• Class: Alter Ego
  • True Name: Sitonai
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Ainu mythology, Norse mythology, Finnish mythology
  • Origin: —
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Height: 133 cm
  • Weight: 34 kg


  • Scenario writer: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character designer: BLACK
  • CV: Kadowaki Mai
  • Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Repels most ordinary magecraft, but can’t defend from High-Thaumaturgy · Greater Rituals.

Territory Creation: [A]

A skill granted by the nature of the witch Louhi.
Can create a special territory that comes under the category of 「cave」, 「darkness」.

Item Construction: [B]

A skill granted by the nature of the witch Louhi.
Since she doesn’t get much serious, it stops at rank B.

Divine Core of the Goddess: [B]

A skill that represents that one is a goddess.
It is also a composite skill that includes Divinity.
The reason why it’s fractioned into rank B, is because Sitonai is a subspecies of Possessed Servant.

High-Servant: [A]

A skill that displays that one is a complex of Heroic Spirits.
The three Heroic Spirits (Divine Spirits) Sitonai, Freyja, and Louhi are lending their power.
Moreover, she calls herself 「Sitonai」. Her True Name at the summoning of Chaldea’s style is registered as Sitonai as well.

Personal Skills

Snow Fairy: [A]

A unique skill as an Alter Ego, defined as an id_es.
The evolution of the 『Child of Nature』 skill.
Once she comes to the clear decision of treating them as a target of attack, even the loved ones can be frozen. The ability to arbitrarily freeze the targets of the surroundings.
She mostly doesn’t use this power for attack, and mainly uses it as a defensive ability. Against beings with hostile intent or harmful beings, it operates automatically. Auto-guard.

Emotional Freezing: [B]

Emotional freezing. Emotionlessness.
While she is a girl that smiles innocently, her thoughts and mentality that sometimes act like those of a ruthless demon, have become a weapon.
The heart of ice sometimes becomes a sword, and sometimes becomes armor.

Kamuy Yukara: [A]

An anthem in first person that speaks of oneself as a Kamuy.
She as an Alter Ego can borrow the power of several Kamuy from Ainu mythology by reciting the Kamuy Yukara.
It’s even possible to make use of the power revolving around the top Kamuy of mountains, villages, and the open seas, Pase-kamuy[1].

Red Gold: [B++]

A skill revolving around the Norse goddess Freyja.
For Freyja, who attracted not only many gods but even hostile giants, there was only one to love. When she was concerned about him who was journeying, Freyja shed red gold as tears.
(Fundamentally not used in 『FateGO』)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Oputateshike Okimumpe - Roar my friend, my power

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Elemental Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~20
  • Maximum number of targets: 1 person

Oputateshike Okimumpe[2].
The hound that is the comrade of arms of the Ainu little girl hero Sitonai has turned into a species of familiar.
It has been strengthened many times by magecraft from the Age of Gods by Freyja and Louhi.
At this point its shape isn’t that of a hound but looks more like a bear, and its way of being has become closer to an Elemental.
If it’s the familiar of a goddess, a huge frame is befitting, and its attribute being not a Demonic Beast or a Phantasmal Beast but an Elemental is befitting as well ———— It seems that, as a result of Freyja accepting such claim from Louhi, a bearification was done with the agreements of two out of three parts.

A constantly active-type Noble Phantasm.
At the time of releasing the True Name, a continuous attack like a landslide consisting on 「a charge by the hound (bear)」, 「a bow strike accompanied by mana of ice」, 「a slash by Sitonai」 is performed.
Due to Sitonai’s nature, it displays a special effect against dragons.

Pohjola Fimbul - Freeze, forces of heaven

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Army/Anti-Country Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~80
  • Maximum number of targets: 400 people

Pohjola Fimbul.[3]
Manipulates the power of freezing coldness, snow, and congealing.
Once the cursed words are released, day and night are lost from heaven, and the whole nation above the ground becomes an immobile world of silence.
Its exact classification is an Anti-Country Noble Phantasm, but in 『FateGO』 is represented as an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm.
A Noble Phantasm formed by combining the tradition of the witch Louhi who sealed the sun and the moon in a cave, and a part of the imagined landscape of Illya. The Noble Phantasm of Louhi herself has a different effect and name.
(Fundamentally not used in 『FateGO』)



First person pronoun: わたし (watashi)
Second person pronoun: 〇〇 (without honorifics) / あなた (anata)
Third person pronoun: 〇〇 (without honorifics)


A girl showing an innocent smile in her face.
But, she conceals bottomless cruelty ———
As for the character, it’s close to that of the homunculus who became the base.
The Ainu little girl hero Sitonai for the courage that shows a way of fighting improper of her age, the goddess Freyja for the empathetic and pathetic feelings to those who learned true affection, the witch Louhi for the mentality to brutally slaughter the opponents… It’s possible to apply the existences fused an Alter Ego as personal aspects, but for now it’s the personality of 『the girl who became the vessel』in synthesis.

Attitude Towards Master

She comes in contact with the Master as a friend.
At first she’s perplexed without grasping a sense of distance, but she gradually opens her heart.
If they get along, Sitonai will ask for advice regarding the Heroic Spirits that worry her no matter what since she caught sight of them with a glance at Chaldea.

Dialogue Examples

「I made my True Name Sitonai.
Since it’s Sitonai who seems to appear often in the exterior. Take care of me ———」

「Fufu, I’m older than you. So listen properly to what I say」

「I’ll make a mess out of you」

「………As expected, Berserker is strong」

Historical Character and Figure

An existence into which multiple Heroic Spirits (Divine Spirits) have fused, with a person tied to the Holy Grail as the core.
The circumstances of formation are seen as the same as for Pseudo-Servants like Zhuge Kongming, but its nature in the materialization is the complex of heroes that is a High Servant, and it’s of the same nature as an 「Alter Ego」 as a selection of strong egos.

The human who became the vessel isn’t a mage, but the newest and last homunculus created by the Einzbern. She had Command Spells large-scaled enough to cover her whole body, the precision of her magecraft was first-class, and her efficiency as a Master was super-first-class.
Moreover, she concealed the function as the Lesser Holy Grail in her body.

At the time of her apparition three entities are lending their power.

The first one is the little girl hero of Ainu mythology, Sitonai.
A dragon slayer that defeated the man-eater white dragon that frightened her native village (kotan)[4].
Perhaps the circumstances of Sitonai, who was chosen by the white dragon that sought human flesh as 「the latest sacrifice」 and confronted this without fear, and of the homunculus who had to challenge the killing that is the Holy grail War with her body as the Lesser Holy Grail, overlapped.
Furthermore, the hound that is her comrade of arms appears this time as a 「constantly active-type Noble Phantasm」 together with her.

The second one is the goddess of Norse mythology, Freyja.
The beautiful goddess ruling over fertility and love, death and magecraft. She probably was the first to claim that the homunculus should be the vessel.
Freyja reacted against the existence of the Norse Lostbelt, and attempted to manifest as a High Servant by taking the initiative.
Rather than circumstances or nature, it’s likely that she held interest in the homunculus as a young girl.

The third one is the witch of Finnish mythology, Louhi.
The queen of Pohjola kingdom that the national epic 『Kalevala』 speaks about. A mighty entity that made the people of the country of Kalevala suffer by sealing the sun and the moon in a cave and evoking coldness.
Apparently she felt a strong sympathy with the homunculus that has an area of ice and snow as her imagined landscape.

At the Norse Lostbelt, she appears as a Servant of Human Order.
She was captured by the king of the Lostbelt, Scáthach-Skaði, but
from beginning to end, she continued assisting in Chaldea’s actions to cut down the Quixotic Tree.
Regarding Scáthach-Skaði, from the awakening of the goddess Freyja, possessing a legend as 「Skaði’s daughter」 in Pan-Human History, and the personality of the homunculus that became the vessel, she showed a strong fixation with the relationship of 「mother and daughter」.


「As expected, Berserker is strong」

EMIYA (Assassin)

Someone whom to give a quiet and in some respects sad look.
Sitonai won’t say the reason.

Irisviel (Dress of Heaven)

She doesn’t hesitate in saying she’s a being to be admired.
Her eyes shine every time she sees her… but, she seems to avoid meeting her in person.


They make her go “Huuum, I see”.

Sengo Muramasa

(Double take)
(Triple take)
(Quadruple take)

Walküre/Brynhildr/Katō Danzō/Nezha

She has some thoughts regarding 『beings cast for an objective』.


Sitonai doesn’t have memories from the Norse Lostbelt, but she seems to try to come in contact with her based on their relationship at the Lostbelt. Considering carefully that Skaði had all her memories.


Hates him.
In the case Master has contracted this Heroic Spirit she’ll be disillusioned.

Gilgamesh (Caster)

She’s supposed to hate him but…
The atmosphere is so different, she can’t hate him at all.

Jaguar Man

It’s as if she felt really familiar. And this fierce presence!
「Eh, jaguar? Isn’t she a cat?」

Comment from the Illustrator

An Ainu-y Illya-san. Or rather Ainu outfits are approximately like this. I lasciviously reduced the ornaments, and given she’s SN Illya I increased the elder sister facial expressions. I change the characters I’m responsible for again and again many times, but Sitonai was like that as well. If I thought she was going to be a techniques character she was a fighter-type, Shirō was a dog a the beginning, and there was even a plan to make the bear speak. Now it’s a charming bear but initially it was realistic. It was unpopular because it was 「Scary! (lol)」 so I made it in a fantastic style. Also, if there is a chance I’d like to add many Costume Dresses. (BLACK)

TL Notes

[1]: The first Kamuy to come to the world of humans. Its name literally means "important kamuy".

[2]: Oputateshike is the name of a mountain in Hokkaido. Okimmumpe means "flood", though I remember having read somewhere that it's also "landslide".

[3]: Pohjola, as explained later, is the kingdom ruled by Louhi. Fimbul is an Old Norse preffix meaning "great". I'm not sure about it, but this could be a reference to Fimbulvetr, the three consecutive winters before Ragnarök, since Illya's landscape of snow and ice affect the original NP.

[4]: Kotan is Ainu for "village".

Material Images

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