Tawara Touta



  • Class: Archer
  • True Name: Tawara Touta
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Tales of Tawara Touta
  • Region: Japan
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 98 kg


  • Setting creation: Nasu Kinoko, Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character design: Simosi
  • CV: Suzumura Kenichi
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerC
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: [C]

Invalidate magic with chant 2 verses or less.
Unable to defend against large scale magic such as Great Thaumaturgy and Ritual Spells.

Independent Action: [B]

The ability to act independently for a period even if magic energy supply from the Master is severed.
At B rank, even if he loses his Master he is able to stay materialized for a period of 2 days.

Personal Skills

Protection of the Dragon God: [C]

Blessing of a dragon god, gained due to exterminating the Oomukade (giant centipede).
Able to receives assistance during battle.

Protection from Arrows: [C]

Defense against projectile weapons.
Moderate chance of automatic evasion against thrown weapons that comprise arrows.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Namu Hachiman Daibosatsu, Kono Ya ni Kago wo - Prayer to Hachiman, Piercing the Great Demon

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 2-30
  • Maximum target: 1 person

O Great Bodhisattva Hachiman, Your Blessing Upon This Arrow.
Marksmanship by means of five men drawn strong bow that he had favored since early in life.
Includes anti-demonic bonus due to the anecdote where he brought down the Oomukade and the Dodomeki.
In addition, it has been specially given a divine protection of the dragon god dwelling in the lake.

Inexhaustible Bale

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Banquet Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0
  • Maximum target: 1 person

Delicious rice
keeps coming out

(TLnote: I think this is like the first time an NP not having rubies.)



First pronoun: sessha
Second pronoun: onushi/kisama
Third pronoun: oyatsu


A pleasant man who aids the timid and unnerve the bullish.
A young warrior who, bold and courageous as he is, holds an amiable smiling face.
He is a martial man fond of contest of strength, as well as a gourmet with love of the pursue of delicious meal.
"It's quite difficult for me to not say that I like fighting more than three meals a day though! Hahaha!"
No matter when or what the situation is, he will go and provide help cheerfully.
He may look like the physical type, but he is prudent and excels in his wit to win a battle and advances forward to the next.
He doesn't have a protagonist trait of "Just I alone is enough" and so he will not go forward on his own. If such time comes leave the fighting for people meant for it, and if push comes to the shove, personally step in and solve all problems-----is how he thinks. Rather than an older brother, he is more of a leader sort of character.

Attitude Towards Master

He does not really change his behaviour, be it towards the master or anyone else.
Laughing boldly, thinking through things boldly, and clapping the shoulder boldly.
Fundamentally someone without much distance on him.
"You are my Master, then? Hahaha, please treat me well then! Hahaha!" Like that (as he clap your shoulder heavily).

At the basic, he is someone who considers carefully the opponent's sentiment and standpoint, but against the type he dislikes he would not consider anything, simply slashing them down.

It's plain and simple what are the types that he does not like.
"Guys who make meals taste bad when I eat together with them." In other words: "Those who can only live selfishly and trample underfoot woman and children selfishly; those kind of idiots!"

Dialogue Examples

"Mm. Servant, Archer. I've come in answer to your summon.
...Now then, before anything else we have to fortify ourselves with a meal first!"

"The question is whether or not it's delicious. In this world, other than fellow man there is nothing you cannot eat----well, there is, I guess. But you can generally make a meal out of any living being."

"Alright. This will do nicely. Now for a tasty side dish.... hey, I don't suppose I can eat the gozu (oxhead/minotaurus) there?"

"Mm, well done! Truly a bout worth seeing! I even reflexively clenched my fist in anticipation, and with being hungry as I am I almost eat it!"

"Well, I could get out any time I wanted. I was getting tired of lazing around; about time I start working.
You're the ones who attacked this fort, right? Hahaha, no need to answer.
After all, you're kind enough to include Sanzou in your group. You all must be good people." (thanks canaki)

"Mm? Ah, indeed we have yet to know each other's name. I myself ended up too excited, apologize.
Servant, Archer. My True Name be Tawara Touta. One fated on taking care that one monk."

Historical Character and Figure

Tawara Touta (Fujiwara no Hidesato) is a general who immediately went famous after defeating Taira no Masakado.
When he was born, the whole Far East was in a violent political turmoil. Pirates active and continously plunder around, and gangs of robbers unceasingly revolting even in East Japan.

Swinging the golden sword handed down by the founder Fujiwara no Kamatari in various merit many times over, Fujiwara no Hidesato had once travelled to the Shimotsuke in order to receive a reward.
As they arrived to the Seta Bridge in the land of Oumi, the travellers were greatly perplexed. A large serpent was blocking the way, and they were unable to cross over.

And yet Touta was not concerned at all, and he agilely stepped over the large serpent.
In the night of the same day, the serpent-----incarnation of the very dragon god herself appeared in front of him and praised of his courage and boldness. She then requested of him to exterminate the Oomukade of Mount Mikami.
Touta, who then had splendidly exterminate the Oomukade, was then granted an armor and longsword made of gold, as well as a rice bale that would never be exhausted.
Thereafter, Fujiwara no Hidesato then would be known as Tawara Touta.

Later, after exterminating the Dodomeki and such Touta would slay the demon Taira no Masakado, and be revered as the progenitor of martial arts in Kanto provinces.

(I used she for the dragon god because in the legend it was specifically a dragon princess, who we seem to see in Tawara's final ascension card.)

Character in FGO

Tawara Touta is a large,open-hearted Servant with a fondness for meals.
Normally, those sultry muscles and pushy personality would just make people pull away, but with his straight and unbelievable smiling face one unconsciously ended up talking deeply with him.
He prefers eating together with everybody while making a ruckus rather than having a meal by himself.
The best Servant in regards of livelihood.
One cannot eat lasers; on the other hand, rice are delicious!
(so rice NP >>>>> laserbeam NP, thanks canaki)

Minamoto no Raikou

Motherhood is good! Next, let us calmly reexamine about you being convinced that the Master is your child! Mm!

Sakata Kintoki



You need to put on the brakes! Mm!

Xuanxang Sanzang

It can't be helped, I'll follow you! Mm!

Ryougi Shiki

...You want me to give you this bale? Nono, now that I cannot do.
No matter how brilliant your beauty is, I have to decline. Mm!

Shitakiri-suzume no Benienma

You want to make use of it for a class....huh. Then, if that is the case....no, I cannot hand it over. I absolutely cannot. Mm!

Comment from the Illustrator

If it's Tawara Touta, then the famed Taira no Masakado's subjugation would come to mind. But this time I drew the him as an Archer possessing the bow that he used to exterminate the Oomukade. The image is an invigorating, macho gourmand. Similar to a certain gourmet house Nori somewhere. With his Noble Phantasm of bale that cannot be exhausted in his shoulder, he seems to use it as a battle weapon... is how I think it went with his animation motion. Detailed art of rice soaring and scattering! (Simosi)

(TLnote: Maybe talking about Nori Ginza? Dunno)

Material Images

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