Suzuka Gozen



  • True Name: Suzuka Gozen
  • Class: Saber
  • Source: Suzuka no Soushi, Tamura no Soushi, Tamura Sandaiki
  • Region: Japan
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg


  • Character Creator: Takenoko Seijin
  • Character Illustrator: Takenoko Seijin
  • Character Voice: Touyama Nao
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Extra CCC FoxTail


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmEX

Class Skills

Magic Resistance A

Cancels magecraft of A rank and below. With this, modern magi cannot harm Saber.

Riding B

Talent for riding. Can ride most vehicles, but not Phantasmal species.

Personal Skills

Supernatural Power B

A fragment of a god’s power. She can freely move objects around as will. However due to manifesting as servant, it suffered a Rank down and she can only move items that are belong to her.

Mystic Eyes B

Charm males through eye contact, making them madly in love with Suzuka Gozen. While it can be avoided with Magic Resistance, since its usage is limited to charm, it can’t be help that one will find her lovely. Lovely?

Divinity A

Determines the divinity attribute of that body. As the daughter of the Demon King of the Fourth Heaven, Suzuka Gozen has high divine spirit aptitude. Furthermore, with the use of certain skills, rank can gain a +.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Love Explosion - Heavenly Demon Rain

  • Rank: B+
  • Type: Anti-Army
  • Range: 1~40
  • Max. Targets: 250

Renai Happa - Tenkiame

It’s proper name is “Wisdom Sword of Manjushri - Daitouren”.

Using Supernatural Power, she splits her favorite sword - Daitouren - into a maximum of 250 copies then mercilessly rains them down on her enemies.

It was said that during her lifetime she once did 500 copies in a combo attack between Daitouren and Sohayamaru, its couple sword wielded by her husband.

This time, she mirrors Sohayamaru with her ornate hairpin filled with memories and activate Tenkiame by touching the floating Daitouren in the air.

Actually, it is not necessary to say the chant to activate the Noble Phantasm, it was all because of Suzuka’s mood.

Also, while normally she can only fire the sword copies with rough accuracy, with the use of “Blessing of Wisdom”, it is possible to make it so that “It will hit the surroundings but always avoid hitting Suzuka herself”.

(TL Note: Manjushri is the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, the oldest Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism. He always wield the Wisdom Sword which cuts down ignorance and duality.. The sword is called Daitouren but she called it Daishintou during her NP chant. Sohayamaru is the sword wield by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, Suzuka’s husband, said to be created as the couple sword to Daitouren.)

Blessing of Wisdom

  • Rank: C
  • Classification: Anti-Unit
  • Range: -
  • Max targets: 1

A Noble Phantasm that can massively increase INT by using Shoutouren, the sword said to have been forged by the Bodhisattva of Wisdom.

Her swordsmanship becomes precise and her tactics improved. It also has merits such as improving the performance of “Tenkiame” or allowing “Trichiliocosm” to be used, but because she has to think more than necessary, she ends up in a temporary state of self-loathing by looking back at the inefficient lifestyle of a high school girl.

It’s actually not that she’s lamenting the inefficiency, she just unconsciously calculated the benefits. So while she is proud of high school girl lifestyle she is disappointed with herself when calculating the losses. Therefore Suzuka Gozen does not proactively use this.

(TL Note: Daitouren and Shoutouren are both divine swords belong to Manjushri Bodhisattva. This goes with how Suzuka needs to have Blessing of Wisdom to maximize the power of Tenkiame, by using both swords of Manjushri)


  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Anti-Unit
  • Range: -
  • Max targets: 1

By revealing Kenmyouren to the morning sun, it is possible to create the trichiliocosm...that means all kind of worlds and parallel worlds...within the blade, allowing her to survey them.

This is truly the case of one turning herself into the Moon Cell with just a blade.

Future calculation became possible and she can reach the most optimal answer by selecting and checking all possibilities of herself. It cannot be used unless she is under the effect of Blessing of Wisdom.

Since this skill is close to an Authority, as time goes on while she use it, she will slowly return to her original form (the form of a shrine maiden wearing a tate-eboshi), turn back the attributes, eventually unable to exist as a Servant and disappear.

...By the time she reached the form with the eboshi which is normally removed due to fashion reason and returned as close to her original attributes as possible, that’s when she cannot exist as a Servant.

(TL Note: The eboshi is the black hat you see her wearing in her 2nd ascension form)



  • First Person: watashi
  • Second Person: anta, address by last name (first or last name is depending on her mood), -kun, -chan
  • Third Person: aitsu, Master is “Master” and address by last name freely.


Selfish and nasty, she is a gal who takes playing as a high school girl very seriously. She is happy when seeing things she likes, displease when seeing things she hates, but her original personality is opposite of a JK (high school girl).

Suzuka Gozen is originally is a prudent and profound princess.

Despite being ruthless as the princess of Tenma, she is serious and proud of her role and contribution.

On the other hand, that seriousness comes from the denial of “daughter of Tenma” rebellious nature, like self-poisoning, so her character is also a bit shadowy.

Playing as a JK (bright, happy character) isn’t that bad so she keep that act, but when she gets serious she is reminded of the past and suffer from that gap.

Her true personality is almost always hidden behind the high school girl act.

In FGO the environment is simple (protect the Human Order) so her personal concerns are overshadowed. If it’s another situation, Suzuka will live to love and die for love no matter where she is.

Attitude Towards Master

Needless to say that her motivation when summoned is “I want to fall in love”

If she falls in love with her Master, she will ultimately be a obedient servant who is also fittingly fashionable.

If she doesn’t fall in love with her Master, she will be a rebellious servant who will ignore orders.

(She does not just respond to those who she wants to have boyfriend relationship)

Either ways, sometimes she responds to the summoning for selfish reasons.

In FGO, her stance is that she will accompany the protagonist to hone her JK power for the sake of “a best encounter some day”.

Ultimately, she cooperates with her Master with the happy mind of “I’m not bad as serving my Master, I’m the best!”. However it would not escalate into “affection” and “love”. Her maximum girl sensitivity stops at just right before “love”.

Dialogue Examples

  • “Saber Servant, Suzuka Gozen, has been summoned! Apparently~☆”

  • “Eh? That’s...troublesome!...Oh well, I guess it can’t be helped!”

  • “By working together, Master can make use of me, and I can hone my JK power for a nice encounter in the future. Definitely?”

  • “....My Mystic Eyes is not working on Master, but why is this feel so nice...There is still a person who is gentle to me...the human world isn’t that bad huh…”

Historical Character and Figure

A person who set a stronghold on Suzuka mountain, exterminated onis together with her husband Sakanoue no Tamuramaro during Heian era.

She is also known as “Tate-eboshi”, with identities varied from thiefs to tennyo to kijo in literature. But this Suzuka Gozen is the daughter of the demon king of the 4th heaven.

Suzuka Gozen received order from Shangdi, ascended from heaven to turn Japan into a country of demons, but she did not feel like causing chaos in a mere country of humans, as she is daughter of Demon King of the fourth heaven.

The reason she did not follow orders from her father is because to her, that job should be done by the tenmas, or onis inhabiting the land. But not just the fact that it’s a troublesome task, more than anything her pride refused such “boring job”.

But father’s order is absolute. So reluctantly, Suzuka found an oni inhabiting Takkoku cave, Otakemaru.

“I will make you my subject, so do as I say. First, invade Japan in my place.”

That’s what she wrote to him. But for some reason he did not reply (with that kind of letter, of course not). Angered by his disrespectful attitude, Suzuka sent him a final letter explaining why she will come to kill him.

“I, after countless times of being disrespected, am extremely pissed off. You, despite being an oni, dare to reject orders from me - Daughter of Tenma. Thus, it is certain that you are evil. Come to me so I can kill you. As Tenma’s daughter I’ll be fair and chop your head off from the front!”

Good good, now Otakemaru will show up for sure. And then after I beat him up he will have to follow my orders, thought Suzuka.

Sure enough, a swordsman shows up before Suzuka. He is Sakanoue no Tamuramaro.

To put it bluntly, Suzuka fell in love at first sight, but pride takes priority. She attacked the demon who dare disobey her. She mistaken Sakanoue for Otakemaru. And Sakanoue is also wielding the sword he used to slay the onihime.

But the story is different. The moment of their final clash, Sakanoue is about to lose, he screamed in desperation as his death is certain:

“I was worried about this awhile ago! My name is Sakanoue no Tamuramaroooo!!!”

Suzuka is like being struck by thunder, her eyes opened with a shocking expression “Whattt??”. Seizing that chance, he slashed her across her shoulder and the battle was decided.

The defeated Suzuka fell down, but Sakanoue still could not believe in his last attack, thinking it’s deception. As a result, he did not kill Suzuka. Later on, Suzuka changed and fell in love with Sakanoue, and they lived together on Suzuka mountain.

The couple had a daughter named Shourin together, and went on to exterminate the oni Otakemaru and Akuro.

(In Fate interpretation, when Suzuka declared that “My life on Earth is only 25 years”, Sakanoue accepted that explanation)

Of course the Demon King is angry, but seeing his daughter happiness, the daddy side in him thought “ can’t be helped. If she is laughing happily like that, then the country of human isn’t that bad afterall”.

Just when we thought this would be a happy ending, a flag from the past popped up. It’s Otakemaru who received those disrespectful letters earlier. He also loves Suzuka!

However, the pride of a man does not allow him to snuggle up to her, so his strategy was to wait till she arrives, but the result is what we’ve seen.

Otakemaru got angry at Suzuka who fell to humans, and marked Sakanoue who took Suzuka away (in Otakemaru’s words: NTR) as the enemy. Day by day, the amount of curses weaving Takkoku cave continues to increase.

To Suzuka it’s just an eyesore, but not for Sakanoue. He decided to battle Otakemaru.

Suzuka, knowing from the start that Otakemaru’s body is as hard as rock that no arrow or sword can pierce, went to Takkoku cave herself and became Otakemaru’s (fake) wife.

Of course, it was all for Sakanoue’s sake. However to deceive Otakemaru, only her knows the details of her plan. So without explaining to Sakanoue, she became Otakemaru’s wife, an oni princess, and used her Supernatural Power to soften his body. Three years later, she successfully assassinated Otakemaru in the cave.

As she let out a sigh, thinking she can finally return home, she noticed another assassin appeared. It was Sakanoue who was devastated by the thought of Suzuka abandoning him, betrayed him, and his country was destroyed.

Sakanoue, blinded by love and hate, walks towards Suzuka, who realized there’s no salvation left and that she made a mistake. Deep down she apologized to him, as she is killed by him.

(If she is killed when considered doing an evil act, then at least Sakanoue will not be tortured by “regret that he killed his love one”)

And thus, Sakanoue no Tamuramaro killed both Otakemaru and his wife.

After this, it is uncertain if he realized the truth and went to the Underworld to take her back. There are various theories about whether the story of their reunion in the Underworld told in “Sakanoue and Suzuka Gozen’s activities” happened before or after she became Otakemaru’s wife.

(TL note: Tennyo is equivalent of angels, kijo is oni girl. The 4th heaven in Buddhism is where Buddha candidates stay b4 ascending or incarnate so there is no demon king there. Originally she is daughter of the demon king of the sixth heaven (Mara/Tenma), which is still true here, but the 4th heaven thing is from typos in later versions.

Shangdi is equivalent of Christian God in Chinese religion, sometimes considered to be Indra, but it might be a typo of Tenma because her father is Tenma, big name like Shangdi being here is weird.

Otakemaru is the oni god inhabiting Suzuka mountain, not Takkoku cave. Akuro no Takemaru is the oni god inhabiting this cave instead. However various versions of Suzuka legend mixed up these 2, as well as the Other Otakemaru mentioned in the part about her and Sakanoue having a daughter, a lot, including their homebase, so it is speculated that all 3 names are pointed to 1 single oni god that is Otakemaru.

Shourin - the daughter of Suzuka and Sakanoue also has the nickname Little Rin due to it having the same pronunciation as Shourin. Legends said that she is just as beautiful as her mother and inherits her 3 divine swords that she left behind for Sakanoue)

Character in FGO

Suzuka who drowns in love only has one wish, that is to be happy and live happily ever after with the one she loves. That was not granted to her.

Being summoned as Servant, living in love again, she wants to be happy this time around but has no idea that she is clumsy in love.

Suzuka, known to be a beauty, decided to pursue her own beauty. Upon researching the background for the preliminary stage of the Holy Grail war in the year 2000 era, she found that these existences know as “high school girls” are popular and beautiful, worth a try.

(Seemingly) Suzuka was fascinated by the high school girls who live happily while also enjoy the style. Her JK style was born from a misunderstanding, but she took it very seriously.


Originally she is one who can be Suzuka love talk partner due to their similar mindset, but since Suzuka Gozen had the fail experience of marrying Sakanoue no Tamuramaro when the lover stage is skipped, whenever she sees Casko’s face she is reminded of her former self and instantly goes into hostile mode.

Shuten Doji

As the princess of Tenma, no matter which oni on earth, Shuten’s birth is special so she cannot be ignored.

“Why are you an oni? Hey, how are you better than me exactly?”

Katsushika Hokusai

Secretly she loves the Edokko’s (Edo child) dialogues. “If I successfully adopt Hokusai’s tone, perhaps a JK revolution will happen? But getting past the lyrics is hard!”

Queen Medb

Since Suzuka is serious, Medb’s bad behaviors are not acceptable but aside from that she approves the “Everyday, I live in love” stance of Medb.

Or should I say respect.

“A woman who lives free is cool and I don’t look down on that, but it’s important to care about yourself you know?” Concerning about Medb’s way of love, they are good girlfriends.

Comment from the Illustrator

When I heard that she is a character Takeuchi-san designed who will debut in Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail, I got chills! Her 3rd form is based on Takeuchi-san’s idea and my own rough sketch. I aimed for a design with density similar to Fate/stay night designs. Since I heard they have trust in me, I had a gloomy expression, but I wish I smiled. (Takenoko Seijin)

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