Thomas Edison



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Thomas Edison
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Origin: North America
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Height: 182 cm
  • Weight: 88 kg


  • Scenario writer: Higashide Yūichirō
  • Character designer: pako
  • CV: Terashima Takuma
  • Major appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerEX
Noble PhantasmEX

(※ Endurance, Mana, NP are EX equivalent to either D~E)

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [EX] (equivalent to D)

As the great Inventor King, establishes the Edison laboratory.

A labor of 24 hours is demanded when working under Edison who has become a Servant.

Item Construction: [EX] (equivalent to D)

Went down in history thanks to the invention of important 『tools』 that led to modern times.

He’s criticized for having just improved people’s inventions, but either way, it’s hard to say all of his great achievements were for nothing.

Edison who has become a Servant can 『upgrade』 the weapons or Noble Phantasms possessed by Servants. The success rate is higher when the Mystery is lower.

However, upgrade of Noble Phantasms that sublimate achievements (Twelve Labors and others) is impossible.

Personal Skills

Single-Mindedness: [B]

Shows a super-human concentration ability when immersed in something.

It is said that Edison slept only about three hours on average.

(Fundamentally not used in 『FateGO』)

Mass Production: [A]

The ideal form of the world (America) led by Edison’s inventions.

Can mass produce subordinate mechanized infantry in a nearly infinite form.

The accounts are somewhere balanced, but that’s done by someone not from his surroundings, or something. Since he’s consuming resources from a place unrelated to America, his pocket doesn’t hurt at all.

Concept Improvement: [A+]

The unfair privilege of adding to any tool, from all times and places, an additional strong point.

Bows become stronger, swords become sharper, axes become heavier.

Or, by combining it with Mass Production, even a『mass production of arms with destructive power equivalent to low rank Noble Phantasms』 becomes possible.

How can something be improved depends on the rank, at A+ can bestow concepts to nearly every tool except for Divine Constructs.

Shapeshift: [C]

Although his head has turned into that of a lion, none of his intelligence and charismatic personality have been lost.

However, since he can’t control his body that is filled to bursting, the status itself is low.

Noble Phantasm(s)

World Faith Domination - W·F·D

  • Rank: EX
  • Type: Anti-Populace Noble Phantasm
  • Range: Unknown
  • Maximum number of targets: Unknown

World Faith Domination.

Governance over mystery through the Great Three Inventions that Edison built.

Illuminating the darkness, by the device invented by Edison that records reality as it is, the hidden secrets of the world became absent.

Being exact, they’re in a state in which 『they exist, but they’re recaptured by Edison』.

Easily exposing things that display power from the concealed and the secret, it fixes that which energy can’t be measured to zero.

Making the devotion of the people towards Mystery collapse to zero, it’s 『extortion of the world faith』 ――― an Anti-Populace Noble Phantasm.



  • First person pronoun: 私 (watashi) / 我々 (wareware) (when the Presidents’ consciousness gets inside)
  • Second person pronoun: お前 (omae) / 貴様 (kisama) / ミスター (mister) / ミス など (miss nado)
  • Third person pronoun: 彼 (kare) /彼女 (kanojo)


Pompous and rough yet somewhat optimistic.

In order to take back the invaded America from the savage Celts, he aims for a new America ――― the ultimate mass production state.

His production includes Servants too, and he won’t admit a pause of freedom.

By fusing totalitarianism with a super sweatshop, he’s a devilish leader.

What follows him is 『an army of DC electric mechanical infantry』, Babbage’s technology secretly converted from steam to electricity.

Eh, what? It’s Thomas Edison’s original, so is there any problem? I also have the patents!

In America, he calls himself 『President King』 instead of 『President』, and dominates the Western region. He’s in a state of war with Medb, who dominates the Eastern part.

He spearheads Madame Blavatsky, who had a friendly relation with him in the past, and the only Servant hired by the American faction, Karna.

Dialogue Examples

『――― To be frank, it’s a good cause!
Everyone, nice to meet you, congratulations!』

『I’m burdened with the role of pulverizing those savage Celtics, the king that rules this America ――― A Servant and a gentleman that nurtures Servants! I’m the President King, Thomas Alva Edison!』

『About that! Sorry!』

Historical Character and Figure

I can’t find the necessity to talk about Edison’s great feats at this point.

The light bulb, the phonograph, the cinema, the toaster, and other goods of everyday use, are based on his inventions.

Although there are surprisingly few things invented originally by himself, he reconstructed precursor inventions into a more adequate shape for being promulgated…… In that sense he was extremely great, as it is known.

In terms of he having improved humanity’s life level by promulgating inventions, it’s undeniable that he can be said to be a hero.

Even though Edison has popularity, he originally isn’t a strong Servant so far.

However, he who was the only 『leader』――― 『Inventor King』 left in America couldn’t appear in an incomplete form, and exponentially powered up after gaining power from 『America’s presidents』.

Specifically, his head turned into a lion’s. According to himself, it’s not like he deliberately obtained the head of a lion, but since the catch-copy of『king of beasts』 suited him, this face was chosen, he was informed.

He has the head of a lion, but since there isn’t any harm in particular, it seems he’s leaving it like this. Also, he seems to be pleased with not getting tired no matter how much he walks about and his voice resounding better than usual.

A Servant that feels a little like an honest researcher.

In the America East-West War, he’s the 『Inventor King』 leading the United States Western Army.

Since he’s merged with presidents from the modern era that couldn’t become Servants, he has become far more 『patriotic』 than in life.

The war situation is somewhat advantageous for the Celts that have gathered Servants, but thanks to Edison’s relentless resistance and repeated upgrades of the mechanized soldiers that make use of his technology, he’s somewhat holding out.

For that reason, he began planning to separate America from the time axis with the power of the Holy Grail.

That way, he meets the Rayshifted protagonist and company ―――

Helena Blavatsky

A reliable mother and best friend. There were exchanges in the past, and the one who taught him about magecraft was her. (is it noteworthy that the kanjis for ‘exchange’ are also the same for AC?)


A reliable partner he fought together with in Chapter 5. Even in Chaldea, he patiently associates with the revolutionary great inventor.

Nikola Tesla

Eh? You certainly haven’t got acquainted with this anti-social AC psycho, AC terrorist?

Comment from the Illustrator

To think he’d be a lion! What a surprise! Even though he has a messed up setting, I didn’t think he’d be a lion. What’s going on? I did it by feeling he’d change appearance thrice, one for each of the Three Great Inventions, therefore the wings are images, just fancy. So cool…… With the image of a wholesome sweatshop, the situation of the final Ascension gives a feeling of allowing sleep. (pako)

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