Singularity 3: Sealed Ends of the Four Seas - Okeanos


Pirate: Cannon ready!

Drake: All right, FIRE—!

Pirate: Dammit, it's no good! Looks like it's not working after all!

Drake: I can see that! We're fools to be taking them seriously!

Drake: Hard to port! Time to make a run for it, men! Catch the breeze and flee!

Pirate: Breeze?! Isn't this more like a storm?

Pirate: If we put the sails up,our ship will be blown away!

Drake: It's okay! Even pirates wanna fly sometimes!

Drake: Now you'll have more lame stories for when we return to land! Maybe they'll finally work on the ladies!

Drake: And returning from the skies? That's a tale any woman of wit will love!

Pirate: Hah! Our Pelican's seriously getting some air now! Looks like the boss is out of control!

Drake: What! Pelican? What the HELL did you just call my ship!?

Pirate: The Hind! The Golden Hind, ma'am! My mistake!

Pirate: All right! Hang tight, you little twerps!

Pirate: Our boss' good luck is the real deal! Believe in her, and she'll get us out of this alive!

Pirate: Once we're on land again, even swabbies will get to feast! Don't you go dyin' on me now!

Pirates: AAAAHHH! After what we've seen,we'd follow you into the depths of hell, Captain!

Drake: Don't be silly. I've got no use for dead people! A pirate's all about staying alive and sailing!

Drake: Now, get to work you idiots! We'll win this war and return to drink ourselves silly!

Pirates: OOOOOOH! Captain Drake, you're the best! I love being a pirate!

F:???: ...You managed to escape this massive whirlpool...And you aren't even a Heroic Spirit. Unbelievable...

F:???: But—Heh heh, hahahahaha! That's what makes you Francis Drake! Your legend is true!



A:???: —I woke up at the same time today.

A:???: I checked my temperature. My five senses. To drive the point home, I said my name out loud.

A:???: A deep breath—I confirmed my consciousness,as I was told it might disappear each time I fell asleep.

A:???: I was myself. My existence had been approved one more day.

B:???: Good morning, Number 2. Aren't you cold? The temperature outside is 70 below.

B:???: It's especially cold this morning. Well, I suppose that's irrelevant as long as you're in this room.

A:???: There in that clean, comfortable room,I said what came to my mind, "That's quite troublesome. "

B:???: ...Any inconveniences? If there's something you don't like, please let me know.

A:???: He smiled as he told me that,and gave me a very pained look.

A:???: I thought, perhaps, that part of his body was in pain. "Are you okay? " I asked him.

B:???: ...Yeah, I'm fine. Guess my worries were unwarranted. Good morning, ■■. Congrats on your 5,110th awakening.

A:???: "Thank you very much," I responded. It was how I genuinely felt.

A:???: I was extremely happy. For one more day,I'd get to enjoy the wonders of this world.

Fou: Fou! (plod, plod, plod)Fou! FOU!! (plod, plod, plod, plod)

Fujimaru 1: Oww, oww.

Fujimaru 2: Stop, stop.

Mash: N-No, Fou! You must not bite. You should use a gentler touch.

Mash: Even if they are as dense as a rock. See, like a blade peeling a carrot.

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: ...Good morning, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: I'm already awake, Mash.

Mash: ...My. Non-REM sleep to fully awake in a single second...

Mash: Good morning, and very impressive, Senpai. You're clearly enthusiastic about being entrusted with the Continuation of Humanity.

Mash: I'm serious about it too. Let's be optimistic and head to the control room!

Dr. Roman: Good morning everyone, how did you all sleep? I didn't sleep much.

Dr. Roman: We defeated Lev Lainur and retrieved the second Holy Grail...That's great, but there are more questions.

Dr. Roman: What was that pillar of flesh? Who was that,claiming to be one of the 72 Demon Gods?

Dr. Roman: We unfortunately don't have the time or resources to analyze these questions.

Mash: ...Um, Dr. Roman. Speaking of the 72 Demon Gods, well...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, I can only think of one thing. The familiars who served a certain ancient king.

Fujimaru 1: Ancient king?

Fujimaru 2: Familiars?

Da Vinci: That's right! The King of Ancient Israel,and the greatest summoner in the world of mages!

Da Vinci: The familiars who served him were the infamous 72 Demon Gods!

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Huh! Are you Da Vinci?

Da Vinci: Yes. Good. Perfect! Mash, I love your reaction!

Da Vinci: It was worth slipping those cue cards to Roman! As a genius, my stage entries must be grand!

Dr. Roman: ...Sigh. Please don't tire me out so early in the morning, Da Vinci.

Dr. Roman: Also, please refrain from spreading rumors. None of this information is substantiated.

Dr. Roman: To begin with, the 72 Demon Gods are all fantasies. Demon Gods don't actually exist.

Dr. Roman: These days people speculate that they were merely familiars broken down into 72 different roles, right?

Da Vinci: Yeah. But since the roles were so clearly defined,some theorize that they may be the origin of angels.

Da Vinci: And since he actually claimed to be one, it's not unrelated?

Da Vinci: How about the hypothesis that Lev, or the mastermind behind him, summoned "a certain ancient king? "

Dr. Roman: ...That possibility does exist...Still, I find the idea of 72 Demon Gods hard to believe...

Da Vinci: Why is that? I mean, Fujimaru actually fought one, right?

Dr. Roman: That's why. The data I have seems to correspond with what I would expect from a "demon. "

Dr. Roman: But, uh, how do I put this...It follows the legend too well. The concept of demons came much later than that king.

Dr. Roman: Suppose that king really did turn into a Heroic Spirit. His Noble Phantasm would be a lot simpler and smarter.

Dr. Roman: It would be strange to have such an ominous Demon God, one that modern-day people know of, serving under him.

Da Vinci: Hmm. You have a point. The chance that they're just assuming the name is high.

Da Vinci: Now, if we could just ask Servants related to Demon Gods a few questions, it would make our lives infinitely easier.

Dr. Roman: Yeah. That's why, for now, I won't comment on the Demon God Lev transformed into. It's still anybody's guess.

Dr. Roman: Back on topic...Let's talk about obtaining the third Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: This may seem sudden, but Fujimaru,did you get seasick back in Rome?

Fujimaru 1: A little bit.

Dr. Roman: I see.... Right, of course.

Dr. Roman: Humans are creatures that have learned to adapt. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Mash: That's not very reassuring, Doctor.

Fujimaru 2: I'm fine.

Dr. Roman: Good! How reassuring. I was about to get motion sickness meds that "work" on the central nervous system, if need be.

Fou: FOU!

Dr. Roman: Oh? Fou is going to head out again?

Dr. Roman: ...Hmm. I'm not superstitious, but when Fou's around Mash's mental state stabilizes...I'll be counting on you.

Mash: ...I'm sorry Doctor, but if Fou's nearby during a crisis, I just feel so much calmer...

Fou: N'kyu.

Dr. Roman: New land always awaits us with each Rayshift. The more we find familiar, the better. Take him with you.

Dr. Roman: The year is 1573. The location— An ocean as far as the eye can see!

Mash: Ocean, you say?

Dr. Roman: Right. The geography is shifting correspondingly with the Singularity.

Dr. Roman: It doesn't look like there's an area that can be specifically marked "here. "

Dr. Roman: The sea only has several islands scattered around. I would like you to investigate the cause of the Singularity immediately.

Fujimaru 1: I hope we don't end up in the ocean...

Dr. Roman: There's no need to worry about that. We'll input the necessary coordinates for the Rayshift.

Dr. Roman: At the very least, you shouldn't end up in the ocean. Besides, you have another promising ally with you.

Mash: Ally?

Da Vinci: Here, I invented it. It's a rubber floaty. You can use it in case you get into trouble.

Mash: ...Sigh.

Fujimaru 2: Roger that.

Mash: Umm...It would be quite troublesome if we landed in the middle of the ocean right after being teleported.

Mash: I don't know how to swim. Senpai...You're not a great swimmer either, are you?

Dr. Roman: Don't worry, I've taken that into consideration for the purposes of the Rayshift.

Dr. Roman: At least you won't end up in the walls somewhere. In case you do end up in the ocean–

Da Vinci: Here, a floaty! Cool, isn't it? I took the liberty of designing it in Decalavian style.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. This is needlessly prickly! Fitting the ocean theme, it's like a starfish!

Mash: —Dr. Roman? This is putting Senpai's safety on the line, right?

Dr. Roman: ...Sorry. It was just a little joke before departure. I shall tend to the Rayshift at all costs.

Mash: ...Hmm. I still have some worries,but we don't have the time to address all of them.

Mash: Master, let's go. I will give it everything I have.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's do it, Mash!

Mash: Of course. Leave the combat to me once we arrive.

Fujimaru 2: I have a couple of errands...

Mash: Leave the errands till after we've returned to Chaldea. Now, let's go.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha. Mash has really started to take charge. Fujimaru is the type that gets henpecked, too.

Mash: ???

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: You're coming after all.

Fujimaru 2: I'll carry you.

Fou: N'kyu!

Dr. Roman: Looks like you're all set. Now, let's start the search for the third Holy Grail!

Announcement A: Unsummon Program, start. Spiritron Conversion, start.

Announcement A: Counting down to Rayshift. 3, 2, 1...

Announcement A: All procedures cleared. Grand Order, commencing operation.

Section 1: Pirates of Chaldea

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Hey, Mash...

Mash: ...True, we never did Rayshift to the ocean before.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Yes, but Mash...

Mash: Yes, Senpai. I know exactly what you're trying to say.

Mash: ...Dr. Roman. If you have any excuses, let's hear them.

Dr. Roman: Well...Uh...Murphy's Law, was it?

Dr. Roman: When there's a chance of failure,you're sure to be guided towards that failure?

Dr. Roman: Also...When you think about it...

Dr. Roman: It is completely possible to be Rayshifted onto a deserted island and wait a full 28 years before help arrives, right?

Dr. Roman: Then wouldn't you say it's rather beneficial to have transport immediately available?

Fou: Fou...

Mash: ...

Pirate: Not really sure what's going on, but...Get 'em, fellas!

Mash: –Seems like Dr. Roman needs to be disciplined after all!

Dr. Roman: Sorry, I promise I meant well!


Pirate: Sorry about that...

Mash: ...Whew. I don't like to get rough, but with the situation as it is, I have no choice but to interrogate you...Forcefully.

Mash: Who are you, where is this ocean, and what's going on? Would you care to explain?

Pirate: Hey, we have no clue either, see. Before we knew it, we were afloat around here.

Pirate: Our compasses and maps are completely useless, too.

Pirate: When you've got no clue what's going on, see, you just attack the prey in front of you, right? It's the pirate's way.

Mash: What? So you had no idea who we were...

Mash: And you didn't know if it's safe to do so,yet you still attacked us?

Pirate: ♪That's right, yo ho♪♪Because we're pirates♪

Mash: ...What should we do, Senpai? He's started to sing like he's in a musical...

Fujimaru 1: Is he an idiot?

Fujimaru 2: Don't we have other leads?

Pirate: I may be an idiot, but I do have some leads. Word has it, there's a Pirate Island nearby.

Pirate: We're running low on food and water. I say it's a good idea to try the island...

Mash: Pirate...Island? Um, are there lots of pirates there?

Pirate: Yeah, it IS Pirate Island.

Dr. Roman: Hmmm.

Dr. Roman: ...For now, we don't have any leads that feel like leads. We might as well go there.

Mash: Understood...Well, everyone, I hereby exercise my rights as victor.

Mash: Please, man the wheel. Head towards this Pirate Island.

Pirate: Aye, aye, sir!

Mash: That would be, "Aye, aye, ma'am! "

Section 2: Pioneering Pirate Queen

Mash: Looks like this is Pirate Island...

Pirate: Woo-hoo! Women! Prey! Hunting! Looks like fun!

Mash: ...Looks like pirates are just as enthusiastic on land. I'm taking them out!


Mash: ...All right, next please.

Pirate: Hey, gimme a break. I didn't mean any harm...

Pirate: It was my instinct as a pirate...

Dr. Roman: Wh-What a poor excuse for a pirate!

Mash: Does anyone on this island have a grasp of the situation?

Pirate: Oh...That would be Boss, I guess.

Mash: Who's Boss?

Pirate: Heh heh heh, listen and be amazed...Francis Drake,the greatest, most glorious pirate on the high seas!

Dr. Roman: Why this swagger all of a sudden?

Da Vinci: Hmm. Perhaps it's a desperate attempt to seem more"pirate" like. That's what I think.

Pirate: After we get through the forest, you'll find the Great Pirate Francis Drake's secret hideout.

Pirate: Heh heh heh...You guys are done for. When Boss gets a hold of you, you'll be...

Dr. Roman: Why does this person keep talking like a grunt?

Da Vinci: Setting up one's character is important in any era. It's even normal to recreate your body into a beautiful idol.

Dr. Roman: Sorry Da Vinci, but can you just go back to your workshop?

Pirate: What's with all the ruckus? Is it magic? Magic or something!?

Fou: Fou.

Pirate: Oh my, what is this adorable little creature. It looks delicious.

Fou: Fou!?

Fujimaru 1: Eat him and I'll beat you till you cry.

Fujimaru 2: Eat him and I'll crush you till you cry.

Pirate: Yes, sorry!

Mash: Master, we need to press onward.

Mash: Francis Drake. One of the great heroes that pioneered this world.

Mash: We are in the midst of the Age of Exploration—If he's the real Drake, he's probably a living being.

Mash: He's the first voyager in history to sail around the globe and live to tell the tale.

Mash: England received great fortune from his actions. They bested Spain, who had been dominating the world seas.

Mash: Spain was once touted as The Sun That Never Sets. But even Spaniards feared him, the "El Draque"...

Mash: Truly the "Hero Who Brought Down the Sun. " The prosperity of the British Empire wouldn't be possible without Captain Drake.

Mash: Though Drake was officially sanctioned by the state as a corsair...A pirate is still a pirate.

Mash: Judging from the behavior of pirates we've met so far,odds are high that he's a good-for-nothing thug.

Fujimaru 1: Don't let your guard down.

Fujimaru 2: Roman's just as good-for-nothing.

Mash: Yes, that is correct.

Mash: Most likely a gluttonous giant, a nefarious character able to grab a barrel in one hand and chug its contents.

Mash: ...It is quite disturbing, but there is no doubt he is a key person of this era.

Mash: We must somehow get the help of Francis Drake.

Pirate: Boss! BOSS! We've got enem...err, guests, I mean!

Pirate: They said they wish to speak with you, Boss!

Drake: The hell? Geez, right when I'm in a good mood from this good rum–

Drake: Guests? Are they pirates?

Pirate: Umm, I don't think so! They seem a bit classier than us, and a bit more violent!

Mash: ...A bit?

Drake: The hell is that? Well then, government? Or army?

Pirate: Uhh, I don't think they're any of those.

Drake: So you don't know...Fine, bring them in!

Mash: If you'll excuse me.


Drake: ...Well now,you certainly brought me some strange ones, Bombe.

Pirate: Yeah. But they've got their good points.

Pirate: Not only did they save our lives,but they're excited to meet their idol captain.

Drake: Idol. I'm their idol? Really?

Pirate: Yeah. They've been saying how great you are,how Drake can blast away the Spanish Armada in an instant!

Pirate: That Drake's a giant over 3 meters tall who downs rum by the barrel. They're really excited!

Drake: Whaaat? What's up with that? I haven't committed such sins yet!

Mash: ...Um, Senpai. I'm so stunned I can't speak. (whispering)

Dr. Roman: Me too. Who knew that THE Francis Drake was— (whispering)

Fujimaru 1: Who knew she was a woman!

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, who knew she was a beautiful lady!

Drake: Stand aside, Bombe. I'll do the talking.

Drake: So? Who on earth are you? Looks like you took good care of my boys.

Fujimaru 1: We're from the Organization.

Fujimaru 2: We're from Chaldea.

Mash: You must be Francis Drake.

Mash: My name is Mash Kyrielite. I'm part of the Chaldea Security Organization.

Mash: This is my Master–Fujimaru.

Drake: Chaldea? What do the "stargazers" want with us? Are they here to sell us some new maps of constellations?

Dr. Roman: Wha-? This drunk actually knows her stuff! Even the origins of Chaldea!

Drake: ...Something feels really shallow about you, sir.

Drake: Cowardly, gutless, pessimistic...A good man,but a chicken. I hate people like you the most.

Mash: ...Perfect. Senpai, her analysis...I mean instinct, is perfect!

Dr. Roman: Shucks...

Drake: Well, spare me the details. They're just a pain in the ass. So, what does Chaldea want with me anyway?

Mash: ...Right, we were sent to fix all the anomalies in this era.

Drake: ...Okay.

Mash: Captain Francis Drake. Since you're so great, you've probably already noticed.

Mash: Something is wrong with this era, with this world.

Mash: The ocean you've spent your days in,and the ocean we see before us, are not the same.

Drake: ...Heh, all this talk about the world, the era,they were things I decided to completely ignore...

Drake: ...But I can't ignore talk about the ocean. You're right, something did feel strange.

Mash: ...I thought so! We can explain why—

Drake: —But when I say "strange," I don't mean it as a bad thing. There's no other world that's as fun as this one!

Drake: Isn't that right, you scumbags?

Pirate: Woo-hoo! You bet! You're the best, Boss! Hear, hear, to never-ending rum!

Mash: Whaaaaaaaat?

Drake: You see? We pirates long for freedom,even if it entails evil deeds!

Drake: If you insist on speaking with me...You must pass some tests first.

Drake: Try to defeat me, THE Francis Drake. Then we can talk!

Drake: I'm as drunk as they come right now! Let's see if you have what it takes to sober me up!

Dr. Roman: I guess too much freedom is sometimes a bad thing. Like in France, please use the back of the blade!

Mash: O-Of course! I shall respond to Captain Drake's request. Master!

Fujimaru 1: Okay, let's do this!

Fujimaru 2: Let's go!


Mash: S-So powerful...This person is flesh and blood, right?

Dr. Roman: W-Well, she should be. Thing is, I'm getting a magical energy reading from her.

Mash: So she's either a mage–or a hero from birth?

Drake: Ahhhh! That hits the spot. Rum's got nothing on this, I'm telling you.

Pirate: Hey Boss! You all right?

Drake: Hahaha! What are you talking about? Of course I'm all right!

Drake: That aside though...Seems that I lost.

Drake: You can boil me, fry me, sleep with me,anything you want!

Fujimaru 1: I'll pass.

Fujimaru 2: I'm good.

Mash: Master, I don't think you need to reply every time...

Drake: Oh? I see, I see. In that case, I guess it can't be helped.

Drake: Anyway, a loss is a loss,I'll hear you guys out.

Drake: But, you know what? From the looks of it, you want a ride, don't you?

Drake: You're looking for something, but are unfamiliar with these seas. That's why you need to rely on me, pirate or not.

Fujimaru 1: You being a pirate is irrelevant.

Fujimaru 2: We need you, Francis Drake.

Drake: I see.... Hmm, hah, so that's it.

Drake: So? What exactly do you want from us? We lost, so we'll give you anything other than our lives.

Mash: ...First, we must understand the situation. "Where" exactly are we?

Mash: England? Or closer to Spain, perhaps? Or are we in the Caribbean?

Drake: Uhh, sorry. Come to think of it, we don't know either.

Mash: So all that revelry and you don't even know!?

Drake: Right, because there's no shortage of food or booze.

Drake: All right. Now that we've surrendered to you,we're officially part of your crew!

Drake: How about we start off with a toast!

Mash: H-Hey, wait a sec...

Drake: C'mooon, it's fine, it's all good.

Mash: It's NOT good! Hey, what are you...No, wait! Master, save me!

Dr. Roman: ...Hm? What are these readings...

Fujimaru 1: What's up?

Dr. Roman: Nah, must be an error. I'll make some adjustments.


Drake: All right, men! To our two new comrades, Fujimaru and Mash.

Drake: Huh? That's backwards. To their new comrades, us–

Drake: Cheers!

Pirate: Cheers!

Mash: Oh, but we really don't have time for this...

Fujimaru 1: It can't be helped.

Fujimaru 2: There's nothing we can do.

Mash: Please don't give in so easily! We have to set sail and check out these waters immediately...

Drake: What's with the gloomy look? You'll never find treasure with an attitude like that!

Mash: That's not what I mean. If you're going to help, please consider our situation–

Drake: Huh? Oh, I get it, more or less. These waters are abnormal, right?

Drake: I mean, I've seen superhumans walking around who won't even budge from cannon fire.

Mash: Servants!

Drake: Being a pirate myself, see,I've been through my share of chaos.

Drake: I can usually tell when it's something bad and unavoidable.

Drake: These waters are abnormal. One moment we're in a jungle, the next we're in a temperate Mediterranean climate–

Drake: The currents and winds are a mess, too. I mean, even sailing straight out into the sea is tricky.

Drake: ...Moreover, there's no "continent" in this ocean. Nor is there an "England. "

Mash: So, you already knew that much...

Drake: Hence why we were already planning on a new journey as soon as tomorrow.

Drake: Doesn't make sense for pirates to settle down on land. Gotta find a town to call our home base.

Drake: Tonight was supposed to be the pre-party. But, you guys showed up out of nowhere.

Mash: I see...

Fujimaru 1: Sorry for interfering.

Fujimaru 2: Pardon us.

Drake: Don't sweat it. You guys are a good omen!

Drake: From what I can tell,you know how to handle a cannon or two. Right?

Mash: I've never tried, but probably.... Um, so if you already knew this much, why did you attack us?

Drake: Ahahaha! Well, isn't that obvious? Because it seemed like fun!

Mash: Such a trivial reason...

Drake: So, Fujimaru you say? You the–captain or something?

Mash: Something similar, I would say.

Drake: Heh heh heh. In that case–Drink up!

Drake: Let's be friends. From one captain to another, eh?

Fou: Fou!? Fofou? FOOOOOOOOOU!

Mash: ...Huh?

Drake: Now, someone knows how to hold their liquor.

Mash: U-Umm...Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: What is it, Mash?

Mash: The H-Holy Grail...

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: I know.

Mash: Senpai, the Holy Grail–!

Fujimaru 1: We'll get it.

Mash: No, that's not what I mean. The Holy Grail...

Fujimaru 1: For everyone who fought with us!

Mash: Um, okay.... That's not what I mean, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Let's do our best, Mash!

Mash : Senpai, how many fingers am I holding up?

Fujimaru 1: I see two Mashes, so...

Mash : Get ahold of yourself! Senpai! Right in front of you! The Holy Grail! It's here!

Drake: Why're you staring at me all of a sudden? You see someone you recognize?

Mash: That's not it at all! That thing! What the captain has in her hands!

Drake: Ah-ha! You got a fine pair of eyes there. Gold tankards are usually so tasteless, but not this one.

Drake: It's not just the never-ending booze from it, either.

Drake: Place it on the table, and behold! It produces endless meat and fish!

Drake: I just happened to pick it up,but I doubt you'll find anything like this anywhere.

Pirate: What're you talking about, Boss? This wasn't coincidence. It was an adventure for several lifetimes!

Pirate: Seven endless nights! Giant destructive whirlpools in one ocean after another!

Pirate: And from within the maelstrom,the legendary lost city of Atlantis!

Pirate: "The time is upon us. By the 12 gods of Olympus, I shall create another flood and destroy all civilization! "

Pirate: That's what the big thing said right before Boss kicked its ass and seized the treasure!

Pirate: And with that, as crazy as it sounds,she became a hero! She saved the world!

Drake: Huh? Was it really that epic? It got on my nerves, so I gave it a piece of my mind.

Drake: That big lug called itself Poseidon. Can't really have that as a sailor.

Drake: That's why I put it in check and took its treasure, see? I even sank the entire city into the whirlpool. It was great!

G:Pirate: Bwaaaahahaha! Way to go, Boss! Both fortune and misfortune smiled upon you!

G:Pirate: You're gonna be single till the day you die! Or maybe you're actually a dude or something, eh Boss?

Drake: Now this is fun! We've got a new crew, and the booze is tasty! But we're takin' Bombe in a barrel later, and sinkin' him!

Drake: Now we sing, you idiots! Golden Hind, sing the crew's theme song!

Drake & Pirates: ♪Reap our treasure! ♪♪Down our ale! ♪


Mash: Ahhh...Aahhh...I don't believe it...They're not lying!

Mash: Senpai, the Foundation of Humanity was on the verge of destruction in this era before we arrived!

Mash: And...Captain Drake, without even knowing,resolved it on a whim.

Mash: And the result—

Drake: Whoa, it's sinking into my body. I never get used to this, really.

Drake: With this treasure,I can even deal damage to those invincible guys.

Drake: But it goes in and out of my body. Makes my chest so tight, I can't stand it.

Mash: That Holy Grail! Captain Drake is the owner of this era's Holy Grail—

Mash: No, by saving this era, the Holy Grail chose her. She is truly the rightful owner of the Grail!

Mash: Doctor! Doctor!

Dr. Roman: Yes, yes, yes, what is it? Can you get back to me later?

Dr. Roman: The search program is acting up a bit. For some reason,it says the Holy Grail is right in front of you.

Mash: That's right! The Holy Grail is here! In front of us!

Dr. Roman: WHAT!?

Fou: Fou!

Fujimaru 1: Case closed! Woohoo!

Dr. Roman: And, Fujimaru seems to be in an awfully good mood?

Pirate A: Ow! Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing.

Pirate B: Huuuh? Shut up and mind your own business.

Pirate A: Huh?

Pirate B: Huuh?

Drake: And, now they're fighting. Looks like we have to stop them!

Mash: This is insane...


Drake: So...What? You guys came for this magical tankard...

Drake: I mean the Holy Grail? You can go back to your country if you have this?

Mash: ...Yes. Well, that's it, more or less.

Drake: Hmm. Well, I can't deny that I lost to you,and I even said I'd give you anything but my life.

Drake: Here, take it. You came here from a distant era, right? Thanks for making the trip.

Mash: Th-Thank you very much. Since we've retrieved the Holy Grail, we've resolved the Singularity of this era...

Fujimaru 1: Have we?

Fujimaru 2: I don't think we have.

Mash: ...You're right.

Mash: Doctor, the Holy Grail has been secured. Have there been any changes?

Dr. Roman: Not that I can tell. The Bolt of this era is still left unsecured.

Dr. Roman: The Holy Grail is indeed functioning to a certain extent. But, it's not as strong a force as before.

Dr. Roman: ...Maybe it's the real Holy Grail. The one that was in this era to begin with.

Mash: ...In other words, it's different from the Grails we've seen?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. The Grails that Lev Lainur supposedly placed disrupt the seven Foundations of Humanity.

Dr. Roman: But, there was another Holy Grail in these seas. Captain Drake is the one chosen by that Grail.

Dr. Roman: The reason behind the turbulent seas is that the opposing forces, the two Holy Grails, are in contention.

Dr. Roman: "The rightful Grail held by the savior Captain Drake,"and "Lev's Holy Grail brought in from the outside to disturb the world. "

Dr. Roman: As long as Captain Drake is around, this era won't fall. However, it won't return to normal, either.

Dr. Roman: In order to restore the seas—I fear we must retrieve Lev's Holy Grail after all.

Mash: ...I see. So it's not as urgent as previous eras,but the final objective is the same.

Fou: Fou...

Drake: There's that odd voice again...Say, who are you talking to, Mash?

Drake: You got a pet gnome or something?

Mash: No, it's not quite that cute. The Doctor is, how shall I say...

Mash: Think of it as a mysterious fairy,talking to us from a town really far away.

Drake: Sure. So, he's making you guys fight,while he gets to cozy up in his home?

Drake: In the end, what's this all about? You get what you came for?

Mash: ...No. It seems there's another Holy Grail, Captain Drake,one that shouldn't exist in this era.

Mash: Unless we retrieve it,the ocean will be like this forever.

Drake: Whoa, whoa, that sounds real dangerous.... Are you serious?

Fujimaru 1: Dead serious.

Fujimaru 2: Absolutely.

Mash: Which is why I'll give this back to you.... You were meant to have it, Captain.

Drake: O-Okay. I appreciate your courtesy.

Drake: ...Boy. I've never given up a treasure so easily,or had it returned so easily either...

Mash: Doctor, can I get some advice?

Dr. Roman: H-Hey, just hang on a second. I'm thinking. This is way beyond what I imagined...

Da Vinci: Then, may I ask a few questions?

Da Vinci: It's a pleasure to meet you, Francis Drake. I know this may seem very sudden, but do you have a wish?

Drake: Wish?

Da Vinci: For example, you're a pirate. You wish to gather all the treasures in the world, do you not?

Drake: Yeah, I suppose I do. So, do I just wish on this Grail to have it come true?

Da Vinci: Most likely. Are you going to?

Drake: Of course not. You know I'm a pirate, right?

Drake: A pirate that gets treasure by praying–That's a bad joke if I ever heard one.

Drake: Treasure should be won through power, wisdom, and courage.

Da Vinci: Hmm, that would mean your immediate wish is simply to secure enough water, food, and safety.

Da Vinci: In other words, you already had that wish granted.

Drake: ...I suppose that's true.

Da Vinci: The Holy Grail you hold has the power to create this world. However–this ocean is not what you desire.

Da Vinci: Which means, "something" is causing this world to exist. Someone is disrupting your ocean, and your era.

Da Vinci: There's only one thing to be done, right? You need to reclaim your own world.

Da Vinci: The people next to you, Mash Kyrielight and Fujimaru, exist to resolve issues of this nature.

Da Vinci: They're professionals who have defeated what you call "invincible guys" many times.

Drake: I see...I think I understand now. Thanks.

Drake: So, who does that make you?

Da Vinci: Leonardo Da Vinci. I died about 20 years before you were born. I'm a genius.

Drake: Oh. Never heard of you.

Da Vinci: W-What...did you say?

Drake: So, this world is broken after all. Which means that there's no treasure to begin with.

Mash: You could be right. I don't think there is...

Dr. Roman: No—there is! I believe there is!

Fujimaru 1: Doctor?

Fujimaru 2: Aren't you a little too excited?

Dr. Roman: In this world and era, "pirates" are a common thing.

Dr. Roman: For better or worse, the Age of Exploration was an unavoidable event that expanded the world.

Dr. Roman: The planet's pioneers entrusted their dreams to the unknown seas and the other side of the horizon.

Dr. Roman: ...And with all those "thoughts" and "desires" gathered,I wouldn't be surprised if a treasure really did exist here.

Drake: So, it does exist? Enough gold and silver and spices to sink this ship?

Dr. Roman: Yes. I, Dr. Roman, will guarantee that. There is a treasure–for sure!

Drake: ...I can't take it. I'm fired up, I'm fired up as hell! All right scumbags, let's drink up a storm first!

Drake: Our voyage tomorrow is going to be one unlike any other! No guarantee we'll return alive, so drink your hearts out!

Drake: Treasures! Riches! Spices! Tasty booze and uncharted adventures await us!

Pirate: CHEERS!

Mash: Wait, we're drinking again!?

Pirate: After all, we're pirates! ♪Both you and I are pirates! ♪

Mash: Ah, please! No more singing!

Section 3: Ghost Ship and New Island

Drake: All right, we're setting sail! Raise the flag, the Golden Hind is moving out!

Pirate: Aye, aye, Boss!

Drake: Blast that cannon! Let's liven things up!

Mash: Sigh...

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong?

Fujimaru 2: You're not used to the sea?

Mash: ...Yes. We saw never-ending land last time, but I've never experienced an ocean as far as the eye can see.

Mash: Ah, don't worry. I haven't let my guard down.... Senpai, you seem to be having fun.

Mash: Unfortunately, this is not the time for that. I'm afraid things will be slightly different this—

Mash: Ah, Senpai! Seagulls! Seagulls over there!

Mash: And look,I see more pirates there!

Mash: ......

Mash: Ahem. Now, here I go!

Fujimaru 1: Have fuuuuun.

Fujimaru 2: Good luck.

Mash: I-Is it just me,or are you sort of out of it, Master?


Mash: Whew...I'm all sticky from the seawater.

Drake: Hey, hey, Fujimaru and Mash. Got a second?

Mash: Yes, what is it?

Drake: Those people we took out have vanished. In your eyes, is that possible?

Mash: ...True, they have disappeared. Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Yes, just as I thought. Seems like it's the concept of pirates that exist in these waters.

Mash: Concept, you say?

Dr. Roman: A type of spiritual body etched in the memories of the"Age of Exploration. " They can only act to fulfill their roles.

Dr. Roman: They have their own will, but are models of an idea. Call them an infinite copy of the "average pirate. "

Dr. Roman: They do little damage, but unless the world is corrected,these "bugs" will keep spawning forever.

Drake: ...What do you mean by that?

Mash: If I had to sum it up in a single word,those pirates are like...Ghosts.

Drake: ...But, they took damage from bullets, you know? Not just mine either, from the scallywags as well.

Mash: Sorry, let me rephrase that. Think of them as ghosts with physical bodies.

Drake: S-So they have physical bodies. Then we're okay! There's no problem!

Mash: Yes, that's correct. Now, let us be on our way!

Fou: Fou!


Drake: By the way.

Mash: Yes?

Drake: What do you think are in these waters, anyway?

Mash: If what the doctor says is true,there might be a treasure here.

Mash: But...That means these waters are basically the same as those in the Age of Exploration.

Mash: ...Which means Drake isn't the only pirate going after the treasure.

Drake: Ahah! That gets me all fired up! First come, first served. How simple is that?

Pirate: But Boss,we don't have any leads on that treasure.

Drake: Fool. We're going to start by finding those leads.

Pirate: ...Boss! An island in sight! East-northeast of here!

Mash: ...It is indeed an island. Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Yes. I'm detecting Servants on that island.

Mash: Captain Drake. That island has those superhumans you mentioned before.

Mash: Please have all the pirates retreat. The only ones who can fight them are myself, Senpai, and you.

Drake: Already? Well, you guys are with me this time. Hey scumbags, protect the ship!

Drake: Fujimaru and I are gonna go check things out!

Pirate: Roger that, Boss! We look forward to your return!

Mash: We need to proceed with caution, Master. We still don't know if the Servant is a friend or foe...

Drake: Hmm...Over there, perhaps?

Fou: Fou!?

Mash: Ack! Drake? Is that an enemy?

Mash: Ahhh! Fou, stop running around!

Drake: No. But I felt a vague presence, so I took a shot.

Mash: "Vague? " "Took a shot!? "

Drake: If you get a bad feeling, fire first, ask later. That's the key to survival, you know?

Mash: How violent...That's how an outlaw thinks!

Fujimaru 1: So, did it hit?

Fujimaru 2: Did you get it?

Drake: Hah! You won't know until you look for yourself! I'll go see if it's dead or not.

Mash: ...Captain Drake is unlike Jeanne or Nero. She's a type of person we've never encountered before.

Mash: At any rate, there goes our plan to proceed with caution. Senpai, what should we do?

Fujimaru 1: Let's calm down.

Fujimaru 2: Let's play it by ear.

Mash: ...Yes. I will calm down and play it by ear.

Drake: Hey! Mash, Fujimaru! Come over here!

Mash: A...Stone tablet?

Drake: That's right. Can you read what's written on it?

Mash: It–appears to be runes of some sort. Doctor, can you decode it?

Da Vinci: I see, I see, these are relatively new runes. I'd say they were carved within the last week.

Dr. Roman: Um, Da Vinci? That's my job, yes? Don't take my job, okay?

Da Vinci: Let's see here...

Da Vinci: "Bloodaxe King, once laid to rest, shall awaken once more. "

Da Vinci: ...That's the general gist of it. But, Bloodaxe King? Why does that sound familiar–

Dr. Roman: Th-The Bloodaxe King is the name of the Viking king that ruled Norway in the 9th century!

Dr. Roman: Be careful. I'm picking up readings similar to those copied pirates from that stone tablet!

Mash: Enemies?

Drake: ...Yeah, it appears so. I'm getting a very bad vibe here. Mash, Fujimaru!

Drake: Get ready for a fight...We're goin' in! The first to strike is the winner!

Drake: ...Here they come!

Pirate: For King Eric,our great and glorious leader!

Mash: Roger. Master...Let's go!


Mash: ...Whew. The battle has ended, Master.

Dr. Roman: Searching surroundings...Nothing detected. The nearby Servant signals are not moving.

Dr. Roman: They haven't noticed us? Anyway, you need to get out of there fast.

Mash: Roger that. Let's move on.


Drake: Mmm...Sniff, sniff. Treasure, will I get a whiff of that treasure?

Mash: Captain Drake, treasure has no scent.

Drake: Ahaha! You think so, Mash? Treasure does indeed have a scent.

Mash: What?

Drake: Ah, that look says you don't believe me! All right, let's make a bet.

Drake: If there's treasure up ahead, like I said...Hmm, what should we do?

Drake: I know, how about coming with me on a trip around the world?

Mash: Around the world you say?

Drake: When I flee these waters and return to England–I'm going to sail around the world on the Golden Hind.

Drake: What do you say? If you help me out,I bet I'll be the luckiest pirate ever.

Mash: Around the world...

Drake: Of course Fujimaru will come along, too. You're Mash's Master, aren't you?

Fujimaru 1: I'll see what I can do.

Fujimaru 2: I'll think about it.

Drake: All right, and if I lose–If I lose...Hmm, is there anything else you want?

Fujimaru 1: Nothing.

Fujimaru 2: I have enough already.

Mash: There is nothing I want. If I had to choose,having your assistance like this is enough.

Drake: Really? That's really greedy, you got me there! That's gonna cost you dearly!

Mash: E-Excuse me? Senpai and I both answered that we've been repaid already. Actually, Senpai, we have a good deal.

Drake: What's gotten into you? You said you have no wishes. That's the most troublesome wish.

Drake: Because, you can't buy items that "don't exist. "I am, after all, a merchant!

Drake: If I can't keep my customers happy, then I'll be a third-rate one. And THAT, I will not have.

Drake: That's why first,I need to get whatever it is you want.

Drake: But, you said you couldn't think of anything. Now, this is going to be a problem. How can I deliver something you don't want?

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: ...I see. I'm beginning to understand why this crude outlaw of a woman has THAT skill.

Dr. Roman: –Here they come! Servants are on the move.

Dr. Roman: Looks like they sensed you guys. They're coming in fast!

Mash: Hopefully we can talk it out with them–

F:???: Gagagagaga! Gigigigi—giiiiiiii!!

F:???: M-My! My name! Eric! The Grand...Eric!

F:???: Gah-go! Kill! Kill anyone in the way! Kill. KILL! Gigigiiii–!

Mash: ...He's not getting it.

Fujimaru 1: Seems so.

Fujimaru 2: Good luck.

Mash: Yes, Mash Kyrielight–going in! Captain Drake!

Drake: Sure thing! Vikings from Norway! They're like our ancestors, you know–

Drake: I'll pay my respects, but also give him a dose of reality! Fujimaru, this is how we say it in the pirate world!

Drake: "Shut up, you bearded freak! The old need to retire! "


Eric Bloodaxe: Gi, gi, gi...Ga, ga, ga...Not giving it to you! It's mine!

Eric Bloodaxe: It is...mine...but...

Mash: ...Eric Bloodaxe has been eliminated.

Dr. Roman: Wait, that's odd. He vanished, but there's still a Servant response...

Mash: What's the matter?

Dr. Roman: Huh? It's gone. Hmm, since coming to this era, I've been off my game.

Dr. Roman: Sorry, the equipment's not in the best shape. It's going to be a little hard to track you.

Dr. Roman: There are no more Servants on that island,and those pirates from before are all gone.

Drake: I see. Then how about we go on a treasure hunt?

Mash: Do you think there's treasure, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: I do.

Mash: Really? ...It would be interesting if there was one.

Fujimaru 2: I don't.

Mash: If you consider it rationally, there shouldn't be.... Though it would be fun if there were.

Drake: Hey! Over here! I found something!

Mash: Huh? You did? Let's go, Master!

Drake: See this ship? It's probably the one that king was on.

Mash: Doctor, can you find out?

Dr. Roman: Yeah, but I don't think there's any need. It's a larger version of the ships the Vikings used.

Dr. Roman: Therefore, it should look like something out of the 9th century...but it's good as new.

Mash: It does not appear to be...a treasure.

Drake: Sure it is. You guys wait right here. If this is a Viking ship, I'm sure it has one–

Drake: Found it. Treasure!

Mash: ...A book?

Drake: When sailing, Vikings record everything from starting point to destination using pictures and glyphs.

Drake: Coast shapes, shoal spots, current traits, and paths–

Drake: If they appeared here out of the blue that's one thing,but if they sailed here...

Drake: Yes, I smell fresh ink! This must be the chart for this island and it's surroundings.

Drake: There's no better treasure for us since we're about to set sail into the seas, right?

Mash: ...You have a good point. Captain Drake, well...You seem violent, but you're actually pretty pragmatic.

Drake: Impressed? Now, how about that trip around the world?

Mash: Umm...

Fujimaru 1: I'll think about it.

Fujimaru 2: After this battle is over.

Drake: I see, I see! With you guys, our strength would be a hundredfold! We'll depart after restocking food and water.

Drake: Now, time to return to the ship!

Mash: ...Senpai, are you sure about this? By correcting this era, the memories of us–

Fujimaru 1: Not a problem.

Mash: ...As her memories disappear,I suppose the problem itself will be gone, but...

Fujimaru 2: I forgot about that.

Mash: Wait, Senpai...Were you really planning on sailing around the world?

Mash: ...Oh, please stop teasing me!

Drake: Now, according to the Viking map–there's an island to the northwest.

Drake: Considering our speed, it'll take about 10 hours. If we can catch wind, maybe even less.

Mash: We can have the glyphs analyzed. Doctor, I'm transferring the data.

Dr. Roman: Very well. One book shouldn't be an issue over here. That said, I'd like a summoning point established soon.

Mash: Let's hope there's a Leyline on the next island.

Drake: All right, you scallywags! Time to set sail!

Section 4: Lightning and Goddess

E:???: (Pant, pant, pant...)

E:???: Ugh, no good. So tired, can't move, can't run.

E:???: I've never run so much in my life. Why am I a Servant in the first place?

E:???: I don't see "myself" here–Nor my "loser sister" either...

E:???: ...No, even if that girl isn't here, I'm fine. I'm so fine in all sorts of ways...

E:???: Sigh...I wonder who I'm talking to.

E:???: In the first place, this maze is "that" labyrinth, right? There's no way...out of here...and no string.

E:???: ...Wait, that means HE is here. As long as this labyrinth exists, HE is sure to be here.

E:???: !!! I knew it...

E:???: Something's coming from behind, too...ARGH! What am I supposed to do?

E:???: Auuuuuggggghhhh!

Drake: Hmm?

Mash: Something the matter?

Drake: Yes, the air tastes different here.

Mash: Tastes...different?

Drake: In different countries and lands, the air changes flavor.

Drake: The distance between England and France aside,when you travel to a new continent, the air really tastes differently.

Dr. Roman: Hmm. Perhaps Miss Drake can detect changes in the wind due to differences in temperature and currents?

Drake: What's this "Miss Drake" business? You sound creepy when you put it that way, Mister Scholar!

Dr. Roman: S-Sorry. Please excuse me, Drake.

Dr. Roman: Mash, Fujimaru. What Drake says may be correct.

Dr. Roman: Your current location has obvious different temperatures and currents than the previous island.

Dr. Roman: With a little more time, I'm sure we can determine exactly where you are.

Pirate: Boss! There's a ship to the northwest!

Drake: All right, what flag?

Pirate: A pirate's flag I've never seen!

Drake: So, an enemy! Mash, Fujimaru, get ready! Time to get to work!

Mash: Aye, aye, Captain Drake! Here we go, Master!


Drake: All right, this side's taken care of.

Mash: This side as well. They were below average in combat power.

Pirate: Boss, here's their Jolly Roger.

Drake: Hmm, it doesn't look familiar. Mash, do you have any ideas?

Mash: If it's a famous flag, it might be in our records. Doctor, can you look into this?

Dr. Roman: Okay. You'll have the results right away.

Drake: All right, then I'm advancing this ship. If this chart is right, the island should be in sight soon!


Dr. Roman: Yes. This island is way bigger than the other one. That's why we were able to locate a Leyline.

Dr. Roman: I'm sending you the coordinates, just follow them for now. But be careful...I'm detecting multiple life-forms.

Mash: Roger that. Drake, we'd like to head this way. Would that be all right with you?

Drake: It's fine. I was thinking of going in the same direction as well.

Mash: Then we'll depart. Let's go, Senpai.

Drake: This place is huge...Hard to imagine it's an island. This wind is amazing.

Mash: ...All true. Master, doesn't this feel like the time we were in–

Fujimaru 1: Rome?

Mash: Yes. I think it's a bit like when we were in Rome.

Fujimaru 2: France?

Mash: I believe it's closer to Rome than France.

Mash: Master,we're almost at the designated coordinates.

Drake: ...What the heck is that?

Mash: That–appears to be a skeleton,but something is slightly off.

Dr. Roman: Dragon Tooth Warriors. Soldiers forged from dragon fangs. Fujimaru, dispose of them.


Mash: The battle has ended, Master. Creating terminal point.

Dr. Roman: ...Huh? Something just...

Mash: What's wrong?

Dr. Roman: No, just my imagination. You can start setting up as usual.

Mash: Very well. Now, then–

Da Vinci: –All right, everyone. Time for a little history lesson,courtesy of yours truly.

Da Vinci: Right now, you're in the middle of the Age of Exploration.

Da Vinci: Many things were imported from the East, and Europe started advancing into the new land, fighting to gain a foothold.

Da Vinci: One of many things imported from the East were spices. Nutmeg, cloves, and peppercorns...or pepper.

Da Vinci: Pepper was necessary to help eat decomposing meat. In this era, it was more precious than gold.

Da Vinci: Case in point. I just transferred a pepper shaker to you. What do you think would happen when you hand that to Captain Drake.

Da Vinci: Try it.

Drake: Seeeeeeeeriously?

Fujimaru 1: She collapsed.

Fujimaru 2: She passed out.

Da Vinci: Amusing, right? Oh, and be sure to retrieve it. We shouldn't aimlessly disrupt their economy.

Da Vinci: In the meanwhile, the summoning circle is up. Use it to your heart's content.

Mash: Summoning circle confirmed. Terminal point established.

Dr. Roman: Oh, and yes...I got a hit on that pirate flag from earlier–

Dr. Roman: That's the flag of the legendary ■ate, ■■ of the "■■. "In other words, those pirates are ■■■ called ■■■■■.

Mash: Doctor? Doctor, the communications are acting up–Doctor!?

Dr. Roman:

Mash: We've lost contact. What on earth could have...

Mash: Eek! An earthquake?

Drake: Get down. It's a big one!

Mash: ...It settled down. Master, are you all right?

Fujimaru 1: I'm fine.

Fujimaru 2: No injuries.

Mash: Seems that way. Thank goodness. How about you, Drake?

Drake: That was a breeze compared to a raging ocean. But I'm worried about my ship and crew. Can we go back for a bit?

Mash: Let's do that.


Mash: The summoning circle has been established,but communications are still cut off.

Mash: We should move away from here, perhaps.

Drake: Huh? Hey, what's wrong? Something up?

Pirate: Boss...The ship won't move.

Drake: Huh?

Pirate: The ship, Boss! The ship won't budge, not an inch!

Drake: ...Sorry,but could you guys wait a second?

Drake: No good, it won't move. But I don't think there's anything wrong with the ship itself.

Drake: It's stuck like something's anchoring it real tight.

Drake: What on earth is happening? Fujimaru, this is your specialty, right?

Fujimaru 1: A type of Magecraft?

Fujimaru 2: A type of Bounded Field?

Mash: Yes, I believe that is correct. It looks like a Bounded Field has been drawn all around.

Mash: Its rank is low enough for Demi-Servants like me to escape...But I can't say the same for the ship.

Mash: Unless we take down whoever is creating this field,I'm afraid we'll be stuck here forever.

Drake: What are we gonna do?

Mash: Search and destroy. There is no other means of escape.

Drake: All right, if you say so then it must be true. Men! Stand your ground!

Drake: Behave and stay put. The real fight's gonna be above sea. Don't be wasting stuff!

Pirate: Aye, aye, Boss!

Drake: This is rather dull. That fortress earlier was completely empty, too.

Mash: To begin with, it's mysterious that artificial structures are on this island.

Mash: But that pattern...Could it be?

Mash: ...Hmmm? Is there a hole in that mountain?

Fujimaru 1: Let's take a look.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go inside.

Mash: This is...

Drake: Is this what you call a dungeon? Oh boy, the pirate blood in me is heating up!

Mash: Wait! We have no idea what the scope of this place is. I suggest we retreat at once and–

Drake: The way I see it, retreating's not gonna change a thing. That's what it means to stay on my ship.

Drake: Leave behind that goodie-goodie old self, Mash! Now, onwards! Treasure awaits!

Mash: I think we're rushing it too much...

Drake: See, they're here. Let's clean this up quickly!


Mash: I mean...Seriously!

Drake: Right or left...My gut says left!

Fujimaru 1: Should we trust her instincts?

Mash: I don't think so...But Captain Drake is a first-rate pirate.

Mash: She must also have keen intuition.... P-Probably.

Fujimaru 2: Remember where the entrance is?

Mash: Don't worry, I've recorded everything just in case. Not that I'd ever forget...

Mash: It's just a matter of going back the way we came. Getting separated along the way would be a bigger problem.

Mash: ...Oh I know. Master, let's hold hands.

Mash: It'd be a disaster if we got separated here. Holding hands would prevent that from happening.

Fujimaru 1: That's embarrassing...

Fujimaru 2: We don't have to...

Mash: Umm...I understand how you feel,but this is no time to be embarrassed, Master.

Mash: If we get separated,we might be wandering in this maze until we die.

Mash: It may be a bit awkward at first,but better safe than sorry...

Fujimaru 1: Are you embarrassed too, Mash?

Mash: ...N-No comment.

Fujimaru 2: I'm not embarrassed.

Mash: Th-That's fine. I feel...Slightly embarrassed...I think.

Mash: At any rate, we have now just proven that holding hands is necessary.

Mash: If you'll excuse me.

Mash: ...That reminds me, back then–You held my hand like this, too.

Mash: Now, it feels nostalgic. Even though not much time has passed.

Fou: Fou. Fou, Fou!

Drake: Hmmm? Hang on a moment.... I smell something.

Mash: What is it?

Drake: Blood.

Drake: ...Well, with my job I'm used to smelling stuff like this.

Mash: Look, the drops form a trail.

Drake: Looks like the wound itself wasn't that bad. A flesh wound.

Mash: It's our only clue. We should follow it!


Drake: The blood trail stops here. I guess we'll have to give up tracking it further?

Mash: Not necessarily. Master, please stand back.

Drake: This is great. I was getting bored of dungeon-crawling anyway.

Drake: Let's take a break and light our guns up! All right, bring it on!


Drake: Well, fighting these non-humans, including the bones back there, means I now got some more great tales to tell.

Drake: Anyway, even these things die when you shoot a lead bullet through them. I learned something!

Mash: No, normally that wouldn't have any effect. It's because you possess the Holy Grail...

Mash: I think it continuously grants your wish of,"Whatever it is, gunfire is effective. "

Drake: Oh, is that what it is? So, I guess I shouldn't wonder about when the Wild Hunt is happening then.

F:???: Hey, it looks like they're here again. I thought you wiped them out...

F:???: Oh dear, isn't this just troublesome. What do you wanna do?

F:???: ...Hmmm. If you want to rampage, then be my guest?

F:???: Let me warn you...I don't like breaking a sweat. So, I'm not helping you.


Drake: Hmmm...It's not like we're lost in here,but I'm still getting all kinds of bad vibes.

Mash: Bad vibes? What about you, Master?

Fujimaru 1: I'm getting bad vibes, too.

Mash: I see. If both you and the captain say so,perhaps we should be careful.

Fujimaru 2: I sense an encounter!

Mash: ...Encounter?

Mash: Hmm...What on earth could we encounter inside this dungeon, Master?

Mash: Don't tell me you're expecting to run into[♂ a cute girl /♀ a cute boy]...

Drake: !!! Stop right there!

Mash: !!!

Drake: Seems my hunch was right. Something's headed our way!

Mash: This is...a Servant!

H:???: ...Die.

Drake: I-It's huge! What on earth is this thing?

Asterios: Me...Asterios...Kill...All...You!

Mash: Another Berserker, like Eric the Bloodaxe King! Guess there's no use arguing!

Mash: Master, please be careful. Asterios is his lesser-known, original name–

Mash: People more commonly know him as the "Minotaur. "He's one of the monsters from Greek mythology!

Mash: This labyrinth is his territory. Retreat is not an option.

Mash: ...Let's go, Master!


Mash: Th-That was close! Wait...No way!

Asterios:! Uh...uhh!

Drake: You're still alive after eating all those bullets? Talk about gluttony!

Asterios: Pro...tect!

Drake: Then it's time to bring out the culverin cannons! If we blow his head off, he's sure to go down!

Drake: Now–give Davy Jones my regards!

Asterios: Ugh!

F:???: ...Hold up!

Mash: Oh no...Two Servants?

F:???: All right! All right! I guess I just have to go with you.

F:???: Do whatever you want with me! Just hurry up!

F:???: Asterios is near death. He wouldn't be much use to you.

F:???: Besides, if we take too long, he'll die and then the labyrinth will collapse on you.

F:???: –We should hurry back. Leave the navigation to me.

Asterios: ...Uh...

Mash: U-Umm,I'm sorry. Do you have a moment?

F:???: What is it, Miss Lame-Shield? Let's hurry up and go where "he" is.

Mash: L-Lame!?

Drake: Hey brat, don't talk to us like that. You're the one getting rescued.

F:???: Huh? I don't think that's a way to talk to a grown woman.

Drake: –Some nerve. Wanna sub in for the goddess statue at the ship's bow?

Euryale: Goddess statue? ...I'm not really sure what you mean,but I AM the goddess, Euryale.

Euryale: Wait, you chased after me not even knowing that?

Euryale: Obviously, you wouldn't have anything like me,a full super idol, on board your ship.

Euryale: You should at least remember my name, sheesh. Where are you from anyway, third-rate pirate?

Drake: Y-You little brat!

Fujimaru 1: I want to clear something up.

Fujimaru 2: You've misunderstood.

Euryale: Huh? What? Wait...Why, you're a human.

Euryale: Hm? Hmmm? Are you the Master of "that thing? "What brings you here?

Euryale: No, before all else, if you're the Master you must discipline your Servants!

Euryale: What's with that perverted Servant anyway? You can't find something that disgusting, even in Greece!

Mash: U-Umm, excuse me–It's not like we were chasing you!

Euryale: ...Huh? Then what on earth were you doing?

Mash: We are–

Euryale: Are. You. Serious–! You guys are so misleading!

Mash: Look who's talking!

Mash: You trapped us inside a Bounded Field. Wouldn't it be natural for us to assume you're our enemy?

Asterios: Guh...

Euryale: Ahh, Asterios! You don't have to move.

Euryale: You're tough. If you just stay still, you won't die.... You won't die, right?

Asterios: ...Urm.

Euryale: There's no need to worry. These guys aren't associated with "him. "

Mash: ...Pardon me. We were a bit shaken up as well. Asterios over there is the one who put up the Bounded Field?

Euryale: That's right. But it wasn't to trap you guys in. It was to prevent the enemies outside from entering.

Mash: I see. But, unless you remove this field,we'll be stuck in here...

Euryale: ...Mmm, fine.

Drake: Well, that didn't take a lot of convincing.

Euryale: It's a simple numbers game.

Euryale: There are only two ways out of here. Either Asterios dies, or we remove the field.

Euryale: In that case, I'd rather remove the field.... It's much better than being alone.

Drake: ...I see. Yes, I like you.

Drake: But, you're so cornered that you had to put up this "Bounded Field" thing, right?

Euryale: –It has nothing to do with you.

Drake: It does! See, I love interesting things.

Euryale: ...Huh?

Drake: A trip around the world. Adventure. Dungeons. Monsters. This world has so many interesting things to offer!

Drake: Interesting things tend to be more valuable. That's how this world works. That's why I became a pirate. But that's that.

Drake: Anyway, you smell like money. That's why I'm bringing you aboard my ship.

Euryale: H-Hey! You can't just decide that on your own! Board your ship? You must be insane!

Euryale: I already decided! I'm not leaving Asterios behind!

Drake: Who said anything like that? Asterios over there is coming with us, too.

Asterios: ...

Euryale: ...Huh?

Drake: So much guts and power...And, quite a hunk if you look at him long enough!

Drake: I'd be the laughingstock of pirates if I let this talent slip by! Hey, would you like to be a bodyguard on my ship?

Drake: If you refuse, there's nothing I can do. Hey you, will you die unless you're cooped up inside a labyrinth?

Euryale: Th-That's not really the case.... Are you sure?

Drake: Of course I am. I'll pay you well, too. Oh, but don't expect any benefits from us.

Euryale: That's not the issue. I mean...As long as you are okay with it.

Euryale: ...Asterios. What do you want to do?

Asterios: Go.

Euryale: ...Are you sure?

Asterios: Alone...lonely.

Euryale: I see. Very well, then...We'll board your ship.

Euryale: Ah! But I'll need you to prepare my own room. I have no intent of showing my face to common pirates.

Euryale: Of course, your ship has a bath, right? Oh, and also–

Mash: Senpai, Senpai! ...It seems things went quite well without us interjecting.

Fujimaru 1: Happily ever after.

Fujimaru 2: All's well that ends well.

Mash: ...Good point.

Mash: Still, a Minotaur was supposedly a monster. One that devoured children offered up as sacrifice, but–

Euryale : Put me on your shoulders, Asterios. Oh my, you're even taller than my "loser sister. "

Asterios: Uh...Uh...Uh...

Euryale : Ouch! Crouch down a little more! My head's gonna hit the ceiling!

Asterios: Uuu...

Drake: Ahahaha! Goddesses sure have lots of demands!

Fou: Fou!

Section 5: Blackbeard's Misery

G:???: –I always do wonder...Isn't he ashamed to be alive?

H:???: Now, Mary. You can't say such things.

H:???: Earthworms, cockroaches, even plague-ridden sewer rats are all living beings, you know?

H:???: That means it's okay for this Servant to live. I shall allow it.

F:???: Ohoho! LOL My, my, such intense and poisonous talk you're engaging in! LOLOLOL

F:???: Heh heh! LOL Missy Anne is always so gentle when she throttles me!

F:???: Because I'm naïve, if you ever said that to me,I'd have to *&£¢% you both on the spot! (Just kidding! )

Mary: ...Let's kill him, Anne. He shouldn't exist in this world.

Anne: I said no.

Anne: If you keep your distance, he's just a harmful,unpleasant, and stinking guy, right?

Anne: Now Captain, give us your orders soon, or I'll gouge, crush, and blow away that lighter-than-a-balloon head of yours.

F:???: Oops, good heavens me! LOL Sorry, sorry. Please, let me work hard from now on. LOLOLOL

Anne: ...

Mary: Anne, calm down or you might pop a vessel.

F:???: Going into totally serious mode! Wowowowow! It's coming, coming, coming–

F:???: ...And so, my brothers. The licky-enthusiast's treasured Muse Euryale–

F:???: Let's go catch her! Oh, and the you-know-what from the old hag, too!

Anne: Huhuhu. That's the main target, idiot.

Mary: No good, he can only think about Euryale. Fine, we'll just have to be careful.

F:???: Duhuhuhu! Missy Euryale is so fine! I love her so much!

F:???: Now, Missy Mary Read! Missy Anne Bonny! Mistah Eric Bloodaxe! And–

F:???: Teacher! Our teacher! Please, take the field!

E:???: Ah, I wonder...I never did anything great enough to be called a teacher, yeah? As you can see, I'm an underdog.

F:???: Haha, stop joking! With you by our side, great hero of the Trojan War, our power level will be over 9000!

F:???: Plus we've had a nutritionally balanced breakfast! Great and Ne-great!

E:???: ...Hey, guys. Are you really okay with a captain like this? Hello?

Mary: ...

Anne: ...

F:???: Ahnm, these freezing glares feel so good. They should be coming out soon...Fuhehe!

Euryale: All right. Remove the Bounded Field.

Asterios: Under...stood...

Drake: Geez! If you're gonna shout, tell us first!

Asterios: ...

Euryale: There. The Bounded Field has been removed. Now, let's go.

Asterios: Mm.

Pirate: He's huge! Huge! And scary!

Pirate: Boss? Are we taking these two with us as well?

Drake: What's this "scary" nonsense! You guys are veteran pirates! Yes. Those two are guests.

Drake: Erm...What're your names again?

Euryale: Remember! I'm Euryale. And he is Asterios.

Euryale: Just so you know, we're the same as that human named Mash.

Euryale: If you touch me, I will beat you up, okay?

Mash: How aggressive...

Euryale: With matters like this, it's better to make things clear from the start.

Drake: Okay, Fujimaru's on board, too. It's time to set sail!

Drake: Good weather, low waves. It's a really good day!

Drake: Days like this make me want to grab a drink.

Mash: ...Isn't that every day?

Drake: Hahaha! You're right!

Pirate A: Boss! Unknown ship detected starboard!

Drake: Okay, let's deal with it,then booze it up!


Drake: ...Now, according to the map, the next island is a bit further...Huh?

Mash: What's the matter?

Drake: Oh, the wind just changed direction. There might be a storm around sunset.

Drake: You guys, get the freight and food organized!

Pirate: Aye, aye!

Euryale: ~♪

Asterios: ...Song?

Euryale: Oh, did you hear that?

Asterios: Yes.

Euryale: Well, fine then. I'll let you hear it as a special treat.

Euryale: La-la-la♪

Drake: I like it. Beautiful songs are so soothing...

Euryale: Oh Captain,I don't remember giving you the permission to listen.

Drake: Oh, don't be like that!

Euryale: Fine. But it's not something you get to hear often.

Euryale: Be grateful, and listen to the music of a goddess.

Mash: ...It is a beautiful song.

Fou: Fou...

Euryale: There. The end.

Asterios: Mmm...

Mash: Euryale, I have a question. Why are people chasing after you?

Euryale: You sure know how to open up old wounds.

Mash: ...I'm sorry. But I thought it was something I should still ask.

Euryale: ...Hmmm. Since you don't mean ill, I'll forgive you.

Euryale: ...See. I'm cute, right?

Mash: ...Huh?

Euryale: I said, I'm cute, right?

Mash: Erm...Well...Yes.

Euryale: You think so too, right?

Fujimaru 1: You're cute.

Fujimaru 2: You're beautiful.

Euryale: Yes, I'm pretty and cute. That's why guys always want me...

Euryale: But this time, the most atrocious pervert is after me. A strange pirate, just like Drake.

Mash: A pirate?

Euryale: Not just an ordinary pirate. A "Pirate Servant" is after me.

Mash: !!!

Euryale: I don't know his True Name. But, he's certainly the most disgusting guy in the world.

Euryale: Even Scylla would feel pretty in front of him.

Mash: ...Not strong, not scary, but disgusting...What kind of pirate is he?

Euryale: More importantly...Asterios,are your wounds better now?

Asterios: ...Mmm.

Euryale: Oh, I see. Then you'll be all right carrying me on your shoulders?

Asterios: Mhm...


Euryale : All right, what a great view–What? What's wrong, Asterios?

Asterios: ...Ugh.

Pirate: Boss! A ship up ahead!

Drake: Are they pirates?

Pirate: Yes! ...Oh, it's THAT flag! Boss! That ship's raising the same flag we've seen before!

Drake: Meaning they're enemies! ...Huh? That ship looks familiar...

Mash: That flag...I know! Doctor!

Dr. Roman: Mash? Thank goodness, I finally got through! What in the world's happening over there?

Fujimaru 1: I forgot about that...

Fujimaru 2: It slipped my mind.

Dr. Roman: What, you forgot about me? I'm the lovable and reliable Dr. Roman, remember?

Mash: Sorry, but can we talk about it later?

Mash: Could you tell us about that flag again? Communications broke down and we couldn't hear you.

Dr. Roman: Oh, yeah. That flag is–a legendary Jolly Roger. Belonging to the most infamous pirate in history!

Mash: Most infamous...In history...It can't be!

Dr. Roman: Right! Blackbeard! His True Name is Edward Teach! Be careful, Mash!

Mash: ...Unfortunately, Doctor, it's too late.

Dr. Roman: What?

Drake: Ah! It's him! It's him! The pirate who was chasing my ship!

Drake: I found him at last. I'll blast him beyond the horizon!

Euryale: (...Sneak sneak...)

Blackbeard: ...

Drake: Hey, are you listening you hairy oaf?

Blackbeard: Huh? Sorry, my ears don't pick up old-hag noises!

Drake: —Say that again?

Mash: ...What?

Drake: What. Did. You. Just. Say?

Blackbeard: I- just- said! I didn't ask for old hags! What's with them useless huge knockers? Is that a joke?

Blackbeard: Guess scars are okay? Blade scars are great,they turn me on. But, the age, that's a slight problem.

Blackbeard: If it were only half that, you'd be in my strike zone. Du'huhuhuhu!

Drake: ...

Pirate: Boss? Boss? She's dead...(Inside. )

Euryale: It's hopeless. She's all frozen up. I was the same during my first encounter, too.

Euryale: ...I'm surprised I survived it.

Blackbeard: Mm-hooooooooo! You really are here, Euryale-chan!

Blackbeard: Ah, really cute! Cute! Kawaii! I want to lick and be licked! Mainly armpits and groin!

Blackbeard: Oh, and step on me, too! Barefoot! Step all over me! I want to be treated like a cockroach!

Blackbeard: Don't you all want that, too?

Euryale: Uh...I don't like this...

Asterios: ...

Blackbeard: What? You there! Big guy! You're in my way!

Blackbeard: Show me, show me, show me, Missy Euryale!

Mash: ...Huh? I'm sorry, I almost passed out.

Fujimaru 1: Me too.

Fujimaru 2: It's no wonder.

Mash: Erm...What is that?

Fujimaru 1: B-Blackbeard...maybe?

Fujimaru 2: S-Servant...maybe?

Mash: I refuse. I won't admit that he is a Servant.

Blackbeard: ...Hmm?

Mash: !!!

Blackbeard: Mm...Mm, mm-hmm...I approve! You're accepted! Ta-da-dah-da-da-dah!

Mash: Eek!

Blackbeard: Mmmm, who was the one that liked one eye covered? I think it was that guy Bartholomew?

Blackbeard: No, his fetish was both eyes covered...Well, it doesn't matter.

Blackbeard: Anyway, you Servant there! Tell me your name! If you don't–

Mash: I-If I don't what?

Blackbeard: I will dream about you tonight when I sleep♪

Mash: My name is Mash Kyrielight! I'm a Demi-Servant!

Blackbeard: Mash...Mash...Mashmallow. Mallow mallow...How beautifully raunchy...Bofufufufu...

Mash: Please save me, Senpai! The goose bumps just won't stop popping up.

Fujimaru 1: There, there.

Fujimaru 2: Pat, pat.

Mash: Th...Thank you very much. But, what can we do...

Mash: Someone so disgusting...How do we deal with him...

Drake: ...Fire!

Pirate: What?

Drake: Cannons.

Pirate: B-Boss?

Drake: Cannons. Every single one. I don't care. Just fire! Otherwise I will pack you guys in as cannonballs and fire!

Pirate: A-Aye, aye, Captain!

Blackbeard: Oh, old hag-chan? You mad? You mad, bro? Like huff and puff?

Drake: Bring the ship around! Send that bearded fool down to Davy Jones' Locker!

Blackbeard: Oh my, how scary. Mm, Mr. Bloodaxe King.

Eric: ...Gigigi.

Blackbeard: Can you take a minute and grab you-know-what from that old hag for me?

Blackbeard: Meanwhile I will be busy here licking Euryale! 'Tis my duty as a human being!

Euryale: ...Hey Fujimaru. You too, Servant.

Euryale: Make sure that disgusting sea roach doesn't come near me. Protect me well. Got that?

Euryale: Fortunately, my class is Archer. I can at least give you some cover.

Mash: ...Understood. Mash Kyrielight...heading in!


Euryale: More incoming!

Asterios: ...Me...Kill!

Euryale: Asterios, don't move in your state! You're already injured!

Asterios: ...Ugh...


Drake: Fire the cannons. Fire, FIRE!

Blackbeard: We're coming alongside them, everyone! Go Team Blackbeard! Yeah!

Pirate: Go Team Blackbeard! Yeah!

Blackbeard: Go Team Blackbeard! Yeah! (glances)

Pirate: Yeah!

Blackbeard: ...(glances)

Mary: ...You want us to join in, too?

Anne: Ahaha, no way. If we have to do that,I'd rather be killed by Command Spells.

Anne: ...Ah, actually that sounds good right about now. Teach, could you order us to commit suicide?

Blackbeard: You hate being my subordinate that much?

Mary & Anne: Yep.

Blackbeard: Don't say that. Please help me...

Anne: I don't really think you need our help. Why don't you just steamroll them with your Noble Phantasm?

Pirate: Dammit! No good! Our cannonballs are bouncing off!

Pirate: Their armor thickness is on another level! Crap...They're coming on board!


Drake: Damn! Seriously? Our only option is to retreat!

Mash: Can we retreat from this chaos?

Drake: We have to! Reload the cannons! We'll use smoke bombs to create a diversion!

Pirate: Here it comes, Boss!

Blackbeard: Hey! Don't overexert yourself, old hag! If you behave and hand over the Holy Grail, we'll let you go, yeah?

Drake: Holy Grail!?

Mash: They know about the Grail?

Blackbeard: Hey, are you gonna hand over the Grail or what?

Drake: Shut up! Keep your mouth shut!

Blackbeard: Gyafufufu! Scary, scary! LOLOLOL

Eric: Gigigigigi! Kill! This time, kill for sure!

Mash: ...Eric Bloodaxe? How?

Dr. Roman: W-We already defeated him, right!? We even verified he vanished–

Fujimaru 1: He didn't vanish.

Fujimaru 2: Something strange is...

Dr. Roman: Th-That's right! There was a turbulence in the magical energies that shape the Servants.

Dr. Roman: Could it be...teleportation? Then, he's a Servant that Blackbeard summoned to begin with!

Mash: A Servant summoning another Servant...Is that even possible? By BLACKBEARD!?

Mash: Perhaps he has a Holy Grail, or something similar in nature in his possession?

Eric: Kiiiiiiiillll!

Mash: Ugh!

Euryale: Kyaaa!?

Asterios: Di...e!

Eric: Yooouuuuuuuuu!!

Euryale: What are you doing, Asterios? You can't!

Mash: Asterios, stand back! This time I will finish him for sure!



Dr. Roman: All right! He's gone for sure this time! We defeated Eric Bloodaxe!

Blackbeard: Hohohohoho! It's too soon to be happy! LOLOLOL

Blackbeard: Eric Bloodaxe was the lowest rank among us Blackbeard Pirates!

Blackbeard: Plus he smelled bloody all over, his armpits reeked, and his feet were greasy. There was nothing good about him!

Mary: That's all you, Captain.

Mash: !!!

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong?

Fujimaru 2: Something just...

Mash: ...He's so stubborn! That guy!

C:???: You don't let your guard down. Good girl, good girl.

C:???: I thought it would be easier if we killed the Master as soon as possible...

C:???: –You're really something special. What kind of Servant are you?

C:???: Well, if you're defeated by something of this caliber,then it's not worth "letting you live. "

C:???: Do your best, young girl.

Drake: If that's the case...

Drake: All right! Set sails! Hard starboard! We're gonna get away from them!

Drake: We are faster compared to that bulky ship!

Pirate: Aye, aye!

Mary: Ah, they shot the ropes connecting the ships. Looks like they're trying to flee.

Anne: Hum. She shoots as well as I do.

Anne: As expected from Francis Drake,the first person to survive a trip around the world.

Anne: –Though, doing nothing does make me feel bad. I guess I'll help a little bit.

Mary: Anne, you're so earnest.

Anne: Huhuhu. In the end, it's only a show, Mary.

Anne: My bullet. My pride. Our name is Freedom. Catch the prey like a falcon...Just kidding.

Drake: Ugh...What happened?

Pirate: Seems like an explosion in the bilge!

Drake: What!?

Mash: Impossible!

Drake: Dammit, they'll catch up. No, at this rate, we'll sink before that!

Drake: I'll go fix the hole in the bilge! You guys keep the ship balanced!

Pirate: That's unreasonable, Boss! Everybody, stop the boss!

Drake: Hey, let me go, idiots! If I don't go, who will–

Euryale: Asterios!?

Mash: The ship...He's lifting it up!?

Drake: We recovered! Okay! Drop all Barrel Bombs behind us!

Drake: Drop 'em, drop 'em, drop 'em—

Blackbeard: Oooooou!? Wait there! I don't care about the old hag,but please leave Missy Euryale and the Holy Grail behind!

Blackbeard: I don't want the old hag's body at all,so at least give me Missy Euryaleeeeeee!

Mary: Our main objective is the Holy Grail, Captain. Euryale is just a bonus.

Anne: Huhuhu, this captain isn't listening at all.

Drake: You said you're Blackbeard, right? Someday! For sure! No matter what! At all costs!

Drake: I'll take your head and tie it on my bow! Remember it, idiot! Dumbass! You...

Drake: Oooh, I can't think of any more insults! In any case, I'll make sure to get revenge on youuuuuuu!

Section 6: Hunter of the Three Stars

Euryale: Asterios! Where's Asterios? Fujimaru! Mash! Help me look for him, too!

Fou: Fou! Fou, fou! Kyuuuu!

Mash: Fou found him! He'll bring him over!

Drake: I'll help! Ugh, so heavy!

Asterios: ...Ugh...

Mash: Don't worry, he's alive. But the wound he got during the battle against us opened up.

Euryale: That's for being reckless before making a full recovery!

Euryale: What kind of moron keeps swimming while carrying a galleon! You dummy!

Asterios: ...This kind...of...moron.

Euryale: It's not something to brag about!

Euryale: Did you forget your role of carrying me on your shoulders? Go on, clean your filthy body!

Asterios: Mgh...

Mash: Drake, how about the ship–

Drake: It's no good. Nothing can make it budge.

Drake: ...Although I think we'll be able to fix the ship,thanks to Asterios bringing it to the coast.

Drake: But we don't have enough materials. Looks like this island has a forest, so I guess we can make some lumber out of those trees.

Euryale: Don't you think it's better to slay the forest monsters first? See, over there.

Mash: Right. I'd like to reassess the situation.

Drake: Oh boy, when we're done, I want to ask you something...How to sink that huge fool of a pirate!


Drake: There wasn't much difference in the ships' performance. The issue was the thickness of their armor.

Mash: Yes. Our cannons had no effect.... Doctor, please tell us about Blackbeard.

Mash: I have some knowledge,but I'm sure that Chaldea has more accurate data.

Dr. Roman: Right, Blackbeard was a pirate born 100 years after Francis Drake.

Dr. Roman: His real name was Edward Teach. He was one of the pirates who ruled over the Caribbean.

Dr. Roman: His policy was simple. He would kill anyone who showed resistance but spared the rest.

Dr. Roman: Based in Nassau, he rampaged through these waters on his beloved ship, from Virginia to Honduras.

Mash: His beloved ship...It had a name, right?

Dr. Roman: Yes. It was called "Queen Anne's Revenge. "He had 300 men on board.

Dr. Roman: He built up a large fleet centered around his flagship,and reigned as one of the strongest and worst pirates.

Dr. Roman: However, he ended up losing his head.

Dr. Roman: ...Even a pirate as fearsome as him...Unbelievable...

Mash: ...Don't say any more. He's a Servant I'd rather not remember.

Euryale: I erased the image of that thing from my brain. What? Has something happened?

Drake: Yeah, pirates are all trashy, but he is the trashiest of them all. The King of Trash. That's what he is.

Drake: Sorry, everybody. I apologize on behalf of all pirates.

Fujimaru 1: You're also a victim, Drake.

Fujimaru 2: I know how you feel.

Drake: Fujimaru...You're a good [♂ guy /♀ girl]...You'd be a great pirate!

Drake: As a pirate, I can guarantee it!

Mash: Doctor, are there any stories that could give us hints on his Noble Phantasm?

Dr. Roman: There are a few...Among them, I think his ship has the highest possibility of being a Noble Phantasm.

Dr. Roman: I was monitoring the magical energy levels during the battle, and his ship gave off the strongest readings.

Dr. Roman: Captain Drake's "Golden Hind" too. Maybe it's the Holy Grail, but it showed magical energy similar to a Noble Phantasm...

Dr. Roman: Even then, that ship was superior...

Fou: Fou...

Drake: Hmm...I don't quite understand,but are you saying that my ship is no match for his?

Mash: It seems that way...

Drake: Hmmm...

Dr. Roman: Wait a second...Nothing happened before you blasted the ropes and made your escape?

Dr. Roman: Did you inflict any damage to their side–

Mash: Ah, at that time...I believe we defeated Eric Bloodaxe.

Dr. Roman: Right! Yes, we confirmed that he vanished completely on our end as well.

Dr. Roman: ...Ah, so that's it!

Mash: What do you mean?

Dr. Roman: Simply put, Blackbeard's Noble Phantasm–is that ship, "Queen Anne's Revenge. "

Dr. Roman: Maybe it's a Noble Phantasm that powers up as"his subordinates get stronger and stronger. "

Mash: !!!

Dr. Roman: The moment you guys defeated Eric, the magical energy surrounding the ship clearly weakened.

Dr. Roman: After that, it stayed in that state until they lost sight of us.

Mash: In other words–the more Servants it carries,the stronger it becomes?

Dr. Roman: There were five Servants including Blackbeard on that ship. With Eric defeated, it's now four.

Mash: Maybe the reason he sought Euryale...

Dr. Roman: because he gets stronger with her on board. His personal interests also play a part, of course...

Mash: If only we could pull those Servants away somehow...But I'm sure it will be hard.

Dr. Roman: Ah, I've never encountered a hindrance like him before. He knows nothing and still disturbs our Holy Grail search!

Drake: Well, we pirates are all like that. We take treasures from people, no matter how good they may be.

Mash: ...If it's hard to pull them away, we'll have to slay them.

Mash: ...And we better do it fast, before Blackbeard becomes even more powerful.

Dr. Roman: ...Offense is the best form of defense. Hmm? I'm picking up couple life signatures on that island.

Dr. Roman: Looks like they're wyverns, be careful!


Drake: Oh, so this is a dragon? It really looks like a lizard!

Mash: More precisely, a wyvern. We fought many during our battles in France.

Mash: ...Hmm?

Euryale: Something the matter?

Mash: Oh no, I just thought of something...

Fujimaru 1: Use the dragons as materials.

Fujimaru 2: Fix the ship with the dragons.

Mash: ...That's it, Master!

Drake: Huh? You're going to fix my ship with dragons?

Euryale: ...Oh, that's brilliant. If you process it,dragon scales are even harder than steel.

Euryale: We need someone really strong to process it,but...

Asterios: Uuugh...

Euryale: Oh, you're here. Can you handle it?

Asterios: Yes.

Mash: Looks like it won't be a problem for Asterios. I'll try to strip their scales immediately!

Pirates: Yeah, I feel reassured with this guy! But don't overdo it like before!

Pirates: Hey, let's eat first! After that I'll let you meet our blacksmith!

Asterios: Y— food...together.

Drake: Hmm...These scales are tough, but we still need more.

Mash: Technical Director Leonardo. How many more wyverns do we need to slay to fix the ship?

Da Vinci: Considering the size of the scale and how it shrinks while processing...I think 30 more wyverns should be enough.

Mash: In that case, we should be able to do it in a day once we found a nest.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go hunting.

Fujimaru 2: Then it is a quest.

Mash: We make pretty good adventurers, right, Master?

Drake: Hmmm, maybe I should change the ship's name to the "Golden Dragon"...


H:???: ...All right. Uh, chop that up...and add some spices, and sauté...

H:???: Oh no,we need to add some vegetables too, right?

H:???: Will that grass there do? There!

H:???: Okay, now put it in that box...And stir...Done!

H:???: Darling, I made you a boxed lunch!

E:???: Wait. Do you even know how you made that?

E:???: It's just grilled meat with some plucked weeds sprinkled on top, you can't call it a boxed lunch.

H:???: Don't say that. Please try some? It's tasty, you know?

E:???: How are you so confident in a boxed lunch with that kind of quality?

H:???: You're asking so much, darling...What?

E:???: Hmm...Something's coming. Looks like a Servant.

H:???: Is it friend or foe?

E:???: If she's cute, I don't care which side she's–

E:???: No, it's nothing. Don't scrape me on this tree trunk! Owww!

H:???: Actually, this is perfect. I'm getting bored of this island already.

H:???: I don't even know why we were summoned here in the first place!

E:???: Yes, you're right. Friend or foe, we need information.

H:???: ...Well, it's not like I want to leave or anything, though...

E:???: Speak for yourself. These last two islands are way too boring.

H:???: And there weren't any cute girls?

E:???: No, there weren't.

E:???: ...I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

E:???: I forgot that I rely completely on you,and that I leech off you for everything.

E:???: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't swing me arouuu–

H:???: Ah...(slip)

E:???: Wha—at—!

H:???: Eek! Darling, I'm sorry!

E:???: You think apologizing is enough?! You moron!

Dr. Roman: ...Be careful. I am picking up multiple wyverns. And...What is this?

Dr. Roman: It's tiny. Maybe like a familiar...

Mash: There's a familiar on an island like this?

Dr. Roman: Hmmm...Something different about it, though.

Dr. Roman: Looks like it doesn't have that much magical energy,so I don't think we need to be too concerned.

Euryale: ...Hmmm.

Asterios: Huh?

Euryale: It's nothing. I just had a bad feeling.

Euryale: And, with your height, I'll be hitting my head on the tree branches.

Euryale: Please, duck a little, or hold me in your arms.... Yes, that's way better.

Drake: Geez...Comfy enough there, Princess?

Euryale: Princess? I'm a goddess.

E:???: Please, stop. Stop! Don't chew, don't chew please! Not food! Not food!

Mash: Just now! I think I heard a voice...Master!

Fujimaru 1: Let's rescue them.

Fujimaru 2: Let's hurry.

Mash: Yes!

Mash: Wyverns!

Drake: Good timing, I'll turn you into materials!


Mash: That's the last one. But, I thought I heard someone's voice earlier...

Drake: I am not seeing the usual mess wyverns left behind,maybe they ran away?

Dr. Roman: Huh? That weak magic response I mentioned...Seems like it's right near you.

Dr. Roman: Well? Can you find it?

Mash: No, not really...

E:???: Hrrrnngh!?

Fujimaru 1: I think you stepped on something?

Fujimaru 2: I heard a strange voice.

Mash: What? I stepped on something? Let's see...Could it be this?

Drake: What is it? A plush toy? It sure is ugly. Even I can sew something better.

Dr. Roman: Ah, that's it. The magical energy I mentioned is coming from that thing.

Mash: Is this the familiar you mentioned? ...Hmmm, it doesn't look like anything but a plush toy.

E:???: Kyun kyun♪

Euryale: ...I can feel a really creepy gaze.

Mash: Me too.

Drake: What? You too? So I'm not the only one...

E:???: ...

Mash: (Stare...)

Euryale: (Stare...)

Drake: (Stare...)

E:???: ...

Asterios: Wah!

E:???: Hyoo? What are you doing?

E:???: ...Oh.

Mash: Senpai, Senpai. The unknown object is talking.

Fujimaru 1: Talking plushies are rare.

Mash: ...I see, it does look pretty rare.

E:???: I'm not a plush toy, okay? Though I do look like one. I'll admit that.

Fujimaru 2: Let's dissect it.

Mash: Dissect...You're right. That's a pretty good idea.

E:???: No, it's not!

Mash: ...It really talks. Are you friend or foe?

E:???: –Huh? That's my line!

E:???: ...I'm sorry. I think we can be friends. We have no intention of harming you.

H:???: Ah—!!

Mash: ...A Servant?

E:???: Wait! They're not enemies...Pugyuru?!

H:???: Did you cheat on me again, darling?! Despite! Having! ME!

H:???: I'm at the limit of my patience! Come on, it is time to punish you!

E:???: What? How am I the first to get hit? Wait! Wait! There's a misunderstanding!

E:???: I really was staring at their breasts and legs, but...I'm sorr...Pugyuru!

Mash: U-Um...

H:???: What? Don't interfere in a lover's spat! It is a civil matter! Civil court!

Mash: Master, what do we do? This is the first time I feel at a loss.

Mash: Ah, no...When we met that Black-whatever earlier,I felt like this too. One bad feeling after another.

Mash: In this era,everyone has a few loose screws!

Fujimaru 1: What's your True Name?

Fujimaru 2: What are you doing here?

H:???: Hmm? ...Wait, you're human? Are you a Master?

E:???: Fujimaru...Right. Okay, finally we meet a respectable Servant.

E:???: Let's see...This summon is for a Holy Grail War, right? Are we friend or foe? Is the busty girl single?

H:???: Don't casually mix questions up!

Fujimaru 1: We're here to fix this era.

Fujimaru 2: We're here to repair the world.


Orion: ...I see. Now I get what's going on, more or less.

H:???: Huh...So this world is endless? Eternal?

Mash: Even if this era is,I believe it will still vanish if its outer frame is gone.

Mash: And if that happens, we'll be defeated,and human history will come to an end.

H:???: Poo...

Orion: Hey, you were thinking that you wanted to live in this world forever and stuff, weren't you?

H:???: Oh! Guessing what's on my mind...It's like we're in love...How lovely...

Orion: If I have to live in an eternal world,I'd prefer to die in the hell.

Mash: Senpai, Senpai...

Mash: Those two people...Or one person and one thing? There's something weird about their relationship...

H:???: What is it? No matter how you look at it,Darling and I are the best couple of the Servant world.

Orion: Hmm, from a third party viewpoint, it must look strange for a woman to be talking to a plush toy...

Mash: I see, each person has their own tastes. That aside, could you help us?

H:???: Hmm, what do you think, Darling?

Orion: You ask what I think, but with humanity about to be exterminated. We have no choice but to help, idiot!

H:???: I'm not an idiot! I'm a goddess!

Orion: Quiet you useless goddess! (Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap! )

H:???: Ah, it's DV! This is what you call domestic violence, right?

Euryale: This is just too much, I can't see the end of it...

Drake: ...By the way...Lady Goddess. What's your name?

Artemis: What? I'm Artemis.

Mash: What!?

Fou: Fou?!

Dr. Roman: What?!

Euryale: ...

Asterios: Uh?

Drake: A super famous one just appeared...She doesn't seem to be faking it...What do we do?

Mash: How about that plush toy right there?

Artemis: He is my love, Orion.

Artemis: ...I knew that he was going to be summoned, and got worried so I came as his substitute!

Dr. Roman: I, I see...By lowering her divinity, it allows her to be summoned as a substitute Heroic Spirit...

Dr. Roman: It's not like there aren't previous cases...

Orion: I'm Orion. When I was summoned into this Holy Grail War, I got turned into a strange creature.

Orion: ...Strange creature...Strange...

Fujimaru 1: I am crying.

Fujimaru 2: Live strong.

Orion: By the way, I'm infinitely close to useless. I can't live unless I totally depend on her for everything.

Artemis: Hehe. You can depend on me even more, Darling.

Orion: I want to be independent...

Mash: Ahem.

Mash: Then let's fight together. Artemis, Orion.

Mash: Now, we need dragon's scales to fix our ship. Let's pool our strengths and gather them!

Orion: Okay, this way...Dragon nests are usually hidden in bleak places like this.

Artemis: Darling, so smart♪

Dr. Roman: It's just like Orion said. I am picking up multiple dragons nearby.

Mash: Okay Servants. Let's go hunting!


Mash: Finally, we're halfway.

Drake: So hot, so tired, so exhausted, need booze...

Euryale: The captain is such a slacker.

Drake: Well, you've been leaving everything to Asterios for a while now...

Euryale: That's fine. I give orders, and he acts.

Artemis: Hey, hey, Darling.

Orion: What?

Artemis: Are there male and female wyverns?

Orion: They have parents, but I've never heard about gender.

Mash: Parents?

Orion: Yes. Their parents are not of the wyvern subspecies. Wyverns are born from their superior species, dragons.

Orion: I guess they're more like minions than children.

Mash: ...So...For example...They are way bigger than wyverns?

Orion: ...Yeah. Indeed...

Mash: And if we keep slaying their wyvern minions,they will become excited or angry?

Orion: ...Well, they probably won't forgive us...

Mash: Master...

Fujimaru 1: A boss battle is a given.

Mash: I know nothing about such givens!

Fujimaru 2: Let's apologize.

Mash: If we apologize, will they forgive us?

Euryale: The dragons basically think we declared war against them when we entered their territory in the first place.

Euryale: It's useless. Go, fight now. Like a hero, do your best♪

Mash: ...Understood. Mash Kyrielight–heading in!


Mash: I've fought dragons before,but it never gets easier.

Orion: Why do I have to take part in this?

Asterios: Ugh.

Euryale: Oh well, you have enough scales now, don't you? That was quite fun.

Euryale: It's easy to sit back and see how things pan out,but it's also fun to see people struggle up close.

Drake: Thanks for the god-like opinion. You sure got noticed by someone bizarre huh, big guy?

Asterios: Ugh...

Section 7: Queen Anne's Revenge

Drake: Improvements and repairs complete! We fixed the hole in the bilge. No leaks found.

Drake: We also equipped the ram with the leftover scales. Things are going to get interesting.

Drake: Now...Asterios! Time for your unrivaled strength and dauntless courage to step up!

Asterios: Uh...Uhhh!

Euryale: Looks like your wound has healed. You really are durable. Just like my loser sister.

Euryale: All right, go for it!

Asterios: Uuuuhhh—!

Pirates: Whoaaaa! Incredible!

Pirates: Damn, Asterios! There anything you can't do!? We all admire you...Uh, as men...

Asterios: Ugh...Huh.

Drake: All right, men! Time to take our revenge on Blackbeard! Don't worry, this time we'll be fine!

Drake: Believe in me and follow me!

Artemis: Hey Darling. Let's do that. The you-know-what.

Artemis: That thing where I stand at the bow and extend both arms.

Orion: Yep, you can do it. By yourself. Be careful of seagulls.

Artemis: You won't hug me from behind? So cruel!

Orion: Don't ask a plush toy for the impossible!

Pirate: Hey Boss, what is that thing?

Drake: It's a harmless creature. Just let it be. Fou is way cuter anyway.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Fou said, "Don't compare me to that. "

Drake: Oh my...I'm sorry, Fou. Indeed, you have more class and flair.

Drake: ...All right, we're setting sail! Ring the bell!

Pirate: Boss! I've already found a pirate ship!

Drake: Let's take them down to liven things up!

Mash: Roger that!


Drake: We'll be entering unknown territory soon. We won't be able to use the Vikings' map anymore.

Drake: It'll be an adventure, so that's fine! The problem is Blackbeard's ship.

Mash: Even with just four Servants,it's still a formidable amount of enemies.

Mash: If we make a bad approach,their guns and cannons will destroy our ship.

Drake: We're way faster though. Should we use the ram to charge in?

Mash: These seas don't seem to have many obstacles...We'll probably encounter them from afar like last time.

Mash: If we were to have any chance, it would have to be during a Wild Hunt...

Mash: They don't notice us, we notice them, and then a storm hits at the perfect time–

Drake: That's wishing for too much, really.

Euryale: ...How about we shoot arrows before they notice us,to confuse them?

Mash: They'll certainly be confused,but there are still Servants on their side.

Mash: ...That woman with the musket is especially problematic. If it turns into a gunfight, I don't think the confusion tactic will work.

Artemis: Why doesn't someone board their ship and cause a riot before the ships collide?

Orion: Are you stupid? How would someone board their ship before our ship...Oh.

Mash: ...Something wrong?

Artemis: Heheh. I am a goddess. But...I was technically summoned as Orion.

Artemis: So I have control over Orion's power.

Dr. Roman: Ah, now I remember. Orion can walk on water.

Euryale: You're the son of Lord Poseidon so you can walk on water...Wait, that's it?

Orion: ...Look, even I wish I had slightly cooler powers!

Orion: I mean, walk on water? What am I, a water strider or something?

Artemis: Aww, you're so cute when you're sad and gloomy! I just want to squeeze you tight! Squeeeeeeze...

Orion: Mash, comfort me in your bosom!

Mash: I refuse.

Orion: Ngyuu...

Drake: Anyway, we've been dealt a new card. Now, I have something to ask you guys...

Orion: Great. I'm excited but have a bad feeling...


Blackbeard: Woo-hoo-hoo! Heh, heh, heh...Hohohohoho...

Blackbeard: Gasp! Awww, once I wake up,my harem is nothing but a distant dream.

Blackbeard: The only ones here are our teacher and the yuri couple in their own little world.

Blackbeard: ...Well, I happen to like yuri myself. Since sleeping alone is so lonely (glance)

Mary: –Incredible, Anne. This captain wants to sleep with us.

Anne: For someone with zero popularity,or rather, negative popularity, that's rich.

Anne: Actually, we didn't appear in your dreams, did we? If so, I'll just have to hit you with my gunstock till you forget.

Blackbeard: Heh heh. So many heroines populate my dreams, I just don't remember.

Mary: –Incredible, Anne. The captain has lumped us together as mob heroines.

Anne: Yes♪ Let's kill him, after all♪

C:???: ...Huh? Hey Captain, your enemies are here. That Francis Drake.

Blackbeard: Euryale-chan is here? And the Holy Grail, too!

C:???: Most likely. I have to say,they're out for revenge a lot earlier than expected.

Blackbeard: Yahoo! Prepare to receive them!

Mary: Well, I guess we don't have a choice. Let's get to work.

Anne: Yeah, you're right. But I'm pretty sure I opened a big hole in their bilge...What did they do?

C:???: –What's more important is how they're coming back after such a severe beating.

C:???: ...They have something up their sleeve. But I have nothing to do with it.

Blackbeard: Mmm? Are they planning to charge straight in without a plan?

Blackbeard: A reckless and self-destructive assault! Pretty unusual for that old hag.

Mary: Not exactly, Captain. Isn't the one at the bow the Servant you're infatuated with?

Blackbeard: Euryale-chan? What's this about my Euryale-chan? Bow! Is she at the bow?

Blackbeard: Yay! Euryale-chan! Come spread your arms at the bow with me—

Blackbeard: Huh?

Euryale: Tch, I missed. No, I feel like I missed on purpose.

Euryale: I felt like my arrow would be soiled...

Mash: I'm sorry, but can you try to aim and shoot him down? Your arrows are disposable. Deal with it.

Mash: If we don't get him now, Captain Drake and I have to fight that Servant in close combat.

Euryale: I know. But instead of hitting Blackbeard directly–

Euryale: It's better if I hit someone else. That's how my "arrow" works.

Euryale: Some of them are boarding our ship.

Euryale: There aren't many, so let's defeat them quickly.


Blackbeard: Hey comrades! If you get hit by Euryale-chan's arrows I'll kill you off immediately, so be careful!

Pirate: ...Huh? Captain, what on earth are you saying...

Pirate: Ow?

Pirate: ...Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh...Ohhhhh!

Pirate: You scum...You scum! For Lady Euryale's sake...Die!

Pirate: Huh? Captain, why did you...Ugh...Ah—

Blackbeard: See, now your blood got my shirt all dirty. Remember,DEATH is what happens when you're careless!

Pirate: A-Aye, aye, sir!

Blackbeard: Missy Anne! Missy Anne!

Anne: Please don't call to me in that creepy voice. What is it, Captain?

Blackbeard: Gigigi. Say, why don't you go pew pew at them!

Anne: If it wasn't for the disruption, I would have done so.

Blackbeard: Countin' on ya♪

Blackbeard: Let's see...Don't tell me this is all you got, old hag-chan?

Drake: –Of course not, pervert captain.

Blackbeard: ...Above!?

Artemis: Hi♪

Blackbeard: An angel...There is an angel here...There is an angel...But who are you?

Mary: A Servant!?

Artemis: I am Orion! I'll kill all of you☆

Pirate: Ugh!

Pirate: Gyah!

Mary: I'll go! You keep shooting there, Anne!

Anne: Gotcha!

Orion: ...Geez. They sure work their plush toys really hard. One, two. One, two. One, two.

Pirate: We're almost in cannon range! Grab all reserve ammo from the arsenal!

Orion: Sure, sure, show me where it is, please...

Artemis: Hai, yaa! Take that!

Pirate: Gyah!

Blackbeard: Dammit! Missy Mary! I'm counting on you!

Mary: You don't need to say it!

Artemis: Oh human, I'd be troubled if you get too close to me.

Mary: Figures. Since you're probably an Archer from the looks of it!

Artemis: Exactly! Bye-bye now!

Mary: Hey, wait!

Orion: Artemis! Tell them we're ready!

Artemis: Darling! Understood, Captain!


Drake: All right! Helmsman, hard to starboard! Get a good angle! We'll rip through its belly with the ram!

Pirate: Gotcha, Boss! Hard to starboard!

Blackbeard: What is that small thing.... That small thing...

Blackbeard: Oh...My...God! Everyone, hold on!

Blackbeard: It's gonna explooooooooooode!

Mary: What?

Anne: Explode?

C:???: Ah, so that's what's going on! Dammit!

Pirate: E-Explosions! In the ammo hold!

Artemis: That went well, Darling!

Orion: I-I thought I'd die down there! I lit the fuse and ran! Ran at full speed!

Mary: You bastards–!

Artemis: How rude. Fine, I'll play with you for a while.

Orion: Don't play, shoot her down! ...Though, what a waste it will be.

Artemis: Okay♪ Oh, and Darling, I'll punish you later☆

Pirate: C-Captain! What should we do?

Blackbeard: C-C-C-Calm down! Everybody calm down! Extinguish the fire first! Now everybody strip down–

Anne: Regain your sanity, Captain.

Blackbeard: W-W-W-W-What? I'm super sane, you know? More importantly, Missy Anne, take off your pants too–

Anne: Next time you say that, I'll shoot.

Blackbeard: I'm sane again! And I understand! Hard to starboard! Anyway, we have to get out of here!

Pirate: Aye, aye!

Blackbeard: ...Oh, great. Looks like it's too late!

Pirate: Huh?

Blackbeard: All hands, brace for impact! Bahahaha, I've always wanted to say that!

Mary: It's the Golden Hind!

Anne: Right! Both fast and sturdy!

Drake: Prepare to board, my filthy scoundrels! Yes, yes! Let the plundering begin!

Asterios: Uuuuuuuu!!

Euryale: Asterios, go!

Mash: Well, Master, can't keep Blackbeard waiting!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Let's do it, Mash!


Section 8: Desperate Battle

Mary: Haaaaaah!

Mash: ...Ugh!

Anne: Mary, I'll join in!

Mary: Okay!

Mash: These two...combined, they're one Servant?

Mary: My name is Mary Read.

Anne: And I'm Anne Bonny.

Mash: The legendary female pirates...No wonder their teamwork's sublime!

Mary: ...Interesting. So Heroic Spirits of Shield really do exist.

Anne: They have many Servants on their side as well. Mary, for now, why don't we do the usual thing.

Mary: –Okay. We haven't lost quite yet.

Mary: If we can hold you off, we can win.... Let's go!


Mary: ...So we fell short. Sorry Captain, we're going on ahead.

Anne: Captain. Please don't get depressed just because we're not around anymore.

Anne: ...Being a victor is all you're worth. If you lose,we're the ones who end up looking like fools.


Blackbeard: Mmph! Then, Blackbeard's beard began shining like gold or silver or burning red, and he rose like a phoenix!

Blackbeard: At least emotionally!

Mash: Ugh. This is discouraging...

Fujimaru 1: Don't give up.

Fujimaru 2: Hang in there.

Mash: Even Master starts to sound unmotivational.

Blackbeard: Backs against the wall, all is vanity, Glory to the Sutra. However!

Blackbeard: I hate to brag, but this Blackbeard never even thought he could lose!

Drake: Oh, look who's talking, you swine! Now this finally feels like a death-match!

Drake: You and I, we're the same. A pair of heartless scoundrels who live our lives taking or saving lives!

Drake: The loser is scum and the winner is justice! In that case,I'll trample your justice with my demonic heels!

Blackbeard: Aww♪You're acting pretty cool for an old hag...

Blackbeard: If I was a woman, I'm sure that right now there'd be romantic BGM playing with an event CG where I start stripping.

Blackbeard: Such a bother to create backups and programming for that though...

Drake: I seriously don't understand what you are saying at all...

Mash: You don't need to understand. I guarantee that you'll never need that knowledge.

Blackbeard: Well, anyway! Let's have our showdown, old hag!

Drake: Insult me as much as you want.

Drake: Now that I can punch you directly in the face–I'll laugh at your jokes.

Drake: And when I finish with you, not even your mom can recognize you! Mash! Fujimaru!

Mash: I'm on it. Let's go, Master!


Blackbeard: Ugh...Not yet...not yet...I'm...not my full power...yet!

Blackbeard: If I really put my mind to it, there's no way I'd ever lose to a Servant or two...let alone the old hag!

Drake: If you can blab like that after a fatal blow,you certainly got some guts.

Drake: I don't respect you, but I am impressed. The great pirate born 100 years after me.

Drake: I know you wanted the Holy Grail, but give up. That's my treasure.

Drake: Treasures at sea have no rightful owners. "First come, first served" is our rule, right?

Blackbeard: Yeah...That's right...Feels good...What a feel-good conclusion...That's how a pirate should be...

Blackbeard: Ugh!

Mash: ...What?

Drake: Teach! Dammit, you...To your own comrade!?


F:???: Well...You finally let your guard down, Captain.

F:???: I mean, you act totally carefree, but wherever you are,you're always gripping your gun warily.

F:???: This old man's really impressed.

F:???: After all, a genius who acts like a moron is more trouble than a moron calling himself a genius.

Blackbeard: ...I see...So that's why...I couldn't read your true thoughts...

Blackbeard: But betraying me under these circumstances? Mistah Hektor, are you an idiot?

Mash: Hektor!?

Hektor: Oh please, this old man's doing it knowing there's a fair chance to succeed.

Hektor: All right Captain,I'll take your Holy Grail now!

Blackbeard: Don't mock me!

Hektor: Too bad, you missed. The Holy mine!

Mash: Is that...the Holy Grail!?

Mash: Edward Teach was...the Singularity for this era?

Blackbeard: I screwed up...

Hektor: Now all that's left Francis Drake.

Hektor: Sheesh. The plan was to let the Holy Grail fall into an idiot's hands, causing this era to fall apart.

Hektor: I can't believe that a voyager who exists only to stop that would appear. The Naval Chart of Mankind sure walks on a tightrope.

Fujimaru 1: Stop him, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Defeat him, Mash!

Mash: I won't allow it!

Mash: What?

Hektor: Just kidding. I don't care about the correct Holy Grail.

Hektor: My objective is...her.

Mash: ...The ship!

Euryale: Eek!

Mash: Euryale!

Euryale: Hey, let me go!

Hektor: Please behave.

Drake: That means you were betraying Teach even before you boarded this ship?

Hektor: Correct. I guess you can call me a Trojan Horse?

Hektor: Granted, I've never seen the real thing.

Asterios: Let her goooo!

Hektor: ...Whoa! You're a dangerous one!

Euryale: Oh!

Hektor: Minotaur–huh? A combination that is truly beauty and the beast.

Hektor: Still...This old man hasn't fallen so far as to be defeated by an incompetent Berserker!


Asterios: Ugh!

Euryale: Asterios!

Hektor: Tch! ...Hey now Captain, are you still alive?

Blackbeard: Hee hee hee. It's the power of love! ...Just kidding. That was my final blow.

Hektor: Tch! But, I've achieved my goal. Too bad, pirates.

Orion: Dammit, he had a ship ready! Cheeky bastard!

Artemis: Should we go after him, Darling? I'm sure we could

Orion: We can't!

Artemis: ...Why not?

Orion: Because right now,both you and I are Servants.

Artemis: Hmph. So you think that I'd lose, Darling?

Orion: That's a Lancer. On top of that, if he's Hektor then he's also, you know...

Orion: The great hero of the Trojan War. The greatest conflict in which the gods of Olympus intervened.

Orion: Even the omnipotent, invincible hero Achilles took many years to defeat him.

Orion: If you were in your "true body" sure,but with my power as your base it's a bit much.

Artemis: Hmph. Surprisingly calm.

Orion: Not really. Everybody's mad right now. One of us has to be calm, or it's hopeless.

Artemis: Oh, you're so cool! Darling! Embrace me! Do what you want with me!

Orion: Like I said, don't ask the impossible from a plush toy!

Mash: Blackbeard's subordinates...vanished.

Dr. Roman: They were created by Blackbeard's magical energy. Now that the Holy Grail is gone, they can't be maintained.

Dr. Roman: ...Even though he himself still looks full of energy.

Blackbeard: Hey everybody, it's almost time to say goodbye! Don't you dare think you won, old hag, got that?

Drake: Yeah, yeah. The more you talk, the more you sound like a sore loser.

Drake: Hurry up and begone, Blackbeard. It must be hard for you to even breathe right now.

Blackbeard: Damn you. You're being nice to me...Makes my heart flutter.

Blackbeard: I'd say, "Marry me, I'll make you happy"...I mean, you've been single ever since you were born, no?

Drake: I've had enough of you nitwit! Hurry up and kick the bucket!

Blackbeard: Hahaha, what a nice insult!

Blackbeard: Now that I'm satisfied, it's time to die! But this time I won't be beheaded.

Blackbeard: Because I am the greatest pirate after all! I am a merry pirate, and I will die as one!

Blackbeard: I regret that I wasn't able to create my harem,but I still had fun. I approve!

Blackbeard: ...Oh, old hag. Don't you need a story route where I revive as a rival?

Blackbeard: Wouldn't it be great if I revived with a line like"It's been decided, I'm the one who defeats you! " or something?

Drake: ...Not needed, useless. Come on, snuff it.

Drake: Mash told me about your final moments. Make sure to take that head with you!

Blackbeard: Okay, well that's all fine! Hah, that's all dandy and fine! Fandy and dine!

Blackbeard: The woman who Blackbeard respected most! The pirate who he yearned for most!

Blackbeard: She is present at Blackbeard's deathbed,and he keeps his head intact!

Blackbeard: Then, farewell humanity! Farewell pirates!

Blackbeard: And so Blackbeard draws his last breath! Haha! Ahahahaha!

Drake: Hurry up and die, Edward. In the end, both you and I are headed to hell.

Drake: Why don't we pay for our misdeeds with disgrace and shame like true pirates?

Mash: ...The ship will collapse. Let's go back!

Mash: Come, Asterios. Hold onto me.

Asterios: Ugh...Eu...ry...ale...

Mash: ...

Section 9: Tracks Down the Dandies

E:???: Excuse me. I'm coming in, Master.

F:???: Hey, what's going on? My beloved!

E:???: Lord Hektor contacted us. It seems he caught Euryale.

F:???: I see! I see, I see, I see! All right!

F:???: We were told, if we offer up Euryale,we can obtain even more power.

F:???: Me! I'll be more powerful than anyone. I'll be invincible! Wouldn't that be amazing?

E:???: Yes, very. I think that would be extremely amazing, Master.

F:???: I like your smile. Your smile is like the sun. It never fails to enrich my heart.

F:???: Oh, but you seem a little tired. Are you all right?

F:???: You've been the ship's power source for so long. I want you to tell me when it gets too hard.

F:???: See. Just a bit. If it is just a bit,I can think about letting you rest.

E:???: T-Thank you very much! But it's fine. Your words alone are enough for me to go on.

F:???: Perfect—yes. That's how you should be. The woman who will become my lovely wife.

F:???: As soon as Hektor returns,let's go search for "you-know-what. "

F:???: I mean, where the hell is it? You still haven't received any oracle?

E:???: Correct. I assume that as soon as Lord Hektor returns,I will receive an oracle showing where we must go.

F:???: What's with all these problems...They always keep dragging me down...

F:???: Ah, I'm really sorry. I don't mean to blame them.

F:???: But, I have the right to receive these oracles too. Why is it only you–?

E:???: ...? What is it, Master?

F:???: ...Nothing. Haste makes waste I guess.

F:???: That's right, that must be it. For now, I'll believe in your oracles, and do my best as the captain.

E:???: Yes, that is what we hope. Let's go welcome Lord Hektor.

E:???: We members of Argonautai are undefeatable heroes. There is no way a random group like theirs can win.

F:???: Yes, you're right! We are the strongest! There is no mistake. Our strength is unparalleled!

F:???: We have the world's greatest, strongest hero, and witch on our side! Oh, and there's one useless woman, too.

F:???: Hmph, to think someone would vow chastity to someone like Artemis and reject my invitation like that.

F:???: Should be a shark's meal by now. Serves her right.

F:???: Now, everybody! Prepare to depart!

F:???: We shall obtain the "Ark. " Even the golden ram pales in comparison to this treasure.

F:???: With the Holy Grail and the "Ark,"I will reign as the king of Okeanos!

Drake: Full speed ahead! Hey, lookout! Pay close attention to what's ahead!

Drake: Once you see that ship, call out!

Pirate: Aye, aye, Boss!

Drake: ...That tiny ship is faster than it looks.

Drake: With their head start, unless they stop,we might not catch up...

Asterios: Uh, uuh...

Mash: Don't worry, she won't die.

Asterios: you.

Mash: ...I understand how you feel. But for now, concentrate on healing your wounds.

Asterios: No!

Fujimaru 1: We'll save her.

Fujimaru 2: We'll help too.

Asterios: ......

Asterios: Do...You...Promise?

Mash: Of course. Drake is sailing the ship at top speed with that very same thought.

Asterios: ...Uh.

Pirate: Boss! A pirate ship's headed our way!

Drake: Damn, at a time like this!?

Mash: Master, let's take them out quickly.

Asterios: ...Crush!


Mash: Master...I'm sure Blackbeard said "Hektor. "

Mash: If that's the case, then that spear is the sword "Durandal," later inherited by Roland, one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne.

Mash: Or rather, the base for that sword.

Mash: It's a miracle that Asterios didn't die. That's how powerful that spear was.

Dr. Roman: But I wonder what Hektor plans to do,with Euryale.

Drake: Human trafficking...No, it can't be.

Orion: ...But he sounded like he had a clear goal in his mind from the beginning.

Mash: Yes. From the start, Servant Hektor had his eye on Mistah Blackbeard's Holy Grail.

Fujimaru 1: Blackbeard seemed wary of that.

Fujimaru 2: Mash, why "Mistah"...

Orion: I can understand the Holy Grail,but why Euryale?

Dr. Roman: It's not about bolstering forces. Euryale herself isn't that powerful of a Servant.

Dr. Roman: I think what makes her special is the fact that she IS a Servant.

Drake: What? What do you mean?

Dr. Roman: Actually, in the past, we met "another" her...No, maybe her...Big sister, perhaps?

Dr. Roman: Anyway, we met a girl summoned as a Servant despite being a goddess.

Dr. Roman: Euryale is not a hero,nor is she someone whose name is engraved into history.

Dr. Roman: She was treated as a goddess in Greek mythology. "The one who flies far"–that is Euryale.

Dr. Roman: Or she was a monster. The middle sister of–the three Gorgons.

Dr. Roman: The youngest is the famous Medusa,I can see her being summoned into a Holy Grail War.

Dr. Roman: But, not Euryale. She is just a goddess,an idol of ideals, and undoubtedly weak.

Dr. Roman: For her to be summoned as a Servant is a strange phenomenon.

Dr. Roman: ...Though some other Servants are just as peculiar.

Dr. Roman: Usually it's hard for Divine Spirits to become Servants. Unless there is a really special case.

Dr. Roman: In addition, a pure god becoming a Servant is something that isn't supposed to happen in the world of Magecraft.

Artemis: Really? Who's like that?

Orion: Us, take the hint.

Drake: Basically what you're saying is, Euryale isn't good enough to be kidnapped for her fighting prowess?

Asterios: ...

Drake: Well, that's not a reason for us not to save her. Plus, she's a great singer.

Drake: I like great singers. It is a very important role for sailors, right men?

Pirate: Aye! It heals our rotten heart!

Drake: There ya go. . Don't worry, big guy. Nobody on this ship wants to abandon that girl.

Asterios: ...

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong, Mash?

Fujimaru 2: Is something the matter?

Mash: ...No. Captain Drake's personality is just very complicated.

Mash: ...It's hard to explain, but she reminds me of you. Facing difficulties. Helping those around her.

Mash: It is an advantage, a merit, that humans possess. But why—

Mash: Is Francis Drake a villain? As she is now, and back in history.

Mash: She is such a good person, but her actions are that of an outlaw.

Mash: I can't understand this contradiction well—

Drake: Ah, dammit. It had to happen in a time like this!

Drake: Everybody tie yourself to the ship! There's a storm coming!


Pirate: What should we do, Boss?

Drake: Shut up, I'm thinking! Um...The distance between us and that ship is about this much...

Drake: This storm has a small range...Perhaps...Depending on distance, it'll be a tailwind for them...

Drake: ...The ship's armor is...Oh, that's right. Since we used THAT for repairs...

Drake: All right!

Drake: You guys! Good news and bad news, which do you want first?

Pirate: Let's see. Bad news first...

Drake: All right.

Drake: This Hektor guy who kidnapped Euryale probably won't be affected by this storm!

Drake: If we sit tight, he'll probably pull so far away that we'll never catch up!

Pirate: ...Um. So what's the good news?

Drake: Rejoice, guys! We're gonna raise all sails to and cruise at top speed in this storm!

Drake: Let's have another exciting ride through the seas!

Pirate: How is that good news!?

Drake: Shut up or you'll get the boot! Anyways, get moving!

Drake: Mash, Asterios, and Lady Artemis,please help us too!

Drake: ...Of course Fujimaru, too. Okay, let's go!

Mash: Master...L-Let's do our best!

Drake: Come on, keep going!

Pirate: Boss! Our ship won't last much more!

Drake: Really? But it is pretty stable, isn't it?

Pirate: What? ...Now that you mention it, indeed...

Drake: Did you forget? We used a bunch of dragon scales when we repaired this ship.

Drake: It'll take more than this to sink us! This is no sailboat!

Drake: Got that? Now, charge forth!

Pirate: Boss, there's a ship up ahead!

Drake: Did we catch up!?

Pirate: It's not them. That ship is bigger than ours!

Drake: It's similar to Blackbeard's ship!?

Pirate: Yes, but–

Drake: But?

Pirate: It looks pretty beat up. That's all I can tell in this storm!

Drake: Give me the telescope!

Drake: Mm-hmm.... What is that, a ghost ship?

Mash: A ghost ship?

Dr. Roman: Wow, it's even more like an ocean adventure novel now! So much excitement, I want to turn this into a book!

Drake: Hah, ghost ships are usually just vessels that were abandoned for things like mutiny and starvation.

Drake: ...Hmm? Some headed this way...Eek!?

Orion: Drake made a really strange sound just now!

Artemis: Her voice was like a maiden's!

Mash: Master!?

Fujimaru 1: Huh, what?

Fujimaru 2: What's wrong?

Mash: Nothing, I just was shocked by Drake's voice. What happened, Drake?

Drake: F-Forget about my scream, look to the bow! Enemy attack! Ghosts are attacking us!


Drake: Ugh...Thank goodness we beat them...

Mash: Drake, are you afraid of ghosts?

Drake: Can't a pirate be superstitious!?

Mash: S-Sure. There's no problem. Sorry.

Drake: All right, the storm is winding down. Hang on just a little more.

Drake: Let's go!


Hektor: Now, according to my calculations, it's almost time.

Euryale: ...Why me? Does your Master have the same tastes as Blackbeard?

Hektor: Oh no, my boss may be a worthless womanizer,but he's not brave enough to hit on a goddess like you.

Hektor: Let's just say your very existence is important.

Hektor: Even if you've fallen to the level of a Servant,Divine Spirits normally don't appear in this world.

Hektor: ...So, now that you've appeared,it'd be a waste not to use you, right?

Euryale: As a Divine Spirit, I'm low-tier, you know?

Hektor: They're probably not expecting any combat skills from a goddess like you.

Hektor: "Offer a god as a sacrifice. "This is the only thing we expect from you.

Euryale: Oh? Offer to whom?

Hektor: To the world. We can't tolerate being part of an endless spiral.

Hektor: Even if we take a little risk,we have to blow this world to pieces.

Euryale: ...Who do you serve, exactly?

Hektor: Mm...That's a good question. Who do you think this old man is serving!?

Euryale: ...In any case, asserting principles of anarchy is sure to meet interference in the end.

Euryale: Honestly, whether or not they'll come is like fifty-fifty.

Euryale: ...Hmph, it must have been because Asterios was there.

Hektor: What? That is "the Golden Hind! "

Drake: Okay, we caught up. Can't waste anymore time, let's ram into them!

Drake: Are you ready, guys!?

Pirate: Yup!

Mash: Yes!

Drake: Good! Let's land a hard one on that guy!

Mash: Master, we are ready to fight too.

Orion: Hey, Asterios! Calm down, calm down! Relax, please!

Asterios: Euryale!

Artemis: Nope, no good. Can I let him go?

Orion: Letting him go now is like painting a target for that spear. Come, there there. Now, there there.

Asterios: Uhhh!

Orion: Fine! I got it! Wait 10 more seconds. 10, 1, 0!

Artemis: You cut corners, Darling!

Orion: Thinking rationally, there was no way a plush toy could stop a Berserker...

Artemis: You should've realized that sooner!

Mash: Asterios!? I-I will go with him!

Fujimaru 1: Let's rescue Euryale!

Fujimaru 2: Let's help Asterios!

Mash: Yes!

Hektor: Geez, what a pain in the ass. Oh, brother–But this old man...

Hektor: Is really good at defense to the point even I hate it!


Mash: These pirates are way more tenacious than before!

Asterios: Give...Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Hektor: Geez, that damned Minotaur! Fine, I'll give her back!

Euryale: Aughh!

Asterios: Eu...

Hektor: Nothing like the predictability of a Berserker!

Mash: I won't let you–!

Hektor: Demi-Servant!

Mash: Hero Hektor—who do you serve, and what are you after...I'll have you tell me!

Hektor: Huh. Pretty interesting, little girl. This old man would rather not take a young life...

Hektor: But the world is cruel like that. Let me show you what that truly means!


Hektor: Tch, she's surprisingly tough! That's why I can't stand heroes with shields!

Mash: Haaa!

Hektor: –Well, this old man won through persistence. Dear me, I'm tired, so tired.

Pirate: Boss! A ship up ahead! I-It's a ship that I've never seen before!

Drake: Did you say a ship that you've never seen before?!

Mash: !!!

Hektor: Yes, thanks for that! My current "superior" is on that ship.

Asterios: Oh...Uh!

Hektor: Now, time for the counterattack. This old man's gonna be serious about it now, yeah?

Section 10: World's Oldest Pirate Ship

Pirate: Boss! They're approaching!

Drake: Cannons ready! Fire!

Pirate: Not good, it didn't do anything! They deflected every single cannonball!

Drake: Ugh, each and every one! Hmm. You know what?

Drake: If we wanna burn down a ship, we should just ram our own burning ship into them, yeah?

F:???: –All right, found them. Okay, Heracles.

F:???: Let's send those scrappy masses gathered there a hearty greeting.

Mash: What? They threw a boulder?

Asterios: Move...away!

Asterios: Nuaaaah!!

Euryale: Asterios!

F:???: Hahaha! He managed to barely catch it! That barbarian over there...

F:???: What is that? Is it a werebeast?

E:???: Oh, that's probably Lord Asterios. Otherwise known as the Minotaur.

E:???: The tragic child born from the union of a divine bull and a human.

F:???: So, a poorly created human! A comical creature fated to be defeated by a hero!

F:???: The're really short on talent aren't they? Hahahaha!

F:???: Hektor! You seem to be in trouble. Need help?

Hektor: ...Yes, Captain. I'm so sorry. Could you help?

F:???: No problem, Hektor! The goddess is there? And you have the Holy Grail?

F:???: Then all is well.

F:???: While we're at it,let's settle the score once and for all!

F:???: You, the evildoers trying to "correct" the world...And us, the heroes trying to make it right!

F:???: A suitable finale for the Holy Grail War!

Hektor: Then, this old man will take this opportunity–

Artemis: Ah, he jumped and ran away.

Orion: Let that old guy go. The problem we have here is more important.

Pirate: I won't let you go!

Mash: Master, let's defeat the remaining enemies first. We have to hurry!


Artemis: Ohhh. Is that the Argo, by any chance?

Mash: The Argo? Is it possible?

Mash: Orion, by the Argo,do you mean "the" Argo!?

Orion: Yeah, you got it right, dammit. Those are the real "Argonauts! "

Orion: The ship of adventurers who set sail seeking the Golden Fleece. Likely mankind's first and strongest pirates.

Orion: Though unlike our brabuster, generous, big-sisterly, tigbits Captain, their captain will make you think lice have better personalities.

Mash: The leader of the Argonauts...Jason.

Asterios: Ja-so-n!

Jason: So disrespectful, Minotaur. My name should be called with awe and worship!

Jason: But, as you are an ugly monster fated for death,I shall grant you forgiveness.

Jason: Now, come at me!

Hektor: What do we do, Captain? Should we crush them here and now?

Jason: Of course, just like heroes of justice. We will fight and win head-on!

Jason: Indeed, justice makes me feel so good!

Dr. Roman: ...I recommend you withdraw. It's impossible. Since we already have Euryale, it's better to retreat.

Mash: But, Doctor!

Dr. Roman: Powerful heroes were gathered as Argonauts, but...There is one exceptional hero among them...

Mash: ...I know. That Berserker, presumably...

Dr. Roman: Yes. The greatest hero of Greek mythology. He who overcame the Twelve Labors. –Heracles.




Jason: You can't win! As if you could! Heracles traveled everywhere, fought every monster.

Jason: He was undefeated, and ultimately rose to become a god!

Jason: He's not like you second and third-raters. You trash mobs are fated to be ripped to shreds!

Jason: Of course, as a summoned Servant,he does lack two things.

Jason: Intelligence and dignity. He's just a vicious stray dog now. Serves him right, I'd say.

Jason: Now...Hand over Euryale.

Jason: ...If you do, I'll stop sending Heracles to attack you.

Jason: What do you say, you Master-ish entity?

Fujimaru 1: I refuse.

Fujimaru 2: Shut up.

Euryale: ...

Mash: Master!

Jason: Haha! I see, I see!

Jason: You are very courageous! I really, really, really like you!

Jason: And you have such a cute Servant, too! Good, very good! You're just like a hero!

Jason: Wooo! So cool!

Jason: –Geez, so cocky for the likes of trash. Can you perish now, Servants and all?

Jason: Medea! My beloved Medea!

Medea Lily: Yes. Are you calling me, Master?

Jason: You know what I want, right? I want you to kill them and break them into tiny pieces!

Jason: Just like you did to your little brother! Ah, it's fine, it's fine.

Jason: I already repented! I will never betray you again!

Medea Lily: Little brother, in pieces? Sometimes you say strange things, Master.

Medea Lily: But that's right, Lord Jason was like this. Now, you are like this.

Medea Lily: That's why details don't matter. I'm the first disciple of Hekate, goddess of Magecraft—

Medea Lily: Princess Medea will make your desires come true.

Artemis: Oh, I know this. It is called DV.

Orion: It's worse than DV. Neither of the two are looking at their partner!

Jason: And Heracles! You shall go too! I'll be looking after you two from here.

Mash: ...He sends his wife to the front line, but doesn't fight himself. Um, Master. Maybe he is...

Fujimaru 1: The scum of mankind.

Fujimaru 2: A trivial boss.

Jason: Hah, that's a funny joke.... Kill them all, Heracles!

Orion: To think there's someone even scummier than me. This world is so big, and Greece is so tiny.


Mash: Look at their numbers with just the Dragon Tooth Warriors...

Artemis: Familiars created from dragon fangs...That's Hekate's specialty, all right!

Orion: That sparkly kid,is that really Medea?

Orion: That's weird...I thought Medea would look more, like...Ill-fated, or maybe gloomy...

Medea Lily: I still have a lot of materials. Will your ship sink from the Dragon Tooth Soldiers' weight before you are defeated?

Drake: Take that! You're so damn annoying! Get lost!

Drake: Euryale! It's you they're after! Stay with Asterios!

Euryale: But...

Asterios: Rest...assured...

Euryale: I can't do that! Stand back...Wait, are you getting in my way!?

Mash: The second wave is coming!


Medea Lily: So they have strong bodies and minds. All right, I'll go too, Master.

Jason: Yes, I'm counting on you, my Medea. Although Heracles alone is enough, with you victory is assured.

Dr. Roman: Here she comes. Princess Medea, a mage known as a"witch" even in Greece, where Magecraft was mainstream!

Dr. Roman: The Witch of Colchis, whose skills rank among the top five in the world!

Medea Lily: I will offer everything, dispose of everything,and sacrifice everything.

Medea Lily: Even without reward, even gaining nothing. That is the reason I left the island.

Medea Lily: Prepare yourselves, everyone!

Medea Lily: I'm not the best at fighting,so please forgive me if I make you suffer...


Medea Lily: Impressive. Just what you'd expect of someone who's already crushed two "eras. "

Fou: ...Fou!

Mash: At this rate, we'll make it somehow!

Dr. Roman: Thank goodness she really is a lousy fighter! But the problem is the other one!


Medea Lily: I'm sorry, I can't take them down by myself. Heracles–it's your turn, brave one.



Mash: !!!

Asterios: Don't...Leave...My...Side!

Euryale: What are you saying? Of course I'd flee without hesitation.

Euryale: That's Heracles, the strongest hero in the history of mankind. He's like a walking disaster.

Euryale: A man who walks into an avalanche is no hero. He's just a dimwit.

Euryale: ...I've seen many dimwits.

Asterios: ...I...know.

Euryale: In that case–

Asterios: Then...I...will...Because.

Asterios: Killed...many...children. Many...Many...Many...Many!

Asterios: So...I...will...go! I...Fight!

Mash: ...They're coming!

Asterios: You...Won't...Have...Her!


Asterios: Ugh...uh...aaaaaaaaaaargh!



Mash: Did we defeat him?

Dr. Roman: No, it's no good! I'm still picking up a reaction!

Jason: Oh, effort, effort, so much effort! So, I've got some news for you guys!

Jason: –About Heracles...He's immortal.

Mash: What?

Jason: Heracles' most famous legend. The Twelve Labors given by the gods.

Jason: Since he's overcome them all,he's been granted that many lives as a reward.

Jason: In other words, you have to defeat him eleven more times. Good luck!

Mash: No way...Eleven times...For real?

Dr. Roman: I-Impossible. That is just cheating!

Drake: ...Retreat! Everyone, retreat! Come on, back to the ship!

Jason: Hahahahaha! Great! This is the best! Using overwhelming violence to oust enemies!

Jason: This is the real pleasure behind "justice! "Don't you agree, Hektor?

Hektor: Hmm...well, at least Heracles makes it nice and easy. Ah, and here's the Holy Grail.

Jason: Oh, so this is the Holy Grail. Well, I suppose this is sufficient to be king of this world.

Jason: I only regret that the previous owner was a lowly pirate. Now all I need is Euryale and–"the Ark. "

Jason: Then I'll have everything I need!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Ark?

Dr. Roman: Did he say "the Ark"!?

Hektor: Captain, you sure it's okay to disclose that?

Jason: It's fine, Hektor! They wouldn't have the slightest clue!

Jason: Not of this world! Not of this era! Not of our true intentions...Nothing!

Hektor: ...Well, I think the lack of understanding is mutual.

Jason: Now, Heracles! Finish them off!



Mash: Ugh!

Asterios: !!!

Euryale: Augh!

Drake: Crap!



Euryale: –Oh, this is not good.

Jason: !? No way! Knock it off, Heracles!

Jason: This will wreck all my plans! Don't kill that woman!

Asterios: !!!

Euryale: !!!

Euryale: Asterios–!?

Asterios: Ugh...GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Euryale:'s no good now. We're no match! We can't win against him!

Euryale: It's no good. It's no good, but why...Asterios!

Asterios: !!! ...Ugh!

Asterios: Kill-ed. Killed...killed...killed! Killed...innocent...children!

Asterios: Father...told it. Father...called!

Asterios: fault. I was heart

Asterios: my name. Everyone!

Asterios: Then...I need to...return. Even if I'm not forgiven...Even if I'm still ugly...

Asterios: I need to...return to human!

Asterios: ...Ugh!

Jason: Quite considerate of you, Ox-head! Medea! Go retrieve Euryale!

Medea Lily: Yes. Just what you'd expect of the Minotaur. Though only once, he ultimately pushed Heracles back.

Drake: Don't you dare...

Drake: Come over here, Euryale!

Medea Lily: ???Why go so far to protect her? You're a pirate knowing no love nor romance, only desire, so why?

Drake: Hah! You don't understand? I may be inhuman, but this girl's beauty is true!

Drake: Her soul is especially beautiful. She's not blind like you. It's obvious we would protect her!

Drake: Euryale is our treasure! I won't let a guy like that get even a hair from her head!

Euryale: Drake!

Mash: Euryale, please stand back! You're the one they're after!

Jason: What are you doing, Heracles? Medea?

Jason: Oh, dammit! Why is everyone else but me a hopeless imbecile?

Jason: Heracles, finish off that ox-man! But don't lay a hand on Euryale!



Asterios: Ugh...uh!

Jason: You can't even obey me now, you piece of scum? U-Ugh—Whew...Hektor!

Hektor: Yessir.... Time to do it?

Jason: ...Yes. When things don't go exactly as I plan,it irritates me.

Jason: I can't stand my own allies' disorderly conduct. If you can't follow orders, you're worse than the enemy.

Hektor: Gotcha. ThenReleasing Noble Phantasm.

Orion: Oh, this doesn't look good. Asterios, dodge it!

Asterios: ...No. I can't...handle...that one.

Hektor: If you want to stop this, you should bring either Achilles'or Aias' shield! "Durindana Pilum"!

Hektor: ...What?

Euryale: No! Asterios!



Jason: Good job, Hektor! That damn ox-head is going to hell along with Heracles!

Jason: But, Heracles will revive immediately. Now, quickly get up and grab Euryale!

Jason: You died once, and ox-head also died! You should have come to your senses a little bit!

Hektor: Oh no.... I don't think that's gonna happen, Captain.

Hektor: That bastard Asterios is still "alive. "

Jason: W-What!?

Hektor: ...Amazing. He's the enemy, but I'm impressed.

Hektor: He clung onto Heracles,fully aware that the spear would pierce through his body.

Hektor: By doing so, my spear becomes a chain,and ties Heracles down.

Hektor: He really wants to let Euryale escape,even if it means receiving a fatal blow.

Asterios: ...Mas-ter! Master! Master! MASTER!

Fujimaru 1: ...We're retreating!

Asterios: Y-Yes!!

Asterios: too...called my name! Everyone...did not!

Asterios: First time...For the first time! I was...happy!

Asterios: I am be...born!


Asterios: Take care of...Euryale! All...thanks to...Euryale—


Drake: We're setting sail! Fire all the smoke bombs we have on hand!

Euryale: You can't. Asterios is–

Orion: Shut up, tiny goddess! Try to understand his feelings!

Euryale: Asterios!

Euryale: No matter what anyone says,you're Asterios and nobody else.

Euryale: And so–I beg of you. Don't regret not fully turning into a monster.

Euryale: Because that's a very noble thing.

Asterios: ...Right. But...after all...a monster...need proper punishment.

Jason: W-What the? Hektor, go after them!

Hektor: I am very sorry, but that's impossible. They sunk into the ocean, with my spear and all.

Hektor: Asterios likely won't let go of Heracles until he dies–

Hektor: By the time Heracles returns,they'll be long gone.

Jason: ...Dammit. Medea!

Medea Lily: Y-Yes?

Jason: Can you track them?

Medea Lily: Yes, I analyzed their Magical Circuits on contact. I can find them as long as they're somewhere in this world.

Jason: Can you find the location of the "Ark? "

Medea Lily: Yes. Even without searching for it–They will find it for us.

Medea Lily: That captain, Francis Drake, was a hero who greatly expanded this world at some point. She is a Pioneer of the Stars.

Medea Lily: Since she pioneers this world,she is sure to work miracles.

Medea Lily: If we nip that in the bud, this world will truly be whatever you desire, Lord Jason.

Medea Lily: Don't worry, Master. We can capture Euryale at any time.

Medea Lily: As long as those two Servants exist,we will be invincible–

Medea Lily: We obtained a fragment of the Holy Grail. With it, we gained the right to rule over this naval world.

Jason: I see! I get it, we just have to use them! That's my Medea!

Jason: You indeed are not a treacherous witch, but the wise wife of a hero. That's what you should be called, my beloved Medea.

Medea Lily: Treacherous witch...Who are you talking about?

Hektor: Hey, Princess. When are you planning to tell him the truth?

Medea Lily: Must I tell the truth? The world is going to end eventually.

Medea Lily: For just these seas to last forever...That's something HE would never allow.

Medea Lily: If so, it's not a bad thing to let him bask in blissful thoughts until the end, is it?

Hektor: ...If you say so,then this old man will keep quiet.

Medea Lily: Anyway, please warn Heracles. It seems he does have a brain after all.

Medea Lily: He probably knows that Euryale is the key. That's why he tried to kill her, to fend off destruction.

Hektor: It's hard to believe he has "a brain" in that state...Fine, I'll give him ample warning.

Hektor: Oh, brother. This old man wishes he was summoned to a proper Holy Grail War...

Medea Lily: The Hand of the End has ticked forward again. One more push, and "the order" will crumble and fall.

Medea Lily: My beloved. Before then, would you please awaken me from my dream?

Section 11: Lost Ark of the Covenant

Pirate: No sign of any approaching ships.

Drake: ...I see.

Euryale: ...

Mash: ...Master. What do you think we should do from now on?

Fujimaru 1: About that "Ark" they mentioned?

Fujimaru 2: Steal the item they want.

Drake: So what exactly is this "Ark? "

Mash: Doctor, please explain.

Dr. Roman: ...The "Ark" contains the Ten Commandments that Moses, leader of ancient Israel, received from God.

Dr. Roman: From a historical standpoint,it's a relic equivalent to that of the true Holy Grail.

Drake: ...Hmm. So it has no worth as treasure, then? What a pity.

Mash: That's what Jason and the Argonauts are searching for. I'm certain that that's what he said.

Mash: Even with Mistah Blackbeard gone, the Singularity still stands.

Mash: Which means we should assume that Jason,captain of the Argonauts, is the Singularity.

Mash: ...So should we steal the Ark first?

Orion: The Ark, huh...How are they planning to use it?

Dr. Roman: ...I don't know. I have no idea whatsoever.

Artemis: Come on. You're not fighting on the front lines,at least make yourself useful.

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, sorry, that's not what I meant.

Dr. Roman: What I found incomprehensible was the actual concept of using the Ark.

Fujimaru 1: The concept itself was incomprehensible?

Fujimaru 2: There's no way to use the Ark?

Dr. Roman: They say the Ten Commandments are sealed inside. Whoever opens it will be punished...

Dr. Roman: Basically it's one of those "don't open it" fables. Just like Pandora's Box in Greece.

Dr. Roman: Which is why I can't even begin to imagine why they'd want to find it and use it. It's just stupid.

Mash: ...I see. Doctor, you're afraid of imagining the worst-case scenario.

Artemis: You're too cautious. Either that, or you're too smart.

Dr. Roman: Mm...I admit that I'm too cautious...But you're all so carefree because you don't know about the legend of the Ark.

Drake: Okay, okay, no more fighting. In any case, it's better to find this Ark thing for sure, right?

Drake: Let's hurry up and get it. If it comes to it, we can smash it out of spite.

Dr. Roman: Captain, have you been listening? "The Ark" activates when it's broken or opened.

Dr. Roman: And the effect is...well, it is divine punishment. At worst, the surrounding area will be reduced to nothingness.

Drake: What the hell? Why did ancient kings possess something so dangerous!? Were they all idiots or what?

Dr. Roman: Don't look at me, I got nothing to do with it.

Mash: ...I'm for going after the"the Ark. "

Mash: Um...I'm just not sure how to fight the Argonauts. More specifically, how do we fight Heracles?

Euryale: Heracles...Even as a Berserker,his powers as a great hero weren't diminished.

Euryale: It was only because Asterios held him down that we were able to flee to safety.

Euryale: ...Seems like he died.

Mash: ...Yes, most likely.

Euryale: –How foolish. We just called his name. That's all it took for him–

Euryale: With just that, he felt he could die for us. Just because we called him "Asterios," not "Minotaur. "

Euryale: That's the reason he risked his life to protect us...It was just that pure and simple.

Fujimaru 1: He had no regrets.

Fujimaru 2: Without him we all would have died.

Euryale: ...Perhaps. But it might have been better if we were cleanly wiped out then and there.

Euryale: Asterios died, and Heracles still lives. With just that, it makes it all seem so hopeless.

Euryale: Sigh. Geez, this had to be the one time where my "loser sister" wasn't summoned.

Drake: That Heracles...He has to die like ten more times?

Mash: It's eleven times. But perhaps he died once when he got pierced by the spear at the end.

Mash: In that case, it's still ten...Not much difference.

Pirate: Boss, sorry to bug you when you're thinking. But a ghost ship has appeared!

Drake: Huh? Oh fine, let's take our frustrations out and crush them!


Drake: All right. We'll get going soon!

Mash: Huh? But we have no strategy yet...

Drake: Oh please, we can just play it by ear! They say you can't deal with trouble till you run into it.

Drake: Besides, if we waste more time here, they are just gonna come after Euryale again after they grab that "Ark. "

Drake: Anyway, lay forward!

Drake: If what Jason said was correct,neither of us has any leads.

Drake: Though, we have a better chance because I'm here instead of their incompetent captain!

Euryale: ...Well, it's true that Jason's worthless. At least, you're probably a better captain.

Orion: He's not a bad guy.

Orion: He's just utterly worthless with a horrible personality,and now he's getting cocky because he's gained some power.

Mash: Senpai, I don't understand which part of him is "not a bad guy. "

Artemis: Just because you say someone's not a bad guy,that doesn't excuse everything they've done.

Orion: Right. Okay, I take it back. He's not a good guy.

Orion: He's a scumbag with a terrible personality, but has power.

Mash: There's nothing good about him whatsoever...

Drake: See, that's what I meant. In that case, I win.

Drake: Treasure always ends up in the pocket of the decisive one. That's how this world works!

Drake: If Heracles is unstoppable, then bring it on. Only humans can challenge the impossible.

Drake: We're greedy and shameless. We live by dreaming of achieving the impossible!

Drake: Isn't that right, Fujimaru?

Drake: Since you've come all the way to this era,that makes you just as big a fool as me, right?

Fujimaru 1: Not as much as you, Captain.

Fujimaru 2: If that's what you think of me, it's promising.

Drake: Damn right you are! I'm a merchant. I only go after the best goods!

Mash: ...That's right. Both in France and in Rome,that's how it was for us.

Mash: Let's go, Senpai. With you as my Master,I feel I can take on any opponent!

Fujimaru 1: Anchors aweigh!

Fujimaru 2: Set sail!

Drake: Full speed ahead then! Get to it, men! Sound the bell!

Drake: The "Ark" will be ours! Let's go!


Pirate: Land ho, Boss!

Drake: All right, get us closer! ...So, what's your take, scholar man?

Dr. Roman: ...This island's no good, either.

Dr. Roman: No magical energy detected. We have several weak responses, but based on recorded data it's probably just monsters.

Dr. Roman: It's a bust. On to the next.

Drake: You heard her! To starboard! Avoid that island!

Pirate: Aye, aye!

Drake: ...This island's also no good. That's three in a row.

Drake: I'm happy the charts are filling up,but nothing looks like a clue.

Mash: No Servants around, either.

Mash: ...Even if there were, we probably wouldn't find someone who could put up a fight against Heracles...

Drake: All right, to the next island!

Orion: ...You know, something still bugs me...About that Medea, I mean.

Mash: Medea...You mean the young girl standing next to Jason, right?

Mash: She looked too sweet to be called the Witch of Colchis...

Orion: Yeah. If Medea transformed into a Servant,she'd definitely be her grown up self, right?

Orion: Medea was betrayed terribly by Jason,so she massacred his wife and children for revenge.

Orion: ...No matter how you look at it, they should've started killing each other the moment she was summoned!

Artemis: That's awful!

Artemis: At least Orion only flirts and randomly messes around with goddesses and other people's wives, right?

Orion: Yeah, it's better to break those off clean...Pugyuru!?

Orion: Dammit, that was a loaded question!

Dr. Roman: Hmm. It could be that she's the young Medea.

Dr. Roman: Servants are summoned at the height of their powers,but this is before she became a witch...

Dr. Roman: In other words, when she was first learning Magecraft at Colchis Temple...Before she became "Jason's wife. "

Dr. Roman: That explains the way she looked and acted. She hasn't experienced Jason abandoning her yet.

Mash: I wonder if we should pity her...

Euryale: Impossible. Once you become a Heroic Spirit,a slight difference in age won't alter your memories.

Euryale: ...I'm sure she knows the outcome of her story with Jason. So why does she act like that...

Drake: It's obvious she's "acting oblivious. "It's a pity, but also horrifying.

Drake: Unlike you, she's not someone who can look a person in the eye and pick a fight.

Euryale: What does that mean? I ignore humans because they don't matter to me, okay?

Dr. Roman: ...I know this! What they call that cold attitude of hers...

Dr. Roman: That explains Blackbeard's obsession...She's obviously a tsun—

Pirate: Boss! A new island!

Drake: All right! We're sure to hit the jackpot this time!


Orion: Hey, Fujimaru. Which side you betting on?

Fujimaru 1: Jackpot.

Fujimaru 2: Miss again.

Orion: I see. Well, I'm for–

Orion: ...Eek!?

Artemis: An arrow in your head, Darling? Jackpot!

Mash: Master, we're under attack!

Euryale: Oh, an arrow, you should duck.

Artemis: Darling, hey, hey, does it hurt? Does it actually hurt?

Orion: It hurts a ton, idiot! G-Gotta pull it out!

Orion: D-Damn...Hey, I just realized...I can't touch the top of my head!?

Mash: A shocking fact has just been discovered, Master!

Orion: Pull it out! Come on, hurry up!

Artemis: A-All right. Artemis will do her best! Ready, set, twirl...twirl!

Orion: Ouch ouch ouch! Just hurry up and pull it out! You're ridiculous!

Artemis: Oh, this makes me so happy! It's not every day people think I'm useful like this!

Drake: Ugh...You're making me cry...What an admirable maiden's soul. (Tears)

Orion: Wish you'd make expressions like that under different circumstances!

Orion: Oh...oh. I thought I was a goner...

Orion: ...Huh? There's something on it.

Mash: What?

Orion: Oh, it's a message. Let me see...

Orion: ...Somebody open it, please.

Artemis: All right. Let's see...Oh!

Mash: Artemis?

Artemis: Hehehe, it's from someone I know. So stiff, as usual!

Artemis: Perhaps because she's a pure girl who's never known love?

Mash: Someone you know...Um, who would that be?

Artemis: Uh...This girl is–


D:???: All right, it's delivered.

E:???: ...Whew. They're sure to notice the letter on that arrow. It's not like they have any clues right now.

E:???: Now they've got to come to this island...They should. But there is an off chance...Or not?

E:???: Oh no, I'm getting anxious. If they don't figure out that arrow, we'll never get another chance!

E:???: It's about time the Argonauts found us as well.... And if things don't play out, it's checkmate.

E:???: ...This is bad. It's super bad. I'm getting horribly anxious. I need some medicine.

D:???: Shut up.

D:???: They have no will to fight? Impossible. We've already confirmed–They're determined to fight.

D:???: We're sure they're seeking the "Ark," right? Otherwise, they wouldn't be going island-hopping.

D:???: They'll surely come. The world will be destroyed if they don't.

E:???: Of course my calculations are correct. Oh, but...No, I just can't.

E:???: I can't stand the anxiety, the feeling that everything is futile!

E:???: I know, my love...May I hold your hand?

E:???: I'd like your soft hand to guide me to tranquility. Desperately.

D:???: May you? You may not. So no.

E:???: ...I'd like an explanation as to why I may not, but...

Both: They're here!

Orion: Hey, hey, are you really going to meet HER?

Artemis: Huh? Of course. She's a hunter who worships me.

Artemis: I have to give her my blessing.

Orion: Hmm, well, okay.

Mash: Orion, is there a problem?

Orion: I mean, well, Mash. Artemis is the goddess of virginity.

Artemis: Oh, Darling. Virginity? You're embarrassing me.

Artemis: Oh, but I do run simulations every day of the day I lose my virginity, you see?

Orion: What's that now?

Artemis: Um, um. Orion first slams his hand against the wall. Like, SLAM.

Artemis: And then he whispers in my ear, "Am I not good enough? " In a husky voice! And then, and then–

Fou: Foou...

Orion: I don't know why, but Fou's gaze makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I could just cry!

Euryale: Her head is just way too romantic...If "she" saw that, I think she'd faint from shock.

Euryale: ...Huh?

Orion: Um, Artemis?

Artemis: And then, and then? ...Wait, what's with that look?

Orion: Enemies are here and I'd like you to defeat them...

Artemis: Oh, dear me! I'm so clumsy! Tee-hee☆

Artemis: Okay, we'll defeat them quickly!


Mash: Combat complete. Let's keep going, Master.

E:???: Wait!

Mash: !!!

Drake: Are you the one who sent that arrow?

E:???: That's right!

E:???: ...Are you foes of the Argonauts? Or have you already given up and submitted?

Fujimaru 1: Foes.

Fujimaru 2: We haven't given up.

E:???: ...Very well! Then I shall show myself!

E:???: ...Forgive my questioning. I already knew the answer, but I still had to ask.

E:???: We are, after all, the last hope in these seas.

Mash: ...Atalante, I presume?

Atalante: Indeed. My True Name is Atalante. A hunter in service to the goddess Artemis.

Atalante: ...Oh, come to think of it, we ran into each other a bit in France, didn't we?

Atalante: I was affected by Madness Enhancement back then...But this time I've been summoned as a normal Archer.

Atalante: For now, I perceive to be on your side.

Mash: Thank you very much. My name is Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: This is my Master, Fujimaru.

Mash: And the ship's captain, Francis Drake,and this is Euryale.

Atalante: Yes, good to meet you.

Mash: This harmless-looking plush toy is Orion,and the animal is Fou.

Fou: Fooou.

Orion: A pleasure...By the way, Mash, why did you introduce me with Fou? Are we in the same category?

Mash: Also, this is Artemis.

Atalante: Francis Drake, Euryale,Orion the plush toy, and Artemis, huh?

Atalante: ...Artemis?

Artemis: Yeees♪

Atalante: ......

Atalante: Mash, was it? You can stop joking.

Atalante: Lady Artemis is the goddess of hunting and virginity. There's no way she could be summoned as a Servant.

Artemis: Hey, Darling? Atalante doesn't believe me.

Artemis: What's wrong with the goddess of virginity living for love? Right?

Orion: Hah-hah-hah. No comment! No comment!

Atalante: ...Huh? Really?

Artemis: It's true, Atalante. The hunter goddess who lives for love, that's me–

Artemis: Artemis! Hehe!

Atalante: ...(Staggers)

Mash: A-Are you okay!?

Atalante: I-I'm fine. The Holy Grail War on the great seas has strengthened my mind a bit...

Atalante: E-Even finding out the goddess I worship is hopelessly romantic won't be enough to break me!

Fujimaru 1: The wound's deep, be disappointed.

Fujimaru 2: Hang in there, maiden.

Atalante: You don't sound like you mean it! ...Anyway, I would like to introduce you to another Servant.

Atalante: The Servant in possession of the "Ark. "In other words, the man the Argonauts seek.

Mash: The "Ark" is a Noble Phantasm!?

Atalante: Indeed. He was the first Servant summoned to these seas. His True Name is–

F:???: Hey, I've been waiting a long time for you guys.

Atalante: David.

Fou: Foou...

Section 12: Defeat Heracles

David: Normally I'd hold a feast with food and drink,but first, let me explain about the "Ark. "

Euryale: Fine with me. I like men who get to the point.

David: Thank you. I am David, King of Israel. The "Ark" is my Noble Phantasm.

Fujimaru 1: ...King of Israel?

Fujimaru 2: Israel? You mean...

David: Yes, that King of Ancient Israel. Is there something on my face?

Mash: No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.

Mash: ...Psst! Senpai! I thought it was a perfectly valid question to ask. Let's hear him out for now.

Fou: Fou.

David: ...Now, before I continue, it seems we've been interrupted. While we're at it, let's recover any edible meat we find.


David: Anyway, back to our discussion.

David: The "Ark" is a third-rate Noble Phantasm. If you make someone touch the box, they die–That's it.

David: Could it be used for evil? ...Yeah, probably. Strictly speaking, it doesn't belong to me.

David: It's like a contract that God gave to humanity. It's not easy to steal, but it's bad news if stolen.

David: What's more, you can't shift it into spirit form.

David: I'm the Servant summoned to this world along with the actual physical "Ark. "

David: Even if I die,it will remain as long as someone possesses it.

Mash: It is said that inside the box lies the stone tablets engraved with the Ten Commandments...

David: But that's not all. That thing brings literal "death," not just metaphorical.

David: Anyway...After I heard from Atalante that Jason was after the "Ark"...

David: I hid in the forest with her, and waited for an opportunity.

David: We waited for properly summoned Servants,like you.

Atalante: I was summoned as part of the Argonaut crew,but I didn't lose control of myself like Heracles.

Atalante: Maybe because I never liked Jason in life, or because I was summoned as an Archer who can act freely.

Atalante: Either way, once summoned,Jason immediately sought the "Ark. "

Atalante: He kept saying that if he had it,he could be the king of these seas.

Mash: Is the "Ark" a representation of kingship?

David: Hardly. It's just a relic I offered to God when I was a king.

David: It's not a sign of kingship. It's simply something owned by a king.

Euryale: ...David, may I ask something?

David: Of course. Ask me anything.

Euryale: If I were to be sacrificed to this "Ark,"what would happen?

Euryale: If nothing else,that seems to be their goal...

David: Euryale, right? You were originally a Divine Spirit. If you were sacrificed to the "Ark"–

David: Yeah, this whole era would "die. "

Dr. Roman: Sigh. I thought so.

Mash: Huh?

David: Details—After the fight!


David: Like I said before, the "Ark"brings death to all things–

David: Sacrificing a soul that exists as a god, regardless of rank, would cause the box to lose control.

David: The death of a god means the death of the world. The Ark is a disaster from that kind of era.

David: If this was a normal world, it would only destroy the surrounding area, but, hmm...

David: This is an unstable place that normally wouldn't exist,right? I doubt such a groundless world like this can survive.

David: Um, a Singularity, was it? The thing blurring the foundation of human history.

David: This whole era will disappear without having to wait for its collapse.

Drake: There'd be no need to use a weird Holy Grail...or even steal mine, for that matter.

Drake: They can use that box to sacrifice a goddess,and at that point it will all be over.

Mash: ...Why does Jason want to destroy the world so badly?

Atalante: Who knows? ...He may not even know himself.

Atalante: Somebody may have convinced him that all he has to do is offer Euryale to the "Ark. "

Mash: –Either way.

Mash: We know why they're after this Noble Phantasm,and why we absolutely must stop them.

Mash: The question is how do we defeat them...By the way, David, is your class Archer?

David: That's right. Atalante is an Archer as well.

Mash: Talk about unbalanced. Four Archers, a Shielder,and one Pirate...

Atalante: We're up against Heracles, Medea, and Hektor. We don't have to count Jason, I suppose.

Fujimaru 1: Why?

Fujimaru 2: Is he that weak?

Atalante: He's weak. Rather, he's never actually fought.

Atalante: He's a monster who formed the Argonauts with just charisma and eloquence, but he's no fighter.

Atalante: But I doubt having one useless member in their party poses any problems for them.

Atalante: ...They have Heracles, after all.

Mash: Multiple resurrections from the Twelve Labors. And above all else, his prominent combat techniques.

Mash: I don't see how we can beat him.

Orion: We, on the other hand, are full of fighters who specialize in long-distance combat.

David: If we can get him to touch the "Ark,"we might be able to instantly obliterate him.

Artemis: Would he touch it that easily?

David: It's a what-if. Even a Berserker can sense the magical energy around Noble Phantasms. You'd never walk up to a bomb, right?

David: If he had no choice but to touch it, then maybe...But how could we force that situation?


Mash: Not just Heracles. Medea and Hektor also possess terrifying power.

Mash: If all three attack at once,it'll be impossible for us to hold out.

Mash: If we could at least lure Heracles away from the others–

Fujimaru 1: ...

Dr. Roman: ...How about we flee with the "Ark" in tow,and wait for an opportunity...

Mash: Doctor, just go choke on an expired sesame bun or something.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Orion: How about we hole up? Anywhere like that near here?

Atalante: Nope. Some cramped pagan catacombs are all this island has.

Atalante: Even if there were some kind of stronghold here,it wouldn't be enough to hold off Heracles.

Orion: Hmm, I suppose you're right.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fou: Fou? Fou, fou, fou!

Mash: What's wrong, Fou? Huh, Master?

Mash: Master?

Fujimaru 1: I have an idea.

Mash: ...Yes?

Drake: Oh good, nice, great idea! You're just as reliable a [♂ man /♀ woman] as I thought!

David: That's a reasonable strategy. But, besides the Servants,Fujimaru would also be at risk.

David: Well, I guess that's life. The odds of winning usually go up with your life on the line.

Euryale: It's quite a gamble. If you fail, you're done. No turning back. A one-shot deal.

Artemis: So I guess the question is how the enemy will act.

Artemis: Will Heracles head straight for Euryale?

Orion: ...Out of countless Heroic Spirits, Heracles is likely in the top tier.

Orion: Even though he's Berserker, I doubt he's completely devoid of intelligence.

Orion: When he was fighting Asterios,he was dead set on going after Euryale.

Orion: ...That's the reason Asterios somehow managed to keep up.

Drake: Berserkers are easy to lure. The one I can't get a read on is Jason.

Drake: He impaled the enemy along with his own ally. Who knows what other cowardly tricks he'll pull off?

Atalante: No, don't worry about Jason. Trust me. I'm sure he will act this way.

Atalante: ...It's true he's a coward, but, more than that,he places absolute trust in Heracles.

Atalante: I like Fujimaru's plan. Count me in.

David: Count me in, too. Since everyone's betting equally,it's fine as long as one of us survives and wins it all.

Orion: ...What destructive thoughts this guy has. Or is it irresponsibility?

Artemis: And you, Darling?

Orion: Are you expecting something from me, a plush toy?

Orion: It's Mash who has it toughest here. She's risking her life on the front line.

Orion: Shouldn't Mash decide whether we go through with this plan or not?

Mash: ...I'm fine. I'll make sure that the plan Master devised succeeds.

Mash: Of course, that's contingent on the Doctor's cooperation.

Mash: Doctor? You've been silent for a while now. Are you listening?

Dr. Roman: Of course I'm listening. It's risky, but we don't have any time left. Count me in.

Dr. Roman: We don't know when or if King David will fall into enemy hands. I'll provide all the backup I can.

Fujimaru 1: Let's do this.

Fujimaru 2: Let's win.

Mash: Yes, Master!

Section 13: Betting It All

Medea Lily: That's the island.

Jason: Ah, I see. Euryale hasn't been killed yet?

Medea Lily: She's still alive.

Hektor: ...Even though they know they're being targeted...I question their judgment.

Hektor: ...Well, whatever. It's their choice. I'll leave the decisions here up to our captain.

Jason: All right! The luck of the gods is on our side. Heracles, Medea, Hektor!

Jason: Land on that island and seize both Euryale and the "Ark! "

Jason: I–

Hektor: Whoa!

Jason: Huh, arrows? ...What fools. As if these flimsy arrows would work against Heracles–

Medea Lily: !!!

Medea Lily: Lord Jason! They're–aiming at you!

Jason: ...What?

Atalante: Well then, time to show off all our Noble Phantasms.

Atalante: I dedicate this to Apollo and Artemis–"Phoebus Catastrophe! "

Artemis: Awww...How touching♪

Artemis: ...What's wrong, Darling? Your head is in your hands and you're shivering.

Orion: It's a knee-jerk-reaction from hearing Apollo's name...

Artemis: Hehe. Then, it's my turn! Deploy Noble Phantasm! Hear my song of love! "Tri-Star Amore Mio! "

Euryale: It might be a waste to use my Noble Phantasm on such a disgusting idiot. Well, whatever, I'll use it without hesitation. Noble Phantasm–"Eye of the Euryale! "

David: I'm jealous. Jason, you're so popular! Let me share something with you too. Noble Phantasm–"Hamesh Avanim! "

Hektor: Whoa, a concentrated attack of Noble Phantasms Ugh, what a pain!

Medea Lily: They have also mixed in A-rank attacks! They are leaving no openings!

Jason: W-Why? Why is it all directed to me–You damn cowards!

Medea Lily: Please stay calm, Master. I shall protect you!

Jason: Oh, uh, thanks Medea.... But I just can't count on someone so inexperienced...

Jason: Hektor! You stay here too! Protect me like a true Servant!

Jason: Heracles! They're just Archers. Pulverize them with one blow!



Medea Lily: ...Sigh.

Hektor: ...Up to this point it's going just like the enemy wants it to.

Hektor: But, what are they planning to do against Heracles? The ox-head aside, that shield girl isn't going to cut it.

Hektor: To defeat Heracles, they'd need 12 wielders of A-rank Noble Phantasms, or...

Hektor: No, that can't be. There's no reason to risk one's life to that extent, is there, oh Future Mage?

Euryale: He's here, Fujimaru.... I mean, Master.

Euryale: Do everything you can to protect me!

Fujimaru 1: Got it!

Fujimaru 2: Let's run.

Dr. Roman: I'll show you the route to take! For now, Fujimaru, just run!

Euryale: Yes, let's go!



Mash: Just as expected, he's targeting Euryale! First, let's hold him down here!

Drake: All right, I'll give you as much support as I can! Mash, this plan all depends on you!

Drake: Time to brace yourself!

Atalante: I'll take Mash with me.

Mash: Yes! ...Mash Kyrielight, here I go!


Mash: (Pant, pant, pant...)



Mash: ...As predicted, he's headed towards Euryale!

Euryale: I know! On to the next!


Euryale: Hey, can't you run any faster?

Fujimaru 1: I am trying!

Fujimaru 2: Doing my best!

Euryale: He's here!

Atalante: He's caught up! Mash, go!

Mash: Yes! Great Hero Heracles–!

Mash: It's time for a rematch!

Orion: All right, Artemis! Let's do this!

Artemis: Yeah! I won't pull any punches here!




David: He's here. Euryale, Fujimaru, hurry!

Euryale: Master, do your best! Just hang in there a bit longer!

Fujimaru 1: I'm super-duper running!

Fujimaru 2: I'm giving it all I got!

Atalante: He's here, so get ready!

Mash: We've caught up. Here we go!


Euryale: Run, run! If we don't hurry...



Euryale: He's here. There's nowhere to run anymore. Scared?

Fujimaru 1: I'm scared.

Euryale: I see...Me too.

Fujimaru 2: I'm not scared.

Euryale: I see...You're overdoing it.

Euryale: If we stop, he'll catch up to us. We have no choice, jump over the you-know-what!

Fujimaru 1: Even if a touch means death!?

Fujimaru 2: I'm not confident!

Euryale: Never mind that and just jump! Trust me!

Euryale: All right– One, two, three!

Euryale: W-We did it! You can do anything you put your mind to, Master!

Heracles: !!!

Euryale: He stopped! It looks like Heracles was able to understand...

Euryale: What that box separating us really is...

Atalante: That's far enough, Heracles!

Mash: Heracles, the Noble Phantasm that Jason seeks is right in front of you!

Heracles: !!!

Mash: The "Ark" kills whoever touches it. Since you still have ten lives, this is the only way to defeat you.

Mash: Master, bear with us just a little longer.

Mash: Heracles, we will stop you! –Here we go!


Mash: Take this!

Drake: Force him in!



David: All right, he touched it!

Mash: ...We've defeated Heracles. No, it was more like he disappeared instead of dying.

Mash: Honestly, I still can't believe it. Master, are you all right!?

Fujimaru 1: I'm fine.

Fujimaru 2: I thought I was gonna die.

Euryale: ...We were all terrified. But, I'm glad you're not just some savage hero.

Euryale: You knew your own weakness, and still did what you could. You did a wonderful job, Master.

Drake: Now, the only one left is that revolting Jason. Let's go free the seas once and for all!

Section 14: Pioneer of the Stars

Hektor: ...He's late.

Jason: The arrows have stopped. Medea, check things out with your familiar.

Medea Lily: That's unnecessary. It seems Heracles has been defeated.

Jason: What? Hey Medea, that's not funny.

Drake: Oh, there he is. Hey Jason! Can you hear me?

Drake: Well then, we're coming for you!

Jason: ...Impossible! Heracles! What happened to Heracles!?

Drake: Oh, come on. You really need to ask?

Drake: If he was alive,we obviously wouldn't be, right?

Drake: Since we're alive, it means he's dead. That's pretty simple logic.

Jason: There's no way he'd die! He's Heracles! The great immortal hero!

Jason: He's the epitome of a hero, someone who heroes admired, challenged, yet still fell short of!

Jason: There's no way a petty, ragtag bunch like you could ever overcome someone like that!

Drake: ...I guess even you felt a semblance of friendship. Even if it was a distorted one.

Drake: Well, fine. If that's what you want to believe, so be it. We'll settle the match.

Jason: Ugh! ...Get us out of here!

Hektor: Oh, thinking of running?

Jason: We're retreating! Using this Holy Grail,all I need to do is summon a new Servant!

Hektor: As far as I can tell, we're still at an advantage here.... Well, gotta follow the captain's orders.

Drake: So you ARE thinking of running. Just as I thought. Men, are you all ready?

Drake: "Golden Hind! "This is our last voyage, our final task as pirates!

Drake: The target is the Argo! The treasure they hold captive is the freedom of the seas!

Drake: We'll have them pay us back in full! Ring the bells, brothers!

Pirate: Aye, aye, Boss!

Drake: Hard to port! Make a steady approach and fire the cannons and guns!

Jason: What're you doing? Hurry up and cut us loose!

Hektor: With so many Archers on their side, their attacks are that much more fierce.

Medea Lily: Never mind the cannonballs...It's Atalante's arrows. We're the only ones who can block them.

Jason: Damn, how are they catching up! This is the legendary ship, Argo!

Jason: It's in a different class from their mundane sailboat!

Hektor: The difference is in the helmsman, I guess. Those are the skills of one who has lived with the sea.

Hektor: They're fundamentally different from someone who just takes his boat out casually.

Jason: Damn...We have no choice. O Holy Grail!

Drake: We've caught up with you, pretty boy! Let's see what you got!

Jason: You lowly scum! Go! Kill them!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: ...That's a Shadow Servant! Be careful, everyone!

David: Oh boy. What a rotten thing.

David: ...But, I guess since you're relying on tricks like this,it means you're pretty much cornered, right?

Jason: How dare you, you piece of...

David: Now, now, Jason was it? No need for such a scary face...Guess I really hit the mark, didn't I?


Drake: All right, let's board! ...Then again, we're just all Archers.

Atalante: I'm going. Being an Archer doesn't mean I can't handle close-range combat.

David: In that case, I guess I'll go, too. If I die, I'll trust you'll take care of the rest.

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Mash Kyrielight, here I go!


Jason: Hektor!

Hektor: Yes, yes, I know. All right, Medea.

Hektor: If the need arises, I'll be counting on you.

Medea Lily: Yes. It is my duty to protect our Master. I will look after him until the very end.

Hektor: Oooh, scary...Is this what they mean by "naturally insane"...Hm?

Hektor: Hi, future [♂ boy /♀ girl]. Your name was Fujimaru, right?

Hektor: I'm impressed you've come this far. It's truly amazing. France, Rome, and now "here. "

Hektor: I appreciate you coming all this way. I value that kind of perseverance.

Fujimaru 1: This guy!

Fujimaru 2: Do you know about Chaldea?

Hektor: Oh, my hunch was right, that's all. I'm just a warrior who couldn't pick a Master to serve.

Hektor: Now, let's see who can hold out longer. This old man is pretty confident in defensive battles.

Hektor: So—Come at me with everything you've got, brat. I'll show you how experience trumps youth.

Mash: ...This is Hektor, the hero of the Trojan War. We can't let our guard down. Let's take him down, Master!


Hektor: ...Dammit, this is it for me. Well, I did what I could.

Hektor: But at least I'll leave a parting gift. Euryale, offer your life–to the "Ark! "

Mash: Oh no!

Euryale: –Yes, that is what I expected you would do.

Hektor: Wha...

Euryale: "Eye of the Euryale. "

Hektor: Urgh...This old man's scheme...How did you see through it?

Euryale: Oh, I didn't see through anything. But you killed Asterios.

Euryale: That alone was reason enough for me to pay close attention to you, old man.

Hektor: ...Pfft. I guess I'm just not cut out to be a villain.

Hektor: I thought I'd at least go out big at the end of the world. But your hands are tied when the "top" is terrible.

Jason: Wha...Hektor!?

Medea Lily: Hektor has passed on, too. Lord Jason, what shall we do now?

Medea Lily: Impossible to surrender or retreat. I'm a mage who can only heal and defend.

Medea Lily: Now, what shall we do?

Jason: Silence, woman! If you're my wife,act like one and think about protecting your husband!

Medea Lily: Yes. Of course I am thinking, Master. After all, that's what a Servant does.

Jason: ...What's that look? Why are you still smiling!? Don't you understand what this situation means?


David: Wait! Before that, I have a question for Jason.

David: ...Who gave you such an idiotic idea as sacrificing Euryale to the "Ark? "

Jason: That's none of your business!

David: Oh, I think it is. After all, if you had sacrificed her, the world would have been destroyed.

Jason: —What?

David: Of course. That box brings death.

David: To offer it a Divine Spirit is completely insane.

David: This era is unstable to begin with. It would have killed the era itself.

Jason: —Ridiculous. Lies. That can't be—

David: That's why I'm asking you.

David: "Sacrificing a Divine Spirit will grant infinite power. "Who tempted you with that promise?

David: Was it Hektor? Medea?

Jason: ...Medea? He's lying...isn't he?

Jason: Sacrificing a Divine Spirit to the "Ark"would've grant me powers and invincibility, right?

Jason: I mean, that's what HE told me...

Medea Lily: It is no lie. After all, the death of an era brings complete destruction.

Medea Lily: If the world is destroyed, your enemies will cease to exist. See–? That makes you invincible, no?

Jason: Y-you. You people lied to me?

Jason: That doesn't serve my purpose at all! I was finally going to create an ideal nation!

Jason: One where everyone respects me! A true utopia, where all are content, and there is no war!

Jason: Was this trial not for that purpose!? Was it not to give me a second chance!?

Medea Lily: ...That is a dream that can never come true, Lord Jason. It is beyond you.

Medea Lily: You'll never be an ideal king. Even if your heart truly wished for peace, your soul is hopelessly twisted.

Medea Lily: You cannot make your dream come true. Not in the manner that you desire.

Medea Lily: You will only realize your fate the moment you obtain what you truly desire, then crush it with your own hands.

Jason: What...What are you talking about, witch!? What does a woman who was holed up in a rural shrine know!?

Jason: I was born the son of a king, but my uncle robbed me of my throne. I was forced into the care of a centaur!

Jason: Even while suffering that indignity, I became resourceful. I built the Argo and gathered a crew of heroes!

Jason: So what part of me!? Where!? Where am I lacking the qualifications to be king!?

Jason: I just wanted to take back my own land! I just wanted my own nation!

Jason: How is that wrong, you traitor!?

Medea Lily: ...Such a pity. Ever since I was summoned,I have told you nothing but the truth.

Medea Lily: I am Princess Medea. Prior to being betrayed,I was a witch who blindly believed the one who summoned me.

Medea Lily: That is why I have protected you all this time. You were chosen by "that" king.

Medea Lily: Everything is real, everything is true.... Though there may have been some misunderstandings.

Medea Lily: For example, I just said I would protect you, yes? But how I will protect you–

Jason: Huh?

Medea Lily: This, is how.

Jason: Wha-!? Y-You! Stop! What are you doing!? Aaah! No! My body is melting!

Fou: Fouuu! Fouuuu!

Medea Lily: O Holy Grail. O ultimate vessel granting my desires. Manifest. Remember. You are one of the 72 Demon Gods.

Jason: Arggh, ack, aieeeeeeee!

Medea Lily: –I shall give you the strength to fight. I shall give you the strength to rise up.

Medea Lily: Let us fight together for the sake of destruction.

Medea Lily: Now then, rank number 30. Sea Fiend Forneus. Use that power to put an end to your journey!

Dr. Roman: A Demon God! This is the second one of those things, I mean deities, we've seen! Something like that really exists?

Mash: !!!

David: This is a surprise...What did she just say?

David: Rank number 30, "Forneus!? "She's talking about Solomon's Demon Gods!

Atalante: Will we–Be able to defeat it?

Drake: I hit it! All right, if it can be hit, it can be defeated!

Drake: Mash, this is truly the final battle! Come, get a hold of yourself!

Drake: You came all this way to slay that thing, didn't you? So hold your head up high!

Drake: This is it! The final battle! Be brave and laugh your fears away!

Drake: Say, "I have no use for a monster! Just give me a pretty crown! "

Pirate: Whoaaaa!? We...We just heard somethin' awfully rare, yeah!?

Pirate: Did Boss just say a seriously feminine line!?

Drake: Shut up you fools, go hide in your cabins! This isn't something you can handle!

Drake: A-Anyway, Mash, just do it! And forget what I just said!

Drake: If you keep hesitating, I am going to take that second Holy Grail for myself!

Mash: —Captain Drake.

Mash: ...Yes, understood! Master, visual confirmation of the final enemy of this era!

Mash: Commencing correction–!

Fujimaru 1: Let's go, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: We're gonna win, Mash!

Mash: Yes!


Mash: ...We got it, Master!

Fujimaru 1: All right!

Fujimaru 2: Are you okay?

Mash: Yes!

Jason: Oh...ah...ugh...Medea, Medea, Medea...

Medea Lily: –Yes, Jason. Is something wrong?

Jason: ...Fix me, my Medea. It hurts, it hurts, it really hurts!

Medea Lily: ...

Jason: What are you doing you slowpoke? I said, fix me.

Medea Lily: –I can't do that, Jason. I'm sorry.

Jason: ...Huh?

Medea Lily: I will be falling soon myself. It's such a pity. Originally, the world would've sunk with you.

Jason: ...Why you, just as I thought...

Medea Lily: Although it has nothing to do with me,but it's true that I did know you.

Medea Lily: Even as we speak,the memories of Princess Medea are coming back to me.

Medea Lily: Even if she was betrayed, even if she was cursed at,even if she'd been deceived from the very start.

Medea Lily: She truly, truly adored her Lord Jason. You had been given divine power, yet–

Medea Lily: You were endlessly innocent. Like a child excited over receiving a paltry treasure.

Medea Lily: You were hopelessly cruel, and completely innocent. Despite being weak, you attracted others and inspired loyalty.

Medea Lily: That's who you were, Jason. That was her first love.

Medea Lily: But you were quick to betray everything. That's the only way you knew how to live.

Medea Lily: If so—isn't it easier to sink along with the world,so that you won't be betrayed?

Medea Lily: You were never—supposed to return to your land.

Jason: Damn...witch! ...You treacherous...damned witch!

Jason: Die! Die! Go to hell! Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT–!

Medea Lily: ...I'm sorry, Lord Jason.

Medea Lily: I wanted to protect you from him,but I had no way of doing so.

Medea Lily: I don't have much time left...I only wish I could have dreamed a beautiful dream in my final moments...

Dr. Roman: Medea's about to vanish...No, before she does! Fujimaru, you have to ask her!

Fujimaru 1: Who's behind all this?

Fujimaru 2: Were you allies with Lev, too?

Medea Lily: ...I'm no longer at liberty to tell you that,since I have lost to him as a mage.

Dr. Roman: Princess Medea the mage,not the Servant, was defeated?

Dr. Roman: In other words—

Medea Lily: Yes. Please be sure to prepare yourselves,newest and last mages from a distant era.

Medea Lily: You don't stand a chance against him. As mages, you have no prayer of defeating him.

Medea Lily: So—go gather stars. Numerous dazzling stars.

Medea Lily: Stars that can rise against the greed and beast hidden within man's heart. Stars that can remain bright even within a storm and light up the sky—

Mash: Elimination confirmed. Holy Grail collection complete.

Mash: No enemies left. End combat actions.

Mash: Era correction–complete.

Drake: The wind has stopped blowing...Ah, this is the end. There is nothing that can be done.

Drake: This sea will end soon. But not anything like the giant whirlpool earlier.

Drake: This is a good ending. It's a new birth—Our sea is coming back to us!

Pirate: Heee—eey! It's goodbye to this damn weird sea–!

Pirate: We did it, men! Can's say I won't miss it, though! After all, these waters were full of adventure!

Pirate: Hey, we're vanishin', one after another! Guess that's how life works, the rank and file exit first!

Pirate: Mash and Fujimaru, see ya! Thanks for helpin' the captain!

Pirate: We'll get hanged sooner or later, but you're good folk! Let this be a lesson! Never keep the company of pirates!

Mash: Everyone...

Artemis: Haaaa! We can finally go home!

Artemis: Come on, Orion! A new journey of love awaits!

Orion: This is supposed to be a nice goodbye scene. Don't you want to look cool?

Orion: Oh, forget it. I'm tired.

Orion: Well, I hope we can meet again with me in a different form! Farewell!

Orion: Oh, and Mash. How about a kiss goodbye for good measure?

Orion: No? Oh, okay.

Artemis: Darling, how about a "goodbye" from me?

Orion: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Euryale: And so our roles are played out now. Oh, what a terrible time.

Euryale: Without "me" or my "loser sister" around,it's dreadfully boring.

Euryale: ...Although I would like to meet HIM again someday.

Euryale: I'll have to call him by name, and make fun of that embarrassing confession of love.

Euryale: Oh, that's right. Fujimaru, you did well, too. As a final reward, I'll give you a little kiss.

Euryale: Get down on your knees. Here–(smooch. )

Mash: Wha!?

Euryale: Well, safe travels. Make your next struggle as merry as this one.

Mash: ...

Atalante: ...Whew. I'm happy I was of service this time. I didn't want to be defeated like last time.

Atalante: That said, I haven't really shown what I can do yet. So please call on me again sometime.

Atalante: Still...From now on, how should I go about honoring Lady Artemis?

David: Well, it's about that time.

David: It seems you have various struggles ahead,but do your best without being discouraged.

David: With two humans, a quarrel ensues. 100 will create competition, 1000 will cause confrontation.

David: That holds true no matter what era. You should fight your own battle.

Mash: Please, wait. You knew about the 72 Demon Gods.

Mash: Was that...Um, really a Demon God? The doctor claims they don't exist...

David: Oh? Did I say as much? Why would you think so?

Mash: ...Well, naturally. You're King David of Israel.

Mash: You are the father of King Solomon,who is said to have summoned the 72 Demon Gods.

Fou: Fou!

David: Hmm. It's true Solomon is my son...But summoning spells are beyond my capabilities.

Dr. Roman: ...How utterly useless...

David: Ah, how rude. But what about yourself?

David: It seems you said that Demon God was no Demon God. On what grounds?

Dr. Roman: W-Well, that's—That wasn't exactly my image of one, or...

Da Vinci: Ahahaha. Roman is a fan of King Solomon. I hear he's been an admirer for a long time?

Dr. Roman: Hey, Leonardo! That was a secret! A secret!

Da Vinci: That's why you don't accept the Demon Gods, isn't it? You don't want to believe your idol messed with such disgusting things.

Dr. Roman: Ugh...Right, you're correct! The 72 Demon Gods signify both the beginning and the pinnacle of summoning spells!

Dr. Roman: They couldn't be foul creatures like that! I mean, he's King Solomon, you know!?

Dr. Roman: He's the king who held the omnipotent Ten Rings, built the First Temple in Jerusalem, and made Israel prosperous!

Dr. Roman: How could someone like that command such monsters, or even worse, plot...plot the destruction of humanity!?

Da Vinci: There you go. As his father, what do you think, King David? Does King Solomon have a connection to that Demon God?

David: Mm, Solomon would do things like that, you know? Basically, he's a cruel, vulgar good-for-nothing.

Dr. Roman: What? How terrible! I can't believe anything anymore!

David: Hahaha. My apologies. It's my fault for not having much to do with Solomon. I was never interested in child-rearing.

David: But certainly—though he was a fool, he was honest.

David: As for destroying human history, well...

David: I don't think he'd consider it unless he was betrayed by all ten of his secret lovers?

Mash: In its own way, that makes his image even worse.

Fou: Fou.

Dr. Roman: Just how bad is the public's image of King Solomon!?

David: Well, I must be going. I leave the rest to you,but if anything happens, don't hesitate to call on me.

Dr. Roman: ...Right. So we still don't have any definite information about the Demon Gods yet.

Dr. Roman: But—King Solomon is involved,and that's the ugly truth...

Mash: Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Oh no, never mind. Now, Captain Francis Drake.

Dr. Roman: Thank you very much. With so many special cases this time, I wasn't really much help.

Dr. Roman: Lucky we had a dependable voyager like you on site. Thanks to that, history has been successfully corrected.

Drake: Oh, it was nothing. I couldn't do much in the end.

Drake: Ahhh...If I could become one of those Servants too,I'd be a little flashier.

Drake: But I suppose that's an impossible request. A pirate like me could never be treated like a hero.

Fujimaru 1: That's not true.

Fujimaru 2: You're already a fine hero, Captain.

Drake: Really? Since that's coming from you, I'll believe half of it.

Drake: So if history is corrected, will I really lose my memories of all of you?

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: That's what happens.

Drake: Hahaha. Well, you don't have to say a word. That look on your face says everything.

Drake: I see. Guess I can't sail around the world with you folks. A pity.

Drake: But that's fine. Our time together was short, but it was a merry journey.

Drake: So go. For seafarers, parting is always abrupt.

Drake: Blown up by a cannonball, washed away by a wave,and ultimately lose sight of our destination and die.

Drake: That's why we take those fears–and always "brush them off" with a laugh.

Mash: Yes, goodbye,Captain who navigates across the seas of freedom.

Mash: ...It's too bad. During this journey, I wanted to discover my wish and report it to you, Captain.

Drake: Mm? What we talked about before? How you're troublesome because you have no wishes?

Drake: It bothered you that much? Don't be silly. Or rather—

Drake: You already have a wish, Mash. You know very well what you want to do.

Mash: Huh?

Mash: Captain Drake, what do you mean...

Drake: Saying you have no wish is wrong. In the first place, nobody is without greed.

Drake: All humans have some kind of wish. You can't live without one.

Drake: The only difference is living while knowing what it is,or spending your whole life not realizing it.

Drake: ...Same with that Jason guy. Even he had a dream of "creating a utopia. "

Drake: His homeland banished him, and didn't save him. I don't know if he did all this to prove them wrong.

Drake: Still,he wanted his nation to be a peaceful one.

Drake: The man was obsessed with the desire to rule,and at the very end, he arrived at his true wish.

Mash: ...Yes. Jason's actions and behaviors were reprehensible.

Mash: But—surprisingly, he was thinking of the people. Though selfish, he was trying to protect others.

Drake: Aye. Sometimes sinners do saintly deeds, while saints sin. That's humans for you. That's us.

Drake: That's why everyone's got a wish.

Drake: It's just that some go their whole lives without realizing what their true wishes are.

Mash: ...Captain Drake. Which type am I?

Drake: You...You're the type that's better off not realizing. You should stay just the way you are.

Drake: I'm sure you'll know in the end.

Drake: You'll realize what you want to do, and why you continue to raise that shield to defend others.

Drake: I'm the opposite, I already know. The sooner you know,the uglier the punchline ends up being...

Mash: ...Captain Drake. Are you, um...From now on, your life...

Drake: It's fine. You needn't state the obvious. I know how it ends for me. I die, right?

Drake: Life is interesting once you know you're going to die. No, because you will die, you want to live in the moment.

Drake: I'm not really a fiend for treasure. What I want is money, and pleasure.

Drake: We're gonna die eventually! So I want to enjoy every single moment while I can.

Drake: Thanks to you, I now know how vast the world is. It's a never-ending journey, even if I go all out.

Drake: I'd be satisfied to take just a little of that,and blaze one of the many trails available.

Drake: How blessed, how inconvenient, and how it would be just like what I wished an ending to be.

Drake: So never mind. Don't worry yourself over my dying days.

Drake: Farewell, Mash and Fujimaru. You too, cowardly scholar guy!

Drake: The reward for saving an era...Let's see—

Drake: When your journey ends, just remember how much fun you had with me! That'll be enough!

Fujimaru 1: Will do. Farewell, Captain!

Fujimaru 2: Bon voyage!

Dr. Roman: Welcome home. Good job, Fujimaru and Mash.

Dr. Roman: This makes three eliminated Singularities. Protecting human history...That mission is no longer just a pipe dream.

Dr. Roman: I'll look into that Demon God on my end. For the time being, I'll focus on King Solomon's era.

Dr. Roman: I'll use Chaldeas and Sheba to observe the Earth of 1000 BC.

Mash: ...Are you sure?

Mash: Sheba's range is the Christian Era. Go back further than that and you lose accuracy.

Mash: Plus, it would require vast amounts of magical energy and electricity. Chaldea's current reserves aren't that—

Dr. Roman: With my pride on the line, I'll take care of that somehow. As for magical energy, I might know someone who can help.

Mash: Really? I thought chances for outside help were nonexistent?

Fou: Fooou!

Dr. Roman: Huh? Oh yeah, sorry. I had the wrong idea. I'll get by somehow with Da Vinci's stash.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, you two need to unwind. Next up is the fourth Singularity—the turnaround point.

Dr. Roman: France, Rome, and the sea. Each time, the number of irregularities has been increasing.

Dr. Roman: Maybe with the next Singularity,the real target will come.

Dr. Roman: That's why I want you to rest up. We've got some time until the next Rayshift.

Fou: Fooou!

Mash: Good job, Senpai. You did your best too, Fou.

Fou: Ky, kyuuuu!

Mash: ...By the way, Senpai. Did you want to sail around the world with Drake?

Fujimaru 1: A little.

Mash: Me too.

Mash: The captain was larger than life,but overflowed with charm.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go after this is over.

Mash: After our battle is over?

Mash: ...Yes. Not a trip via Rayshift, but a journey in this era.

Mash: I want to enjoy a world in which the future isn't decided yet, just like Captain Drake.

Mash: ...Senpai. I think this recent search for the Holy Grail was the most special case so far.

Mash: The process solely was to head somewhere. It was a battle on a seemingly endless sea.

Mash: Along the way, I think I learned something.

Mash: Good and bad people alike contribute to human history. Human diversity and contradictions. Expectations, too.

Mash: ...Humans are brutal creatures. They use wisdom and gain power for their own desires and objectives.

Mash: That is a truly brutal trait. You could say that they are the most powerful and barbaric organisms on the planet.

Mash: But there's hope in that brutality...The hope of realizing what couldn't be realized.

Mash: The power not to let the impossible remain impossible. This power, this hope, she taught us that is what makes us human.

Mash: ...I don't know if I have such a power. But, I'd like to get as close as I can.

Mash: So I can keep fighting by your side, Senpai. To become a Servant that you can be proud of someday.

Mash: Now, then, Senpai, Fou, sweet dreams. We're on dry land for the first time in a long while.

Mash: We don't have to worry about getting seasick anymore. Please have nice and long rest.