or rather, should she ever be summoned, it would be nigh impossible to restrain him even with Command Seals. However, he’ll assist even if it means throwing his own life away if the Master approaches him with earnestness and goodwill.

Dialogue Examples

「Servant, Saber. My True Name is Sigurd. So you’re my Master. Please, give me your orders. I’ll promise to promptly execute them.」

「Demonic Sword, ready. Let me show you the manifestation of mysteries. This is a dawn of destruction-----------------『Bölverk Gram (Heaven's Ring of Kalpa of Destruction)』!」

「It could not be helped considering your beauty. However, you cannot obtain her love, O Emperor. For I have already attained it.」

Historical Character and Figure

The outstanding hero of the「Volsung Saga」is also praised as the「King of Warriors」. The tragic ending has become widely known in the world as 「Nibelungenlied」[1] with several episodes modified.

Especially the famous anecdotes, which are Fafnir’s extermination and the unfortunate love story with Brynhildr. The gruesome battle unfolded with the wicked dragon Fafnir wielding his father’s broken sword that forged the demonic sword Gram. Or when he fell in love with Brynhildr, but married another person after losing his memories. Betrayed and in despair, Brynhildr murdered Sigurd and she even severed her own life in grief afterwards.

Yet, it’s uncertain whether he is the very same person as Siegfried. Sure enough, it’s unclear which one defeated the wicked dragon common in their myths, but it’s possible that both of them defeated a 「different」dragon.

Character in FGO

While the magnificent warrior Sigmund and his second wife Hjordis gave birth to Sigurd, his father Sigmund was killed in battle when he was still an infant, so his mother and Hjalprek[2] took care of him in the country. And as for his mother’s second marriage, Sigurd was raised by the blacksmith Regin[3]. However, Regin didn’t have any love for him-------------instead, he used Sigurd, destined to be a hero and loved by Odin, in his plot to obtain the wicked dragon Fafnir’s treasure.

Sigurd was well trained as a dragon killer since his birth, reforging Gram out of his father’s broken sword, and exterminated Fafnir for the sake of avenging his father, as well as fulfilling his foretold destiny.

Of course, Sigurd didn’t have any hesitation to kill Fafnir, the wicked dragon. Rather, unsophisticated or even stubborn, he was wondering if Regin his foster father would consider himself as family after he achieves the only thing Regin has ever wished for him to do. He cannot reject the possibility of such a desire, even if he was never aware of it himself.

However, the brutal truth was revealed when he had slain Fafnir and drank the dragon’s blood. Regin was planning to grab the gold, so he ambushed Sigurd. It was a hopeless reality that Sigurd faced stoically.

-------Is that so. Nobody ever really loved me.

-------But, in the end, why? That I am even existing right now------

Not having his mother’s love, not even having his father’s love and not even having God’s love. He killed Regin[4], and departed on a wandering journey, and he came across Brynhildr.

He received a prophecy in regards to his future by his uncle Girpir, a prophet. As he had already known that he’d meet Brynhildr, he decided to never fall in love with her, no matter how beautiful she might be.

However, here, his alertness was overwhelmed by prophecy. A cold young man knew love for the first time in his life as he became indulged in love with this battle maiden, as if he forgot the tragedy awaiting thereafter.

...Eventually, he met a humiliating end, being killed with his own sword as a result of a plot from a woman who loved him. But, Sigurd felt love. It’s said that she was passionately mad with love, but he remembers vaguely her flames of love that didn’t allow betrayal.

The blow of his death wasn’t out of hatred; therefore, it’s love. He knew about that so he laughed in satisfaction. This man, who has laughed fewer times than he could count on both hands, laughed heartily


It goes without saying. This one will absolutely use all his power to love her. As for her murderous impulse, that won’t be an issue there.


Our existence is divided from the same legend. While I am concerned in the differences between us, I am instantly relieved to hear that Brynhildr treats him as a different person. Probably since even occidental swordplay differs between styles, I would like to work with him on swordsmanship.

Cu Chulainn (Caster):

You’re Cu Chulainn-dono, right? .........Hmm...............?

Valkyries (Ortlinde ・Hildr・Thrud):

They are like sisters-in-law for this one. With that said, it might be tricky since they have no way to feel any emotions. What should I do, maybe I will seek out someone who has younger sisters.

Jeanne D’Arc (Summer Version):

It seems that I was mistaken in choosing which person to talk to.

Comment from Illustrator: Sigurd

I received an order at the time to be appointed “a character who is a rustic military man with short hair and glasses”, so I came to “Where did giving him glasses come from…!?”. So I designed him with an image of a modernistic protective suit for military use in contrast with Brynhildr’s divine-looking armor, and the motif of a school uniform was chosen to match Brynhildr with her sailor uniform. Just like with his ascensions, it’s not exposing much skin except with the difference of the face. The scar is by being stabbed by Brynhildr in the heart, and the heart is still burning up with blue flames even now. In other words, he’s even the same as Napoleon as he’s been the 「Nice Guy of the Extinguishable Flames」. Even then he’s healed the numerous scars he received in battle initiated by Brynhildr with a recovery rune, and thus most of his body is unscathed except the heart’s scar. Servants appear as they were in their golden days during his lifetime, but I think that the moment he received her lance is in fact his ‘peak’. A man who received his lover’s love is invincible. The thorny bits were an absolute pain to draw so I cursed the designer. What an idiot. (Miwa Shirou)

Comment from Illustrator: Brynhildr

I was receiving a set of orders for Sigurd and Brynhildr to have their costumes and motifs be a sailor suit and school uniform as a common image, so I designed a set for Sigurd’s modernistic and straightforward line of soldier equipment and for Brynhildr’s mystical equipment to be attached with a feathery impression of a Valkyrie. The dark blue colored armor that’s piles up each ascension is whitening, showing a Valkyrie was gaining powers back in her time like hypothesis evolution. There’s a condition that only applies to the original handle section (silver in her second ascension and a gold portion in her third ascension) for her spear and a hypothesis that she acquires a purple heart-shaped enormous blade (?) when she gets passionate for Sigurd. Since she wields it like a halberd, I was thinking, wouldn’t that be a bit too heavy.... Her internal imbalance is revealed through the asymmetrical appearance of her left and right bangs and the wing tiara. I asked and they could repair the model and motion with the opportunity being Gotterdammerung’s release. That being the case, I irresponsibly made them do a new design of the lance getting bigger when using her Noble Phantasm. (Miwa Shirou)

TL Notes

[0] Gudrun: The wife of Sigurd and had a major rivalry between her and Brynhildr.

[1] Nibelungenlied: A Germanic version that iterates the tragedy that befell Brynhildr and Sigurd but instead of Sigurd it's Siegfried in this version.

[2] Hjalprek: A guardian of Sigurd after Sigmund died, he's the one who also took care of him in Denmark as the Danish King along with Hjordis and Regin. Moreover, the name for Hjalprek is ヒーアルプルク and it was pretty difficult figure out alone.

[3] Regin: A foster father to Sigurd due to Hjordis marrying Regin. He's a son of Hreiomarr and his brothers are Otr and Fafnir.

[4] Killing Regin: Sigurd killed Regin due to the moment Sigurd ate Fafnir's heart, he could understand completely the speech of birds which they warned him that Regin intends to kill Sigurd.

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