Singularity 5: North American Myth War - E Pluribus Unum


C:???: Hah, hah...Hah...

A:???: You don't know when to give up, do you, punk? I really want to get this over with.

C:???: ...Damn you!

C:???: Ugh!

C:???: The amount of curses covering your body...They're strong enough for you to shoulder an entire nation!

C:???: Damn you! If you possess this much strength...Why? Why have you fallen to Ravana's level!?

C:???: Your skill is not something that can be given, but obtained only through sheer will and determination!

C:???: You could've transcended good and evil! It shouldn't be possible for you to be corrupted like this!

A:???: Huh? What are you talking about? I'm like this because I've transcended good and evil.

A:???: I kill my enemies. I will keep killing until one of us dies. That's the only law on the battlefield.

C:???: Look at this mountain of corpses! Is it your law to slaughter the weak with overwhelming brutality!?

A:???: Why would I waste my time worrying about something so trivial?

A:???: What? Don't tell me you actually judge your enemy's worth? You would let them live if they're weak, yet kill them if they're strong?

A:???: —That's ridiculous. If you want to kill something in a humane way, do it at a ranch.

A:???: This is a battlefield. I'm tired of hearing your theories. Just die.

A:???: It's go time, my demonic thorn of death!

C:???: Ugh! Brahmastra, full power!

A:???: Ha! See, you do have it in you. Too bad, you're just a circus clown.

A:???: Gáe–Bolg!

C:???: ...Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

A:???: –What? How are you still standing?

A:???: What a pain. You still hang on to life despite having 80% of your heart destroyed. Servants–Heroes, can be such a nuisance.

C:???: Gar...Hah...

C:???: I can't...die here...Not...until I see...Sita!

A:???: Who the hell is that? Like I care.

C:???: ...Ugh...

A:???: Huh?

Mechanized Infantry: Servant response confirmed. Commencing countermeasures.

A:???: ...That trash from the West, huh?

Soldier: Now, Geronimo!

C:???: What's...going on?

Geronimo: Just come with me! We have to escape while they keep him busy!

C:???: Who...Who are you?

A:???: I see now. You all want to get in my way. In that case, you're all my enemies.

A:???: In other words, this is a new battlefield! Let me first extend my welcome by killing you!

Soldier: Geronimo, go! We'll hold him off here!

Geronimo: ...Thank you!

A:???: Hah! Ready to sacrifice yourself? Well, look at you! Your morale is pretty high for a mere pawn!

Soldier: We won't...lose...This land...will not...yield!

A:???: Oops, I screwed up. He was too annoying so I just crushed him.

A:???: He pointed his blade toward the king of a nation. I really should just cut off his head and display it as a warning but...I guess there are more where he came from.

A:???: Hey punk, let's continue. I've already crushed your insides. How about I go for your skull next and–

A:???: ...What the hell, he's gone already.

A:???: Tch, that's no fun. Oh well, injuries from my spear's thorn are incurable. He'll eventually die.

D:???: –Hehehe, you look braver than ever. Say, which do you like better, to fight, or to kill?

A:???: Huh? Is there any difference?

A:???: Or what? Are you one of those idiots who think of eating and living as two separate things?

D:???: ...You're funny, Cú. You really are different. You're like a wild beast.

D:???: Even in life, there was a part of you that somehow felt like a beast in human's clothing...

D:???: But this time, I can't sense a single trace of impurity! You're without a doubt a king among all violent beasts!

D:???: Truly fantastic. I wonder if the hero Cú Chulainn lost all his rationality by being given an imaginary concept.

D:???: But I like both forms of Cú. Hehe, hehehe, hehehehe!

Cú Chulainn Alter: Well, that's number thirty...Huh? Woman, did you say something?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Either way, job's done. I'm going to sleep now. Wake me up if anything happens.

D:???: ...Oh boy. I'm happy to see you all rough and tough, but it's a shame you're strangely indifferent now.

D:???: Well, it's fine either way. You probably won't have much chance to show off anymore.

D:???: Because from here on, it's my turn! Here comes the innocent, perfect, much beloved Queen Medb☆

Celtic Warrior: ...What are your orders?

Medb: Come, my warriors! It's time to advance our troops! Sing my praises, loudly!

Medb: Praise me, and kill my enemies! Medb is the best!

Medb: Oh, my dear and sweet warriors! Come on, we're almost there!

Medb: This nation! This land! Everything will be ours!

Medb: Eternal, an eternal nation. We'll create a utopia!

Medb: If they oppose me, kill them! If they don't oppose me, still kill them!

Medb: Foolish civilians, unwise leaders, and weak soldiers! I need none of them!

Medb: The United States will be no more, and from its ashes we'll create a new nation.

Medb: It'll be an eternal nation only for us! One centered around us!

Geronimo: How's his condition?

Soldier: Terrible. It's amazing he could stay alive.

Soldier: So he's a Servant, too. Like you...Geronimo.

Geronimo: Yes...We need as much manpower as we can get. Tell the shaman to give him the best treatment possible.

Geronimo: But...things won't get better as they are now.

Soldier: Geronimo, can we talk for a minute?

Geronimo: What's going on?

Soldier: Moments ago, the last fort in the East fell. The United Western States has retreated from the East.

Soldier: The East-West Civil War will drag on longer than it should. So it means–

Geronimo: This place will turn into what the missionary called “Purgatory. ”

Soldier: What's the difference between Purgatory and Hell?

Geronimo: No big difference. In either case, it is going to be harsh for us.

Soldier: What are we going to do?

Geronimo: You guys should continue infiltrating the Western forces in those costumes.

Geronimo: Although many non-human creatures lurk among the Celts, the Western troops still have a lot of humans.

Soldier: Yes, understood.

Geronimo: Don't worry. The star is finally starting to show movement. It seems the Mage's Association is getting serious...

Geronimo: ...Wait, no. Perhaps the world is not moving, it's revolving.

Geronimo: I hope...that this starlight is something that we can be proud of...


A:???: —I woke up at the same time today.

A:???: I checked my temperature. I checked my five senses. I said my name out loud, so that I could understand it better.

A:???: I think I've gotten quite used to waking up like this. Previously, my wake-up was a bit more gradual.

A:???: It was as if I was walking on thin ice,or sneaking in front of an animal in a blissful sleep.

A:???: That's how I used to wake up. Like I was looking for my way in complete darkness.

A:???: Of course it's different now. My self-consciousness is stable. I don't have to worry about my memory disappearing after each sleep.

A:???: I am who I am. Today, too, I can feel that I am myself.

B:???: Good morning. You're on time as usual. Ready for breakfast?

B:???: Your brain waves are stable. If you continue like this, you won't need to stay in this sterile chamber anymore.

B:???: Then you can finally be a researcher at Chaldea. I will throw a celebration for you when that day comes.

B:???: Do you have any requests? I'll try to get you anything within my capabilities.

A:???: I couldn't think of what I wanted,but I thought of something I wanted to do.

A:???: Though I knew this comfortable room was more than enough, I wanted to go outside, just once.

B:???: Well. You'll get out pretty soon.

B:???: What I want to give you is more like a gift, not something simple like what you just said...

A:???: I expressed my intention by shaking my head.

A:???: What I wanted to see was not outside of my room, but Chaldea. I wanted to see the outside world with my own eyes, not through pictures.

B:???: Oh, I see...So you want to actually see the sea and the grass field from the VR program I showed you the other day.

B:???: That'll be difficult. Chaldea is on top of a snowy mountain, 6,000 meters above sea level.

B:???: Part of it is to prevent top secrets from leaking. Either way, you'll see nothing but a blizzard if you go outside.

B:???: Maybe you can see the ravine when the weather clears up once a year.

B:???: Even so, your body can't withstand the outside world. I think it's best for you to change your way of thinking.

B:???: If you want to see nature then VR is enough. It's not worth it for you to shorten your already short activation period.

A:???: His smile seemed so troubled, like he was sorry for me. His gaze avoided mine.

A:???: ...It made me feel terribly sorry. I suppose what I said made him feel sad.

B:???: Oh, but you'll be free anywhere within Chaldea. I will take responsibility and make sure to get the Director's approval.

B:???: You can rest assured and wait for that day to come. I will think of a gift for you.

A:???: “Thank you,” I replied.

A:???: It was hard for me to think about what I wanted, but I was happy that anyone would care that much about me.

A:???: I am very, very happy.

A:???: Because today, I can spend another peaceful day without changes.

Fujimaru 1: ...That dream just now...

Fujimaru 2: ...How was that happiness?

Fou: Fou? Fooou?

Fujimaru 1: Wait...Am I crying?

Fujimaru 2: ...What's this feeling, in my heart?

Fou: Fou? Kyuuu...Fou, fooou!

Fujimaru 1: Yup, times like this call for a doctor.

Mash: Good morning, Senpai. You're here to see the Doctor for something?

Dr. Roman: Oh, is that Fujimaru? I'm glad you are here. I need your help convincing her.

Dr. Roman: Mash fights in the front lines too much these days. As her physician I think she should take a break...

Mash: That's not necessary. Senpai should be under the same conditions.

Mash: As long as Senpai is fighting, I can't find any reason for me to rest.

Dr. Roman: As you can see, she's insisting that she follow you. Fujimaru, what do you think?

Fujimaru 1: I won't stop her if she wants to come.

Mash: See? You are being overprotective, Doctor. You are the commander, so please keep your composure.

Mash: And thank you, Senpai. I will do my best to match your expectations.

Fujimaru 2: Mash will be fine. I'll protect her.

Mash: Yes. I believe in you, Master.

Dr. Roman: Sigh...Oh boy. Though I am happy she's become so dependable in the short while that I wasn't looking...

Dr. Roman: Well, it's also true that things can be inconvenient unless Fujimaru is accompanied by Mash...

Dr. Roman: Fine, I will allocate more budget to Mash's health management. But don't force too much on her.

Mash: No need to worry, Doctor. Self-management is one of the things I'm good at.

Mash: I'll tell Senpai immediately if I don't feel well. We must stay alert at all times during a Grand Order.

Mash: Even a slight decrease in my performance would put Master in danger, so I won't hesitate to state my requests.

Mash: I'll ask for medical attention when injured, and I'll ask for sweets when I need sugar.

Mash: As far as that goes, I can guarantee you I am on top of that.

Dr. Roman: Hmmm, you've really become quite dependable.

Dr. Roman: Oh, it's a call from the Command Room. They're ready for the next Rayshift.

Dr. Roman: Let's get going, Fujimaru, Mash. We'll start with a briefing as usual.

Mash: Yes. Let's hurry up, Senpai.

Fou: ...Fooou...

Fujimaru 1: I didn't get a chance to ask the Doctor...

Fujimaru 2: Well, it's not like he's going anywhere.

Dr. Roman: Let's start the briefing. The rest of Chaldea's staff, please pay attention as well.

Dr. Roman: After the battle in London, we now know our enemy is the King of Mages, Solomon.

Dr. Roman: We're lucky we obtained all sorts of information...Though it was likely on purpose.

Dr. Roman: Out of all the information we received, here's the important detail–

Fujimaru 1: He will not attack us.

Fujimaru 2: The King of Mages won't fight.

Dr. Roman: That's right. It seems Solomon doesn't care about us taking down the other three Singularities.

Dr. Roman: He made it clear that he won't attack us until then. Whatever the purpose, it doesn't look like he's lying.

Mash: So, we can continue with our mission of correcting the Singularities?

Dr. Roman: Yes. First, we'll return human history back to its proper course. The problem is—

Da Vinci: How to deal with the King of Mages, right? Grand Caster...He stands above all mages.

Da Vinci: I don't like the fact that there's a Caster who ranks higher than me, but I suppose it can't be helped.

Da Vinci: Inserting the reincarnated Demon Gods into each era...That's not something an ordinary person would think of.

Da Vinci: As a genius myself, I must admit...We currently have no idea how to track him, let alone defeat him.

Dr. Roman: ...You're right. We don't know how to track him.

Mash: I hear the King of Mages had 72 Demon Gods serving under him. We've defeated at least three of them, that means–

Da Vinci: There are 69 left...But there's no point counting them.

Da Vinci: If he's indeed the Grand Caster, he can replenish the lost Demon Gods as much as he wants.

Dr. Roman: Yes, the familiar known as the “72 Demon Gods” is one single ritual, one single concept.

Dr. Roman: In that case, all 72 of them must always exist.

Dr. Roman: As long as they call themselves “Demon Gods,” all 72 pillars will continue to be around Solomon regardless of shape or form.

Fujimaru 1: So you mean there is no end?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. Unless we defeat King Solomon, the summoner, the 72 Demon Gods will never disappear from this planet.

Fujimaru 2: What are they? Octopus tentacles?

Da Vinci: Hmm...I don't think they look that delicious...

Da Vinci: ...But using marine life as an analogy might be getting to the point...

Da Vinci: Hmm...It reminds me of something I've seen in a picture book...But I can't remember...

Dr. Roman: I know we're in the dark regarding Solomon, but we do know what we have to do.

Dr. Roman: Let's think about how to get rid of the Demon Gods after we're done with that.

Dr. Roman: So, let's start talking about our current coordinates. This is a place that would surprise any mage.

Mash: Where is it?

Dr. Roman: North America. A superpower known as the “United States of America. ”

Dr. Roman: You can't exclude this nation from history.

Dr. Roman: This nation is insignificant when it comes to Magecraft, but historically it's as important as Rome.

Mash: ...Insignificant when it comes to Magecraft...I see, the Doctor is correct.

Mash: It's true that the United States is still a young nation, and there're no official records of it ever holding a Holy Grail War.

Da Vinci: Hahaha. To me it's just the place that said I put codes in my paintings.

Da Vinci: When would I have time to do something like that when I'm painting? Even if I did, I'd only do it to spite my client.

Dr. Roman: That aside, it's not like they're completely void of Magecraft.

Dr. Roman: Apparently, they've developed their own style of Magecraft that could summon an Elemental down to Earth.

Dr. Roman: I also confirmed that Heroic Spirits existed.

Dr. Roman: There are deep-rooted legends of outlaws who would rebel against anything in that nation.

Dr. Roman: Obviously, we can't treat this like places we've encountered before. I want you to proceed with your search carefully.

Dr. Roman: —Then I'll start the Rayshift. Master Fujimaru, please start your preparations.

Announcement A: Unsummon Program, start. Spiritron Conversion, start.

Announcement A: Rayshift starting in 3, 2, 1...

Announcement A: All procedures cleared. Grand Order, commencing operation.

Section 1: Feet on the Ground, Eyes on the Stars

Mash: ...Whew. The Rayshift was successful, Senpai.

Mash: We're in a forest somewhere in America in the year 1783.

Mash: ...To be precise, we are on the continent of North America...The United States hasn't been born yet.

Mash: Once the Revolutionary War against England ends this year, the nation later known as “America” will be established.

Mash: After that, this nation will turn into a monster-like mega power that dominates this world.

Mash: Whether that's good or not, there's no doubt that this nation is absolutely essential for the proper course of history.

Fujimaru 1: Is England the enemy?

Fujimaru 2: Who is the enemy?

Mash: Let's say America loses the war, and the nation known as the United States never comes into existence.

Mash: ...Right, though that certainly is a possibility, the mere result of the Revolutionary War won't change the flow of history.

Mash: As long as America has shown its will for independence, even if that process gets delayed for 30 to 50 years...

Mash: Eventually the United States of America will be established.

Mash: I don't think it's as simple as “England is our enemy. ”

Dr. Roman: Sorry, I know you've just arrived but we have a bit of an issue! I've detected a large scale battle just ahead!

Dr. Roman: I don't know the details, but please hurry! This is not an ordinary battle!

Mash: Understood. Master, let's go!

Mash: This is...

Soldier: Stand your ground, elites of the glorious Mechanized Infantry Brigade! Protect this territory with your lives!

Mechanized Soldier: Yes! Domination Order! We're ready to keep firing till our barrels are empty!

Mash: Th-That's...Mr. Babbage!? Senpai, it's Mr. Babbage!

Fujimaru 1: Calm down, Mash. That's not him.

Fujimaru 2: Calm down, Mash. It's nothing.

???: —!

Mash: The other side is...a lot more retro-looking!

Mechanized Soldier: —Oh, terrible. Enemy reinforcements spotted. Firing warning shots, then proceeding to exterminate!

Mash: The guns are pointed at us—Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: For now, let's fight back!

Mash: Understood, Master! This is our first battle on North American soil, I'll do my best!


Soldier: I-Impossible! The enhanced exoskeleton “Hard Work Mk-2” given by His Excellency was destroyed!?

Soldier: And by such a frail-looking girl? Could she be...the Servant-Type enemy I read about in my report?

Soldier: Fine! Retreat! We'll move our front line back until the reinforcements arrive! Hurry!

Mash: Hah...Hah...We did it, Master!

Mash: I can't grasp the situation yet, but it seems one side has retreated—

???: —!

Dr. Roman: Be careful! Now the other side has targeted you! Please hang on for a little bit longer, Fujimaru!


C:???: —!

Mash: We did it! Now those people are retreating as well!

Fujimaru 1: Good job, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Mash, you should get back, too!

Mash: Y-Yes! We should hurry and retreat as well! If we continue to stay here, we'll get flanked by both forc—

Mash: Master, fall back now—No...RUN!

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Fujimaru 2: What?

Mash: Senpai? Senpai!

Mash: Doctor! Senpai is airborne!

Dr. Roman: Huh? Mash, what did you just say?

Mash: You know, airborne! Like when your two feet are above the ground and...Oh never mind!

Mash: Senpai! Stay with me, please! Senpai, Senpai!

Section 2: The Lady with a Lamp

???: ......

Fujimaru 1: ...

???: Patient No. 99, severely wounded. The wound on the right arm is serious, I recommend amputation.

Fujimaru 1: ...

???: Here, too...I don't think it can be saved. Left femur shattered. It's a miracle that this one's alive.

???: We're going to have to amputate this as well.

Fujimaru 1: ???

???: Gouge wound on the lateral region of the abdomen...No problem, as long as we remove the damaged organs and stitch it back up.

Fujimaru 1: ???

???: Don't worry, you'll still live. Your condition is far better than the other patients here.

???: In another 200 years, highly advanced artificial limbs should be developed...I suppose that's too far ahead.

???: Now then, it's time to amputate.

Fujimaru 1: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

???: This should've been a surgeon's job, but seeing how we don't have enough physicians here, I will do it.

???: Please bite on this. It's going to hurt.

???: If I were to compare it to something...It'll hurt as much as getting your arm ripped off.

Fujimaru 1: That's the same thing!

Fujimaru 2: You don't have much of a vocabulary, do you!?

???: You mustn't be so childish. At least it's better than dying, isn't it?

Fujimaru 1: Um, I don't really think amputation is necessary.

Fujimaru 2: Just stitch me back up, please!

???: No. I'm doing it. I'm cutting. This wound, at least, must be dealt with swiftly.

???: Don't worry, you're still young. I know you can endure something like this.

???: ...Sorry. That sounded rather vague. Let me correct myself. You must endure it no matter what.

Fujimaru 1: You're crazy!

Fujimaru 2: You just want to cut something, don't you?

???: ...You there, don't come in here in that unsanitary state when I'm treating someone!

Mash: Please wait! Stop! You've got the wrong person!

???: There's no mistake. All patients are equal, be they a private or a colonel.

???: No matter who they are, I'll do the best I can to save them. In order to do that, proper hygiene is essential.

???: Listen to me. Take one step closer and I'll shoot you.

Mash: I-I wasn't about to!

???: Your eyes told me otherwise.

Fujimaru 1: I am fine!

Fujimaru 2: I don't like where this is going!

Mash: Senpai! Thank goodness, you're conscious!

???: How are you fine? It's a miracle that your limbs are still attached after taking a direct hit from the cannons.

???: Normally, I would amputate those limbs to prevent the blood from reaching unnecessary areas...

???: And by keeping those wounds clean, we can prevent them from getting infected.

???: Don't worry, I am going to heal you, even if that means killing you.

???: Yes...I will do everything in my power to save you! I will take your life if I have to!

Fujimaru 1: That's messed up!

Fujimaru 2: The ends and means are reversed?

???: I am sure some people see it that way. But sometimes, you have no room for doubt in the field of medicine.

Mash: Medicine...Cleanliness...Ah. Um, are you...

???: Am I what?

Mash: You're a Servant...Aren't you?

???: That has nothing to do with this. As long as I'm summoned here, I'll only think about how to follow my conviction.

???: My conviction is my strength, and that is medical treatment. It doesn't matter if I'm a Servant or not, I must do my best here.

???: Now that I'm summoned to this battlefield, I must treat these patients.

Mash: Huh? Ah, um, but you're a Servant, right? That person there is a Master.

Mash: I'm sure you know that means that I must protect my Master. That's non-negotiable, even with you.

???: That goes the same with me. My conviction won't falter unless you can have a stronger...

???: ...Wait. You...That body of yours...

???: ...Fine, understood. I'll withhold my treatment for now.

Mash: Master, here's a Scroll of Healing.

Mash: ...You're all right. You're back to normal now.

Fujimaru 1: I thought I was a goner...

Mash: ...Whew. Thank goodness it turned out okay...

???: All right, if you're finished, get out of the way! My next patient is coming!

Fujimaru 1: What is this place?

Mash: I...don't really know myself...But this is the rear base of the American Independence Army.

Mash: Do you remember that last battle?

Mash: The American army lost. Their forces retreated from the front line.

Mash: I followed along. Um...since they carried you here, Master.

Mash: I don't know who's on the other side.... But I'm at least certain that it's not the British army.

Mash: And there's one more thing. This army is strange, too. The American flag they're flying isn't what it's supposed to be...

Mash: ...and the ones they sent in to fight...were the same things we encountered in London.

Fujimaru 1: Things...Homunculi?

Mash: No, unfortunately, that's not what they are. I'll give you some hints: the smell of oil, looks like iron...

Fujimaru 2: They're the robot army?

Mash: That's it. Charles Babbage, the King of Steam. These things were the same as his production model.

Dr. Roman: Hi, Fujimaru. Um...So that was a disaster, huh?

Dr. Roman: In any case, what you've encountered was probably due to the Singularity.

Dr. Roman: I don't know what they are, and there are many mysteries about this army you've joined up with...

Dr. Roman: But what I can be certain of is that someone is trying to prevent the United States of America from being established.

Dr. Roman: If the United States isn't established, it will cause a logical error in this world.

Dr. Roman: Aside from the “anchor” that King Solomon used, I believe other powerful Servants are appearing in this era.

Dr. Roman: But we're not going to change our methods.

Dr. Roman: We'll keep looking for help from Servants who are already summoned.

Dr. Roman: ...And, I fully understand how you'd be nervous about this, but I think we should ask the Servant that's in front of us now.

Dr. Roman: She seems dependable...I think?

Mash: Doctor, when you say it like that, it almost sounds like this isn't your problem...

Dr. Roman: No, I'm just a little scared. Just a little. I'm not good with nurses who are too serious...

Dr. Roman: But you two aren't me. That's a battlefield, not an infirmary!

Dr. Roman: Besides, we can't afford to be picky! Just try talking to her, Fujimaru!

Mash: Actually...I proposed that earlier...but it didn't work. She won't listen.

Dr. Roman: Why not?

Mash: Seeing how she talks and acts, I have no doubt that her class is Berserker, and–

Mash: I can't be certain yet, but her True Name is probably...Florence Nightingale.

Nightingale: Did we get a new patient?

Nightingale: ...Don't call my name unless you need me. All right, the treatment is done.

Nightingale: Keep the wounds clean, you hear me?

Soldier: Thank you...very much...Are angel?

Nightingale: I don't know.

Nightingale: Angels don't give out beautiful flowers,they're the ones who fight for those in distress.

Nightingale: If you're in agony, yet still choose to fight–Then I will be there for you.

Mash: I knew it, you're Florence Nightingale, aren't you?

Nightingale: –I fail to see how that makes any difference.

Mash: Please help us. Unless we correct the Singularity–

Nightingale: Please don't bring up such foolishness. I have patients here waiting for me.

Nightingale: That is the only reason and motivation for my being summoned.

Fujimaru 1: There's a way to save them all.

Fujimaru 2: There's a way to treat them all.

Nightingale: ...What's that now?

Mash: You heard that right. May I, Ms. Nightingale?

Mash: No matter how hard you struggle,the number of patients will keep increasing.

Mash: In a normal war, the number of casualties slow down somewhere along the line.

Mash: However, this is no normal war. This enemy will fight until the last man is dead.

Nightingale: You say the patient count will keep increasing?

Mash: Yes, unfortunately. That's exactly why we need to cut it off at the root.

Soldier: Enemy raid, enemy raid!

Mash: You there, sir! Is the enemy the same as before?

Soldier: That's right! Anyone who can walk, prepare to engage! The mechanized brigade won't get here in time! So get the cannons ready!

Mash: Master, let's fight with them.

Mash: If we can't maintain the front line here,the patients will...

Fujimaru 1: I know!

Fujimaru 2: We can't let them attack this camp!

Mash: Right!

Nightingale: –Wait. I'll go with you.

Nightingale: Despite my appearance, I know a thing or two about combat. But most of all, I can't let these patients be injured anymore.

Nightingale: Doctor Rush! Please treat these patients just the way I told you.

Nightingale: The patients who mustn't be moved are housed in the big tent. I want to move them, but that would risk their lives more.

Nightingale: Those who can walk on their own, please help those who can't. When you do, be very careful not to touch their wounds.

Nightingale: I won't let the enemy reach this tent. This is our sanctuary.

Doctor: R-Right. But...Who are you?

Nightingale: I'm a nurse. Nothing more, nothing less. Follow me, Servant!

Mash: R-Right!

Doctor: ...Th-That's a nurse?

Nightingale: Okay, time for treatment. I'll remove the infected parts right away.

Mash: C-Calm down, okay? ...After another look, it seems our enemy can move better than humans.

Mash: Anyway, let's fight. This is the front line. We can't win if we don't hold them here.

Mash: Here I go, Master!


Mash: More are on the way. They're more powerful than the ones before...

Fujimaru 1: We've become more powerful as well.

Mash: Right! Let's keep going!


Mash: It's a stalemate. For them, it may have been their first Servant battle ever.

Nightingale: I don't think they'll reach the tent, but–Mm. Mm, mm. Mm.

Dr. Roman: –Detecting enemy Servants. Two of them!

D:???: Your Majesty. We've found them.

D:???: Apparently they're Servants. I can see why our troops aren't pushing onward.

D:???: This is probably as far as the unsung warriors can go. Now it's our turn to step up.

C:???: Just what I'd expect from my subordinate, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. Your eyes are, yes, if I were to compare, akin to a hawk's!

Diarmuid: ...You are too kind. Compared to your wisdom, Fionn mac Cumhaill, I am nothing.

Fionn: Hahaha! Enough with the modesty. You have an eye for beauty. The fact that you chose Gráinne proves it.

Diarmuid: ...N-No. I wouldn't...say that...Uh...

Fionn: Sorry, I was only joking! That was a bit mean of me! Now, let's fight!

Fionn: Let's show them the power of the Knights of Fianna! And...let's bring an eternal empire to this fertile land!

Diarmuid: As you wish! Now, ladies. Prepare yourselves.

Diarmuid: I am Diarmuid Ua Duibhne,the best spearman in the Knights of Fianna.

Mash: Diarmuid...the “radiant-faced” Diarmuid Ua Duibhne.

Mash: And standing right behind him is his lord,Fionn mac Cumhaill...

Nightingale: In other words, you two are pathogens.

Diarmuid: Pathogens? No, we're just warriors. Nothing more, nothing less.

Diarmuid: Whoa!

Nightingale: —With your death, I shall eradicate this disease!

Diarmuid: Ugh...So you don't listen to what people say, huh? I don't like it, I really don't like such women...


Diarmuid: Ugh!

Fionn: You were caught off guard, Diarmuid! Leave it to me, I'll heal your wounds!

Diarmuid: My lord, I am grateful. Please accept my apologies. Forgive me, I was overwhelmed.

Fionn: Hahaha, that's my “Ladykiller” Diarmuid. So you're not comfortable taking on women?

Diarmuid: No...I wouldn't say...Uh...

Fionn: Hahaha! I jest, I jest! That was a pretty good one, too!

Fionn: But no need to worry. They're both good-looking, powerful women.

Fionn: I don't blame you for holding back. Now then, I shall head out myself.

Fionn: In the name of the glorious Knights of Fianna,I shall claim their heads!

Fionn: Lancer, Fionn mac I come!


Fionn: Hmm. To think they're more than a match for both of us. Quite impressive...Are they seasoned veterans?

Mash: Master, we couldn't finish them off!

Nightingale: Wait! What's this...The wounded back at the camp...

Mash: Wait, what? Nightingale, where are you going?

Fionn: Oh, my, I think she's noticed.

Fionn: Oh unknown Shielder Servant. This Holy Grail War is by all means...a war.

Fionn: As far as we're concerned, we only needed to keep you here.

Mash: Oh no! The other soldiers!

Fionn: They're nameless warriors. Just unique monsters who will continue to fight.

Fionn: Of course, they're no match for Servants...But I wonder...How about the American troops?

Mash: Ugh!

Diarmuid: ...! Your Majesty, please retreat!

Fionn: –What?

???: Right flank, left flank, surround the enemy! We're going to charge down the middle!

???: They're beasts who only process what's right before them! But we have wisdom!

Fionn: Is that...the much-rumored Resistance? If there are more Servants, there's nothing we can do.

Fionn: Fine. We'll retreat for now, Diarmuid! Give the order to the other warriors as well!

Diarmuid: Very well. But will they be able to comprehend our orders?

Fionn: Hmm? If they don't, it can't be helped. We'll abandon them. Come on, don't feel bad.

Fionn: They're monsters born indefinitely from our queen. Even if we lose a few thousand here, it won't be a problem for us!

Diarmuid: ...Indeed, my liege. All right...Let us retreat.

Fionn: Oh, before we do, I forgot something important. Oh beautiful Demi-Servant.

Mash: D-Do you mean me?

Fionn: Yes, I mean you. Are you determined to oppose us?

Mash: ...Yes. Along with my Master, we will defeat you.

Fionn: That's a beautiful gaze, full of sincerity. I shall forgive your transgression for showing me such a wonderful gaze.

Fionn: In return...If you're defeated, I shall have your heart! That's right, you shall become my wife!

Mash: ...Excuse me?

Fionn: I can't wait, I really can't wait! A truly blissful promise! Now, then, farewell! Fare thee well!

Diarmuid: ...(There he goes again, just like that...)

Diarmuid: Pardon us. It's a bad habit of my king's. You might think it's a prank, but he actually never lies.

Diarmuid: He must've fallen for the sight of you fighting so bravely. If you're defeated, please consider surrender and submission.

Diarmuid: Now, then, farewell! Fare thee well!

Mash: ...Um. What was that last part about?

Fujimaru 1: He proposed to you.

Fujimaru 2: He asked for your hand in marriage.

Mash: I-Is that right? Well, that was a bit of a...surprise.

Mash: Um...I have no comment on the man himself,but his words did have an impact...or should I say...

Mash: I felt like my heart skipped a beat...Sorry, let me take a deep breath.

Mash: Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

Dr. Roman: Hey! Are you okay? Looks like the enemy Servants are gone for now...

Dr. Roman: ...but now a different Servant has appeared. It's heading your way.

Mash: Let's join Nightingale right away!

Section 3: Fragment of the Star

C:???: Green, I'm out of ammo. Cover me.

D:???: Gotcha.

D:???: By the way, why do you call me “Green”? Who's this “Green”?

C:???: I mean, you and I are both Archers, right? So we either call each other by our True Names or use code names.

C:???: But neither of us wants to use our True Names, right? You know, as outlaws.

D:???: I'm no outlaw. That's just how it turned out. Basically, I'm just a lazy-ass.

C:???: Say, if you were an animal you would be a gorilla, right? I mean, Druids are like sages of the forest? Then you would be a gori–

D:???: Green is fine, just call me Green. And why are you “Thunder”?

C:???: Huh? It sounds cool, no? Thunder. Plus it's the name of my gun.

D:???: ...To be honest, between this land, what you wear, and that gun, I have a pretty good idea of your True Name. Is that okay?

C:???: Come on, I can say the same for you. Faceless ruler of the forest, specialist in guerilla warfare.

D:???: It's not good to go without a face. Now that we're done with idle chatter—

C:???: Right, now that we're done—What do we do with this?

D:???: How's that escape hatch we made?

C:???: It's good. We can use it. It'd just be a shame to, that's all.

C:???: After we gathered up all these weapons and ammo......Hmm, maybe we overdid it?

D:???: Well, after all that sabotage, I'd say a bit.

D:???: Doesn't seem like they have any Servants over there,but we're done for if they engage in close combat.

D:???: ...Well, it's all in fate's hands now. Want me to pray for the Master to come to our aid?

C:???: Are you mad? Were your prayers ever answered in life?

D:???: Why, sure. But you have to be a good boy.

D:???: Unfortunately, it hasn't worked since I became an adult. I guess we're both just bad boys?

C:???: Hmph, speak for yourself! I always said my prayers, just like my mom taught me.

D:???: Yeah, yeah. I'm sure if you pray from the bottom of your heart, we'll be saved.

C:???: Mmm, I guess praying in your spare time doesn't work. Well, I–

C:???: was expecting that, too.

D:???: Praying while blasting away with your gun won't do a thing. I mean, God can't hear your prayers over the gunshots.

D:???: Whoa, someone fell for it. I'll go light 'em up.

C:???: Yeah, knock yourself out.

C:???: ...Still, I'm tired. I wonder how long the Resistance is gonna hold out.

C:???: Sooner or later, they'll reach their limit. I just hope Geronimo finds the “star” by then–

C:???: Whoa, that was close. The “Regulators” are closed for today. Please visit us another day. See ya!

Mash: Nightingale?

Nightingale: Please give me a moment.

Nightingale: I'm in the middle of telling Dr. Rush how to care for the patients.

Nightingale: Honestly, though this is long before I was born, there is too little risk management concerning sanitation.

Mash: R-Right...

Nightingale: Listen to me. The wounds must be kept clean, and don't lay beds edge-to-edge.

Nightingale: Normally, I would never let patients lie down on the filthy ground.

Nightingale: Giving them vomit-inducing medication or bloodletting to expel toxins, or having them drink mercury chloride...

Nightingale: If you perform outdated treatments like that again, I will punch you until you need treatment yourself. You've been warned.

Doctor: But those are the latest techniques...

Nightingale: Which is the latest, this gun or that treatment? Don't make me repeat myself.

Doctor: U-Understood! Understood! I understand! Please, no more guns, latest or not!

Nightingale: Also, treat all patients equally, regardless of age, gender, race, or social status.

Nightingale: The only discrimination is the order they receive treatment.

Nightingale: If you don't follow those rules, this bullet will go through your forehead, even if I'm 5,000 kilometers away.

Nightingale: ...You got all that, Benjamin Rush? Please take good care of the patients.

Doctor: I-I will. You can be assured of that!

Doctor: She's gone.

Doctor: ...Still, she's an outstanding nurse for being so radical.

Doctor: “Regardless of race” are brave words in this day and age.

Doctor: Seems she came from Europe. She must be famous over there.

Doctor: ...I have issues with that gun, though...

Mash: Um...Did you just fire that?

Nightingale: It's your imagination. Let's go.

Mash: No, it isn't my imagination. You just fired that without hesitation.

Nightingale: I just used the back of its blade.

Fujimaru 1: Do guns have blades?

Mash: If I have to guess...I think she means the bottom of the grip. You just lightly tap the back of the head like this?

Fujimaru 2: I know. You can do that with shields, too.

Mash: Of course. The trick is to strike gently, and at the moment of impact, shift the strike point...

Nightingale: Excuse me, please refrain from idle chatter during treatment. Come, let's go.

Mash: Ah, right! My apologies!

Mash: Um...Senpai. Is it normal to feel a little bit worried?

Fou: Fouuu.

C:???: Wait, Florence. Where do you think you're going?

C:???: Do you know that leaving your post in the military is an offense that can get you shot?

C:???: Get back to your post now. Or else harsh punishment will be waiting for you.

Nightingale: ...You go back to your post.

Nightingale: My job has not changed at all.

Nightingale: I feel like I almost found a way to treat the soldiers' ailments at their core, so that's what I'm going to do.

C:???: Oh, really? That is reasonable. Thank you. But—

C:???: I can't let a Berserker like you wander off like that. What happens if you end up disrupting our troops?

C:???: The king would never approve of this.

Nightingale: ...The king? Someone like that has absolutely no right to stop me.

Nightingale: Unless you have a better way to treat the soldiers. I'm all ears.

C:???: Sheesh, you really can't talk to a Berserker. I wonder what I should do.

C:???: We've never seen eye to eye, so maybe this is a good chance to get rid of you?

Nightingale: ...Well, that's not very kind of you, but I feel the same way. That saves me some trouble.

Dr. Roman: Yikes...We've got sparks flying over here...

Dr. Roman: Why is it when two strong-minded women clash, it always turns into a bloodbath like this?

Fujimaru 1: Doctor, calm down.

Mash: I think this is happening because they're both correct, and stubborn in their own way!

Mash: Anyway, we can't let them kill each other! Senpai, may I intervene?

Fujimaru 2: Mash, please intervene!

Mash: Roger that. I'm not confident, but I'll do my best!

Mash: P-Pardon me for interrupting! Are you...a Servant too?

C:???: Too? You mean...Oh! So many Servants! Great!

C:???: When I heard the Celts were driven away,I assumed Florence had lost her mind again...

C:???: But it seems I was wrong. So this is good news for the king?

Mash: King?

C:???: Oh, you don't know America's current situation? This country has split into two, and now the two sides are at war with each other.

C:???: The other side is good-for-nothing savages who just want to destroy.

C:???: And there's our side–the United Western States, led by our king.

C:???: It's a civil war between the East and the West...not the North and the South.

Dr. Roman: I see...

Dr. Roman: So it's not even “What if the South won the Civil War? ”but a clash between two unknown armies.

Mash: ...Um, pardon me, miss. What's your name?

C:???: Oh. You recognized Florence at a glance,but you don't know me?

Mash: I-I'm sorry...Ms. Nightingale was...Um, anyway, it was easy to guess...

C:???: That's okay, I'm only giving you a hard time. Please forgive my childishness.

C:???: I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. I am Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

Blavatsky: Well, I suppose I'm known more as Madame Blavatsky. I didn't appreciate having to change my maiden name.

Dr. Roman: Helena Blavatsky! The poster girl for 19th-century occultism!

Dr. Roman: A talented woman independent from the Mage's Association who codified occultism with only her distinctive powers–

Dr. Roman: But seeing as how you're a Servant here,are you acting as an agent for the Mage's Association?

Blavatsky: No. In this world, all major nations other than America are completely destroyed.

Fujimaru 1: Who is this king?

Fujimaru 2: So who do you serve?

Blavatsky: Oh, so you're the Master. What a pity. We have already decided who to serve.

Blavatsky: That's the king. If he conquers the globe, I have no problem with it.

Blavatsky: I believe we'd become Lemuria, breaking away from other dimensions and continuing to wander.

Blavatsky: Kind of like the Throne of Heroes. Don't you think that is a happy ending in its own way?

Nightingale: –I can't accept that as treatment. Amputating the bad part and then walking away is outrageous.

Blavatsky: ...Well, I figured you would say that. But what do you think?

Fujimaru 1: A definite no!

Blavatsky: Oh, I see.

Fujimaru 2: No, ma'am!

Blavatsky: ...I must admit to being a little irritated. “Ma'am. ” What is this “ma'am”?

Blavatsky: ...Ahem. Well then, where are you people taking Florence?

Mash: ...In order to prevent the destruction of this world, we intend to remove the cause.

Blavatsky: I see. Then I suppose that makes us enemies.

Mash: No, it doesn't have to be like that. Would you please let us go?

Mash: We're just leaving here with Nightingale as our ally.

Blavatsky: Hmph. Then you are able to understand Florence's will.

Blavatsky: That makes me somewhat relieved,but I still can't let you go.

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: Not even Mash could convince her...

Dr. Roman: So the punchline to this venture is that there aren't any Servants joining our side?

Fujimaru 1: There is one!

Fujimaru 2: One right here!

Nightingale: I'm done talking. Let's go, Fujimaru.

Nightingale: I don't want to waste a minute or even a second. I'm going to cure this war.

Dr. Roman: R-Right. Anyway, she's on our side and we're just barely managing to communicate with her!

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru! Escape from there with Nightingale!

Blavatsky: Ahhh, you leave me no choice. Now I have to call out my elites.

Blavatsky: We'll start with them. Mechanized infantry, come forward!

Mash: The production model Babbages from earlier!

Blavatsky: Oh, have you encountered Mr. Babbage? Have you been to 19th-century England?

Blavatsky: ...Oh, I see. He was defeated, wasn't he? Poor man.

Blavatsky: But these won't lose. After all, the king personally “worked” on them!

Mash: “Worked” on them?

Blavatsky: Babbage used the powers of the Grail and Noble Phantasm to produce his clones. However, the power of science was used here to mass-produce these.

Blavatsky: Even if the result is the same, the approach differs. And if the approach differs, the result will too.

Blavatsky: Well, quoting our king...

Blavatsky: “Of course electricity is better than steam, you fool! ”

Mash: Th-They're electric?

Fujimaru 1: I'm fired up!

Fujimaru 2: That's so cool!

Mash: Master, seeing your eyes glitter like that worries me a little...b-but anyway, here I go!


Mash: We defeated them! Be they steam-powered or electric, once they're broken the victory is ours!

Blavatsky: An obvious truth. But it all ends here.

Blavatsky: Okay, Karna! Hurry up and finish them off!

Mash: What...Umm, I'm sorry. What did you just say?

Karna: ...It's my turn? Understood.

Dr. Roman: Whoa! All of a sudden I'm picking up a Servant response! It's right above you!

Dr. Roman: Forced teleportation...Command Spell!? ...What's going on!?

Dr. Roman: The readings I'm getting from his Spirit Origin are off the charts!

Mash: Oh no...

Nightingale: ...

Blavatsky: Sorry, but could you go ahead and capture them? I mean, it looks like they're enemies for the time being.

Karna: I'll oblige to your frivolous conjecture.

Karna: Travelers from afar, pardon the rough welcome. –Brahmastra!

Dr. Roman: Retreat...Oh no, he's too fast!

Section 4: King of Presidents

Mash: Senpai, Senpai! I'm so glad, you woke up!

Fujimaru 1: What on earth happened?

Fujimaru 2: My head hurts...

Nightingale: Your Servant blocked that Noble Phantasm attack. However, its shockwave knocked everyone unconscious.

Nightingale: While our lives were spared,it appears that we are in their custody now.

Blavatsky: Oh, so you're awake. Right now we're in the midst of transporting you.

Blavatsky: You can run away if you like...But, the bad news is that these babies will target the Master, aggressively.

Blavatsky: Though Karna probably won't do a thing, since he's firm on his policy of not killing a Master.

Karna: ...That's a misunderstanding. I will kill a Master first depending on the situation.

Karna: Of course, first you must show me that you have the reason, conviction, and determination to convince me to kill a Master.

Karna: For instance, is the one issuing the order willing to exchange their own life for it?

Karna: If that's the case, I am willing to consider.

Blavatsky: See, he says stuff that's basically unthinkable on a battlefield.

Blavatsky: Well, that's how Karna is,but that doesn't change your situation in the slightest.

Blavatsky: At such close range, it would be quite difficult to slip past the mechanized infantry, don't you think?

Mash: Ugh...

Blavatsky: Now, now, be good.

Fujimaru 1: Where are we headed?

Fujimaru 2: What do you want?

Blavatsky: First, I'll have you meet my king. You should decide which side to be on after that.

Blavatsky: Well, I know the two Servants sitting right there won't side with us that easily. That much I'm sure of.

Blavatsky: However, I'm sure things will be different if we can persuade the Master.

Mash: ...Umm, Lady Blavatsky.

Mash: Why is it that you go to such lengths to take the side of this “king”?

Blavatsky: Lady! I like the sound of that. You're a nice girl. You understand etiquette!

Blavatsky: Your name is Mash, right? In light of your proper manners, I shall answer you.

Blavatsky: The biggest reason why I support the king is that we were closely connected when we were alive.

Blavatsky: Oh, it's not like we had an affair or anything like that. We kept in close contact, and I owe him a lot...

Blavatsky: The Celts who dominate the East won't accept anyone other than themselves.

Blavatsky: Even if I surrendered to the Celts, they would just kill me. Or maybe they would sacrifice me for the sake of their war.

Mash: ...The Celts...

Dr. Roman: Those Servants you saw earlier were Fionn mac Cumhaill and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, right?

Dr. Roman: If that's the case, we'll be seeing a lot of Celtic Servants this time.

Dr. Roman: As far as I know from the legends, they all have a few screws loose. They're a bunch of airheaded Berserkers!

Blavatsky: What were those magical energy waves just now? Is there someone else with you?

Blavatsky: Hey, are you keeping a fairy in your pocket or something? Nothing? Then, just where did that voice come from...

Blavatsky: Oh. Is Graham Bell with you or something?

Blavatsky: If he were, the king would seriously lose his temper this time.

Dr. Roman: Hate to break it to you, but when it comes to long-distance communications, we're a few steps ahead.

Dr. Roman: Apologies for introducing myself so late, Ms. Blavatsky. I'm their navigator.

Dr. Roman: My name is Dr. Roman. Make sure you don't forget it, as we may cross paths someday.

Blavatsky: Wow...I can tell you're an imprudent man just by your voice. You're clearly up to no good, my dear.

Dr. Roman: Hey! Why does everyone always dis me when they first meet me?

Blavatsky: Well, it doesn't matter. It means Fujimaru has an advisor as well.

Blavatsky: So, let's get back to the subject. You all get it now, right?

Blavatsky: You can't win in this war unless you side with somebody. It will only get you killed if you try to take on both sides.

Blavatsky: This world maintains a precarious balance as the East and West continue to fight.

Blavatsky: If we didn't fight, this nation would have been completely destroyed and beyond salvation by now, you see?

Fujimaru 1: So both sides just like to fight?

Blavatsky: Dear, you're not a good listener, are you? Has anyone called you stubborn before?

Blavatsky: Well, at any rate, you should meet the king at least once...It'll be amusing.

Fujimaru 2: So what are we, really?

Blavatsky: Oh. I see. So I hadn't gotten around to explaining that yet. But...Heh heh.

Blavatsky: We've already come this far, I don't want to ruin the surprise. Besides, isn't that more amusing?

Mash: say?

Nightingale: Well, someone is calling himself “king” in this ultimate democratic nation. How is that not amusing?

Nightingale: ...Oh, if self-proclaimed title counts, I do remember there's an emperor as well.

Blavatsky: You sure know a lot about snobs. If he were a Heroic Spirit, I'm sure he would lament the current situation.

Blavatsky: Ah, but first we have a preliminary show. Perfect. Can you help me out?

Mash: ...

Blavatsky: Pretty please♪

Mash: Master?

Fujimaru 1: Let's fight for now.

Fujimaru 2: Let's defend for now.

Mash: Understood. Either way, they're enemies we must eventually stand against.

Mash: Okay, here I go!


Blavatsky: Here we are.

Mash: ...A fortress unfitting for America.

Blavatsky: The White House was taken over,so we had no choice.

Blavatsky: We built the fortress from the ground up. We should use anti-Celt measures to resist the Celts, right?

Mechanized Infantry: Madam Blavatsky, Lord Karna. The presi-king awaits. Please come right away.

Dr. Roman: M-Maybe I heard wrong. Did he just say “presi-king” or something?

Mash: Yes, no doubt...I don't know how to say this, but it's so...simplistic.

Blavatsky: Right? But that's what makes it charming. It's not an idea we'd come up with.

Blavatsky: Come, follow me. The king, despite his appearance, has a short temper.

Nightingale: ...So your employer is just ahead, right?

Fujimaru 1: Nightingale, wait!

Fujimaru 2: Are you itching that badly for a battle!?

Karna: Wait. That would be a bad move, Nightingale. Let your gun rest a while longer.

Karna: If you want to cure this world's soldiers, identify the pathogen first. Or are you that simplistic as well?

Nightingale: ...In the meantime, more soldiers die. Are you telling me to bear with that?

Karna: Yes. Bear with it, but do not get accustomed to it. It may be tough for you, but consider it a trial.

Karna: Or is long-term treatment not your policy? If so—

Karna: I wonder which is beyond saving? You, or this land?

Nightingale: What? Are you saying my treatment is wrong?

Karna: Not quite. But everyone makes mistakes. Humans fall to ruin when convinced that their ideas are the only absolutes.

Karna: ...Anyway, if you idly meet your death here, that would be truly meaningless.

Karna: Everything has a proper order. Even if you temporarily defeat an enemy here, it may cause a greater evil to prosper.

Nightingale: –I see. I understand your valuable opinion. I will put the gun away for now.

Karna: ...Good grief. What a consummate liar. Blavatsky, I will keep an eye on her.

Karna: You look after this world's only Master and that Servant.

Blavatsky: Yes yes, I know! Well then, let's get ourselves an audience with the king!

Blavatsky: I've brought them to see you, Mr. Presi-king.

Mechanized Infantry: Understood. It will be another minute until the presi-king's arrival.

Mash: ...I'm starting to get nervous, Senpai. I wonder what kind of king he is...

Fujimaru 1: I have a bad feeling about this.

Dr. Roman: You might be right on that.

Dr. Roman: I'm detecting a new Servant approaching you,but there's something bizarre about it...

Dr. Roman: Umm...I wonder if this really is a Heroic Spirit?

Mash: Bizarre? In what way, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: I don't want to affect your first impression with my speculation. Anyway, we'll talk after you meet this King.

Mechanized Infantry: Thank you for waiting. The presi-king is here!

E:???: Oh! At last I get the chance to meet that angel!

E:???: How I have yearned for this moment!

E:???: I intended on inviting them only after they eliminated the Celts, but this is fine, too!

E:???: Yes, advancing the schedule is a good thing! Much better than pushing back the deadline!

Blavatsky: ...I see he still hasn't fixed his habit of talking to himself while walking. I was hoping he could at least have kept that to himself.

Mash: That was “talking to himself? ”

Mash: D-Did you hear how loud he was, Senpai!? No human could do that!

E:???: —To be frank, you have all done a fantastic job! Greetings, everyone! And congratulations!

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Nightingale: ...

Dr. Roman: Huh? Is the monitor broken? All I see on it is a creature?

E:???: I'll say it once more! All of you have done a fantastic job!

Blavatsky: I bet you were pretty surprised. Right? Right? Right?

Karna: ...Well, yes, they'd be surprised.

Mash: W-Well, I was indeed surprised...but it's fine, I'm getting used to things of this sort...

Mash: That aside, umm...You must be the king who controls Western America, right?

E:???: Indeed, it is as you say.

E:???: I have taken it upon myself to rule America in order to pulverize those barbaric Celts—

E:???: I am a Servant, and a gentleman who supports other Servants! I am Thomas Alva Edison, the presi-king!

Mash: E!?

Dr. Roman: DI!?

Fujimaru 1: SON of a gun!?

Nightingale: —Oh, excuse me. I was at a complete loss for words.

Nightingale: Edison...Edison, the King of Inventions? It's really you? You're not a Chimera?

Edison: Indeed. Although I am currently the presi-king, not the King of Inventions.

Edison: You must be Lady Florence Nightingale.... You are just as beautiful as they say...

Edison: Unfortunately we could not meet when we were alive, but this moment is truly a miracle of energy, no, a miracle of souls.

Edison: I was not one to live on the battlefield, but I deeply respect your convictions and rationality.

Edison: Do lend us your strength. Not only to advance medicine, but also to boost the morale of our soldiers—

Edison: The effects of you as poster girl are immeasurable! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Nightingale: ...I had no idea you were not human.

Fujimaru 1: To put it lightly...He's a feline?

Fujimaru 2: To put it figuratively...From the Savanna?

Edison: What? I am without a doubt a human!

Edison: Humans are just higher forms of beasts who possess reason and wisdom. They shall not be segregated by the color of their skin or the shape of their face.

Edison: Even if I possess a lion's head,that fact does not change.

Edison: I am Edison, an intelligent human being. That is all.

Dr. Roman: ...Wow, just look how he asserts himself with confidence. I really need to learn that kind of positivity.

Dr. Roman: Basically, he was a human when alive, but now his head is a lion when summoned as a Servant.

Dr. Roman: However, since that doesn't affect his intelligence in the slightest it's not a problem. This lion, he's the definition of rationalism!

Fou: Fou, fou.

Mash: Doctor! Everyone was taking a hint and not calling him the “L” word!

Blavatsky: Well, he can't help it. I mean, he's basically a lion.

Edison: A lion...I like the sound of that. Also, was that communication through magecraft?

Edison: Even though you live in an age of telephones, your fixation with such an inconvenient method bewilders me.

Edison: Mages by birth are indeed illogical creatures. Surely you can make better use of spiritual channels.

Dr. Roman: Ah, what? Look, phone lines only work when you occupy the same space in time, yes?

Dr. Roman: This is far more functional, and crosses time and space in a kind of hyper-navigational form of communication...

Edison: Oh. So that means you do not exist in this era!

Edison: Hmm. To be able to communicate across different eras is quite convenient indeed...hmm.

Edison: Magecraft and science are similar. There is nothing you can do that I cannot.

Edison: I'd like to see if the same thing can be done by telephone. No, wait, I should develop a spirit phone before that...

Blavatsky: Yes, yes, Mr. Edison. Please save your inventions for later, okay?

Edison: ...Oh, yes. Right.

Edison: Your name is Fujimaru...was it? You are the only Master in this world.

Edison: Let me get to the point. Can you lend us the strength that you used to correct the previous four eras to get rid of the Celts?

Fujimaru 1: How'd you know that?

Edison: I am well aware. You see, a certain fellow took it upon himself to inform me.

Edison: The world's worst good-for-nothing! That detestable hysteric told me...

Edison: “While all these things happened, I am in good health. I bet you've never had such grand adventures, Edison”

Edison: Truly the epitome of displeasure!

Edison: —Ahem. Well, so much for that. Anyway, we must get rid of these Celts.

Fujimaru 2: Why get rid of the Celts?

Edison: Hmm. I believe that is a self-evident truth.

Edison: Needless to say, the Celts are an anachronism in this age.

Edison: The United States is a cutting-edge nation created by capitalism and rationalism.

Edison: This is our nation, and home to those with intellect.

Edison: However, they keep multiplying like planarians, and the American army lost due to difference in the size of our forces.

Edison: But fortunately, I, a Heroic Spirit, have descended upon this nation!

Edison: The battlefront revived with my proposals of a new national structure and reformed military, equalizing the situation.

Edison: Hmph—They truly are barbarians. Attempting to contend against me in mass production is the epitome of idiocy.

Edison: Eventually my mechanized infantry will cover the land and annihilate the loathsome Celts once and for all.

Edison: However...there is one matter that concerns me.... Leaders. In other words, we don't have enough Servants.

Edison: We have an obedient army,but no mighty ace warrior to lead them.

Edison: While enemy Celts have many notorious barbarians lined up.

Edison: Just when we gain a foothold somewhere,we end up losing it to a single Servant.

Edison: Only Servants can overcome other Servants. We only have three Servants on our side, including myself.

Edison: Other Servants who were summoned are in disarray,and show no interest in joining us.

Edison: Only my rationality restrains me from roaring out at this sad state of affairs.

Edison: The Heroic Spirits meant to save America dread the enemy and refuse to fight. Their negligence is going too far!

Fujimaru 1: This lion just roared!

Fujimaru 2: ...You're “rational,” right?

Mash: C-Calm down, Mr. President!

Mash: Umm...If you're trying to save the world, we are willing to cooperate with you...

Edison: Oh! You understand! Truly wonderful! You also have a very delicious-looking body!

Fou: Fou! Foou!

Edison: Hey, stop hitting and biting me, runt! That was figurative. I'd never assault a lady!

Nightingale: ...Can I ask you two questions?

Edison: Yes, what is it? Coming from an exemplary woman like yourself, I shall give you a genteel answer.

Edison: A gentleman's genteel reply— Oh, how elegant! Karna, please record that in the Presi-king Chronicles.

Nightingale: ...My first question. On our way here, we saw the mechanized infantry several times...

Nightingale: Is that the result of your proposal? Is that what you aim for with your “new national structure? ”

Edison: Indeed, that is correct! I arrived at this order to save the nation from its predicament!

Edison: National unity! Citizens herded, no, rallied, to new life! Equal national service, regardless of age or gender!

Edison: Eventually, all citizens will be part of the mechanized infantry and defeat the Celts, the invaders.

Edison: Of course, we must maintain our mass-production lines for this purpose.

Edison: Acquisition of labor from all across the land. Institution of 20-hour workdays. Unremitting surveillance.

Edison: Of course, you need the best welfare system, too. One cannot have labor without recreation.

Edison: We will play three times as hard, work three times as hard, and win three times as hard as normal humans! That's my new vision for America!

Fujimaru 1: ...Playing three times as hard doesn't sound too bad...

Dr. Roman: That's not okay! Recreation has its limits! Please just be normal!

Fujimaru 2: ...Is he not aware of human limitations?

Mash: I agree...Mr. Edison's plan does not take physical limitations into account whatsoever.

Nightingale: ...So that is what you are fixated on.

Edison: Hmm? What'd you just say?

Nightingale: No, I was just talking to myself. Do not mind me.

Nightingale: Well then, my second question. How do you intend to save the world?

Mash: That can be accomplished by securing the Holy Grail.

Mash: Defeat the Celts, obtain the Holy Grail, then correct the era.

Mash: While it is unclear who among the Celts possesses the Grail, if we can secure it, we can handle the rest...

Edison: No, it is unnecessary to correct this era.

Mash: What?

Edison: It is unnecessary. If I acquire the Grail, I could refine it and we should be able to prevent the incineration of eras.

Edison: Consequently, it would give birth to a world named “America” operating on a different timeline from the other eras.

Mash: What...Is that really possible!?

Edison: Having been summoned by the Grail, we Servants are well aware of its power. My conclusion is that it is quite possible.

Fujimaru 1: What will happen to the other eras?

Edison: –They will probably be destroyed.

Mash: Then, it's pointless to do so!

Edison: What? Is there any other idea as brilliant as this?

Edison: This America will survive for all eternity. My inventions will remake America.

Edison: It will show those Celts, who can only procreate and fight, that my inventions are the lights of humanity, the power of civilization!

Nightingale: ...So you expand your battlefront for that purpose? Abandoning those who fell in battle.

Edison: ...An accusation fit for Chief Nurse Nightingale, who so valiantly struggled for the salvation of all soldiers.

Edison: I...I am...ugh...not abandoning them because I want to, however—

Blavatsky: Edison, calm down. Florence is just stating her opinion. It's not an accusation.

Edison: I'm aware of that. That just now was my usual headache. Don't worry about it.

Edison: Listen, Lady Nightingale.

Edison: To us...To me, especially, this nation is everything. And a true king has a paramount duty to protect his nation.

Mash: B-But!

Mash: If you are a Heroic Spirit, you should also have a ideal, a wish, to protect the world!

Nightingale: ...You are right. Even my current self possesses that sense of duty in one corner of my sanity.

Nightingale: Mr. Edison. If you deny that duty,you are nothing more than a mere patriot.

Edison: Quite so. What is wrong with a king being a patriot?

Nightingale: ...I see. In that case— There is only one thing for me to do!

Karna: Nightingale, that's enough. I will not allow you to fight here.

Karna: Even if that costs me my life.

Nightingale: Let go of me! I can tell! Leaders with those eyes always lead to destruction!

Nightingale: And in the end he will irresponsibly declare...That “it wasn't supposed to turn out like this! ”

Edison: Fujimaru...Master. What do you think?

Edison: Shouldn't you join me to fight the Celts and acquire the Holy Grail? I'll give you three minutes to decide.

Dr. Roman: ...Maybe joining them for the time being is not a bad idea.

Mash: What are you saying, Doctor!? He's opposed to the idea of fixing the Foundation of Humanity!

Dr. Roman: ...Quite the contrary, he's for it. It's just that the world he envisions differs from ours.

Dr. Roman: But we don't have the time to confront him now. And in the end, I think he'll stop baring his fangs.

Dr. Roman: I'm not just being hopeful. My conclusion stems from historical observation...and experience.

Dr. Roman: Those that move nations believing in their own righteousness will experience consequences, in one form or another.

Dr. Roman: ...But that's all irrelevant. Now is about gaining the upper hand in the war.

Dr. Roman: With all the Celtic Servants gathering,there is an overwhelming gap in military strength.

Dr. Roman: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Fionn mac Cumhaill are formidable enough. How many more Servants of that caliber do they have?

Dr. Roman: For now, we will cooperate in order to acquire the Holy Grail, and correct the mistake where Celtic myths dominate North America.

Dr. Roman: What happens afterwards? We can think about that later.

Mash: Senpai, what should we do? ...Senpai?

Edison: Well then. Have you come to a decision? Let's hear what you have to say.

Fujimaru 1: I have a bad feeling about this. I can't help.

Fujimaru 2: Give up on the Holy Grail, President Lion.

Edison: ...That is an unexpected response indeed.

Edison: Whatever your hidden agenda may be, I thought you would agree to join forces.

Edison: I, Thomas Alva Edison, should respect your honesty and sincerity.

Edison: But as presi-king, unfortunately I have no choice but to condemn you.

Edison: Get 'em!

Mash: They're coming! Stand back, Master!


Mash: Hah, hah...No good, there's no end to them!

Nightingale: !!!

Edison: So even my prized mechanized infantry will become junk in minutes when going up against a Servant, huh?

Edison: But sometimes it's quantity over quality. You should be out of energy already.

Edison: –Blavatsky! Throw them inside the special underground jail!

Mash: Ugh...

Blavatsky: Yeah, yeah. I guess it can't be helped. So sorry, but you're getting locked up.

Section 5: Cool Hand Florence

Mash: ...Those numbers just aren't fair.

Dr. Roman: But even after all that, they let us keep all our equipment.

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: Fou is safe, too.

Fou: Fou.

Mash: Not quite, Doctor. Just run an analysis and you'll know...

Mash: The magical energy supply from Master is being cut off. And we have no way of escaping this jail...

Blavatsky: That's right. You can't really underestimate a Caster from the 19th century, can you?

Blavatsky: Well, since I've lived on this continent before, my affinity with this land is not so bad.

Blavatsky: Tell the guard if you're willing to cooperate. We'll let you out immediately.

Blavatsky: ...Tell me, Fujimaru. Why did you refuse?

Blavatsky: As the gentleman from Chaldea said,you could have just betrayed us along the way.

Blavatsky: At the very least, I'm sure you saw this coming. Yet you chose this foolish path.

Blavatsky: Why?

Fujimaru 1: For Edison's sake.

Blavatsky: ...I see. True, I'm sure he'd be hurt if you'd betrayed him.

Blavatsky: In life, he was fed up by all the lawsuits. Despite the way he looks, he's naïve.

Blavatsky: He loves his country more than anyone and thinking that is only natural. No, he's obsessed. It's extreme self-righteous patriotism.

Nightingale: But if you understand that, why are you helping him, Helena? Wouldn't he listen to your counsel?

Blavatsky: No. My approach can't save this country.

Blavatsky: For better or worse,only Mr. Edison can stop the Celtic army.

Blavatsky: That's why I'm with him for now. I do have obligations from when we were alive, too.

Blavatsky: ...However, Fujimaru,what you said makes me happy.

Blavatsky: Please don't hate him too much. As the King of Inventions, he really is an amusing person, like a child.

Fujimaru 2: For Nightingale's sake.

Nightingale: For my sake?

Blavatsky: ...I can see that. After all, Florence would never agree to those conditions.

Blavatsky: You never abandon someone once you've become allies, huh?

Blavatsky: As a Master and a human being, that's wonderful.

Blavatsky: Though other people may think it's foolish...

Blavatsky: ...your actions are noble, more so than anybody else.

Blavatsky: —Rest easy. Someone will come to your rescue soon.

Blavatsky: Until then, just wait here.

Nightingale: We have to do something to get out of here. Please help me.

Mash: I-I know, but I think it's impossible to destroy a cell with a gun!

Nightingale: No, I think I've managed to shave off a little bit. Come on, everyone pitch in and dig!

Mash: Ah, the bullets are ricocheting inside this cell! Nightingale, that's too reckless–!

D:???: ...Yes, that was reckless.

D:???: But on the bright side, the sound of the gunshots let me find you quickly.

Mash: A Servant?

Dr. Roman: Wait, wait, a Servant you say? But I didn't detect anything at all!

D:???: If I gave off a Servant response, we'd risk the possibility of that great hero of India finding us.

D:???: It's thanks to this Noble Phantasm that I borrowed from that man...Just a moment. I'll get you out of there.

Mash: Who on earth are you–?

D:???: ...Good question. I'm sure you can't trust me unless I tell you my name.

D:???: That said, my True Name is not to be revealed lightly. Though even if I told you, you wouldn't know who I am.

D:???: As such, you should just call me this. “Geronimo”...My name is Geronimo.

Mash: Geronimo!

Mash: The Apache shaman...You were summoned as a Caster, huh?

Geronimo: Strictly speaking, I'm far from being a shaman. I'm just a warrior.

Dr. Roman: The Hero of the Apache! ...I see. There's no way he would follow Edison.

Dr. Roman: Even though they live in the same land...Or, no, that's actually why they're so incompatible.

Geronimo: Strictly speaking, we should also be enemies, but this is no time for that.

Geronimo: There, you're free. Now you should be able to receive magical energy again.

Mash: Thank you!

Geronimo: I'd like to escape...But first we need to take down the mechanized infantry guarding the place.

Geronimo: I'm sure Karna will notice us at that point. It'll take everything you have to escape.

Geronimo: ...Are you ready?

Fujimaru 1: Let's do it, Mash!

Mash: Right—I'm not used to bullets yet, but I'll do my best!


Geronimo: ...All right! They're down! But Karna must have noticed. Follow me, quickly!

Mash: Th-This place is bigger than I thought!

Geronimo: In this era, land is the only thing there's plenty of.

Dr. Roman: Mr. Geronimo. Do you mind if I ask you something?

Geronimo: You don't have to raise your voice, mage. I can hear you. What is it?

Dr. Roman: In Eastern and Western America, the Celts and Edison have raised armies and are at war. This we understand.

Dr. Roman: But do you know of any other Servants who we speculate were summoned as countermeasures?

Geronimo: Yes, there are three other...No, two other Servants that fight with me. I'll introduce you after we escape.

Geronimo: It seems there are many more Servants who have been summoned here to America, though.

Geronimo: ...But we're short on military strength, so we had to act very carefully.

Geronimo: To be honest, the Celtic army is picking us off one by one.

Geronimo: But if you join us, we'll be able to take decisive action.

Nightingale: Wait a moment. I have one question.

Geronimo: What is it, angel? ...I take that back. I was inappropriate. My apologies.

Geronimo: Go ahead.

Nightingale: If memory serves me correctly, Geronimo, you were once at war with this nation.

Geronimo: ...That's right.

Nightingale: If this era is corrected, you will be treated as a warrior who failed.

Nightingale: Is that still all right?

Geronimo: I don't mind.

Geronimo: ...Victory or defeat, in the end, it's no more than a point embedded in the flow of time.

Geronimo: Crushing this era would mean that my brothers and I shed all this blood for nothing.

Geronimo: It's simple to pretend something doesn't exist. It's even easier if that something is disadvantageous to yourself.

Geronimo: Even so, being able to acknowledge something is what makes us warriors. Only a sly coyote would pretend something doesn't exist.

Geronimo: Too much irony for my taste.

Nightingale: ...I see. Then for now, I can think of you as an ally, yes?

Geronimo: I wouldn't want to try fooling a gaze that could even shoot a sun down. Ah, here's the exit—

Dr. Roman: ...As expected. I'm picking up one powerful Servant.

Geronimo: ...Outwitting him was too much to ask. But we can't turn back now.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Fujimaru 2: Push through!

Mash: Right!


Karna: So it is you, Geronimo.

Geronimo: I didn't want to meet the great hero of the Mahabharata under these circumstances.

Karna: I did not wish to encounter the great man who bravely confronted a nation under these circumstances, either.

Karna: However, I must raise my spear now that we're being attacked. Don't worry, I won't let the mechanized infantry interfere.

Karna: This will be a battle just between me and all of you. –So, prepare to fight.

Geronimo: ...Listen, Fujimaru. It seems he doesn't expect this to be a battle to the death.

Geronimo: Normally, the odds would be against us, but now that he isn't going all out, we might still have a chance if we can send him flying.

Geronimo: He's a Lancer. Summon Servants that are advantageous against him and unleash Noble Phantasms before he does. Got it?

Karna: It seems you're ready. Then here I come!


Karna: Ugh...

Mash: S-Somehow we pushed him back! Master, now's the time!

Fujimaru 1: Let's escape!

Fujimaru 2: Let's retreat!

Mash: Right!

Geronimo: Now! Run, run–!

Karna: This is as far as I go...Edison. It seems that the clock has started ticking.

Karna: You have asked me for help, so I'll stay until the end...But what can we do to avoid a catastrophe?

Section 6: Rama Got His Sword

Mash: Good morning, Senpai. Are you awake?

Fujimaru 1: Good morning, Mash.

Mash: That nap was exactly three hours. Rest when you can. That's the spirit.

Fujimaru 2: Where are we?

Mash: Geronimo said to take a nap since it's going to be a long journey, but...

Geronimo: Relax. This is a small town in the West. The residents have already evacuated, likely due to the Celts' fierce attacks.

Geronimo: The only people on this land now are those who have come to our side.

Soldier: It's Geronimo!

Geronimo: Is he all right?

Soldier: The life force of Servants is incredible. I can't say he's fine, but he's breathing anyway.

Mash: There's a Servant here?

Geronimo: Yes. Actually, we're sheltering the third Servant I mentioned here.

Geronimo: Of course I'm helping you because I want your help in return, but most of all, it's to get him medical treatment.

Nightingale: In other words, the spotlight is on me. Not like it matters...

Nightingale: If there's a patient who seeks treatment, I will tend to him.

Geronimo: Yes, please. In your care, he may yet have a chance.

Geronimo: All right, bring him out!

D:???: Ungh...

Mash: ...Horrible...

Dr. Roman: A part of his heart has been gouged out! I'm shocked he's still alive!

D:???: strong suit...Ugh...

Nightingale: –I've never seen a wound like this before. But I can't turn you away.

Nightingale: Don't worry, young man. Even if you end up in hell, I'll drag you out.

D:???: Hnngh...That does sound...promising!

D:???: Ah, owwww! C-Can't you be a little more gentle!?

D:???: Do you understand? My heart is crushed!

Nightingale: I'm surprised you can even talk.

Nightingale: Anyway, I'll heal you. First, your heart is about to lose all functionality.

Nightingale: Because of that, blood cannot circulate properly in your body...I must cut it out.

Nightingale: ...All limbs, I mean. And if possible, I'll take all organs out except your lungs too!

D:???: W-Wait, wait, wait! Focus on repairing just my heart, no amputation!

D:???: I cannot lose any means to fight!

Nightingale: What are you talking about? There is no greater joy than being alive!

Nightingale: As an individual life form who has taken root on this earth, you have a duty to survive, come what may!

D:???: Th-That's easy for you to say!

Nightingale: It's all right. I swear that I'll heal you...I swear it!

Mash: ...So, who is he? He doesn't seem like a Servant from this country...

D:???: Y-You mean me? I am Rama! The great king of Kosala!

Rama: For more details...Owowowowow! Read the Ramayana! That's all!

Rama: Aaaah, dammit! That really hurts!

Nightingale: ...Frustrating. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating, frustrating!

Nightingale: No matter how much I slow down the speed of encroaching death, I cannot stop it!

Nightingale: No, I won't give up. As long as this body is alive, I'll fulfill my duty!

Mash: Ah, Nightingale, be more gentle! Who were you fighting that could give you such a wound?

Rama: It was inevitable...After all, my opponent...was Cú Chulainn, Ireland's strongest hero.

Mash: Cú Chulainn!?

Dr. Roman: Ahhh...Of course. If Celtic warriors are the enemy,then naturally he would be around...

Dr. Roman: Cú Chulainn...Ireland's most renowned hero, nicknamed the Child of Light.

Dr. Roman: They say if he aims his lance, Gáe Bolg,it always pierces his target's heart.

Dr. Roman: ...I suppose it would be difficult to avoid that,even if you are the hero of the Ramayana.

Dr. Roman: ...More like, it's a miracle you're still alive.

Geronimo: Preventing the collapse of our front lines is important, but I want to heal Rama.

Geronimo: When I heard about a Servant concentrating on healing soldiers, I brought you here— Hmmm?

Mash: That voice...from the sky.

Geronimo: Tch. Scouts. I'll wipe out every last one of them.


Nightingale: ...I have a favor to ask of you all. At this rate, the boy's condition isn't going to improve.

Nightingale: His heart should've been repaired just now, but more than 10% of it is starting to deteriorate again.

Nightingale: A bottomless bucket...Well, not that bad, but without continuous treatment he will die quickly.

Nightingale: This is completely due to my own incompetence.

Nightingale: However, I do not want to give up on him. I will not give up on him.

Nightingale: This boy wants to live so badly.

Nightingale: As long as he possesses the will to live, I will never give up on him!

Nightingale: –Tell me how to do this. How to treat him. Tell me that which I do not know!

Mash: ...Doctor. Please give us your analysis concerning Rama's injury.

Dr. Roman: Yeah. You don't need to send me any detailed data. I can tell at a glance. It's a curse.

Dr. Roman: Removing the curse takes precedence over treatment. The fastest way is to defeat the person who injured him.

Dr. Roman: Gáe Bolg is said to be a demonic spear or technique wielded by Cú Chulainn—

Dr. Roman: In any case, there's no doubt that it was a blow that, if left untended, will destroy the heart.

Dr. Roman: It's basically a miracle that Rama is still alive. Normally, I wouldn't be surprised to see him already dead...

Dr. Roman: Or rather, it's strange he's not dead.

Dr. Roman: ...Then again, this is Rama, hero of the Ramayana, one of India's two epic poems. If anybody can perform a miracle, it's him.

Rama: Indeed. You should praise me even more...Ouch.

Dr. Roman: It's more accurate to say that Rama reversed his state of death through sheer willpower.

Dr. Roman: Basically, the fact that Rama is alive is an “error” in the proper cause-and-effect flow of this world.

Nightingale: Doctor Roman, please correct yourself. I do not think it is an error that he is alive.

Dr. Roman: Take your finger off that trigger! Please, just hear what I have to say!

Dr. Roman: As I said earlier, the only way to save him is to eliminate the spear that can distort cause and effect.

Dr. Roman: However–I can tell how difficult that is even by monitoring events from over here.

Dr. Roman: Besides Cú Chulainn, it's certain that there are at least two more Servants.

Rama: Exactly. This is quite literally a war that we are in.

Rama: Were I to stage a one-man attack, only death would greet me. Ugh...I'm sorry, please continue your treatment!

Nightingale: You don't need to tell me. Please sit still.

Dr. Roman: However, we do have one thing in our favor. This world's state is unstable.

Dr. Roman: Just like how the Celtic warriors continue to be summoned and fight to the death despite their precarious existences...

Dr. Roman: If we can somehow strengthen Rama's existence, we can remove the distortion cast on him, or close to it.

Mash: ...Is that similar to how we broke Siegfried's curse when we were in France?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. The best thing would be to make contact with a Servant who knew him when he was alive.

Dr. Roman: Knowing the “blueprint” of his body when he was alive will likely increase the efficacy of Ms. Nightingale's treatment.

Rama: ...I know someone. A Servant that meets your criteria exists in this world.

Fujimaru 1: ...Who, exactly?

Rama: Ah, hmm. It's embarrassing to say, but...

Fujimaru 2: ...You can't mean Eli

Mash: Senpai, stop! Loose lips sink ships, as they say.

Mash: If you utter that name in a place like this, there is no doubt she will be summoned.

Fou: Kyuu, foou.

Rama: Huh...Eli? Unfortunately, you are quite off the mark.

Rama: Another was summoned from the same era as me—my wife, Sita.

Rama: I have not seen her yet, but I am certain that she is being held captive somewhere in this world.

Rama: I crossed blades with Cú Chulainn in order to find her location.

Dr. Roman: I see. Your wife, Sita. You may have dragged her here when you were summoned.

Dr. Roman: If we find her, it may be possible to cure you.

Geronimo: ...I see. At present, Rama is unquestionably the strongest among the Servants who have been summoned.

Geronimo: At full strength, he would likely be an equal match for Karna.

Geronimo: I want to save him if I can. We must locate his wife Sita as soon as possible.

Geronimo: For that purpose, I would like Nightingale to accompany me–

Nightingale: Hm? I'd go with you to the ends of the earth. Got a problem?

Rama: Truly!? I feel reassured, but you don't need the details!?

Nightingale: Why must I abandon my patient? Especially if there is no one besides me who can save him.

Nightingale: With that in mind...I believe it is worth seeking a somewhat more effective nursing method.

Nightingale: Rama, please excuse me. Don't struggle too much.

Rama: Wh-What!? You can carry me so easily!? This is how I used to carry Sita!

Rama: ...Isn't that how you carry a princess?

Mash: Oh...

Rama: Hey, put me down! What am I to do if my people witness me in this state!

Nightingale: I do not mind. I am used to violent patients. This way, please. We must also prepare a special belt.

Rama: Let me go! Let! Me! Go!

Geronimo: Oh, uh...That was quick. You are truly the angel feared...uh, I mean, adored by all soldiers.

Dr. Roman: ...

Mash: ...What's wrong, Doctor? You seem disheartened...

Dr. Roman: Oh, it's nothing...I mean, Rama is still young, right? Yet he has a wife...

Fujimaru 1: And you're still single at thirty, eh!

Fujimaru 2: Yet you're still single at thirty...

Dr. Roman: I can't read your expression, Fujimaru! Are you sympathizing with me or laughing at me?

Mash: ? That is true, but I think it's strange for the Doctor to feel inferior.

Fujimaru 1: Why?

Fujimaru 2: Shouldn't he feel inferior?

Mash: N-No, I mean— I believe the Doctor has, uh, been married previously...

Fujimaru 1: Whaaaaaaaaaat!?

Fujimaru 2: When did that happen!?

Dr. Roman: What? Mash, why did you have to blurt out something like that!?

Mash: But it's true. This one time I saw the Doctor washing his hands and there was a—

Geronimo: Ahem. Sorry, but can we get back to the subject? We're quite pressed for time, too.

Mash: Oh...that's right. I apologize. Please continue.

Geronimo: Besides healing Rama, we also need to figure out how to deal with Edison and the Celtic soldiers.

Geronimo: I suppose Mr. Mage in the other world has some kind of plan in mind?

Dr. Roman: Of course. While Fujimaru is on the front lines, my job is to collect data and analyze it.

Dr. Roman: Recall earlier when we–or Mash Kyrielight, rather, fought with Fionn mac Cumhaill.

Dr. Roman: He muttered something that bothered me.

Dr. Roman: “They're monsters born indefinitely from our queen. Even if we lose a few thousand here, it won't be a problem for us! ”

Dr. Roman: In other words...the Celtic soldiers may be able to multiply infinitely.

Dr. Roman: If that's true, normal attacks are useless. Reducing their numbers won't work as a strategy.

Geronimo: ...That did briefly cross my mind. But it's overwhelming to hear someone say it outright.

Mash: Does Edison's mechanized infantry follow the same principle?

Dr. Roman: It's probably fair to say so.

Dr. Roman: The only way to counter Celtic soldiers, who wouldn't flinch at the loss of thousands, is through mass production.

Dr. Roman: As an inventor, Edison did not try to pioneer anything—

Dr. Roman: His talent lay in modifying other people's cutting-edge inventions so that they became more accessible.

Dr. Roman: Without Edison, the telephone, the light bulb, and many other so-called “modern conveniences”...

Dr. Roman: ...would have developed at an unimaginably sluggish pace.

Geronimo: Moreover, America's pride is its ability to develop war-machines on a massive scale.

Geronimo: I see. Perhaps it's natural for the King of Inventions to call himself this nation's king.

Dr. Roman: However, it's a troubling idea for us mages: mass production will lower the value of all Mystics.

Dr. Roman: At any rate, there's only one course of action I can recommend.

Dr. Roman: Assassination– Use Servants to take out both the king and queen at the same time.

Dr. Roman: Facing them head-on and wasting our resources is exactly what they want.

Dr. Roman: With an enemy that can multiply troops indefinitely, the only solution is to target their leader!

Geronimo: —Exactly. Well put, Doctor.

Geronimo: You must be quite a famous mage. Your voice alone seems unreliable, but that intelligence is anything but.

Dr. Roman: ...Even Geronimo has to point that out...I wonder just what's wrong with my image...

Fou: Fou, fou.

Mash: Excuse me, Doctor. Fou just said, “Geronimo hit the nail on the head. ”

Dr. Roman: Hey, I'm well aware that I'm kind of a wimp, okay!?

Geronimo: ...All right. To make sure this assassination succeeds,let's unite all the Servants scattered in different areas.

Geronimo: Once we come together, we will make a stand against the Celtic soldiers and Edison.

Geronimo: ...We need to make sure to return this land to the hands of its people!

Section 7: Young Guns

Geronimo: Sorry to do this while we walk,but let me explain the situation again.

Geronimo: I have confirmed the presence of two Servants, both Archers. You'll have to ask them for their True Names.

Geronimo: ...Both are infamous Servants who specialize in guerrilla warfare.

Geronimo: Unless they run into a particularly powerful enemy, they are unlikely to lose in combat.

Geronimo: But they're at a big disadvantage in terms of numbers.

Geronimo: Even though these Archers excel at guerrilla warfare, the best they can achieve is reducing the extent of the damage.

Geronimo: Celtic soldiers are laying waste to the land as they please. Such savagery is easy to identify.

Mash: Savagery...As they please...Are they not all united in one group?

Geronimo: Not objectively speaking. But, it's obvious that their purpose is seizing control of this land.

Geronimo: So they probably have one objective, but how they accomplish that is left up to each individual.

Geronimo: The literature suggests that Celtic soldiers can be downright vicious and ferocious.

Rama: ...Indeed.

Rama: As far as I saw, Cú Chulainn massacred all opposing soldiers.

Rama: His nickname is “Child of Light? ” What a joke. He's truly fallen into darkness already...Ugh!

Fujimaru 1: By the way, what happened to you, Rama?

Fujimaru 2: Rama, why are you being carried like that?

Rama: This wasn't my idea! It was this iron-like nurse who...ugh!

Nightingale: Fujimaru. Please try not to disturb the patient.

Nightingale: This is an emergency transportation device I devised. It's not a mere body bag. It's a Rama bag.

Rama: U-Ugh...To be carted around by a woman...How humiliating.

Nightingale: Gender and age are irrelevant for patients. Do not forget that you have a severe injury and cannot walk.

Geronimo: —Well.

Geronimo: The Western American army forces civilians into factories, making them work on the mechanized infantry's mass production.

Dr. Roman: Wow. Edison has become a dictator.

Geronimo: I heard many have sought refuge for the time being, saying it's better than being slain by the Celts.

Geronimo: The war between the East and the West is at a stalemate. While it's a relief that we don't need to worry about the civilians at this stage...

Geronimo: ...Wait, hide!

Mash: !!!

Geronimo: Looks like scouts. If we let even one escape, they'll call reinforcements.

Mash: ...Understood. I shall hurry to cut off their escape route...huh?

Mash: Umm, Master. What happened to Nightingale?

Dr. Roman: Hmm. She has already pounced on the scouts with a vengeance.

Nightingale: I shall purify the source of the illness! Time for your medical exam. Now, open your chest for me!

Rama: W-Wait!? Do you intend to fight while still carrying me!?

Rama: Wait, hey, my wound...Argh, that hurts!

Mash: M-Master, I will be right back!


Nightingale: Annihilation complete. Excellent work, hygienically speaking.

Mash: ...Um, Nightingale?

Mash: We planned to surround the enemies before battle, so if you rush in on your own, it causes us trouble...

Rama: And don't go off fighting with me on your back...I'm your patient, remember...

Nightingale: Healing my patients is always my top priority. All other matters are not my concern.

Mash: Senpai. Senpai. Nightingale won't listen to us.

Fou: Fou, fofooou...

Rama: Hey, Fujimaru. It'd be nice if you did something about this...

Fujimaru 1: But she's a Berserker.

Fujimaru 2: But she's Nightingale.

Mash: ...You're right...I'm beginning to realize that a conviction so strong you can't compromise is a type of Madness Enhancement too...

Geronimo: Yes. Whether she's like this after becoming a Servant, or if she was like this in life is rather scary to contemplate...

Geronimo: Luckily, we may reach our destination before that.

Geronimo: Two Archers are in the town ahead. Considering the earlier scout, they're most certainly under attack.

Dr. Roman: It's just as he said, Fujimaru. I've confirmed the presence of multiple enemies and Servants.

Dr. Roman: They seem to be surrounding the town. Hurry!

Mash: Understood. Let's get going, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Where's Nightingale?

Mash: Huh?

Geronimo: ...She's gone. On top of that,Rama, who she was carrying on her back, is gone too.

Mash: L-Let's run!


F:???: Huh? Did you hear something just now?

E:???: Hmm...It sounds like people fighting, or something. Have our reinforcements arrived?

F:???: The tables have turned! Old Man Geronimo's finally done it!

E:???: ...Hey, hey, Green?

E:???: Remind me. Is Geronimo a woman with a medical bag, toting a gun and carrying a kid on her back?

F:???: ...Huh? What's that scary-sounding thing? Not even our banshee is that scary.

Rama: Why, you...You didn't listen to a word of what the others were saying, did you?

Nightingale: Yes, I did! That good hygiene is the basis of all healing! So I shall now disinfect them all at full power!

Rama: You're such a...Argh! You...Mash! Fujimaru! Hurry up and rescue me already!

Mash: ...A-Anyway, in this situation,there's only one thing we can do.

Mash: We need to protect Nightingale!

Geronimo: Leave the cover fire to me! Go!

Mash: All right! Mash Kyrielight–going in!

Nightingale: –Do not interfere with my treatment!

Rama: How should I say it...This is ridiculous...

E:???: Hey, hey! Hey, you! You're an ally, right? I think?

Rama: Are you one of the Archers Geronimo was talking about?

E:???: Oh, good. So you ARE an ally! Hey, Green! They're allies!

F:???: That's good to hear. Really good.

F:???: Most of the enemies are gone now, but I was afraid we'd have to go against that scary lady next.

Rama: Oh, how long have you been there?

F:???: It's my skill, don't worry about it. As for me, I'm more interested in the fact that you're being carried on her back.

Rama: –Please, just don't ask. It's an excessively long and convoluted story.

E:???: Hey, hey! Are those people charging at us our allies too?

Rama: Yes. They are very reliable allies.... At least more than myself right now!


Mash: Most of the Celtic warriors have been eliminated–

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up a strong enemy response! It's a big one...

Mash: It's not another dragon, is it!?

Dr. Roman: No. This–is a new type of demonic beast. Please be cautious!

Nightingale: Oh, seeing animals here. Just how unsanitary can this place get!

Nightingale: And there're so many different kinds...A true hotbed of bacteria. I'll get triple the disinfectant ready!

Rama: I see, so that's the first thought in your mind seeing this? You're amazing, Nightingale!

Mash: –Let's go, Master!


Mash: ...We won! But for some reason...I feel more exhausted than usual...

Mash: Are you all right, Nightingale? Let me treat your wounds–

Nightingale: I am a nurse, I understand my body more than anyone. I can still move. Wounds like these will heal themselves.

Fujimaru 1: But you're bleeding.

Nightingale: What of it? On the battlefield my blood is as precious as their blood.

Nightingale: If shedding my own blood spares others from spilling their own, I will gladly do so.

Nightingale: As someone who's joined the military, that's the only mission possible for me.

Mash: ...What should we do, Senpai?

E:???: Hey, are you the reinforcements Geronimo mentioned?

Mash: Y-Yes. You must be the ones he spoke about...

E:???: Yep, the pair in a solitary struggle. My True Name is...I'll just tell you, since it's too troublesome otherwise.

E:???: I'm Robin Hood, Archer class. And this guy with me here is–

D:???: What the heck? You just blurted it out? No fair. Then I guess there's no reason I should keep mine a secret.

D:???: I'm William Henry McCarty, Jr. Though people call me–Billy the Kid!

Billy: To protect this nation, it looks like I, a Servant from this nation, was chosen.

Billy: I'm an Archer, of course. Nice to meet you!

Geronimo: I'm glad both of you are alive and well.

Geronimo: This is the Demi-Servant, Mash Kyrielight, and this is her Master, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Nice to meet you.

Robin Hood: Yes, good to meet you. Well, at least we're not fighting all on our own anymore now.

Fujimaru 2: Just you two?

Billy: There are some townsfolk who couldn't evacuate. They're injured.

Mash: So that's why Nightingale rushed off like that...

Geronimo: Just like a coyote catching the scent of blood.... Maybe that metaphor was a bit rude.

Nightingale: They're quite weakened, but their lives aren't in danger.

Billy: Thank goodness!

Billy: So, um– Fujimaru? What should we do now?

Mash: Right, let me explain our current situation.

Billy: ...Ah, okay. Heal this Rama kid, find more firepower for our party, and—

Robin Hood: Assassinate the enemy leader. That works, doesn't it? Sounds like an appropriate course of action.

Billy: As expected of someone who's been fighting as the Faceless King, you really don't hesitate.

Robin Hood: Both of us are used to doing dirty jobs. Right, Boy Outlaw King?

Billy: Ah, ha, ha! Well, of course! I'm not gonna deal with guys that spawn infinitely.

Geronimo: Considering our lopsided class distribution,we could really use a Saber or Lancer in our lineup.

Geronimo: Having only Mash on the front line leaves our formation unreliable...Especially when Nightingale runs off on her own.

Geronimo: The ideal Servant would be someone summoned to this era who has no connection to the Celts...

Billy: I don't think anyone I know has been summoned.

Nightingale: What is lacking the most in this world are nurses. Second to that are doctors.

Dr. Roman: –Oof. I'm not picking up any Servant responses in the vicinity.

Dr. Roman: If you can wait a bit, I'll expand the scan range.

Mash: Until we detect a Servant,I guess we have to patiently keep scouting the area?

Robin Hood: ......

Fujimaru 1: Something wrong?

Fujimaru 2: What's up?

Robin Hood: Oh, just...I guess, um, before I teamed up with this guy, I met some...

Robin Hood: A Saber and a Lancer. Well...I mean, they were a Saber and a Lancer, but...

Robin Hood: They're, like, ultra-problematic children?

Mash: ...Huh? Do they have Madness Enhancement? Or are they Anti-Heroes?

Robin Hood: One's definitely an Anti-Hero. But you can communicate with both of them.

Robin Hood: But they were, I guess you'd say...Well, you'll see when you meet them.

Robin Hood: Just don't blame me when you do, okay?

Mash: With our current situation, no matter how problematic the Servant is, we could use their aid.

Mash: When things get dire, Senpai will be able to unite us. Right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Well, I'll figure something out.

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, let's make sure things don't get dire.

Robin Hood: Well, that's reassuring. You've fought beside some pretty troublesome folks, huh?

Section 8: My Fair Lady

Medb: Oh, really? And then you came running back. How pathetic.

Fionn: Yes. I am very sorry.

Medb: Hey, Cú...What should we do with them?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...What? Yeah, whatever. I don't care.

Cú Chulainn Alter: They're not kids. They're allowed two mistakes. This is their first. They're off the hook for now.

Cú Chulainn Alter: However, there won't be a third. Don't waste my time, got that?

Fionn: Understood. Then Diarmuid, let's go.

Diarmuid: Yes.

Medb: How naive! Cú, you need to be a lot more strict to people like that!

Medb: You need to be more like an animal. An animal!

Cú Chulainn Alter: No. Animals are free until they die. Unfortunately, I'm a king.

Cú Chulainn Alter: The first time, I forgive their carelessness. The second time, I praise their narrow defeat. The third time, I resign myself to the fact that they're weak.

Cú Chulainn Alter: That, I don't need.

E:???: That opinion still suits you even after falling to darkness. Your ferocity against enemies, on the other hand, does not suit you.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...So it's you.

E:???: Surely it's you who called me.

Medb: No, that would be me.

E:???: Oh, Medb, is it? What's wrong? No one to warm your bed at night? I'd be happy to oblige.

Medb: No. Rest assured that I have no issue in that area. Actually, I have a bit of news from an earlier report.

Medb: Servants aiming to “correct” this world have appeared. Enemies trying to return this nation to how it used to be.

E:???: Interesting. How audacious. Are those the ones whom Fionn mac Cumhaill and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne ran into?

Cú Chulainn Alter: If you're bored, you go. They're strong enough, they shouldn't disappoint you.

E:???: Oh, by myself?

Medb: No, they're trying to meet up with one another. So you could sneak ahead, take those Servants and–

E:???: Oh, I see. In other words, pick them off one by one before they all meet up.

E:???: Acceptable. That should be simple enough.

Medb: Thank you, Fergus. When you return, maybe I'll keep you company for a night?

Fergus: –Hmm, oh, no, no. I'll pass after all.

Fergus: I finally got my second life. It's not bad to be greedy–But being celibate every so often can't hurt.

Fergus: I'll dedicate all my vigor to combat. I'll let my surging animal instincts guide me.

Fergus: Don't you feel the same way?

Cú Chulainn Alter: –No. I won't get all enthusiastic over a battle that will end once I kill everyone.

Cú Chulainn Alter: My task is to flatten this whole nation. Minor skirmishes with foot soldiers are mere drudgery.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll fulfill my destined role. Before I die, this nation will become an uninhabited wasteland.

Fergus: I see...In spite of that, you're quite...

Fergus: Never mind. Something about friendships and hedges. Now, my queen, if you'll excuse me!

Medb: Good luck. I love you, Fergus♪

Fergus: Hmph. Except for your body, you're the worst woman ever. However, you do have a sharp eye for good men!

Medb: Well, how will they react? We're up against Rama and Geronimo, right?

Cú Chulainn Alter: And that one group.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Do they have a strong sense of purpose? Of duty? Or no reason at all? ...At any rate, what a nuisance.

Medb: Cú, you've changed so much. You've become more regal.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...I'm still my old self. Everybody has moments when they're not so eager to fight.

Cú Chulainn Alter: That's just how I'm feeling at the moment.

Medb: I suppose. The animalistic side of you lusts for fulfilling battles and love.

Medb: And the empty, hollow side of you is bored of battle, and just stoically deals with things.

Medb: When summoned as a Servant,which side manifests is a matter of chance.

Medb: Admittedly, you're basically one of my creations. I'm quite astounded at our compatibility.

Medb: To be sure, I love both sides of you, Cú. I love you– Really, truly.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Shut up. You're annoying.

Medb: –You're so spiteful. Hehehe.

Medb: That aside, half of Eastern America has already fallen.

Medb: We've killed George Washington and exterminated the majority of the nation's leaders.

Medb: ...I thought the battle was won. Who would've known that the West would unite to oppose us?

Medb: “Edison,” was it? I didn't expect a mere human to go this far.

Medb: The worst thing is that they have Karna on their side.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Fool. I told you to mow them down while they were still weak.

Medb: Look, I didn't think a mere “King of Inventions” would go this far!

Medb: I can't shake the feeling that he has some kind of backing. Something besides the Holy Grail.

Medb: Otherwise, it's impossible to explain how he can oppose us as much as he has.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Hmm. That's alarming.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Well, I'll go and deal with him in time. Make sure our preparations are in order.

Medb: Yes, of course.

Medb: Well, Cú. Let's dream together. A dream as pleasant as a nightmare.

Medb: When we awake, I'm sure things will have moved forward. Hopefully it will be something to celebrate– Hehehe.

Robin Hood: ...Ugh, I'm so depressed. Completely run-down.

Robin Hood: Why do I have to travel to America's remote regions just to see those guys...

Mash: ? What is holding you back? Did you meet them when you were alive?

Robin Hood: Of course not. I never met such an overwhelming group when I was human.

Robin Hood: But it still feels like we're inextricably linked. Like we're connected, but still apart, you know?

Fujimaru 1: Ex-girlfriend?

Fujimaru 2: Girlfriend?

Mash: Oh, I see. So that was the reason. Robin, I underestimated you.

Robin Hood: Hey, Fujimaru...Don't pull such scary stuff out of that imagination of yours.

Billy: But that's what it sounded like he was talking about. Don't you all agree?

Geronimo: Who cares?

Rama: ...I am ignorant of such matters. I am dedicated to my wife, Sita.

Nightingale: What? A “girlfriend”...Is that the name of a new antibiotic?

Billy: Oh, this is pointless! Nobody here has a sense of humor!

Robin Hood: I think they settled down around here...

Dr. Roman: Whoa. I'm getting enemy readings, so watch out!

Mash: Okay. Master, let's go!

Mash: ...Wait. Huh?

Billy: Don't these guys seem kind of weak? Well, whatever. I guess that's good for us.

Billy: Okay, let's do this!


Robin Hood: They're weak, but there are so many of them. I wonder why they're so weak.

Robin Hood: ...Is it, maybe? No, there's no way...there's no way.

Mash: Is something wrong?

Robin Hood: It's nothing. Let's get on with this. We're not finished here yet.


Billy: Yup, they were weak!

Mash: But they're the same Celtic soldiers we've been fighting, right? Seems like they fought something else before us–

Geronimo: ...Hmm?

Billy: Geronimo, what's wrong?

Geronimo: No, I just heard a weird sound–

Billy: Oh, you're right. What is that...exactly?

Billy: Each individual sound is beautiful, but when you put them together, they feel murky, like mud...

Billy: It's like when you use red, blue, yellow, green, and pink paint...and the canvas goes all black.

Mash: Please wait, Master. I feel like we've heard this song somewhere.

Fujimaru 1: It's just your imagination-tion-tion!

Fujimaru 2: It's an auditory illusion-sion-sion!

Mash: Master, the way you are ending your sentences is very strange!

Robin Hood: Ugh. Is she still singing...


Elisabeth: ♪My heart is prickling...Romance in a box♪A little girl's iron maiden!

Elisabeth: ♪You're so cute I'll lock you up♪ Shower you with bloody kisses and skewer you like kebabs!

Elisabeth: ♪Don't fool around! Don't fall in love♪'Cause I'm always by your side, okay?

Mash: ...

Geronimo: ...

Billy: ...

Robin Hood: ...

Elisabeth: Oh, wait a minute. I should have ended that “okay” on a much springier, livelier note. Definitely.

Elisabeth: Then I'd do a cute little spin, and slap my tail at the audience.

Elisabeth: It's so fun to practice! I feel like I'm just getting more and more charming! It's great!

Elisabeth: If I say so myself, it's scary how perfect I am...Adding all these practices on top of my natural talent...I am entering godhood!

Elisabeth: Heh heh, just you wait, Saber. Next time we meet, I'll be way different!

Mash: ...Excuse me, Master.

Mash: I believe the situation calls for you to say something that should be said.

Fujimaru 1: Me?

Fujimaru 2: Why me?

Mash: Yes. There is only one thing to say. Senpai, I have faith in you. You can do it.

Mash: Okay— Go ahead!

Fujimaru 1: Aren't you embarrassed showing up so many times?

Fujimaru 2: Aren't you embarrassed showing up so many times?

Elisabeth: What? Who has the nerve to hurl slander at an idol?

Elisabeth: Hey, I didn't ask to be summoned, okay!? I mean, who wouldn't want a wonderful world tour anyway!

Elisabeth: ...Well, if it isn't the [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] and Friends!

Elisabeth: Huh? Oh, the green mouse is also with you. What do you want?

Robin Hood: Hey, don't remember people by color! ...So, you're still singing here, I see.

Elisabeth: YES.

Elisabeth: I mean, this is the ultimate entertainment hell where all the pigs filled with desire gather, and its name is–

Elisabeth: Broadway!

Mash: ...Broadway?

Elisabeth: What, you've never heard of it? It's the home of musicals! Oh, the glory of Broadway!

Elisabeth: It's a glittering hub of entertainment! A sparkling paradise for artistic expression...

Elisabeth: Well, this place is just a hillbilly town at the moment. It is none other than I who deemed it Broadway!

Elisabeth: So here and there are the only places in America that are worth anything. Hehe, I can see it now.

Elisabeth: All the pigs enchanted by my singing voice flock around me here, one after another–

Elisabeth: Eventually I'll have everything built here. My own stage, my own theater, my own cinema.

Elisabeth: I'll reign over it all as an unscalable magical tower! The only other thing I need is...Right, a statue of me!

Elisabeth: A super statue, 500 meters tall,faithfully capturing my exquisite beauty!

Elisabeth: As the goddess of fresh blood, I'll raise my voice in song with a tomato in one hand and end the cutthroat world of idols!

Billy: ...Could someone stop her? Please?

Robin Hood: Hey, don't look at me like that! I don't want to! Look, uh, everyone has the right to dream!

Billy: Hahaha. Delusions aren't dreams, and with how she is now, her dreams won't come true even after a century passes.

Nightingale: Treating damaged vocal cords is one thing,but curing delusions is beyond my expertise.

Mash: ......

Fujimaru 1: Mash?

Mash: Huh? ...I am very sorry, Master.

Mash: My mind wandered off for a moment there. Elisabeth, this is our third meeting!

Mash: If you'll allow me to be frank, I believe your only audience is Celtic soldiers eager to pounce on you!

Mash: Your beautiful voice won't reach their hearts. They hear only the death throes of a hungry dragon!

Elisabeth: ...Huh?

Billy: Oh, I finally get it. Why those guys we ran into earlier were so weak.

Robin Hood: You do? Me, too!

Geronimo: I get it, too.

Elisabeth: I was getting so fired up because so many fans wanted to get near me...

Elisabeth: Is it true that those half-naked macho men were just a bunch of fools incapable of understanding my art?

Mash: Correct! Those fellows would be quite out of place on your stage.

Mash: As a fan, my advice to you is to unleash your song at the right place and time!

Mash: In order to promote your art(istically atrocious singing), I humbly beseech you to lend us your strength!

Fujimaru 1: Nice job, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: ...Oh, so that's your plan...

Elisabeth: –I see. I don't really get it, but I'm convinced.

Elisabeth: Basically, you need my power, right?

Mash: Yes!

Elisabeth: Oh...Well, I can't say “no” when a passionate fan asks me to do something.

Elisabeth: You've passed, Mash! I, Elisabeth Báthory, henceforth pledge my microphone to your Master!

Mash: Yes! Thank you so much!

Billy: ...I see. So that's how you're supposed to talk to that dumb dragon...

Robin Hood: I had a feeling she loved to be flattered. But there's no way I could so desperately beg her for anything.

Geronimo: ...We are Servants. Thus, once we achieve our goal, we have no choice but to return to the Throne.

Geronimo: ...In the end, will she really have enough time to build her own Broadway?

Robin Hood: That is to remain unsaid, Old Man Geronimo.

Billy: So, where's the next one?

Robin Hood: We're going to pass through the eastern forest. Saber's in the town on the other side.

Fujimaru 1: Another...Saber?

Robin Hood: Right, Saber. An equal match for our Lancer here.

Fujimaru 2: Umm...are you perhaps referring to the “red” one?

Billy: ? You can tell your Sabers apart based on whether they're red or blue?

Elisabeth: I see, I see. Basically you're recruiting other members for me. I'm your vocalist, so...

Elisabeth: Oh, I've got it! An assistant director, right? Lighting, seating, acoustics! Yup, those are important!

Elisabeth: Let's go, Mash, Fujimaru. I meant to say this earlier, but thanks for what you did for me in France!

Mash: Not at all. It is we who should extend our gratitude...Thank you very much.

Mash: The Saber class is an indispensable part of the group. Let's go.

Elisabeth: Ah! What's up with this forest? It's so big! I'm scared!

Mash: The giant sequoias in the West are supposedly even larger.

Billy: They're worth seeing once. If you're ever in Sierra Nevada, be sure not to miss them.

Elisabeth: Wow. America's forests are amazing.

Geronimo: Yeah, these forests are still pristine.

Elisabeth: There are animals resembling gorillas, too.

Geronimo: ...Right. Those gorilla-like things...Um, where?

Elisabeth: Over there. See. There's one waving at us. It's holding a glow stick, no doubt.

Geronimo: ...That's not a gorilla, it's a werewolf-type enemy. And it's holding a club.

Mash: P-P-Prepare for battle! It was clearly trying to ambush us!

Elisabeth: Oh, it's just an enemy? That's too bad. Let's finish this up quickly!


Elisabeth: I worked up a little sweat. My [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet], give me something to wipe the sweat off.

Fujimaru 1: Here, use this...

Robin Hood: Hey, wait! It's not right to use my Noble Phantasm as a towel!

Robin Hood: Master, don't get carried away and try to snatch anything from me either!

Section 9: A Star Is Born

Mash: We have emerged from the forest. Robin, is that the town you told us about?

Robin Hood: Yeah, that's right.... Hmm? Somebody's here.

Geronimo: Yes, that's an ally.

Spy: Geronimo. I have news.

Geronimo: Hmm...I see. I'm sorry, but please continue your investigation.

Billy: Who were those guys?

Geronimo: They've been tracking the Celtic soldiers for me. In particular, I want to know where they're coming from.

Geronimo: ...Once we get that Saber on our side,we can pursue the matter further.

Robin Hood: Ugh, I don't want to do this...

G:???: ♪Hum, hum, hum, hum...Okay then, the groundwork is in place.

G:???: It's a shame that a Western is the only thing you can shoot in a town like this–

G:???: But not to worry. Even in a Western, my extraordinary acting talent will no doubt win me an Academy Award!

G:???: I'll be concurrently responsible for production, direction, the script, music, and the leading role...

G:???: Oh, no! I just realized there's no cameraman–!

G:???: Hmph, what am I to do...Perhaps the time has finally come for me to try my hand at summoning?

G:???: But my profound talent may result in summoning a big shot...I'll be forced to choose between Eastwood and Scott...

E:???: Hmm. Hollywood, is it? One must not underestimate the creative minds of Servants.

G:???: Hmph, who are you? I'm quite busy, so off with you...Unless you're a cameraman.

Fergus: Do excuse me. My name is Fergus. I once earned my keep as a Knight of the Red Branch.

Fergus: Normally, I would have happily called myself a cameraman in order to hit on you–but things are complicated now.

G:???: Oh?

Fergus: So I'm going to kill you. Period. If you want someone to resent, you have only me.

Fergus: I'm doing this entirely for myself, after all. I'll cut you down just because I want to.

G:???: Hmph. You seem to have your reasons, but I won't ask. You're quite bold to think you can kill me.

G:???: I don't mean to boast, but I, Nero Claudius, am not a petty Servant who will die so easily, you see?

Fergus: ...Nero, the tyrant of ancient Rome! What an unusual Servant to run into.

Fergus: No wonder your radiance is different from that mediocre rabble. Such a swelling. A swelling similar to a waterfall.

Nero Bride: Mediocre...rabble?

Fergus: Indeed. On my way here,I cut down three other Servants.

Fergus: So you'll be my fourth victim.

Nero Bride: Oh. Very impressive.

Nero Bride: But unfortunately, O mighty Fergus mac Róich, you're quite mistaken.

Nero Bride: The fourth victim...will be YOU!

Fergus: –I see. So I guess you aren't just an emperor that orders people about from your throne.

Fergus: How delightful. I guess there was no need to bring them...

Fergus: Very well then. I'm Fergus, of the Saber class. I'll face you as one of the queen's knights.

Nero Bride: You know, what you're most mistaken about is your destiny. You are truly unlucky.

Fergus: ...What?

Nero Bride: –You're here, right? Faceless King!

Fergus: ...Ugh!!

Fergus: ...Who's there?

Robin Hood: Yeah, yeah. I'll just come on out now.

Robin Hood: Hey there, little emperor. I'm impressed you knew I was here.

Nero Bride: Call it my sixth sense. I'm quite attuned to the presence of spectators.

Robin Hood: Yup, yup. Nothing less from a tyrant always seeking love. Anyway, I'm not the only one who came running here.

Mash: Nero!?

Nero Bride: Hmm, that voice...I feel like I have heard it somewhere before...

Mash: Oh, that's right...You were still alive, back in Rome.

Mash: Ahem. Your Majesty, Nero Claudius. I am Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: Please accept our humble assistance.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, we owe you for your help in Rome!

Fujimaru 2: Grant us the glory of fighting by your side one more time!

Nero Bride: Oh? So we have met somewhere before. You have earned my trust.

Nero Bride: Anyway, both of you are my type! What beautiful faces!

Nero Bride: You may have the honor of standing beside me! Pleased to meet you, strangers from my past!

Mash: ...Hehe. Master. Nero is just the same, isn't she?

Fergus: Hmm. I suppose it is reckless to take on so many.

Robin Hood: It would save us a lot of trouble if you would just surrender.

Fergus: –Surely, you jest.

Fergus: I also shall borrow the power of my queen! Come out, brave soldiers!

Nero Bride: !!!

Robin Hood: Tch, so they were hiding.

Fergus: One against seven is a bit tough, but a hundred against seven should be more even.

Robin Hood: Oh great...Looks like I can't slack off here.

Nero Bride: I do not pardon laziness, mouse. If you wish to serve me, fight for your life.

Robin Hood: Got it. Well then– Guess it's time to perform my role as an ally of justice!


Fergus: Ugh!

Robin Hood: That's checkmate, General Muscles.

Fergus: General...Hah, general, you say? Sorry, but I'm no general.

Fergus: My role is to simply add a little flair to the queen's legend.

Fergus: I only wished to become her equal in the world this time...

Rama: W-Wait, Fergus! Do you know of my bride, Sita?

Rama: The wife of a man named Rama, by the name of Sita!

Fergus: Your bride? I don't know if she was your bride, but I've seen a young woman of similar appearance to you.

Rama: Where!?

Fergus: ...Hmph, very well. That was the one thing I found unpleasant in the queen's strategy, after all.

Fergus: Return to the West, Rama. To Alcatraz Island. Your bride may be there.

Rama: Did you say...Alcatraz Island?

Dr. Roman: Wait, the famous prison island, said to be impossible to escape!?

Fergus: It's your choice whether to trust me or not.

Rama: No...I will. I'll believe you, Fergus mac Róich.

Rama: I'll head to Alcatraz Island.

Fergus: Heroes of India gaze at other people with such pure, beautiful eyes...

Fergus: Still, good grief–

Nero Bride: Hm?

Mash: ???

Elisabeth: Huh?

Fergus: There are so many splendid women here besides the queen.

Fergus: What a waste, to die at a time like this...Ahahaha!

Nero Bride: ...A Celtic warrior who can admire beauty? That man Fergus had such fine taste!

Robin Hood: No, I think it's just that he doesn't have any standards at all...

Nero Bride: Hm? Did you say something?

Robin Hood: Oh, nothing. Anyway, what are you doing in an abandoned city like this, Your Majesty?

Nero Bride: You can't tell? ...Well, I suppose I can't blame you.

Elisabeth: Hehehe, I know. I've got it! This is a plan only a woman with an appreciation for art and beauty could come up with!

Elisabeth: We meet again, Saber! It must be fate that we were both summoned to America.

Elisabeth: I can hear Mount János whispering to settle things here. To see who has the greater talent!

Nero Bride: Oh? ...I thought I sensed something tingling. It must have been you, the devilish singing diva, Elisabeth!

Nero Bride: Hehehe. Things must be made clear to you, above all others. Listen well. In fact, everyone should listen...

Nero Bride: To my grand plan which is as profound as the deepest abyss!

Robin Hood: ...I've already got an idea. Well, go right ahead, Your Majesty.

Nero Bride: Very well, I shall! Here, I plan to build the city of ultimate fantasy, namely...

Nero Bride: Hollywood! That world-renowned palace of amusement!

Fujimaru 1: Whaaaaaat!?

Fujimaru 2: Whaaaaaat.

Nero Bride: Yes, such a pleasant reaction, thank you! I see you're a top class Master!

Elisabeth: Ugh...To think you've taken one of the two greatest locations in America...Though admittedly I've already taken the other one...

Elisabeth: I knew it, Saber...You and I are tied by bonds of true friendship!

Nero Bride: We're rivals! And friends who appreciate the same art!

Mash: ...It's just like we expected, Senpai.

Billy: Heroes are amusing, aren't they, Geronimo?

Geronimo: I feel like I understand why the Roman Empire collapsed now.

Nightingale: Treating someone's aesthetic sense is outside of my field.

Nero Bride: Do you intend to help me with my plan? I could even promote you to sub-heroine, Mash!

Mash: Thank you very much. It's an honor to be the sub-heroine.

Mash: ...However, Nero. Or should I say, Your Majesty. There's just one problem with your plan.

Nero Bride: Hm? What on earth could be the flaw in my perfect plan?

Mash: This nation is currently in the middle of a war due to these Celtic warriors.

Mash: As it is now, you won't find any cameramen–or even an audience!

Nero Bride: What!?

Elisabeth: (Yup. I know that all too well. I knew that all along! )

Nero Bride: N-No wonder a single person hasn't appeared to listen to my rehearsals!

Nero Bride: There's a saying in the Orient: “Amusement is only amusing when you have a livelihood. ”

Nero Bride: ...Well, it might have been a little different...But close enough.

Nero Bride: Very well! In that case, I must make a stand as well! To build a golden city of movies in this land!

Nero Bride: Elisabeth, our showdown is on hold. For now, we need to mop up the Celtic warriors in this country!

Elisabeth: Yes, I'd expect no less from my rival! I won't lose!

Elisabeth: Leave the ticket sales to me! I'll force it on them after they're defeated!

Mash: What a beautiful friendship.

Robin Hood: Yeah, beautiful...As long as we don't get wrapped up in it.

Geronimo: Anyway, this means Saber's our ally now. We even took down Fergus as a bonus.

Geronimo: Let's consider this to be a good omen.

Mash: Excuse me, there's a transmission from the Doctor. Yes, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Sorry for interrupting your fun. If you head a little west from your location, you'll find a point with a strong Leyline.

Dr. Roman: I'd like you to establish a circle and set up a summoning point as usual.

Mash: Understood. Everyone, I'm sorry, but there's a place we'd like to go.

Nightingale: But the patient...

Dr. Roman: Ah, don't worry about that. Once the summoning point is established, we can supply healing spells.

Dr. Roman: Using that, you can hold out for a while. Securing camp is vital, for Rama's sake as well.

Section 10: Ambivalent States

Mash: As usual, it seems enemies are gathering at the Leyline. Let's clean them up.


Mash: I'll set up the summoning circle now.

Da Vinci: Yes, nice work as always. I'm glad you managed to establish the base safely.

Da Vinci: Now then. I suppose today's story should be about the United States of America?

Da Vinci: Although...I don't have much relation to that nation at all...

Da Vinci: Besides, what kind of fool would put a code in their own self-portrait?

Da Vinci: Do you know how it feels to have something like that pushed onto you? Do you?

Da Vinci: Anyway, setting that aside...

Da Vinci: The phrase “e pluribus unum” is their national motto, meaning “out of many, one. ”

Da Vinci: But that is the contradiction.

Da Vinci: To unite many into a single entity,the many must lose their individuality.

Da Vinci: They claim to be rationalism incarnate,yet act as champions of justice.

Da Vinci: They strive to be the strongest in the world, yet believe in a god.

Da Vinci: The nation of America is the embodiment of contradictory tendencies in humans.

Da Vinci: –And for that reason, their nation has no connection whatsoever to monsters or Magecraft.

Da Vinci: While they may all reach for the same unattainable stars, their approaches are fundamentally different.

Da Vinci: But having no connection doesn't mean one has no knowledge.

Da Vinci: A Holy Grail War may have occurred, even in this nation. But that would be in a different world, a faraway world–

Da Vinci: ...That's about it for today's lesson, I think. The summoning circle is established, after all.

Da Vinci: Anyway, ciao everyone♪Do your best as always!

Geronimo: ...Hm, night falls quickly. We should rest soon.

Geronimo: It'd be one thing if we were all Servants, but we have a Master with us. Plus one of us is wounded.

Rama: I'm fine! Oww...

Nightingale: I fully understand your condition. Please stop trying to act tough.

Rama: H-Hey! Stop trying to gouge my wounds! Fine, I got it. I want to rest, I really do!

Elisabeth: Hm, that's fine I suppose. Hey, Greenie, lend me that towel.

Robin Hood: I told you, this isn't a towel! It's my Noble Phantasm! It's not something to sit your ass on!

Elisabeth: Haah. You're so stingy. I can tell how you were raised, you know?

Robin Hood: I don't need to be told by some exploitative aristocrat!

Billy: There are silent ways to laugh!

Robin Hood: You're always laughing out loud, though. Geez...

Billy: Night gets cold, so I'll gather firewood now. Sound okay?

Geronimo: Yes, we aren't within their sphere of influence yet. It would be a problem if Fujimaru freezes to death.

Billy: Okay. Robin, help me out.

Elisabeth: I'll go sing for a bit. One needs to keep practicing, no matter the time.

Elisabeth: That's both the fate and duty of an idol. Also, a life of an idol. Oh, and hope of an idol.

Nero Bride: Hmm, well said. I won't lose either!

Nightingale: The necrosis in your heart is starting to spread faster. I can still keep you alive for a few days, but–

Nightingale: After that, I can't make any promises.

Rama: I understand. Just let me rest for now.

Nightingale: I'll inject a double dose of painkillers. That should help.

Rama: No, I won't stay conscious without the pain. I need to be able to move, if the time comes...

Nightingale: Then I'll give you the normal dose. Just be prepared for intense pain.

Rama: I know. This is a punishment that I must accept.

Nightingale: ...Punishment?

Rama: I suffered an unsightly defeat to Cú Chulainn. Not only that, but to save me–

Rama: Many people were sacrificed. Therefore, this is my punishment.

Nightingale: ...Are idiots allowed to become kings in India?

Rama: What?

Nightingale: In what world would people, after risking their lives to save someone, be happy to see that person suffer?

Nightingale: The people who saved you surely wished for your safety, and for your good health.

Rama: Uh...

Nightingale: All too foolish. Recover from your wounds, and fight to honor those who saved you.

Nightingale: That is the best, and only, thing you can do for them.

Rama: ...Thanks for the advice.

Nightingale: That's a nurse's duty.

Mash: ...Ah, Master. The stars are beautiful, aren't they?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah.

Fujimaru 2: There's nothing there.

Mash: Yes, a primal landscape. A place where it's hard for people to survive, where only beasts are allowed to live.

Mash: How long do you need to devote to something for a nation to be born here–I can't even begin to imagine.

Mash: Countless people, resources, blood and sweat. The culmination of humanity's efforts that transcends good and evil.

Mash: ...No matter how much I thought about it in Chaldea, I couldn't understand...But I'm starting to see now.

Mash: It's all because of you. Thank you very much.

Fujimaru 1: You're welcome.

Fujimaru 2: I'm nothing special.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: What is it, Fou?

Nero Bride: Don't run, Fou! Just sit still, and let me brush you!

Fou: Fou, fou fou!

Mash: You're being threatened, Nero.

Nero Bride: Hmph, too bad. By the way, Geronimo was calling for you.

Nero Bride: He wanted to talk about our plans going forward...Hm?

Mash: Night is their time. Call for everyone. Let's fight back!


Geronimo: We're currently in the western region of North America. The Celtic warriors seem to mainly be coming from the East.

Geronimo: American army bases and cities have fallen one after another.

Geronimo: While most of them massacre men and women of all ages, some Servants seem to allow non-combatants to escape.

Geronimo: It's fine to be an honorable Servant, but those that escaped are going to die sooner or later regardless.

Geronimo: The East is almost completely occupied. And...This is the most important part...

Geronimo: They're using Washington as their base. In other words, the original capital.

Mash: Are you sure of that?

Geronimo: It's information from a man who escaped from Washington, but I have no proof.

Geronimo: ...Still, if you don't mind hearing my personal intuition, I believe this is the enemy's main stronghold.

Nero Bride: Why is that?

Geronimo: When seeking to humiliate a nation,the most effective method is to occupy their capital.

Geronimo: On the other hand, the United Western States led by Edison has been actively accepting refugees from the East.

Geronimo: He makes them work in mechanized infantry factories, and diligently makes improvements each day.

Geronimo: He is accompanied by Helena Blavatsky, with whom he was also friends in life–

Geronimo: As well as one of the most powerful beings in Indian mythology, the “Hero of Benefaction” Karna, from the Mahabharata.

Geronimo: Blavatsky may be obvious, but it's unknown why Karna would have taken his side...

Geronimo: Regardless, those three and their mechanized infantry seem to be compensating for their lack of Servants.

Geronimo: Now, assuming that Washington is the enemy stronghold–the question is, what should we do next?

Billy: I know! Can't we wait for them to destroy each other?

Geronimo: That would be difficult.

Geronimo: Since the Celts possess the Grail, Edison's army can't close the military power gap regardless of the improvements he's made.

Geronimo: If anything, it's the chaotic nature of the current situation that allows small forces like us to move around freely.

Billy: That's true. Never mind!

Geronimo: Most of us rallying here on this occasion are heroes, but not really heroes.

Geronimo: An outlaw, an outcast, a lone wolf.... That's the type of folk we are.

Geronimo: Given the chance, they will exploit that weakness of ours. So there's only one way to win.

Geronimo: We must search for specific Servants, and eliminate them.

Geronimo: As I thought, our only option is assassination. We'll infiltrate their base and take out the Servants.

Elisabeth: Um...Is that really okay? There's more than one of them, right?

Geronimo: You're correct, dragon girl.

Geronimo: The capital has the toughest defense in a nation. It would be difficult for even an Assassin to infiltrate and assassinate someone.

Geronimo: Normally, at least.

Robin Hood: Which means?

Geronimo: ...Celtic warriors are extremely belligerent.

Geronimo: Also, considering the haphazard nature of their invasions, it's obvious they simply do as they please.

Geronimo: In other words–

Mash: ...The Celtic warriors won't place any emphasis on defending the capital?

Geronimo: That's my speculation. They simply see a fortress as a place to live, and not a place to defend.

Geronimo: They stress about how strong their warriors ought to be— Their society values individuals more than the whole.

Robin Hood: Ah, I get it. Rather than build up a castle's defenses, they think they can rely on their own strength.

Robin Hood: That's the opposite of Edison, who believes in uniformity and strength in numbers. No wonder their castle is shorthanded.

Geronimo: Yeah. However, this is a gamble.

Geronimo: We have no way to defend the West. We must gamble since the difference in military strength is overwhelming.

Billy: Hmm, I guess this really is the bottom of the barrel.

Billy: I don't like it, but I doubt there's a better plan than this.

Billy: I got no problem with this plan.

Robin Hood: No matter how slim it may be, I will take any chance I can get. An all-or-nothing gamble scares me.

Nero Bride: Lancer and I don't mind, either.

Elisabeth: Right. We're really busy, so the sooner it ends the better.

Nightingale: Medical treatment is pointless if it doesn't address the source. If Washington is the lesion, it must be cut out.

Nightingale: ...However, we should prioritize treatment of this patient first.

Rama: I'm fine...Or so I'd like to say, but I'm useless when it comes to assassination. I'll only slow you down.

Geronimo: Yes, exactly. That's why I want to split our force into two.

Geronimo: One group will go with Nightingale in pursuit of the Servant Sita, who has ties to Rama, for his treatment.

Geronimo: The other will infiltrate the East,and carry out the assassination.

Geronimo: ...The assassination mission is dangerous, there's a high chance of failure. We must avoid clumping up and getting wiped out.

Geronimo: Personally, I'd like Mash and Fujimaru to accompany Nightingale and Rama.

Geronimo: What do you think?

Mash: Us?

Geronimo: Yes. To put it one way...You're our ace in the hole. Literally, our trump card.

Geronimo: If all goes well and we eliminate the enemy, that's fine. If we can't, the rest is in your hands.

Mash: ...Senpai? I'll leave the decision up to the Master.

Fujimaru 1: Understood.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go with that.

Geronimo: Very well, I'll leave it to you. Now, in terms of balance...I'd like at least one more Servant to go along with you.

Nero Bride: ...Hm, okay. Lancer...No, Elisabeth. You should go with them.

Elisabeth: Huh? Why me? We're not going together?

Nero Bride: Umu. While I'd love to see whose song is better...We can't exactly sing loudly during an assassination mission.

Nero Bride: That would be boring.

Nero Bride: That's why when we meet again, we'll make a big stage. They'll be the judges, and we'll finally settle things.

Nero Bride: To see who the true idol is!

Elisabeth: Ugh...How splendid! A once-in-a-lifetime performance! I'd expect no less from my rival. You think BIG!

Fujimaru 1: Judges?

Mash: ...Let's just pretend we didn't hear that.

Elisabeth: But in that case, shouldn't you go with the Master instead of me, Nero? Can you handle something as complicated as an assassination?

Nero Bride: Hehehe, sorry to disappoint you, but I'm more fitted for assassination.... Why, you ask?

Nero Bride: I'm Nero Claudius. I'm a veteran of both assassinating and being assassinated!

Nero Bride: Life as emperor is filled with conspiracies. Kill or be killed, poison or be poisoned. It's filled with gory details.

Nero Bride: ...Umu. I feel sad just saying that...Either way, there's no one more suited for assassination than me!

Nero Bride: Ahem...Go on, feel free to applaud. Applaud.

Robin Hood: That's not something to brag about, Your Majesty.

Nero Bride: I know. Even I'm not even really trying to brag.

Nero Bride: But with my “Imperial Privilege,” I can mimic an Assassin for a while.

Nero Bride: There's also another very important reason.

Geronimo: Important...reason?

Mash: What could that be...

Nero Bride: Umu. Well you see...Rama and I are way too similar!

Rama: That's all!?

Nero Bride: What do you mean, that's all? It's important not to have overlapping characteristics!

Elisabeth: ...In that case, we can't help it. That's a fatal issue for any group, after all...

Rama: It's really that important? So much so that you accepted it instantly!?

Rama: Hey, Fujimaru. I'm really confused here!

Fujimaru 1: Don't worry about it.

Rama: You say that, but...

Nightingale: Okay, settle down a bit, patient.

Rama: Owwww!

Fujimaru 2: Individuality is important.

Rama: Fujimaru, you too? So characteristic really that important...

Elisabeth: Anyway, it's fine. You'd better get that assassination done, Nero.

Nero Bride: That goes without saying. Just leave it to me. It's like a secret live performance.

Geronimo: That settles it, then. Myself, Robin, Billy, and Nero...

Geronimo: Our team will head to the East for the assassinations. And–

Geronimo: Nightingale, Rama, Mash, Elisabeth,and Master Fujimaru...

Geronimo: Your team will head to Alcatraz Island to rescue Sita. Any issues with that, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Not at all.

Fujimaru 2: Please be careful.

Geronimo: Of course. Very well, we'll depart tomorrow morning.

Mash: I'll give you a communication device. We can use it to decide where to rendezvous afterwards.

Geronimo: Sure. Now rest up and prepare for tomorrow.

Geronimo: Particularly you, Master. You need to head back west. Make sure you eat something and sleep well tonight.


Geronimo: We'll be heading to the East now.

Mash: Yes, and we'll head to Alcatraz Island.

Geronimo: I'm sure there are Celtic Servants posted at Alcatraz Island as well. Be careful.

Mash: Yes. You too, Geronimo.

Geronimo: Master. Our time together was short, but enjoyable. I pray for success on your end.

Fujimaru 1: You sound like you're going to die.

Fujimaru 2: You sound like we won't meet again.

Geronimo: Hm, I suppose I do sound like that.... Don't worry, we'll meet again.

Billy: Hey, Master. Don't worry, this will be quick.

Billy: Just sit tight and wait for the good news! ...Just kidding.

Robin Hood: Take care of the little princess here, Master.

Elisabeth: Hey, it should be the other way around! I'm going to take care of these guys.

Robin Hood: Yeah, yeah.... Anyway, time to get to work.

Nero Bride: Umu. Fujimaru, watch over Lancer for me.

Elisabeth: Hey, you too, Saber? That's so rude.

Nero Bride: Ahahahaha. Forgive me, Lancer.

Elisabeth: Listen, Saber. This is a promise. When you come back, we'll settle who number one is–

Nero Bride: I know. We'll have a showdown, fair and square,and see who's more worthy of the audience's applause!

Nero Bride: I'll show you my true strength when that time comes! —It's mind-blowing, by the way!

Robin Hood: So she's been holding back all this time? Now that's a scary thought.

Elisabeth: Yes, go and kill them all, Saber. We still have that collaboration between Golden Theater and Castle Csejte to do.

Nero Bride: Umu, leave everything to me!

Geronimo: Well, let's get moving.

Nero Bride: Umu. It was a quick farewell, but I have no regrets. Now, to finish our tasks.

Geronimo: ...We're not going to our deaths, Nero.

Nero Bride: I'm aware of that. But I also know how dangerous assassination plots can be.

Nero Bride: We're infiltrating deep into enemy lines. Prioritizing our own survival reduces the chance of success.

Robin Hood: Hey, are you planning to...

Nero Bride: Say nothing more. It would be insensitive of you, Archer...I mean, Robin Hood.

Nero Bride: I intend to survive. My stubbornness is second to none, after all!

Robin Hood: That's true. I don't intend to die, either. Let's just do our best.

Billy: Hey, Geronimo.

Geronimo: What?

Billy: I'm an American, so it's fine, but...You're a proud Apache, right?

Billy: Is it really okay? Saving this nation, I mean.

Geronimo: You're still saying that? If this nation isn't saved, we won't be saved, either.

Geronimo: ...Besides, the idea of America owing me a debt is pleasant.

Geronimo: Even if all is lost and forgotten once the world corrects itself.

Geronimo: There's no need for you to feel any sort of guilt.

Billy: ...I see. Then I'll go with that.

Billy: I just hope this assassination goes well.

Geronimo: Indeed...

Rama: Ugh...

Nightingale: ...Master. It seems he's finally approaching his limit.

Nightingale: Please try to make haste. If not, I may be forced to amputate the patient's limbs...

Rama: Anything but that. Haha, I need to show some willpower...

Nightingale: This patient's display of toughness is praise-worthy. An ordinary person would have broken mentally already.

Rama: I can't die until I meet my wife. That is my duty, as the king of Kosala.

Rama: ...At least, that's what I tried to do. But she ended up being harmed for that reason.

Dr. Roman: Right, according to the Ramayana, you suspected your wife of infidelity, and tested her twice.

Elisabeth: Seriously? No wonder she got mad at you.

Rama: ...No, I never suspected my wife of infidelity. But that wasn't enough to appease the people.

Rama: The first ceremony should have removed all doubt...But the people continued to suspect her.

Elisabeth: ...You trusted her, right?

Rama: I did. However, I still exiled her. I had no choice.

Elisabeth: What the...

Nightingale: Isn't that the same as suspecting her?

Elisabeth: That's right! You're the worst! Simply the worst!

Mash: U-Um, both of you, calm down...He's injured.

Rama: ...No, they're right. I truly am the worst.

Rama: Self-protection, embarrassment, fear...As one ages, various things intertwine, and tie you down.

Rama: This truth is evident from my being summoned as a youth. Back during this time, all I felt for Sita was love.

Rama: You could say that was my peak condition...Back when that was enough for me.

Nightingale: ...Then you must endure, until you meet your love once again. If you truly love her, you must prove it.

Nightingale: If not, it would be the same as if you didn't love her. Some things must be said to truly be understood.

Rama: I understand that. Now, let's hurry. I'm still fine.

Nightingale: We should hurry, Master.

Elisabeth: Right. At the very least, this lady Sita needs to give this man a good slap across the face.

Elisabeth: If it comes down to it, I could even lend her my microphone!

Rama: Haha, that sounds painful.... Hm? Master, there seems to be enemies about.

Dr. Roman: That's right. I've detected enemies. They're Celt warriors, but their numbers are few.

Mash: Understood. Let's go, Master!


Mash: Now, let's hurry onwards. No stops until Alcatraz.

Section 11: The Rock

Mash: We've arrived. That island over there is Alcatraz Island.

Rama: It's unexpectedly close. But we still can't exactly swim there.

Mash: The chance of being noticed by enemy Servants—

Elisabeth: The island's not that big...Anybody could notice us when we land. No use worrying about that.

Elisabeth: More importantly, I don't want to swim. Got that?

Fujimaru 1: Can't swim?

Fujimaru 2: Sink like a rock?

Elisabeth: That's not it! I've...never properly swam before, but I'm sure I'd be fine!

Elisabeth: What I'm trying to say is,I don't want to swim in the ocean.

Elisabeth: Seawater dries out my skin.

Dr. Roman: It might be fine for the Servants, but I'm sure it would be hard for our Master Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Currents are swift, and the water is cold. It's an extremely unfit place to swim.

Mash: We'll try searching for a boat that'll get us across.

Mash: ...Maybe we should ask the old man over there.... Um, excuse me?

Old Man: Hm?

Mash: We're looking for a boat to cross over to that island–

Old Man: ...Forget it. There are demons living on that island now.

Mash: ...Demons?

Old Man: That's right. I know because I'm originally from England. Those were “dragonkin. ”

Mash: What!?

Old Man: If you really want to go, I can lend you my boat...But you'd better pay for it if you break it.

Mash: ...There you have it.

Elisabeth: Dragonkin, huh? That's not too bad, I'm a Dragonkin too. Well, a Demi at that.

Rama: Wait...You are!?

Elisabeth: Where did you think my tail and horns came from?

Rama: That's...I thought you were just into things like that...

Elisabeth: When you've healed, Sita won't be the only one slapping you!

Mash: Th-That's enough.

Nightingale: Dragons waiting at our destination or not, this patient is at his limit.

Nightingale: We shouldn't be afraid of a fight. We need to go, there's no time to waste.

Mash: ...Right, it'll be fine. We fought more than enough dragonkin in France, after all.

Elisabeth: There were wyverns everywhere we looked...As a fellow Demi-Dragon, it got old really fast.

Rama: I see. The journey to save the world sounds like quite the ordeal.

Nightingale: –Anyway, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Set sail!

Fujimaru 2: Let's go!

E:???: ...Hm. One, two, three, four...But one of them seems weakened...Is that one injured?

E:???: So that really means three. Seriously? ONLY three?

E:???: I just hope there's enough for everyone to get their fill...

E:???: Tch...Whatever. All right. Guys, you've got work.

E:???: You're not just here to live idly and eat humans. Go put yourselves to the test!

G:???: ......

G:???: —Lord Rama?

Mash: We're here.

Dr. Roman: I've already picked up several enemy wyvern responses. Also–

Mash: A Servant is here.

Dr. Roman: Right. But the Servant doesn't seem to be moving.

Dr. Roman: The wyverns seem to be deployed to form a path to the enemy Servant.

Elisabeth: Which means?

Rama: ...We're likely being tested. He's saying, “I'm right here. Come at me...”

Nightingale: And if we don't defeat that Servant, we likely won't be able to meet Sita.

Nightingale: Let's head straight there. Considering the patient's condition, we don't have a moment to lose.

Nightingale: No need to wait for permission to operate. Cutting straight through!

Mash: Uh, w-wait! ...Then again, I guess Nightingale isn't exactly the type of person to wait...

Mash: Let's follow her. There's no mistake that her choice is the fastest option. No sense in overthinking.

Elisabeth: That's right. It's good when things are easy to understand. Let's charge, full speed ahead!

Mash: Here they come. Wyverns and Celtic warriors! Master, please give me your orders!


Elisabeth: Whew, piece of cake! Are you still doing okay?

Rama: ...Yes, somewhat. Right now, I'm just worried whether I'll be able to meet Sita again or not.

Elisabeth: Oh? We're busy fighting for our lives,and you're thinking about your wife?

Rama: I-I can't fight like this, I can't help it! I'd love to fight if I could!

Elisabeth: No, I meant the opposite. That's a good thing. I thought you were some playboy prince, but you're actually really nice.

Elisabeth: Okay, I feel more motivated! Leave these weaklings to me. I'll make sure you see your wife again!

Elisabeth: But in exchange, you'd better apologize to her properly. Every girl wants to know that someone needs them.

Rama: Y-Yes...That's right. I just hope I have the chance to apologize...


Nightingale: We must push forward and defeat them, for his treatment!


Nightingale: ...Ugh...

Mash: Are you okay!?

Rama: Don't hurt yourself too much for me, Nightingale. I know of shame, and you mentioned something similar earlier.

Rama: I don't wish for you to be harmed.

Nightingale: Be quiet. For me, the second most hated thing in this world is an incurable illness.

Nightingale: What I hate most are patients who don't try to recover.

Rama: S-Shouldn't it be the opposite?

Nightingale: No. Incurable diseases will become curable someday.

Nightingale: Doctors and nurses like myself constantly work towards that goal, racking our minds and building knowledge.

Nightingale: We must cure illness, even if that means killing people. Disease must be killed, massacred, and exterminated.

Nightingale: –But to do that, a patient's willpower is imperative.

Nightingale: Curing a patient who has no will to recover is impossible, for any doctor.

Nightingale: Medical treatment can only begin when someone has the will to be healed.

Nightingale: I intend to cure you. I'll cure you so you can act openheartedly.

Nightingale: I'll cure you so that you may whisper words of love to your wife. I'll cure you—so you can wield your sword and fight.

Nightingale: But for that, your body, your cells,must have the determination to recover.

Nightingale: If you lose willpower, muster it up again. Otherwise, I'll kill you myself.

Rama: ...You know, you really are a Berserker!

Nightingale: You disapprove?

Rama: Not at all...I got it. I'll recover. I WILL recover. I have the desire to do so.

Rama: I refuse to die, not until my wish is fulfilled!

Nightingale: This is the final gate. Please hold out just a little longer.


Mash: ...A Servant!

E:???: Hey. Welcome to the Alcatraz Penitentiary. Are you here for imprisonment? An attack? Aiding a jailbreak?

E:???: Let me know what you want. I'll think about it after I kill you.

Nightingale: This patient's wife seems to be held here. She's necessary for his recovery, please release her.

E:???: What, you're here for a meeting? Seriously, you didn't come to fight?

Nightingale: Of course not. Why would a nurse want to fight? The only things that nurses fight are illness and injury.

E:???: You're absolutely correct. A nurse who takes lives would be out of their mind.

E:???: Hmm? That means you're actually not crazy? You're quite the respectable Servant!

Rama: I must agree with our enemy.

Rama: This nurse here is a contradictory woman,someone who's crazy yet isn't crazy either.

E:???: Oh? I thought you were just their luggage, but you can talk? I get it. You're that lady's husband.

E:???: Unfortunately for you,I have no intention of letting her go.

Nightingale: –So you are obstructing treatment of an injured man. Obstacles must be eliminated.

Nightingale: I wish for bloodshed. No, I thirst for it.

Nightingale: If it means saving a patient,I'll remove all obstacles down to their roots!

E:???: Heh...Hahahaha! How amusing! So Berserkers come in different varieties too!

Elisabeth: Ugh...This Servant doesn't make me feel well...I feel it in my horns!

E:???: I'm sure, young lady! After all, my True Name is Beowulf–the “Dragon Slayer. ”

Dr. Roman: The famed hero of the oldest English epic poem, Beowulf!

Dr. Roman: He's a formidable enemy, so don't hold back. Everyone, fight him together!

Beowulf: Oh, we're starting with a group fight? I see you guys are going all out, I like that!

Mash: Wha...A dragonkin? It wasn't just wyverns?

Beowulf: I handpicked this one. A bit of a waste to use in skirmishes, but good enough as a test.

Beowulf: It's obvious that we're enemies,but there are still codes of conduct to follow.

Beowulf: I admire those who are strong, even enemies. Fear not death, but extravagance, and never forget honor.

Beowulf: That's the rule of our world. Well, it just means you need to fight, and prove yourself.

Beowulf: This world is filled with conflict, and this nation is being swallowed into the mud of war.

Beowulf: If you have a problem with that, come and fight. Prove that your life is worth living. Prove that you're warriors.

Beowulf: If you manage that, let's see...I'll at least remember your names!

Beowulf: What's going on? You don't feel pain, woman? Or, do you have a heart of iron?

Beowulf: Edison's mechanized soldier is more human than you. You're like steel in human clothes, Berserker!

Nightingale: I'm often told that. I don't care at all. My body is simply a means to heal patients, after all.

Beowulf: You're like a puppet just doing what it was built for! Looks like I need to crush you completely to stop you!

Rama: ...Wait. Nightingale, I have a request.

Nightingale: –You're a patient, please be quiet.

Rama: No, this is necessary for my treatment.

Nightingale: ...What is it?

Rama: Put me down.

Nightingale: ...I can't do that.

Rama: Put me down, for the sake of treatment. If you fall, who will treat me?

Nightingale: —Can you even fight?

Rama: Believe in me. A patient and doctor must first trust each other, right?

Nightingale: ...Just one correction. I'm a nurse, not a doctor.

Beowulf: Huh?

Beowulf: Hey, I want to fight that living iron puppet lady over there.

Beowulf: I have no interest in fighting a living corpse. Just go die in a corner or something.

Rama: ...You're right. I'm just a living corpse. However...Listen to me.

Rama: I have quite the story for you. A sweet deal. You won't lose out.

Beowulf: Hm? You've come to a prison, and you got a sweet deal? You trying to bribe the jailer or something—

Rama: —“Brahmastra! ”

Beowulf: What!?

Beowulf: You've got a pretty face, but you pull a surprise attack like that? Damn, now that's interesting!

Rama: Shut up! Stand aside! For getting in the way of love, you could've got it much worse!

Rama: My wife is waiting for me! I'm not going to be picky about my methods!

Beowulf: Heh...Haha, of course! That's definitely my bad!

Beowulf: I tried acting like a big villain, but that was more like some petty underling!

Beowulf: All right, bring it on, frail boy! If you manage to beat me now, that's a victory for justice!

Beowulf: Put your life on the line for your woman, and die with honor!


Beowulf: —Tch, I can't even win against a man who's half-dead...I've lost, no matter how anyone looks at it.

Beowulf: Fine, I surrender. Do whatever you want. I'm not so tasteless as to stand in the way of your love.

Beowulf: Damn, bringing love affairs onto the battlefield...I'm weak against things like that.

Beowulf: To be honest, I wanted to wipe you guys out, or be completely wiped out myself...

Beowulf: Oh, by the way, I didn't lay a finger on the prisoner. She's so dainty, I felt like she'd snap just by touching her.

Nightingale: That're surrendering from battle?

Beowulf: That's right. We can talk somewhere else. Just get going, frail boy. Your dainty wife is waiting.

Rama: Yes...I'll do that!

F:???: ......Lord Rama?

Rama: Is that you, Sita? I've come for you...I've...come...

F:???: Lord Rama!

Mash: Rama, you shouldn't run in your condition...

Rama: ...Ah, damn it. My vision's all blurry. I can't see a thing.

Sita: I'm right here, Lord Rama.

Rama: Where...Sita...Where are you?

Rama: ...I wanted to see you. I wanted to see you. I really, really wanted to see you again.

Rama: You being there for me was all I needed!

Mash: Rama!

Nightingale: –We must begin treatment at once.

Nightingale: I'm sorry, normally we wouldn't conduct medical procedures in such an unsanitary place.

Nightingale: But you're a Servant, so this is an exception. Feel free to hold his hand, no need for hesitation.

Sita: ...What happened to Lord Rama?

Mash: I'll explain. You see–

Sita: My, something like that happened? To think I could ever be of use to Lord Rama...

Mash: ...Um, so who exactly are you?

Sita: I am “Rama. ”

Mash: What...What do you mean?

Sita: Are you familiar with the curse placed on Lord Rama?

Dr. Roman: If I recall...When he killed the monkey Vali with an ambush from behind, the monkey's wife cast a curse on him.

Sita: Yes. That curse keeps us apart, even as Heroic Spirits.

Sita: We can never meet again.

Sita: When participating in a Holy Grail War as Servants,either he or I get summoned as Rama.

Sita: We are never summoned simultaneously. Even in Holy Grail Wars, we are fated to never meet again.

Sita: ...Even this unique situation is no different. When he awakens, I will most likely vanish.

Mash: That can't be...

Sita: –But it's okay. I'm fine with that. While Lord Rama wasn't able to see me...

Sita: I was able to be here, and hold his hand. That's...enough for me to be happy.

Elisabeth: –Are you really okay with that? What about a heartfelt apology? An oath of love, from the bottom of his soul?

Elisabeth: You don't want something like that? This man betrayed you once before, right?

Sita: This man fought for 14 years, for my sake.

Sita: He faced Ravana, even though we had only lived together for a year.

Sita: He could have forgotten about me, and taken a new wife–but he never did, to the day he died.

Sita: That's enough. I know his love and passion well enough. That's why we will...continue yearning for each other.

Sita: Even if it's an impossible wish, we'll continue to believe that it'll come true one day.

Elisabeth: ...I see. It sounds like you had a short, but happy time together.

Nightingale: The mending is mostly complete,but “something” is nestled inside, interfering.

Mash: That's likely the curse of Gáe Bolg.

Nightingale: Even if he recovers from his wound, I doubt he will be able to fight...I am sorry to say.

Sita: In that case, I shall offer this body.

Nightingale: What!?

Sita: I'll dispel the curse with my body. I'll burden myself with the curse, then disappear.

Sita: Luckily, Rama and I are “one and the same. ” It should be simple to take the curse in his place.

Mash: P-Please wait! That defeats the purpose of us coming here!

Mash: Rama was able to come this far...because it was all for you!

Sita: ...Yes. I'm saying, those feelings...are enough to fulfill me.

Sita: Also, from what you just told me, you need a strong warrior more than anything now. Isn't that right?

Sita: In that case, my husband...Lord Rama, is the most powerful warrior in this world.

Nightingale: Very well, I'll transplant the lesion to you. Are you sure this is okay?

Sita: Yes, please do so.

Nightingale: –I never married in my lifetime. However, I still understand your feelings of wanting to help another.

Nightingale: Though only a short while, it was an honor to speak with you. Farewell, Mrs. Sita.

Sita: Yes.

Sita: Lord Rama...Rama. I can take just a small portion of your burden.

Sita: ...I can aid your fight, even if it's only for a little. But that's more than enough to make me happy.

Sita: I love you...I really, really do love you.

Nightingale: –Mr. Rama. Mr. Rama! Can you hear my voice? Should I fire a gun next to your ear?

Mash: Please don't do that...

Rama: ......

Rama: ......Ah, she is gone.

Nightingale: –Yes, to cure you.

Rama: I see...I thought she might do that, considering how abnormal this Holy Grail War is.

Rama: So this is also destiny, I suppose.

Nightingale: She held your hand, and kissed you. She offered you her tears, and her love.

Nightingale: That's why you're standing here, alive.

Rama: –Thank you, Nightingale. Those words alone give me salvation.

Nightingale: There's no need for a thank you. This is what gives my life meaning, after all.

Rama: Nightingale, Mash, Elisabeth, Dr. Roman...and Master.

Rama: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I, Rama, Saber class and king of Kosala...

Rama: ...hereby renew my oath. Fujimaru, I am your Servant.

Fujimaru 1: Ready to fight?

Rama: ...My body does not falter. I'm fully prepared for battle.

Rama: And...this time, I shall emerge victorious over Cú Chulainn. I swear it. I shall not be defeated again.

Mash: ...This completes our team's mission. We should hurry to the East.

Nightingale: It's finally time to begin treating the root cause. Let's put our skills to the test.

Elisabeth: Hey, what exactly is the treatment?

Nightingale: We shall purge the Celtic warriors. Completely.

Elisabeth: Wonderful. Truly the most exciting treatment.

Section 12: Sympathy for the Soldier

Geronimo: ...How'd it go?

Robin Hood: I'm done scouting. Geez. I'm really overusing “No Face May King. ”

Nero Bride: We can't help it. If I went scouting, it would cause a huge uproar.

Robin Hood: I guess that's true! But anyway...

Robin Hood: It seems like they intend to hold a large-scale parade along this major street.

Billy: A parade? Why would they do that?

Robin Hood: That I don't know.

Robin Hood: Still, that's definitely what those Celts are preparing.

Nero Bride: A parade...How outrageous! No, enviable!

Robin Hood: Isn't that the opposite!?

Nero Bride: Archer. What a sad man...Have you never held a parade?

Robin Hood: Why would I? I'm just a regular guy.

Nero Bride: Parades are great...All the people shouting my name, the orderly troops marching along in perfect step.

Nero Bride: One wave of the hand, and I'm showered with “Wonderful! ” “Superb! ” “Hurray! ” “Lady Nero, sleep with me! ”

Nero Bride: Umu, now I want to hold a parade, too.

Geronimo: ...I see. That sounds like an exciting time for anyone. Let's take out the target at the parade.

Billy: Target who, exactly?

Geronimo: The Servant with the highest honors held at the parade...Although it might not be a Servant.

Nero Bride: Billy. At a parade, the person of highest influence must also stand out the most.

Nero Bride: That's the whole point of the event. But that also makes it a good opportunity for assassination.

Billy: Hmm, it's not easy being a show-off.

Geronimo: Robin, did you notice any Servants lurking about?

Robin Hood: I sensed two. If there were any others, they weren't within my detection range.

Robin Hood: The two there are surrounded by Celtic warriors.

Geronimo: So most of the Servants are absent...

Billy: But we don't know for sure. They could have just been outside of Robin's range.

Billy: There's always the possibility of an ambush.

Robin Hood: I'm an Archer. My Servant detection range is pretty far, you know?

Robin Hood: Then again, Servants can indeed close in from outside detection range in an instant...

Billy: –What should we do, Geronimo?

Geronimo: ...We have to do it. This is undoubtedly a golden opportunity.

Geronimo: We didn't have to fight on the way here at all. Meanwhile, Mash and company made a bold move out in the West.

Geronimo: I'm sure the enemy is already aware of our actions.

Geronimo: They might feel that something is up, but they surely don't think we have this many Servants lined up.

Nero Bride: Yes. So what should we do?

Geronimo: Nero, what kind of Noble Phantasm do you have?

Nero Bride: Hm? My Noble Phantasm? My Noble Phantasm is—

Geronimo: I see. Then we'll use that. There's no need to hold back on using Noble Phantasms. We'll end things here.

Nero Bride: Umu! This is a great stage for our big moment!

Robin Hood: Understood. Let's end this quickly, and make our escape.

Billy: Yeah, let's do our best!

Geronimo: –Then let's follow the plan.

Robin Hood: I'll use “No Face May King” to disappear and get close...Make way for the Faceless King!

Geronimo: That woman's standing above the Celtic warriors– I see, she's the queen!

Medb: Everyone! Thank you so much for coming here to see me, Medb!

Medb: This nation belongs to the Eternal King!

Medb: A nation of Cú and myself, made by Cú and myself, for Cú and myself!

Medb: Be honored that you serve us 24 hours a day. Rejoice that you are our subordinates 24 hours a day.

Medb: Justice, honor, and glory all belong to us!

Geronimo: –Robin!

Robin Hood: Got it. Removing “No Face May King”! Go, Saber!

Nero Bride: Yes, leave it to me!

Medb: Hm?

Nero Bride: Queen Medb! You may look cute, but your reign comes to an end now!

Nero Bride: Sunlight of spring, dancing flowers! The winds of May that brush your cheeks! The blessed bells that ring all the way beyond stella!

Nero Bride: Open, Nuptiae Domus Aurea!

Medb: Could this be...a Reality Marble!? No, this is different. This is Magecraft! Unwavering, unhesitant Magecraft!

Medb: It's so beautiful! I want this Noble Phantasm!

Nero Bride: This Noble Phantasm is beyond you, but we have a great banquet for you tonight! Brace yourself!

Geronimo: Queen of Connacht, Medb! Sorry, but we'll be taking your head!

Billy: –Here goes!

Medb: Oh my, so many! And because of this barrier, my warriors are weakened, too!

Medb: This is bad! I'm in big trouble! Big, big trouble!

Medb: Save me, my king!

Nero Bride: Bring on your so-called king!

Geronimo: This is the moment of truth. Put some spirit into this!

Billy: Wait. I've got a bad feeling!

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Haaaaah!

Nero Bride: Ugh...He has this much strength inside my Golden Theater!?

Cú Chulainn Alter: A bold plan, but a failure. You should have targeted me, not Medb.

Geronimo: Child of Light, Cú Chulainn! Still in that ominous form, I see.

Geronimo: It seems you're the holder of the Holy Grail!

Cú Chulainn Alter: Huh? I don't care about the Grail. I gave that thing to Medb.

Geronimo: Then what's this strength!? You're within Nero's Bounded Field!

Medb: I wished for it!

Geronimo: What!?

Medb: I wished for Cú to “become a king”! A strong and wicked king, who could stand equal to me!

Geronimo: –I see. If it's a wish upon the Grail, it's no wonder he can surpass this Bounded Field...

Cú Chulainn Alter: That doesn't matter. All I sought was this situation. I decided to reign supreme as “king,” and fight with all my might.

Nero Bride: ...Oh? So you're a “king”? Let me ask you as an emperor. How do you intend to take the right of leadership?

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll fight, kill, and conquer. That's all.

Nero Bride: ...Is that really all?

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'm not the type to rule through wisdom. Besides, everyone living on this land is a warrior.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll take everything, kill everyone, and dominate everywhere...Then, when there's nothing left– I will return to the void.

Nero Bride: What...In that case, you're no different from a mindless beast!

Cú Chulainn Alter: And what's wrong with that? We were born into an era that's neither dream nor reality.

Cú Chulainn Alter: If everything's an illusion to begin with, we should all vanish without building anything, no?

Nero Bride: So you would deny prosperity...You are not fit to be a king!

Medb: Oh, but he is.

Medb: The qualification to be king is absolute strength. Enough to declare domination and create a nation alone.

Medb: That alone is enough for people to follow. Everything else can be handled by others.

Medb: I mean, mankind is enslaved by strength. The weak will cling to the strong as long as they get to pick up the leftover glory.

Medb: That's just the way of the world. Aren't you the same?

Nero Bride: Hah. I like lions, but mad dogs aren't my cup of tea. When it comes down to it, you're just another dog, a bitch, who seduced a lion.

Medb: That's fine. I don't mind being a bitch. I don't mind at all.

Medb: I mean, I fell in love. What am I supposed to do? That's right...Ever since the day I failed to take Ulster!

Medb: A warrior who wouldn't become mine,a man who didn't heed to my will.

Medb: A great hero who protected his nation alone,who boasted to none, and ended his life with a smile!

Medb: As far as I know, Cú Chulainn is stronger than anyone or anything, and I've always loved him!

Nero Bride: I see. Then watch as the man you love falls!

Nero Bride: Here I go!

Geronimo: We're right behind you!

Billy: Got it! ...Wait, are you kidding me?

Robin Hood: A Servant...

Medb: –To be perfectly honest, I thought Cú would be more than enough here.

Medb: But I figured I'd have one more as backup, just in case. I'm so smart!

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Medb: Oh dear. Don't look at me like that, Cú. This doesn't mean that I don't trust you, okay?

Medb: But sometimes there's strength in numbers, you know? Like right now.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...I'll handle that woman. Take care of the other weaklings.

Medb: Excited?

Cú Chulainn Alter: No. This is a matter of principle. If she calls herself an emperor, then it's my duty as a king to crush her.

Medb: Okay♪ Then go right ahead and handle the others, Arjuna!

Geronimo: Did she say...Arjuna!?

Nero Bride: What!?

Geronimo: Arjuna, the eternal archenemy of Karna?

Geronimo: This is the worst...To think that they have something like that hidden up their sleeve! I underestimated them!

Arjuna: ...I have no intention of making you suffer. Please let me finish my duty quickly.

Billy: What should we do, Geronimo?

Geronimo: –Robin!

Robin Hood: What!?

Geronimo: Take the communicator.

Geronimo: Use “No Face May King” and get out of here. We'll buy you some time.

Robin Hood: !!!

Nero Bride: What are you doing, Archer!? Go!

Nero Bride: Unfortunately, I can't leave this place. I cannot afford to leave!

Nero Bride: I need to teach this man a thing or two about how to conduct oneself as a king!

Nero Bride: –Listen well. You must live, and meet up with Fujimaru. We haven't been defeated yet.

Nero Bride: Just go! Then return to this land with the song of victory!

Robin Hood: ...That's a tough order, but I got it. I'll be getting out of here first, Your Majesty.

Nero Bride: Yes, that's more like it, Hunter of the Forest. I'm counting on you.

Nero Bride: Now then— Sorry to keep you waiting, Cú Chulainn.

Nero Bride: So, thorny man. I think you're overdoing it a bit with that imposing look.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You're right, but give me a break. This is me holding it back as much as I can.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Got that, girl? If you intend to win,you've got to settle things before it bursts open.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Now, why don't you show me how a king is supposed to act?

Cú Chulainn Alter: I have no intention of learning, though. Stuff like that isn't tasty.

Nero Bride: Umu. It's not tasty, but it's meaningful. King of Beasts, I'll beat some humanity into you!

Mash: There seem to be some survivors left. We should eliminate them as soon as possible.

Elisabeth: Right. Once we're done with this assassination,I need to have that singing match with Saber, after all.

Rama: I-I see...I hope that works out for you...


Mash: Now, let's leave this island.

Dr. Roman: Wait! Enemy signals detected–Servants closing in!

Dr. Roman: These are...the first enemy Servants you met!

Mash: The first enemy Servants...Fionn mac Cumhaill and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne!

Fionn: Hey there, Lady Mash. Do you remember my promise from before?

Mash: ...Oh, that...

Fionn: Yes, I'm serious this time. That is, if you manage to survive your defeat!

Fionn: You'll be mine. In other words, I want you as my bride.

Elisabeth: A proposal? That was a marriage proposal just now! Mash, you're unexpectedly popular!

Mash: No. I already declined...Or rather, considering the situation, it's out of the question...

Diarmuid: Now, don't say that. We've been moved by your tremendous courage, Lady Mash.

Fionn: Hm, Diarmuid can't stand women, and even he's interested! Hehehe, are you sweeping her off her feet right before my eyes again?

Diarmuid: I-I wouldn't do something like that...I'm not even thinking about it!

Diarmuid: I just, I simply admire Lady Mash for her unwavering courage, that's all...

Fionn: Hahaha, I'm joking. I took it too far. Don't worry about it.

Fionn: I should be the one begging for forgiveness, after all. Yes, I really can't do anything about this personality of mine.

Fionn: However, that's enough. I'll stop joking around. I'll let go of all the grudges I had in life. That's because—

Fionn: Young warrior, we are here to fight side by side. There is no greater joy than that on this earth.

Diarmuid: !!! Of course. That's most certain, my king!

Fionn: –We can make up for their numbers with our own. Beowulf, what say you?

Beowulf: ...Huh? I don't feel like it. I'm going back east.

Beowulf: Besides, I didn't take on this job because I wanted to.

Fionn: I see. Do as you please. Very well...We'll fight this one by ourselves.

Dr. Roman: ...Here they come! A large army of Celtic warriors!

Fionn: Well, didn't you resurrect a mighty Servant who could stand up to this army?

Rama: ...That's right! Master, there's no need to worry.

Rama: My Noble Phantasm is a divine blade, bestowed by Brahma. Sheer numbers are no match for me!

Rama: Not to mention, I am now one with Sita!

Rama: If you seek to defeat me, bring a million soldiers and their leader with ten heads and twenty arms to face me!


Rama: This is nothing!! Hahaha! I feel great today, I could face another 10,000 opponents!

Elisabeth: Wow, you're doing really well there, prince. I won't lose either!

Elisabeth: Get to work, ghosts of Csejte. Now, I'll charm you with this hit song of mine!


Diarmuid: Wait, wait, wait! You're a Servant, but you're also a nurse, right?

Nightingale: Yes, I'm a nurse. That's why I intend to kill you.

Diarmuid: That's some strange reasoning! Tch...That didn't work!

Nightingale: How is it strange? You're like patients, delirious with a fever.

Nightingale: If I don't cure it, you won't be saved! That's why I intend to save you, even if I have to kill you!

Diarmuid: Mm...Your reasoning is absurd, but your beliefs are real. I take back what I said earlier.

Diarmuid: Your attempts to save others are noble. But I still serve my king.

Diarmuid: As long as I am alive, I will die for his life! Bring it!

Nightingale: As long as you are alive...Is that so? Well then, allow me to relieve you of your royal duties!


Mash: We have you now,Fionn mac Cumhaill and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne!

Fionn: Very well. It's finally time to settle this! Will we get married or not? Let's begin the fight!

Diarmuid: My King, please don't let your guard down on account of your bride's beauty. She is already a powerful foe. Please give up this talk of marriage.

Fionn: Hahahaha! A shame, but of course, Diarmuid! Did you think we could defeat them whilst holding back?

Diarmuid: No, not at all.

Fionn: Right? Heh heh, as long as we're Servants...we can't escape from this desire.

Fionn: To battle the strong. To carve away at life and soul.

Fionn: That's why the Holy Grail War continues! ...Thinking of it that way, our king is quite an exception.

Fionn: He's no doubt the most powerful warrior, so I can't believe he doesn't feel any joy!

Mash: ...He feels no joy?

Fionn: Heh. Go meet him if you want to know more. Although he shows no mercy to his enemies!

Diarmuid: That's enough idle chat.

Diarmuid: I am Diarmuid Ua Duibhne–the first spear of the Knights of Fianna! Here I come!

Fionn: Yes, agreed! I am Fionn mac Cumhaill, captain of the Knights of Fianna! To battle!


Fionn: Ugh...

Diarmuid: My king! ...Guh, I can't go on...

Fionn: Haha...Well, it can't be helped. I fought plenty, I've had my fill.

Fionn: Diarmuid, I'm quite satisfied. But are you still not content?

Diarmuid: ...Yes. I thought victory would be ours this time.

Fionn: –Well, to be honest. I didn't care if we won or lost this time.

Fionn: When I was alive, I became more and more tainted.

Fionn: The glimmer in my eyes wallowed within politics. The treasure, power, and duty I won tied me down more and more.

Fionn: It was painful. So painful, yet I couldn't let it go.

Fionn: –I fear that's why I envied you so much,as you were trying to die for your love.

Diarmuid: My king...You...

Fionn: We fought together. In a pure yet avaricious pursuit of victory.

Fionn: I'm satisfied...Although to be honest, it's regrettable that I couldn't take Lady Mash as my own...

Mash: ...I'm very sorry. I can't accept your request.

Fionn: Yes, I've been rejected! Now I shall pass on...Without regretfully clinging onto this world.

Fionn: Would you accompany me, Diarmuid?

Diarmuid: Yes, sir!

Fionn: As for you, Berserker. Do you not seek to heal your own wounds?

Nightingale: That's not necessary. I have neither the time nor the means to heal myself.

Nightingale: My heart is torn to pieces by the simple existence of patients, after all.

Nightingale: That's why...If I was to be healed, it would be when there are no more patients in the world.

Nightingale: Until then, I will bear any wound as compensation.

Fionn: I see. You are broken, yet beautiful. Your conviction is like a dazzling jewel.

Fionn: Next time I'm summoned, I'd like to aid your cause. What do you think, making passes at my next bridal candidate?

Diarmuid: What is there to say? It's very like you to do so, my king.

Fionn: Yes, very well! It was worthwhile being summoned,if only because I was able to live youthfully until death!

Fionn: Farewell, defenders of order! Let us meet again, if fate allows!

Mash: –Confirmed elimination of Spirit Origins.

Mash: ...Light and cheerful to the very end...Quite the pleasant pair.

Rama: But considering how they gathered such a large force here, the assassination by the others must have gone well...Right?

Mash: –We've received a transmission. Huh? It's not Geronimo, but Robin Hood?

Mash: I'll switch to open transmission.

Robin Hood: –Sorry. We screwed up.

Mash: !!! Tell us what happened, Robin!

Robin Hood: Old Man Geronimo, Billy, and Saber...Nero. They're probably all gone.

Elisabeth: —What? Hey, what are you talking about?

Robin Hood: I'm heading to an abandoned Western United States base. Do you know the coordinates? I might need you to come right away.

Mash: ...Understood.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: What happened?

Fou: Fou...

Mash: ...I don't know. Doctor, do you know the location Robin specified?

Dr. Roman: Y-Yeah. Of course. Obtaining communicator coordinates–code received.

Dr. Roman: I'll send you the shortest route to the destination. Head over there right away.

Elisabeth: ...You're kidding. That was a lie, right? He was just joking with us, right?

Section 13: Over the Rainbow

Geronimo: Oh spirits that walk this earth. By the True Name of ■■■■■, lend me your power.

Geronimo: Unleashing Noble Phantasm– “Tsago Degi Naleya! ”

Arjuna: –Howl. “Agni Gandiva! ”

Geronimo: My spirits, destroyed with a single blow. As expected from the strongest hero of India!

Geronimo: But I don't understand. You possess such power, yet why?

Arjuna: ...I have my reasons.

Geronimo: Ugh...

Billy: –Take this!

Arjuna: !!!

Billy: ...You can even repel bullets!?

Arjuna: The fact that a modern weapon like that can harm me is praiseworthy enough.

Billy: Well, thank you...

Geronimo: Mmph!

Arjuna: –However, it won't reach me. I'm sorry, but I'll settle this now.

Geronimo: Ugh...

Billy: Ah...Sorry...Geronimo...

Billy: Dammit, I wish I had been a little more useful...

Arjuna: ...This is the end.

Geronimo: Arjuna...You're decent. You still have a sound mind...

Geronimo: Why did you join them?

Medb: Hehehehehe! You can't answer them, can you Arjuna?

Geronimo: ...Queen Medb. To think you'd serve Cú Chulainn.

Medb: Of course I would. I mean,Cú decided for himself to become king.

Medb: Not out of righteousness, or nobility, or even ambition. He just wanted to heighten himself.

Medb: The ones you sent to Alcatraz will be finished off by Beowulf, Fionn, and Diarmuid.

Medb: Well, even if they fail to, that's not a problem. Your defeat is already certain.

Medb: So long as we have the Holy Grail,this world will persistently continue to reincarnate.

Medb: All that's left is to destroy Edison's army. That's easy.

Geronimo: –Ah, I see. So you don't actually know yet.

Medb: ...Don't know what?

Geronimo: It seems you think you're some sort of chosen one, who obtained absolute power–

Geronimo: But actually, you're just one out of seven.

Geronimo: Indeed, the fact you obtained the Grail is proof of your greatness.

Geronimo: However, while it is rare, it is not the “only one. ”If anyone has the “only one,” it's us.

Geronimo: They have already recovered four Holy Grails.

Medb: !!!

Geronimo: That is why. Even if we fall here...others will take our place.

Medb: ...I see. But none of you have a chance against our king. A Mad King and a War King, Cú stands at the pinnacle of power.

Geronimo: As a shaman, let me make a prediction for you. Be glad, you'll die happy. Unfortunately, it'll be real soon.

Medb: –Hmph.

Medb: Arjuna. Go and chase down the Servant who escaped.

Arjuna: ...Understood.

Medb: Now, Cú. Do you want me to help?

Cú Chulainn Alter: No, it'll be over soon.

Nero Bride: Ugh...

Cú Chulainn Alter: You can't maintain the Bounded Field anymore...This is the end.

Nero Bride: ...Yes. With so many parts of the theater destroyed, I have no choice but to yield.

Nero Bride: However, I'd like to ask one thing. Consider it a final tribute to the defeated.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –What?

Nero Bride: It's fine to hone your strength and become a king. Even if the rule you impose is tyrannical.

Nero Bride: However...How can you act without raising one eyebrow?

Nero Bride: ...I'm not trying to cast doubt on your conscience. You're not enjoying this in the first place.

Nero Bride: You're neither a king rewarded by the smiles of your people, nor one striving for your dream.

Nero Bride: What exactly do you seek, then?

Cú Chulainn Alter: I seek nothing. I don't need rewards. I don't even hope for a place to rest at my destination.

Cú Chulainn Alter: This is how I am. I merely charge forward until exhausted.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You could say, if anything,wherever my corpse lies is my destination.

Nero Bride: ...How absurd. You've decided to live as a king,yet you have no interest in gaining anything as a king.

Nero Bride: You are mistaken. Those contradict each other. The only path for you is to abandon one or the other, Cú Chulainn!

Cú Chulainn Alter: I see. But in reality, as you see here, I'm the victor and you're the vanquished.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Now die, Emperor of Rome.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –It matters not if I'm torn to pieces. “Gáe Bolg! ”

Nero Bride: Ugh...How disappointing...It seems my performance ends here—

Cú Chulainn Alter: What a pleasant feeling. That pierced not just your heart, but also all your other organs too.

Nero Bride: ...I'm sorry, Lancer. I wanted to...Sing together with you...

Medb: I see it's over. Now, all that's left is that Servant named Robin.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You make it sound like there's a survivor. Press the attack and crush them.

Medb: Yup!

Cú Chulainn Alter: !!!

Medb: Cú?

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Over there.

Mash: This is the designated place.... Master!

Rama: Hm, Robin Hood's fighting. All right, let's head over quickly!

Robin Hood: Sorry, I ended up running into them along the way!


Elisabeth: H-Hey! So what exactly happened out there!?

Robin Hood: Well...Here's the gist of it...

Robin Hood: ...That's about it.

Mash: Geronimo, Billy, and even Nero...

Elisabeth: ...That idiot...We finally got to be summoned in the same era by some miracle...

Elisabeth: ...Sorry, I'll be over there for a while.

Rama: Sure...

Dr. Roman: Still, it's impressive that you managed to escape such a situation. Did you use some sort of trick?

Robin Hood: I would never have managed to pull it off alone. There was a Servant who lent me a hand.

Mash: A hand?

Robin Hood: Tch...So persistent!

Arjuna: That goes for us both. I'm sorry, but I must shoot you down.

Arjuna: Your bow isn't graceful enough. As a fellow Archer, allow me to teach you a few things.

Robin Hood: Ugh!

Arjuna: Hm!?

D:???: –Weak, so weak.

D:???: You're well-trained, but you don't put any heart into your attacks. You're like a child throwing sticks.

Arjuna: ...Who are you? I pride myself in putting my full might behind that attack.

D:???: I have no obligation to answer. Just remember me as a god-slayer who happened to pass by.

D:???: I've decided to allow that boy to escape with his life. Now withdraw, youngster who was merely adored by gods.

Arjuna: ...Being told that doesn't compel me to withdraw.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –No, stand down, Arjuna. That woman is too much even for you to handle.

Arjuna: ...

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'm telling you, you're in the way. If you're around, you're just going to get hurt.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Or what? Are you trying to hold me back? Does that mean you're a traitor, too?

Arjuna: ...Understood.

D:???: Good, good. Listening to others is a good thing. A good child, unlike you, Sétanta.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Quit calling me by my childhood name. What a headache. To think even you were summoned here.


Those are my lines, fool. That's not how you speak to your mentor.

Cú Chulainn Alter: But I've always been like this.... So? Are you my enemy?

D:???: Why yes. You know how it goes...

D:???: If you see a rabid dog in your favorite flower garden, you wouldn't just sit around reading, would you?

D:???: I can't bear to see the fool you've become. Though a fool, you're still my student. I should behead you out of mercy.

D:???: Now, answer me, Cú Chulainn. What has possessed you?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ......

D:???: No need to answer, huh?

D:???: In that case, the only thing left for us to do is fight to the death...However, it seems the circumstances won't allow us to.

D:???: I must allow that pale...boy in green to escape. You have that burden named Medb behind you.

D:???: If we fight, things won't end well for either of them. So what'll it be, O king who gained a queen?

D:???: Lose everything here, and promptly lighten your burden?

Cú Chulainn Alter: You must be joking. Knowing you, you'd take Medb out the second we start this fight.

D:???: Of course. I can't stand that woman. So I might just impale her with the best thrust of my life.

Cú Chulainn Alter: We won't fight here. I'll let that Archer go.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Now you will get out of my sight, too. Come back again when everyone has died off, so no one can stand in our way.

D:???: Very well, that would be my duty anyway. When you no longer have a way to die, I'll kill you with a smile.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...A shield rune to escape from the battlefield, huh?

Medb: Not going after them?

Cú Chulainn Alter: She's not someone who'd go down so easily. She can handle even a thousand spears I throw her way.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I can't win unless I'm ready to die. When I fight her again, it will be when there's no one left to kill.

Dr. Roman: Robin, the woman who you said saved you...If she's Cú Chulainn's mentor, then she...

???: I'm right here. Is this some sort of far-seeing spell? I can't say it's in good taste. Poor disposition, too.

Dr. Roman: N-Nice to meet you, too...

???: I should introduce myself. My name is Scáthach. Although I'm sure some of you already realized that.

Mash: Scáthach! Mentor of Cú Chulainn, and guardian of the Land of Shadows!

Scáthach: –Yes, that's right. Oh, needless to say, I'm different from the other Celtic Servants.

Scáthach: ...Perhaps it's because I am a special being beyond human, that Grail cannot rule over me.

Scáthach: The reason I materialized as a Heroic Spirit is a special one, too. All of humanity was incinerated, as was my realm.

Scáthach: And so, being “dead,” I was summoned here. In a proper version of history, I wouldn't even be able to talk to the living.

Scáthach: From that perspective, I'm glad about the current incident in a way, but...No, there's nothing to be glad about.

Scáthach: My student was already foolish enough, but now I see him in an even more unsightly, idiotic form.

Scáthach: I came here to put a collar on him and take him back, but it seems there's something on his mind as well.

Scáthach: I considered putting an end to everything, including this era, but then I saw you.

Scáthach: This war isn't something that Heroic Spirits should settle. It must be solved by human hands.

Scáthach: That Archer, a part of the cause, was in a dilemma. I couldn't bear not to lend aid.

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Fujimaru 2: Thank you.

Scáthach: Yes, you seem rather ordinary, but...There is strength in your eyes. A good Master, isn't that right, Mash?

Mash: Yes, thank you very much. I'm proud of my Master.

Mash: Anyway, Scáthach. Would you fight alongside us?

Scáthach: That'd be difficult. I can lend a hand, but I can't join you.

Scáthach: As I said before, I don't have the means of repairing this era. All I can do is kill.

Scáthach: Also...I doubt I could win against THAT Cú Chulainn.

Dr. Roman: Wh-What!? You're Cú Chulainn's mentor. And even you can't win...

Scáthach: I'm shocked myself. Nothing can be more irritating.

Scáthach: That is the Cú Chulainn I know,and at the same time he isn't.

Scáthach: It's likely because of Medb's wish upon the Grail. She wanted the fool to become a wicked king rivaling herself.

Scáthach: As a result, a cursed warrior with nothing but the power to become a king was born.

Scáthach: A Fanged God, or a Mad King, covered from head to toe in spines of death. That is the current Cú Chulainn.

Nightingale: Pitiful.

Scáthach: Most pitiful. That thing is painful. The fool felt even one thorn unmanageable, so he must be out of his mind with a thousand.

Scáthach: But by paying such a price, he has surpassed me. They say an idiot without hesitation is strong, yes?

Nightingale: That isn't strength. It's simply confining one's life inside a cage.

Nightingale: That's called failure. Dreams that don't reach outside are nothing but delusions.

Scáthach: Indeed. Either way, this isn't just a matter of defeating Cú Chulainn alone.

Scáthach: Considering overall damage, Queen Medb has priority. The Holy Grail must be taken from that woman.

Scáthach: Oh, don't expect much from me. I'd destroy the Holy Grail along with Medb, but that puts you back at square one.

Dr. Roman: You're right...If the Grail is destroyed, repairing the Foundation of Humanity would be difficult.

Dr. Roman: That would be a huge time loss for us. If possible, we need to recover the Grail intact.

Dr. Roman: Let's consider Lady Scáthach to be our last resort. I want you guys to try defeating Medb by yourselves.

Mash: Medb...The legendary queen of the Celts.

Scáthach: Yes. She's a woman who is honest about her own desires. She's just engrossed in taking over a nation at the moment.

Scáthach: That woman, along with Cú Chulainn...Those two alone are enough to take any nation.

Scáthach: Yet they also have Arjuna. And...I suppose Beowulf is still alive as well.

Scáthach: He's rather capricious, so we have no idea what he would do. But it's certain that he would side with the enemy.

Mash: ???Doesn't it seem a bit noisy around us?

Elisabeth: ...Hey! They're coming to attack us. What should we do?

Fujimaru 1: Intercept them.

Fujimaru 2: Hold our ground.

Elisabeth: ...Yes. I'm super angry right now. I'll strangle them all myself!

Mash: W-We should go, too. We must retain this camp as the front line for the West!

Scáthach: Wyverns, huh...They'll be difficult for those machines to handle.

Scáthach: Fujimaru, come with me. I'd like to see your talents.

Scáthach: I don't see any Servants with them. Overcome this situation first.

Fujimaru 1: I'll try.

Fujimaru 2: Got it.

Scáthach: Yes, good answer. Now on your way!


Scáthach: Not bad, but how about the next ones?

Scáthach: Wyverns and Chimeras? Curse you, Medb, summoning things like this.

Scáthach: Land and air.

Scáthach: Servants must understand their own roles and the Master must provide appropriate commands to kill those off.

Scáthach: Trouble won't be tolerated. Now go!


Scáthach: Next are high ranking warriors among the Celts. Although they've given up their humanity.

Scáthach: They're as swift and strong as Servants. But if you have trouble here, you'll never reach Cú Chulainn.

Scáthach: Know your Servants, and use them well. Don't disappoint me, understand?


Scáthach: Hm...Shadow Servants have appeared. That Medb seems to understand how to use the Holy Grail.

Scáthach: These are wraiths that couldn't become Servants. They are one step shy of becoming heroes.

Scáthach: Or they are Heroic Spirits that became shadows due to the summoners' lack of ability, improper summoning circles, etc.

Scáthach: Thus, you could say they're beings closest to Servants. Make sure to defeat them. Humans stand no chance against them.

Mash: ...What?

Scáthach: ...Hm?

C:???: —Haaah!

Elisabeth: Wh-What's that!? The black things are disappearing one after another!

Rama: ...A Servant. However, not a Celtic one. He seems to be from near my country...Chinese perhaps?

Mash: He doesn't look like an enemy. ally?

Scáthach: –Regardless, his technique is quite impressive.

Scáthach: Abilities like that are impossible without both innate talent and hellish training to forge one's body.

Scáthach: ...Excellent. Most excellent. It makes me itch for a good fight.

Scáthach: You there! What is your name!?

C:???: Lancer, Li Shuwen! Well met, Servant of twin spears!

Li Shuwen: A storm has been raging within me ever since I caught sight of you. It will not subside until I defeat you. Accept my challenge!

Scáthach: –Oh? You challenge me?

Li Shuwen: Naturally. I know the reason why I was summoned.

Li Shuwen: Still...I can't help it. I'm filled with selfishness, after all.

Li Shuwen: I must try and see if my spear can reach the gods.

Rama: This man is like a famished tiger, or a starving wolf...

Scáthach: ...What a great potential playthi– Ahem...I mean, talent worth training.

Scáthach: Lancer, Li Shuwen. If this was the Land of Shadows, I'd train you right away.

Scáthach: However, I belong to Fujimaru's cause already. Thus, things must be done in order.

Scáthach: First fight Mash, and win. If you do, I, Scáthach, shall face you directly.

Scáthach: However, if defeated, you must be gone immediately.

Li Shuwen: ...I see, I understand. Very well, Mash. I hereby challenge you to a duel.

Mash: But...I don't have any reason to fight.

Li Shuwen: I am confronting you. Is that not reason enough?

Li Shuwen: If that's still insufficient, then consider me as a Servant sided with the Celts.

Mash: Master...

Fujimaru 1: We have to fight.

Fujimaru 2: He's an enemy.

Li Shuwen: Yes, I see your Master has good judgment. That's right, I am your enemy. That should be beyond a doubt.

Li Shuwen: If you don't treat me as such–you'll die.

Mash: I understand...Master! Please provide your orders!


Mash: H-He is...really strong!

Li Shuwen: No, that's my line. To think you'd stand so well against me...

Li Shuwen: If we were to fight seriously, to the death,I have no idea which way the scales would tip...

Li Shuwen: Scáthach, I'd like to rescind my previous request.

Scáthach: Oh, is that okay?

Li Shuwen: All of you perhaps stand a chance against those Celts.

Li Shuwen: I may be a scoundrel detached from society, but even I don't enjoy watching the world fall to ruin.

Li Shuwen: You who's not human...Protect this world with that shield of yours.

Mash: ...I will.

Li Shuwen: Now then, Scáthach. I have a request. Regardless of whether this world is saved or not–

Li Shuwen: Would you face me at the end?

Scáthach: ...Very well. That is, if I survive until the time comes.

Li Shuwen: You don't seem like one who would die so easily.... Oh right, I have one more thing to tell you.

Li Shuwen: This is simply my inference, but it seems the King of Inventions is possessed by something.

Li Shuwen: Perhaps a good whack in the head will wake him up from his endless dream.

Mash: Um...Li Shuwen? Would you care to fight alongside us—

Li Shuwen: I'm sorry. I can't say with confidence that I wouldn't attack you if I continued to be around you.

Li Shuwen: If I was in my older body, I may have withered and settled down a bit. But I can't help it, as I was summoned in my physical prime.

Li Shuwen: Why, fate allowing, we may yet fight alongside each other. Farewell.

Mash: And he's gone.

Dr. Roman: As expected of Li Shuwen in his prime. So rough, he's like a knife that cuts you just by touching it...

Nightingale: ...Master, if I may, I believe I should go and see the patient.

Fujimaru 1: What patient?

Fujimaru 2: Who's that?

Nightingale: –Edison, King of Inventions.

Nightingale: According to what that Servant said,he is supposedly possessed by something.

Nightingale: ...I agree with his opinion.

Nightingale: Even considering my knowledge as a Servant, that being is too foreign in nature to say he's Edison, King of Inventions.

Nightingale: In that case, it must be an illness. We should meet with him again.

Dr. Roman: Things are starting to sound crazy again...He captured you before, yet you want to meet him again?

Rama: I believe so, too. However–

Nightingale: What are you saying? There are many infected areas. In situations like this, triage is important.

Mash: Master, what should we do?

Fujimaru 1: Let's go see Edison.

Mash: ...Right. I think that's the correct thing to do, too.

Mash: I guess it's my intuition as a Servant...I feel like we can't leave him like this.

Nightingale: Then we should go. Immediately. We'll head straight there.

Nightingale: Charge via the shortest route.

Nightingale: We need to knock that hard-headed man out with some anesthesia, then wake him up.

Scáthach: Hm...Robin, Elisabeth, Rama.

Scáthach: You've heard your Master's opinion. What do you think?

Elisabeth: ...Well, to be honest, my head hurts so much I'd like some anesthesia myself...

Elisabeth: I'll leave the decision to Fujimaru. Everything until now has been right, so I'm sure it'll be fine going forward.

Robin Hood: Hmm...I'm a Servant who's better off acting alone. And besides, that...presi-king, was it?

Robin Hood: Why would I take the effort to meet someone I know I'd be incompatible with just by how you describe him?

Elisabeth: Are you saying you'll just casually go and assassinate Cú Chulainn for us?

Robin Hood: I don't do crazy things like that. As long as there are other means, at least.

Elisabeth: If you can't do it, just say so. You just can't honestly admit things, can you?

Robin Hood: ...To think you of all people would tell me that. I should probably just shut my mouth and go along with it.

Rama: I have faith in our Master. If we all stand together, we can even defeat Karna if needed.

Rama: Now, Master. Let's go and wake Edison from his dream!

Section 14: The Running Man

Mash: –Master. Celts are attacking the town. We should eliminate them.

Robin Hood: Ah, wait a second. Master, sorry for the trouble, but do you think we could capture them alive?

Fujimaru 1: If we tried to.

Fujimaru 2: I'm good at things like that.

Elisabeth: Huh? Why do you ask? Do you torture people too?

Robin Hood: No way! An interrogation, if anything!

Robin Hood: If we want to get to Edison's stronghold nonstop, we'll need prisoners like them.

Elisabeth: Prisoners? Why? There's no use for them other than relieving my headache.

Robin Hood: ...Geez. You've gotten a little more decent, but you're still the same at the root.

Robin Hood: Oh well, whatever. Anyway, just hold back a bit, that's all I'm asking.

Elisabeth: I don't really get it, but okay! Now, let's go, my little [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!


Mash: ...Whew. We made it through the battle just fine. We also captured some retreating enemies.

Mash: Robin, what should we do from here?

Robin Hood: All right, tie them up...There.

Robin Hood: Now's the time for me to get to work. You all go elsewhere and eat a meal or something.

Mechanized Infantry: Halt right there. Identify yourself.

Robin Hood: Industry and domination!

Fujimaru 1: Robin!?

Fujimaru 2: What's that!?

Mechanized Infantry: Industry and domination! Presi-king Edison is the greatest CEO!

Robin Hood: The greatest CEO! By the way, I'm Second Lieutenant Anderson Komadori of the 26th Commando Unit!

Robin Hood: I have juicy news! We've captured some enemy soldiers, and they're to be transferred to headquarters!

Mechanized Infantry: –Understood and confirmed. They do appear to match our data on Celtic soldiers.

Mechanized Infantry: Excellent work out there. Please continue through.

Mechanized Infantry: Industry and...

Robin Hood: Domination! I'll continue with my duties now.

Robin Hood: All right then. All of you, follow me.

Dr. Roman: ...Uh, Robin? What was that greeting just now? Are you into stuff like that?

Robin Hood: I didn't wanna do it, either! That's the salute among mechanized troops! I had no choice!

Mash: Domination...Is Mr. Edison, well, perhaps a bad guy?

Dr. Roman: No. He's a little problematic, but he's probably got a different grasp of the word “domination. ”

Dr. Roman: Citizens coming together as one to overcome hardship. Perhaps he thinks of that as “domination. ”

Scáthach: It wasn't domination for one's own vanity, but a call to action done for the sake of this nation.

Scáthach: Interesting. I heard he was an inventor, but it seems he had political potential as well.

Scáthach: Still, those soldiers were unsatisfactory. They weren't trained at all. That's beyond foolish!

Dr. Roman: ...Yeah. By simplifying the thought process, he's trying to improve their reflexes.

Dr. Roman: By losing individual instinct and senses, they become tools of automation, completing a single task in large numbers...

Nightingale: ...Also, it's conceivable they're administering drugs for suppressing fear and doubt. It happens often, but I worry about the aftereffects.

Dr. Roman: Edison doesn't have the time to raise soldiers, or should I say warriors.

Dr. Roman: That's why he came up with a way for anyone to easily become a soldier.

Dr. Roman: It's a doctrine of mass production and united thoughts...The exact opposite of the Celts.

Dr. Roman: That said, their opponents are heroes of legend. If this was a modern war, Edison would likely win, but...

Scáthach: Hm...The Celts are disregarding their rear from the get-go anyway.

Scáthach: ...In fact, it's not like the Celtic warriors are using much in the way of intelligence...

Scáthach: Generally, they're muscleheads. Muscleheads versus machines...Yes, they're brilliantly equal in disposition.

Robin Hood: Suppressing fear with drugs, huh...Sounds like this side isn't very decent, either.

Robin Hood: I shouldn't have hesitated about this. Let's go straight to our target.

Robin Hood: Let's take down this self-proclaimed king ASAP!

Robin Hood: Whaaaat!?

Nightingale: Don't misunderstand. We're not going to take him down, we're going to treat him.

Nightingale: Although, I can't deny that the treatment procedure may be violent, even quite painful–

Nightingale: But in the end, that's still treatment.

Robin Hood: I got it, just don't shoot a gun near my ear again!

Nightingale: I'll take it into consideration. Anyway, we should head to Edison's stronghold–but first...

Nightingale: It's gradual, but Edison's side is being overwhelmed. We should proceed after treating some Celtic warriors.

Dr. Roman: That enemy looks like a Bicorn. It's an evil, monstrous horse.

Dr. Roman: That queen sure does summon some ridiculous stuff!

Section 15: The King in the High Castle

Mechanized Infantry: –Halt. Beyond here is state-owned land.

Mechanized Infantry: Retreat immediately, and submit an enlistment form to the United Western States Army Mechanized Infantry Corps.

Robin Hood: ...Tch, they're bloodthirsty. Is this what you'd call a dystopia? Makes me nauseous.

Elisabeth: Hmm, I rather like it. It's a good thing when peasants follow the rules.

Robin Hood: Yeah, yeah. I've always been part of the resistance, anyway. But it looks like we can't fool our way through any further.

Robin Hood: Master, we need to break in!

Fujimaru 1: Charge!

Fujimaru 2: A rebellion!

Robin Hood: Whoa, as I'd expect, Master! I see you're enthusiastic.


Nightingale: Begone! There are patients waiting!

Rama: Yes, such encouraging words...

Dr. Roman: If she wasn't kicking opponents around while saying that, it would sound even better!

Dr. Roman: ...Hm? What's this, a burst transmission? Huh? What?

Dr. Roman: Wh-Wh-Whaaaat!?

Mash: Doctor!? Doctor, please respond...Doctor!

Edison: Why you...How could you give in to the Celts! And you call yourselves heroes!?

Edison: Above all, my Madonna, my Crimean Angel...To think someone with your ideals wouldn't share my own!

Edison: This is a huge disappointment! I haven't been this sad since the unemployment rate hit 30%!

Nightingale: Disappointment? No, there is still hope. We haven't betrayed you.

Nightingale: Furthermore, us joining the Celts...That's a joke gone too far.

Blavatsky: You fought your way into here, yet you say that?

Blavatsky: According to intel, your assassination of Medb failed. It's rather unnatural that you're still alive.

Blavatsky: You must have begged for your lives, and joined the enemy. Isn't that the normal way to see it, Florence?

Elisabeth: What did you say? Begged for their lives, and joined the enemy?

Elisabeth: You've got to be joking! She'd never be up for something like that!

Blavatsky: Sorry, I must have stepped on a dragon's tail. If I hurt your feelings...No, that was rude of me. Sorry.

Blavatsky: It looks like they're merely losers. I don't see any signs that they've joined the Celts.

Edison: What? So they were simply defeated? Then did they come here to ask for our protection?

Edison: I can feel that lust for blood! Oh Angel of Crimea, why do you point your gun at me!?

Nightingale: ...An angel, you say? True, I was called that before.

Nightingale: There's nothing more painful than being compared to a creature as gentle as cotton candy.

Nightingale: King of Inventions, Edison. After seeing you like this, I understand.

Edison: Hm, what is it? Have you finally realized my greatness and my intelligence?

Nightingale: You're ill. You must receive treatment immediately.

Edison: What...was that?

G:Blavatsky: Ahh...You've said it right to his face...

Edison: –How rude. What part of me is ill?

Edison: These strong limbs. This sound body, bursting with health. This sharp and honed intellect.

Edison: Everywhere you look, it's so standard!

Nightingale: Be quiet. What's so rude about telling a patient that they're ill?

Nightingale: If you want to be pampered, go ask your mother or wife.

Nightingale: You have the power to save the world, yet you're trying to bring the world to ruin.

Nightingale: How is that anything but an illness?

Edison: You're wrong! I'm–

Nightingale: I'll attend to you right now. Just keep quiet, and rest in bed.

Dr. Roman: What!? Huh? I-I finally got through the hacking.

Dr. Roman: Th-That's good. I couldn't communicate with you for a while...What happened?

Fujimaru 1: Edison interrupted us.

Dr. Roman: I-I'd expect no less from Edison. To think he could cut into our communications after just that one peek last time...

Fujimaru 2: Your security's rather weak.

Dr. Roman: No, we've been really careful about security, you know!?

Dr. Roman: It's just, well...Uh...This is Edison we're talking about, so it wasn't much use...Hahaha.

Mash: So shooting a gun stops hacking? I'll remember that, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Forget it.

Mash: O-Okay, I'll forget it.... So that's no good?

Nightingale: We don't have time for idle chat. –Now, we must break through.

Karna: –So you've come.

Nightingale: Of course, Karna.

Nightingale: You're also ill. Withdraw at once, you shouldn't be here.

Nightingale: There's something you desire, after all. I recommend recuperation in a remote place.

Karna: ...You might be correct. I'm infected by an illness called loyalty.

Karna: Instantly realizing what I desire...Is that due to your occupation as a nurse?

Nightingale: No, you're simply easy to understand.

Karna: ......I see.

Mash: Um, Karna seems somewhat depressed.

Karna: –Thank you for pointing that out. However, I cannot surrender this path to you.

Karna: The King of Inventions asked for my aid, after all. He kneeled before a worthless man like me.

Karna: He was the first to ask. That's more than enough reason to oppose you.

Karna: ...Also, one more thing. Edison resembles a friend of mine.

Karna: A man clever, yet foolish. Proud, yet full of charity.

Karna: There was once a king who called me friend. A king who saved me.

Karna: Edison resembles that amiable man well. To put it simply, I cannot leave him be.

Nightingale: —How surprising. To think someone like you could smile like that.

Karna: Even I'm human. I have emotions, like any ordinary person. However, that's enough talk.

Karna: The first time was testing the waters. This is the second. Show me just how much you have improved—!


Elisabeth: Hah...Hah...Hah...Y-You're good!

Robin Hood: Stand back. You're at your limit. Umm...Redhorn?

Elisabeth: Oh shut up! Some things I just can't give up as a fellow Lancer!

Karna: Lancer!? Weren't you an idol?

Elisabeth: I'm taking a break from my idol activities. Right now, I don't have a choice, so I'm holding this spear!

Karna: ...Mm. Return? What an odd order.

Karna: But—I see, He wants to decide with his own hands. That's rather arrogant, but perhaps it cannot be helped.

Elisabeth: What? Are you running away!? With the win!?

Karna: I don't think I've won yet...

Karna: I have orders from my lord to return to the throne. I'll be waiting for you, up ahead in the throne room.

Karna: Along with this nation's finest...All three of us.

Mash: This nation's finest...That means...

Fujimaru 1: Servants.

Fujimaru 2: Edison and company.

Dr. Roman: Seems about right. Earlier we were speaking over the comms, but I imagine Edison wants to speak in person.

Dr. Roman: ...Regardless, it looks like we can't avoid battle before talking to him.

Mash: ...True. I don't think Edison will come around unless he is knocked down once.

Mash: Let's get things ready first, Master. Then we'll head out.


Mash: Now–entering!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Mash: ...Yes!

Edison: How dare you come here! You reprehensible traitors!

Edison: Why can you not believe in my righteousness? Are you drowning in conspiracy theories?

Edison: Like “Edison was the embodiment of capitalism itself! ”and “True geniuses do not idolize business! ”

Nightingale: Mr. Edison. I believe you're the one easily swayed by conspiracy theories.

Nightingale: While I have not sensed a sliver of intelligence from you, I do know that your inventions are indeed amazing.

Nightingale: Which is why I have diagnosed that you are ill based on something other than such rumors.

Edison: Argh! I have no idea what kind of nonsense that is! Nightingale, pioneer of statistics!

Edison: Why did you materialize as a Berserker? I have no intention of speaking to an unintelligent beast!

Elisabeth: ...Well, aren't you a beast yourself? I mean, you're a lion...

Nightingale: ...Sigh. Your fever is indeed getting to you. What a waste of intelligence.

Edison: Mmm!? Lady Nightingale, what did you just call me!?

Nightingale: ...Pardon me. Slip of the tongue.

Nightingale: Master. Please prepare to operate. First, we need to have him rest on the bed, and make him hear what we have to say.

Blavatsky: You're rather aggressive, Florence. Are you implying you're going to fight him and win?

Nightingale: Yes, I doubt he'll listen to us any other way. So we'll fight, we'll punch, and we'll win.

Blavatsky: I like stuff like that. Very straightforward.

Blavatsky: I don't like fighting...Nor am I good at it. But I suppose I can set aside those feelings for now.

Blavatsky: Mr. Edison, are you ready?

Edison: Y-Yes!? Yes, I'm ready. I'll engage them with all the electricity available!

Edison: Then they will truly know...How amazing inventions from this King of Inventions are–!

Edison: Direct current is just the way to go!

Mash: ...So you still ARE fixated about that!


Edison: Ooooooooh! Not yet...I have not lost yet! I will not surrender!

Edison: If I do not suffice as a soldier, then I shall give up this body of mine to science!

Edison: Time for Thomas' great transformation, the big remodeling! I shall cast away this humanoid gentleman's form!

Edison: Now it's time for a beastly boost! I'll transform into Thomas Mazda Edison—

Edison: Gah!? Wh-What was that for, Karna? How dare you throw my superhuman elixir on the floor!?

Karna: Sorry, Edison. But this ends here...I cannot let you walk the path of destruction any further.

Karna: Besides, first and foremost,that medicine is bad for your body.

Edison: No! Good medicine is always bitter to the taste. I can withstand my heart exploding! I'll show you!

Edison: If I don't hold my ground here,who is going to protect this nation!?

Nightingale: –Protect, you say? For someone trying to protect, you have a rather illogical method of fighting.

Edison: What...D-Did you just call me...illogical?

Nightingale: Yes. Extremely illogical.

Edison: I am always logical! Both this nation and I are children of logic.

Edison: It can't possibly be illogical–

Nightingale: ...We can't win.

Edison: ...What?

Nightingale: Those Celts are monsters who spend all their time fighting, from birth to death.

Nightingale: People of this era are already falling behind, right at the starting line.

Nightingale: Moreover, the revered Queen Medb possesses the Holy Grail, allowing her to create soldiers infinitely.

Nightingale: That's why we can't win. There's simply no way to win.

Nightingale: The Holy Grail is the only resource they need to reinforce their army. The idea of strength in numbers was a mistake to begin with.

Nightingale: But you didn't let up your ground. Rather, you didn't want to give up that system.

Nightingale: Because—

Nightingale: Mass production. Cheaper, more efficient production. That was what you, Thomas Edison, were ingenious at.

Nightingale: But those aesthetics strip you of the intelligence you originally had.

Nightingale: You thought, “I cannot lose on my home turf. ”And subconsciously, you got worked up over it.

Nightingale: And because you kept grumbling like that,you were corrupted by such an illness.

Edison: Erm...W-Well, but...But...Why...I cannot deny that...

Edison: True, I was fixated on productivity. Even if we run out of resources, as long as we obtain victory at the end...

Nightingale: Indeed. There's no point winning in just the field of productivity. BUT! MOST! OF! ALL!

Nightingale: The biggest mistake is your body itself!

Nightingale: There are no records that indicate Edison had the head of a lion.

Nightingale: Furthermore, it is impossible for you to have such strength.

Nightingale: That means you possess power that doesn't belong to you. That is the dream pushing you to become “king. ”

Mash: Um...isn't that the Holy Grail?

Nightingale: No. It is not the Holy Grail.

Nightingale: The Holy Grail can only grant wishes. It does not manifest them.

Nightingale: Edison. Your own desire did not stem from yourself.

Edison: ...That's right. My name is Thomas Alva Edison.

Edison: I am the Presi-king of the United States of America. Past, present, and future...

Edison: The successive presidents of this nation granted me power. Because it was logical.

Edison: They came to the conclusion that even if they were all summoned as Servants, they would lose to the Celts.

Edison: So, why not concentrate all the power into a single person. Not a president, but a hero with international fame.

Edison: ...They entrusted me with the future known as “America! ”

Dr. Roman: The presidents...from the first to the last.

Dr. Roman: ...Or rather, the thoughts of those who took up the mantle of president, or what you could call their grudges, had possessed him?

Nightingale: That is the illness. For us, it's not just about America.

Nightingale: We must heal, we must save this world. That is our Order.

Nightingale: E pluribus unum.

Nightingale: You are a state made up of many races, equivalent to being children of many nations.

Nightingale: Which is why you have an obligation to save the world.

Nightingale: Yet you divert your eyes and try to save only your own nation–that is why Edison suffers.

Edison: Hrng...Guh...

Nightingale: That is also why–you were defeated by Nikola Tesla, your fellow inventor.

Edison: Gaohoooooooooooooo!?

Blavatsky: (She landed the heaviest blow—! )

Karna: (...I wish you pulled your punches...)

Dr. Roman: I-Is he okay? Mr. Edison, are you alive?

Edison: GAFU...GAFUUU!

Mash: Yes, he has a pulse, but barely. He's on the ground, but he is still twitching, so...

Nightingale: He will live. Edison, answer me.

Nightingale: What is it you want to do?

Edison: Urgh...Mm...

Edison: ...Yes. I admit it, Florence Nightingale.

Edison: The successive kings granted me power, but logically that also pointed to the fact that I couldn't win...

Edison: I have strayed from my path just a little...It seems I was wandering in a maze of foolish thoughts.

Nightingale: Just a little...Just a little bit, was it...Very well.

Nightingale: To heal an illness, one must first admit that he is ill.

Nightingale: Being lost is fine. Because right now, you have returned to the starting point.

Edison: I see...Despite all the sacrifices the citizens have made...I am now only at the starting line...

Edison: This is rough...This is actually rough. What am I supposed to do now...

Blavatsky: Huh? You mean you don't know, Edison?

Edison: Blavatsky...Are you suggesting you do? What I should be doing?

Blavatsky: Simple. Do what you would always do. If you fail 3,000 times, you try again with attempt number 3,001.

Blavatsky: You're never discouraged by failure, causing trouble for all those around you. You always find a way to get back up.

Blavatsky: That's your life. Right, Thomas Alva Edison?

Blavatsky: In the end...That was your ultimate talent, right?

Edison: Blavatsky...I am not sure if I should take that as a compliment or insult...

Edison: But thank you. You really are my friend. I just need to overcome it...That was my life's conclusion.

Edison: But I'm a loser. A coward. The King of Lawsuits. Leading a nation again is something I can't possibly—

Karna: That's not true. Make no mistake, Edison.

Karna: You were lost, but you were headed towards the correct location.

Karna: Saving someone you don't know the name of, or trying to shine light into a world of darkness...

Karna: I can confidently say that those are desires you can be proud of.

Karna: No matter how much you blame yourself, or how much you hate yourself, or how you perform evil deeds out of being overly cautious...

Karna: Unlike heroes who can only save others by defeating something, you do it and have done it with your inventions.

Karna: As in, not with your words.... Ultimately, you really became a light shining onto the world.

Karna: Feed off that hope, that accomplishment, and stand up. You're at rock bottom right now, but not all is lost, right?

Edison: Karna—

Karna: Mmm. It is time to wake up, great King of Inventions. There are still so many gems hidden in that brain of yours.

Edison: ...I see. Your world is far from seeing inventions, and vastly differs from mine, yet you still say that.

Edison: Babbage, my best friend, is telling me in Morse code...That I cannot lose until I am bankrupt.

Edison: In that case...Yes! The presi-king will never die! He must rise as often as needed!

Edison: The dream of bringing prosperity to the world has revived! Karna, Blavatsky! Sorry to have caused you trouble!

Blavatsky: Don't worry. We're friends.

Karna: ...Right. Though a bit pushy, after coming this far, I suppose we are friends.

Edison: —Ha. I'm always blessed with such great friends.

Edison: Even that hysteric can't match me here. This is what I can call my own fortune.

Edison: ...I also owe you an apology and my thanks,Fujimaru. And to all you Servants who support [♂ him /♀ her].

Edison: Frankly, I still have no idea. I still don't know how to save the world, or how to defeat the Celts.

Edison: But–

Fujimaru 1: Yup. Let's think about it together.

Edison: I am grateful, and I'm counting on you. That's right, I have forgotten something very important!

Edison: The president always has a vice president by his side. At times, the VP is even more capable.

Mash: Mr. Edison, then you mean...

Edison: Yes. I am Thomas Alva Edison. One cornerstone of the foundation for American prosperity.

Edison: In that case, this time for sure...I want to create an invention that will save this world!

Edison: Of course, as your Servant, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: It would be my pleasure!

Mash: Yes! That's great news, Master!

Fujimaru 2: So I've been appointed VP!

Dr. Roman: Ahh, congratulations! Though, that role usually dies first in movies!

Edison: —I will now bestow myself and all that I have upon you, Fujimaru.

Edison: Will you save the world together with me? ...My Master.

Section 16: The Fellowship

Edison: Now, everyone, have a seat! We're gonna brainstorm, guys!

Elisabeth: Yes, teacher! Me, me!

Edison: Yes, Elisabeth. What is it?

Elisabeth: We invade, and beat them up. That's our only choice!

Edison: That's...Completely denied!!

Elisabeth: Whyyyyyyy!?

Elisabeth: ...I know! How about we sing to heal their souls?

Everyone: DENIED!

Elisabeth: Whyyyyyyy!?

Fujimaru 1: They lack the refinement to appreciate it.

Fujimaru 2: They have no tolerance for such things.

Elisabeth: I-I see. Then I suppose there's nothing we can do.

Elisabeth: One needs knowledge to understand music, too. If they don't have that, there's nothing I can do.

Fujimaru 1: We need to wait for death metal to be invented.

Elisabeth: Right, if death metal was– What'd you just say, little [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!?

Elisabeth: Idols! My genre of choice is a cutesy pop idol song, you know?

Edison: This is what's known as “letting 100 schools of thought contend,” yes? Anyway, all of you, please reassess the current situation.

Edison: Here's a map. The Celts occupy the eastern half of North America.

Edison: They'll ultimately invade us from two routes, north and south. They're currently making the preparations to do so.

Edison: If we were to invade, we would leave one side exposed. They'd overwhelm us, and we'd lose.

Dr. Roman: Based on data obtained so far, losing too much land will likely be the condition for defeat in this war.

Dr. Roman: So I presume.

Dr. Roman: The connection to the era is fragile enough as is, it will sever more as the Celts expand their area of dominance.

Dr. Roman: In time, this era will no longer withstand its separation from reality...and it will “die. ”

Dr. Roman: So, even if we do invade, we have to make sure they don't take any more of our current territory.

Edison: ...That's how it was...Then the fact that I increased the number of troops and pushed back the front line as a stopgap measure...

Nightingale: Ended up saving this nation, yes. The patient was continuously losing stamina, but you protected its heart.

Edison: Yes...Yes!

Scáthach: But, that was also your limit. You slightly pushed back the front line, but it won't be long before it falls.

Scáthach: Servants will likely be commanding the invading army.

Scáthach: At this rate...the mechanized infantry won't stand a chance, and they'll continue to branch out.

Elisabeth: But that was then, right? Now we have a bunch of Servants!

Blavatsky: Well, there is some truth to what Eli-Eli is saying. Hmm...Let's first look at our opponents' strength–

Blavatsky: Queen Medb, Cú Chulainn, Beowulf, Arjuna...

Blavatsky: We may outnumber them, but they have some of the world's greatest heroes on their side...Not just Celtic ones.

Blavatsky: Add to that the Celtic soldiers, who can overwhelm even Servants if there are enough.

Blavatsky: And don't forget the monsters and Shadow Servants they pull into the confusion.

Blavatsky: To top it off, they can reproduce indefinitely. Can we defeat them? I can't. Totally impossible.

Rama: Mmm, hmm...I could keep up at full strength, but–

Rama: Defeat? That I cannot guarantee.

Robin Hood: Even if we were to just go after the Servants...I mean, I'll do it if you ask me to.

Robin Hood: I'd be beaten to a pulp if it's one-on-one. If only there was someone else to help...

Edison: Hmm...

Rama: ...Mmm...

Blavatsky: Now, then...

Edison: This isn't good...The discussion is coming to a halt. How about we move our bodies a little bit?

Edison: Fujimaru! You should take this opportunity to join us!

Edison: This is a virtual skirmish I invented. It's only slightly dangerous!


Edison: Physical activity relaxes the mind,but in the end, there are only two ways to go about this.

Mash: Is one of them...assassination?

Scáthach: A select few will go to Washington D. C. , and assassinate Queen Medb.

Scáthach: That should prevent any further increase in Celtic soldiers. We can turn this into a fight between Servants.

Scáthach: But Medb is extremely cautious.

Scáthach: Once she senses Servants, she will likely bring all her Servants back at once.

Scáthach: To be honest, she's already survived one assassination attempt. I would expect her to be even more cautious.

Robin Hood: That really hits home.

Edison: Painfully true. What do you think,Chief Nurse Nightingale? Quite the pickle, isn't it?

Nightingale: ...I shall leave military problems of this sort to you. I am just a nurse.

Fujimaru 1: Now, don't say that.

Nightingale: I'm telling you that I'm useless. Sheesh...

Nightingale: If an ambush is impossible, we fight them head-on. That's about all I can think up right now.

Scáthach: Hmm...Actually, Nightingale's suggestion is probably the most realistic one.

Edison: Meaning?

Rama: We place mechanized infantry and Servants both to the north and south.

Rama: Of the two armies, one simply needs to hold its ground. Meanwhile, the main army will rush towards the capital.

Rama: ...What do you say, Scáthach?

Scáthach: That's right. There are several Servants here.

Scáthach: Some Servants are powerful enough to rival the enemy, myself included. However, there aren't enough for “two even armies. ”

Scáthach: But if we concentrate forces into one army, the other will crumble, and the enemy will occupy America.

Scáthach: All types of balance must be considered when forming the North and South armies.

Scáthach: Now, how to handle it...

Elisabeth: What, that's actually quite simple!

Scáthach: Mmm?

Elisabeth: Come on, little [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] over there! Don't just stand around, you pick the parties!

Fujimaru 1: Um, me?

Fujimaru 2: Are you sure?

Elisabeth: Naturally. You fought alongside Servants in France, Rome, and all sorts of other places, right?

Elisabeth: No other Master in the world is as familiar with Servants as you are.

Elisabeth: If you choose the teams,I can trust those decisions!

Blavatsky: Oh, Eli-Eli has a point.

Elisabeth: Can you stop calling me Eli-Eli!?

Rama: Hmm, it's just like Elisabeth says. If Master selects the parties, I will be all right with it.

Fujimaru 1: Give me some time.

Fujimaru 2: Hold on a sec.

Scáthach: No problem. Just think of a team of Servants by tomorrow.

Scáthach: In the meantime, Edison and his team should prepare for the final battle.

Edison: Sounds like a plan. Start up the comms! Inform all units immediately!

Mash: ...Senpai. It's a lot of responsibility, but we're counting on you.

Mash: Sleep on it for a day, if you need to. I believe you've got it in you!

Nightingale: –Taking a walk at this hour?

Fujimaru 1: Change of pace.

Nightingale: ...This is also some sort of fate. I shall accompany you.

Nightingale: ...Edison's wounds are healed. His responsibilities as King of America should've been lessened.

Nightingale: Or perhaps the obsessions of past presidents had been possessing him.

Nightingale: There is a chance for a poor prognosis, so I need to continue monitoring him...

Nightingale: One illness left. I only hope then the world will be healed.

Fujimaru 1: I'll try my best.

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, we have to make it work.

Nightingale: I have no intention of putting you under any pressure. I hope you don't misunderstand.

Nightingale: Normally, it's insane to have just one person bear the responsibilities of stopping world destruction.

Nightingale: That is indeed a dire move. Only the insane could withstand the pressure.

Nightingale: Like I once was.... But you are different.

Nightingale: You must remain steadfast and assign us to our posts.

Nightingale: I trust you. The same way I trust my comrades who fought against the stubborn army.

Nightingale: You need to make an effort. But there is no need to bear the entire burden.

Nightingale: Moreover, even if your choice is correct,there is the possibility that we, the entrusted, will fail.

Nightingale: Even with utmost preparations,soldiers will die, and people will fall ill.

Nightingale: So, I hope you do not shoulder too much weight.

Nightingale: Relax, but be honest–I'm sure we will be fine.

Nightingale: Do you find the night breeze a bit chilly? Let's return.

Nightingale: The fallen soldiers are on the move. If we leave them alone, their numbers will only increase.

Nightingale: A corpse is a mound of pathogens. We must carefully mourn them, and send them to the afterlife!


Nightingale: –Now, let's head over to heal our wounded hero.

Scáthach: My oh my...Even he is but an ill patient to you.

Nightingale: I would've never guessed that you, his mentor, had failed to notice.

Scáthach: I am not good at dealing with illness. After all, having come this close to being a Divine Spirit, illness has lost its meaning to me.

Scáthach: A straightforward death is something I've long since left behind.

Nightingale: ...I don't understand. For one who has traversed death, your expression seems glum?

Scáthach: But of course. I have not traversed death. Simply, I have overcome it.

Scáthach: Yet that doesn't mean I've transcended death. I am merely a ghost who was left behind by life.

Scáthach: What of yourself? In the sense of ghosts or grudges, I believe you're rather close to me?

Nightingale: I have simply returned to the present world in my peak form. Which is why I shall treat anyone to the best of my ability.

Nightingale: The fact that I was summoned in itself shows that this world is still in need of “nursing. ”

Scáthach: Hmm...

Scáthach: First, the North Army. Elisabeth, Robin, Edison, and Blavatsky.

Scáthach: Then, the South Army. Karna, Rama, Nightingale, Fujimaru, Mash, and myself.

Scáthach: The North Army might just be barely enough to hold them. However, depending on the enemy's number, the South Army can break through their defense.

Edison: I see...

Edison: I'll equip boosters on the mechanized infantry for the South Army so they can keep up with you Servants.

Edison: Hold the North with as few members as possible, and rush into Washington D. C. with the South Army.

Elisabeth: Wait a minute, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]! I want to get at him, too!

Fujimaru 1: I'm counting on you.

Fujimaru 2: You're the only one.

Elisabeth: ......

Elisabeth: ......Fine.

Elisabeth: In exchange, Cú Chulainn, the one who defeated Saber...Make sure to take him down.

Fujimaru 1: Understood.

Fujimaru 2: I promise you.

Elisabeth: Fine then. I'll fight for you here, along with that Mr. Komadori.

Robin Hood: That's not my actual name, you know? Well, you can leave this side to us.

Robin Hood: If we're against an army, my preparations will come in handy. I'll do a thorough job of harassing them.

Scáthach: Yes. Our goal is 60% reduction. I'm sure you can do that much.

Robin Hood: Against Celtic warriors led by Servants? That'll require double as much work as usual...

Scáthach: Oh, you can do it with only double? That's amazing, Hermit of the Forest. You've exceeded my expectations.

Robin Hood: Ugh, I talked too fast. Normally, it's impossible even with double the effort...

Robin Hood: Maybe if we put our lives on the line, we might make it work. We'll give it our best shot.

Blavatsky: They are counting on us.

I'm just not sure how far we can go with two Casters...

Blavatsky: However, I'll do my best. No matter what the job is, I will see it through.

Edison: ...Mmm. We might've gone down the wrong path, but I'm glad my mechanized infantry can be of use.

Edison: Allow me to take charge of the North Army.

Scáthach: No one has any issue with this? Then let's move everybody out.

Scáthach: This is quite a large-scale operation. I imagine our opponents will pick up on our movements.

Scáthach: We have to time our attacks simultaneously. Three days from now, at dusk.

Scáthach: Servants in the North Army should move out at once. We must expect the unexpected.

Edison: True. I trust you with this mission, Madame Blavatsky.

Blavatsky: Indeed. Mr. Edison, I wish you the best, as well.

Edison: Karna!

Karna: What is it, Edison?

Edison: Um, well. I've been meaning to say this, but didn't get the chance to!

Edison: Thank you for answering the request of someone like me! I was able to come this far because you were with us!

Karna: Don't mention it, Edison, and Godspeed.

Edison: Thank you, Karna. Now, Master!

Edison: ...I imagine I won't be able to see you again. Though quite brief, you really treated me well.

Fujimaru 1: You're a role model for children.

Fujimaru 2: Oh, you're Edison...What can I say?

Edison: Hah! Did you read a biography or something? If it was written for children, I must have been so awesome.

Edison: ...I swear I will accomplish this mission, so the real me won't lose to the book me.

Edison: Then, farewell, my friends!

Robin Hood: All right, guess we'll take off, too. This is our final farewell.

Robin Hood: I suppose this is the life of someone engaged in guerrilla warfare. As long as we're alive, we'll meet again.

Robin Hood: Not necessarily seeing each other face to face. For example a song or a letter left behind by someone...

Robin Hood: I'm saying we'll come across stuff like that if we survive. For humans, meeting in person isn't the only way to reunite.

Robin Hood: See ya. It was a short while. But I had fun.

Elisabeth: ...It doesn't bother me. Seems like we're strangely connected, anyway...

Elisabeth: I'll probably be summoned into a different era anyway. I might already have a contract as a Servant to begin with.

Elisabeth: There's no way I would die. I am invincible.

Elisabeth: Which is why...Well, as long as you avenge Nero, I'll be fine.

Elisabeth: Don't worry. You've got some potential as a Master.

Elisabeth: That's right! Why don't I write you a little song to cheer–

Fujimaru 1: Ahhh! My stomach! Can't hear you!

Elisabeth: –you up. You say you're sick but you look pretty energetic?

Elisabeth: Well, whatever...I plan to console the soldiers along the way!

Robin Hood: We've got a long road ahead...

Scáthach: All right. Time for to head to the front lines. This is the final battle...Don't let your guard down.

Scáthach: ...Perfect! Why don't I find out if you're really up for the task...

Mash: S-So suddenly–!?


Scáthach: Hm, not bad for a practice round.

Mash: I didn't think I would be nearly killed in a warm-up...

Scáthach: Oh, nonsense. All right then, Rama, you lead the charge.

Rama: Huh? I don't mind, but...You're not going to do it?

Scáthach: I'll take my leave here.

Mash: What!? W-Wait, why!?

Scáthach: I'll be acting on my own and monitoring the actions of Queen Medb and Cú Chulainn. If needed, I'll fight and hold them down.

Rama: Isn't that like walking to your own death!?

Scáthach: Certainly, if I was some other Servant. But, who do you think I am?

Scáthach: Do I look like someone who'd be gobbled up that easily? Even if they got me, it'd take days.

Rama: ...Still, you already say it like it's inevitable...

Scáthach: Well. That can't be helped. There must be some sacrifices. After all, someone's got to do it.

Scáthach: Listen. If those two ever make it to the front lines, we will most certainly lose.

Scáthach: I am something like a dam to hold them back. It's on you all to lead this battle to victory.

Scáthach: I am counting on you, Rama. You're still inexperienced, but you have the skill to be a swordsman comparable to my stupid student.

Scáthach: You have experience leading battles, too. You're essential in our army.

Rama: ...There's no stopping you after such a speech. In life, my army was mostly monkeys...But, well, it'll work out.

Scáthach: Fujimaru...Master. Don't look so worried.

Scáthach: You've got plenty of Servants now. You have nothing to fear, even if I alone am missing.

Scáthach: Ideally, I would've liked to enjoy the life of a normal Servant, but asking for luxuries can be endless.

Scáthach: Farewell!

Karna: Master, a word?

Mash: Karna. What is it?

Karna: I'd like to stand out as much as possible in the vanguard...Will you allow it?

Fujimaru 1: Why?

Fujimaru 2: I guess...

Karna: –Arjuna is on the other side.

Karna: By nature, he shouldn't be on that side.

Karna: A born hero, Kiritin...Arjuna is the very embodiment of justice, a true Heroic Spirit.

Karna: In addition, he and I are connected to each other...For better or for worse.

Karna: The key to this battle lies in how we immobilize enemy Servants.

Karna: In which case, I'll concentrate on shutting down Arjuna with everything I've got...Would that be all right?

Fujimaru 1: Please, Karna.

Karna: Very well. I'll make sure to shut Arjuna down.

Fujimaru 2: Do your best.

Karna: Of course I will. I will not go easy on him.

Karna: I will take the vanguard soldiers, then. Let's go!

Mash: Karna leading the vanguard. Rama and Nightingale are here with us, too.

Mash: Yet...I am still worried. Despite being more supported than ever before—

Rama: You have good reason to be, Mash. After all, Cú Chulainn is on their side.

Rama: The strongest soldier, who singlehandedly fought his way through Medb's army.

Rama: As long as he is against us,there will be no such thing as a sure victory for us.

Rama: I need not mention Edison and his North Army. We, too, may very well collapse on the battlefield.

Rama: Nevertheless, to make victory ours...We will give it our all.

Rama: Now, Master. Your orders.

Fujimaru 1: Aim for the White House!

Fujimaru 2: Begin the advance!

Rama: Understood! All units attack! This is the final battle!

Rama: Take back the United States of America for yourselves! We will lend our assistance as well!

Section 17: War

Medb: Hey! Guess what, my king? They're dead. Fionn mac Cumhaill and Diarmuid.

Medb: Looks like the Servants turned the tables on them. You really can't underestimate them, can you?

Medb: Or, could it be that their Master is even stronger than we thought?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...That's nice.

Medb: So apathetic. Not interested?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Of course not. The greatest benefit of a dead man is that you no longer have to think of him.

Cú Chulainn Alter: What interests me is what the living are up to.... Let's see. What do you think they're planning to do?

Soldier: I have a report.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Ah. Speak.

Soldier: Yes sir. The United Western States Army split their troops to the north and south. The South Army is advancing towards us.

Medb: My, they want a final battle?

Soldier: They're bringing in troops standing by at the rear as well. No doubt about it.

Soldier: And leading the army is–

Medb: It's not Edison?

Soldier: No, Edison and Blavatsky are in charge of the North Army. The South Army is led by another Servant.

Medb: ...There's more?

Soldier: Yes. Leading the South Army is a young male Servant,and a Servant with a giant shield.

Soldier: We have also confirmed a nurse Servant.

Soldier: Leading the vanguard is Karna–the thin Lancer with a shining spear.

Medb: One, two, three...Four!? There are suddenly four more of them!?

Soldier: Karna's presence had been previously confirmed, but...

Medb: That still leaves three new Servants!

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Probably more than three.

Medb: Huh?

Cú Chulainn Alter: My mentor, the Indian rascal, even the Servant I let escape once...

Cú Chulainn Alter: On top of it, that shield Servant from the report...That means there must be more.

Medb: What, no way! Edison partnered up with those guys!?

Medb: ...In other words, they gave up on giving up?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Looks like it.

Cú Chulainn Alter: He gave up on protecting America,and instead decided to take the world for his own.

Medb: Hmm, this might not be good, huh? You never know what can happen in an all-out war.

Medb: What to do?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Hey.

Soldier: Yes?

Cú Chulainn Alter: We're off to war. Gather troops.

Medb: W-Wait...Are you planning on joining the fight!?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Of course. Are you planning on leaving them alone?

Medb: No, no! In the name of the Mad King, I won't let them be. I'll crush those Servants with my entire army.

Medb: By advancing on us, they insulted the king and provoked us. Then again, it just goes to show how desperate they are.

Medb: Desperate people are favorable for me.

Medb: The despair of those who hate us and spite us is so many shades darker than the ordinary kind, you see?

Medb: An avenging father slain by his family's murderer, a lover killed by someone whose lover was also killed,

Medb: I love stories like that. That's why I simply squash them, with my superior resources!

Medb: Let us divide our army into two forces as well.

Medb: Leave the North Army to Beowulf, and put Arjuna in charge of the South Army.

Medb: I'll take care of informing the Servants. Now, go!

Soldier: Yes!

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Taking the scout's report into consideration, their main force is the South Army.

Cú Chulainn Alter: They're planning to crush our forces with that army and march straight to the capital.

Medb: The North Army only needs to hold the front. At worst, they're buying time?

Medb: My oh my...And they call themselves proud Servants?

Cú Chulainn Alter: That's just how desperate they are.

Cú Chulainn Alter: That Edison guy has cast aside his pride,and is trying to protect this world and fix history.

Cú Chulainn Alter: The source is most likely–the world's last remaining Master that was in the reports.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Medb. How are you reading this?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Servants unleash their greatest powers when they have a Master.

Cú Chulainn Alter: If they come fighting not as individual troops,but as Servants accompanying their Master

Cú Chulainn Alter: Is our army powerful enough to defeat them?

Medb: ...Let's see. It might be tough.

Medb: Beowulf and Arjuna are both top-notch warriors, but they have no will to fight.

Medb: You could say Arjuna has a reason to fight, although it's a very personal one.

Medb: But Beowulf is only barely following orders. I can't imagine him losing...but...

Cú Chulainn Alter: Medb. We're going all in.

Medb: !!! O-Okay.

Medb: But I need time. Setting the North aside, the South–

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll hold the South down.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Arjuna can lead the charge,and I'll destroy all the Servants I can get my hands on.

Cú Chulainn Alter: After all, they've got that woman.

Medb: ...Scáthach?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Yeah, she IS my mentor. I can't imagine any other man being able to handle her.

Medb: –Do you want to fight her?

Cú Chulainn Alter: No. I am a king. A king doesn't fight for self-interest.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I am the frame in establishing this nation. I'll devote myself to being a weapon slaughtering opponents.

Cú Chulainn Alter: As long as Karna lives, Arjuna won't have the composure to deal with other Servants.

Cú Chulainn Alter: If that is the case, I'll go. I'll go, and I'll kill.

Medb: Very well. I won't stop you. Ride forth, my king!

Medb: Hahaha, hahaha, hahahahaha! The least kingly king in the world.

Medb: Despite having no intention of unifying the nation,you devote yourself to its creation.

Medb: That's why you never lose. You always kill the opposition. Once all opposition is gone, you may even turn on your allies.

Medb: ...Perhaps that's the very thing I've been desiring most.

Medb: For a king such as you to throw everything in this world into chaos.

Medb: To wipe out everyone equally, with your Gáe Bolg.

Medb: Oh believers of justice and miracles...Hurry up and come here! Let me lead you to your unsightly death!

Mash: ...A message from Karna!

Karna: We've engaged the enemy vanguard. We defeated them, but several troops are headed your way.

Karna: Sorry, but we don't have any forces to spare. Please stop them, Master.

Rama: I'll take the right wing. Nightingale can handle the left. Mash, you break through the middle...Can you do that?

Mash: ...Yes, I can!

Rama: Good. Then let's go!


Mash: –All done!

Rama: ...Their vanguard is this big? They must've figured out the South Army is the main force, and sent in their elites.

Rama: It looks like it.

Rama: The all-out clash is coming soon. Everybody, stay on guard!

Dr. Roman: Nothing less from the king of Kosala. Such tremendous charisma, no matter how you look!

Rama: Can I consider that a compliment? So convoluted...

Rama: Wyverns are coming, huh? All right, Master...Let's crush them!

Section 18: The Killing Fields

Rama: If we continue to proceed at this pace, we can expect all armies to clash in the wilderness ahead.

Mash: ...It's going to be quite a large-scale war.

Scout: Commander Rama! We've confirmed the Celtic army at a point 20 klicks ahead.

Scout: Leading them is a brown-skinned male Servant holding a giant bow.

Rama: ...Have you told Karna yet?

Scout: Yes sir, General Karna has already been informed.

Rama: Very well.

Rama: Tell all troops to not engage with that man, even if we enter battle.

Scout: Yes, sir!

Dr. Roman: ...It's Arjuna, isn't it.

Rama: Most likely. Good grief, this is like a scene from a nightmare.

Rama: Arjuna...The legendary hero. The Mahabharata is practically all about him.

Rama: He grasps victory in every battlefield. Even Karna once suffered a crushing defeat.

Rama: Is there any way we can win this?

Fujimaru 1: There is.

Rama: ...Hm, interesting.

Rama: You declare it to be so, Master,but you probably have absolutely no basis behind it.

Rama: Yet somehow, I feel as if we can win.

Mash: Me, too. Somehow, having your guarantee makes my hair stand on end!

Rama: Hahaha. Brilliant. Like the dawn of a new year!

Rama: Heh. A good Master and good Servants. It's no wonder we've made it this far.

Rama: Thanks to that, I have no doubts either. I merely wield my sword as your Servant!

Rama: ...They're coming!

Arjuna: –There you are, Karna.

Arjuna: You all go fight the Servants. I have–business with that Lancer.

D:Soldier: Yes.

Rama: Enemy forces, including wyverns, should be handled as discussed during our march!

Rama: They're strong, but that's all they are! There's no need for fear!

E:Soldier: ...

Rama: All of you have a duty to protect this land! And I don't mean because you are the owners!

Rama: Since you've taken it, it means you're responsible for it until the end!

Rama: Thousands and thousands of lives are depending on each of you.

Rama: This war cannot be decided by heroes alone! This war has no meaning unless it's won by each and every single one of you!

Rama: Go make victory your own! Now, charge!

Mash: Master, Karna's unit has broken through. The right and left wing units are headed this way!

Fujimaru 1: Let's do this.

Fujimaru 2: We'll surely win.

Mash: Yes! Mash Kyrielight– Here I go!


Rama: Look out! Wyverns! Fire the Anti-Air Electromagnetic Net Launcher!

Soldier: Commander, it's not just an Electromagnetic Net Launcher, but an Edisonian Direct Current Electromagnetic Net Launcher!

Rama: He's picky about that kinda stuff!? Servants, take down the ones who slip through the net!

Mash: Copy that! Master, your orders please!


Mash: The soldiers keep coming, don't they?

Nightingale: Give me every bandage we have!

Celtic Soldier: YAAHHH!

Nightingale: Out of my way!

Nightingale: I'm sorry, please defend this place until I'm done with treatment!

Fujimaru 1: Okay.

Nightingale: I appreciate it!


Nightingale: Treatment is mostly complete. I've sent those unfit for battle toward the back.

Mash: Doctor, is Karna safe?

Mash: Seeing as Arjuna isn't here,I imagine they are in combat–

Dr. Roman: ...Amazing.

Mash: Huh?

Dr. Roman: It's the very reenactment of mythology! Nothing less from a top Servant. Off the charts in every way!


Arjuna: –So you've come, Karna.

Karna: No matter when or what era. Only I can ever be your opponent.

Arjuna: Each time I am summoned to a Holy Grail War as a Servant, it seems I always end up searching for you.

Arjuna: While attempting to be a proper hero...I would seek you, and be disappointed.

Arjuna: ...Never again will we have an opportunity such as this.

Karna: ...

Arjuna: The moment you stood before me,all my other priorities evaporated.

Arjuna: –So, Karna. Shall we begin where we left off?

Karna: ...We shall, Arjuna.

Karna: Both you and I seem to be held captive by a chronic disease that can never be cured.

Arjuna: ...However.

Karna: Yes.

Both: –That is our very delight.

Karna: This world has no gods, no curses, not even destiny.

Arjuna: Precisely because there aren't, I made facing you my only desire upon the Holy Grail.

Arjuna: ...And now, that wish has come true. I have no interest in saving this world.

Arjuna: If it is to perish, it shall perish. Yet, you attempt to save it–this world.

Karna: Of course. As long as people wishing to live proper lives exist, I will continue to protect them.

Karna: I was given this power for that purpose. Know that as long as my father and my life remain, the sun remains immortal.

Arjuna: That is why I am for destruction. If you stand with the good, I shall stand with the evil.

Arjuna: That is equality. This time—surely this time, I must put an end to your very existence as my equal!

Karna: ...Now then. Arjuna. Do you know the saying“Curses, like chickens, come home to roost”?

Arjuna: ?

Karna: No, it's nothing. There was once someone who taught me that. Watching you just reminded me of him.

Karna: Like it or not, we've known each other the longest. On account of that, promise me one thing.

Karna: If you defeat me, fulfill your original duty as a Heroic Spirit. Save the world with your “Agni Gandiva. ”

Karna: ...I hate to admit it,but you're far better at that sort of thing.

Arjuna: ...Very well. But once it's decided,don't make that your reason for defeat.

Karna: Never. I would never fight for defeat.

Upon my spear, upon my armor, I swear it.

Karna: I swear upon my father and mother–that victory will be mine.

Arjuna: I also swear victory upon my parents–and my brothers.

Arjuna: After tens of thousands of years,I've finally obtained this chance!

Arjuna: Not even evil spirits out there can interfere with me!

Both: –Here I go!

Rama: Whoa, that queen...Don't tell me she even called a giant dragon to attack us!

Rama: But if we defeat it, it's just one more push before their front line crumbles! Let's do this!

Section 19: North American Myth War (Beginning)

Dr. Roman: Life signatures eliminated! ...Whew, what an ordeal. Had me scared a bit.

Mash: Doctor, how's the northern front doing?

Dr. Roman: Don't worry, they've been holding it. This might be possible after all!

Karna: HAAAAAA–!


Rama: It's Karna and Arjuna! What a chaotic battle!

Rama: All forces, keep away from those two! You'll be caught in the crossfire!

Nightingale: ...Ever so slightly, Karna is overpowering him.

Rama: Ah, you can tell, Nightingale?

Rama: After all, an Archer shines in long-range combat. Being so closed in on, even the great Arjuna cannot handle him.

Rama: Then again, normally Karna would be overwhelming in a situation like this.

Rama: Yet the two appear to be nearly on par with each other. As expected of the great Arjuna!

Rama: And yet–if things continue this way...

Karna: ...Tch!

Arjuna: Ugh—!

Rama: Karna will win!

C:???: –“Gáe Bolg. ”

Mash: What...

Nightingale: !!!

Rama: Wh-What–!?

Dr. Roman: Servant responses have suddenly...Wait, what just happened!?

Arjuna: !!!

Karna: ...

Cú Chulainn Alter: Don't hate me, Hero of Benefaction. After all, this killing spree has no rules.

Karna: ...Cú Chulainn...

Arjuna: Cú Chulainn...You bastard!

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Shut up. Starting a fight without consulting me...Did I approve a one-on-one?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Wait until you've read the situation before running after your own interests.

Cú Chulainn Alter: At least be grateful that you weren't stabbed from the back, Hero of the Endowed.

Arjuna: !!!

Cú Chulainn Alter: Now let's see–Is that the famed Master?

Fujimaru 1: !!!

Cú Chulainn Alter: What, shaking all over? My mistake for thinking you'd be a veteran hero.

Mash: Y-You're...

Fujimaru 1: The Caster from Fuyuki!

Fujimaru 2: The one we fought with back then!

Cú Chulainn Alter: Sadly, I don't remember that. A completely different guy.

Mash: But...

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: Mash, calm down.

Fujimaru 2: Mash, he's an enemy.

Mash: ...Yes, I know.

Rama: Wait, Cú Chulainn! What happened to Scáthach–

Cú Chulainn Alter: Hm? Oh, I defeated Scáthach.

Nightingale: !!!

Rama: ...You don't mince your words, do you?

Mash: No, not Scáthach...Impossible...

Cú Chulainn Alter: Oh yeah, no need for condolences.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You're all going to die here, too. Go lick each other's wounds on the other side.

Rama: He's coming! Don't hold back on Command Spells, we'll fight with all we've got!


Mash: Hah...Hah...Hah...

Cú Chulainn Alter: The strength of that shield...Strange. I don't recall a shield so powerful, not even in folklore.

Cú Chulainn Alter: But it's definitely a Noble Phantasm. Girl, that shield—

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Never mind. It won't matter if I take you down, anyway!

Rama: Noble Phantasm incoming, Mash! That vermilion spear aims for your heart no matter what!

Rama: You have to run at full speed!

Mash: It's no use, I won't make it!

Cú Chulainn Alter: It's go time–My demonic thorn of death.

Mash: Ugh!

Cú Chulainn Alter: What...

H:???: Dozing off as I stroll along,I find myself in a strange land of wilderness.

H:???: Is this the dream continued, or merely an illusion? Well, not that it matters.

Merlin: Good morning and hello, all. Everyone's trusted advisor, Mr. Merlin, is here.

Fujimaru 1: Mer...Who?

Fujimaru 2: Who's that cocky fellow!?

Merlin: Right, you, never mind that. This appearance is a special service, an incognito visit totally on a whim.

Merlin: Your paths and mine are not yet set to cross. I mean, I should be a shut-in from a tower in paradise to begin with.

Merlin: Just consider this a lucky visit from a wonderful gentleman and be done with it, okay?

Cú Chulainn Alter: So–what kind of blockhead are you? Is this what they call a daydream?

Merlin: Of course. It's my ol' specialty,making do by confusing the opponent!

Merlin: Oh! Congratulations on your coronation, Cú Chulainn.

Merlin: To think the day would come when the great hero of Ireland settles down on a throne. My, my, destiny is a strange thing.

Cú Chulainn Alter: This feeling...You must be an incubus...Which means...I see, you are the Stargazer.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Your meddling is breaking the rules. Is this fine, mage? Your pride will crumble to pieces.

Merlin: Not to worry, we'll play it by ear. Besides, I have no pride or principles, or anything like that.

Mash: Who–are you–?

Merlin: I watch everything in this world from an island in the farthest lands. Yes, I watch everything.

Merlin: That's the important point. I am but an observer, simply observing...At least for now.

Merlin: ...Whoa, I really am about to wake from my nap.

Merlin: Sorry, but this is about all the help I can lend you. You'll have to finish slaying that beast on your own.

Merlin: Once you have done so,the future in which we meet shall come.

Merlin: Farewell, then, until that slightly altered future. Take care of Cath Palug for me.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Tch, behind me!

Karna: Burn him to ashes...“Vasavi Shakti! ”

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Tch!

Mash: Karna!

Arjuna: ...

Karna: It wasn't strong reach him...Master...farewell...

Rama: ...Karna...

Cú Chulainn Alter: One last struggle at the very end. This is why I never trust the comings and goings of spearman.

Rama: Quit babbling, now's the chance–!

Cú Chulainn Alter: Right back at you, scumbag! Flaunting your borrowed feathers...

Cú Chulainn Alter: That attack left me scorched all over. I'll be going home to cool off now.

Nightingale: ...It's no use fleeing, Cú Chulainn. No matter how great your fury, that wound will never heal.

Nightingale: You are ill.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Ha. It's as you say, bloody saint. The day I'm healed will probably never come.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll simply continue being king,until the day I fall and rot.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Come and get me, if you can. I'll fight you in Washington.

Rama: ...Don't let this opportunity pass! All forces push, push, push!

Arjuna: ...

Rama: I am sorry Arjuna, but I must kill you!

Rama: Er, Nightingale!?

Nightingale: –Arjuna. Have you any desire of receiving treatment?

Arjuna: ...Treatment? What illness do you think I have?

Nightingale: Karna tried to be a Servant. That is all.

Nightingale: Despite trying to be a hero with a second life, you do not wish to be a Servant.

Nightingale: Our existence sides with neither. We have our self-interests, yet we also have a given Order.

Nightingale: In that moment, Karna acted as a Servant, and believed that stopping Cú Chulainn would lead to victory.

Nightingale: ...He believed that it was the right thing to do than indulging you with your deep-rooted obsession.

Arjuna: ...Obsession? My long-standing desire...

Arjuna: How could the likes of you ever understand!?

Rama: H-Hey, Nightingale. Er, maybe you shouldn't provoke him too much!?

Nightingale: –It's a mistaken obsession. No use crying over spilt milk. Defeating a nemesis with an arrow you shouldn't have shot–

Nightingale: You must live the rest of your life with that regret. That's how it is for other heroes, too.

Nightingale: Madly wishing to redo, seeking a wish never granted.... Despite that, a Servant doesn't cross that final line.

Nightingale: You did not try to understand that final line.

Arjuna: ...I...

Nightingale: Will you fight? If you would like to, you may.

Arjuna: ...You're right. There's no need to fight. I don't even want to vent my anger.

Arjuna: But I...want to settle the score. In order to purge this unmanageable something in my heart.

Arjuna: I'll understand if you decline.

Fujimaru 1: Let's fight.

Rama: H-Hey!? Master, you're going to fight Arjuna!?

Rama: Who is!? We are, yup, of course!

Fujimaru 2: We'll win.

Rama: Hahahahaha, Master! I've got something to say to you, as a fellow warrior!

Rama: There's no telling whether we'll win. After all, our opponent is Arjuna!

Rama: Ah, what the heck! Let's do this!

Arjuna: –Thank you. Then let us battle, if you please.

Arjuna: My name is Arjuna. Consider it an honor–to fall by my arrow!

Rama: I also have the pride of having bested the Demon King Ravana. –Prepare yourself, Arjuna!


Rama: How's that, Arjuna!

Nightingale: Do you feel better now?

Arjuna: ...Yes, very much. I appreciate you putting up with my self-indulgence.

Mash: Arjuna. Well...If you wouldn't mind, could you lend us a hand?

Arjuna: ...Unfortunately, I cannot. Though I strongly desire to.

Arjuna: I'll be sure to make amends for what I've done. Will you please believe me?

Fujimaru 1: I will.

Arjuna: ...Your words ring true, even in my hollowed heart. Farewell, then.

Rama: ...Arjuna...What did he...

Nightingale: It means he was able to sort out his feelings.

Nightingale: He is not as faithful as others think,nor as evil as he himself believes.

Nightingale: He must've led quite a stifling life when he was alive.

Nightingale: After all, he'd been living a life that was decided for him by someone else.

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, I see. Arjuna must have wanted a fresh start.

Dr. Roman: That day, that moment, that arrow he shot at Karna...He'd been regretting it all his life.

Nightingale: His illness has been cured. Though the price he paid...was all too great.

Nightingale: But despite that, we must forge ahead.

Rama: Nightingale is right. All right, march on! Let's charge all the way to Washington!

Section 20: North American Myth War (Middle)

Rama: Forward! The northern front has already clashed with the main army! There's no telling how long they'll last!

Rama: Speed! Speed will determine the winner! Full speed ahead!

Rama: Master! Enemy forces are straight ahead!

Fujimaru 1: Crush them!

Fujimaru 2: Blow 'em up!

Rama: Yes! All troops, charge!

Rama: No stopping, not even for a moment! We'll come down on them in one giant blow!

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: What's the matter?

Mash: ...I'm sorry. I was thinking of Scáthach.

Mash: Scáthach said she could never defeat Cú Chulainn, but I didn't believe her.

Mash: I felt nobody could ever defeat Scáthach. So—there was a part of me that wasn't worried.

Mash: A part of me that thought, even if we failed here, Scáthach would set it right.

Mash: But, it didn't turn out that way.... Scáthach was right.

Mash: But, I still don't understand. I don't understand how Scáthach could've lost...

Cú Chulainn Alter: –“Gáe Bolg! ”

Scáthach: “Gáe Bolg Alternative–! ”

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Scáthach: Ugh!

Cú Chulainn Alter: A clash of Gáe Bolgs, unimaginable during our lifetimes.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Both claim to deliver fatal blows,while at the same time evading them.

Scáthach: With different Noble Phantasms, this would've ended in death, not a draw. But both our Noble Phantasms are forbidden magical spears.

Scáthach: Both thorns of death trace identical paths and clash. A curious phenomenon– one that may never occur again.

Scáthach: ...But my, that right arm of yours. Have you been repairing it with rune spells as you throw your spear?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Pretty much.

Scáthach: You're not waiting until the destruction ends to begin regenerating, unlike me.

Scáthach: You're regenerating while it is being destroyed. The pain must be excruciating...No, I am sure “excruciating” is not even enough to describe it.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Pain can be managed. I'm already prepared for the worst.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Hmph, you've been enduring it well too, my mentor.

Scáthach: Not really.... In the end, I'm merely buying time.

Scáthach: In the past—I've even dreamed of being killed by you.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Scáthach: “I should've died before things became this way,” I thought. If I regret anything about my life, that would be it.

Scáthach: –But, I have no desire to be killed by your current self. Personally, I preferred your previous self.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'm not obligated to shoulder any of the burden you bear. My path is simple and straightforward.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I can't afford to be taking detours,nor can I afford to carry someone else's baggage.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll take the shortest path to be king, and to rule.

Scáthach: –For whom? Is it for Medb?

Scáthach: Medb wished upon the Holy Grail, and made you into a king. But that was never your wish.

Cú Chulainn Alter: What makes you think so? Do you really think I've never dreamed of becoming king?

Scáthach: You never mentioned such a dream when you were alive.

Cú Chulainn Alter: True. Just as you say–in life,the thought of becoming king never crossed my mind.

Cú Chulainn Alter: However. Isn't it common for Servants to harbor new dreams that might not have existed when they were alive?

Scáthach: ...So, it's the opposite. You're trying to become a king as a result of becoming king.

Scáthach: –What a foolish contradiction. Despite becoming king, nothing indicated you became one.

Scáthach: That's why you have to destroy everything.

Scáthach: If a man stands alone in the deserted wilderness,then indeed, he must be the unopposed king.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Yeah, that's fine by me. That solution feels best. A hero's existence is full of contradictions, after all.

Cú Chulainn Alter: It's not for Medb. I brandish this spear for my own self-interest.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Now, you must be running out of ways to stall for time. Let's put an end to this, Scáthach.

Scáthach: —Such an idiot. You're an idiot down to your bones, yet you're thinking so hard.

Scáthach: But no matter. I'm finished with my questions. Gates, open.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Tch!

Scáthach: “Gate of Skye. ”

Cú Chulainn Alter: A Noble Phantasm that transports people to the Land of Shadows!

Scáthach: I'm sorry, but I'm taking you with me.

Cú Chulainn Alter: My mentor...You must've sensed it. That you can't defeat me.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You know you can't win, even using that Noble Phantasm, yes? –That's correct.

Cú Chulainn Alter: A Noble Phantasm that transports, yet doesn't kill—Your consideration for others this late in the game is why you will lose.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Noble Phantasm seal. Transform–!

Scáthach: ...Wh-What?

Scáthach: !!!

Cú Chulainn Alter: –You stopped moving, Scáthach!

Scáthach: Gah!

Cú Chulainn Alter: “Curruid Coinchenn”–This is one trick I didn't learn from you.

Cú Chulainn Alter: This Noble Phantasm is the one and only thing that can punch a hole in that gut of yours.

Scáthach: ...So you've reached that far, huh? That's enough power to destroy the world.

Cú Chulainn Alter: I bet it is. As things stand, I'll be doing just that.

Scáthach: –Cú Chulainn. That's what I don't understand.

Scáthach: Living and fighting. Those used to be your greatest joys.

Scáthach: Those were the big prerequisites. That is why you lived so beautifully.

Scáthach: Yet why do you insist on being so ugly?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...I'm ugly, yes. Because as far as I've seen, that's what a king is.

Scáthach: ...What......Who knew you were such an honest idiot?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Goodbye, Scáthach. We'll probably never meet again.

C:???: Too bad. As a fellow spearman,I would've liked to try fighting him, but–

C:???: I had to prioritize a previous appointment. You alive?

Scáthach: ...Somehow. Jumping through the gates myself to fling my body to the outsides of the world must've worked.

Scáthach: I've patched up my outward appearance, but that's about it. To put it into perspective, 90% of my organs are destroyed.

C:???: Hm, that's a problem. You can't fight like that.

Scáthach: If we were to fight, it'd be when this era ends. Until then, Shuwen, would you help those guys out?

Li Shuwen: Which side?

Scáthach: ...The North Army. The South Army has Fujimaru, but the North Army doesn't. This is a big difference.

Li Shuwen: All right. Then I'll head to the North Army. You stay here, until the era comes to an end.

Li Shuwen: I'll be sure to come back for you. Whether the era ends, or the world ends. I promise.

Li Shuwen: After all, that divine spear has reached a realm beyond human understanding. If you disappear before I fight it, I'll surely go mad.

Scáthach: ...Suit yourself. How can I refuse so earnest a request?

Scáthach: Fine. I look forward to your return. If you don't mind a cowardly spear that lost to its disciple.

Li Shuwen: Kaka! I wouldn't count that as a loss. Your objective was different from the start.

Li Shuwen: Realize the competition of spears has just begun, mistress. Time to see if my divine spear will stand up to a true god.

Li Shuwen: ...Well, I suppose I should save the world first, though. Too bad. All I want to do is fight strong opponents...

Li Shuwen: ...but the world is such a hard place to live in.

Scáthach: That is the fate of us Heroic Spirits.

Li Shuwen: Hahahahaha—that's for sure.


Robin Hood: Yeah, yeah. Here they come again.

Elisabeth: ...Wait a second, how many of them are there? They just keep coming!

Elisabeth: Did you really clean up 60% of them?

Robin Hood: Well yeah, of course. I take my work seriously. It's one of my few redeeming qualities.

Robin Hood: Poisoning their food and water, burning, drowning, dropping rocks...Even some treachery amongst them.

Robin Hood: I used all sorts of tricks to cut out 60% of them. But there's still many left. Don't you just hate it?

Robin Hood: ...Seriously, what is it with those guys?

Robin Hood: Normally when you lose 60% of your troops,morale plummets and retreat is par for the course.

Robin Hood: I suppose there is one exception, though...

Robin Hood: The case of ridiculously strong leaders being ridiculously tyrannical.

Elisabeth: Encore after encore no matter how much I sing...I feel lucky as an idol, but I'm not happy about this!

Robin Hood: That's just our job this time around.

Elisabeth: How are they doing over there?

Robin Hood: ...Karna was killed in battle.

Elisabeth: ...I see. That guy was crazy strong, too.

Robin Hood: Don't tell Old Man Edison. He'll probably sink into depression.

Elisabeth: I figured as much. Is the [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] doing all right?

Robin Hood: Yeah, they defeated Cú Chulainn, who then retreated. They're marching toward Washington with Rama and the others.

Elisabeth: Our tasks remain the same?

Robin Hood: Not sure about that. Hey! Old Man Edison!

Robin Hood: Should we keep going!?

Edison: Hahahahaha! Of course, sounds good!

Robin Hood: Looks like it.

Elisabeth: Ah, too bad. It's tiresome, but I guess we can give it one more push.

Edison: Direct current is the best! Am I right!?

Mechanized Infantry: Of course, Mr. Presi-king! All hail direct current! Brilliant domination!

Blavatsky: Yes, yes, direct current is the best, the best. And now...

Blavatsky: —Behold, the Book of Dzyan in my hand. Light, shine here. Hierarchy in the heavens, Lemuria in the sea.

Blavatsky: And on earth, myself! Old things and new, make everything clear!

Blavatsky: Everything seems to be going smoothly...But life never goes so well, does it?

Edison: ...Hm. Yes, it'll be here soon, without a doubt.

Elisabeth: Huh, what'll be here? ...Wh-What the...

Beowulf: –Life never goes so well, does it?

Beowulf: ...Wait, is this it? A cunning Archer and a scrawny Lancer?

Beowulf: Where are the people who defeated me?

Elisabeth: They're out. And it's “slender,” not scrawny!

Robin Hood: Hey, was that a compliment?

Beowulf: Yes, it's a compliment. Cutting us by 60%, just by laying traps.... But with 40% left, victory is ours.

Elisabeth: ...Ugh, I can't stand it.

Elisabeth: Crude, insensitive, and shameless. On top of that, muscles, tattoos, and stubble!

Elisabeth: Nothing could be more vulgar! That settles it! You take him.

Robin Hood: I'd like to say “Yeah, sure”–But I'm afraid I may die without your help.

Elisabeth: What a slacker.

Robin Hood: My only talents are long-range combat, killing with poison, and sabotage.

Elisabeth: Then go stand behind me and shoot your little arrows.

Elisabeth: Bring it on, half-naked man. Having one dragon slayer is more than enough!

Beowulf: I'd appreciate it if you'd at least call me by my True Name, scr...slender Lancer!

Edison: Can you go assist Elisabeth and Robin Hood!?

Blavatsky: That's impossible. It's taking all I can to hold back the Celts! You little...

Edison: ...Alas, when it comes to tenacity, we just can't match these Celtic soldiers...How disappointing.

Edison: So these are the limits of mass production...No, not true! It's just that my approach was incorrect!

Edison: I can't lose. I must grasp the glory of success someday! As the one responsible, I must make an effort!

Elisabeth: Ugh...

Beowulf: Hmph!

Robin Hood: Bastard!

Beowulf: –Ha!

Beowulf: Sorry. Despite being a Berserker, I'm not really insane.

Beowulf: If anything, I'm just a little more ferocious. I don't easily lose the techniques I've cultivated.

Robin Hood: Damn it, I hate these types...

Blavatsky: Eli-Eli and Robin are in trouble. Not good!

Li Shuwen: –Then allow me.

Blavatsky: Huh!?

Beowulf: Whoa.... Hey now, who are you?

Li Shuwen: Just a passing divine spear. My True Name is Li Shuwen.

Li Shuwen: ...Hmph. I suppose it's a perk for this job. To be able to fight the famous Beowulf. The highest honor.

Beowulf: Oh? Not one for modesty with a name like “Divine Spear. ” Li Shuwen...Yes, I've heard a lot about you.

Li Shuwen: Oh, it's just an old nickname. So, what shall we do?

Li Shuwen: Beowulf. You're the warrior known for killing the monster Grendel with your bare hands. In that case—

Beowulf: Heh, you sure know how to flatter. And who were you, again?

Beowulf: Ah, yes, yes. “No Second Strike,” right? Don't need a second strike! What a claim!

Li Shuwen: Hm. How about we put it to the test? We'll see if it's real or an exaggeration.

Li Shuwen: What a coincidence, for two Servants who can fight unarmed to meet in this place.

Li Shuwen: Fate is such an odd thing.

Beowulf: It sure is strange. Which means...

Beowulf: ...a so-called fistfight?

Li Shuwen: I don't know whether these fists will work on you or not. But I think I'd like to give it a try.

Li Shuwen: Let's see you withstand my Bajiquan!

Beowulf: That's fine. Many winters have passed since my honoring as a Heroic Spirit.

Beowulf: Yet it's hard to forget that feeling...That moment when I beat that guy to death.

Beowulf: And now, a guy who looks even stronger than Grendel is standing before me.

Beowulf: So–no one would turn down such an opportunity!

Li Shuwen: Indeed!

Beowulf: One.

Li Shuwen: Two...

Both: Three!

Elisabeth: Whoa! A f-fistfight! Is it a fistfight!?

Elisabeth: This is so scary! Stop them, Greenie!

Robin Hood: No thanks! Even God couldn't stop a fight like this!

Robin Hood: Wow, man, it's hard to believe we're the same species.

Blavatsky: What's with that? Sometimes I don't get how men think at all.

Edison: Oh, come on. Girls box too, don't they? All warriors dream of a fistfight. It's their instinct.

Edison: ...Although, being an inventor,I wouldn't know much about it.

Blavatsky: Whatever.

Edison: Either way, the only Servant who could ever stand up to Beowulf in a fistfight is him.

Edison: Let's leave Beowulf to Li Shuwen. We should focus on doing what we can.

Blavatsky: You're right. But Edison, I...have a bad feeling about this.

Edison: ...Your bad feelings are always on the mark. Whatever is to come, let us be prepared.

Rama: All right! Mostly done–What!?

Rama: Medb's elite soldiers...Shadow Servants! Master, we should handle this! Your orders, please!


Rama: ...All Shadow Servants have been eliminated!

Mash: We're almost at the capital, Washington. Cú Chulainn and Queen Medb should be there.

Rama: Karna and Scáthach are no longer with us. However, we do have our Master...Fujimaru.

Rama: If we concentrate our power, we can defeat them!

Fujimaru 1: Are you forcing yourself?

Rama: Gah. No, uh...Well, how can I say this...

Rama: ...To be honest, I don't know if we can win. The difference in power is overwhelming.

Rama: Yet I feel as though we can. I had the same feeling when I faced the Demon King Ravana.

Fujimaru 2: You don't have to force yourself.

Rama: Hah, I know. I'm not forcing myself.

Rama: I'm still far from my limit–Even if I reach it, I feel as though I can go further.

Rama: Hey, Master.

Rama: I feel love for you. Mash and Nightingale, too.

Rama: I love these soldiers, who follow my orders despite my young appearance.

Rama: And I love Sita from the bottom of my heart,as she entrusted me with her life.

Rama: Love makes me want to protect,and love makes me not submit to fear.

Rama: Isn't it simple?

Rama: However, when you think about it–a hero begins his journey from tiny feelings of that sort.

Rama: This is something I came to understand,after returning to my youth.

Rama: –Now, let's go!

Section 21: North American Myth War (Ending)

Medb: They'll be here soon, my king. How's your body?

Cú Chulainn Alter: The restoration is complete. It'd be a bit troublesome if Arjuna betrayed us, though–

Medb: If the need arises, we could always use “that. ”

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...That's not necessary. I am enough.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Throw everything at the northern front. That'll end the war, and this world.

Medb: –Right. Oh dear, I guess this is the end of playing queen.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Having fun?

Medb: Yes, very much so. That's why I intend to enjoy it to the very end.

Medb: You aren't having fun, are you, Cú?

Cú Chulainn Alter: I don't know. You can have fun on your own.

Cú Chulainn Alter: All I need to do is continue being the king you wished for. No matter what happens.

Medb: ...Yeah. I love you, Cú.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Is that so?

Medb: Now, let's begin the final battle.

Medb: They'll struggle, and writhe, and try to stand up. All those who glare at us with determination in their eyes.

Medb: We'll crush them under our heels easily. –Ahh, I'm so excited!

Rama: We're here...

Mash: Yes! Master, we're just one step away!

Dr. Roman: The northern front is fighting well. At this rate, we should somehow–

Medb: –So you've come.

Medb: Oh dear, I guess those Shadow Servants really weren't good enough.

Rama: You're–

Nightingale: Medb. The queen who brings Celtic heroes into this world.

Mash: So you're...

Medb: Your scrap soldiers, or my cute boys–I wonder which are stronger?

Rama: Sorry, but we don't have time for idle chit chat. We'll be taking you down now.

Medb: I've already calculated it. Your power, my power,my summoned warriors' power, my monsters' power...

Medb: ...I'll make sure to win. After all, the one that the king trusted with everything was me, the queen!

Dr. Roman: I've confirmed enemy signatures. Analyzing the magical energy wavelengths—this is...

Dr. Roman: A massive dragonkin! Also–Chimeras,and even Shadow Servants!?

Dr. Roman: Sheesh, she's really going all out!

Mash: It's okay. We won't lose to enemies like that after all we've been through!

Mash: Master, let's go!


Medb: I guess that wasn't enough to stop you.

Medb: ...But I can't afford to lose. Come, Spriggan!

Dr. Roman: Even more of them!? Can Queen Medb really create an infinite number of soldiers!?


Nightingale: I would hesitate to call it infinite.

Nightingale: It may be infinite given enough time, but we're defeating them faster than they're being created.

Nightingale: You could say that we're cornering her, both in Magecraft and science.

Nightingale: However–

Medb: –H-Haha. Hahahahaha!

Medb: ...Cornered? ME? Opposite. It's the opposite.

Medb: I'm the one cornering you. Come visit the White House.

Rama: Tch...She's staying out of range. So she knows that “Brahmastra” is a throwing weapon.

Nightingale: Let's go, everyone...Although we may not make it in time.

Fujimaru 1: Make it in time?

Fujimaru 2: For what?

Nightingale: ...I don't know, but it seems like they're hiding a secret weapon.

Nightingale: Her smile wasn't because this is too easy for her,nor was it an attempt to mock us.

Nightingale: That was the smile of a predator.

Nightingale: It was an unbearably sadistic smile, made right when she destroys something dear to us.

Nightingale: But it's not towards us. If it was, she would have used the trump card immediately.

Nightingale: In that case–

Rama: Yes, I understand what you're trying to say, Nightingale. However, we must still pursue her.

Rama: Now, we head to the White House!


Beowulf: ...Ugh!

Li Shuwen: –This is “Stalking Tiger,” a Bajiquan technique. Kung Fu that's been refined through thousands of years.

Li Shuwen: Like how mere fistfighting evolved into boxing,we developed fights to the death into techniques.

Li Shuwen: ...This nation is the same. It's not something you should stick your hands into.

Beowulf: Heh...Seriously...Dammit, hitting that big Grendel was a lot easier.

Li Shuwen: Parrying incoming attacks is part of the technique. Try learning some boxing skills before your next summon.

Beowulf: ...Hah...Sorry, but I refuse.

Beowulf: Thinking in the middle of a fistfight is like trying to wake yourself from a dream. Isn't it?

Edison: Okay! That should do it...

Blavatsky: Mr. Edison...You should hurry and send the troops back.

Edison: Hm?

Blavatsky: Just have them retreat! Hurry!

Robin Hood: What, retreat?

Elisabeth: Hey, we're winning. What's this all of a sudden?

Robin Hood: Who knows. You'd probably have to ask Edison to find–

Robin Hood: Wh-What!?

Elisabeth: Aughhhhhhh!

Edison: C-Calm down! It's just an earthquake, settle down!

Blavatsky: No, this is no mere earthquake! Augh!

Edison: Blavatsky?

Mash: Master. The White House...It's transformed...

Dr. Roman: Wh-What the hell is this!? Are you telling me that this is truly the White House!?

Rama: ...Hm. Such extremely poor taste. The original White House was far more beautiful.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Hey.

Rama: ...Cú Chulainn!

Mash: Queen Medb!

Medb: Hey, Demi-Servant. Don't utter my name so casually.

Medb: I'm in a bad mood, mind if I kill you?

Mash: !!!

Nightingale: Leave this place. Your wickedness is no illness. You were born with it.

Nightingale: I'd say you're in good health. Although you're still wicked.

Medb: What?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Stand back, Medb. She's got business with me.

Medb: What are you going to do to Cú?

Nightingale: That goes without saying. I'm a nurse. A nurse must fulfill her duty.

Medb: Huh? With Cú? As a nurse?

Nightingale: In other words, I intend to treat him.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...What a simplistic reason. However, as my enemy, I intend to kill you.

Cú Chulainn Alter: An enemy is an enemy, even if they're a nurse. It's simple.

Nightingale: Feel free to do as you please. I'll treat you, and you'll kill me.

Nightingale: While contradictory, that's how we should be. One thing to say before combat.

Cú Chulainn Alter: What?

Nightingale: You are ill. I recommend suicide, or allowing yourself to be defeated.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'm not really one to talk, but you're pretty crazy, aren't you? What you're saying is pretty ridiculous.

Nightingale: –You can't feel joy.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Say that again?

Nightingale: No, that's not quite right. It's not that you can't, it's that you don't.

Nightingale: Becoming king didn't stop you from feeling joy. It only sealed your joy away.

Medb: ...Shut your mouth, nurse.

Nightingale: You've trapped yourself in a cage, ceding your body to a “system” called a “king. ”

Nightingale: Since you feel no joy, you fight automatically and mechanically. If you don't do so, you can't continue being king.

Medb: Didn't I tell you to shut up!?

Cú Chulainn Alter: You talk like you've seen it for yourself. Did we have some sort of connection in our past life?

Nightingale: No, I haven't seen it myself. I simply know, because that's how I used to be.

Nightingale: I cast aside my own humanity,working only to fulfill my goal.

Nightingale: I had to pay a price for that,but I didn't mind.

Nightingale: I was fine being nothing more than a healing machine.

Nightingale: Of course, I can't deny that it's a twisted way of life. Nothing changed from when I was alive, working tenaciously at patient's bedside.

Nightingale: But still, I didn't mind. I simply wanted to help expand to the world, with an iron body and an iron will.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Nightingale: The hope for medical treatment. The delight of recovery. These things were needed in the world at the time.

Nightingale: For that, I abandoned everything I had, but I have no regrets!

Nightingale: –So let me ask, king of savages. Is your rule truly necessary?

Nightingale: What prospects for the future do you have? Where do you aim to be, after all is done?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Who knows.

Nightingale: You have nothing. Your deeds are like severe burns. That's why–you and I are different.

Nightingale: My blood boils, for the sake of dreams. Your blood has grown thick and cold, for the sake of ambition.

Nightingale: That is your illness. Allow me to treat you, Cú Chulainn.

Nightingale: Even if I die, I must treat you.

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...You done talking? Your lecture was so crazy that I actually couldn't help but listen.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Ill. Ill. Illness, huh? I see, I get it. Pretty fitting. I was used to things like curses and wounds, but—

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'd never actually suffered from illness before. This what you'd call “seeing the light,” iron woman.

Cú Chulainn Alter: That must mean this overbearing sense of fatigue is an illness.

Cú Chulainn Alter: If this body is healed, and this blood is purified, I might return to my senses.

Cú Chulainn Alter: –But that's not possible. I think you're well aware of that.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You know, in this world there are incurable diseases that you can never recover from, right?

Nightingale: –!

Cú Chulainn Alter: Well then. Here I go!

Medb: ...Let's go, Cú!

Medb: I'm Medb, queen of Connacht. I won't lose to people like you!

Rama: I am Rama, king of Kosala. This task was handed down to me, by those who have fallen.

Rama: So long as you threaten to destroy this world–my fighting spirit, my will shall never falter.

Rama: In the name of my wife Sita,I swear by the name of the god I hold faith in.

Rama: I shall smite thee as an iron hammer. Prepare yourself, Queen Medb!


Rama: –Right there! “Brahmastra! ”

Mash: ...We did it...

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Medb: Uh–Ugh–

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Tch. You're in pretty bad shape, Medb.

Medb: Yes, Cú. I feel like I could die at any moment. But I fulfilled my role...

Medb: I really, really did it.... Will you praise me?

Cú Chulainn Alter: —Yeah. You did pretty well.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You defended your nation, as queen. You're a pretty capable woman, when you try.

Medb: ...I'm glad. That's all I wanted to hear.

Medb: That was enough to save me. My wish came true.

Medb: You've finally–become mine.

Fujimaru 1: What's this “role? ”

Fujimaru 2: What did you do?

Medb: Ahahahaha! Ahahahaha! Don't you know my name?

Medb: I'm Medb! Queen Medb! Don't you know of my greatest work, from my legend?

Medb: The “Clan Calatin! ” A group of warriors to defeat the peerless hero, Cú Chulainn!

Rama: So that's your trump card? Very well then, summon them!

Medb: ...Ahaha...That's wrong, so wrong. It's completely different from what you imagine!

Medb: Completely, and totally wrong!

Nightingale: ......

Dr. Roman: ...Wait. Is that possible? Should it even be possible!?

Dr. Roman: A Heroic Spirit can't possibly come up with something that terrifying! I mean, is it even possible through Magecraft!?

Dr. Roman: Queen Medb! This is something not even Solomon dared try!

Mash: Doctor!? Doctor, what exactly is happening!?

Mash: There's nothing strange here—

Nightingale: The North Army!

Dr. Roman: That's right! THAT was summoned on them just now!

Fujimaru 1: Don't tell me that's...

Fujimaru 2: A Demon God Pillar?

Dr. Roman: ...I've confirmed 28 Demon God Pillars at the northern front!

Mash: ...What?

Dr. Roman: To summon an entire pack of Demon God Pillars by shoving them into the framework of “Clan Calatin! ”

Dr. Roman: It's theoretically possible for a wielder of the Holy Grail. It's definitely possible...But a total of 28 of them!?

Rama: Is that really possible!?

Nightingale: Her wish must have been that powerful. More so than any other to date.

Nightingale: –If it was for that man. She would offer any sacrifice. Even her own life.

Mash: Doctor, the Servants on the northern front!

Elisabeth: ...What is this!?

Robin Hood: That's, you know...A major boss.

Elisabeth: Why would something like that appear here!? Is our [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] okay!?

Robin Hood: ...We've received a transmission. It seems they're fine.

Robin Hood: In other words, the enemy sent these here to crush us instead!

Elisabeth: ...

Beowulf: ...There's no way to win. It's a whole group of Demon God Pillars.

Beowulf: They aren't something that mere Servants can handle. However, escaping is impossible, too.

Beowulf: Well, this just means we've got to give up. Li Shuwen, they'd be too much even for you.

Li Shuwen: ...As I'd expect.

Edison: ...This is the end.

Blavatsky: Edison?

Edison: There's no way to win against this! Look, just look!

Edison: There's 28 of them!

Edison: Even a single one would require multiple Servants to defeat!

Blavatsky: Edison! Calm yourself! You mustn't panic!

Edison: It seems...Justice is defeated...

Blavatsky: ...

Elisabeth: ......Hey, lion head.

Edison: ...Lion head? Lion...There's no lion here...Oh, you must mean me! Wh-What is it, horned lady?

Elisabeth: Well you see—Quit your whining!

Edison: Aah, my ear!?

Elisabeth: It's true that we're in a pinch, in trouble, in a catastrophe! But that [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet] trusted us to do this!

Elisabeth: If we can hold out here, we win! If we give up now, the front will collapse, right!?

Robin Hood: That's right, but these things are on a different level. Would our attacks even be effective?

Elisabeth: Even if they aren't effective, it's fine if we just survive! I don't care what anyone says, I won't lose!

Elisabeth: No, I can't stand losing to them! They killed my rival...They killed my friend Nero!

Robin Hood: Sure, that's fine, but...

Elisabeth: Huh?

Robin Hood: Hey you– Get out of the way!

Elisabeth: Aaaaah!?

Robin Hood: Above you! You've got to look above you! And wipe those tears.

Elisabeth: ...I-I know that! Let's pull ourselves together and fight, Greenie!

Robin Hood: I've got a name, learn it already! ...So, Old Man Edison?

Robin Hood: What will you do? You can try to run, if you want.

Robin Hood: We can still buy time, if you go now.

Edison: ......

Elisabeth: Now, bring it on! Clan Calatin!

Elisabeth: I, Elisabeth Báthory–will send you to your death with my hit song!

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...You leaving now?

Medb: Yes, I am. I entrust the Grail to you.

Medb: Farewell, Cú Chulainn. May we meet again sometime, somewhere–

Mash: ...Cú Chulainn. Are you–

Cú Chulainn Alter: –I've always been one to take the long road. I never had much luck with good women. It never lasted.

Cú Chulainn Alter: But all the bad women flock to me. Medb was especially tenacious, more so than briar vines...

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Sheesh. The moment she becomes good, she disappears looking satisfied.

Rama: He seems a little different?

Mash: ...He's more like when we met in Fuyuki...

Dr. Roman: Just slightly, but the magical energy surrounding him has weakened.

Dr. Roman: The era's ability to correct itself probably strengthened, because the one who wished Cú Chulainn into kingship vanished.

Dr. Roman: It's basically like a 0% chance became 3%...But now there's a possibility!

Dr. Roman: Listen, you have to defeat Cú Chulainn, before the northern front collapses! That's the last chance to repair this era!

Section 22: Shielder, Master, Soldier, Nurse

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Okay. Then let's get the killing started.

Rama: Mad King.... Do you intend to hand over the Grail?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Not at all. That was my geis. While Medb may have been a helplessly wicked woman–

Cú Chulainn Alter: She used a wish granter with the power to dominate an era without hesitation to seize just the heart of one man...Me.

** 😗* –Very well, this is my wish: To make Cú Chulainn king. A wicked king, enough to rival even me.

Cú Chulainn Alter: For her, I may have been a toy to discard when she got tired of me, but I should admire her spirit at least.

Cú Chulainn Alter: That's why I've abandoned all joy, and continue to fight. Now, and forever.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Besides, all of you—

Cú Chulainn Alter: You've gotten in my way so many times until now. Do you think I'd just let you live?

Cú Chulainn Alter: Come, brats. What happens when you pick fights with an Ulster warrior—

Cú Chulainn Alter: I'll teach you by tearing your bodies to pieces, and crushing your very bones!

Rama: Mash! Master! This is the final battle! Don't back down now! If you let down your guard for even a moment, we'll die!

Fou: Fou! Fou! Fou!

Mash: ...Let's go! Master, bring us victory!


Cú Chulainn Alter: ...

Mash: His form...changed!?

Dr. Roman: It seems the Holy Grail's wish is still driving him. “A better king”–in his case, “stronger. ”

Dr. Roman: He's going to attack with even more strength than before! Be careful!

Elisabeth: ...Hah ...Hah ...Hah!

Robin Hood: –Oh tree of mourning, sharpen your fangs! “Yew Bow! ”

Robin Hood: Oh man, this isn't good. It's not working at all!

Elisabeth: Manager, give me some water! My throat's all dry!

Robin Hood: ...By manager, you mean me!? That being said, I do have water!

Elisabeth: I won't lose!


Blavatsky: ...Edison, Mr. Edison. You already know, don't you?

Edison: ...

Blavatsky: Stand up. Stand, and fight.

Blavatsky: Aren't you an American? Aren't you a pioneer who traded the sword for an axe and gun?

Blavatsky: While you believe in the occult,you refused to rely on such powers.

Blavatsky: That aspect of you was why I shared a friendship with you–

Blavatsky: That's why everyone followed you. To reject the unknown and dream of the future. That was your greatest merit.

Blavatsky: Now, you must–

Edison: ......

Elisabeth: Ah, oh no!

Robin Hood: Hey, lady!?

Elisabeth: ...???

Elisabeth: Huh? I'm fine?

Edison: –How difficult it truly is to stand up and fight.

Blavatsky: That's right. It is difficult.

Edison: But one is a hero because one treads past countless despair.

Edison: If I keep forcing such burdens upon such a little lady...I'd be a disgrace to America!

Edison: Hahahaha! I'll show you the heroic figure of the true King of Inventions! “World Faith Domination! ”

Elisabeth: ...Amazing!

Edison: I know, right?

Elisabeth: With that, my live concert can shine brighter than usual! All glittery! And sparkly! And dragony!

Edison: ...I never assumed it would be used like that...

Blavatsky: Edison has now stood up as well.

Blavatsky: But...Even if all five of us fight,I don't know how many more minutes we can last.

Blavatsky: ...If only there was something else...Something that would give us an edge...


Mash: His form...Again!

Rama: We should be wearing him down,but it doesn't feel like that at all!

Rama: As expected of the Child of Light. He might just be the strongest Lancer in the world!

Rama: Still–we cannot lose.

Dr. Roman: Y-You need to hurry! The northern front won't hold much longer!

Dr. Roman: Just a reminder. If they lose, America loses! At that point, it's highly likely this era will collapse!

Mash: Understood, Doctor...But...But!

Cú Chulainn Alter: –Not enough. This still isn't enough to defeat me!

Rama: We need to do it! Master, please give us your orders!

Rama: We need to trust the guys at the northern front!

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Fujimaru 2: Full speed ahead!

Fou: Fou!


Robin Hood: Gah!?

Blavatsky: You need healing...Augh!

Edison: Robin Hood! Blavatsky!

Li Shuwen: Guh...Something of this size is difficult to knock chi into...

Edison: No one can go on...I must at least evacuate everyone else–

Elisabeth: What would be the point in that, you idiot!? I-I can...still fight!

Elisabeth: Guh...

Edison: No, you mustn't move......You can't fight anymore...

Elisabeth: Desertion...Treason...Back talk! Those are the things I hate the most...So...

Elisabeth: I can...Still fight!

Edison: ...Then I have no choice!

Edison: Blavatsky! Take care of them!

Edison: Noble Phantasm overload–“World Faith Domination! ”

Blavatsky: Wait...Self-destruction!?

Edison: Don't stop me! This is the only thing I can think of now!

Robin Hood: Hey, stop it, Old Man Edison!

Li Shuwen: I admire your courage,but you might not even last one minute!

Edison: I don't care!

Edison: I have a duty to protect you–everyone, for a little while longer!

Edison: Not as the Presi-king of America! Not as King of Inventions! Not even as Thomas Alva Edison!

Edison: But because I am human!

Edison: I have a duty as a human who, in the distant future, will exploit this land and inhabit this nation!

Blavatsky: Edison...You mustn't...

Edison: Farewell, my friends. Trust in Fujimaru.

Edison: I'm sure [♂ he /♀ she] will surely lead you to victory–

Blavatsky: Edison!

Elisabeth: ...

Robin Hood: ...

Li Shuwen: ...

Blavatsky: ...Huh...

Edison: ...What...

H:???: –Hahahahaha! How unsightly! How unsightly of you, Edison!

H:???: You're ordinary after all, unfit to stand before me! Hang your head in shame, and begone immediately!

Edison: ...This...This disgusting voice...And this pointless laugh...

Edison: D-Don't tell me...You're...

H:???: I'll tell you! I am the true genius, the one given the duty of pioneering the stars, I am—

Edison: Hysteric! It's you, Mr. Hysteric—!

Nikola Tesla: I'm Nikola Tesla!

Blavatsky: You're kidding! Nikola Tesla!?

Edison: Guh, nnnnn! To appear at a time like this, as always...

Edison: What a man with good timing you are! And you say that you of all people, intend to help me!?

Nikola Tesla: You must be joking! Even if I was summoned a thousand times, I would never help you!

Nikola Tesla: I intend to save this era–And those whom I owe a debt to.

Nikola Tesla: I caused them a bit of trouble in England, after all.

Nikola Tesla: That relic from the Age of Gods is destined to disappear, due to the power of electricity I paved the path to.

Nikola Tesla: Edison. Just stand aside and witness the beauty of my grand lightning!

Nikola Tesla: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Edison: Mmph, that laugh sounds like he's been practicing it every morning in front of a mirror! Such meticulous planning, fit for a genius!

Edison: But don't mess with me, Tesla! In the end, you're nothing more than an eccentric that stood out!

Edison: A true genius is universal! You're not one to talk! You couldn't even find a wife! You stayed single your whole life!

Nikola Tesla: –Fool. That just means no woman was able to match me. Genius begets a solitary life. You really are an ordinary man.

Edison: I'm not ordinary! I'm a CEO! I'm tired of seeing geniuses! People like Bell!

Edison: A CEO must use geniuses well! You don't even understand that!? Fool! You fool!

Robin Hood: ...Hey. Old Man Edison. Isn't he being really childish right now!?

Blavatsky: –Yes, yes. Okay, geniuses. It's about time to start dealing with reality.

Blavatsky: Even the power of electricity can't defeat these monsters.

Nikola Tesla: ...Hmph. I wasn't summoned by that strange man to defeat those things.

Nikola Tesla: That Master is the one fighting, correct? Then, I simply have to keep these monsters sealed away.

Edison: ...An electrical cage.

Nikola Tesla: Hah. I suppose even an ordinary man would realize it if I gave away these many hints.

Nikola Tesla: Now, out of the way! “System Keraunos! ”

Nikola Tesla: Feel the power of the thunder and lightning of a new legend!

Nikola Tesla: What!? Maybe I held back too much!

Edison: –Hah!

Edison: You always choke at the very end. That's why people never write decent biographies about you.

Edison: By the way, my biography is distributed globally.

Nikola Tesla: Why you!

Edison: This is true electricity, true thunder!

Nikola Tesla: ...Tch.

Edison: ...Tch.

Nikola Tesla: Fine, we must work together. Of course, since I have the higher power output. Sync with me.

Edison: That much I agree with. All right then. I'll overload it a bit and continuously hit those eerie monsters–

Nikola Tesla: Yes. We'll hit them with enough lightning to keep killing an immortal monster until the end of time.

Nikola Tesla: ...Here goes!

Edison: –Got it. Noble Phantasm–activate!

Nikola Tesla: Thunder and lighting, descend!

Edison: Bring light to this world that has plunged into darkness!

Both: –“World Faith Domination! ”–“System Keraunos! ”

Edison: So, what do we do now?

Nikola Tesla: I just told you! Our only duty is to keep those things sealed away!

Nikola Tesla: I hate to admit it, but even among ancient relics that should vanish one day, some items have their uses.

Edison: That's...

Blavatsky: I'm observing an enormous amount of Ether!

Edison: What!? What exactly is happening–

E:???: –Expanding sacred domain. Domain secured. Setting divine punishment enforcement limits. Calculating amount of time needed for magical energy convergence and acceleration.

E:???: –Countdown.

Robin Hood: It's Arjuna!

Arjuna: Please evacuate at once, if you could. I'll try to keep the range as small as possible, but–

Arjuna: I will sacrifice myself with this attack, after all. I won't be holding back.

Blavatsky: ...A weapon...From the Age of Gods...A Divine Construct?

Robin Hood: G-Get away! We'll be consumed by it too!

Arjuna: By the rage of Shiva, your life ends here. “Pashupata”– Take this!

Blavatsky: ...You're kidding...He did it?

Arjuna: I hope this is–enough to atone for my actions.

Arjuna: Karna...How you felt...Now I...finally...

Edison: We won...

Nikola Tesla: It would seem so...

Elisabeth: We really did it, Robin!

Robin Hood: ...Although I've got mixed feelings, as a fellow Archer. Man, it's a big world out there.

Li Shuwen: ...Now that I've finished my duty here,I must hurry and attend to my other business.

Li Shuwen: Pardon me.

Edison: Hahaha!

Edison: His Noble Phantasm may have dealt the finishing blow, but it was MY electrical skills that contained those giants!

Nikola Tesla: Cease your delusions, Edison. You were simply backup. Mere support.

Nikola Tesla: It was Nikola Tesla's electricity that sealed those monsters. If I had full power, I could've blown up the whole continent!

Edison: ...Hmm, I could argue about that if I wanted to, but...I'm in an extremely good mood right now.

Edison: I'll just leave it at that. Period, times infinity.

Nikola Tesla: What?

Edison: ...What? Do you want to fight?

Nikola Tesla: –Of course not. I wouldn't lend an ear to the jokes of an ordinary man–

Edison: Oops, my hand slipped.

Nikola Tesla: Oops, my electricity slipped.

Edison: ...

Nikola Tesla: ...

Elisabeth: Um, they've started fighting.

Robin Hood: Just leave them. The war's over. They're free to hurt each other however they want.

Blavatsky: ...Even the articles of William Hearst wouldn't contain such absurd spectacles.

Blavatsky: –Heh, but those two are both heading down the proper path...

Blavatsky: That path just happens to be narrow,so they always end up fighting each other.

Blavatsky: In the past, those who wished to see happiness for others were forced to take up the sword.

Blavatsky: If they didn't rule through violence, no one would know happiness.

Blavatsky: ...But those two were different. They fought not with swords, but with their intellect.

Blavatsky: In other words, they're proof that humanity slowly progressed–the fruit of history itself.

Blavatsky: Do you understand that, Beowulf? Your side never had a chance of victory from the very start.

Blavatsky: They've brought happiness and fortune to far more people...than your side ever could.

Beowulf: ...So it's not an era of strength anymore, huh? How sad.

Blavatsky: Perhaps so. To move forward and make progress, something must be lost.

Blavatsky: Brilliant tales of heroes vanish,and what's left is mostly bland and uninteresting–

Blavatsky: But these scholars and eccentrics share the same passion of “making a nameless someone happy” and work their hardest to achieve that.

Beowulf: ...I see. But for now, you still need some strength like mine, right?

Blavatsky: That's right. Farewell, Beowulf.

Blavatsky: Hope you're summoned by Fujimaru next time.

Beowulf: Hahahahaha! Sounds great, that may give me more fun than I had this time!


Dr. Roman: Y-You, you did it–! Everyone, we won!

Dr. Roman: The “Clan Calatin” at the northern front has completely vanished!

Dr. Roman: And Cú Chulainn's finished as well!

Mash: Confirmed Spirit Origin collapse! Heroic Spirit Cú Chulainn's materialization is fading!

Rama: This is the end, Cú Chulainn!

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Tch. Geez, looks like I've lost my touch...

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...Well. This is the end of the Mad King Cú Chulainn's role.

Cú Chulainn Alter: However–before I'm done, I've got to summon the Demon God guarding the Holy Grail.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Good luck, brats.

Cú Chulainn Alter: O Holy Grail. The ultimate vessel to make wishes come true.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Manifest. Remember. You have joined the 72 Demon Gods!

Rama: There's still more!? Ugh, my Noble Phantasm's has just about run out.

Rama: Cú far too powerful!

Mash: No way...We're already at the limit of our power! We can't keep fighting consecutive battles like this—

Nightingale: I shall sever all that is poisonous,and all that is harmful–Nightingale Pledge!

Rama: My wounds!

Nightingale: –Master, now is the time to save lives. I shall treat your wounds. Everything will be as it was before.

Nightingale: Over, and over, as many times as it takes. To crush the outrageous, to overcome despair.

Nightingale: For that, I offer everything I have.

Mash: Nightingale!

Cú Chulainn Alter: One of the 72 Demon God Pillars...Rank number 38. The Demon of War, Halphas.

Cú Chulainn Alter: War will never vanish from this world. Weapons will never disappear from this world.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Mortals are fated to continue fighting,turning like screws in an endless cycle.

Nightingale: –No! No! I deny it! I shall shout it tens of thousands of times!

Nightingale: When the lives saved outnumber those lost,the spiral of conflict should eventually cease turning!

Nightingale: No, I'll MAKE it cease. That is my task, as a Servant.

Nightingale: So begone from this world, Demon God. I shall never give up, even if it means a thousand deaths!

Cú Chulainn Alter: I am the one who bestows conflict. You who wish for peace in your hearts...You are unnecessary!


Mash: Holy Grail recovery...Mission complete! But...There were too many sacrifices...

Rama: What are you saying? We're Servants. We were summoned to fight, and destined to fight for salvation.

Rama: This battle was on an epochal scale.

Rama: Some might regret that they never finish the fight, but none of them run away from it.

Rama: See them off with a smile.

Elisabeth: Sigh, I'm tired! France, then Rome, and now America!

Elisabeth: Sheesh, you should know when to stop calling for encores.

Robin Hood: You've already been summoned three times!? Why? Is there some sort of demand for virgin girls?

Elisabeth: W-Wh-Who are you calling a virgin!? If you say it again, I'll hit you with my mic, you pervert!

Robin Hood: Yeah, yeah. Still, I'd say our Master's pretty good.

Robin Hood: This is the fifth one, right? How many hells have they ventured into...

Elisabeth: Yes, although they're still far from my ideal Master–

Elisabeth: But I quite like their spirit,constantly reaching for the stars!

Elisabeth: Anyway, Robin. I'll be going first.

Robin Hood: Yeah, take care. Sigh, I wonder if I'll be called again.

Robin Hood: ...Maybe I should study up on effective traps,for every era and location.

Blavatsky: Mr. Edison. The world was saved, isn't that wonderful?

Edison: Yes...That's right, this was for the best.

Edison: We are “e pluribus unum. ”Even America cannot stand alone.

Edison: I gave in to despair, and thought only of this nation...That was my first blunder.

Blavatsky: ...I think that's fine.

Blavatsky: In the end, it's because you fought back that you were able to keep this nation safe before they arrived.

Blavatsky: There might be countless mistakes during the process, but finding the correct answer from those is what Edison does best, right?

Edison: ...That's right.

Nikola Tesla: –Hah. Just like an ordinary man of action.

Nikola Tesla: You encounter needless troubles because you rush blindly into challenges without understanding the theories.

Edison: ...What, you mean empty theories? Like those of a certain someone.

Nikola Tesla: Huh?

Edison: What?

Blavatsky: You two could at least try to get along when it's time to depart...

Blavatsky: ...It's about time. Mr. Edison, I'm glad I was able to fight alongside you.

Blavatsky: Mr. Tesla, I recognize you're a genius,but you should learn to fit in with others.

Blavatsky: ...I say that, but I suppose you're a genius because you didn't learn to fit in...

Blavatsky: It seems difficult to be a genius.

Edison: –Good grief. To think I'd join forces with you of all people to save this nation.

Nikola Tesla: There are things unthinkable in our lifetimes. That's just what it means to be a Servant, Mr. Ordinary.

Edison: –Hah. I will be summoned again, and this time–I will fight for [♂ his /♀ her] sake.

Edison: This time as a proper Servant...along with Karna and Blavatsky.

Nikola Tesla: ...Hmph. This is as irritating as static electricity. To think my conclusions are the same as an ordinary man's.

Nikola Tesla: Yes—but it's the truth. If opportunity arises, this thunder god shall fight for humanity. Though...

Nikola Tesla: I'll have no issues if I'm summoned first,but that is something that depends on luck...

Mash: Nightingale!

Nightingale: Yes?

Mash: When I was about to fall to my knees,your voice helped me stand again.

Mash: ...Thank you very much!

Nightingale: There's no need to thank me. That's how our agreement was originally, anyway.

Nightingale: –It seems the treatment is complete. We healed the injuries of an entire nation, not just an individual.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, thanks to you.

Fujimaru 2: Thank you.

Nightingale: While gratitude is unnecessary, I'll accept it respectfully. However, in exchange...

Nightingale: Please, allow me to shake your hand, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru.

Nightingale: My secret pleasure was to shake a patient's hand like this when they were discharged from hospital.

Fujimaru 1: Of course, gladly.

Nightingale: Don't worry, I'll adjust my strength accordingly. Anyway, stay healthy, my Master.

Fujimaru 2: You have a rather cute side.

Nightingale: ...Cute isn't quite the right expression. Joy of this sort is just good etiquette as a nurse.

Nightingale: ...Good grief. To think you're still well enough to make such a bad joke. It seems I've underestimated you, Master.

Dr. Roman: Sorry to interrupt a good scene. With the Holy Grail's recovery, the era correction will begin soon!

Dr. Roman: Preparations for the Rayshift are complete. It's time to part ways.

Dr. Roman: This time...there were far too many Servants who had to die for us to get to this point.

Dr. Roman: While I know parting is sad and painful, you still emerged victorious.

Dr. Roman: You can return with pride. That's the greatest respect you can pay them.

Mash: Yes...Anyway, Nightingale,we'll be going now—

Nightingale: Miss Mash. Before that, may I have a word?

Nightingale: My wish is to eliminate hospitals from the world.

Nightingale: That is, adequate medical care being available in every home.

Nightingale: I didn't think that, even after 100 years, it wouldn't have been achieved...

Nightingale: But there's one thing I still believe in. That someday, illness will be eradicated completely.

Nightingale: No more patients will die filled with despair and resentment.

Nightingale: I'll no longer have to oversee the final agonizing moments of soldiers that have respected me.

Nightingale: That's why I fought. Both now, and forever into the future.

Nightingale: There's no reason for you to feel any guilt. I did this for my own goals.

Nightingale: You too must continue to live...for yours.

Mash: ...Yes. Thank you very much, Chief Nurse.

Nightingale: Miss Mash. Dreams and wishes are different things.

Nightingale: My wish isn't my dream. The moment people classify something as a dream, they misunderstand it as something far away.

Nightingale: Constantly facing reality, understanding the numbers, and fighting thoroughly is what opens a path to one's wishes.

Nightingale: Sobbing must be trampled, resignation must be crushed. –That is the one and only path that humans can walk.

Nightingale: Master. I have as much trust in you as my kindred spirit, Sidney Herbert.

Nightingale: Please, continue to support Miss Mash. May there always be light along your path.

Nightingale: Farewell. I look forward to the day we meet again.

Mash: ...The path to one's opened by fighting...

Rama: Ahem, it seems I'm the last. Mash, Master...

Rama: My wish has not been fulfilled yet, but still...I'm proud of many things that happened during this battle.

Rama: I was able to rescue Sita. In record time, no less.

Rama: But above all, I was able to meet you. I find this bond as precious as Sita and my younger brother Lakshmana.

Rama: If I could become your Servant once again,that would bring me the greatest joy possible.

Rama: Thus, this is the only thing I have to say. –May we meet again!

Mash: Yes. See you again!

Li Shuwen: ...So it was no good.

Scáthach: ...No, that's not true.

Li Shuwen: ...I'm quite surprised.

Scáthach: Taking a lethal wound and still surviving is how a Servant is, and how I am.

Scáthach: All that means is some of the skills I've acquired over my long life have proven useful.

Scáthach: Still, Cú Chulainn really was the strongest. Even though their timing was impeccable...To think they could actually defeat him...

Li Shuwen: I should say I'm impressed.

Scáthach: Now then, that leaves just one more promise–

Scáthach: Very well, I'll fulfill my agreement. Although, now with the Holy Grail's power gone, this world is correcting itself.

Scáthach: There's time for a single round at most–

Li Shuwen: I don't mind. After fighting with Beowulf,I think a single strike is my limit now.

Li Shuwen: Your proposition is convenient for me, if anything.

Scáthach: ...I see. Although simply vanishing would be less painful, I'd imagine.

Li Shuwen: A chance to fight the famed queen of the Land of Shadows? If I miss this chance, it'll probably be gone for eternity.

Li Shuwen: I don't mind if it's just a single round. Scáthach, do you happen to know my nickname?

Scáthach: ...Yes. Your nickname means that you only need one strike to defeat any opponent. Something that any warrior would admire.

Scáthach: “No Second Strike”– If so, I shall put everything I have behind this single strike as well.

Li Shuwen: –Heh. I'd want no less.

Scáthach: –Very well.

Both: An honest–

Both: Match!

Dr. Roman: –Hey, you managed to pull through again, somehow.

Dr. Roman: This means the United States of America, a nation essential to history, was successfully established.

Dr. Roman: In any case, good work. We'll secure the Holy Grail that you recovered.

Dr. Roman: Both of you should go back to your rooms and get some rest. I'll tell you about the next plan later.

Mash: Understood, Doctor. Let's get going to our rooms, Senpai.

Mash: May I ask something? Many sad things happened on this journey, as always.

Mash: That's why it might be a little–inappropriate, to say something like this.

Mash: But...I'm having fun.

Mash: Travelling to different parts of the world and eras with you. We meet many people and heroes.

Mash: This time, we went to America, and got to meet regional heroes like Geronimo and Billy...

Mash: And we got to witness Nightingale's incredibly strong conviction.

Mash: Putting good and bad aside–even the enemies we met with possessed vivid personalities, in their own ways.

Mash: ...It's amazing. I'm sure no mage could experience such a journey.

Mash: Our journey will never go down in history. It'll be one engraved only within our memories.

Mash: I want to cherish these memories forever and ever.... That's how I feel.

Fujimaru 1: I feel the same.

Fujimaru 2: Let's cherish them.

Mash: Anyway, I'll be going now.

Mash: Oh, don't lie down right away just because you're tired.

Mash: You should take a shower to relax your body before going to sleep.

Fujimaru 1: Yup. Good night, see you tomorrow.

Fujimaru 2: You did well, Mash.

Mash: Yes. Let's do our best next time too.

Mash: Huh?

Fou: Fou?

Mash: Sen...pai...S-Strange...I can't...stand—

Fujimaru 1: ...Mash?

Fou: Fou! Fou, fo—u!