Singularity 6: Divine Realm of the Round Table - Camelot


???: “So that's why I've awakened you. You understand the situation, don't you? ”

Lucius: (...Of course, I understand. We have no way of knowing what has become of the world. )

Lucius: (However, that which I must still here in my hand—)

???: “Mind, body, and soul...the Holy Trinity. All of which have worn out during your long exile. ”

???: “Very well, I shall grant a sinner's promise. Know that this is your one last chance. ”

???: “But let's be perfectly clear, okay? Regardless of the result of this upcoming battle, you will die. ”

???: “Your soul exhausted, ousted from the cycle of reincarnation, your existence will fall into the void. ”

???: “Even then— do you still strive for the end of your journey? ”

Lucius: (...I put strength in my broken knees. I move my left arm, now as thin as a twig. )

Lucius: (He is right...I am nothing but ash. I can barely lift a finger with this exhausted body. )

Lucius: (I hardly have any soul left either. I've burned it all as fuel to move my broken body. )

Lucius: (And my mind...It's worn out just like my body and soul...I no longer have any of it left—)

Lucius: (—Nay. That alone shall not be the case. My mind...My will...They remain loyal to my king and his glory. )

???: “...I see. So you've decided to take a stand. Then take this, it's my parting gift to you. ”

???: “The place you will travel to is a hypothetical. A place standing at the edge of the world where chivalry is striving to be perfected. ”

???: “You shall face your former allies. You shall face the sin you've committed. ”

???: “Even so, the light in that hand shall never dwindle. Why, you ask? Because—”

Lucius: (...When I came to my senses, I was already in this foreign land. )

Lucius: (The arid earth. The raging winds. The scorching atmosphere. All without signs of life. )

Lucius: (So long. So long have I journeyed. )

Lucius: (No, it would be arrogant to call this a journey. It's like I've been wandering around all this time. )

Lucius: (As I wandered, I saw numerous worlds. Some worlds were beautiful, others ugly. )

Lucius: (Yet I've never known a hell like this. It brings to mind my own impoverished homeland. )

Lucius: (...But isn't that a bitter thought. Compared to what I am witnessing, my homeland could be considered quite prosperous. )

Lucius: ...I see. So this is the end of the journey that I was granted.

Lucius: (I take a step onto the sandy earth. No matter what I must sacrifice, this time I will—)

Lucius: (...This time for sure. I will kill my king with my own hands. )


A:???: —I woke up at the same time again today.

A:???: I checked my temperature. I checked my five senses. I said my name out loud, so I could understand it objectively.

A:???: Mash Kyrielight. That was the name they gave me, a human being.

Dr. Roman: Hello. Nice to meet you, Summon Experiment No. 2. Oh...No, that won't do.

Dr. Roman: Starting today, I should call you by your proper name. Don't worry, I've stopped the recorders.

Dr. Roman: Hello, Mash Kyrielight. I'm Romani Archaman.

Dr. Roman: From now on, I'll be your primary physician. Oh, is it all right if I take a seat here?

Mash: ...Since that was unprecedented, my words and actions were delayed.

Mash: No doctor has ever entered this room before.

Mash: The reasoning was that it was sufficient to speak through the glass.

Dr. Roman: Oh, is that right? To be able to convey your feelings even through glass...Chaldea is very advanced indeed.

Dr. Roman: But I'm still quite an amateur. I can't have a proper conversation unless I talk to people directly like this.

Dr. Roman: So please don't hesitate to tell me what you think or feel. I want you to tell me all kinds of things.

Dr. Roman: Communication is the best way to achieve mutual understanding. You can acquire far more information and feel someone else's warmth, right?

Mash: “I see,” I nodded. Indeed, more information can be acquired this way than through glass.

Mash: The manner in which someone speaks. Their gaze. Temperature. Scent. Mannerisms. All things I have never experienced before.

Mash: If such interactions are deemed human-like...for the first time, I responded in a human-like fashion by...

Mash: ...agreeing to his proposal. “Hello, and nice to meet you, Doctor Romani. ”

Dr. Roman: Oh, about that. I don't like the name Romani, see. And the name Archaman is a bit pretentious.

Dr. Roman: I'd like you to call me Roman. Doctor Roman. Sounds good, huh?

Mash: I know the word “Roman” may stem from “Romanticism. ”

Mash: It means to observe the world not by reason or logic, but to observe it spiritually, subjectively.

Mash: The definition of the word changes from person to person. Even so, if I had to explain it—

Mash: It is the philosophy of “imagining a good future. ”The sense of fulfillment when living one's own life.

Mash: Unlike my allotted period of activation, which is a detailed and efficient “schedule. ”

Mash: Perhaps the hopeful observation that “tomorrow holds many possibilities” is what the word is trying to express.

Dr. Roman: Oh my. That's quite a serious opinion you've got there. You sound like a senpai character from a Japanese comic.

Dr. Roman: Oh...but that should be okay. You've been in Chaldea a lot longer than I have, so that would make you the senpai.

Dr. Roman: (Sigh) It's rather pathetic, actually. Although I am the head of the medical department,

Dr. Roman: for the longest time, I didn't even know this section existed. I am truly sorry.

Mash: Doctor Roman apologized to me for no reason. What a mysterious person. Also, he was wrong.

Mash: The Japanese terms “senpai” and “kouhai” are similar to that of a teacher and a student. However, I have yet to learn a single thing from the Doctor.

Mash: Since my knowledge was input from Sheba, that would make Sheba my senpai in terms of knowledge.

Mash: And so, when it comes to knowledge and information within Chaldea, I am the kouhai.

Mash: ...Aside from that, though it may be impossible, if I had a senpai in life...

Mash: It would be someone inherently human and of average status. Not the best, but a normal person who strives to do their best.

Mash: I think it would be someone who doesn't hurt others and never gives up. An upright human being.

Mash: After all, that's the kind of person I was modeled after when given life.

Dr. Roman: I see. You're right, not many people like that exist here in Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: The staff here is made up of freaky geniuses. There isn't anything normal or average about them.

Dr. Roman: Well, good and bad, normal or not, I guess all that makes up what it means to be human. I'm sure one day you'll find a senpai that you can truly rely on.

Mash: ...The Doctor's words left a really strong impression on me. A senpai that I could truly rely on...

Mash: To imagine such a future sure made my eyes flicker with hope...A future filled with “romance. ”

Dr. Roman: All right, then. Once again, nice to meet you, Mash. Let's try to make this a lasting relationship.

Mash: —“Sure,” I answered.

Mash: I'm a designer baby created for experimental purposes. Therefore, my lifespan is predetermined.

Mash: I have been in operation for more than 10 years.

Mash: If my surgery succeeds, I can live for a few more years.

Mash: ...Oh, I am very happy.

Mash: After all, I get to have self-awareness for that much longer.

Dr. Roman: ...There you have it. That's as much as I can disclose about Mash.

Dr. Roman: Chaldea is an organization listed under the United Nations, yes, but it's actually also a research facility for the Mage's Association...for the Animusphere family.

Dr. Roman: In the name of safeguarding humanity's future, they carried out numerous unethical experiments.

Dr. Roman: Namely, fusing a Heroic Spirit and a human—the Demi-Servant experiments.

Dr. Roman: As you must know yourself, despite being used as familiars, Heroic Spirits are superhuman entities.

Dr. Roman: They could even kill their Masters and return to the Throne of Heroes if they so desired.

Dr. Roman: You could hardly call them safe weapons. As such, the previous director looked for a more reliable way to harness their power.

Dr. Roman: Normally you would use relics related to them as catalysts for the summoning, but Chaldea used human children instead.

Dr. Roman: Children possessing not only magical circuits fit to summon Heroic Spirits, but also innocent souls.

Dr. Roman: Using this method, Chaldea wanted to fuse Heroic Spirits with children and turn them into humans.

Dr. Roman: Owing to this concept, the previous director secretly created children by artificial insemination in Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: That was over ten years ago, at the turn of the 21st century. That was also how Mash was born.

Dr. Roman: She's a human created through artificial insemination...through DNA manipulation.

Dr. Roman: In terms of being created, you could say she is similar to a homunculus.

Dr. Roman: However, fundamentally, she's just a human...A human with excellent magical circuits.

Dr. Roman: Please make no mistake about that. I'm also sure Mash doesn't want Fujimaru to have the wrong idea about her.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Of course, I wouldn't do that.

Dr. Roman: You're right. It was stupid of me to assume that.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, several years after Mash's birth, they conducted the fusion experiment.

Fujimaru 1: Director Olga Marie said the experiment failed...

Fujimaru 2: ...

Dr. Roman: No. The summoning itself was successful. A Heroic Spirit was summoned within Mash.

Dr. Roman: That was the second Heroic Spirit summoned by Chaldea. However, the Heroic Spirit did not awaken.

Dr. Roman: It must've been a noble Heroic Spirit. They didn't want to acknowledge Chaldea's...the previous director's actions.

Dr. Roman: “Should I depart, the girl will die. Therefore, I will not leave, nor will I awaken. ”

Dr. Roman: ...Mash proved that humans can fuse with Heroic Spirits,

Dr. Roman: but at the same time, proved how unethical those fusions can be.

Dr. Roman: Even when they're Anti-Heroes, Heroic Spirits reject being fused with humans, for some reason.

Dr. Roman: And so the fusion experiments were aborted, and a year later, the previous director was found dead in his office.

Dr. Roman: It was ruled a suicide based on the circumstances. Marie came here after that.

Dr. Roman: The rest is exactly as you imagine.

Dr. Roman: I somehow got Marie's permission to add Mash to the staff.

Dr. Roman: Even if her Heroic Spirit never awakened, her capacity as a Master is first-class.

Dr. Roman: I thought to myself, “I won't let this precious resource go to waste. ”

Dr. Roman: Initially, Marie was scared. Of course, who can blame her.

Dr. Roman: First, the father she idolized passed away, then she found out about his cruel experiment.

Dr. Roman: She was so shocked she refused to eat for an entire month. Plus, she was like, 30% more hysterical about everything.

Dr. Roman: She was close to a mental breakdown when she took over as director. But the one thing that scared her more than anything...

Dr. Roman: ...And that was giving freedom to the one successful case of Heroic Spirit fusion. Since she was already so worried, it was only natural that she was scared of Mash.

Dr. Roman: “Mash is going to take revenge on me! She will viciously kill me in the restroom! Why wouldn't she!? ”

Dr. Roman: Marie would scream about that endlessly.

Dr. Roman: However, even as she was consumed by fear, she never once turned her back on Mash.

Dr. Roman: That was her charm. She was so serious about everything, she would never do anything immoral no matter how much she hated it.

Dr. Roman: Thanks to that, Mash was acknowledged as a human, and given freedom within Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: Of course, her freedom was only allowed within Chaldea. Even though she possessed magical circuits any mage would dream of, her body was too pure.

Dr. Roman: Having been raised in a sterilized room, her body couldn't adapt to the outside world.

Dr. Roman: For as long as she remained operational, she'd only be able to live in Chaldea.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: “As long as she remained operational”?

Dr. Roman: What makes Mash different from other human beings is that her lifespan has been predetermined.

Dr. Roman: The designer babies created by Chaldea mostly ended in failure.

Dr. Roman: ...Mash was one of the rare survivors. Even so, her cells started to degenerate at a rapid rate.

Dr. Roman: Her physical body won't age any more than it already has. So she won't die of old age.

Dr. Roman: But she'll expire when her life force dries up. One day, suddenly, like a robot running out of batteries.

Fujimaru 1: You knew all that!?

Dr. Roman: Of course I did. I am her primary physician after all.

Fujimaru 2: And you're fine with that, Doctor!?

Dr. Roman: Of course I worry about her and want to help her. I'm not heartless.

Dr. Roman: But when it comes to her lifespan, I don't pity her. That would be an insult to her.

Dr. Roman: Sure, her life has a definite end. But the same can be said for all lifeforms.

Dr. Roman: Life is full of suffering and sorrow.

Dr. Roman: In that regard, we are not so different from Mash. Humans cannot escape from the fear of death.

Dr. Roman: ...Sorry, I'll get back on topic.

Dr. Roman: Mash was then selected as a Master candidate, and in a short time, the top candidate of the A team.

Dr. Roman: Shortly after that, the light on Chaldeas disappeared.

Dr. Roman: Olga Marie negotiated with the United Nations, and got approval to investigate singularities with Masters.

Dr. Roman: That's when candidates like you were assembled, followed by that incident...

Dr. Roman: ...where the Command Room was damaged and you were Rayshifted. It was then that Mash became a Demi-Servant.

Dr. Roman: That must be reason she can function in the outside world, albeit only in her Rayshift destination.

Dr. Roman: ...However, the fundamental problem remains unsolved.

Dr. Roman: By becoming a Demi-Servant, Mash acquired a more durable body. Even so, her cells have a lifespan.

Dr. Roman: She can remain operational for at most one more year...That's what I wanted to tell you.

Fujimaru 1: Does Mash know about that?

Dr. Roman: ...I don't think so. At least, no one has spoken to her about it.

A:Staff: Doctor. Mash Kyrielight's physical adjustment is over.

A:Staff: Brainwaves, vitals, everything's normal. She should wake up any time now. What are your instructions?

Dr. Roman: There's no need to put her to sleep again. Once she wakes up, make sure to respect her free will.

A:Staff: Understood. We will make preparations accordingly.

Dr. Roman: ...Now then, Fujimaru. I'm sure Mash will come straight here after she wakes up.

Dr. Roman: Before she arrives, I have a favor to ask of you: please interact with her in the same way you always do.

Dr. Roman: In Mash's eyes, the time you spend as friends has become something irreplaceable.

Dr. Roman: That much is clear just by looking at her brainwave graphs since the start of the Grand Order.

Dr. Roman: So I'd like you not to be overly considerate, or worry too much about her.

Dr. Roman: Of course, I'm not going to tell her that I've spoken to you. What do you say, Fujimaru?

Dr. Roman: Are you any good at acting? Like pretending you're seeing a movie for the first time even though you saw it already.

Fujimaru 1: ...I'll do my best.

Dr. Roman: Yes, please do that. Mash's a perceptive kid, so I'm sure she'll catch on eventually...

Dr. Roman: But at least till then, I'd like her to enjoy herself whenever she's not in battle.

Fujimaru 2: Are you sure you're okay with that, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: No, I'm not okay. But it's for the best.

Da Vinci: Yes, that would be the best way to approach this. This is quite a compromise coming from Roman.

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci!? Have you been listening the whole time!?

Da Vinci: Of course I have! It's you we're talking about, who knows when you will chicken out when talking about Mash.

Da Vinci: If that were to happen, I'd have to step up.

Da Vinci: I was planning to tell Fujimaru everything I knew about Mash myself...

Da Vinci: But looks like you managed to do that. Thank goodness! You've handled it beautifully.

Da Vinci: You ARE currently the head of Chaldea, you know?

Da Vinci: If you let things get personal, and take Mash off the front lines, you'll be facing Uomo Universale, okay?

Dr. Roman: ...Ah. I'm not that naive, you know.

Dr. Roman: I think I know what I must do and accomplish. Well, I might do something I'm not supposed to from time to time.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, this talk about Mash is our secret, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Make sure she doesn't find out, no matter what.... And besides, you know...

Dr. Roman: If humanity itself ends up showing us the right path to take, perhaps there's a reward at the end of that path.

Dr. Roman: A reward that would easily extend Mash's physical lifespan, or something like that.

Da Vinci: Now THAT's something the Holy Grail could be used for, I suppose...

Da Vinci: Maybe the King of Mages is actually not all that. Maybe we can defeat him without all seven Grails.

Da Vinci: If we had just one Grail to spare, we could use it on Mash. It's not too much to ask for a happy ending like that, right?

Fujimaru 1: I like that idea!

Fujimaru 2: That's our Da Vinci!

Dr. Roman: Yeah, if that's possible, I wonder how—

Fou: Fou! Foou!

Mash: Sorry I'm late!

Mash: Mash Kyrielight, now attending the briefing 27 minutes late!

Mash: ...So. You all seem to be having a good time chatting, is something going on?

Fujimaru 1: Mash, are you feeling okay!?

Dr. Roman: Hey, you shouldn't be running around yet! You need to be getting lots of rest now, Mash!

Da Vinci: ...Oh my. These two are hopeless, I see...

Fou: Fou?

Mash: Senpai? Doctor? Weren't you chatting?

Da Vinci: No, no. These two are just worrywarts. Look how flustered they are just because you passed out the one time.

Mash: Oh...Right. That. I'm sorry for making you all worry.

Mash: It was such a long battle, and a war, no less...Seems like my body sustained more damage than usual.

Mash: But as you can see, I've recovered now, so there's no problem. I've gained experience too, so that will come in handy next time.

Fujimaru 1: Next time...?

Mash: Yes, the staff mentioned that they'd found the coordinates for the Sixth Singularity...Was I mistaken?

Dr. Roman: ...Oh my. Should I have enforced a gag rule? The Command Room staff is so careless...

Dr. Roman: But it's like you said, Mash.

Dr. Roman: Master Fujimaru. We've pinpointed the Sixth Singularity.

Dr. Roman: You and Mash will continue your search for the Holy Grail. Do either of you have any objections?

Fujimaru 1: ...No objections.

Mash: Right. Me neither. I will obey you, Master.

Fou: Fo—u!

Mash: Haha. As you can see, Fou is motivated as well.

Fujimaru 2: ...Mash, want to sit out the next one?

Mash: No need to worry about that. I've already rested well.

Mash: I know it's important to take a break, but I'd like to fulfill as many missions as possible.

Fou: ...

Dr. Roman: I see. Then let's move up the schedule and start the briefing. About the Sixth Singularity we've discovered—

Dr. Roman: The era is the 13th century. The location is Jerusalem, known as the “Holy Land. ”

Dr. Roman: To be precise, it's 1273 AD. The Ninth Crusade has just ended, and the kingdom of Jerusalem has vanished from the face of the earth.

Dr. Roman: The end of the Crusades...

Dr. Roman: The western nations' withdrawal from Jerusalem has greatly affected the history of mankind.

Dr. Roman: You could say it's an apt time and place to be chosen as a Singularity.

Dr. Roman: ...At least that was the case until yesterday.

Dr. Roman: The truth is, the Sixth Singularity was detected before the one in America.

Dr. Roman: But the results from Sheba were just so unstable.

Dr. Roman: The era couldn't be verified, and at times, no observation could be carried out.

Dr. Roman: Do you understand? It's not like all we observed was the red color of burning lands.

Dr. Roman: There were times when the light of observation itself disappeared. In other words—

Mash: ...The Sixth Singularity doesn't exist on the surface of Chaldeas. That section alone is hollowed out completely.

Dr. Roman: That's right. This is unprecedented. The Sixth Singularity is trying to leave the flow of humanity.

Dr. Roman: All Rayshifts until now have been battles against Solomon's Holy Grails. Each threatened to disrupt its respective era.

Dr. Roman: This time, the Singularity itself is becoming history that should not exist.

Dr. Roman: If we leave it alone, human history will be severely damaged, independent to the restoration of Solomon's incineration.

Dr. Roman: Thus, the Foundation of Humanity evaluation of the Sixth Singularity is EX, meaning everything about it is unique.

Dr. Roman: Once again, we can't provide much backup from Chaldea. We have no idea what's going on—

Dr. Roman: Are you still willing to go with Mash, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: As always.

Fou: Fo—u!

Dr. Roman: —All right. Then let's begin the Rayshift right away.

Dr. Roman: Get into the Coffins, you two. As usual, Da Vinci and I will be in the Command Room.

Da Vinci: ♪ Do do doooo, do dooooo doooo...

Fou: Faaa!?

Dr. Roman: Hey, what are you doing? Why are you opening the remaining Coffin?

Da Vinci: Huh? What do you mean? I'm going with them. Isn't that what we were talking about now?

Da Vinci: I mean, this is an unprecedented Foundation of Humanity EX. Fujimaru needs the help of a genius.

Fujimaru 1: At last, Da Vinci is...

Da Vinci: Yes, that's right! I said so before, right? If push comes to shove, I'll take part!

Da Vinci: And now that time has come! You can just leave it all to me now!

Fujimaru 2: ...It's not because you're bored, right?

Da Vinci: I'm not bored! I'm only slightly intrigued by the architecture of Jerusalem.

Da Vinci: My interest is purely artistic, so it's important for mankind!

Dr. Roman: Idiot! I never gave you the go-ahead!

Dr. Roman: Once you Rayshift to the Singularity, you can't return to Chaldea till the Foundation of Humanity is repaired!

Dr. Roman: If something happens, it'll be too late! What'll become of Chaldea if something happens to you?

Da Vinci: Hey, you. I may love myself, but even that remark makes me mad.

Da Vinci: What Chaldea needs right now is a human. You, Romani. I'm just a carefree Servant.

Fou: Fou. Fou. Fou.

Dr. Roman: (Sigh) If you're so insistent, I don't think I can stop you. You are the ideal support for these two...

Da Vinci: Right, right. Leave the front lines to me, and get yourself a good, long rest.

Da Vinci: All right, so why don't we head out, Fujimaru, Mash!

Da Vinci: Even if the difficulty level is EX, basically it's still 13th-century Jerusalem.

Da Vinci: Jerusalem draws people of many faiths. The battlefield will almost certainly be in the city.

Da Vinci: And if that's the case, I can do my part, and then some. If it's in the city, we won't have to travel far, unlike America!

Fou: Fou! Fou fou fou fou!

Mash: Yes, I can't wait to taste the local food! All right, this way, please, Fou.

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: Looks like Mash can communicate with Fou in some way, after all...

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru. We may be out of our element, but our game plan hasn't changed.

Dr. Roman: Find what's causing the disruption in that era, and retrieve it, or else destroy it.

Dr. Roman: ...I don't think Solomon will be around to get in the way, but be especially alert all the same.

Fujimaru 1: Understood.

Fujimaru 2: Leave it to us!

Dr. Roman: That's what I like to hear. All right— Rayshift Program, start!

Da Vinci: Woo hoo! Finally, I'm a member of the Grand Order team in search of the Holy Grail! I'm getting so fired up!

Mash: All right, Doctor, see you again in this Command Room. Thank you for all your concern.

Dr. Roman: ...Right. Go on, then, Mash. Whatever you do, make a journey you won't regret.

Announcement A: Unsummon Program, start. Spiritron Conversion, start.

Announcement A: Rayshift starting in 3, 2, 1...

Announcement A: All procedures cleared. Grand Order, commencing operation.

Section 1: Welcomed by the Sand (1/2)

Sanzang: So there you have it. Thank you for everything, fellows of the Round Table.

E:???: ...

F:???: ...

G:???: ...

Sanzang: Huh? Why is everyone looking so serious all of a sudden? Did I say something wrong?

Sanzang: All I said was, “I'm getting bored of this town, so I'm taking my leave,” right?

H:???: ...Of course. In other words, Xuanzang Sanzang. You just announced that you were breaking away from us.

Sanzang: Why does it have to be like that? I have no intention of becoming your enemy.

Sanzang: I mean, I only meant to make a brief stop here. You see, I'm on my way back from Tianzhu and I have to get home.

H:???: And what I am saying is that we cannot believe that, Xuanzang Sanzang.

H:???: You are already a Servant. Meaning there's no point for you to repeat actions taken when you were alive.

H:???: You have no reason nor responsibility to go back home. In fact, your home doesn't even exist in this world.

H:???: So, please enlighten me, where exactly are you going?

Sanzang: Oh c'mon, it's nothing material like that. I'm simply following my heart.

Sanzang: My purpose is to go home. I am a monk whose worth is in the steps I've spent on my journey. And I get really lonely without my disciples.

Sanzang: Yes, I do find this city amazing. It's peaceful, prosperous, beautiful, and no one is hungry.

Sanzang: I'm sure that this is what people mean when they speak of utopias.

E:???: Thank you very much. It makes us proud to hear you say that.

E:???: For that very reason, Lady Sanzang, I must ask you: is staying in this castle not an option?

Sanzang: Thank you, Gawain. I love how chivalrous you are to women.

Sanzang: But please let it go. This is just who I am.

Sanzang: I'm going to start off by going to the desert. Oh, I'm taking Touta with me, all right?

Sanzang: Now, then, thank you for everything you've done for me! Bye-bye! Ciao! Zaijian!

Gawain: ...And there she goes. How unfortunate.

Gawain: That woman was truly like the sun. Her presence alone lit up the whole place.

G:???: Really? I actually feel relieved. Never liked her.

G:???: So whatcha gonna do, Agravain? You know no one is supposed to leave the castle without Father's approval...

G:???: Isn't that one of the rules of this Round Table? Besides, she's a pain in the ass.

Agravain: I agree with you, Mordred. However, the king has already granted approval.

Agravain: That no one shall stop Xuanzang Sanzang if she says she is going to leave the castle.

Mordred: You gotta be kidding. It's such a perfect chance to stab her in the back.

Mordred: Oh well. That desert is ruthless, she won't survive by herself.

Mordred: Don't you agree, Tris? Hey, still alive there, ya bastard?

Tristan: !!!

Tristan: ...Pardon me. I wasn't asleep by the way. Please continue your conversation, don't mind me...

Tristan: ...Also, if you wish to have a conversation about women, you should talk to Lancelot instead...

Tristan: Ah...How very sad indeed...He is the one more experienced with love...

Gawain: ...Sir Agravain. As his adjutant, only you can speak to the king directly.

Gawain: Did the king say anything else? About the Holy City, about how we are protecting it?

Agravain: Know your place. The king has no words for the likes of you. Only your loyalty is required of you.

Agravain: Yes, Xuanzang Sanzang is a foreigner. However, she was not the traitor that the star-seer prophecized. That's all.

Tristan: “When the foreign star shines, the bond of the white wall crumbles, the king's power wanes, and the divine tower falls. ”

Tristan: ...What a beautiful and sad poem...Yes, if it's required of me, I can still go after her now.

Agravain: The king has spoken. Leave Xuanzang Sanzang be.

Agravain: What you should be worrying about are any foreigners arriving next. The burden of protecting humanity is surely heavy.

Agravain: Soon, the last Master of this world shall arrive. The king has instructed us not to show disrespect to our guests.

Agravain: However, the king bears the responsibility of shouldering the entire world. We will deal with all the trivialities ourselves.

Agravain: Is that understood, O brave Knights of the Round Table? I expect true loyalty from all of you.

Gawain: ...

Tristan: ...

Mordred: ...

Mash: Master, please come over here! You will get blown away if you stand there!

Fou: Fou, fooouuu, fooooooo!

Fujimaru 1: My eyes...My eyes...

Fujimaru 2: Is this...Jerusalem?

Da Vinci: This can't be Jerusalem! There are sandstorms everywhere!

Mash: Master, Da Vinci, please get behind that boulder! Another gust is coming!

Da Vinci: Okay, behind those mysterious bones, right? Wow, this is as big as a dragonkin's!

Da Vinci: Anyway, did you get in touch with Roman!? He better be working on an apology for this kind of miscalculation!

Mash: ...The communication with Chaldea is unstable. I'm sure the Doctor is working on resolving it...

Fujimaru 1: This sort of thing always happens, nothing we can do...

Fujimaru 2: Well, this place is ranked EX...

Mash: Precisely, Master. Let's assess the situation by ourselves for now.

Mash: The Rayshift was successful. Our target location was supposed to be the 13th-century Middle East.

Mash: However, we ended up in the middle of a sandstorm! Is it common for Jerusalem of this era!?

Da Vinci: We got sent too far into the past! Boy do I have a special punishment in store for Romani when we get back...Wait...

Da Vinci: This era...If this is a different era then...Give me a minute, let me run over some data...

Fou: Fou! Fau, fuuuun!

Fujimaru 1: Fou is going wild too!

Fujimaru 2: That sound just now...

Mash: Master, it's a hostile lifeform! Something is emerging from the sandstorm!

Mash: Visibility couldn't be worse, but prepare for battle! For now, let's just make sure we're safe!

Da Vinci: Okay, leave it to me! Let me show you my omnipotence, my universal wisdom!

Da Vinci: It's a horrible location for a maiden battle, but hey, think of it this way...

Da Vinci: The ultimate beauty remains even in a sandstorm—

Da Vinci: Be dazzled by the secret weapon of the Universally Gorgeous Secretary Servant, Da Vinci-chan!


Da Vinci: Wait, that last enemy was odd! I couldn't see that well with all the sand but...

Mash: ...Yes, odd indeed. It looked like a golem, but the sandstorm made it hard to tell!

Mash: What about you, Master? Any idea what it was?

Fujimaru 1: It was a knight in armor!

Fujimaru 2: Neither of you could tell?

Mash: A huge...knight in armor?

Da Vinci: I see. It must be easier to identify enemies from a position overlooking the battlefield.

Da Vinci: I couldn't see a thing. When you're up close to them, all you could make out in this storm was a silhouette.

Mash: ...Wait! More enemies, incoming!

Mash: —My whole body's tingling...Something...abnormal is on the way here, Master!

Fou: Fou...Foooou!

Da Vinci: —The numbers are off the chart. That flapping sound and silhouette...It can't be—

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, no time to sit around! Our next opponent is without a doubt a powerful one!


Mash: We defeated the giant lifeform! Except...Uh...

Da Vinci: Except we didn't eliminate it. It only appeared that way.

Da Vinci: You see, that was among the most powerful kind of demonic beasts, a Phantasmal that is perhaps even stronger than dragonkin.

Mash: I knew it...So that indeed was a sphinx. A divine beast from ancient Egypt that has a man's face and a lion's body.

Da Vinci: Yeah. That damage we just inflicted was nothing more than a yawn to such a creature. It'll recover in the blink of an eye.

Da Vinci: Let's get out of here. It's too tough to go up against a sphinx by ourselves.

Mash: But where can we go? I wish we could get some kind of data from the Doctor about this area...

Da Vinci: Oh, we don't have to worry about that. Scanning the area is just a piece of cake for me, you know...

Da Vinci: ...All right, I've found a source of water to the west of here. Not only that, it seems there's a city there.

Da Vinci: Let's go there first. You need to rest too, right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Water sounds really good now...

Mash: Yes. I agree with you, Senpai. Let's look for some cold water!

Fujimaru 2: I can keep going.

Mash: No, Senpai. Your lips are all chapped, and you're looking very pale.

Mash: We should do as Da Vinci suggested, and head for that water source.

Section 1: Welcomed by the Sand (2/2)

Mash: We've covered about 10 kilometers so far...Master, just hang on for a little bit longer.

Mash: O-Or would you like me to carry you? If you ride on my shield, then I can just pull it...

Fujimaru 1: ...No, it's just that...

Fujimaru 2: ...For some reason, I can't breathe...

Da Vinci: ...Just as I thought, the mana density in the atmosphere is too high. Here, Fujimaru, take this.

Mash: A portable oxygen canister? When did you...

Da Vinci: It's a mana-blocking mask I made in a hurry. The atmosphere here is too harsh for humans.

Da Vinci: Hey, that's what I'm here for. Still, a little “thank you” would be nice. Come on, shower me with your admiration!

Da Vinci: Either way, we'll be at the water source soon. You can see that building beyond the sandstorm, right?

Da Vinci: That must be a temple. If we can at least get in there then we should be able to—

Da Vinci: Sorry. Forget everything I just said, this place is no good. We have to turn back.

Mash: Why!? We're so close!

Da Vinci: That we are. But I can see countless shadows in the area between here and the temple. Look closely.

Fujimaru 1: ...One, two, three...

Fujimaru 2: I stopped counting after 20.

Mash: You're right. They're all wandering around...I wonder what they are?

Da Vinci: They're the same kind of sphinxes we encountered earlier. They're roaming around the temple freely.

Mash: !

Da Vinci: It's suicidal to pass through here. Let's find a different shelter.

Da Vinci: By the way, I got a pretty good idea who's residing in that temple.

Da Vinci: We can't enter on our own. So let's look for another route.

Da Vinci: Hey, if need be, I'll even supply my universal secret cottage like you might see in games, so rest easy. It's comfortable up to three uses, so— Huh?

Mash: ...I think I just saw some shadows heading this way from the temple...Sphinxes?

Da Vinci: All right, let's make a run for it! I thought I glimpsed a skull mask as well, but whatever!

Fujimaru 1: A skull...mask?

Fujimaru 2: Hold up a second!

Mash: Master, is something bothering you!?

Da Vinci: Whoa, they're moving way too fast! See, Fujimaru, I told you to move—

Da Vinci: ...Huh? For sphinxes, their magical energy level is too low...And this number...Humans?

???: —Hmph, they caught on pretty fast! Sending soldiers after us, eh...How clever of you, Sun King.

???: Those monsters won't dare to hurt us as long as we have the queen, but the humans are different. She has no influence over them.

???: There's no time, get rid of them! But let one of them live! It will be a valuable source of intel!

Mash: Enemies sighted! I'm counting ten of them! All human!

Mash: One of them is carrying a bound woman! Senpai, your orders!

Fujimaru 1: Fight back, Mash! But gently!

Fujimaru 2: Hit them with the flats of your blades!

Mash: ...Right! Please leave it to me, Master!


B:???: Ugh! My mask...

Fujimaru 1: A Servant?

B:???: ...What? Don't tell me you're a Master!?

Fujimaru 2: Oh, it's just Hassan!

B:???: What kind of reaction is that!? Don't be so casual with our names, moron!

???: Please forgive us, Lord Hundred Personas! It seems they are no ordinary soldiers!

???: The design of that girl's armor...She's most likely from the Holy City—

Hundred Personas: The rest of you, fall back! We're up against Servants, you'll be easily killed...

Hundred Personas: ...Or not...and just struck with the flat sides of their blades...

Hundred Personas: Are you underestimating us? Mocking us? We of the mountain don't deserve your blades?

Hundred Personas: ...Fine. Either way, this battle is ours as long as we still have our lives.

Hundred Personas: Our current objective is to take the queen. Now that we have our prisoner, those cursed sphinxes—

???: Uh, about that...During our battle just now, that trickster over there...

Da Vinci: Oh hello♪ But I'm not a trickster, I'm a genius. And one who doesn't miss any chances at that!

Da Vinci: I grabbed your prisoner while Fujimaru was fighting.

Hundred Personas: Who are you people! Do you work for Ozymandias!?

Fujimaru 1: I'm Fujimaru! How you doin'?

Hundred Personas: ...I-I am the Hassan of the Hundred Personas! One of the leaders of the West, an Old Man of the Mountain!

Fujimaru 2: Ozyman-who?

Hundred Personas: Who, you ask? ...Say, are you an idiot or what?

???: I have a sitrep! The sphinxes are coming back! And some strange creatures wearing cloth are with them!

Hundred Personas: Idiot! They're Medjed! Don't look them in the eye, or you'll be cursed!

Hundred Personas: Damn it, we failed again! Retreat! Make sure you don't drop the food we took!

Hundred Personas: Listen up, shield girl and staff woman...Wait, woman? Whatever, you there with the staff!

Hundred Personas: You too, human! You little [♂ wolf cub /♀ doe]! Just you wait, I will never let this go!

Fujimaru 1: Wait, hear us out!

Fujimaru 2: But it was self-defense!

Hundred Personas: Hahaha! Hassan never waits when told to wait! Farewell, you slowpokes!

Hundred Personas: Sandstorms are an everyday thing for us. We're protected by our wind-deflecting amulets!

Mash: ...The enemies are moving away fast...We lost track of them.

Mash: Too bad, we finally ran into people we could talk to...

Fujimaru 1: ...Was it an actual conversation?

Mash: Well...yes. Although I feel like everything we said backfired...

Fujimaru 2: Never mind that! Da Vinci!

Mash: Right, the woman they'd captured!

Da Vinci: Okay, okay, leave it to me. I'm taking the ropes and gag off of her right now.

Da Vinci: Hmm, did they put her to sleep? Hey! Smack, smack. Hey!

Da Vinci: Wakey wakey! A one-in-a-million genius is standing right in front of you!

E:???: ...Mmm...No, Pharaoh, please don't pull my hair like that...

E:???: That may look like an ear, but it's a magical catalyst evoking Horus...No, not bed head either...

E:???: —Huh!?

Fujimaru 1: Oh, she's awake.

Fujimaru 2: Good evening.


Da Vinci: (Oh, this doesn't look good. )

Mash: (Right, she's frozen stiff. )

E:???: —Insolent fools! Who are you? Do you know who I am? How dare you treat the pharaoh Nitocris thusly!

Mash: (Nitocris! She's the sorceress queen of ancient Egypt, Master! )

Da Vinci: (Yes, she doesn't look intimidating anymore after all that, but she's indeed a powerful Heroic Spirit from 2000 BC. )

Nitocris: ...Whispering behind my back, hmm!? Are you making a mockery of me?

Nitocris: Oh, that's right, you already have! You drugged me and dragged me outside the temple!

Nitocris: I cannot show any sympathy to such vulgarity! Normally I'd question your allegiance to the Sun King—

Nitocris: But first, you will have to do something incredible to earn the forgiveness of Queen Nitocris!

Nitocris: Mirror of the Underworld, appear! Please pay them back a thousandfold for the humiliation they have caused!

Mash: Nitocris's mirror! Master, she's getting ready for battle!

Mash: She's mistaken us for the people who abducted her! I'd like to talk it over with her—

Da Vinci: Oh boy, that was a bust. I shouldn't have poked her all over with my staff.

Da Vinci: But we have no choice. We can't prove our innocence anyway, and that queen doesn't look like a good listener!

Da Vinci: First, we're gonna have to fight her! Let's go, Fujimaru!


Nitocris: ...As I have only just awoken, I am merely at half strength...but no matter! It is surprising to be pushed this far, however...

Nitocris: I must say, those were some drastic measures. You're quite the warriors, I'll give you that.

Nitocris: However, your trial begins now. You committed a grave sin by disgracing me, and I want to know whether you can atone for it.

Nitocris: The pharaoh granted this divine beast to me. You shall be tested by it until you are torn limb from limb!

Fujimaru 1: This is a misunderstanding, we just helped!

Nitocris: —How shameless. Do you really think I'd believe you?

Fujimaru 2: You look elegant, but you're unreasonable!

Nitocris: Of course. Pharaohs must first assert their own justice!

Mash: Please listen, Queen Nitocris!

Mash: We really did save you, after you were captured by assassins!

Nitocris: —Even so! That doesn't change the fact that you witnessed my disgrace!

Nitocris: Besides, you don't have any proof! Why did you save me!?

Nitocris: Did you happen to be here out of coincidence? And you saved me, despite not even knowing my name?

Nitocris: That is an impossible story! Saving a stranger for no reward in this land at the end of the world!

Da Vinci: Nothing seems to be getting through to her...We might have no choice but to defeat her.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...But she doesn't seem bad...

Nitocris: (...They're still so passive, even after all of this...Did they really save me—no, no! )

Nitocris: You bear the armor of the knights from the Holy City! I cannot trust you!

Nitocris: Go, sphinx! Bestow upon them the judgment of the great Sun King!

Mash: Sphinx!? Fighting a divine beast in our current situation is too harsh!

F:???: No, please raise your head. No divine beast could shatter your shield.

F:???: Above all, the justice you stand for is right. You will easily overcome a battle born of a misunderstanding such as this.

Nitocris: Who are you!?

F:???: We have yet to forge a bond for you to know my name. You may consider me the same as an enemy for now.

F:???: You must be the one called Fujimaru, yes? I am Lucius, a Servant without a Master.

F:???: I just couldn't help but interrupt. You may think I'm meddling, but please forgive me for that.

F:???: If you don't mind, I can lend some assistance. My sword is yours, make use of me as you will.

Nitocris: You look so weak, but you've got a big mouth! I'll crush you both and make you all my slaves!

Nitocris: Now, prepare yourselves!


Lucius: —My apologies!

Mash: Amazing...The sphinx has been completely eliminated! I'm not detecting any spiritron reconstruction!

Da Vinci: That arm...That knight's right arm...There's no doubt, that's the radiance of Airgetlám!

Da Vinci: It's the divine arm of the Celtic war god Nuadha! He's using a Mystic of Divine Spirit-class!?

Nitocris: Wh-Wh-What...!? The Pharaoh's divine beast...The noble beast Lord Ozymandias entrusted to me...

Nitocris: It's been completely eradicated from the earth...J-Just who do you think you are—!?

Lucius: That's why I apologized. I concluded you wouldn't settle down unless I dealt that final blow.

Lucius: Now listen, awoken pharaoh. Incarnation of the god Horus, Nitocris.

Lucius: It's true that they saved you. I witnessed it myself, after all.

Lucius: They saw you were about to be taken by the Old Man of the Mountain and company, and saved you honorably.

Lucius: If you still refuse to believe it, then I will have no choice but to use this silver arm once more...

Lucius: Do you wish to lose the Sun King's trust even more? Will your own standing not become precarious as well?

Nitocris: Uh...But you aren't even citizens of Egypt. You have no reason to help me...

Lucius: Then let me ask in return: the people of the mountain aside, do the knights of the Holy City have reason to abduct you?

Nitocris: I...suppose that's...

Nitocris: Only the people of the mountain have the ability to sneak into my temple...

Mash: Nitocris seems depressed now. Maybe she's regretting her actions?

Da Vinci: Yes, now would be the chance to press her for answers. Fujimaru, go right ahead!

Fou: Foou!

Fujimaru 1: You finally believe us!

Nitocris: Eek!? Wh-Why are you shouting like that all of a sudden!?

Fujimaru 1: We saved you. Got a problem!?

Nitocris: Uh, agh...That's...No. Now that I think about it calmly...There's no other explanation...

Nitocris: You have my gratitude, travelers.... I'm sorry. My short temper got the best of me again...

Fujimaru 1: By the way, we'd like some water!

Nitocris: W-Water!? In that case, there's an oasis nearby...

Fujimaru 1: We want some fruit too!

Fou: Fou, foooou!

Da Vinci: That's right! And we want to take a bath and relax, too!

Nitocris: (What's with them, suddenly acting so brazenly! Ugh, but they did save me, so I need to show my gratitude! )

Nitocris: ...Ahem. Very well, I understand! I'll make a special exception, and welcome you as my guests!

Nitocris: You'd like some hospitality, right?

Nitocris: In that case, escort me back to Ramesseum Tentyris, the most prosperous and ideal nation in the desert.

Nitocris: Normally you need to answer a sphinx's riddle to get inside...But I hereby bestow upon you the honor of entering its walls!

Fou: Fou, foooou!

Section 2: Supper of the Sun King (1/2)

Nitocris: Oh winds, I release you from your duties. By the name of Nitocris, give us a view into the heavens!

Mash: The storm has ceased, Senpai! The sky's perfectly clear...Blue as far as you can see!

Nitocris: What a pleasant smile. It was worth putting on such a show.

Da Vinci: But that band of light exists in the skies of this era, too.

Nitocris: Yes, quite frustratingly. The only thing that needs to shine in the sky is the sun.

Fou: Fou, fou.

Nitocris: All you need to do now is head west. You should reach the grand temple in about two hours.

Lucius: That's good. Then I'll take my leave here. May good fate accompany your journey.

Fujimaru 1: You're leaving now?

Fujimaru 2: You aren't coming with us?

Lucius: I have no business at the grand temple. Nor a reason to stop you from going.

Lucius: ...We really were simply brought together by coincidence.

Lucius: I have always been a wanderer. I am unfit to keep the company of others.

Mash: He left...

Da Vinci: ...Mash. Did you feel anything strange from that Servant just now?

Da Vinci: Nostalgia, perhaps? Or that you know him somehow?

Mash: I didn't really feel anything in particular...

Mash: ...No, I actually did have a strange sensation. We're both Servants, but something seemed different...

Da Vinci: I see. Hmm, then Lucius really might be his True Name. Don't know what to make of that, though...

Fujimaru 1: Is the True Name Lucius strange?

Da Vinci: It's not really strange, but saying that name itself is something of a joke.

Da Vinci: Lucius is the name of a Roman emperor who appears in the “Historia Regum Britanniae. ”

Da Vinci: He didn't achieve any particular feats worth mentioning...

Fujimaru 2: Right...He didn't look like an emperor...

Mash: Master, you know him!?

Da Vinci: Wow, I see you know your stuff, Fujimaru! That's right, Lucius was an emperor of Rome.

Da Vinci: He appears in the “Historia Regum Britanniae,” but he was a very minor emperor...

Da Vinci: ...Anyway, the issue isn't his True Name. What's strange is the Noble Phantasm on his right arm.

Da Vinci: That was Nuadha's right arm. The shining arm, Airgetlám.

Da Vinci: Well, he isn't actually Nuadha, so there's no mistake that it's a replica...

Da Vinci: But even then, its power was extraordinary.

Da Vinci: It was able to defeat a sphinx, a creature of near divinity. What kind of mechanism could be behind it?

Da Vinci: I'm curious...And as someone who also has an artificial arm, I'm also envious!

Da Vinci: I want something like that tooooo! I want to defeat a sphinx all by myself tooooo!

Nitocris: That's enough useless chat! Are you going to the grand temple or not!?

Nitocris: I'm not made of time, you know!

Nitocris: If I don't return by evening, they'll realize that I've been abducted! How disgraceful!

Fujimaru 1: Oh, okay.

Fujimaru 2: ...I think it's already obvious...

Mash: I'm sorry, Queen Nitocris. We totally forgot you were there.

Nitocris: You act polite, but you've got a sharp tongue, girl! What's your name!?

Mash: Oh, pardon my rudeness. My name is Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: This is Da Vinci. And this is our Master...

Fujimaru 1: Fujimaru.

Nitocris: Hmm, very well. It's a little late, but I'll forgive you. None of the names are on the criminal register. What a relief.

Nitocris: Now then, I bestow upon you the duty of escorting me. Protect me until we reach the grand temple.

Mash: We need to protect you, the queen? Everything we've heard up to now suggests that this desert is your domain...

Nitocris: This isn't my domain, it's the Sun King's. And it's not even a domain per se...It's a land at the end of the world.

Nitocris: Stopping the sandstorm like I did means that demonic beasts outside of our control will invade.

Nitocris: That's why you must guard me, just in case. You have a responsibility to bring me to the grand temple.

Mash: I see. Beasts outside of your control...

Fujimaru 1: I see. That's convincing.

Fujimaru 2: I see. Mash, let her know.

Mash: Understood, Master. Executing orders.

Mash: Queen Nitocris. Is that thing sneaking up behind you a creature of the desert?

Nitocris: !?

???: Guruuuuuuu—Zbuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Nitocris: I don't recall ever seeing such a demonic beast! Destroy it, Fujimaru!


Nitocris: Where did those beasts come from? I've never seen or heard of anything like them...

Fujimaru 1: They were...octopuses...

Fujimaru 2: We're just as surprised.

Da Vinci: Hmm. Maybe we're the ones who lured them out, seeing as how we'

Da Vinci: (We shouldn't say we're from Chaldea. Nitocris isn't exactly an ally, after all. )

Nitocris: Seeing as how you're...what?

Da Vinci: Oh, seeing as how we're just traveling performers, carrying rare goods! Of course things like that would come after us!

Nitocris: ...How suspicious. It's clear that you aren't subjects of the Sun King, but...

Nitocris: Where exactly are you from? Are you mountain people, or citizens of the Holy City?

Nitocris: And besides, what exactly is a Master? I heard the pharaoh mention that term a few times...

Mash: You're a Servant, but you don't know what a Master is?

Mash: Even if you were summoned by the Singularity...the Holy Grail, you should have at least some knowledge as a Servant.

Nitocris: I was summoned by the great pharaoh—the Sun King Ozymandias.

Nitocris: He ordered me to work for him. That's all I need to know.

Nitocris: I don't know what it means to be a Servant.

Nitocris: I'm a pharaoh first and foremost. Being a Heroic Spirit comes second.

Da Vinci: So that name comes up after all...Okay, this'll be a long story. Let's talk while we walk!

Da Vinci: Queen Nitocris. You're in charge of these sandstorms...Well, not just them, but the protection of the desert as a whole.

Da Vinci: You haven't been given any other knowledge at all. Am I correct in assuming this?

Nitocris: I wouldn't say none at all. I am aware of the state of the war.

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias rose to power not long after being summoned to this era.

Nitocris: This territory of Egypt is proof of that. The pharaoh saved his subjects that were summoned together with the land.

Fujimaru 1: Subjects were summoned with the land?

Nitocris: That's right. Likely due to the pharaoh's great power.

Nitocris: For normal Heroic Spirit summons, it's only the individual...the hero themselves. However, Pharaoh Ozymandias was different.

Nitocris: In his case, he is the nation. When he appears, it is only natural that his lands would also be restored.

Fujimaru 2: Territory of Egypt?

Nitocris: That's what I said, yes. Is there an issue? Did you enter this place without even knowing what it was?

Da Vinci: Yes, be lenient with us. With the sudden sandstorm, we had to keep moving forward.

Da Vinci: We couldn't help it. There weren't any border lines, and we were suddenly in Egyptian territory.

Nitocris: ...

Nitocris: ...Anyway. The pharaoh showed us his right to rule as king.

Nitocris: However, there were some who opposed him. They were the indigenous—the Saracen mountain people...

Da Vinci: And the citizens of the Holy City you mentioned. The people of Jerusalem, right?

Nitocris: —Wait a second. Did you just say Jerusalem?

Mash: Your Majesty?

Nitocris: ...Who exactly are you, really, mentioning Jerusalem after all this?

Nitocris: That doesn't exist anymore! The Holy Land was destroyed!

Nitocris: All those who live in this land already know that!

Fujimaru 1: What's that supposed to mean!?

Nitocris: I thank you for saving me. However, this is a different issue altogether!

Nitocris: I knew I couldn't allow you to enter the great temple! Your actions will be what decides that!

Nitocris: Come, envoys of the king! Ascertain the truth of these people!

Mash: Your Majesty! ...Master, Queen Nitocris is getting ready for battle!

Nitocris: No, I won't fight. That's the least I can do to pay you back. They will be the ones to test you.

Nitocris: ...You have a choice before you. Live in this land and dedicate yourselves to the Sun King. Or you may refuse.

Nitocris: Refusal means that the wastelands of death will be your final resting place. Either that, or the Lion King's...

Nitocris: No. No, that will not happen. Fate converges upon our king, Ozymandias!

Nitocris: O great lion-bodied beasts, bestow a trial upon them! Show me the truth they stand by!

Da Vinci: Hm. The kings of Egypt, the pharaohs, had a different level of authority than the kings of other nations.

Da Vinci: They were worshipped as gods that rule over men, and they flaunted their power as such.

Da Vinci: A living god is the most suitable term. However—Queen Nitocris...I feel a little sorry for her.

Fujimaru 1: ...She's too nice?

Fujimaru 2: ...She's too much of a normal person?

Da Vinci: Yes, exactly. The sphinx's power is being kept to about 10%.

Da Vinci: This may be convenient for us, but living as a pharaoh like this must be harsh for her.

Nitocris: Save your secret talks for later! Now is the time for you to prove your innocence!


Mash: We did it, Master! The sphinx is retreating into the sky!

Fujimaru 1: Good work, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: You did well, Mash!

Nitocris: (...I'm surprised she managed, with such a weak body...Upon closer inspection, her hands and legs are still trembling...)

Mash: Queen Nitocris! The sphinx has let us go!

Mash: Is this the end of your so-called trial!?

Nitocris: —Yes, very impressive! Your strength has been recognized by the Sun King!

Nitocris: In that case, my guidance is unnecessary! Fear not, and pass through this storm!

Nitocris: The king's benevolence will be your light, and welcome you! Farewell!

Mash: Oh...She's gone...

Da Vinci: That just means she decided to draw the line. She probably thought she'd get too attached if she stayed any longer.

Da Vinci: Still, this means we're safe now. The other sphinxes around us won't attack.

Da Vinci: As she said, we should cut through the storm. It's finally time to confront the truth—

Da Vinci: About what exactly is going on in this Singularity.

Section 2: Supper of the Sun King (2/2)

Mash: I see the silhouette of the temple! I don't know for certain, but this should be the last hill!

Mash: ...The wind is strong! Master, be careful! Stay behind me!

Mash: I'll deploy my Noble Phantasm and go straight through! If we...If we can just get past here, we'll...Huh?

Mash: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Fujimaru 1: What an awesome temple!

Fujimaru 2: What's that ridiculous structure!?

Mash: It's like a floating city on a sea of sand! What a feat of engineering...You can tell just by looking at it!

Mash: So that's the palace of the Sun King Ozymandias—The legendary shining temple complex, Ramesseum Tentyris!

Fujimaru 1: Yup, yup...Who's that?

Fujimaru 2: Hm, hm...What's that?

Da Vinci: Oh, right. Roman always gives a lecture at times like this.

Da Vinci: The Sun King Ozymandias. Or originally, Ramesses II. The greatest, most powerful pharaoh of ancient Egypt.

Mash: Yes, a true pharaoh among pharaohs who called himself the God King. He brought great prosperity to Egypt around 1300 BC.

Mash: It's not unusual for pharaohs to see themselves as gods, but even then, the Sun King was always the one closest to the sun.

Mash: He was also known as a great architect.

Mash: So great that it's even said he proclaimed,“All temples on this earth were built by me. ”

Mash: If that's true, he may be linked to the story of humanity's oldest dynamo, the Dendera light system.

Da Vinci: He is also called the Construction King as well. That great temple is likely one of his Noble Phantasms.

Fujimaru 1: That's amazing.

Fujimaru 2: So Nitocris didn't make the furniture...

Mash: Let's go inside! This is my first time visiting an Egyptian building!

Fou: Foooou!

Da Vinci: I don't see anything blocking our way. The inside seems rather cool, too.

Da Vinci: However, Mash, there's something I want to confirm first. Any transmissions from Roman?

Mash: Oh...I'm sorry, I got carried away. Our connection to the Doctor hasn't been restored yet.

Da Vinci: As expected. This proves my hypothesis.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Mash. The Rayshift brought us to the 13th-century Middle East.

Da Vinci: That's for certain. However, this isn't entirely 13th-century Earth. My staff can measure magical energy, and...

Da Vinci: The quality of magical energy has changed since we came here. The magical energy here is much older.

Da Vinci: Nitocris said that this is the territory of Egypt. She wasn't just speaking of our location.

Da Vinci: This desert is from the BC era. I have no idea why, but—

Da Vinci: In this Sixth Singularity, the world ruled by Ozymandias has been transported over entirely.

Da Vinci: Space-time itself is in disarray.

Da Vinci: That's the reason why we couldn't Rayshift to Jerusalem, and why we can't contact Chaldea now.

Mash: No way...Then the Sixth Singularity isn't the Holy Land, but this desert?

Da Vinci: Hmm...Can't say for sure yet. What I do know is that this Egyptian territory is like a foreign body in this world.

Da Vinci: In addition, according to my measurements, there is another location in this territory where space-time is distorted.

Fujimaru 1: Even more distorted than the desert?

Fujimaru 2: Like a foreign body inside a foreign body?

Da Vinci: Yes, that's a good way to put it. This is just a hunch, but it might be the key to our search.

Da Vinci: I'm curious as to exactly what it is...But in any event, we should solve the mystery right in front of us first.

Da Vinci: Let's head to the great temple of Ozymandias! If legends are true, he should be a fussy, handsome boy!

Ozymandias: —Mmm. Sleepy. So sleepy—

Mash: (Senpai, we were given VIP treatment right upon entering the temple, and brought straight to the throne room, but—)

Mash: (This tanned man rubbing his eyes on the throne...Could that actually be King Ozymandias!? )

Nitocris: So you've finally come, mysterious travelers! You're a little late, but I don't mind!

Nitocris: Having overcome the Trial of the Sphinx, you have permission for an audience with the king!

Nitocris: Now, bow down before him!

Nitocris: If you do, His Majesty may awaken from his weariness, and speak to you!

Fujimaru 1: At once—!

Nitocris: Heh! An excellent sight. I feel as excited as if I had done it myself!

Fujimaru 2: You're King Ozymandias? Seriously?

Nitocris: H-How rude!

Nitocris: Such insolence in the face of the pharaoh, a god upon this earth!

Nitocris: He is the greatest pharaoh. The most courageous, most authoritative pharaoh! He is fit to be a god–

Nitocris: –He is Pharaoh Ozymandias! Subjugator and savior of the land at the end of the world! Our ideal king!

Ozymandias: ...How unusual, Nitocris.

Ozymandias: You may be a great bird, but you were never the type to shout in such a loud voice.

Ozymandias: It seems you've taken quite a liking to them. Haha, how joyous. Truly joyous.

Nitocris: I-I apologize, Pharaoh. To utter your True Name in such a loud manner...

Nitocris: That was something for Your Majesty to do.... I regret it thoroughly.

Ozymandias: Indeed, the crime for stealing my amusement is heavy. Afterwards, cut off an arm, and place it in a jar.

Nitocris: Yes, thank you for your kindness...

Ozymandias: ...Now then. You're the travelers from a foreign nation?

Ozymandias: My name is Ozymandias. I am a god, I am the sun, I am the pharaoh who rules this land.

Ozymandias: That has not changed in the past or the present. I grew somewhat tired of being called a Rider.

Ozymandias: This small throne is simply one diversion from my boredom.

Ozymandias: Also, above all...

Ozymandias: —I'm quite sleepy now. I feel like an old man who has just awoken from the abyss of death.

Ozymandias: Thus I intend to keep this brief. Listen to my grand voice, and remember from the bottom of your soul...

Ozymandias: You are envoys from Chaldea. You have repaired five Singularities thus far.

Ozymandias: And now you appear here in the sixth wedge— this Holy Land of sand. I am already aware of all of that.

Ozymandias: If you would question my knowledge, then the answer should now be apparent: I hold the Holy Grail which you seek.

Fujimaru 1: The Holy Grail!

Fujimaru 2: Are you...a Demon God Pillar!?

Ozymandias: As if I would side with the King of Mages. When I descended upon this land, I seized it—

Fou: Fooou!?

Ozymandias: —I seized it from the Crusaders. It was fitting for a true king such as myself, after all.

Mash: U-Um...King Ozymandias, that's surprising, but, um...

Da Vinci: (Silently nodding in agreement. )

Fujimaru 1: Your head just...

Fujimaru 2: Did it just come off!?

Ozymandias: —Unthinkable. You must be tired from the trip. While disrespectful, I will forgive you this once.

Ozymandias: There's nothing wrong with my head. And now that I have the Holy Grail, I— Whoops.

Ozymandias: ...(Silently staring at you with a “Did you see that? ” look on his face)

Fujimaru 1: ...(Pretend you didn't see anything)

Fujimaru 2: ...(Try to avoid eye contact)

Ozymandias: Nitocris!

Nitocris: Yes! What do you require, Pharaoh!?

Ozymandias: I don't feel well! I'd like to move my body a bit! Call some fire sprites to wake me up!

Ozymandias: Here I come, Master of Chaldea! I particularly enjoyed your silence just now!

Mash: Master! For reasons unknown, Pharaoh Ozymandias is gearing up for battle!

Da Vinci: Okay, as expected! This king is a problem child who's always just lived by his own rules!


Ozymandias: Heh—that was quite heated for mere amusement. Thanks to that, my head feels better.

Nitocris: Pharaoh, what exactly...No, um, do you intend to punish these people?

Ozymandias: Naturally. Their objective is the Holy Grail. The Grail now belongs to me.

Ozymandias: That means they will eventually try to kill me. I have no intention of letting them live.

Nitocris: Wha...Are you saying that I personally brought your enemies before you, Pharaoh?

Ozymandias: Indeed I am. However—

Ozymandias: Nitocris. I hadn't told you about the Holy Grail, nor have I shared with you any knowledge relating to this Singularity.

Ozymandias: That was my own blunder. This is not your crime. That is all because—

Ozymandias: ...Hmph. I honestly thought they had perished around the Fourth Singularity. So much for my speculation.

Ozymandias: Good grief— You're far too slow! Slow, slow, slow! There's a limit to how slow one should be!

Ozymandias: O Master of Chaldea!

Ozymandias: Humanity in this era collapsed long before you arrived!

Mash: King Ozymandias...What exactly does that mean...

Ozymandias: Exactly as I said it. In this era— there should have been a war to claim the Holy Land.

Ozymandias: One side defending, and one side invading. A merciless slaughter between two absolutely incompatible nations.

Ozymandias: At the end, one side would have claimed the Holy Grail, and the Holy Land would have become a seedbed for a Demon God Pillar.

Ozymandias: —That is, if you had arrived in this land just a little earlier.

Da Vinci: But that didn't happen...So that means the war to capture the Holy Land never occurred, correct?

Da Vinci: After all, the Grail is in your possession, King Ozymandias. You were likely summoned by someone on the Crusaders' side.

Da Vinci: And then you naturally opposed them, taking the Holy Land as your own.

Da Vinci: Is this territory of Egypt something you summoned? And is that what caused the collapse of humanity in this era?

Ozymandias: ...Who are you? You seem to be quite knowledgeable...

Fujimaru 1: She's Leonardo da Vinci.

Ozymandias: Oh? I know that name. One of the greatest geniuses in human history.

Ozymandias: Yes, yes indeed. It is said that there is a fine line between genius and insanity!

Fujimaru 2: She's Da Vinci-chan.

Ozymandias: Da Vinci-chan? I don't know of a Heroic Spirit by that name...

Ozymandias: However, I can tell by your beauty. With true beauty comes true knowledge, after all.

Ozymandias: Listen, Da Vinci-chan or whatever your name is. I intend to take you as my concubine one day. Plan accordingly.

Da Vinci: No, no, no. My intelligence is only a tiiiiiny bit higher than yours, O great Sun King.

Da Vinci: So? Was my theory correct? Can we assume that you're the Singularity in this era?

Ozymandias: Heh—

Ozymandias: Heh heh, hahahahahaha! I'm sorry to say you're mistaken, foreign sage!

Ozymandias: Did you think that I, the all-powerful Sun King, would use a poisoned chalice such as the Holy Grail!?

Ozymandias: I am simply the holder and protector of the Holy Grail! I have no interest whatsoever in the Holy Land!

Ozymandias: Therefore, listen carefully.

Ozymandias: The one who turned this era into a unique Singularity, and utterly destroyed all of humanity—

Ozymandias: He sits on the throne in what was once Jerusalem, that sacred city devoid of all hope.... Which is where you're heading.

Ozymandias: They call him the Lion King...The infamous pure-white Lion King!


Mash: (Sigh) That sure was a storm of events, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. I don't get it.

Fujimaru 2: Yeah. But I didn't hate it.

Fou: Fou...

Da Vinci: Yes, yes. To think that after doing battle, we would be treated to an extravagant meal...

Da Vinci: Although, after all of that we were told to leave and essentially chased out.

Mash: ...Yes. Thinking back to what King Ozymandias said—

Ozymandias: Guests are to be given hospitality. Obviously.

Ozymandias: We people of the desert never refuse hospitality to travelers. We understand the hardships of long journeys.

Ozymandias: However, don't expect us to reach an accord so easily. You have neither the determination nor the dignity necessary.

Ozymandias: Go and experience the cruel reality of this world. I shall give you one last opportunity after you have done so.

Ozymandias: I am the tyrant who rules this era. I'm sure you will return to take my head eventually.

Ozymandias: At which point, you won't be treated as guests. You'll be treated as foolish beasts who dare oppose me.

Ozymandias: Now then, I banish you from these Egyptian lands. Seek out the Holy City first. We will have words afterward.

Mash: After that, we were escorted all the way here, still completely dumbfounded...

Mash: I wanted to know more about the buildings and stuff there...The Construction King is so impatient...

Nitocris: Are you still discontent!? Even after the king bestowed precious water and food upon you!?

Mash: Yes, we're very thankful for that.

Mash: If you die a dog's death before leaving the territory of Egypt, I'll lose face—

Mash: That's what King Ozymandias said when he handed all these supplies to us.

Da Vinci: Exactly. He even let us have materials from the temple. He may be a tyrant, but he's certainly generous!

Nitocris: ...Of course. The king may be ruthless, but he's generous to the courageous.

Nitocris: Also, it seems the king took a liking to you. Perhaps it was Fujimaru's, how can I put it, air? Or aura?

Nitocris: I think it's because your easygoing personality resembles that of an old friend.

Nitocris: However, that was just a one-off. Pharaoh Ozymandias is a frightening man.

Nitocris: You're fated to die the next time you meet.... Don't ever forget that.

Mash: ...Yes. Thank you for the warning. We're grateful for your hospitality, Queen Nitocris.

Nitocris: I simply repaid my debt. You won't receive anything from me again, either.

Nitocris: ...

Mash: Your Majesty? ...Um, do you want to ask me something?

Nitocris: ...Not really. It seems I lack determination as well. Mash, are you afraid of fighting?

Nitocris: You fight bravely, like any Servant would, but I could tell.... Your true nature, that is.

Mash: ...That's...

Nitocris: It's okay. I could sense it's something to be proud about. Although I'm sure Pharaoh Ozymandias would rebuke it as weakness.

Nitocris: However, you're different from me. Despite your fear, you stand and fight, without deceiving yourself.

Nitocris: Hehe. It must be nice to have a Master and to mutually support each other.

Nitocris: This may be an issue considering I'm a pharaoh, but I...I feel envious, just a little.

Fujimaru 1: What are you talking to Mash about?

Nitocris: It's what you'd call girls' talk! Don't worry about it!

Nitocris: Anyway, I'll be going now.

Nitocris: Once you leave this territory, you will be in the middle of the land at the end of the world...Be careful.

Mash: There she goes...Riding off on a sphinx...

Da Vinci: Yes, I'm so very jealous. I'd like to try riding a sphinx, at least once!

Fujimaru 1: What are you doing, Da Vinci?

Fujimaru 2: Why so rowdy, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Thanks for asking! It seems that this time we'll have long periods of physical activity.

Da Vinci: So I borrowed some wood from King Ozymandias for...Ta–dah!

Da Vinci: As you can see, I tried making a vehicle for desert travel! I call it the All-Purpose Vehicular Ornithopter Sphinx!

Fou: Fou, foooouuuu! (Translation: Da Vinci-chan really is an idiot! )

Mash: This is...a buggy, no matter how you look at it! It's really out of place for the 13th century!

Fujimaru 1: What's going on here!?

Da Vinci: Well, technology that is ahead of its time is really hard to pull off successfully.

Da Vinci: So I tried making it work using the technological level of this era.

Da Vinci: It's all made of wood, but it runs, you know?

Fujimaru 2: As expected from Da Vinci-chan!

Da Vinci: Yes, naturally! I'm a genius, after all!

Da Vinci: A custom-made vehicle built entirely from wood. It has seven other functions, but we'll talk about those later.

Mash: How great...Yes, how great...Mr. Leonardo! Do we need a driver's license for this!?

Da Vinci: No need, no need at all. Because it doesn't have an engine! It's basically the same as a bicycle!

Da Vinci: Well, since it uses magical energy in place of gasoline, it can only reach speeds of 60 kilometers an hour. But never mind that!

Da Vinci: Now then, pile in everyone! No more physical activity required!

Da Vinci: Our true destination is about 100 kilometers to the east, waiting for us beyond the desert!

Mash: Roger!

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: Yay!

Fujimaru 2: Yahoo!

???: Yeah!!!!

Mash: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Fou: ...Uu?

???: ...! Y-Yeah—!!!!

Mash: —I've detected an extra exclamation of joy, Master! We've been surrounded without us noticing!

Mash: I won't let anyone interfere with Senpai's inaugural drive...Eliminating them at full power!

Section 3: To the East (1/2)

Mash: We've left the sandstorm! And with the buggy running properly, this is rather pleasant!

Mash: ...By the way, are you tired from driving? If you are, I could swap with you...

Fujimaru 1: I'll never give up the wheel!

Mash: Please, don't say that. You should go keep Da Vinci company in the back seat.

Mash: I'll take the wheel while you do. I'll pull off a magnificent jump from that hill!

Fujimaru 2: Time for a player sub, Mash.

Mash: Please leave it to me. You can take a pit stop. Mash Kyrielight will defend your position in the race!

Da Vinci: Oh, switching drivers? Yes, good. It's dangerous to drive for more than an hour straight.

Da Vinci: Would you like a meal? Or a massage? We've also got some cold juice...

Fujimaru 1: This thing's TOO convenient...

Fujimaru 2: I see you like taking care of people.

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Da Vinci: Of course. You should already know I'm always aware of what's going on. I'll put together any order with aplomb.

Da Vinci: More importantly, we're almost out of the desert. You can take the mask off whenever you like.

Da Vinci: The mana density changes past that big sand dune. We'll no doubt be able to see what this era's original landscape looks like.

Fujimaru 1: ...That's a little scary.

Da Vinci: Right, I'm a little uneasy too. My worst expectations always have a way of hitting the mark.

Da Vinci: ...The reason why King Ozymandias doesn't use the Holy Grail frightens me.

Fujimaru 2: You seem to be having fun.

Da Vinci: Really? If so, my show of courage must be pretty good.

Da Vinci: The Mona Lisa mustn't lose her smile, after all. I need to smile no matter how uneasy I might be feeling.

Da Vinci: Then again, I suppose my worries will abate soon.

Da Vinci: Once we're out of Egyptian territory, we should be able to contact Romani again.

Fujimaru 1: I suppose the Doctor's worried too.

Fujimaru 2: I suppose the Doctor's on the edge of his seat too.

Da Vinci: Haha, I'm sure.

Da Vinci: But to be honest, I think this was good. Romani should have gotten a little break thanks to this.

Da Vinci: He's hardly slept a wink since we started the Grand Order.

Fou: Fou, fou.

Fujimaru 1: The Doctor isn't sleeping?

Fujimaru 2: Even if he's just on comms?

Da Vinci: Of course. Chaldea lost over 60 staff in that incident.

Da Vinci: How did you think such a shortage was being filled? Romani's job doesn't just involve health care.

Da Vinci: Operating the remaining equipment, maintaining Sheba, controlling Chaldea's generators, planning operations, handling Rayshifts.

Da Vinci: On top of that, taking care of the mental health of the staff that break down each day...though that's technically his main job.

Da Vinci: Since there are no external supplies, the internal staff have to somehow manage.

Da Vinci: It would take a genius to do all of these things alone, but Romani isn't one. Nor is he a Heroic Spirit.

Da Vinci: He's an ordinary human, and when ordinary humans have that much work, they sacrifice time and stamina.

Da Vinci: When that isn't enough, they push themselves further, using modern medicine to increase mental acuity or ignore fatigue.

Fujimaru 1: I didn't know...

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 2: I kind of realized it...

Da Vinci: That's okay. It means his efforts didn't go to waste, at least.

Da Vinci: Also, Chaldea communications aren't ordinary transmissions.

Da Vinci: Singularities are both realities and unexplored possibilities. Simply being here is enough to make your existence ambiguous.

Da Vinci: You didn't exist in the 13th century, after all. From the point of view of the world itself, you're an unknown.

Da Vinci: That's why Chaldea has to constantly verify your existence: to make sure your meaning as a person doesn't vanish.

Da Vinci: By certifying that the human named Fujimaru is real, your existence at the Rayshift destination is secured.

Da Vinci: Singularities are uncertain. Even if your body exists, some value could deviate from your original self—

Da Vinci: It's possible that this hypothetical, slightly different version of yourself could get projected onto Chaldeas.

Da Vinci: If that happens, you can't return to reality in 2018. That's why they constantly monitor you in the Command Room.

Da Vinci: They check all numerical values, and if something appears to be deviating even slightly, they return it to normal.

Da Vinci: This is a job where the slightest disparity, the slightest sign, can't be overlooked.

Da Vinci: So Romani and the entire Command Room staff give everything they have to support your journey.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: But Doctor Roman...What he did to Mash...

Da Vinci: Ah, what he said before the Rayshift.

Da Vinci: Right. Romani is still an accomplice in Chaldea's experiments. For that, you can be angry with him and have your doubts.

Da Vinci: When I was summoned to Chaldea, the first thing I did was denounce Marisbury and Romani.

Da Vinci: Why am I so angry and scornful? That goes without saying. Because ordinary people shouldn't pretend to be geniuses!

Fujimaru 1: Marisbury?

Da Vinci: Oh, you didn't know?

Da Vinci: Marisbury Animusphere. Father of Olga Marie, and former director of Chaldea.

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Sorry for the sudden brake! There are signs of enemies ahead, Master!

Mash: They're acting like a wall to block our path! We need to eliminate them to cross the sand dune!

Fujimaru 1: They dare interfere with our big jump!?

Fujimaru 2: Mash! Shield out and punch it!

Mash: Yes, Master! We'll have them get out of the way of our pleasant drive!

Section 3: To the East (2/2)

Da Vinci: Okay, we're going to cross the sand dune! Everyone, brace for landing after the jump!

Mash: Going full throttle! Let's fly, Senpai!

Mash: —This is the 13th century Middle East?

Da Vinci: Air temperature 48 degrees Celsius, relative humidity 0 percent, atmospheric mana density 0. 3 milligrams...

Da Vinci: ...This is awful. This isn't an environment for humans to live in.

Da Vinci: The desert sandstorm was rough, but this is just as harsh...It's exactly as I expected, too.

Fujimaru 1: As you expected?

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean?

Da Vinci: This is the King of Mages' work. He created a Singularity by disturbing the Foundation of Humanity.

Da Vinci: As a result, human history has become unstable. Everything up to where the King of Mages crosses history is incinerated.

Da Vinci: Conversely, it meant Singularities themselves were safe from the waves of humanity incineration...

Da Vinci: But if the Foundation of Humanity is this disturbed, even Singularities would be no exception.

Da Vinci: My conclusion is that this land will be incinerated in time. That's the reason why King Ozymandias doesn't use the Holy Grail.

Da Vinci: It makes sense, right? In the end, this land would fall to ruin even without using the Grail.

Mash: That's terrible...What exactly happened in this era?

Mash: Oh no! We're surrounded! They're...

???: Food...They have food.

???: And water...And appetizing women.

???: Heh heh...They must have come running from the Sun King's man-eating beasts...Heh heh, hahahaha!

???: Thank you...Thank you...Thank you for surviving, for me!

???: Kill, kill, kill! Meat, meat, meat—!

Mash: No way...These people are human! They aren't Servants, or illusions!

Da Vinci: ...Mash, Fujimaru. Hit them with nonlethal blows, but only if you can safely do so.

Da Vinci: ...They've partially turned into ghouls. At this point, they're finished as human beings.

Da Vinci: They can only live through hate, envy, and harming others now. They likely won't survive for long, either.

Da Vinci: That's the kind of place this era has become. We've come here to fix that, to reject such an era.

Da Vinci: To do that, you must wield your sword, Master. The time has come to discard your innocence.


???: Ow...That hurts! Damn it, damn you—

???: I thought I finally found some good meat...Damn it, you scum...

???: Why don't you just die, dammit!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Mash: ...The battle's over. I tried my best to use non-lethal force...

Da Vinci: Most of them ran off from the pain, but about 10% of them continued attacking.

Da Vinci: This is what happens when they still have a brain to think, but the only way to stop themselves becomes “death. ”

Da Vinci: Facing opponents like that has the effect of turning one heartless, as well—

Da Vinci: I'm impressed, Fujimaru. You didn't kill a single one.

Da Vinci: Although they all fainted in agony.

Fujimaru 1: ...Sorry.

Fujimaru 2: ...Hindsight is 20/20.

Da Vinci: Well, you've still kept it together, that's pretty significant too. I have nothing to scold you about.

Da Vinci: But we need to get moving. There could be more of them lurking about.

Fujimaru 1: By the way, can we leave some food?

Fujimaru 2: We still had plenty of supplies, right?

Da Vinci: Hm! Did you hear that? What do you think, Mash? I personally oppose it, but what about you?

Mash: Yes, I vote in favor! That's two votes against one, Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Very well. It'll only provide temporary peace of mind, but one sip of water can shine light back into one's life!

Da Vinci: Take it, heartless ladies and gentlemen!

Da Vinci: You'll likely have forgotten by tomorrow, but consider this half a day of relief!

???: Ahh...Yeah! Water, water—!

???: Move, that's mine, that's mine! I worked the hardest! You all come after me!

Da Vinci: Okay, time to withdraw! Everyone, get in the Sphinx-mobile while we have the chance!

Fou: Fooou!

???: ...Hold on.

???: Are you going east? ...Don't tell me, to the Holy City?

Da Vinci: Yes, to the Holy City. Is there a problem? It's the only city around here, right?

???: ...Yeah. The Holy City is the only city. A land of dreams, where they have everything.

???: The city where the great Lion King, who massacred every Crusader trying to burn this world down, resides...

Da Vinci: (...So the Crusaders really have been eradicated...But the Saracens have also been driven out? )

Da Vinci: (And “Lion King” again...I thought it was merely a rash remark from the Sun King, but apparently he really exists...)

Da Vinci: (But someone called the Lion King...Hmm, this is getting even more complicated. )

???: ...Be careful. Beauty makes things all the more dreadful...

???: ...Don't go near the walls. If you don't want to die, go back to the desert!

Mash: Okay...Thank you for the advice!

Fou: Fou, fooou!


Dr. Roman: Thank goodness, I finally got you on the line!

Dr. Roman: Are you all okay!? Did any unexpected accidents happen again this time!?

Fujimaru 1: Ah, good ol' Dr. Roman!

Mash: Yes. This is the kind of entertainment we expect from him.

Fujimaru 2: We've managed somehow.

Dr. Roman: Oh...You seem really calm, Fujimaru...

Dr. Roman: I guess a little accident or two isn't enough to surprise you anymore.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, this isn't the time for a casual chat. I'm glad you're safe.

Dr. Roman: We were constantly able to see Fujimaru's signal, but we couldn't establish a connection at all.

Dr. Roman: Sorry we couldn't provide any support for two days. What's the situation over there?

Mash: Right, I'll report the details about what happened so far. After the Rayshift, we—

Dr. Roman: ...So that's what happened. Egypt from the BC era is in 13th-century Middle East?

Dr. Roman: No wonder the transmissions failed. We don't have time to recalibrate, so Egypt will be our weak point moving forward.

Dr. Roman: Still, King Ozymandias, huh...Again with the troublemakers showing up.

Dr. Roman: But we should have reliable allies this time. Ozymandias mentioned a Lion King, right?

Dr. Roman: There's no mistake that he's Richard I. If King Lionheart is there, we should be able to deal with the Sun King.

Dr. Roman: You should meet up with the Crusaders, and try to convince Richard to...What's with that face?

Dr. Roman: Why does it look like you're trying to hold back laughter,Fujimaru?

Dr. Roman: Did I say something funny?

Da Vinci: Hahaha. It's time for Da Vinci to step in.

Da Vinci: Roman, you wanted to hear about unexpected accidents, yes? Then be happy. The Crusaders have already been wiped out!

Dr. Roman: What—!?

Dr. Roman: Hold on, I need to say that again. What—!?

Fujimaru 1: Is it that shocking?

Dr. Roman: Of course it's shocking! Because—

Fujimaru 2: Who's Richard I?

Mash: King Richard I of England. Known as Richard the Lionheart for his deeds in the Third Crusade.

Mash: The name Lionheart came from his bravery. Even enemy leaders praised him as the greatest knight of all...

Dr. Roman: Argh, anyway, I'll send the data from Chaldea!

Dr. Roman: A picture's worth a thousand words! You'll know once you look at the Singularity map!

Dr. Roman: See? There's a big city in this Singularity! There's no mistake that the Crusaders have occupied it!

Dr. Roman: Since that's there, it must mean that the Crusaders have taken the Holy Land!

Dr. Roman: This isn't historically correct, but that's how it is now!

Dr. Roman: Yet you're saying that the Crusaders were wiped out!? Then who exactly could be—

Dr. Roman: —Wait, I've picked up traces of life! There's a powerful Servant signature very close to you!

Mash: Understood. Stopping the Sphinx-mobile. What should we do, Master?

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's hide and watch.

Fujimaru 2: ...Sneak...sneak...

Intoxicating Smoke: ...This is it. Escaping with this many of our brethren is impossible...

Intoxicating Smoke: ...How humiliating and regrettable. It all ends here.

???: ...I'm sad. I'm so very sad, Old Man of the Mountain.

???: If you were alone, escaping this dilemma would be easy...However, you have accepted this fate.

???: The frightened people of the Holy Land follow you. And you remain behind to protect them.

???: If you do not protect the worthless, you suffer the loss of what is worthy...I find that far too sad...

Mash: That' Assassin-class Servant and an Archer-class Servant, perhaps?

Mash: They seem to be hostile to each other. Behind the Assassin are about 40 civilians.

Mash: The Archer, on the other alone. Um, Master?

Mash: I can't stop trembling when I look at that Archer...It hurts my heart—

Fujimaru 1: All right, let's fall back.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go help the Assassin.

Da Vinci: —No. You mustn't move a single step. They'll notice.

Da Vinci: If they notice, it's over. We'd be killed by that Archer.

Da Vinci: ...That's a “Gift. ”

Intoxicating Smoke: ...Worthy? You say I have more worth than them?

???: Indeed. Even with my bow, capturing you would be troublesome.

Intoxicating Smoke: ...Then we'll make a deal. If your sense of chivalry is true—

Intoxicating Smoke: I offer you my life. In exchange, allow the people to go free.

???: How noble of you.... But what exactly do you mean by allowing them to go free?

???: I am not permitted to withdraw...My most sincere apologies...

???: I cannot leave this place until I capture all of you...

Intoxicating Smoke: ...Then I will accept your right arm and legs in exchange for my head.

Intoxicating Smoke: For one day, your legs will not move and your right arm will be held in check.

Intoxicating Smoke: My head may be pitiful, but it should be a good match as compensation.

???: Wh-What? Wait, I cannot allow that. If I do, you will...

Intoxicating Smoke: I take that as acceptance—If so, your pardon!

Intoxicating Smoke: Run, my brethren! Cursed Arm in the east will accept you!

Refugees: Ah...Thank you, thank you so very much!

???: ...To sever one's own would be unbecoming of me to do anything but fulfill my side of the agreement.

???: Well done. Very impressive. —However.

H:Refugees: Huh? Why have I...When did I fall?

H:Refugees: Wait, what...My head...It...aaaAAA NOOO—!?

???: Oh, how sad I am...I did say I cannot allow it...

???: And to force me not to move a single step. Such conceit.

???: Arrows don't suit Failnaught's bewitched string. Plucking its string creates a blade of sound that severs my enemies.

???: I can cut these bags of flesh with a single breath...Without taking a single step, without even aiming.

H:Refugees: Aaaahhh! No! Help, help—!

???: Foolish Old Man of the Mountain. You should have said instead: “Do not move a single finger. ”

Mash: How terrible!

Fujimaru 1: Those people aren't even resisting!

Da Vinci: Endure it. He'll kill us too if we go out there now.

Da Vinci: I'm not exaggerating when I say that Archer is more powerful than the Servants we've come across so far.

Da Vinci: We must hide until he leaves...Even you can tell he's no friend, right?

Mash: ...Yes. That's exactly right, I'm sure...

Mash: ...I see no survivors. Everyone...had their heads cut off...

Dr. Roman: ...I've got a grasp of the situation. That Archer...How merciless can you get!?

Dr. Roman: They seemed to be from opposing sides, but still, to cut down civilians like that...

Dr. Roman: What reason was there for it? Or was he just a homicidal maniac?

Mash: ...

Da Vinci: We can speculate later. Fujimaru, our turn's come up.

C:???: ...Curse you...Curse you...This resentment, I cannot die, even in death!

C:???: Such inexperience—To misread the cruelty of the enemy!

C:???: I cannot forgive them—I cannot! This regret, who can dispel such regret—!?

Mash: The Assassin's body—Is this a vengeful ghost!?

Dr. Roman: No, it's a Shadow Servant!

Dr. Roman: Perhaps due to some affinity for this land, its powerful grudge has remained and animated itself!

Dr. Roman: If left alone, it'll turn into a monster that attacks people indiscriminately! Before that happens, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: ...Got it. Let's go, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: ...Let's put it to rest.

Mash: ...Yes. As a knight, I pray this soul finds peace!


Mash: ...Spirit Origin Core destroyed. This should do it...

???: Aaargh...Aaaaaargh...Such a shameful display, all the way to the very end...

???: ...I thank you for putting me to rest, unnamed Servant.

???: ...If you still have kindness to offer...please bury my brethren...

???: ...It seems fighting really was the only choice...Laugh at my inexperience, Cursed Arm—

Mash: That ends this situation...Master, um...

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah, let's take a little detour.

Fujimaru 2: ...Teach me how to properly send someone off in these lands.

Mash: ...Yes. We might not be able to do it well, but we can try to give it some sort of meaning.


Refugee Woman: Ah, thank you so much. You've saved us.

Refugee Woman: Not only did you drive away those bandits, but you've escorted us as well...

Mash: No need to thank us. In fact, thank you for telling us the way to go.

Mash: You all live around here, right? Where are you going with such a large group?

Refugee Woman: Why, the Holy City, of course! That's the only safe place now.

Refugee Woman: Invaders came, burned the land, and took the Holy Land...

Refugee Woman: But the great Lion King drove out the unjust Crusaders, and opened the Holy Land to us.

Refugee Woman: We don't know where the king and his knights came from, but we're thankful that they slaughtered those Crusaders.

Refugee Woman: Still, there are some who lament over such a shameless city being built on the Holy Land...

Refugee Woman: However, the teachings of God are eternal. Regardless of what form the city takes, our prayers will never change.

Da Vinci: (...The Crusaders were destroyed by the Lion King? It sounds less and less like he's Richard I...)

Da Vinci: Does that mean you're refugees heading to the Holy City? Do they allow people of different races to enter?

Refugee Woman: Yes, of course. I hear that the Lion King rejects none.

Refugee Woman: Once a month, the Holy City has a ceremony called the Ritual of Holy Selection in which they accept refugees.

Refugee Woman: If you can reach the Holy City by that day, you won't have anything else to worry about.

Refugee Woman: We were wondering about going ourselves, but then our village was burned down...

Mash: I see...I'm sorry to hear that. Is this everyone from the village?

Refugee Woman: No, only about half...There were some in the village who think ill about the knights residing in the Holy City...

Refugee Woman: They headed to the mountainous region. There's a village there.

Refugee Woman: But...that region is a desolate land.

Refugee Woman: If one wishes to survive in this land, the Holy City is the only real option...

Dr. Roman: Thanks for collecting information. It looks like the refugees went on ahead.

Da Vinci: Yes. If we stay together, we'll stand out too much.

Da Vinci: We still don't understand the full situation, so it's better to act in secret for a while longer.

Fujimaru 1: The buggy only fits three, anyway.

Fujimaru 2: It would be bad if we came across a Servant.

Mash: ...That's right. And we still can't tell who's friend or foe in this situation.

Mash: King Ozymandias of Egypt...The Holy City and the Lion King residing there...

Mash: And finally, Servants in skull masks...Ones we've already crossed paths with twice. They all seem to be Assassins...

Dr. Roman: Considering the era, those wearing skull masks would naturally be from the “Old Man of the Mountain” assassination group.

Dr. Roman: This is their home territory. In fact, the term “assassin” is derived from their group.

Mash: The Sun King, the Lion King, and a group of Assassins...Does this mean it's a three-way deadlock?

Fujimaru 1: Lion beats Sun, Assassin beats Lion...

Da Vinci: And Sun beats Assassin? Hmm, I don't really think so.

Fujimaru 2: No, I doubt that.

Da Vinci: Exactly! Nitocris and Lucius mentioned something strange, after all!

Da Vinci: This is just speculation, but it all fits: the Sun King and the Lion King have formed a non-aggression pact.

Da Vinci: Remember, Lucius said that the Holy City knights would have no reason to abduct Nitocris.

Da Vinci: The one who rules this land is most likely the Lion King. The Egyptian territory is an independent, separate nation.

Da Vinci: Hence we can assume that the kings have formed that pact.

Da Vinci: Though they oppose each other, they don't fight...It's a cold war.

Da Vinci: Perhaps the mountain people, the group of Assassins, can't tolerate that and carry out resistance activities.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. I'm getting a general grasp of the situation.

Dr. Roman: First, like the refugees, you should head to the Holy City. There are some things we need to ascertain.

Dr. Roman: First, who are these knights who destroyed the Crusaders? And second, how are things there now?

Mash: Yes. King Ozymandias said that the Holy City is the source of the Singularity.

Mash: We need to go and see if that's the truth!

Section 4: The Wailing Wall

Dr. Roman: Amazing...What a citadel. This is the heart of this era, the area where the Holy Land was.

Mash: Such massive white walls, as if to reject anything foreign...That's...the Holy City?

Da Vinci: It seems so. Although it's already completely nighttime now...

Da Vinci: Take a look over there at the center of the wall...That's the Holy City's main gate.

Da Vinci: A bunch of refugees have gathered there...Somewhere around a thousand people, perhaps?

Dr. Roman: They're probably waiting for that Ritual of Holy Selection. Perfect timing. You should go along with them.

Dr. Roman: As long as you're inside the Holy City, there should be an opportunity to see the Lion King.

Da Vinci: Sounds good. I suppose I'll fold up the ornithopter now.

Da Vinci: Driving up in a car would draw unwanted attention—Who's there? You, peering at us from behind that rock!

???: Heh heh heh...What a beauty we've got here. Did you come from the desert? Those are some expensive-looking clothes.

???: It looks like you're here for the Ritual of Holy Selection. I won't think ill of you. You should turn back.

???: Of course, that'll be after you drop all your possessions. Don't worry, I'll pay you 10% of the market value.

???: ...Man, thanks to the Lion King I can just wait out here, and suckers like you show up one after another.

Da Vinci: I see, you're a scammer trying to take advantage of refugees. I shouldn't say this, but that's pretty efficient!

Da Vinci: However, I can't allow a business to prey upon the weak!

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, go right ahead and discipline them!

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me!

Fujimaru 2: You be careful too, Da Vinci!


???: Ugh, I give up! I surrender, I surrender! My life isn't worth giving up for chump change!

Da Vinci: For a thief, you know pretty well when to quit. By the way, that accent...Are you a Muslim merchant?

???: Huh? I sure haven't heard that recently. Until a little while ago there were people like that everywhere.

???: There were quite a number of us around! We even did good business with the Crusaders.

???: But after the Holy City was built, the Lion King's aides crushed us in an instant.

???: I'm pretty quick-witted, though. I bowed down before them, and they let me live.

???: By the time I raised my head, everyone else had theirs chopped off! Isn't that just a laugh?

Mash: ...That's terrible. They killed all the local merchants?

???: Here's our chance! You let your guard down, knight girl! Everyone, scatter!

Merchants: Yeah! On our way, Boss Saruhan!

Da Vinci: Ah, hey wait! We want to hear more details!

E:Saruhan: If you want me to talk, pay up! ...Or so I'd like to say, but you're all pretty scary, so I'm not making deals!

E:Saruhan: See you, weird [♂ guy /♀ girl] and crew! ...But I was serious when I warned you to turn back.

E:Saruhan: This is for your own good. If you want to stay human, don't go near that castle.

Mash: ...The group of thieves has retreated. Should we pursue them, Master?

Da Vinci: That won't be necessary. Besides, it would be difficult to catch them.

Dr. Roman: Right. They were saying some disturbing things, but we have no choice but to jump into the lion's den.

Dr. Roman: Also, they were locals. I didn't detect any sort of Servant response.

Dr. Roman: Although they could be like Jekyll back in London, mixed in from a different era.

Mash: I see. Despite not being Servants, they were pretty strong...

Da Vinci: Hmm. They said they were merchants, but they might have been soldiers.

Da Vinci: Well, that's none of our concern. Anyway, let's hurry to the Holy City. Looks like something might happen soon.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, everyone be careful. Hide yourselves under cloaks, and do your best not to stand out!


Mash: ...We managed to slip in. Then again, we are at the edge of the refugee group and the furthest from the main gate...

Dr. Roman: ...I'm sure you've noticed, but I'll report anyway. There are highly concentrated magical energy signatures around you.

Dr. Roman: They're encircling the refugees. Can you visually confirm this, Mash?

Mash: ...Yes. They're from...

Mash: It seems to be the knights who came out of the Holy City. They're silently guarding the refugees...

Fujimaru 1: It's suddenly daytime!?

Mash: Yes, this isn't an illusion! What exactly could this be—

Fujimaru 2: Sorry, did I doze off!?

Mash: Senpai, that's not it! The sun suddenly rose!

Refugees: ...What's going on? How did the sun rise without anyone noticing?

???: Calm yourselves. This is a miracle from the Lion King—

???: A Gift he bestowed upon me with the words,“May the sun always bless you. ”

Mash: Master, a knight just appeared from the main gate. That's—that man is—

Refugees: Sir Gawain! Sir Gawain of the Knights of the Round Table! The ceremony's starting! We can enter the Holy City–!

Dr. Roman: They've started admitting the refugees!? But I've detected an enormous Servant signature!

Da Vinci: ...This is terrible. I can't believe it! How could something like this happen?

Dr. Roman: ...Leonardo? What's wrong? You aren't acting like yourself! What exactly is going on there!?

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Mash. We need to get away from here. Now.

Da Vinci: We can still make it. They call this Holy Selection? That's the wrong word. They're—

Gawain: Everyone, I thank you for gathering here in the Holy City of your own accord.

Gawain: Humanity's time has ended and this small world is marching toward ruin.

Gawain: His Majesty has cast judgment. There is no place for people to live on this earth, in any land.

Gawain: That is, with the exception of our Holy City of Camelot.

Gawain: Our Holy City is a complete, perfect, pure-white, millennial kingdom. Beyond this gate awaits an ideal world.

Refugees: Wow! So the rumors were true!

Refugees: The Knights of the Round Table...How divine...Despite being foreign knights, their radiance is real...

Gawain: Thank you. I'm sure you underwent a long, difficult journey to arrive here.

Gawain: Our king accepts any and all people, of all races and religions, without exception.

Gawain: —However, before that, you must receive his pardon.

Refugees: There's someone on top of the main gate!? Ahh, that's—!

???: —There are few who can be led to the end of this world.

???: The roots of humanity rot and fall.

???: And thus, I must choose. Those souls who are clean of filth. Those souls uncorrupted by any and all wickedness.

???: —Those people born of eternal, immovable purity.

Refugees: —Huh? What's this light!? —It's so bright, but it's not blinding at all!?

Refugees: —Hey, are you shining? —Mommy, you're all shiny!

???: The Holy Selection is over. Allow only those three to enter. Go and collect them, Sir Gawain.

Gawain: ...As you wish.

Gawain: Everyone, I'm most sorry. However, this is all done to preserve the world of man.

Gawain: The king has ordered your purification. Now—your Holy Punishment begins.

Enforcement Knight:

H:Refugees: What the...Y-You're joking, right? Wait, why are you drawing your swords?

H:Refugees: Stop...Stop, stop, stop! Please, don't kill me, don't kill me!

Mash: They're in a panic! The refugees...The knights are attacking them!

Da Vinci: But they can't escape. They're completely surrounded. The knights of the Holy City intended to do that from the get-go.

Da Vinci: ...If it's just us, we can make it out of here. Fujimaru...You understand this, right?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, we'll open a path for everyone!

Mash: Yes! It doesn't matter where, we just have to break a hole in the knights' circle!

Mash: Master, please provide magical energy! I most certainly won't lose!

Da Vinci: ...Oh dear. I already know how this is going to turn out.

Da Vinci: Well, I suppose I can't help it. Now that I think about it, I'm just a little too universal.

Dr. Roman: Leonardo?

Da Vinci: Oh, just talking to myself! I agree with Fujimaru as well!

Da Vinci: Even if we can't save a thousand, we can save a hundred! Let's break through the encircling knights!


Mash: Enemy group eliminated!

Refugees: Wait, are they fighting each other!? Well, who cares, thanks!

Refugees: Everyone, this way—! We've got a chance to escape here—!

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Mash: We did it! Even if it's just a bit, we've disrupted the enemy circle.

Mash: Now the gathered people can...

Enforcement Knight: ...

Mash: The fallen knights are vanishing. What exactly are they?

Dr. Roman: Their magical responses show they are human, but also close to Heroic Spirits.

Dr. Roman: They're like living weapons, forged using powerful spells.

Dr. Roman: This...isn't the work of a human being...Is that Lion King really a Heroic Spirit!?

Enforcement Knight: Report to Sir Agravain. We're being obstructed by Servants.

Enforcement Knight: Even Heroic Spirits are no exception. Those sentenced to Holy Punishment are unneeded.

Dr. Roman: I've detected multiple enemy reinforcements! Enemy signatures are rushing straight to your position!

Dr. Roman: You've done enough! Escape! At this rate, they'll overwhelm you with sheer numbers!

Mash: But...if we don't fight, the refugees will...

Dr. Roman: What!? I've confirmed a magical energy signal from another direction!

Dr. Roman: This—looks like others have started fighting! You're hitting the west, and someone is hitting the east!

Dr. Roman: This should reduce your burden a little! Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Got it! We'll hold out to our limit! Let's go, Fujimaru!


Enforcement Knight: You've been chosen. Come, now enter the Holy City.

Refugee Woman: Stop, let me go! Ahh...Rushd, Rushd!

Refugee Woman: Open your eyes, Rushd! How terrible of you, to strike a child!

Refugee Child: Ugh...Ngh...

Refugee Woman: If you'll take me, take my child as well! I can't leave him on his own!

Enforcement Knight: That child was not chosen. Forget him. Your body no longer belongs to you.

Enforcement Knight: There are no exceptions. Such affection is not permitted. The ideal soul is not allowed to enjoy human freedoms.

Refugee Woman: I'll obey the Lion King! I'll do anything! Just let my child stay with me!

Refugee Woman: I'll make sure he behaves! I'll tell him to pray day and night to the Lion King as well!

Enforcement Knight: ...No. You people won't discard your own god. Even a young child cannot.

Enforcement Knight: Your fervent faith is respectable. That gives your life value.

Enforcement Knight: He can sleep along with his faith. Your child has been chosen by your god for this.

Refugee Woman: Ahh— Stop, stop it—At least spare my child!

Enforcement Knight: ...How foolish. You shield your own child?

Refugee Child: Huh...Mommy? What's wrong? Is it morning already?

Refugee Woman: Ahh...Rushd...I'm so glad. You're my hope...My life...

Refugee Woman: May you live...a long and...happy life...

Refugee Child: Mommy, are you crying? Did something sad happen?

Refugee Child: You're such a crybaby sometimes. And you're hugging me too tight...It hurts...

Refugee Woman: ......

Enforcement Knight: Chokhmah 2 here. Confirmed drop-out of one chosen. Vitals have ceased. Those that cannot gauge their own value have no right entering the Holy City.

Enforcement Knight: Will resume the Holy Punishment after disposing of the child. End of report.

Refugee Child: ...Mommy? Who are those people? Are they your friends?

Refugee Child: Aaaah!?

Enforcement Knight: Blasphemous. To even compare a knight to a drop-out like her...

Enforcement Knight: That mother earlier...She must have been chosen by mistake. Mountain scum like this mother and child will be judged—

Mash: Uu-aaaaaaaah—!

Mash: Argh...Ugh...Hah, hah...Enemy knight eliminated!

Mash: But, but...I could see it happening, but I couldn't make it in time...

Fujimaru 1: Mash, watch over that child!

Fujimaru 2: ...Take him and run, Mash!

Mash: Yes! I'll do everything I can to protect him!

Dr. Roman: This is the point of no return! If you get any closer to the gate, there's no going back!

Dr. Roman: You need to break through from the west! You can still make it from there!

Gawain: That hope will not be fulfilled...Your lives end here.

Mash: —!

Gawain: An impressive uprising. It seems there were still fighters amongst the heretics.

Gawain: However, that ends now. Causing disorder at the Holy City gate is a sin worthy of death.

Gawain: I am Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table. As one entrusted with the responsibility of delivering Holy Punishment, I shall judge you.


Gawain: I am Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table. As one entrusted with the responsibility of delivering Holy Punishment, I shall judge you.

Dr. Roman: Sir Gawain! He's the one called the Knight of the Sun and wields the second sacred sword!

Dr. Roman: There's no more doubt about it!

Dr. Roman: It was King Arthur's knights, the Knights of the Round Table, who annihilated the Crusaders and built a Holy City upon the Holy Land!

Fujimaru 1: The Arthur we met in Singularity F!?

Fujimaru 2: The Arthur we met in London!?

Dr. Roman: No, this one's different.

Dr. Roman: The Spirit Origin output observed from that Servant just now was far beyond that of King Arthur in our data!

Dr. Roman: That's not even in the realm of a Servant! How did King Arthur become such a monster!?

Gawain: It seems you have a mage using a far-seeing spell...Then, you must be the defenders of humanity.

Gawain: “When the foreign star shines, the bond of the white wall crumbles, the king's power wanes, and the divine tower falls. ”

Gawain: ...How unfortunate. If our meeting was of a different nature, we may have found a path of coexistence.

Dr. Roman: Magical energy response has multiplied several times over! Gawain intends to fight!

Dr. Roman: Gawain is the wielder of the sister sword of Excalibur, a Noble Phantasm second only to King Arthur's...

Dr. Roman: Not only that, but it's daytime now, right!? In that case, you have no way to win! Get out of there!

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong with it being daytime!?

Mash: Sir Gawain is a knight blessed with the Numeral of the Saint...During the day, his power is three times greater...

Mash: According to legend, none could defeat him under the sun! Sir Gawain is invincible during the day!

Fujimaru 2: He's three times as powerful during the day...

Dr. Roman: Right, the Numeral of the Saint strengthens his body! During the day, Sir Gawain is invincible!

Gawain: —You cannot escape. It's already impossible for you to withdraw on your own.

Gawain: You opened a way for the refugees to escape, then set foot into enemy lines to save that child.

Gawain: This is the price you must pay. Weren't you prepared for this to happen?

Mash: It's no good, we can't retreat! We're entering combat, Master!


Mash: It's no good, Master! Our attacks are meaningless against him during the day!

Da Vinci: On top of that, he's holding back on us. He isn't even using his Noble Phantasm.

Gawain: Oh? It seems one of you is taking it easy as well. Of course, I do not intend to use my sacred sword.

Gawain: You are not powerful enough to be worthy. I will dispose of you like the common trash.

Mash: ...

Da Vinci: (Have you noticed, Fujimaru? Mash doesn't seem very well. )

Da Vinci: (It's not just that her strength is dwindling. Mash is hardly standing up to Gawain at all. )

Da Vinci: (We'll be in real danger if this keeps up. Try to buy some time, just a little. )

Fou: Fou, fou!

Fujimaru 1: Gawain! Why are you doing this!?

Fujimaru 2: Gawain! What exactly is Holy Selection!?

Mash: Master!?

Gawain: Hm. Normally, I would not even deem you worthy of a response...

Gawain: But seeing how you put yourself in danger to shield a woman, I shall answer your question.

Gawain: Master from a foreign land. What is your name?

Fujimaru 1: [♂ It's /♀ I'm] Fujimaru.

Gawain: Many thanks. Allow me to formally introduce myself, Fujimaru.

Gawain: I am Gawain, a Knight of the Round Table.

Gawain: I serve Arthur, the King of Knights, the pure-white Lion King, protector of humanity, and founder of this Holy City.

Gawain: What we seek is the completion of a utopia, untainted and unstained.

Gawain: The only right way for humans to live is to obey the laws of the Lion King, which will create a pure-white millennial kingdom.

Gawain: To do that, we select exceptionally good humans. Those not selected are purged.

Gawain: That is all we're trying to do. We act in accordance with our own justice.

Gawain: You decided to reject that. It may have been on the spur of the moment, but still, you denied the Lion King's Holy Selection.

Gawain: For the king, one mistake is one too many.... Thus, you must prepare yourselves.

Gawain: You have now made enemies of the Lion King, and the Knights of the Round Table.

Gawain: Whether I defeat you now, or another Knight of the Round defeats you later...Either way, your fate is sealed.

Gawain: I have no intention of causing you suffering. Accept your fate, and let this end quickly.

Fujimaru 1: You don't get to decide!

Fujimaru 2: We won't lose to you!

Mash: You're being reckless! That won't do, Master!

Mash: Ugh!

Gawain: You're equally reckless. No, I'm certain that disposition is causing grief for Fujimaru, as well.

Gawain: You still don't view me with hostility. Why did you even enter the battlefield with such a mindset?

Gawain: You said you'd defend that child. You defeated the Enforcement Knight who killed his mother out of hatred.

Gawain: Yet you don't exhibit the same hostility toward me. Don't you understand? I am the one who killed that child's mother.

Gawain: I ordered this Holy Punishment. I allowed this slaughter to occur.

Gawain: The Enforcement Knight was simply following orders. The enemy you should hate is me, the commander.

Gawain: Someone who doesn't even understand that shouldn't be on the battlefield! Realize how you insult us by being here!

Mash: !!!

Gawain: This is the end! That shield is too heavy of a burden for you to bear!

Fujimaru 1: Mash!

Lucius: You're the arrogant one here, Sir Gawain. Individual beliefs and one's actions on the battlefield are two separate things—

Lucius: You don't have the right to denounce her beliefs. All the more if you've fallen to such heresy.

Gawain: Wh-What? You...You're...

Fujimaru 1: Lucius!

Fujimaru 2: Silver arm guy!

Lucius: Save the greetings for later! Devote your attention to the enemy before us!

Lucius: I shall destroy his Gift as a Knight of the Round Table. You have nothing to fear from Sir Gawain.

Lucius: You haven't lost yet. This isn't a matter of sheer power. This is a matter of how one lives their life.

Lucius: ...I had my own issues as well.

Lucius: To crush the strong, and aid the weak. That decision is always correct, more than any other.

Lucius: In that case, this radiance is for you, Fujimaru. —Switch On - Airgetlám!

Gawain: Impossible! Unbelievable! Why are you here!? And more importantly—

Gawain: Sir Bedivere! You are a Knight of the Round Table! Do you intend to commit treason against your king!?

Fujimaru 1: What—

Fujimaru 2: Come again!?


Gawain: You brushed aside my Galatine!? Impossible, are you saying that's the true arm of Nuadha!?

Bedivere: Ugh...Arghhhhh!

Mash: This smell— Wait, are you burning!? Not just that arm, but inside too!?

Bedivere: Don't mind me, hurry! Now's the chance to escape!

Da Vinci: That's our intent! I defeated the enemies behind us while you were fighting, Lucius!

Da Vinci: Let's go, Fujimaru! It's not worth the energy fighting Gawain during the day!

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Fujimaru 2: As expected of Da Vinci!

Mash: Yes, what a reliable, universal Servant! Luc–I mean, Mr. Bedivere! Come with us!

Bedivere: Huh...Whoa!?

Bedivere: Y-You're quite strong there, milady! To carry that shield and also pick me up at the same time...

Mash: Master, please take this child!

Fujimaru 1: Leave him to me!

Fujimaru 2: Sure!

Da Vinci: Now everyone, shield your eyes, and brace for impact! Open your mouths, and cover your eyes and ears!

Gawain: !!!

Gawain: Bedivere! Wait, what's the meaning of this!?

Gawain: Why...Why would a knight like you appear on a battlefield like this!?

Section 5: Taking Flight (1/2)

Da Vinci: Okay, we've managed to break through the line. What's the situation, Romani!?

Dr. Roman: The knights' formation has broken in two places, and refugees are escaping through them.

Dr. Roman: I detect about 50 life signs around Fujimaru, and about 100 from the other location!

Mash: There are more over there...But none of them can fight back, right!?

Bedivere: ...We have to leave them on their own. Considering how far they are, if we tried to join them, we'd all be rounded up together.

Bedivere: The only thing we can do now is escape in different directions!

Da Vinci: Lucius– Bedivere is correct. We need to guard the rear for the refugees here.

Da Vinci: Fortunately, Sir Gawain isn't pursuing us. Look, the sky has turned back to night.

Da Vinci: I would hazard a guess that he hasn't received orders to leave the gate and give chase.

Da Vinci: Before that happens, we'll use the cover of darkness and get as far away from the Holy City as we can!

Da Vinci: Oh, but before that—

Enforcement Knight: Don't let them escape! Those given Holy Punishment must be purged! They will cause calamity if left alive!

Bedivere: We need to crush these pursuers first! Are you ready, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: Of course, leave the rear to us!

Da Vinci: Wow, you've gotten pretty gallant, Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: I'll take charge of leading the refugees! Our efforts will be in vain if the refugees end up scattering everywhere!

Fujimaru 2: Da Vinci, take the lead!

Da Vinci: Yes, good decision, Fujimaru! I won't let you down!

Da Vinci: This is such a large group of panicked people after all. Someone needs to take charge here!

Mash: Enforcement Knights are closing in on the refugee group! Engaging!


Gawain: Gawain reporting in. Where is the Lion King, Sir Agravain?

Agravain: The king has gone to sleep. I already explained the situation.

Agravain: You will be punished later, Sir Gawain. You are to wait in your manor until then.

Gawain: ...How unfortunate. I cannot see the king even in a time like this?

Agravain: Naturally. It is merely the escape of some refugees. We can handle it ourselves.

Agravain: Or, Sir Gawain, are you saying you wish to trouble our king?

Gawain: ...I would never do such a thing.

Tristan: ...Looks like there was some misconduct. This blunder is unfitting of you, Sir Gawain...How tragic.

Mordred: Hah, maybe he went easy on them again? The Knight of the Sun is such a kind man!

Tristan: That isn't kindness, Sir Mordred. That is disrespect.

Tristan: It is by the order of the king that the Holy Selection take place. Death awaits any failure, Knight of the Round or otherwise.

Tristan: There is no need to wait for the king's verdict. Agravain, may I cast judgement on Sir Gawain myself?

Mordred: Hey, that's harsh. House arrest should be punishment enough for him. No need to cut his freaking head off, right?

Tristan: Mordred...This is why I say you don't understand the king's heart...

Tristan: You would wish our king to personally take the head of a Knight of the Round? I am sad...such would indeed be the end of the world.

Tristan: For our king's sake, I must take the life of my friend...Do you understand, Sir Gawain?

Gawain: A swift decision from Tristan, as expected. Yes, here in the throne room, my Gift is useless.

Gawain: Go ahead and take my head. The sharpness of Failnaught would do so without doubt.

Tristan: Indeed. I can cut it so cleanly that no blood will spill out. It would be ill-mannered to stain the throne, after all.

Mordred: Hey, wait, are you serious!? You really are! Hey, stop it, I said stop!

Mordred: Tristan cutting off Gawain's head? Father would never allow such a thing!

Mordred: “If you are to die, I will butcher you myself! ”I'm sure that's what King Arthur would say!

Agravain: ...No, wait. Put down your bow, Sir Tristan.

Agravain: I find it hard to believe that Sir Gawain would meet such resistance from refugees, much less allow their escape.

Agravain: Did something unforseen happen? Circumstances may dictate Sir Gawain's punishment be eased.

Agravain: What say you, Sir Gawain? Were the rebels who attacked you at the gate truly refugees?

Gawain: I have nothing particular to report. There were simply two unknown Servants mixed in with the crowd.

Gawain: Both likely wandered in by the call of the Holy Grail. They are not the kind of Heroic Spirits who could threaten us.

Agravain: I see. Thank you for the clarification. Sir Tristan, the punishment for Sir Gawain is—

E:???: —What's this ruckus? Have you started a war council for the desert invasion, Agravain?

Gawain: Your Majesty!

Tristan: ...

Mordred: ...

Agravain: ...What's this? To think you would come to the throne room so late at night.

Agravain: Allow me to make a report, my king.

Agravain: Half a year has passed since your rule began. Our Holy City is more prosperous than ever.

Agravain: Markets are full of bustling voices, wheat grows thick, flowing waterways glimmer, and flowers bloom in the gardens.

Agravain: The sky is perfectly clear and blue, and the desolate winds of famine cannot reach our lands.

Agravain: We know that everything...everything is all thanks to our king's rule.

Agravain: O Lion King, you are revered by all.

Agravain: Your rule must be free of all impurity. This latest disturbance will be treated as a mere mishap.

Lion King: Flattery is unnecessary, Agravain. I came to hear a report from one of my knights.

Lion King: Now, state your business, Gawain. I will believe your words.

Agravain: ...

Gawain: Yes, Your Majesty. The Holy Selection was carried out correctly.

Gawain: As a result, we discovered three compatible candidates.

Gawain: Two were secured and given a warm welcome as citizens of the Holy City.

Gawain: However...The remaining one was lost. This was due to my negligence in supervision.

Gawain: I also allowed the refugees to resist, losing 12 Enforcement Knights in the process. The enclosure was broken and over 100 refugees fled.

Gawain: They split up. One group headed to the mountains.

Gawain: The other was sheltered by suspicious merchants. Their destination remains unclear.

Mordred: Suspicious merchants? That sounds like Agravain's problem.

Mordred: Does that mean they haven't been wiped out?

Agravain: ...It would seem so. Indeed, we still haven't confirmed the death of one merchant leader.

Gawain: That concludes my report. I am prepared for any judgment you may hand down.

Gawain: I already dedicated my life to you—Please make your decision, my king.

Lion King: I see. Very well then, raise your head, Gawain. Ah, you may remain on your knees.

Lion King: For you have no need to ever stand again.

Tristan: How...enviable. It may have been but a small amount, but to receive the king's sacred lance...

Agravain: Gawain! Mordred, what happened to Gawain!?

Mordred: Calm down, Agravain. Let's see...

Mordred: Hah! I'd expect no less from Gawain, the toughest bastard of the Round Table! Hah! Look at him, so pathetic!

Mordred: Not only did he blast through the castle wall, but he was blown out to the Holy City's outer wall!

Mordred: And on top of that, he managed to survive! But man, it's gonna be a pain in the ass to fix that wall...

Agravain: ...He's alive? Sir Gawain is alive?

Lion King: Hear me, Knights of the Round Table. That strike was death itself.

Lion King: The fact that he survived shall be considered Sir Gawain's pardon. Are there any objections?

Tristan: ...Nobody would ever object to you, Your Majesty. There is, however, one sad thing about all this...

Tristan: Starting tonight, we'll be hearing yet another song at the tavern, extolling praise upon the magnificent Sir Gawain.

Tristan: ...How truly sad. The number of songs written about Lancelot or myself hasn't grown at all lately...

Mordred: I said from the start to leave everything to Father. There's no way I'd complain.

Lion King: Mordred. I don't recall granting you citizenship to the Holy City.

Lion King: You are only allowed to stay in the city during the day. Return to your natural domain.

Mordred: Yeah, I'll go back to the wasteland! Leave guarding the outside to me, Father!

Agravain: ...Your Majesty. This may not be my place to ask, but why do you not allow Mordred to stay in the Holy City?

Lion King: Indeed, it is not your place to ask.

Lion King: Do you wish to measure up against Sir Gawain's toughness? Even you, Agravain of Iron, would suffer after one of my blows.

Agravain: Wh-What!? No, I simply thought that stationing Sir Mordred in the Holy City would solidify our guard—

Lion King: Unnecessary. That one has no use beyond roaming the lands outside. Keep them alive until our eventual battle against the Sun King.

Agravain: ...I see. Temporary freedom is a great reward, so to speak.

Agravain: Very well, I shall issue the order to pursue the refugees. I'm sure Sir Mordred would be happy to be of use to the king.

Lion King: Also unnecessary. Leave the refugees. They'll die eventually in the wasteland.

Lion King: The Sun King will soon realize our true intent. Prepare for the coming battle with him.

Lion King: When the Knight of the Lake makes his triumphant return, we'll settle things with the Sun King. Understand, Agravain?

Agravain: ...You still rely on that man...

Tristan: Agravain? Is it really okay not to pursue the refugees?

Agravain: ...Of course. This is a direct order from the king. Still, be that as it may, we cannot ignore the outsiders.

Agravain: If they managed to repel Gawain, they are likely led by the foreign Master.

Agravain: The Master causing a revolt at the gate is hereby considered a rebel. Send pursuers their way, and destroy them.

Agravain: Whatever happens to the refugees accompanying them as a result of that is simply...inevitable.

Tristan: I see. That plan sounds like something you'd do, Agravain. Who will you entrust the mission to?

Agravain: Let me think— Ah, I know of one knight who happens to be free at the moment.

Agravain: Raider Knight Lancelot. Contact him. He should be making his way back to the Holy City.

Agravain: Tell him to pursue the foreign rebels, and that he is not allowed to return to the Holy City until they are dead.

Mash: ...No more enemy groups in the immediate vicinity. We've managed to distance ourselves from the Holy City.

Fou: Fou, fooou.

Bedivere: Thank you. I wouldn't have escaped if it wasn't for your help.

Bedivere: These people would also like to thank you.

Refugee Man: ...Yeah. So you're the ones who beat the Holy City's knights...We were watching.

Refugee Man: ...Thanks. We are in your debt, but...Sorry. We can't exactly celebrate right now...

Refugee Man: We can't really express our gratitude...from the bottoms of our hearts...

Mash: ...I can understand. It is not exactly an occasion for smiles and laughter after such tragedy...

Refugee Man: ...Sorry. Also, this is hard to say, long do you intend to accompany us?

Refugee Man: We're grateful that you're protecting us. We're thankful, but you, uh—

Da Vinci: You're saying you don't trust us, right? We're of a different race, we have different goals...

Da Vinci: Furthermore, you can't give us a proper show of gratitude! So, there's no reason for us to escort you, right?

Refugee Man: ...That's right. We want to trust you, but at this point...

Refugee Man: So yes, we want to know why you're helping us.

Fujimaru 1: Sorry...It was on a whim.

Refugee Man: On a whim? You decided to rebel against the Lion King on a whim!?

Fujimaru 2: We couldn't stand it...

Refugee Man: Couldn't stand it...Well, I get that...Nobody would be able to stand such a thing...

Bedivere: Excuse me. Would you mind if I made a proposal?

Bedivere: We'd like to continue guarding you. And for that, we'll request compensation.

Bedivere: Whatever the reason may be, we've all made enemies of the knights of the Holy City.

Bedivere: To survive, we require more cooperation. Thus, we would like to borrow your strength.

Refugee Man: We'd love to help...But only a few among us can actually fight.

Refugee Man: We have wives and children among us. To fight alongside you, we would—

Bedivere: No, that's not what I meant. We'd like you to be our guides.

Bedivere: We need trust to enter the mountainous region to the north. As you can see, some of us are the same race as those in the Holy City.

Bedivere: We can't enter a region controlled by the mountain people. A battle would ensue the moment we tried to.

Bedivere: Combat is the last thing we want. If possible, we too would like them to shelter us.

Bedivere: However, they have no reason to trust us. Do you understand what I mean?

Refugee Man: I get it, they'd see that you saved us! Indeed, if so, even the Old Men of the Mountain wouldn't treat you with disdain!

Bedivere: Yes. That would be enough to give us hope.

Bedivere: We will protect you with all our might and escape to the mountains.

Bedivere: After that, we would like you to mediate between us and those of the mountain...Does that sound agreeable?

Refugee Man: Yeah, I can convince everyone if that's the case! That we can continue to put our trust in you!

Refugee Man: Thank you...Thank you! And thank you for saving us earlier, I mean it!

Refugee Man: Just wait a bit, I'll go talk to everyone!

Bedivere: ...That's good. This should unify the group under a common cause, Fujimaru.

Bedivere: Oh...I'm sorry! Should I have taken that liberty!? I ended up speaking on Fujimaru's behalf!

Fujimaru 1: No. Thank you for that.

Da Vinci: Geez. You've taken my opportunity to be in the spotlight.

Fujimaru 2: You're good at talking, Bedivere.

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Bedivere: Yes. It seems that was my only merit as one of the Round Table.

Bedivere: Still, I'm sure they need some rest, too. We've run all this way, after all.

Bedivere: ...While I'd love for them to have a good night's rest, we don't have time to spare.

Bedivere: Let's take an hour break here, then head north. We'll force our way through the night to reach the mountains.

Da Vinci: Okay. I'll tell the refugees what you said.

Da Vinci: I'll also treat the wounded, and provide some food. Roman, I'll leave Fujimaru to you.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, yeah, leave the difficult verifications to me. Fine, I'll do it.

Bedivere: ...Long-distance communication via Magecraft, hmm? I heard his voice earlier as well, but...

Bedivere: From his voice, I imagine him to be a delicate man, but strong of heart, with intelligence and a quick wit...Am I close?

Dr. Roman: Hurray, a Servant who finally understands me! To think the day I'd be praised so much would actually come!

Fujimaru 1: You shouldn't spoil this guy.

Fujimaru 2: You're kind of airheaded, Bedivere.

Dr. Roman: Wait, this isn't the time for celebration.

Dr. Roman: I'm Romani Archaman of Chaldea. Just call me Doctor Roman.

Dr. Roman: You must be Lucius...I mean Sir Bedivere, who saved Fujimaru out in the desert?

Bedivere: ...My apologies for the false name. I could not fully trust you then...

Fujimaru 1: It was our first meeting. That's to be expected.

Mash: Yes. I'm sure you had your own circumstances, and that doesn't change the fact that you helped us.

Fujimaru 2: To be honest, we suspected you too!

Fou: Fooou!

Bedivere: That's...You're right...I'm sure you did...I'm rather suspicious...Especially with my shining arm...

Dr. Roman: Anyway, now that you've told us your True Name, you've got our full trust.

Dr. Roman: Sir Bedivere. We still don't know your reasons, but the situation is clear.

Dr. Roman: The Holy City is occupied by the Knights of the Round Table, Heroic Spirits of the 5th century related to King Arthur.

Dr. Roman: Those that gathered at the Round Table would naturally become the greatest force in this era. Unfortunately, this time, as tyrants.

Dr. Roman: And you, Sir Bedivere, are one of them.

Dr. Roman: Normally, you'd be a Heroic Spirit that sides with them, and yet you decided to save Mash.

Dr. Roman: ...Someone helped Fujimaru break the lines of those knights.

Dr. Roman: That was you, right? You concealed yourself and blended in with the refugees...

Dr. Roman: Most likely to enter the Holy City without anyone's notice.

Dr. Roman: But upon seeing Fujimaru do battle with the knights, instead of slipping into the city amid the chaos, you joined in.

Dr. Roman: I'm sure it wasn't your intent to clash with Gawain there. But you saved us.

Dr. Roman: You're a hero. And not just that...You're a true hero of justice.

Bedivere: ...Who knows? It's true that I was influenced by Fujimaru, though.

Bedivere: Lord Magus. As you guessed, I was hiding my identity hoping to enter the Holy City alone.

Bedivere: It was all to have an audience with my king...To ask why he had resorted to such violent acts.

Mash: ...Yes, I still can't believe it either. The Knights of the Round Table are supposed to be a group of righteous knights...

Dr. Roman: Yeah. A shining achievement atop the legend of King Arthur. The proudest and most powerful knights gathered at that table.

Dr. Roman: Why would they do such a thing—

Fujimaru 1: It's just like Ozymandias said.

Fujimaru 2: They must have a reason...

Dr. Roman: ...Hmm. This is just my speculation, but...

Dr. Roman: Originally, the Sixth Singularity would have seen the Crusaders overrun the Holy City, resulting in an endless crusade.

Dr. Roman: ...A never-ending war for the Holy Land that would lead to the collapse of humanity.

Dr. Roman: The Crusader army, transformed into a Demon God, would end up doing battle with Chaldea...Or rather, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: But, as you can see, the Crusaders were defeated before we even arrived...

Dr. Roman: At the hands of King Arthur, striving to defend humanity.

Fou: Foooou...

Dr. Roman: As a result, the Singularity was never repaired. In fact, the distortion grew even stronger.

Dr. Roman: ...The reason being that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table built their Holy City and took control of this era.

Dr. Roman: They make no effort to save this land as it burns away; they only seek to enrich their own city.

Bedivere: ...That's likely the case. It may be true that the inside of the Holy City is a utopia...

Bedivere: However, Servants are mere shadows of their souls. They should not exist on this earth forever.

Bedivere: Heroic Spirits should only exist temporarily. The earth is for those living in the present.

Bedivere: The wise King Arthur should be fully aware of this...

Mash: ...Yes. I hate to say this, but the Round Table has gone mad. The knights are now distorted existences who must be defeated.

Dr. Roman: ...So that's why you decided to fight Sir Gawain?

Dr. Roman: By the way, it seems like you knew about Chaldea already. Was Merlin the one who sent you, by chance?

Bedivere: Indeed. I heard all about your situation from him. He told me that those who intend to repair the Singularity will appear.

Bedivere: He said to be on the lookout for a Romani Archaman from Chaldea, and to lend you strength if our interests align.

Mash: Merlin!? By Merlin, do you mean the court mage of King Arthur!?

Bedivere: Correct. He has shut himself away, however, speaking of how his preparations were not yet complete, or something of that nature.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, sounds just like the legend. Merlin should be confined at the edge of Avalon.

Mash: Wait...But...Senpai, I feel like Mr. Merlin—

Fujimaru 1: I feel like we met him before once...

Fujimaru 2: Smug...No, I can't remember!

Bedivere: ...That about explains it all. I am a knight who arrived here late.

Bedivere: When I arrived, the Knights of the Round Table had taken the Holy Land from the Crusaders and turned it into the Holy City.

Bedivere: ...I've come this far to correct their deeds. Even if it means cutting down my former friends.

Mash: ...Sir Bedivere...

Fujimaru 1: We'll fight together.

Fujimaru 2: Let's meet the king together.

Mash: Yes. We also have a mission to restore humanity.

Mash: The Sun King may have the Holy Grail, but the cause of the Singularity this time is the Holy City—

Mash: As such, we must enter the Holy City, and face the Lion King.

Mash: Isn't that right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: We're running away now, though.

Fujimaru 2: It's going to be rough, but we'll manage.

Bedivere: Thank you, both of you. I may not be of too much use, but I look forward to working with you.

Fou: Fou, fou fooou.

Da Vinci: Oh, are you done talking? Then we should set out.

Da Vinci: I talked to the refugee leader. He said we'll reach the village of the mountain people if we continue north for two days.

Da Vinci: If we can make it, we should be safe for a while. We can plan our comeback there!


Da Vinci: How's this drifting!? It's faster not to drift, but cornering like this is more impressive, isn't it!?

Rushd: Awesooome! So fuuuun!

Bedivere: What exactly is Lady Da Vinci doing? And what exactly is that box-like object?

Mash: That's just a type of vehicle. We're playing with Rushd to try and cheer him up.

Fujimaru 1: Who's Rushd?

Mash: The child we saved back at the Holy City. He finally woke up a short while ago.

Mash: However, he was quick to notice that his mother isn't here.

Mash: The others told him she went with a different group, so we've been able to dodge the issue, but...

Dr. Roman: I see, so that's why...Looks like even Da Vinci has a human heart.

Rushd: Mash! You should try this too, it's so fun—!

Mash: Okay! Senpai, I'll be over there for a bit.

Bedivere: ...That boy has a strong will, but so does Lady Mash. We walked for an entire day, but she shows no signs of fatigue.

Dr. Roman: We've been through a lot of fierce battles up to this point.

Dr. Roman: This is the sixth trip for Fujimaru and Mash, after all.

Dr. Roman: Looking back, they've visited a lot of different worlds. Isn't that right, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: We've conquered land and sea.

Fujimaru 2: Crossing the American continent was rough...

Bedivere: What? You have done so much!? I was confident of my own travels, but the sea was...

Dr. Roman: The Knights of the Round Table were based in Britain. You didn't have reason to cross the sea.

Dr. Roman: And the era of King Arthur was a time of civil war and ethnic strife. It wasn't really a time for making journeys.

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, right. Uh, Sir Bedivere?

Dr. Roman: About that arm of yours...Is that really Airgetlám?

Bedivere: I would hesitate to call it real. This is an artificial arm given to me by Merlin.

Bedivere: It was a plan he devised. He told me that I would have a difficult time facing the Round Table, seeing as I only had one arm...

Bedivere: So this is an artificial Noble Phantasm of his creation. A replica of the silver arm used by the Celtic war god Nuadha.

Bedivere: My body can't handle it for long periods of time...Only short bursts, like you saw.

Dr. Roman: Hm...That technology is amazing. I wonder what kind of raw materials Merlin used to replicate the arm of a Divine Spirit.

Dr. Roman: I bet even Da Vinci's pride is hurt, deep down.

Dr. Roman: I can already imagine her flying into a rage and yelling, “My gauntlet is way better! ” Well, it would just be talk though!

Fujimaru 1: That's true.

Fujimaru 2: I could have sworn she already said that...

Da Vinci: Of course, I have no plan to admit my defeat! That's right, I heard everything!

Da Vinci: Prepare yourself when we get back, Romani. I'll prove that I'm not all talk, with you as my guinea pig.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. No way, even you couldn't best Airgetlám. This is Merlin we're talking about. THE Merlin.

Dr. Roman: He's the scummiest of scummy mages that would do anything to win, you know?

Dr. Roman: With your fixation on beauty, there's no way to beat him.

Da Vinci: I would win, and win beautifully. In fact, if I don't, we can't beat the Knights of the Round Table!

Fujimaru 1: ???

Fujimaru 2: What's that supposed to mean?

Da Vinci: Huh? Oh...I let my tongue slip because of you, Romani.

Da Vinci: I didn't want to worry you, but too late now. Let me do a little explanation!

Da Vinci: Remember what Sir Gawain said? That he had a “Gift” from the king?

Da Vinci: That's a blessing from the Holy Grail. But I don't mean the Art Graph Grails we're collecting.

Da Vinci: I mean the Holy Grail of the Savior, from Arthurian legends. The Knights of the Round Table are blessed by God.

Da Vinci: Oh, right. You're an exception, Bedivere. To be exact, we're talking about the Knights of the Round Table under the Lion King.

Bedivere: ...It would seem so. Those knights are no ordinary Servants anymore.

Bedivere: In terms of divinity, my Airgetlám is about on par...

Bedivere: Without the ability to “sever the Holy Grail,” that Gift cannot be broken.

Dr. Roman: Then, if the Knights of the Round Table decide to show up...

Da Vinci: Only Bedivere would be able to fight them. But he would reach his limit quickly.

Da Vinci: Isn't that right, Sir Bedivere? How many times can you still fight? Once? Twice?

Bedivere: ...What are you implying? I can fight as many times as needed. It would indeed be a bit painful, but still...

Da Vinci: Oh? I see. Well, we'll just leave it at that!

Da Vinci: But I'm a universal genius. A big sister you can rely on,Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: We need to prepare countermeasures against the Round Table, just in case. For that, I'd like to settle down somewhere ASAP.

Da Vinci: If I have a workshop, I can analyze their Gift. But before that—

Refugees: Aaah—!? Monsters, monsters—! Protect the supplies—!

Da Vinci: Before that, we need to fulfill our task as guards! Let's go, Fujimaru!


Refugee Man: Just a little further. We'll be in the mountains soon.

Refugee Man: Once we're in the mountains, we can make our way to the village while staying out of sight.

Refugee Man: The eastern village is hidden, sheltered by the mountains. You can't reach it easily without a guide.

Refugee Man: It would be all the more difficult for knights from the plains. Especially when there are wild beasts and thieves up there.

Fujimaru 1: Sounds like we'll make it.

Fujimaru 2: Just a little further...

Da Vinci: Ah...Right, I knew it. Of course, there's no way it would be that easy.

Dr. Roman: Leonardo? No, wait. Magical energy signatures are closing in quickly from the rear!

Dr. Roman: I detect four...They're Enforcement Knights! The quickest we've seen so far!

Da Vinci: Yup, they must be vanguard units on horseback. Fast horses at that. Anyway, look just a little further behind them, Romani.

Da Vinci: See that massive response? It's most likely a Knight of the Round Table.

Mash: Ah!

Dr. Roman: Damn it, and you're so close! Anyway, you have to intercept them, Fujimaru!

Dr. Roman: The Enforcement Knights will reach the rear of the refugee group in a few minutes! Hurry over there!

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Fujimaru 2: Let's go, Mash!

Mash: Yes! We'll attack swiftly, and shake them off our tail, Master!


Mash: Enforcement Knights intercepted! Refugees are abandoning their belongings and running for the mountains!

Bedivere: —No good, a second wave is coming! This speed...Could it be you, Lancelot!?

Enforcement Knight: Sir Lancelot, we've tracked down the enemies. Shall we wait for the third wave?

Lancelot: No, we attack.

Lancelot: Split the third wave horizontally. Have them surround the refugees while we're in combat.

Lancelot: Our orders are to capture the rebels. If they do not resist, there is no need to fight them.

Lancelot: Do you understand? This is not the king's orders, but Agravain's. There's no need to work so hard.

Lancelot: Sir Agravain has stated he cannot give us clearance to set foot in the Holy City before this mission is complete.

Lancelot: Unbelievable—

Lancelot: A pathetic trifle, a petty scheme. Let us quickly deal with this and return to the Holy City.

Enforcement Knight: Understood! Let our flag bear the pride of the King of Knights!

Mash: Enemy units are moving faster! I count 40 total! They'll catch up to us, Master!

Bedivere: If push comes to shove, then I'll...

Da Vinci: No, you can't possibly handle that many, Sir Bedivere.

Da Vinci: Pity. I'd have let you deal with it if that Round Table knight was alone.

Fujimaru 1: Da Vinci!?

Fujimaru 2: What are you doing on the buggy!?

Da Vinci: Hm? This thing?

Da Vinci: The new and improved ornithopter, now with my magical energy collection device in its core...I call it Sphinx Megiddo!

Da Vinci: Basically a self-propelling bomb that charges and explodes in the enemy camp. Its only flaw is the lack of autopilot.

Da Vinci: This should clear those guys out. So, Fujimaru, you go with the refugees.

Da Vinci: It's my time to truly shine...Or rather, my final scene, as it were.

Mash: —Um. What do you mean—

Dr. Roman: Oh, come on, Da Vinci. You make it sound like you're going to pilot that thing or something!

Dr. Roman: This thing's got it, right? An autopilot? I mean, wouldn't that be easier than making a bomb?

Da Vinci: Well, I call it a bomb, but it basically uses my staff and my magical circuits to self-destruct.

Da Vinci: This tactic requires me to be the one driving. That's why there was never a need to develop an autopilot.

Dr. Roman: Are you insane!? We can't let you do that!

Da Vinci: Now, now...I had predicted this before we reached the Holy City, when we saw that redheaded knight. We can't help it.

Da Vinci: If they catch up to us, this is the only way we can escape.

Da Vinci: So, well, personally, it's nothing much. Like, my turn has finally come.

Da Vinci: Right, Romani? Servants are actually disposable. You use them for a day or two, and then get rid of them.

Da Vinci: I just happened to be around a little longer. Maybe too long, if you ask me.

Da Vinci: I'm leaving the rest up to you. For a chicken, you actually made it this far, right?

Mash: Da Vinci...Don't do it! Doctor, please stop her!

Dr. Roman: ...

Dr. Roman: Well, that's Da Vinci for you. I don't think there's anything I can do to stop her. Why don't you go on ahead?

Mash: Doctor!

Da Vinci: Ahaha! All right, full speed ahead! I'm gonna blast the entire enemy camp!

Da Vinci: Doctor Roman, Mash, Fujimaru...Ci vediamo!

Da Vinci: Don't worry. Genius is immortal! If I survive this, we will meet again!

Mash: The ornithopter is plunging into the enemy camp—Contact soon!

Mash: Master! Da Vinci is...Da Vinci is...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 2: Let's go back to save her!

Bedivere: We can't! The enemy's third wave is still up! They split up to flank us!

Bedivere: Don't let her sacrifice be in vain! We'll escape into the mountains before the third wave arrives!

Bedivere: Get a grip, Fujimaru! That Servant entrusted everything to you!

Fujimaru 1: Make your way to the mountains!

Mash: ...Yes. We will return...Da Vinci, I promise we'll come back for you.

Lancelot: Sacrificing one's life to buy time...Foolish, yet radiant all the same.

Lancelot: Someone with this much resolve cannot be a simple rebel.

Lancelot: ...Hmph. In fact, they were formidable enough to fluster even Agravain, huh?

Enforcement Knight: Sir Lancelot. We have lost only six men, but all of our horses are down.

Enforcement Knight: We will have to pursue on foot...

Lancelot: No. I will be fine, but you will not be able to catch up. Such is the flaw of heavy armor. We need cavalry to traverse this area.

Lancelot: Send word to the fort to our west, and replenish our cavalry. Do not forget to find a guide that knows the mountains well.

Lancelot: ...It will be a week until we can return to the Holy City. Get ready to comb the mountains.

Enforcement Knight: Yes, my lord!

Section 5: Taking Flight (2/2)

Mash: ...

Bedivere: ...

Fou: Fooou...

Refugee Man: ...I'm sorry. I had no idea that she would sacrifice herself for us...

Fujimaru 1: Da Vinci isn't dead yet.

Mash: Right...Da Vinci is an undisputed genius...

Mash: I'm sure she's alive. They say the ornithopter was originally an airplane, after all...

Mash: Surely she flew up into the air right before the explosion...

Fujimaru 2: Compliments are best when it comes to her.

Fou: Fou, Fouu...

Dr. Roman: ...Now, enough sad talk.

Dr. Roman: We've entered the mountains, but how much longer to this village?

Refugee Man: Right. We can reach it in another day. But...There's a problem...

Mash: ...What could that be? Don't tell me there's some barrier around the village?

Refugee Man: No. Nothing like that. I'm talking about food and water.

Refugee Man: We're talking about 50 people here...We never had much, but that Da Vinci lady held things together...

Mash: ...That's right. Tending the wounded, gathering food, even using alchemy to create water. Da Vinci did it all...

Fou: Fou, Fouu...

Dr. Roman: Being too talented can almost be harmful. People find themselves relying on her before they know it...

Dr. Roman: I'm sorry, but providing food is no longer an option.

Dr. Roman: The refugees must travel to the village without food or water over the next day.

Bedivere: With everyone at their limits, this day will be quite the hurdle...Although, perhaps I can do something about food.

Mash: Bedivere? Um, don't tell me you're...

Bedivere: As you see, I may seem imprudent. However, I am quite well-traveled.

Bedivere: I have a knack for telling which animals are safe for humans to eat. It is amazing.

Fou: Fouuu...

Bedivere: And fortunately for us, some are coming right towards us.

Bedivere: Will they eat us, or will we feast on them? ...En garde!

Mash: Whaaaaaaat!?


Bedivere: Quotation from King Arthur, Number 8. “Nutritionally, a strange creature's meat is no different from any other meat! ”

Bedivere: Lady Mash! Repeat after me!

Mash: Yes...Nutritionally, a strange creature's meat is no different from any other...

Refugee Man: Ah, this is wonderful meat. Though it's a little black and fatty...

Rushd: It's delicious! Mash, this is amazing!

Mash: Yes...Mash Kyrielight, digging in. Survival can be cruel sometimes...

Mash: But we need to eat this. For Da Vinci...Otherwise, how will I be useful to Senpai?

Mash: It's tough, but soft...and squishy. This scent stabs at my nose...and seeps into my brain...

Mash: Thank you very much, Bedivere...You've added mint for us. How thoughtful...

Bedivere: (Hehe. I didn't use any herbs, but let's just leave it at that. )

Fujimaru 1: You look more energetic now.

Fujimaru 2: ...Can't be gloomy forever.

Mash: ...Yes, no matter what we do, we must first be optimistic.

Bedivere: Thank goodness. Would you like another plate? There's a precious part that I could only get one of.

Bedivere: Look...At this magnificent eye.

Mash: I respectfully and wholeheartedly decline!

Mash: By the way, Senpai. Don't those craters bother you?

Mash: I realized after climbing the mountain, but the wasteland is scattered with unnatural indentations.

Mash: What on earth could they be?

Rushd: You guys don't know about the Lion King's Judgment?

Bedivere: What is it, Rushd? What's the Lion King's Judgment?

Rushd: Sometimes the Holy City flashes...And when it does, that's what it leaves behind...

Rushd: The knights call it the “Lion King's Judgment,” so we call it that, too.

Mash: ...Don't tell me those craters are—

Fujimaru 1: Man-made!?

Fujimaru 2: The result of a destructive Noble Phantasm?

Dr. Roman: ...Yes. But there aren't any in this era's original timeline.

Dr. Roman: It's probably King Arthur's Noble Phantasm. A tremendous power that the king unleashes indiscriminately.

Dr. Roman: Much like Solomon's band of light in the sky. That explains why the mana density in the atmosphere is so high.

Dr. Roman: ...Unbelievable. The Lion King's going to destroy this place.

Refugee Man: ...You guys didn't know about the Lion King's Judgment? So that's why you were able to act so defiantly...

Refugee Man: No, sorry. Even if you knew, you guys would have saved us. We know that.

Refugee Man: But do remember this. There is nowhere left for us to go now.

Refugee Man: We don't know when the Judgment will befall the wastelands. Escape into the desert, and the Sun King's beasts devour us.

Refugee Man: The mountains are relatively safe, but there is no more food up here.

Refugee Man: ...We had to go to the Holy City to survive. Though that plan became moot as well.

Bedivere: ...So I see. I've heard the stories, but never thought it was this bad...

Bedivere: The Round Table has already fallen, and Arthur is now a demon king worse than Vortigern.

Bedivere: I see...For the people of this land, the Holy City's Lion King is an existence that cannot be forgiven and must be eradicated...

Mash: ...

Section 6: Adventure in the East Village

Dr. Roman: I think we've climbed over three hills already? We seem pretty deep in now...

Rushd: Yes, but we're almost at the village. I remember this area.

Mash: Oh? You know the village we're headed for?

Rushd: Yeah. Mommy brought me here before. She told me to come here if I was ever in trouble.

Refugee Man: Yeah. Everyone who lives in the mountains left the Holy Land for one reason or another.

Refugee Man: ...That said, they still built villages rather close. They still wanted to pray as close to the Holy Land as they could.

Refugee Man: That's the eastern village we're headed to. I hope they take us in...

Dr. Roman: ...I see. Even the Saracens have their reasons concerning the Holy Land...

Dr. Roman: But now that the Holy City's been built up there, the problem lies elsewhere...

Bedivere: . . The foundation of their faith was robbed before their very eyes...That means they've lost more than their own lives...

???: What do you know? You're a knight that defiled our Holy Land.

Mash: Master! I have detected a Servant!

Dr. Roman: What? Where are your readings coming fr—Assassins! Be careful, Fujimaru!

???: What do you want with our village, outsiders? You even bring in knights for show...Are you here to take our last hope?

Fujimaru 1: We fled all the way here.

???: Hmph. Obviously...We've been watching you since you entered the mountains.

Fujimaru 2: Bedivere isn't a Knight of the Round Table.

Mash: That's right! He isn't!

Mash: He's not strong like Sir Gawain, and all his stories aren't that memorable either!

Bedivere: U-Umm...right...I was...first among the Round being boring...anyway...

Fou: Fou. FOU!

???: Really? ...That's quite a sad tale. Live strong, sad knight.

???: (...He was not the only one to whom I was referring, but...Oh well. )

???: —Enough idle banter. We already know why you are here.

???: We had a report from our scouts. “Young foreigners are saving our comrades,” they said.

Dr. Roman: That's great! Now there won't be any misunderstandings!

Dr. Roman: You're an Assassin Servant? It's a rather long story, but we're—

???: QUIET! You're nothing but talk, coward. Sit this one out!

Dr. Roman: Ahhh, I'm sorry, I'm soooooorryyy!

Refugee Man: Wait, Old Man of the Mountain. These people protected us all the way here.

Refugee Man: We're being chased by the Knights of the Round Table. Can you possibly shelter us in your village?

Refugee Man: ...I know this sounds selfish, since we've also persecuted you so very much until now...

Refugee Man: But please. Some among us are injured, others are pregnant...This is the only place we could run to...

???: ...Fine, as long as you have some sense of guilt. People of this village all have simple, good-natured hearts.

???: They themselves don't believe they were persecuted by people of the Holy Land.... All you need to do is repay their good nature.

Refugee Man: ...Sorry. Thank you. Thank you!

???: But...those foreigners are a different story. We can't let you into our village.

???: Nor can we let you leave. After you leave, what's to stop you from selling us out to the knights?

Mash: Senpai would never do that! If you want us to leave, then that's what we'll do!

???: ...Unfortunately, the people trust me with this village. I am in no position to believe your story without proof.

???: —Take up arms. This is not an assassination, but a fight. If you wish to live, you best strike me down first!

Mash: ...He's assuming a fighting stance! Master!

Fujimaru 1: Blade flats again, Mash!

Mash: Understood! Awaiting further orders!

Fujimaru 2: Don't slash them with your arm, Beddy!

Bedivere: Beddy? Well, I do have a long name...Very well!


E:???: Ugh! It is I who falls first!? I cannot believe this!

Mash: Assassin has been neutralized! We landed some really good blows, so he won't move anytime soon!

E:???: Gah, ugh! It feels as though I've been struck in the stomach with a log!

E:???: To think that I, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, could be cornered thusly! I applaud you. You must be a high-ranking Knight of the Round.

Bedivere: No. As I've said, I'm not part of the Round Table...and I'm not high-ranking either...However...

Fou: Fou. Fooou!

Cursed Arm: But, even if every bone in my body shatters, I shall not stay down! What is the meaning of this, Knight of the Round!?

Rushd: ...

H:???: Come on...A normal being could not stand with every bone broken. Even your gods do not wish for such devotion.

H:???: The match is over. I understand your frustration, but why don't you admit it, Lord Cursed Arm?

Cursed Arm: You're...Lord Arash. Yes...but...still, you know...

Arash: Is it not true that they saved the refugees?

Arash: I mean, yesterday, you were happy about it as if it had happened to you.

Arash: “Amazing! Wonderful! I cannot find the words to express my gratitude! Can anything else be this joyful? ” Those were your words, yes?

Cursed Arm: Th-That was before I knew who these people were! I can't express gratitude to a member of the Round Table!

Arash: Oh, let it go. These guys don't seem to be in cahoots with them.

Arash: ...So why don't you stay true to your word? You know,“I must give an embrace of thanks! ” and all that?

Mash: U-Umm...Embrace, as in...a hug? Why...Yes. My pleasure, Mr. Assassin.

Bedivere: Huh? W-Wait...I'm not mentally ready...

Fujimaru 1: Bring it on!

Fujimaru 2: ...Isn't that skull guy too nice?

Cursed Arm: Hmph...How could I, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, have had such a slip of the tongue!? Truly the biggest one this half-year!

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. Once every six months? Pretty frequent. Maybe that Assassin makes too many careless mistakes.

Cursed Arm: Shuuuut up! You don't even know if you'll be alive six months from now!

Cursed Arm: ...No, no. I, of all people, lost my temper. You there, the Master. What is your name?

Fujimaru 1: I'm Fujimaru.

Cursed Arm: That appears to be your True Name. Well, no such name exists in the Knights of the Round Table.

Cursed Arm: ...Very well. I believe you when you say you're not a member.

Cursed Arm: But entering the village is another matter—

Rushd: Fujimaru saved us, Mr. Skull Face!

Rushd: So please stop fighting. I don't like seeing you that way.

Cursed Arm: Well now...If it isn't Rushd! Where is your mother? Salia is not with you?

Rushd: No, we got separated. They said Mommy wasn't over here.

Cursed Arm: ...That means—

Mash: ...

Bedivere: ...

Cursed Arm: ...I see. Thank you for your trouble.

Cursed Arm: Salia was originally from this village. Her father opposed, but she married into a family in the Holy Land.

Cursed Arm: ...What irony. It was a past I discarded, a tale that had no connection with me as a Heroic Spirit...

Cursed Arm: To think I've been summoned into the era I originally lived in.... This is rough. Too rough for the inexperienced...

Arash: ...

Cursed Arm: ...Very well. We will repay this debt. I grant you passage into our village. Lord Arash, please show them around.

Cursed Arm: I must prepare a place for our new friends to stay. With 50 people, perhaps the entire village should help me...

Arash: ...I see. No wonder he knew so much about this area. That guy was summoned back to his own land...

Arash: Anyway, no point thinking about it. Sorry for the wait!

Arash: I'm Arash. As you can see, I'm an Archer Servant.

Arash: Aren't you exhausted from the trip? I'll show you our village. We lead a frugal life, though, so we can't give a welcome toast...


Bedivere: This is the secret mountain village? It's magnificent!

Bedivere: But...But we couldn't see it from up in the mountains...How can you do this without a Bounded Field!?

Arash: That's the wisdom of the mountain people. They learned how to conceal themselves in the mountains.

Arash: Unless you're familiar with these parts, it's impossible to find this place.

Arash: The reason Cursed Arm didn't want to show you to make sure its location remains hidden.

Dr. Roman: Ah, that makes sense. The village lacks magical protection, so if it were discovered...Well, it'd all be over.

Dr. Roman: ...Plus it looks like they have it rough here. They may not be starving, but...there's no breathing room either.

Dr. Roman: Still, the people who live here have not given up on their feelings for the Holy Land.

Dr. Roman: These mountain people...The knights in the Holy City...They're like oil and water.

Bedivere: ...Yes, it's just as Lord Roman says. And right now those feelings are being trampled...

Bedivere: I am not a knight of the Lion King, but I am related to the Round Table.

Bedivere: ...For them to invite someone like me...

Arash: Don't sweat it too much. The guys here don't hold prejudices just because your beliefs are different.

Arash: Probably a result of the harsh life. We can tell those who had rough journeys at a single glance.

Arash: Mr. Knight...Your different appearance and status aside, the way you live your life struck a chord with the residents here.

Bedivere: The way I live my life? I have nothing to be proud of...

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: By the way, what about you, Arash?

Fujimaru 2: Are you a Heroic Spirit from around here?

Fou: B'foooou!

Arash: Wow, straight to the point! Asking if I'm from around here, huh?

Arash: This was my turf, yes. Slightly different era, however.

Arash: But, as you can see, I'm just an ordinary archer. Think of me as a third-rate Servant.

Dr. Roman: (Thank goodness Arash has a very open personality...Still, ignorance can be scary...)

Dr. Roman: (Arash's name may not be that recognizable, but in Western Asia he's all that comes to mind when you hear the word “archer. ”)

Dr. Roman: (Moreover, he's one of the very few great heroes Ozymandias reveres...)

Arash: So, what about you? I've never seen a human Master here before.

Arash: Tell me about your journey so far. You seem to be born under quite a special star.

Dr. Roman: —And that's what brought us here. Chaldea is an organization dedicated to correcting the incineration of humanity.

Dr. Roman: And Fujimaru is Chaldea's only Master.

Arash: I see...Chaldea. And the Foundation of Humanity. Fascinating, truly fascinating!

Arash: —Wait, that's no laughing matter! You've got a massive burden on your shoulders!

Mash: Umm, yeah...When you put it that way. Right, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: I'm used to unreasonable requests. Right, Roman?

Dr. Roman: Hahaha, hearing that puts my conscience at ease.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, when you return, I'll give you one of my treasured sweet buns!

Mash: Doctor...I believe that was Senpai protesting.

Dr. Roman: ...Yeah. Sorry. I'm really sorry. . When Chaldea is fully restored, I'll get you a big bonus.

Fujimaru 2: It's difficult for everyone.

Mash: Yes. Good point, Senpai.

Arash: I'm not really feeling that sense of urgency...Though I suppose it's better than getting worked up.

Arash: So that guy over there is from Chaldea as well?

Arash: As a, former Knight of the Round Table, you're here to investigate what they're up to?

Bedivere: No...I met Fujimaru in the desert.

Bedivere: We bumped into each other again at the Holy City gates, and I have accompanied them since.

Arash: ...Hmm. So, you just happened to be headed in the same direction, eh...

Fujimaru 1: Meaning what?

Arash: Meaning the two of you don't share goals. Even if they do happen to align for now...

Arash: No matter. In any case, I welcome you. Thanks for making the long journey over.

Arash: First, you need to place a summoning circle, right? The Leyline here is legit. Let's get it over with.

Fou: FOU!!

Dr. Roman: How could you possibly know that much!? This Heroic Spirit is a really sharp-witted one!

Mash: Deploying summoning circle. Ah, it all right not to ask permission from Assassin?

Arash: Don't worry about it. Cursed Arm talks hatred, but already thinks of you as allies.

Mash: That...That makes us very happy. He's actually a nice person, despite the look he always has on his face.

Mash: ...Oh, by “face” I mean, uh...

Bedivere: Wh-What the...!?

Mash: ...Deployed.

Mash: Normally, Da Vinci would spoil us with some idle banter about now...

Arash: You've settled down? Good, now it's my turn to talk.

Arash: You're going to be in this village for a while, right? It's the perfect place to evade the Knights of the Round Table.

Arash: As long as you're here, you'll be safe. Plus you can collect some intel as well.

Arash: You there, Mr. Knight. You seem quite tired. You need a home base somewhere.

Bedivere: That's nonsense. Once I have delivered the people to safety, I intend to return to the Holy City alone.

Fujimaru 1: You're going alone?

Bedivere: ...Well, that has always been my intent, but...

Fujimaru 2: You prefer to go alone?

Bedivere:, that's not what I meant. I, umm...Sorry...Thank you very much.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, Fujimaru's right. Operating alone is not a good idea, Bedivere.

Dr. Roman: Your Spirit Origin looks terrible. I only speak of what I can see from here, but it's way too erratic.

Dr. Roman: What have you put yourself through? It's so unstable, it looks like a mosaic!

Arash: You hear that? Either way, you need a place to relax.

Arash: So, you guys...You mind helping with some of my work?

Arash: It's a bit unsettling around the village. Bandits and monsters roam about.

Arash: If you can defeat them, the villagers would feel much more at ease. You'll gain their trust, and feel great!

Arash: I think it's a win-win. What do you say? Care to go on a hunt with me?

Fujimaru 1: If that means we gain their trust.

Fujimaru 2: Looking forward to it, Arash.

Arash: Great response. Let us be on our way!

Arash: You get your rest, Mr. Knight. Keep an eye on the village in my stead.

Arash: First, let's get rid of the monsters gathering at the spring midway up the mountain. I'm counting on you, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Calling me Master already!?

Mash: Indeed. You sure are fast, Arash!

Fujimaru 2: YEAH!

Arash: That's how the Celts greet each other! I know that one!


Arash: Good work out there today! Looks like you've gotten used to fighting in the mountains, Mash, Fujimaru!

Rushd: Welcome back, Fujimaru, Mash!

Mash: We're back, Rushd. What have you been doing today?

Rushd: Today we were making new water troughs! I heard there are new horses coming soon from the village in the west!

Arash: Water troughs for the horses? But more importantly, Rushd, no welcome home for me?

Rushd: Oh, it's you, Arash...Fine, welcome back.

Arash: What the...Why so much distance all of a sudden?

Rushd: Because that's a fake name. How could your name be Arash?

Arash: Why you...My name is Arash, the one and only! This is what's gonna happen to kids who doubt me!

Rushd: Ah—!? Stop poking at my sides, it really tickles!

Mash: Arash is really good with children. Rushd is always smiling when he's around.

Fujimaru 1: He smiles when you're around, too, Mash.

Mash: I'm happy to hear that. But we have still yet to tell Rushd the truth...

Fujimaru 2: Could it be he's a kid at heart?

Dr. Roman: No, no. Arash is a hero to children. Especially here in the Middle East.

Dr. Roman: ...Nevertheless, you've been in this village for a week. Looks like you've lost the Knights of the Round Table.

Mash: ...Yes. What should we do now? We have no way to have an audience with the Lion King.

Mash: If we head to the Holy City, we'll have to fight the Knights of the Round Table. We currently lack the strength to do so.

Mash: Besides...We cannot simply leave this place. The villagers' living conditions are too poor.

Mash: They don't even have enough food for tomorrow.

Mash: If we leave, Arash will probably be the only one who can hunt...

Dr. Roman: ...That's true. But we'll need to be prepared too.

Dr. Roman: A fight with the Knights of the Round may be inevitable if we want to face the Lion King and get some answers.

Fujimaru 1: I still don't know...

Fujimaru 2: Is the Lion King really our enemy?

Bedivere: Ah, this is where you were, Fujimaru. I'm glad to know the hunt went smoothly today as well.

Bedivere: Oh, and Mash...Do you have a moment before you go to sleep?

Mash: Huh? Me? Not Senpai?

Bedivere: Yes. It's a rather personal matter, so let's go elsewhere. Fujimaru, feel free to come along.

Bedivere: Mash Kyrielight. That is your full name, correct?

Mash: Yes, that's correct...Why does that matter?

Bedivere: Pardon me if this seems rather rude, but that name...Is that your True Name as a Heroic Spirit?

Mash: That's...

Bedivere: I am fully aware that normally, this is not something I should be asking a Servant.

Bedivere: However, I must know. Pardon my manners.

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: You should tell him.

Mash: ...Yes, Senpai.

Fujimaru 2: There's no need to tell him.

Mash: ...Thank you. But I'm all right, Master.

Mash: Sir Bedivere. I'm...not a proper Servant.

Mash: I'm a Demi-Servant. Specifically, I'm the result of a fusion between a human and a Heroic Spirit.

Mash: Mash Kyrielight is merely my name as a human being.

Mash: As for my True Name...

Mash: The Heroic Spirit who fused with me perished without telling me. Therefore, I don't know what kind of Heroic Spirit I am.

Mash: I don't even know the True Name of my Noble Phantasm. As such, my Noble Phantasm considerably lower.

Bedivere: ...I see. Thank you very much for sharing your story.

Bedivere: I apologize again for my manners. All the doubts that I had have now vanished.

Mash: No, please don't worry about it. I've...I've lost my own identity, so...

Dr. Roman: Right. It would make sense for a Servant to be curious about the existence of a Demi-Servant.

Dr. Roman: If anything, all the Heroic Spirits we've met so far are perhaps the exceptions. They all accepted you without question.

Dr. Roman: Mash is a Servant, but not a Heroic Spirit.

Dr. Roman: Sir Bedivere. That's been bothering you the entire time, has it not?

Bedivere: ...Yes. Frankly, I was not sure if you were friend or foe.

Bedivere: But your answer has cleared all the doubt from my mind. Once again, Lady Mash...

Mash: Y-Yes.

Fujimaru 1: L-Lady?

Fujimaru 2: N-Now that's the mark of a true knight...

Fou: Fou, foou!

Dr. Roman: Ahh, an apology on one knee! ...Oh, no. More like a knight bowing to a noblewoman, I suppose...

Mash: N-Noblewoman...Um, I feel a little...uncomfortable being called that...

Bedivere: It's not to make up for my rude behavior, but I shall show you the utmost respect.

Bedivere: For the many battles Fujimaru and you have fought. You are both here to save the world. That is the truth.

Mash: N-No. Senpai, sure, but...I'm just a Demi-Servant that Senpai protects...

Bedivere: No, milady. I doubt that.

Mash: ...Milady...

Bedivere: ...As long as your Heroic Spirit does not speak, neither shall I.

Bedivere: But, there is something I must say to you...As a fellow Knight of the Round Table.

Mash: !

Fujimaru 1: Mash is a Knight of the Round Table!?

Fujimaru 2: ...

Mash: Wait, Bedivere. Do you know the Heroic Spirit that fused with me!?

Bedivere: Of course. It's not just me. I'm certain all Knights of the Round Table who have encountered you felt the same way.

Bedivere: The knight who gave you that Noble Phantasm is that special.

Bedivere: He was the strongest, wisest, and most courageous of them all—

Bedivere: The only one who chose to take pride in a spiritual and mindful path rather than one of strength and martial prowess.

Bedivere: I pray that you yourself will be able to find his True Name.

Mash: ...Which means that you...won't tell me.

Bedivere: Yes. The answer is basically right in front of you. But it is your destiny to discover it for yourself.

Bedivere: ...However, as long as the Heroic Spirit inside you is a Knight of the Round Table, there are other issues.

Bedivere: Namely, will you be able to fight your former comrades?

Mash: ...Well, I...

Fujimaru 1: So that's why when we fought Gawain...

Fujimaru 2: Mash looked like she was in pain.

Mash: ...Yes. When I saw the Holy City's walls, and when I fought Sir Gawain, my body was screaming.

Mash: “This is wrong...This can't be the work of King Arthur. ” That's what it was telling me...

Bedivere: ...Yes, that is true.

Bedivere: What the king has done in these lands is definitely not what the King Arthur we know would have done.

Bedivere: ...Allow me to be frank. No matter what I must sacrifice, I WILL defeat this Lion King.

Bedivere: That is why I have come this far. That is why I have lived till now.

Bedivere: But what about you? And your friends?

Bedivere: If your goal is to correct this era, then there may be no need to confront the Lion King.

Bedivere: ...I will stay in this village and ask Hassan-i Sabbah to lend me his strength.

Bedivere: Both Lord Hassan and I are rebels in the eyes of the Holy City. They will mercilessly try to purge our lives.

Bedivere: But you are still neutral. If you surrender now, it may not be too late.

Bedivere: Even then—will you still fight? Against the Knights of the Round Table? Against the powerful Lion King?

Fujimaru 1: ...Of course.

Fujimaru 2: The Lion King is wrong.

Mash: ...Exactly, Master.

Mash: We will fight the Lion King. Of course we value our lives, but even more so—

Mash: I cannot overlook what the Lion King did in the Holy City. This goes beyond my responsibility as a knight.

Mash: It's something that must be done to make amends to all who live here. To all those who lost their lives at that gate.

Fujimaru 1: Mash...

Bedivere: ...

Bedivere: —Brilliant. I'm sure that even the king's knights will lend you their strength.

Bedivere: That is all I have to say. I apologize for overstepping my boundaries.

Bedivere: I will tell Lord Hassan everything tomorrow. Whether he allows me to fight by their side, shoulder-to-shoulder...

Bedivere: Whatever he decides, I shall obey.

Mash: ...Yes. I'm sure Hassan will understand!

Cursed Arm: ...Mmm. Though it's part of my job, some things just shouldn't be learned through eavesdropping...

Cursed Arm: ...How gallant. I can't possibly turn him down now...


Cursed Arm: —Oh? In other words, you wish to fight with us?

Fujimaru 1: Yes.

Fujimaru 2: Oui.

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. What an unusual request. We're refugees struggling just to survive each day, see?

Cursed Arm: Do you think such folk would fight the Lion King's forces?

Mash: Oh...Huh? Now that you mention it...You're right!

Mash: An unexpected reply from Hassan, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Uh...You weren't...rebelling?

Arash: Of course not. Couldn't you tell? You're easily fooled, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 2: Chaldea's eyes can't be fooled.

Bedivere: Exactly, Lord Hassan. We're already aware of the military armaments you're secretly preparing.

Cursed Arm: ...Sorry. I'm just joking. Indeed, we are awaiting an opportunity to launch a counterattack against the Lion King.

Cursed Arm: Each hidden village has an “Old Man of the Mountain” with his own ideas, gathering his forces.

Cursed Arm: Listen. We must never succumb to the Lion King.

Cursed Arm: He belittles our gods...He declared that the laws of the Holy City override the authority of any and every god.

Cursed Arm: That can never be forgiven. On top of that, he obliterates opposition without question.

Cursed Arm: The ruthlessly excavated lands...You must have seen them too...

Mash: ...Yes. With our very eyes.

Cursed Arm: ...Hmm, I wonder about that. But no matter. We must fight. We must resist.

Cursed Arm: In order to do that, we do need more fighting power. However...

Cursed Arm: I can't possibly just up and accept you. Least of all with two Knights of the Round, even if they are rebels.

Fujimaru 1: You saw through Mash, too!

Cursed Arm: Ha. It's obvious when you're as experienced a Servant as we are. Isn't that right, Lord Arash?

Arash: What, seriously!? Mash was a Knight of the Round Table, too!?

Cursed Arm: Loooord Aaaaraaaaash!

Arash: Ohhh...Sorry, sorry, couldn't help it! Duh, of course I knew, right from the start!

Fujimaru 2: ...Wait, you were eavesdropping?

Cursed Arm: —By the way, how was today's breakfast? Did you like my special chickpea dish?

Fou: Fou, foooou!

Cursed Arm: Anyway! There's no way I could ever see you as comrades!

Cursed Arm: This is a matter of faith! I cannot accept your help!

Mash: Oh come on, Hassan...

Cursed Arm: However! If you are a demon that surpasses our principles, someone with so much skill that we must rely on you, then it's a different matter!

Cursed Arm: To destroy a demon, one must be prepared to use a demon!

Cursed Arm: If you are a force that can rival the Knights of the Round, I, Cursed Arm, will gladly become your dog!

Cursed Arm: Prove it to me now! Here goes, Lord Arash! No holding back!

Cursed Arm: However, I forbid you from using your Noble Phantasm! It needs no testing, as you know!

Arash: Ah, I get it now! It must be tough to lead an Assassin sect, Lord Cursed Arm!

Arash: Sure, I'll go along with your little plan! Fujimaru, come at me with everything you've got!

Mash: Hassan, Arash...

Mash: Master, prepare for battle! Let's prove our strength!


Cursed Arm: Whew...That was impressive. Impressive indeed.

Cursed Arm: The great founder would behead me if I were to let such a formidable force go. He would say, “A blind man has no need for a skull. ”

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru, Lady Mash, Sir Bedivere...

Cursed Arm: Let me be the one to ask you. Would you please fight alongside us?

Cursed Arm: I can't promise any rewards...But on my honor as an Old Man of the Mountain, I swear to take you to the Lion King.

Fujimaru 1: The pleasure is ours.

Fujimaru 2: That'd be the best reward!

Arash: Then it's settled. I thought we were already buddies at the point when Fujimaru came to the village, but...

Arash: We've each got our positions to protect. Especially Hassan, who's an Old Man of the Mountain.

Cursed Arm: Let me introduce myself properly. I am Hassan-i Sabbah.

Cursed Arm: I became the leader of the religious sect born in this land, but assassination is my occupation now.

Cursed Arm: The heads of our sect are all given the names “Hassan” and “Old Man of the Mountain. ” We succeed our great founder's name.

Cursed Arm: There is usually only one Hassan per era, but in the current situation, other Old Men of the Mountain have been summoned.

Cursed Arm: We've abandoned our pride as assassins and revealed ourselves, protecting each of our villages as leaders.

Mash: I see. Thank you for explaining.

Mash: I'm Mash Kyrielight. It's nice to meet you.

Bedivere: Bedivere, Knight of the Round Table.

Bedivere: —Thank you, Lord Hassan, for trusting someone like me.

Cursed Arm: ...It's fine. If anything, I shouldn't have been so stubborn.

Cursed Arm: You fought for our people at the gates of the Holy City,

Cursed Arm: even abandoning your objective of closing in on the Lion King. How can I not trust such an act?

Bedivere: Thank you, Hassan-i Sabbah. O righteous Old Man of the Mountain, you give me too much credit.

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. No need to thank me. After all, I'm the only one who trusts you, Sir.

Cursed Arm: I can't guarantee what the other Hassans will think of you.

Dr. Roman: (This Hassan's insanely cooperative!? )

Cursed Arm: Well then, let me take you to our headquarters.

Cursed Arm: It's quite deserted now, but my fellow Hassans will be coming in from all over within a few days.

Arash: Yes. They are few, but they are elite, able fighters. Not nearly enough to recapture the Holy City, though.

Bedivere: ...Former militia, actually. But still humans nonetheless.

Bedivere: Against Enforcement Knights receiving the Lion King's protection, let alone Knights of the Round Table—

Arash: Yes, they can't hope to win. It'll be up to us to do something about that.

Arash: Servants for Servants. Right, Cursed Arm?

Cursed Arm: Naturally. That's why I have been trying to gather as many Old Men of the Mountain as I can, but...

Cursed Arm: Hassan of the Trembling Pipe lost to Lancelot, and Hassan of the Peeling Shadows lost to Gawain.

Cursed Arm: I hope the best assassin among us, Hassan of the Intoxicating Smoke, will answer the call...

Fujimaru 1: There really are a lot!

Cursed Arm: Of course. We Old Men of the Mountain are a religious sect that spans eighteen generations since our great founder.

Fujimaru 2: ...By Intoxicating Smoke, could it be...

Mash: ...Hassan. Um, during our journey here...

Cursed Arm: ...I see. So that's what happened to him...

Cursed Arm: “This will be a war of attrition. Do not stir up trouble with the Lion King. ”

Cursed Arm: Those were his words as he parted with me, but...To think that he'd name me at the end...

Cursed Arm: ...You have my thanks, Fujimaru. I won't let his regrets die in vain.

G:Refugee Man: Boss! Boss!

Cursed Arm: Huh? That voice belongs to the watchman on the summit.... It seems something's happened...

Refugee Man: Boss Cursed Arm, it's an emergency! Signal fires are going up from the village in the west!

Cursed Arm: What!? And the color!? What color is up!?

Arash: ...Tch, that's an enemy attack! The village must've been discovered by the enemy!

Cursed Arm: And the enemy flag!? Can you see the enemy flag, Lord Arash!?

Arash: —A red dragon, and red lightning severing its head— Do you recognize this crest, Lord Cursed Arm?

Cursed Arm: Oooooooh! This is bad! They'll be slaughtered!

Cursed Arm: Only one flag openly declares its intent to take the king's head— A Knight of the Round Table, Raider Knight Mordred!

Section 7: Mordred, the Raider Knight

Cursed Arm: To think the Raider Knight would find the village in the west! Lord Arash, how far are the enemy forces from the village!?

Arash: One mountain pass! Their signal fire is black, meaning they're about to engage!

Mash: The village in the west...So another village is under attack!? Then, we must go help them right away!

Fujimaru 1: Mash, calm down...

Arash: Fujimaru is right. We can only do so much right now. Calm down, Mash.

Mash: Sorry. But I heard “Knight of the Round Table” and I...

Fujimaru 2: What's a Raider Knight?

Arash: Ah. They're Knights of the Round Table who are given territory in forts outside the Holy City.

Arash: To a Knight of the Round Table, being kicked out of the Holy City is nothing short of punishment.

Arash: Guess they must've done something to displease the Lion King.

Arash: They remain mobile to crush their enemies, like hounds of war. The polar opposite of Gawain, the immovable gatekeeper.

Dr. Roman: We can't just sit around and do nothing. If they're your comrades, they must be valuable soldiers, no?

Cursed Arm: Of course. However, it'll take two days to get from here to the village, no matter how much we hurry...

Cursed Arm: Even if we take off now...

Arash: Hundred Personas would be good at delaying them...But even then, they'd last half a day at most.

Fujimaru 1: We could tell the villagers to flee and come here...

Cursed Arm: Right. That's about all we can do now.

Cursed Arm: We can only hope that several of them make it out alive...

Bedivere: No, that would be a dead end. This village has no emergency rations...

Bedivere: If we increase the population any more, it would mean mutual ruin. We must try to protect the western village.

Cursed Arm: That is true. It's just as you've inferred, Sir Bedivere.

Fujimaru 2: If we only had Da Vinci...

Mash: If Da Vinci were here, I suppose she would've brushed this all off like it was no big deal.

Mash: “Let's fly, then! ” she'd say...

Arash: Oh! That's right, we had that option. That might do it.

Bedivere: Huh?

Cursed Arm: What?

Fujimaru 1: Arash?

Arash: Well, if you wouldn't mind it being only once, and one way, we could fly and get there in one go!

Arash: Mind you, it's risky. We won't be able to land right at the village. Is that still okay with you?

Fujimaru 1: It doesn't matter. Let's go right now!

Fujimaru 2: Let's help the western village!

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru...

Arash: All right. Choose the members of the assault team, then. I'm in, obviously. Fujimaru and Mash will go too.

Arash: What about you, Mr. Knight? We're up against the Round Table. Can you handle it?

Bedivere: Thanks for your concern, but there's no need. I'm not a knight under the Lion King.

Arash: Well said. Get ready to move! Follow me!

Arash: There's an old roof slab fortified with clay near that collapsed house. Look closely. It's got handles, right?

Mash: Oh yeah, it does. I can see holes as deep as my heels, too.

Bedivere: So we grasp these handles and put our feet in these holes...It's almost like we're on all fours...

Arash: Save your comments for later, just hold on tight! Fujimaru, you're next to Mash.

Arash: Mash, hang tight onto your Master. We'll be going over 300 kilometers an hour.

Mash: Huh? Er, Arash Kamangir? What are you doing?

Arash: ...All we do is wrap these ropes around the slab like so...then fasten them to this huge arrow here...

Arash: Now, all set. This should be about the right angle. Good tailwind today...We'll end up right in front of that village!

Bedivere: You're not serious, surely...

Mash: Right. This is no laughing matter. There's no way, you can't possibly...

Arash: You're being dumb. Who's laughing? It's a life-or-death situation. A story for the ages!

Arash: Slab and arrow secure! I'll shoot with everything I've got. The arrow will travel 20 kilometers and take the slab along with it!

Arash: See? Easy, right?

Fujimaru 1: This guy's an idiot—!

Arash: You're the idiot! Be serious or you'll end up biting your tongue!

Mash: What— Arash is in shooting position! This guy's serious!

Mash: There's no way we can travel like this. It's just not possible!

Dr. Roman: You'd think so, but it is. The laws of physics don't apply to things like a Servant's Noble Phantasm.

Dr. Roman: Besides, a distance of merely 10 or 20 kilometers is like a warm-up session for him.

Arash: Yo, thanks for the comment, brother! Leave it to me. I found a good landing spot, too!

Mash: Landing spot!? Crash site, more like it—Master, please hang on tight!


Fujimaru 1: We're really flying!?

Fujimaru 2: This is the Noble Phantasm Human Cannon!


Bedivere: Aaaaaaaaare you all right, milaaaaaaaaady!? Everyooooone!?

Dr. Roman: Ahaha. Look there, Fujimaru. Bedivere's cheeks are flapping in the air current!

Mash: Dooooctoooorrrrr! Quiiiiiit insulting Sir Bediverrrrrrrrrre!

Arash: We're close. Everyone, brace yourselves for the landing!

Arash: The foundation will shatter to pieces the instant we crash! Everyone, prepare for impact!

Arash: Mash, I'll look after Fujimaru! You focus on taking care of yourself!

Mash: Y-Yes! Please take good care of Master, Mr. Arash!

Bedivere: Cooommmiiiinnnng dooooooowwwwnnnn iiiinnnn threeee, twoooooo, oooooonnne...!

Arash: All right, this time it was a success. I'm letting you down, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: I can't feel my face...

Arash: Intercontinental ballistic transport, only possible from a high-altitude location...Good aim, if I say so myself.

Arash: By the way, in case you're wondering why this is a one-time-only deal...

Arash: It's because most people who go through it once say, “Never again. ”

Fujimaru 1: Please, never again!

Mash: Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch...Senpai, are you okay!? Where did you land!?

Arash: Yo! [♂ He's /♀ She's] over here, Mash! Sir Bedivere, are you there!?

Bedivere: I'm fine! My cheeks are still numb, though!

Arash: Hmph. Both of you still look irritated...We're about to go into battle now. Suck it up.

Cursed Arm: I am sure those two cannot help themselves. Even I'm shivering after that.

Fujimaru 1: Hassan!?

Fujimaru 2: When did you...!?

Cursed Arm: You won't be able to find the animal trail leading to the village on your own, so...But first...


Mash: Master, we're surrounded! Combat is inevitable!

Arash: Tch. It seemed like a good landing spot, but it was a beast's nest.

Arash: Must have been quite the disaster for you guys, but we're in a hurry, too...If you interfere, I'll shoot you dead!

Bedivere: (Hahaha. It was quite the disaster for us too, Lord Kamangir. )


Hundred Personas: Ugh!

Mordred: Dammit, hurry up and die already! Quit being such a pain in the ass!

Hundred Personas: You scumbag— How'd you find this village!? Our methods of concealment were perfect!

Mordred: Huh? Who cares? This was instinct...Pure instinct.

Mordred: I swung my sword where I thought gloomy losers like you would be cowering, and bingo! That's all.

Mordred: Well, it was a hit, but not my main target. Those traitors that Lancelot let slip away—

Mordred: That's the prey I wanna steal from him...I just got stuck with you losers instead.

Mordred: ...Yeah, dammit. This was my chance to drag Lance's name through the dirt and report it to Father—

Mordred: And wiping out a run-down village like this won't earn me any praise. I can't even get a scolding!

Mordred: How are you gonna pay for this, huh!? I've only got a few days left until I'm executed!

Hundred Personas: Executed? They're going to execute you? A Knight of the Round Table?

Mordred: Yup, that's right! Once Father's Holy Selection is done, everyone outside the Holy City is going to hell!

Mordred: He didn't give me a castle in the Holy City, so that means I'm going up in flames, too!

Mordred: So how 'bout it, eh? We're both gonna die in vain anyway. Tell me the village where those traitors escaped to.

Mordred: If you do, I'll give you a nice, easy death. I won't even manhandle the villagers, just slit their throats.

Hundred Personas: Such foolishness...You people have gone mad. You've even ceased to believe in God...

Mordred: Argh, shut up. If anything, I'd doubt your own sanity in defying Father.

Soldier: Sir Mordred! Enemy ambush from the rear!

Soldier: It seems several Enforcement Knights courtesy of His Majesty the Lion King have been defeated!

Mordred: Huh? There's no way those tin cans would lose to any old soldier.

Mordred: You sure it's not some of Ozymandias's monsters? It wouldn't surprise me if those guys broke the alliance...

Soldier: The thing is...the enemy looks to be several Servants!

Mordred: What...Servants, you say!?

Cursed Arm: Look, we can see them now! The tail end of the Raider Knight's unit!

Bedivere: We'll proceed with the surprise attack! Lord Arash, cover us from behind!

Arash: Roger! I've got your backs!

Mash: Five seconds until enemy contact! Here we go, Senpai!


Enforcement Knight: That can't be...Where on earth did you...

Mash: You won't believe this, but we came from the sky!

Dr. Roman: A powerful magical energy signature is headed this way! No doubt it's a Knight of the Round Table!

Mordred: Thanks for dropping by, trash. I welcome you! I'm impressed you came out to see me!

Mash: Master, it really is Mordred! From back in London!

Mordred: Quit shouting my name so much. Who are you, a fan of mine?

Mordred: Then again, I've killed so many heathens. I'm sure to be famous.

Mash: ...I, I must have been mistaken...This Mordred's different after all...

Mordred: What, now you're suddenly being all meek? I'm telling you, I don't know who you—

Mordred: Wait, I do know you. You look different now, but I remember the scent of your magical energy.

Mordred: I was wondering why you didn't respond to Father's summons. What the hell are you doing here!?

Mordred: Don't tell me you were one of the rebels? ...So that's it, then. Well, hardly surprising, considering it's you.

Mordred: You're about the only one who dares to object to King Arthur nowadays. Though you got here a bit too late.

Mash: Mordred? Um...Does that mean you'll talk with us, then?

Mordred: Why would I do that, you idiot! Whoever interferes with me is an enemy!

Mordred: That mage there must be the Master everyone's talking about. I'm gonna do Agravain a favor and cut you up into pieces!

Fujimaru 1: I don't want to fight you!

Mordred: What's that? You know me too? Tch. Being a Servant is such a hassle.

Mordred: Anyway, just give it up. I don't know what kind of moron the Mordred you knew was, and I don't give a shit anyway.

Mordred: Right now I am a knight serving the Lion King. I'm the great Raider Knight Mordred, and it is my duty to be a dishonorable hound.

Mordred: Do you understand? I've been let off my leash, meaning it's okay for me to do whatever I please!

Mordred: Hah! That's the best way to handle someone like me! I'll kill whoever dares to defy the king, no matter who they may be!

Fujimaru 2: Why are you doing this!?

Mordred: Obvious, isn't it?! Because it's sooo fun!

Mordred: It's great, hunting heathens, you know? Despite their weakness, they fight so desperately, they resist—

Mordred: and then they die off like flies, one after the other! Now I know how the Crusaders must've felt!

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru. She's not the Mordred from London.

Dr. Roman: If you pity her, you'll be killed. Fight her as an enemy, with everything you've got.

Mordred: Well, I was hoping this would turn into a fight. See, my Gift is called “Rampage. ”

Mordred: And that means I'll fire off my sacred sword as much as I want, until my soul burns out. Battalions? Armies? Bring it!

Mordred: Let's see...There's one, two, three...What? Only three of you?

Mordred: Just one Master and three Servants!? That's not a fight! It's not even a game! There's no way I'd— Oh, hang on...

Mordred: —Hey. What? What's the meaning of this?

Mordred: What are you doing here? YOU, of all people, shouldn't be here! It's not possible!

Mordred: Isn't that right, third-rate knight!? You, mixed in with these rebels...!? Must be some kind of sick joke!

Bedivere: I have nothing to say to you. I, too, have bones to pick.

Bedivere: My objective was to reach the Lion King, but I'll forget that for the time being.

Bedivere: Treacherous Knight Mordred. The traitor who trampled all over King Arthur's ideals.

Bedivere: That tainted sword of yours is the horrible reality I can't stand to look at.

Fou: Fou, foooou!?

Mordred: Hah! Looks like you've finally learned to talk like a man, coward!

Mordred: Interesting! In that case, let me remind you of the pitiful fact that you have not once won against me!

Dr. Roman: Look out! A second battle against the Knights of the Round Table! Watch out for their special abilities!


Mordred: !!!

Bedivere: Ugh—!

Mash: They're so strong! If we let our guard down at all, Mordred will use that Noble Phantasm!

Mash: Bedivere is keeping Mordred contained for now, but we can't go on like this forever!

Mordred: That's an impressive artificial arm! Was that why you spoke so boldly earlier!?

Mordred: Where'd you get a thing like that, coward!? I don't remember us having anything like that!

Bedivere: ...You don't remember, huh? ...You sure about that? Maybe it's just your bird brain getting in the way!

Mordred: —You callin' me a blockhead? Oh, you so did! You always called me that.

Mordred: Don't get cocky, Bedivere. You're just a feeble knight who sat down in the extra seat.

Mordred: You'd never have become the king's attendant if Agravain hadn't kicked it so early.

Mordred: You're nothing compared to me! King Arthur just happened to take a liking to you!

Bedivere: ...Yes, you're right. I'm nowhere near the other knights.

Bedivere: I have neither the fairies' blessings, nor the sun's...I have no inherent gifts...

Bedivere: I was nothing but an ordinary knight. Yet the king relied on me until his last breath.

Bedivere: To repay that kindness, this arm was granted to me. A gift from the archmage Merlin. Nuadha's arm.

Mordred: Until his last breath, you say?

Mordred: Fine, I'll kill you right here! There'll be nothing left of you when I'm done!

Mordred: I won't even tell the king you were here! You'll never come close to seeing such a thing ever again!

Bedivere: —Burn my soul and unleash thyself, O silver light.

Bedivere: ...Both my loyalty and your loyalty are one and the same.

Bedivere: In the past they were true, but now their roots are distorted.

Bedivere: Mordred...You are both my sworn enemy and brother-in-arms. I can understand that pain now.

Bedivere: That is precisely why I shall slay you with all my strength. Switch On - Airgetlám!

Mordred: Shut up! What do you know!? You don't know anything about me!


Mordred: Dammit, what am I doing!? Even with my Gift, I'm losing!

Mash: Mordred retracted the helmet! It looks like that armor and the “Rampage” Gift don't mesh well!

Dr. Roman: I see, the Secret of Pedigree...

Dr. Roman: That armor was made to rebel against King Arthur. Naturally it would try to reject the Lion King's Gift.

Dr. Roman: That means...Mordred wasn't at full strength!?

Mordred: Yeah, that's right. I'd be the laughingstock of the Round Table if I took you weaklings too seriously.

Mordred: ...But if I were to lose, it'd be even worse.

Mordred: So screw my reputation. I'll obliterate this mountain...and you along with it.

Mordred: Feel the seething rage of this planet! Clarent Blood—

Mordred: Ugh!

Mordred: Who the hell are you!? Who keeps aiming at my arm joints!? You wanna die!?

Arash: It's a battle, after all...Someone's bound to die! Especially those who ignore their own limits and keep coming back for more.

Mash: Arash!

Arash: Hey. Nice moves, Fujimaru, Mash. Check it out...The result of your efforts!

Arash: I was able to take care of all the other soldiers, leaving only Mr. Knight here. All that's left is to take his head, but—

Arash: (Sigh) I dunno about that guy. He's about to blow everything up, including himself, right?

Arash: His Gift is Rampage, isn't it? I bet he's about to unleash all of his power and blow this entire mountain away along with that sword.

Mash: !

Mordred: What!? You can tell!?

Arash: Nahhh, it's coincidence, just coincidence!

Arash: Rampaging magical energy would only lead to your own demise, even for a Heroic Spirit. At most you get to power up your Noble Phantasm for a bit.

Arash: However, your Gift is different. “Rampage” sounds cool, but it's no different than a nuclear meltdown.

Arash: Do you get it now? The one who gave you that Gift...See what they think of you?

Mordred: Yeah, that's right! I'm a hound, see? I take prey, kill, and kill again. In the end, I'll happily die in a ditch!

Mordred: I'm just taking you along for the ride! Come die along with...Gwah!?

Arash: The hell? That pisses me off, even if you're my enemy!

Arash: You lost the battle, so you blow yourself up and call it even!? Where's your pride as a warrior!?

Arash: And you still call yourself a Knight of the Round Table!? Are you only brave in the beginning!?

Mordred: Wha—

Arash: Listen up. If you're going to use your own life, use it to defend your own pride!

Arash: Don't drag us into your own desperate struggle! I love taking care of kids, but I refuse to look after brats!

Mordred: B-Brat—!? Who you calling a brat, bastard!

Arash: What? You weren't a brat? ...Sorry, time-out.

Arash: Hey, Fujimaru, how old's that kid? From the way he looked, I totally thought he was younger than you...

Mordred: I'm (probably) older! My appearance is frozen at my 16-year-old self!

Arash: I see. Then he's a proper adult. In that case, all the more reason...

Arash: If you're feeling frustrated, start over and put everything on the line. We'll call this a draw.

Arash: Or would you rather try me on for size? I've been hanging in the back, so I'm still full of stamina.

Mordred: ...Dammit. Listening to this idiot cooled my head.

Mordred: Fine, I'll play along. This round's my loss. Besides, my unit's been annihilated.

Mordred: I'll let this village go, too. I was only hunting you vermin anyway.

Mordred: If that coward there's gonna be meeting with the Lion King, we'll face off in the Holy City no matter what.

Mordred: ...The contest is on hold till then.

Mordred: This is an oath of a knight, given in return for sparing my life. I will never break it.

Mordred: Stay alive until then, weaklings! I'll be pissed off if you lose to another Knight of the Round!

Dr. Roman: Mordred's signal is fading away. Are you sure about letting her go?

Cursed Arm: ...It's despicable, yet unavoidable. We can't save the western village if he self-destructs here.

Cursed Arm: We already lost when they invaded. We were then able to negotiate a draw. We can't ask for more.

Mash: That's true. And it seems the village was protected, thanks to Arash's cover fire.

Mash: Now all that's left is to check on the villagers and see if there's anything we can do to— Bedivere?

Bedivere: ...

Mash: Bedivere!? Are you okay? Hang in there!

Section 8: Sanzang Returning from the West (1/2)

Bedivere: —It happened so long ago, I've lost track.

Bedivere: I have seen many things, and forgotten many things. Yet among them, that memory still remains in my heart.

???: They say this winter will be harsher. We must dismantle some of the villages.

???: And to think, we only just finished driving away the Picts from the north. The misfortunes continue, Bedivere.

Bedivere: That day, the king visited me when I was deep in thought in the watchtower. With no attendants, alone, out of the blue.

Bedivere: He had the appearance of a young boy, but in truth, he was not so far in age from me at the time.

Bedivere: At 16, he drew the Sword of Selection from the stone, and became the ruler of Britain.

Bedivere: After that, he apparently ceased to age. They said it was the fairies' blessings, but I couldn't help but think it was a curse.

Bedivere: The young king fought through the fiercest battles I've ever seen. He was a great leader who brought glory to Britain.

Bedivere: He led foreign tribes to victory against the tyrannical king Vortigern, who was ravaging the land.

Bedivere: He united the warring feudal lords, fought off the advancing Picts from the north,

Bedivere: put an end to the wave of Saxons closing in from the mainland,

Bedivere: and restored Camelot Castle as the crown jewel of Londinium, the largest city in all the British Isles.

Bedivere: The one and only King of Knights, King Arthur.

Bedivere: I told the king then and there: “As long as you shall live, Britain shall never perish, and suffering shall never prevail. ”

???: That is not true. Camelot and its surroundings may be flourishing, but the rest of the land remains in ruins.

???: Even if Camelot were to accommodate those whose villages were destroyed, it could not restore their lifestyle.

???: Plowing the land, living life day by day, raising children...That is what leads to future prosperity.

???: There is no future in merely sheltering the people. Eventually, the noose is sure to tighten.

Bedivere: Unlike the Knights of the Round Table, giddy from all their victories and glories, the king always looked grim.

Bedivere: Things were different before Camelot was restored, though...

Bedivere: Sir Kay spoke of how the king used to smile more often, back when he used to travel the island in disguise.

Bedivere: But now, not a trace of a smile remained. The king alone saw the dark clouds waiting on the horizon.

Bedivere: ...Perhaps the sunset was making me nostalgic, as at that moment, I asked the king a timid question.

Bedivere: One that stemmed from the doubt and unrest that had plagued me ever since I was granted a seat at the Round Table.

Bedivere: “Why did you choose a knight as worthless as me to be a Knight of the Round Table? ”

???: You feel unworthy because you are inferior to the others? How foolish. The same goes for me.

???: In build, I am no match for others. In swordsmanship, many are my better.

???: However, bonds must not be measured by strength or weakness alone. Friend and foe, good and evil, benefit and detriment...

???: Just as those are all different things, the Knights of the Round Table all serve different purposes.

Bedivere: Friend and foe. Good and evil.

Bedivere: Friends are good. Foes are evil.

Bedivere: But the king said they were different things.

Bedivere: It was unexpected. In this era of warfare, he was the only knight who looked down and saw the situation in its entirety.

Bedivere: In all likelihood, the king never said this to any of the other knights.

Bedivere: It's something he said only to me. And it's obvious why. In that moment, the king told me thus:

Bedivere: “The Saxon invaders are our enemies, but they are not evil. ”

Bedivere: If he had mentioned such a thought to the other knights, many would have criticized him.

???: ...That's right. The Saxons just came to this island searching for land to live on.

???: To us they are the enemy, but their actions are not evil. What they wish for is inherently good.

???: And if it is good—there must come a time when they will serve an important function for this island.

???: As long as we are human, conflict will arise. The division of friend or foe is born from benefit and detriment.

???: We are now in an era where that is at an extreme. An era of winter where neither side relents until the other is crushed.

???: I hate to even imagine creating a Round Table bound only by strength in such a time.

???: It would fall into evil. We did not take the oath in order to kill our enemies.

???: We took up arms for the future of our brethren. That is why—

???: That is why we need so many roles, Bedivere.

???: Does our Camelot shine because it was created by force? Of course not.

???: This place is made up of everyone's dreams.

???: It is forged from the desire for man alone to create a utopia...albeit just barely.

???: That's why we need knights like you.

???: Compassionate knights who can pick up on the details of people's lives. Details that Gawain and I wouldn't notice.

Bedivere: ...Even now, my heart aches every time I think of it.

Bedivere: I had no idea just how much hopeless the king felt then...Not until I heard about it from Merlin.

Bedivere: Stupid and weak as I was at the time, I responded thus:

Bedivere: “It's too difficult a topic for me to understand, but I, too, enjoy living in Camelot. ”

Bedivere: “Thomas's wife gave birth just the other day. Twin girls. Such adorable little darlings—”

Bedivere: How mundane and commonplace a reply. Yet I remember giving it with such satisfaction, such delight.

???: —Good grief, you had me worried for a moment. Such concerns do not become you, O simple and honest Bedivere.

???: However, I am heartened to learn you lead such a fulfilling life. That should be a source of sustenance for all.

Bedivere: —His hair shone gold in the sunset. That was the moment when I finally felt I was in the presence of a true king.

Bedivere: The knights feared they had not seen the king smile for quite some time. But that was not the case. Truly.

Bedivere: The king did not smile for himself. He smiled upon seeing the happiness of others.

Bedivere: The gravity of my sins made me want to rip out my own heart.

Bedivere: Despite remembering that, I still turned an unfaithful sword toward the king.

Bedivere: Oh—forgive me. I have committed a deed unbecoming of a knight in your service.

Bedivere: Please, deliver justice upon my transgression. All that I have done, night after night, was for—

Arash: I've laid Bedivere down to sleep. He has no noticeable wounds, but he's physically exhausted.

Arash: If only we'd had a Servant specializing in medical care...

Arash: Both Lord Cursed Arm and I have no such knowledge.

Mash: I haven't mastered treatment spells, either...

Mash: Do you think Bedivere's Noble Phantasm wears away at him after all?

Arash: It definitely takes its toll on him...Not just physically, but apparently mentally as well.

Arash: He was crying out in his sleep just now. “Forgive me, my king,” he said.

Mash: That's...not surprising.

Mash: Despite only being fused with a Knight of the Round Table, even I feel an indescribable irritation when we fight them.

Mash: ...A sense of guilt telling me that this is treason against King Arthur. So for Sir Bedivere, an actual member of the Round Table, it must be a lot worse.

Fujimaru 1: What sort of knight is Bedivere?

Fujimaru 2: ...It's related to the end of King Arthur's story.

Mash: ...Sir Bedivere is one of King Arthur's longest-serving knights.

Mash: Despite only having one arm, he is said to have been three times as successful than other knights in battle.

Mash: Oh, by other knights I'm referring to ordinary knights.

Mash: Compared to the other Knights of the Round Table, Sir Bedivere's victories were modest.

Mash: The most famous anecdote about him is from the end of King Arthur's life.

Mash: ...King Arthur's final battle, the Battle of Camlann.

Mash: It was war not with the invading Saxons, but within the nation between the knights of Britain.

Mash: Despite killing the traitor Mordred at Camlann, King Arthur himself suffered a fatal wound.

Mash: “The king cannot recover on a hill soaked with blood. ”

Mash: Believing so, Sir Bedivere carried King Arthur to a pure, sheltered forest.

Mash: Lying there, the king quietly spoke.

Mash: “Beyond this forest and over the hill is a lake. Cast my famed sword into it. ”

Dr. Roman: ...The famous legend of returning the sacred sword Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.

Dr. Roman: King Arthur, sensing his own death, chose to return it to its proper owner.

Dr. Roman: However...that would mark the end of his life.

Dr. Roman: His faithful retainer Bedivere, out of concern for the king, twice failed in this task.

Dr. Roman: As long as the sword existed, the king was immortal. Bedivere believed it had the power to heal his mortal wound.

Dr. Roman: Through the woods, over a hill, debating the sword's return with each trip to the lake, he would fail and return to the king.

Dr. Roman: And upon his return, he would lie to the king by saying, “I have returned the sword. ”

Dr. Roman: It is said to be Sir Bedivere's one and only act of disloyalty.

Mash: Yes. A very compassionate decision, in keeping with Bedivere's character.

Mash: But King Arthur could not be deceived. In a quiet voice, he would say to him, “Do your duty. ”

Mash: And so Bedivere made a third journey over the hill. This time, it was at dawn.

Mash: Accepting that he could no longer sway the king's heart, he cast the sacred sword into the lake's depths.

Mash: With Excalibur delivered to the Lady of the Lake, he made his way back to the forest.

Mash: ...That is how King Arthur drew his final breath, and fulfilled his responsibility.

Mash: The king's body was sent to sea on a boat, and is said to have reached the legendary paradise, Avalon.

Dr. Roman: Yes. It is believed he'll return when Britain is endangered, and lead the people once more.

Dr. Roman: King Arthur's gravestone in England is said to have the epitaph, “Here lies Arthur, the once and future king. ”

Fujimaru 1: Bedivere...

Fujimaru 2: That must be tough...

Dr. Roman: Yes. Sir Bedivere's anxiety is indeed a cause for concern. Fighting against his former brethren must also be tough,

Dr. Roman: but above all, his beloved King Arthur is being a tyrannical ruler, completely different from how he was in life.

Dr. Roman: Even in the name of justice, turning on a king you once served must be an unforgivable act for a knight.

Cursed Arm: There you are, Fujimaru. Forgive my delay.

Cursed Arm: I've just returned from checking on the village. Thanks to you, we were able to keep the damage to a minimum.

Cursed Arm: On behalf of the village leader, I humbly offer my thanks. We are truly indebted to you...

Arash: You may be right. If we'd given up back then, this village wouldn't be here by now.

Arash: It was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it looks like Fujimaru's bet was correct!

Fujimaru 1: Um, it was spur-of-the-moment because...

Mash: Yes. “The Arash sky-flying incident. ” Let it go down in Chaldea's history forever.

Mash: We'll also say: “When Arash ties a rope to his arrow, beware. ” Yes. May no one else fall victim like we did!

Fujimaru 2: I'm so glad.

Cursed Arm: ...Yes. I shall impress that smile firmly upon my heart. Fujimaru is sure to become a good Master.

Dr. Roman: By the way, Hassan. What are your plans from now on?

Cursed Arm: Introduce you to the village leader, of course. We've come all this way, after all. It's a good opportunity.

Cursed Arm: We are already in cooperation with each other. I'll introduce you all as my new military power.

Cursed Arm: Hahaha, I'm sure talks will go smoothly now. She, too, was grateful for your assistance.

Cursed Arm: Oh. Speak of the devil. Yes, this way, Hundred Personas. These are my new brethren I was telling you about.

Hundred Personas: ...I apologize for the delay. I have nothing but thanks for your assistance on this occasion.

Hundred Personas: I'm the guardian of this village, an Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan of the Hundred Pers— Huuuuuuuh!?

Hundred Personas: Whaaaat—!? You're the one from—

Fujimaru 1: Whooooaaaa!

Fujimaru 2: Craaaaaaap!

Cursed Arm: Ah. So you've already met? How convenient. Hahahahahaha.

Hundred Personas: I refuse. They cannot be trusted. Fighting together is completely out of the question.

Hundred Personas: Be thankful that I don't slaughter you here and now in front of these villagers!

Hundred Personas: We won't feed you, either. The place is strapped for food, even for today.

Hundred Personas: For two days now, the villagers have only had a little water and salt. We have no food to serve the likes of you.

Cursed Arm: ...What is this? ...Going so far as to reveal your face while making such threats...

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru...What on earth happened?

Cursed Arm: Hundred Personas is indeed nasty and stubborn. Easy to resent, but also the most calculating Hassan.

Cursed Arm: Even without my explanations, she should know that Fujimaru's assistance is worth its weight in gold...

Fujimaru 1: We met once, back in Egypt...

Fujimaru 2: You never know what destiny brings...

Hundred Personas: Hey, quit speaking as if it is all over! Do you know how much I've suffered, thanks to you!?

Hundred Personas: You disrupt my carefully crafted Nitocris abduction, force me to reveal my face...

Hundred Personas: And now, to suffer the humiliation of being rescued by such a hated enemy!

Hundred Personas: If the great founder was to find out about this, I would surely be punished! I will never fight alongside you!

Hundred Personas: What's wrong with you, Cursed Arm!? To trust in a Knight of the Round Table, of all people!?

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. It's like watching my former self. It'll be hard to convince this one.

Fujimaru 1: This is no time to be leisurely sipping tea!

Dr. Roman: Indeed. My impression of Hassan of the Cursed Arm keeps changing, but this seems to be his true form.

Mash: Yes. I have a feeling he's like the Old Man of the Mountain version of Bedivere.

Fujimaru 2: All right, let's fight, then!

Hundred Personas: No thanks! Did you think I would accept you if you beat me!? If anything, I'd hate you more! Fool, idiot!

Arash: Hmm. She's worse than Mordred. What exactly did you guys do to her?

Dr. Roman: ...But, she's also an Old Man of the Mountain. Without her help, we can't even advance onto the Holy City.

Dr. Roman: We've got to convince her somehow...

Cursed Arm: Hm. By the way, Hundred Personas, how is the other matter going?

Hundred Personas: ...Oh, that. No developments. At this rate, it is just a matter of waiting for death.

Hundred Personas: ...I'm sure she is not one to break her silence, but...I hear there are masters of torture within the Round Table.

Hundred Personas: If she were to reveal our plans before she dies, we would lose our chance of a counterattack...

Cursed Arm: Hm. That's worrying, truly worrying. If only we could find someone somewhere...

Cursed Arm: Someone stronger than us, able to work independently, good at leading Servants, and willing to help us...

Hundred Personas: Where are you ever going find such a convenient helper!? Give me a break, fool—

Hundred Personas: —Right here, in front of my face! Fools.... Ugh. Ugggggh!

Fujimaru 1: I don't get the situation but I heard your story.

Fujimaru 2: (Silently shadowboxes. )

Mash: Senpai. It seems we can help them in some way.

Cursed Arm: Yes. To put it simply, one Old Man of the Mountain has been captured by the enemy.

Cursed Arm: If it were any other Old Man of the Mountain, we wouldn't be worried. She would've taken her own life upon capture.

Cursed Arm: But this one is young, and her innate constitution prevents her from killing herself—

Cursed Arm: Unless we rescue her, she may eventually leak our information to the enemy.

Hundred Personas: Unfortunately, the fort she's being held in belongs to the Round Table. It will be difficult to penetrate.

Hundred Personas: We've sent a select few to attempt it, but so far, none have returned...

Fujimaru 1: All right, leave it to us!

Hundred Personas: So an instant reply!

Fujimaru 2: Sorry about Nitocris, Hundred Personas!

Hundred Personas: Your “sorry” doesn't cut it! I had a miserable trip home! Including cold glares from my subordinates!

Cursed Arm: Oh, how reassuring. I knew you would say so!

Cursed Arm: So, how about it, Hundred Personas? You said we cannot trust Fujimaru?

Cursed Arm: After saving our skin twice, surely you have no complaints. Still, it all depends on what they do next.

Hundred Personas: ...Let's have them prepare a hostage.

Hundred Personas: There are many who promise to help, then flee. Leave one of your members here.

Hundred Personas: It'll be an exchange for the captured Old Man of the Mountain. I won't have any objections then.

Arash: That's perfect! We can let Bedivere rest.

Mash: Then please take one of our leaders, Sir Bedivere, as your hostage!

Mash: Guard him with your strictest men, so he can't do anything but lie down!

Hundred Personas: O-Okay. That Knight of the Round Table, huh? That sounds like a fair exchange.

Cursed Arm: Then it's decided. Ready, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Yes. Let's go with a select few.

Arash: Excellent. It'll be a good chance for Bedivere to take a load off!

Fujimaru 2: Thank you, Hassan of the Cursed Arm.

Cursed Arm: No no, likewise. You were brilliant.

Hundred Personas: Then, let's go. I'll show you to the fort.

Mash: Um, what about Arash? I don't see him here...

Hundred Personas: I've asked Lord Arash to protect the village. There's no guarantee that Mordred won't come back.

Hundred Personas: And, without me, the village won't have anyone to provide food.

Hundred Personas: But thankfully, when it comes to hunting, Lord Arash is more skilled than me. He will make sure everyone eats.

Hundred Personas: This isn't the front lines...It's a shelter for people who can't fight.

Mash: I see...That's why everyone looked so worried...

Hundred Personas: ...Let's go. No need for unnecessary sympathy. After all, it takes an entire day to reach the fort.

Hundred Personas: ...Before that, some warm-up exercises. I don't know if this bodes well or not...

Hundred Personas: We're surrounded by bandits. Time's too precious for detours. We'll rout them and advance, Fujimaru!

Section 8: Sanzang Returning from the West (2/2)

Hundred Personas: The winds are picking up...Heh heh heh. Sandstorms are child's play for us. A good omen indeed.

Cursed Arm: Ah, sorry if that was difficult to understand. What Hundred Personas means is,

Cursed Arm: “Soldiers of the Holy City will never find us in a sandstorm. We are in luck. Now's our chance, let's hurry! ”

Hundred Personas: You don't need to translate every little thing I say!

Mash: We'd get lost in all this if it weren't for you. What a relief you're here with us.

Mash: It looks like we'll quickly reach the fort without encountering any Holy City forces.

Dr. Roman: ...No, wait. Servants detected up ahead! One is heading the same way you are. The magical energy response is enormous!

Hundred Personas: A Servant!? Is it strong!? An A-ranked Servant?

Dr. Roman: Oh, no, sorry! Scratch that! Rather, it's an “interesting” one.

Dr. Roman: How should I describe it...Shiny and fluffy, yet also stocky!

Dr. Roman: It's a colorful Servant, impossible for the Knights of the Round Table!

Fujimaru 1: Sounds like a weirdo...

Fujimaru 2: Sounds formidable!

???: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

???: Heeeeeeeelp! Someone do something!

Mash: Did you hear that!? A woman's scream! Master!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go save her!

Fujimaru 2: A Heroic Spirit that attacks women!?

Dr. Roman: Yeah, in which case it may even be an Anti-Hero! It's a Servant battle. Be on your guard!

Fou: Fooooooouuu!

Hundred Personas: Hmm!? That fool rushes off to help, even before determining the opponent's strength!?

Cursed Arm: No, no. It seems that this time reason outweighed instinct...The reason being that someone requires assistance.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru is among the best at sensing danger. If it were a hopeless battle, there'd be more hesitation.

Hundred Personas: But still, only hesitation!? What a fool indeed!


Mash: We've defeated the hostile forces! But the source of the scream in question is still...

Fou: Fou, fouuu.

Dr. Roman: That Servant is close! Be careful!


???: Oh. Stop. Don't breathe fire or anything. It's hot. All right, the whole thing about my meat being tasty is only a RUUUUUUUMOR!

???: So don't treat me so roughly! Hungry, I am so hungry! Touta is a dummy!

Hundred Personas: Tch, what a nuisance...But I can't ignore a woman's scream. Curse me for not being cold-blooded Zayd right now!

Cursed Arm: That way, Fujimaru! We've spotted signs of the enemy!

Fujimaru 1: Roger that. Let's go, Mash!

Mash: Yes! Mash Kyrielight, here to attack and rescue!

Fujimaru 2: ...Um, haven't we heard that voice before?

Mash: I wouldn't know...

Mash: It must be some sort of mistake! Here I go, Master!


Mash: ...Whew. We've completely defeated the hostile forces. But there was no sign of any Servants.

Dr. Roman: Yet there's definitely a Servant response. What this means is–

???: (Sniff, hic) That was scary...So scary...

???: Why is it...always when you're at your weakest...that they all come at you...Like BAM!?

???: I didn't do anything at all...Ah, well, I guess I was hogging the watering hole, yes...

???: But even then, I at least left enough for the wild animals...(Sniff, sniff)

Mash: That woman's crying...Who is she? What shall we do, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Hello.

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay?

???: (Sob, sob) Sheesh...Why do I always get into these situations...

???: I materialize here all alone...I can't hear the Bodhisattva's voice anymore...(Sniff)

???: Turning into Spirit Form feels kinda gross, so I don't wanna...(hic)

???: Ugh...And it's all because...Oh! If only I didn't give Wukong and the boys time off!

???: But what else was I supposed to do!? Those idiot disciples were so unbelievably helpless!

???: Wujing's still single at that age! Go back to the Heavenly Realm already and find yourself a wife!

???: Then to think Bajie was actually married once!

???: That he had a wife and kids...You sure can't judge a pig by its cover! Haha, nice one!

???: But I can't forgive him for leaving his wife all alone. Hence, he is excommunicated until he apologizes to her!

???: And that Wukong! Back on Flowers and Fruit Mountain, he can have his pick! What's he doing hanging around me!?

???: Hurry back to your mountain so that everyone can feel safe! Me? I'm perfectly fine alone!

???: I'm going to become a Buddha! I can worry about falling in love AFTER that!

Mash: ...Um. Senpai, this lady...Could it be?

Fujimaru 1: Yup, she's a Servant.

Fujimaru 2: Didn't we get lost in her heart's labyrinth once...

Dr. Roman: Huh? That's the Servant you've been talking about!?

Mash: ...Yes, she's definitely a Servant. Considering her aura and her magical energy, there's no doubt about it.

Dr. Roman: Nonsense...Are you saying that despite her top-level Spirit Origin, she was screaming from an animal attack!?



Hundred Personas: Wh-Wh-What is this!? What is that gigantic monster!? There shouldn't be any monsters like that in this land!

???: What? No! Could that dragon be...!?

???: I didn't have any food, so I figured I'd ask the White Dragon Horse for help. But when I tried to summon him I failed.

???: So I told him, “Sorry, I can't send you home. Just give up. ” But then he got angry and attacked me!

???: Maybe a demonic dragon that's making people suffer in France!?

Mash: Senpai, I see it now too! This lady is indeed “interesting”!


Sanzang: That's right, I am Xuanzang Sanzang!

Sanzang: With the guidance of the Buddha, I've materialized in this world. My class? Caster, of course!

Hundred Personas: ...

Cursed Arm: ...

Sanzang: Not much of a reaction, huh? Well, no matter, I'll continue.

Sanzang: I was summoned somewhere in this world about half a year ago. Following the Buddha's guidance, I traveled the Silk Road and ended up here.

Sanzang: Of course, I'm here to stop the unprecedented crisis happening here in the Holy Land.

Sanzang: Honestly, this is all nothing but trouble for me. In Heroic Spirit form I'm still technically on my way back from Tianzhu, after all...

Sanzang: However, guidance is guidance...So I must go.

Sanzang: That's why I'm here! In this forsaken land, this land of endless sandstorms, Shambhala!

Fujimaru 1: This is in the middle of nowhere.

Sanzang: Yes, I can see that! It means I'm lost!

Fujimaru 2: This isn't Shambhala.

Sanzang: Wait...really? Huh...That doesn't sound right...

Sanzang: Well, let's not get caught up in the details.

Sanzang: Let your feelings always be composed, as calm as the River Ganges. Know that that is the way to great enlightenment. Okay?

Mash: Xuanzang Sanzang...Monk Sanzang, right? You don't seem like a Servant of the Holy City...

Mash: You do seem to be quite temperamental though...Um...Monk Sanzang?

Mash: Are you aware of this era's circumstances? Do you know of the Lion King's Holy City?

Sanzang: Yes, of course. After all, I lived there for two months as an honored guest.

Mash: Y-You lived in the Holy City!?

Sanzang: Yes. It was such a pleasant place. Everyone was so carefree and happy, and there wasn't a wicked person in sight.

Sanzang: But I didn't feel like I belonged there. So I left. I had other places I wanted to see, too.

Sanzang: Um...You there. Fujimaru, was it?

Sanzang: Thank you for saving me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sanzang: And, um...It's Mash, right?

Mash: Y-Yes.

Sanzang: Thanks for helping me just now. And you skeletons, thank you too.

Sanzang: That leaves the mage, Mr. Voice Only. Oh, and that little rabbit there too.

Fou: Fou, fou?

Dr. Roman: ...Well, it IS hard to remember a name without a face. Anyway, will you be joining us?

Sanzang: Of course! I always try to return the favors I receive.

Sanzang: And...I'm sure I came here for that purpose.

Sanzang: Monk Sanzang is known as the traveling high priest. So it's only natural for me to join you on your journey.

Mash: Y-Yes. Thank you, Sanzang.

Dr. Roman: Everything's happening so fast that I can barely keep up, but it's certainly nice to have an increase in fighting power!

Dr. Roman: Thank you, Monk Sanzang! The assistance of a Servant is an unexpected stroke of luck!

Sanzang: Not a stroke of luck. The Lord Buddha's divine protection.

Sanzang: You all have the Lord Buddha's divine protection. That would!

Sanzang: I don't have Wukong, or Bajie, or Wujing, or the White Dragon Horse, nor can I hear the Bodhisattva's voice, but whatever!

Sanzang: I am the high priestess who shall one day become a Buddha, Xuanzang Sanzang!

Sanzang: Just you watch! Like the Buddha's palm, I'll save you all...As in, like, BAM!

Hundred Personas: ...O-Okay. I don't quite understand the situation, but it's good to have more fighting power!

Cursed Arm: Never a dull moment with Fujimaru, is there?

Dr. Roman: (Yes, yes. She was crying alone just now, but I'll pretend I didn't see that. )

Mash: Doctor! You just said that out loud!

Fou: Fou...

Sanzang: !!!

Sanzang: I-I couldn't help it, okay?! I...can't stand being by myself...

Sanzang: It makes me feel lonely...Lonely, scared, and helpless.

Sanzang: Touta won't come for me, either...I've called and called, but he won't come at all...

Sanzang: ...(Sniff)

Mash: Don't worry, Sanzang. You're not alone anymore.

Fujimaru 1: It's like you're already one of us.

Fujimaru 2: Let's just go together, hm?

Sanzang: ...Yeah, you're right. I'm not alone!

Cursed Arm: Hm. Now that you've calmed down, may I ask a question?

Sanzang: Sure. What is it, Mr. Skeleton?

Cursed Arm: Did you come here on your own? It seems you came from the direction of the desert.

Sanzang: ...That's the thing. I actually had one disciple.

Sanzang: A Servant I met a while ago. He was so hopeless that I took him under my wing.

Sanzang: But that idiot...He got captured in front of the Holy City army's fort.

Sanzang: I'm his mentor, so I tried to go back and save him, but then I lost my way and...Oh, this is beyond hopeless...

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, just...leave that to us, too.

Fujimaru 2: All right, just...leave it all to us.

Mash: Exactly. Our objectives are so well aligned. It just feels like fate!

Sanzang: Huh? ...You mean, you'll come with me to the fort?

Mash: Of course. After all, Senpai's headed there as well!

Sanzang: Ohhhhhhh! Thanks, Fujimaru! I just love you! That settles it: you can be my disciple!

Sanzang: Yeah, I'm not really supposed to play favorites, but I'll do everything I can to help you—!

Fujimaru 1: That's great to hear!

Fujimaru 2: Thanks, but I think I've had enough of being a disciple.

Section 9: Flower of Poison, Blade of Iron

Hundred Personas: ...We've made it. That's the fort.

Hundred Personas: It's carefully guarded. However, the lookouts can't see very well at night. They might as well be scarecrows.

Mash: ...It looks like they've got ten patrol soldiers around the outer wall, and ten above it.

Mash: Doctor, can you scan inside the fort?

Dr. Roman: ...It's quite a large structure.

Dr. Roman: Two big buildings and one small one...The latter might be a stable.

Dr. Roman: And it appears there's a large space underground. It must be a dungeon.

Cursed Arm: A dungeon, huh? One can only imagine the kind of cruel things that happen there. Lord Mage, can you detect any Servants?

Dr. Roman: Two underground. Sorry, that's all I can tell.

Dr. Roman: Looks like they're using some old ruins down there. I can't get any more details with ordinary echolocation technology...

Mash: What shall we do, Senpai?

Mash: We can jump up onto the gate, so if we could just distract the soldiers on the lookout somehow...

Sanzang: ...No. Something's not right. I can feel it. It feels darker since I was last here.

Sanzang: The people in this fort are so tense. It's like they're already aware of our movements...

Hundred Personas: Are you saying they are on high alert? ...Wait, we did intercept one of the Knights of the Round Table.

Hundred Personas: That must be why those in the Holy City are sensitive to our movements.... Heh.

Cursed Arm: Your smug satisfaction is not going to help us, Hundred Personas. We should wait and find another opportunity.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru. Why don't we take a day to assess the situation here?

Cursed Arm: It's hard to believe they'll remain alert for long. Good things come to those who wait. Rather than risking danger...Huh?

Dr. Roman: Everyone, hide! I'm seeing movement from the fort!

Fort Soldier A: Honestly, can't they give us a break? Making all of us come out here in the middle of the night...

Fort Soldier B: It can't be helped. A Knight of the Round Table is secretly visiting this fort. Any form of disrespect and our heads will roll.

Fort Soldier A: That's just it. It's a sudden visit without any prior communication, right? And it's not just any Knight of the Round Table.

Fort Soldier A: It's the secretary to His Majesty the Lion King, Agravain of Iron!

Fort Soldier A: What's the Round Table's second-in-command doing in a place like his? I thought he's not supposed to leave the Holy City?

Fort Soldier B: ...Oh, I know. Remember we gave Sir Lancelot that horse the other day?

Fort Soldier B: You're not supposed to take a fort's resource without first consulting Sir Agravain...Maybe he's here to pass down his judgment.

Fort Soldier A: Seriously!? Upon our leader!?

Fort Soldier A: Yeah, well, he's a piece of garbage who treats refugees like dirt. If he gets fired, it'd be doing us a favor...

Fort Soldier B: ...Or, it may be about the suspicious bowman we captured the other day.

Fort Soldier B: It took several Enforcement Knights to finally capture him. Perhaps Sir Agravain is here to kill him with his own hands?

Fort Soldier A: Seriously!? He's going to be executed? I don't understand a word he's saying, but he's not a bad guy, ya know?

Fort Soldier A: And ever since he came, our meals got so much better. I actually wanted him to join our side.

Fort Soldier B: ...No no, perhaps...Sir Agravain is after the Old Man of the Mountain we've locked up in our dungeon.

Fort Soldier B: I hear she's quite a beauty, but she's tight-lipped. Even the torturers gave up...

Fort Soldier B: Sir Agravain is the best interrogator at the Round Table...They say he's so good he can literally make a hippo scream for help...

Fort Soldier A: Seriously!? As in an actual word, help? Just how brutal can Sir Agravain be?

Fort Soldier A: And just how much trouble can one fort hold!? Man, I want to move to the Holy City, too!

Fort Soldier B: No no, perhaps...

Fort Soldier A: Seriously!? You got more!?

Dr. Roman: ...The signals are leaving your location...It's okay to come out now.

Fujimaru 1: This is bad...

Mash: Yes. If what they were saying just now is true, that would explain the alertness at the fort.

Fujimaru 2: What a fort we've come to...

Hundred Personas: ...Yeah. Hearing that really makes my head hurt. Tell me the truth, do you guys carry some kind of curse?

Sanzang: Looks like the situation has changed. If Agravain's coming, we've got to hurry.

Sanzang: That guy doesn't approve of any Servants besides the Knights of the Round Table. We can't wait around all night. They'll get Touta!

Mash: Yes. The captured Hassan is also in danger. Thankfully, Sir Agravain hasn't reached the fort yet.

Mash: Let's rescue them both before he gets here!

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: Let's rescue the third Old Man of the Mountain!

Cursed Arm: ...Wait, Fujimaru. May I speak, too?

Cursed Arm: I can hear a pin drop thousands of kilometers away.... The group of horses headed for this fort is already very near.

Cursed Arm: We'll most likely encounter the enemy group as we emerge from the dungeon. That'll complicate our escape.

Cursed Arm: Let's split into two parties. One will break in and rescue the Servants.

Cursed Arm: The other will remain here and, after Agravain's entourage appears, launch an ambush on the fort, creating a diversion.

Dr. Roman: I see. But how would we manage the ambush? The soldiers at the fort won't mobilize for just one or two of us.

Dr. Roman: Won't we need at least twenty of us to cause a diversion?

Hundred Personas: ...

Hundred Personas: ...Leave that to me. The rest of you go to the dungeon.

Mash: But Hundred Personas...You can't go at it alone...

Hundred Personas: Ambush and diversion are my forte. I cannot allow myself to rely on you all the time.

Hundred Personas: I am an Old Man of the Mountain possessing multiple personas. If I feel like it...

Hundred Personas: See? When it comes to assassination by numbers, no one can rival me.

Hundred Personas: I may be no match for a Knight of the Round Table, but against mere soldiers, there is no one more suitable than me.

Hundred Personas: I'll at least give those fort soldiers a good scare. And while I'm at it, I'll get you all a horse.

Hundred Personas: All of you, go save Serenity and Touta.

Mash: Hundred Personas...

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me!

Fujimaru 2: Man, you're so cool!

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Hundred Personas: Cut the flattery. Hurry up.

Cursed Arm: Then, off we go. Let's move, Fujimaru!

Cursed Arm: First we will jump over this wall. Then we will search for the dungeon's entrance.

Sanzang: What? We're going to jump this wall? Without a sound? I can't do that, no way...

Cursed Arm: I will carry Lady Sanzang with me. Lady Mash, please carry Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Mash. Let's go quietly.

Fujimaru 2: Makes you a bit nervous, huh?

Mash: Y-Yes. I'll do my best not to get caught!

Sanzang: Wow, that skeleton guy's amazing! To be able to slip into the dungeon like that!

Sanzang: Could it be you were one of the Phantom Thieves before? Lupin? You must be Arsène Lupin, right!?

Cursed Arm: Not quite. Forts are all built the same no matter where you go. Breaking into a fort is one of the most basic skills for any Hassan.

Cursed Arm: Moreover, the entrance of a dungeon can be easily found by tracing the human psyche.

Cursed Arm: That is, hide it in the deepest and darkest corner that can neither be heard by enemies nor seen by friends...

Cursed Arm: This holds true in any culture.... But be careful.

Cursed Arm: It seems they're simply using what was previously here as a dungeon.... Bad things live here.

Dr. Roman: Hassan's right! I've confirmed several ghost-type enemy signatures!

Dr. Roman: They're coming! Respond to the attack as quietly as you can! Don't let the fort soldiers hear you!

Sanzang: What, vengeful spirits? Then it's my turn! Leave it to me, Fujimaru!

Sanzang: aryavalokitesvaro bodhisattvo gambhirayam prajnaparamitayam caryam caramano vyavalokayati...

Sanzang: Now, everyone come at me! Whatever regrets you may have, I'll guide you all to nirvana!


Mash: This place is bigger and more complicated than we thought, isn't it...We might be outside the fort grounds by now...

Cursed Arm: Yes, it is a wicked structure indeed. It almost feels like it will devour all those who wander into it...

Cursed Arm: You don't seem to have noticed, Lady Mash. But we are three levels underground already.

Mash: What!? But I don't remember going down any stairs or slopes...

Cursed Arm: We've been walking down an incline from the start. Only those accustomed to the darkness would notice.

Cursed Arm: ...Already it's a labyrinth. Looks like this won't be as straightforward after all...

Fujimaru 1: By the way, who's Agravain?

Dr. Roman: Oh, that's right, our dear Fujimaru doesn't know Agravain very well.

Dr. Roman: He may not be much compared to the glorious legends of Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot, or Sir Percival, but...

Mash: He was King Arthur's adjutant.

Mash: His mother, Morgan the Enchantress, was Arthur's older sister. She cursed and neglected the king his entire life.

Cursed Arm: I see. The son of King Arthur's enemy...In other words, he was a spy, a snake in his bosom?

Mash: ...Yes. If you look at the family tree, he's also a half-brother to the treacherous Sir Mordred.

Dr. Roman: At the same time, he was the youngest brother of Sir Gawain, who swore allegiance to King Arthur.

Mash: Yes. But apparently Sir Gawain and Morgan never had much interaction.

Mash: Sir Mordred was also a child of Morgan, but he was only in her care during his childhood.

Mash: It may be that Morgan raised Sir Agravain as the only son she could trust.

Mash: Sir Agravain was a cold individual. Yet he succeeded King Arthur as the civil officer in charge of Camelot's government.

Mash: Most of the Knights of the Round Table must've hated him. They would've seen him as one of Morgan's men who might turn on them at any moment.

Mash: But, in the end...

Dr. Roman: He was killed by Sir Lancelot.

Dr. Roman: Lancelot had an affair with Guinevere, King Arthur's wife.

Dr. Roman: It was Agravain who denounced the two unfaithful. Agravain even accused Guinevere of being impure.

Dr. Roman: ...And for that, in a fit of rage, Lancelot slew him.

Mash: That was the beginning of the collapse of the Round Table.

Mash: Lancelot escorted Queen Guinevere safely from Camelot, then returned to his home country of France,

Mash: and King Arthur, returning from a successful Roman expedition, found himself up against a rebellion led by Sir Mordred...

Dr. Roman: ...Which led to Arthur's death at Camlann. That is the conclusion of the famous Arthurian legend.

Dr. Roman: Right. In that sense, you can even say Agravain murdered King Arthur, as Morgan had planned.

Dr. Roman: Had he not revealed Queen Guinevere and Lancelot's affair, the Round Table wouldn't have fallen.

Mash: That's right...You may say he achieved the biggest impact with the smallest gesture.

Cursed Arm: Hmm...I was never interested in the legend of the Knights of the Round Table, but hearing it now makes me think...

Cursed Arm: They pride themselves on glory and chivalry, but in the end, their lives were just as bitter...

Fou: Fouuuuu...

Sanzang: Hellooo? Toutaaa? Where are youuu?

Sanzang: ...HELLOOO!

Fou: Foooou!

Sanzang: (Sigh) We've been looking all over, but we still can't find him...Don't tell me they already killed him!

Sanzang: No, no way...(Sob, sob) It's fault...

Sanzang: I'm supposed to be his mentor...but I can't even save one of my disciples...Sorry, I'm sorry, Touta...

Fou: Fouuuu. Fou? Fou, fooou!

Mash: Fou, stop. Right now we don't have the time to—Ah.

Mash: Master, there's a hidden passageway here! I can see jail cells!

Mash: Enemy guard presence confirmed in front of one of them! It appears there's a Servant inside it!

Sanzang: Really?! Hang on, I'll be there, I'll be there right away!

???: Huh? That frantic, worried voice...Heeeyyy! Is that you, Sanzang!?

Sanzang: Touta! That voice just now, it's Touta! Hellooooo! Yes, it's me!

Sanzang: When her disciple's in need, she will jump fences, even of the gardens of Gandharva Castle!

Sanzang: In matters of the Abhidharma, namely sutta pitaka, vinaya pitaka, abhidhamma pitaka!

Sanzang: These be the way to the Buddha, and these have I mastered! I, Monk Sanzang! I may be late, but Xuanzang Sanzang is back!

???: Ah yes, there's no mistaking that sinfully showy speech! Yet, despite my joy, I'll tell you to be careful!

???: That prison guard is as monstrously strong as me! See, look, he's headed your way!

???: Especially his kicks, his kicks hurt! Hahaha, your guts will spill if he tags you a good one!

Sanzang: What? Oh no! Everyone, intercept! Intercept!

Sanzang: Let's take down that big one, and get Touta out of there!


G:Touta: Ah, brilliant! That was truly a match worth watching!

G:Touta: I kept biting my fingernails in anticipation...So much that, coupled with this hunger, I was about to eat my own hands! Ah, there we go.

Mash: Did you just walk out of that jail cell on your own!?

G:Touta: Well yeah, I could've stepped out at any time. But I've finally grown tired of lying around. It's about time I got to work.

G:Touta: So, I take it you're the ones who came to attack this fort? Hahaha, you don't say, you don't say!

G:Touta: After all, you must be quite the softies to befriend Xuanzang! Each one of you is an outstandingly good person, I'm sure!

Sanzang: Touta! Where are your manners?! At least introduce yourself first! Are you a monkey or what!?

G:Touta: Huh? Oh. Come to think of it, we don't even know each other's names. I got carried away. Forgive me.

G:Touta: Servant, Archer. My True Name is Tawara Touta. Through fate, I ended up protecting that monk over there.

Sanzang: Escorting, not protecting! Gosh, how many times have I told you!?

Sanzang: You're my disciple, remember?

Sanzang: Disciples have to protect their mentors, no matter what. Got that?

Sanzang: They have to protect their mentor's integrity, and their mentor's safety.

Sanzang: L-I-S-T-E-N! ...Gee, don't make me worry so much, okay?

Sanzang: Promise me. Oh, and if you break that promise, I'll send the Buddha's palm after you, like BAM!

Tawara Touta: O-Okay. Sorry. I didn't think you'd become so meek...

Tawara Touta: ...Huh? No, wait, wait. It was you. It was you, remember?

Tawara Touta: You were the one who said, “That fort looks so much fun! ” You were the one who ran off to pick a fight with the knights! And look what came of it!

Tawara Touta: Next thing I knew, you were already nowhere in sight...I went around looking for you, but then hunger kicked in...

Tawara Touta: I came across a knight in purple armor, but he made quick work of me in my weakened state. Now look at where I am.

Mash: A knight in purple armor...Was that a Knight of the Round Table?

Tawara Touta: Hmm. He called himself Lancelot. He was truly frightening and straightforward. A simple yet powerful swordsman.

Tawara Touta: Sensing danger, I quickly surrendered and let myself be caught. I was getting sleepy anyway.

Dr. Roman: Whoa...You grew sleepy during your fight so you purposely lost to them...all so you could get to a bed?

Dr. Roman: It seems we've stumbled upon yet another dynamic Heroic Spirit...Hmm? Tawara...Tawara!? Hold up, this is the samurai who...!

Tawara Touta: Regardless, you saved me and that's a fact. Was it you who brought Sanzang?

Tawara Touta: Then let me thank you. I am glad you made it in time...Of course I meant Sanzang.

Fujimaru 1: Yes. It's nice to meet you.

Tawara Touta: Wow, and such fine manners. Nice to meet you too, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 2: What's that straw bag?

Tawara Touta: This? Heh heh heh...Well, that's a surprise for later. I will show you the blessing of the sun, one pile after another!

Sanzang: Never mind that, Touta. We're looking for one more prisoner.

Sanzang: Would you know where she is? Apparently, she's like that skeleton guy over there.

Tawara Touta: What!? A mask sewn onto your skull! Doesn't that hurt!?

Cursed Arm: Of course, somewhat. My mask does stick on my face much firmer than any other Old Men.

Tawara Touta: ...Hm. Seems like you have your reasons. I have asked a foolish question, do forgive me.

Tawara Touta: As for your inquiry...I'm not sure whether they have the same face as you, but there's another prisoner back there to the left.

Cursed Arm: —We appreciate it. Let's hurry, Fujimaru.

Cursed Arm: I think I smell something burning.

Sanzang: Yes, let's hurry! And Touta! I'm tired of walking, so carry me on your shoulders!

Tawara Touta: That again? You'll grow fat if you get too lazy, you know.

Sanzang: I. WILL. NOT. And quit making me repeat myself!

Sanzang: I'm your mentor, remember? Mentors are to be obeyed, remember? Absolute obedience, remember?

Tawara Touta: That's exactly what I mean. Listen, Sanzang, Xuanzang Sanzang. I don't recall ever agreeing to...

Sanzang: Yeah, yeah. Who cares, come on, carry me.

Tawara Touta: ...Goodness. What am I to do with you...

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang's behaving even more freely...

Fujimaru 2: I thought this was supposed to be an intense moment...

Dr. Roman: Ah well, that Tawara Touta over there is a Dragon Slayer from the Far East, a samurai with interesting tales.

Dr. Roman: Let's hurry up and rescue Hassan, then return to the village. Touta's Noble Phantasm will be a brand-new discovery for Mash.

Mash: Doctor? What do you mean?

Dr. Roman: I'd like you to find that out with your own eyes.

Dr. Roman: What can I say? That girl Sanzang there might just be the real savior in all this.


Dr. Roman: Everyone, bad news! I am detecting large-scale movement above ground!

Dr. Roman: Hassan of the Hundred Personas must have engaged the enemy already! That can only mean—

Cursed Arm: Agravain is already here...Let's hurry, Fujimaru!

Mash: I am picking up another life sign! It's beyond this door.

Fou: Fouuu.

Mash: ...The floor is stained with blood, and there are all sorts of tools hanging on the wall...

Mash: This...This is no ordinary prison. There's a...girl? She's chained to the wall over there.

E:???: ...Who are you? ...You haven't given up yet?

E:???: No matter what you may do to me, I won't tell you anything. So...hurry up and slit my throat.

E:???: Let's stop wasting both of our time...After all, pain or poison can't kill me.

Cursed Arm: ...There'll be no need for any throat-slitting today, Serenity. I am impressed you've held on this long.

Serenity: ...Are you...from the eastern village?

Fujimaru 1: We're here to rescue you!


Dr. Roman: ...Looks like she's not fully conscious yet. To capture a Servant, and wear her down to this state...

Dr. Roman: It's probably a skill these Knights of the Round Table...Or rather, Agravain possesses. But still, even if she's a Hassan, to do this to a child...

Cursed Arm: Stay your tongue. No matter how young she may be, she is a first-rate assassin that was crowned an “Old Man of the Mountain. ”

Cursed Arm: Serenity's age has nothing to do with her skills. Any further comment on such topic would be an insult to her, Lord Mage.

Dr. Roman: Er...I am sorry. That's true, she must be quite an assassin to be able to lead a sect by herself...

Fujimaru 2: This chain...It's pitch-black!

Sanzang: That's Agravain's “Iron Punishment. ” That guy has a sick hobby of binding people with specific rules.

Sanzang: Once he gets his special chains around you, there's no escape, not even for a Servant.

Serenity: ...Wait. Wait there. Don't come near me. Are you really people from the mountains?

Mash: No, we're foreigners. We came here to rescue you...That much is true.

Mash: Together with Hassan of the Cursed Arm, and Hassan of the Hundred Personas, we broke in here to do just that.

Cursed Arm: They speak the truth, Serenity. Hence you can relax your guard. You mustn't lose hope.

Cursed Arm: I hate to ask, Fujimaru, but could you unshackle her? Somehow, that chain is not friendly towards Servants.

Fujimaru 1: Of course. Leave it to me!

Fujimaru 2: It must've been rough. Here, stay still.

Mash: Good. The chains came off. Now you're free.

Serenity: ...Yes.

Mash: Oh, look out, you'll trip if you–

Fujimaru 1: (Jumps up to help)

Serenity: ...Huh!?

Fujimaru 2: (Watches)

Serenity: ...Huh!!

Dr. Roman: Hm? What was that sound just now?

Mash: Serenity lost her footing and Senpai jumped in to catch her.

Mash: They've collapsed in each other's arms. Senpai has cushioned her fall.

Mash: Hassan's mask seems to have fallen from the impact. It's on the ground.

Mash: And for some reason they aren't getting up. Both are rooted on the spot.

Dr. Roman: Oh!? I can sense a brand-new romance blossoming!

Dr. Roman: ...I mean, this is bad. Right, this is not good.

Dr. Roman: Hurry and get up, Fujimaru. I understand how you feel, but we're in enemy territory right now.

Serenity: ...No. This person will never be able to get up again.

Mash: ?

Serenity: The Zabaniya I've acquired will take the life of anyone who touches my body.

Serenity: ...My body is poisonous. Every inch of it and every drop of fluid inside it is extremely poisonous.

Serenity: Based on the legend of Visha Kanya from the far eastern land, I'm a “poison girl,” created by a religious cult to be a living lump of poison.

Serenity: Normal interaction wouldn't cause immediate death, but...we just...

Serenity: ...Our...lips...

Mash: ...Come again?

Dr. Roman: I didn't catch that. What?

Serenity: ...I'm sorry. It's too late. This person will die.

Serenity: That's an irreversible fact. I am truly...sorry...

Serenity: You all came to save me, yet I've killed...again...

Fujimaru 1: I'm a bit numb, but I'm still alive.

Fujimaru 2: I almost died of shock in a way, but anyway...

Serenity: ...Huh!?

Serenity: No, that's not possible...How...I don't understand...

Mash: Right. Senpai has the skill Anti-Poison (Temporary Name). You don't have to worry, Hassan.

Dr. Roman: Oh yeah, even the demonic fog in London didn't do anything.

Dr. Roman: There's no doubt about it. Fujimaru is shrouded in some kind of Anti-Filth protection.

Dr. Roman: It's most likely an effect of Mash's shield. It protects its contractor from illness.

Serenity: Um...Are you really...all right?

Serenity: Are we...Are we touch?

Mash: Senpai, and even I, will most likely have no problem. Unless it's due to some kind of Noble Phantasm-level Mystic.

Serenity: Is that...right...

Mash: ...?

Serenity: ...

Dr. Roman: Anyway, let's return to the surface soon.

Dr. Roman: Even if Hundred Personas is capable of multiplying herself, the burden is too heavy for her alone.

Dr. Roman: Let's join her right away, and relocate somewhere where we can rest, before that Knight of the Round Table shows up.

H:???: Nonsense. You should just rest here.

Cursed Arm: !!!

H:???: Hello, everyone. And welcome to my torture chamber.

H:???: Even thieves are still guests from far away. Greetings, Master of Chaldea.

Cursed Arm: Agravain of the Round Table!

Agravain: Ah, it seems there's no need to introduce myself. Oh, don't worry. No need to introduce yourselves, either.

Agravain: One Master, one contract Servant, two Old Men of the Mountain, and finally—

Agravain: Sanzang, who so arrogantly left our Holy City behind, along with her escorting Servant.

Agravain: All of you are targets of enforcement. Please allow us to take care of you immediately.

Mash: Enforcement Knights approaching! They won't listen to reason!

Sanzang: Still no sense of playfulness, huh, Agravain! Don't you know that's why everybody hates you!?

Agravain: That's fine. I despise humans so I couldn't wish for more.

Agravain: I'm but a simple man, the complete opposite of you, who dreams of leading everyone to enlightenment.

Sanzang: ...There you go again...

Tawara Touta: I see, then you're definitely my enemy!

Tawara Touta: My bow embodies the power of Hachiman, the Great Bodhisattva. Let my arrows rid you of your melancholy.... Why, you ask?

Tawara Touta: Because in a peaceful world, even a delicious meal will taste plain without smiles! Having a depressed face like that will ruin any feast!


Mash: We've defeated the Enforcement Knights. But...

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up more enemies! More are coming!

Dr. Roman: We'll only get overwhelmed if we keep fighting! We have to find an escape route!

Cursed Arm: ...There are no escape routes. So this is checkmate for us, Agravain...

Agravain: Of course. I am different than the others sitting at the Round Table. I do not seek glory, only results.

Agravain: You're all finished here. It's a shame that your death is so...forgettable.

Agravain: (Yet...Gawain, that fool. How could he have failed to capture these simpletons? )

Agravain: (Surely it wasn't out of distrust for the king? No, Sir Gawain would never do such a thing. )

Agravain: (He himself is the sword serving the king. He's not like Lancelot. )

Sanzang: Agravain. No, Aggy. You know what, I'm gonna call you Aggy from now.

Enforcement Knight: Y-You tramp, how dare you speak to Lord Agravain like that!? Have you no fear?! Prepare to be punished!

Agravain: It's all right. Stand down.

Agravain: Xuanzang Sanzang. I have no intention of discussing anything with you. Never have, never will.

Agravain: But I value the depth of your insights.

Agravain: It may be from a little girl's perspective, but you must have seen a number of lands.

Agravain: For that sole reason, there's value in lending an ear to your stories.

Sanzang: “Little girl”!? You're not that much older than me, Aggy.

Enforcement Knight: ...You!

Agravain: ...I shall grant you one last chance. A chance to return to this side.

Agravain: You saw what life was like in the Holy City. You saw what life was like among the mountain tribes.

Agravain: I'm sure you also saw Ozymandias's land, the territory of Egypt.

Agravain: With that in mind, let me pose this question to you...Is the Lion King in the wrong?

Sanzang: Well...

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang?

Fujimaru 2: Why aren't you saying anything?

Agravain: Exactly. You of all people should understand, Xuanzang Sanzang. Our Holy City is the only truth, the only ideal.

Agravain: No matter which side you are on, we share the same goal. We are merely searching for a way to survive.

Agravain: “To defend the people of our nation. ” Even that Ozymandias thinks the same thing.

Agravain: But with their policies, they won't change anything. They'll just fall into ruin along with the world, along with the era.

Agravain: Think back on your time in the Holy City. Everyone lived a satisfying life. They bettered each other, they respected each other.

Agravain: The utopia once dreamed of by the King of Knights has come true in the Holy City.

Agravain: You turned your back on that. That alone is an insult to me, but—

Agravain: The King of Knights...No, His Majesty the Lion King respected your thoughtfulness. Therefore, this will be my final offer.

Agravain: Return to the Holy City, and sit with us at the Round Table. You will fit well in Gareth's empty seat.

Sanzang: ...I suppose so. To be honest, I've been hesitating this whole time.

Sanzang: Which side I should take...The Lion King, the Sun King, or the mountain people...

Sanzang: I wasn't really into the idea from the start. I couldn't hear the Buddha's voice, either.

Sanzang: When the Buddha is silent, it means things are out of my hands.

Sanzang: In other words, Buddha has been telling me to “butt out” this entire time.

Dr. Roman: Oh, I get it. Budd-ha, Budd-out, Butt-out!

Fujimaru 1: You butt out!

Fujimaru 2: Shut up, Doctor!

Sanzang: However...

Sanzang: ...(Glance)

Sanzang: Nope, I can't stay out any longer.

Sanzang: No matter how nice the Lion King's Holy City may be, I know in my heart that the tactics used by the Round Table are wrong!

Mash: That's right!

Mash: Even if the Holy City is a utopia, selecting who will live in it and then killing the rest is unforgivable! It's an atrocity!

Agravain: It isn't an atrocity. It's a conclusion. Those not chosen by the Holy City will die in this wilderness.

Agravain: ...Which by itself wouldn't be so bad, except that they'll then develop feelings of hate and jealousy toward it.

Agravain: To build a strong Holy City, we cut off that evil at the source. This is also the mercy of the Lion King.

Agravain: We've never forced anyone. The refugees are free to choose whether or not they wish to receive the Holy City's sanctuary.

Agravain: We wage war, yes, but only to protect the Holy City from its enemies. If the mountain people give up on the Holy Land, we'll cease fighting too.

Sanzang: Oh. Then why does this world have an “end”?

Agravain: —What?

Sanzang: I've journeyed to the other side of the desert. And saw THAT there. That's why I returned.

Sanzang: Agravain. I promise not to start crying, so tell me. What are you trying to do?

Sanzang: Is the Lion King really in her right mind?

Sanzang: Didn't she lose her human heart a long time ago? Are you sure she's still a Heroic Spirit!?

Agravain: ...You crossed that desert with your own two feet? Indeed, it seems I underestimated you.

Agravain: I'm breaking off the negotiations. Resume the enforcement.

Sanzang: Hey, answer my questions! Or what, you want me to get serious, is that it!?

Sanzang: My Buddha palm will snap your feeble Enforcement Knights like a bunch of rice crackers!

Agravain: We shall see. These Enforcement Knights are different.

Agravain: ...In the past, there was a fool who fled the court after slaying his brethren in a wild rage.

Agravain: These Enforcement Knights are modeled after that man and made stronger. They fight like pathetic mad dogs, yet that is fitting for rebel scum like you.


Agravain: On to the next one. It seems we are at a stand-still...But that matters not. I have resources and time on my side.

Dr. Roman: There's no place for us to run in a small space like this!

Dr. Roman: Even if we try to go after Agravain directly, doesn't he have a Gift like the other Knights of the Round!?

Dr. Roman: Without Be–Lucius, we can't take them down!

Mash: No, wait, that's incorrect, Doctor. Sir Agravain doesn't possess a Gift.

Dr. Roman: What!? Why not!?

Agravain: It is obvious. To receive a Gift is to enter into a contract with the Lion King...Something akin to becoming his Servant.

Agravain: Such a situation would prove rather inconvenient for me. Because...I would not be able to do anything to the king, right?

Dr. Roman: ...I see, so that's how it is. But thanks to that, we now have a fighting chance!

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, focus your attacks on Agravain! That'll turn the tables on him!

Agravain: It will not, fool. The Enforcement Knights will not stop, even if you kill me.

Agravain: You will all die down here. That was decided the moment I arrived.

Agravain: Death means nothing to me, as it is an inevitability. Soon, the sacred lance will enter its final phase.

Agravain: When that happens, this era will...What's going on!?

Enforcement Knight: Lord Agravain? Why are you retreating all by—Ugh...Argh...Gah...

D:Enforcement Knight: What's going on...My feet are numb...And...I can't breathe...

Mash: They...They all passed out! What's going on here!?

Serenity: ...Halt. If you take another step, you will be affected by this poison as well.

Serenity: I am the Hassan-i Sabbah of the Serenity, the poisonous flower that blooms at night. As I dance, the wind becomes poison and assassinates the enemy—

Serenity: It's meant to be used upwind, but you can see how it works in an airtight underground facility such as this one...

Serenity: Hehe. It was...something I was able to use only because everyone kept the Enforcement Knights at bay. You have my gratitude.

Serenity: ...And I am sorry to have kept you waiting, Master Fujimaru.

Serenity: Was I...useful to you?

Fujimaru 1: Oh, uh, of course!

Fujimaru 2: (...This girl is scary! )

Mash: I-In any event, thanks to Serenity, we've managed to get ourselves out of trouble...

Mash: Also, Senpai, you're too close. Serenity is basically glued to your back.

Cursed Arm: Oh, I'm sorry about that, Mash. I guess I'm as blind as a skeleton.

Cursed Arm: Serenity, you should back away.

Cursed Arm: I know it's rare to find a human who doesn't die by your touch. However, that person is our guest and savior.

Cursed Arm: Don't try to cause any trouble.

Serenity: ...Of course. I will make sure to take care of our guest.

Sanzang: ...Agravain got away, huh? He ran above ground with his tail between his legs as soon as he sensed the poison...

Sanzang: All his men are out cold. I doubt they'll pose any threat now.

Tawara Touta: Well, so...what's the situation? Is it all right for us to move now?

Serenity: ...Yes. I've stopped my dance, so the poison should have thinned out. Breathing the air might numb you a bit, but it should be fine.

Dr. Roman: I-I see. In that case, let's hurry back above ground. I'm worried about Hundred Personas!

Section 10: Feast, West Village (1/2)

Hundred Personas: Took you long enough, fools! An entire hour?! I thought I would die!

Mash: I'm so sorry! Great work, Hundred Personas!

Serenity: You...You're from the western village, right? Even you came here, too?

Hundred Personas: Hmm. It looks like everything went well.

Hundred Personas: ...Oh, I saw Agravain heading for the Holy City on horseback just now. Had a feeling that would happen.

Hundred Personas: Well done, Fujimaru. I guess all that intense fighting I did wasn't in vain.

Hundred Personas: ...Still some survivors. I'll let you guys take care of them.

Hundred Personas: I'm going to go steal some horses. My brain is not functioning. Ah, I want to eat some sweet fruit...

Fujimaru 1: It's physical work, and yet it's mentally draining for you.

Hundred Personas: That's right. I turn all of my personalities into my own blade. That's how I fight.

Hundred Personas: That's why the longer I fight, the slower my thought process becomes. Stealing horses is about as much as I can do now.

Fujimaru 2: I should have brought a steamed bun.

Hundred Personas: Steamed...bun? Is that like lokum? Whatever it is, I'll take it.

Hundred Personas: Our village is always short of food. I would love the kids to at least have something sweet to eat.

Hundred Personas: ...Anyway. Serenity, it's time you showed Fujimaru your true strength.

Hundred Personas: That [♂ man /♀ girl] will lead us from now on. Let [♂ him /♀ her] know what you're capable of.

Serenity: Yes, of course! Please count on me, Master Fujimaru!

Fort Soldier: There they are! Follow me! Bring as many Golems as possible!

Fort Soldier: Don't let anyone get away. Kill them all!


Serenity: ...Mmm. That was my ability, Master Fujimaru. Please use me at your discretion...

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru, the horses are ready. We should leave the fort at once.

Cursed Arm: It was unfortunate we missed Agravain, but I think we should be proud of what we achieved.

Cursed Arm: In fact, it was a tremendous pleasure to see him running around. It will be a story to talk about for a long time, ha!

Hundred Personas: Just get on, Cursed Arm. We should head back to the mountains before dawn.

Hundred Personas: Even if Lord Arash is there, we've been away from the village for two days now. It worries me.

Cursed Arm: Mmm, you're right! We also have two new guests with us. Let's hurry back and regroup.

Section 10: Feast, West Village (2/2)

Arash: Hey, great work! You did it! Heard the good news, Fujimaru!

Arash: Sir Bedivere, you should come out from behind the house too. We need to give a proper welcome to those who fought hard, right?

Bedivere: ...I know, but...I just...I am so pathetic, to be out at such a crucial time...

Fujimaru 1: I'm home, Sir Bedivere!

Bedivere: Y-Yes! Welcome back, Fujimaru.

Bedivere: ...I'm glad you're back safely.

Bedivere: When I heard that you ran into Sir Agravain, I was extremely worried...

Bedivere: But you chased off that Agravain of Iron. What marvelous work. I wish I was there to see it.

Fujimaru 2: You don't need to worry at all.

Bedivere: ...Thank you.

Bedivere: I know I shouldn't be depressed. I know I should look forward to the chance to make it up to you. But...

Bedivere: No, this is bad, I get pessimistic way too easily. I should be more optimistic like you.

Bedivere: And you did a wonderful job, Fujimaru. I am overjoyed as if it were my own victory.

Arash: So, those two are the new additions? ...What a unique look they have...

Sanzang: Yes, my name's Xuanzang Sanzang! I'm here to bring forth the divine protection of the Buddha!

Tawara Touta: I am Tawara Touta. As you can see, I'm just a passerby who somehow got caught up in this.... I see, so this is the western village...

Tawara Touta: I heard all about the village on the way here. Well then...Mwahaha...

Tawara Touta: Save the greetings and long stories for later! First, get a load of this!

Tawara Touta: Traveling on Mt. Mikami, exterminating some evil bugs...You can keep scooping from it, but its fortunes never run dry...

Tawara Touta: Seven rounds at the mountain ain't enough. Eight rounds at the mountain ain't enough.

Tawara Touta: If you're about to eat, make many rounds. The Dragon King's mighty generous, so off with the lid and out with the goods!

Tawara Touta: Here we go! Anti-Feast Noble Phantasm...Shower of Tasty Rice! Let it rain, let it rain!

Mash: Wha-

Cursed Arm: Wha-

Bedivere: Wha-

Serenity: ?

Fujimaru 1: What in the world!?

Hundred Personas: Wh-What is this downpour!? Grains!? Food!? Could this be food!?

Mash: Yes...There's no doubt, this is rice! Enough to make Hundred Personas take off her mask!

Arash: Wow, what an amazing Archer! We have the greatest helper here!

Sanzang: Yes, this is part of the Buddha's divine protection, you see? This is why Touta and I met!


E:Children: Whoaaaaaa. Whoaaaaaaaaa!

Sanzang: This is just the start! Hundred Palms Buddha Rice Balls, we'll keep them coming—!

E:Children: Wooooooo! You are awesome!

Dr. Roman: It sounds really lively over there!? What happened, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: A feast has started.

Fujimaru 2: A feast has finally started.

Tawara Touta: Look at how you can drink! Lord Arash, you finished that huge bottle in a second!

Arash: Well, look at how you can eat, Lord Touta! I'm impressed you finished that huge fish in a flash!

Hundred Personas: ...These two are completely drunk. They even talk like each other...For goodness' sake...

Hundred Personas: Hmph. This tastes a bit strange, but once you get used to it, it's not too bad. Alcohol from fermented rice...Huh, not bad.

Sanzang: Okay, next the stuffing! I can't eat meat, but it'll surely be a feast for the kids!

Sanzang: Take out the guts and stuff it with rice! I taught this recipe to Bajie before!

Sanzang: Oh, that reminds me. I would like one more disciple if possible.

Sanzang: Touta is Wukong, Arash is Bajie...Now I just need someone to be Wujing!

Arash: Wait a minute, that guy is totally wrong for me! Lord Touta is the one gobbling everything up!

Arash: The pig!? I don't like it! Switch me with Lord Touta!

Tawara Touta: Oh no, as long as it's delicious, I'll eat everything, including meat and fish. I'm far from being Bajie.

Tawara Touta: In that sense, Lord Arash is the virtuous one! All he's been eating is beans!

Arash: No, I eat meat, too! It's just that these split peas are so damn good!

Fujimaru 1: They're completely drunk...

Fujimaru 2: I can't stop this...

Cursed Arm: Looks like it. I'd scold them for letting their guard down too much in a situation like this, but...

Cursed Arm: For the past six months, ever since the land was burned down and the Holy Land was taken, we have been living under heavy restrictions.

Cursed Arm: All these villagers...they deserve to enjoy this moment. Well, we owe all of this to Lord Tawara.

Mash: ...Yes. Looks like everyone in the village is having a good time.

Mash: But what about you? You still haven't had anything to eat or drink.

Cursed Arm: I'm fine. It's not that I can't hold my alcohol,it's just—

Cursed Arm: You see, it's this body. I cannot ingest human food as much anymore.

Mash: What does that mean?

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. This is going to be an embarrassing story. You see, out of all of the Old Men of the Mountain, I was the most ordinary.

Cursed Arm: I was pretty good at everything, but I didn't have any exceptional talent.

Cursed Arm: We Old Men of the Mountain are the greatest assassins of our generation. We each need to have one special skill that nobody else can replicate.

Cursed Arm: Hundred Personas can take on a hundred personalities. Serenity's entire body is poisonous, and can also neutralize any poison.

Cursed Arm: I never had anything like that. Nevertheless, I still desired to become an Old Man of the Mountain.

Cursed Arm: ...I guess I was desperate because I was young, or actually, because I was alive.

Cursed Arm: I wanted the title of Old Man of the Mountain, no matter the cost. I wanted to earn my place in history as a great, remarkable man.

Cursed Arm: And in order to achieve that, I chose to sacrifice my own body.

Cursed Arm: ...My right arm is not a man's arm. This is the arm of the demon Shaytan.

Cursed Arm: Though I myself lacked talent, I could at least take something that did and make it my own...That was my logic.

Cursed Arm: This body, Cursed Arm, is the result.

Cursed Arm: My face, my people, my love...I left them all behind and became an Old Man of the Mountain.

Cursed Arm: ...All without understanding that I would become a nonperson, indistinguishable from the others in history and memory.

Mash: ...

Cursed Arm: Well, I'm sorry you had to hear this boring story. But it looks like we are the only ones who are not drunk.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru, I have one favor to ask of you.

Cursed Arm: The smell of this feast has attracted uninvited guests. They now gather outside the village.

Cursed Arm: While we're both destined to be sober, would you keep my company a little longer?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: I can't rely on you alone, Cursed Arm.

Cursed Arm: Haha, well then, let's duck out quietly. Tonight is a pleasant dream. The people here need not wake from it.

Mash: Indeed...I'll stay with you, Hassan!


Cursed Arm: Ha, it took longer than I thought. I suspect the feast must be over by now.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru, Lady Mash. You should rest here tonight.

Cursed Arm: ...Because tomorrow morning we will be discussing our next move. See you then.

Mash: ...It seems like Cursed Arm is going to rest for the night. The square is still a mess, but we can't do much about it.

Mash: That was an amazing sight earlier. A shower of rice from Touta's bags...

Mash: Sanzang and Touta then used that rice and made a lot of stir-fried dishes.

Mash: An endless supply of rice...Enough for every single villager to eat and then some!

Mash: Did you know? I understand that's Touta's Noble Phantasm.

Fujimaru 1: That's surprising.

Fujimaru 2: Although he can't fight with it.

Mash: ...Right.

Mash: A Servant's Special Arts. An EX-ranked Noble Phantasm, yet it serves no purpose in battle.

Mash: A cure for people's hunger achieved without conflict. I never knew such a Noble Phantasm existed.

Mash: It's just amazing.

Mash: It reminds me of something Nero said, something like, “How can there be a nation without laughter? ”

Mash: Those were her words to you during her fight with Romulus.

Fujimaru 1: That's right.

Fujimaru 2: Mash, you were listening?

Mash: Yes. I was there at the time. I just couldn't come out.

Mash: The faces of the villagers earlier today...They were all smiling. Everyone was happy.

Mash: So that's the kind of Noble Phantasm his rice bag is...I never would've imagined it.

Mash: Of course, defeating an enemy of the the same as saving the innocent...

Mash: But...

Mash: No, never mind. I can't put it into words.

Mash: But I do understand. I understand that every event in a Singularity is, by nature, a distortion that never should have been.

Mash: Everything gets corrected upon retrieving the Holy Grail: phenomena, memories, everything.

Mash: For Chaldea, for Senpai, restoring the Foundation of Humanity is the only action that means anything.

Mash: Forging friendships with those who suffer in a Singularity is therefore meaningless.

Mash: I know that, but...somehow...

Fujimaru 1: It's not meaningless.

Mash: ...I, I suppose you're right.

Mash: Episodes, interactions, emotions...The joy, the sorrow...It's all real, regardless of whether it ends up being erased or not.

Fujimaru 2: Its meaning will remain, even if it gets erased.

Mash: Even if there are no records of our actions...the meaning will remain?

Mash: Do I have it backwards?

Mash: ...Even if no one remembers it, even if it doesn't exist in Chaldea's records,

Mash: the fact that such a life definitely existed is, in itself, an essential element of human history...

Mash: ...Hmm. It might be a little too difficult for me to understand, but...

Mash: But what a beautiful expression. “Its meaning will remain, even if it gets erased. ”

Mash: ...Even if nobody remembers anymore, the feelings that existed at that time are what make up this exact moment.

Mash: ...My apologies. I've rambled on. Like Hassan said, we're going to be busy in the morning.

Mash: Good night, Master. I hope you rest up, and wake up feeling good tomorrow as you always do.

Fort Soldier: Attention, men! Sir Tristan of the Knights of the Round Table is here!

Tristan: ...Thank you for your welcome, but I am not in the mood.

Tristan: I would like to see where it happened. Please, lead the way.

Fort Soldier: Yes, sir! This way!

Fort Soldier: That's what happened last night. The insurgents' ambush has reduced our military force by 70 percent.

Fort Soldier: Right now, this fort has lost its functionality.

Tristan: ...Tragic. For a knight of the Holy City to die of poison-induced suffocation...

Tristan: I wonder how the king will mourn over this cruelty...

Fort Soldier: ...Yes, sir. The casualties include more than 30 soldiers stationed at this fort, and 26 knights brought here by Sir Agravain.

Fort Soldier: All the surviving soldiers are working around the clock so we may hold a funeral for our lost comrades.

Fort Soldier: “As soon as you have held their funeral, avenge their deaths with all your might. ” That's what His Majesty the Lion King would say.

Tristan: ...How sad. Yes, I am very sad indeed.

Tristan: ...That I have left this fort in the care of weak-minded fools like you.

Fort Soldier: ...Huh?

Fort Soldier B: N-No! Sir Tristan, what are you doing!?

Tristan: Who gave you permission to mourn the dead? Oh...I am saddened by your incompetence.

Fort Soldier C: Sir Tristan...Please...Please forgive us!

Fort Soldier C: We will organize a search party to go after them! I swear on my honor, we will eradicate those mountain tribes!

Tristan: Hurry. They left on horses.

Tristan: Then the only way to track them down is with my bow. It should not pose a problem if the tracks are only a day old.

Tristan: This kind of job is normally for the Raider Knights, but I am sure this is also the will of His Majesty the Lion King.

Tristan: Even if they are just insects, I cannot stand them still roaming around.

Tristan: Ah, how sad. It seems I will have to...pluck them from the soil with these fingers once again.


Cursed Arm: Good morning. It looks like everyone had a good rest last night and is fully recharged.

Cursed Arm: So. I will get straight to the point. Fujimaru, we would like a word with you. Come on, Hundred Personas.

Hundred Personas: I know, no need to remind me.... Fujimaru, Mash, and Bedivere.

Hundred Personas: We will believe that you do not serve the Lion King and that you wish to oppose his tyranny.

Hundred Personas: Furthermore, it was only with your help that we were able to save Serenity.

Hundred Personas: Because of all of this, our plan to stage an uprising against the Holy City was kept secret.

Hundred Personas: All of you have contributed to the wellbeing of every citizen of this land. Great job.

Hundred Personas: ...

Hundred Personas: ...

Fujimaru 1: ?

Hundred Personas: Ugh...No, I can't put it in words! Not even I can believe I would be this stubborn!

Hundred Personas: All right, I'll let my fists do the talking! Fujimaru! This is our last battle!

Hundred Personas: If you want words out of me, you'll have to win them from me fair and square! ...In battle, of course!

Hundred Personas: You come too, Serenity! It's a good opportunity to show Fujimaru your skills!

Serenity: Uh...Okay. I'm not perfectly sure, but if you say so...

Cursed Arm: (Hmm...Should I tell Hundred Personas that assassins shouldn't fight “fair and square”? )


Cursed Arm: Oh, stop being such a baby! You should learn how to be open-minded like Serenity!

Hundred Personas: I just haven't forgotten my pride as an Old Man of the Mountain! I just can't accept heathens that easily!

Hundred Personas: ...However, it ends now. It's true I was being petty, especially in front of the children.

Hundred Personas: Fujimaru. Our mission is to defeat the Lion King. Your mission is to face him.

Hundred Personas: I'd say they are practically the same. The Lion King would never leave the Holy City.

Hundred Personas: To get inside, we'll need to defeat their knights and get past that front gate.

Hundred Personas: We will soon launch a full-scale attack on the city with a united force consisting of those that have lost their families and their stake in the Holy Land.

Hundred Personas: When we do, we want your help. Please lend us a hand.

Fujimaru 1: We're the ones who need help from you.

Sanzang: Well, that's what I thought. You can't possibly get through the gate of the Holy City on your own.

Fujimaru 2: It's give and take.

Bedivere: ...Absolutely. It was never a question of whether I could handle it myself.

Dr. Roman: ...So the situation has developed into an all-out assault, huh?

Dr. Roman: You've fought in a war in America, but it might be your first time trying to capture a city that size.

Dr. Roman: I wonder if it will go our way.

Dr. Roman: How many troops can you gather to attack the Holy City? If you simply go and attack, you're asking to get defeated.

Fou: Fou, Foooou...

Hundred Personas: How true. You are right in that our forces are not that formidable.

Hundred Personas: Right now, half of the villages have agreed to join the attack. We have about 7,000 soldiers who can fight at the front.

Hundred Personas: The Holy City soldiers are also less than 10,000 in number, but their training is what makes the difference. All the soldiers there are really tough.

Hundred Personas: We need three of our soldiers to match one of theirs.

Hundred Personas: And if the Knights of the Round Table join the fray, normal soldiers wouldn't even stand a chance.

Hundred Personas: ...Even so, we can't wait any longer. Our resources are being exhausted day by day.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. I apologize for ruining the mood. I understand our differences in military strength now.

Tawara Touta: Hm...We should have more Servants than they do though. There are five Knights of the Round Table who survived the fight with the Crusaders.

Tawara Touta: Lancelot, Gawain, Tristan, Mordred, and Agravain.

Tawara Touta: On our end, we have eight.

Tawara Touta: Mash, Bedivere, Arash, Hassan, Hassan, Hassan, me, and Sanzang.

Tawara Touta: Wait, Sanzang is practically useless on the battlefield, so seven. Even so, our Servants can still match with theirs.

Tawara Touta: In that case, why don't we launch the assault by ourselves?

Arash: It's not that, Lord Touta. Our fight is to take back the Holy Land.

Arash: Simply defeating the Knights of the Round Table wouldn't suffice. I mean, that whole 3-on-1 thing...

Arash: The same applies to us too. I witnessed the fight with Mordred...

Arash: The Knights of the Round Table all seem to be protected by some kind of strange power. I'm not even sure if three of us would be able to defeat one of them.

Tawara Touta: ...Hm. If Lord Arash puts it that way. I guess now is not the time to rejoice over a worthy opponent.

Bedivere: ...

Hundred Personas: ...Of course, we will continue to recruit more troops. As for the Knights of the Round Table, we just need to take them down one by one.

Hundred Personas: The problem is Gawain. As long as he is at the front gate, there's no way we can win.

Mash: Sir Gawain is invincible in broad daylight. Logically, the only chance we have is to attack at night...

Dr. Roman: Oh, but he doesn't have that weak point. Thanks to the Lion King's Gift, the sun will never set as long as he's on the battlefield.

Bedivere: ...Right. It's been said time and again, but Gawain is the most powerful Knight of the Round Table under daylight.

Bedivere: Unless we have a Noble Phantasm that shares the same attribute as, say, Lancelot's Arondight, we can't even defend against him.

Mash: ...Arondight...The treasured sword that never dulls.

Mash: Using a sword to defend against attack...Does that mean its attribute is similar to my shield?

Bedivere: No, Lady Mash. Your Noble Phantasm's attribute is one of a kind.

Bedivere: Also, Sir Lancelot's sword is an Anti-Personnel Noble Phantasm.

Bedivere: I can't explain it well, but in terms of fighting with Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot is the best match.

Sanzang: Oh, I have an idea! Why don't we draw Lancelot to our side, and have him fight Gawain!?

Tawara Touta: You fool, how could we turn them against each other!? We can't win them over with a rice ball! That works only for you!

Sanzang: Ouch! ...Hmm. I thought Lancelot was someone we could try to talk to...

Dr. Roman: Well, the way things are, I have to say that I'm against the attack on the Holy City. We have no way to defeat Sir Gawain.

Dr. Roman: On top of that, our purpose is to face the Lion King, but there's also another “enemy”...

Fujimaru 1: Enemy?

Mash: That's right...The one holding the Holy Grail in this time period is not the Lion King...

Fujimaru 2: There is one more king...

Cursed Arm: ...True. And that man is a dangerous enemy for us too...

Dr. Roman: Yes, Ozymandias in the territory of Egypt. It's impossible to tell what he's plotting.

Dr. Roman: There are still too many concerns. As commander of Chaldea, I cannot allow Fujimaru to join the battle.

Serenity: Please wait a moment. In order to have Master Fujimaru join our cause, we just need a force strong enough, right?

Serenity: If that's the case...we do have one ultimate secret hidden away. It was also one of the reasons why I was captured and interrogated.

Hundred Personas: Serenity! Don't tell me—!

Serenity: ...Please forgive me, Hundred Personas. But isn't this the time for us to break our taboo?

Serenity: If our strength alone is not enough, then we must borrow his great strength.

Hundred Personas: ...

Cursed Arm: ...

Sanzang: Huh? What is it? These skeletons just got gloomy all of a sudden...

Fujimaru 1: Taboo?

Fujimaru 2: Great strength?

Bedivere: ...The Shrine of Azrael.

Bedivere: The one who lies dormant in the shrine of the Assassin's sect, the “First Hassan. ”

Hundred Personas: What!? You know of him? You, a Knight of the Round Table?

Bedivere: Before I came here, I was told by a certain mage.

Bedivere: “If you are to rise against King Arthur, pay a visit to the Old Man of the Mountain. Not the ones of later generations, but he who is their first, and their last. ”

Cursed Arm: ...I see. So you knew, Sir Bedivere.

Cursed Arm: ...Indeed, Gawain would pose no threat to the First One.

Cursed Arm: However, if we were to wake him up, that could only mean...

Hundred Personas: ...I didn't tell you, Serenity, but Cursed Arm is an assassin of this era.

Hundred Personas: You are an Old Man of the Mountain...Surely you know the implications of that.

Serenity: Oh my...I am so sorry, I didn't know—

Cursed Arm: That's fine. It's nothing for you to worry about. I was too hung up on a rule, too.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru, Doctor Roman...All we need is the means to defeat Sir Gawain, correct?

Cursed Arm: Then come to my village again. We will show you our secrets there.

Section 11: The Evening Bell of Death (1/2)

Hundred Personas: We're going our separate ways now. I'm going back to the wastelands to prepare for our attack on the Holy City.

Hundred Personas: ...There are still some villages that might possibly join us. I'm determined to recruit a thousand more soldiers.

Hundred Personas: Let's meet in the eastern village. Cursed Arm, I'm leaving the rest to you.

Mash: ...So, it's been two days since we parted with Hundred Personas. We can finally see the eastern village, Senpai.

Bedivere: It's been a whole week since that crazy Arash incident...It seems like a distant dream that I don't want to remember.

Sanzang: Hm? Talking about something fun, are you?

Arash: They sure are! The laughs are coming nonstop!

Arash: I did suggest we fly again on our way back, but they turned me down. How disappointing.

Arash: Oh well, in reality, we do have more people this time. We might've lost speed and had to make an emergency landing.

Mash: I think you call that a crash...Time is valuable, but I believe safety is also important...

Cursed Arm: Lady Mash is right. If you are careful you won't run into any enemies. There, you can see the village now.

Rushd: Welcome back, Mash, Fujimaru!

Mash: Wow!

Fou: Fou!

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. Rushd, I know you're excited, but I don't think jumping out from the shadows is a good idea.

Cursed Arm: Had it been Serenity or Sanzang, you would be suffering in pain right now.

Rushd: No need to worry about that! I'm choosing who I do it to!

Cursed Arm: All right, that's good. If you can tell the difference between safe ones and dangerous ones, I have no other worries for you.

Mash: Um...Even so, it still startles me when you jump out and hug me...

Mash: But I'm glad to see you're doing well, Rushd. Is everything fine in the village?

Rushd: Yeah, it is! Although, people were anxious that Arash and the village leader were gone.

Cursed Arm: ...Hm. I suppose we made them worried...But this time we've brought you back something nice.

Cursed Arm: Well, Lord Touta, could you show them? You know...That. It's been two days since the last feast. I assume it's charged?

Tawara Touta: Sure, I got this! It's not as much as the last one, but I was saving up!

Tawara Touta: Here you go! A shower of tasty rice!

Rushd: Wooooow! He's sooooo awesome!

Rushd: He's a bow guy like Arash, but cooler!

Arash: Yeah, Lord Touta is our savior! I have a lot to learn from him!

Cursed Arm: ...Well. We would normally stay overnight in the village and get some rest...

Cursed Arm: But this time, we will keep going. Our destination is deeper into the mountains.

Cursed Arm: I ask you to accompany me to a place even the mountain people stay away from: the Shrine of Azrael.

Dr. Roman: Azrael? Do you mean Azrael, the Angel of Death?

Serenity: ...Yes. The archangel Azrael who, under divine command, comes to tell people of their death...

Serenity: There we will find an assassin who earned a title he didn't even wish for: The very first “Old Man of the Mountain. ” The guardian of our sect.

Serenity: He has no equals. The Knights of the Round Table would be no match for him. Not even the Lion King would pose a threat.

Mash: The first Old Man of the Mountain...In other words, your ancestor! Indeed, it would be encouraging if he could join our side!

Dr. Roman: Hmmm, I'm not sure about that.

Dr. Roman: He may be the first Old Man of the Mountain, but he is, after all, an Assassin Servant, isn't he?

Dr. Roman: I'm sure he's powerful against individuals, but can he stand up to the Knights of the Round Table with their Gifts and their master the Lion King...

Dr. Roman: I mean, if he's that capable, why hasn't he assassinated the Lion King already?

Fujimaru 1: Maybe he has his reasons?

Cursed Arm: ...

Fujimaru 2: You have a point there...

Serenity: ...Um...that's kind of true, but...

Bedivere: No, Lord Mage. Serenity's description is accurate.

Bedivere: The Servant at the Shrine of Azrael is special. To him, all Servants are equal.

Bedivere: Whether powerful or weak, any Servant is merely“one life” before his blade.

Bedivere: That Servant doesn't kill his opponents per se. Rather, everyone who opposes him is killed by “their own fate. ”

Mash: By their own fate? Senpai, what does that even mean?

Fujimaru 1: It's too difficult for me to understand.

Fujimaru 2: It's something like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception...

Cursed Arm: ...Sir Bedivere. While I am glad that you show so much respect to our founder, now I find you even more of a mystery.

Cursed Arm: You are a Knight of the Round Table. How do you know so much?

Bedivere: It is secondhand knowledge. Something I learned from a mage before coming here.

Bedivere: I am just an inexperienced knight who was once at the Round Table.

Cursed Arm: ...All right. Let's leave it at that then. Still, you are a terrible liar.

Bedivere: Right, I am sorry...

Bedivere: No no, I wasn't lying! It wasn't a lie! I heard about the first Old Man in France!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: (Digging yourself deeper...)

Fou: Foooou...

Bedivere: Ahem. In any case, I agree with the idea that you guide us to the Shrine of Azrael.

Bedivere: If the legends about the Old Man of the Mountain are true, then that's great. If not, we will still gain an ally. Right?

Dr. Roman: That much is true. Hassan, how long will it take to reach the shrine?

Cursed Arm: With my guide, it will take about two days to get there and come back. What do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Of course, please lead the way.

Serenity: You got it. I'm sure the great founder would consider lending you his strength.

Fujimaru 2: So this person has a skeleton face too?

Mash: (Master, that could be rude to Hassan! Please be careful when you talk to their founder! )

Arash: I understand. I'm also interested in that shrine, but I have to stay again this time.

Arash: There's that thing with Mordred, too. Somebody has to protect the people.

Arash: I can see the bottom of the mountain from here. If my eyes can reach it, so too should my arrows.

Arash: Even if the Holy City's troops come up, I can get by for about two days. Don't worry about us.

Mash: Yes, he's right. Arash's arrow did reach the western village from here...

Rushd: Wow, the village to the west?! If Mash says it, then it must be true!

Rushd: You're awesome, Arash! You're like the real Arash Kamangir!

Arash: Hey, I told you I'm the real one. Once the dust settles, I'm going to teach you the basics of archery, okay?

Rushd: Yay! We start with arrow-making, right Arash?

Sanzang: That kid...Look at the sparkles in his eyes. I didn't know Arash was so good with kids.

Tawara Touta: Yeah, I guess I'll give him that. I like kids too, just not as much as women.

Dr. Roman: (Well, that comment will certainly get him in deep water...But Sanzang's just standing there smiling? She sure is laid-back...)

Cursed Arm: Well...Shall we leave then? Rushd, go back to the village.

Rushd: Sure. Safe journey, Mash.... This won't be goodbye, will it?

Mash: Of course not. See you, Rushd.

Arash: Take care. I'm looking forward to the good news.

Arash: Also, Sir Bedivere...You didn't end up telling everyone.

Bedivere: ...Lord Arash.... Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Bedivere: However, this problem is mine...It's not worth talking about.

Arash: ...All right. I will respect your decision.

Arash: But don't force yourself. I also told this to Mordred, but you Knights of the Round Table all fight in the wrong way.

Arash: You need to make a choice anyway, so make it one where everyone survives. That's the best way to finish any fight.

Bedivere: Yes, I agree. It's especially meaningful coming from you, Lord Arash.

Mash: What a steep cliff it is! I was not informed about this, Master!

Mash: Could I be perfectly honest with you!?

Fujimaru 1: Your legs are shaking, Mash.

Mash: Of course they are. It's a survival instinct. If I'm not careful, I'll crash and never be able to get back up again!

Fujimaru 2: This is scarier than Arash Airlines!

Cursed Arm: Haha, that much I believe.

Cursed Arm: That whole affair was done against your will. Mountaineering, on the other hand, requires you to move with your own two feet.

Cursed Arm: Advancing of your own free will can be terrifying if you're not used to it.

Serenity: If you're scared, you can hold onto me.... I won't let go, no matter what.

Mash: No, I'm okay, I think I got used to it. Serenity, you can focus on what's ahead of us.

Serenity: All right. Then I will be right by you, Fujimaru, while I pay attention to what's ahead.

Sanzang: Hey hey...Hold on. Fujimaru's arm is mine! MINE!

Sanzang: Oh, I'm getting dizzy just by looking ahead! I'm going to fall! I don't do well in these situations!

Tawara Touta: Ugh, here we go again! Can't handle the heat, can't handle the cold, bad with underground spaces, bad with heights...And you call yourself Monk Sanzang!?

Tawara Touta: How did you get through all those demonic realms and reach the Far West!?

Sanzang: I pumped myself up for that beforehand! I worked hard! I received plenty of blessings!

Sanzang: But I did not expect this! I'm not good when I'm thrown into the deep end, no matter what the situation!

Cursed Arm: ...I never expected the day would come when going to that shrine would be this lively...

Cursed Arm: How interesting. Destiny has its own way.

Dr. Roman: Huh. Not “life has its own way”?

Cursed Arm: Well, I am now a Heroic Spirit. I already saw the conclusion of my life as a human.

Cursed Arm: ...Indeed, it was a life full of disappointment, and there's nothing I can do to change that.

Cursed Arm: Alas, I thought I lived a successful life, but I was just being naive.

Cursed Arm: Now that I've become a Heroic Spirit, I was made aware of my own foolishness.

Cursed Arm: It was a hollow life, but I do feel joyous having lived it. That's why “destiny has its own way. ”

Bedivere: ...

Dr. Roman: Hold on, I am detecting a hostile presence. Hassan, does anything live at this altitude?

Cursed Arm: No! Normally neither man nor beast would come near this place, as they fear the sound of the bell!

Cursed Arm: Seems like the situation is a lot more dire than we imagined! Fujimaru, prepare for battle!

Cursed Arm: These people have already lost their sanity!


Bedivere: We managed to put them down...But why were they in a place like this?

Cursed Arm: They probably ran away...from the Lion King's wastelands.

Cursed Arm: Deep in these mountains, no plants grow. No birds come. There's not anything to eat besides worms.

Tawara Touta: They had no other choice. Well, that aside...

Fujimaru 1: Why didn't you fight, Serenity?

Serenity: Because...I was protecting your back. It was very...Warm...

Fujimaru 2: Why didn't you fight, Sanzang?

Sanzang: Because! I'm scared of heights!

Tawara Touta: Hey, that's your only excuse!?

Bedivere: ...In any case, we should wait for dawn before we go to the shrine. Let's climb up to where we can set up camp.

Cursed Arm: We should be able to get to a lodge for pilgrims by early evening. It's not in great shape, though, since it's rarely used.

Tawara Touta: That's fine, as long as we can keep out the rain and wind. And I'll take care of the food!

Tawara Touta: It looks like we have more work to do before that.

Tawara Touta: They're stragglers from the earlier group. Let me see you guys fight for real this time!


Mash: Sanzang, are you still awake? Everyone is asleep now...

Sanzang: Hm? I was just writing down what happened today before I go to bed.

Sanzang: How about Fujimaru? Is everyone asleep already?

Mash: Yes, they're all sound asleep. Even Doctor Roman left his staff in charge and is taking a nap.

Sanzang: I see. Chaldea's work is tough. No, it's not just's incredible.

Sanzang: I mean, it's Chaldea's job to send Fujimaru and you back and forth through time, right?

Sanzang: Their Servant System efforts are equally incredible. Normally, Heroic Spirits don't appear like this, you know.

Sanzang: When someone in this world summons a Heroic Spirit, all they're doing is temporarily invoking phenomena related to that spirit.

Sanzang: For example, in my case they'd say: “I've summoned Sanzang! Now I'm smarter! ”

Sanzang: A Singularity created by the likes of the Holy Grail may indeed contain Servants like Touta and me...

Sanzang: But summoning Heroic Spirits without space-time distortion and then using them as familiars is impossible normally.

Sanzang: So when I found out Chaldea was able to perform such a miracle...Well, you can imagine my surprise.

Mash: ...I don't know much myself, but...

Mash: Right up until the issue of the Grand Order, it was actually failure after failure.

Mash: Chaldea only succeeded in summoning three Heroic Spirits...the second of which lent me their strength.

Sanzang: Hmmm. Whoever it was, they certainly have a good eye.

Sanzang: I suppose that Heroic Spirit probably thought it'd be a waste not to.

Sanzang: After all, to us Heroic Spirits, being summoned as a Servant is a miracle in itself.

Mash: Really?

Sanzang: Yes, really. As I said, Heroic Spirits are nothing more than “strength” to be harnessed.

Sanzang: We were never summoned as individual beings before. This is incredible.

Sanzang: Every Heroic Spirit who gets summoned as a Servant probably has the same thought: “This sort of miracle will never happen again. ”

Sanzang: That's why most of us follow our own path after being summoned.

Sanzang: Because this is like a second dream, a continuation that never should've happened. One we'll wake from if we're not careful.

Sanzang: Some follow the principles they lived by in their previous lives. Some try to erase their own regret and disappointment.

Sanzang: In my opinion, neither path is evil. It's simply behavior based on one's alignment as a Heroic Spirit.

Sanzang: However, I do feel it's a little bit cruel.

Sanzang: I mean, we're given the chance to live as individuals, albeit temporarily. But in the end, even then we're just guests.

Sanzang: We don't get to become residents of the era into which we're summoned. We will always be outsiders from a different time.

Mash: That's not true...I never thought of you as outsiders...

Sanzang: Thank you. But don't worry. Feelings of alienation only come from within.

Sanzang: I do feel that you and Fujimaru totally rely on me!

Mash: ...Yes. I was very happy when you joined us.

Sanzang: Right!? I know a thing or two about traveling, you know?

Mash: Ah, yes! Your journey to Tianzhu! A long, long adventure with your three companions: Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, and Sha Wujing.

Mash: Um...Can I ask you something? There was one thing that bothered me when I was reading Journey to the West...

Mash: Sanzang, why would you go to such lengths to continue your journey?

Mash: Your legends don't really mention your motivation...

Sanzang: Why? To get the Buddhist scriptures, make a name for myself, retire, and live happily ever after in Leiyin Temple, of course!

Sanzang: ...Just kidding, although it's partially true.

Sanzang: The thing is, I just don't know when to quit. I really don't. I can be reincarnated three or nine times and still won't learn my lesson.

Sanzang: Also, it was never a case of me just going, “I think I'll go to Tianzhu! ” No, it was a vow: “I'll make it to Tianzhu no matter what. ”

Mash: ...Is that like the Bodhisattva's vow in Buddhism? One of the conditions required to reach nirvana?

Sanzang: No, that's a little bit different.... You see, sometimes I can hear the Buddha's voice.

Sanzang: Once I do, there's nothing that can stop me.

Sanzang: I'm normally a cowardly, selfish crybaby...But when you hear the voice of the Buddha, what choice is there but to obey to the best of your ability?

Sanzang: “Go to Tianzhu. ” “Discipline Wukong. ”“Get out of this Holy City. ” “Go across the desert. ”

Sanzang: Things like that. So this time, I walked across the desert.

Sanzang: Wukong once told me: “It's the voice of the Buddha, but not one from on high: it's from inside your heart. ”

Sanzang: “You're the one who said every human can become a Buddha, after all. ”

Sanzang: “So what you hear is your own voice. The voice of your future enlightened self. ”

Sanzang: That silly disciple...He says something cool like that once in a while. Hmm, either way...

Sanzang: The point is, my actions cannot be explained by reason. I just do whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want.

Sanzang: It's more like...I just genuinely believe in what I feel is the right thing to do.

Sanzang: The same must be true for you too. As a high priestess, I can tell.

Mash: ...You may be right. It's not the first time I've heard that.

Mash: Captain Drake, an individual we spent some time with, said something similar: that I already have a wish.

Mash: ...But also that I'm better off not realizing what it is. I'll know in the end, she said.

Sanzang: ...I'm not sure what that means, but could it be something like this?

Sanzang: Those who realize what they live for after you give them a shove,

Sanzang: as opposed to those who only realize what they have lived for at the end?

Sanzang: They're nice words, but that Drake sounds like the complete opposite to who we are. She must've been insanely materialistic!

Mash: Yes, she was an amazing person. She saved the world by following her own greed.

Mash: ...Umm. Sanzang, you have joined our side, yes...But we never asked about your intentions.

Mash: Is the Lion King an enemy to you?

Sanzang: Yeah about that...I don't dislike the Lion King. I'm actually not interested in fighting against the Holy City.

Sanzang: Or against King Ozymandias in the desert.

Sanzang: In the end, some annoying lady prevented me from meeting him, but...

Sanzang: I saw how that desert nation was run. It was under a strict dictatorship, but it was peaceful.

Sanzang: The Lion King and Ozymandias are the same. They both strive to protect the people of their nation.

Sanzang: I understand both sides' sense of justice, but...Actually, wait, no. That's not right.

Sanzang: Let me say that again: I understand both sides' wrongdoings. That's why I can't take a stance. But...

Mash: But?

Sanzang: But I have a dream now. As a Servant who was summoned.

Sanzang: As someone who ended up meeting you and a Master named Fujimaru.

Sanzang: Mash. After bringing peace to this era, I want to go to Chaldea.

Sanzang: There, I want to mentor Fujimaru. Together we'll laugh, cry, and laugh some more.

Sanzang: Uh...the King of Mages, was it? My dream is for us to have an overwhelming victory over him.

Sanzang: That's the voice I hear coming from the bottom of my heart. That's what I want to do the most.

Sanzang: Even if this life is temporary, that's what I desire. That's why I will fight...with you guys.

Mash: Sanzang...

Mash: ...Yes. You definitely will. I am looking forward to that moment.

Sanzang: Well, now Mash is asleep too. I guess I'd better follow suit.

Sanzang: ...I'm really glad I was summoned as on my way back from Tianzhu.

Sanzang: After all, I found a purpose that seems even more exciting than my journey there.

Sanzang: Oh well. It'll take longer for me to become a Buddha now, but I'm sure the Lord Tathagata will let it go this time, right?

Section 11: The Evening Bell of Death (2/2)

Serenity: —Oh. There it is, Master Fujimaru.

Serenity: That temple you see is the Shrine of Azrael. But...

Cursed Arm: Hmm, as to be expected, the great founder is angry. He placed guards at the gate.

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up multiple magical energy responses! Those are ghosts...and one of them's huge!

Cursed Arm: We cannot enter the shrine unless we defeat them. Let's go, Fujimaru!


Dr. Roman: So this is the Shrine of Azrael...I'm not picking up anything out of the ordinary...

Mash: No, Doctor...You have to be here to feel this pressure...

Mash: There are no traces of magical energy or Servant activity, no signs of life...

Mash: But my whole body is trembling, and I can't stop it.

Mash: Everything down to the pit of my stomach is screaming to get out of here!

Cursed Arm: ...We must move forward, Fujimaru. What lies ahead is the realm of the great founder.

Cursed Arm: There's no telling what could happen. Please be cautious—

Mash: Master!

Mash: Ugh...I can't find the enemy!

Mash: Doctor, any Servant response?

Dr. Roman: None! I'm not detecting anything aside from you guys!

Dr. Roman: Actually, for an instant just now, Fujimaru's response disappeared on my end!

Dr. Roman: But if there was an attack, Mash would've blocked it...What's going on!?

Dr. Roman: Based on the observation data, Fujimaru is already dead!

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Stop it, you're creeping me out!

???: —Apprentice of Magecraft.

Cursed Arm: Sir!

Serenity: ...!

Sanzang: Wh-What's going on!? You're both suddenly down on your knees!

Sanzang: Nothing has come out yet!

Bedivere: ...No, keep it down, Lady Sanzang. It seems someone is already standing in front of us.

Tawara Touta: ...Mm. Stay quiet, Sanzang. And try not to breathe. If you're caught by this one, you won't stand a chance.

Tawara Touta: This guy is...the kind that would take me 30, 40 years to even come close to reaching.

???: —Apprentice of Magecraft and ye inhumans.

???: Thy voices have been heard. My blade shall accept thy will, the will of saving this era.

???: However...death awaiteth all those who set foot into my shrine.

???: Fight, ye dead, and seize life. With that rite, thou shalt be forgiven for unveiling me.

???: Serenity, thou shalt oversee the ritual. Show me thy conviction.

Serenity: Arrrrgggghhh, arrrggh! Gah, arrrgghh!?

Bedivere: Lady Serenity! This aura...Her mind is being taken over?

Cursed Arm: O great founder! Please allow me to be the one to serve you! This burden is too heavy for Serenity!

???: Fool. Thine head shall be taken by my sword. It is not worthy for the ritual.

???: The head of Serenity shall be offered as a tribute by those entering here. The scales accept but one head.

Fujimaru 1: Are you telling us to kill Serenity!?

Fujimaru 2: There's no way we can do that!

???: Choose thine own path. I judge only the outcome. Now, start thy dance of death, Serenity.

???: Whose head shall be chosen by the Evening Bell...That will be determined by thine hands.


???: Choose thine own path. I judge only the outcome. Now, start thy dance of death, Serenity.

???: Whose head shall be chosen by the Evening Bell...That will be determined by thine hands.

Dr. Roman: Here she comes! Hassan of Serenity's Spirit Origin values are increasing drastically!

Dr. Roman: Don't think of her as the same person! Fight her with everything you've got!

Mash: But to take down Serenity...Senpai...

Fujimaru 1: It's all or nothing. We need to do this!

Fujimaru 2: Just like always With everything we've got!

Mash: —Yes! I, Mash Kyrielight, will fight with all my strength as your Servant!


Mash: We've successfully neutralized the enemy Servant, and somehow avoided destroying her Spirit Origin!

Serenity: Ah, everyone...I am so...sorry...

???: ...I asked of thee to seize life, and yet thou would seize everything.

???: However, I said also that I judge only the outcome. I judge not the goodness or evil of thy path.... Very well.

First Hassan: Thou art welcome to my shrine. I am Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan-i Sabbah.

Mash: A swordsman? The first Old Man of the Mountain was a swordsman?

Dr. Roman: No, that's not what should surprise you, Mash. That Assassin over there...Could he be Gra—

First Hassan: Hold thy tongue, mage. Unnecessary words diminish the worth of the courage thy summoner hath displayed.

Dr. Roman: Oh, I-I'm sorryyy! H-Huh? What's going on? The feed is cutting out!?

Cursed Arm: ...O great founder, I am aware of the shame we have brought upon ourselves in visiting this shrine. Forgive us.

Cursed Arm: These people have risen up against the Lion King...but he is still just out of reach. We are one fang short.

Cursed Arm: Please, grant us the privilege of borrowing your strength. All of this is for the future of our people.

First Hassan: ...Cursed Arm, thou art mistaken on two counts. I see thou art shallow as ever.

Cursed Arm: ...What do you mean, great founder?

First Hassan: Apprentice of magecraft, I ask of thee. Thou wouldst rise against the Lion King...Is that true?

First Hassan: Thou wishest for the head of the Lion King, who hath fallen to a mere deity. Is that statement accurate?

Fujimaru 1: That's...

Fujimaru 2: ...To be honest, I don't know.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru!?

Sanzang: Mm-hmm. There's no point in lying.

Sanzang: You can't kill someone you've never even met. All you can do is complain, right?

First Hassan: ...Thou needst one more fang, sayeth Cursed Arm. I wonder, is one enough?

Fujimaru 1: Well, to be honest...

Fujimaru 2: I don't think Hassan and the others are enough.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru!?

First Hassan: ...Apprentice of magecraft. Thou must know...

First Hassan: The truth of the Lion King. The foolish words of the Sun King. The rending of humanity. And the start of everything.

First Hassan: When thou hast accomplished it, my blade shall lead the charge for thee. Thou spokest of the Knight of the Sun, Gawain?

First Hassan: My blade will be the raptor that pecketh out his eyes. My black shroud will be the night that swalloweth the light of the Holy City.

Sanzang: I'm sorry, mighty skeleton man! I don't understand a word you're saying!

Sanzang: Can you use easier, simpler words?

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang!

Fujimaru 2: At least refer to him as King Hassan!

Mash: M-Master, I don't know about “King Hassan” either...

Mash: He'll get mad if we keep being rude to him!

Fou: Fou, foooou!

First Hassan: ...No matter.

Mash: Huh?

First Hassan: No mind. Call me as thou wilt. I am nameless from the beginning. Therefore, I have no preference.

Mash: Right...Thank you for your kind words. It does put us at ease, too...

Sanzang: Well, that sure makes it easier for us to talk to you!

Sanzang: So,'re saying you can help us only if we search for something, right?

Sanzang: What should we look up? You're going to tell us where to begin, right?

First Hassan: ...There is a mystical realm within the desert. Therein thou wilt find what thou seekest.

First Hassan: A realm even the Sun King of the desert cannot reach. A vault of knowledge buried within the sands.

First Hassan: Its name is the Atlas Institute.

Mash: What!?

First Hassan: Apprentice of magecraft, it has come time for thee to know what caused the Incineration of Humanity.

First Hassan: When that has come to pass, I shall appear on the battlefield.... As the sword of divine will.

First Hassan: Now, Cursed Arm. Offer thine head.

Cursed Arm: ...As you wish. I, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, accept my punishment.

Bedivere: Wait! Hold on a second! Why must you cut off Lord Hassan's head?

First Hassan: My mask symbolizeth an Old Man's death. My blade symbolizeth an Old Man's punishment.

First Hassan: Knight of a foreign land, traveler with a silver arm. I am an Old Man of the Mountain for all others.

First Hassan: ...In other words, a Hassan who killeth Hassans.

Bedivere: ...! In that case, you are—

First Hassan: When an Old Man is corrupted and hath taken a wrong turn, I shall stand before him.

First Hassan: Dost thou understand? All Old Men of the Mountain throughout the course of history have seen my mask at the end of their lives.

First Hassan: Not one hath escaped my blade. Thus, those who have seen my mask are the true Old Men.

First Hassan: Should that era's Hassan come to ask for my assistance...He will have declared, “I am not worthy to be an Old Man of the Mountain. ”

First Hassan: ...Therefore, he shall be stripped of his mask.

Bedivere: Lord Hassan...You guided us here despite knowing all of that!?

Fujimaru 1: If I knew that, I wouldn't have come...!

Fujimaru 2: If this is true, I don't want your help...!

Cursed Arm: ...

First Hassan: Cursed Arm. Although they were thy fellows for but a short time, thou hast not revealed thy fate?

First Hassan: It seems thou hast not changed at all. Also, thou givest up too soon.

First Hassan: ...Rise, Cursed Arm. Thou hast already brought enough shame upon thyself. No more.

First Hassan: Carry out thy responsibility with these men. When that is fulfilled, I will grant thee thy death.

Cursed Arm: ...I am grateful for your words. As an Old Man of the Mountain, I will fulfill my responsibility.

First Hassan: Make haste to the Atlas Institute. There is little time left.

First Hassan: Ere the lance of the Lion King returneth to its true form, restore the Holy Land...And return the holy artifact.

Bedivere: ...

Section 12: Village in Flames

Sanzang: Ahhh, we're finally back under the sun! We went through a lot, but it's great everyone is safe and sound!

Cursed Arm: And we secured help from the great founder. I'm still in awe that my head is attached...

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad he didn't cut it off!

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. Absolutely.

Cursed Arm: I had prepared myself for it, but it was terrifying to go through that feeling again.

Fujimaru 2: Isn't the First Hassan a little too scary?

Cursed Arm: You can't be a leader if you're not scary.

Cursed Arm: We are just the leaders of Assassins, but he is the leader of all 19 past Old Men of the Mountain.

Cursed Arm: Normally, you would need to pass a sanity check the moment you set eyes on him.

Cursed Arm: By the way, could you please try to talk to Serenity? She's been like that the whole time...

Serenity: ...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...It's always like this with me...

Serenity: ...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

Cursed Arm: She keeps hanging her head and apologizing. Even though everyone knows what really happened.

Fujimaru 1: Everyone's safe. That's what matters most.

Serenity: Ah...I'm sorry that you feel you need to be nice to me, Master Fujimaru...I'm a useless Hassan...

Serenity: ...I will certainly make up for this...With everything I have, even my life...

Fujimaru 2: I'm the one to apologize. I'm sorry I was forceful.

Serenity: ...Yes, that's right. You were so brave, so tough...You fought so I would not be killed...

Serenity: ...Thank you. You not only saved Lord Cursed Arm, you also saved me.

Serenity: Yes...The only way to repay you...would be to devote my life to you. Through marriage.

Dr. Roman: Oh. The live feed is finally back on! What happened?

Dr. Roman: I was able to monitor Fujimaru's condition from here, but I didn't get any audio or video.

Dr. Roman: It would be helpful if you could tell me what happened.

Mash: ...Yes, Doctor. Here is my report.

Dr. Roman: I see, I see...A mystical realm in the desert known as the Atlas Institute.

Dr. Roman: Hm? The Atlas Institute...Atlas...Wait! You mean THAT Atlas Institute!?

Mash: Yes, I believe so.

Fujimaru 1: Mash, what's the Atlas Institute?

Mash: One of the three major schools of the Mage's Association.

Mash: The Atlas Institute specializes in alchemy. The success that it has seen can't be duplicated.

Mash: Trismegistus, the Pseudo-Spiritron Calculating Engine that analyzes Chaldeas, was a donation from it.

Mash: And that wasn't the only one. The Atlas Institute has also provided many other technologies to Chaldea.

Fujimaru 2: Wasn't Trismegistus made by them?

Mash: Yes, they manufactured Trismegistus. Only they could analyze and calculate Chaldeas so accurately.

Mash: The Atlas Institute is the brainchild of the oldest alchemists. Its goal is to “avoid a bad future. ”

Mash: Without the institute's cooperation, Chaldea wouldn't have become an organization recognized by the Mage's Association or the United Nations.

Dr. Roman: Hmm. The Atlas Institute of that time period...

Dr. Roman: Wasn't the desert of Ozymandias before Christ?

Dr. Roman: Then it would be the Atlas Institute before the Mage's Association was formed...It feels dangerous...

Mash: ...Are you against the idea of us going to the Atlas Institute, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Why would I be? You'll learn the truth about the Lion King if you go there.

Dr. Roman: In other words, you could find out why the Round Table is taking such drastic actions.

Mash: Okay...I didn't expect that. I thought you would be opposed to that idea.

Dr. Roman: I do think it's dangerous, but any Singularity is.

Dr. Roman: I'm also interested in what the Lion King's purpose is. Also, I'm curious to know how he's upsetting the Foundation of Humanity without using the Grail.

Dr. Roman: ...But it's true that I am worried.

Dr. Roman: Every mage's workshop has tons of traps against invaders.

Dr. Roman: You saw it beneath the Mage's Association in London, didn't you?

Dr. Roman: It is said that the Atlas Institute has so many abandoned magical weapons, it can destroy the world seven times over.

Dr. Roman: To send you guys to such a place...If Da Vinci were here, what would she say?

Mash: ...Definitely. If Da Vinci were alive...

Dr. Roman: ...She is alive. Leonardo is not gone. She's a reckless genius, but she won't die so easily.

Fujimaru 1: Doctor...

Fujimaru 2: ...

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, I've wasted enough of your time! Let's first go back to the eastern village!

Cursed Arm: Yeah. The way back is downhill, so it will be easier, but our legs will still hurt nonetheless.

Sanzang: You're right. Being easy is not an excuse to continue without a break. Our knees will go out if we don't.

Tawara Touta: Huh, you seem to be in a good mood. I thought you would say you wanted me to carry you or something.

Sanzang: No way, then I'd stick out too much! I'll keep to my feet, thankyouverymuch!

Fou: Fou, foouuuu!

Cursed Arm: Hahaha, true. Then let's make our way down. Carefully now.

Mash: That sure was a fast descent, Senpai. Look how much distance we cover with no enemies around!

Mash: If we go down a bit further, we'll see the lights of the village.

Fujimaru 1: I'm glad it was easy.

Mash: We're all tired, though. Great job, everyone. Let's get some sleep when we arrive.

Fujimaru 2: ...Mash. About your attitude towards the Doctor earlier...

Mash: ...Yes. This is just my gut feeling, but...

Mash: I felt like First Hassan deliberately tampered with the communications from Chaldea.

Mash: Maybe he didn't want the Doctor to hear about the Atlas Institute...That's what it felt like to me.

Mash: So I couldn't help but be wary of sharing such things with him.

Mash: But it seems like that was my misunderstanding.

Mash: Doctor Roman remains, as ever, our slightly unreliable yet good-hearted leader.

Tawara Touta: —Wait. What's that? What's going on!?

Bedivere: Lord Touta? Is there something wrong?

Tawara Touta: Oh, you guys can't see it yet! It's fire! There's fire in the direction of the village!

Tawara Touta: Numerous bonfires are moving around! Those are— Holy City soldiers!

Cursed Arm: —Fujimaru, my apologies! I will go on ahead!

Cursed Arm: Serenity, you protect Fujimaru! Sanzang, Touta, Bedivere...

Cursed Arm: I beg of you...Please save the villagers!

Sanzang: No need to ask! Let's go, Touta!

Tawara Touta: Sure! We'll head for the eastern side!

Mash: Master! We should go too!

Fujimaru 1: No time to lose!

Serenity: Got it. Allow me to guide you!

Enforcement Knight: ...

Mash: Enforcement Knights!

Mash: What the...! That thing in his hand is...a human's...

Enforcement Knight: —This is Markt 3. I've found the 10th heretic. Commencing enforcement.

Mash: Aaaahhhhhhhh!

Serenity: Stay calm, Mash! They're the ones who are going down!


Mash: ...!

Fou: Fou, Foooou!

Serenity: Oh no...This is...terrible...

Cursed Arm: Of all the vile, despicable...! None of these poor souls can even fight! There were no warriors here!

Cursed Arm: This is where people who only wanted to live gathered to support each other!

Cursed Arm: To be so cruel in a place like this...! Do the soldiers of the Lion King kill women and children first!?

Sanzang: Is there anybody alive!? Please say something if you can hear me!

Sanzang: The fire and smoke is just too violent!

Dr. Roman: No, the villagers are all scattered! If the enemy attacks now...

Fujimaru 1: But we need to save the villagers!

Mash: Yes! We need to save them first!

Fujimaru 2: What happened to Arash!?

Mash: That's right! Where is he!? I thought he was protecting the village!

Serenity: ...Wait! All the villagers sprawled out on the ground are men...

Serenity: Could it be...

Enforcement Knight: Rebels located. It appears to be the Servant on the report.

Enforcement Knight: Come in, Commander. This is Markt 5. I've located Iseult. Repeat, I've located Iseult.

Dr. Roman: The surrounding enemies are coming towards you! You three, be careful!


Serenity: As I expected...Master Fujimaru, half of the villagers have already evacuated!

Serenity: I heard that this village has a cave in case of evacuation. I would assume they are there!

Mash: Just as you'd expect of Arash! But where is he!?

Arash: The enemy troops are here! Hurry to the cave! We still have time. No need to panic!

Arash: I need two men who can fight. Follow me. We will intercept the knights!

Villager: Help shooting the enemy? I'm your man! Hey, those who can move should help the women and children!

Rushd: Wait, Arash! You're going out there alone!? What are you gonna do!?

Arash: Well, if it isn't little Rushd! Don't give me that look. You're scaring me.

Arash: I'm just going to sit at the entrance to the village and shoot the idiots who try to climb up.

Arash: Evacuation is the worst-case scenario. I wouldn't be so careless as to let them crawl up here.

Rushd: But we should all run together! Look at how many there are!

Arash: You've got good eyes. They're still a few kilometers away. Makes me want to teach you some more.

Arash: Anyway, take it easy! Who do you think I am? I have the same name as a legendary hero!

Arash: I'll take care of them all in a flash. Until then, I'll leave you in charge of the villagers, okay?

Rushd: Araaaash!

Arash: Okay, next! The front seems fine. How about the road on the eastern side?

Villager: No sign of any knights here! All clear! You should focus on the front!

Arash: You got it! Lucky number 20, you're next!

Villager: But how did they figure out where the village was...? Nobody has gone down the mountain in the past two days!

Arash: Questions later, shooting now!

Arash: It'll be bad if someone comes from the left! I've got the front. You watch the eastern ridge!

Arash: !?

Villager: What's going on!? Arash's arrows are getting shot down right before they hit the knights!

Villager: But the knights themselves aren't even doing anything! Is this some sort of divine intervention!?

Arash: Are you serious? Are you telling me there's someone who can go toe-to-toe with me at this range!?

Arash: ...Oh, right. There is. That bowman from the Round Table, Tristan!

Villager: A Knight of the Round Table!? He came all the way here to attack a small village like this!?

C:???: That's right. But you got one thing wrong.

Lancelot: Sir Tristan isn't the only Knight of the Round Table who caught up.

Arash: ...Lancelot, the Knight of the Lake!

Arash: Argh!

Lancelot: Despite the armor, I'm fairly adept at concealing my presence. Sorry, this is the end for you.

Arash: Urgh...Meh, what's one hit gonna do? This ain't over yet. Look, pretty boy, you and I are just getting started!

Lancelot: No, it is over.

Lancelot: In a fight against Arash Kamangir, you put everything you have into the first blow. That's ironclad.

Lancelot: ...Farewell. My sword shines brightest when used against mighty enemies like you.

Lancelot: O aurora, may the lake's surface be reflected upon this blade...Arondight Overload.


B:???: The great bowman is no longer in this world.... Now I am sad.

B:???: A chance to battle against such a skilled marksman,a true legend. Yet the fight ended with a sneak attack.

Tristan: ...I'm so sad it makes me chuckle. Fate has finally caught up with you.


Tristan: I'm Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table. I've come to collect your heads.

Tristan: Life is so transient. A meeting can become a parting.

Tristan: But such is this world. To kill and be killed is the way of war.

Tristan: Your fate is to burn to ashes, together with this miserable village.

Mash: ...One of the Lion King's followers, Sir Tristan...How terrible.

Tristan: I've disposed of the men left in the village. After I finish you off, I'll get the villagers who fled for the cave.

Serenity: You plan to kill us all? Why!?

Serenity: !?

Tristan: I've already told you. It's because of you, poison girl.

Tristan: You are the cause of everything. This isn't about us taking revenge because you poisoned the knights at the fort.

Tristan: You've foolishly decided to join up with them. THAT is the reason why this happened.

Tristan: My bow chased your footsteps. Yours alone. If you had fled your own way, this would not have occurred.

Serenity: Wh-What? Me? Because...of me?

Tristan: Exactly. This is entirely your fault.

Tristan: You should've told us everything at that prison, and quietly died alone.

Tristan: Vermin should be like vermin, slaves should be like slaves. You should've known your place.

Serenity: I...I...Ah...

Fujimaru 1: Nonsense!

Fujimaru 2: Stuff it!

Mash: That's right. Don't be fooled, Serenity! They chased us all down, not just you!

Mash: The responsibility lies with us! It was all of us that ruined this village—

Mash: All of us...have a duty to defeat this knight!

Tristan: ...This feeling...Can it be? Don't tell me that man is here?

Tristan: The Heroic Spirit of the Round Table who refused the Lion King's summons. The one chosen by the Holy Grail...

Tristan: ...Very well. If this be my fate, I have only to confirm its truth with my bow.

Tristan: Come now, young one. I'll let you practice with me. Let your screams reveal your true identity!


Serenity: Ugh! Master Fujimaru, this knight is not an Archer!

Serenity: He's...He's some other kind of monster! He can cut through sound!

Mash: He creates a vacuum arrow by plucking the strings of his bow like a musical instrument!

Mash: But this strength is more than just that! It's a Gift from the Lion King!

Tristan: ...Yes, it is sad indeed. I hate to use the king's Gift on the likes of you, but...

Tristan: This is not a power I control. It is but a merciless blade that cuts down all, even the weak...

Tristan: Ah...I am sad. I must send the unblessed to the underworld yet again.

Bedivere: No...! This stops now, Tristan!

Tristan: ...Yet another. My, it is like being in a dream.

Tristan: To think that even you would appear on this battlefield and oppose us...

Tristan: sad.

Tristan: I was only one step away from being able to burn everything to the ground. How disappointing. Ah...How sad it is.

Bedivere: Sad? Sad is what you have done here!

Bedivere: What's sad is that you of all people would kill innocent villagers and set the whole place ablaze!

Bedivere: Have you lost your pride as a Knight of the Round Table? Or is this merely what your king wants!?

Tristan: ...Fool. You think a knight who sits at the Round Table wouldn't harm an innocent commoner?

Tristan: Sir Bedivere. That is a gross error. A mistake. Your mistake.

Tristan: Regarding Britain, our benevolent king did indeed warn against proceeding too far—

Tristan: —but he certainly did not forbid it.

Tristan: ...You only ever had eyes for the king's glory. You do not understand his horror.

Tristan: How many times must I say it? The king does not understand people's feelings!

Bedivere: Tristan...!

Bedivere: ...!

Fujimaru 1: Calm down, Bedivere!

Fujimaru 2: Snap out of it, Bedivere!

Tristan: ...Such anger, and a brandished blade...To think the calm and meek Bedivere could show such rage?

Tristan: ...It appears your right arm is quite the Noble Phantasm. I fear I cannot afford to hold back...

Tristan: This sorrow shall never be healed. To think that I must slaughter you with these hands, with these strings...

Tristan: A knight with whom I sat next to at the Round Table...A knight with whom I fought many enemies alongside...

Tristan: Please, reconsider. Just thinking about such a thing, about cutting you down...

Tristan: It breaks my heart. Ah...!

Bedivere: ...I feel the same way. Although you were always a pessimistic fellow...

Bedivere: ...when we stood together, no other knight matched my step as closely as you did.

Bedivere: Be it defending or attacking, or anything else.

Tristan: Yes, it is true. We were...

Tristan: ...Friends. Is that not right, Sir Bedivere?

Bedivere: Yes. And precisely because you were my friend, there is something I cannot forgive!

Bedivere: If you say the Lion King sanctions this, I have no choice but to step over your corpse to face the Lion King myself!

Tristan: ...You would confront the current king? How sad.

Tristan: I know no sadder tale. Even I, a so-called child of sorrow, cannot bear to face it.

Tristan: As such, I have no hesitation about slaying you on the spot. Rescuing one's friend from tragedy is also friendship, after all.

Mash: Enemy Servants are coming! Master, your orders please!


Bedivere: ...Ugh.

Tristan: ...The sound of flesh and bone burning...Ah...There is no greater horror.

Tristan: I don't know how you came to possess that silver arm, but its power is too much for you...

Tristan: Of course, even it cannot vanquish me. Let us call it a wasted effort.

Mash: The enemy Servant is still going strong! Despite all those attacks, he still heals in the blink of an eye!

Tristan: Hm...Has Sir Lancelot already descended the mountain? He asked me to allow him to take on the Archer but...

Tristan: To think he would really only take on one opponent...I guess he will always be the serious one.

Tristan: Oh well. It will not change the outcome...Now then, I do not have much time to waste, either.

Tristan: You will all die here regardless. Continuing to resist will do you no—

Sanzang: Hwachaa—!

Tawara Touta: Nuunh!

Cursed Arm: Scatter into the wind!

Mash: Everyone...! You came!

Sanzang: Yes, after taking care of those nobodies back there! Sorry for the wait!

Tristan: ...What a group of failures. They could not even stop Servants such as this.

Tristan: I have no kind words to good-for-nothings. The Enforcement Knights must better themselves.

Sanzang: If you're going to talk nonsense, say it in your sleep! I won't let you get away unscathed!

Cursed Arm: ...Tristan, Knight of the Round Table. I'll never forgive you! No matter what!

Tristan: Same goes for us, Old Man of the Mountain. The king will never pardon you.

Tristan: For had you not rebelled, the king would have achieved his objective long ago.

Tristan: ...The time has come. Gaze upon the western sky. It is time to accept your punishment and your regret.

Cursed Arm: Wh-What did you say? Don't tell me you, you...!?

Mash: What's...What's that light up there!? ...There's a pillar of light falling from the sky!

Mash: ...It can'

Serenity: The western village is being swallowed by that light!

Bedivere: ...

Tristan: That is the Lion King's judgment. A pillar of purification from the sacred lance, Rhongomyniad.

Tristan: So sad...Without any reason or words...To be so beautiful, yet so sad...

Tristan: As you can see, that tiny village of mountain people has disappeared.

Tristan: And it goes without saying that this village is next. It shall be purged without a trace.

Bedivere: You! Have you all gone mad?! You think that is King Arthur's doing? That!?

Tristan: Of course not! I would not carry out enforcement if I was mad! By royal decree, we cast away our humanity!

Tristan: Judgment must not be clouded by sentiment! His Majesty has succeeded in completely severing human emotions!

Bedivere: ...!

Tristan: ...Five minutes from now, the Lion King's judgment will descend upon this mountain.

Tristan: Farewell, Sir Bedivere. We shall never meet again.

Sanzang: This is beyond annoying! Trying to hold us back, huh? ...Ugh, so many of them! They're like Wukong's clones!

Tawara Touta: Yah! Quit complaining and start fighting! We've got to do something about these guys first!

Dr. Roman: Confirmed, a high-density magical energy response in the sky! Everyone, get out of there!

Cursed Arm: ...How could we possibly leave? Serenity, you understand our role, don't you?

Serenity: Yes! We will assist Master Fujimaru, even if we die here!

Mash: Master, your orders! Let us break through the Enforcement Knights' ranks!


Dr. Roman: Right above you! Magical energy value over 3,000,000! Um...Even the highest ranked Noble Phantasm has a value between 1,000 and 3,000, so...

Dr. Roman: Forget it! It's just a ridiculous amount of heat! Everyone, hurry and take cover! You'll get burned to a crisp!

Fou: ...

Fujimaru 1: Let's make a run for it!

Mash: But...the villagers...!

Fujimaru 2: What about the villagers!?

Mash: Right, we can't just abandon them! They're taking shelter in the cave...Come on, let's go!

F:???: It's no use. We can't escape...and we can't save them either.

F:???: We're all going to die here, no matter how you look at it. I mean, we knew that from the beginning...That this would happen if the other side decided to get serious...

Cursed Arm: Who goes there?! How dare you act like you know everything! Show yourse— Lord Arash!?

Arash: Yo. Sorry, I messed up. They got me, and just like that...I fell to the bottom of the valley.

Arash: (Sigh) I said I'd hold them off for two days, yet look at this. Come on then, let me hear all complaints...

Mash: Arash...Those injuries...You're already...

Sanzang: What! Are you kidding me? If there's anything to reprimand you for, it's that sorry state of yours! You came all the way back here with injuries like that!?

Sanzang: Sit down there for a second! I'll give you a lecture on treating your body right!

Arash: Haha, thanks, but let's save that for another time.

Arash: I messed up, but...I've made it back in time for the opportunity to redeem myself.

Fujimaru 1: Arash...?

Arash: Quit looking so worried. It doesn't suit anyone here, least of all you.

Arash: While I'm at it, neither does the ending where you all die here fighting. So, I'll get serious, just this once.

Arash: You guys stand back by the cave. Take care of the folks who've made it there alive.

Arash: Relax, I won't let the attacks reach you there. It's just that it's more difficult if you're close by.

Bedivere: ...Lord Arash. Not...Not you too...

Arash: Sorry, Sir Bedivere. After all those lectures I gave you, it turns out I'm the same as you.

Arash: That's just the way I am. Can't do anything about it. This is how the Heroic Spirits that aren't hungry for power come to an end.

Arash: We put things right, then cease to exist. We win the battles but lose the war, as they say.

Arash: Isn't that right, Sir Bedivere? You have it even worse than me.

Arash: You reached your limit long ago. Yet it's incredible how you still manage to remain standing.

Bedivere: ...You give me too much credit, Arash. I still don't have the resolve that you do...

Arash: Wow. You're the only one who hasn't realized it yet. My resolve is nothing compared to your loyalty.

Arash: Listen, Bedivere. You can rest now.... No, you should've rested a long, long time ago.

Arash: Bringing that arm out and everything...Throwing away your last remaining happiness...

Arash: So let me tell you, you've only got one more swing left. Make sure the next time is against your final opponent.

Bedivere: ...You knew. My various sins.

Arash: Well, I do have Clairvoyance, after all. No one can escape my insight and perception.

Arash: ...But enough chitchat. Thank you all for everything! Lord Hassan, take everyone to the cave!

Cursed Arm: Yes, leave it to me. Farewell...Farewell! You're the greatest ally I met on this land!

Fujimaru 1: What!?

Fujimaru 2: We're not done talking!

Arash: ...All right, everyone's gone. Now it's time for some one-on-one with that annoying thing above.

Tawara Touta: Yes. A fitting opponent. It's time for the big one, Lord Arash.

Arash: Wait, you were still here!? Sitting and drinking wine, too!?

Tawara Touta: Yes. It'd be a shame if no one was here to witness your final glory.

Tawara Touta: So I'll stay here. Let's see what you've got.

Tawara Touta: ...What? Look, if you mess up, I'll take care of the rest. Don't worry and just give it everything you've got.

Arash: ...I see. Well then, as a fellow Archer, you're definitely one person I don't want to screw up in front of.

Arash: ...O sacred Lord. O radiant Lord who bestowed wisdom, sanctity, and strength upon me.

Arash: I call upon thee to witness my heart, my thoughts, and everything I've achieved.

Arash: Now, creator of the moon and stars. Behold my deeds, my death, and the Spenta Armaiti which I must carry out.

Arash: After I unleash this last arrow with all my strength—

Arash: —Even my iron body shall shatter, and annihilate me where I stand!

Arash: Lone Meteor, STELLA!

Tawara Touta: ...Truly impressive. Few may have shot down the stars, but none have the divine skill to obliterate them.

Tawara Touta: Brilliant indeed, Arash Kamangir. It was a shot as if Hachiman, the God of Archery and War, dwelled within it.

Sanzang: It's awful, too awful! Even the Buddha would weep!

Sanzang: (Sob) Arash! He said he was so happy to be summoned!

Sanzang: He said he was so ecstatic to have become a Servant! That idiot! That dummy!

Tawara Touta: Calm down, Sanzang. Not in front of the children. If you cry, they all will too.

Sanzang: What's wrong with crying when I'm sad!? Besides, what were you up to, Touta!?

Tawara Touta: Hmm, I'm afraid I don't have a good answer. If I said I sent him off with some good wine, that'd be bad...

Sanzang: I can hear you, idiot! Why do men insist on parting like that...

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang's flipping out...

Fujimaru 2: Touta's getting clobbered...

Mash: ...Yes, well, thanks to Arash, the village is safe. But at what cost?

Bedivere: Lord Arash was a hero from ancient Persia. They say that, with a single shot from his bow, he brought a war between two countries to an end.

Bedivere: According to legend, the arrow he shot from the mountaintop landed far ahead, piercing the ground.

Bedivere: That arrow was an earth-splitting shot. It was a shooting star that brought peace.

Bedivere: They say that the spot pierced by the arrow became the new border for the two countries. However...

Cursed Arm: ...The exertion was too much for a human. The hero's body scattered the moment he shot that arrow.

Cursed Arm: The arrogance of a mere human splitting the earth was unacceptable. As punishment, the hero gave up his body.

Mash: ...A Noble Phantasm unleashed at the cost of one's own life...That's just unfair...

Bedivere: ...

Bedivere: Lord Hassan. What has become of the western village? Is it true that not a trace...?

Cursed Arm: Indeed. Not even a shadow remains. But the previous raid proved to be a fortunate event.

Cursed Arm: The majority of the villagers already evacuated elsewhere. Hundred Personas stayed there for that very purpose.

Cursed Arm: There were some among them who couldn't part with the village, but that was on account of their faith. We couldn't just walk all over that.

Bedivere: ...

Serenity: ...Everyone. The funeral for the villagers is about to begin.

Serenity: Let us at least pray together...

Cursed Arm: No, there'll be no need for that. Fujimaru. Leave the village immediately.

Cursed Arm: Word that Lord Arash's shot saved the village, saved the mountain, will soon spread to the Holy City.

Cursed Arm: They'll come for us. That much is clear. Head for the desert before that, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: ...He's right. Heading to the Atlas Institute is more important right now.

Dr. Roman: We have King Hassan's orders, too, but what we want right now is information that will help us rise against the Holy City.

Dr. Roman: Now that we've seen the Light of Judgment with our own eyes, we know that there isn't a moment to lose. We have to find a way to counter that.

Cursed Arm: That's right. That will be what brings solace to those who died.

Cursed Arm: ...After we evacuate the people of the village, we must prepare for the advance on the Holy City.

Cursed Arm: Serenity and I will remain in the mountains. The next time we meet will be before the attack on the Holy City.

Mash: ...Okay. We'll split up from here on out. But how will we keep in touch?

Cursed Arm: As for that, I'll spread the word about Fujimaru to all the mountain people, wherever they may be.

Cursed Arm: If something happens to us, they'll hear about it, and vice versa.

Mash: ...Very well. Hassan, everyone, take care.

Cursed Arm: You too, Lady Mash. Rushd will miss you, but I'll find a way to make him understand.

Mash: ...Yes. Thank you.

Serenity: ...Master Fujimaru. I'll say goodbye here as well.

Serenity: I know I promised to protect you until the end, but the duties of an Old Man of the Mountain take precedence...

Serenity: Still, it's clear that our battles will serve to assist you. So, I hope to help you from the sidelines.

Dr. Roman: It's decided, then. Hassan's group will remain in the mountain region and prepare for the advance on the Holy City.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, Mash, Bedivere, Xuanzang Sanzang, Tawara Touta. You five will head for the desert.

Dr. Roman: Shall we meet again in this village?

Cursed Arm: Yes. The leaders of each village will gather here for final confirmations before we depart for the Holy City.

Mash: Then I'll let Sanzang and Touta know. Looks like another journey to the desert!

Cursed Arm: ...Now then. Our work here is done, for the time being. I leave the rest to you, Sir Bedivere.

Cursed Arm: But I will say this: We will never forgive the Knights of the Round Table. Especially Tristan.

Cursed Arm: Upon our honor, we will make sure that heretic's death is the cruelest of all.

Cursed Arm: Never forget that. Should you defend him, I will show no mercy, even for you.

Bedivere: ...Of course. Upon my sword, upon my soul, I will never do such a thing.

Bedivere: The injustices committed by the Knights of the Round Table is a responsibility held by all of the knights.

Bedivere: Hence, if the Lion King is exposed as the true evil, I implore you: treat me no different than the rest of them.

Bedivere: ...As one of the unsightly invaders who violated your land, I want you to equally bestow upon my neck the judgment of death.

Section 13: To the Desert of Atlas (1/3)

Lancelot: I have returned, Majesty. Apologies for the delay. Sir Agravain had urgent business for me to attend to.

Lion King: It's fine. I ordered you to protect any humans fit for the Holy Selection.

Lion King: If that is achieved, I have no punishment to give. Raise your head.

Lancelot: Yes, Your Majesty. Thank you most kindly. Knowing that I have not defiled Your Majesty's kindness brings me unspeakable joy.

Lancelot: There are twelve humans fit for the Holy Selection. We've already brought them to the Holy City, and handed them off to the supervisors.

Lancelot: ...From now, I will also join in the defense of the Holy City. Does that suit you, Sir Agravain?

Agravain: ...Of course. It is problematic that it took so long to suppress the rebels, but the king has forgiven it. I shall let it go.

Agravain: I would have you assist in guarding the third tower, Sir Lancelot. Thanks to your work, the king's plans have entered the final stages.

Agravain: The confrontation with Ozymandias is near. The third tower will be the key to protecting the royal castle.

Agravain: Consider your assignment an honor. Head for the tower at once.

Lancelot: ...Before that. I beg our king to please allow me a question.

Agravain: Disrespectful and unnecessary. The king must prepare the sacred lance. Without your comments.

Lion King: Wait, Agravain. It is the wish of a knight who has not once asked for a reward in all his years of service. I cannot turn it down.

Agravain: ...Yes, Your Majesty. You may speak, Sir Lancelot. What is it?

Lancelot: I have just returned from attacking the village of rebels, in response to Sir Tristan's request.

Lancelot: I did so as that village hosted rebels that committed sins before the main gates of the Holy City.

Lion King: I heard. It was brilliant work, Lancelot. What of it?

Lancelot: ...Why was the sacred lance unleashed? Sir Tristan setting fire to the battlefield was already excessive.

Lancelot: Dropping the Light of Judgment on top of that was simply cruel. Thus far, Your Majesty has brandished the sacred lance to rule these wastelands.

Lancelot: But, even for rebellions, not once has the Light of Judgment been unleashed upon human settlements.

Lancelot: ...Under these pressing circumstances, we utilize fear to speed up governance. We've believed that this is the righteousness of the Lion King.

Lancelot: But using the sacred spear against a village is wrong. That is not justice. That is not even fear.

Lancelot: My king. Why do such a thing to the village? I would like to hear the true intention behind it.

Lancelot: ...Even more so if it was not Your Majesty's decision but that of someone else...the opinion of someone who keeps the government.

Lancelot: Are you other knights not curious of that, too? Whether the king's decision was really his own?

Agravain: ...What are you implying, Sir Lancelot? That was quite a suggestive speech.

Lancelot: Only the guilty would hear it so. We Knights of the Round have no use for those with a guilty conscience.

Agravain: ...How dare you.

Lion King: Stand down, Agravain.... Heh. For some reason, you grow short-tempered when Lancelot is your opponent.

Lion King: And hear me, my knights. The enforcement through my sacred lance was entirely of my own volition.

Lion King: The reason I have never dropped it on a human settlement is clear. Burning down a village would only fan the flames of rebellion.

Lion King: The bonds of the mountain people would only strengthen, and they may even prepare an army to invade the Holy City.

Lion King: That would be unnecessary. Until preparations with the sacred lance are complete, I have no time to spare on insignificant scuffles.

Lion King: However...The sacred lance has entered the final stages. The Tower at the Ends of the World will finally be welcoming us.

Lion King: ...Our greatest enemy was time.

Lion King: We had to open the tower before that king entered the next stage after the Incineration of Humanity.

Lion King: And that is about to take place. The defiance of the mountain people is but a trifle.

Lion King: Therefore, I launched the direct enforcement of the village. If the rebellious forces rise up because of it, all the better.

Lion King: If it be but a small number that reach the Holy City in a fight to their death, Sir Gawain can manage their extermination on his own.

Lion King: This was my true intention. Have you any objections, Sir Lancelot?

Lancelot: But...! If that was the case, there was no need for enforcement!

Lancelot: If the defense of the Holy City is complete, there is no need to so recklessly rob them of their lives!

Tristan: ...But you see, they aren't complete. Threats that disturb the king's heart yet live.

Tristan: ...Sir Lancelot. It is due to our failure, of course.

Gawain: You've returned, Tristan.... What did you mean just now?

Tristan: ...Sadly, the eastern village hasn't been eliminated.

Tristan: The rebels' Servants must have resisted. Unbelievable as it may be, they blocked the king's light completely.

Agravain: They blocked the sacred lance's attack!? There is none among them capable of such a feat!

Tristan: Ah, but there is: Arash Kamangir. His skill rivals even mine.

Mordred: Seriously!? Damn, that guy's good!

Agravain: Shut up, Mordred! You'll anger the Lion King!

Tristan: ...Yes, he was quite impressive. He was also the one I asked Sir Lancelot to take care of.

Tristan: ...It may have been poor judgment, yes. But there was also a failure on your part, Lancelot.

Tristan: As a result, the rebels survived, and left the mountain. They were headed in the direction of the desert...and that's where my bow snapped.

Tristan: They likely mean to join forces with Ozymandias.... As far as I can see, it is the worst combination.

Agravain: What a blunder! How do you propose to make amends, Lancelot!?

Lancelot: ...Chase after the rebels and capture them, of course.

Lancelot: My punishment shall be afterward. For thus disgracing His Majesty, I have no choice but to offer my head.

Agravain: Who needs that, you fool! I'll assign the pursuit to others! I have no leniency left for you!

Agravain: Sir Gawain, seize Lancelot! On the morrow, you shall be relieved of your duties and sentenced to confinement—

Lion King: ...Can you make it in time, Lancelot? The rebels' star is swift and free.

Lion King: Can you capture them?

Lancelot: Of course. I swear it upon my treasured Arondight.

Agravain: Your Majesty!

Lion King: I order you to pursue the rebels, Lancelot. Hurry. The walls of the castle will soon appear. Return before that.

Lancelot: Yes, Your Majesty!

Agravain: Tch...!

Lion King: Do not be so angry, Agravain. With Lancelot there shall be no mistake.

Agravain: ...That must be true. You always believed so.

Agravain: ...Forgive me, my king. It was an untoward remark.

Tristan: ...Sir Agravain. May I continue with one more report?

Agravain: What? Is there more?

Tristan: Yes.... I saw him. Among the rebels.

Tristan: The one-armed knight. The most loyal among those of the Round Table.... Our sworn friend, Sir Bedivere.

Agravain: ...Wh-What?

Agravain: Bedivere!? Why would he be there!? There's no way!

Agravain: Save your jokes for taverns and women, Sir Tristan! Bedivere? A most unlikely tale!

Mordred: Yeah, that's right, Agravain.

Mordred: It's insane, huh? A feeble knight like him is, for some reason, among their—

Agravain: Mordred! You knew!?

Mordred: Er...I didn't think it was worth mentioning, that's all! I mean, come on, Gawain didn't say anything about it either, right?!

Agravain: Save your silly excuses...No, wait, I see. So that's what the battle at the main gates was about.

Agravain: Sir Gawain. What is the meaning of this? Why didn't you report this to us, to the king?

Agravain: With Bedivere aiding the rebels, it's no wonder Sir Tristan suffered an upset.

Agravain: That man may be lacking in skill, but he is an expert on our Round Table's state of affairs! In addition, he is the king's closest follower—

Agravain: No, never mind that. Are you telling me you let personal feelings cloud your judgment!?

Gawain: The reason I did not report about Sir Bedivere is because it is unworthy of attention.

Gawain: He is but a novice, never even summoned by the Lion King. He is a rebel, nothing more.

Gawain: There is no need to treat such a knight with special attention. Because...our king is perfect.

Gawain: In judgment, in ideology, in actions. I believe he is flawless.

Gawain: In which case, one or two knights shifting sides would not impact the overall plan.

Gawain: What can Sir Bedivere do? No matter what he may do, the Lion King's heart will not be disturbed.

Gawain: Is that not right, Agravain?

Agravain: ...True. Even if that man goes over to the enemy, it's not as if he can do anything.

Agravain: ...Well done, Sir Gawain. You may return to protecting the main gate.

Tristan: ...It's not as if he can do anything? True, if he were the former Sir Bedivere.

Agravain: ...What do you wish to imply?

Agravain: Bedivere was your close friend. Perhaps sentiment prevented you from doing something about him.

Tristan: ...Of course not. I had no personal feelings.

Tristan: My Gift is “Reversal. ” You have not forgotten that, have you?

Agravain: ...How could I? True, there's no way you, now, would succumb to personal feelings.

Agravain: Sir Tristan, guard the castle town. Sir Mordred, continue to sweep the city surroundings.

Agravain: ...Forgive us for disturbing your throne, my king.

Agravain: Please do not let Sir Bedivere concern you. It can very well be Sir Tristan's misunderstanding.

Agravain: Even if it is true, all we must do is welcome him to His Majesty's Round Table.

Agravain: ...There is no problem. Please open the gates to the Tower at the Ends of the World with your utmost.

Lion King: ...Wait. What have you sirs been talking about all this time?

Agravain: Huh?

Lion King: Bedivere...

Lion King: Who is this...Bedivere?

Bedivere: Enemy traces up ahead! Everyone, prepare for battle!

Dr. Roman: It's not much of a response. You should be able to take care of them!

Dr. Roman: Once you get past this, you'll be in the desert. Communication from me won't reach you there.

Dr. Roman: But I'll always be monitoring your responses, Fujimaru, so it's not like I've disappeared!

Dr. Roman: It's too bad I can't help you navigate. Just be careful!

Dr. Roman: When you come back to the wastelands, be sure to come show me how much you've grown, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me!

Dr. Roman: Yup, I'm counting on you! Good luck!

Fujimaru 2: Thanks for always helping us, Doctor!

Dr. Roman: No no, the honor is mine. I could never thank you enough. Personally that is.

Dr. Roman: Oops, no time to be chit-chatting. I've got to get it together, too.

Fou: Foooooou!

Mash: We're about to make contact! Everybody, dismount and prepare to engage!

Section 13: To the Desert of Atlas (2/3)

Mash: It's still as windy as ever! Everyone, please make sure not to lose sight of one another!

Sanzang: No problem, leave it to me! After all, I've already done this once!

Sanzang: aryavalokitesvaro bodhisattvo gambhirayam prajnaparamitayam caryam caramano vyavalokayati...

Tawara Touta: Hm!? It should be around here, but I see no sign or trace of it! Not even a building to serve as a guide!

Bedivere: Distance and direction are both correct! No one at the Round Table can match my sense of direction when traveling! Believe me!

Bedivere: I am confident of that! Well, unless what that man said was wrong! In that case we're out of luck!

Mountain People: A message from Lord Hundred Personas:

Mountain People: “Listen up, you all. The place you're looking for is Ozymandias's favorite ruin. ”

Mountain People: “It's a place that Ozymandias has no power over, a building that even he can't investigate. ”

Mountain People: “Lately, an odd figure has been frequently spotted around it. This is also very interesting. ”

Mountain People: “They say he wears a black cape and a turban, and that he is from the western lands. I hope that helps you identify him. ”

Mountain People: “Use this map to find the location. Leave it to me. I'm an expert when it comes to the desert. ”

Mountain People: “P. S. Ozymandias's divine beasts wander around the ruin. Don't fight them! ”

Mountain People: ...The message ends there. There is one more report from Lord Hundred Personas about the latest developments...

Sanzang: Oh, it's all right. It's probably nothing. Thanks for delivering the message!

Mash: Ouch, all this sand in my eyes...Anyway, the message mentioned someone from the western lands...

Mash: Do you think there's something about his appearance that'll make it obvious it's him? Like, some sort of clothing that stands out?

Fujimaru 1: It mentioned a turban!

Fujimaru 2: Something like a black cape?

Mash: ...Yes. The region lies more to the south, but...

Mash: T. E. Lawrence, commonly known as Lawrence of Arabia, fits the description!

Bedivere: Ah, Lawrence! ...Who's that!?

Fou: Fouuu.

Mash: An Englishman who helped lead Egypt to independence! His story has also been made into a movie!

Bedivere: Wow, so even a figure like that can become a Heroic Spirit! But I'm afraid things just don't add up...

Tawara Touta: Ah, here you are! Sorry, it's an emergency!

Fujimaru 1: Don't tell me Lawrence showed up!

Fujimaru 2: Oh no...Don't tell me...

Sanzang: Eeeeeeeeeeeep!

Sanzang: Wh-What's with you guys!? S-Stop, no...Waaah, don't come this way!

Sanzang: A weird face on a lion's body? Creepy! Too creepy! Almost as bad as those monsters on Kunlun!

Sanzang: And laser beams!? Why do laser beams shoot out of its eyes!?

Sanzang: Quit it, quit with the projectiles! I'm a Caster, you should be coming at me with your fists!

Sanzang: Waah, Toutaaa! Fujimaru! Where'd you goooooo!?

Mash: ...I've grasped the situation.

Bedivere: She's gotten lost in this sandstorm, huh...

Fujimaru 1: Let's go rescue her!

Tawara Touta: Sorry, everyone...Believe it or not, she doesn't mean any ill will...

Fujimaru 2: Sanzang is such a troublemaker, isn't she...

Bedivere: ...Yes. If she could just stay calm, she'd be on par with the Knights of the Round Table...


Mash: ...Phew. The battle is over. Sanzang is safe.

Bedivere: That's great to hear. But...where is she?

Fou: Fou, fou.

Sanzang: Gosh, Touta. Honestly! You mustn't stray from your mentor, you hear?

Sanzang: A good disciple is supposed to be aware of his mentor at all times, not lose sight of her!

Tawara Touta: Hm. It's gotten to the point where replying would be stupid. If anything, I was the idiot.

Tawara Touta: It's true, you are a good mentor. I've never seen a monk who makes her disciple so frantic!

Sanzang: What's that? Was that a compliment? That was a compliment, wasn't it?

Sanzang: Yes, true, true. Looks like you're finally ready for the Sravaka, Touta!

Bedivere: I've no idea what she's saying, but I'm glad it all worked out.

Bedivere: It may have been in a panic, but she was able to ward off the sphinxes on her own.

Mash: ...The sphinxes, you say? Um, is that...

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang, what'd you do with the sphinxes?

Sanzang: Su-fee-nn-ks? You mean those weird animals? There were lots of them over there...

Mash: Ah, that's it! The message said the Sun King's beasts would be hanging around the ruin we're looking for...

Tawara Touta: If you think about it, they serve as a landmark, huh? So is this also the Buddha's protection? How terrifying...

Tawara Touta: Sanzang, just go wherever you want. Leave the protection to us.

Sanzang: What, you want me to lead the way?

Sanzang: Well, why didn't you just say so?! I'd be happy to! Follow me!

Sanzang: Oh, but watch out, okay? The back of my neck's been tingling, sort of...

Sanzang: Like, it feels like something bad's closing in from behind, you know?

Sanzang: It's probably a violent boulder or something, so be sure to catch it when it comes rolling, alright?

Tawara Touta: A bad feeling, huh? I can't laugh at your intuition anymore...Looks like we'd better hurry.

Fou: Fou!

Section 13: To the Desert of Atlas (3/3)

Mash: ...Master. I can see the shadows of multiple sphinxes beyond that particularly tall sand dune there.

Mash: They are circling that area as if monitoring it, so the ruin we're looking for must be right in front of us, but...

Bedivere: The problem is what to do about them all? Taking on that many would be reckless.

Bedivere: We'll have to find another way to enter. Although it's easier said than done, in this sandstorm...

Mash: If only we had the Doctor to back us up at a time like this...

Fou: Fou, fouuu.

Sanzang: Then how about this: we use Touta's rice to feed them one by one!

Fujimaru 1: What an idea! You must be a genius, Sanzang!

Bedivere: Unfortunately, sphinxes only feed on spirits...

Bedivere: The reason they attack humans is not for nutrition, but to be in accordance with the laws that govern them...

Sanzang: I see...Despite appearances, they're actually herbivores, or rather, soulivores...No need to count calories...Lucky...

Fou: Fou. Fofouuu.

Fujimaru 2: What an idea...Sanzang, you stay here.

Sanzang: Whyyy! It's not like it's a koan, right?! I think it's a pretty good plan myself!

Fou: Fou...fou...

Tawara Touta: A good meal knows no borders. I thought it was a pretty good idea, but...give it up this time, Sanzang.

Tawara Touta: ...I can hear horses! Armed soldiers are headed this way! This pressure...It must be a Knight of the Round Table!

Sanzang: Stuck between a rock and a hard place, huh? Fujimaru, what should we do...?

Bedivere: ...We must fight them. I'll lead the way on this one!

Tawara Touta: That's great, but are you sure!? You haven't forgotten what Arash said, have you?!

Bedivere: ...Of course not. I merely see it as his one and only misjudgment.

Bedivere: As long as I have my spirit, I shall never fall. As long as I have my shining silver arm, Airgetlám!

Mash: Sir Bedivere...Senpai, to let him fight a Knight of the Round Table would be...!

Fujimaru 1: ...Of course, we'll avoid such a match.

Fujimaru 2: I hope he'll stop and listen to us...

H:???: I've caught up to you. This is the third time I'm stirring up trouble with you.

H:???: The first was when you were chased from the Holy City. The second was at the village of the mountain people.

H:???: Neither time was I granted my wish of facing the rebels' leader.... But that all changes now.

Lancelot: Lancelot, Raider Knight of the Round Table. I have come on the king's orders to take you all into custody.

Lancelot: If you resist, I will show no mercy. Surrender or fight...Whatever your creed, I shall comply.

Mash: ...Master. I have a feeling...I know that person well...

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah, I bet.

Fou: Fou, fouuu...

Fujimaru 2: ...Huh, you do?

Fou: Fou, fouuu!

Bedivere: I have no intention of surrendering. But, before we fight, there's something I'd like to ask.

Bedivere: Sir Lancelot. For what reasons are you serving the current king?

Lancelot: ...Is this an illusion? What kind of sorcery is this? Bedivere...Sir Bedivere, is that you!?

Lancelot: Nonsense! Impossible! You would never...!

Sanzang: (...Hey, Fujimaru. Were all the Knights of the Round Table like that? )

Sanzang: (Just because Bedivere broke away from the Round Table...Don't you think they're overreacting? )

Fujimaru 1: Now that you mention it...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe there's another reason?

Bedivere: Even if I am an illusion, it does not change the reality of my question.

Bedivere: Answer me, Sir Lancelot. Why did a knight like you choose to serve the Lion King?

Bedivere: Sir Gawain believes the king no matter what. Sir Mordred said the mere act of opposing the king is sacrilege.

Bedivere: Tristan asserted...that the king's commandments are merciful actions.

Bedivere: How about you? Can you call that light, that folly of burning a village to the ground, King Arthur's job!?

Lancelot: ...

Lancelot: ...All units, prepare for battle. We will be detaining the rebels.

Bedivere: Lancelot! Let us hear your answer!

Lancelot: ...You are correct, I would not call that the king's work! I swore allegiance to the King of Knights, not the Lion King!

Lancelot: But that has nothing to do with my duty to capture you! Air your grievances in front of His Majesty himself!

Lancelot: That is, if Agravain even allows your presence!

Bedivere: ...Yet you still fight, knowing all of that.

Bedivere: Very well! I have a lot of things to say to you, too!

Mash: Sir Lancelot has drawn his sword! He's incredibly stubborn, I somehow get it!

Sanzang: Yes, admitting the king is wrong but still fighting...He needs a good preaching-to!

Sanzang: Fujimaru, we'll back up Bedi! The way things are going, I have a feeling we can win this!


Sanzang: No good!

Tawara Touta: It's because you had to say those weird things! No...That man is just too tough!

Bedivere: Tch...This is nothing! Compared to Lord Arash's regret...

Fou: Fou, fouuu!

Mash: Master, we must retreat! It's frustrating beyond belief, but we can't fight any longer!

Fujimaru 1: Is it that painful for you!?

Mash: ...No, even...I've never wanted to win so badly...

Fujimaru 2: We've been completely surrounded...!

Lancelot: Give it up. This is Ozymandias's desert. No mountain people will come to your aid.

Lancelot: Fleeing to the desert came back around on you. We can speak of it as we return...

C:???: What are you doing, you scoundrels!? Do you wreak havoc even knowing that this is the Sun King's most cherished land!?

Lancelot: What...

Mash: What's going on!?


C:???: My name is Nitocris! I am the pharaoh who has been assigned this Atlas Institute by the Sun King!

C:???: Fear me! Worship me! If you do, I shall at least spare your lives!

C:???: ...Or to put it bluntly, leave or surrender! As you can see, I am very powerful!

Fujimaru 1: Giant...Nitocris!

Sanzang: Oh wow...It's a Tathagata-class Heroic Spirit...I mean, look, she's big! Really big!

Sanzang: I...I don't think we can beat her! Let's run, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 2: ...Trying too hard again...

Mash: ...Yes. Such a grand entrance, but oozing with kindness...

Fou: Fouuu...

Enforcement Knight: S-S-S-Sir Lancelot...!

Enforcement Knight: His Majesty the Lion King told us that 14,000 years ago, in the desert, there lived a giant of destruction...Could this be that giant!?

Lancelot: Idiot, take a good look! It is an illusion of Magecraft!

Lancelot: She is not actually here! She is just controlling it remotely! Focus on making sure the formation does not fail!

Fujimaru 1: Now's our chance...!

Fujimaru 2: Everyone, right now!

Mash: Yes! Everyone, to the other side of the sand dune! Charge into the sphinx herd!

Sanzang: Oh, we can ignore that giant? Really? Okay! Xiexie, strange lady!

C:???: This is no time for manners! Quit blabbering and RUN! Seriously, you're so much work!

Lancelot: Don't let them get away! Follow them! I'm getting an ominous feeling about what lies ahead!

Enforcement Knight: Aaaaaaahhh! Sir Lancelot, it's a sphinx!

Enforcement Knight: Up ahead is a sphinx nest! Before we can go after the rebels, we'll be in danger!

Lancelot: Do not panic! All units, square formation! We will annihilate the sphinxes first!

B:???: Guooooooooooooooo!

Tawara Touta: Tch, they aren't going to let us go, either! Fujimaru, let's crush them to bits!

Mash: Yes! I hate to disappoint the queen, but we can't hesitate here!


Mash: We've intercepted the sphinxes! Senpai, how should we proceed from— Argh!

Fou: Fou!?

Sanzang: Hey, did Mash suddenly disappear just now!? It's as if she fell into a...Whoa!

Fou: Fofou!?

Tawara Touta: Hm, is this...?

Bedivere: Yes, it is!

Fujimaru 1: It's a pitfall trap!

Mash: Ouch...My butt...

Mash: Is everyone here? I heard five thuds...

Fujimaru 1: Roll call! Fujimaru, present...

Bedivere: A graceful landing, if I do say so myself. Bedivere, present.

Sanzang: ...prajnaparamitayam caryam caramano vyavalokayati...Yes...Xuanzang Sanzang, right here...

Tawara Touta: We fell pretty far...But I didn't think there'd be that much oxygen down here.

Fou: Fou.

D:???: Excellent. Looks like everyone was able to escape. Glad no one was hurt.

D:???: I'll turn on the lights, then. You may feel a bit dizzy, but that's part of the charm.

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: ...There's a sixth person!?

D:???: Hello there, everyone. And welcome to the wondrous mysteries of the Atlas Institute!

Holmes: I am Sherlock Holmes. The world's best detective, and its only consulting detective.

Holmes: As the representative of those who shed light on a problem, I am here to guide you all to the truth! I hold all the pieces of the puzzle!

Section 14: The Hidden Research

Holmes: You must be [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru. And she is Ms. Kyrielight.

Holmes: She is the Servant Xuanzang Sanzang. He is the Servant Tawara Touta.

Holmes: And that is...Well well, what a surprise. A Knight of the Round Table is also among you.

Holmes: Wonderful to meet you, Sir Bedivere. As we share a homeland, it's hard not to feel a certain familiarity with you already.

Fujimaru 1: How do you know my name already!?

Fujimaru 2: How did you know everyone's True Name...

Holmes: Why? Elementary, my dear friends.

Mash: (There it is, that famous line of his! This man is the real Mr. Holmes! )

Holmes: You and I have already made contact. Before we met face to face, we met through information.

Mash: Through...information?

Holmes: In London, you managed to safely acquire the information I left at the Mage's Association, right?

Holmes: It was just paperwork, but it must've been worth a thousand pounds to you at the time.

Holmes: I gathered only the necessary information, and arranged it so it'd be easy to read.

Holmes: At that point, you must've accepted me as a collaborator in the shadows.

Fujimaru 1: Now that you mention it...

Fujimaru 2: Wasn't Andersen saying something about...?

Mash: Yes. He said someone had organized the information before he looked it up!

Mash: So that was your doing, Mr. Holmes!

Holmes: Yes. Had I made it too easy to understand, Makiri would have noticed.

Holmes: I arranged it so that it would only make sense when a wise person with a true purpose searched for it.

Holmes: You needed to know it in order to solve this murder case and not just be a passive bystander.

Fujimaru 1: ...Murder case?

Holmes: Yes, it's a murder case, and one on a scale I've never experienced before: “The complete murder of the primates by means of the Incineration of Humanity. ”

Holmes: Yes indeed, a mythological murder case...Obviously I'd appear!

Bedivere: ...Um, Fujimaru, Lady Mash? I hate to interrupt, but...

Bedivere: Who is he? Holmes...I don't remember a knight by that name...

Holmes: How sad.

Holmes: It's true that I never attained knighthood. The person who recorded my efforts, however, did.

Bedivere: So the person who recorded your achievements was a knight? Uh...Milady?

Mash: Yes, Sir Bedivere. Mr. Holmes is the most famous detective in the world.

Mash: His class is...probably Caster, right? He is one of the true forefathers of all detectives.

Mash: Oh, if only the monitor was alive, the Doctor would've been overjoyed!

Mash: And, I am especially moved as well! Sherlock Holmes was real!

Mash: In other words, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels were biographies by Dr. Watson!

Holmes: Heh. Watson's side job. If it makes an innocent girl so openly happy, then our work was well worth it.

Holmes: But Ms. Kyrielight. My true identity, my essence, is slightly different from what you may think.

Holmes: And sad, but that is not the purpose of our gathering here today.

Holmes: I cannot yet accept your case, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru.

Mash: can't?

Mash: Mr. Holmes, you appeared in person, without even a disguise, so I assumed...

Holmes: Hahahahaha! What a good fan! You're very aware of my personality!

Holmes: ...Phew. I would very much like to cooperate, too, but there's a case I must solve first.

Holmes: Sir Babbage asked me to do so.

Holmes: He only had a little bit of reason left in him, just a speck, but it was like a glittering star. It is in exchange for that.

Holmes: Until that case is closed, I cannot make ties with Chaldea.

Holmes: But that is not a vital problem. I'll leave the battle to you heroes.

Holmes: I am a detective. I have no interest in justice or honor. I just solve mysteries. That is my duty.

Mash: (I-It's exactly the Holmes I imagined...! )

Fujimaru 1: In other words, he just beat us to the punch?

Holmes: Yes, that's exactly it! Although I did activate the pitfall and invite you all!

Fujimaru 2: What sort of mysteries do you mean?

Holmes: We can talk about that next. After all, it seems our journey will be a long one.

Sanzang: You'll help Fujimaru, but won't join us...Is that right?

Holmes: Yes. I came to this institute in search of knowledge.

Holmes: The Old Man of the Mountain must've talked about needing to know everything, right?

Holmes: In that case, you should head for the central area of this institute. I, too, have business there.

Holmes: It is far from here, about half a mile underground. The path twists and folds over itself, much like a labyrinth.

Holmes: I'll show you the way there, and you'll eliminate the traps with your strength.

Holmes: It's quite the efficient collaboration. Now, let's hurry. Infinite knowledge awaits us!

Bedivere: We seem to have ended up teaming with Mr. Holmes...Are you sure about this, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Let's trust the detective.

Fujimaru 2: Our objectives are the same.

Fou: Fou. Fou, fouuu!

Bedivere: ...I see. I suppose I've never really been good with people like him. He reminds me of Merlin.

Mash: Master, a magical energy response! Something's coming!

Mash: It's the same as in London...It's an autonomous magical familiar!

Holmes: It seems the defense mechanisms are still active! I was right to wait for your arrival!

Holmes: My existence is currently in flux...There's no way I can fight. I'm counting on your success!


Holmes: What's the Atlas Institute, you ask? An excellent question, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru.

Holmes: It is an institute of alchemists built in the Atlas Mountains of Egypt.

Holmes: It's also known as the Titan's Pit.

Holmes: It's one of three branches of the Mage's Association, dealing with accumulation and measurement.

Holmes: Their alchemy is not at all like alchemy as you may know it, the kind that became mainstream in the Middle Ages. They are the progenitors of Magecraft, focused on investigating the principles of the world.

Holmes: While they are certainly mages, I understand that their Magical Circuits are rather paltry.

Holmes: Consequently, they do not rely on magical energy to learn the mysteries of the world, instead using a great number of tools.

Holmes: In a way, these tools evolved similarly to scientific progress.

Holmes: They treated Pseudo Spiritrons...souls as energy that could be observed and manipulated. This led to Homunculi, lifeforms that possess Magical Circuits.

Holmes: “We have no need to become the strongest. We simply have to create the strongest tool. ”

Holmes: That was their motto. True to their words, they created many weapons.

Holmes: In the world of Magecraft, they are called the Seven Taboos. The Atlas Institute created seven weapons capable of destroying the world.

Holmes: Realizing that they had reached their limits, they sealed them away.

Holmes: ...There are still many theories about why they decided to build such weapons in the first place.

Holmes: The director of the Atlas Institute was given the title Atlasia.

Holmes: I saw a wall plate on the way here. It said Zepia Eltnam Atlasia.

Holmes: He was likely the last director. There seems to have been a successor designated, but the name wasn't recorded.

Holmes: The directors of this institute would always go mad, and as a result, they created forbidden weapons that would destroy the world.

Holmes: It's also possible that they would try to prevent the destruction of the world, fail in the progress, and then go mad as a result...

Holmes: Regardless, this place is a storehouse of “Mystic Codes” unparalleled anywhere else on earth.

Holmes: Although in reality, it's more like a disposal site.

Holmes: The alchemists of this institute would constantly invent things. These were treated as failed creations, and a mountain of terrible weapons accumulated.

Holmes: We're headed to the center of that. What do you think? Did you understand my summary of the Atlas Institute?

Fujimaru 1: ...I got that it's dangerous.

Holmes: A simple deduction! But that's perfectly fine!

Fujimaru 2: Why's it called the Titan's Pit?

Holmes: Hm. Do you know the titan who held up the world in Greek mythology? His name was Atlas.

Holmes: The name may have been influenced by his story.

Holmes: I've also heard that it was called the Atlas Institute because it's in the Atlas Mountains. A simple reason for naming it so.

Holmes: The origin of alchemy at the Atlas Institute is tied with the progenitor of Magecraft in Egyptian mythology, the goddess Isis.

Holmes: That connection may be why the institute appeared in the territory of Egypt in this Singularity.

Bedivere: They fled underground to study Magecraft...No wonder I had never heard of this group of mages.

Bedivere: However, I don't see any students. Did the Atlas Institute fall to ruin prior to this time?

Holmes: ...No. As far as I have been able to deduce, the Atlas Institute was active from the BC era up to 2018 AD.

Holmes: If there aren't any people here, then...

Holmes: No, I shouldn't speak based on assumptions. We'll know for certain when we reach the center.

Holmes: An underground academy filled with mysteries. A research facility created with unknown techniques—

Holmes: Is its true identity an ideal shelter, or merely an enormous tomb?

Holmes: Let us hold hope in our hearts, and press forward to see the truth.


Bedivere: Still, the layout of this place is rather complicated. It's more of a maze than an academic institute.

Bedivere: The path splits in two as we descend, but if you look behind you, it's actually three.

Bedivere: It's built like an optical illusion. It's as though...

Holmes: Indeed. It's built to confuse those trying to leave. Entering is simple, but exiting is forbidden.

Mash: It's not like it's to protect against theft...That would be the opposite, right? So why did build it this way?

Holmes: Because they were more fearful of people leaving than entering.

Holmes: The Atlas Institute was a group of geniuses. They immersed themselves in various research, in their own independent workshops.

Holmes: There were no taboos here. One would not be rebuked for creating any weapon, no matter how inhumane.

Holmes: However, there was one condition: what was created here could never be brought outside.

Holmes: That was the great principle of the Atlas Institute. For over 2,000 years, they stubbornly kept to this rule.

Holmes: An exception would be the Seven Contracts created when the institute was established.

Holmes: The Atlas Institute promised to cooperate with only those holding these special contracts.

Holmes: I'm sure this agreement caused headaches for generations of directors. They're contracts arbitrarily made by their ancestors, after all.

Holmes: They had recovered four of the contracts by 2000 AD, but the whereabouts of the other three remain unknown.

Holmes: Oh, sorry to stop so abruptly, but there are more defense mechanisms! I expect you can handle them?


Holmes: ...Hm. [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru, having watched two of your battles, may I comment on your leadership?

Fujimaru 1: Yes.

Fujimaru 2: No.

Holmes: Hahaha, how unfortunate! You seem to know less about me than Ms. Kyrielight!

Holmes: Sherlock Holmes cannot be silenced, has no self-restraint, and doesn't care about bothering others!

Holmes: I always voice my own deductions!

Holmes: Anyway, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru. To be honest, I'm quite surprised.

Holmes: Your fighting abilities are unbelievable, but they're still only secondary to something else.

Holmes: The root of your strength lies in the style of your contracts.

Holmes: I'm sure there's no precedent in history of a Master with connections to so many Servants.

Holmes: An even more shocking aspect is the length of time that this has continued.

Holmes: Normally, Servants are only summoned temporarily, and only for a particular battle.

Holmes: Perpetual contracts like your own are unthinkable. Yet it doesn't seem like you have any particular secrets, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru.

Holmes: In other words...

Fujimaru 1: ...In other words what? (Gulp)

Holmes: ...By the way, Ms. Kyrielight. It would appear you still don't have full control of your Noble Phantasm.

Holmes: Why is that? Is it something beyond your means?

Fujimaru 1: You changed the subject!?

Holmes: Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha.

Fujimaru 2: Mash doesn't know its True Name...

Mash: ...Yes. I still don't know the True Name of the Heroic Spirit who transferred this power to me...

Holmes: That's not it. The True Name isn't a big issue. You've simply erred on which foot to set forth on.

Holmes: But be at ease. You will have the solution soon. Given the information, there's nothing I can't uncover.

Holmes: ...No, that was rude of me. That sounded like bragging. There are some things that even I don't know.

Holmes: Right now, we're fighting with another mystery: the true identity of the King of Mages, the culprit behind the Incineration of Humanity.

Holmes: I have almost no information about him.

Holmes: Every corner of time has his tracks, but none of these seem to tie to King Solomon.

Holmes: If someone had seen the King of Mages firsthand,I could've asked if there was any resemblance to Solomon.

Holmes: But of course there wouldn't be such a convenient witness. I have no choice but to continue inferring from information.

Fujimaru 1: Uh...I've seen the King of Mages.

Fujimaru 2: Um...I know the King of Mages.

Holmes: You were such a vital witness!? Then please, tell me everything!

Holmes: What did he look like? His voice? His magical lineage? And most importantly—

Holmes: What are your impressions, having directly met him?

Holmes: Any discomfort? Anything out of place? A sense of discomfort would be the most important key.

Holmes: Try to remember, no matter how trivial it may seem. Was there anything strange about the King of Mages?

Fujimaru 1: ...I remember what he looks like, but...

Mash: So do I, but I'm not able to share those memories with you...The recordings are all covered in static too...

Fujimaru 2: ...Now that I think about it...

Holmes: Is there something?

Fujimaru 1: ...One thing about his appearance...

Fujimaru 2: ...Something seemed to be missing...

Holmes: ...Something missing...Missing, you say? For a human who had never seen the King of Mages before to say such a thing...

Holmes: He must've made an oversight, trivial though it may be. An oversight that, though unintentional, was enough to arouse suspicion.

Holmes: ...Ms. Kyrielight. I'm sorry, but could you draw a sketch as we walk?

Holmes: I'd like a picture of the King of Mages you saw. Normally, you'd be cursed for even making an attempt,

Holmes: but here in Atlas, they likely have perfect measures against outside curses. No harm would come to you.

Mash: I understand. I'm no artist, but I'll try to draw what we saw.

Mash: ...And may I also say something, Mr. Holmes?

Mash: I didn't sense any sort of discomfort like my Master did, but...

Mash: What the King of Mages said, how he acted...It wasn't consistent. That was what seemed out of place to me.

Mash: He was sometimes violent, sometimes calm...even totally indifferent toward us at times.

Mash: ...The changes all seemed abrupt to me...

Holmes: Hm. Tell me in more detail. What kind of conversation did you have with him?

Holmes: —I see. Thank you, Ms. Kyrielight.

Holmes: That was very useful information. Enough to inch a little closer to the true identity of the King of Mages.

Mash: Y-You're welcome...I'm glad I could help.

Holmes: Guessing from your conversation, the King of Mages is akin to a mirror.

Mash: A mirror...?

Holmes: Correct. A mirror reflects those standing before it. A mirror that shows the nature of the person speaking to it.

Holmes: If someone vulgar speaks, he answers just as rudely...

Holmes: While if someone wise speaks, he answers with equal earnestness.

Holmes: He responds to the cruel with cruelty, and to the calm with benevolence.

Holmes: It's not that he lacks his own sense of self, or that he has multiple personality disorder...

Holmes: He's just not confined to one single alignment. No, it's the exact opposite, in fact. That's his nature.

Fujimaru 1: I see. Mordred was crude, so...

Fujimaru 2: I see. Andersen was mean, so...

Mash: But he said he isn't interested in us. He said life has no value.

Mash: I don't think anybody who was present thought that way.

Holmes: ...That's exactly it. That's the part I find frightening,Ms. Kyrielight.

Holmes: No interest in humans...That is the truth for the King of Mages.

Holmes: As proof, he has already destroyed humanity. He's unlike the Lion King, who seeks to destroy this era.

Holmes: He has already won, which is precisely why he has shown his true form.

Holmes: Of course he would have no interest in us. It's because he has already moved on to his next project.

Holmes: For example, suppose there's a desk here with a project labeled “Incineration of Humanity” sitting on top of it.

Holmes: He finished that project long ago. Now he's at a different desk, ready to start anew.

Holmes: Normally, that would be the end. Humanity wouldn't even have the option of fighting against him.

Holmes: However, a miracle occurred. It goes without saying, but that miracle was Chaldea.

Holmes: Although it's simply a miniscule space remaining at the now uninhabited desk.

Mash: ...To the King of Mages, incinerating humanity is already a finished project...You're saying that's why he has no interest in us?

Holmes: Yes. To be precise, it's because he's occupied with his next task.

Holmes: What frightens me is...the true nature of that “next task. ”

Holmes: Listen well. You can say that this case was the perfect crime.

Holmes: Nobody could prevent the plot from occurring. We were completely defeated, unable to even make a move.

Holmes: A detective works after an incident occurs...After there are already victims.

Holmes: Even if I deduce the truth behind the incident, I don't have the power to undo what has taken place.

Holmes: ...But you do, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru. You have that power.

Holmes: The King of Mages doesn't believe so...Which is your one and only chance to overcome that demon's crime.


Holmes: Rejoice, everyone. We're nearly at the center. Many answers await us ahead.

Holmes: The Old Man of the Mountain sent you here for two reasons.

Holmes: The first relates to this Singularity: to gain knowledge about the Lion King's objectives and his sacred lance.

Holmes: The second relates to all seven Singularities. In other words, a part of the mystery behind the Incineration of Humanity.

Holmes: I'm prepared to answer both of those. However, before that...

Fujimaru 1: We've got to eliminate the defenses, right?

Fujimaru 2: A battle! Of course there'd be one!

Holmes: No. I have a warning.... Well, more like a declaration.

Holmes: The greatest reason why I appeared before you is that the peering eyes of Chaldea cannot reach you here.

Holmes: Let me tell you in advance. I do not trust Doctor Roman.


Mash: This is the heart of the Atlas Institute...We're underground, but there's a sky, Master!

Bedivere: This place is the size of a city...I can't believe they were able to build such a vast structure here...

Bedivere: This sure looks like an academic institute, all right. They have everything necessary for humans to live their lives.

Bedivere: This would help their students keep sound minds. Even if the sky was artificial.

Holmes: That obelisk in the center is the Atlas Institute's greatest recording medium: a Pseudo-Spiritron Calculation Engine dubbed Tri-Hermes.

Holmes: Trismegistus in Chaldea was based off it.

Fujimaru 1: That's...the original?

Holmes: Indeed. The one sent to Chaldea is merely a copy.

Holmes: It is a Photonic Crystal, a Philosopher's Stone. An out-of-place artifact that cannot be created through science in the present world.

Fujimaru 2: Now that you mention it, its construction...

Mash: That's right! It looks just like Chaldea's Command Room!

Mash: Although...most of it is buried in sand now...

Holmes: Now then. We've already acquired the access rights. Normally, we would just ask the staff, but...

Holmes: As you can see, this place is completely uninhabited. I feel a little sorry, but we'll just have to use it without their permission.

Mash: ...Yes. But I wonder why the staff aren't present?

Mash: It may be buried in sand, but all the equipment seems to be operating like normal.

Holmes: The answer is obvious. This is Atlas in 2018. In other words, the one from your time period.

Mash: Atlas from our time!? Now that you mention it, Da Vinci said something like that.

Mash: Something about how in Egyptian territory there's a foreign object from yet another era.

Mash: It must have been this!

Holmes: I believe so. The mages may have been incinerated, but the Atlas Institute itself didn't vanish.

Holmes: ...Now, let's get to the main issue. Tri-Hermes contains recordings of all events.

Holmes: Since we aren't alchemists of Atlas, we wouldn't understand everything it contains, but...

Holmes: The simple truth...We should be able to understand the results. Although it would be like looking at a mathematical equation's solution.

Fujimaru 1: What are you checking?

Holmes: Ah, I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it's a record that even I couldn't trace. The recording of a certain event, kept secret from all.

Fujimaru 2: Peeping isn't a good hobby, you know?

Holmes: Hahahahaha! That's not what I'm doing. I'm only interested in the honest truth!

Holmes: I would never do anything so shady! The only thing that excites me is the truth itself, not personal lives!

Holmes: Now, Tri-Hermes, soaring bird of the underworld! Answer my question!

Holmes: Tell us of a certain incident, erased from all records and descriptions: the Holy Grail War that occurred in Japan in 2004!

Mash: The Holy Grail War!? Don't tell me you mean Singularity X!?

Mash: W-Well, the Director did talk of a Holy Grail War held in Singularity X, but...

Mash: Are you saying that's the truth behind the Incineration of Humanity...The true origin!?

Holmes: No, it's not the origin. But it is an important factor.

Holmes: The Holy Grail War. That is a grand ritual, where Heroic Spirits are summoned to fight, in which the last surviving mage and Servant standing obtain the Holy Grail.

Holmes: You already know that much. Right, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru?

Holmes: Very well. That ritual did indeed take place. In 2004, located in a certain city of Japan.

Holmes: I checked the records of this war. However, I couldn't figure out what happened during its course, or how it concluded.

Holmes: The only traceable data was from when the Holy Grail War started: the identities of the seven mages who sought the Holy Grail.

Holmes: Among those seven who participated, one of them was related to someone you know.

Holmes: Or to be precise, the daughter of that person.

Fujimaru 1: ...Don't tell me it's...

Fujimaru 2: ...The previous director of Chaldea?

Holmes: That's right. The father of Olga Marie Animusphere, the late director of Chaldea.

Holmes: As a Lord of the Clock Tower, he secretly headed to that regional city of Japan, and participated in that bloody ritual.

Holmes: His name was...

Holmes: ...Hm? An answer already? It's a little sad that it doesn't make sounds while in operation.

Holmes: However, I'm glad to see it backs up my hypothesis. This resolves one of the questions.

Holmes: The winner of the 2004 Holy Grail War in Japan was Marisbury Animusphere.

Holmes: Hermes recorded that he killed six other mages, and obtained the omnipotent wish granter known as the Holy Grail.

Mash: He...obtained the Holy Grail?

Mash: And that's before the Incineration of Humanity...Before the Rayshift was carried out?

Holmes: Correct. Records indicate Marisbury brought his assistant along to the Holy Grail War...

Holmes: ...and that, having been given special exemption the following year, the assistant was then invited to join the staff of Chaldea.

Holmes: He became the top of the medical division in his early twenties, so “special” is the word for it. I'd hesitate to call him a normal person.

Fujimaru 1: ...The top of the medical division...

Fujimaru 2: ...

Mash: ...Do you mean Romani Archaman?

Mash: Doctor Roman...He knew the former director before coming to Chaldea?

Holmes: Yes. And it gets stranger. The personal history of the man named Romani Archaman is unknown.

Holmes: I couldn't find anything about him in records from before the Holy Grail War. I might figure it out if I keep using Hermes, but...

Holmes: We don't have the time to salvage data about a single person, out of the billions of personal data files updated yearly.

Holmes: But that's the reason why I don't trust Doctor Roman. There's no mistake that he's human, and not a mage, but...

Holmes: He's hiding something. Something extraordinarily close to the truth.

Mash: ...

Sanzang: Um...Can I ask something?

Sanzang: I know I shouldn't just butt in because I'm tired of being quiet, but...

Sanzang: This Marisbury guy obtained the Holy Grail, right?

Sanzang: What did he wish for?

Holmes: ...Who knows? Unfortunately, Hermes doesn't record personal wishes.

Holmes: The only things recorded are results.

Holmes: According to Hermes, Marisbury went on to become a great mage.

Holmes: To the Clock Tower, Chaldea and the Animusphere family's theories were mostly disregarded.

Holmes: However, that assessment was overturned after repeated successes. The establishment of the Heroic Spirit Summoning System.

Holmes: Experiments that made it possible to not just observe the future, but also use Rayshifts to intervene in other time periods.

Holmes: Chaldea was nothing more than an observatory in 2004, but then gained vast amounts of equipment like any other research facility.

Holmes: It's safe to assume that Marisbury wished for fortune.

Holmes: He had no reason to wish for the Incineration of Humanity. Reading the documents, he comes off as a man of good sense.

Holmes: His desire was ordinary, his envy was ordinary, and his love of happiness was ordinary...That's the type of man he was.

Holmes: In that case, he was either used by a third party, or...he stepped into a minefield of destruction, without even noticing it himself.

Mash: A third party...Like Professor Lev?

Holmes: Lev Lainur was appointed to Chaldea at the turn of the century. That coincides with the time when the technology to construct the observation lens, Sheba, was provided to Chaldea.

Holmes: Lev Lainur was working under the King of Mages. I have no doubt about that.

Holmes: ...To be honest, this causes me the biggest headache. Chaldea caught the eye of Lev, and he infiltrated it.

Holmes: In that case, there must have been some issue at Chaldea before the Holy Grail War of 2004.

Holmes: That war was just a way for Marisbury to obtain capital. There's a possibility that it wasn't related to the Incineration of Humanity.

Holmes: With that in mind...I don't want to say this, would mean this about Romani Archaman:

Holmes: “We don't know what he was doing, but he had no connection to the incident. A simple nuisance, a mystery...Someone who doesn't really matter at all. ”

Holmes: ...That's the conclusion that I can draw.

Sanzang: What's that supposed to mean!? That's ridiculous!

Fujimaru 1: Sounds just like Roman!

Fujimaru 2: A mystery someone who doesn't matter!

Mash: Yes, that's the Doctor in a nutshell!

Holmes: Personally, I still see him as an important person of interest.

Holmes: You shouldn't tell him anything that you heard here. We can't trust him until his secrets are clear.

Holmes: At the very least, Romani Archaman knows the conclusion of the Holy Grail War, and never told you.

Holmes: ...Now, that wraps up the facts that I wanted to know. Next is your turn...But before that.

Holmes: As I searched through the records of Chaldea, I found an answer for you, Ms. Kyrielight.

Holmes: I'm sorry if this seems like it's just being tacked on, but do you mind if we speak about it?

Mash: An answer for me...?

Mash: Oh, do you mean what we talked about on the way here? About the True Name of the Heroic Spirit who transferred their power to me?

Holmes: Exactly! I came to a conclusion already, but I had no clear proof, so I spoke ambiguously...

Holmes: But now, I can tell it to you as fact. Are you prepared to hear this, Ms. Kyrielight?

Bedivere: Wait a minute. That's something for Lady Mash to discover for herself. We shouldn't be the ones...

Holmes: No, I must speak my mind! I'm sure everyone has already realized it, anyway!

Holmes: Only fools would continue to avert their eyes from the truth. Are you saying that Ms. Kyrielight is a fool?

Holmes: I say no! No, Sir Bedivere! And besides, what are you so fearful of?

Holmes: That knowing her True Name wouldn't change anything? That it wouldn't help her develop her Noble Phantasm?

Holmes: I declare that as an unnecessary concern! Because...

Holmes: Mash Kyrielight's spirit is already complete! Her fears don't depend on whether or not she possesses a Noble Phantasm!

Holmes: Also! Even if her Noble Phantasm fails to develop, she'll never stop standing up for her beliefs!

Holmes: For the sake of what she believes in, she'll muster her courage and fight to the very end!

Mash: ...

Holmes: ...Apologies. I unashamedly flew into a rage. Anyway, do you mind if I speak openly now?

Holmes: This fate was bestowed upon you. The name of the Heroic Spirit who saved your life.

Mash: ...Master. Is this really okay?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: It's fine, although Roman's not here.

Mash: ...Okay. Although I wish it was something a little more special.

Mash: Please tell me, Mr. Holmes. My True Name. The real name of this shield.

Holmes: Very well. Then I shall tell you everything, like a true detective would.

Holmes: First off, how did Chaldea stabilize their Heroic Spirit summons?

Holmes: ...By being in possession of something that gathers Heroic Spirits.

Holmes: A seat where many heroes once gathered. A rite of vows called the Round Table.

Holmes: Chaldea processed that relic, using it as a catalyst for summons, and buried it in the body of a fused being.

Holmes: I am sure you can understand this, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru...That while the weapon she carries looks like a shield, that's not what it actually is.

Holmes: That the first Servant you contracted with is actually the groundwork for gathering many Heroic Spirits.

Fujimaru 1: I had a feeling.

Fujimaru 2: Part is literally a “round shield. ”

Holmes: Yes, perhaps something of a pun. Something to applaud the Chaldea engineers for.

Holmes: The core of her holy round shield is the Round Table itself.

Holmes: Now listen well, Ms. Kyrielight.

Holmes: The second Heroic Spirit summoned when you were young...The only successful result of Chaldea's Heroic Spirit fusion experiment...

Holmes: The hero who lamented the inhumane experiments of Chaldea, but stayed in the present world to preserve your life...

Holmes: The one who entrusted everything during the Chaldea bombing incident...

Holmes: That Heroic Spirit's name was Galahad.

Holmes: One of the Knights of the Round Table, a holy knight who alone succeeded in the search for the Holy Grail.

Mash: Galahad of the Knights of the Round Table...

Fujimaru 1: Mash!?

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay!?

Mash: Y-Yes...I suddenly felt weak at the knees...I just had to sit down...

Mash: But it wasn't painful, or even surprising.... I was just happy.

Mash: I finally know the name of the person who believed in us, and helped us back then...

Mash: I feel so happy right now.

Mash: I wonder if I've fought well enough to not soil his name?

Holmes: See, it's just as I said. She's just that kind of girl.

Holmes: She never forgets gratitude. Why would she hold any pessimism in her heart towards the one who saved her life?

Bedivere: ...Yes, it's exactly as you say. It seems Galahad made the correct decision.

Bedivere: They were eons apart, they were a different race...But he truly did entrust this to the person closest to him...


Holmes: Now, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru. I'll leave the actual awakening of the Noble Phantasm to you.

Holmes: But I fear Hermes is not doing very well. One more search and it'll run out of power.

Holmes: ...I should reflect on my actions as well.

Holmes: It would seem my plan to search for enchanting unsolved mysteries has somehow backfired...

Mash: Mr. Holmes!?

Fou: Fooou!

Holmes: Please, fear not. It will work, but only one more time. I never miss the truth.

Holmes: The Lion King's sacred lance, Rhongomyniad. You must know why it exists.

Holmes: Needless to say, I have heard of this name, as well. But, I have never set eyes upon it.

Holmes: Hermes, show us the truth that lies behind it...I see.

Mash: (Senpai, it looks like the search is complete. Hermes seems rather useful. )

Fou: Fou. Fou!

Holmes: The lance that the Lion King possesses...How much do you know of it, Sir Bedivere?

Bedivere: Very little. The king had a number of holy artifacts aside from the sword.

Bedivere: I imagine Rhongomyniad is one of them. Even the Knights of the Round Table were not informed of it.

Bedivere: Merlin called it the “Tower at the Ends of the World. ”

Bedivere: A pillar of light that stands far west of the Isle of Britain. A tower that stands beyond the the edge of the world.

Sanzang: A tower? But it's a lance, right? I mean...I understand they're both long and pointy, but...

Bedivere: That answer is beyond me, I fear...Mr. Holmes?

Holmes: There are two lances, Ms. Sanzang.

Holmes: The first is the massive tower that pierces this world: the lance in its physical form.

Holmes: It is an indication of the lance's strength. It would seem that it indeed exists as a tower, but it cannot be accessed by humans.

Holmes: Most importantly, it exists at the edge of this world. One can never reach the edge, no matter how much they walk.

Holmes: The tower stands at the edge of this world, seeing all of mankind, and protecting it.

Tawara Touta: Hmm...So, you're suggesting it's a powerful magical tower with a great view?

Holmes: And the other is the lance that the Lion King wields. Think of this as the shadow that this tower casts upon the world.

Holmes: A personal weapon that allows the user to use the skills, the Authority of the tower.

Mash: So the tower is the mainframe, while the lance is the terminal?

Holmes: A great analogy, Ms. Kyrielight.

Holmes: The tower will continue to exist at the edge of the world, while the lance is held by the tower's keeper.

Holmes: The only mystery that remains, is why the tower is pinned on this planet.

Holmes: There is a theory that our world, the human world, is nothing more than a texture placed upon the surface of this planet.

Holmes: Our understanding as this planet's ruling intelligent lifeform...the laws of physics as we know it...

Holmes: The texture that results from this understanding is our world. And it is sewn tightly to this planet so as not to be removed.

Holmes: What keeps it in place, my friends, is the phenomenon known as the “Tower at the Ends of the World. ” And, this tower is not limited to the Isle of Britain, either.

Holmes: There are several around the world. One of which is the sacred lance currently in the Lion King's hands.

Bedivere: The Tower at the Ends of the World...Now I understand what it means. The king is trying to use such a dangerous thing to—

Sanzang: It's like a pagoda, a vessel for receiving faith. I get it.

Sanzang: But, how is that related to the state of the Holy City? What does the Lion King intend to do with it?

Holmes: ...Most likely, the Lion King intends to use the lance as the tower.

Holmes: The Lion King intends to create an ideal world at the Holy City by gathering only the chosen ones.

Holmes: Not simply a pure human being, but one that will always do the right thing, no matter what.

Holmes: According to Hermes' calculations, the sacred lance can store up to 500 souls.

Holmes: The Holy City was built over the Holy Land in a single night. It seemed impossible, but not until you understand why...

Holmes: That city is the sacred lance itself. People that were brought to the city have all been sealed inside it.

Holmes: The Lion King claims he is quarantining pure humans, but the truth is that he is not letting them get away. It's an elaborate trap.

Bedivere: Impossible! That city is Camelot. The details may be slightly different, but I've no doubt. It's Camelot!

Bedivere: How...How could that be turned into such an evil...

Mash: ...No. Mr. Holmes' deduction is correct. That is not Camelot.

Mash: True, the Castle of Camelot was created by fairies. It's no wonder it appeared overnight.

Mash: ...But that's not right. I had a really bad feeling, from the moment I saw it.

Mash: That's the outer shell of Rhongomyniad. It is not something that will save humanity.

Bedivere: Then...what will happen to all of the people inside the Holy City? They must live lives of captivity while being protected by the King.

Holmes: To live or to die...that is not the issue. All those in the Holy City will be consumed by the lance.

Holmes: The sacred lance is similar to the Atlas Institute. It's a shelter, Sir Bedivere.

Holmes: However, there is no room to exist as a lifeform. All of them are being herded, as virtuous human elements.

Holmes: Eventually the Holy City will converge and become a single tower. Inside of that tower is a smaller version of hell.

Holmes: The people have not been gathered in this so-called utopia to live. They are samples.

Holmes: To be stored for all eternity, underneath the Lion King's command. As though displayed in a case to show the value of mankind.

Bedivere: How could this...!? Whoever's behind such a malicious deed can't be human!

Sanzang: ...

Tawara Touta: ...The Lion King's conduct, whether good or evil, means nothing to me. He's simply protecting his own people. That much is true.

Sanzang: There's a huge mistake! What are you talking about, Touta?

Tawara Touta: Let me finish! Now, listen...So, the Holy City has been turned into this tower.

Tawara Touta: Then, what will happen next? I believe the tower will disappear along with the Lion King's army.

Tawara Touta: At the very least, the mountain people and the Lion King will have no reason to fight...because he will fade, along with his ideals.

Sanzang: Hm, you're right...I suppose that would technically put an end to the conflict. Technically.

Sanzang: To protect one's own people...It would seem that even the Lion King wants to do that.

Holmes: What a relief to hear. I am of the same opinion as Mr. Touta.

Holmes: ...Until we see Hermes' analysis.

Mash: ...So, you're suggesting something else? That there is a deeper meaning to the Lion King's actions?

Holmes: Correct. The Lion King intends to turn the Holy City into the Tower at the Ends of the World. Surely you know what that means?

Holmes: When the tower is complete, the entire area will become the Ends of the World.

Holmes: In exchange for creating the complete world known as the tower, the world outside it must be destroyed.

Holmes: The Lion King is not simply trying to protect his own people. He's going to eliminate all other people aside from his own.

Holmes: And that destruction has already begun.

Holmes: The reason this Singularity has been an exception within an exception is because it exists “nowhere in this world. ”

Sanzang: ...I see. The reason there's nothing on the other side of the desert is because this era has already been separated from human history.

Holmes: Yes, Ms. Sanzang.

Holmes: The King of Mages is no longer the one who's trying to destroy this era, nor the one that created it.

Holmes: The Lion King is willing to sacrifice one of the Foundations of Humanity, to create his own utopia. Only gods may do that.

Sanzang: ...

Bedivere: ...Let us return to the surface, everyone. We are racing against time.

Bedivere: We need to invade the Holy City before the sacred lance is complete. There, we need to confirm the Lion King's intent.

Sanzang: I agree with Bedivere. And it makes sense why the mighty skeleton guy told us to come here.

Sanzang: We should rendezvous with them as soon as we can. They need to know this...

Sanzang: ...Hm? Why didn't the mighty skeleton guy just tell us the truth? Wouldn't that be faster?

Tawara Touta: Because Fujimaru needed to come here. Or, perhaps to the desert itself, if not this institute.

Tawara Touta: No amount of strength will alter the importance of the people you meet. This Old Man of the Mountain still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Tawara Touta: Fujimaru has a mission to accomplish here...Could that be his true intention?

Tawara Touta: Mm!? Why do you laugh at me, detective?

Holmes: Pardon me...Was I laughing?

Holmes: If that is the case, then what you are saying is quite amusing. Enough to melt this cold hard expression of mine.

Sanzang: ...Wait, we have to deal with this on the way back, too!?

Holmes: But of course. And, this time this opponent is stronger than any others we've faced.

Holmes: The Atlas Institute does not want people to leave...I thought I've explained this to you?

Holmes: This is the final battle in this underground lost world. Let's make it count!


Mash: Senpai, I see light at the end of the corridor. That must be sunlight!

Bedivere: The return trip was much quicker. I suppose we owe this to you, Mr. Holmes.

Holmes: Elementary, my friends. You must not rely on only your visual senses when inside a maze.

Holmes: You construct a three-dimensional map inside your mind as you proceed.

Fujimaru 1: Ah, the master detective!

Fujimaru 2: Thank you, Mr. Holmes.

Holmes: Mmm, I'm glad to be of service to you in the end. And on that note, I must bid you farewell.

Mash: ...So, Chaldea cannot be trusted after all?

Holmes: Mmm, true, there is much mystery surrounding Chaldea. But there are others I must chase right now.

Holmes: Namely, the Phantom Spirit who...No, I must not discuss this here. If you'll excuse me, [♂ Mr. /♀ Ms. ] Fujimaru.

Holmes: How about a little riddle, as a parting gift. The simplest of puzzles about the Incineration of Humanity.

Holmes: I've been thinking. Why 2018? Why now of all times?

Mash: Huh?

Holmes: None of you questioned it? The King of Mages erased human history itself.

Holmes: So, going by the Western calendar, that means the world should have ended before you were even born.

Holmes: However, he went with purging everything in 2018. He altered the history leading up to now.

Holmes: Think. Incineration in 2018 and burning backwards into history.

Holmes: Why is that? There is only one logical conclusion.

Holmes: The King of Mages had a reason why he needed to wait until 2018. Let's suppose he exists in 1000 BC.

Holmes: Between 1000 BC and 2018 AD there are approximately 3,000 years. He needed to burn all of it.

Holmes: Do you follow? The King of Mages did not destroy it because he wanted to.

Holmes: He burned it because he needed to. The result may be the same, but we cannot overlook this tiny detail.

Fujimaru 1: Not because...he hates humans?

Fujimaru 2: Now that you mention it...

Holmes: Exactly. How can one bear murderous intent if they do not care at all?

Holmes: ...However, this is where the inquiry becomes a little tricky. Needless to say, the reason is a complete mystery.

Holmes: One theory is what I've mentioned earlier: that the time frame from the past up until 2018 has meaning.

Holmes: The that even King Solomon could not see past the year 2018.

Holmes: King Solomon had the ability to see into the future.

Holmes: And if for some reason even he could not see past 2018, then...

Fujimaru 1: ...No future existed in the first place?

Holmes: The same conclusion at which I have arrived. I can only pray that this is not the case.

Fujimaru 2: Because the King of Mages is going to destroy the world?

Holmes: Yes. That is the easiest answer. I pray it turns out to be true.

Holmes: Now then, I must part ways here! The next time we meet, yes...

Holmes: I hope it'll be in a bustling metropolitan city like London, not in these wastelands!

Section 15: The God King Ozymandias (1/3)

Fou: Foooou!

Sanzang: Looks like the little kitty's happy to be outside again. Of course, I'm very happy, too...I'm at a loss for words!

Mash: It was a long corridor, after all. Looks like the sandstorm died down, as well.

Mash: Most likely because it was directly above the Atlas Institute. This region does not belong to the Sun King, after all.

Tawara Touta: We don't have time to savor the moment. What a despicable man, to await us at the exit.

Lancelot: ...

Mash: Sir Lancelot! Master, we're surrounded!

Lancelot: Your escape ends here. There is nowhere to run. Surrender.

Lancelot: We have no more time to waste on you. If you choose to resist, then we will not hesitate to kill you.

Bedivere: ...Looks like he's serious. Fujimaru, please stand back.

Bedivere: A failure of one of the Knights of the Round Table...must be dealt with by a knight...

Fujimaru 1: But first, I want to confirm something.

Fujimaru 2: I want to ask about the sacred lance.

Bedivere: Th-That is an excellent point...It seems I let the blood rush to my head, as well.

Bedivere: The Knights of the Round Table all believe in the king, but that does not mean they know what the lance represents...

Mash: Yes. If they are following the Lion King without understanding the role of the lance, it makes sense that they would be convinced.

Bedivere: Sir Lancelot. Before we fight, I have a question for you. Do you know what the lance really is? What the Lion King is after?

Lancelot: ...What?

Bedivere: The Holy City is no ideal city. That is the Tower at the Ends of the World. It gathers the most ideal humans, and places them in a cage...

Bedivere: And when that is realized, this entire area will disappear. What the Lion King is doing goes beyond what humans must do.

Lancelot: ...No way.

Mash: (Sir Lancelot...lowered his sword. It seems like even the Knights of the Round Table weren't informed about the lance. )

Lancelot: Hrng!

Lancelot: I did not expect you to know so much. I suppose that means those over there are privy to the same information?

Lancelot: ...All the more reason I cannot let you escape. You would only spread fear where it is not needed.

Bedivere: Guh! Lancelot, how could you...!?

Bedivere: You knew of the sacred lance, yet you still serve the king!? Have you any idea what he intends to do?

Lancelot: Enough! We of the Round Table tolerate no disloyalty to the king!

Lancelot: When the city has enough human souls, the doors to the Tower at the Ends of the World will open.

Lancelot: This is what the Lion King announced as soon as he summoned us.

Lancelot: And we decided to obey. Based on his ideals, we slaughtered the Crusaders...

Lancelot: ...and decided to become enemies to all in this era. We have done this even knowing that what the king is doing is inhuman!

Bedivere: ...!

Lancelot: Enough talk. If you wish to continue this debate, then you must put your life on the line.


Lancelot: What!?

Bedivere: Milady!?

Fujimaru 1: Mash!?

Lancelot: You were able to stop my Arondight? ...No. This shield, this presence...Don't tell me you're...

Mash: Furious! Although he is no longer within me, I'm sure he feels the same!

Mash: Which is why I must have you pay the price! Sir Lancelot! Stop this nonsense!

Lancelot: S-Stop this...? Are you scolding me?

Mash: Forget scolding, I'm disgusted! How can you possibly take pride in yourself as a knight of King Arthur!?

Mash: If you disagree with the king, raise your case! If the king is wrong, then you fight!

Mash: That is the heart of chivalry. That was entrusted to you. Only you!

Lancelot: Wait...Just wait! That disrespectful and rebellious tone...That hair that covers one eye...

Lancelot: You couldn't be...!?

Mash: No more words, Sir Lancelot! No, I challenge you to a duel once more!

Fujimaru 1: Mash!?

Mash: Rest assured, Master! I will not lose to this person!

Mash: This shield, this armor, this burning heart...They're all crying out to me! Because...Because...

Fou: Foooou!

Bedivere: —Milady! No, Sir Mash! Y-You look just like...

Mash: I am Mash Kyrielight. My True Name as a Heroic Galahad!

Mash: With this flesh and bone I have been granted, I will purge the filth from the proud Knights of the Round!


Lancelot: Ugh...The attack is so strong it reaches the core of my body...There's no doubt...

Mash: Now do you see, Sir Lancelot? If you don't understand after this, I'll smash you with my castle!

Bedivere: That much!?

Lancelot: ...No. It's just as you say, Mash.

Lancelot: I fought a Knight of the Round Table, and was defeated. I can no longer call myself a knight of the king.

Lancelot: This doesn't clear away my foolishness...but I have lost my reason to fight you all.

Sanzang: Finally, you've come to your senses. Any way you look at it, you were fighting reluctantly, after all.

Sanzang: ...But still, someone that stubborn accepting their loss so easily...I wonder why?

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang, Galahad is...

Fujimaru 2: Sanzang, Lancelot is...

Sanzang: What?! Those two are related!?

Fou: Fuuu, Foooou!

Mash: No, not quite, Sanzang.

Mash: The only time he seemed like a father was when Galahad was a child. Galahad's Spirit Origin wants to make that known.

Mash: In reality, the relationship between Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad was not very good.

Mash: Isn't that right, Dad?

Lancelot: Ah, I wanted things to go well...I'm sorry, calling me that is bad for my heart.

Lancelot: If I'm not ready for it, I'm liable to die from shock...

Bedivere: (What a complicated family background...becoming a Heroic Spirit, and being referred to in the way you've most desired...)

Tawara Touta: Hm. The hostility and bloodlust have been neatly and cleanly erased. Sir Lancelot is no longer an enemy, I see.

Tawara Touta: Now what do we do, Fujimaru?

Tawara Touta: Capture Sir Lancelot and enter the Holy City, or entrust him to the mountain people? That is an option as well.

Fujimaru 1: What about making him an ally?

Bedivere: An ally? ...Hah. You are right. You say so naturally what even I would have difficulty spitting out.

Bedivere: If Sir Lancelot became our ally, I could not ask for more.

Fujimaru 2: Revenge for Da Vinci...

Mash: ...

Lancelot: ...As I was defeated, my life is yours. However, before that, I want to show you something. A certain place.

Lancelot: If I disappear, all knowledge of it will be lost. More than anything, I would like to avoid that.

Lancelot: My unit will escort you. From here it is only half a day's travel.

Sanzang: ...He seems to have his reasons. What should we do, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's go see what it is.

Fujimaru 2: Either way, we're returning to the wastelands, right?

Mash: I understand. But I wonder what kind of place it is...?

Mash: ...A campground!? In a place like this!? And what's more...

Sanzang: It's full of people! Mountain people, desert people, and even people from the Holy Land!

Tawara Touta: On top of that, this place wasn't built yesterday! You could even say this is a refugee village!

Bedivere: Sir Lancelot...You gave the refugees shelter here?!

Lancelot: ...There was no choice but to send those chosen by the Holy Selection to the Holy City.

Lancelot: I was free to do as I wished with those who weren't chosen. The king didn't order me to execute them.

Lancelot: Moreover, there were quite a few knights who disobeyed the king. There also needs to be a place for them.

Lancelot: So I used them to guard the refugees. In short, my private army.

Sanzang: What amazing sophistry! This is serious treason, Lancelot!

Sanzang: But it's fantastic! Come on, Mash, let him have it!

Mash: Loafer! Good-for-nothing! Loser! Although this is something, it almost doesn't suit you, deadbeat Dad!

Lancelot: I told you, please stop calling me that...

C:???: Well well, just when I was wondering what all the ruckus was! I see you've finally arrived! Sure kept me waiting!

Mash: ...What.

Fou: Foooo...

Fujimaru 1: Da...

Da Vinci: Hey, nice reaction! The reappearance of the Universal Genius Da Vinci☆ Miss me?

Da Vinci: How have you been, Fujimaru? Shall we start with a toast celebrating our reunion?

Section 15: The God King Ozymandias (2/3)

Da Vinci: What, no reunion hug? I guess not? Hmmm, that's too bad. I was looking forward to it.

Da Vinci: Well, I'll just put it down to your being too shy to hug in front of people!

Da Vinci: At any rate, I can plainly see your happiness. But if you open your mouth that big, you'll dislocate your jaw.

Fujimaru 1: I just can't keep it shut!

Fujimaru 2: That tone! it's the real Da Vinci!

Dr. Roman: Ah, good, finally connected. It seems like you've returned from the desert zone.

Dr. Roman: Your safety is the most important thing. I see Da Vinci there as well. Yup, all is right in the world...

Dr. Roman: Wait, whaaaaaaaat!? Da Vinciiiiiiiiii!?

Dr. Roman: You mean she lived through being so spectacularly blown to pieces!?

Da Vinci: Oh Romani, thank you for such an unsightly reaction!

Da Vinci: When I return, let me test out my new skill, the Astronaut Home Run.

Dr. Roman: ...Just kidding. I figured you wouldn't be dead. It wasn't a big deal to me anyway.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru and Mash were all sad, so I read the room and decided to play along, that's all.

Dr. Roman: In fact, your being gone would be nothing more than a nuisance, that's all.

Da Vinci: Eww, this guy is gross. It's not cute when a guy acts tough, especially when he's single and over 30.

Dr. Roman: I'm not acting tough. I'm just glad our helping hand is back, that's all!

Dr. Roman: ...But more importantly, how did you survive? That staff exploded, didn't it?

Dr. Roman: I didn't think there was any way I could help you.

Da Vinci: Ah, that was an unexpected development for me too.

Da Vinci: I thought if I tossed it high into the air, I'd at least be able to avoid instant death, but...

Da Vinci: I didn't expect, of all things, the knight leading the enemy assault to jump in front of me and cover me. Can you believe it?

Lancelot: ...

Mash: Sir Lancelot saved Da Vinci?

Lancelot: Umm...From far away it looked like a beautiful woman, so in the spur of the moment...

Mash: ...I beg your pardon!?

Mash: Just what are you saying!?

Fou: Fou...

Bedivere: Hahaha, that's Lancelot for you. Anything for beautiful women.

Fujimaru 1: Ouch! A burn from another Round Table-r.

Fujimaru 2: Yeah...I understand Galahad's feelings...

Dr. Roman: That's right...Gotta think about Galahad's feelings, too...

Dr. Roman: ...Wait, Fujimaru, did you find out the True Name of the Heroic Spirit that fused with Mash!?

Mash: Yes. Holm...Uh, home run. We hit a home run at the Atlas Institute.

Mash: We confirmed the name of the Heroic Spirit lending me their power, as well as the true nature of the Lion King's sacred lance.

Mash: I'm sending information about the lance now.

Dr. Roman: I see, that's good. I'll leave the report to you, then.

Mash: (...Senpai. I won't tell the Doctor that we looked into Chaldea. Mr. Holmes asked me not to. )

Da Vinci: The truth about the sacred lance, eh? Now that sounds interesting!

Da Vinci: I'd like to know the details of things up until now too, seeing as I was stuck here and everything.

Da Vinci: To tell the truth, I've only been able to stand up like this for a few days. Before this, I was confined to my bed.

Da Vinci: Well, I suppose I did hear about your exploits from him, though.

Mash: From him...?

Saruhan: Me, young lady. We've met once before, haven't we?

Fujimaru 1: The group of thieves from the main gate!

Saruhan: That's the one. I was much obliged that time, [♂ young man /♀ young lady].

Fujimaru 2: Those heartless people!

Saruhan: I haven't lost it! There's reason in my eyes! Dollar signs!

Da Vinci: I had Saruhan assist the refugees fleeing in the opposite direction to us. He's a first-class thief.

Da Vinci: Some time after that, he couldn't look after them anymore, so he pushed the refugees here.

Da Vinci: From then on, I had him look into the state of the wastelands. He did some hard work for very little money.

Saruhan: You were quite the nuisance, though.

Saruhan: But, well, there's no replacement for Ms. Da Vinci's wisdom. Her skills in the wastelands proved to be a highly valuable resource.

Saruhan: Like finding a source of water and digging a well in a day, I thought she was a goddess of salvation.

Da Vinci: That's right, even bedridden, there were things I could do. But that armchair detective work ends today!

Da Vinci: I'll start with a quick warm-up, and move on to some light training!

Da Vinci: How strong have you all become? How much have I recovered?

Da Vinci: Let's find out with a little battle!

Mash: A battle!? How did you come to that conclusion!? Senpai, Da Vinci is acting weird!

Fujimaru 1: What else is new?

Fujimaru 2: No problem, let's have at it!

Da Vinci: Hahaha! As expected of Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: Well then, while we battle, I'll have you tell me about this sacred lance! Fill me in on what the Lion King is aiming for!


Mash: ...And that's the truth about the sacred lance. Do you understand, Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Ah. So to put it simply...

Da Vinci: The point of Holy Selection is to select humans...Those who won't stray from the path of righteousness no matter what kind of evil has invaded their hearts.

Da Vinci: To gather people of Lawful-Good alignment into the Holy City Camelot, then absorb Camelot into Rhongomyniad...

Da Vinci: ...thereby creating a sort of space colony that can continue to exist no matter what kind of isolation it is in.

Da Vinci: In which case, it would be able to withstand the King of Mages' incineration.... That's the Lion King's goal, yes?

Lancelot: ...That's right. All of us believed that ideal was righteous.

Bedivere: ...

Sanzang: Bedivere, you can say it. Lancelot was wrong.

Bedivere: Hm? N-No...I don't want to attack him while he's down...

Sanzang: Right. You're so kind. I like that kind of person. In that case, I'll continue for you.

Sanzang: The Lion King had the wrong idea. It's not good to take people's choices away from them.

Sanzang: But all of the Knights of the Round Table accepted that idea...albeit at the cost of their own identity.

Sanzang: That's because they believed in the past King Arthur. However, the current King Arthur is no longer the same.

Sanzang: Right? Why did King Arthur become the Lion King?

Lancelot: ...That I don't know. At the time we were summoned, the king was already in that form.

Lancelot: There's also no indication that His Majesty's heart was invaded by the one you call the King of Mages.

Lancelot: There were knights who disobeyed, saying he had gone mad...But really, there was no reason for him to do so.

Da Vinci: ...It's not madness. I mean, the current King Arthur doesn't even have any sense of reason to begin with.

Lancelot: No sense of reason...Are you calling His Majesty a puppet!? One that's controlled by Agravain!?

Da Vinci: Agravain? ...Oh, King Arthur's aide. Saruhan mentioned something about him...

Da Vinci: About how Agravain took over the merchant's guild and lined his own pockets while using his role as royal aide as cover.

Da Vinci: Hmm. Well regardless of what Agravain was thinking,I can explain why King Arthur became the Lion King.

Da Vinci: She is no longer human, no longer a Heroic Spirit. Her very existence changed from holding onto the sacred lance for too long.

Lancelot: Her existence...has changed?

Da Vinci: Yes. She was originally a legend born on this earth, but through the sacred lance, she became one that sits in the heavens.

Da Vinci: If she had any sense of normal reason, she would focus on improving life in the ideal city she aimed to build.

Da Vinci: But she didn't choose that, she didn't even think of that.

Da Vinci: In order to maintain this everlasting world of man she envisions, she turned down all human happiness.

Da Vinci: This was a transcendent viewpoint that went beyond being coolheaded. She honestly believed this.

Da Vinci: “Mankind is something of value. However, human life has no value. ”

Da Vinci: The result was the Holy City. Truly a god's perspective. That is what I meant by having no sense of reason.

Dr. Roman: ...So her existence changed. That's believable. So the King Arthur who manifested in this Singularity is, rather than a Heroic Spirit...

Lancelot: A Divine Spirit...One of the gods...

Fujimaru 1: The Lion King is a Divine Spirit...

Fou: Fou...fou...

Fujimaru 2: So that means a goddess?

Sanzang: Not what we would call a god though. The Buddha wouldn't exist without mercy.

Lancelot: But why! Why did it turn out that way?

Lancelot: King Arthur was trying to bring peace to Britain, to bring happiness to all its people.

Lancelot: Why did the King of Knights turn out like that!?

Bedivere: ...

Dr. Roman: We'll talk about King Arthur's transformation later. The situation is too dangerous.

Dr. Roman: Not only was that era already in ruins, but building a human world without humanity?

Dr. Roman: If that's the case, even if we beat Solomon and prevent his machinations, the history of mankind will be a mess.

Dr. Roman: The Lion King's sacred lance...The Holy City Camelot will be a cancer even after humanity is restored.

Dr. Roman: Whatever happens, we have to stop the Lion King...

Lancelot: ...I will have an audience with the king. I will be the traitor. That'll stop the sacred lance, surely?

Da Vinci: That's impossible. Sir Lancelot, you received a Gift from the Lion King, didn't you?

Da Vinci: If so, the instant you turn your sword on the king, you will be burned away.... I didn't want to say it, but, well...

Da Vinci: The moment they accepted their Gifts, the Knights of the Round Table lost their ability to turn on the king.

Lancelot: ...

Mash: ...We have no choice but to join up with Hassan and attack the Holy City up front. But...

Sanzang: That mighty skeleton guy said he would come to the battlefield, but that alone wouldn't be enough to beat the Lion King's armies.

Sanzang: The difference in the forces is too great...Plus there's the Light of Judgment too.

Sanzang: ...Attacking as we are now would be suicide. And suicide is absolutely out of the question.

Sanzang: I don't mind doing it myself, but to have it done in front of me by someone else would drive me to tears.

Bedivere: We don't have the forces to attack the Holy City...But no one else has the strength left to help us...

Fujimaru 1: ...Is that true?

Bedivere: Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: There is one person, isn't there?

Fujimaru 2: Someone does have strength to spare.

Mash: King Ozymandias...! What if you asked the Sun King to help us?!

Bedivere: There's no way! That haughty king would never come to our aid!

Da Vinci: Yeah, I'm opposed to that idea too.

Da Vinci: Besides, once we defeat the Lion King, we'll have to think of how to defeat Ozymandias too.

Lancelot: ...No, we may have overlooked that. It's not impossible.

Lancelot: If the Lion King is left alone, Egypt will disappear too. He would know that.

Lancelot: If we give him our terms, Ozymandias will help us. He would not turn down something to his benefit.

Da Vinci: ...Hmm. And those terms are?

Da Vinci: We won't get anywhere if they demand that we hand over Fujimaru, though.

Lancelot: No need to worry about that. He doesn't look like it, but he's simpleminded.

Fou: Fou?

Lancelot: He only sides with whoever can win.

Lancelot: We'll tell him directly that there is value in fighting alongside us.


Da Vinci: Okay, we're ready to cross the desert. Shall we leave soon, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: The group consists of Fujimaru, Mash, Sanzang, Touta, Sir Lancelot, and his elite followers.

Da Vinci: It's possible that we'll battle King Ozymandias's forces as well. Sir Lancelot and his followers will have to be in high spirits.

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Where is Bedivere?

Da Vinci: I asked him to contact the mountain people. I had him go to the eastern village a little earlier.

Da Vinci: He already knows Hassan of the Cursed Arm, so that should be appropriate, right?

Tawara Touta: That's good. Bedivere will have a good rest. You've got quite a good eye for judgment, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Don't praise me as a genius for things which are obvious. You're also quite the Servant.

Mash: Bedivere will let Hassan know that we'll be joining forces with the Sun King, but...

Mash: Hassan is hostile towards the Sun King, so I worry about whether or not he'll accept it.

Saruhan: Accepting it is the only option. All right. I'm going to go, too, Ms. Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Ah, I leave it up to you, Saruhan. This is exactly why your grassroots networking will help.

Saruhan: Okay, okay. I assume it'll be an awkward talk, though. If I could use the [♂ young man /♀ young lady] as an excuse, it should be 50: 50.

Fujimaru 1: ?

Fujimaru 2:

Saruhan: Yes, you. Could you eloquently and efficiently go and borrow Ozymandias's forces?

Enforcement Knight: Sir Lancelot, 40 Raider Knights are prepared for battle.

Lancelot: Very good. The remaining knights will stay here and await information from Bedivere.

Lancelot: If the mountain people accept our invitation, the forces here will move to the hidden valley near the Holy City, and stand by.

Enforcement Knight: Yes, my lord! Good fortunes to you!

Fujimaru 1: ...Are you sure it's okay?

Fujimaru 2: ...Fighting the Lion King, right?

Lancelot: ...Yes, although it might be too late.

Lancelot: I made an oath to the king. I chose to swing this sword for him.

Lancelot: However, if he has lost his humanity, it is his subjects' duty to set things right.

Lancelot: Even if it means people will see me as a monster, now is the time to carry out my final act of loyalty.

Da Vinci: Hey, let's not get gloomy. First we have to appeal to the Sun King.

Dr. Roman: Right, right. We have to look as strong as possible and convince him that there's no way we'll lose.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, Mash...We won't be able to communicate in the desert, so be careful.

Da Vinci: Okay, Fujimaru! Let's board the new and improved ornithopter! It's been reborn!

Da Vinci: A land, sea, and air universal mode of transport for four people, complete with thrusters and canards!

Da Vinci: Behold...the Bastinyan!

Fujimaru 1: A universal...Bastinyan!

Fujimaru 2: ...Do you perhaps like Egypt?

Sanzang: Woohooooo☆ It's so comfyyyyyy! Bastinyaaaaaan! Look, it's sooo cute!

Da Vinci: Yes, indeed. Sanzang, you are the perfect audience!

Da Vinci: But I would like you to be careful.

Da Vinci: It can cross lakes and, with the aid of a ramp, can even glide around 200 meters, but...

Da Vinci: In exchange, it's pretty fragile! If it hits even a small golem, it'll fall apart!

Da Vinci: That is to say, you're going too fast, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: I mean, the more I step on it, the faster it goes!

Fujimaru 2: Desert racing, let's go!

Mash: I understand how you feel, but please calm down, Master! Lancelot and the others are getting farther away!

Sanzang: Touta is getting farther away too! And he's shouting something, but I can't hear!

Sanzang: In terms of handling a horse, though, he's on par with Lancelot! That's my disciple for you! Whatever he does, he's first-class!

Tawara Touta: Watch where you're going, fools!

Lancelot: There's a purple wall ahead!

Mash: Watch out in front? Purple wall?

Mash: What!? Senpai, emergency brake! My apologies!

Sanzang: Wooohooo☆ We're drifting in the desert☆

???: Hollyyyyyyyywoooooooood!

Mash: That's...those mysterious lifeforms from some time ago...There's so many of them, they're just like a wall!

Da Vinci: The ones that lived seemed to have multiplied. What marvelous vitality!

Da Vinci: But it was a mistake for them to try to take their revenge. This time we'll annihilate those mysterious lifeforms!


Da Vinci: And so, having overcome various trials and tribulations, we finally arrive at the great temple!

Da Vinci: As you can see, in preparation for tomorrow's battle, everyone is asleep, though.

Da Vinci: Thanks for all your hard work, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: It's the same as usual, but this time I wonder if you've become a little more [♂ masculine /♀ feminine]?

Fujimaru 1: That sounds suspicious...Something's changed?

Da Vinci: Something. We've been busy with so many things, we haven't had time to say much.

Da Vinci: Since it's just the two of us, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to try and catch up.

Fujimaru 2: The same goes for you, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Is that so? I only roamed between life and death a bit...

Da Vinci: Even in a situation like that, maintaining a smile is what it means to be the Mona Lisa, though...

Da Vinci: Yes. If it has increased my appeal, I suppose it was worth it.

Da Vinci: Well, incidentally, I did have something else.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, are you hiding something? Not from me, but from Roman.

Fujimaru 1: Ugh!

Fujimaru 2: ...How do you know?

Da Vinci: You made eye contact with Mash, right? You seemed surprised.

Da Vinci: This is the territory of Egypt. The conversation between us won't reach Chaldea.

Da Vinci: If it's all right, if there's anything wrong, I'd like for you to be able to tell me.

Fujimaru 1: ...Actually...

Fujimaru 2: ...Roman is...

Da Vinci: I see...The 2004 Holy Grail War...Yes, I didn't know that either.

Da Vinci: I was summoned to Chaldea much later. I only met the previous director very briefly.

Da Vinci: Near the end of that year, Marisbury died. I didn't know about the relationship between Romani and the former director.

Da Vinci: Oh, speaking of which, a Heroic Spirit was summoned into Mash shortly before my summoning.

Da Vinci: At that time, Mash's condition got worse, and the former director apparently asked Romani for help.

Da Vinci: Romani learned of Heroic Spirit possession experiments at that time, and seemed to regret his foolishness.

Da Vinci: He had been in Chaldea for some years, but never realized that that section existed.

Da Vinci: Of course I was shocked, too. Then angry. I wished I had never been summoned to Chaldea.

Fujimaru 1: But then why did you stay in Chaldea?

Da Vinci: ...Well, there's a chance that Heroic Spirit summoning could disappear in the future, and I had a scientific curiosity, so I couldn't turn it down.

Da Vinci: But the biggest reason was Romani.

Da Vinci: I knew from one look. “Ah, this is the kind of guy who overworks himself. ”

Fujimaru 1: Overwork himself...?

Fujimaru 2: Not that he had a secret?

Da Vinci: Romani is only human, not a mage. Just like you, he experiences various emotions when dealing with challenges.

Da Vinci: He possesses greater than ordinary gifts, but he's not a genius to surpass other people.

Da Vinci: That kind of person was carrying humanity on his back, and was becoming desperate.

Da Vinci: Romani himself didn't know why he would have to do such a thing.

Da Vinci: He never said it, but I understood that he was at his wits' end...Because I'm a genius.

Da Vinci: That's why I chose to stay in Chaldea. The point is I couldn't turn my back on Romani.

Fujimaru 1: ...Is the Doctor a bad person?

Fujimaru 2: ...Is the Doctor a good person?

Da Vinci: He's neither, and he's both. I mean, that's what human beings are.

Da Vinci: ...But Romani is holding a trump card. I will tell you that.

Da Vinci: Just as you suspect, Romani is hiding something. That's...Well, it's like the Holy Grail.

Da Vinci: He's secretly holding onto a means to grant one wish. But he's too scared to even think about it.

Fujimaru 1: Why?

Da Vinci: It's simple. If he uses it, he'll disappear. That's why he can't use it.

Fujimaru 1: ...You mean, he'll die?

Da Vinci: —Yeah. Something like that.

Da Vinci: ...Anyway. Dr. Roman's past is a mystery, but he doesn't have any ulterior motives. He will be your ally to the end.

Da Vinci: That alone I'd stake my title of “genius” on. So please don't pick on Romani too much.

Da Vinci: As you know, his will is like tofu. If he loses confidence, it will have an effect on our chances of survival.

Fujimaru 1: ...Yes, you're right.

Fujimaru 2: ...Thank you, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: What, I should be thanking you. It helps you're a thoughtful person.

Da Vinci: Okay, you should sleep. Our negotiations with King Ozymandias are tomorrow.

Da Vinci: It's surely going to be a long day. Make sure to prepare for battle.

Section 15: The God King Ozymandias (3/3)

Da Vinci: I sent a messenger to King Ozymandias. Let's wait for his reply first.

Mash: ...Da Vinci, just to be safe, what was the message exactly?

Da Vinci: Of course it was...

Da Vinci: “We're gonna ask you to join our cause, so be ready when we come get you! ”

Fujimaru 1: That's picking a fight, isn't it!?

Tawara Touta: Sure is. He's not the type of man to lend his strength to someone acting all modest.

Tawara Touta: In that case, we have to make him feel like we're on equal grounds.

Fujimaru 2: Good...Very good...

Sanzang: Of course. King Ozymandias is the personification of human confidence, arrogance, and narcissism.

Sanzang: With someone like that, modesty will have the opposite effect!

Sanzang: We need to display our own strength, stand firm and say “Hey, we can be worthy opponents! ”

Lancelot: ...There's movement! A group of guardian beasts is storming out the temple as the gates open!

Lancelot: All hands, prepare for battle! Just as planned, we will meet Ozymandias' forces head-on!

Lancelot: The time has come! Let us show them a single knight can rival the strength of a hundred soldiers!

Da Vinci: Okay, we'll count on Sir Lancelot to deal with their armies. Are you ready, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me!

Fujimaru 2: CHARGE!

Mash: Right! Let's break through the guardian beasts and make King Ozymandias grant us an audience!

Ozymandias: Heh...I did tell them to return. I also did tell them when that happens, I will be their enemy.

Ozymandias: Yet, these insolent fools would be this ignorant...I cannot even be angry at these clowns anymore.

Ozymandias: Isn't that right, Nitocris? Wouldn't you say your repeated assistance to them has proven amusing?

Nitocris: That was not my intention...My sincerest apologies, Pharaoh Ozymandias.

Nitocris: I will no longer allow my foolish actions to sully your shining glory...

Ozymandias: No need for that. This is rather amusing, it shall not be counted as your failure.

Ozymandias: ...However, to think my guardian star would dwindle on the eve of our confrontation with the Lion King.

Ozymandias: It seems my judgment was clouded as I took the Holy Grail so rashly.

Ozymandias: Until now, everyone has been fighting over this Holy Grail. Even after they were made aware of the fact that their world and future would be incinerated.

Ozymandias: Nay, perhaps that only deepened their desire. Even after they become Heroic Spirits, a hero is capable of great sins.

Ozymandias: Fearing it would lead to further ruin, I kept it in my seems now I am suffering for it.

Ozymandias: My intention was to seal the Grail, but doing so also sealed away my freedom.

Ozymandias: “If I have the Grail, even the Lion King can't easily make his move” I said...What a joke.

Nitocris: No. Your judgment was correct, O Pharaoh.

Nitocris: Heroic Spirits are greedy beings, but you, and only you, are different from the others.

Nitocris: A pharaoh who was more prosperous than anyone on this earth. You alone have not sought after the Grail.

Ozymandias: ...Hm. Prosperity alone cannot erase the greed in my heart.

Ozymandias: Also, are you not a pharaoh as well? You, the incarnation of the sky god, Horus.

Ozymandias: If you want, I can give you the Grail. Well, how about it? It's not too late.

Ozymandias: You are already a Heroic Spirit. Using the Grail to turn into the real Horus might not be so bad.

Nitocris: ...I am far too immature to be a pharaoh. Hence, I shall not refer to myself as one in front of you.

Nitocris: The Holy Grail belongs to you. I am content to be but a guardian of the mirror to the underworld.

Ozymandias: I admire your loyalty. Perhaps a queen like you does not need power, but a friend.

Ozymandias: Very well. Talking with you has relieved some of my boredom.

Ozymandias: Go, Pharaoh Nitocris. Sever that weakness residing in your heart.

Nitocris: As you wish.

Ozymandias: ...A pharaoh is a god. As such, my decision is absolute.

Ozymandias: However, I wonder what the gods would say if the world is erased.

Ozymandias: The outcome will not change no matter what the Lion King chooses to do. That's how perfect a plan the King of Mages devised.

Ozymandias: To wait for your extinction or to flee...The Lion King chose the latter. Truly a wise decision.

Ozymandias: ...And me? What would I, the Sun King, do when faced with such decisions?

Mash: We have infiltrated the temple! I still remember how to get to the throne room, so I'll lead the way!

Sanzang: ...

Tawara Touta: Hm? What's the matter Sanzang? You've got a gloomy look on your face. I thought you would be shouting something like “This'll be a breeze! ”

Sanzang: ...I'm overflowing with that sentiment, but...I got a bad feeling the moment we entered the temple.

Sanzang: ...Fujimaru, I don't want to dampen the mood, but...

Sanzang: I've been to the Holy City, so I am going to say this.

Sanzang: This grand temple feels just like the Lion King's Holy City. I know this place will be a shelter, too.

Sanzang: ...King Ozymandias has the same means as the Lion King.

Sanzang: With this grand temple he can probably do the same thing as the Holy City.

Mash: So King Ozymandias doesn't have to fight the Lion King...Actually he's going to avoid the confrontation?

G:???: How disrespecful, Mash. Pharaoh Ozymandias will not run.

G:???: The likes of the Lion King are of no concern to us. Light of Judgment? What a joke!

G:???: A stream of light like that is powerless against my mirror!

G:???: No matter how many times the Lion King throws his sacred lance at us, I will be the very shield that protects this temple!

Mash: Queen Nitocris...

Nitocris: ...Yes, it has been a while since I last saw you, Mash, Fujimaru.

Nitocris: How admirable that you've returned to this grand temple. I should praise you for keeping that promise.

Nitocris: However, that also means you must be prepared for a trial. It is time to display your strength.

Nitocris: I cannot allow voices of the weak to reach the ears of King Ozymandias.

Nitocris: It's time to send our thoughts and ideals down the raging Nile. If you want to move past this point, it will only be over my corpse!

Fujimaru 1: Even though you saved us in Atlas?

Nitocris: I know nothing of that! Nothing! If anything happened, it was because I was still half asleep!

Fujimaru 2: ...I see. Let's go, Mash!

Nitocris: ...That's it. That's how a courageous hero should act.

Nitocris: O mirror of underworld, O warriors from the forgotten and ruined world! Nitocris orders you! Return this once to the present world!



Nitocris: Now then, let your trial begin! If you desire an audience with the king, defeat these monsters that have answered my summons!

Nitocris: My name is Pharaoh Nitocris! Upon your victory, I will show you the road to glory!


Nitocris: ...Truly the skill of a seasoned warrior. Certainly worthy of an audience with the king...

Nitocris: ...Please forgive me, O Sun King.... It seems I'm not strong enough to call myself a pharaoh...

Fujimaru 1: ...Looks like we were able to pull our punches.

Fujimaru 2: She may hold a grudge later, but oh well.

Mash: Yes. She'll probably get upset and say she fought her best later, but...

Mash: We've been saved by her so many times.

Mash: So I think that just this time, she'll accept it.

Da Vinci: Ah, this is certainly “retribution. ” She saved us, so she can't complain when we save her.

Da Vinci: Okay, let's head to the throne, further into the inner citadel, for the confrontation with King Ozymandias!


Ozymandias: So you bested Nitocris. Good. I congratulate you.

Ozymandias: State your business, foreign Master. Are you here to leave me your head, or to beg for mercy?

Ozymandias: I will allow either of those. I will kill you however you want.

Fujimaru 1: We already stated our business.

Ozymandias: Huh? The message from earlier? It said you wanted me to fight alongside you, but...

Ozymandias: Unbelievable! You were serious?! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Ozymandias: To think that I cannot see through the truth and lies! If I must burn you alive to stop my laughter then that is what I shall do, but...

Ozymandias: I forgive you. Yes, I shall forgive you! How long has it been since I've laughed this much!?

Ozymandias: I'll admit it, foreign master! You have a gift!

Ozymandias: A gift for seeing dreams so far removed from reality! A gift that I, not knowing imagination, don't possess, fuhahahahahaha!

Sanzang: ...Hey, please refrain yourself, King Ozymandias.

Sanzang: Turn the mocking down a notch. Me aside, Fujimaru is serious.

Sanzang: And, let's stop laughing at what isn't fun. You don't think it's all that funny either, do you?

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang!

Fujimaru 2: ...He's not really laughing at us?

Da Vinci: No, he's not. He's accepted our proposal. That's why he didn't stop us from getting here.

Ozymandias: ...Xuanzang Sanzang. The woman who crossed my Egypt without permission.

Ozymandias: It seems you have something to say to me. Fine. In return for that great feat, I will allow your question.

Sanzang: Thank you very much.... He's just like everyone said, isn't he.

Ozymandias: What?

Sanzang: I didn't enter the grand temple, but I have been a guest at many other oases and temples.

Sanzang: There, I've listened to stories told by many people from this nation: stories of a cold-blooded and narcissistic king, and yet a king that rationally protects his people.

Sanzang: You're different from the Lion King. You prioritize the lives of your people.

Sanzang: Because you know that is the best way for a country to prosper. Because you think that is the duty of a king.

Sanzang: Except...

Sanzang: Except, you are going to abandon that duty. You say you don't know imagination, right?

Sanzang: You realized that if you were to fight the Lion King, you would both fall. That's why you wouldn't fight.

Sanzang: So, you chose the path of closing your country by summoning that desert into the world!

Sanzang: You can't beat the Lion King, so you are trying to lock your country's people in this temple!

Sanzang: You were shown a path where you could leave this paradox, no, resignation...Why can't you just be honest to yourself and say “Yes! ”?

Ozymandias: Fool, what would come of joining in this nonsense with no hope of victory! What would happen when we defeat the Lion King?

Ozymandias: Through the Incineration of Humanity, the world will be burned away. If that's the case, it's pointless to defeat only the Lion King.

Ozymandias: I will use my power to save my people! What happens to other people is none of my concern!

Sanzang: OH I DARE YOU TO SAY THAT AGAIN! Now I am angry! No, I am furious!

Sanzang: Enough is enough! For both you and the Lion King! You're just as selfish as Wukong!

Ozymandias: Wukong...From Journey to the West!? Isn't he a monkey!?

Sanzang: Yes, a monkey. Now that you mention it, you two look like each other.

Sanzang: You done interrupting me? You see, the end of the world is knocking on your door!

Sanzang: Even if you're fine with it, your people don't want to lose this desert! Why can't you understand that!?

Sanzang: You've been saying “I'll protect my people, I'll protect my people,” but isn't that just the same as the Lion King!?

Sanzang: Pharaoh Ozymandias is the strongest in all of Egypt, right!? Then show me how great you are.

Sanzang: Instead of “I'll protect my people,” try saying “I'll protect this world! ” You're the real fool!

Ozymandias: ...

Tawara Touta: Even the great king is speechless. Well, I know she gets angry but I've never seen her this furious before!

Tawara Touta: However, he will not get mad. Her reason is but a child's. He would lose his pride as a king if he took a child's tantrum seriously.

Ozymandias: ...Ha.

Ozymandias: Haha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Kuh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Fujimaru 1: Your Majesty, are you okay?

Fujimaru 2: He's really laughing now...

Ozymandias: To protect the world!? You are asking me to protect the world!? The shameful world of humans!?

Ozymandias: What I protect is the law of the gods! In the end, you claim I am merely protecting my own subjects!?

Ozymandias: But, yes. That possibility was outside of my calculations.

Ozymandias: ...Just as I expected. I am always an obstacle to you brave heroes.

Ozymandias: This prominent king is once again a tyrant that needs to be defeated.

Ozymandias: As such, were I in any era, any world, I would have reigned as your enemy.

Ozymandias: Pharaoh Ozymandias cannot save the world. The reason being I am the king on the side that rules and intimidates.

Sanzang: ...King Ozymandias. You just happened to end up in that role, didn't you?

Sanzang: Just this one time, I'm sure doing something good is not a bad deal for you.

Ozymandias: Hmm...Is that so? At the very least, I want to kill you more than anything right now!

Ozymandias: Xuanzang Sanzang, that was quite the question! However, there is one fatal flaw in what you said!

Ozymandias: This is a reward for making me laugh from the bottom of my heart. From the hand of King Ozymandias, I will compensate you!

Sanzang: Huh...What do you mean something lacking? Did I mess up again?

Ozymandias: Do I really have to say it?

Ozymandias: You haven't proved...whether you have what it takes or not to save the world.

Ozymandias: For that reason, I am saying I will give you that opportunity.

Da Vinci: That's the Holy Grail! King Ozymandias has the Holy Grail in his hand!

Ozymandias: Hrgh!

Mash: King Ozymandias cut himself and is pouring the blood into the Grail...

Tawara Touta: Oh, and he just drank it down in one gulp!

Ozymandias: Shadow of the Demon God that resides in this Grail! O False God, Amon. Now I grant your True Name!

B:Demon God Amun-Ra: I am one of the seventy-two. I am the Demon God Amon...Nay, you shall call me by my True Name.

B:Demon God Amun-Ra: The proper god enshrined and worshipped in this temple! The name is the Great God Amun-Ra!

Da Vinci: Whew, now that's a big one! In ancient Egypt, Amun-Ra was one of the gods with the highest level of divinity!

Da Vinci: It's impossible to manifest something with that level of divinity to this world! However, it's a different story if you grant that name to a Demon God Pillar!

Da Vinci: Although it's temporary, that's a true Divine Spirit...A monster that far exceeds that of a Demon God Pillar!

Mash: ...Even still, if we don't defeat him, we can't move on! The Sun King took that form for that very reason!

Mash: As proof that we can defeat the Lion King...we will take down the Demon God Pillar Amun-Ra!


Demon God Amun-Ra: Meryamun...Usermaatre!

Mash: The enemy Demon God Pillar won't disappear! The damaged parts regenerate immediately!

Da Vinci: The great temple complex must be supplying an infinite amount of magical energy to Amun-Ra.

Da Vinci: Perhaps this is what King Ozymandias is saving for his final battle with the Lion King.

Mash: As long as he's in this temple he's invincible! Truly a combat form specialized in protecting his people.

Tawara Touta: Admiration is nice, but we can't win at this rate! That thing over there won't go down easily!

Sanzang: ...Sorry. I must apologize to you, King Ozymandias. That was bad of me just now...

Fujimaru 1: Sanzang apologized!?

Fujimaru 2: Now of all times!?

Sanzang: ...And that's why I'm going to get serious now. If you'd go so far as becoming an ugly monster, then I must answer your resolve.

Sanzang: This skill...I sealed it away after the Buddha got angry in Tianzhu.

Sanzang: He told me to stop, told me I was abusing its use. But now...

Sanzang: This is, because that is. This comes to be, because that comes to be.

Sanzang: This is not, because that is not. This ceases to be, because that ceases to be.

Sanzang: Pratityasamutpada! These merits, skills, and the teachings of the Buddha are honed by the Five Elements Mountain!

Sanzang: The time has come to unleash the Buddha Palm! Now, I will save this entire world!


Demon God Amun-Ra: AA...AAaaAAAAAA!

Mash: The Demon God Pillar has been terminated! But, isn't this...

Sanzang: Oops, did I got too far!? Whoa whoa whoa, um...King Ozymandias!?

Ozymandias: Hm, you called?

Ozymandias: In hindsight, it wasn't very pleasant turning into a Demon God Pillar!

Fou: Fooou!

Fujimaru 1: He can turn back just like that!

Ozymandias: Of course! I am the King of the Sun, the king of all gods!

Ozymandias: That aside, well fought! Your strength is befitting of taking on the Lion King, who fancies himself a god.

Nitocris: Pharaoh! Are you alright? I thought I saw something strange...

Ozymandias: Nitocris, is that you? I'm glad you're here! You should accompany me, too!

Nitocris: Accompany...? I mean, yes, of course, if that is your wish! But, in what should I accompany you!?

Ozymandias: Hah, that's obvious. They have shown they are qualified to face the Lion King.

Ozymandias: Then, only one more qualification remains! Are they brave enough to fight side by side with me!?

Ozymandias: Are they worthy for me to entrust the entirety of my nation, my soldiers to them!

Fujimaru 1: Ozymandias...

Fujimaru 2: Why can't he just be honest with himself!?

Ozymandias: Don't praise me too much, I am used to it! However, don't regret making me want to fight you!

Ozymandias: You, not giving up even when faced with the fires of destruction. You, the ones who shall bring true salvation to this world!

Ozymandias: Hear ye! My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings! Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Ozymandias: The Demon God Pillar was but an opening act! Witness the pharaoh's fighting methods, passed down from his forefathers!

Nitocris: In other words, this is the final decisive battle! I, Nitocris, shall make you shine with all I've got!


Ozymandias: ...Now then, what were we talking about?

Fujimaru 1: He sat back on the throne like nothing happened!

Nitocris: Hey you, enough with your remarks! You must think of it as the pharaoh's unique way of showing consideration!

Fujimaru 2: We were talking about joining forces, my king.

Ozymandias: I know that. I thought it'd be awkward to discuss it after the fight, so I was doing you a favor. Let it slide, alligator-brains.

Ozymandias: You've demonstrated your strength. As such, I mustn't treat you lightly, either.

Ozymandias: I'm no different from the Lion King if I only protect my own people, huh? Xuanzang Sanzang, it's as you say.

Ozymandias: I was so fixated on planning for the future that I chose the safest route. I was determined, but at the same time, narrow-minded.

Ozymandias: Hmph...Perhaps because I acquired this Grail without much thought, I was obsessed with things I normally would not care about.

Mash: Um...King Ozymandias, this is...

Ozymandias: Your reward. Take it. It was a satisfying fight worthy of it.

Ozymandias: But, this era is different from other Singularities. Humanity will not be restored just by obtaining the Holy Grail.

Da Vinci: We're aware of it. Unless we can stop the Lion King's sacred lance, this era's disturbance will never disappear.

Da Vinci: King Ozymandias. You gave up your trump card, the Holy Grail.

Da Vinci: Does that mean you will cooperate with our capture of the Holy City?

Ozymandias: Don't make me say it out loud, lady of beauty. I have already told the guardian beasts outside to stand down.

Ozymandias: I'll lend you my Divine Beast Corps. I'd demonstrate my own strength on the battlefield as well, but...

Ozymandias: I'll likely have to attend to something else. You go capture the Holy City on your own.

Sanzang: You mean the army of sphinxes outside!? That's this nation's strongest unit!

Sanzang: Thank you, King Ozymandias! Although it's a shame you won't be joining us!

Ozymandias: Humph. Be grateful I'm not stealing your spotlight on the battlefield.

Mash: Yes, thank you.

Mash: We did it, Senpai! Looks like we'll have a good news for King Hassan!

Ozymandias: What did you say? King...Hassan?

Ozymandias: Are you referring to the swordsman that looks like the grim reaper? You came to my desert on his advice?

Sanzang: That's right. That skeleton told us to go to the desert. Only then would he take on Sir Gawain for us.

Ozymandias: ...I see. Seems like you've wasted your time, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Hey, you said my name!

Ozymandias: Nitocris wouldn't stop blathering on about it, so it stuck in my mind.

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean, wasted my time?

Ozymandias: ...Heh.

Nitocris: ...Pharaoh Ozymandias. Who is King Hassan?

Ozymandias: The leader of the Old Men of the Mountain and the one I am cautious of as much as the Lion King.

Ozymandias: The reason I didn't wage all-out war on the Lion King wasn't merely to guard this grand temple.

Ozymandias: I expanded this desert and fought against the mountain people. It was just after that.

Ozymandias: I was sitting alone on this throne, plotting my next military strategy, when lightning shot up my spine.

Ozymandias: It was such a chill that I turned around, and standing there was that man...the first Old Man of the Mountain.

Ozymandias: He was long done with his mission, too. In a brilliant display of swordsmanship, he'd already decapitated me.

Ozymandias: I swung back with all my strength, of course, but by that time he'd melted back into the darkness.

Mash: Already decapitated...Oh! Senpai, it's that thing, remember!?

Fujimaru 1: That thing, back when we first met!

Fujimaru 2: How are you still alive?!

Ozymandias: I realize he's my enemy, but I can't help but to admire his god-like assassination.

Ozymandias: If the battle hadn't taken place in my temple, my head would be long gone.

Ozymandias: Since then, I could not even move on my own until the wound healed.

Ozymandias: When you came to my temple, the wound was about to heal.

Ozymandias: Hmph...If I'd known he was cooperating with you, I would've agreed to help from the start.

Ozymandias: That's what I meant. If you'd told me first, you wouldn't have had to fight me.

Sanzang: That's true. But, aren't you glad we fought?

Ozymandias: Like I said, don't make me say it out loud. That you never know until you try...

Ozymandias: How much embarrassment do you think the king of all gods can take?

Section 16: The Eve of the Decisive Battle

Lancelot: Then, King Ozymandias, your forces will march in from the west of the Holy City.

Lancelot: We will be arriving at the Holy City four days from now, in the morning.

Lancelot: We'll march through the night until we get to the wastelands near the Holy City, then march in at the break of dawn. Remember, whatever you do...

Ozymandias: Relax. My Divine Beast Corps will arrive on time. Leave the castle's west wall diversion to me.

Ozymandias: I'll send our beast trainers along with you. Discuss the particulars of the plan with them along the way.

Lancelot: Thank you.... As expected, you are well-practiced in battle.

Ozymandias: No need for praise. I'm sick of it. Focus on hurrying back home. Even with swift horses, it will be difficult to reach the mountainous region in only three days.

Mash: Yes. Thank you, King Ozymandias. You take care, too.

Ozymandias: Humph...I'm lending you my precious divine beasts. Don't let them go to waste, will you?

Dr. Roman: And that's how we could get back to the eastern village in such a short time. Looks like we just got back in time for the last battle.

Bedivere: Welcome home, we were waiting for you. You must be exhausted, Fujimaru.

Bedivere: Requesting King Ozymandias's cooperation...We heard it all went well.

Bedivere: When I first heard you were going to talk to the king, I couldn't believe it, but...

Bedivere: It's fortunate that you were able to get the king's cooperation. We have some good news for you, too.

Cursed Arm: Glad to have you back, everyone. As you can see, our preparations are almost complete.

Fujimaru 1: The village looks sort of...

Fujimaru 2: It's booming...

Serenity: Yes. All the village representatives are gathered here at the moment.

Serenity: We're all collaborating on the capture of the Holy City. We've gathered seven thousand...

Hundred Personas: ...Since then, two thousand people from within the Holy City have risen up behind the scenes to endorse our revolt as well.

Hundred Personas: We haven't reached our goal of ten thousand and we're nowhere near an ideal twenty thousand, but...

Hundred Personas: we should be able to make that up with Lancelot and Ozymandias' forces, thanks to you.

Fujimaru 1: Hi Hassans, we're back.

Cursed Arm: Everything went pretty smoothly for us...Oh, who am I kidding, haha.

Fujimaru 2: Were you guys okay?

Serenity: Actually, it was nonstop chaos. Who would've thought it'd be this bad?

Sanzang: You mean, you ran into unexpected events? You all look pretty happy, considering...

Hundred Personas: ...Humph. Didn't I tell you we have faced two thousand battles?

Hundred Personas: I'd given up on strengthening our troops, that it was a dream within a dream.

Hundred Personas: But, day by day, little by little, the heads of the villagers who'd visit our village came forth.

Hundred Personas: Ten people turned to thirty. Thirty turned to sixty. They kept doubling like that.

Hundred Personas: Even though nothing we said could ever convince them before.

Hundred Personas: It was, “Someone helped me at the Wailing Wall,” “Someone helped us escape from the Holy City,”

Hundred Personas: and in the end, “At the entrance of the desert, someone reminded me I was human. ”

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: Isn't that...

Fujimaru 2: From that time...

Fou: Fou, foooou!

Hundred Personas: It wasn't like, “If those guys are here, we wouldn't mind joining them. ” It just made them change their minds, apparently.

Hundred Personas: Honestly...this is why I will never understand the human mind.

Hundred Personas: It's obvious for us Old Men of the Mountain to help the mountain people. That's why no one even questions it.

Hundred Personas: But those rescued by outsiders must've all wondered about the same thing.

Hundred Personas: “Why didn't those outsiders give upon us, they're not obligated. ”

Da Vinci: I see. That thought wouldn't have occurred to me. We're neither the strongest nor the kindest, but we don't give up on little things.

Da Vinci: ...Romani believed that humans...Masters like that were necessary.

Rushd: Ahhhh! Welcome home! Fujimaru, Mash!

Mash: Rushd! Yes, we're back! How's everything!?

Rushd: Good! All the houses that burned down need to be rebuilt, so that's been keeping me busy!

Mash: That's great.

Mash: But, you can't charge at people like that anymore. Someone might register that as an offensive action called tackle.

Rushd: Okay, fiiine.... Hm? Where's Arash? Wasn't he with you?

Bedivere: ...

Mash: ...Arash has gone ahead to the wastelands. To keep an eye on the Holy City's developments, he said.

Rushd: ...I see...Then, we'll see him again sometime, huh!

Serenity: ...He ran off toward the fields. Rushd is a very perceptive child, so...

Tawara Touta: He pretends, for our sake. I see. Well, I think I'll get something going in the kitchen!

Tawara Touta: There's nothing like a good meal to cheer you up! I'll say an extra prayer to the Dragon God tonight!

Sanzang: Wait, I'm coming too! Disciples shouldn't act without permission!

Sanzang: Imagine if a half-naked man suddenly walked in! You'd scare everyone if it was just you, Touta!

Fou: Fofouuu!

Cursed Arm: ...Ah, I've missed this endearing ruckus. Can you believe it's only been for a few days?

Fujimaru 1: Seriously.

Fujimaru 2: Always bright and lively. That's Chaldea.

Cursed Arm: Yes, that's strong. I must learn from you.

Cursed Arm: ...All right, Fujimaru. Let's go over the plan one more time.

Cursed Arm: We'll head into the wastelands, assemble the forces scattered there, and head toward the Holy City.

Lancelot: I will lead the way. The terrain in the wastelands has blind spots that will not be noticed by patrols.

Lancelot: But that is only until we get to the city itself. There are no hiding places in the wastelands surrounding the Holy City.

Cursed Arm: Aye. Therefore, we will take our final rest further out, then aim for the Holy City under the cover of night.

Cursed Arm: I hope we reach the city while it's still dark, but we have an army of nearly ten thousand, and few horses.

Cursed Arm: It will likely be dawn by the time we're close enough to see the city. And they will then be able to see us.

Cursed Arm: The Lion King's forces will notice our advance, and strengthen their defenses. We will break through this, and force our way into the Holy City grounds.

Cursed Arm: With our allied forces, we will gain control over the Holy City, and take down the king's castle. After that, I want you to take over, Fujimaru.

Bedivere: ...Killing the Lion King will be our role?

Cursed Arm: Aye. The Lion King is a Servant. We cannot compete with him, no matter how many soldiers we use.

Cursed Arm: Even if we Old Men of the Mountain gather together, our blades will not reach the Lion King's throat.

Cursed Arm: The only countermeasure we have left is you.... Will you agree to it?

Fujimaru 1: ...(Nod silently)

Cursed Arm: In that case, assume your positions, Fujimaru. Mash. Sir Bedivere.

Cursed Arm: We Old Men of the Mountain challenge you to a fight.

Mash: Why? I don't understand the reason we're fighting!

Hundred Personas: It's our way of compromising. As for me, I'm still opposed to trusting outsiders.

Serenity: Please don't mind him, Fujimaru. Hundred Personas is only saying that to show off.

Hundred Personas: I told you this will be our compromise! If they're stronger, I'll have no choice but to let them do it!

Cursed Arm: Indeed, it's as Hundred Personas says. Please go along with it, Fujimaru.

Cursed Arm: Can we place our people's fate in your hands? Do your skills measure up or not...This will be the last time we let our fists do the talking!


Sanzang: Lalalaaa...gaaateee...lalaaa...paaaraaagaateeee! ♪

Sanzang: Happyyy...parasomegateeeee...bodhi svahaaaaa! ♪

Fujimaru 1: What are you doing here?

Fujimaru 2: Sanzang, what are you humming?

Sanzang: Oh my, right back at you. Where's Mash? Are you out for a walk without her?

Sanzang: I'm doing my daily writing. I'm making note of what happened today in a scroll.

Sanzang: One day this will be “Monk Sanzang's Tortuous Travels,” the hundred-volume set, stored in, the temple.

Fujimaru 1: Those will be the sutras that touch people's hearts.

Sanzang: Huh? R-Really? You think they'll be? I hope they'll be, of course, but...Teeheehee.

Fujimaru 2: Scrolls...collect...Bajie...uuh, my brain...

Sanzang: What, you've gone on a scripture-collecting journey before? Tell me next time, it must've been fun.

Sanzang: Here, come on. Sit next to me. It's a bit scary, but the view from this cliff is beautiful.

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: Argh, gosh, just say something! I can't take the silence!

Fujimaru 1: I know, right!?

Fujimaru 2: Then, how about your hopes for tomorrow?

Sanzang: My hopes for tomorrow? Ah, like my fighting spirit?! Leave it to me. I'm roarin' and ready to go!

Sanzang: ...Yeah, that's right. Come to think of it, Mash and I had this sort of discussion once, too.

Sanzang: Back then, I didn't know much about the Lion King or King Ozymandias.

Sanzang: So I couldn't decide whose side to take, which side was correct.

Sanzang: That's why I decided to take your guys' side. Because you were the easiest to understand, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: ...So that's why.

Fujimaru 2: ...Then, what about now?

Sanzang: Now I know for sure. I'm still on your side, Fujimaru, but...

Sanzang: I will fight the Lion King, for my own principles. I'll be sure to destroy the sacred lance, you watch.

Sanzang: Hey, Fujimaru?

Sanzang: People aren't all equal, but they all have a path to the Buddha. They all have possibility.

Sanzang: Like the lotus that blooms in the mud. Like those who nurture a beautiful heart, unrecognized by others.

Sanzang: I won't approve a way of life that plucks off those blossoms.

Sanzang: Because, if they say there's no need for me because I keep screwing up, I'll never become a Buddha!

Fujimaru 1: That's so like you, Sanzang.

Fujimaru 2: ...You're exactly right.

Sanzang: Yeah, so leave it to me! I've got some special Buddhist punishments up my sleeve to make sure the Lion King sees the light!

Sanzang: And...and also...if we save this era, er...

Sanzang: As a reward...can I Chaldea...

Fujimaru 1: ?

Sanzang: ...No, nothing. I'll save the fun stuff for later.

Sanzang: Good night, then, Fujimaru.

Sanzang: When it's all over, I'll let you be my disciple, so you'd better look forward to it, okay!?

Mash: So this is where you all were. How is the night watch going?

Cursed Arm: Ah, Lady Mash. So you've finished putting Rushd to bed.

Cursed Arm: Thank you. I'm afraid he doesn't really listen to what I say...

Cursed Arm: He won't be a child forever, but he's grown up rather wild. I wonder who he takes after?

Hundred Personas: It's a good thing he didn't turn out like you. Rushd is a smart kid. That's his way of trying not to worry us.

Cursed Arm: ...Humph. Easy on the liquor, Hundred Personas.

Hundred Personas: What, I'm just getting started! It's all Touta's fault. He's got some good stuff!

Tawara Touta: Hahaha. Hundred Personas is a chatty drinker, isn't she? On the other hand, Serenity is...

Serenity: Ah...Master Fujimaru...No, you mustn't...I have my duties as an Old Man of the Mountain...

Serenity: But...oh well, I suppose we can slip under the covers for a while...

Tawara Touta: As you can see, she's completely immersed in her own hallucination! Hmm...I'm sure she didn't have that much to drink, but...?

Mash: ...

Cursed Arm: Ah. Looks like something good has happened. You look as calm as ever.

Mash: ...Yes. I witnessed a wonderful thing just now. It's as if I've gained another treasure.

Cursed Arm: Oh? That sounds very interesting indeed. Would you mind sharing with me, too?

Mash: ...

Mash: Good night, Rushd. See you tomorrow.

Rushd: It's alright, Mash. Don't worry about me. You're all going to the Holy City in the morning, right?

Mash: Uh......That's right. I'm sorry for lying to you.

Mash: But, to tell you the truth, we were afraid you'd insist on coming along...

Rushd: “Fighting is dangerous. It's too early for a child. ” That's what you were going to say, right? Yeah. Even I know that.

Rushd: This is where we say goodbye, right? With you, and with Fujimaru...

Rushd: ...That's why I wanted to thank you properly. Thank you for saving my mom and I back then.

Rushd: Thanks to you, Mom and I are here.

Mash: ...Rushd. Your mom is...

Rushd: It's okay. Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. But I want you to know, Mash.

Rushd: I will go to the Holy City one day for sure. I have to say goodbye to Mom.

Rushd: But until then, I'll go on living with all my strength. I've got to first become an adult quickly.

Mash: ...You knew, didn't you. And...your mother's last words?

Rushd: Yeah. Mom said...that I was her life.

Rushd: Then, I need to live as long as I can.

Rushd: Because as long as I'm alive, my mother will continue to live, too.

Rushd: That's what I can do now, no, what I can keep on doing. It's our most important fight.

Mash: That was my farewell with Rushd.

Mash: I may not be able to understand his feelings, but my heart is so filled with warmth right now.

Mash: It seems like sad things are all that happen in Singularities...but maybe good things happen too.

Cursed Arm: ...I see. Salia's son said such a thing...

Mash: ...Um, Hassan? You're an Old Man of the Mountain of this era, right?

Mash: Then, were you perhaps...

Cursed Arm: Huh? It was so long ago, I'm afraid I can't recall.

Cursed Arm: Either way, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the me who's assumed this mask.

Cursed Arm: ...Nothing, to a man who threw away everything, to become an Old Man of the Mountain out of his selfish desires.

Mash: ...

Cursed Arm: But, I am the Hassan-i Sabbah of this era. When we cut down the Lion King and the Holy Land is returned to normal...

Cursed Arm: The other Hassans will probably leave this world, but I will be left in this era.

Cursed Arm: In that case, I won't have anything else to do. I'll look after the mountain people's lives for a while.

Mash: ...Yes! I'm sure that'll be best, Hassan!

Da Vinci: Oh! Where is the beauty? Where is the passion? It's our last night, and we're spending it in this stuffy tactical meeting!

Lancelot: I am afraid you must overlook that. Someone needs to be aware of the overall movements of each unit.

Lancelot: I was looking forward to Touta's dinner as well. But please, you must give it up.

Da Vinci: Fine, fine. I do owe you for helping me out before. Da Vinci will keep Sir Lancelot company.

Da Vinci: By the way, how are we getting through the main gates? Wanna blast it with my Noble Phantasm?

Lancelot: ...That is the problem. Camelot's main gates cannot be broken so easily.

Lancelot: Those gates render ill-intentioned attacks and evil powers ineffective. Even a sacred sword with the highest firepower would not make a dent.

Da Vinci: Dear me. Then, should we ignore the main gates?

Lancelot: We will build a scaffold and climb over the walls into the castle. That is the most realistic plan. King Ozymandias' divine beasts will be attacking from the western side of the Holy City as well.

Lancelot: Even if we cannot break through the front gates, it will be ideal to knock down a portion of the wall...

Da Vinci: If the Holy City is the Lion King's sacred lance itself, even knocking down the castle wall won't go so easily, I'd think...

Da Vinci: Yes, I wonder what the Raider Knights will do? What about Mordred's units?

Lancelot: My units will handle that. Mordred's knights are not so proficient.

Lancelot: Attacking head-on once or twice should clean them up. Then we will also assist in scaling the wall.

Da Vinci: Hm...that seems best.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru and I will wait near the castle wall. We'll wait for your arrival while protecting the allied forces.

Da Vinci: Once we get inside, we'll head straight for the king's castle. There'll be nothing left to fear, except maybe the Knights of the Round Table.

Da Vinci: Those still stuck in the Holy City are Sir Tristan and Sir Agravain. It'll be battle after battle, but we'll just have to manage.

Lancelot: ...Agravain, hm? That man for certain will be aware of what we are up to.

Lancelot: The allied forces of the mountain, desert, and Holy Land peoples have grown exponentially. It is not something we can keep hidden.

Lancelot: Agravain is the kind of man to already have caught on to us.

Lancelot: Yet, there has been no developments by the Holy City. He has not told the Lion King about the existence of the allied forces.

Lancelot: ...Most likely. He must be planning to use us to weaken the Lion King's power.

Lancelot: The Lion King's objectives and his objectives are separate things. Agravain is only acting out of his own self-interest.

Lancelot: He manipulated King Arthur from the shadows. He controlled the government both here and in Britain.

Lancelot: ...The one I should put to death is that man. Without that man, the Lion King would not have gone insane!

Da Vinci: Hmm. I'm not sure you're right about that.

Lancelot: What!?

Da Vinci: If Agravain was really only acting out of his own self-interest, I don't think it would've come to this.

Da Vinci: The Holy City would've become an over-compartmentalized bureaucracy, full of useless functions that we could've used to our advantage.

Da Vinci: But there are no such holes in the Holy City. There are no power-hungry members. And because it's such an unbelievable city, it can't ever be brought down from the inside.

Da Vinci: I see Consul Agravain's deep-seated hatred in this. He's, how would I call it...

Da Vinci: Remaining close to the Lion King with a terrible anger and spite. That's the sense I get.

Lancelot: Spite...In that man as cold as anger, who's disinterested in everything?

Mash: Oh, Bedivere. Were you resting here?

Mash: Sorry to interrupt, but have you seen Senpai? I heard Senpai was by the rocky mountains...


Mash: Um? (Was he...crying just now? )

Bedivere: Ugh...

Bedivere: W-What is it? Fujimaru isn't here.

Mash: I guess not, sorry. Um, I'll try looking over there, so...

Mash: I haven't seen anything, so...!

Bedivere: ...No. Sorry that you had to see me like this. Forgive me, milady?

Bedivere: I'm afraid I will only be adding shame to shame, but...won't you sit down? I had something I wanted to ask you.

Mash: ...Sure. Then, please allow me to join you, Sir Bedivere.

Bedivere: ...Everything is tomorrow, is it not? Are you all right, milady?

Mash: ...Yes, we're fully prepared. Are you, Sir Bedivere...

Mash: Er, does your body ache? Was that from pain, just now?

Bedivere: No. I have been allowed plenty of rest, so my body is in good health.

Bedivere: ...I am used to physical pain. Besides, it has been years since I lost sensation in my body.

Mash: (It's...been years? )

Bedivere: ...I was crying out of fear just now. I am not very strong mentally, you understand.

Bedivere: I was scared, so scared...that I couldn't muster the courage to raise my face...

Bedivere: So I was purging my fear here, where no one would see.

Mash: ...You're...scared? I wouldn't have thought so. I'm afraid of combat too, but...

Mash: You're so used to it, Sir Bedivere. I didn't think you had any fear.

Bedivere: ...No. I do not fear combat. I am...

Bedivere: ...Just afraid of my own actions.

Bedivere: Whether I am doing what is right, or not. Perhaps I am doing wrong.

Bedivere: ...That is what frightens me unbearably. I am scared out of my wits about my own decision.

Mash: ...Sir Bedivere, you're...scared of meeting the Lion King, aren't you?

Bedivere: ...Yes. That's exactly it. I came here and became terrified of the Lion King.

Bedivere: Milady, you are also a Knight of the Round Table. Do you not also have doubts within your body?

Bedivere: Are you not, like me...terrified of confronting King Arthur?

Mash: ...Yes. To be honest, I'm also scared of facing the Lion King.

Mash: Will I be able to fight...Will I be able to come to Senpai's aid?

Mash: Will I mess up, and ruin everything for everyone...?

Bedivere: ...

Mash: But, even more than that, I want to believe in that trust. I want to cherish that miracle.

Bedivere: Milady? A miracle?

Mash: ...Well. I died once.

Mash: There was a terrible explosion, and rubble came falling down...and I lost all feeling in the lower half of my body.

Mash: I knew I wouldn't last another two minutes. I could calculate it exactly.... To be honest, it was terrifying.

Mash: Because when I thought about what I could do with the little time I had left, I knew there was nothing.

Mash: ...But.

Mash: I had someone who held my hand. Inside those flames, I had someone who helped me.

Mash: ...Of course, it was impossible to save me. That person was clearly aware of that, too.

Mash: Unlike me, that person was someone who valued their own life. Afraid of dying, that person's knees were trembling.

Mash: Yet, that person thought of me. Because of me, that person would end up dying, too...

Mash: So that I wouldn't feel that way, that person smiled and held my hand.

Mash: ...That person couldn't change the fact that I would die before their eyes.

Mash: Then, until that final moment, that person believed that comforting me was the best thing to do.

Mash: ...I still remember the warmth of their hand then. And that is what brought forth Galahad.

Mash: I know now. The person Heroic Spirit Galahad approved of wasn't only me.

Mash: He trusted that Senpai and I...He believed in the goodness of humans, that could do such acts.

Mash: I wasn't rescued. Something was entrusted to me. That I should live for people like that.

Mash: ...That is why I fight, even if I'm afraid. For that beautiful moment I witnessed, I fight...

Mash: For thanks to that wonderful miracle, I am still alive.

Bedivere: ...So that's what happened.

Bedivere: I apologize from the bottom of my heart, milady. What a terrible insult, to say that you and I are the same.

Mash: N-No, it's not an insult or anything...I, too, struggle to be like you, Bedivere...

Mash: I'm still...scared of combat, and...

Bedivere: No. That's not it.

Bedivere: When I heard you were a Demi-Servant, I thought you were the same as me.

Bedivere: That you and I were both a “counterfeit. ” That we both felt scarcely allowed to breathe.

Bedivere: ...But you were different. Even if your path to becoming a Heroic Spirit was irregular, your conduct as one is the real thing.

Mash: A counterfeit? You?

Bedivere: Well, no, it's just a metaphor. Because my Noble Phantasm is an imitation, a fake.

Bedivere: I am without a doubt Bedivere, Knight of the Round Table. Even if I sometimes wish I weren't.

Bedivere: I...

Bedivere: I committed a crime. An unforgiveable crime, at that.

Bedivere: To atone for that, I came all this way. I have sacrificed many things for that.

Bedivere: ...That is what happened this time as well. I left Fujimaru in the desert.

Bedivere: It was more important for me to head for the Holy City than to bother with your distressed circumstances.

Bedivere: And I did the same thing at the gates of the Holy City. To meet the king, I hid my face with my robe, and continued to look down.

Bedivere: ...When the Holy Selection began, and many people were being killed, I did not raise my face.

Bedivere: I wasn't trembling from anger at the violence.

Bedivere: All I was thinking of at that time was how to invade the Holy City.

Bedivere: ...It was then, that I heard the sounds of battle.

Bedivere: An unknown mage and a girl knight broke through the knights' enclosure to let the people escape.

Bedivere: That was something I should have done. At least, the old me would have done the same.

Bedivere: Ah...What am I doing? After all this traveling, how pitiful have I become?

Bedivere: Irritated by such thoughts, I blindly swung my sword. I need not remind you what happened next.

Bedivere: I joined you and the unknown mage, Fujimaru.

Bedivere: Figuring that would be the fastest way to my destination.

Bedivere: I didn't cooperate with you for your sakes. I only used you, for my own purposes.

Bedivere: There's no way that I can call myself the same as you.

Mash: ...

Bedivere: ...I'm afraid...of this journey ending.

Bedivere: That is what I have been living for all this time. Yet now, near the end, I am afraid of death.

Bedivere: It has been a difficult journey...

Bedivere: But because it has been difficult, what if the salvation does not measure up to it when it is over?

Bedivere: ...When I thought about that, I was so afraid I couldn't stand. I am terrified of a meaningless ending...

Mash: It won't be meaningless. There's no way.

Bedivere: Milady...?

Mash: I say so. My body says so.

Mash: There's no way the ending of this journey you sought will be meaningless, Sir Bedivere.

Mash: Because you...must've been able to end it whenever you liked.

Mash: But you didn't. No matter how difficult and terrifying it was, you've come this far.

Mash: And it's because it wasn't a journey for yourself, it was a journey for others.

Mash: Even if you were scared, you weren't a coward.

Mash: That's why...I'm sure there'll be a meaning to the end of this journey. A final salvation that measures up to the long path you've walked.

Bedivere: ...Yes. I hope so. No, if you believe so...

Bedivere: Then I will do my best to make it so. I cannot lose to a younger knight, after all.

Mash:, I just meant, um...I got all fired up, and...

Mash: Sorry...pretending like I know better. I haven't even mastered my Noble Phantasm...

Bedivere: Haha, that is true. Then here is a bit of advice from me, as your senior.

Bedivere: Mash. Your Noble Phantasm's true nature is to protect people. But are you not mistaking it as one that “blocks attacks”?

Bedivere: Focus your mind on the people you should be protecting, rather than repelling the enemy's attacks.

Bedivere: That is your shield's, no, a Knight of the Round Table's true nature. That is the path, not to the fake Camelot built on that Holy Land,

Bedivere: But the path to the real pure white castle that will never crumble.

Mash: ...The path to the white castle...

Bedivere: Yes. You already possess the qualifications. Your kind heart that saved me just now is proof above all.

Section 17: Replica (1/5)

Dr. Roman: ...Monitors are in order. Your time is seven on the dot. Not a single cloud in the sky.

Dr. Roman: The Holy City is right before us...There are hordes of soldiers around the main gate. Looks like they've noticed our advance.

Dr. Roman: The Allied Forces and the Holy City Knights...You could cut the air with a knife.

Dr. Roman: If either army takes even one step forward, it could trigger a war.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, are you ready?

Fujimaru 1: ...(Silently nod)

Fujimaru 2: ...It's scary, but we have to do this.

Da Vinci: Rest assured, you have me and Mash by your side. Besides, Sir Bedivere is here, too.

Da Vinci: We'll head towards the main gates with the infantry. Sir Lancelot will head the army of knights.

Tawara Touta: And me, along with Sanzang.

Tawara Touta: A single knight out of formation could spark the beginning of a war.

Mash: Sanzang and Touta, you're going to ride doubles?

Sanzang: I know, right!? I know a thing or two about horses,

Sanzang: But Touta just threw me on the back of a horse after seeing me ride one!

Tawara Touta: What you were doing isn't anything like horse riding! You must have only ridden the tamest of the tame!

Tawara Touta: Showing up on the battlefield looking the way you did would be a bother to us all.

Tawara Touta: It would be more terrifying to the enemies if you could just wave your staff around and mutter some scary sounding chants in the back.

Cursed Arm: As soon as I can reach the castle walls, I will thin out the archers. But...

Lancelot: ...That's right. Damn, Agravain. Now I understand. He's placed archers all along the walls.

Lancelot: Even if we tripled the force of our last attack, it would do no good. Is he trying to end it before we reach the walls?

Lancelot: King Ozymandias's army of divine beasts will arrive soon.

Lancelot: They will cause a diversion on the west side of the Holy City, and we will use that opportunity to strike.

Lancelot: My army of knights will also advance before you, but we are not a good distraction...We will suffer heavy casualties from the archers.

Lancelot: I suspect only sixty percent of our army will make it to their gates.

Mash: ...

Lancelot: Even so, we have no other way to attack...than knocking on their front doors.

Lancelot: Sir Bedivere. I leave Fujimaru in your hands.

Bedivere: Likewise, Sir Lancelot. I do not mean to doubt King Hassan, but...

Bedivere: We cannot wait any longer. Worst case, you may have to fight Sir Gawain.

Lancelot: Hmph. I shall wait till what I would like to say, but I must finish what I started.

Lancelot: Unfortunately, I cannot simply sit on the sidelines and hope this battle ends on its own.

Sanzang: Leave it to me. Touta, Lancelot and I will gang up on him. Three to one!

Lancelot: Then I am counting on you. Women from the Far East certainly are brave and...charming.

Mash: Sir Lancelot, have you gone mad!? We're about to dive into battle like...NOW!

Lancelot: Ahem, pardon me!

Lancelot: ...Now, if you will prepare the banner.... We are now going to invade the Holy City.

Lancelot: For all those that live in these lands! We shall terminate the Lion King!

Lancelot: To arms, everyone! We must return the Holy Land to its rightful glory!

Lancelot: What on earth is going on!? A sandstorm in the Holy City? That's never happened bef—

Soldier: Look! There's a storm falling from the northern sky! As though it were swallowing the Holy City!

Mash: Senpai, am I seeing things...? I thought I just saw a large skull in the sandstorm...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, I saw the skull too! But that's not what we have to worry about right now!

Dr. Roman: I'm not detecting an ounce of magic from that storm! This is a natural phenomenon!

Dr. Roman: A very directional one! I can only call this divine intervention!

Cursed Arm: Ahh! This bell! Sir Lancelot! This is the power of the great founder!

Cursed Arm: My promise has been fulfilled! We advance!!

Fujimaru 1: The arrows can't hit us in this storm!

Lancelot: Throw away your arrows, men! They are useless! This is a battle of speed!

Lancelot: Stay away from Gawain. Avoid him at all costs, and make your way to the castle walls!

Lancelot: Let us go forth...ADVANCE!

Fujimaru 1: Alright, let's go Mash!

Mash: Yes...! I am going to do my best!


Gawain: Hurry with the message! Tell the soldiers on the wall to only aim for enemies directly below us!

Gawain: I know even that's difficult in a storm like this, but that's better than accidentally shooting one of our own!

Holy City Soldier A: Sir Gawain, the Third Unit at the right flank is requesting backup! A strange cavalryman is running amok!

Holy City Soldier A: The report says they're being hit with waves of white grains! They cannot move from their current location!

Gawain: Grain? What a waste to use for attacks! It's probably an enemy Servant, do not engage!

Gawain: Sir Mordred's unit is on its way. Hold your ranks until they arrive!

Holy City Soldier B: Sir Gawain, a message from the First Unit at the left flank! They are at risk of being completely overrun!

Gawain: The First Unit!? Are you implying our finest knights are being pushed back by mere villagers!?

Gawain: Who's leading the assault!? The foreign Master and their Servants!?

Holy City Soldier B: ...I am not sure how to interpret the report...but it seems it was cavalry led by a knight in purple armor...

Holy City Soldier B: Sir Lancelot is leading the assault!

Gawain: ...I see. That is unfortunate...Truly...

Holy City Soldier B: ...Sir Gawain?

Gawain: Tell everyone at the left flank to retreat and regroup with the Fourth Unit. After that, you are to rally with the troops at the right flank.

Gawain: ...I will use my sword. I will incinerate all enemies, along with all traitors!

Holy City Soldier B: Ahh! Finally, the Galatine! Listen, knights of the Holy City!

Holy City Soldier B: Sir Gawain is marching out! This is the end for our enemy, there's no need for us to—

Gawain: ...

D:???: Thou shalt not leave. The sandstorm has shrouded thy followers, and severed thy escape.

Gawain: ...I assume you are the one behind this sandstorm.

Gawain: A great party trick, but foolish nonetheless. You have some nerve to appear before me!

Gawain: While the sun shines, I am invincible! My sword is second only to the Lion King's himself!

Gawain: It matters not who you are...You are no match for me.

Gawain: Guh!? Impossible. You parry my strike with your...your coat!?

Gawain: Who are you!?

First Hassan: I am Hassan-i Sabbah. I am come from the valley of death to bring the living with me.

First Hassan: Look upon the heavens, foolish knight. Does the sun shine above thine head?


Alliance Soldier: Climb! The sandstorm won't last forever! Let's get a ladder and get up on that wall now!

Holy City Soldier: Remain calm! It's not possible for them to reach the top of the wall! We will pick them off one by one!

Holy City Soldier: We must not open the gate without the Lion King's orders! Peasants like them are not worthy to look upon the Holy City!

Mash: We are still at a disadvantage! Our ladders get destroyed the instant they mount on the wall...

Da Vinci: The sphinxes are attacking the main gate but there's not even a scratch! What should we do?

Bedivere: Camelot Castle will only grant access to those with righteous hearts...Malicious attacks alone will not bring down the gate!

Mash: No! We've all made it this far...But arrows from above the wall and the Enforcement Knights are taking us out one by one...

Da Vinci: Lord Hassan is facing off with Sir Gawain. This is probably our once-in-a-lifetime chance!

Da Vinci: We've got no choice...Sir Bedivere! Can you do something about the gate with your Airgetlám!?

Bedivere: I am too embarrassed to say...This is the most terrible shame of my life!

Bedivere: My Airgetlám has no effect on Camelot. I cannot raise a sword against it no matter what!

Mash: You can't attack Camelot with the Airgetlám?

Enforcement Knight: ...Servant located. Identified as the Master from Chaldea.

Enforcement Knight: This is a matter of the highest priority. You will be enforced, per Agravain's orders!

Mash: Enforcement Knights! This unit is under Sir Agravain's direct control!

Bedivere: We will intercept, Fujimaru! Right now, we must protect ourselves!


Tawara Touta: There's just no end to them! And they don't seem to care if they survive or not!

Alliance Soldiers: It hurts...It hurts!

Alliance Soldiers: Help me...I don't want to die...Spare me!

Alliance Soldiers: Raise the next ladder! Don't give up, hurry! Do you know how many we've lost so far? We can't run now!

Alliance Soldiers: Kill them! Kill them! Defend the scaffolding! And don't go to the front gate, you'll just die for nothing!

Alliance Soldiers: Aaaaah! It burns! It burns! They're using molten lead! Aaah!

Alliance Soldiers: Don't run away! There's nowhere to run now! You'll either die here, or die in the wasteland!

Sanzang: ...

Sanzang: ...Yup. It's the only option, huh?

Sanzang: Touta, run the other way! Head past the front gate and for that wall over there!

Tawara Touta: Hmm? There's enemies everywhere, though! No, I guess that just means there's more for me to fight!

Tawara Touta: Hai-yah! Out of the way! Tawara Touta, coming through!

Sanzang: Okay! Just like that! Keep going and don't stop!

Tawara Touta: Do you have a plan!? Or are we going to meet up with Fujimaru!?

Sanzang: Hmm, that's a good idea. But no. That would dull my resolve.

Tawara Touta: What? Hey, what are you going to do? Wait, what are you doing behind my back?

Sanzang: I'm getting my Final Buddha Palm ready. We just need to get rid of that front gate, right?

Sanzang: At this rate, everyone's going to suffer and die.

Sanzang: As a follower of the Buddha, I can't have that.

Sanzang: Your spiritual journey continues into the next life. So I don't want these lives to end in suffering.

Tawara Touta: Well, sure, but...! Can you destroy it, Sanzang!? And what is the Final Buddha Palm!?

Sanzang: Well, it''s a Buddhist secret. Touta, you should learn it from the Bodhisattva Hachiman.

Sanzang: Well, soon you'll be getting mad at me and telling me to stop. It kills me, you see.

Tawara Touta: —! Wait, you idiot!

Tawara Touta: Damn it! My horse won't stop! You tricked me when you told me to go past the front gate!

Sanzang: Hehehe. By the time you notice my trick, it's too late. I've got a lock on the front gate!

Sanzang: Gate, gate, paragate, para sam gate bodhi svaha.

Sanzang: You know, I just remembered. I owe Fujimaru a favor.

Sanzang: [♂ He /♀ She] may not remember it, but I have memories of a very fun journey.

Sanzang: ...So I need to pay them back. You know, because I'm a high priest girl.

Tawara Touta: Sanzang!

Sanzang: Okay! Rapid Sutra Chanting, activate! I'll show the true power of the girl who came back from Tianzhu!

Sanzang: If only the good may pass, then my fist of compassion will make its way through!

Sanzang: The fist of the Buddha shall shatter mountains! Get blown to pieces and REPEEEEEENT!

Alliance Soldier: The front gate...The front gate was blown away!

Alliance Soldier: It's a miracle from heaven...! Everyone, run! If you can, carry the wounded!

Alliance Soldier: But what happened!? Was it some kind of hand-shaped cannon?

Mash: Senpai, look...! There's a huge hole in the front gate!

Mash: That's Sanzang's Noble Phantasm! Sanzang did it!

Fujimaru 1: Wow!

Fujimaru 2: Way to go, Sanzang!

Bedivere: S-She really destroyed the gate of Camelot...! Lady Sanzang was a peerless high priestess, wasn't she!?

Da Vinci: ...That's right. She used it not to defeat, but to save. It was something only she could achieve.

Mash: Everyone is heading inside the city! Let's follow them, Master!

Tawara Touta: Okay, Sanzang. We made it to the west wall.

Tawara Touta: What's next? Got any other ridiculous ideas?

Sanzang: ...What's next?'s next...

Sanzang: ...I'm sorry. I need a second...My head's all fuzzy...I can't think...

Tawara Touta: I see. Then rest a while. The disciple shall work in place of his mentor.

Sanzang: Hehehe...Touta, you really are a hard worker...I wish you'd be a little less annoying, though...

Sanzang: But...yeah...Next, huh? I guess I already went to Tianzhu...

Sanzang: So maybe next time...I'd like to go to an observatory on top of a snowy mountain somewhere...

Sanzang: And then maybe I could take some new disciples...Gather some scriptures again...

Sanzang: When I was alive, all I ever did was spiritual training...I didn't get to do that stuff...

Sanzang: The Buddha wouldn't punish me...

Sanzang: ...for having a dream like that, would he...?

Tawara Touta: Of course not. You just showed how compassionate the Buddha is, didn't you?

Tawara Touta: Well done, Xuanzang Sanzang. As your disciple, I am very proud.

Tawara Touta: I'm going to go give the people of the Holy City some delicious rice.

Tawara Touta: You go on ahead to paradise and relax.

Section 17: Replica (2/5)

Holy City Soldier: Lord Agravain, the front gate's been destroyed! We must tell the Lion King!

Holy City Soldier: It's only a matter of time before they make it to the castle town...Tell the king to use his Light of Judgment!

Agravain: There's no need. Even if the front gate has fallen, we still have the Knights of the Round Table.

Agravain: Tristan is stationed in the castle town. Mordred's forces are outside.

Agravain: Their momentum is temporary. That sandstorm will soon disappear. Continue the fight until it does.

Holy City Soldier: No, Sir Mordred's unit has been routed! It no longer exists!

Agravain: ...That is a surprise. The greatest surprise since I have come to the Holy Land.

Agravain: ...What happened?

Holy City Soldier: Yes, Mordred's raiders were defeated by another similar unit.

Agravain: ...

Holy City Soldier: Sir Lancelot has betrayed us. The Knight of the Lake no longer stands with the Holy City!

Bedivere: This is the Holy City...Camelot, created by the sacred lance.... At last, I've made it...

Dr. Roman: There's no time to feel sentimental! A massive number of magical energy responses is approaching!

Dr. Roman: Until now it's been a mix of soldiers and Enforcement Knights, but these guys aren't even human anymore...

Dr. Roman: They're a type of divine construct created by the sacred lance's magical energy, and more powerful than anything we've faced before!

Fujimaru 1: We have to fight in the town, too...?

Fujimaru 2: Hey, where are the people...

Mash: ...Nobody's here. There's no sign that they're hiding in the buildings.

Mash: The people of the Holy City are gone. Only the soldiers are here.

Mash: Maybe...the Holy Selection is over and the people have been absorbed by the sacred lance?

Da Vinci: I'm not sure about that. If that was the case, the vicinity around the Holy City would be at the edge of the world already.

Da Vinci: There's a good chance they've been evacuated since the battle started. To the Lion King, the citizens are irreplaceable people...

Da Vinci: Or irreplaceable parts, right.

Bedivere: ...That's right...You're right, but...

Da Vinci: I'm sorry, that was wrong of me to say! Anyway, for now, let's fight!

Da Vinci: They're coming! These are the Enforcement Knights directly assigned to the Holy City! There's no need to hold back!

Da Vinci: They're clones of the Lion King. Consider this a warm-up!


Mash: We've eliminated the Enforcement Knights! The path's clear, Master!

Dr. Roman: Looks like you guys are the first.

Dr. Roman: The Allied Forces' soldiers are coming inside the city, but there's a lot of them. They'll run into the Enforcement Knights eventually.

Dr. Roman: Their forces are taking control of the area around the main gate and heading towards the center of the city...the castle.

Dr. Roman: They're about an hour or so behind you, I think. Let's get to the castle while they're distracting the city's soldiers!

Mash: Right! Let's head to the castle before the other Knights of the Round Table catch up, Senpai!

Lion King: It's very noisy out there, Agravain. Did you allow invaders into the Holy City?

Agravain: ...So it seems. I failed to realize they had enough to stop Sir Gawain.

Agravain: The main gate has fallen, and the enemy is inside the city. So please, my liege.

Agravain: There is no need to waste any more time. The Holy Selection is finished. All that remains is your decision.

Agravain: ...Bring the Tower at the Ends of the World here. Create the millennial kingdom you once failed to create in Britain!

Agravain: Create the ideal country, which threatens no one, and which no one may invade.

Agravain: I will simply watch the results.

Lion King: ...Very well. If Agravain of Iron wishes for such a thing, I shall grant it.

Lion King: The waves from the Ends of the World have reached my throne. The Round Table will close, and this area will become a stairway.

Lion King: Camelot will be visited by a time of stormy waves. It is time for all to be ruled by my hand, in the name of the King of Storms.

Bedivere: I can see it...! Up ahead is the king's area! At the top of that castle is the Lion King!

Dr. Roman: Wait! The magical energy gauge is maxed out! Stop! Stop, everyone!

Dr. Roman: This response matches the level of a space-time fracture! Something huge is about to appear there!

Mash: What is this...!?

Mash: Doctor, it's a wall! Something that looks like a wall of light is surrounding the castle!

Bedivere: ...! This light is the same as the sacred sword...It's the exterior of the sacred lance Rhongomyniad!

Da Vinci: ...So the Lion King was ready a long time ago! Romani, what's the amount of heat energy around the city looking like?

Dr. Roman: It's rising rapidly! And I'm detecting a gravitational collapse from all corners of that era!

Dr. Roman: The world has started to close! The far end of the world that Sanzang saw...

Dr. Roman: That empty space, it's heading right for the Holy City!

Bedivere: It's begun...the Tower at the Ends of the World is going to be made so soon!

Dr. Roman: Enemy response approaching! Everyone, be ready! The enemy's getting close!

Da Vinci: Okay, the situation has started to heat up! No time to think, huh?

Section 17: Replica (3/5)

Dr. Roman: This is bad...The Allied Force is being pinned at the front gate. The Holy City guards are using this chance to make their move.

Dr. Roman: They'll be wiped out! We need to do something to get rid of the wall somehow!

Dr. Roman: It appeared out of nowhere. There has to be a way to make it disappear too!

Dr. Roman: Everyone, hurry and look around you! Do you see a way in, or maybe a generator!?

E:???: Hah, there's no such thing...!

Bedivere: Mordred!

Mordred: Don't call me like you know me, coward! Just like I said I would, I hit you with a fair-and-square surprise attack!

Mash: Mordred...I thought you were fighting outside the Holy City!?

Mordred: Huh? Gawain can deal with that trash himself.

Mordred: I came to take you out. That was our promise, right?

Mash: That's...That's true. But I don't...

Mordred: ...Tch. You're throwing me off my game, shieldy. More importantly, where are they?

Fujimaru 1: They?

Fujimaru 2: Who?

Mordred: You know, the Archer that was with you! Is he at the rear sniping again?!? Hey, show yourself!

Mash: Arash Kamangir is gone. He defeated the Light of Judgment and saved the village.

Mordred: !

Mordred: ...I see. So he died before I could beat him, huh? Damn it. He won and ran away.

Fujimaru 1: You two didn't fight.

Fujimaru 2: I don't think that's called running away...

Mordred: Sure it is! He stopped Father's sacred lance!

Mordred: ...I was never able to do that even until my death. I can't believe some minor no-name took that lance out first.

Mordred: Whatever. Just one less thing to look forward to! You're all gonna burn from Father's lance anyway!

Mordred: Now get ready, wimps! I'll at least give you the honor of dying by my hand!

Bedivere: ...No, if you want to die, do it on your own, Mordred.

Bedivere: We have no time to waste on your desire for destruction.

Mordred: ...What?

Mordred: What did you say? Are you picking a fight with me, you coward!?

Bedivere: I am indeed! It is a disgrace that you call yourself King Arthur's heir!

Bedivere: No matter how cruel you were, you once did your duties as a general.

Bedivere: But now there's not a trace of that! You fight alone! Without taking command of your men!

Bedivere: And you look at this situation and think nothing of it? The king is trying to burn the world, and his own men!

Mordred: ...Is this what this is about? Are you stupid or something?

Mordred: My Father's killing his own men? Of course...Of course he would!

Mordred: Listen! An army is the last thing the Lion King needs!

Mordred: The Lion King's idea is a city with no war. In that case, why would you need an army!?

Mordred: We're going to protect the Holy City and die here! We'll be the Foundation of Humanity created by the Lion King!

Mordred: That's what the Lion King's Round Table is all about!

Mordred: It was the honor of a knight, which you were given and we weren't!

Mordred: You were at King Arthur's side to the last. How would you know about our feelings!?

Bedivere: Mordred...You...

Mordred: Shut up! You just came out of nowhere after all that happened...You're really pissing me off, Bedivere!

Mash: Sir Mordred is engaging!

Mash: The Gift of the Knights of the Round Table is still active! Let's fight with all we have, Master!


Mordred: Gah! Grah...It'll take more than that...

Mordred: I'm not going to disappear...The only one who can end me is King...Arthur...

Mash: Sir Mordred is still standing...but...

Bedivere: ...Enough, Mordred. I'm sorry for tainting your dream.


Bedivere: ...But it will stay a dream.

Bedivere: You are the Knight of Treachery. The day you want to serve King Arthur from the bottom of your heart...will never come.

Bedivere: ...The same is true for me.

Bedivere: The reason I was at the king's side at the end was because I was weak. I was not able to save him on the battlefield.

Bedivere: And the reason you couldn't deliver the king's death was were weak.

Bedivere: We were both incompetent as knights. We were never worthy to be by the king's side.

Bedivere: ...However, despite being hated by the king, you still possess this innocent dream. The dream of serving the king.

Bedivere: In that sense, you have surpassed me. You live a much purer life than a sinner like me.

Bedivere: Forgive me for insulting it.... My sword shall inherit your atonement.

Mordred: Tch...What the hell are you talking about?

Mordred: ...Man, this is lame. I lost to a coward in a fight, and lost to their trash talk.

Mordred: This really is the end for me.

Mordred: If the Knight of Treachery loses to a traitor, what's the point of me staying?

Mash: ...Mordred's Spirit Origin is gone. Only three enemy knights of the Round Table remain.

Dr. Roman: ...So Mordred also had a reason for serving the Lion King, huh?

Dr. Roman: No, now's not the time to get depressed! Hurry and search the surrounding area!

Dr. Roman: We need to destroy that wall ASAP, or everything will be over.

Da Vinci: No, the wall is a creation of the Lion King from within the castle. There's no way to stop it from outside.

Da Vinci: I can tell you this: we can't destroy that wall. We are completely out of options.

Nitocris: Pharaoh, your prophecy has come true. The Tower at the Ends of the World has appeared at the Holy City.

Ozymandias: Hahaha, I knew it! The Lion King must have gotten rather desperate!

Ozymandias: Well, Fujimaru joined the battle. To be honest, I expected nothing less! I would be disappointed if they hadn't pushed him at least this far.

Ozymandias: I mean, they are the heroes who made me truly laugh! Fwahahahahahahaha!

Ozymandias: ...Then, I must give them a reward worthy of their exploits.

Ozymandias: Open the eye of the great temple! Activate the Great Lightbulb Dendera!

Ozymandias: Reroute all magical energy from anti-enforcement defense to the lightbulb!

Ozymandias: I will use all the energy stored in this temple to unleash my ultra long range divine punishment upon the Holy City!

Nitocris: Yes, my pharaoh! Releasing pyramid's composite armor!

Nitocris: Begin magical energy compression acceleration rituals! Stabilize outputs from Abu el-Hol-class to Mesektet-class!

Ozymandias: Humph. You forgot about me, didn't you, Lion King?

Ozymandias: It's true that I didn't use the ultra long-range divine punishment out of wariness for your Light of Judgment.

Ozymandias: However, that is no longer possible for you! You cannot unleash the Light of Judgment when that tower is up.

Ozymandias: And that is why I strike now! My divine lightning shall shatter your lance!

Nitocris: No, if the Light of Judgment does come, I'll block it! Rest assured and focus on controlling the lightning ball, my pharaoh!

Ozymandias: That is my intention from the beginning. You just stand there and witness my glory.

Ozymandias: All judgment is to be passed down by the hands of pharaohs! For a mere king who's not even a god...

Ozymandias: No, I am sure you are a goddess by now. HOWEVER!

Ozymandias: I am the pharaoh! And that is why I will show you what it means to be a true God King!

Ozymandias: Great Light of Amun-Ra, open your eyes! Behold, Meryamun!

Nitocris: The divine punishment has landed! didn't work!

Nitocris: There's a wall of magical energy surrounding the city! The lightning has not reached the tower!

Ozymandias: I can tell by feeling the impact! How impudent! So you had a trick up your sleeve too, Lion King?

Ozymandias: Then I'll hit you twice, no, ten times! I'll turn half my Spirit Origin into magical energy and use it to accelerate the great temple!

Ozymandias: The walls of the Holy City are like paper to me! Fwahaha! I pity you, Tower at the Ends of the World!

Nitocris: The magical energy walls around the city are gone! My king, just one more hit and...

Ozymandias: Do not look back, Nitocris! I will not allow you to worry about me!

Nitocris: My apologies, Pharaoh...

Nitocris: Movement from the Holy City! The Tower is aiming at us...It's the Light of Judgment!

Ozymandias: Ugh!

Nitocris: Give me a moment! I'll take care of this!

Nitocris: ...Graahhh!

Ozymandias: ...Nitocris, you're using the Mirror of the Underworld to stop the light from coming down from above, right?

Ozymandias: ...I still have strength left. Pharaoh Nitocris, do you require my aid?

Nitocris: Aah!! AAAHHH!

Ozymandias: ...No, there was no need to ask. You'll burn yourself to ash before you ask for help. That's the kind of woman you are.

Ozymandias: Very well.

Ozymandias: Lion King, you have won this duel of Noble Phantasms! But the greater battle is a tie!

Ozymandias: When you aimed for me, you left yourself open! My Noble Phantasm is still intact!

Ozymandias: If the greater divine punishment isn't enough for you, then I shall give you my grave!

Ozymandias: Even your sacred lance is like an ancient, rickety ship before this huge mass!

Ozymandias: O monument of the sun, O great stone, O pyramid which rules the universe!

Ozymandias: The sun descends here, in our unlimited brilliance! Fall...Ramesseum Tentyris!

Nitocris: Oh...that is the glorious light of the pharaohs...Ramesseum Tentyris...

Nitocris: You've destroyed the Tower at the Ends of the World, my king! And so I too shall!

Nitocris: I shall protect the home of the king, even if I must offer my soul to the god of the underworld! My mirror is the darkness that drives away all light!

Ozymandias: ...There is no need.

Nitocris: ...Pharaoh?

Ozymandias: You've done enough. There is no need for more.

Ozymandias: And I don't want you being taken to the underworld. I don't really like that place.

Nitocris: But this is why my mirror...

Ozymandias: Idiot. It's already broken.

Ozymandias: ...I'm taking a rest now. You rest too, Pharaoh Nitocris.

Ozymandias: Don't push yourself too hard. You're a little too kind to rule the darkness.

Nitocris: ...No, that's not true. I am still an inexperienced pharaoh...


Alliance Soldier: Did you see that!? The pyramid destroyed the pillar of light in the Holy City!

Alliance Soldier: There's no need to fear the Lion King now! We can do it—Gwah!?

Holy City Soldier: Don't get cocky, rebels! The castle remains strong! The Round Table remains strong!

Holy City Soldier: Sir Tristan is in the Holy City! The rebels who entered are probably being executed right now!

Holy City Soldier: Once this sandstorm is gone, we'll have the advantage! If Sir Gawain can just restore order at the front gate!

Gawain: Fwah!

First Hassan: ...

Gawain: (It has been an hour since we began this battle...and he has not slowed at all! )

Gawain: (But I am becoming accustomed to his fighting style. Even this swordsman is not immortal. There must be a way! )

First Hassan: ...That's enough. The tolling of the bell has passed.

Gawain: The storm...stopped? No, he stopped it?

First Hassan: There is no need for the sand any longer. My robe need no longer block out the sky.

First Hassan: The sunlight shall illuminate the sins of the Lion King. The bell shall pass unto the Holy City.

Gawain: Such arrogance! Once the sunlight returns, my sacred sword will be invincible!

First Hassan: Of course. Arrogance is warranted. That light could not even awaken one who is asleep.

Gawain: What...?

Gawain: Galatine...uninhibited by the sandstorm, yet even under the sun you can still deflect it?

Gawain: (...I was the one who was blind. This swordsman's power rivals the Lion King! )

Gawain: ...Why? Why did you stop the sandstorm?

Gawain: No, if you have all this power, why did you not use it until this moment?

Gawain: You could even defeat the Lion King. If you are the Old Man of the Mountain, then, half a year ago...

Gawain: When we built the Holy City, you could have stopped us!

First Hassan: No. My blade is only a threat to those who disobey the will of heaven.

First Hassan: The will of heaven has not tasked me to fight the Lion King. It has tasked them. Thus there is no need for my blade.

Gawain: Those who disobey...the will of heaven...

First Hassan: Knight of the Sun, your blade has proven thine innocence. The passing of the bell is proof.

First Hassan: ...The will of heaven calls thou to that castle. If thou art a knight, thou must hurry.

First Hassan: Before the sacred lance consumes thy chance to confess the last and only stagnation within thou.

Gawain: W-Wait! We are not done here!

Gawain: ...He is gone. Did he let me go? No, he is not so compassionate...

Gawain: The black hole said that...A crueler fate awaits us...

Holy City Soldier: Sir Gawain, you're safe! That was a splendid battle with the enemy leader!

Gawain: The enemy leader...? I see. So that's how he looked to you.

Holy City Soldier: Was that not who he was? He seemed to be a terrifying swordsman. Just one glance was chilling...

Gawain: Yes, that is right. I never thought I would see the day when I could battle such a splendid knight.

Gawain: I am quite fortunate. I actually feel a little guilty toward the rest of the Round Table.

Holy City Soldier: Haha. Nevertheless, you were able to repel even a knight like that.

Holy City Soldier: You are our pride. Please remain the guardian of the gate.

Holy City Soldier: We will deal with the rebels who entered the Holy City. You rest here.

Gawain: ...No, I am sorry, but it must be the other way around. I will return to the castle. You men hold the gate.

Gawain: The battle will be decided in an hour's time, I am certain. If the castle goes up in flames...

Gawain: Take your men and head north. Though you may find it hard to reach...

Gawain: Please, get as many as possible home.

Gawain: This expedition was doomed from the start, but thank you for coming all this way.

Holy City Soldier: Sir Gawain...

Gawain: Of course, I have no intention of being defeated. My comrades from the Round Table still fight.

Gawain: Now I...Gawain, Knight of the Round Table, shall go! My sword is with my king until the last!

Fujimaru 1: The wall of light...

Bedivere: ...Yes, it shattered...Have I finally gone mad?

Bedivere: It looked like a pyramid fell down from the skies...

Fujimaru 2: A pyramid came from the sky...

Mash: It fell from the sky...and it was shining gold...

Mash: Was that King Ozymandias's support, you think?

Da Vinci: Man, talk about a brute force method! I said we were out of options, but forget that!

Da Vinci: Anyway, the Tower at the Ends of the World has shattered. That's a fatal blow to the Holy City Army.

Da Vinci: That was the pillar keeping their morale up. I bet some of them will be willing to surrender now!

Dr. Roman: ...No, maybe the soldiers will, but the main camp won't.

Dr. Roman: The gravity fluctuation still threatens to crush this era. The Lion King's sacred lance is still active.

Dr. Roman: What you just saw was like the sheathe of the sacred lance. As long as the Lion King survives, the collapse won't stop!

Bedivere: That's...

Mash: Let's hurry, Senpai! Once we're through the castle town area, we'll reach the castle!

Lancelot: Fujimaru! Sir Bedivere!

Mash: Sir Lancelot! Thanks for finally showing up after the work is all done!

Lancelot: Hnghn!

Mash: I'm sorry, I said it wrong. Thank you for coming here at the end!

Bedivere: (Milady, that was not a big change. The strength of your words has not really changed! )

Da Vinci: Now, now. Sir Lancelot is here, which means the battle in front of the city is mostly over, right?

Lancelot: Of course. The Alliance Army is in total control. Many archers on the castle walls are surrendering.

Lancelot: They saw what just happened with their own eyes. They probably lost the will to fight.

Lancelot: ...The biggest factor was the absence of Lord Gawain. He seems to have returned to the castle.

Da Vinci: I see. Then we need to settle things with the Lion King before he arrives.

Da Vinci: What about you, Sir Lancelot? Will you come with us?

Lancelot: ...No, I must look for Agravain. He is too dangerous to ignore.

Bedivere: ...Sir Agravain?

Bedivere: Even in the Lion King's Round Table, he hasn't changed, huh?

Lancelot: ...?

Da Vinci: Okay, then let's split up. We'll take a direct route to the castle from the front.

Da Vinci: You're going around the back, right Sir Lancelot? That's where the bad guys tend to escape from.

Lancelot: Yes. We have horses that can go fast.

Lancelot: We will go ahead and capture Agravain. Then we will meet at the Lion King's throne!

Mash: I'm seeing fire over there! The Holy City has almost fallen!

Da Vinci: Yeah. I don't know about setting fire to the buildings, but I guess that's just what you do in war!

Da Vinci: By the way, Sir Bedivere. You were saying something odd about Sir Agravain, weren't you?

Da Vinci: What was that about? I am very curious!

Bedivere: ...At the last Round Table too, Sir Agravain inspired hatred and fear in the knights.

Bedivere: I realized that it's the same this time too, is all.

Da Vinci: Hmm? And why's that? Was he just such a villain that everybody hated him?

Bedivere: Of course not. If the king's advisor was a villain, Camelot would have never survived.

Bedivere: ...For some reason, Sir Agravain makes no efforts to be liked by anyone.

Bedivere: As a result, the people around him viewed him as cold.

Bedivere: His blood relatives Sir Gawain, Sir Gaheris, and even little Miss Gareth all misunderstood him.

Dr. Roman: Wait, wait, wait. I think I just heard a particularly amazing phrase mixed in there!

Da Vinci: Okay, single men need to shut up.

Da Vinci: ...But you didn't see Sir Agravain that way. Why?

Bedivere: ...No. I hated him, too. But later, I realized.

Bedivere: The collapse of the Round Table and the fall of Camelot began after Sir Agravain's death.

Bedivere: The king needed him. Perhaps more than Merlin, the court mage.

Mash: ...Um, actually, you know...I agree with Bedivere.

Mash: When I saw Sir Agravain at the fort, I felt relieved.

Mash: It was as if my Spirit Origin was saying, “If he's here, the king will be all right. ”

Bedivere: Galahad was the biggest airhea...I mean, best Knight of the Round. He was an excellent judge of character.

Bedivere: If he trusted Sir Agravain, there must have been some justice in his heart...Watch out!

Bedivere: This silent arrow...Sir Tristan! Where are you! Show yourself!

Dr. Roman: Ahead, on the roof of the left side building! There's a magical energy response behind the smokestack!

Tristan: ...How sad. Another 10 steps, and I could've been close enough to slice you into ribbons.

Tristan: But Sir Bedivere's outrageous remarks irritated me, and I let go a moment too soon.

Tristan: ...That's Sir Bedivere for you. Even his mistaken words bring him good luck.

Tristan: I wish I had a fraction of his good fortune.

Tristan: ...The way I see it, fate is like the grim reaper.

Tristan: Those who outrun it are given a brief stay of execution, and those who it catches die unfulfilled.

Tristan: You escaped your fate once before, from that dump of a village.

Tristan: Now let me see your last struggles, one more time.

Bedivere: ...Tristan, I've nothing more to say to you.

Bedivere: The Sir Tristan I know vanished in that village. Immature as I may be, I am a knight serving the King of Knights.

Bedivere: You are a knight of the Lion King, and I cannot let you defeat me!

Tristan: ...Of course. You've finally reached that state of mind, then?

Tristan: The Round Table you knew never existed here. We are lions. Monsters with the heart of beasts.

Tristan: We think nothing of slaughtering you, destroying this era, and being the only ones to survive.

Tristan: I'm sorry, but that's all I have left to me now. So let us end this.

Bedivere: He's coming! Fujimaru, milady, get ready!

Mash: Right! The enemy is Tristan, Knight of the Round Table! His bow has taken many lives! This time, we'll snap it in two!


Tristan: ...How sad. To miss your mark, despite possessing all of that skill...

Tristan: Certainly, you have improved. You are no longer one I can kill with minimal effort.

Tristan: However, the same can be said for you. You cannot kill me if I am focused on defense.

Tristan: This is what you call a stalemate. Ahhh...This is exactly why I am so sad...

Tristan: On this occasion, time is on my side. All I have to do is toy with you people here.

Tristan: That alone will accomplish the Lion King's ambition. Ah, so boring, so difficult to bear.

Tristan: I did not imagine a silly ending like this awaited...This is but a tragedy...

Mash: Ah, Sir Tristan is right! He doesn't mean to actually defeat us!

Da Vinci: He's making shallow attacks. At this rate, neither side will score a winning hit.

Da Vinci: ...The first time I saw him, I had a hunch that this Archer falls under the category of "deplorable. "

Da Vinci: And it seems my intuition was right. He's being atrocious!

Bedivere: We have no time. If it comes to that, we...

D:???: Wrong! What you call tragedy, we call it comedy!

Tristan: ...Who are you people?

Fujimaru 1: Hassan!

Fujimaru 2: You came!

Cursed Arm: My apologies for making you wait, Fujimaru. I'm sure we have much to discuss, especially the fierce battles up to now...

Cursed Arm: But at the moment, we are in a race against time. Please, go on ahead.

Cursed Arm: This man is our prey. By the pride of the Old Man of the Mountain, I swear we will take his life.

Tristan: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...Thank you.

Fujimaru 2: ...Don't die!

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. That's my line.

Cursed Arm: Then farewell for now. With this battle, consider us even.

Hundred Personas: Why the look of concern? Get going. We are, together, Old Men of the Mountain. We don't fight if there's no way to win.

Hundred Personas: We've researched Tristan's history. We'll easily kill him, then hunt for the Lion King's head.

Serenity: Yes. Our fangs will definitely reach that villainous Tristan. The rest is up to you. Go on, and be careful.

Fujimaru 1: ...Understood!

Fujimaru 2: Don't work too hard!

Hassans: ...Indeed.

Bedivere: Hassan!

Bedivere: I am grateful for your thoughtfulness, time and again! May the fortunes of war be with you...!

Cursed Arm: ...That is my line as well. The duty you have undertaken is more important than ours.

Cursed Arm: The fortunes of war be with you, Sir Bedivere.

Cursed Arm: Once, there was a king that, though an enemy, called our hero a knight and praised him...

Cursed Arm: You remind me very much of him. It seems chivalry is still alive and well.

Tristan: ...Right now, I am very sad.

Tristan: It seems even the Knights of the Round Table have fallen.

Tristan: Are you so absorbed in chatting with your friends? You insects who have come here to be exterminated?

Tristan: I fear the cost for such boorishness is high. In fact I worry whether you can afford to pay it.

Tristan: I am going to dismember and gut you while preserving your heads, so die not along the way.

Hundred Personas: I'm not so sure about that plan. You don't hear us pleading for our lives either, dandy.

Tristan: ...What did you just say?

Hundred Personas: I said...I know your weakness.

Hundred Personas: I, Hundred Personas, am going to teach you that the cause of your defeat is arrogance and your contempt of us!

Section 17: Replica (4/5)

Mash: The royal castle! We've finally arrived, Senpai!

Dr. Roman: I'll verify that on video, too! But first, I'm picking up hostiles!

Dr. Roman: There's a lot of magical energy near the entrance! Enforcement Knights!

Dr. Roman: But no other response in that area! This will probably be the final battle with the Enforcement Knights!

Dr. Roman: This is the royal guard. They'll be in a whole other league than the others!

Dr. Roman: Be careful, Fujimaru!


Da Vinci: Enforcement Knights, farewell! This is really the last of them!

Fujimaru 1: If you say that, more will come out.

Fujimaru 2: I kind of doubt that...

Da Vinci: You're right. Cliché has it that just when you forget about them, a giant Enforcement Knight will appear as the very last obstacle!

Dr. Roman: Stop talking nonsense and get a move on! It looks like Sir Lancelot is already in the royal castle!

Bedivere: The structure of the castle is the same as Camelot, yes? Then I'll lead the way. Let's go, everyone!

Mash: Right. But...I hope the Hassans are all right...

Tristan: ...That makes 90. I heard you possess one hundred personas and can manifest each of them.

Tristan: ...It seems you were all talk...What a disappointment.

Tristan: Ten left? No...

Tristan: Probably less than five.

Tristan: As you can see, I do not have a scratch on me. You have wasted your time.

Hundred Personas: ...Is that what you think?

Tristan: Mm!? It can't be...What is this mist!?

Serenity: ...I am Serenity, the poison flower that blooms in the darkness. This area is filled with my poison already.

Serenity: You thought you had the upper hand. But in fact, Hundred Personas and Cursed Arm were playing you.

Serenity: They purposely pushed you to the limit so you wouldn't notice the poison that was eating away at your body.

Tristan: Poison? Poison, you say? What did you do to me...

Hundred Personas: That's right. Your golden Iseult is gone, Tristan, Knight of the Round Table!

Hundred Personas: Poison has ended your life, undefeated archer! You betrayed a woman and then she betrayed you!

Hundred Personas: For a Heroic Spirit like you, poison is the eventual end of your fate!

Hundred Personas: I'll tell you something. The white hand of Iseult has finally caught up with you.

Tristan: Ah!

Hundred Personas: A fitting end for one who has killed so many in the mountains, burned villages, and even tried to murder his brethren!

Tristan: Ahhh...This truly makes me sad...

Serenity: Huh?

Hundred Personas: W-Why? I am sure...That was a lethal dose...

Tristan: Heh...Heh-heh, heh-heh-heh-heh! Hahahahahahaha!

Tristan: Oh, pardon me. It was just so sad that a chuckle slipped out.

Tristan: I didn't tell you about my Gift, did I?

Tristan: The Gift I've been given is “Reversal. ” It was originally to turn me into a beast by removing any doubt in my heart...

Tristan: But its special attribute ends up reversing everything. Therefore, right now, poison has absolutely no effect.

Tristan: Your desperate measure was in vain.

Hundred Personas: Wha...?

Cursed Arm: To think...our final secret plan, too...was a wasted effort...

Tristan: Yes. And now, it's time for you to die.

Cursed Arm: Ah!

Cursed Arm: How vexing...We've been fighting that bow for all this time, yet we still cannot see its arrow...

Tristan: Of course not. As long as you are trying to see it with your eyes.

Tristan: I knew it would end like this. You three cannot defeat me.

Tristan: Your tragedy is you didn't comprehend that until the end.

Cursed Arm: ...So it seems. I am truly made aware of my own powerlessness.

Tristan: Well then...

Cursed Arm: However. Even if I can't beat you, I know something that can.

Cursed Arm: Haaaaaaa, you've fell for it! I've got your arm, Tristan!

Tristan: ...So you've grabbed me. what of it? You threw away your life and finally snatched my hand.

Tristan: But that is all. What can you do with that body when I've split open your belly and disemboweled you?

Tristan: ...Your arm is moving by itself!? No, what is this!?

Cursed Arm: ...I stole this arm from Shaytan. I've been controlling it through a curse...

Cursed Arm: However, I've removed that curse.

Cursed Arm: I'm sure Shaytan will take over my body and devour me, a thief, and you, a sacrifice.

Tristan: Arrrggggh! Why won't you let go!? Get away from me!

Tristan: Urk, this is ridiculous! You're using our Spirit Origins as bait!?

Cursed Arm: H-hrrr! Such overwhelming pain...One that pierces through your entire body!

Cursed Arm: And I'm sorry, Sir Tristan. Even though you're my enemy, I can't help but admire that technique.

Cursed Arm: For us, skills are living things. How much of your heart and soul did you put into that bow? How much training did you do with it...?

Cursed Arm: When I think of all the carnage up to now, I have to express my respect for all those years.

Cursed Arm: However, hell is a fitting place for you! We'll go there together, Tristan!

Tristan: I-I'm going to die!? I'm going to be eaten by an ugly monster like this!?

Tristan: I mean, you'll die, too! You're feeling this agony, too! Why would you go this far!?

Tristan: You're not even bound by any Gift!

Cursed Arm: We don't need any Gift.

Cursed Arm: We coexisted with sterile soil, protected our brethren who live on this land, and made the lessons of this earth our concern!

Cursed Arm: We don't care about other countries! We don't care about some utopia! We loved the people who lived on this land!

Cursed Arm: We lived for that, and for that we died! That is the original law of us, the Old Man of the Mountain!

Tristan: Agh...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!

Cursed Arm: ...

Tristan: Heh...Hehhhhh...

Tristan: Giving me the freedom of a hand was a mistake. I am able to fire Failnaught with but a finger...

Tristan: ...Well. Somehow I managed to...separate myself from the Old Man of the Mountain...

Tristan: ...However, it seems I was too late. Shaytan has already devoured half of me...

Tristan: ...Still. A frightening level of tenacity...No, I suppose I should say “faith”...

Tristan: The heathens...By rights, I shouldn't care, but...

Tristan: What was he saying, about skills being alive and such...? ...Haha. That kind of dedication...That's not fair...

H:???? ? : ...Is that me reflected in the window...?

H:???? ? : Thus, even viewing the villainous knight was horrifying. He was reduced to a monster...

H:???? ? : ...Heh. Since coming to this land, there has been nothing but misery. And yet, in the end, it seems I saw something amusing...


Bedivere: The seventh corridor and the second spiral staircase. This is the fastest route to the throne.

Da Vinci: They don't have many people on hand in here, surprisingly. Maybe we can get to the Lion King without anyone getting in our way.

Fujimaru 1: Bedivere, is your arm fine?

Fujimaru 2: We've fought our way here, but...

Mash: Yes. Sir Bedivere, how are you feeling?

Bedivere: You don't have to worry about me, Fujimaru, Lady Mash.

Bedivere: My arm has been feeling better for a while now, and I should also be feeling better shortly.

Bedivere: Your words are a comfort to me, and I am afraid no longer.

Fujimaru 1: Afraid?

Mash: Um? Well, I can't exactly explain what that entails very easily...

Dr. Roman: That's enough talking! I'm detecting a strong Spirit Origin from down the rear stairs!

Dr. Roman: It's...a Knight of the Round Table! Sir Gawain is coming up!

Bedivere: ...So he came. There's no way he wouldn't make it in time.

Bedivere: Let us consider ourselves fortunate that the goddess of victory is on our side.

Bedivere: If he decided to interfere while we were fighting the Lion King we would have no chance of winning.

Fujimaru 1: ...You've gotten stronger.

Fujimaru 2: That's exactly right!

Bedivere: Yes, we've made it this far so maybe you can say I've had a change of heart.

Gawain: Well said. I will not have to hold back against a knight with a smile like that, Sir Bedivere.

Mash: Sir Gawain! You're here alone!?

Gawain: Yes, I gave each knight their choice. I no longer have anything to do with their fate.

Gawain: Whether I strike you down here, or I am the one to fall, the fate of the Holy City will not change.

Gawain: When the Tower appeared, our job here was done. The only thing left for us in the Round Table is for each of us to figure out how to serve the king.

Bedivere: ...It does seem so. Your resolve has not changed. In the end, you remain the sword of the king.

Bedivere: You would not stop me from revealing the king's mistakes and denouncing the Holy City.

Gawain: Of course. The king said this to me when I was summoned here.

Gawain: “Knight of the Sun, the other bearer of the sacred sword. You should take this chance to grant your desire. ”

Gawain: The king told me I could do anything. I could leave the Holy City, or even strike him down.

Gawain: ...You couldn't understand just how happy I was in that moment.

Gawain: You just happened to be there for the king and take care of him in his final moments.

Gawain: I was once called the right-hand man of the king, but unable to cast away my own personal grudges, I caused his death.

Gawain: ...I cannot repeat that foolishness again.

Gawain: King Arthur is not the same king he once was. The king understands that more than anyone.

Gawain: He wouldn't call himself the Lion King if that wasn't the case. He gave us all a choice from the beginning.

Gawain: Britain's Round Table has fallen to ruin. Our world has fallen to ruin.

Gawain: The Lion King declared he will protect the world. No matter how self-righteous that might be.

Gawain: Why do you think we alone are left of the Round Table in the Holy City? It should not need to be said.

Gawain: The second chair, Percival. The third chair, Kay. The sixth, Gaheris. The ninth, Palamedes.

Gawain: The advisor, King Pellinore. The next 11th chair, Bors.

Gawain: After they were summoned by the king, they showed their loyalty by revolting against the Lion King.

Gawain: They were all wonderful knights. They challenged the king in battle to protect the king's honor.

Gawain: ...And we disposed of them all.

Bedivere: ...It can't be...Weren't they killed by the Crusaders?

Gawain: Hold your tongue! Do you think us knights with superhuman strength would lose to some grave robbers?

Mash: So that means you...completed your oaths together in your own ways?

Gawain: That's right. Sir Bedivere, you were not the only one granted the right to slay your own brethren.

Gawain: The moment we pledged our loyalty to the Lion King we were already branded sinners. No matter what happens, I will not betray the Lion King.

Gawain: At the same time, I am grateful. I do not know the reasons the King of Knights became the Lion King...

Gawain: However, my wish will stay with the Lion King.

Gawain: Because King Arthur has the sacred lance, and he needed us, the Knights of the Round Table, to be the means to destroy this world...

Gawain: I am no longer a knight serving the King of Knights. I am Gawain, a knight serving the Lion King.

Gawain: ...That's all I have to say to you. Draw your sword, Sir Bedivere.

Gawain: What you want to protect and what I must protect are like oil and water. Allow me to ask once more, what is your sword for!?

Bedivere: ...Then I shall answer. My right arm is the end of my loyalty, my proof of a sin that I could not erase.

Bedivere: What it dreamed of was the king. For the sake of truly saving the one who walked alone...

Bedivere: ...I will cut down anyone who stands in my way! With my arm, now the silver arm of Nuadha, Airgetlám!

Gawain: Then I shall crush you along with that arm.

Gawain: Last remnant of the old Round Table! Last remnant of chivalry! Your life will end here!


Gawain: So this is the end...I guess this is divine intervention...

Gawain: In the end I won't make it to the king's fight...I guess that is my fate for being an unfaithful knight...

Bedivere: ...What are you saying? There is no knight more loyal than you, Sir Gawain.

Bedivere: You're the same as me. You admire what it means to be a king rather than the concept of honor.

Bedivere: You cannot call yourself unfaithful...

Gawain: ...

Gawain: ...Bedivere. Why did you have to appear now?

Gawain: ...Not when the Holy City was prosperous...but when everything is about to end...

Gawain: ...The King may have regained his heart...if you were the one...

Gawain: I...resent you from the bottom of my heart.

Bedivere: ...That's right. Sir Gawain. I am also an unfaithful knight which you should detest...

Bedivere: A sinful and foolish knight...

Agravain: Ugh...

Lancelot: This is the end. Your plot ends here, Agravain.

Lancelot: ...I will not kill you. We both became traitors...the moment we cut down our Round Table brethren.

Lancelot: However, I cannot ignore your evil plans. You will pay for the numerous atrocities you've caused in the name of the king.

Agravain: ...Traitor? Me? The same as you?

Agravain: Haha, hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Lancelot: ...Agravain?

Agravain: I can't stop laughing!

Lancelot: Th-This power...Did you use the Madness Enhancement you placed on the Enforcement Knights on yourself!?

Lancelot: Agravain, you...

Agravain: ...My mother was mad.

Agravain: “One day, you will rule over Britain. ” That was the grudge I had to hear when I was growing up.

Agravain: Through the plan of my mother, Morgan, I got to sit among you all. I did not want to be a Knight of the Round Table, but I suppose that was the fastest way.

Agravain: I was but a tool to steal the throne away from King Arthur and give it to my mother.

Agravain: I agreed to it. I understood that Britain needed a strong king.

Agravain: I just wanted Britain to continue on. I used King Arthur to that end.

Agravain: ...I used our king.

Lancelot: You...!

Agravain: I wanted a king that would labor. A king that would, even for a little bit, extend Britain's life.

Agravain: I just needed someone for my plan. I did not really care who became king.

Agravain: King Arthur was the best. That is all. King Arthur was easier to use than Morgan.

Agravain: I hate women.

Agravain: Morgan was a vixen, ugly to her core. And Guinevere, who extolled virtue, fell in love with you.

Agravain: I have and will continue to hate women.

Agravain: I will continue to despise humans.

Agravain: And I will continue to resent the emotion of love.

Agravain: That is me...

Agravain: Do you understand the relief I felt when I found out the first person that made me fear being resented...was a man?

Agravain: ...That's what you and Guinevere have done. You cannot even fathom the emptiness I felt in my heart when I found out of my king's pain.

Lancelot: Lord...Agravain...

Agravain: I still have something left to do.

Agravain: ...This is what you deserve. You have once again betrayed my king.


Dr. Roman: ...It's time. I've detected a powerful magical response up ahead.

Dr. Roman: This is the highest point in the Holy City. It must be the location of the throne.

Dr. Roman: ...Just who and what is the Lion King? Why did the Sixth Singularity end up like this?

Dr. Roman: The answer to all of that lies beyond these doors.... Are you ready, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's go to the throne of the Lion King!

Mash: ...Yes! The final stage of the Sixth Grand Order...Let's go!

Da Vinci: ...This is the highest level of the castle. The place of the oath for the Knights of the Round Table.

Da Vinci: And the person sitting on the throne is the Lion King...Altria Pendragon!

Lion King: ...Answer me.

Lion King: ...Answer me. Who are you?

Lion King: Why did you come to my castle? Why do you show yourselves before me?

Lion King: I am the Lion King. The King of the Storm and the Lord residing over the Ends of the World. The remnant of the hero who wields the sacred lance Rhongomyniad.

Mash: ...That voice just gives me the shivers...This is just like a geas...

Bedivere: (That is the Lion King...King Arthur who held on to the sacred lance...)

Bedivere: (I've already made up my mind, but to think I would be afraid this much...However...)

Bedivere: (I must look upon the Lion King directly in the eyes! )

Lion King: ...Answer me.

Lion King: Do you seek me? Or are you here to reject me?

Lion King: Fujimaru, the last Master of the distant Chaldea.

Lion King: Why have you come to see me?

Fujimaru 1: I'm here to correct the course of humanity!

Fujimaru 2: I'm here to defeat you!

Lion King: Makes no difference. To correct the course of humanity is the same as taking my life.

Lion King: You are here to kill me. Unfortunately, you are not chosen by the sacred lance.

Lion King: Your soul knows good but commits evil. While it is good, it allows evil.

Lion King: That is the same as evil. I had some expectations for the latest human who could reach my feet, however...

Lion King: You shall die here. Your soul is not needed in my utopia.

Lion King: ...I will unleash the Round Table.

Lion King: Behold, the wave of the Ends of the World. When the outer layer is removed, the true face of the planet is revealed.

Da Vinci: The storm that's beyond the throne...So the Lion King was waiting at the Ends of the World from the very beginning!

Mash: The Lion King has stood up from the throne...She's assumed a combat stance!

Mash: Master...What should we do!?

Fujimaru 1: I don't understand. Why abandon the world!?

Fujimaru 2: Shut up! Screw your utopia!

Mash: Senpai!?

Da Vinci: That's some courage right there! A Servant would cower before that level of divinity!

Da Vinci: But that's the spirit! Tell her! That's only something you, a human, can do!

Lion King: ...A reason, huh? Humans always want to ask that, no matter the era.

Lion King: I am abandoning the world, in order to help you, humans, to survive.

Lion King: The history of this planet will come to an end due to the work of one man.

Lion King: Humanity will be incinerated and history will become nothingness. But that goes against my purpose.

Lion King: We were born thanks to you humans. A god cannot exist without humans.

Lion King: Which is why you humans must remain. I will protect you no matter the cost.

Lion King: ...This is my own free will. If the King of Mages is allowed this much freedom, I am also going to do as I see fit.

Lion King: Yes, I shall confess. I have always wished for this.

Lion King: I love all of you. You are important to me.

Lion King: That is why I cannot bear to lose you.

Lion King: I've decided to grant humans eternity. To souls worthy of remaining in the next world...

Lion King: Those who do no evil nor will they know evil even when affected by it. Those who know no end to goodness and yet are not aware of their goodness.

Lion King: I shall gather those purest souls, freeze them, and archive them.

Lion King: No matter how much time passes, I will store them in my lance as something whose value will never change.

Lion King: What is wrong with that? My work is all for you, humans.


Lion King: ...Is that what you think?

Lion King: ...Is that also what you think? O Knight of the Shield?

Lion King: Human lives are finite. Amongst them, there are few whose lives are even more limited.

Lion King: Mash Kyrielight, you understand my ideal, don't you?

Dr. Roman: ...!

Mash: I...

Mash: I...

Fujimaru 1: Mash?

Fujimaru 2: Do you...understand?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, that's enough talking! The Lion King's mental structure is now completely that of a deity.

Dr. Roman: She's lost her values as a human! This won't end with just talk!

Dr. Roman: Fight, and destroy that lance! Time will return to normal if you do that!

Lion King: ...Imprudent, Romani Archaman. That is much like you. However, I have come to the same conclusion.

Lion King: You've answered the question. If you are to deny me, I will deny you, as well.

Lion King: Your death is inevitable, and now it draws near. Lament the limits on your life.

Lion King: Know those limits, and accept my divine grace.

Lion King: Knight of the Shield, if you want to protect human will not fight me.

Da Vinci: Here she comes...! Master, prepare for combat!

Da Vinci: The enemy is Altria, the Lion King...No, she's not a Heroic Spirit anymore!

Da Vinci: If I were to give her a name...She is the Goddess Rhongomyniad, an avatar of the sacred lance!


Dr. Roman: She blew away pieces of Sheba!? Her magical energy can even reach Chaldea!?

Dr. Roman: Damn it! I can't get a visual!

Dr. Roman: Is everyone okay?! Did you defeat Rhongomyniad!?

Da Vinci: Ah...This is bad...There's just too much difference between us...The power of divinity that surpasses that of a genius...

Da Vinci: That is truly the power of an Authority...A normal Servant couldn't stand up against that.

Bedivere: Ugh! I can't...move my...legs!

Bedivere: The king is mistaken! We must fight for the king's sake as well but...

Bedivere: My body...won't...listen to me!

Fujimaru 1: ...This is hopeless...

Fujimaru 2: This is so frustrating...

Lion King: This is the end. As your lives wither away, the Ends of the World shall be unleashed.

Lion King: I am the King of the Storm, the wave that will swallow this earth. I am the one who shall bring an end to this world!

Lion King: ...But feel no sadness. Happiness shall be granted to you humans.

Lion King: Your limited lives will receive eternity.

Lion King: I will freeze the lives of yours that will burn up and store them. I will stop them from losing any value.

Lion King: That is the meaning behind “protecting” lives. The ultimate conclusion of what it means to protect humans.

Fujimaru 1: That's...

A:???: That's not right! It isn't right!

Bedivere: Milady!?

Fujimaru 1: Mash!

Mash: You're wrong. I don't agree with your concept of happiness.

Mash: I've seen a lot of different lives in this era!

Mash: Someone died to protect a child! And there was someone who grieved about it!

Mash: And...they continued to live on in spite of all of it.

Mash: There was someone who thought that their mom would continue living on as long as they were alive!

Mash: Having an end isn't meaningless! Life continues on. It doesn't just exist for only a single moment!

Mash: Even if these losses continue to mount forever, life will continue to spread out, connecting us all!

Bedivere: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Mash: Rhongomyniad! If you call yourself the Storm...If you're the ends of the world...!

Mash: I will fight you with everything I have!

Lion King: Very well. Show me.

Lion King: My sacred lance calls forth the storm. It shows the truth lying underneath the peeled skin of the world!

Lion King: Sacred lance, anchor unleashed. For thou art the Anchor of Storms which splits the sky and connects the earth...

Lion King: Unleash your light from the Ends of the World! Rhongomyniad!

Mash: Here I go! Master Fujimaru, please give me strength!

Mash: Watch me, Director...At this very moment, I will prove the foundation of our humanity!

Section 17: Replica (5/5)

Merlin: ...So that's what's going on. The Altria in that Singularity is turning into something quite concerning...

Merlin: The Wild Hunt, one from local folklores. The King of the Storm and the King of the Dead leading them to manifest in this world.

Merlin: Of course, that's merely one of the stories attributed to her later on. There are other people fit to be the Wild Hunt.

Merlin: However, that Altria is different. She really became the Wild Hunt.

Merlin: To be precise, that's not the real King Arthur.

Merlin: She's the King Arthur that mutated due to a certain discrepancy.

Merlin: In other words, she's a fake King Arthur who should've never appeared. However, she manifested due to the influence of this Singularity.

Merlin: ...Or perhaps, that is the real King Arthur, and the one from our memories is the fake one.

Merlin: The king who stayed behind on this earth to lead the dead. Or the once and future king who was transported to Avalon.

Merlin: Of course I know the one who went to Avalon. But the King Arthur you know is...

Lucius: ...the one who stayed behind on this earth. However, I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Lucius: I never found what I was looking for. In the end, I ended up a living corpse washed up to this place.

Merlin: Precisely. You are truly fortunate. No, perhaps unfortunate.

Merlin: There was a rumor among the fairies of a human-shaped rock at the edge of Avalon.

Merlin: It appeared out of nowhere, and no one knows where it came from. It seemed to be a human, and scarily enough, it was still alive.

Merlin: It was alive yet it couldn't move. The body was beat-up and its soul exhausted. Truly, a living corpse.

Merlin: But surprisingly its mind was still intact.

Merlin: That rock had tremendous tenacity. It wouldn't allow itself to die.

Merlin: ...I am sure you understand by now. That rock was you, Lucius.

Merlin: You showed up here due to the effects of the Singularity. A possibility that came from another terminal world.

Merlin: Lucius...No, my dear friend Sir Bedivere. Good morning, and good day.

Merlin: I'm sorry to do this to you right after you woke up, but there's no time to spare. I'm going to request something cruel from you, as always.

Merlin: Can you still fight? Can you still complete your mission?

Lucius: ...Of course. I've done everything I have up until now for that purpose.

Merlin: I see.... I see. Then I shall give you this parting gift.

Merlin: First, I shall cast a spell upon you to deceive others into not knowing your true identity.

Merlin: Even a Heroic Spirit won't be able to discover your true self.

Merlin: Why? Because if they knew who you were, they would try their hardest to stop you.

Merlin: They're not stupid. Well, I suppose Mordred is. If they know the truth about you, they'll awake to the truth about the Lion King too.

Merlin: They will definitely not let you get close to the Lion King, and the Lion King doesn't remember you any longer, I imagine.

Merlin: You must get an audience with the Lion King and complete your task before you are denied.

Merlin: It's a very, very lonely journey. But you're used to that, right?

Merlin: You've continued your journey long enough to make one lose their sanity.

Merlin: But let's be perfectly clear, okay? Regardless of the result of this upcoming battle, you will die.

Merlin: Your soul exhausted, ousted from the cycle of reincarnation, your existence will fall into the void.

Merlin: Even then— do you still strive for the end of your journey?

Lucius: ...Yes. My mind...My will...They remain loyal to my king and his glory.

Merlin: ...I see. Then this is an additional parting gift for you. I've made it so that you can fight.

Merlin: I've changed its name to Airgetlám. You will exhaust your soul as its fuel each time you use it, but try to endure it.

Merlin: The place you will travel to is a hypothetical. A place standing at the edge of the world where chivalry is striving to be perfected.

Merlin: You shall fight your former allies. You shall face the sin you've committed.

Merlin: Even so, the light in that hand shall never dwindle.

Merlin: Why, you ask? Because it the greatest sin you have committed.

Mash: That which heals all wounds and grudges, our glorious homeland...

Mash: Manifest yourself, Lord Camelot!

Bedivere: ...

Lion King: Interesting...Let's see how long those slender arms of yours can support the white walls of Camelot!

Mash: Ugh...Uhhh...Aaaarghhh!

Fujimaru 1: You can do it, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: I'll help you!

Bedivere: You shouldn't, Fujimaru.

Bedivere: A normal person couldn't take it. I understand how you feel, but please wait here.

Da Vinci: Sir Bedivere...? Why are you calmly walking towards Mash...

Da Vinci: ...Wait. Hold on. Hold up. That body of yours...

Bedivere: Relax yourself, Sir Kyrielight. As long as the resolve in your heart is true, that shield shall never falter.

Mash: Bedivere...? Oh...right. Like this?

Bedivere: That's right. You are a quick learner. Listen, and listen well.

Bedivere: The white walls of Camelot answer to their wielder's heart. Doubts and impurities will cause cracks, and the walls will be crushed by the wave.

Bedivere: However, if you do not have a shred of hesitation in your heart, the main gate shall never fall.

Bedivere: You are not a knight that defeats the enemy. You were chosen by the Round Table to show that good heart of yours.

Lion King: ...Who are you? You seem like you're a knight too...

Mash: Y-You have to know him! He's Sir Bedivere, one of the Knights of the Round Table!

Lion King: Wh-What are you saying...? I don't know any knight by that name...

Bedivere: ...Of course. But you should remember as soon as you see this.

Bedivere: Switch on, Airgetlám. It is time for you to tear the Light of Judgment to pieces...!

Lion King: ...I know...that light. I...know that light!

Lion King: Just who are you? Why do I...!

Bedivere: ...Fujimaru. I was able to come this far thanks to you.

Bedivere: I thank you for all of your kindness.... And I would like to offer an apology.

Bedivere: I have been hiding something from you. I know why the Lion King has changed.

Bedivere: I have known and have not said anything. Please forgive me for that.

Fujimaru 1: Bedivere...?

Fujimaru 2: ...Wait...your body is...breaking down?

Dr. Roman: ...It can't be. What's going on? Why has this been malfunctioning this whole time!?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, is the Sir Bedivere there real!?

Dr. Roman: The observation results are off! There's no Spirit Origin signature at all! The Magical Circuits are on the level of a human's...

Dr. Roman: He's just...a regular human!

Dr. Roman: He's not a Servant at all! He's human like you!

Mash: ...

Da Vinci: ...

Fujimaru 1: No way...

Fujimaru 2: But why...?

Bedivere: No, Doctor, your analysis is correct. I am not a Servant.

Bedivere: I have fooled everyone with Magecraft. Airgetlám here is the same. This is...

Da Vinci: ...Excalibur. That arm is the sacred sword, Excalibur.

Lion King: ...Excalibur...

Lion King: ...Bedivere...I remember that name...

Lion King: It cannot be...You...

Bedivere: ...Yes. I have committed a sin. A completely foolish sin born because I didn't want to lose the king.

Bedivere: I hesitated to carry out your order in the forest. You would have truly died if the sacred sword was returned to the lake.

Bedivere: I was afraid of that...and could not return the sword even after the third try.

Bedivere: When I returned to the forest, the King was gone.... I realized after that.

Bedivere: By not returning the sword, the king was unable to die.

Bedivere: The king kept the sacred lance, and became the King of the Dead that wanders this earth.

Bedivere: ...In order to make up for that sin, I looked for you...this whole time, trying to find an invisible shadow.

Dr. Roman: Impossible! That's like 1,500 years! Are you saying you've been looking for King Arthur for 1,500 years!?

Dr. Roman: A human can't live that long! Sure, Excalibur stops its owner from aging!

Dr. Roman: But that's just the body! The mind can't last forever!

Dr. Roman: You were alone all this time? Continuing your journey of atonement!?

Dr. Roman: Nothing that tragic could actually happen! That's just way too cruel!

Bedivere: Thank you, Doctor Roman. However, it was not that tough.

Bedivere: Plus, I was given this last chance, thanks to Fujimaru.

Bedivere: The night of that Holy Selection, if you weren't there I wouldn't have been able to make it this far.

Lion King: ...I can't remember. I know the name Bedivere.

Lion King: But I have no memories of you. Are you really Sir Bedivere?

Lion King: ...Very well. In that case, return to me. Throw away that sword. I do not require it.

Lion King: If you really are my knight, obey my words! Return to my Round Table, Bedivere!

Bedivere: No, I cannot do that, Lion King, avatar of the sacred lance.

Bedivere: I am an enemy you must strike down. You must take your revenge against me.

Bedivere: And...

Bedivere: And I have the duty to stop you! I tell you this as one of the Knights of the Round Table serving under the King of Knights!

Bedivere: I am Bedivere, a Knight of the Round Table! As someone that is righteous, I must strike you down, as you are evil!

Lion King: ...No. What are you saying, Bedivere?

Lion King: You are mine...You were mine...

Bedivere: Now, Fujimaru, give me your final orders. Please give me a fourth chance.

Bedivere: The sacred sword is to be given to the right person by someone whose heart is good.

Bedivere: ...I no longer have that right.

Fujimaru 1: ...Bedivere, let's do this!

Fujimaru 2: ...If that is what you wish.

Bedivere: I'm glad. Mash, please accompany me.

Bedivere: Please help my weak self.

Mash: ...Yes! I will do anything to help you, Sir Bedivere!

Mash: Our enemy is the Lion King, Goddess Rhongomyniad! Let's start the final battle of this Holy City, Master!


Merlin: The king wandered without ever recovering her sword, and became a Heroic Spirit of heaven.

Merlin: Thus, “The Altria who kept using the sacred lance” will never come here to Avalon.

Merlin: Unlike you, who came here to return the sacred sword.

Merlin: There's just one way to release her. This time, give her back the sacred sword.

Merlin: understand, right?

Merlin: The reason you've been able to continue your journey this far is because of that sword.

Merlin: Giving it back means that everything will end.

Merlin: Your long journey, all that you've suffered, will end without ever being repaid.

Merlin: For a human who depends on their physical body, the longer they live, the greater the fear of death.

Merlin: It's been 1,500 years. The weight of the fear you feel towards death is unimaginable even for me.

Merlin: The pain of eternal life is tough, but that's all it is. Anyone can endure it if they try.

Merlin: But the weight of what you're about to do is a fear that none can bear to look upon.

Merlin: Even so...Will you go?

Merlin: Will you right that mistake from days gone by? All you wanted was for the king to live...

Merlin: Sir Bedivere. Will you do this when you yourself have done nothing wrong?

Bedivere: ...Yes. That is the one way I can serve my king.

Lion King: I...I'm being pushed back by a mere Heroic Spirit...No, you're not even a Heroic Spirit.

Lion King: You are a mere human...and you are a match for me? Even as your limbs turn to dust and crumble away?

Lion King: ...Who are you...? Why are

Bedivere: It's because I still remember your smile on that day, King Arthur.

Lion King: ...Wait. Don't use that. If you do, you'll...

Bedivere: ...On behalf of the Knights of the Round Table, thank you.

Bedivere: We made you carry the burden of that dark era all by yourself. You alone weren't part of the Round Table's joy.

Bedivere: ...Brave King of Knights, you are the one who saved Britain. You are my shining star.

Bedivere: My King, my Liege, now...No, this time, I will return this sword to you.

Lion King: ...I see. I finally remember.

Lion King: ...That forest. That hill. The face of the crying knight who watched over me to the end.

Lion King: Did you wander all these years out of regret for what happened?

Lion King: ...Well done. You are my last, and most loyal knight.

Lion King: The sacred sword has been returned. Be proud, Bedivere.

Lion King: You have truly...fulfilled the order of your king.

Mash: ...Sir Bedivere has vanished. The sacred sword has been returned.

Dr. Roman: ...I can see the Singularity collapsing from here. The gravity fluctuations trying to swallow the era are gone.

Dr. Roman: The loss of the sacred lance is causing the Holy City to disappear as well.... The disturbance in that era is completely gone.

Lion King: ...

Da Vinci: Oh, you want to fight more? You've got the sword back, so that sacred lance binds you no longer.

Da Vinci: Even if you still have the strength, you have no reason to fight us, do you?

Lion King: I have no reason to let those who opposed the king return alive. And I have the sacred sword.

Lion King: I will not let you go to say you have defeated me when I have yet to use it.

Fujimaru 1: You're still going to fight, Lion King?

Fujimaru 2: Talk about someone who hates to lose...!

Lion King: That's right. If you challenge me, I must give you my all...even if you are the restorers of humanity.

Lion King: My pride as a king insists...but it seems I won't get the chance.

Da Vinci: Hey, Romani! I'm disappearing! What's going on here?

Mash: Me too...! And Senpai...!

Dr. Roman: That's right! The Grail...Fujimaru already recovered the Holy Grail!

Dr. Roman: The sacred lance that disturbed the Foundation of Humanity is gone, so the restoration is speeding up!

Dr. Roman: Since the Holy City itself is impossible in that era, the restorative power is many times faster than usual!

Dr. Roman: Anything that wasn't originally part of this era is being forced back to where it belongs!

Dr. Roman: But that doesn't mean you'll disappear.

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci, Mash, Fujimaru, you'll all just be sent back to Chaldea, so don't worry.

Lion King: ...There goes our chance for a third battle. A shame. I feel like you're running away with your victory.

Mash: The Lion King...No, King Arthur is going back to her throne...Isn't she going to leave!?

Da Vinci: ...She's not a Heroic Spirit. She wasn't summoned into this era.

Da Vinci: She's a divinity that made it here on her own power. When the sacred lance vanished, that was the end.

Da Vinci: The Lion King ends “here. ”

Da Vinci: Even if you meet another King Arthur who's wielding the sacred lance, it will not be the same person.

Da Vinci: The Lion King and her sacred lance will end along with this Holy City.

Mash: ...No...But then what Bedivere did was...

Lion King: It didn't go to waste. Just as he hoped, I was released.

Lion King: And the mistake that was my existence had a purpose as well.

Lion King: There was a truth that I could only learn after I became the King of the Storm.

Mash: A truth that only the Lion King could know...?

Lion King: ...Yes. I acquired the same perspective as the King of Mages. I understood his ideal and his purpose.

Lion King: The King of Mages, Solomon. The temple where he resides in is outside the proper flow of time.

Lion King: Only the seventh Grail can show you his location. It is the only one he sent into the past himself.

Dr. Roman: In other words, the Seventh Singularity lies further in the past than King Solomon?

Dr. Roman: I had thought that before his death, Solomon was able to tell which eras would be important to the Foundations of Humanity.

Dr. Roman: And so he left the Grails behind so eventually they would manifest in those eras...

Lion King: ...Your speculation is accurate. Six Grails, six messengers speaking the names of the Demon Gods.

Lion King: Perhaps they were mages, let loose upon the world as the King of Mages' descendants until the hour of their awakening.

Lion King: They lived on from the era of the King of Mages, and stayed a part of human history until the year 2018.

Lion King: But the seventh Grail alone was sent to the past by the King of Mages himself.

Lion King: And that...was the first step towards the Incineration of Humanity. A move that shatters the very foundation of human history.

Lion King: Remember what he said? If you reach the seventh Grail, he might consider you a threat.

Lion King: He wasn't talking about simply acquiring the Grail.

Lion King: The seventh Grail is what makes the King of Mages absolutely confident. As long as it's not restored, human history will be incinerated.

Dr. Roman: ...I can go over everything again. If I know that much, I can observe the Seventh Singularity!

Dr. Roman: Thank you, Lion King! Next time we meet, let me give you a thank you kiss!

Lion King: Heh. If we ever do meet again, yeah.

Fujimaru 1: Oh...

Fujimaru 2: ...She laughed?

Lion King: Even I laugh when I find something amusing. Perhaps not in the past, but as you can see, I have grown now.

Lion King: ...Master of Chaldea, I will not apologize for this battle.

Lion King: I still think what I did was right. What it takes to protect humanity is different than what an individual requires.

Lion King: That's why...You must follow the path you feel is the best.

Lion King: You have reached the point where you can see the King of Mages' temple.

Lion King: ...At the last Grail, and the last Singularity, lies an “evil” you can't even imagine.

Lion King: A great demon who perhaps surpasses the King of Mages himself. The original sin of humankind.

Lion King: ...Gather the stars. The stars which would not dwindle in the face of darkness, the Evils of Humanity.

Lion King: Heroic Spirits you deem worthy of your trust. Comrades with whom you have fully bonded.

Dr. Roman: The forced return is beginning! Everyone, concentrate on your own form!

Dr. Roman: Focus on getting back to Chaldea more than anything!

Lion King: ...Farewell. I will vanish along with my ideals.

Lion King: But...there was something that was saved. Sir Bedivere...there was meaning in your mistake.

Lion King: There was meaning in the Lion King. For me...That's...

Alliance Soldier: The Enforcement Knights are disappearing...What's going on...

Saruhan: All the Holy City soldiers have stopped fighting.

Saruhan: A moment ago, everybody was being drawn towards the castle, and it was scaring me bad, but that's gone!

Saruhan: This is...I don't want to get too optimistic, but did they beat the Lion King?

Tawara Touta: Yes, it seems so. We can assume they've fixed the distortion in this land.

Saruhan: Tawara!? Wait, you ain't lookin' so good!

Saruhan: I can see through your legs!

Tawara Touta: Indeed you can. It can't be helped. I'm a stray Heroic Spirit with no Master.

Tawara Touta: Without the Grail, and with humanity restored, I can't stay here in this era.

Tawara Touta: If I'd met a proper Master on this journey, I probably would have vanished with them, but...

Tawara Touta: What a shame. This time, I had my mentor with me! I must wait for another miracle to bring me to a Master!

Tawara Touta: Farewell, Holy Land! Farewell, Sanzang, Fujimaru! The battle is yours!

Saruhan: Oh, wait! Wait! Wait! Leave it! At least leave the rice!

Tawara Touta: Hahaha! Sorry, I can't do that!

Tawara Touta: If you take the Tawara, my rice barrel, what do I have left? Just my first name!

Saruhan: Oh yeah? Get lost then, ya stingy jerk!

Saruhan: You helped us with a lot...but it was the rice you gave us that made me happiest!



Cursed Arm: ...Am I...alive?



Cursed Arm: Haha...But not for long. I can't move my arms...or legs...

Cursed Arm: That must be...Shaytan incarnated. It seems like a useless beast, that simply eats...

Cursed Arm: But in this state...I can't do anything...I'm sorry, Salia...I'm leaving Rushd behind, and I'm...

First Hassan: ...

Cursed Arm: Oh...Great founder...

Cursed Arm: ...That's right. I promised you my head...after this was done...

Cursed Arm: Gahnnhh! Haha! I'm so embarrassed. It takes all my strength just to kneel.

First Hassan: ...

Cursed Arm: ...But forgive me. Please, take my head.

First Hassan: ...

Cursed Arm: !?

Cursed Arm: W-Wait...! Why...Why did you spare my life!?

First Hassan: Thou must be jesting. Hassan of the Cursed Arm's head hath fallen.

First Hassan: The arm of this corpse is the Cursed Arm. And thus, it is the Old Man of the Cursed Arm.

Cursed Arm: Wha...

First Hassan: Thou art no longer the Old Man of the Cursed Arm. Thus, there is no reason for thou to die by my blade.

First Hassan: ...In our world, one is only discharged by death. And now...

First Hassan: And now I am surprised to see one who has ended his mission and survived.

First Hassan: Be proud. Thou mayest be a failed assassin, but of all 19 of us, thou art the only one to escape the yolk of the Old Man.

Cursed Arm: What...How could I...

Cursed Arm: Is this what you're telling me to do? To stay in this era and help restore the people of the mountain?

Cursed Arm: Haha...hahahaha! I've done many tasks in my life...

Cursed Arm: But I can imagine no greater job worth doing. I, Hanam, will dedicate my life to it...

Cursed Arm: And when...and when it's done...I must repay my debt.

Cursed Arm: Fujimaru of Chaldea...I hope that fate brings us together...

Cursed Arm: But I'm not that experienced, as you can see. I worry I won't be able to help you too much!

Mash: Senpai's awake, too! We all made it back!

Fujimaru 1: I'm outside the Coffin...?

Fujimaru 2: We made it back...?

Mash: Yes. As you can see, we're all fine. We just confirmed that the Foundation of Humanity was restored too.

Mash: The Sixth Grand Order has been completed. Good work, Master.

Da Vinci: Yeah, great job. This time it was especially tough.

Da Vinci: And sorry. We can't give you much to thank you for what you did.

Da Vinci: As always, what happened in the Singularity was undone when we fixed the problem.

Da Vinci: It won't remain in people's memories, or human history.

Da Vinci: You won't even get the glory after all you did. It's tough. I realized now by going myself.

Fujimaru 1: It doesn't bother me.

Fujimaru 2: Sorry, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: ...Humph. I didn't think you'd try and make me feel better. I guess you've one-upped me there.

Mash: Yes, because both Senpai and I know now...

Mash: Even if it was a world that disappeared, a distorted era that no one will remember...

Mash: People cried, and were hurt there...But...even so...

Mash: The laughter, the joy, all the good food we ate...

Mash: To us, it's all real. All the joy they gave us will never disappear.

Fujimaru 1: That's right.

Fujimaru 2: Yup yup.

Da Vinci: Yes, you're right. When you spend all your time observing, you end up focusing too much on records.

Da Vinci: Even if there's no recording of it, what happened, happened. Even if it was something not tangible...

Da Vinci: It wasn't a waste. I'm sure it wasn't. It's still part of what makes up the universe.

Dr. Roman: Yeah. Creating something that can't be left behind in a record is the greatest and strangest ability of humanity.

Mash: Doctor, is the Grail secured?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. I just locked it away carefully. Now the sixth Singularity is safe.

Dr. Roman: Once again, good work, Fujimaru. Now there's only one Grail left.

Dr. Roman: ...And with the Lion King's information, I was able to calculate the location of the seventh Grail.

Mash: Where is it, Doctor?

Mash: The Lion King said that it was before the time of King Solomon. In other words, it's located before 1011 BC...

Dr. Roman: ...We've observed a Singularity in 2600 BC. In the ancient world of Mesopotamia.

Fujimaru 1: At last, we're visiting ancient Uruk!

Fujimaru 2: Then let's go now!

Dr. Roman: Yeah, I'd love to do that. But Rayshifts into the BC era have a very low success rate.

Dr. Roman: Even with the entire control room staff working on it, it's going take a long time to prove we can do a Rayshift that far into the past.

Dr. Roman: Hurry too much, and we'll screw it up. For now, I want you to wait on standby.

Dr. Roman: Just consider it badly needed rest. This time it was particularly tough, after all.

Dr. Roman: Both you, Fujimaru, and of course Mash, need a break, right?

Fujimaru 1: That's true...

Fujimaru 2: ...(Roman's being insistent...)

Dr. Roman: Yup. Yup. So get back to your room and wash off the dirt from your travels!

Dr. Roman: ...But stay sharp.

Dr. Roman: The year 2600 BC is right in the middle of what we call the Age of Gods.

Dr. Roman: Whatever's waiting at the Seventh Singularity will be far worse than what came before.

Dr. Roman: It's a world where gods, devils, and the world of the dead were a part of everyday life.

Dr. Roman: And—there's something there that even King Solomon couldn't see.

Dr. Roman: A terrible monster awaits at the Seventh Singularity. A great power that would deny humanity the right to exist.

Dr. Roman: Defeating it is your job, and ours. It's Chaldea's final mission...

Dr. Roman: Please, get some rest until then.

Fujimaru 1: It's just one thing after another, huh?

Fujimaru 2: Do you ever have good news?

Dr. Roman: Oh, I do have one bit of good news. A new name just showed up on the list of summonable Heroic Spirits.

Dr. Roman: He never had any accomplishments to become a Heroic Spirit, but after what happened, maybe Humanity recognized him.

Dr. Roman: Or maybe it was something set up by the Lion King. Either way, you'll see him soon.

Dr. Roman: Don't get too surprised, okay? His name is—

Mash: Tatta-tatat-tah! ♪ Tatta-tatat-tah!!

Fujimaru 1: You sound happy, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: You sound excited, Mash.

Mash: Yes! Of course I am! There's another Senpai I can trust now!

Mash: He probably doesn't remember what happened at the Holy City...No, he probably never experienced it.

Mash: But still, I'm happy. I'm happy it's been proven he was right.

Mash: I'm happy it's been proven that his journey wasn't meaningless.

Fujimaru 1: ...Our journey so far, huh?

Fujimaru 2: ...Are you going to be okay with this, Mash?

Mash: You mean my journey with you? Are you asking if it's going to hurt if I keep going...?

Mash: ...Yes. It's always a cruel journey. I'm always scared when I fight, and there's so much sadness.

Mash: But this is what I want to do. Journeying with you is my greatest pleasure.

Mash: What Drake said before...And what Sanzang said on that night...

Mash: I've had lots of other encounters, and experiences, and became someone who I could be proud of.

Mash: I'm a Demi-Servant, and I'm nowhere near Galahad yet, but...

Mash: Even so, this journey is fun.

Mash: This is what I wanted. This is what I want to do.

Fujimaru 1: What you want to do...?

Mash: Yes. It looks like that hasn't changed since the start.

Mash: I became a Demi-Servant because I wanted to help you, Senpai!

Agravain: Hahh...hahh...hahh...

Agravain: ...Lion King, are you...alright? The rebels...will be here soon.

Agravain: I know that you will never lose to them, but please, be very careful.

Agravain: You have...a tendency to respect...the ideals of your opponent...

Lion King: Sir Agravain, should you not be more worried about yourself?

Lion King: Your limbs are broken, your chest torn open, and you've lost an eye. You must have fought quite the foe.

Agravain: Hahah...Indeed. He was a man of incredible power, but...

Agravain: This time, my obsessiveness won the day. Oh, forgive me for not being able to offer you proof.

Agravain: ...Even if he is dead, I cannot show you his head.

Lion King: I see. Sir Agravain, come closer. I permit you to approach the throne.

Lion King: With your wounds, it will not save you, but give me your hand. It will help ease the pain a little.

Agravain: ...No, I'm not worthy. And I still have five jobs to do.

Agravain: Defeat the rebels. Defeat the intruders. Restore the Holy City. Guide the citizens who underwent the Holy Selections.

Agravain: And...lastly, build for you a splendid palace.

Agravain: There's still...too much to do. There's too much to do, but...

Agravain: ...It seems that it all ends here.

Agravain: This time, I truly intended to give you your ideal utopia...

Agravain: I'm so embarrassed...My plan failed once again.

Lion King: ...That's right. But I will not blame you for it.

Lion King: Rest, Agravain. Your one flaw is that you work too much.

Agravain: Nonsense...Not when compared to you.