Yan Qing



  • True Name: Yan Qing
  • Other Name: Assassin of Shinjuku
  • Class: Assassin
  • Source: Shui Hu Zhuan (Suikouden/Water Margin)
  • Region: China
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg


  • Character Creator: Higashide Yuuichirou
  • Character Illustrator: Shimaudon
  • Character Voice: Okamoto Nobuhiko
  • Appearance in Main Works: Fate/Grand Order


Magical PowerD
Noble PhantasmD

Class Skills

Presence Concealment: C

Suppresses one's presence as a Servant. A Skill suitable for covert action.

However, as he moves into preparations for offense, the rank of this skill drops considerably.

Ruffian: A

A composite Skill of the Riding Skill and Independent Action Skill. As an add on, it has the effect becoming stronger during banquets and such.

Personal Skills

Zhong Guo Quan Fa: EX (proportionate to A+++)[1]

Chinese rationalism. The value of how much one persists in the martial arts that made becoming one with the universe its purpose. The degree of difficulty in acquiring it is of the highest level, and unlike other Skills, A rank is the level where one can say to have finally “learned it”.

He has no tangible episode of quan fa in the original “Shui Hu Zhuan”; however, he is believed to be the originator of various existing quan fa.

(Turning a fine fellow of legend into the originator of quan fa is itself a kind of legend.)

Espionage: A

The ability capable of infiltrating enemy’s organization as well as gaining powerful trust.

If not even his name is known to the enemy’s side, he is able to put informations through illegal channels with no trouble at all.

Tian Qiao Xing[2]: A+

One of the reincarnated 108 Stars of Destiny, known to bring about calamity.

The reincarnation of a mó xīng[3], he was born bearing the burden of calamity and karma.

Yan Qing is the Tian Qiao Xing, who exceedingly excels in the ingenious of his skills.

Doppelganger: EX

A phantom installed in the manner of a formalwear. A transformation Skill by means of exceedingly diluting his “self”. While it is possible to copy a part of Skills, the same is impossible for Noble Phantasms.

Originally it is an ability on the class of Noble Phantasm with the potential of perfect imitation; however, there is the fact that Yan Qing himself slightly avoids it, making it settle on a lower rank.

If he ends up accepting it, it would probably be a high grade ability which alters his form unrestricted.

TL's Note

[1]Chinese Kenpo. Imma try as much as I can to keep em Chinese (mandarin? cantonese?) with the might of conversion tool and wikipedia because why not. Chinese peeps cmiiw. Also, description is literally word by word with Li’s Skill.

[2]Skillful Star

[3]魔星. Should I just use demonic overlords for this

Noble Phantasm(s)

Juumenmaifuku Muei no Gotoku / Shi Mian Mai Fu - Muei no Gotoku

  • Rank: A
  • Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
  • Range: 1~3
  • Max. Targets: 1 unit

Ambush from Ten Sides - As If Shadowless.

Clone[1] strikes by means of the unique footwork of the Yan Qing Quan[2].

Although it does not reach the realm of sorcery, from the perspective of third person it is an imperceptible footwork followed with multiple strikes.

It is a state truly as if no shadows are left on the ground.

TL's Notes


[2]Fist of Yan Qing



  • First Person: ore

  • Second Person: anta/anata

  • Third Person: kare/kanojo


A bright and friendly figure.

Due to being a ruffian, he is rebellious against the powers that be; but in regards to the Master he would attend to him/her in complete sincerity.

However, should the Master be someone excessively violent in attitude, he would probably either go away or otherwise attempt to break and train[1] them into a good lord.

TL's Note

[1]調教, training/breaking animals

Attitude Towards Master

He is fundamentally sincere, handling the Master like a teacher would.

Ever bright and proficient in artistic skills, should the Master request of it he would probably play an instrument and so forth.

However, his true nature is the outlaw who stretched all the way to Liang Shan Bo, a man who pursues freedom.

Dialogue Examples

  • “Alrighty then, maybe I should gallantly do some fisticuffs!”

  • “Now that you’ve employed me this much, I suppose there’s not much else to do. Let me show that a ruffian that I am can get determined as well.”

  • “Master. Why would you trust me this much, even when I have yet to reveal my true name? You’re a softhearted one, huh… Well, even a ruffian got one or two things he can be proud of. As one of the 36 stars shining on heaven, I shall serve you with all my sincerity.”

Historical Character and Figure

A fictitious fine fellow who appears in the “Shui Hu Zhuan”. While he had been an orphan from the beginning, he was picked up and raised by the wealthy Lu Junyì.

It had seem that the Lu Junyi’s love towards him was out of ordinary, that a theory had said that Lu Junyi had love Yan Qing no less than he had his wife.

Yan Qing, who had grown into a fairskinned and graceful young man of small stature, together entered the Liang Shan Bo, displaying great efforts no less than his lord.

The Liang Shan Bo before long became the representation of the loyalist army and went impoverished. Due to that, Yan Qing, afraid of being thrown away due to having served his purpose, encouraged Lu Junyi to escape together with him. But Li Junyi, who had been scheduled to receive an award, paid him no mind.

The weeping Yan Qing then escaped Liang Shan Bo alone, his whereabouts afterwards unknown.

In Shui Hu Zhuan, he was one of the few survivors. However, surely enough, none knew whether or not that is what he had wished for.

Character in FGO

He is a user of Zhong Guo Quan Fa, following Li Shuwen.

Despite being a straightforward beauty, the gap between his full body tattoo as well as his bright voice is his selling point.

Standard Weapons

The quan fa.

In the case of being summoned in another class, he would also uses crossbow and so forth.

Li Shuwen

To think I would be able to fight a quan fa jia who had carved his name into historical fact. Dear me, I suppose this is what it means to become a Servant!

Jing Ke

I’m not being sexist or anything here; it’s just really surprising is all.

I mean, this here is the inspiration for the idiom “as if no one is watching”[1], you know?

….Although, if we get around to drink together, I’d probably immediately get how it is!


I’m fine with exchanging promise for a rematch and all, but really, I just can’t estimate a winning move.

….If it’s like this, I guess there’s nothing to it but to spend all time training and fumble for a strategy….

Marta (Swimsuit)

Since we’ve been getting more and more Servants who uses bare hands, I guess we really should hold a grand tournament here?

Is what I’d like to try suggest.

TL's Note

[1]傍若無人. Jing Ke’s third skill.

Comment from the Illustrator

“Anyway, you just go and draw a handsome one” said the manager. So I did, in my own special way. At first, I had thought to make the design a seriously simple one, but with everything kinda out of order, when I realized it, during the design process this character ended up having the most component and details on him (sweat). His gauntlets and clothing also have immense amount of details, but beyond even that are his tattooes; it was seriously hard. That being said, I feel like the design ends up much better compared to my first image of him, and due to that right now I feel like those hardships are worth it. Oh, by the way, the character on his back is “義”[1]; I inspected various things in regards to the Assassin of Shinjuku (Yan Qing), and it is the most suited to represent him. (Shimaudon)

TL's Note

[1] 義 is justice, honor, righteousness, that sort of stuffs.

Also bloooody hell them tatooos

Hot, really hot

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