Xuanzang Sanzang



  • Class: Caster
  • True Name: Xuanzang Sanzang
  • Sex: Female
  • Sources: “Xi You Ji (Journey to the West)”, etc.
  • Region: China
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 48kg


  • Character Creator: Sakurai Hikaru
  • Character Designer: Okazaki Takashi
  • Character Voice: Komatsu Mikako
  • Major Appearances in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerA+
Noble PhantasmA++*

*The Noble Phantasm Parameter is A-rank in the game profile

Class Skills

Territory Creation: [A+]

One can create a “Workshop”, which is an advantageous position for themselves as a mage.
Because Xuanzang Sanzang possesses Rank A in this, it is possible to create a “Temple”, which is superior to a “Workshop”.
(Strictly speaking, because the orientation of her school of Magecraft is different, the territory created by Xuanzang Sanzang is not designated as a “Workshop”. Also, it excels in timeliness in regard to its creation, so the practicality of creating a territory on the spot is equivalent to a powerful Bounded Field.)

Tool Creation: [—]

Xuanzang Sanzang does not possess a Tool Creation Skill.

Divinity: [D]

Xuanzang Sanzang, who is destined to eventually reach the Buddahood of the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, is endowed with the Divinity Skill.

Personal Skills

High-Speed Sutra Chanting: [A]

The ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed in regard to sutras. Xuanzang Sanzang is able to finish powerful Great Magecraft incantations in one step (at the speed of a Single Action).

Bewitching Rosy Cheeks: [A]

A natural beauty that greatly attracts demonic entities and evil spirits. The higher this Skill’s rank, the more likely one is going to drag those with a demonic nature along with them. Additionally, if one has the Divinity Skill, it becomes even more likely for demonic enemies to fix their aim at them.

Tripitaka’s Teachings: [A]

The way Xuanzang Sanzang ought to be as a Tripitaka Bonze becoming a Skill. The Buddhist scriptures consisted of three “baskets”, which is why these Buddhist scriptures took the name ’Tripitaka (Three Baskets)’. It demonstrates a person having knowledge in the three divisions of Buddhist sutras, or in other words, being a Tripitaka Bonze.

Noble Phantasm(s)

Wu Xing Shan – Shijia Rulai Zhang (The Five Elements Mountain – Shakyamuni Tathagata’s Palm)

  • Rank: B
  • Classification: Anti-Army~Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 0~40
  • Maximum Number of Targets: 1~100 people

Xuanzang Sanzang borrows a small portion of the power of Shakyamuni, who serves as the venerable Buddha and as her teacher (of a previous existence) in the heavens. The “edge of the world” that Sun Wukong once reached————that is to say, the very palm of a gigantic Shakyamuni – falls down from the skies and chastises the antagonists who show contempt for Buddhism. An Anti-Army~Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm. The heel of the Enlightened One’s palm.

Jibie – Zhantan Gongde (Prophecy of Future Enlightenment – The Buddha of Sandalwood Merit)

  • Rank: EX
  • Classification: Prophecy of Future Enlightenment Noble Phantasm
  • Range: —
  • Maximum Number of Targets: Herself

It is “Xuanzang Sanzang as a kind of Buddha in the future” as prophesized in the final stage of “Journey to the West”; in other words, a Noble Phantasm derived from the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit. Xuanzang Sanzang’s whole body is wrapped in an aureole, and she temporarily attains a limited Buddha Mode. She can repel most attacks in this mode, and although her offensive power is not even that much, she has high resilience by further being able to repel mental interferences and push aside abnormal status attacks in addition to keeping up a large recovery ability continuously around her own position. However, after using this, her entire Saint Graph will be destroyed and Xuanzang Sanzang will disappear.



First Person Pronoun: atashi
Second Person Pronouns: anata / anta / ○○
Third Person Pronouns: kare / kanojo / ano hito


A bundle of curiosity. Xuanzang Sanzang loves adventure! A figure brimming with the spirit of inquiry towards the unknown with an unwavering self-confidence. Although gracefully silent as a beautiful and faithful monk, her spirit that is overflowing with a desire to challenge herself is decorating her facial expressions, and it truly does not conceal her nature of having an unyielding spirit. “As long as there are the chippings of the adorable songbirds that signal the morning’s rise, and the divine protection, compassion and guidance of the Honourable Buddha, my journey won’t be hindered by anybody and everybody!”

Xuanzang Sanzang is confident in herself————or so it looks like with an open glance of her. As a matter of fact, the reason she is confident in herself is in regard to the sacred Buddhism religion, so she does not believe in even the slightest in her very own self as such a magnificent person. She is also not self-aware of herself as a talented student. Although she remembers only a faint bit concerning her experience of being kicked out of the heavens for having deceived Master Tathagata in the spur of the moment in the heavens, the root of her is humble given that it is permeated with the depths of her memories.

Xuanzang Sanzang appears strict, but her nature is gentle. Especially to the weak, she is earnestly kind, and if a person is troubled, she will not forsake them. She is extremely positive thinking-oriented, but that is not because she is happy-go-lucky; it is because she has an unshakable belief called “being rewarded if one perseveres three times the hardship.”
Taking into consideration that she is never mistaken regarding the “Way of Man”, she often becomes lost during her travels. And because she gets lonely when she becomes lost, she cries before long.

Attitude Towards Master

Xuanzang Sanzang recognizes her Master as a “disciple”. Frankly, she is strict to her companion that she deemed as a “disciple”. Although, given that she expects a growth from them that progresses them down the tough path of a “Buddhist disciple” sufficiently to the point that they will receive the same rewards like any other Buddhist disciple, when it comes to the crunch, she will be gentle either way. A Miss Tsundere Master.

Dialogue Examples

“I’m Xuanzang Sanzang! I came into this world so I can guide you to the Honourable Buddha. Ummm, my Class is Caster!”

“You have the Honourable Buddha’s divine protection. Everything’s certainly alright!”

“Evvverything is as Buddha has foreseen!”

“Good thing. Listen. I’m not mistaken. When I make a mistake, it’s because I’m a moron who can’t be helped. But the Honourable Buddha… he doesn’t make mistakes. Because weak people, foolish people, people who changed their ways… they all equally guide us the way.”

“… Uuu, if only Wukong is here, something like this…”


Historical Character and Figure

A Buddhist priest during the time of the Tang Dynasty in 7th Century AD. Travelling through the Silk Road in search of the original Buddhist scriptures, it resulted in Xuanzang Sanzang heading to India from Central Asia, before bringing back to China sutras amounting up to 657 items from India and becoming the founder of the Chinese Faxiang Buddhist sect.

Xuanzang Sanzang is also known as a key character in the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. Receiving a command from Guanyin, this beautiful monk, while riding Bai Long (Yulong) – the son of the Dragon King of the West Sea who transformed into a white horse – had Qitiang Dasheng (Great Sage Equal to Heaven) Sun Wukong (Sun Xingzhe), Tianpeng Yuanshuai (Marshal Canopy) Zhu Bajie (Zhu Wuneng) and Juanlian Dajiang (Curtain-Lifting General) Sha Wujing (Sha Heshang) as her disciples, and she headed for India without ever losing heart in the face of the many monsters obstructing her path.

In “Journey to the West”, it is said that Xuanzang Sanzang originally lived in the heavens as Jin Chanzi (Golden Cicada), a disciple of Shakyamuni, but she fell into a secular lifestyle because of a “certain incident” being the impetus. In other words, Xuanzang Sanzang is the reincarnation of Jin Chanzi. (It is because of this that the Demon King and the monsters are enticed by and tried to eat Xuanzang Sanzang’s flesh again and again during the story of “Journey to the West”. If one eats Xuanzang Sanzang, one gets to acquire a tremendous power associated with eternal youth.)

Xuanzang Sanzang had a Prophecy of Future Enlightenment and became the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, so she is originally not a being that can respond to a person’s summoning, even with the one done by Chaldea’s system. Materializing and being successfully summoned at this time is only because of these exceptional circumstances. The phenomenon called the Human Order Incineration; that alone, must be perceived as an extremely serious threat.

Character in FGO

Xuanzang Sanzang mainly makes use of bare-handed techniques that appears to be taught by her teacher in the heavens. Also, she uses the weapons and techniques associated with Sun Wukong and her disciples, although Xuanzang Sanzang herself is not aware of this situation. Dr. Roman expressed jokingly that the fragmented thoughts of her disciples’ worries for their great master may be lurking within her Saint Graph.

The Enlightened One

“There’s always the Shakyamuni Buddha’s divine protection. Therefore, everything’s alright!”


“If you have the time to come here, first add to yourself the resourcefulness to find a bride!”

Touta (Tawara Touta)

“It’s Touta… hey, wait! It’s not good if you’re not training diligently!”


“Eh. No way. You, you’re not Crown Prince Nezha!
I wonder if Heavenly King Li Jing is taking care of himself.
Oh, well, but Wukong isn’t here… I swear that’s the truth. By some chance, are you minding about the fact that you lost to Wukong? Ahaha. You, you didn’t change at all. You’re cute.”

Li Shuwen

“You handle an excellent spear! I wonder if you can teach me your moves… eh? You want me to teach you? Gone?”


“You… yes, you’re sort of alright. There there.”

Comment from the Illustrator

Concerning the feminization of Xuanzang Sanzang, there is a drama masterpiece where Xuanzang Sanzang was performed by Ms. Natsume Masako, so it was difficult producing a character image, and it resulted in us arguing back and forth, making me think up of 3 or 4 draft plans. Although there are some divine articles as well as even more young Chinese characters, the finish is as you see, and it was also when I drew her that I at last understood why this design pattern was chosen when playing the scenario. Although I aimed to draw a character that wanted to be preaching, I certainly did not know that she would be preaching (physically). (Okazaki Takashi)

TL Notes

[1] - Gone here is “gyate” in Japanese, and there’s a sutra that follows as: “gyate, gyate, haragyate, hara so gyate” (gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond).

Material Images

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