• Class: Lancer
  • True Name: Valkyrie (Ortlinde, Hildr, Thrud)
  • Gender: Female
  • Source: Norse Mythology
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Lawful・Good
  • Height: 159 cm
  • Weight: 46 kg


  • Scenario Writer: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Takashi Takeuchi
  • CV: Tanaka Minami (Ortlinde) / Komatsu Mikako (Hildr) / Amamiya Sora (Thrud)


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Magical Resistance: [B]

Spells with less than three verses are nullified. Even great thaumaturgy or ritual curses would cause next to no damage to her.

Divinity: [A]

They possess an aptitude as a Divine Spirit. Valkyrie are the daughters of the Almighty God Odin and their existence can even be called as Demigods; they possess an extremely high aptitude as a Divine Spirit.

Personal Skills

Primeval Rune: [-]

They possess Runes, a Norse Magic Crest. It differs from those used by modern mages; it’s unique as it conceals astounding power because it was from by the Almighty God. While this skill is Lancer’s skill, Valkyrie uses the mana of various combat supporters. While it might be possible to use offensive magecraft with it, they don’t use it very much because they think that the merit of combat isn’t with magecraft but with flesh and armaments.

Swan-white Mystic Code: [A]

They were rewarded with swan-white clothes from the Great God Odin. (This was originally a Noble Phantasm but it was turned into a skill in Fate/Grand Order)

Fateweaver: [B]

As per the 「Njals Saga」, the Valkyries are occasionally depicted weaving with terrifying looms. The girls determined the victory or defeat of the battlefield by ripping up weaved cloth.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Gungnir (Declaration of the Great God・False)

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 5~40
  • Maximum Targets: 20 People


Weapons bestowed from the Great God Odin. A downgraded copied variant of the Declaration of the Great God (Gungnir). If its true name is released while thrown then its function will activate. (In FateGO, the true name is never released, thus it’s normally used as an ordinary weapon.)

Ragnarök Lífþrasir (Final Vision ・Maidens’ Advent)

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~40
  • Maximum Targets: 100 People

Ragnarök Lífþrasir

Multiple Valkyries (all of them add up to 10 Valkyries) meetup in one spot perfectly synched in tandem among themselves to perform their duty of leading souls of heroes towards Valhalla, throwing their Noble Phantasm 「Declaration of the Great God ・False」in unison. While they deal damage by throwing their spears towards the target, some kind of barrier develops as an area of effect. Pure souls are met with kindness, while the existence of anything that falls short of a righteous life is outright rejected. They’ll create a space for separating beings such as Servants and familiars that have magical, demonic powers such as the existences of Phantasmal species, Vampire species, etc. (Units that fail a resist check are dispelled.)

Svanhvít (Swan-White Mystic Code)

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: ------ Maximum Targets: Itself


They were rewarded with swan-white clothes from the Almighty God Odin. When the Valkyries put this on, they possess the ability to fly; it’s possible for them to maneuver at high speeds. When pegasi aren’t available, it’s not an overstatement that this Noble Phantasm is the primary contributor to Valkyrie’s mobility. However, the true value of this Noble Phantasm goes beyond enabling aviation. Its true ability is the divine protection of the Almighty God Odin - Norse Mythology’s greatest existence. Because of this, it preserves the absolute nature of Valkyrie’s mind and soul. Magecraft and abilities that could potentially affect the mind are completely repelled, and on top of deflecting physical attacks of Rank B of below, their bodies do not change even after massive intake of calories. There have been multiple anecdotes wherein their removed garments are hidden while bathing, resulting in situations like「I have to get married now….」; be careful.



Person: Ortlinde (First Ascension)

First Person: Watashi
Second Person: Anata / 〇〇 / 〇〇 - sama (especially towards Master)
Third Person: Kare / Kanojo / 〇〇-san

Person: Hildr (Second Ascension)
First Person: Atashi
Second Person: Kimi / 〇〇 (without honorifics)
Third Person: Kare / Kanojo / 〇〇 (without honorifics)

Person: Thrud (Third Ascension)
First Person: Watashi
Second Person: Anata / 〇〇 (without honorifics)
Third Person: Kare / Kanojo / 〇〇 (without honorifics)


They excel in insight, they hold onto their precious valor closely and know what they’re fighting for. Their appearance is very chivalrous but sometimes, they can also put a gentle smile towards outstanding heroes. On the other hand, they lack self-awareness of their ego. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t feel any emotions, they’re just a bit out of sync in comparison with humans on Earth. They mainly stare blankly at the never changing scene either in a fight or battlefield because they have little personal experience themselves and that they mostly earn it as information. (If they don’t understand, they’ll try to slowly understand it.) Their existence is sort of like an automated machine since they were produced by the Almighty God Odin. For example, their personality and body largely deviate from being an「ordinary as a Valkyrie」as they change ・alternate from a 「Valkyrie」as a whole and into a more characteristic personality so that they can fall in love, dislike violence and bear strong feelings. In the end, they’ve changed into an organism that’s roughly the same as a human which was their downfall from a demigod (The person to deviate first was Brynhildr). In the present as Servants, they try to scout as half-machine towards people who are considered heroes which is fundamental for them to 「guiding heroes to Valhalla」as it comes from the orders of the Almighty God.

Attitude Towards Master

Master is an outstanding commander and if they recognize Master as an “excellent hero” then they’ll be close to that recognition. From there, it depends (whether or not their divinity rank will exponentially decrease) whether or not the girls acquire emotions while interacting with Master. Their wish towards the Holy Grail is “to guide a qualified soul of a hero to Valhalla.” Even should the Age of Gods end, or the final war comes to a close, this prime directive bestowed upon them by the Almighty God will not falter.

Dialogue Examples


Yes, Our existence is similarly identical. Our appearance, voice and personality is different for every one of us? Yes, that is… The fundamental principles are the same. For example, every human can strike at another person’s opinion...right? It’s different for us. That’s right, we Valkyries don’t have differing opinions. Even though our texture is different, we’re still running on the same system. But, what if, each system, like Elder Sister Brynhildr…


I can’t believe Big Sister Brynhildr is here! What do you mean? The us you know is not us? You met us and fought us? Huh? (In regards to the fight in the Lostbelt) A Master, huh… Serving a human is somewhat weird. Strangely, I don’t feel as if I’m being ordered around by you. Is it because we’re fighting together? Interesting!


Master. Please show me your bravery. We are Valkyries. Many of us were created by the Great God Odin. Orders from the Great Gods are already implemented within our Saint Graph. They absolutely cannot be changed…. Commencing battle mobilization. Let us annihilate the enemies. Elder Sister. My chest is warm...what is this?

Historical Character and Figure

The Valkyries are dressed in armor on their bodies. They are the daughters of the Almighty God. They are the highest beings within Norse Mythology, many of them are produced by the Almighty God Odin.

They hover over the skies of many battlefields determining qualified warriors that were killed in action, guiding their souls to the shining and prosperous Valhalla which is in the palace of the Almighty God. The end of Scandinavia’s Age of Gods---- All for the sake of filling out the ranks of the Great God’s army, meant to slay Jotnar in the Twilight of the Gods.

The Valkyries all individually exist as the Almighty God Odin’s daughters. They possess high rank divinity skills because their existence (Demigods) is almost the same as Divine Spirits. In Gotterdammerung, the Valkyries were mass-produced into many entities because of Almighty God Odin in regards to Ragnorok, so they function by operating like some sort of automaton. They soar in the skies of the battlefield urging forward with a flying horse selecting souls of dead heroes to guide to Valhalla. However, the population decreased when Sigurd met Elder Sister Brynhildr who had strong feelings and acquired a personality which was her downfall as an instant turning point.

“Wouldn’t things have worsened to the point of ‘half of what it used to be’ at the beginning of Ragnarok, the decisive battle between the Gods and Jotnar?” A report claiming this has been submitted to the Lord of Jigmarie (Faculty of Curse Research) in the mid-1980s, becoming the talk within the world of magecraft.

Why did half of Valkyries disappear? According to the report, “it could be said that many Valkyries including Brynhildr who have acquired a personality and left behind the Almighty God’s imperial command have fallen from their rank of being a divine spirit or half-goddess.”

Present day Valkyries in this work have a unique existence as Servants. To be specific, they possess an exceedingly unprecedented Saint Graph. Although they can’t “change into strong forms when they ascend their Saint Graph” just like with the other Servants, the mana they have increases as they ascend their synchronization rate with Master. Each individual respectively Valkyrie has their upper limit of power. In any case the Valkyries perform an ascension in accordance with the Chaldea Summoning System, there will be a high chance that the Valkyrie will summon a substitute replacing its form “with a different individual Valkyrie with a suitable redefining mana capacity”

Valkyrie Ortlinde Valkyrie Hildr Valkyrie Thrud

The 3 Servants named above are individually validated to bring into the substitution summoning in Chaldea’s summoning system and Saint Graph ascension. They expect that their destiny will be binded to Master individually. Currently, any of the girls will go under the True Name of “Valkyrie” due to the size of their mana, the essence of their existence is roughly equivalent. To be more precise, they should possess individual True Names such as Ortlinde, Hildr, and Thrud, but the girls “each different individuals'' will reject being treated as firm.

Thrud: “As a Valkyrie, there is no substantial difference” Hildr: “That’s right, we’re like one with everyone as the foundation.” Ortlinde: “Yes, Elder Sister Brynhildr is strange….”

The girl(s) talk in this manner.

Why are the girls summoned with a special Saint Graph? It’s probably that they’re entwined with fate in regards to Master as they met and parted ways in the Scandinavia Lostbelt. Yet now the summoned girls are the girls of Pan-Human History who are heroic spirits, they became heroic spirits; the Master that met them in the Scandinavian Lostbelt were different people ----------- “completely different people.”

The girl(s) recognize “guiding a qualified soul of a hero to Valhalla” as an imperial command similar to their lifetime. Although their existence can be called half divine spirit or half goddess, their objective is mainly to work with a collection of souls as they are not suited for combat. Although the strength and magical powers that are concealed in that body fall within a category of no common knowledge.

The Rest

King Altera (King Atli) is Brynhildr’s other brother in “Volsung Saga,” “Poetic Edda” and “Sigurd’s short song.” It is unclear how Attila and Altera the King of Destruction relates to the former Valkyrie, Brynhildr. Is Altera possibly the existence that the Almighty God Odin used at the time to shape the Valkyrie into a model like “an automaton as a terminal?” Of course, Altera existed in the 7th century, but there shouldn’t be any activities from the prototype Valkyries in the Age of Gods. However, the manifested Heroic Spirit Altera calls Brynhildr a “little sister” and also calls the Valkyries similarly “little sister.”

Standard Weapons

The Noble Phantasm Gungnir (Declaration of the Great God (False)) is used as a throwable weapon and a proximity weapon.

To Many Servants:

In regards to many Servants, Valkyrie recognizes that there are suitable heros that can go to Valhalla and so she goes into recruitment mode. Perhaps, it seems that she’s convinced that Erik is a person who originates from Scandinavia... However, currently, Erik himself currently understands and is still on standby in Valhalla after death; it seems that “already going to Valhalla” has some sort of reaction. If that is the case then, the Valkyries have no choice but to raise a question mark on their heads.

Divine Servants:

They can’t recruit people who possess divinity.

Female Servants:

Artoria, Jing Ke and the likes are the targets of recruitment. Namely, the Valkyries acknowledge the females as heroes.


A target they can’t recruit. Ah “Why--!” Fufufu “ In a bad mood “ Ah “Why---!?”


The eldest sister. An entity that used to be the same type and should’ve been one of us. I wonder why did you become so tall in that manner. I wonder why you’re so beautiful in that manner. I wonder why you’re showing such a worried expression in that manner. The Valkyries are hesitant to ask Brynhildr. “You are not one of us, but even then, did you already bring misfortune just like what the Almighty God said?” “No fragments of happiness, you can’t even soar in the sky, you can’t even go back to the Great God’s palace, you merely soaked your body in misfortune or simply the pollution of information known as just “emotion” on Earth.


The person that perplexed Eldest Sister Brynhildr. Looking at him, Valkyrie feels decomposed in their chest. She notices the bud of emotion.

Scathach = Skadi:

That’s Goddess Skadi of Scandinavia! She looks like her, does she not?

Scathach (Lancer):

She is not the Goddess Skadi of Scandinavia, but...a different person. How did I mistake you for someone else?


She is Eldest Sister Brynhildr’s older sister. What in the world does that mean?

Tomoe Gozen:

She’s a friend from Chaldea that teaches her how to play games.

Comment from the Illustrator

These are the Valkyries that show up in the Noble Phantasm. I designed the Valkyries for a different project, but I got permission to include them here, so I had them cameo. (Takashi Takeuchi)

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