• Class: Ancient Giant(Giant Species) / Saber
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Norse Mythology
  • Alignment: Chaotic・Evil
  • Attribute: Earth
  • Height: 7m~1000m+
  • Weight: 1t~???t


  • Scenario Writer: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Shaka P (DELIGHTWORKS)
  • CV: Tsuda Kenjirou
  • Main Appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmA+

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [EX]

He completely nullifies most harmful magecraft effects.

Riding: [-]

It’s something he has when he gained the Saint Graph of a Saber by interfering with the contract with Opheliea, but he discarded the Riding Skill, as it is “unnecessary” for him.

Independent Action: [EX]

He’s able to accomplish incinerating all land on Earth without receiving a mana supply.

Territory Creation: [EX]

He expands his own territory by heating the ground with each step.

Beast of the War Dead: [A+]

A Skill that uses the power he absorbed from Fenrir. The performance of Surtr’s original super effectiveness against gods is increased even further. (Only in his second form)

Personal Skills

Monstrous Strength: [B+++]

It’s a skill that represents his destructive nature as a world-ending giant. The 「+++」is some kind of bug that shouldn’t fall within the framework of his Saint Graph.

Giant’s Shell: [A]

The hardened shell that composes the Ancient Giants’ bodies. As he has an extremely special composition, he absorbs offensive energy and converts it to mana. He can’t do the mana conversion for attacks that exceed the absorption limit (normal attacks and Noble Phantasm attacks over a certain rank), leading him to take full damage.

Branch Destruction: [A++]

Surtr’s flames described in the「Prophecy of the Priestess」. It is the highest ranked Mana Burst while in the form of his flames, while at the same time it is an armor that deals with physical attacks and all temperature changes, and also an armament that cleanses any abnormal effect surrounding him. A kind of Noble Phantasm, but It’s presented as a Skill in the game.

Niflheimr’s Wind: [B]

A blizzard of absolute zero that comes from the world of ice and frost that Fenrir once ate. This is not used within FGO.

Noble Phantasm(s)

The Sword of Flame that Shines Brighter than the Sun (Loptr Laegjarn)

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-World Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~99
  • Maximum Targets: ?

Loptr Laegjarn.

An Anti-World attack using the Noble Phantasm Lævateinn​. The flames of the end that lead to the world’s demise. Super effective against gods, life and World.

The Sword that’s like the Sun that Causes Calamities (Lævateinn​)

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~50
  • Maximum Targets: 1~100 People


A syncretism between the sword of flames regarded as Surtr’s armament, the sword of the sun owned by Goddess Freyr and the arms forged by the Scandinavian God Loki. Surtr’s wife Sinmara safeguarded sword Lævateinn in legend​ by applying nine seals upon it. It is armament for giants, an armament for gods, and invitation to destruction. Super effective against gods and life.



A blazing giant appearing in Norse Mythology.

A dark being.

A representative of the giants living in Muspelheim, a world of flame. In Ragnarok, Scandinavia’s endgame war, he is the one to burn in flames. It can be said that his character was inspired by a volcano and its eruptions.

The doomsday device was born to provide the extinction of all life. The Primordial Titan (Ymir)’s destructive nature is not recorded in the Pan-Human History’s legends. The person that mostly inherited it all is Surtr.

A being from Lost History. Establishing disaster at the core of the Scandinavian Lostbelt’s world. In the Age of Gods, he ate Fenrir, the giant wolf who beared the same destruction as himself, and he decided to deviate from the pre-established Ragnarok (the one identical with Pan-Human History), so he attempted to burn the entire planet instead of only Scandinavia. It’s possible to say that deed was the first step to a pruning phenomenon without a future. However, when he was about to start the planet’s incineration, he was met with opposition from the gods ,starting with the Almighty Odin. The battle ended with no winner, as Surtr managed to annihilate them all but his body was sealed inside a 「false sun」. That world was supposed to have been pruned right there, but...

Surtr plans the「planet’s incineration」once again with the world existing as a Lostbelt. In the beginning he concealed his true form inside of the Heroic Spirit Sigurd; replaced his personality, accept Ophelia as his master; behaving as Scandinavia’s strongest knights wielding the demonic sword Gram, but--------- In the end he reveals his true self, he merges with the 「fake sun」floating in the skies of Scandinavia. He takes the form as the enormous flaming titan and plans the greater doomsday that surpasses the past doomsday....the incineration of all landmass on Earth.

Feelings towards Ophelia

Surtr was slowly torturing Ophelia emotionally while he was behaving as the knight Sigurd. He grilled her inside. However, he would never destroy her. In decisive situations------situations were Ophelia would be broken if he tormented her---------, Surtr respected Ophelia’s orders. That is because he seriously loves Ophelia in his own way.

Surtr has only one reason clinging onto Ophelia. When he failed his role as a doomsday device and got secluded in the grey world, she was the woman who 「found」 him. Although he fears this was mere coincidence, that encounter was the first element of unpredictability in Surtr’s entire life--------the「love」known as surprise. While Surtr tried to achieve the role of destroying the world, he clings to Ophelia to the very end, to show the end of the world to the 「foolish woman」(to make her survive it). Harboring gratitude, getting emotional, wanting to repay a favor. That’s called「love」, but Surtr didn’t know that.


【First form】

An appearance as Flaming Titan, the Múspell King. A giant figure with the「The Flaming Sword」 Noble Phantasm in hand.

A Giant King of fire.

【Second form】

The base appearance is the same as the first form. His coloring changed to incorporate giant wolf of ice Fenrir (a hidden fact never written in either the Saga or Edda: in this story, Fenrir swallows half of the blizzard domain Niflheimr, granting it ice bones, ice flesh, and an ice heart).

The Titan King of the Icy Flame.

Comment from the Illustrator

A Flaming Titan with a black shell. I put emphasis on him being good-looking by making him slimmer than the rest of the Ancient Giants, given that he’s Norse Mythology’s final boss. In the initial drafts, I designed him all the way down to his legs, but, tragically, everything from the waist down was cut to fit the screen. But he deserved it because he was cruel to his Master y’know. Learn your lesson. I like how putting him next to an Ifrit makes them look like father and daughter. Kehe. (Shaka P/DELiGHTWORKS)

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