Vlad III



  • Class: Berserker
  • Sex: Male
  • Origin: Dracula
  • Birthplace: Romania
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 191cm
  • Weight: 77kg


Magical PowerB
Noble PhantasmA

Class Skills

Mad Enhancement: [EX]

He's gone mad yet his thoughts are clear, even his wish to the grail remains unchanged. This makes him somewhat of an unusual Berserker, however this is because he fights while accepting his vampiric abilities, which is the biggest anormality to someone like Vlad.

Personal Skills

Bloodsucking: [A]

One of Vlad's vampiric abilities. He can turn others into slaves by sucking their blood.

The one who has their blood sucked enters a state of living in death, and usually obeys whoever sucked their blood.

Also, since this counts not as an attack but rather a show of affection, it cannot be defended against even if you were to posses 'a body which rejects all attacks'.

Shapeshifting: [C]

One of Vlad's vampiric abilities. He can transform into mist, or countless bats.

It's extremely useful while fighting at melee range, but not so much against attacks which cover a wide area.

Battle Continuation: [A]

One of Vlad's vampiric abilities. He does not know when to give up.

Can fight even after sustaining fatal wounds, his performance receiving no penalty regardless of the state of his body.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Kazikli Bey

  • Rank: C+
  • Type: Anti-Unit
  • Range: 1~5
  • Maximum targets: 1

Kazikli Bey. A noble phantasm that carries a different effect when used in other classes.

Vlad lets out stakes formed inside the body. Other than wood, the stakes can also be made of bone, flesh, blood, hair, shadows, etc. It is also possible to attract objects within range and turn them into stakes.

The original nature of this noble phantasm is Anti-Army and its based on the legend of the impaled army found by Mehmed II. In this case, the range of the noble phantasm is extremely wide, and is capable of creating and manipulating countless stakes.

This noble phantasm doesn't reach that level, but is still powerful enough to annihilate a single Servant.

Legend of Dracula

  • Rank: A+
  • Type: Anti-Unit (Self}
  • Range: -
  • Maximum targets: 1

Legend of Dracula. Allows Vlad to transform into the vampire Dracula from the tales spread after his death.

By transforming into Dracula, Vlad loses his other Noble Phantasms and Skills, but gains an enourmous boost to his physical abilities, the ability to transform into mist and animals, self-healing, and charming mystic eyes. However he also gains weaknesses to sunlight and holiness.

This Noble Phantasm is always in effect when Vlad is summoned as a Berserker, so its name is never called out in Fate/GO.



Since he used to be ruler, he has somewhat of a stern attitude, and this hasn't changed much even after becoming a Berserker. Even as a vampire, he hates the concept of vampires and his wish for the grail is to eliminate the legend of Dracula that has tarnished his name.

Attitude Towards Master

Since he was a ruler akin to a tyrant, he has somewhat of a haughty attitude.

He treats his master as one of his retainers. On the other hand, if one is faithful to him, he gets pretty roused up trying to respond to your loyalty.

Dialogue Examples

"Let the blood of thousands flow, and offer it to me."

"Very well, girl. If that's what you wish, I can teach you later. Now, an embroided patch of prayers from their lord would sure fit Master's clothes, right?"

"You there, do you wish to live eternally at my side? Eternity is quite boring, you see. But if someone like you were at my side, I wouldn't have to be bored anymore."


Vlad is one of the greatest heroes of Romania, his most famous deed being repelling Mehmed II. Even Mehmed II, who had used tactics such as moving ships through land and had overthrown the Byzantine empire, couldn't stand up against the demon who put up impaled enemy soldiers for show.

Then he became known as a hero in western europe, and as the embodiment of evil in western europe.

Vlad could have disappeared in history as just the hero of a small country, with him not gaining global fame, but since he was used as the model for Bram Stoker's 'Dracula', his fame suddenly exploded.

But he was not famous as the hero who defeated Mehmed II, but rather he became famous as the vampire of calamity that appeared in 'Dracula', Count Dracula.

Furthermore, when being summoned as a Berserker and not as a Lancer, Vlad is summoned as a vampire, not as a hero. That is his current state. He is a monster that sucks blood, transforms into mist and bats, and destroys his enemies with stakes made inside his body.

It seems embroidery was one of his hobbies in life, and even as a Berserker he retains this skill. Apparently he uses this to make stuff for fun in his free time. Thanks to his Mad Enhancement, he has accepted his state as a vampire, but his wish for the grail to eliminate his fame as a vampire remains the same.

He doesn't mind being feared nor hated. He fought for his authority, for his people, and impaled soldiers to drive off enemies.

A strict rule, merciless judgements, it would be normal for him to be accused of those things, but Vlad couldn't stand being despised as a monster he has no memory of, and his own self being forgotten in its shadow.

No matter how many times he is defeated in a Holy Grail War, he will not give up.

While his body burns with rage against ignorance, he will not stop fighting until he comes across the one who recognizes him as a hero.


As another person who has also been recognized as a vampire, he feels pity seeing her proactively proclaim herself as one.


Contrary to Carmilla, Liz rejects her future while treasuring her past, which Vlad finds charming. Also what's an idol?

Comment from the Illustrator

Since it’s Vlad, given he had the image of the Impaler Count and Dracula, he was designed so as to be not only scary but also dignified and refined. Since at first it was a design with a high 3D usage for the head and body, I thought about if the cloth moving would look cool. After that, I dared to want to put in a kimono/turtleneck/skirt, and intended to try if a spine pattern in the coat would be well accepted when making the 3D character as well, but I was trying to add nuances resembling the faces of people suffering or Rorschach patterns*. Since Vlad’s original image was an image with many curvilineal patterns, I included a design with a larger portion of rectilineal elements and Asian nuances in order not to get too much into that atmosphere. (Maeda Hirotaka)

(*): The ink blobs that psychologists use.

Material Images