Ushiwakamaru (Assassin)



  • True Name: Ushiwakamaru
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: 『Gikeiki』 『Heike Monogatari』 / 『Servant Summer Festival!』
  • Origin: Japan
  • Alignment: Chaotic Summer
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg


  • Scenario writer: Minase Hadzuki
  • Character designer: Sakamoto Minedji
  • CV: Hayami Saori
  • Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: [C-]

As a result of playing (training) in the mountains, she has mastered the art of hiding in the middle of nature.
She can’t display the effect that much in a city.

Independent Action: [A+]

There were many animal friends at the mountain of Kurama. That’s why I’m quite fine even if I’m alone!

Riding: [A+]

Talent in mounting. Can mount any kind of ride, but can’t mount the Dragon Kind.
In case of mounting the animals of the mountain she connected her heart with, there’s a plus modifier.

Personal Skills

Animal Communication: [D]

Mutual understanding of intention with animals that don’t use words is possible.
It’s something that happens because of the youthful senses of when she ran around the mountain, so it was lost when she got down from the mountain (when she’s a Rider).
It’s not like she properly speaks the language of animals, it’s purely feeling.
Normally, leaking tanuki-like words may be a remnant of the training days of the past.

Also, when asked about why the Assassin class,
「In order to get a wooden sword from my teacher while he was asleep, I earnestly practiced invisibility with the animals of the forest as my training partners, so there it is」
「No way, an Assassin just because of that?」
「Yes. I mean, I’m a genius」

Game Method of the Tengu (Summer): [EX]

The style of playing at the mountain taught by the tengu.
But to Ushiwakamaru that holds the same meaning as training.
Due to her teacher teaching her that the way of living at the mountain, the way of playing and everything is training.
Skipping about the trees like a monkey, setting foot and crossing over rocks like a deer, swimming across the river like a charr.
Super-high speed mountain style parkour… or something like that.
Of course, even if she goes to the sea that way of using her body is greatly useful. (Being able to apply it)
surely was useful for the Eight-Boat Leap.

Heaven-Sent Child of Kurama: [A+]

Protection granted by 『something』 existing in the mountains of Kurama.
Ushiwakamaru likely trusts it’s 「the protection of the tengu of the mount」, but details are unknown.

Ms. H: 「…The etymology of “Kurama” is a dark mountain, and its former name was Kurabuyama. But what if it was called “Kumara” a long time ago…?」

Noble Phantasm(s)

Tengu no Hauchiwa · Akarashima Kaze - Feathered Fan of the Tengu · Windstorm

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army
  • Range: 1~30
  • Maximum number of targets: 300 people

Tengu no Hauchiwa · Akarashima Kaze.
The esoterica of the play techniques developed at Mt. Kurama, one of Shana-ō’s Playful Tales.
It’s a reproduction of the memories of the games Shana-ō played during her training period, and there are some other techniques like with Shana-ō’s Wandering Tales.

This is a reproduction of the game in which she stealthily used the feathered fan her teacher had.
The main effect is obviously causing a windstorm, but the feathered fan is said to have a wide range of abilities like multiplication, flight, shukuchi, flame manipulation, exorcism of demons…



First person pronoun: 私 (watashi)
Second person pronoun: 貴方 (anata) / あなた (anata) / 〇〇殿 (name-dono) / 〇〇どの (name-dono) Master is 主殿/あるじどの (aruji-dono) It turns into hiragana depending on the merriness at the time
Third person pronoun: 彼 (kare) / 彼女 (kanojo)


She’s the same person as Ushiwakamaru when she’s a Rider, but she mentally has a rather youthful and mischievous side.
But what is at the foundation of the existence known as Ushiwakamaru, the 『ability to fin a clear solution』 that tends to not feel human kindness isn’t lost.
Rather, since she has become an existence close to a tengu, sometimes privileged awareness (without sarcasm, very naturally) like 『I’m a tengu so I’m stronger than humans』 comes out.
The above-mentioned Ushiwakamaru as a mischievous girl usually has the pattern of 「giving a punishment (lesson) to the humans who don’t realize their own foolishness and laugh loudly」.

「That human is a really helpless fellow. Alright, I’ll mock and punish them!」

However against ones who performed true evil such as murder, 「There is no need for a punishment. I’ll just cut them to death」

Attitude Towards Master

Although she’s obviously conscious of the master-servant relationship as the Master, it’s thinner than usual.
Instead, recognition as a 「playmate · training partner」has increased.
Due to her values of playing with all her strength = training with all her strength, there is no hesitation in inviting Master to play.
Like a dog that follows you and wraps around your feet because it wants to play.
If you continue neglecting her because you’re busy she’ll sulk.
But because she has a personality with absolute self-confidence she won’t think 「I’m in the wrong」.
Thinking 「If it comes to this I’ll invite you to a more amusing game」, she doesn’t reconsider that 「maybe I invited them too much and they think I’m annoying」 at all.

At the same time, when you extend your hand and say 「I’ve finished my business! Let’s play!」 she’ll jump while wagging her tail so much that it could come off.
As a negative and positive aspect, the expression of her feelings is more straightforwards and less moderated than usual.

Dialogue Examples

「It’s my first time training at the sea! My lord, let us play together with all our might!」

「The tengu of Kurama has come here! ……Just kidding」

「Pon poko rin? Hmm I see, ponpokopokori… Ah excuse me, I was talking a bit with this dog. It’s just feeling, but unexpectedly I can manage somehow or other」

Character in FGO

Ushiwakamaru, who, touched by Hawaii’s nature in a swimsuit, for some reason approached the training period at Mount Kurama in which she ran around as she wished in the middle of nature.

What is firmly carved in her head is the teachings of her teacher at the mountain that are 「Playing is training」. That’s why while properly fulfilling her own duty as a Servant, she awaits the chance to play (train) together with her lord if there’s free time.
A loyal dog in the hustle of summer that patiently and obediently waits while wagging its tail and thinks, when will we play?
Let’s play when there’s time.

Depiction in the Game

Appears in 2018’s swimsuit event 「Servant Summer Festival!」.
While fulfilling the duty of escorting the lord and Master that is the protagonist, she also helped as a member of Master and company’s circle 「Gespenst Ketzer」[1] with the production of dōjinshis and being the salesgirl.
And she played.

Standard Weapons

Feathered fan of the tengu, Japanese blade

Musashibō Benkei

She’s playing with all her power while poking fun at the troubled former retainer.

Ibaraki Dōji (Swimsuit)

Oh, so there are oni at the sea as well. This will be a worthwhile game (worthwhile training)… (Chaki)[2]

Queen Medb (Swimsuit)

I don’t really understand the games that woman likes. Shouldn’t games be something healthier?

Helena Blavatsky

For some reason she often stares at me with interested eyes.
Eh, seriously what on earth is 「mahatoma」?

Animal-type · Wild child-type[3] Servants

I’m close to being a wild child so it makes me want to run around together in the middle of nature (including the beach).
Kintoki-dono, how about we have one match even if it’s at sumo? …Why are you averting your eyes, Kintoki-dono?!

Comment from the Illustrator

I thought about giving her a handgun but I gave it up. (Sakamoto Minedji)

TL Notes

[1]: Literally 'Ghost Heretic' in German.
[2]: The sound of unsheathing a katana. I don't even know how to translate that.
[3]: 自然の児. I couldn't find a proper translation, but since Kintoki is mentioned, I guess 'Wild Child' will do.

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