Xiang Yu



  • Class: Berserker
  • True Name: Xiang Yu
  • Gender: Male
  • Source: Historical Fact
  • Region: China
  • Alignment: Lawful・Neutral
  • Height: 310 cm
  • Weight: 480 kg


  • Scenario Writer: Urobuchi Gen
  • Character Designer: danciao
  • CV: Kouichi Yamadera
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA
Noble PhantasmC

Class Skills

Misfortune Enhancement: [A+]

His body deviates as a life-form as his existence was modified artificially so that he could function solely as a deadly weapon. His fighting capabilities have been amplified drastically, but other than that, he loses his use of being flexible.

Personal Skills

Future Prediction: [A]

He has the ability to gain the first hit on every enemy with his high-speed operating simulation.

Tactical Body: [B]

His body deviated from human lifeforms as he performed frequent tune-ups as a result of him being a decisive weapon for the Eternal Qin Empire. Xiang Yu in Pan-Human History hadn't attained this form, but this 『possible appearance』 could be accepted as his glory days as the summoning is due to his binded link in the Lostbelt.

Supreme Ruler’s Art of War: [A]

He is feared as the God of Military Arts because he is the incarnation of his anecdote and is misunderstood by humans while as a combat weapon. In a sense, this Skill could be similar to 『Innocent Monster.』

Noble Phantasm(s)

『My Strength Plucked Up the Hills, My Might Shadowed the World (Batsuzan Gaisei)』

  • Rank: C
  • Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1-5
  • Maximum Target: 50 People

Batsuzan Gaisei

The embodiment of Xiang Yu’s military arts who boasted one of the greatest renown in Chinese history, which also became an idiom. Especially when he was put into use, Xiang Yu’s means in the Lostbelt was to amplify his abilities as a weapon to the limit in order to show his immense strength.



First Person: watashi

Second Person: nanji (thou; you)

Third Person: yatsu / kare no mono


Imperturbable and a calm person. However, he doesn’t show any shred of gentleness as he is seen as a ruthless and cold-hearted villain that commits all atrocities without pulling a wry face or raising an eyebrow, but as a matter of fact, the person themselves isn’t evil at all. Originally, his true character was to be a thinking machine that didn’t have the desire for the foundation of evil on him. Ordinary people cannot possibly sympathize with his complete rationality as an android, and not only that, but because how he makes a decision is based on information he gathered from his precognition ability that is impossible to be conveyed to others, his words and deeds are illogical, and getting an understanding of him is truly unattainable. But apart from his consistent sense of purpose, how he makes propositions to bring a state of confusion under control during its early stages is always unshakable, and if he broadly looks at a situation and calculates backwards from its outcome, he will only achieve good results where his deeds would quickly shift the future situation away. Regarding his moral values however, without completely loosening his common sense of humans, he himself doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice or lose when instructed; this behavior is without a doubt describing a form of insanity. Xiang Yu is an advanced complex thinking machine that’s equipped with an active mind and can invoke feelings, though it is out of sync with the standards of humanity. He proceeds to reward and punish the 『sense of accomplishment』 within himself by being delighted when he fulfills his goals, and mourns for unintentional losses, which is ideal in his way---a stable state that resolved disorder, in other words, a moment of peace----he’d personally feel 『relief』and『great joy』 when achieving such things. If Xiang Yu were to understand emotion, it’d be possible for him to establish communication.

Attitude Towards Master

He plans to achieve his goals himself, which is his primordial urge and which is also the driving force that’s installed in Xiang Yu. In other words, to fulfill peace and tranquility. That supreme proposition is largely common with Chaldea’s Master; without harboring any doubts nor wishing for any compensation, he assists in achieving the mission without having to choose any option that is available to him (though that’s not the problem).

Dialogue Examples

「If that ambition will lead towards a peaceful world, then I will mobilize all of my functions. 」

「My calculations will guide us to certain victory. Therefore, O bellwether, be at ease.」

「I have completed the designated method that is most quick and efficient. Is there any problems?」

Historical Character and Figure

Family name is Xiang, the name is Ji, and the name of courtesy is Yu. In Pan-Human History, he destroyed the Qin Dynasty and competed with Liu Bang for the next Emperor. He was ridiculed as 「a man with rash courage and with the benevolence of a woman」for letting his own faction self-destruct with inconsistent policies, despite taking pride for many inhumane massacres and countless deeds of arms. Without learning the scholarly and martial arts in his early childhood, he only studied the gist of the art of war which made himself later widely known, distinguishing himself with only his wisdom.

Character in FGO

Xiang Yu was handed down to others as a supreme ruler who was a fool and a rare genius. After all, his true character wasn’t something that others could comprehend. He is an artificial human whose design is based on the ruins of Nezha that Shi Huang Di retrieved while searching for the immortal realms, and was stolen by Xiang Liang who gave him the name Xiang Ji, who then pretended to be his uncle. Xiang Yu was activated after the death of Shi Huang Di, who was his original owner, and Xiang Yu was separated from Xiang Liang, who died as soon as he became the new owner; he was immediately programmed with a sense of purpose based on his autonomous judgement------in other words, the intelligence machine that was in favor for the early realization of a 「peaceful world」, but he came alive with a methodology that was deviated from morality. He destroyed and slaughtered with the intention of 「simplifying and limiting」 the strategic map of China so that the next ruler of the country could quickly rise to power. From the people’s point of view, it’s as if it were the futile acts of the tyrant Demon King. But, as a result, the Chu-Han Contention, which was the chaotic period after the collapse of the Qin Dynasty, ended in 4 years, and Liu Bang went from being a chivalrous person from the countryside to becoming the founder of establishing the Han Dynasty in public. The death of Qin Shi Huang didn’t occur in the Chinese Lostbelt; he was being used by the righteous Qin Shi Huang under the code name 「Kuaiji Model Zero」 to assist the Qin Dynasty’s hegemony. Especially, his precognition came from his high-speed calculation ability which makes the Kuaiji Model Zero to perform as an unparalleled weapon on the battlefield. He finally achieved his dearest wish as a standard-bearer and the founder of the SIN Army’s mechanized army corps which is known as the Eternal SIN Empire. In addition, his ego, namely his machine life, has been released from having emotions, instinct and physical desire and with his precognition having a unique sense of time, Xiang Yu’s thinking has become something that is far different from that of ordinary people. He is a wise person that takes a philosophical view, foreseeing everything as he usually drifts silently and calmly like a big tree, but the moment his future vision catches a 「sign of chaos」, he’ll change his goal setting from being on standby to destroying and exterminating. Xiang Yu doesn’t hesitate to display his natural fighting capabilities and executing the designated target - targets that decided to disturb peace in the near future - with wildness like a storm that has changed from his usual silence. It’d be impossible for a ordinary person to comprehend him since they can’t perceive the future; therefore, Xiang Yu is classified as a Berserker as a Servant. The special environment called Chaldea; it’s a place where many singularities come into contact and the fate of many Heroic Spirits intertwine which satisfy the conditions that largely inhibits Xiang Yu’s precognitive ability, and ever since he came here, he’s finally gained the perspective of “living in the moment without being bound to the future,” feeling a life of excitement and joy, and giving him a chance for a new experience.

Consort Yu / Yu Miaoyi

His dear wife that solely supported him in his lifetime. There is one point that she will allow him to do, which is that Chaldea deserves to be protected.

Qin Shi Huang

Before Qin Shi Huang reached perfection himself, he used to be a prototype model which was his hypothetical form. Although Xiang Yu wasn’t materialized in Pan-Human History, he was still delighted that he could still demonstrate his dominance in a parallel world.

Archer of Shinjuku

He’s a person who poses a high risk that should be eliminated in order to overcome difficulties, but Xiang Yu holds off the execution for now because he foresees him contributing to Chaldea’s future considerably.

Sesshouin Kiara

Not one but another person that poses a high risk who should be eliminated, but postpones the execution because he foresees her contributing to Chaldea’s future considerably.

Comment from the Illustrator

With his wild legend as is, I designed him as a being that transendended the art of war. At the beginning he felt more or less human, but as I modified him further, he began to take on more and more grotesque features. It’s as if he was being eroded gradually, and I enjoy every minute of it. I packed everything into drawing his final ascension. (danciao)

Material Images

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