• Class: Caster
  • True name: Tamamo-no-Mae
  • Source: Japanese mythology, one of the 3 Great Metamorphosis of Japan
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 49kg


  • Creator: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Design: WADA ARCO
  • Character voice: Chiwa Saitou
  • Main work appearance: Fate/Extra


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [C]

Create a territory advantageous to the magi. However, it is hard for her to build a workshop due to her personality.

Divinity: [A]

Wakemitama (bunrei) of a certain divine spirit...or offshoot, or incognito...granting her top rank Divinity. After seals after seals, the rank became this.

Personal Skills

Witchcraft: [EX]

Secrets to grant status and assets (for males), seducing the ones with power (for females), divination of one’s time of death..etc. She doesn’t use them much due to past experience.

Shapeshift: [A]

To mold a borrowed body. Technique used by Chinese millennial fox yokai identified with Tamamo-no-mae. It was used by Daji to possess/transform during the Yin-Zhou revolution (described in Fengshen Yanyi - Investiture of the Gods). Due to past trauma, she doesn’t use it often.

Fox Wedding: [EX]

The skill Item Creation uniquely modified. She invented this skill after seeing the Noble Phantasm of a certain JK rival. “Tenkiame is MY specialty!!!”. Can only be a fox miko’s cheat skill. Tamamo unilaterally declares a wedding, causing a sunshower of gifts onto allies who happen to be standing nearby. Chill Amaterasu, chill!

(TL Note: Tenkiame - Sky Demon Rain is Suzuka Gozen’s Noble Phantasm. Sunshower - the weather phenomenon referred to as Kitsune no Yomeiri (Fox Wedding) - in Japanese is also called Tenkiame)

Noble Phantasm(s)

Eightfold Weightstone of Amaterasu and Sunlight Varuna - Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizuishi

  • Rank: D (downgraded from EX)
  • Classification: Anti-Army
  • Range: 3~30
  • Max targets: 100

A Noble Phantasm in the shape of a mirror. Temporary release state of the divine treasure Weightstone of Tamamo (Tamamo Shizuishi).

This treasure is the later Yata Mirror, the object of worship for Amaterasu Oomikami, prototype of Mononobe clan’s Ten Sacred Treasures, and is said to have the power to revitalize the soul and life force.

Originally it is a divine treasure among divine treasures with the power of the Underworld that can revive the dead, but she cannot use that much power in her current form.

The rank is D, very weak contrary to its origin, but this is because only a very small portion of its power can be released. When use in the 9 tails form, it becomes an EX-rank Anti-World Noble Phantasm.

The Noble Phantasm’s effect is creating a Bounded Field which intercepts the principle of eternal, setting all cost of magic to zero. In other words, infinite magic energy.

(TL Note: Suiten in Suiten Nikkou is the Japanese name of the Hindu god Varuna. Tokoyo (the term alone means “eternal”) is the paradise in Shinto, said to be where the Shinto gods went to after they finished their job of building the land. It’s neither the underworld nor Heaven (Takamagahara), but a place where all things are eternal, like Shangri-la, Eden...etc. “Timeless fruits” grow in this place, effect sounds like Golden Apples on crack, as you eat one of these you automatically become eternal, no need to eat again and again. The same Tokoyo is used in the name of her poison curse blast - Land of the Eternal Bane. Because whoever visits Tokoyo will become eternal, the Noble Phantasm basically create a Bounded Field which applies some principles of that place in the area, allowing the constant refreshing of life force and magic energy).



  • First pronoun: watakushi (polite form of watashi), watashi (when ignoring her position)
  • Second pronoun: anata, omae, name+san
  • Third pronoun: anatatachi, omaera, name+san


A beautiful half human half beast girl with fox ears and tail who always smile but have wicked tongue. It is better to say that her personality is light than cheerful. She is, admitted by everyon and herself, a Gal-type Servant who uses modern language, enthusiastic. Sometimes a variety of katakana and beyond understanding remarks pops out of her mouth, but the root is a freedom god realist. She is quite mean and wicked tongue, that some can even say "What an evil soul", "lustful soul, how evil" etc. However she acts completely opposite when it comes to Master and Servant relationship.

She is Divine Spirit class, pretty much a God. She is a personality of Japanese mythology's Amaterasu, when she came out of Izumo once she saw humans worship her, got interested and incarnated as a human girl. Then she forgot everything, grown up beautifully, fell in love with the Emperor, but got her identity revealed by an Onmyouji and had to run away, eventually she was subdued.

If her spiritual rank is increased to the max, she would become an existence of scale that humans cannot fully comprehend. Her true name was quickly revealed, but she is not interested in the Holy Grail War. She also has different viewpoint regarding the world and is a cheat character who is distinctively different from other Heroic Spirits.

However, since she lowered her spiritual rank to mimic human and became a Heroic Spirit that way, she cannot demonstrate her original power. However, in the case she is recreated as an evil spirit, an Aramitama, the number of tails will increase and at 9 she will transform into a great metamorphosis who can easily defeat 100 heroes. However, her true nature is a dreamy girl who yearned for humans, but chased by her love ones, forced to separate from who she loved, betrayed by humans, driven to fear, cornered and subjugated.

(TL Note: The Aramitama part is new. In original Extra it only mentioned evil spirit. Aramitama is the violent soul of a god, in this case Amaterasu Aramitama is enshrined in the Ise Grand Shrine together with her good soul - the Nigimitama.)

Attitude Towards Master

Despite experiencing bad humans first hand, she still wish to “devote to a human”. The will to regain the power of nine tailed form is all for that reason. Although she said that “any person is fine”, it’s actually just those who is within her permission, so it’s not literally anyone.

In the Moon Holy Grail War, she falls in love with the Master at first sight, calling that person “goshujinsama” and herself “good wife”, however that does not apply to just any Master. For this Master she met this time around, she is strongly attracted to the “handsome soul” but noted that she “already had a soulmate”.

As you can see, apparently Tamamo-no-Mae herself doesn’t know that her wish is “to be useful to a good soul”.

(TL note: Her wish and motivation in FGO is completely different from Extra. In Extra she wished to have a lover and very reluctant to regain her tails in fear of losing her lover. Here she is ready to regain tails so that she can be useful for the Master)

Dialogue Examples

“Even if you might not need me, Good-wife Fox Delivery, came straight from the tomb of Huangdi. Oh, why are you zoning out like that? You are my Master, right?”

“Scatter! Higanbana Sesshouseki! (Land of the Eternal bane)”

“First, strike the balls. Second strike it again. Repent, your balls are toasted!”

“Yes, Polygamist Castration Fist done! Even if god forgives you for having harem, I won’t!”

Historical Character and Figure

Appeared in Kyoto capital during Heian era, beautiful and educated, by the mysterious power of god, became a court lady for Emperor Toba as well as his favorite mistress. Her name is Mizukume.

Her true identity is the Golden Fur White Face Nine Tailed Fox, being revealed by an onmyouji of the Abe clan, chased away to the fields of Nasu, killed by Miura no Suke and Chiba no Suke who were sent to pursuit her, turned into the Killing Stone. This story is recorded in the “Shinmei Kagami” and “Tamamo no Soushi”.

She is thought to be a demonic creature who fled from mainland China long ago, and since the Edo period she appeared in the Chinese folklore and the novel Fengshen Yanyi (Investiture of the Gods) as a bewitching woman during the Shang dynasty.

Despite the connection with Daji, in “Fate/Extra” she is the imperial deity of Japan Amaterasu no Okami, not only that her true form is a deep fallen god who is also considered the Buddha Dainichi Nyorai (Vairocana).

However, “Fate/Extra CCC” suggested that she has a connection with Daji. “Good girl has a secret”.

(TL Note: Shinmei Kagami is a collection of history books about Emperors of Japan from the first to Emperor Hanazono, 2 volumes, unknown author. The name of this book means “Mirror of Amaterasu”, Shinmei is one of the respect name when referring her. “Tamamo no Soushi” (story of Tamamo) is a novel back in the Middle Ages, telling the story of Tamamo-no-Mae, year of writing and author unknown.)

Character in FGO

She appeared at the climax of story chapter 4 “Death world in the city of Demonic Fog London” together with a fellow Japanese heroic spirit Sakata Kintoki.

She rushed to the final battle, played an important role to buy time for the Protagonist’s group. During Valentine event she also shows a bit of the good wife.

However, she seems to devote her feelings to another human (goshujinsama). Additionally, her nine original tail not only have tremendous power but can also act as independent heroic spirits. Human calls them the “Tamamo Nine”.

Role in other works

Appeared in the “Fate/Extra” series as one of the main servants working for the protagonist. She’s madly in love with the protagonist and aimed to become the protagonist’s wife. Despite being God class, her performance in the game is the weakest. If about the settings, she’s the strongest character. She is the main heroine of the manga “Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail”.


Despite having no connection or similar origin, they have an undesirable but inseparable relationship.

Nero is a bit smart, so if she is a bit foolish then Tamamo can hate her relentlessly, but sadly that's not the case in reality. They both acknowledge mutual rivalry relationship.

Tamamo Cat

“NOOO THIS IS BADDD!!!”, is her reaction to when she saw Cat in Chaldea.


One of Tamamo-chan's Mailing Girlfriends. From everyone’s understanding, it is because they are using email that they can talk intimately. This is also a (wise) girl friendship.

Shuten Doji

Fellow member of the Three Great Yokai of Japan. Knowing Shuten's true nature, they are mutually cautious towards each other. If Shuten and Tamamo are motivated to get into a quarrel and we speed things up, what awaits us at the end is a huge war like the end of the world.

(TL Note: Nasu is using the list which has Tamamo, Shuten and Otakemaru, not the evil yokai list with Sutoku, Tamamo and Shuten. This is also not the list of three great metamorphosis of Japan as mentioned in the beginning of this profile)

Minamoto no Raikou

"...Ah, that person is very dangerous...both ability and personality."

Comment from the Illustrator

When facing strong enemies, the party of Jeanne + Andersen + Tamamo made me feel amazing...thank you all. Have to be honest, I wanted to just draw more tails, but the 2nd ascension is more about changing of clothes. So when drawing there are parts that finishes with some of my reasons due to the overall balance, but I thought “When I get her I will ascend her all the way!”. Though, it will look a bit strange if you put her final ascension in your party. Tamamo has many reflection points…(Wada Arco).

Material Images