Tamamao Cat



  • Class: Berserker
  • True name: Tamamo Cat
  • Height/Weight: 160cm/52kg
  • Source: Fate/Extra CCC
  • Region: SE.RA.PH
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Gender: Female


  • Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: WADA ARCO
  • Character voice: Chiwa Saitou
  • Main work appearance: Fate/Extra CCC

(TL Note: The material entry said her creator is Higashide, but Higashide made a tweet back then to clarify that it was a typo and Nasu is the creator)


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Madness Enhancement: [C]

All parameters are increased by 1 rank, but most of her reason is robbed. It’s hard to call this a “maddening” effect since Tamamo Cat doesn’t have much reason in the first place, but she’s in that condition all the time so no one cares. Those around her are sometimes surprised by her complicated speech though.

Personal Skills

Witchcraft: [E]

Dakini’s Divine Methods. Originally she mastered this powerful witchcraft, but when turning into this form she forgot all of them.

Shapeshift: [B]

To mold a borrowed body. Technique used by Chinese millennial fox yokai identified with Tamamo-no-mae. It was used by Daji to possess/transform during the Yin-Zhou revolution (described in Fengshen Yanyi - Investiture of the Gods). Due to past trauma, it is normally restricted. But “self-discipline”, “self-derision”, “self-control” are not in her dictionary. Rather, all she has is “self-destruction”.

Monstrous Strength: [B]

Ability of magic/demon beasts. Increase her physical strength. Fairly compatible right? She is excited. It’s explosive wild power!.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Brilliant Sunlight Napping Wine Pool and Meat Forest - Sansan Nikkou Hiruyasumi Shuchinikurin

  • Rank: D
  • Classification: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 1~40
  • Max targets: 30

Derived from the Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizuishi. The “Wine Pool and Meat Forest” is a torture game of “releasing humans into a forest full of tigers”, but its meaning in the modern era has changed. The wild power of Tamamo Cat unleashed on the enemies, making them not feel so good. After that Tamamo Cat will take a nap, she will take a break for 1 turn but her HP is recovered. One must sleep after a workout and a meal, right?

(TL note: Wine Pool and Meat Forest is created by Daji).



  • First pronoun: ware, it’s actually “watashi” but it’s not like it feels more intimate
  • Second pronoun: omae, goshujin
  • Third pronoun: aitsu


A wild beast-like existence that one doesn’t know what she will do or want to do.

Since she is Berserker, communication is basically impossible.

She’s only interested in fun and delicious things, and enjoy daily hunting life freely.

Despite being aggressive, it’s actually “Thinking about it is troublesome so I’ll just beat it up” mindset she has. If you explain the situation to her in the easiest way to understand, you might somehow able to convince her to cooperate.

Because she is the offshoot of Tamamo-no-Mae, she also possess the power to perceive the principle of things and see the truth, she just does not say anything.

The parts that are not twisted, she is even more reliable than Tamamo-no-Mae herself when it comes to understanding.

Attitude Towards Master

Conversation is pointless, as you can’t comprehend her to make a response.

All she wants is to have fun and eat delicious food, but her pride as a wild beast means that she is forever loyal to those she considers her “lord.”

After the contract is formed, Tamamo Cat will become your earnest guardian beast who simply wants to help her Master.

Cat prioritizes her Master’s wellbeing and happiness, ignoring her own.

Dialogue Examples

“I am a member of the Tamamo Nine, Tamamo Cat! I end my lines with woof, my hobby is running a cafe, my favorite thing is carrot. I’m unsettled without them.”

“AHAHAHAHA” (when stabbing enemies)

“Well this is difficult…”

“How about cat language?”

“Or should I go with dog?”

“With that, I’m taking a carrot as reward!”

Historical Character and Figure

A member of the Tamamo Nine.

After Tamamo-no-Mae went through 1000 years of training to regain divine status she regained all tails, then when she returned to 1 tail form she cut off the other 8. Each of them obtained divine status as bunrei of Tamamo and become heroic spirits. This is the crystallization of Tamamo-no-Mae’s (relatively) pure aspect.

While the Tamamo Nine are just sad existences to be defeated in “Fate/Extra” series, in FGO when she meet an extraordinary lord she’s the first of them to change mind.

Based on Neko Arc. She is not involved in the main story. If that time comes, it will be the end of FGO.

Her cooking skill is better than the Original. It’s probably due to the result of working part-time at a maid cafe as a training ground.

(TL Note: Neko Arc is the gag character cat version of Arcueid Brunestud from Tsukihime. Tamamo Cat is basically Neko Tamamo)


The Original must be defeated, but a wise Cat knows that even if she managed to beat the Original, it won’t solve anything. Fighting is meaningless.


Hoho, a Mediterranean Sea cat huh...You’re not very fleshy. I’m worried, do you eat dried sardines properly?

Comment from the Illustrator

Since Chaos or Order is fine, I drew her with no plan at all. But similar to Elizabeth her battle sprite cannot be changed at the moment, so the thought of her stucking in naked apron forever is oops. And then I messed up the words on her omelette rice (the maid ascension form). I wanted to write “TAMAMO-chan” or “TAMAMO-nyan” but it became “TAMAMO-nhan”. I can’t read. I just realized that when writing this comment. I’m sorry. I’m sorry!(Wada Arco).

Material Images