Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical fact
  • Region: Europe
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg


  • Setting creation: Sakurai Hikaru, Nasu Kinoko
  • Character design: PFALZ
  • CV: Seki Tomokazu
  • Main works appearance: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerB+
Noble PhantasmB

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [B]

Creation of a "Workshop" territory that is advantageous to himself as a magus.

In Amadeus' case, the territory possesses the shape of a "concert stage".

Personal Skills

Protection of the Music God (False): [EX]

Originally, this is a Skill indicating being given the divine protection of Muses, the goddesses of music.

It is the capacity to recognize and identify any and all sorts of sound, and it makes it possible to perform a prodigious musical performance.

In addition, it also grants a plus correction on the usage of musical magic.

Amadeus is able to display this Skill and effect equals to it with his own ability by means of his natural pitch sense, talent, and effort.

Appreciation of Art: [B]

Comprehension in regards to work and object of art.

Should he take a look on a Noble Phantasm that possesses an artistic anecdote, there is a high chance of figuring out its true name.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Requiem for Death - Funeral March for the Death God

  • Rank: B
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~60
  • Maximum target: 500 person

Requiem for Death.

The mystical tune that has its origins on the legend where prior to his death, the death god requested of him to compose a funeral march.

Those who hears this composition will have to do a resistance check on MGI and LCK. Should the check result in failure, then all of their physical status are forcefully degraded by 2 ranks, and they receives powerful continous damage that bypasses all sorts of defensive magic, ability, or armor.

Should the check result in a success, then their status degrades for only a rank, and the continuous damage is reduced by a half.

It is an open secret that its true nature is not a tune that summons the merciless death god, but one that consoles the compassionate death god.



  • First pronoun: boku (kanji)/boku (katakana)
  • Second pronoun: kimi/** (no honorifics)/**-kun (to those younger)
  • Third pronoun: kare/kanojo


A supreme holy man with complete and utter sincerity when it comes to music.

As a human, he only do what he himself wants to do, without understanding or comprehending the feelings of others; a really problematic guy who lives only according to his whims. Due to the music that he plays is that of the highest quality, his character is of one that does not think of people or a relation with them; a personality that raises a certain kind of image in the eyes of the people. Namely, a man like that of the devil.

The person himself is fond of talking with people comparatively, jokes in particular. Generaly his jokes are ones related to music, hard to be understood. The ones that he REALLY likes, the dirty jokes, is intentionally sealed (because his beloved Marie told him to). Still, occasionally he blurts them out anyways.

Attitude Towards Master

At first, he regarded the Master as someone with a little bit of something in terms of magic, but practically none in terms of music. But as the level raises, he began to hold interest in him. "Now that I listen to it, it's not bad of a rhytm. No, it's not his voice. Not his words. But his existence."

But in the end, it's nothing more than an interest.

He realizes that he possesses an inhuman personality, so he wishes to put some distance against those close to him precisely because they are close to him.

His wish upon the Grail is "happiness for Marie Antoinette".

For her, shining as she arrived at such a cruel end, to listen for the greatest of piano performance that the current him could do.

Dialogue Examples

"There are only 2 types of artist Servants.
Either they appear as a child, or as an adult."

"Those who appear as a child are those types. The ones who was a genius during their childhood, but turns scum when they reach adulthood. That's why they appear in the shape of their time as a genius child."

"Then what kind of guys are the ones that appear as an adult, you ask?"

"Well, obviously, they are those who are scums already since their childhood."

"The next piece would be... ah, I think I'm taking too much job here..."

"Well, in both the eyes of others and myself, I am a scum of a human. When it comes to Marie, that was a day I will never forget even a single day."

Historical Character and Figure

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The world's foremost composer and musician. A figure of the eighteenth century.

He possessed an abnormal sense of pitch, leaving behind numerous compositions for later eras with that unwavering genius of his.

He had been called the prodigal child when it comes to performances of piano and stringed instrument, having been invited at the age of 8 to perform for the empress of Holy Roman Empire, which had been dominated by the House of Hapsburg, Maria Theresa.

At the age of 14, he had managed to wrote out of memory the polyphonic music that had never been taken out from the Sistine Chapel of Vatican for a hundred years just by hearing it once.

There are even anecdotes where he put out a composition without corrections, revisions, or even a rough draft.

The child beloved by God. The marvellous genius.

Even in Germany and Austria later years of the musical world, where it is said that no figure able to surpass Beethoven could be born, he is a special, unparalleled, perfect existence, extolled by the many geniuses there starting with Brahms.

Character in FGO

While on one hand he exhibited talent in music, he was also admired in the world of magic. There exists a legend saying that Amadeus had a relation with "a certain secret society".

As a Heroic Spirit, he includes magic originating from Orpheus of the Greek mythology, and even possessing deep bond with the magic of Solomon, just like foretold in the legend. As a Caster, he establishes attacks with musical magic using sound as medium.

Amadeus is the magus of music. It holds the literal meaning, as well as an exemplification of him being a prodigious musician.

His music has always, always been devoted to a single woman.

When he was young-----the prodigious child of music was invited to Vienna's palace, and met her. The maiden as if innocence itself given form. For the first time ever since he was born, he was struck with a culminating nervousness and had fallen over as a result; she then hold out her hand to him kindly, the shining maiden.

Her name was Maria. She who in her later years would be known as Marie Antoinette, and would later disappear with the dew of the gallows. The tragic queen.

Mozart himself had died even sooner then Marie.

Which is why, he laments. Perhaps, had I still been alive.

Had only she was not met with such a cruel end on the guillotine.

While knowing them to be an impossibility, he cannot help but to wish for it.

For days filled with happiness to visit upon the shining Marie-----

Marie Antoinette

Ahh, Maria, she who I long for.

Shining, tender, beautiful Maria.

To her, I give the greatest of love in life.

Charles Sanson / Robespierre / Count Fersen

************************************************** ************************************************** (cannot be written)

Chevalier d'Eon

Maria's friend. Well now, is she not a cute one?


We've had quite a disagreement between the two of us.

Comment from the Illustrator

During the initial stages, I have him concealed with mantle just like Jack-chan, and tries to give off the feeling that as he opens his mantle the clothing themselves looks as if it becomes a glorious opera stage. Which is why there are parts that imitates stained glass and curtains. Like how one would understand from seeing the drawing of his last ascension, with large influence from the movie Amadeus at first I put up a design that blends in various of homages, like Amadeus' father's clothes, or his form when returning to the requiem, but midway I went with emphasizing his arrangement, so it feels like the original prototype design has mostly been removed. (PFALZ)

Material Images