Singularity 4: The Mist City - London


Woman: Hah...Hah...Hah...

Woman: What is this fog? My losing...more and more...strength...

Woman: Not only that...

Woman: All this time...Something's been...chasing me all this time!

E:???: —I'm sorry.

Woman: Huh? Wh-When did you...get in front...of me? O-Oh...

Woman: ...N-No...Stay away...

Woman: Oooh, no, don't come near me...I don't know you...What are you...WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!

E:???: I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry.

E:???: But I want to go home...I want to go home, go home, go home, go home, so...

E:???: We...We really, really...want to go home, okay?

Woman: Eek! No, please stop— Stop, stop, stop, stop!

Woman: What's that thing you're holding!? Stop it...Please...Just don't come...near me!

E:???: I'm sorry.


Mash: Good morning, Senpai.... You're looking quite pale today.

Mash: You couldn't sleep at all? That's no good,you must get plenty of rest while you're in Chaldea.

Mash: Rest is also an important part of our mission. Like I told you before, we are–

Fujimaru 1: ...

Mash: Senpai?

Mash: Perhaps...You had...a dream?

Fujimaru 2: I had a scary dream.

Mash: ...So you did have a dream.

Mash: What kind of dream was it? It's just a guess, but...could it be my...Um...

Fujimaru 1: The dream was like a horror movie.

Fujimaru 2: I don't really remember.

Mash: I see. That's good to hear...

Mash: No. No, it's nothing. The meeting's about to start,so let's go to the Control Room.

Mash: You've had breakfast already, right? Then let's go, the Doctor is waiting.

Dr. Roman: Good morning, everybody. Good timing. We just finished prepping.

Dr. Roman: Let's start with the analysis of information from last time.

Mash: Observing the era of King Solomon, where a summoning spell called the 72 Demon Gods was used, right?

Dr. Roman: That's right. Let me start with the result...There was nothing wrong with King Solomon's era.

Dr. Roman: Singularities could not be observed around the 10th century BC. Basically what that means is...

Da Vinci: Unfortunately, as Romani says, those who called themselves the 72 Demon Gods had nothing to do with King Solomon.

Fujimaru 1: Why is that?

Da Vinci: Oh, how do I put it...Think of it like a mystery novel,one where the suspect's alibi stands.

Fujimaru 2: Good morning, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: Hey, good morning! Someone that can actually greet people! Fujimaru, you're a fine Master!

Dr. Roman: If King Solomon had used the 72 Demon Gods,we definitely would have detected it.

Dr. Roman: Or at least seen signs that he released his 72 Demon Gods toward the future from 10th Century B. C.

Dr. Roman: But there was nothing unusual during King Solomon's time. Which means his era remains part of correct human history.

Dr. Roman: Therefore—

Da Vinci: Lev Lainur and those calling themselves Demon Gods appeared from a completely different era.

Da Vinci: So, King Solomon has nothing to do with them. Well, of course—

Mash: ...That's not the case if King Solomon had been serving someone else as a Servant, right?

Da Vinci: Correct. Like Fujimaru,one can simply use Solomon as a familiar in his own era.

Da Vinci: That way, one could also control the "72 Demon Gods. "

Dr. Roman: Sigh. Using the 72 Demon Gods as familiars...But that's assuming those things really existed.

Dr. Roman: Besides, I don't think King Solomon is the kind of person that would aid such evil.

Fujimaru 1: Even if he was so in life...

Fujimaru 2: Servants obey their Masters...

Mash: Forgive me, Doctor. But it's a Servant's nature to obey their Master.

Mash: As long as it's the Master's command, then King Solomon would have no choice but to obey, right?

Dr. Roman: Such a villain couldn't summon Solomon. It's not like the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki.

Dr. Roman: Chaldea's Summoning System comes into effect only if the Master and Heroic Spirit both agree to it.

Da Vinci: Oh, you do have a point. I came to Chaldea because I agreed to.

Da Vinci: The director back then was a fine mage. I agreed to the contract because I could trust them.

Da Vinci: I told you before, didn't I? I'm Chaldea's third successful summon. It's definitely worth noting!

Fujimaru 1: So you're Servant No. 3?

Fujimaru 2: Who was the first?

Da Vinci: No. 2 is right in front of you. It's Mash. As for No. 1, no one knows at this point.

Da Vinci: No. 1 and No. 2 are treated as confidential matters. Only the previous director knew the details.

Mash: Senpai. The Heroic Spirit who rescued me is No. 2.... Not that I know his True Name or skills.

Fou: Fou...

Dr. Roman: Director Marie didn't even know about No. 1, either. The previous director kept all of No. 1's data under wraps.

Dr. Roman: ...Now that I think about it, perhaps the previous director's death wasn't an accident, but a murder.

Dr. Roman: It's likely that Lev disliked the successful No. 1—No, the Heroic Spirit Summoning System itself, so much so that he killed the previous director.

Da Vinci: Oh, but I think No. 1 ended in failure. Since even Mash's Heroic Spirit No. 2 ended as an incomplete summon.

Da Vinci: For Chaldea, completely successful Heroic Spirit summons started with me, No. 3.

Da Vinci: Also, No. 1's existence itself is suspicious. I think No. 1 may have been summoned by accident.

Da Vinci: That's because Fate, the Heroic Spirit Summoning System's foundation, was at long last proven with No. 2's help and—

Dr. Roman: Ahem! Ms. Leonardo, we're going to start the Rayshift soon, so would you mind getting it ready?

Da Vinci: Whoops, a slip of my tongue. Well, that's it for me♪

Dr. Roman: ...Now, in any case, for the remaining four Singularities...It's possible the mastermind lurks in one of these eras.

Dr. Roman: After all, there are no abnormalities in any other era. If we crush each Singularity, we'll find the culprit.

Dr. Roman: Now let me explain the details of our Order this time. The Fourth Singularity is in the 19th century–

Dr. Roman: Of the seven, it's the Singularity closest to modern times. But no need to be surprised.

Dr. Roman: This is a time when civilizations rise and flourish. In this era, mankind makes huge strides.

Dr. Roman: –In other words, the Industrial Revolution! It's a definitive turning point in mankind's history.

Dr. Roman: Even from the standpoint of a consumer society,this is when mankind makes a huge leap towards modern times.

Dr. Roman: Your specific destination will be the dazzling, lavish British Empire.

Dr. Roman: Surprisingly, it's specific to the capital, London. This differs from the widespread approach of the other Singularities.

Dr. Roman: Maybe this time, you won't have to walk yourselves to death. After all, there are carriages and trains.

Dr. Roman: That is, of course, if you can manage to use them. Since some abnormalities have been detected...

Dr. Roman: Soon, the Singularity that is 19th century London will be incinerated. It will vanish. You must stop it.

Dr. Roman: Find the Holy Grail,and correct the Fourth Singularity.

Mash: Understood. So we'll be working inside the city this time.

Dr. Roman: Yes, that's right. Lucky you! London, the city of fog...

Dr. Roman: If only I could go with you all. Please get Sherlock Holmes's autograph if you see him.

Mash: Doctor. This isn't a vacation.

Dr. Roman: R-Right.

Mash: Oh, one more thing. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character.

Mash: I'm guessing it will be hard to get his autograph. I'm sorry, but please give up.

Dr. Roman: Right...Wait, Mash, you too?

Mash: Excuse me?

Dr. Roman: Are you a Holmes fan, too? Isn't he the best? The world's best detective, the little gray cells!

Mash: That's Hercule Poirot. He appears in books written by Agatha Christie.

Dr. Roman: Oh...Th-That's right. Okay. Let's get back on track.

Dr. Roman: All right, are you ready? The world hasn't been incinerated yet, so go reclaim our future!

Fujimaru 1: Mission...start!

Fujimaru 2: Let's be cautious this time.

Mash: Yes, Senpai.

Announcement A: Unsummon Program, start. Spiritron Conversion, start.

Announcement A: Rayshift starting in 3, 2, 1...

Announcement A: All procedures cleared. Grand Order, commencing operation.

Section 1: London, The City of Demonic Fog

Mash: Rayshift successful.... It seems we can't see very well in our current conditions.

Mash: Fog? No, could it be smoke? It's extremely dense...

Mash: In the sky...I can see the same "Circle of Light" as before. But...

Mash: ...with all this fog and pollution, it's obscured—

Dr. Roman: Fog and smoke engulfing the sky? That's fairly common for the Industrial Revolution...

Dr. Roman: ...but this doesn't look like your typical fog or smoke. I'm picking up an abnormal amount of magical energy readings.

Dr. Roman: It's dense. Very dense. Really dense. No, this may be a little too dense!

Dr. Roman: It's like the atmosphere is saturated with magical energy!

Dr. Roman: It's poisonous to life-forms, this fog...Mash, Fujimaru, how are you feeling?

Mash: There's nothing wrong with me. Probably because I'm a Demi-Servant.

Mash: How about you, Senpai? You don't seem...any different than usual.

Fujimaru 1: Same as always.

Mash: Good to hear. But try not to enter that dense fog if you can.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru is okay...Huh. Indeed, there are no significant vital sign changes.

Dr. Roman: I'm a bit surprised. I have the analysis result of that fog...

Dr. Roman: I'm positive it's harmful to organisms. It would threaten a normal human's life if they breathed it.

Dr. Roman: Mages, monsters, Servants, and Phantasmals have innate magic resistance, so for them it's a different story...

Dr. Roman: So of course Mash is fine. But how is Fujimaru all right...

Dr. Roman: Hmm...I wonder. Maybe it's a poison-resistance skill?

Mash: Really?

Dr. Roman: It could be part of Mash's benefits, or rather,the benefits of the Heroic Spirit Mash fused with.

Dr. Roman: Maybe the Servant that fused with Mash has high poison resistance, or a strong blessing skill...

Dr. Roman: ...and its protection extends to the Master. That could be why Fujimaru is safe.

Mash: ...I'm happy to be of use to Senpai,but it seems strange to call it a "skill. "

Dr. Roman: Well, Fujimaru is human, after all. We'll call it "Poison Resistance Skill (Temporary)," then.

Mash: I-I see..."Temporary," is it...

Dr. Roman: For now. London, has turned into a city of death enveloped by a magical fog.

Dr. Roman: How does it look around there? Do you see any victims?

Mash: No, Doctor. It's completely deserted.

Mash: It's currently 2: 00 p. m. , but there's not a single carriage or even a pedestrian in sight.

Mash: I don't see any victims. There's just nobody here.

Mash: It's like an abandoned city...

Mash: Also, as far as we can see from the street, all the doors and windows of the buildings are shut tight.

Dr. Roman: After people started falling victim to the fog,the survivors must have taken refuge indoors...

Dr. Roman: I've also detected multiple life readings in the surrounding buildings.

Dr. Roman: They're likely survivors. No doubt they're in trouble being trapped indoors.

Fujimaru 1: We need to solve this problem at once.

Fujimaru 2: Let's do what we can.

Mash: ...Yes. You're right, Senpai.

Mash: If we obtain and destroy the Holy Grail, the existence of this abnormal London will be corrected too.

Mash: I'm sure that applies to all the residents who lost their lives because of this fog...

Mash: ...and those who are indoors, taking shelter from the fog. Everyone, basically.

Mash: If Senpai and I can bring things under control here,all phenomena related to the magical fog should disappear.

Mash: It'll be as if there were no damage or harm at all. So, um...You see, what I'm trying to say is...

Dr. Roman: Mash is trying to say: "Senpai is a nice person. " Right?

Mash: ......

Dr. Roman: Huh? Um, should I have not said that? Wait, did I say something wrong?

Dr. Roman: —Wait a minute. Vital reaction detected.

E:???: ...Who the hell are you guys?

Mash: Ah...Umm, w-we're, uh—

E:???: You're breathing in a place with that dense fog without croaking. You obviously aren't ordinary humans.

E:???: So, which is it? Friend, or foe?

Mash: (I could ask the same question...Doctor, is she human? Or maybe...)

Dr. Roman: (I see, I'm also wondering the same! There's too much magical energy in the area. I can't get a clear reading. )

Dr. Roman: (But look at that armor. She's definitely not a typical London citizen. )

Dr. Roman: (I thought things would be easier since we're limited to a city. )

Dr. Roman: (This has gotten quite troublesome! We have no clue who or what she is! )

Dr. Roman: (An ordinary person who happens to have magical resistance? A mage? Or, maybe a Servant—)

Dr. Roman: I can't tell at all! What do I do!? Argh, I'm so disorientated here!

Dr. Roman: (I've never seen this kind of fog before...Ah, help me, Magi☆Mari!

Dr. Roman: "London's fog is worse than rumored. What am I supposed to do? "...There. )

Mash: (Calm down, Doctor. The situation won't improve by consulting internet idols! )

E:???: What are you sneaking around for? If you're not going to attack, well, whatever.

E:???: I have nothing to do here. Sorry to bother you.

E:???: The fog is dense around here. You'd better move if you value your life.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks for the warning.

Fujimaru 2: We'll do that.

E:???: Hmm? Yeah. Well, see you.

Mash: Oh—

Mash: She's gone...The alley to the north...Right into the dense fog, all alone, confident.

Dr. Roman: Wait, she left during our huddle? She's so impatient. I wonder if she's a London girl.

Mash: That was a "huddle? "

Dr. Roman: It sounded like she knew what was going on. She probably knows more than us about the current situation in London.

Fujimaru 1: Let's follow her.

Fujimaru 2: Gathering data is important.

Mash: Yes, Senpai. Let's go after her.

Dr. Roman: I was just about to say that. But then she just had to go and disappear on me.

Mash: Doctor...Doctor Roman.

Dr. Roman: Yes, sorry. All right, time to get moving. I'll keep careful watch!

Mash: ...What is that? I can hear something.

Dr. Roman: No vital reactions, but I detect multiple moving bodies! The fog still obscures magical readings, so I can't get any!

Mash: The sound is approaching. It's close. Master!

Dr. Roman: Multiple targets closing in at high speed. Assume they're hostile. Break through before you're surrounded!

Dr. Roman: Good judgment will be even more important here—Fujimaru, be careful!

Mash: Preparing for battle. Master, your orders!


Mash: —We made it through. Somehow we were able to move without being surrounded.

Dr. Roman: Who knew something like that would be lurking in the fog? No wonder nobody's emerged from any buildings.

Dr. Roman: Since no doors or windows seem to be kicked in,that must mean they don't break into houses, right?

Dr. Roman: Strange. They're really quite strange.

Mash: Yes. What bizarre enemies...No, I don't think they were living creatures.

Mash: We'll call them enemy bodies for now. They're likely automata animated by magecraft.

Mash: The structure of their remains seems familiar. Some parts are machinery from this era, too.

Dr. Roman: I-I see...

Dr. Roman: I'm sorry. I won't be able to give you any advance warning. All of my magical detection readings are in a state of chaos.

Dr. Roman: I only have motion detection at best. Hmm, this is quite concerning.

Mash: I feel the same. It's just like the city itself...

Mash: Fog, smoke. It's like there's a layer of mist around everything...

Dr. Roman: At any rate, we have to act more cautiously than before. All right, let's go after that girl.

Mash: Yes...Senpai, let's go.

Section 2: Knight of Londinium

Dr. Roman: Detecting multiple entities! Here they come! They're around the corner!

Mash: ...It's the same sound as before. Master!

Fujimaru 1: Let's drive them away!

Mash: Yes!


Mash: Hmm. It's like...a presence...What is this feeling?

Dr. Roman: The girl from earlier? Is she nearby? London girls are quite quick on their feet, aren't they.

Mash: No, there are multiple readings. But they're silent...They're not puppets?

Dr. Roman: Yeah, they might be different. They move differently. But this feeling...They're definitely enemies. Here they come!


Mash: All enemies defeated. Good work, Senpai.

Mash: They don't seem to be puppets. But...I can't say for sure if they are humans, either.

Mash: I believe these enemies...are a kind of...Well, homunculus.

Fujimaru 1: Homunculus?

Fujimaru 2: A kind of human created by magecraft, right?

Mash: Yes. An artificial human created with magecraft.

Fujimaru 1: Mash?

Fujimaru 2: Were you hurt?

Mash: No...I'm fine, Senpai, thank you. There's no need to worry. I carefully monitor my physical condition.

Mash: I'm sorry. I'm probably a little on edge because of the unusual environment we're in.

Mash: I need to learn how to adapt to any situation. I'm your Demi-Servant, after all.

Fujimaru 1: I'm counting on you!

Mash: ...Yes.


Dr. Roman: —Okay. I'm starting to get the hang of this.

Mash: Doctor? Have you detected anything?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. It could be because they're mechanical,but I'm positive they're hostile. Multiple enemies approaching!

Mash: Roger. Master, prepare for battle. Waiting for orders!


Mash: All enemies destroyed. There are none left as far as I can see.

Dr. Roman: I can't detect anything else from here either. Okay, continue on ahead...Wait, hold on.

Dr. Roman: I've detected a single, large unit. Easy to make out. It's too large to be human!

Dr. Roman: I doubt it's a large vehicle. Mash, do you sense anything?

Mash: ...I can hear machinery operating. It's large!

Dr. Roman: It would have been a rather romantic story if Britain's secret service had arranged for a special vehicle...

Dr. Roman: ...or if this era's Mage's Association had sent a mechanical golem to save the citizens of London.

Dr. Roman: I doubt that's the case here! It's clearly an enemy,and it's approaching you!

Mash: Master, be on your guard. It's probably a new type of enemy.

Fujimaru 1: Let's fight cautiously.

Fujimaru 2: Mash, we just have to take our chances!

Mash: ...Yes!

Dr. Roman: Enemy contact now!


Mash: ...All enemy movements have ceased.

Mash: It was powerful...But what was it, exactly? A golem? A mechanical puppet?

Fujimaru 1: A robot...

Mash: It looks...that way...I guess you could see it that way, yes...

Fujimaru 2: It was so cool!

Mash: Cool? It looked like a walking tin can to me...Well,I guess the definition of cool is subjective...

Dr. Roman: It's problematic that I can't detect any magical energy. Mash, are there any enemies remaining?

Dr. Roman: If any enemy parts are exposed, send me some images. I'll analyze them when I have the time.

Mash: Understood. I'll send the visual data after filming.

Mash: Hmm...

Mash: It's bizarre...This mechanical armor is corroding in some places.

Mash: It seems fine for the most part, but areas that seem to be made of metal have...corroded...

Dr. Roman: Hmm, did we use any acid attacks in the last battle? Wait, do we have any Servants of that sort?

Mash: During the Industrial Revolution in London, massive amounts of smoke emitted from steam engines was a big social problem.

Mash: The sulfurous gases in the smoke got caught in the cold fog, retaining and concentrating into a fog of sulfuric acid...

Mash: ...Hmm.

Dr. Roman: Huh? Is something the matter, Mash?

Mash: No. Please wait..."Something like inhaling sulfuric acid? " Yes, that's it...

Mash: Some records from before...Should be...

Mash: Yes. That's right. I mean, this era—

Fujimaru 1: Mash, behind you!

Fujimaru 2: Hey, who are you!

Mash: !?

Mash: ...Ah!

Mash: I'm under attack! An ambush? I didn't sense anything!

G:???: ...Hey, what are you, exactly? A human? Or a mage?

G:???: You're moving unhindered within the magical fog,and you seem just fine within "our fog" as well.

G:???: I guess you're just like us.

Mash: So you're a Servant. You're supposed to be a human from this era, though...

Mash: —Jack the Ripper.

Mash: An infamous serial killer who not only killed many women in London at the end of the 19th century, but who also dismembered them...

Mash: ...and directly challenged Scotland Yard. The symbol of terror that swept across England, no, all of Europe, at the time.

Jack: You know about us? Hmm, that pleases me...How very nice...In that case...

Jack: You're aware, then, of what we'll do to you? Oh, I'm so very, very happy!

Jack: I'm so...HAPPY!

Mash: She's coming at us! Master, your orders!


Dr. Roman: The motion response is gone. Either they retreated or are hiding within the fog.

Mash: ...Right. That was a dangerous, hostile Servant.

Dr. Roman: From the area analysis I did during the battle, a part of this fog is likely from the Noble Phantasm of that Servant.

Dr. Roman: But the fog of magical energy that covers London is something else entirely.

Dr. Roman: In short, it was a combination of the two fogs. We've got a really difficult opponent on our hands...

Dr. Roman: The fog contains such a high density of sulfuric acid that there's no way this is a normal phenomenon.

Dr. Roman: Also...And this is the most troubling aspect, Mash...

Mash: I know. My memory seems to have been altered. We just fought...and yet...

Mash: ...the memory of my opponent is a blur.

Mash: I only remember one thing. It was a Servant.

Mash: The form, the name, and...There's some other memory related to it, but...

Dr. Roman: Hmm. Seems like the effect can transcend eras. My memory is kind of vague, too.

Dr. Roman: At this rate, the observation record may be distorted,too. What a strange Noble Phantasm it is...

Mash: Speaking of bizarre—That's right. Doctor, we, um...

Fujimaru 1: We were filming...

Fujimaru 2: What about the giant robot from earlier?

Mash: Ah! That's right. We were filming. Senpai, I'm sorry...Thank you.

Mash: It seems the effect on your memory is weak, Senpai. Lucky for us!

Dr. Roman: That's right! Yup. Right. I received it. I received image data for a mysterious robot.

Dr. Roman: I'm going to proceed in analyzing these images. I wonder what it is?

Dr. Roman: It doesn't look like a golem that runs on magical energy,but it also doesn't look like a complete machine...

Mash: Doctor, are you versed in mechanical engineering?

Dr. Roman: I'm no expert, but I am a member of Chaldea. Albeit as medical staff.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, this is...Don't tell me we've just come across some lost steam engine technology.

E:???: Oh, that—?

E:???: It's just a clump of steel, right? We call it...

E:???: —Helter Skelter.

Mash: You are–

E:???: I've been watching you. You destroyed one of them,which means you're probably not my enemy.

E:???: Besides, you fought well, not bad. Considering you probably have no idea about the circumstances.

E:???: Very nice. I rather like fools like that.

Fujimaru 1: Can I ask you a question?

Fujimaru 2: Who are you calling a fool!?

E:???: Say what?

Mash: You're right. I'm sure we're not your enemy.

Mash: Please...Can you give us some information. Will you speak with us?

Mash: What's happening in this foggy city?

E:???: Very well. I'll talk to you.

E:???: But first, let me get one thing straight. You're a Demi-Servant, aren't you?

Mash: ...Yes. My name is Mash Kyrielight. And I am a Demi-Servant.

E:???: And who are you?

Fujimaru 1: I'm Fujimaru.

E:???: Mash Kyrielight and Fujimaru, huh? ...I suppose that's all right. It has nothing to do with me.

E:???: I am Mordred. A Heroic Spirit. And—

Mordred: I'm a Knight of the Round Table, here to face the perils of Londinium, a city in Father's beloved Britain.

Section 3: The Demonic Fog Laughs

F:???: ...Oh boy, Saber. You always reveal your True Name to strangers right away.

F:???: We talked about this. If you're introducing yourself, just state your class.

F:???: Do you understand? Disclosing your True Name is like revealing your abilities.

F:???: That's the reason we conceal our True Names during normal Holy Grail Wars.

F:???: And yet you give out your True Name at the drop of a hat...

Mordred: Oh, what's the difference? This is no longer the "Holy Grail War" that you spoke of.

Mordred: It's not the one with 7 Heroic Spirits, nor the one with 14. On top of that, no Masters. Anyway, do you have any ciders? I am thirsty.

F:???: Wait, that's my favorite sofa...Ah well. Yes, I already got your ciders chilled and ready.

Mordred: Right, we do have a refrigerator before it became widely used. Being a scholar sure is useful.

F:???: Though I have chemicals that need to be stored at low temperatures. It's necessary for scholars.

Mordred: Sure, sure.

Mordred: (...Gulp, gulp gulp) Whew! That's the stuff. It really hits the spot coming out of that demonic fog!

Mordred: Mmm—

Mordred: What are you two doing? Don't just stand there. Find a place to sit.

Mordred: My home is your home. This is my temporary base.

Mash: Ah, right...Senpai, what should we do? Is it all right to sit?

Fujimaru 1: I suppose...

Fujimaru 2: You with the glasses...Can I ask you something?

F:???: ...Haha. Well, all right, I don't mind. If Saber trusts you, I'm sure we're on the same side.

F:???: I haven't introduced myself yet. I am Henry Jekyll.

Jekyll: I work in London as a scholar— A scientist. Though not officially a mage, I am familiar with elixirs.

Jekyll: One day, all of a sudden,London was blanketed by this fog. It was a nightmare.

Jekyll: I was able to figure out that the fog contained magical energy, but was at a loss about what to do.

Mordred: That's when we met and started working together.

Mordred: He isn't very reliable as a mage,but comes in handy in his own way.

Mordred: I provide the muscle. He investigates and analyzes.

Jekyll: Exactly.

Mash: Um—Excuse me. Mr. Henry Jekyll?

Mash: That name, um...

Dr. Roman: It's the same name as a character in a novel. Coincidence? Or perhaps he was the model for that character?

Dr. Roman: Mash, can you detect the presence of a Servant? I can't. You're inside, but you might as well be outside.

Mash: I can't either, Doctor. I can't tell if this presence is human or not.

Jekyll: I assure you, I am a genuine human. If it's a Servant you want, they're outside, investigating.

Jekyll: And what were you talking about? A novel?

Mash: ...Yes. A book that was published a little before this era. The main character shares your name.

Jekyll: I don't recall that. Strange, as I do read my share of novels...

Jekyll: The same name as the main character? Really? Hmm, I don't think I could forget that.

Jekyll: Well, let's set that aside. It is a very common name, after all.

Jekyll: —As I was saying, I am Henry Jekyll. All I want to do is stop this blight on my hometown.

Jekyll: But the more important matter at hand is you folks. You're slightly different from us, aren't you?

Mordred: —Hmm...Singularity, huh?

Jekyll: One of seven bolts that were driven into the world. And...the London of this era is that bolt.

Mash: Yes. We're searching for the Holy Grail,which we believe causes the Singularity.

Jekyll: I understand your situation now, more or less. Now, let me tell you of the city's circumstances that we're aware of.

Jekyll: Each night for the past three nights,a lethal fog has descended upon London.

Jekyll: If you wear a mask in an area where the fog is thin,you probably won't die from it.

Jekyll: But it's no good where it's thick. Normal creatures will be corrupted by the magical energy just by breathing it.

Jekyll: It probably depends on one's predisposition,but in the worst cases, death comes within an hour.

Jekyll: I don't have the exact numbers, but according to my calculations, several hundred thousand have died.

Jekyll: There are areas that have become ghost towns already. The East End is just about wiped out.

Jekyll: It's only a matter of time before the entire city is nothing but ruins.

Jekyll: It's all because of that fog. An extraordinary dense fog laced with potent magical energy—

Jekyll: For now, we're calling it Demonic Fog.

Mash: London, covered by a deadly fog...It's slightly similar to an incident that will occur in the 20th century.

Dr. Roman: Is it off by a century? That's probably what the Singularity is...But...

Dr. Roman: I'll look at the 20th century case, too. I had thought this was a one city deal, but it's getting pretty complicated.

Jekyll: It's not just the Demonic Fog. You two should've engaged in combat as well.

Jekyll: These past three days—on top of the Demonic Fog,London has been plagued with other types of threats.

Jekyll: Those committing atrocities under cover of the fog. Automatas made of magecraft, killer homunculi...

Jekyll: Helter Skelter—

Jekyll: And there's a serial killer. The newspapers call them "Jack the Ripper. "

Mash: The newspapers?

Jekyll: Yes, the newspapers were still being printed on the first day of the Demonic Fog...Though no longer.

Jekyll: Understandably, it seems neither Scotland Yard nor the government has a handle on the situation.

Jekyll: Government functions are already starting to freeze up. External support is hindered by the fog, isolating London.

Jekyll: It's already been three days. A cooped-up populace won't last long.

Jekyll: The Demonic Fog doesn't go indoors,but once food and water runs out, London will perish.

Dr. Roman: ...That's horrifying. The situation requires quick response. All right then, Mr. Jekyll and Mordred.

Dr. Roman: I have a proposal. We'd like you to help us search for the Holy Grail, the likely origin of this situation.

Jekyll: Nothing would suit us better. Right, Saber?

Mordred: Fine with me. It seems like the best thing to do.

Dr. Roman: Good, this will truly help us! In more ways than one!

Dr. Roman: So– Mash and Fujimaru,lucky for us, this apartment is over a Leyline!

Fujimaru 1: Excuse me?

Fujimaru 2: We can put a Terminal Point here.

Fou: Fouuu!

Mash: Right, Senpai and Fou. It's possible to set up a Summoning Circle in this room.

Mash: Maybe Mr. Jekyll knew about the Leyline and intentionally built his apartment over it?

Jekyll: Oh, no, I'm not a legitimate mage, so this isn't a magecraft workshop. It's just a regular room.

Jekyll: At any rate, feel free to use it as you please. What are you going to do?

Dr. Roman: We'll put the Servant summoning circle over the Leyline to boost Fujimaru and Mash's combat abilities.

Dr. Roman: Servants summoned by the circle aren't always active,but they're a huge help during battles!

Dr. Roman: All right! Let's start setting it up!

Mash: Roger. Creating Terminal Point—

Da Vinci: While they make the circle,I'll help you pass the time.

Da Vinci: Previously, I spoke about Servant class affinity,so I think I'll expand on that.

Da Vinci: Just as each Heroic Spirit has a story to tell, they have classifications that explain how they were born.

Da Vinci: There are three attributes: Heaven, Earth, and Human. Most Servants fall under one of these categories.

Da Vinci: Heaven includes Divine Spirits demoted to Heroic Spirits,children of gods, and embodiments of legends.

Da Vinci: Earth includes legendary heroes that took hold in the land, fairies, and Demonic Beasts.

Da Vinci: Human is for heroes and great people who actually existed. I'm included in this group, as a great artist who actually existed.

Da Vinci: Heaven wins over Earth, but loses to Human. Earth wins over Human, but loses to Heaven.

Da Vinci: And Human wins over Heaven, but loses to Earth.

Da Vinci: ...Humans believe in gods. However,gods that they stop believing in become "nonexistent. "

Da Vinci: Native heroes and fairies have nothing to do with faith. However, they are no match for the gods that created them.

Da Vinci: ...And there are rare, special Heroic Spirits that do not belong in any of the three attributes.

Da Vinci: They are an exception of exceptions. –The Heroic Spirits of the Star.

Da Vinci: They do not belong to Heaven, Earth, or Human. Yet they exist on earth under heaven, and are born of humans.

Da Vinci: Servants of the Star have nothing to do with Heaven,Earth, or Humans. After all, they're an exception.

Da Vinci: That said, these are nothing more than categories.

Da Vinci: The effects aren't as pronounced as Class affinity,so it's not worth integrating into a strategy.

Da Vinci: ...And that wraps up this session. Summoning circle setup complete. Good luck in this era, too!

Dr. Roman: Thank you, Da Vinci, thank you! Thank you yet again!

Jekyll: Who was that just now? She was beautiful,but...She wasn't actually here, was she?

Fou: Fou, fouuu!

Jekyll: ???

Mordred: ...Mmm. I remember seeing him somewhere before. Phantasmal?

Fou: F-Fouuuu...

Mash: Fou?

Jekyll: Perhaps a rare animal from around Africa? Anyway,Saber, and this concerns Mash and Fujimaru, too.

Jekyll: This is abrupt–but I would like to ask you three to do something.

Mordred: We just got back and we have to go out into the Demonic Fog again? Good grief.

Mash: I apologize for asking you to lead the way. It's just that we're not used to London yet.

Mordred: Oh, it's fine. Don't worry. If you guys hadn't come here,this work would've had to be all mine.

Mordred: If anything, I should be thanking you. Sorry for making you come along based on vague information.

Mash: Oh, no, Mordred. Not at all...

Dr. Roman: Protecting one of Mr. Jekyll's other collaborators,the Swiss scholar Mr. Frankenstein, huh?

Dr. Roman: Seems he's been unreachable since this morning. Do you normally communicate with each other via radio?

Mordred: Jekyll does. He calls it his information network. I don't really understand it.

Mordred: He has collaborators all over the city and chats with them on the radio every day.

Mordred: Old man Victor was safe until yesterday at least.

Dr. Roman: Victor Frankenstein, huh...Just when we thought it's another character from a novel, it turns out to be his "relative. "

Mash: The grandchild of the mage that became the model character in the novel, was what Mr. Jekyll mentioned.

Mash: Unexpected, indeed. In Mary Shelly's novel...

Mash: Dr. Frankenstein was a scientist. But the person he was modeled after was a real-life mage.

Mash: It brings to mind that idiom about how "truth is stranger than fiction".

Fujimaru 1: Is it that strange?

Fujimaru 2: Are scientists and mages really that different?

Mash: Yes. Strictly speaking,magecraft and science are contrary to each other.

Mash: Chaldea's existence is an extreme exception, and if you think about it, both globally and historically—

Dr. Roman: Oh yes, but everything has an exception. In a certain era,science and magecraft virtually meant the same thing.

Dr. Roman: For example, even if you set aside ancient times,some will say alchemy is the origin of chemistry.

Dr. Roman: There are numerous examples of mages who are known as renowned scientists, chemists, and scholars.

Dr. Roman: You know,Da Vinci is one such example.

Mash: Ah—

Da Vinci: Mmm. You called?

Da Vinci: Oh, you're talking about science and magecraft. I'm no help there. After all...

Da Vinci: I'm almighty. You can't compare me to anyone. Too bad. Bye.

Mash: Ah! We lost the connection.

Fujimaru 1: What's with her, anyway?

Fujimaru 2: Da Vinci is way too carefree...

Mash: I know...

Mordred: We're near Soho. Keep your guard up now. They'll be here soon.

Mordred: The edge of the City Area where Jekyll's apartment is seems relatively peaceful in comparison.

Mordred: This area is no good. We're in their territory.

Dr. Roman: So it appears. I'm picking up multiple motion signals. It'll be a fight, so watch out!

Mash: Right. Master, your orders!


Mordred: ...Damn. They're coming again. I wish I could unleash my Noble Phantasm at will.

Mash: We're inside the city. I'm sorry, but you must get your temper under control.

Mordred: I know that, Shieldy. Ugh, somehow I feel weird when you tell me that.

Mash: Hold on. "Shieldy? "Are you referring to me?

Mordred: Huh? You have a shield, don't you? You use it to defend and bash people in the face.

Mordred: Or, does "Ms. Shieldy" sound better? I don't care which one you pick.

Mash: ...That's okay. Just call me "Shieldy," please...

Dr. Roman: The enemy is trying to flank us from both sides. Can you take care of the right side, Saber Mordred?

Mordred: Leave it to me. I usually deal with everything by myself.

Mordred: Are you ready over there, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Yes, I'm ready!

Fujimaru 2: Strike foes from the left!

Mash: Roger. Entering battle with hostiles!


Mash: ...Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a second?

Mash: I, um...

Mordred: What? Speak up. If you have something to say, just say it.

Mash: All right, then.

Mash: I have a question for you. Why are you fighting here?

Mash: Mr. Jekyll is fighting to protect his hometown. But what about you—

Mordred: I already told you, didn't I? I'm here to face the perils of Father's beloved Londinium.

Mash: Well, sure...I mean...

Mash: Yes, I did hear that when we first met. I understand that, really, but...

Mash: I hope you won't get upset, but for some reason,I...I feel's for a different reason.

Mordred: ...Jeez.

Mordred: All right. I didn't even tell Jekyll about this, you know?

Mordred: I just—

Mordred: Yes, that's right. I just can't allow the land of Britain to be violated by someone other than me.

Mordred: I'm the only one allowed to violate the land King Arthur loved. I can't let anyone else do that.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: So distorted...

Mordred: Hm? Did you say something?

Fujimaru 1: No, not at all.

Fujimaru 2: Not particularly.

Mordred: If you want to say something, say it. Well, anyway...

Mordred: Don't worry. I will give you the Holy Grail once we find it.

Mordred: I won't say "I want it after all" or anything. And even if I did, it wouldn't serve any purpose.

Mordred: I'm Mordred, the Treacherous Knight. But this time it's special, and I'll be on the defender's side.

Mordred: Honestly, I was hesitating a bit. Meeting you guys cleared up my mind.

Mash: What do you mean?

Mordred: I mean, someone worthy of being the owner finally showed up. You can have the Holy Grail.

Mash: ???

Mordred: Enough chitchat. Don't bring up this topic ever again.

Mordred: We're almost at the mansion, but enemies are here again. Well then, shall we rip them apart?

Dr. Roman: Mordred's detection is amazing. Is it an Intuition skill? We detected hostile reactions too. There'll be three waves!

Mash: Roger. Master, orders please!


Mordred: All right, we're here. This big building is Victor's mansion.

Mordred: Unlike Jekyll who's half-assed,he is a genuine mage, so be careful.

Mordred: Traps like barriers and such are set up all over, so even Servants get hurt if they touch things without knowing.

Mordred: When I first visited to check things out,I had an absolutely terrible experience here.

Mash: Oh, okay. I'll be careful, then.

Dr. Roman: A death trap workshop in an urban area...Sounds like a cautious old guy with pretty strong nerves.

Mordred: The first challenge is the entrance door. See, look at that big door—

Mordred: —Damn, we're too late.

Mash: Someone is at the entrance...A tall silhouette...A clown?

Mordred: Hey, you! Scarecrow! Or are you a living statue? Whatever! Anyway...

Mordred: stink like hell. It's like blood, guts, and fire.

Mordred: And the catalyst for the old man's favorite elemental spell? I can smell it from here!

Mordred: You killed him, didn't you. You murdered Victor Frankenstein.

???: Yes, I did—Well, no, let me see. Just a moment, please.

???: Indeed, indeed. That elderly man will not open his mouth, brush his teeth, eat food, or breathe ever again.

???: Yes, yes. Frankly speaking, I'm certain he is dead.

???: It's a shame. He refused to join our cause. Right till the very end.

???: But, and yet, however. Who killed Victor Frankenstein?

???: That might be quite a difficult question to answer. Because he "blew himself up. "

Mash: !!!

???: Oh, my. Did I scare the beautiful young lady?

???: My apologies. As you can see, I am a demon after all—

???: That was a joke, and I'm sorry for letting you down,but I'm actually a Heroic Spirit.

???: I'm a Servant just like you. The class is Caster.

???: ...Oh? Well, folks, you don't get it?

Mordred: That's enough. Shut up.

???: No, I'm sure you got that. You wonder why I revealed my class so easily?

???: It is reasonable during a Holy Grail War unlike any other. At least that lady over there knows why!

???: An encounter instantly becomes an all-out battle! As we are Servants without Masters—

???: We can be called the most powerful forces on the earth. However...

???: Sadly, it seems that you have a Master. Best you protect yourself well. Otherwise, in no time...

Mordred: Enough small talk. And wipe that grin off your face right now.

???: Pardon?

Mordred: That smirk of a smile! So annoying! Was it really that fun to kill that old man?

???: Well, sure—

???: Once he rejected our cause,it was like a job to me, so to speak.

Mash: Cause?

???: When you are obligated to do something,it's usually quite a nuisance, indeed.

???: But still, it feels good to do your best. You will work hard for a job you enjoy.

???: His expression in the moment he died. The face of a human who understood the transition from life to death!

???: Despair! Sorrow! Ah! That is exactly it—!

???: Well, anyway, something like that—

???: It killed my boredom? At least, I guess?

Mordred: ...I see.

Mordred: Immigrant or not, that old man was a citizen of Britain. Listen, you took him...

Mordred: You put your hand on "my stuff" without my permission. You know what will happen?

???: —What?

Mordred: —I'm saying, I'm going to kill you, dumb-ass clown!

???: Well, well, well! You? Killing me? Can you, really?

???: You seem to be a hot-blooded person! Good, that's fine. I'll try not to disappoint you then!

???: You might as well watch out for the explosions! My Noble Phantasm has already been set up!

???: By my True Name, Mephistopheles! I shall relish striking you all down into despair!

Dr. Roman: You've set up what!? Dammit! I don't know if it's because of the fog or his skill, but it's undetectable!

Mash: Master, hostile Servant approaching! Orders, please—

Fujimaru 1: Get him!

Fujimaru 2: Fight and watch out for his Noble Phantasm!

Mash: ...Roger!


Mephistopheles: This is quite...regretful! This materialization was one I couldn't enjoy much of...

Mephistopheles: I suppose Servants need Masters after all...Yes, the power of the bond between Master and Servant...

Mephistopheles: Something of it...Not. Yes, definitely not.

Mephistopheles: Once a Master decides to fulfill an earnest wish, I must make at least one child must die by the Master's hand.

Mephistopheles: Otherwise you can't enjoy the best part of a Holy Grail War. Oh, I envy you, Shield Servant...

Mephistopheles: You will have countless chances from here betray and throw your Master into despair!

Mephistopheles: I am so...jealous of you!

Mordred: —Shut up.

Mordred: ...Did you find anything?

Mash: Yes. I found the note the doctor left. Apparently, he was writing this when he was attacked.

Mordred: I see. I must say, he was a lax old guy until the end.

Mash: ...I'll read it out loud.

Mash: "I learned of a certain plot. Its name is 'Project Demonic Fog. ' Though its present state is still unknown,"

Mash: "The three leaders of the project are 'P', 'B' and 'M', who can cast spells beyond human wisdom. Probably Heroic Spirits. "

Mordred: Is "M" the guy from earlier? Well, let's take this back and have Jekyll read it, too.

Mordred: And now...I've found something interesting, too.

Mordred: Hey, come over here.

H:???: ...Uh.

Mash: ...A girl?

Fujimaru 1: She has a horn.

Mash: Yes, she does have a horn...

Fujimaru 2: Is she human? Or a Servant?

Mash: Who knows? It would be the best if we ask her.

Mash: Are you a human? Or are you a Servant just like us?

H:???: ...Uhh.

Mash: ?

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I can't determine what she is...All I can read is that there are vital and physical reactions.

Dr. Roman: It seems the detection issues caused by the Demonic Fog can reach indoors, too. How about you, Mash?

Mash: I can't figure it out, either. How about you, Mordred?

Mordred: I can't tell for sure by just her presence. I think the Demonic Fog outside is interrupting.

Mordred: But, you're asking what she is? Of course she's a Servant—

Mordred: At least I wish I could say that.... In my memory, that's how it was supposed to be...

Mordred: Anyway, yes. She is an artificial human. Apparently.

Mash: An artificial human—is she?

Mordred: I found her in the coffin in the backroom,and a note was attached. Let me see...

Mordred: First artificial human created by Grandfather Victor Frankenstein, or something like that.

Dr. Roman: So it is Frankenstein's monster. But didn't it burn up in the end according to the novel?

Dr. Roman: I wonder if she can hear my voice. Let's see...Are you Frankenstein's monster?

H:???: ...Uhh, ah...uuuh...

Mordred: Hm?

Mash: It seems like she doesn't have a speech function. But I can somehow understand her.

H:???: ......

Mash: Name, I guess. Monster—is certainly a name you don't like, right?

H:???: ...Uhh.

Fujimaru 1: Then, how about Fran?

H:???: ...Uh...

Mash: Ah, she seems to be happy with the name. Okay then, Ms. Fran.

Fran: ...Uh...

Mash: You are an artificial human...Is that correct?

Fran: ...Uh, uh...

Mordred: You're not a Servant, huh. Oh, I get it. You mean, "you're still alive. "

Mordred: I finally understand. No wonder I couldn't figure it out just by looking at you.

Mash: ?

Mordred: Oh, never mind.

Mordred: We can't just leave her here,so let's take her back to Jekyll.

Fran: ...Uh, uh...

Mordred: Your master is no longer here. You can go anywhere you want.

Mordred: I'll let you stay with Jekyll for now. Let's go. The fog shouldn't impact you if you're an artificial human.

Mash: Is she...really? I'm not so sure about that. That's a dangerous action.

Mordred: She's going to be fine! She's not breathing. Right, Fran?

Fran: ...Uh.

Mordred: See. She's nodding.

Section 4: One Book, One Pen

Jekyll: This girl—yes, Fran is an artificial human. Her physical composition was not of a spirit. She's not a Heroic Spirit.

Jekyll: She is a human living in this era. Wait, I guess artificial human.

Jekyll: Maybe the description in the novel was wrong...Though I can't be that positive about it.

Fran: ...Uh...Uh...

Jekyll: Hmm?

Mash: Um, well...She's just...I mean... How can I say this...

Mordred: You touched around her body insisting it was an inspection, and it made her unhappy. Apologize to her, Jekyll.

Jekyll: Oh. I'm very sorry. How shameful of me. That was unacceptable from an English gentleman.

Fran: ...Uh.

Jekyll: ?

Mash: It's fine, as long as you understand...That was the nuance in her voice...I think.

Mordred: Most likely.

Fujimaru 1: Yes, that's what she said.

Fujimaru 2: How are you guys understanding her?

Jekyll: How do you guys know what she thinks? Is it because you're the "same gender"...Oh, no, nothing!

Mordred: Next time, I will kill you.

Jekyll: Yes. Yup. Sorry. I'll never say it again. Anyway—another case showed up in my info network.

Jekyll: Something strange appeared in the Soho area. Apparently it even slips indoors to assault civilians.

Dr. Roman: Let me confirm. The homunculi, automata,and Helter Skelters until now—

Jekyll: Have zero cases of entering buildings. At least not according to my information network and Saber's patrols.

Jekyll: What is entering buildings and attacking civilians appears to be a book as big as a human.

Jekyll: I decided to tentatively call them Magical Tomes. I want you to deal with this.

Jekyll: Whether this is related to "Project Demonic Fog" is uncertain, but at the very least, there have been victims in Soho.

Jekyll: I need your help. Will you do it?

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me.

Fujimaru 2: It's no use staying still.

Mash: I agree, Master. We're some of the few able to go outdoors.

Mash: I will try my best to be of help to you, Senpai. Rather, it would make me happy...

Mordred: What are you talking about? Doesn't matter if you're a Demi or whatever, you're still a Servant.

Mash: Y-Yes.

Mordred: ...Oh, I mean...Well, just forget it.

Mash: Huh—

Mordred: Master-Servant relationships are case-by-case. It's not something I should interfere with.

Mordred: Now, shall we? I don't know if Fran can be useful, so she'll stay here.

Fran: ...Uh, uh......Uh...

Mordred: What, are you lonely? Just be a good girl and wait. We'll be right back.

Mash: It's dangerous outside. Let's talk again when we come back.

Fran: ...Uh, uh.

Mordred: Huge book...A Magical Tome, huh? A kind of monster that didn't exist in Britain back in my day.

Mash: The Britain when you were alive...Did monsters exist back in the times of the Arthurian legends?

Mordred: Of course. The Knights of the Round Table even fought dragons and giants.

Mordred: Deep woods, steep mountains, bluffs with unceasing winds. Realms humans never cross are prime dens for Phantasmals.

Mordred: They come down to human dwellings every so often. And well, ordinary humans usually end up as their food.

Mash: Food, you say.

Mordred: Average soldiers are no match for demonic beasts,dragons, or Phantasmals. Even in your era, most weapons are useless.

Mordred: But there are exceptions. For Britain—it was the Knights of the Round Table.

Mordred: We fought well, and killed a reasonable number,you know? Battling a Phantasmal is pretty rough—

Mordred: Oh, and them. Them...The Picts.

Mash: In our time, they're seen as a very mysterious people. A tribe that once flourished mainly in Scotland, so we've heard.

Mordred: Well, rather than people, they were...Um...

Mordred: They weren't like any tribes or barbarians...They went far beyond any of them.

Mordred: Describing it in terms of your era, they were like something that would be in a sci-fi movie, you know?

Mordred: Aliens? Or, something like that. Yes, that's a close one.

Fujimaru 1: An Arthurian joke?

Fujimaru 2: Ah, that's a funny joke.

Mash: Yes, Senpai. I heard it as a joke, too.... Oh.

Mash: Mordred, I...I'm sorry. I completely missed the timing to laugh.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, that was an Arthurian joke? So you're supposed to miss the timing...Hm, I see.

Fou: Fou...

Mordred: Joke? No, I wasn't joking at all—

Mordred: Wait, I sense enemies. Most of them are automatas.

Mash: ...It's a battle. Master, your orders please!


Fou: Fou...

Mordred: Crushed the dolls. There.

Mordred: But—What is this sort of thing even called?

Mordred: In Asia they have a term for it, don't they? "En" or something. It's like fate?

Mordred: Gathering all sorts of Heroic Spirits and making them your allies—That's not something you can achieve easily.

Mordred: But well, if that's the way you're using the summons I guess it's possible.

Mordred: This method should indeed make Heroic Spirit summons easier. I can imagine who it was that suggested it.

Mordred: To be honest, it feels strange to me......But that, I suppose, is also fate.

Mash: ?

Fujimaru 1: What is Mordred talking about?

Fujimaru 2: Is it about the summoning system?

Mash: Yes...It seems so, anyways. Are you talking about the Heroic Spirit Summoning System?

Mash: Um...Mordred, do you know much about Heroic Spirit summons? Like you're a Saber with magecraft knowledge?

Mordred: What did you just say, Shieldy? Do I have magecraft knowledge? Are you being sarcastic or...

Mordred: ...Wait, that's not what you meant, huh. Argh, you're such a pain in the ass, Mash!

Mash: Y-Yes...! I don't know why I just got scolded,but in any case I'm very sorry!

Mordred: I'm not scolding, it's just a complaint! That's another thing you two have in common!

Fujimaru 1: "You two? "

Mordred: ...Forget it. That was a slip of the tongue. Don't probe any further, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 2: Touchy, aren't you?

Mordred: Of course, I am. Being cranky is my default mode. It's 'cause I'm a mass killer, as far from a saint as one can be.

Mordred: You guys are the ones that are getting too close in the first place. People are normally scared of me, being the Treacherous Knight and all.

Mash: ...

Mordred: ...Tch! Look, you guys aren't the problem here, okay? It's my own nature that's the problem.

Mordred: So don't misunderstand me. It's not that I hate either Mash or Fujimaru. I don't hate you, that's not it, but—

Mordred: I can't help myself. Come on, let's fight. Get that shield up. I'll batter it to pieces.

Fujimaru 1: You ARE upset!

Fujimaru 2: Treacherous Berserker!

Mordred: Yeah, insult me all you want. I'm used to it. Feels better than awkward compliments.

Fujimaru 1: I won't let Mash engage in needless battles.

Fujimaru 2: To fight Mash, go through me first

Mordred: Oh, so you CAN act like a Master. Though it would've looked a lot cooler if your knees weren't shaking, you know?

Mordred: The weak should act like one and stay back. Because they meddle in things like that, they're the first to die, yeah?

Mash: —! Master, get back! Mordred is serious!

Mordred: You parried my first attack! How cheeky! You're finally learning how to use that thing the way you should!

Mordred: That's good. Here goes, Shieldy! You must always be one step ahead of your own limit to protect your allies!

Mordred: If you're gonna use that Noble Phantasm, put some spirit in it! As an experienced Servant, I will train you thoroughly!


Mash: Hah...Ah...Ugh...

Fujimaru 1: Mash!

Mash: Sen...pai— Thank goodness. Were you watching?

Mash: over—I...was able to parry...Mordred's attacks—

Fujimaru 2: Mordred!

Mordred: Oof...Don't glare at me like that. I regret that I went a little overboard. You seriously look scary right now.

Mordred: Don't worry, that was a mock fight. Mash was fully aware of that too.

Mordred: So, how was it, Mash? Figured out how to use that Noble Phantasm at least a little bit?

Mash: Yes...Thank you...Very much...Somehow, it feels—

Mash: a shackle on my heart was removed...That was the toughest I've felt since Cú Chulainn's spells...

Fujimaru 1: Then perhaps...that just now was?

Mordred: ...Well, drastic times call for drastic measures.

Mordred: She was holding herself back by calling herself a Demi-Servant.

Mordred: I pulled a stunt here to hammer into her what her role was. She'll be a bit more decent from now on.

Mash: Mordred...

Fujimaru 1: You look after others well.

Fujimaru 2: ...Even so, a bit too rough...

Mordred: Shut up. You guys drop your guard way too much and it was pissing me off, that's all.

Mordred: It's not like me to teach swordsmanship to others. In fact, this was my first time. Damn you!

Mordred: Listen. Not a word of this to Jekyll. He'll interrogate me again.

Mordred: And sorry, Fujimaru. I apologize for disrespecting you. You are indeed weak, but it's a practical kind of weak.

Mordred: You're no coward nor scoundrel. You're an idiot worth carrying, in your own way. Right, Mash?

Mash: Yes, definitely! After all, Senpai is the best Master in Chaldea!

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: Best in Chaldea is saying too much...

Mordred: Okay, okay, enough already. This is so sweet I'm getting indigestion.

Mordred: All right, time to hurry onward, Fujimaru,Mash. Keep that shield at the ready and follow me.

Mash: Okay! Thank you very much, kind Sir Mordred!

Mordred: D-Don't suddenly start calling me "Sir Mordred," dummy! You're gonna make me trip!


Mash: All hostile units eliminated...Complete silence confirmed. Good work, Senpai.

Dr. Roman: Good work. I received a transmission from Jekyll, so I'll connect you.

Jekyll: Can you hear me? I have supplemental information to pass on.

Mash: Oh—I see. They took the radio transmission from Jekyll and patched it through via Dr. Roman's channel.

Jekyll: Right. Chaldea's technology is marvelous. But let me cut to the chase. It's about the Magical Tome running amok in Soho.

Jekyll: Unlike killer homunculi or automatas, the Magical Tome can get past closed doors and into buildings. That we know.

Jekyll: We have specifics on the damage now. They say it puts people into an unending slumber.

Mordred: Through magecraft? Or a drug?

Jekyll: We don't know yet. If it's just a drug, it shouldn't pose any issue for you...

Mash: Yes, I don't think that would affect us. Senpai has Poison Resistance Skill (Temporary), too.

Mordred: I see, that's good. But well, nothing beats good, old-fashioned vigilance.

Mordred: If it is magecraft, in my case, my Magic Resistance Skill nullifies most effects on me—

Mordred: But I can't block a direct hit of, say, a drug made by a Servant's skill or Noble Phantasm at high magecraft levels.

Fujimaru 1: Let's be really careful.

Fujimaru 2: It's okay if it doesn't hit us.

Mordred: Well, yeah. Just act carefully.

Jekyll: Once you've arrived in the Soho area,stop by the antique bookshop I specified first.

Jekyll: There should be an informant there. That is,if they haven't been attacked by Magical Tomes yet.

Mash: Understood.

Mordred: Then let's get going. Soho's not far off now.


Boy: ...So you've finally come. I was getting pretty sick of waiting, you idiots.

Boy: Thanks to you, I've ended up reading an entire novel series, roughly 20 volumes, that I didn't even want to read.

Fujimaru 1: Who's this?

Fujimaru 2: A child?

Fou: Fou?

Boy: You're the rescue team Mr. Henry Jekyll said was coming? Then, let me quickly fill you in on the situation here.

Mordred: Huh? Wait, so the informant he mentioned is this brat?

Mash: This boy, as it were. He must have some relation to this antique bookshop.

Mash: Maybe he's the shopkeeper's son or relative...or grandson. Is that correct?

Mash: You're the one who contacted Mr. Jekyll,and are seeking help from us, right?

Boy: Yes, that's right. The situation being what it is,a rough understanding is fine for now.

Mordred: You kind of...have a really nice voice. Is your voice changing right now?

Boy: Yeah, I've always wanted to be in theaters.

Boy: So embarrassing. Nothing more embarrassing than a life where you couldn't achieve what you want!

Boy: Well, we'll put talk of my beautiful voice aside. I'll be talking your ears off from here, anyway.

Boy: For now, let's talk about "this place. " The Magical Tome already assaulted the elderly shopkeeper here.

Boy: Nearly half of Soho's people met the same fate. They've fallen into unending slumber, and now dream merrily together.

Dr. Roman: Do you know where the Magical Tome is now? Also, how did you manage to escape its attack?

Boy: Huh? Are you stupid? Is your brain, not just your voice,in la-la land? Obviously, I ran away from it!

Dr. Roman: Huh? ...Oh! Um, s-sorry...Of course...That makes perfect sense...Ha, ha, sorry...I apologize...

Dr. Roman: Ha, ha...Ha, ha, ha...

Mash: Doctor, please don't get hurt by a child's words. Kids that age tend to speak very bluntly.

Boy: So, you asked where the Magical Tome is. Right here.

Mordred: What?

Mash: Huh?

Boy: It's on the 2nd floor residence of the bookshop...In other words, still on this floor, in the study next door.

Mordred: Haha! Well, well! So it's right there?

Mash: !!!

Mash: Senpai, indoor combat is dangerous. We should avoid combat in narrow, enclosed spaces if we can.

Mash: There is a chance that you and the boy would get caught up in the fight.

Fujimaru 1: Then let's fight in an open space.

Fujimaru 2: Lure it outside!

Mash: ...All right. Mordred, if you will.

Mordred: Okay, let's get this over with!


Fou: Foou!?

Mordred: Dammit, I know the attacks are hitting, but they're not getting through! What's with this book?

Mash: I don't get it either. Our attacks are landing, but it's not going down!

Dr. Roman: Hmmm are you sure it's not an illusion? And are you sure your attacks are hitting?

Mash: Yes, Doctor. We have no status anomalies.

Magical Tome: ......

Mordred: Tch, floating around like that! So cheeky for a book, are you missing pages or something!?

Boy: More like a banned book. If the contents are true, then even as a book it can kill people...Or so the story goes.

Mash: The boy from earlier...You shouldn't come out! It's dangerous! Go back!

Boy: Keep watching the Magical Tome, miss. Don't worry about me, I'll take off as soon as I say what needs to be said.

Mordred: You...I thought you had a good voice, but I never thought.

Mordred: Are you by chance a Servant? Damn, this fog is clouding my intuition!

Boy: You finally noticed. Yes, I'm a Heroic Spirit like you. Or rather—

Boy: Did you think a kid reading rare books so calmly in a time like this is normal?

Boy: The ability to detect magical energy aside, your intuition as a reader is abysmal, Saber. You should read more.

Boy: I recommend the series in shelf E on the 1st floor. They're full of dreams, adventures, and bad endings you might like.

Mordred: Hey—who the hell are you! You sure know how to jok—

Andersen: Andersen. Hans Christian Andersen.

Andersen: My class is Caster. If you want to know the details, read one of my books.

Mash: What? What? —Whaaat!?

Mash: Hans Christian Andersen, the author– Amazing...He's one of the top three fairy tale authors in the world, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Calm down.

Fujimaru 2: Do you like fairy tales?

Mash: Oh, no...Well...I wouldn't say I love them,but I have read quite a few of them.

Andersen: Oh. You don't have to hide it, it's obvious! You're an avid reader! I have an avid reader among Servants!

Dr. Roman: First characters from fictional novels,now an actual author! And, our enemy is a book!

Dr. Roman: Okay, it's turning into another confusing situation, Fujimaru!

Dr. Roman: So how's Mr. Andersen? Is he amazing as a Servant!?

Andersen: Huh? What does that bonehead expect? I'm an author. Of course I'm absolutely powerless.

Andersen: It's neat to encounter a Magical Tome that attacks people, but it's literally impossible for me to defeat it alone.

Andersen: So, here I am, waiting for Servants fit for physical labor to show up!

Andersen: Now go fight, Saber and Ms. Avid Reader! I'll keep detailed notes of the entire affair!

Fou: Mmm, kyuu! Kyaau!

Mordred: Shut up, please shut up! I feel like killing you before the Magical Tome!

Andersen: What? Not only do you lack intelligence to study the Magical Tome, you can't make distinctions between friend and foe?

Andersen: Amazing. An extreme barbarian! You know,your head must be filled with mashed potatoes!

Mordred: Move aside, Shieldy! I'm going to beat the crap out of that punk first!

Mash: I know how you feel but calm down! Mr. Andersen, please say something to her, too!

Andersen: Say something? Oh, something beneficial. Hmm. Well then, here's a lecture.

Andersen: You have experienced the nature of the Magical Tome,yes? Attacks are ineffective. Of course they are.

Andersen: It's because you think it's a book. It's not. It's a type of Reality Marble.

Mash: Reality Marble!?

Fujimaru 1: Reality Marble?

Fujimaru 2: As I recall, that's...

Mash: Yes. It's a type of powerful magecraft that rewrites how the world exists. They say it's almost equivalent to True Magic.

Mash: Rarely, there are cases when a Servant materialized uses it as their Noble Phantasm—

Andersen: Right, maybe a Reality Marble affects the space it's in. But that's different. Its existence itself is a Reality Marble.

Andersen: That's why it has endurance near invincibility. It effectively utilizes the fact it is a Reality Marble.

Andersen: Then, why is that possible? Good. That's a natural question.

Andersen: But figure out that much on your own! There's plenty of food for thought, anyone can make sense of it in minutes!

Mordred: But we don't have those few minutes! State the conclusion! The conclusion!

Mordred: It's floating right now,but we don't know when it will attack again!

Andersen: How hasty...Do you start books at the ending? Oh, fine. Out of respect for the avid reader, I'll tell you.

Andersen: My reason by analogy is that it originally was a Servant that projects the psyche of its Master.

Andersen: It's easy if you elicit from dramaturgy. Though, I needed to ponder for about an hour.

Mordred: You took your sweet time! Enough! State the conclusion! The conclusion!

Andersen: The conclusion, or rather, the problem is before you. This is a "stray. " There is no Master.

Andersen: That's why it attacked the people in Soho. It put them to sleep and made them dream.

Andersen: In short, it's searching for a Master. To manifest the dream, it's "trying to materialize" as a Pseudo-Servant.

Mordred: What?

Dr. Roman: ...I see! So the guise of this Magical Tome has no substance!

Andersen: Good answer! It's not even a Servant. It's a clump of magical energy that wants to be a Servant.

Andersen: It will materialize eventually if left alone. In return, every citizen of Soho will fall asleep.

Andersen: Compared to the fog of magical energy drifting outside,the damage may not be as vicious.

Andersen: However.

Andersen: Some may become emaciated and die while asleep,but perhaps nobody will die.

Andersen: To begin with, if sleep takes so much of one's time,we writers would go out of business!

Andersen: So, it will be defeated. Soho has many bookstores, both new and used.

Mash: You contradict yourself, Mr. Andersen! You just said it has no substance so we can't defeat—

Andersen: I mean, you can't look for a book without a title. It's easy to give substance to a story.

Andersen: Can you hear me? I'll give you a name, Magical Tome, no—

Andersen: —A Tale for Someone, Nursery Rhyme!

Nursery Rhyme: !!!

Mordred: You can do things when you actually try, punk! But why didn't you do anything until now!?

Andersen: Idiot, if I gave it substance, it would attack me, too. Just saying, I'm very weak in fistfights.

Andersen: I told you I had no choice but to hold my breath and read books until you guys, the physical labor, showed up.

Nursery Rhyme: ...Nursery...Rhyme...

Nursery Rhyme: No, it's not. That's not "my" name, "my" name is Alice.

Andersen: Mmm? Huh?

Mash: a bit off from Mr. Andersen's predictions...But, Senpai, this is...

Fujimaru 1: It's materializing!

Fujimaru 2: All's well that ends well!

Mash: Yes, the enemy is materializing! Now I can clearly discern its form!

Mordred: All right. Let's do it! Afterwards, I'm gonna choke that punk!

Nursery Rhyme: Alice, where are you? Alice isn'

Nursery Rhyme: Hey, big sisters. Where is the lonely "me? "

Andersen: ...You don't have a Master. No, to be exact, she probably is not in this era.

Andersen: ...I can't believe there was a Master who loved a book without a title this much.

Andersen: This is what you call painful to watch. I'm sorry, but please defeat it quickly.


Andersen: ...All bark and no bite. I was expecting at least a reproduction of Wonderland.

Andersen: I guess that was expecting too much. It didn't help that we were too powerful.

Mordred: ...Hey. What was that about us being too powerful, punk?

Mordred: Not only did you stand there like a damn statue,I think all you ever did was run your mouth and insult us!

Mash: P-Please, let's stop it, Mordred.

Mash: He has a sharp tongue for sure, but we were able to defeat the Magical Tome—Nursery Rhyme thanks to him!

Fou: Fou! Foou!

Mordred: Tch...You're right. I know. It's my loss if I meddle with people of this sort.

Andersen: What, contrary to your looks...Wait, maybe you do have that look...Wait, maybe not after all. Your soul is like a Morning Star!

Mordred: Morning Star, like a flail? So I'm thorny, huh? Dammit! I hate to admit it but you make a good point!

Andersen: ...Good reaction...With training, you might be easy prey...Excuse me, a good reader. What a waste.

Andersen: But to think I'd be defended from a hater by an avid reader. Humans never change regardless of era.

Mordred: Both Mash and I are Servants.

Mash: Yes. But I was originally a human...

Dr. Roman: More like,most Servants were originally humans.

Mordred: ...Tch. Oh well. That thing didn't seem like it used to be human, though.

Fou: ...Fou...

Andersen: Right, most of Heroic Spirits were humans,but sometimes there are cases like Nursery Rhyme.

Andersen: Cases where a human creation gains its own will, or gathers visions from people to become a "Conceptual Heroic Spirit. "

Dr. Roman: Those are rare, though. Someday, there might even be Heroic Spirits of machines as well as books.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, thank you for all your work. Go back to Jekyll's apartment for now.

Dr. Roman: Andersen, can you come, too? It's most reassuring to have more Servants as allies.

Mordred: What?! We're taking this punk with us?

Mordred: He's super weak. I'm sure he'll be useless! He's so boring, too! I'm sure he won't write any decent books!

Andersen: —I see. Okay, I'm happy to go with you.

Andersen: I had no intention of helping you,but that last statement changed my mind.

Andersen: My pleasure, Saber. No, Sir Mordred. By the way, if you are to be a protagonist, what's your favorite genre?

Andersen: A tragedy? A farce? Or a comedy? Splendid. I'll polish it into the best trashy tale ever.

Mordred: I see. Why don't you go write some unpopular books and cry in a corner, fairy tale author.

Mash: (Um, excuse me, that's rude, he can hear that)

Mordred: I wanted him to hear it. Only a coward talks behind one's back.

Mash: ......

Andersen: Well, let's move. Let's leave before the antique bookshop's owner wakes up.

Andersen: Because I'm also a thief. Actually, I snuck in from the back door.

Andersen: It'd be awkward if he woke up and called the cops. Getting arrested despite helping is going too far for a trashy book!

Mordred: Huh!?

Mordred: You entered without permission,and still acted that confidently!?

Section 5: Helter Skelter

Andersen: My, what a lovely little hideout. I like it. I'll take the study next door.

Andersen: I'll be unpacking, so call me if you need me. Oh, and don't forget to knock.

Mordred: ...Wow, I'm so tired. That baggage made me double tired. No, triple tired!

Jekyll: She's wrecking my personal sofa again...I'd prefer you use the one for guests...Oh, never mind.

Jekyll: Just stay there and listen. Mash, you and Fujimaru too.

Jekyll: Jack the Ripper is back. And this time they're not murdering women in the fog.

Jekyll: They're currently putting Scotland Yard under siege. I'm picking up calls for help from stations all over London.

Mordred: That guy! That bastard finally came out!

Fujimaru 1: Sounds like a grudge.

Fujimaru 2: An acquaintance?

Mordred: Yeah. A Servant of Assassin class. We fought a few times in the fog...

Mordred: Escapes every time. I can't quite finish 'em off. They escape into the fog!

Mordred: On top of that, I can't remember a face, figure, or specific abilities! It pisses me off!

Mordred: Every time I hear "Jack the Ripper,"all I can do is think, "Oh yeah, that Assassin! "

Mordred: Dammit! It's so frustrating! That stupid little—

Jekyll: You may have had an encounter as well. How about it? Do you remember fighting "an Assassin? "

Mash: Oh...

Mash: Yes, I think I do...I think it was an Assassin. We...were ambushed...

Mash: That's right...We were ambushed. My memories suddenly came back to me.

Mash: I couldn't remember most of the details until now. But, if it's a Servant, we can guess why—

Fujimaru 1: A skill?

Fujimaru 2: A Noble Phantasm?

Mash: Yes, Senpai. That's right. It's due to either a skill or a Noble Phantasm.

Mordred: They're fast. We should hurry before they get away. Let's go!

Andersen: What, stepping out? Then say so. Bring me back...I know! Some scones would be great.

Mordred: You're not coming!? No, you wouldn't be useful if you did...

Mordred: ...Wait. Can you make them easier to beat, like that last one?

Andersen: The last one was an extreme exception. Don't count on it. What do you expect an author to do to begin with?

Andersen: Do you think authors are all-powerful, omniscient gods? Then you need to learn better.

Andersen: Listen to me. Authors are just fools who fled to the pen when reality wouldn't go their way.

Andersen: Do you really think I can help you with anything?

Mordred: ...I was stupid for asking. Let's go, Mash, Fujimaru!

Mordred: We'll go as fast as we can. Mash, carry Fujimaru. It's a race against time.

Mordred: We can't slow down for a human. We'll head to the Yard at Servants' full speed.

Mash: R-Right.... Senpai, excuse me for a bit.

Fujimaru 1: Don't drop me.

Fujimaru 2: Pleasure's mine.

Mash: R-Right.

Mash: ...I'll do everything I can not to drop you. Don't let go of my hand.

Mordred: Hey, hurry up—Tch. There's the enemy already!

Dr. Roman: Multiple enemy responses, coming from all directions. Break through before they surround us!


Mordred: That's most of them! Forget the rest and just run, Mash!

Mash: Right!

Dr. Roman: He fights pretty fiercely. I guess he really is the Treacherous Knight of legend.

Mash: Yes, you're right. His combat powers match what's in the legend.

Mash: He's swift and accurate, like a bolt of lighting flashing through the sky. You won't sense a shred of doubt in his blade.

Fujimaru 1: Treacherous Knight?

Fujimaru 2: You mean Mordred?

Dr. Roman: Oh, come to think— I never gave Fujimaru a proper explanation.

Dr. Roman: Mordred the Treacherous Knight has manifested here as a Saber class.

Dr. Roman: Of course, he's not from this era. He's from the Arthurian legends of the 5th and 6th century.

Dr. Roman: The one who brought upon its end. He literally betrayed King Arthur.

Mash: It was no ordinary betrayal, either. He brought together all of Arthur's enemies, both domestic and foreign...

Mash: ...and became what we call the Treacherous King. In peaceful times, he could've been king himself.

Mash: There are many stories of his own glory. He was originally a Knight of the Round Table—

Dr. Roman: And is said to be King Arthur's "son. "But there's also stories that the King didn't admit such.

Dr. Roman: Some say that's the reason for his betrayal. At the end, why did Mordred betray King Arthur?

Dr. Roman: Only he—no, she herself knows.

Fujimaru 1: Did the rebellion succeed?

Fujimaru 2: Did the rebellion fail?

Mash: ...Yes. Mordred died during the battle on the Hill of Camlann.

Mash: They killed each other. She fought King Arthur with the sword Clarent...

Mash: ...and King Arthur fought with a holy spear and pierced her through.

Mash: King Arthur was fatally wounded as well and—

Mordred: What are you guys babbling about? Hurry up and let's go!

Mash: Oh, r-right!

Fujimaru 1: Let's hurry!

Mash: ...Roger, Master!


Mordred: They're attacking us while we run! They just keep coming!

Mordred: Don't stop, Mash!

Mash: Right...

Dr. Roman: Sorry to interrupt while you're moving. I've got news from Da Vinci.

Dr. Roman: I'll give you her analysis on Helter Skelter,that huge armored robot.

Dr. Roman: She's still not finished,but according to what she's found so far...

Dr. Roman: First, it's not a Golem. The video showed no traces of magecraft.

Dr. Roman: Even if it's a pure machine...there's still many unknowns,except that it seems to be steam-operated.

Dr. Roman: It looks like technology that doesn't exist in our year of 2017.

Dr. Roman: It was made via some technology that was hidden, or perhaps lost—

Dr. Roman: It's as if it's a product of some super-technology from a world that took a "different path" than our own.

Dr. Roman: ...Yeah.

Dr. Roman: ...So, I guess you're running right now. It would make sense that you wouldn't answer.

Dr. Roman: That's all I've got. Good luck, guys!


Jack the Ripper: ...Oh?

Jack the Ripper: You came out here. All right. Hehe...what should we do?

Jack the Ripper: Should we kill you? One, two, three, lots. Lots.

Jack the Ripper: Hehe. We killed lots and lots,but we're still hungry. We're starving.

Jack the Ripper: The police officers don't have much magical energy, you know.

Jack the Ripper: So thanks for coming. We'll be full after we eat your magical energy.

Mordred: We made it—

Mordred: No, I don't think we did. This smells of blood...the Yard's been wiped out, huh?

Dr. Roman: There are two moving responses there besides you. Jack the Ripper, and one more.

Mash: We can assume it's an unknown Servant. You there—

H:???: Yes. I'm a Caster Servant. I'm one of the leaders of the "Project" you know of.

Fujimaru 1: Project Demonic Fog?

Fujimaru 2: Why are you doing this?

H:???: It's a complex set of circumstances, you see. Oh, please call me "P. "

"P": Unfortunately, you're too late. Scotland Yard has been slaughtered to the last man.

"P": They all died horribly. That girl has no compassion within her at all.

"P": But it was necessary. A necessary sacrifice. That's all I can say.

"P": Man is to be loved. Love and emotions are both noble, brilliant things.

"P": But— How sad. Sometimes they pale in comparison to the greater good.

"P": Something we need was kept inside Scotland Yard.

"P": Figures the British Empire, home of the Mage's Association and the Clock Tower, would put a heavy magical seal on.

"P": And so, sadly,they were in the way of our greater good.

Mordred: Why do you mouth off like you actually know stuff? I could care less about love and emotions!

Mordred: Yet again, you guys laid your hands on what's mine. You're no king. How dare you touch what belongs to a king!

Fujimaru 1: A Heroic Spirit, killing innocent people?

Fujimaru 2: Have you no pride as a hero?

"P": Yes, and so you see. I am so filled with sorrow I cannot control myself.

"P": Humans, possessing emotion, should be sacred. Humans, filled with love, should be dazzling.

"P": My power cannot save them. No, looking at the results, it could never save them.

"P": Time is being incinerated. Humanity is being incinerated.

"P": The march of civilization, emotions, love, are all disappearing. Only four more singularities remain in the world.

"P": How sad. But neither you nor I can stop it.

"P": No, if we could not stop it—

Mash: ...I feel a contradiction.

Mash: A contradiction in your words when you speak of emotion. Caster, no, "P," who are you?

Mash: You used Jack to take human lives. You're surely the one without compassion.

"P": Yes, perhaps I am,beautiful young girl.

"P": I am a mage, and a wicked and cruel one at that. Even now, I tell an innocent girl as follows:

"P": Jack. You handle them.

"P": Do what you like. They might be "your mother. "

Jack: Huh? They...might?

Jack: Oh, We see. Hmmm. Then we'll do to you what we do to Mommy, okay?

Jack: Will you let us "go back? "Will you let us go inside you...inside Mommy...

Mordred: No. You're going straight back to the Throne. I'll kill you here.

Mash: I think we should stop Assassin here.... Senpai...

Fujimaru 1: Let's stop her.

Fujimaru 2: Prepare for combat.

Mash: —Right, Master!


Jack: Mo-mmy...No...No, no, noo...It hurts...

Jack: Why...Why?

Jack: ...Why? Tell me...Please...Please?

"P": Farewell, child who knows not love. I pray that someday you find the love you seek.

"P": —Now then. I suppose I should die by your hands here as well.

"P": The wicked mage is defeated by the heroes. That is one of the endings I seek.

"P": But,I will first fulfill my duty.

"P": Farewell, you heroes who would walk the bright path. You too, Knight of the Round Table—

"P": I pray that you forever remain the "heroes" who defeat evil.

Mordred: Wait! Aah, damn it! He disappeared! That's why I hate mages!

Mash: Teleportation—If it wasn't caused by the use of a Command Spell, it's...

Mash: It's a skill closer to True Magic. With the way he did it...A possibility is the Holy Grail...

Dr. Roman: It's possible. He did say that he was one of the people behind Project Demonic Fog trying to destroy this era.

Dr. Roman: It's also possible that the owner of the Holy Grail teleported him away as well.

Dr. Roman: What are they...What are they trying to do here in London?

Mordred: Who cares? We'll find them and crush them.

"P": ...I have returned.

"B": Sshhuu...Kkoohh...

"M": Excellent work.... So that girl was defeated?

"P": Unfortunately, she's dead. A second loss, after Mephistopheles.

"M": The grand scheme remains unaffected. We need simply advance our "project. "

"P": Yes, that's right. We are Servants. We obey our Master's words.

"P": There is no need for regret. You just need to move ahead with your "project. "

"M": ...I know.

"B": To pave the path for the world and civilization—That is our destiny as scholars.

"B": But the world has been incinerated...Humanity and civilization are on the path to an unchangeable end.

"B": We no longer—

Section 6: London Night

Andersen: I'm glad to see you back. A shame about the officers at the Yard.

Andersen: Rest for a little. I heard you haven't rested at all since your arrival, right?

Andersen: Pushing yourself doesn't equate to good work. Be it writing or hunting for the Holy Grail, occasional breaks are needed.

Mash: Thank you. But...there's no time.

Andersen: Fool. Are you a workaholic, too? Can you not forget the weight of what you carry?

Andersen: Then let me tell you a story to pass the time. A story of how Nursery Rhyme and I materialized.

Mash: mean Alice, right? That's what she called herself...

Andersen: No, Nursery Rhyme. You left for the Yard before I could tell you.

Andersen: I didn't get to say this, but both Nursery Rhyme and I appeared "from the demonic fog. "

Andersen: With no Master,and no summoning ritual, either.

Mordred: Yeah, so was I, come to think of it. Jekyll's no Master, and there was no summoning ritual.

Mordred: I just woke up one moment in the fog. Huh, do Servants just naturally appear like that?

Fujimaru 1: Maybe they do.

Dr. Roman: No, no, no! That's impossible!

Dr. Roman: If you can just appear...No, be summoned on your own,you're something way more powerful than a Servant!

Fujimaru 2: I don't know about that...

Mash: Yes, it's normally impossible.

Mash: If you mean—naturally appearing Heroic Spirits,there aren't many, but there are a few such records.

Mash: But when that happens,they don't have a personality of their own.

Mash: When a Heroic Spirit appears as a Servant,they're always summoned from the Throne by a ritual.

Dr. Roman: Listen, in the other three eras we went to, the Servants were always summoned under the Grail's influence.

Dr. Roman: It's absolutely impossible for a Servant to just appear on its own!

Andersen: So the Servants aren't appearing from the fog, then? That leaves one possibility.

Andersen: The fog was "created by the Holy Grail. "Or, what creates the fog is influenced by the Holy Grail.

Mash: That's...what it would mean. That's the logical conclusion. No contradictions.

Andersen: Logic applies to most things in the real world. About the only thing it doesn't apply to is love.

Andersen: Use your imagination. Then, you'll anticipate most things, and sometimes even predict them.

Mordred: Haha. Love? Like you'd know, you punk.

Andersen: I don't want to hear that from a kid who doesn't even know love. I'm a virgin. I know all about love and romance.

Mordred: ...Huh? Hmm. Huh? That doesn't make sense, does it? Hmm?

Fujimaru 1: I don't know, but those are amazing words.

Fujimaru 2: Hmm? It's true, it doesn't...

Andersen: Have you forgotten? I am Andersen. My storytelling makes me a Caster Heroic Spirit.

Andersen: If a swordsman's skills lie in battle, an author's skills lie in letters, words, indolence, pain, and love.

Andersen: Be it improv poetry or a crazy deadline,a true author is capable of anything when serious.

Andersen: I am a creative author. Not many can match me for imagination.

Andersen: I won't lose a debate to an amateur. If you're not going to rest, go for a late-night patrol.

Mordred: Yeah. You're right! If we can nab that "P"and make him talk, we can end this.

Mordred: I'm going for a patrol then. I'll take a walk to the edge of the city area.

Mash: Oh, Senpai...Mordred is about to leave.

Fujimaru 1: Let's follow.

Fujimaru 2: It's better to act than do nothing.

Mash: Right!

Jekyll: You're good at manipulating people, huh? But thanks, they were under a lot of strain.

Andersen: It's nothing compared to writing a moving story.

Andersen: I just had to "motivate" them.... But I don't understand.

Jekyll: Hmm?

Andersen: What I showed them may be an illusion. A wisp within a match light. Logical or not, it's no different from a fantasy.

Jekyll: You just used your imagination, right? So—

Andersen: Don't be stupid. That was just a "play" on words.

Mordred: ...It feels strange to do a patrol with a bunch of people.

Mordred: I always did it on my own. Well, this makes it easier,so I don't mind...Oh, there's some already.

Dr. Roman: I just can't match Mordred for speed. I see them too. Enemy responses!

Mash: Roger. Master, your orders!


Mordred: There were quite a few. Whew.

Mash: You must be tired. Do you need to rest?

Mordred: No, there were just so many of them. It would be different if there had been a Helter Skelter.

Mordred: It's quite strong. It's probably the only enemy I've enjoyed fighting during this materialization.

Dr. Roman: Mash and Fujimaru have only encountered it once. It was a tough opponent.

Dr. Roman: Maybe there aren't that many of them? Come to think,you covered a lot of ground but haven't seen any.

Mordred: Yeah...Come to think, I've never seen big groups of them.

Mordred: If possible, I'd like to go up against a tough enemy. I hope we'll see one tonight.

Fujimaru 1: Now that you've said it, we will.

Fujimaru 2: You're jinxing us.

Mordred: Oh, you think so?

Mash: Why don't we go on a bit further? There is still some distance to the City's edge.

Mash: Um, well, I'm confirming map information...It's not like I'm particularly familiar with London.

Mordred: Well, if something turns up, we'll deal with it then.


Mordred: ...Hmph, more gutless enemies.

Mash: All enemies destroyed. No, I don't think they were as easy to defeat as you say...

Mordred: If the fog makes Servants appear,I want it to toss out a strong one.

Mordred: Oh...But you know. What if what comes out isn't necessarily an enemy?

Dr. Roman: Right. In fact, you've been helping us. Same goes for Andersen.

Dr. Roman: But, Nursery Rhyme and Jack were enemies. Both were likely Servants that materialized from the Demonic Fog, too.

Mordred: I'd like to occasionally see an enemy that faces me head-on, instead of all these guys that attack from behind.

Fujimaru 1: Indeed.

Mordred: Right? You're quite a perceptive Master.

Fujimaru 2: Sneak attacks are good too.

Mordred: ...You really think so?

Mash: Senpai, let's continue patrolling. It's only a little bit further to the edge of the City.

Mordred: Come at me! Strong enemies!


Shakespeare: Well then—who is it that doth summon me!? I, Caster Shakespeare, travelled with great haste to the city of fog.

Shakespeare: Or so I wish to say to you. But it seems that I was not summoned to participate in a Holy Grail War this time.

Shakespeare: This is quite vexing indeed. O God! Where dost lie the grand story that I am destined to behold?

Shakespeare: No reply. Silence. God hast forsaken me. Where art the tale making blood boil, flesh dance, heart shiver, and soul shake!

Shakespeare: Then, I can only utter these words. Oh, "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind! "

Mordred: ...This is a blank. Next.

Shakespeare: Ah, what have we here? How curious our paths should finally cross within this unfathomable fog!

Mash: Do you know him? This, uh...Caster Shakespeare guy?

Mordred: Never heard of him. He's a blank.

Mordred: But we just confirmed our theory. Right now, this guy materialized from the Demonic Fog.

Shakespeare: It is a tragedy that my Master does not exist. But, I was able to meet you. Surely this too is destiny.

Shakespeare: I shall weave a tale of your exploits. I pray that your tale shall live up to your reputation.

Mordred: Ugh...

Mordred: This guy—doesn't look like an enemy. It's kind of odd if you think about it.

Mordred: What's the difference between him and the likes of Jack or that clown? Jack aside, everyone moved on their own will.

Mordred: Also—

Mordred: Never mind. Wait. What, did this night patrol hit the jackpot?

Mash: What?

Mordred: He's here. The one we've been waiting for. Hey you! You got some nerve for someone who fled!

"P": ...Looks like I am late.

Fujimaru 1: It's "P! "

Fujimaru 2: Just when did he...

"P": How unfortunate. It seems you have already procured the Servant that newly materialized.

"P": He appears to be a Caster. If only we had procured him, he would have made a fine ally.

Mordred: Hah hah. I get it. It's really quite simple when you reveal the trick.

Mash: ...Yes. Now I understand as well.

Dr. Roman: So, you procure and round up Servants materializing from the Demonic Fog, and make them your allies.

Dr. Roman: I see. Logically it's simple. But, easier said than done.

Dr. Roman: Unless you have the Holy Grail, it's impossible to make Heroic Spirits move according to your will.

"P": —Correct. I confess as much. It is as you say.

"P": We continue to wait in London for those who are indispensable to us to manifest themselves.

"P": So, we procure Heroic Spirits materializing from the fog one by one, and "adjust" them so they work on expanding the fog.

"P": It is truly regrettable indeed that we were not able to procure all of you.

"P": We surely would have been fine friends. All of us.

Fujimaru 1: I doubt it.

Fujimaru 2: You're kidding me.

Mash: ...Yes, Senpai. I feel exactly the same as you do.

Mordred: Hah! Seriously. You'll have to allow me to pass on that!

Mordred: You won't get away this time! Mage, name yourself before I cut you down!

"P": —As you wish. There is no catalyst to transport at this time. I shall procure you here myself.

"P": I am Paracelsus von Hohenheim. I manipulate the Four Great Elementals, and I seek the True Ether.

Paracelsus: Of course...I possess a different objective at the moment.

Mash: Master, prepare for a battle between Servants! Your orders—!


Paracelsus: ...A most natural result.

Paracelsus: This is precisely what I'd expect from a sword-wielding hero. Naturally, evildoers must fall.

Paracelsus: Overcoming all the world's evils. Resisting all this world's greed.

Paracelsus: And you who will carve out the future of this world. May the path before you...

Paracelsus: somehow illuminated...By true...light...

Mash: ...I have confirmed termination of the enemy Servant. Victory is ours, Senpai.

Mordred: Damn. The idiot disappeared without a trace. He was a nauseating mage from beginning to end.

Mordred: "Carve out the future? " Give me a break. As if I'm the type to do that. Ugh.

Shakespeare: "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player. "

Mordred: Huh? What was that?

Shakespeare: It's nothing but a few fanciful phrases crossing my mind. It is quite a fine spectacle that you have shown me today.

Shakespeare: I was only able to behold the mage in a short role,but he provided a truly satisfying final act.

Mordred: ...What an idiot. You're just being delusional.

Section 7: One More Mystery

Mash: Senpai—Are you okay? You seem a little pale.

Fujimaru 1: Sleepy.

Fujimaru 2: It's so early in the morning.

Mash: ...I suppose so. But early-morning patrols are necessary.

Mash: Mordred's actions are not mistaken. What happened last night may very well happen again.

Mash: However, it's not ideal...If you are starting to feel excessive fatigue...

Fujimaru 1: I'm fine.

Fujimaru 2: Don't worry so much.

Mash: ...Okay.

Mordred: It's pretty inconvenient to be a Master. But I guess you live with it, as you're still human.

Mordred: All the enemies are pushovers anyway. I could handle them myself—

Mash: ...Mechanical sounds detected. There's a big one approaching!

Mordred: Oh, speak of the devil. Hah, maybe I'll finally get to fight a Helter Skelter!

Mash: I'm sorry, Master! Preparing for battle! Your orders, please!


Dr. Roman: ...I've got bad news for you. Sorry, but listen up. Right around where you are...

Dr. Roman: Oh, can you hear them now? Well, that's what I'm talking about.

Mordred: Great, bring it on! I'll crush as many as I need to! It's pretty great slashing my way through thick steel.

Mash: I'm really, really sorry Master! Entering consecutive battles! Your orders, please.


Mordred: ...You know, even I'm getting kind of tired.

Mordred: We should make our way back to Jekyll's apartment. I don't need sleep, but I want to recover my magical energy.

Dr. Roman: Ahhh...Umm, this is kind of hard to say, but...

Mordred: ...I know, I know, so just shut up. I already sense them. There's quite a few.

Mash: ...Mechanical sounds detected. Multiple large units! Predicting enemy count will further increase!

Mordred: I wish they would all just congregate in Hyde Park! Then, I'd turn them all to cinders with my Noble Phantasm!

Mash: Please restrain yourself. Massive firepower in the City area is dangerous!

Mordred: I'll be as careful as I can when I use it!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Mash: Yes!

Fujimaru 2: This is getting more and more fun!

Mash: S-Senpai?

Mordred: I guess the enemy's getting serious now that a leader's down! Bring it on—I'll fight to the finish!


Jekyll: ...I see. So that's what's been happening.

Jekyll: Anyway, good work. Glad you made it back. Now please get some rest.

Mordred: Ah...That's much better...Ahhh...

Jekyll: Sitting on my favorite sofa again...Well...Okay fine. You did put in a lot of effort both last night and just now.

Fujimaru 1: Dead tired.

Fujimaru 2: Wiped out.

Mash: Senpai, don't overdo it. Please rest up. From now on, I'll watch over your vitals, too.

Dr. Roman: Huh? That's actually my job...

Dr. Roman: B-But you're right. It's more pleasing to be looked after by someone close to you...

Jekyll: Still, I see...I didn't think mass production of Helter Skelters was possible before, but now the situation is dire.

Jekyll: It's likely due to us defeating the mage Paracelsus AKA"P," one of the three leaders of Project Demonic Fog.

Jekyll: The enemy recognized you as a threat, and built up their strength in order to obtain materialized Heroic Spirits.

Jekyll: We should think of it that way. But, I wonder what kind of Heroic Spirit they're seeking...

Mordred: I don't know. It's your job to do the thinking. I'm...exhausted.

Mordred: ...That's right. Speaking of thinking, there's a freeloader who's only good for thinking. Hell, we got two of 'em.

Mordred: What are they doing right now, Jekyll? They're in the study, right?

Andersen: You called?

Shakespeare: Did you summon us?

Mordred: ...Sigh. I'm totally going to regret this. I should've known better. It's like you guys opened the Ark or something.

Shakespeare: Ark? Do you mean that "Ark? "Hahaha, you are harsh indeed! What an exaggeration!

Shakespeare: I do call myself a jack-in-the-box that releases grand, flowery words when cracked open...

Shakespeare: ...but I am no match for that cache of calamities! Rather, such a box does not exist to begin with.

Andersen: Indeed, it doesn't exist. It can't exist. As you know, its intended use is an impossibility.

Andersen: Nothing spoils fun like anecdotes of opening a box ending the world. The message is, if you want to die, die alone.

Mash: ...Um, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: ...Let's not talk about the Ark.

Mash: ...I agree. Despite what they say, those two are obviously into it.

Mash: I think the best thing to do is keep quiet.

Fujimaru 2: No, the Ark does exist. I know for sure.

Andersen & Shakespeare: Seriously!?

Shakespeare: Mm? Oh, I do apologize. Young Andersen incited me into raising my voice.

Shakespeare: But that aside, Fujimaru,I am verily interested in what you were just saying!

Shakespeare: Where and when did you see that Ark!? And who in the world opened it and for what reason!?

Shakespeare: Specifically, in what way did the ultimate bad ending overflowed with both sorrow and farce!?

Andersen: ...Hmm. (←listening calmly)

Andersen: ...Hmm. (←silently beginning to prepare tea)

Andersen: ...Hmm. (←spreading jam on a scone)

Mordred: ...Fool. You aroused a cat's curiosity. I know not of this.

Mordred: Fujimaru, Mash. Go talk in the study until they're satisfied.

Mash: Bummer...

Jekyll: Good luck. Maybe you can count that as part of resting up?

Mordred: Ha! Do you think you can take a nap in front a pond of geese? Look at Fujimaru's face. I've never seen anyone so dumbfounded.

Andersen: Oh, that's right. I forgot to tell you what it is that we're doing.

Andersen: That playwright is focused on getting these events down on paper, but not me. I want to do as little work as possible.

Andersen: But there is something on my mind. I heard from Fujimaru of the developments leading up to now...The seven Singularities.

Andersen: ...More precisely, something about the magecraft ritual called the Holy Grail War bothers me...

Andersen: ...I don't have enough materials to make a judgment. To be honest, I'm almost at a stalemate.

Mordred: ...Hmph. I see you can act like a Caster. Although you're still useless...

Dr. Roman: Ah, excuse me. Can we get back on topic? A review of the current situation, and future plans?

Dr. Roman: Luckily, enemy's awareness is focusing on the Demonic Fog. If they want to wipe us out, they'd go around destroying buildings.

Dr. Roman: The fact that they haven't means the enemy is only aware of the streets that the Demonic Fog extends to.

Dr. Roman: I'm sure there's something there to take advantage of—

Jekyll: ...Is there?

Dr. Roman: I hope so. Hmm...Is there? I hope there is...It'd be nice...

Mordred: This is a pain, do something. We can't spend as much time outside like we used to.

Mordred: Wandering around aimlessly just eats away at my magical energy with each battle.

Mordred: If we could at least disable the Helter Skelters,it wouldn't be that much of an effort, but...

Jekyll: There's no way. This is a problem, as we might end up in a stalemate.

Fran: ...Urhh......Uhh, urhh...

Andersen: All right, then how about this?

Andersen: There is an outbreak of Helter Skelters, but how about gathering some data to support my theory?

Andersen: Run an errand for me, basically. You guys have stamina, so isn't this the perfect job?

Dr. Roman: Working outside among all those Helter Skelters is a tall order...

Fujimaru 1: Let's try it.

Fujimaru 2: Let's cooperate with Andersen and Shakespeare.

Mash: Right, Senpai. It won't make our current situation any better but—

Mash: I don't think things will get any better if we just stay holed up in this apartment.

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: Well, if there is anything we can do,getting on it would be constructive.

Dr. Roman: Still, you want us to gather data,but where are we supposed to go?

Fou: Kyu, fouuu...

Andersen: Oh, come on, this is London. Your destination is obvious.

Fujimaru 1: Obvious?

Dr. Roman: Hmm, what is it?

Jekyll: Maybe the Mage's Association—AKA "Clock Tower? "

Fujimaru 2: Does he mean the Mage's Association?

Andersen: Correct. Once man enters AD, mages centered around a giant academy—the Mage's Association, Clock Tower.

Dr. Roman: Ah!

Andersen: Right. A giant academy that is unlocking the secrets of the world exists here in London. Why would you not use it?

Dr. Roman: You're right...B-But in the state London is in now, I wonder...

Dr. Roman: If the Mage's Association—Clock Tower still stands,I'd naturally assume Jekyll is in contact with them.

Mash: Good point. Jekyll hasn't spoken about the Clock Tower.

Jekyll: ...That's because there was no need.

Mordred: The Mage's Association...That's like underground, from Regent Park all the way to Westminster, right?

Mordred: After materializing and meeting Jekyll,I went there to check it out immediately.

Mordred: The British Museum, was it? I went there because I heard that's where the entrance was.

Mordred: But the entrance was completely sealed off. It was a ruined pile of rubble.

Jekyll: Yeah. Strangely enough, "the building was demolished. "No part was left untouched.

Jekyll: Thinking back, perhaps the mastermind of "Project Demonic Fog" crushed all possibility of resistance.

Andersen: I don't mind if it got destroyed. So what if it's a pile of rubbles.

Andersen: Nothing could be better if the mages are alive, but that has nothing to do with my objective one way or another.

Andersen: What I need are records. Data.

Andersen: It's certain that the important archives are protected by considerably firm seals. Take me there.

Fou: Kyuuu...Fou...

Shakespeare: Then I shall accompany you. The ruins of a mystic academy should serve as a font of inspiration!

Dr. Roman: It seems this is going to be a large group. But...

Dr. Roman: I suppose the more firepower the better, in case you encounter Helter Skelters. Yeah, that makes sense.

Fran: ...Uhh......Urhh?

Fujimaru 1: You should stay here, Fran.

Fujimaru 2: It's dangerous, so hold the fort, Fran.

Mash: I agree. Right now, London is especially dangerous. Please stay here, Fran.

Fran: ...Uh, urrh...

Andersen: Then let's be off. We'll visit that formerly flourishing mystic academy.

Andersen: Oh, and also Saber...Do make sure to protect us weak Casters.

Mordred: Huh? Protect you? Say that to Shieldy over there.

Mash: Ah, u-um—

Jekyll: All right, I'm going, too! Let's go!

Mordred: Huh?

Mash: Wha...

Section 8: The Death of the Mage's Association

Mordred: ...You know. You said "a large group,"but we can't count you in during combat.

Jekyll: You're looking for the ruins of the Mage's Association,yes? Surely my intellectual curiosity as a scholar will be aroused.

Jekyll: Besides, I can be good when need to. You see, I also have an "ace up my sleeve. "

Jekyll: And I have faith that you'll all protect me. I'm counting on you, Saber.

Mordred: Tch. As I said, I'm not protecting anyone. But do as you like.

Dr. Roman: All right then. We really should get moving. The British Museum means we're heading to the Regent Park area.

Dr. Roman: That's some distance from here. You'd best prepare yourselves for a succession of battles.

Dr. Roman: Mmm? Come to think of it—

Dr. Roman: Didn't the Mage's Association exist as several college towns in the London suburbs and stuff?

Jekyll: That's that. This is this.

Jekyll: The Mage's Association originated at their London HQ,and added facilities centuries later as they grew in scale.

Jekyll: That's why interspersed college towns center around London, as it's the heart of Mage's Association and Clock Tower.

Jekyll: Multiple cities built to surround London comprise the rest of the Association.

Jekyll: Doctor, have you never been to the Clock Tower before?

Andersen: Oh. I knew there was something unpolished about you. Are you a country bumpkin?

Dr. Roman: Gulp. N-No, of course not.

Dr. Roman: It's just that I haven't had much connection to London,I mean, being so far away...

Dr. Roman: B-But I knew what was going on in London! Director Marie was sent from the Mage's Association, too!

Mordred: Enough chatter. We need to—Ah, as soon as I think it. Here we go.

Mash: Multiple machine sounds ahead. Senpai, I think the Helter Skelters are here!

Fou: Fou, fou!

Dr. Roman: They didn't waste any time. Fight your way through them and get to Regent Park on the double!

Fujimaru 1: Roger.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go right through them!

Mash: Yes, Master!


Shakespeare: The British Museum! A symbol of the British Empire! Or rather, what remains—

Shakespeare: Oh, what a sorrowful sight! This museum once held so many of humanity's greatest treasures!

Shakespeare: I cannot help but sigh. This building once held human progress itself.

Shakespeare: Can such a thing be allowed! Oh! 'Tis like the burning of the Library of Alexandria!

Shakespeare: Truly, a shame—

Shakespeare: However, however. This is the way of humanity as well.

Shakespeare: Foolishness and grieving are human traits. "You, gods, will give us some faults to make us men. "

Mordred: ...It's no different than the last time I was here. Rubble. Ruin. Nothing else.

Mordred: Whoever destroyed this place must've had a personal grudge. There's no survivors.

Mash: So this is the British Museum...or what's left. I'd seen it, but just in image data...

Mash: Nowhere else in London were buildings destroyed. Just here...

Fujimaru 1: It's sad.

Fujimaru 2: I don't like destroyed buildings.

Mash: Yes, Senpai...Yes...

Andersen: All right, physical laborers. Oh, especially Saber and Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: Yes.

Mordred: What?

Andersen: Start digging here. According to Jekyll,the Clock Tower spread underground as well.

Andersen: Despite the thorough wreckage, the ground is intact. That means what we're after is underground.

Andersen: But, unfortunately, the stairs are buried in rubble. So—You see?

Andersen: Time to show off the ridiculous strength of Servants! Now go smash stuff like a bulldozer!

Shakespeare: That's true! Sadly, I expend tremendous magical energy if I hold anything heavier than a pen!

Fou: Fou...

Mordred: ...

Jekyll: I-I'll help. Yeah. I probably won't be of much use though.

Dr. Roman: Yay! I'm faster this time! Magical energy responses near you! And lots of them!

Mordred: Hmm...It's true. There's something here. What is this?

Dr. Roman: You don't see anything, right? But it's there. And it's moving around.

Dr. Roman: It's not the Mystic Codes scattered in the rubble, either. Which means there's only one answer!

Jekyll: It's from below!? Saber, sorry, but get ready—

Mordred: Don't treat me like you're my Master! I know! If they come out, we'll fight them!

Mash: Master, multiple incoming enemies! Magical energy signatures are growing—Assume they're attacking!

Fujimaru 1: Fight!

Fujimaru 2: Be careful!

Mash: Right, Master. Beginning combat!

Shakespeare: I shall aid you as well. A shield maiden dancing amidst the rubble—truly stimulates the imagination!


Mash: Battle is over, Senpai. Good work.

Dr. Roman: I don't see Helter Skelters around,but we still ran into something troublesome...

Fujimaru 1: Those were...

Fujimaru 2: I remember that shape.

Mash: Yes, Senpai. The enemy has a striking resemblance to the magical tome we saw in Soho.

Mash: But this time our attacks worked...Without Andersen giving them a name.

Mash: Normal attacks alone were sufficient. They also didn't change form...

Mordred: Last time I was here, I didn't see any floating books like that.

Jekyll: May I speak? This is just a guess,but I think those are a type of transformed grimoire.

Jekyll: Maybe the Demonic Fog transformed the tomes that were kept underground with the Mage's Association.

Dr. Roman: (Oh...I was thinking the same thing, but he said it first...)

Andersen: ...A swarm of attacking books, huh?

Shakespeare: ...It was like a nightmare, or perhaps a vision of hell.

Andersen: Don't be stupid. Those things weren't even...

Andersen: ...

Shakespeare: ......

Mordred: Haha. What's wrong, authors? You're not running your mouths like usual?

Andersen: ...I'm holding back. No, forget it. Forget it! Wow, that felt good! That felt great!

Mordred: Hmm?

Shakespeare: To burn a book! It is something inconceivable! Oh, how sad...but there was a joy in it!

Shakespeare: Wrongdoings that should ne'er be done. Unforgivable acts of barbarism! There should only be sadness, yet...

Shakespeare: I cannot help but feel a moment of forbidden joy! Oh, my God!

Andersen: No books are needed except my own. Actually, I'd prefer to even burn my own works!

Andersen: If there were no books in the world! No need to lament of the many great works I'll never read!

Andersen: If there were no books in the world! I'd never have to scream, "Who published this trash!? "

Andersen: If there were no books in the world! I'd never have to worry about deadlines!

Shakespeare: What an honest man! Oh, but his words strike me in my heart!

Fou: Fo, fooou...

Mordred: W-What's gotten into them?

Jekyll: This is kind of amazing...Really...

Fujimaru 1: Authors are twisted.

Fujimaru 2: Authors are creatures of paradox?

Mash: A-Anyway, Senpai. This makes our path clear, doesn't it?

Mash: When the book-type enemies appeared,they formed a path to the underground by chance—

Dr. Roman: Yeah. Once the author Heroic Spirits calm down,it's time to go underground!

Dr. Roman: I'm so excited. This is like the headquarters of the Mage's Association.

Dr. Roman: I wonder what it's like down there? Oh, I wish I could go and see for myself.

Mordred: Then you should come. Instead of just being a voice.

Dr. Roman: have to observe, and keep Chaldea running...

Dr. Roman: O-Okay! Back to my observation work!

Fou: Fou, Kyukyu...


Jekyll: ...It's like an endless dungeon, huh?

Andersen: It's dark.

Shakespeare: Indeed, and the air is awfully wet.

Mordred: That's what mage dwellings are like, right? Everybody knows they like it dark and damp.

Mash: Do they?

Fou: Kyuu, kyaau! Fou!

Mordred: The rodent is agreeing with me. It says this sure feels like where a mage lives. Right?

Fou: Kyuu!

Mash: Fou? You seem kind of excited...

Fujimaru 1: Does he feel something?

Fou: Kyukyu...Kyaau...

Fujimaru 2: He really is agreeing with Mordred.

Fou: Kyuu, kyaau! Kyuu!

Mash: That's right. I wonder if Fou has taken a liking to Mordred.

Fou: Foou...

Dr. Roman: The endless dark corridors might be because, well, we're choosing to walk down corridors not blocked by debris.

Dr. Roman: All the entrances to the rooms are smashed,or filled with rubble...

Dr. Roman: It feels like someone destroyed this place thoroughly. There's not a single surviving mage.

Dr. Roman: If that theory's correct, the enemy should have sent someone down here. And they—

Mordred: They might still be here, huh? Looks like you're right.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Magical energy response detected! Senpai, something's around the corner!

Fujimaru 1: Time for combat!

Fujimaru 2: This is a closed area, so be careful!

Mash: —Roger, Master!

Andersen: Hmmph. I'll help you this time. Don't expect it all the time, though.


Jekyll: Mr. Andersen. This door is—

Andersen: I'm sensing magical energy. Yeah, this is it. A warded entrance to a library.

Andersen: It's not blocked with rubble either. Excellent. I hope what I'm after is here, but that's up to chance.

Andersen: Saber, Mash Kyrielight,and Fujimaru.

Andersen: Jekyll and I are going inside. Guard the door.

Fujimaru 1: Roger.

Fujimaru 2: Leave it to us!

Mash: Right, Senpai.

Mordred: Find what you're after quickly and get back here. I'm not sure when the enemy might show—

Mordred: ...And there they are now! Flying books, and even a Helter Skelter!

Dr. Roman: Multiple moving responses! Th-This is not good!

Dr. Roman: They're rushing in one after another. Can't assess the total amount! Andersen, escape once you find the reference you're after!

Andersen: Oh...I don't know about that. This is a problem.

Jekyll: This is...This is indeed a problem...I see. So that's how they guard the books.

Mordred: What? Stop being pompous and tell us what's going on!

Jekyll: The library books are warded by special, powerful spells. They can't leave this room! We can't go through the door!

Andersen: Luckily, I have several good guesses for the references I seek. But, oh...These are...

Andersen: ..."Wait a while for me to finish reading them. "

Mordred: WHAT!?

Shakespeare: One scans information deep in the mystic garden! The other guards the door against a horde of foes!

Shakespeare: On one side, a battle of knowledge! On another, a battle of strength!

Shakespeare: This is truly a situation that entrances one's heart!

Shakespeare: Oh, which side should I stand on? Which should I see, that I can record in a book!

Mordred: Just shut up and fight over here! They're coming!

Mash: ...This is a defensive battle! Master, your orders!


Mordred: That's most of 'em—No, wait. There's more?

Dr. Roman: There's more! The layout down here puts you at a huge disadvantage!

Dr. Roman: The enemy's just going to keep coming! And you have to defend a single point!

Mash: We're okay for now, but if this drags out it'll be bad. Master!

Fujimaru 1: We can't leave yet!

Fujimaru 2: Just hang in a little more!

Mash: ...Roger, Master! Continuing battle!

Andersen: Just a little more, Fujimaru! I'm at the best part. It's all for nothing if we leave now.

Shakespeare: Badly outnumbered! The ideal situation for a hero,but this is—

Shakespeare: This is perhaps a bit too many. I'm about to run out of magical energy. Actually, I already have.

Mordred: Wha—

Jekyll: ...Oh, fine. I wanted to avoid this if I could, but...

Mordred: —Huh? Jekyll, why are you coming out into the hall?

Mordred: There's nothing a would-be mage can do here! Get back in the library!

Jekyll: I told you. I have an ace-in-the-hole.

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Jekyll, that's—

Jekyll: An elixir. A "special" one I made. First you do this...and then inject this...

Dr. Roman: Wh-What!? A strange magical energy response suddenly spawned there!?

Fou: Fo–u! Kyau!

Jekyll: Haha—

Jekyll: Hehehe, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's been so long since I've been outside! HERE I AM!!

Mordred: Huh!?

Mash: !!!!?!?!?

Fujimaru 1: Who are you?

Fujimaru 2: Jekyll?

Mash: Yes, that was Mr. Jekyll...Mr. Henry Jekyll! But the way he changed is "just like in the book"...

Hyde: I'm "Hyde! " If I don't like you, I kill you! You get in my way, I kill you! Kill! Kill! Kill!


Mordred: ...He ran right at the enemy. He's just like a Berserker. Not bad!

Dr. Roman: Elixir-induced transformation. I see, truly Jekyll and Hyde! But physical transformation must put an awful strain on him!

Dr. Roman: I don't think it'll last long...Andersen, you better hurry up!

Andersen: I understand. Don't hurry me.

Andersen: Reading should be done at one's own pace. Yes, alone, and in a quiet room—

Andersen: Hmm. It's not quiet. The noise outside is bothering me.

Mordred: You don't understand at all! Just hurry up!

Mordred: ...Damn it. Shieldy, we'll follow Jekyll!

Mash: Right. —Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Work together and don't go too deep!

Fujimaru 2: Don't let Hyde get away!

Mash: Roger, Master! Continuing combat!


Mash: Enemy units destroyed!

Jekyll: ...We're done, huh? Whew, I don't think...I can do anymore...

Mordred: Oh, you're back to normal.

Jekyll: There was a chance I wouldn't come back, so I'm glad I did. Is Andersen's book-reading—

Andersen: I'm done. I finished decoding most of the documents I was after.

Andersen: Besides, there were also several interesting books. I satisfied my personal curiosity, too. Great work, guys.

Mordred: Personal curiosity?

Fou: ...Fou......Fo...

Dr. Roman: What a free spirit Andersen is...There's something impressive in his lack of shame. However...

Dr. Roman: Y-You need to get out of here! There are more enemies coming!

Fujimaru 1: Break away, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Good work. Let's get out of here.

Mash: Right, Senpai. Let's return to the surface right away.

Andersen: Once again, good work. Let's return to the apartment and I'll share the results.

Shakespeare: —Okay! I've recovered! Now it's time for me to rejoin the heroes' battle as well!

Shakespeare: Oh? Are you all ready to return home?

Mordred: That's right! We're leaving, damn it!

Andersen: And so you see—Your efforts have answered a certain question.

Andersen: Again, you have my thanks. Thank you, Fujimaru, Mash, Saber.

Mordred: Y-Yeah.

Andersen: My wallet is so empty I can't reward you a single penny,but I hope these observations are worth it.

Jekyll: Yes, I'm looking forward to them, Mr. Andersen. Enough to forget all this muscle pain.

Fou: Fou.

Andersen: In light of Mr. Jekyll's urgent need for rest,I'll get right to the point.

Andersen: What bothered me in the first place was the relationship between "Heroic Spirits" and "Servants. "

Andersen: Heroic Spirits are records or results of human history.

Andersen: Be they real or fictional,they'll exist as long as humanity does.

Andersen: But a Servant is something different. This treats a Heroic Spirit as an "existence" in reality...

Andersen: A familiar given a container called a Class and "made real," when its existence is uncertain to begin with.

Andersen: But I ask you, Jekyll and Roman, was it? Is such a thing possible with the powers of a human, a mage?

Andersen: Turning a Heroic Spirit into a familiar—I see,that's powerful. The strongest summoning spell imaginable.

Andersen: But a human couldn't handle such a spell on their own. If it's possible, it would be—

Dr. Roman: A being greater than humans. An "Authority" exercised by a supernatural being, labeled as world or god. Is that it?

Andersen: Indeed. Heroic Spirits can't be summoned with human power alone. There needs to be some other reason—

Andersen: It needs an extra push from something else, I think.

Mash: ...Um. Isn't that the Holy Grail?

Mash: It's a fact that up to this point, many Servants have been summoned thanks to the Holy Grail.

Andersen: Indeed. You spoke of the seven Singularities. Seven Holy Grails driving the different eras mad.

Andersen: That's why I asked Dr. Roman about the Holy Grail.

Andersen: What exactly is the Holy Grail War that enables Heroic Spirit Summons? For what reason was it created?

Dr. Roman: Yup. I don't have detailed data, but the origin is a town in rural Japan. The flaming city you visited, Fujimaru.

Andersen: There, they made a vessel for the Holy Grail, used its power to summon Heroic Spirits, who they had compete as Servants.

Andersen: That's what seemed weird to me. There's a flaw in the concept of making Heroic Spirits fight each other.

Andersen: It felt like there was something else going on. So I decided to read the Mage's Association archives.

Andersen: And I found what I expected.

Andersen: The original Heroic Spirit summoning ritual was a ceremony to pit seven powers against one.

Andersen: It wasn't something where seven Heroic Spirits fought one another.

Andersen: "Ritual: Heroic Spirit Summon" and "Ritual: Holy Grail War" are the same systems with different genres, you could say.

Andersen: "Holy Grail War" altered an existing spell and used it for selfish human purposes.

Andersen: Meanwhile, it's base spell "Heroic Spirit Summon"...

Andersen: ...was a ritual to put "humanity's strongest seven Heroic Spirits" against "a single powerful enemy. "

Andersen: That's what got distorted in the Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

Fujimaru 1: ...Then you and the others are also?

Andersen: Yeah. Since there are only supposed to be seven of them, all the Heroic Spirits that got summoned later—

Andersen: Well, they're cheap, convenient,multi-purpose familiars.

Fujimaru 2: ...So um...What?

Andersen: ...For now, just know that the Ritual: Holy Grail War was based off of something else.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, I see! I see! An interesting theory.

Dr. Roman: Chaldea wasn't able to make its own summoning system from the ground up.

Dr. Roman: We modified and stabilized the Fuyuki ritual,but never considered the possibility of an older original.

Fou: Foou!

Mash: Yes, Doctor. This is a viewpoint we've never heard before.

Mash: It casts doubt about the fundamental nature of the Holy Grail War.

Mash: I thought I knew what Heroic Spirits were originally. But it was nothing more than information—

Mash: It wasn't nearly at the level of what you just pointed out. That's very impressive, Mr. Andersen.

Mash: I guess this is the keen eye of observation owned by an author that left his name in history.

Fujimaru 1: Maybe so.

Fujimaru 2: What you'd call an objective perspective?

Mordred: I don't know if it's that special. Anyway...That's fine, but you know...

Mordred: This doesn't help us do anything about the mass-production of those Helter Skelters.

Mash: Th...That's...

Dr. Roman: ...Well, that's true.

Andersen: Of course it is. I just felt a hitch with the Heroic Spirit summoning system.

Andersen: If we're all normal Classes summoned by a single system—

Andersen: I wondered what kind of Spirit Origins the original seven for this system must have had.

Andersen: ...And someone else thought the same thing.

Andersen: I don't think it's coincidence that information about this,even the parts you'd expect to be lost, was all in one place.

Andersen: "Someone" predicted our coming,and put it there.

Mash: Someone?

Dr. Roman: Who could it be? A surviving mage of the Clock Tower? Or a Servant?

Andersen: I don't think it would be a mage, but I don't know why a Servant would do it. We'll have to set that aside for now.

Section 9: Opportunity

Dr. Roman: ...Hm...It seems I'm picking up interference on my mic,but speak of the devil? I detect multiple hostiles around you.

Dr. Roman: There are more roaming around the apartment than earlier...Enough magical energy distortion to disturb communications.

Mash: This mechanical sound—I believe it's a group of Helter Skelters.

Andersen: I doubt they'll break in, but they are a nuisance. Get out there and dismantle them.

Fujimaru 1: Let's do it!

Fujimaru 2: We'll finish them off quickly.

Mash: Right, Senpai. Intercepting them in the alley. Let's reduce their numbers.


Mash: ...Good work. We drove off the Helter Skelters.

Dr. Roman: Mmm. Mmm? Wait...Hold on a second, um...So that means...

Dr. Roman: —Helter Skelters?

Fou: Fou?

Dr. Roman: Yes. That's it! Actually, I've made progress on the Helter Skelter analysis!

Dr. Roman: As expected, they're machines created by technology unknown to us. I suspect they were built–with magical energy.

Mash: You mean...machines created with a combination of magecraft and science?

Dr. Roman: Not exactly. They are made by magical energy, but they are machines.

Dr. Roman: I still don't understand the kind of techniques used but structurally, they're machines. Yet, they were formed by magecraft.

Jekyll: In other words...Um...

Fujimaru 1: What do you mean?

Jekyll: I don't really understand...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe like Noble Phantasms?

Dr. Roman: Exactly! Good insight!

Mash: ...In other words, they're armaments made of magical energy, just like Servants' Noble Phantasms, right?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. They're half-baked mechanical constructions,which is why I was looking too hard for magecraft-made golem approximations.

Dr. Roman: Basically, they're Noble Phantasms. Powerful figures woven from magical energy.

Dr. Roman: Unlike a sword Noble Phantasm that is a "razor edge,"Helter Skelters are "fighting machine" Noble Phantasms.

Dr. Roman: It looks like they operate autonomously, but they're actually controlled by someone like the Noble Phantasm's owner.

Dr. Roman: They're a remote-controlled robotic squad, so to say. All units should stop if we break the acting controller.

Mash: Then, considerable exceptions aside, if we beat the Servant possessing the Noble Phantasm—

Mordred: The robots will disappear. Well, we can see the whole picture now, huh?

Mash: So Doctor,where is the Servant who owns the Noble Phantasm?

Dr. Roman: ...I don't know.

Jekyll: ...Yes. Right, you wouldn't know.

Dr. Roman: Not even Da Vinci knows, or rather, she said she can't clean up my mess anymore...

Mash: Huh?

Jekyll: Mmm?

Mordred: What, someone else did the analysis?

Dr. Roman: ...Uuh, that's right...After all, I wasn't getting anywhere on my own...

Dr. Roman: I'm a medical staff...Considering that, don't you think I'm doing pretty well?

Mash: Y-Yes. You're making a great effort, Doctor. Right, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah.

Dr. Roman: Thank you, thank you...Fujimaru...

Fujimaru 2: Where the Servant with the Noble Phantasm is...

Dr. Roman: Uuh...I feel so lonely...

Fran: ...Uhh......Uh, uh, uhrrr...

Mordred: We know what we have to do. Yes. But, we don't know our destination. Do we?

Fran: ...Urh...

Mordred: What should we do? If we could trace the magical energy in one shot...

Mash: If the example of a remote control is correct,then maybe we can trace the magical energy back.

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci, wise in the ways of science and magecraft,brought up that example, so I imagine it's right.

Dr. Roman: But with the effect of the Demonic Fog, doing something subtle like tracing marks of magical energy...

Dr. Roman: Is not something I can do. It's rather difficult even with Chaldea's equipment.

Jekyll: I give up, too. I'm not a real mage in the first place.

Fran: ...Urh...

Fujimaru 1: Fran's been making noise...

Fujimaru 2: Somebody here has something to say.

Mash: Fran? You're hiding over there...Is something wrong?

Fran: ...Uhh......Uhh, urrrh...

Mordred: Oh, she fled from the literary Heroic Spirits next door? I know how she feels. They are annoying.

Fran: ...Uhh......Uhh, urrrh...

Mordred: Don't hide, show your face here. Come on now.

Fran: ...Uhh, uhhh...

Mordred: What, you have something to say to us? Then spit it out.

Fran: ...Uhh...

Mash: I don't mind. As long as you're fine with us,right, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: You can tell us anything.

Fran: ...Uhh, urrrh...Ahh...

Fran: ...Ahh...

Fran: ...Ahh, uhh...Urhhh, uhh...

Fran: ...Ahh, ahh, ahhh...

Mordred: Wha...Is that true!?

Mash: I'm shocked. Fran, I had no idea you could do that...

Jekyll: ???

Dr. Roman: Tell me, do you really understand? Do you really understand what she's saying?

Mash: Somewhat. She also uses gestures,so it's like reading a kind of sign language...

Mordred: It seems she knows where the Helter Skelter's remote control is.

Dr. Roman: Huh!?

Jekyll: R-Really?

Fran: ...Uhh...

Jekyll: Let me double-check. Fran, can you...detect traces of the magical energy that controls them?

Fran: ...Uhh. Uhh.

Mordred: There, you see? She nodded. All right, this makes things easier. Let's get moving!


Mordred: ...You know, even though I've gotten used to it,this poor visibility is irritating.

Fran: ...Uhh.

Mordred: Say, Fujimaru. Your court mage...Dr. Maron, was it?

Mordred: Can't he make us a far-seeing crystal or something? That would have been a snap for Merlin...

Dr. Roman: Roman! My name is Roman! And don't compare me to Merlin!

Dr. Roman: He was the ultimate hermit wizard! I'm just a modern-day doctor!

Fou: Fou, fou!

Fujimaru 1: Margarine?

Fujimaru 2: Marmalade?

Mordred: Huh!? You're a mage and you're saying you don't know!? Merlin! I'm talking about Merlin!

Mordred: King Arthur's successor and mastermind of the Round Table. He was a great mage born half-human, half-incubus.

Mordred: He isn't famous anymore? Haha! That feels great! Serves him right!

Dr. Roman: Merlin was one of the world's most renowned kingmakers. He was also behind Arthur pulling the sword from the stone.

Dr. Roman: Apparently, he had extraordinary magecraft skills, but was ultimately imprisoned at world's end for woman trouble.

Mordred: Yeah. I heard he's all crabby and in a tower at a corner of Avalon, unable to leave or die.

Mordred: How can I put it? He was a flighty bastard. Imagine a perpetual flurry of flowers behind you get me?

Fujimaru 1: I do.

Fujimaru 2: I don't.

Mordred: Well, whatever. Enough about him. He's so spineless he can't even rush over to London's calamity.

Mordred: ...More importantly. Tell me, Fujimaru, are you okay with that?

Fujimaru 1: Okay with what?

Fujimaru 2: What's wrong?

Mordred: (Mash, I'm talking about Mash. You see how depressed she looks? Go talk to her. )

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong, Mash?

Fujimaru 2: You seem down, Mash.

Mash: ...Yes. Physically, there's nothing wrong with me, but......mentally, I have a problem.

Mash: ...I'm sorry, Senpai. Our battles are getting more intense,but I haven't been improving at all...

Fou: Fou?

Mash: ...It's my Noble Phantasm. Servants' true fighting powers lie in Noble Phantasms.

Mash: I've seen many Noble Phantasms up till now. All of them have been miracles worthy of their heroic names.

Mash: Yet, I still—can't use my Noble Phantasm properly.

Mash: ...At this rate, I'm just a burden. I know that,but I still can't remember his True Name...

Fujimaru 1: Even without a Noble Phantasm...

Mash: No, I need a Noble Phantasm!

Mash: Ah, um...I'm sorry I yelled at you. But it will definitely become necessary...that's my hunch.

Fujimaru 2: It's not your fault, Mash.

Mash: ...Indeed, the merge was due to a sudden accident. But he entrusted me with everything...

Mash: The point is, I'm not oblivious of the Noble Phantasm's true value. I don't even know his True Name...

Mordred: So that's what this is about. You heard Helter Skelter is a Noble Phantasm and became depressed.

Mordred: True, a Servant who cannot use a Noble Phantasm is no Servant at all.

Mordred: No matter how weak the Noble Phantasm, its very existence is proof of that hero. It's a matter of pride.

Mash: ...

Mordred: But you're different, Mash. You're you. How you think and your honor are different from that Shield bastard.

Mordred: It's true you haven't mastered using that Noble Phantasm. From what I've seen, you're about a third of the way there.

Mordred: The remaining two-thirds are untapped. Or maybe you,being you, won't get to 100% and that's that.

Mash: ...So it is like that.

Mash: The "Demi" side...The human part of me is dragging Senpai down...

Mordred: Fool. That's ridiculous. Listen until I'm done talking.

Mordred: You're not fully utilizing your Noble Phantasm. But I'm sure—you're stronger than the original Heroic Spirit.

Mash: Huh? The original Heroic Spirit...You mean the Heroic Spirit that I merged with?

Mordred: Yes. You're much, much stronger than him. That's coming from me, so there's no doubt about it.

Mordred: You may come up short not having a Noble Phantasm,but not anywhere else. Am I right, Fujimaru?

Mordred: For you,Mash is the perfect partner, isn't she?

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: I'll do something about that Noble Phantasm!

Mash: ...I-Is that really the case?

Mash: ...Okay. If that's the case, I feel much better.

Mordred: There, you see? In the first place, it's a Master's job to take care of their Servant.

Mordred: Whether you can utilize the true value of a Noble Phantasm is Fujimaru's problem, not yours, Mash.

Mordred: Right, Fujimaru?

Mordred: Before Mash can become a full-fledged Servant,you need to become a first-rate Master.

Fujimaru 1: We'll be first-rate together.

Fujimaru 2: I'll teach you how to use it eventually.

Fou: Fouuu!

Mordred: There you go. So don't worry about it, Mash.

Mordred: Fujimaru is the one who's sitting in the hot seat.

Mash: —Right!

Dr. Roman: ...All right, can we get moving soon? I'm sorry, as everyone is in a good mood, but...

Mash: Ah...

Mordred: Hmmph. Fujimaru, summon a Rider Servant and have it give Maron a swift kick with its hind legs.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, yeah, it's all my fault. My fault! Now, time for combat. Multiple hostile readings approaching!

Dr. Roman: Go rout them to liven things up!

Section 10: At the End of Brilliant Steam

Fran: ...Uhh...

Mash: That direction. Got it.... Senpai, it seems we want to go west from here.

Fujimaru 1: West is...

Fujimaru 2: Maybe the Westminster area?

Mordred: Yes, probably the Westminster area. That's where we'll find the Houses of Parliament.

Mordred: Let's go there and pound them down. Ah. But first.

Mash: Yes?

Mordred: There's one thing I need to say. This time, my hands are tied protecting Fran.

Mordred: You see, she's not a Servant, and it's unknown how much damage an artificial human can take.

Mordred: So "I'm going to protect her. "...We have a strange connection.

Dr. Roman: We can't count on Mordred during the battle then,so you guys will have to provide all the muscle. Be careful!

Fujimaru 1: Roger.

Fujimaru 2: No problem.

Mash: Right. Okay then, Senpai. Let's move out!

Dr. Roman: ...To think it's really near the Houses of Parliament. What a place for a remote control. Is it actually inside?

Fran: ...Uhh, uhrrr!

Mash: Looks like it's close. She says it's in our immediate vicinity—

Mordred: Look, there's a gargantuan one! Fran, get behind me and stay there!

Mordred: Mash, Fujimaru! I'm leaving this one to you. Take it apart!

Mash: Roger that. Master, it's combat with a giant hostile. Awaiting orders!


Mash: —All giant hostile targets have gone silent.

Mash: It appears it wasn't a Servant...But, was this the Noble Phantasm that's manipulating the others?

Fran: ...Uh.... Uh, uhh.

Mordred: It seems so. Okay, that's one nuisance out of the way.

Mordred: Good work. Fran. We pulled through thanks to you.

Fran: ...Uh, uh. Ah...

Dr. Roman: Mash, Fujimaru. Just in case,could you send me some visual data of the remains?

Dr. Roman: I'll go ahead and analyze them here. Well, I'm just going to ask Da Vinci about them.

Mash: Understood.

Mash: ...Doctor. We discovered something strange. Something that the other Helter Skelters did not possess.

Mash: Perhaps the manufacturer's name? It's written in English.

Mash: "Charles Babbage, AD 1888"

Fran: ...Uh!!?

Mordred: Hmm. What's wrong, Fran?

Fran: ......


Mash: Good morning, Senpai. Did you sleep well?

Mash: It seems like you went by yourself to the nap room a little earlier...

Fujimaru 1: I couldn't sleep much.

Fujimaru 2: Those author Heroic Spirits were there...

Mash:, that's right...The two Heroic Spirit authors are occupying that room...

Mash: In that case, you probably didn't get much rest. I-I'm sorry I didn't notice.

Mash: I...wish I had let you use the sofa in the living room that was assigned to me...

Fujimaru 1: It's okay.

Fujimaru 2: I'm glad it worked out this way.

Mash: ...Senpai...

Mordred: Mm. Both of you are awake. Hey, have you seen Fran around?

Mash: Come to think of it...Oh! Senpai, maybe Fran...

Fujimaru 1: In the next room.

Fujimaru 2: In the authors' room.

Mordred: ...Well, if she's fine with that, it's fine. I myself have no intention of entering that room.

Mash: That room gives off a kind of odd ambience. I wonder if that's the power of authors with looming deadlines.

Mordred: They've basically just been writing since materializing. Though I'm not sure if Andersen is really working or not.

Mash: I couldn't help but sense a strange pressure coming from that room...

Jekyll: Good morning, everyone. Looks like you all got some rest.

Jekyll: There's something we need to talk about, okay? It's the name you found a few hours earlier.

Dr. Roman: Charles Babbage, right? He was an outstanding British scientist and mathematician of the 19th century.

Jekyll: Yes. He belongs to this age. I haven't met him myself, but I recall a few things.

Jekyll: I'm sure that he and the original Dr. Victor Frankenstein were acquaintances.

Mash: —I'm sorry, but please wait.

Mash: Babbage was supposed to have passed away at least a decade prior to our present time.

Jekyll: Huh? No, that's strange. He may be old, but he should still be an active scholar in good health.

Mash: ???

Dr. Roman: Jekyll, are you sure that's not a lapse in your memory? Are you really sure that Babbage is a man of this era?

Jekyll: Of course. I came across his name while perusing this year's Royal Society Almanac. Victor also spoke of him.

Jekyll: So I can't imagine he's dead. His inventions were featured in newspapers from last year and this year, too.

Mash: Allow me to confirm this. Let's see, yes, a newspaper will do.

Mash: ...Indeed, there is an article here. Charles Babbage. Born 1791. This is the very man in question.

Dr. Roman: I can think of two possibilities. One is that our historical records do not match reality.

Dr. Roman: Another is that a "shift" of events has occurred. That, in fact, has occurred in all the previous eras.

Dr. Roman: Orleans, Rome, even Okeanos. The events were all slightly distorted and "shifted. "

Dr. Roman: Due to events changing, the dead are still alive and not there as Heroic Spirits—

Dr. Roman: It's possible. The same applies to those who died from the Demonic Fog.

Dr. Roman: It may be that 20th century events have shifted all the way into this era.

Mash: the case of Fran, as well as Mr. Jekyll?

Dr. Roman: We can't rule it out. So who belongs to this era, and who doesn't?

Dr. Roman: It's extremely difficult to determine. Especially when there are no records left in existence—

Jekyll: Hmm. Are you talking about me? I'm curious, but we'll talk about it later. I've received some emergency correspondence.

Jekyll: It's bad news from my information network. Saber, this concerns you too.

Jekyll: All the Helter Skelters that had been completely shut down—have reactivated.

Mordred: What, again? So there was another remote control elsewhere?

Mash: ...This is indeed an emergency. We need to deactivate them again as quickly as possible.

Dr. Roman: Yeah. There's no way we can let the enemy procure any other Servants that materialize from the fog.

Dr. Roman: Mash, Fujimaru, I'm counting on you. Make sure you stop the Helter Skelters for good this time!

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Mash: Yes!

Mordred: But, having said that,we've got Fran on our side. We can dodge the enemy.

Mordred: Do the same thing as last time. Head straight to the remote without encountering enemies.

Fran: ......

Mash: You're right. Let's hurry, but be careful no to let our guard down.

Mordred: I won't. Then again, thinking of Fran's precision last time—

Mordred: Oh, we're running into them already? We haven't reached the remote-controlled ones yet, right?

Mash: ...Machine sounds ahead. Several large-type units! It's an enemy group. Master, your orders!


Mash: ...Enemy group defeated. It seems like we're being attacked more frequently.

Mordred: The enemy just keeps on coming...Fran, what's wrong? Are you not feeling so good?

Fran: ...Uh...

Mordred: So next we head east...Seems like you're pointing in more directions than before.

Mordred: If something's wrong, it's okay to say so. Like I said, just be frank with us.

Fran: ...


Mash: ...We defeated the enemy group. We believe the attack frequency has been rising.

Mash: Senpai, is this—

Fujimaru 1: It's probably Fran.

Mash: ...Yes, I suppose so.

Fujimaru 2: Maybe the properties of the magical circuits changed?

Mash: I don't know. But, if you allow me to personal theory...

Mash: I do believe that...Fran is the cause. She's hesitating when it comes to directional commands.

Mash: Isn't that right...Fran?

Fran: ...Uh...

Mordred: ......


Mordred: ...Fran. We need to talk.

Fran: ...Uh.

Mordred: You have no intention of leading us to the remote, do you? It's obvious at this point.

Mash: Is that true? Fran—

Mordred: Yeah. She's hesitating about something. One more thing.

Mordred: There's something she hasn't told us. Right, Fran?

Fran: ...Uh.... Uhh, uh, uh.

Mordred: ...Look, I've said this so many times now. You haven't forgotten, right?

Mordred: If you have something on your mind or something to say, be frank with us.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, it's okay to talk to us.

Fujimaru 2: We want you to tell us.

Fran: ...Uh...

Fran: ...Uh, uh...uhh...

Fran: ...Uhh...ah...ah...ah, ah...uhh...

Fran: ...Uhh...

Mordred: ...

Mash: ...Oh. Right. That's what it was.

Fujimaru 1: What is she saying?

Fujimaru 2: I don't understand...

Mash: She knows a man named Babbage. She has apparently even talked to him in person.

Mash: She can trace the magical energy because she's tracing something resembling his presence.

Mash: But, he is not the type to do these kinds of things. That's what she's saying.

Mordred: ...

Mash: Mr. Jekyll said just as much. I also should have noticed at that point...

Mordred: ...I get it. You're covering for him. Isn't that right, Fran?

Mordred: But, your own actions are contradictory. Babbage isn't the type to do "these kinds of things," right?

Fran: ...Uh.

Mordred: Well then, it's simple.... I hate to quote that stupid brat, but I have no choice.

Mordred: Fran. Calm down. Try using your imagination. You can do that much, right?

Mordred: Babbage isn't the type to act like this. Yet, Helter Skelters are wandering around everywhere.

Mordred: So, that means he's being forced into this. To do "these kinds of things. "

Fran: ...Uh!

Mordred: Okay, good girl. So, you understand what you need to do, right?

Fran: ...Uh, uh!

Fujimaru 1: That settles it.

Fujimaru 2: Let's find the remote this time.

Mash: Yes, Senpai!

Mordred: —It's close.

Mash: Yes, I can tell, too. The magical energy is concentrated here, even in the Demonic Fog.

Mordred: Look, over there. I'm sure Fujimaru will also hear it soon.

Dr. Roman: I detected it here as well! It's a giant response,and almost right in front of you. To think it was there!

Mordred: Huh, it was in the center of the City Area. It was right near the apartment.

Mordred: Well then, it's time for us to meet. Either it's the other remote, or—

Fran: ...Uh, uh!

Babbage: —Listen, listen, listen! I am the King of Steam.

Babbage: Unable to grasp the future that lay within reach,I am the king of an evanescent world of fantasy.

Babbage: I am known to you rabble as the mage "B". I am a mastermind behind "Project Demonic Fog" that's enveloping this city.

Babbage: Furthermore—I am a Heroic Spirit emerged from the Demonic Fog of the empire's capital.

Mash: ...Mage "B? "

Mordred: ...One of the enemy bosses, huh. Damn, I didn't see that coming.

Mordred: True, your name starts with "B. " I see. I was overthinking and missed something so simple.

Mash: However, this...Is the same shape as a Helter Skelter?

Mordred: This guy's specs are probably way higher. Just a hunch, but my hunches are usually right.

Mash: He does not seem human. So he must be...a Servant!

Babbage: I am the King of Steam. Having died once, I now dwell within a world of fantasy.

Babbage: My fantasies have sublimated to a Reality Marble,but it's not enough. It's not enough. It's still not enough.

Babbage: Behold how I desire. Behold how I struggle.

Babbage: With steel, I seek to lead a steam-filled civilization. With ideas, I seek to lead an inconceivable civilization.

Babbage: And—I lament the incineration of humanity and civilization, of the world and the future.

Dr. Roman: Oh, so that's it! It means that he himself is already a Reality Marble!

Dr. Roman: It's similar to the Magical Tome. Though, the Magical Tome distributed sleep to materialize.

Dr. Roman: He will continue to disperse his alter egos infinitely. Most likely, that's—

Mash: Mr. Babbage. If what you say is the truth,we can reason with each other.

Mash: We are the same. The future should not be burned to ashes!

Mordred: Enough gabbing. Listen up, you big piece of scrap iron.

Mordred: The daughter of someone you know has come to stop you.

Mordred: Listen to what she has to say. Your pompous speeches and everything can come after that.

Fran: ...Uh, uh!

Fran: ...Uh...uhh, ah...ah, ah!

Fran: ...Ah, ah, ah!

Babbage: —Oh, I see. I could never forget Victor's daughter. —Are you there?

Babbage: Lovely little artificial human. Piteous being unloved by your creator, thus craving love.

Babbage: Ah, I can hear your words. Ah, I can hear your thoughts.

Babbage: That's right—, we, must fulfill our aspirations as scholars.

Babbage: We exist for the sake of humanity and civilization. Thus, I sought...a fantasy world, a new era of dreams.

Babbage: Thus...

Babbage: Gah!?

Babbage: ...Ugh...uh...ughh, ugh...ugh!? this...Angrboda's interference!?

Babbage: The Holy Grail that was implanted! I see, so "M" even I!

Babbage: Victor's daughter! Run...for your life!

Fran: ...Uh!

Mordred: —Enough, Fran.

Mordred: You said what needed to be said,and he replied in his own way. You did a good job.

Mordred: But, sometimes it ends up like this. Your feelings don't get conveyed, and you must settle things with swords...

Mordred: Sometimes it just turns out this way.

Babbage: Arghh!

Mash: ...Here he comes!

Dr. Roman: Communication breakdown, and now a battle!? This is a similar reaction when a Command Spell has been used—

Dr. Roman: If this is the Holy Grail's doing, then we have no choice but to defeat him. Mash, Fujimaru!

Mash: Master, your orders. Commencing battle with a large-type Servant!

Fujimaru 1: We have no choice!

Fujimaru 2: Let's stop him!

Mash: —Yes, Master!


Babbage: ...Head to the underground part of the city.

Babbage: ...Deep, deep, deep beneath the Underground, in the depths...There...lies the core of..."Project Demonic Fog"...

Babbage: The source of the Fog...covering the city...Namely, my invention...Massive Steam Engine Angrboda...

Babbage: The Holy Grail...was used as the power source for...Angrboda...

Fran: ...Uh...uhh...ah.

Babbage: ...Sorry, daughter of Victor.

Babbage: I heard your voice...but I am no longer a human...with a proper life...

Babbage: ...but an improbable Servant...of irrelevant thoughts...

Mordred: ...

Babbage: ...I...

Babbage: ...Oh, I have seen a dream of my world......But...Even that...

Babbage: ...Even in a world where my dream will not be realized...I do not wish to end your world...

Mordred: —Looks like we have the next destination.

Mash: Yes, underground. That's what Mr. Babbage told us.

Mordred: Let's get Fran back to Jekyll's apartment first. Then we'll take out the final boss.

Fujimaru 1: Let's do that.

Fujimaru 2: We're surely getting that Holy Grail.

Mash: ...Yes, Senpai.

Section 11: Angrboda

Mordred: ...Under Londinium, huh?

Mordred: I knew there was a subway underground, but who'd have thought there'd be something "under" that.

Mordred: And how dense this Demonic Fog is...Isn't it getting thicker the lower we go?

Dr. Roman: I'm not sure. I can't observe from here,but if it's getting dense enough to visually confirm...

Dr. Roman: Then maybe what Babbage said was true. After all, there really was a path leading below.

Fujimaru 1: Why is this here in London?

Fujimaru 2: Was this made by the Mage's Association?

Mash: London has had an underground transportation network since the middle of the 19th century.

Mash: But there are no records of underground passages like this.... Perhaps the remnant of a national top secret project?

Dr. Roman: The Mage's Association only excavated the area right under the British Museum...

Dr. Roman: Hard to think an individual secretly built an underground labyrinth, so maybe this existed before London took shape?

Mordred: There's this old story. Deep underneath the Tower of London—

Mordred: The head of an ancient king of Britain named Bran is buried, and it watches over Londinium.

Mash: A head, huh...

Mordred: Interesting story, huh? The Tower of London has other stories, like the crows.

Mash: Oh, I know a bit about that one. They watch over London—

Mordred: They're said to be the avatar of my father, King Arthur. I mean they're crows! His avatars are crows! Ha ha!

Dr. Roman: What? I think crows are really cool. Raven Master is really cool, right Mash?

Mash: Uhh...What do you think, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: What? You're going to ask me?

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 2: Pretty cool.

Mash: Right. I think so too, Senpai.

Fujimaru 2: Not really cool.

Mash: That's...true. No, I, well...

Mordred: Setting crows aside, you can't track this underground passageway or routes from your end?

Dr. Roman: Sorry, just as Mash mentioned earlier,there are no records. You'll have to explore on your own.

Dr. Roman: Hopefully it's not too complicated...But it already sounds like a labyrinth.

Mash: Deep underneath London...An unknown underground passage, underground labyrinth.

Mash: If what Mr. Babbage said was correct,then a "large-scaled machine" should exist.

Fujimaru 1: The Massive Steam Engine?

Fujimaru 2: The source of Demonic Fog?

Dr. Roman: Yes, the source of the Demonic Fog filling London. The Massive Steam Engine Angrboda, powered by a Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: That's what he mentioned right before vanishing. To think a Holy Grail would be integrated into a machine...

Dr. Roman: But, that makes some sense. The existence of a fog abnormally full of magical energy, and its proliferation.

Dr. Roman: A strange situation that throws off a Servant's detection ability, and prevents various observations from Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: I see, by using the power of the Holy Grail,something like that would be possible.

Mash: That may also explain the mechanism that materializes Servants from the Demonic Fog.

Mash: By incorporating the Holy Grail into a device,the Demonic Fog gained the ability to summon Heroic Spirits.

Mash: Such speculation is also possible.

Mordred: But Angrboda, huh? That's a grand old name.

Fujimaru 1: Angrboda?

Fujimaru 2: The one from Norse mythology.

Dr. Roman: Right, Angrboda is a Divinity from Norse mythology. They brought forth Fenrir, World Serpent, and the Goddess of Death among others.

Mordred: With Loki, right? An unbelievable woman giant, but I don't hate her.

Mordred: It's not often that you see someone give birth to so many troublesome beings—

Mordred: Definitely worth punching. I'm sure she has thick skin too, so I can get down and hack her into pieces, right?

Dr. Roman: (Oh, that's what you meant by "don't hate her"...)

Dr. Roman: (It's been so hard to retort to all this...I'm sure Mordred is saying everything on purpose)

Mash: (Y-Yes. I believe Mordred's mother was...)

Dr. Roman: (Yeah. A witch among witches. None other than Morgan! )

Mordred: —Looks like they're finally here. Hostiles.

Dr. Roman: Beat me to it again. Detecting multiple targets! Looks like there aren't any more Helter Skelters.

Dr. Roman: Quality aside, they're coming in large quantities! Be careful!

Mash: Roger that. Master, starting combat!


Mordred: ...We've come pretty far down. This is the second level, isn't it?

Mash: We've travelled pretty far. We're most likely under Hyde Park now.

Mordred: Oh brother. We've walked quite a bit...

Dr. Roman: I'm mapping the whole thing here. You shouldn't be traveling in circles, at least.

Dr. Roman: Taking into account Fujimaru's stamina,you should probably take appropriate periods of rest.

Mordred: Doesn't look like we'll get that chance. They're here again.

Dr. Roman: We've got enemy signatures. Quite a few! It will be another series of battles. Be careful!

Mash: Roger that. Master, give me you orders!


Mordred: ...What level are we on now?

Mash: The fourth level. We went down a set of stairs earlier.

Mash: We're currently several hundred meters underground.

Mordred: We've gone pretty deep. Isn't it going to be a pain to go back up?

Mordred: ...More hostiles again. It really is quantity over quality.

Mash: Master, give me your orders. Going to demolish the enemy group!


Mordred: What the hell is this?

Mash: ...Almost identical to the Fuyuki Greater Grail. Incredible magical energy.

Mash: So much magical energy, I can feel it strongly even in the Demonic Fog. Such a giant Magical Reactor Core...

Dr. Roman: I can observe it here, too. This is amazing. No doubt about it, "that's" what's creating the Fog.

Mordred: I've never seen a machine this big. Angrboda...The name of a giant fits perfectly.

Mordred: I'd love to take a closer look—But it looks like the last boss is here.

D:???: —Oddly enough.

D:???: Oddly enough, it is just as Paracelsus said. Evil must be stopped by those who do good.

D:???: The Massive Steam Engine, Angrboda. This is our evil embodied, but it is also our hope.

D:???: Your path ends here. Good will now be destroyed by our evil.

Mordred: You folks really like to talk. Shut up. What ends here is your life.

D:???: Heroic Spirit Mordred. The 13th Knight of the Round Table and legendary Treacherous King.

D:???: I thought you'd stand with us,but it seems you're now a hero of good. Ironic.

Fujimaru 1: Who are you?

Fujimaru 2: Are you "M"?

D:???: I am Makiri Zolgen. The first leader of this "Project Demonic Fog. "

Makiri: One mage seeking the annihilation of this era—the Fourth Singularity, by releasing Demonic Fog all over England.

Dr. Roman: All of England!? So it's not just London! That's...I have to say, going to be tough...

Makiri: Destroying London alone isn't enough. Only by destroying this era completely can I erase the Foundation of Humanity.

Makiri: That is our King's wish, and an act which we had no choice but to embrace after our surrender.

Mash: Our King...Master, is he part of the same group as Lev Lainur?

Fujimaru 1: So you're with Lev!

Fujimaru 2: Who is "Our King"!?

Makiri: There's no need to say another word. Angrboda is shifting to overload mode.

Makiri: A powerful Heroic Spirit, one sufficient to truly awaken the Demonic Fog that fills the city, will now materialize.

Makiri: A single strike from him shall activate the Demonic Fog,engulfing the world. "Everything" will meet its end.

Makiri: Now, behold. The Heroic Spirit we desire shall appear from the Demonic Fog shortly.

Makiri: A Pioneer of the Star, fitting for the end of the Myth of Humanity. Or perhaps, this planet's glimmer—

Mordred: I ain't letting that happen. I'll kill you, and destroy Angrboda.

Mordred: I'll never forgive someone other than myself for trampling over Britain. Even if you are a human.

Mash: !?!?!? He's not...a Servant!?

Mordred: Just a hunch. I told you they're usually right, remember? He's human.

Mordred: I don't know if he's rightfully from this era, or "shifted"like Babbage was.

Mash: Why are you doing this, Makiri Zolgen? Why are you destroying the era you live in—

Makiri: Of course, I tried to resist. But I realized everything was useless.

Makiri: Even if I wished for the salvation of all humanity,the world where they should live has already been incinerated.

Makiri: Past, present, and future. Our King has decided not to allow them to exist.

Makiri: —All will be destroyed before it is achieved.

Makiri: The King has proclaimed to us that he tires of seeing more of this ugliness and existence.

Makiri: Then, before long...

Makiri: No, there's nothing left to say. With the power of our King I shall destroy you.

Makiri: You will die here, without seeing the last Heroic Spirit. Come forth from the sky of destruction, our Demon God!

Mordred: What!? This presence, this mass magical energy!

Mash: He's summoning a Demon God! Just like the last two!

Makiri: One of the 72 Demon Gods. Demon God Barbatos—This is the form of our evil.

Makiri: My King has "found" my evilness. The ugliness lurking within me as I desire human salvation.

Makiri: With the epitome of my abomination—Begone, you who seek to spread good as I once did!


Mash: —Demon God Barbatos has gone completely silent. We've won.

Fujimaru 1: Good work.

Fujimaru 2: Don't let your guard down.

Mash: Right, Senpai.

Mordred: That was a weird monster. That was hard even for me to fight.

Mordred: Now all that's left is to smash this big thing. Let's do it, Mash, Fujimaru.

Makiri: ...It's too late. There's enough Demonic Fog...filling London...already...

Mordred: You're still alive? You're tough.

Makiri: Now...Come, my last Heroic Spirit...

Makiri: Pioneer of the Stars...who can complete my evil!

Makiri: ...Thou who are trapped in a cage of madness...and I the summoner who holds thy chains—

Makiri: Seventh Heaven clad in the great words of power! Come forth from the circle of binding, guardian of scales!

Mash: This is...A Heroic Servant summoning incantation!?

Mordred: Shut your mouth!

Mordred: ...Shut up and die.

Mash: Doctor, his last words were a Heroic Servant summoning incantation. With...the phrase causing Madness Enhancement.

Dr. Roman: Unfortunately, you're right. Mash, Fujimaru, incoming Servant!

Dr. Roman: He didn't use the full spell, but the Demonic Fog served as the circle and the rest of the incantation.

Dr. Roman: I can see the Servant response clearly from here. Mash should feel it too. This is...

Dr. Roman: A Great Hero-class magical energy response. No—

Makiri: See? I sacrificed my life for this summoning, and it succeeded...

Mordred: You're still alive!? You're human, right? How can you be so tough—

Makiri: Magical energy of the Holy Grail, amplified by Angrboda...The power of the Demonic fog...all concentrated onto "him"...

Makiri: ...He has reached the realm of the gods!

Dr. Roman: The magical energy response is huge! It's coming!

Section 12: Myth of Thunder and Lightning

H:???: —You called me, did you not?

H:???: What was it that called me, lightning itself? What was it that called me, the genius?

H:???: A cry? A wish? Good? Evil?

H:???: I see—It was all of them that brought me here.

H:???: I, the lightning,the genius, Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla: Fascinating. All the scholars together called me?

Nikola Tesla: I, the one who brought a new myth to humanity! I, the one who surpasses Indra, and even Zeus!

Nikola Tesla: Hahaha—

Nikola Tesla: Hahahahahahahaha! Fascinating! You have brought me laughter, scholars!

Nikola Tesla: I am a genius, but also a super-human who loved the bizarre! Very well then!

Nikola Tesla: I shall grant your wish! I, the genius and the lightning, shall head to the surface!

Nikola Tesla: Hahaha! Haha—Hahahahahahahahaha!

Dr. Roman: –So, yeah.

Dr. Roman: While the explosive magical energy from the summoning was blowing you away or almost burying you under rubble,

Dr. Roman: Heroic Spirit Nikola Tesla started heading for the surface. This was just a few minutes ago.

Mash: Nikola Tesla. He's known for being a scientist and inventor, isn't he?

Mash: If you define the modern era as an electricity-based machine civilization, then you can say he created its "foundation. "

Dr. Roman: Just like he said,you could call him a Pioneer of the Stars.

Mash: He was supposed to be alive in this era,but he's been summoned as a Servant?

Dr. Roman: Yup. Looks like there's similar cases in the past. Where one of them is a human, the other's a Heroic Spirit.

Dr. Roman: But the human Nikola Tesla has nothing to do with that. We just have to stop his materialization as a Heroic Spirit.

Dr. Roman: The powerful lightning that he automatically brings to his surroundings will instantly activate the Demonic Fog.

Dr. Roman: If he gets to a place where the fog is especially dense,what's happening in London will spread explosively.

Dr. Roman: Then it won't just be in London. It'll cover all of Britain.

Dr. Roman: If that happens,we'll be unable to restore Humanity in this Singularity.

Dr. Roman: The Foundation of Humanity will be completely destroyed, and human history will end in this era.

Mash: That's...just what Makiri Zolgen said would happen, isn't it?

Mordred: We just need to give that lightning guy a good beatdown,right? Nice and simple.

Dr. Roman: Normally a Heroic Spirit that appears from the fog doesn't automatically become our enemy, but...

Dr. Roman: In his case, Makiri's incantation has had a small effect similar to Madness Enhancement.

Dr. Roman: He's not a pure Berserker. But his mind and actions are limited.

Dr. Roman: When I spoke to him via the comms,he did respond—

Dr. Roman: But there was a sense that his actions were controlled. If we don't stop him he'll automatically go for the Fog.

Fujimaru 1: Let's stop him!

Fujimaru 2: Let's chase him.

Mash: Right, Senpai. By the way...are you hurt?

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru's vitals are fine, thanks to Mash promptly giving cover. More importantly...

Mordred: Yeah. Enemies. Weak ones. Their Master is gone. How faithful of them!

Mash: Master, your orders. We'll destroy the enemy!


Mordred: Incoming, it's another homunculus! It's needlessly huge!

Dr. Roman: Maybe it absorbed too much fog and grew? No, that's not it. Maybe an effect of the Holy Grail?

Mash: Forget that! We have to fight it! Master, your orders!


Mordred: More! Dammit, we can't get anywhere like this!

Mash: ...Let's try and break through somehow.

Mash: He's supposedly walking,so he can't have gone that far!

Dr. Roman: If he was going full speed as a Servant, the Demonic Fog would have expanded by now and the world would be doomed.

Dr. Roman: Does that mean...He's trying to help us? Maybe?

Mordred: Enough talking! Let's do this!


Mordred: ...We're through! Hurry!

Dr. Roman: The response is coming from right over there! I mean literally! He's right there!

Dr. Roman: Even if his actions are controlled, can we assume he's on our side, mentally? ...No, we don't know that.

Dr. Roman: You should assume it'll be a fight. He'll attack anyone who tries to stop him!

Mash: Roger. —Master, I see him up ahead. It's Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla: You're here! Heroes of hope, reaching out to the future.

Nikola Tesla: Unfortunately, I must fight you! That's how my current existence has been created.

Nikola Tesla: And what's more—

Nikola Tesla: I have power in this manifestation. So I want to try something I've been thinking about.

Mordred: What? The Demonic Fog is tinged with lightning?

Dr. Roman: This is...not good...The Demonic Fog has enough electricity in it to easily kill a human.

Nikola Tesla: This is what it means to activate the fog. It absorbs even a Servant's magical energy without limit!

Nikola Tesla: Of course, I'm an exception! The Activated Fog absorbs your magical energy upon approach!

Nikola Tesla: It's possible it will even absorb your Spirit Cores. Now, will you still approach me?

Nikola Tesla: If you want to defeat me, first you must completely remove this Activated Fog—

Mash: We can't get close—? Doctor, there's nothing we can do like this.

Mordred: We just need to blow away the fog, right? It's simple.

Mordred: If it absorbs magical energy, it'll work out somehow,even if I blast it at full power. Here I go!

Mordred: Clarent—

Mordred: —Blood Arthur!

Dr. Roman: Releasing the Noble Phantasm's True Name! Good,a majority of energy was absorbed but the fog dispersed!

Dr. Roman: It's not totally gone, so it'll come back soon,but you've brief window where you can fight him!

Nikola Tesla: That power, that sword—It is without a doubt Clarent!

Nikola Tesla: Hahaha! Then that girl is Mordred,an old Heroic Spirit of the Earth.

Nikola Tesla: Perfect! While I'm at it,I'll destroy every Heroic Spirit of Heaven and of Earth!

Nikola Tesla: Old myths are unnecessary! Only "Humans and the Star"Heroic Spirits should exist beyond the age of electricity!

Nikola Tesla: Come then! Remnants of fantasy, ancient myths fading so fleetingly!

Mordred: Let's go, Mash, Fujimaru!

Mash: Roger! Master, prepare for anti-Servant combat!


Mash: —The fog's coming back! We'll have to temporarily retreat, Master!

Mordred: Dammit! The fog's in the way and my magical energy can't reach him! I can't hit him!

Nikola Tesla: Hmph. You were doing well, but you're out of time! Hahahaha! Poor ancient Heroic Spirits!

Nikola Tesla: Enough fun for now, then! This genius heads once more for London's skies.

Nikola Tesla: ...Oh, yes. While my temperament is a little different than usual...

Nikola Tesla: I am supposed to be a Heroic Spirit that loves humanity. Thus, I will tell you this, human.

Nikola Tesla: After reaching the surface, I'll head to the densest part of the Demonic Fog, likely the skies above Buckingham Palace.

Nikola Tesla: A single strike of my lightning there will truly activate the Demonic Fog, and swallow everything–

Nikola Tesla: Everything. Yes, literally all of creation!

Nikola Tesla: It'll destroy the cancer of civilization, strip the land of its ostentation, and burn away this island with inviolate lightning!

Nikola Tesla: With this Singularity as the origin,the rest of humanity is destined to be incinerated!

Mash: !!!

Nikola Tesla: However! However—

Nikola Tesla: If you are still not giving up,follow me. Try and stop me, heroes!

Nikola Tesla: You are about to face me, the new God of Thunder, who created an era and a civilization with new mythology.

Nikola Tesla: So strike me down,with the manifestation of an even newer myth!

Nikola Tesla: There is no other way! Haha—hahahaha! Hahahahhahaha!

Mordred: Wait! Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla: ...London, huh? It's been so long.

Nikola Tesla: I had aspired to be a British gentleman,and now I'm forced to play the role of world destroyer.

Nikola Tesla: I never would've thought it would happen. However—

Nikola Tesla: Haha! I, the myth, the pioneer of a new age, am destroying electric civilization and human history itself!

Nikola Tesla: It's ironic, and hilarious! Haha! Hahahahaha!

Nikola Tesla: Come! I proceed to the heavens! Grant me footing leading me to the fated spot in the sky where the Fog is densest!

Nikola Tesla: The Perkūnas's Ladder answer my call! I shall allow them to take me there!

Nikola Tesla: Hahahahahaha! Hahaha! Is there no one left who can stop me?

D:???: —Stop laughing and get your ass down here, then. It's easy, right?

Nikola Tesla: Oh—?

Nikola Tesla: Hmm. The lightning is crying. This is...

D:???: "Golden" shines from a strike of lightning—

D:???: Somebody's calling me. They tell me to destroy evil, and kill the demon.

D:???: Shut up—

D:???: Shut up, shut up! Stop whispering in my ear! I always swing my own axe, and that's that!

D:???: I will beat down any and all evil! —The shining broad-axe, Golden!

Sakata Kintoki: I don't want to give you my name, but I will. Sakata Kintoki, Heroic Spirit—here to save the day.

Sakata Kintoki: You in that ugly jacket. Those stairs are a traffic violation. Run along home and cry like a little girl.

Section 13: Beyond the Fog

Sakata Kintoki: This is a "doomed world" situation, isn't it?

Sakata Kintoki: My sense of smell is always accurate. If we don't stop you, the world's in trouble, right?

Sakata Kintoki: Seems you want to head to the sky. If that happens, the world's all messed up from fog and lightning on top of fire.

Nikola Tesla: Wonderful. Your understanding is as sharp as lightning,and just as quick!

Nikola Tesla: Correct. The world ends if you don't stop me!

Nikola Tesla: But—Oh, I see. My oh my. Some things are truly interesting.

Nikola Tesla: A truly fascinating case. The lightning acted as catalyst for the Demonic Fog to summon a new Heroic Spirit.

Nikola Tesla: Sakata Kintoki, you said? Seems you're another hero opposing the creation of a new legend.

Nikola Tesla: If you were a Heroic Spirit of Heaven or Earth from old myths, I'd have burned you up with a laugh, but you're...

Nikola Tesla: "A Heroic Spirit of the Humans," huh?

Nikola Tesla: You're one trying to hinder my path. You're someone willing to fight next to humans.

Nikola Tesla: Isn't that right, Sakata Kintoki? No, I suppose I should call you Mr. Golden. I shall. No, I must.

Nikola Tesla: Yes, you could be none other than Golden! Dazzling, just like plasma!

Sakata Kintoki: You don't look it, but you're quite fun, yourself. I'm glad you're so reasonable!

Nikola Tesla: A genius always understands what someone says and means. Even with a Madness Enhancement skill cast on him!

Nikola Tesla: But, ha, ha! I cannot hold back. Let me show you a piece of Nikola Tesla's genius!

Sakata Kintoki: Now that's just golden! I'll show you the ace up my sleeve, as well—

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hi there. Excuse me. Could you stop for a moment?

Tamamo-no-Mae: This is London, right? The city of fog, London, right?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Where's the dreamy double-decker buses? Where's the British Museum, Clock Tower, St. Paul's Cathedral?

Tamamo-no-Mae: What's with this ominous fog? Why isn't there anyone here, even though it's midday?

Tamamo-no-Mae: And where are the fish and chips I was looking forward to? And that afternoon tea I was secretly yearning for?

Tamamo-no-Mae: What about the scones? Clotted cream? Fortnum & Mason's flagship store?

Tamamo-no-Mae: A majority of this area feels abandoned, no?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Mikon? Is London facing swift annihilation or something?

Tamamo-no-Mae: I tagged along to vacation in London so I could rehearse my honeymoon with my Master, and this is what I get?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Now Kintoki, did you trick me? Are you making a fool out of a god?

Sakata Kintoki: Ah...

Nikola Tesla: This is—

Nikola Tesla: Unmistakably a Heroic Spirit of Earth. No, of Heaven? This genius can discern this presence. An old legend!

Nikola Tesla: But, ah...But...But—What a stunningly beautiful lady!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Mikko?

Nikola Tesla: Even if already an inglorious resident of old legends, I,Nikola Tesla, will treat a lovely lady with utmost courtesy.

Nikola Tesla: A beautiful lady that represents the Orient. It's dangerous here. You should fall back, a bit.

Tamamo-no-Mae: What a nice, splendid spirit—No, I am devoted to my Master, so I cannot.

Tamamo-no-Mae: But your heart seems not so splendid. Did you get hit with a Madness Enhancement skill?

Nikola Tesla: And you seem to be wise, as well. How wonderful. It's slightly different, but you're correct, My Lady.

Nikola Tesla: My words hold no meaning. I merely here to accomplish one act, contrary to my words!

Nikola Tesla: Oh, how I do hate myself! Because I am a genius,my thoughts and my actions are disconnected—!

Tamamo-no-Mae: I think that describes most men—Which is bad. What do you plan to do?

Nikola Tesla: That depends on you! Lady, I do not mind if the two of you take me on!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Then I'll do just that☆ Now, Kintoki. Let's get this over quickly so I can continue the trip!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Oh, don't worry. I'll continue the trip by myself,so I won't be tying you down, Kintoki☆

Sakata Kintoki: That helps. But wait,you just took a free ride on my summons...

Tamamo-no-Mae: How about we talk about this later? Look over there. That hottie over there is already ready to fight, no?

Sakata Kintoki: ...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Um, Kintoki? You stopped talking all of a sudden and averted your gaze. What's wrong? (push)

Sakata Kintoki: Your face—

Tamamo-no-Mae: Huh?

Sakata Kintoki: It's way too close to mine—No, If you can, stick to support. I'll do the punching.

Sakata Kintoki: It'll be a great fight. We're both men of lightning. Let's make some sparks fly, Nikola Tesla!

Dr. Roman: Hm? It looks like Nikola Tesla has stopped.

Dr. Roman: Suddenly, for some reason. He shouldn't have reached skies above Buckingham Palace yet.

Mordred: That means we can still catch up. That's good. I might get a chance for another fight!

Mash: Yes, we should head to the surface now! Let's hurry, Master!

Mordred: And now there's a big group coming this way! They should just run away now that they're free!

Dr. Roman: Multiple hostile signals! Fight your way through the battles!


Nikola Tesla: —I see why you're the son of the lightning god!

Nikola Tesla: You're doing great in the Activated Fog! A normal Servant would have had their Spirit Core eaten away!

Nikola Tesla: I expect nothing less from a Heroic Spirit of Humans invited by my Lightning Fog, you stand for man's hope! But, haha, hahaha!

Nikola Tesla: Your Spirit Core—There's already some cracks forming!

Nikola Tesla: You won't last much longer! At this rate,you will only be burned by my lightning, and shatter!

Sakata Kintoki: Well if that isn't golden—You should calm down that fog a bit more!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Can you stop ordering me around!? Only my Master can speak that way to me!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Besides, I've been providing support this entire time. Spells just don't work well on that fog.

Sakata Kintoki: Your face is so close! ...Come on! Fox, I'm counting on you, so let's do this!

Sakata Kintoki: You're our last chance! God of Arms, I seek aid facing enemies!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hmm, am I being worshipped? Is this worship?

Nikola Tesla: Mm, truly beautiful...That smile is like a sparkle from the sun, burning my heart!

Nikola Tesla: Foxy Lady! You may be able to stand alongside my legend!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Mikko? There's someone worshipping me here, too?

Tamamo-no-Mae: I'm really popular around here—W-Wait, no. My Master has to be the one.

Sakata Kintoki: A-Anyway, keep up your support! It's almost time.

Sakata Kintoki: I'm gonna ruin that nice suit of his. Now—time to slam you with my super attack!


Sakata Kintoki: —I'll blow you away! Special move:

Sakata Kintoki: Golden Spark!

Mash: ...We're at the surface, Senpai!

Mordred: Hmm? Somebody's here. A man and a woman. They're not dead, so are they Servants?

Dr. Roman: Looks like they're Servants that appeared from the fog. I see two of them. They don't look like enemies.

Sakata Kintoki: Hey, are you guys the heroes he was talking about?

Fou: Fou?

Mordred: It doesn't matter if we're heroes or not. More importantly, it sounds like you fought him.

Sakata Kintoki: Yeah...I can tell you this. We got rid of "all" that pain in the ass fog.

Sakata Kintoki: Now it's up to you guys. I'll let you grab the glory...or whatever...Gonna rest. Whew...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Well, with so much magical energy drained from you as you fought, utter exhaustion and near death are to be expected.

Tamamo-no-Mae: But you did wonderfully. You truly are one of Raikou's Four Kings, whose might shakes the heavens.

Sakata Kintoki: You too. Thanks for the help! Whew...

Tamamo-no-Mae: ...But you just looked away, didn't you? You did. Why? Is your worship a lie?

Sakata Kintoki: Eh, I did not. Sure you're not imagining it?

Sakata Kintoki: (Those boobs! I can see your boobs, Fox! I don't know where am I supposed to look, get it!? )

Tamamo-no-Mae: ???

Dr. Roman: Anyway, this is a big help. We've got a chance now. Without the Activated Fog we can fight him head on!

Mordred: Now we just have to catch up and slay him. Okay,let's follow him, Mash, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: Are we going up those stairs?

Mash: Yes, they're made with a type of magecraft...It seems, anyway. We can walk on them.

Mordred: It's scary to think about them disappearing halfway up. But we'll deal with that if it happens.

Fujimaru 2: Looks like there's no time to rest.

Mordred: Yeah, we're gonna run up those stairs! Even if they might disappear partway!

Mash: That's probably a magical staircase created by Nikola Tesla. Who knows how long it will last...

Mordred: I'll take care of that if it happens. There's no time to waste, just like you said.

Mash: Right!

Sakata Kintoki: I'm counting on you guys! Don't screw this up!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Huh? Is that all we get to do?

Tamamo-no-Mae: This feels like when you trip the metal detector at a security checkpoint!

Mordred: —We caught up to him! This time, he's ours!

Mash: I've sighted Heroic Spirit Nikola Tesla once more. He's walking towards the sky above Buckingham Palace!

Fujimaru 1: We defeat him here!

Fujimaru 2: The Activated Fog that was around him

Mash: Yes, Senpai. The Activated Fog is gone. That golden Servant was right!

Nikola Tesla: So you're here—So you truly will try to build a new legend?

Nikola Tesla: But sadly, that's impossible. Even without Activated Fog, my lightning is far too strong.

Nikola Tesla: Why? Because I am a genius. Why? Because I am the lightning.

Nikola Tesla: What is a god—Yes, what is a god? A god is the lightning.

Nikola Tesla: Since ancient times, many men have believed this,and in fact...

Nikola Tesla: Even setting Zeus and Indra aside, it is indeed a god. Lightning, a divine power striking from the heavens.

Nikola Tesla: Behold. The light I bring to the earth is great power itself!

Nikola Tesla: Energy guiding a new electric, consumer civilization! My lightning is the final farewell to the old era and its myths!

Nikola Tesla: It is a new myth! It is "my light," a gift unto humanity!

Nikola Tesla: Now,I shall display to all of you!

Nikola Tesla: –System Keraunos!


Mash: —Enemy Servant defeated!

Mordred: My lightning won! Too bad, Nikola Tesla!

Nikola Tesla: Haha...! Hahaha, Hahahahahaha!

Nikola Tesla: No, I don't think it's bad at all! I am a Pioneer of the Stars!

Nikola Tesla: I would never truly wish for humanity's end. The Heroic Spirits of Heaven and Earth are still a nuisance—

Nikola Tesla: But continuation of the world means continuation of my lightning civilization! Thank you, you who desire new myths!

Nikola Tesla: Heroes of hope! You have done well to defeat me, the modern Zeus!

Nikola Tesla: And so now it is time for me to return to the Throne—

Nikola Tesla: Haha! Hahahahaha! Farewell, all of you—

Nikola Tesla: —Farewell!

Mash: ...The enemy Servant has completely disappeared.

Mordred: Sheesh, he said whatever and did whatever he pleased until the very end.

Dr. Roman: I've confirmed Nikola Tesla's annihilation. Good work. That should take care of things.

Mash: What we're standing on was formed by his magical energy,so it should become unstable shortly.

Mash: It's a very powerful effect, so it shouldn't disappear immediately...

Dr. Roman: First we need to get safely back to the ground. This should take care of London's problems—

Dr. Roman: ...Oh. Right. Crap.

Mordred: Hmm?

Mash: What is it, Doctor?

Fujimaru 1: I think we forgot something.

Fujimaru 2: ...What about the Holy Grail?

Mash: Oh—

Dr. Roman: Yeah. We forgot to get the Holy Grail from Angrboda. N-No, it's not our fault. We were in a hurry. Yeah!

Mordred: You can take your time getting it. The only enemies left are wimps.

Mash: Yeah, that's right. I don't know how I feel about going back underground.

Mordred: Let's go get it now, then. There's no sense going back to Jekyll's apartment.

Mordred: —Wait. Looks like something's showed up after all. What is it?

Dr. Roman: A high-density magical energy response? It's so big I can see it in the Demonic Fog...What the...

Dr. Roman: It's different from Nikola Tesla's response,but the fog is gathering above Buckingham palace!

Dr. Roman: Something real bad is coming! Be careful, Mash, Fujimaru!

Mordred: It doesn't matter what comes! I'll hack them all apart!

Mordred: —Bring it!



Mordred: !!!

Mash: ...That's......No, she is definitely...King Arthur!

Dr. Roman: She's absorbing the remaining Demonic Fog as she manifests! This is bad! There's so much magical energy!

Mash: It looks like she has a spear, not a sword...A swirling black lance...what twisted magical energy...

Fujimaru 1: You feel the magical energy?

Fujimaru 2: Wasn't your detection weaker?

Mash: Yes, I can tell...Magical energy so big I can sense it even with Demonic Fog...

Mash: It's similar to when Nikola Tesla manifested. But it's more clear—

Mash: I can feel her animosity. It's a blind rage and hatred, like a Berserker!

Dr. Roman: Is she under the effect of Makiri Zolgen's incantation? Then even if we can talk to her, we'll still have to fight.

Mordred: ...We probably can't talk. That's King Arthur, ready to slay her foes.

Mordred: Why...Why are you appearing now? If you're saving Londinium, you should have come sooner...

Mordred: ...No, maybe it's different.

Mordred: Maybe you're here to kill me. Do you not like the idea of me saving Londinium?

Mordred: Do you hate me that much? Is that why you've got the spear that killed me—

Dr. Roman: The spear that killed Mordred? Th-That's a Divine Construct, said to rival the holy sword!

Dr. Roman: Rhongomyniad, the holy spear! The legendary spear that's said to hold the two sides of the world together!

Dr. Roman: You already fought one battle with a powerful Servant. You need to retreat, Fujimaru!

Mordred: No, not happening. King Arthur has decided we are enemies.

Mordred: There's no getting away. We have to fight.

Mordred: ...No, you can run if you want. But there's a 90% chance you'll get blown away.

Mordred: Besides, I'm not running.... I'm not turning my back on my father.

Mordred: King Arthur is right in front of me! So there's only one thing for me to do!

Mordred: I'll fight you! If you hate me, even as a Heroic Spirit!

Mordred: I'll rebel against you as many times as I have to! —Arthur Pendragon!

Dr. Roman: It's no good! We can't stop Mordred! I guess we have to fight...Good luck, you two!

Fujimaru 1: Roger!

Mash: Right, Master! ...Beginning combat!


Jekyll: I just got word from Dr. Roman. The operation was a success!

Jekyll: They defeated Heroic Spirit Nikola Tesla,as well as another Servant that appeared from the Fog.

Jekyll: And just now, they succeeded in removing the Holy Grail from Angrboda.

Fran: ...Uh...

Jekyll: Huh? Is it just you? Where's Andersen and Shakespeare—

Jekyll: Oh, I see. That's right. The Grail's been recovered. Singularity is fixed. Then, yup.

Jekyll: The era is being restored. Everything that happened here will disappear.

Jekyll: All the Servants will disappear,and our memories will probably change as well.

Fran: ...Uh, uh, uh...

Jekyll: Yes...Yes. I see. Just this once, I think I understand what you're saying.

Fran: ...Uh...

Jekyll: ...Yes, you're right. It is a little sad.

Mordred: Well, you know—

Mordred: Good work. You guys helped with a lot.

Mordred: Londinium is saved. No one other than me could trample it.

Mordred: And they all lived happily ever after. Bye.

Mash: ...Um, Mordred.

Mordred: Hmm?

Mash: I'll tell thing. That last Servant was clearly out of control.

Mash: It was probably the unique result of the Demonic Fog and Makiri Zolgen's last incantation.

Mash: It didn't come here for any special reason or anything like that, I think.

Mordred: ...What? Are you trying to make me feel better?

Mordred: Give it up. I don't want to end this by killing you.

Mash: No, that's not it. I...No...That's not...

Fujimaru 1: She said what she wanted to say.

Mordred: ...Haha, I get it! I see! That's what I've said so many times!

Mordred: Yeah, you're right. You've got me there.

Mordred: Okay, I won't kill you then. Dammit, I should've kept my mouth shut around Fran.

Shakespeare: Oh? Isn't that a little too kind for the Treacherous Knight?

Shakespeare: I understood your character as being someone who slays anyone who offers pity, regardless of who it may be.

Andersen: Nope. She's just easily taken in by a certain type of person. You can tell by looking at Fran, right?

Mordred: ...You're showing up after it's all over, huh? Fine. Line up so I can chop your heads off.

Sakata Kintoki: Huh? I came to help you out of this latest danger,and I'm finding a bunch of weirdos.

Sakata Kintoki: Are those two Servants? Do you need my help?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hahh, Hahh...Oh, jeez. Hold up, Kintoki. You're a little too fast—Geh.

Andersen: Hmph. I think I may have seen those fox ears somewhere before...

Andersen: Saber, if you want to kill Shakespeare, very well. But first, listen to me.

Andersen: You'll want to defeat that fox-eared girl first. I don't know why, but I can see she's a hassle to deal with!

Mordred: I'm killing you, too!

Tamamo-no-Mae: You really have it out for me,don't you? Hmmph, precocious brat!

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. Sounds like you're busy. Well, the case is closed, so this is fit for a grand finale.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Everybody's so friendly.

Fujimaru 2: Doctor, we need to recover the Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, right. We need to finish recovering the Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: There's no more threats in this era, so I wasn't...Wait. What's this response!?

Mash: Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Everyone, be careful! There's some kind of distortion in the underground space!

Dr. Roman: "Something" is coming! It's an unknown phenomenon! Not a Servant manifestation!

Dr. Roman: Unknown? No, it's actually more like a Rayshift? But that's impossible. Only Chaldea has that technology!

Mash: Huh? ...Senpai, something is strange. I have no anomalies, but I'm shivering—terribly—

Dr. Roman: ...The space is opening! Here it comes!


C:???: Demon Marshal Gilles de Rais. Imperial Founder Romulus. Hero Spy Jason. And Divine Scholar Nikola Tesla.

C:???: I thought they would be somewhat useful—But they spoiled my fun as they couldn't even clean house.

C:???: Stupidity. Such stupidity. Humans really do degrade with the passage of time.

Dr. Roman: Dammit! Sheba won't stabilize! I can only get audio! What happened!? What's going on, Mash!?

Mash: I-I don't know. There's a shadow that looks human,slowly walking towards us—

Sakata Kintoki: ...Get back, lady. That thing's bad news. It ain't something a good little girl should see.

Tamamo-no-Mae: So it seems. I'll be leaving too. With only two tails, even seeing it is enough to taint me.

Sakata Kintoki: (No, you're probably fine, right? Shouldn't you be going to the front? )

Mordred: —Hey. What is this insane magical energy? It's a hell of a lot bigger than a dragon. It's like—

Shakespeare: One of the demons or angels in the ancient stories. No, perhaps even greater.

Shakespeare: I was not born a mage but as a petty Caster I can understand.

Shakespeare: This magical energy is infinite. This domination crushes its surroundings merely by existing.

Shakespeare: Truly, truly a created being worthy of being called God! No, perhaps it is even God itself!

Shakespeare: Am I wrong, my friend Andersen? I think it's time for us to be going!

Andersen: Why do you always exaggerate so? There's all types of gods. Anyway, the only god I fear is the god of editors.

Andersen: ...Though I do agree it's time to run. I didn't expect to see the big boss at this stage.

Dr. Roman: The big boss!? What does that mean!? Fujimaru, tell me what's going on!

C:???: I see. Like me, only your voice reaches them.

C:???: Chaldea is isolated from the temporal axis,and so it's become a base that no one can find.

C:???: My eyes see everything—and all possible futures,but even they have trouble perceiving Chaldea.

C:???: That's why you survive. Pathetically, shamelessly, and uselessly.

C:???: Intolerant of a history of destruction already decided,a pitiful boat still adrift in the sea of void.

C:???: That is what you are, Chaldea,and what you are, Fujimaru.

C:???: A stain upon the scorched ashes of human history. The name of the only fools left who would defy "my" deeds.

Mash: —Doctor,what we're about to see is—

Fujimaru 1: Who are you!?

Fujimaru 2: Are you the "King" that Lev talked about?

C:???: Hmm? I thought you already had the answer? Are you so like monkeys that such a thing has to be taught?

C:???: But very well. I've taken a liking to your stupidity. If you wish to ask, I shall answer you.

C:???: I am the final destination you seek. The one who commands the 72 Demon Gods, and will destroy humanity from his throne.

C:???: My name is Solomon. Among the Heroic Spirits,I stand above them all as one of the "Grand" seven.

Dr. Roman: S—Solomon!? Are you sure that's what he said, Mash!?

Mash: ...Yes, I'm sure.

Mash: He said he was Solomon...Same as the king of ancient Israel, who was alive in the 10th century B. C.

Dr. Roman: No...Is it really Solomon? But...But that's impossible—

Mordred: Heh. I guess we've got a big name for a guest, huh? So what? Are you a Servant too?

Mordred: You were summoned as a Heroic Spirit,and decided to use your 2nd life to destroy humanity?

Solomon: No, Knight of Londinium. I am indeed a Heroic Spirit, but no man will ever summon me.

Mordred: What?

Solomon: Do not think me the same rank as you incompetents. After death, I revived by my own power to be a Heroic Spirit.

Dr. Roman: D-Did he say...he revived by his own power!?

Solomon: I am a Heroic Spirit, and also a living being. Thus, no Master commands me.

Solomon: I started this matter of my own will. In order to eliminate all you humans—

Solomon: Trash who's continuing along its foolish history. You are the sole and greatest waste of this universe.

Fujimaru 1: You think you can do that!?

Fujimaru 2: You can't destroy the world!

Solomon: I can. I have the means,the will, and the reality.

Solomon: Your eras have been swept away already,by my 72 Demon Gods that cross over time.

Dr. Roman: Cross over time...So those Demon Gods really were the demons in the Lemegeton?

Dr. Roman: But they're nothing like those in folklore! King Solomon's familiars can't be such ugly meat monsters!

Solomon: How sad. You exist at the far end of time,and yet your interpretation is ancient.

Solomon: The 72 Demon Gods took physical form and were reborn. That is why they can anchor themselves in any era.

Solomon: The Demon Gods are wedges halting this planet's rotation. The spiraling band of light in the sky is my Noble Phantasm.

Mash: Spiraling band of light in the sky Does he mean...that ring of light we see in every era—

Solomon: Indeed. That is my Third Noble Phantasm. "Ars Almadel Salomonis. "

Solomon: Each ray in the band carries the same heat as a holy sword. Light equivalent to weaving together hundreds of millions of the holy sword...

Solomon: ...held by King Arthur—the Servant you played with. In other words—an Anti-Humanity Noble Phantasm.

Mordred: Tch...Hundreds of millions of times the heat of Father's holy sword— That's what you're using to incinerate time!?

Solomon: —Hmph. You'll never see it, so I've no intention of answering.

Solomon: I've answered your question. Now it's my turn, survivors of Chaldea.

Mordred: He wants a fight! Get ready, Mash, Fujimaru!

Mordred: He's the guy behind all this, right!? So our only option is to kill him here!

Mash: B-But—That Servant...we can't—

Dr. Roman: Mash, get a hold of yourself! Stay strong and focus on the enemy!

Dr. Roman: No matter who they are, they're a Servant, right!? So you can win!

Dr. Roman: The Heroic Spirit within you was chosen by the Holy Grail! He's a Heroic Spirit who won't be outranked by Solomon!

D:Solomon: Hah—the rank of a Heroic Spirit? Do you really think that matters at all?

D:Solomon: Ignorance is a sin. I thought some knowledge was there,but your commander seems to be a mage of little worth.

D:Solomon: The only one I've any interest in now is you, girl with the shield.

D:Solomon: Now let's have a fun little chat.

D:Solomon: I'll do you a special favor. Out of respect for your pure heart, I'll only summon "four of them. "


Solomon: Do you see now? This is the inevitable result of a mere Heroic Spirit trying to challenge me.

Mash: ...Doctor, use the Rayshift. We're going to be wiped out!

Dr. Roman: I can't do it! The field around him is blocking the Rayshift anchor!

Dr. Roman: As long as Solomon's there,I can't bring you back!

Mash: ...At least...I can try to save Senpai—

Mordred: That bastard is boasting!

Mordred: But it's no bluff...Our ranks don't matter. His energy output is so much greater.

Mordred: What the hell are you made of?

Solomon: It's just like you said. It's not our ranks as Heroic Spirits. Our vessels, our Classes are what separate us.

Solomon: Now burn, with the rest of the garbage.

Solomon: Heroic Spirit Mordred, Kingslayer. I will take my time to incinerate you thoroughly.

Andersen: ...This is crazy. Just blocking him once did this to me? Figures I can't stand up to you as a Caster.

Mordred: Brat!? What are you—

Andersen: Just a whim. Don't worry about it. I owe you for all the work you've done.

Solomon: ...You're still alive, scribbler?

Solomon: I thought I cleaned you up with the rest of the rabble. I'm amazed you survived, as weak as you are.

Andersen: Hmph. I don't like physical labor, so I focused on watching. But it looks like I can't do that anymore.

Andersen: But—I see through you, Solomon. I see what you really are, and the truth behind your exceptional nature.

Solomon: Oh? Very well. Speak then, poet. If your words please me, I'll grant you an easy death.

Andersen: Yeah, listen well you imbecile. This is what was written in the Clock Tower's records.

Andersen: The Heroic Spirit Summons belong to the Counter Force. And the Counter Force is what protects humanity.

Andersen: They manifest in seven vessels,to fight "just one" enemy.

Andersen: What is that enemy? What else? The great disaster that threatens our world!

Andersen: It is the avatar of the end, which destroys not this planet,but humanity and the civilization it has built!

Andersen: It was born from civilization, and devours it—It is none other than a self-inflicted apoptosis.

Andersen: To defeat it,the greatest of the Heroic Spirits are summoned.

Solomon: —That's right. The seven Heroic Spirits are messengers from heaven, sent to destroy a certain wickedness.

Solomon: Seven strongest from that era to protect humanity. The first seven at the pinnacle of Heroic Spirits.

Solomon: The Heroic Spirit Summoning Ritual was originally an ultimate spell meant to save humanity.

Solomon: The summoning system you use—the Holy Grail War is a degraded form of it, meant to serve human purposes.

Mordred: Wha—You're saying we're degraded?

Andersen: Don't fall for his taunts, Mordred. It's not an issue of rank, but of vessel and authority.

Andersen: He is simply a Heroic Spirit manifested in a vessel one rank above our own.

Andersen: If we are weapons meant to fight individuals,he is a weapon meant to fight the world—

Andersen: He stands at the top of all Heroic Spirits of his alignment. In other words, he is a Servant with a "Grand" vessel.

Solomon: Yes. You have done well to reach the truth!

D:Solomon: I am the King of Kings, the Caster of Casters! You shall refer to me as this!

D:Solomon: —The Grand Caster, Mage King Solomon!

Dr. Roman: A Grand Class!? Is he saying he was chosen by the Root!?

Solomon: —Now then. Take your reward, poet. I shall tear you into a hundred pieces and burn you to a crisp.

Andersen: Ggg—Gggawaahhh!

Mordred: ...You bastard.

Solomon: Ordinary Servant, you're an utterly useless tool unless summoned by the living.

Solomon: You lack the true freedom I possess. Do you now see the wall between us that you can never cross?

Mordred: Tch—Hah. You're one to talk,considering you lost four Grails already.

Mordred: You're only here because you're panicking that Fujimaru took half of your Grails, right?

Mordred: Only losers whine when they get beat, you know?

Solomon: —Are you the greatest fool in history?

Solomon: I've lost four Grails? No. It will only matter if I lose them all.

Solomon: One Grail, or six, it makes no difference to me. Fujimaru is far from a threat.

Solomon: It's time for me to go. I wasted more time than I thought.

Mash: Huh?

Mordred: Huh!? You're leaving? Why did you even come here!?

Solomon: It was nothing more than a whim. Why?

Solomon: Sometimes after finishing a book, you go to the bathroom before picking up the next, right? That's all this was.

Mordred: What? You're saying you came to piss on us!?

Solomon: —Hah.

Solomon: Hahaha, Gwahahaha!

Solomon: That's right! That's exactly right! But you're worth less than piss!

Solomon: I don't care about you. I could kill you here, or not, and not care at all.

Solomon: Do you understand? I'm not letting you go. You weren't worth looking at in the first place.

Solomon: But—Hmph. But if you can remove all seven Singularities...

Solomon: ...Then I will consider you"a matter I must deal with. "

Dr. Roman: Are we...saved? I hate to have him let us go, but it's best to just—

Dr. Roman: Wait, Fujimaru!?

Fujimaru 1: Why are you doing this!?

Fujimaru 2: Is incinerating the world fun!?

Mash: Senpai!

Solomon: —Oh. That's a surprising reaction, human.

Solomon: You ask if it's fun? You ask me if destroying humanity is fun?

D:Solomon: Oh—Of course! Of course! Of course! Of course! It's the greatest fun in the world!

D:Solomon: If it wasn't fun,would I take my time killing each one of you?

D:Solomon: I'm having fun. Your deaths make me happy.

D:Solomon: Your end pleases me. Your final gasps bring me more joy than anything!

D:Solomon: And,this is the greatest salvation you could find.

D:Solomon: Because only I alone can make good use of every single human being—!

Mordred: Get back, Fujimaru! There's no point in talking to him! He's rotten to the core!

Mash: ...Mage King Solomon. You're no different than Lev Lainur.

Mash: You have no gratitude towards life. You enjoy toying with the lives of humans and of the planet!


Solomon: Girl, speak not of life as a mere human. When death is inevitable for you, your view has no value.

Solomon: Gratitude towards life? That's my question for you.

Solomon: What have you done for the last 2,000 years? You've continuously died, and continuously done nothing.

Solomon: You are sentient creatures who failed to conquer death. And yet you retain your fear of it.

Solomon: If you cannot conquer death,you should have abandoned your fear of it.

Solomon: If you understand death to be a shameful, terrifying thing, then you should throw away your sentience!

Solomon: It's pathetic. Simply pathetic. You're no different either, Master of Chaldea.

Solomon: Why do you fight? Knowing your life will end. Knowing it has ended.

Solomon: Why do you cling to life,when you know that your future holds no salvation?

Mash: ...

Solomon: You are so young, human. You, Fujimaru, are humanity's final Master.

Solomon: And this is my one warning to you.

Solomon: Know that giving up on everything here is the easiest way for you to live.

Solomon: —Burn, and leave not even ash. That is your future.

Mordred: ...This is the end. I feel unsatisfactory, though we got the Grail back.

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm sorry.

Mordred: Idiot. Don't you apologize. I'm the one who's stupid.

Fujimaru 2: ...You're right.

Mordred: Yeah. I haven't been this down since my Father's spear— No, never mind. Never mind.

Mordred: But well, we saved London. Not bad, considering who I am.

Mordred: What I hate is that it's ending here. Honestly, I wanted to go with you guys...

Mordred: But I'm at my limit, as you can see. With the Singularity gone, there's no place for me.

Mordred: I was summoned here by the Grail's fog. Without a Master, I have to disappear.

Mordred: ...I hate to say it, but he's right. We can't fight unless we're summoned.

Mordred: That's the limit of a Heroic Spirit, and a Servant.

Mordred: In every era, the ones who build things...are always people living on the cutting edge of the future.

Fujimaru 1: ...Mordred

Fujimaru 2: ...Living people...

Mordred: Yeah. That's why—you're going to get there, Fujimaru.

Mordred: You'll reach the place we can't go. You'll cross over the seven Grails and reach the end of time.

Mordred: And then you'll corner that bastard Grand Caster. It's something only you can do.

Mash: ...Mordred.

Mordred: Don't make that face, Mash. I don't like that Shield Bastard, but you're different.

Mordred: Someday we'll meet again. When that happens, I'll help you.

Mordred: Bye, Fujimaru. Even someone like me was able to save London.

Mordred: So with a little bit of work,you'll be able to save the world.

Mash: ...All Servant responses are lost. Senpai, our Order in this era is complete...

Da Vinci: Ahem. Test, test. Yes! Finally got video.

Da Vinci: You two okay? You're okay, right? None of your vitals seem off.

Da Vinci: The Demonic Fog is back to normal fog. There's nothing left for you in that era.

Da Vinci: I'm starting the Rayshift now. Anything left for you to do? Nothing, right?

Da Vinci: Okay, initiating Rayshift! Congrats on completing your mission!

Da Vinci: Welcome back, you two. You're both fine...well, maybe not. But I'm glad you're here.

Fujimaru 1: By the way, why are you here, Da Vinci?

Fujimaru 2: Um, where's Dr. Roman?

Da Vinci: Romani? Oh, Romani. He's...

Dr. Roman: How...How could this happen?

Da Vinci: He's a mess, as you can see. Go snap him out of it, would you?

Fujimaru 1: Get a grip, Doctor!

Fujimaru 2: You really are a chicken, huh Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Ywaah!? W-When did you two get here!? ...Oh, right. Leonardo did it for me...

Dr. Roman: ...Sorry. You were the ones in danger. It's just...It was such a shock...

Da Vinci: Right, right. Enough gloom. They'll get really tired of it soon, you know?

Dr. Roman: Y-Yeah...I'm...Sorry, Mash, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: I should've done a forced Rayshift earlier,but my judgment was too slow...

Fujimaru 1: That's okay.

Fujimaru 2: You couldn't help it.

Dr. Roman: But if Solomon had really tried to kill you...

Dr. Roman: ...Wah...I'm...I'm no good!

Mash: ...Doctor. No, stop staring at the ground.

Mash: We are able to continue our mission because you are here.

Mash: It's true that you're a bit of a coward,and a pessimist, too.

Mash: You're a chicken. And kind of a wimp for a guy...

Mash: Also, your hobbies are far too introverted,and you're way too dependent on that cyber-idol.

Da Vinci: Oh...

Fou: Fou...

Fujimaru 1: ...Um...

Fujimaru 2: Mash, show some mercy...

Mash: But—The staff left at Chaldea can only do their best because you're doing your best.

Mash: When Chaldea was bombed, you were the one who got the power back up in the fire, saved the survivors, and took command.

Mash: You have only one fault. You give yourself just a bit too little credit.

Mash: Chaldea is only here because of Romani Archaman. You saved the lives of everyone here.

Mash: That's what I think.

Fujimaru 1: She's right.

Fujimaru 2: You said "what you were thinking. "

Mash: ...Yes, Senpai.

Dr. Roman: ...

Dr. Roman: Thanks, Mash, Fujimaru. Then, I don't have time to be depressed. Yeah.

Dr. Roman: We know who's behind this all now. There must be some reason for his extreme strength.

Dr. Roman: Let's continue the mission. We'll fix the remaining Singularities and stop the world and future from incineration.

Dr. Roman: ...No matter what that man,Mage King Solomon, tries to do.

Mash: The Grand Caster. He is our true enemy—

Fujimaru 1: Next time we win!

Fujimaru 2: We won't lose again.

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: Yeah! That's the spirit, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Okay, it's a little late to say this,but great work this time, guys!

Dr. Roman: We'll handle the cleanup. You guys get some rest, ASAP.

Dr. Roman: When you wake up, it'll be time for the Fifth Singularity. See you then!

Mash: ...We've reached our rooms. Senpai, thanks for your endless work.

Fujimaru 1: You too, Mash.

Mash: No. I'm a Demi-Servant. Physically, I'm fine.

Mash: If you can call exhaustion and drained magical energy...tired...then maybe I am tired.

Fujimaru 2: It's fine. I'm not that tired.

Mash: Um...I'm sorry. I meant that more as an idiom.

Mash: And I do think you're tired. Get some rest in your room.

Mash: ...Um. I'm sorry. There was something I had to talk to you about.

Mash: ...What did you think about what Solomon said? About making use of humanity.

Fujimaru 1: It's stupid.

Fujimaru 2: ...What did you think?

Mash: I...I couldn't say that he was wrong.

Mash: I don't understand it myself. But there was something in his words I can't ignore...

Mash: Life is meaningless, and the future holds no salvation...It sounds so pessimistic, but he was full of hope.

Mash: ...I'm sorry. The battle just got started, and I'm being weird.

Mash: Good night, Master. I hope I see you bright and full of energy tomorrow.