Singularity 1: Hundred Years' War of the Dragons - Orleans


A:???: —Heed my words.

A:???: My will creates your body, and your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call, and obey my will and reason, then answer me.

A:???: I hereby swear. That I shall defeat all evil in the world.

A:???: But let thine eyes be clouded with the fog of turmoil and chaos. Thou art trapped in a cage of madness, and I the summoner who holds thy chains–

A:???: Seventh Heaven clad in the great words of power! Come forth from the circle of binding, Guardian of the Scales—!

B:???: Ah!

A:???: –Thank you for coming, my fellow Servants. I am your Master.

A:???: You know why you were summoned, yes? Destruction and slaughter, those are your orders.

A:???: If a city is reveling in spring, destroy it. If a town is celebrating spring, devastate it.

A:???: No matter how evil or cruel, God will forgive your every transgression.

A:???: Should He mete out punishment,that is fine in its own way.

A:???: For this is no more than a means of proving God's existence and His love.

A:???: –Now, then, Gilles. Please bring him here.

Gilles: As you wish.

A:???: I trust you have not harmed him, Gilles?

Gilles: No, of course not. Have you considered what you wish done with him?


Gilles: Oh, my. Do you require suggestions from me?

A:???: Oh, you have noticed my distress in your infinite concern for me?

A:???: —Don't be absurd. If you continue this foolishness, I'll kill you, Gilles.

A:???: When you are eating a meal, do you think about how you use your fork?

A:???: This is the same. What I do with him is a matter so trivial it does not merit any thought.

H:???: ...Wh-What's going on? Where am I, and who are you people?

H:???: Answer me! Are you deaf? You there—Eep!

A:???: Oh, Pierre! Bishop Pierre Cauchon! How I have missed you!

A:???: A day has not gone by when your face has not crossed the mind of Jeanne d'Arc!

Pierre Cauchon: It can't be. It can't be, it can't be, it can't be, it can't be!

Pierre Cauchon: Y-Y-Y-You're–Jeanne d'Arc?! Impossible! This can't be possible!

Pierre Cauchon: I thought you died three days ago! I thought I killed you! I thought–

Jeanne Alter: "That you should be in Hell? "Perhaps I am, Your Grace.

Pierre Cauchon: This is a dream. A nightmare. What else could it be but a nightmare!

Gilles: Oh dear, he's started to flee from reality. This won't do at all. We must snap him out of this.

Pierre Cauchon: Aiiee! E-E-Eeeee!

Jeanne Alter: What will you do, Your Grace?

Jeanne Alter: Jeanne d'Arc, whom you accused of heresy, stands here before you.

Jeanne Alter: Should you not grip your crucifix and offer up a prayer to God?

Jeanne Alter: Should you not mock me? Scorn me? Abuse me? Trample me? And tell everyone the wicked Jeanne d'Arc is here!

Jeanne Alter: Should you not roar like the brave lion you are?! Go on, do it! Do it! Do it!

Pierre Cauchon: Spa–

Jeanne Alter: Spa?

Pierre Cauchon: S-Spare me. Please spare me.

Pierre Cauchon: I'll do anything. Spare me, I beg of you!

Jeanne Alter: —Ha ha ha ha ha! Did you hear that, Gilles?

Jeanne Alter: "Spare me, spare me," he says! This bishop who tied me up, mocked me, and burned me alive!

Jeanne Alter: As if that were nothing!

Jeanne Alter: The bishop who told me with kind eyes, that I was going to be killed. Is now begging for his life!

Jeanne Alter: Oh—The sadness is making me want to cry. After all, that won't save anything.

Jeanne Alter: Your paper-thin faith won't reach the Heavenly Father. Belief that is light as a feather won't blossom anywhere.

Jeanne Alter: Someone who has forsaken God, and clings to his life by begging a witch, is unfit to be called a believer.

Jeanne Alter: Do you understand, Your Grace? You just gave testimony that you are now one of the heretics.

Jeanne Alter: That is why I'm so sad. I think I might laugh until madness consumes me.

Jeanne Alter: Now, think back, Your Grace. You know what sentence awaits heretics, don't you?

Pierre Cauchon: ...

Pierre Cauchon: N-No, no, no! Spare me...Please, spare me!

Jeanne Alter: I'm so sorry, I'm afraid I ran out of salvation today. Indulgences are not for sale in this era.

Jeanne Alter: Now—Shall we start at your feet? If I was burned alive by holy flames...

Jeanne Alter: ...Then your body shall be scorched by the flames of Hell.

Pierre Cauchon: Aaaaaiiiiieeeee–!!

Jeanne Alter: ...Not even the ashes remain, I see. I apologize for taking up your time, Gilles.

Gilles: What do you mean? That was a meaningful punishment. Now what should we do with the other clergy.

Jeanne Alter: Good question, it's too much to question them all. Just feed the clergy to them.

Jeanne Alter: Rejoice, my ignoble Servants! The surviving clergy are yours.

Jeanne Alter: I, your Master, Jeanne d'Arc shall forgive you all.

Jeanne Alter: Devour their souls. Feast on their flesh.

Jeanne Alter: Savor their blood. After all, our manifestation is no different than that devil, Dracul.

Jeanne Alter: I have but one order. Wipe out this country, this mistake that is France.

Jeanne Alter: Overrun it, trample it, reap it. Let us begin with our dear Orleans.

Jeanne Alter: We shall return its fruitful land to a bare wasteland.

Jeanne Alter: Age, gender, and religious beliefs are of no importance. Make sure you kill them equally.

Jeanne Alter: That is the only order I give you as your Master.

Jeanne Alter: To that end, I have given you all the attributes of a Berserker.

Jeanne Alter: You may be a saint, or a hero, but now you shall dance with your broken soul.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Saber.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Archer.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Lancer.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Rider.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Caster.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Assassin.

Jeanne Alter: And him, whom I summoned instead of Berserker, and myself.

Jeanne Alter: I shall pass down judgement as this world's Ruler. Humanity has no value, for it failed to prove its love for our Lord.

Jeanne Alter: —They are guilty to a horrifying extent. Humanity is equally guilty, sinner and saint alike.

Jeanne Alter: So we shall kill them all. I will not tolerate a single one escaping.

Gilles: Oh...Oh! Such resolve! Such truth without a slightest doubt!

Gilles: Such is the saint of salvation! The saint who believes in our Lord, and saves our people!

Gilles: You have returned...My light has returned...You have truly been reborn, Jeanne!

Gilles: Then I too, shall rise again as your general! First, we need a symbol...Our army must have a flag!

Gilles: Jeanne, what shall we use as our emblem? A demon, perhaps? Or what about—

Jeanne Alter: In that case, let's make it a dragon. Be it coincidence or providence, this summoning has brought many with close ties to dragons.

Jeanne Alter: In the name of dragons, the symbol of catastrophe,we will burn this world to the ground.

Jeanne Alter: Oh, I have one more order. Laugh. As if you are enjoying yourselves from "the bottom of your heart. "

Jeanne Alter: Heh heh heh. Ah ha ha–Hahahahaha! Ahahahahahaha!!

Jeanne Alter: Wonderful! This is wonderful, Gilles! I've never enjoyed myself this much in my entire life!

Gilles: YesYes, I suppose it is. That is the way it should be.

Gilles: You were put on a pedestal, made a symbol,exploited, and cast aside by the people—

Gilles: That is why you are righteous. There is no one who could pass judgment over your heart of hearts!

Fou: Fou? Kyu, fou?

Fujimaru 1: Good morning, Fou.

Fujimaru 2: I think I just had a bad dream...

Fou: Mew, fou! Kyau, kyau!

Mash: Good morning, Senpai. It's finally time for the briefi—Eek!

Fou: Kyuuuuu...

Mash: I'm sorry, Fou, I couldn't get out of the way. Still, I'm glad to see you so full of energy in the morning.

Mash: You too, Senpai. Did you sleep well last night?

Fujimaru 1: Like a log.

Mash: I'm glad to hear it. They say it takes talent to get a good night's sleep.

Mash: I know you just woke up, but it's briefing time. We should hurry.

Fujimaru 2: I didn't get much sleep...

Mash: ...Oh, I forgot you sleep better on the floor or a tatami mat instead of a bed. That was my mistake, I'll make arrangements.

Mash: Still, the Doctor's briefing is about to start. Let's try to power through the sleepiness.

Dr. Roman: Good morning, Fujimaru. Did you sleep well?

Dr. Roman: Let's get right to the briefing, then.

Dr. Roman: For starters...Oh right,let me go over what I want you to do again.

Dr. Roman: First, the investigation and correction of the singularities. It is humanity's critical turning point in that era.

Dr. Roman: If it were not for that, we could never have come as far as we have. It is the pivotal "event" in human history.

Dr. Roman: You must travel to that era, investigate what it is,figure it out, and then correct it.

Dr. Roman: Otherwise, 2019 will never come. Humanity will be extinct in 2018.

Dr. Roman: That is your first objective. The basic principle of the upcoming operation.

Dr. Roman: The operation's second objective is Investigate the "Holy Grail. "

Dr. Roman: This is just my speculation, but the singularities must be related to the Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: The "Holy Grail" is a relic that can grant wishes. A vessel that contains tremendous amounts of magical energy.

Dr. Roman: Lev probably got his hands on the Grail in some form, and misused its power.

Dr. Roman: Rather, it's impossible to travel through time and change the past without the Grail. Seriously.

Dr. Roman: You will run into intel regarding the Grail during your investigation of the singularity.

Dr. Roman: Even if you correct history, leaving the Grail will put us back to square one.

Dr. Roman: You must either secure the Holy Grail, or destroy it.

Dr. Roman: Those are the two objectives of this operation. Is everything clear so far?

Fujimaru 1: Crystal clear.

Dr. Roman: Glad to hear it.

Fujimaru 2: Sorry, could you go over it again?

Dr. Roman: All right, fine. But pay attention this time, okay?

Dr. Roman: ...And now, there's one other thing I want you to do in addition to the mission.

Dr. Roman: That said, it's nothing major. It's for after you Rayshift to that era.

Dr. Roman: I want you to find a leyline and make a summoning circle. Just like you did in Fuyuki.

Dr. Roman: Unlike Fuyuki, we could probably make do as-is if it's just telepathic communication...

Dr. Roman: But to transport supplies, it won't work without establishing a summoning circle.

Dr. Roman: Just like before, once Mash sets up her Noble Phantasm it will act as a catalyst and trigger the summoning circle.

Dr. Roman: Once you do that, you can summon Servants at will.

Dr. Roman: Of course, what you summon will probably be Servants closely tied to that time and place.

Dr. Roman: So keep doing that to bolster your forces. Understood?

Mash: ...Understood. Before all else, we'll try to establish a base camp first.

Mash: What we'll need is a place to relax, a structure with a roof, a home to come back to. Right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Yes, I'll be counting on you.

Fujimaru 2: Right. You have a way with words, Mash.

Mash: H-Hearing you say that, really means a lot to me.

Mash: I know I'm still an inexperienced Servant,but you can count on me. I'll be giving it my all!

Fou: Kyuu!

Dr. Roman: Umhm. To see Mash, who's serious, quiet, and frankly,kind of mysterious, grow up to be such a fine lady...

Da Vinci: Hey, get over yourself. How long are you gonna keep me waiting?

Dr. Roman: Oops, you're right. You didn't show any interest so I forgot you were there.

Dr. Roman: Allow me to introduce you, Fujimaru.,, it? Um, who?

Dr. Roman: Sheesh. Standing there is Chaldea's pride and joy,the head of our Engineering Department, Leonardo.

Dr. Roman: As you can tell, they are quite unusual. Of course, not a human...Let's not get into that.

Dr. Roman: The reason being—

Mash: ...A Servant. Senpai, this is incredible. This person is a Servant!

Da Vinci: Right you are~♪ I'm Chaldea's honorary tech advisor, I normally go by Leonard here.

Da Vinci: But as you can see, I am the proud inventor of the Renaissance! The one-and-only Leonardo da Vinci in the flesh!

Da Vinci: You can just call me Da Vinci. You don't get to see many pretty ladies like myself around here right?

Fujimaru 1: Huh? Pretty lady?

Fujimaru 2: Da...Vinci?

Mash: This is strange. It's abnormal. It's wrong! I mean, Leonardo da Vinci should be a man—

Da Vinci: You should always question conventional wisdom. But, is it really that important?

Da Vinci: Who was the first one that claimed I was a man or a woman? Sheesh, for crying out loud.

Da Vinci: I pursue beauty with both my inventions and art. It was I who personified all ideals—all beauty.

Da Vinci: To me, the ideal beauty is the Mona Lisa. That being the case—See? Isn't this simply an unavoidable result?

Fou: Fou...

Dr. Roman: I like to think of myself as a scholar, but this guy's pet theories go way over my head.

Dr. Roman: He's the only pervert twisted enough to turn himself into the Mona Lisa, just because he loves the Mona Lisa.

Da Vinci: Heh heh. Are you sure about that, Dr. Roman?

Da Vinci: As cultures mature, anything is possible. The desire to become a beautiful girl might one day be the norm.

Dr. Roman: That might be true, but which time period's Heroic Spirit are you?

Da Vinci: Genius has nothing to do with time period, Doctor. Fujimaru, you'd do well to remember that too.

Da Vinci: You will encounter many Heroic Spirits who were artists. Every one of them is as splendid and eccentric!

Dr. Roman: Are you kidding me? Still, I can see that being the case!

Mash: I see. It's true that I didn't want to know too much,but thank you for the advice, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci: That's my girl, you're always so understanding. Ok, that's enough for my introduction.

Da Vinci: From now, I will be focusing on supporting you with supplies, R&D within Chaldea, and updated Heroic Spirits' contracts.

Da Vinci: I am a Servant summoned by Chaldea, you see. Unlike Mash, I cannot jump to any era.

Da Vinci: However, if Fujimaru has a contract with me, then it would be another matter.

Da Vinci: I would then be able to aid you as an ordinary Servant. I'm looking forward to such a fate, Master.

Dr. Roman: ...Wow, he really did introduce himself and run off. Now, as I was saying before I was interrupted...

Dr. Roman: I'm sorry but we don't have time to rest. We're going to prep for immediate Rayshift, ok?

Fujimaru 1: Of course. I'm ready to go at any time.

Fujimaru 2: ...Well, if I have to.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, we have a coffin ready for you this time. You should be able to Rayshift safely and quickly now.

Dr. Roman: Seven singularities have been detected, but we've selected the time period with the smallest fluctuations.

Dr. Roman: Once you get there, we'll only be able to communicate with you.

Dr. Roman: Got it? I know I'm repeating myself, but the first thing is to set up a base camp and finding a leyline.

Dr. Roman: After you've settled into the era, do what needs to be done. All right—Good luck, Fujimaru.

Announcement A: Unsummon Program start. Spiritron Conversion start.

Announcement A: Rayshift starting in 3, 2, 1...

Announcement A: All procedures cleared. Grand Order commencing operation.

Section 1: Land of the Hundred Years' War

Mash: ...Sigh. We managed to reach here safely, Senpai.

Mash: We were teleported by accident last time. This time it's a proper teleport via the Coffin with no physical anomalies.

Fou: Fou! Fou! Fou!

Mash: Fou? Did you tag along again?

Fou: Fou...kyuu, kyao...

Fujimaru 1: Can Fou Rayshift too?

Fujimaru 2: Did he sneak into Mash's Coffin?

Mash: ...Seems that way. He must have sneaked into mine or Senpai's Coffin.

Mash: Luckily, Fou was unharmed.

Mash: Since he is attached to one of us, when we return he will automatically return as well.

Fujimaru 1: In that case, no problem, right?

Fujimaru 2: I need to get back safely for Fou's sake, too.

Mash: Yes. We share the same fate.

Mash: –Master. I have confirmed the time axis coordinates. Looks like it's the year 1431.

Mash: It means we're in the middle of the Hundred Years' War. But this should be during the war's respite period.

Fujimaru 1: Respite?

Fujimaru 2: Wars get time-offs?

Mash: Right, The Hundred Years' War did not fight for the full 100 years as the name implies.

Mash: The war during this era was pretty carefree, relatively speaking.

Mash: Captured knights were released for monetary payments almost every day...Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Look at the sky.

Fujimaru 2: ...

Mash: What is...Huh?

Dr. Roman: Yes, we're connected! Not the best quality, but I've got video feed now too!

Dr. Roman: Wait, what's wrong you two? Both of you staring at the sky like that.

Mash: Doctor, I'll send you visuals. What is that?

Dr. Roman: This is–

Dr. Roman: A ring of light...No, some form of magecraft cast over the satellite orbit?

Dr. Roman: In any case it's gigantic. At worst, it's as big as North America?

Dr. Roman: Hmmm, no records show such phenomena occurring in 1431.

Dr. Roman: It's surely one of the reasons for the disappearance of our future. We'll have to analyze it on our end...

Dr. Roman: You guys concentrate on surveying onsite. Start by searching for leylines.

Mash: What the Doctor said.

Mash: Explore the area, make contact with the people of this era, set up the summoning circle, there are many things to do.

Mash: We have to knock them out one at a time. Let's first move towards a city, Senpai.

Mash: Senpai, stop. Confirming...Looks like a French scout brigade.

Mash: What do we do? Should we attempt to make contact?

Fujimaru 1: Let's do that.

Fujimaru 2: Isn't it dangerous?

Mash: They look like humanoids. I'm sure we can come to a peaceful resolution.

Mash: Hello, excuse me. We are travelers–

Soldier: ...

Mash: ?

Fou: Fou?

Soldier: Eek! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!

Dr. Roman: Yoo-hoo, I'm free now so lemme see how you're...Wait, why are you surrounded by an armed group?

Mash: ...I apologize. My mistake. I should've greeted them in French.

Fujimaru 1: Was that the problem!?

Fujimaru 2: They know what you're saying to begin with?

Mash: Of course. But now, I believe that combat is unavoidable.

Dr. Roman: You're starting with a fight? With French elites, even!

Dr. Roman: W-Well, let's calm down first! That world is isolated.

Dr. Roman: No matter what happens, a time paradox can't occur. So engaging them won't be a problem, but...

Mash: Doctor, give us an idea. Don't you know any French jokes for times like this?

Dr. Roman: Hell if I know, I'm a loner! But wait, let me think...

Dr. Roman: I just need to think of a witty joke, right? Like "knock, knock! "

Soldier: I'm hearing a silly voice from somewhere...All hands, ready your weapons! They're too suspicious!

Mash: I apologize, Senpai. It was wrong of me to expect something from the Doctor.

Mash: I think it would be bad to harm the locals. We should attack to hold them back!

Fujimaru 1: What are YOU talking about now, Mash?

Fujimaru 2: You've stooped as low as Roman!

Mash: D-Did I say something wrong?

Dr. Roman: In that case, hit them with the back of your blade! Limit the bloodshed to a minimum! Back of the blade!

Fujimaru 1: With a shield?

Fujimaru 2: How would you...

Mash: I-I'll think of something! FIREEE!

Dr. Roman: No, burning is out of the question too!


Mash: ...Sigh. Physical fatigue aside, the mental fatigue is overwhelming.

Fujimaru 1: Are you all right?

Mash: Thank you very much, Senpai.

Fujimaru 2: Good job using the back of your blade.

Mash: I didn't even know that was possible with a shield. I learned something today.

Mash: But...

Mash: It seems like I didn't hit hard enough. They've retreated.

Dr. Roman: They're going back to their fort. Let's quietly chase them and ask what's going on.

Dr. Roman: Try not to aggravate them next time. Make sure you talk to them in French, okay?

Fujimaru 1: Roger that, bonjour.

Mash: Bonjour, monsieur.... I see, perfect. Leave it to me.

Fujimaru 2: Roger that, danke schoen.

Mash: Danke schoen, Herr. I see, somewhat perfect. I'll leave it to you.

Section 2: Chase the French Soldier

Mash: This is...Awful, isn't it?

Dr. Roman: It's a complete ruin on the inside...The outer wall is more or less intact, but you can't call this a fort.

Fujimaru 1: Because it's wartime?

Mash: ...No, that would still be impossible.

Fujimaru 2: Nothing but wounded soldiers here.

Mash: That's right. Even though they're not in an active war–

Mash: In 1431, Charles VII of France entered a peace treaty with Philip III, an ally of England.

Mash: Of course, I'm sure there were some skirmishes–

Soldier: Argh! Here they come again!

Mash: Bonjour. We are travelers.

Mash: We are not here to harm you. Please put down your weapons, monsieur.

Soldier: You're not...the enemy?

Dr. Roman: Hm, that was rather easy. Perhaps they're rational now. Or—

Dr. Roman: They have no more fight left in them?

Mash: Why didn't Charles VII sign the peace treaty?

Soldier: King Charles? So you don't know?

Soldier: The king is dead. He was burned by a witch's flames.

Mash: ...Dead? By witch's flames?

Soldier: It's "Jeanne d'Arc. "She has risen again as the "Dragon Witch. "

Soldier: England retreated quite a while ago. But, where have we to run to?

Soldier: This is our home, but there's nothing we can do.

Mash: Jeanne d'Arc is a witch?

Fujimaru 1: Who is Jeanne d'Arc?

Mash: Saint Jeanne d'Arc, the savior. She is a world-renowned hero.

Mash: A woman who stood up to save France from being conquered in the late stages of Hundred Years' War.

Mash: She saved France at age 17, and managed to reclaim Orleans in just one year...

Mash: But she was caught by the English army,and after an inquisition, burned at the stake.

Mash: They say that from the time of her imprisonment till her burning, she endured gruesome torture and humiliation daily.

Mash: England wanted to prove that she was not a saint, but a heretic.

Mash: So they tried to torture her into saying"I did not hear the Lord's voice. "

Mash: —However, her heart remained true. Even while burning, she held onto her prayers.

Mash: Later, her honor was recognized, and after 400 years she was officially made a saint.

Mash: A powerless girl's wishes changed the world—In that regard, Jeanne d'Arc is definitely a top-rank Heroic Spirit.

Fujimaru 2: ...

Soldier: Here! They are here!

Dr. Roman: Magical energy signals are heading here!

Dr. Roman: Familiars created using human bodies...skeleton soldiers.

Dr. Roman: This time it's different. Both of you can be as wild as you want!

Mash: Yes. Orders, Master! Let's pulverize them!


Mash: ...Phew. Good work.

Soldier: You guys, I can't believe you took them on.

Mash: ...We're used to it. Anyway I'm sorry, but could you please explain this from the start?

Mash: Is it true that Jeanne d'Arc has been resurrected?

Soldier: Yes. I took part in the siege of Orleans and the ceremony, so I remember it well.

Soldier: Her hair and skin color are different, but there's no question that she's the saint from the past.

Soldier: Hearing that she'd been captured by the English and burned at the stake, we trembled in fury.

Soldier: But–she was resurrected. And through a pact with the devil, no less!

Mash: What do you mean the devil? Like the skeleton soldiers earlier?

Soldier: Not those. At least those we can handle ourselves.

Mash: !!!

Soldier: Dammit, just as I thought! Here they come, engage!

Soldier: Come on, stand up! Dragons are here! If you don't resist, they'll eat you!

Dr. Roman: Large creatures are shown to be near you! They're moving in fast!

Mash: Visual confirmed! But that...It can't be–

Fujimaru 1: Dragons!?

Fujimaru 2: Wyverns!?

Mash: Yes. That is a subspecies of dragons called wyverns.

Mash: That is definitely a creature that should not be in 15th Century France!

Dr. Roman: It's coming!

Mash: Master, respond with full force! This is different from those old bones from earlier!

E:???: Soldiers, douse yourself with water! You can momentarily defend against their flames!

Soldier: Eh?

E:???: You there! Please pick up a weapon and fight!

E:???: Together with me! Follow me–!

Mash: This is...

Dr. Roman: Oh, she's a Servant! But her energy is weak, what is she...


Mash: ...I believe that was the last.

Dr. Roman: All right, fine job everyone! I was watching with sweaty palms and sweets in my hand!

Mash: Doctor. Those were the sweets that I got, right?

Dr. Roman: Huh? What? Is that right? I found them in the Command Room next to the tea, so I thought...

Mash: ...I got them as a token of gratitude, for when we return from this Order.

Mash: Needless to say, they weren't for you, but for Senpai, who no doubt fought bravely on the frontlines.

Dr. Roman:'ve become such a thoughtful person...(gobble, gobble)

Dr. Roman: I must say, these are some really tasty sweets. I'm sure Fujimaru will be thrilled, too!

Mash: ...Master. When we return to Chaldea, please reserve enough combat resources for one attack.

Mash: I've registered one more enemy that I'd like to hit with the "back of my blade. "

Soldier: Impossible, you're–No, no way! Run! The witch is here!

Mash: Eh, a witch?

Jeanne: ...

Jeanne: Um. Thank you very much.

Mash: No, that was nothing. Before that, your name–

Jeanne: "Ruler. "My Servant class is Ruler.

Jeanne: My True Name is Jeanne d'Arc.

Mash: Jeanne...d'Arc?

Fujimaru 1: The one that became a witch...

Fujimaru 2: I thought she was dead.

Jeanne: We'll talk about that later. It is nothing we should speak of in front them.

Jeanne: Come over here. Please.

Mash: ...We've been invited. What should we do, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Let's follow her.

Fujimaru 2: It's a clue.

Fou: Kyu kyu kyuu!

Dr. Roman: I agree as well. She looks weakened, but she's a Servant, too.

Dr. Roman: I'm sure she's aware of the situation in this era. Let's ask her for details.

Section 3: Jeanne's Mystery

Jeanne: ...They are few in number, but there does seem to be some evil presences.

Jeanne: We are close to the fort. Before they invade, let's take them out.


Mash: The enemy has been wiped out. Good job.

Jeanne: Yes. I think we can settle down here.

Jeanne: First, please tell me your names.

Mash: Understood. My Individual Name is Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: This is Fujimaru. My Master.

Jeanne: Master? So there are Masters even in this Holy Grail War.

Mash: No, it has nothing to do with the Holy Grail War. I am just a Demi-Servant.

Jeanne: Demi-Servant?

Mash: Not a true Heroic Spirit. Have you heard of us?

Jeanne: ...Right. We should probably clear that up first.

Jeanne: I am indeed a Servant, my class is Ruler. I understand that.

Jeanne: But...A majority of information about the Holy Grail War that should be provided is missing.

Jeanne: No, not just information. My stats have ranked down as well.

Jeanne: Not only have I lost the anti-Servant Command Spells,I can't even reveal their True Names anymore.

Jeanne: Luckily this is my homeland where I was born and raised. If nothing else I still speak the language...

Mash: That soldier earlier was saying that Jeanne d'Arc turned into a "Dragon Witch".

Jeanne: ...Having just materialized a few hours ago, I am not sure what's going on.

Jeanne: It seems there is another Jeanne d'Arc in this world.

Jeanne: A Jeanne that murdered King Charles VII of France, and committed the slaughter at Orleans...

Mash: So does that mean two of the same Servants have been summoned in the same era?

Dr. Roman: Hmm...If we could access the Holy Grail War's records, there should be examples of simultaneous summons.

Dr. Roman: Anyway, one thing is for sure. Charles VII is dead, and Orleans has been occupied.

Dr. Roman: Which symbolizes the collapse of the nation of France.

Dr. Roman: In history, France was the first nation to declare human liberty and equality. Many countries followed suit.

Dr. Roman: Delaying this by 100 years would stagnate civilization.

Dr. Roman: Without progress we might still be stuck in the Middle Ages.

Jeanne: I just heard a voice...Is that magecraft? What in the world are you all—

Dr. Roman: Oh that's right, we didn't introduce ourselves. Nice to meet you, Saint Jeanne d'Arc.

Dr. Roman: My name is Romani Archaman. Everyone calls me Roman.

Dr. Roman: I do various support tasks. Nice to meet you.

Jeanne: I see, Roman. You tend to be a dreamer!

Dr. Roman: ...What is this sense of defeat? She complimented me, but I'm not happy at all...

Mash: Excuse me, Mademoiselle Jeanne. It's our turn now.

Mash: Our objective is the correction of this twisted history. We belong to an organization by the name of Chaldea.

Jeanne: ...I see, I understand now. To think that the world itself has been incinerated.

Jeanne: My worries were so trivial. But now, I—

Fou: Fou?

Jeanne: I'm an incomplete Servant, and even I cannot trust "myself. "

Jeanne: The Jeanne 'd'Arc that occupied Orleans...Not only that, but those flying dragons...

Mash: You mean the wyverns...There is no way wyverns existed in the 15th century France.

Mash: More importantly, he called you a "Dragon Witch".

Jeanne: Yes, I don't want to admit it, but the person controlling those dragons must be "myself. "

Jeanne: I have no idea how she's controlling them. I never thought about such things during my life.

Jeanne: Summoning dragons is the highest form of magecraft, let alone to have this many–

Dr. Roman: It's an impossible feat for modern mages. It should be difficult even for this era's magecraft.

Dr. Roman: That means...Fujimaru. If there's anything that could bend rules like this...

Fujimaru 1: ...It's likely to be a Holy Grail?

Dr. Roman: Exactly. It's only speculation, but these are no longer someone else's problems.

Fujimaru 2: ...Smooth over chunky?

Dr. Roman: You're still bringing that up? You're pretty vindictive, aren't you?

Mash: I see, there are still many unclear points, but I have an idea now.

Mash: Mademoiselle Jeanne. What are you going to do from here?

Jeanne: ...The objective is clear.

Jeanne: Head to Orleans, and take back the city. To do that, I must exterminate the Jeanne d'Arc who stands in my way.

Jeanne: The Lord didn't show me the path, but I cannot turn my back on this.

Mash: Even alone, you will fight...She's just like history says, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, I thought so, too.

Fujimaru 2: A startling difference from Da Vinci.

Mash: Master, and Doctor. Our objective and Ms. Jeanne's are the same.

Mash: I was thinking about our next course of action...How about we help her?

Fujimaru 1: Of course, I thought the same.

Fujimaru 2: I'd help even without a mission.

Dr. Roman: Right. It's best to work together with Jeanne here. It's a rare honor to fight alongside a Saint and Savior!

Mash: Good. Then once again, Mademoiselle Jeanne.

Mash: We have our own objectives, but we want to be of aid to you.

Mash: Will you allow us to fight under your flag as your companions from now on?

Jeanne: Oh...The pleasure will be all mine. I cannot possibly thank you enough.

Jeanne: ...Thank you, Mash, Fujimaru. I thought I would be in this fight all alone.

Jeanne: Now at this place and time, we shall fight as one. So, Fujimaru, please give us your orders!


Jeanne: I'm so ashamed that I said I'd fight on my own earlier. Thanks to you two, I feel stronger than ever.

Jeanne: Even if I'm up against myself, a witch, I have nothing to be afraid of now the two of you are with me.

Fujimaru 1: Being called a witch...

Fujimaru 2: Are you all right?

Jeanne: I am fine.

Jeanne: Needless to say, it saddens me that they'd mistake me for that other Jeanne.

Jeanne: But it can't be helped.

Jeanne: In fact, it hasn't been more than a few days since I was burned at the stake...

Jeanne: If a resurrected me caused a massacre in Orleans, then I can't blame them for being scared of me.

Jeanne: ...I was afraid the British might be stirred up, but it would appear things are going smoothly.

Jeanne: We should seek out the Jeanne who they call a witch and defeat her.

Jeanne: But for now, we should scout around first. The goal is simple, but reaching it not so much.

Dr. Roman: As expected, Jeanne d'Arc is well-versed in the art of the war. Like she said, an assault on Orleans is ill-advised.

Dr. Roman: It's an unfamiliar land and we have yet to set up any bases. For now, take the initiative and gather intel on their defenses.

Dr. Roman: As for the witch Jeanne–Or shall we call her Dark Jeanne? I would like to find out what kind of Servant she is.

Dr. Roman: The rest is up to our forces. It would be good to have more allies.

Mash: Jeanne, is there a reading on any other Servants besides ourselves?

Jeanne: I'm sorry, but as I am now, I am incapable of using my ability as a Ruler to detect other Servants.

Jeanne: Like other ordinary Servants, I cannot detect them unless I am within a certain distance.

Fujimaru 1: Wait, what about the other Jeanne?

Fujimaru 2: Rulers can detect Servants?

Jeanne: I was careless. There is that possibility.

Jeanne: The other me...No, Witch Jeanne...Urgh, it's too confusing, I will also refer to her as Dark Jeanne!

Jeanne: Anyway, if that Dark Jeanne is truly a Servant then her Class, like mine, is Ruler.

Jeanne: If that is the case, she will immediately be able to detect our location. We must be prepared for battle at all times.

Jeanne: If possible, I would like to minimize our activities in any nearby towns and villages—

Jeanne: But without any lead on our hands, I doubt that's possible.

Jeanne: Let us head out early tomorrow morning. Fujimaru is human and should probably get some sleep...

Fujimaru 1: I'll do that then.

Fujimaru 2: Are you all right?

Jeanne: Yes, I am fine.

Jeanne: My abilities may have gone down in rank, but I still possess the basic abilities of a Servant.

Jeanne: Well, good night.

Jeanne: Did Fujimaru go to sleep?

Mash: Yes, surprisingly quick for someone who is unfamiliar with sleeping outdoors.

Jeanne: Is that so...

Mash: ...I could be imagining things, but is there something you aren't telling us?

Jeanne: ...

Mash: I don't mean to pry...

Mash: I thought it best to confront you in case it should become an obstacle in battle.

Jeanne: Quite right. As you wish, I shall tell you.

Jeanne: It could be because my summoning was incomplete.

Jeanne: Or–perhaps it's because my original self died just a few days ago.

Jeanne: How can I put it? It feels as if I am a "brand-new Servant. "

Mash: A rookie, you mean?

Jeanne: Yes. There is no future or past in the Throne of Heroes.

Jeanne: But, I don't have the power to access the records there. Therefore, it is difficult for me to act as a Servant.

Jeanne: It feels like going into battle for the first time all over again. And that bubbly-looking mage from before...

Jeanne: He called me a saint and savior, but even with that expectation, I have no such power.

Jeanne: ...So, the thing is. I fear that I will become a burden to you.

Mash: Jeanne, if that's all then it's all right.

Jeanne: What?

Mash: I mean, this also feels like my first battle. We are the same.

Mash: As a Demi-Servant, I cannot fully harness my power as a Heroic Spirit.

Mash: However, the Heroic Spirit inside of me said "It's okay. "

Mash: And Senpai—Master, trusts someone like me.

Mash: ...I don't know how to say this, but Senpai didn't choose to fight to prove something.

Mash: Senpai is simply trying to do what should be done, I think.

Mash: So, it's all right. There's no reason for you to worry.

Jeanne: ...Thank you. I feel a little better.

Jeanne: I am pretty familiar with this era and this country. Let's give it our best tomorrow!

Mash: Yes!

Section 4: Information Gathering

Jeanne: First, let's cut through this forest and head to Orleans.

Jeanne: Of course, it will be difficult to enter directly.

Jeanne: But we might be able to get some information from the surrounding towns and forts.

Jeanne: We're almost at La Charite.

Jeanne: If we can't get any information here about Orleans, we'll have to get closer–

Jeanne: I'd rather avoid that as much as possible.

Jeanne: As long as I am still uncertain about the forces we have, we cannot engage.

Fujimaru 1: You're really cautious.

Fujimaru 2: You're really calm.

Jeanne: ...No, to be honest, I am panicking. No matter how you look at it, the other "me" cannot be in her right mind.

Jeanne: What that monster will do by controlling the people–it's easy to imagine.

Jeanne: Overwhelming power and hatred can easily destroy a person, no matter how noble they are.

Dr. Roman: –Wait a minute. A Servant was detected just ahead of your current path.

Dr. Roman: Its location is in La Charite, which is your destination.

Mash: !!!

Dr. Roman: Huh, it's getting further away. Oh no, I've lost it! It's too far away!

Fou: Fou! Fou!!

Mash: What is it Fou? Suddenly climbing on my head? You want to see the sky over there?

Mash: The town...It's burning?

Jeanne: Let's hurry!

Jeanne: It couldn't be!

Mash: Doctor, life form detection–

Dr. Roman: ...It's no use! There's nothing alive left in that town.

Mash: It can't be–

Jeanne: Wait. Just now, a sound!

Mash: Wait a minute, that's–!

Jeanne: No...It can't, be!

Mash: Looks like they've turned into the living dead. Master, I will scatter them!


Jeanne: Gasp, gasp, gasp...

Mash: Are you all right?

Jeanne: Yes. I'm fine–


Mash: ...They're still here. They look like wyverns.

Mash: Are they...Ugh, no way!

Dr. Roman: Are they devouring the corpses?

Jeanne: Stop it!

Mash: I'm going!


Mash: –That was the last of the wyverns. No sign of the enemy nearby. The battle is over.

Jeanne: ...

Mash: Jeanne?

Jeanne: ...It was most likely "me" who was behind this.

Mash: We can't be sure of that yet–

Jeanne: No, I can tell. I am sure of it.... There's just one thing I don't understand.

Jeanne: How much do you have to hate others to wreak such havoc?

Jeanne: I can't understand it.

Dr. Roman: Hold up! The Servants that just left have reversed course! This isn't good. They must've realized you're here!

Mash: How many?

Dr. Roman: You must be kidding. There are five!

Dr. Roman: They're fast...Are those Riders or something?

Dr. Roman: We don't stand a chance against them! We must run!

Mash: But–!

Dr. Roman: We might be able to face them if we had the same numbers.

Dr. Roman: But there's no way you can fight an opponent that's several times stronger than you, is there?

Dr. Roman: Let's retreat, as any sane person would! It says so in the 36 Strategies of War!

Jeanne: ...

Mash: Jeanne! Servants are closing in–

Jeanne: ...I won't run. I must at least find out what their true intentions are!

Mash: But!

Dr. Roman: It's no use, we won't make it! Mash, just run, got it?

Section 5: Dark Jeanne

Jeanne: ...Ugh!

Jeanne Alter: —What, on earth? Who knew...Who knew such a thing could happen?


Jeanne Alter: Could someone please pour some water on me. This is bad. It's awful. I think I'm really going to lose it.

Jeanne Alter: It's so funny I might die from laughing!

Jeanne Alter: Take a look Gilles! Look at that pathetic girl! What is she a wimp? A mouse? A worm?

Jeanne Alter: Either way, they're all the same! So puny, I can't even muster any sympathy!

Jeanne Alter: Ah...truly—a country that could only cling to "me"...comparing them to mice is an insult to mice.

Jeanne Alter: Hey, Gilles, don't you think so—Oh, I see. We didn't bring Gilles along.

Jeanne: You...Who are you?

Jeanne Alter: I could ask the same of you...Right, as a leader, let me answer that.

Jeanne Alter: I am Jeanne d'Arc. The saint devoted to France...the other "me. "

Jeanne: What? That's nonsense. You are no saint. Just as I am no saint.

Jeanne: But, that is already a thing of the past. More importantly—Why did you attack this town?

Jeanne Alter: ...Why, you ask? As the same Jeanne d'Arc,I thought you would understand.

Jeanne Alter: Are you stupid now that your alignment has changed? The reason I attacked this city?

Jeanne Alter: What a foolish question. It's obvious, isn't it?

Jeanne Alter: It is for the sole purpose of destroying France. I am, after all, a Servant.

Jeanne Alter: Politically, economically, these methods take too long. Is it not better to simply physically crush everything?

Jeanne: Such foolishness!

Jeanne Alter: "Such foolishness? "The foolish ones are us, Jeanne d'Arc.

Jeanne Alter: Why did you want to save this country? Why did you want to bring salvation to these people?

Jeanne Alter: All the while knowing that they are the ones who spit on and betrayed us!

Jeanne: That is–

Jeanne Alter: I will be fooled no longer. I will be betrayed no longer. I no longer hear the voice of the Lord.

Jeanne Alter: The fact that I cannot hear His voice, means the Lord no longer blesses this country.

Jeanne Alter: So, I will destroy it, in accordance to the Lord's grief. I will cut away all the bad seeds at the roots.

Jeanne Alter: As long as the human race exists, so will my hatred. I will remake this France into a land of the dead.

Jeanne Alter: That's how I will save this country. By the hands of the new Jeanne d'Arc, reborn through death.

Jeanne Alter: I suppose you could never understand. Always playing the saint.

Jeanne Alter: Impossible for a pretty little holy virgin who pretends not to see hatred and joy and is incapable of human growth!

Jeanne: I...

Dr. Roman: No, what is human growth to Servants? If you're going to call it something, you would rank up as a Heroic Spirit.

Jeanne Alter: —There appears to be a noisy fly here. Should I kill it if it's gets too annoying?

Dr. Roman: Wait, wha-, the console's on fire! That Servant can burn her enemies with just a glare!?

Jeanne: ...Are you really "me"?

Jeanne Alter: ...I have played my part for you so clearly, yet you still have doubts?

Jeanne Alter: This rage is an ugly justice. It's not that you cannot understand it, you do not even have the will to try.

Jeanne Alter: But, I understand. Seeing you, I have realized all there is to the Heroic Spirit that is myself.

Jeanne Alter: You are neither Ruler nor Jeanne d'Arc. You are nothing but some leftover residue that I threw away.

Jeanne: !!!

Jeanne Alter: If you were the same existence and Class as I, then I should have felt something.

Jeanne Alter: But you are worthless. Nothing but a ghost with a misguided effort to recreate history.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Lancer, Berserk Assassin. Finish off that country girl.

Jeanne Alter: You're getting tired of small prey, aren't you? Rejoice, they are strong.

Jeanne Alter: Among all the Servants I summoned, your thirst for blood is the strongest.

Jeanne Alter: You exist to crush the brave. Devour them to your heart's content.

Berserk Lancer: —Very well. Now, I will have your blood.

Berserk Assassin: Not so fast "my King. " I would like to partake of her flesh and blood, as well as her insides.

Berserk Lancer: So greedy. And her soul? Who gets to take her soul?

Berserk Assassin: There is no gain in taking her soul. Do you think honor or reputation can maintain my beauty?

Berserk Lancer: Very well. Then I shall take her soul. It's quite ironic though.

Berserk Lancer: I am able to understand her beauty, only after I have fallen as a blood-sucking devil.

Berserk Assassin: Yes. That is precisely why I cannot hold back my emotions.

Berserk Assassin: I will not forgive anything more beautiful than me. No, more than that—

Berserk Assassin: The blood of those more beautiful than me, can only elevate my beauty!

Berserk Assassin: Ah, how fun it is to crush such fresh fruit. I'll throw away the skin and just enjoy the juice—

Berserk Assassin: This is the privilege of being a Noble of the Night. I'll squeeze every last drop out of you.

Jeanne: Ugh!

Mash: ...Master.

Fujimaru 1: Let's do this.

Fujimaru 2: We have no other option.

Mash: Right!

Mash: Jeanne! Get ready, they're coming!

Jeanne: U-Understood!


Berserk Assassin: I can't believe you couldn't finish off a young girl...I wonder if you felt sympathy for her.

Berserk Assassin: Kindness doesn't suit you. It's not very monster-like, Dracul.

Mash: way.

Dr. Roman: Vlad III...Romania's greatest hero. Also known as the Lord Impaler.

Berserk Lancer: Who knew that you'd reveal my True Name in front of others. I'm extremely displeased.

Berserk Assassin: What's wrong? I would rather be remembered by a bad name than not at all.

Berserk Assassin: Besides...I prefer to be called by my True Name. Dread and despair, faintly spiced with hope.

Berserk Assassin: The ones with the best cries are the little squirrels who think "I can escape. "

Berserk Lancer: But in the end, you were driven to ruin by the hands of those who actually escaped.

Berserk Lancer: Elisabeth Báthory. Otherwise known as Carmilla. How humorous your tragic end was.

Berserk Assassin: How boring. That's why I don't like your kind. Even as you're damned as a vampire, you still cling to your noble "heart. "

Berserk Lancer: —You mean to say that I cling to my faith even now?

Jeanne Alter: Stop this instant. I told you that you could devour freely,but do not forget who is friend and foe.

Jeanne Alter: Turn your animosity to those little girls now. Save your petty squabbles for later.

Berserk Assassin: Ah, you misunderstand, Master. Secretly, I idolize Count Vlad as a leader.

Berserk Lancer: That's the first I've heard of it. Comparing idolizing with plotting assassination.

Dr. Roman: Wow...They're fighting amongst themselves...It's a bad work environment, over there.

Mash: Do not let your guard down, Master. They still intend to kill us!


Berserk Assassin: All right, it's my turn. Please don't mistake me for that kind Count Vlad.

Mash: Master...Elisabeth Báthory.... Do you know her?

Fujimaru 1: The Blood Countess, was it?

Mash: That's right. Like Vlad III, she was feared as a monster–

Mash: She believed that bathing in the blood of virgins would keep her youthful. She's said to have murdered hundreds of girls.

Fujimaru 2: Never heard of her.

Mash: She was a Hungarian noble, who was said to have abducted and slaughtered young girls.

Mash: She believed bathing in their blood would make her skin youthful again.

Berserk Assassin: Saints' blood is valuable. No woman would let go of a gem placed before her!


Berserk Assassin: Something doesn't feel right. Was that the reason Count Vlad...

Berserk Assassin: You over there, young lady. You—smell horrible.

Berserk Assassin: A girl of such tender years, yet so battle-hardened. How contradictory. Who is she?

Jeanne Alter: ...A Demi-Servant. An anomaly, a cross between a human and a Servant.

Mash: !!!

Jeanne Alter: ...That was my mistake. You two are crueler than the others, but that's why you're so playful.

Jeanne Alter: Let the remaining three deal with this girl.


Berserk Lancer: Wait, Carmilla and I can still fight. The saint's blood belongs to us.

Berserk Lancer: As if I would allow mere executioners who know nothing of the radiance of blood, the grandeur of blood, take...

Jeanne Alter: Shut up. Know your place, Vlad III.

Jeanne Alter: No matter how much authority you may have had in life, you're all equals as Servants.

Jeanne Alter: You wanted so badly to suck her blood that you unconsciously held back. You haven't learned a thing.

Jeanne Alter: —I hate people like that. Stay out of it this time, okay?

Jeanne: Mash, run! I'll hold her off!

Dr. Roman: Oh no, is she sending those three after us now? What do we do? Any ideas? Any ideas?

Mash: Doctor, please calm down. You're starting to make me panic, too!

Dr. Roman: B-But this is really bad, right! Okay, where's my email? I need the internet's help!

Dr. Roman: Off to the internet idol page! Help me Magi☆Mari! Help me Magi☆Mari!

Dr. Roman: "We're being attacked by three Servants. What should we do? " Okay, sent.

Dr. Roman: "I guess you'll have to just die and be reborn! ☆"

Dr. Roman: Wow, internet idols are HARSH! She doesn't know how I feel!

Mash: –Master, I'm going to try and break through.

Mash: Stay close!


Mash: Ugh!

Jeanne Alter: That should be enough. Just in case, I will make sure to remove your head from your body.

Jeanne: Both of you, please go!

Jeanne: What?

Jeanne Alter: –What?

Mash: A glass–rose?

F:???: –It's not elegant.

F:???: Neither is this city. Neither is that combat style. I don't like your philosophy or principles either.

F:???: You're so beautiful, yet you shroud yourself in blood and hatred.

F:???: For good or for evil, shouldn't a human try to be more free?

Jeanne Alter: ...A Servant?


F:???: Yes, that's right. I'm so happy. This is what it means to announce oneself as a hero of justice!

F:???: I know who you are. I also know how powerful and terrifying you are.

F:???: To be honest, I have to confess that I've never trembled in fear more before anyone else.

F:???: Yet still—If you intend to invade this nation, then I shall face you even if I have to tear apart my dress.

F:???: Why? Because...

Berserk Saber: You are...

F:???: Oh my. So you know my True Name. Have we met before, splendid female knight?

Jeanne Alter: Saber. Who is she?

Berserk Saber: ...

Jeanne Alter: –Answer me.

Berserk Saber: I can tell who she is, even with this murderous rage burning in my heart. Her beauty is unmistakable.

Berserk Saber: The girl they called the Flower of Versailles. She is—Marie Antoinette.

Mash: Queen Marie Antoinette?

Marie Antoinette: That's right! Thank you for saying my name!

Marie Antoinette: And as long as that name exists, I will play my role, no matter how foolish it may be.

Marie Antoinette: You! Dragon Witch who's torching my country. It might be pointless, but I will ask you anyway.

Marie Antoinette: Are you evil enough to perform your wicked deeds in my very presence?

Marie Antoinette: Will you declare yourself a greater fool than I, the queen who failed to stop the revolution?

Jeanne Alter: Silence! You lack the right to participate in this battle.

Marie Antoinette: Oh, and why is that?

Jeanne Alter: You led a life of luxury in a palace, and died without even knowing what happened. Are you saying you can understand our hatred?

Marie Antoinette: Hmm...I suppose I can't. But that just makes me want to know more, Dragon Witch.

Jeanne Alter: ...What?

Marie Antoinette: What I don't know, I learn. That's my policy.

Marie Antoinette: That's why I can't bear to look at you like this. Oh, Jeanne d'Arc, beloved saint!

Marie Antoinette: All I know is that you're taking your rage out on the innocent.

Marie Antoinette: And I've not the slightest idea why. Everything's disappearing into a haze, like a girl going for a Sunday walk.

Marie Antoinette: I've no words for you. What I do know is this.

Marie Antoinette: Along with the Jeanne d'Arc over there. I am going to make your heart and body mine!

Mash: What?

Jeanne: Uh...huh?

Marie Antoinette: Oh, my. Oh dear, oh dear. Um, don't misunderstand me.

Marie Antoinette: I just meant that as a Queen, I'm going to bring you to your knees.

Dr. Roman: ...It's falling apart...My image of Marie Antoinette is falling apart...

Jeanne Alter: —Enough of this farce. Very well then, you are my enemy.

Jeanne Alter: Servants, first take care of that annoying princess! Then the others!


Jeanne: We survived somehow. So did she!

Mash: Gasp...gasp...gasp...

Berserk Lancer: Damn, so irritating!

Marie Antoinette: Yes, that's right. This is a battlefield, after all. That's enough talk.

Marie Antoinette: You're the enemy of the world, aren't you? So first–We must appease the souls of all those you murdered.

Marie Antoinette: Thank you for waiting, Amadeus. Crush them like bugs!

Amadeus: Leave it to me! Noble Phantasm, "Requiem for Death. "

Berserk Assassin: One more! Oh, but what a glorious, evil sound!

Berserk Lancer: Ugh, such pressure!

Jeanne Alter: Damn!

Marie Antoinette: Now then, good day everyone. Au revoir!

Jeanne Alter: ...Hmph. Rider!

Berserk Rider: ...What is it?

Jeanne Alter: Go after them. Surely you can catch them on your "horse. "

Jeanne Alter: There's no need to fight.

Jeanne Alter: Just tell me where they are, and I'll crush them.

Berserk Rider: ...Understood. I assure you I'll catch them.

Berserk Assassin: Ahh, that awful noise is gone...What a shame.

Berserk Assassin: I wonder if I can make that Servant my pet. I'd stick his head on a phonograph and have him scream all night.

Berserk Lancer: ...Ruler. Do you think Rider alone is enough to handle them?

Jeanne Alter: It will be fine. Rider's Noble Phantasm is perfect for destroying them.

Jeanne Alter: ...But you're right, I should be careful. I'll return and prepare to summon additional Servants.

Jeanne Alter: Go ahead and cause as much trouble as you like. If you're lucky enough to find them, slay them.

Jeanne Alter: You're not going to be beaten by an queen who never left her castle, are you?

Berserk Assassin: How harsh. I stayed in a castle too.

Berserk Assassin: But...Heh. My talents are a match for any of the others.

Berserk Assassin: Saber, Lancer. The next time we fight, will you let me handle the enemy Rider?

Berserk Lancer: May I ask why?

Berserk Assassin: She is the person I wish to slaughter most in this world. It will be that woman Marie who kneels before me.

Berserk Saber: ...

Berserk Assassin: Oh, Saber. Is there something you'd like to add?

Berserk Saber: You're right. There's no point in me worrying about your sense of inferiority towards her.

Berserk Assassin: –What did you say?

Jeanne Alter: ...Stop. I don't care. It doesn't matter who beats who, the result doesn't change.

Jeanne Alter: I leave this in your hands. Don't get too out of control.

Jeanne Alter: Even Anti-Heroes have their dignity. Make sure you don't become mere murderers.

Berserk Assassin: ...She flew off, huh? "Dragon Witch" is certainly the right word for her.

Berserk Saber: –The woman we just faced was the real Jeanne d'Arc, wasn't she?

Berserk Lancer: What of it? Ours isn't a fake either.

Berserk Lancer: And we are Servants, in search of blood. –Though you may not be, even in this state...

Berserk Lancer: Chevalier d'Eon. The noble dragoon.

Berserk Saber: ...I will obey my Master. If she wishes to end the world, I will help her.

Berserk Saber: And I too, am under Madness Enhancement. Do not anger me.

Berserk Lancer: –Heh. My apologies.

Berserk Saber: ...

Berserk Assassin: It's hard not to feel pity. The Queen they respected, who sent them a dress, is now her enemy.

Berserk Assassin: But that is the fate of a Servant. That is the nature of the Holy Grail War.

Berserk Assassin: Lancer, let's go. We must search the next city.

Berserk Assassin: We are vampires, who must drink the blood of the living. Finding our next meal is a matter of life and death.

Berserk Lancer: ...Indeed, none of these meals are satisfactory. But I'll take what I can get.

Section 6: One Thing After Another

Marie Antoinette: –Phew. All right, are we safe now?

Mash: Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Yes. I'm not detecting them anymore.

Dr. Roman: While we're at it, I'm picking up leyline readings from that nearby forest.

Mash: Very well. Jeanne? And...Marie?

Marie Antoinette: Marie, did you say?

Mash: F-Forgive me. Um–

Marie Antoinette: You weren't being rude! You made me so happy! The way you addressed me was so adorable!

Marie Antoinette: Please, splendid foreigner! Would you mind calling me that from now on?

Mash: Uh, yes...Miss Marie, or Mademoiselle Marie, perhaps?

Marie Antoinette: Nope, that won't work at all. Just Marie! Like the sheep!

Fujimaru 1: I'm pretty sure that was 'Mary'...

Fujimaru 2: Nice to meet you, Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Nice to meet you! I'm Marie!

Marie Antoinette: I love understanding [♂ gentlemen /♀ ladies]. Let me guess. You're very popular with the opposite sex, right?

Mash: ...Marie, may I speak?

Marie Antoinette: Oh, my apologies. I got excited for a minute. How rude of me.

Marie Antoinette: So, how may I be of service?

Mash: A strong leyline was detected in a nearby forest. I'd like to head there and make camp...

Mash: Is that all right, everyone?

Marie Antoinette: Of course, that's fine. Is that all right with you, Amadeus?

Amadeus: There's no point in asking for my opinion. Do what you want, Maria.

Jeanne: All right. It should be fine, I think.

Mash: Let's go there and rest, and then we can talk about our next move.

Mash: ...Looks like some monsters have found the leyline too.

Mash: Let's get rid of them!


Mash: ...Now I will establish a summoning circle.

Da Vinci: Hey guys, are you enjoying your trip through 15th century France?

Da Vinci: Now then, let's get today's lecture started. Today I'll be talking about Servant categories.

Da Vinci: Most of the Servants that can be summoned are divided into seven classes.

Da Vinci: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, Caster, Assassin.

Da Vinci: Each class has various compatibilities.

Da Vinci: Saber has the advantage over Lancer, for instance. And Lancer over Archer, and Archer over Saber.

Da Vinci: Rider over Caster, Caster over Assassin, and Assassin over Rider.

Da Vinci: And Berserker is strong against all classes, but weak when attacked.

Da Vinci: It's like a game of rock, paper, scissors. Keep this in mind when fighting the enemy.

Da Vinci: Of course, there are some Servants who don't fall into these categories.

Da Vinci: I'll explain them another time. Okay, circle's good to go. Have a nice journey!


Marie Antoinette: Now that things have settled down, I'd like to introduce myself again.

Marie Antoinette: My True Name is Marie Antoinette. I'm from the Rider Class.

Marie Antoinette: As for who I am, I'd be happy if you could examine me closely with your eyes and ears.

Marie Antoinette: As for why I was summoned, unfortunately,I have no idea. After all, I have no Master.

Amadeus: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I'm the same as her.

Amadeus: As for why I was summoned, first of all, it just doesn't feel like I'm a hero.

Amadeus: Yes I'm great, but even so, I'm still just one of many artists...

Amadeus: Well, I did apply magecraft in my music, but that was only because I was drawn to the sounds played by demons.

Mash: I'm Mash Kyrielight. I'm a Demi-Servant, and I don't know what my True Name is.

Mash: This is Fujimaru. My Master.

Fujimaru 1: Nice to meet you.

Amadeus: Pleasure is mine. As fellow non-fighters, let's get along.

Fujimaru 2: Whassup.

Marie Antoinette: Oh my! What an interesting greeting! Wh...Whassup! My homies!

Marie Antoinette: Hmph, it seems different when Fujimaru says it...Perhaps I need to think more like a peasant...

Mash: Come on...Don't teach her weird greetings.

Marie Antoinette: Oh, I've got it! I have to be more needy! Come on, Amadeus! Whassup!

Amadeus: Whassup! I like it, Maria. Keep it up! I can feel the love of a century beginning to fade!

Marie Antoinette: ...Hmmph.

Marie Antoinette: I'm sorry Fujimaru. Whassup is a very stimulating greeting, but I must reluctantly refrain from it.

Marie Antoinette: If Amadeus likes it, that means it's not appropriate for a lady to use.

Amadeus: Let's not be slanderous here. You're acting like I'm a pervert gentleman who loves dirty jokes.

Marie Antoinette: Don't blame me. You're a child when it comes to everything but music.

Mash: And this is–

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne. Jeanne d'Arc, yes?

Marie Antoinette: The saint who saved France. One of the people I wished to meet in my life.

Jeanne: ...I'm, not a saint.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, everyone knows that's how you saw yourself.

Marie Antoinette: But the way you lead your life was true, and we all know the results.

Marie Antoinette: That's why everyone will always remember and admire the name Jeanne d'Arc, and the miracle of Orleans.

Jeanne: ...

Amadeus: Of course, your life ended at the stake and resulted in that witch. It's just like Maria to only look at the good parts.

Amadeus: Am I wrong, Jeanne d'Arc? Your life was a little out of tune.

Amadeus: Jeanne herself is the one who gets hurt when people call her a perfect saint.

Amadeus: Listen, Maria. You always say what you think others want to hear. Sometimes you need to scold or deny others.

Marie Antoinette: I-I don't need to hear that from you, Amadeus! You already tell me that every day!

Marie Antoinette: T-This is what you want, right? You piano-brain! Piece of human garbage!

Marie Antoinette: You're a pervert who can only get it up for musical scales! If you like music so much, you should turn into a piano!

Amadeus: ...I don't know if I should say this, but when you insult me like that, I feel something indescribable.

Amadeus: But see? You can do it if you try! Give the same treatment to Jeanne.

Amadeus: Faster. Stronger. More violent! Tell her all of her flaws as you see them!

Marie Antoinette: Non, that's impossible Amadeus.

Marie Antoinette: Human garbage like you has nothing but flaws. But Jeanne herself has none.

Amadeus: —Are you serious? I didn't know you had it that bad. You really did love Jeanne d'Arc, didn't you?

Marie Antoinette: I would say "worship" rather than love. And a bit of guilt, as well.

Marie Antoinette: ...A tiny "sorry", the size of a teaspoon. The natural guilt we foolish royals feel towards the Saint.

Jeanne: ...Marie Antoinette. Your words honor me, but that's why I must confess.

Jeanne: In life, I was no saint.

Jeanne: I held the flag high for what I believed in, and as a result, I stained my hands with blood.

Jeanne: ...Of course, I don't regret that. Nor do I regret the Inquisition–Or my own death.

Jeanne: But I shed too much blood. I believed in the dreams of a little country girl, but—

Jeanne: At the time, I never imagined how high the price of that dream was.

Jeanne: I never regretted it, but never did I feel fear.... And that is my greatest sin.

Jeanne: Only the outcome of my actions made me a saint. I do not think it's the right word for a country girl like me.

Marie Antoinette: ...I see. So you're not a saint, right?

Marie Antoinette: Then, may I call you Jeanne?

Jeanne: ...Y-Yes. Of course. It feels like that would bring back old memories.

Marie Antoinette: Wonderful. Call me Marie, then.

Marie Antoinette: If you're simply Jeanne, and not a saint, then I want to be Marie, and not a queen.

Marie Antoinette: Please Jeanne, will you call me Marie?

Jeanne: Y-Yes. All right...Thank you, Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Thank you too. I am happy, Jeanne!

Marie Antoinette: And I'm sorry. I keep pushing my own views on you. You've lost your own answers about yourself, haven't you?

Marie Antoinette: Just like the day I died, not knowing a thing about what was going on. You'll have to find your own answers.

Marie Antoinette: I certainly want to treat you as a saint, but I'll stop myself!

Marie Antoinette: I won't just believe in you, I'll support you! Isn't that what female friends are supposed to do, Amadeus?

Amadeus: I suppose so, yeah? You guys can go eat sweets or something.

Mash: We believe in you too. Right, Master?

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Jeanne: ...Heh, heh, thank you. That makes me feel better.

Fujimaru 2: Fake monsters are a common thing.

Jeanne: F-Fake monsters?

Mash: Master...Don't say things that are going to confuse her.

Marie Antoinette: I don't know about fake monsters, but I do know about monsters!

Marie Antoinette: Look, it seems like we have invited some unwanted guests.

Amadeus: No, I don't think you invited them. Well, whatever. Let's get rid of them and resume our conversation!


Marie Antoinette: –Now I understand. The whole world, never mind France, is in danger.

Marie Antoinette: Although it's in a different form, this too, is a Holy Grail War?

Amadeus: I knew it was dangerous when I learned it was a Master-less summoning, but I didn't expect this.

Amadeus: Now there were five Servants in opposition. Nine total including Mash, but isn't that too much?

Mash: The rule of seven Servants is no more.... Although that doesn't mean infinite.

Mash: It's not surprising at all if there are more than seven Servants.

Mash: ...According to the records, one time a total of fifteen Servants fought.

Marie Antoinette: Oh, I get it! I've figured it out, everyone!

Marie Antoinette: We were summoned so that–We could defeat them, like heroes!

Fujimaru 1: It might be to destroy the world.

Marie Antoinette: Non, non, non! That's not right, Fujimaru.

Marie Antoinette: I love everybody. Just as I did when I was alive.

Marie Antoinette: I wouldn't need these feelings to destroy the world, and they wouldn't summon me anyway!

Fujimaru 2: I think you're right.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, yes! I finally feel like I've found my job in life!

Amadeus: It's perfectly fine to be confident, Maria. But we're up against powerful foes.

Amadeus: Jeanne and Mash, as well as Fujimaru, are used to combat. But you and I aren't the fighting type.

Amadeus: The numbers matter less than the fact that they're far stronger.

Mash: ...Indeed. Vlad III, and Elisabeth Báthory.

Mash: One carved their name into history as a hero, and the other, a murderess...

Mash: The other that looked like a Saber seemed to know Marie...

Marie Antoinette: ...That's right. If she knows who I am, then...

Marie Antoinette: Perhaps she's Chevalier d'Eon? I've no proof, though.

Dr. Roman: Chevalier d'Eon...A spy with Louis XV's intelligence agency, the Secret du Roi.

Dr. Roman: She was also a Dragoon, and a plenipotentiary minister...She, no, maybe he?

Marie Antoinette: It matters little, mage from a distant world.

Marie Antoinette: She was summoned from a different time than me, but her splendid face hasn't changed.

Dr. Roman: I see...It would be wonderful if she would join us...

Jeanne: That might be difficult, I think.

Jeanne: I've lost my Ruler's ability to see True Names, but there is one thing I could see.

Jeanne: All of them have been given "Madness Enhancement," regardless of their alignment or background.

Fou: Kyuu...

Dr. Roman: It's probably the power of the Grail. Even without an episode of madness, it can give them Berserker traits...

Marie Antoinette: Hmph. The goal of a Holy Grail War is to get the Grail, but they already have it.

Marie Antoinette: It's not fair!

Jeanne: But that leaves one mystery. Why were you summoned?

Jeanne: ...This is just a theory.

Jeanne: Despite the fact that the Holy Grail War hasn't begun, someone already has the Grail.

Jeanne: This is a reversal of causality. A bug, if you will,and perhaps the Grail is resisting it.

Jeanne: The greater the opponent, the more powerful the Grail's reaction.

Mash: ...I see. In other words, somewhere else in France–

Jeanne: Indeed. There may be other Servants summoned here like Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Oh my! That means I can meet even more people, right?

Amadeus: That's not necessarily a good thing. It may just mean more enemies.

Amadeus: But whichever it is, we should start searching for them as soon as we can.

Amadeus: Before the other Jeanne finds them.

Jeanne: Indeed. I've lost my ability to detect Servants.

Jeanne: So we'll have to depend on Mr. Roman.

Dr. Roman: Sure thing. I can't match a full-powered Ruler,but I can search farther than a Servant.

Marie Antoinette: Let's take a little break first! You're all tired, right?

Mash: Yes Master, rest for a bit. We'll stand watch.


Mash: I'm going to patrol the area. Jeanne, please wait here.

Fou: Fou, Fou!

Jeanne: ...

Marie Antoinette: Is something wrong, Jeanne? You seem defeated...Are you tired?

Jeanne: Marie...No, I'm not tired. I am a Servant, after all.

Marie Antoinette: Perhaps you're saddened by the state France is in...I mean, are you disappointed?

Jeanne: No, I'm not disappointed. Thank you for your concern, Marie.

Jeanne: But...Seeing those familiar towns in flames is a bit hard to bear.

Marie Antoinette: Yes...For you, especially, this era is exactly like it was when you were alive.

Marie Antoinette: It's different than what I feel inside...Memories that are still going on.

Marie Antoinette: Yes! Why don't we take this time to talk? Girls' night out!

Jeanne: ...Excuse me?

Marie Antoinette: Oh, is that strange? But both you and I were summoned in the bloom of our youth.

Marie Antoinette: You see? I'm in the middle of puberty, right? So I love talking about love and romance!

Jeanne: Ahaha...I appreciate the offer, but that's hard for me. I know of compassion, but not romance.

Marie Antoinette: But...You're missing out on life! It's not too late to start! Fall in love with someone, Jeanne!

Jeanne: Of course, if I get the chance. Have you fallen in love, Marie?

Marie Antoinette: Heheh, of course.

Marie Antoinette: I fell in love with a boy who proposed to me at age 7. I think it was my first love.

Marie Antoinette: And when I was 14, I fell in love with the king I married.

Jeanne: 14! That's kind of amazing.

Jeanne: When I was that age...I was working and playing in the fields with the other children.

Marie Antoinette: That sounds fun, too! I'm jealous. It must be such fun to be able to go wherever you want!

Jeanne: Yes, it was fun. What I lacked in romance, I made up for in friendship.

Marie Antoinette: Did all the boys like you?

Jeanne: Hmm, my hair was short then, so they treated me like one of the guys–

Marie Antoinette: Oh, I'm so glad I became a Servant! I can't believe I'm having girl talk with Jeanne d'Arc.

Marie Antoinette: It's good to be a queen!

Jeanne: The honor is mine. Who would've thought that I get to talk to the famous Marie Antoinette.

Jeanne: It's good to be a Servant.

Marie Antoinette: I'm just glad that this isn't a real Holy Grail War. Otherwise, we couldn't chat like this–

Jeanne: ...Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Yes.

Mash: I'm sorry, both of you. It appears to be an enemy attack!

Jeanne: I knew it.

Marie Antoinette: Oh my.

Mash: I'll go wake up Master!

Marie Antoinette: Come Jeanne, let us fight like proper Servants.

Marie Antoinette: Bravely, gallantly, whole-heartedly, and yet beautifully, like a maiden in love.

Marie Antoinette: That's what you and I are at our core. Neither saints, nor queens.

Jeanne: ...The way I fight has little to do with beauty and elegance, I'm afraid.

Mash: Master, your orders!

Marie Antoinette: Come, Fujimaru.

Marie Antoinette: I'll show you the power that I couldn't show you before!

Marie Antoinette: —Tomboy princess, coming through! I'll dance brilliantly, like glasswork!


Dr. Roman: Servants detected! Also, multiple life-forms detected!

Mash: ...Master!

Fujimaru 1: Prepare for battle!

Mash: Yes!

Amadeus: What a drag. I've detected it, too. Having good hearing isn't always a good thing.

Amadeus: In fact, I hate this sound so much it makes me want to scream.

Amadeus: The sound of an enemy's footstep, is worse than a high-pitched trumpet.

Mash: You can hear them at this distance?

Amadeus: Of course. I became a Servant because of my music. I can detect any sound wave in the air.

Amadeus: For instance, the sound of you and Maria's sleeping when we were camping. I enjoyed listening to them both.

Amadeus: But, not just the sound of you sleeping. I've recorded all the tiny sounds your body makes in my Wolfgang Recorder!

Mash: !!! A-A sexually harassing Servant!

Marie Antoinette: I'm sorry, Mash. As his keeper, I apologize.

Marie Antoinette: But bear with him a little. Without his ears, he's nothing more than a pervert!

Amadeus: What are you saying? Human beings create filth just by living!

Amadeus: Only by realizing that can you create true music. Life is filth, and music cleanses it.

Amadeus: —Now then, I hear footsteps, and drawn swords.

Amadeus: Naught but boorish noise. I don't write my music for fools, but–

Amadeus: You've come all this way. I shall play my Requiem of Death for you!


Mash: All that's left are the Servants!

Marie Antoinette: Is everybody all right? Does anyone need healing?

Jeanne: We're good here. What about you, Mash?

Mash: I'm fine. Doctor, are they here yet?

Dr. Roman: –They're coming. Are you ready?

Berserk Rider: ...Hello, everybody. What a lonely night.

Jeanne: –Who are you?

Berserk Rider: Who? Let's see, I wonder who I am.

Berserk Rider: I forced myself to be a righteous saint, but in this world I'm a slave to a broken one.

Jeanne: A broken saint...

Berserk Rider: Yes, thanks to her, my reason has left and I've gone mad.

Berserk Rider: I am doing everything I can to hold myself back. What a mess this is.

Berserk Rider: So while I appreciate your hopes, I cannot join you.

Berserk Rider: You don't want a Servant who'll stab you from behind at every single opportunity, do you?

Jeanne: Then why did you come here?

Berserk Rider: ...My task was to observe you, but my waning reason whispers that I should test you.

Berserk Rider: You face the Dragon Witch. Disaster incarnate, riding on the "ultimate dragon. "

Berserk Rider: If you cannot surpass me, you will never defeat her.

Berserk Rider: Defeat me. Plunge your blade into my heart without hesitation.

Berserk Rider: My True Name is Martha. Now come to me, Iron Dragon Tarasque!

Dr. Roman: Martha...Saint Martha? Watch out, everyone!

Dr. Roman: She once defeated a dragon with nothing but prayers! If she's a Servant, that means–

Berserk Rider: Let us see if you are capable of slaying me–!

Dr. Roman: She's a dragon rider!


Berserk Rider: ...I see. That's enough.

Jeanne: Martha. Did you–

Berserk Rider: Hold back? Of course not.

Berserk Rider: This is fine, it's fine this way. Seriously, don't make a saint massacre you!

Berserk Rider: ...Listen, let me tell you one last thing. You'll never beat the dragon controlled by the Dragon Witch.

Berserk Rider: There's only one way to surpass that type of dragon. Go to Lyon...the city once known as Lyon.

Berserk Rider: It won't be a saint who defeats the dragon, nor a princess. Ever since ancient times, only a "Dragon Slayer" is capable of killing a dragon.

Berserk Rider: Tarasque, I'm sorry.... Next time, I hope I'll be summoned properly.

Jeanne: ...Even Saint Martha can't resist her.

Mash: She'd undergone Madness Enhancement, in addition to being summoned. Perhaps it can't be helped.

Mash: Normally it would be impossible to even talk to her.

Mash: The only reason we were able to communicate was because of her incredible self-control.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. She was a peaceful, yet fierce as a person. I could tell.

Marie Antoinette: She is the Iron Saint. She is a woman like adamantite,who solves things with her fists in the end.

Amadeus: They say she defeated the Tarasque with a sermon, but I bet she just beat it up.

Amadeus: Anyway, thanks to her, we know where we're going.

Amadeus: We should hurry, right? Let's get going to Lyon.

Mash: ...I'm surprised. Amadeus seemed like, um, the type of person who'd hate to travel on foot...

Marie Antoinette: Oh no, Amadeus loves traveling. He's traveled to many places ever since he was a child.

Amadeus: ...Well, I suppose it's true that I'm used to traveling.

Marie Antoinette: Hehe, I'm getting excited. I wonder what, and who, waits for us in Lyon!

Marie Antoinette: Come on, Jeanne. Let's get going.

Jeanne: ...Right!

Section 7: Search for the Dragon Slayer

Jeanne Alter: Did Rider commit suicide? It's troublesome that she retained her sanity even with Madness Enhancement.

Jeanne Alter: Still, she likely fought with all of her might. If that's the case, we can't let our guard down.

Jeanne Alter: Next time, "he" and I will mobilize. I'm also taking the Servants summoned today.

Jeanne Alter: Please contact the Berserk Assassin.

Gilles: Understood. If I were who I was before, I would've stopped you.

Gilles: But now, you're perfect Jeanne! You don't even need luck!

Gilles: Please trample over them as much as you wish.

Jeanne Alter: Gilles. Which do you think is the real one? Me, or her?

Gilles: Of course it's you. Are you listening, Jeanne?

Gilles: You were burned at the stake. Betrayed, by everyone!

Gilles: Charles VII left you to die, because he didn't want to pay the ransom!

Gilles: Not a single person rose to bravely fight for your return!

Gilles: And what was the cause of all this? It was God! It was our God, mocking us!

Gilles: Thus, we deny God. Don't we, Jeanne?

Jeanne Alter: ...Yes. Yes you're right, Gilles. I have nothing left.

Jeanne Alter: My soldiers are gone, and my admirers fled. The king betrayed me and the bishop burnt me in the name of God.

Jeanne Alter: —I was wrong. No, everything was wrong.

Jeanne Alter: Not just what I believed in. The very country that allowed me to exist was wrong.

Jeanne Alter: This mistake must be righted. Jeanne d'Arc was a mistake.

Jeanne Alter: So let us do as they decided, and make it all so it never happened.

Jeanne Alter: My salvation of the country was itself a fatal mistake.

Gilles: ...Jeanne. Please, don't put yourself under such stress.

Gilles: This is a divine punishment. Nothing more. Your revenge is righteous. What you saved, you may destroy.

Gilles: Isn't that all there is to it?

Jeanne Alter: ...You're right, Gilles. What you say is extreme, but it brings me strength.

Jeanne Alter: Let's go, Berserker, Assassin...This is getting complicated. May I use your True Names?

Jeanne Alter: Lancelot, Knight of the Lake; and the Executioner, Charles-Henri Sanson.

Jeanne Alter: Mount your wyverns. I shall lead you.

Lancelot: —Urrrrrr.

Sanson: ...Of course, Master. Only I am fit to take the head of the Queen.

Citizen: ...And that's what happened...

Marie Antoinette: I see, I see! Understood. How interesting. How very interesting!

Marie Antoinette: Thank you, kind sir. Farewell, until we meet again!

Citizen: Y-Yes ma'am! Um, by the way, you seem to be of noble birth. What is your name–

Marie Antoinette: My name is Marie Antoinette! Hehe, it might be worth remembering.

Marie Antoinette: ...Keep passing it down for 360 years or so, and someone might be in for a surprise, hehe.

Marie Antoinette: Guys! I got the information!

Jeanne: Sorry, Marie. I will cause a panic if I go into town...

Marie Antoinette: Don't worry, Jeanne. We're both Servants, you know.

Marie Antoinette: Now, I've got some great information. The city St. Martha told us of, Lyon.

Marie Antoinette: To put it simply, Lyon was destroyed a little while ago. Its refugees have settled here.

Jeanne: The "used to be" nuance interests me.... So it's just as I thought?

Marie Antoinette: Yes. The town is filled with monsters that seem to have risen from the depths of Hell.

Marie Antoinette: But I think what came before that is the important part. They said Lyon had a protector.

Mash: A protector?

Marie Antoinette: A knight with a large sword, who defeated wyverns and skeletons.

Jeanne: I see. Perhaps that's the Servant Martha spoke of before.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. But a little while ago, some scary people came.

Marie Antoinette: Servants, probably. He was overwhelmed by their numbers and is now missing.

Marie Antoinette: And so Lyon was destroyed...

Mash: I hope he's alive...No, let's believe in the words of St. Martha.

Marie Antoinette: Oh, right. Charles VII visited the village and General Gilles de Rais marshalled the routed soldiers, they said.

Jeanne: Gilles!

Marie Antoinette: He's attempting to attack Lyon and take back the city.

Mash: I'm sure it would be...difficult to meet with him.

Marie Antoinette: Why is that? Gilles de Rais is an admirer of Jeanne, right?

Marie Antoinette: If Jeanne asks, he's sure to lend a helping hand?

Jeanne: ...That's precisely the reason. He knows that I've become the Dragon Witch.

Jeanne: He wouldn't accept me like that.

Marie Antoinette: ...I see. I'm not sure if that's quite right.

Marie Antoinette: But I understand that you might not want to see him! You're a girl, after all.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, I agree we don't need to see him! We're in a hurry, after all.

Marie Antoinette: I don't think normal soldiers can handle all those monsters in Lyon, anyway...

Jeanne: ...You're quite right. Let's defeat them on our own.

Fujimaru 1: We can do it.

Fujimaru 2: No problem.

Jeanne: Fujimaru...You're right. This is nothing.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, that's what it means to be a [♂ boy /♀ commander]! Here's your reward!

Mash: What?

Marie Antoinette: Well? Was it good?

Fujimaru 1: Thank you!

Mash: Senpai...You have a goofy grin on your face.

Fujimaru 2: ...

Mash: Master, hang in there.... Jeez!

Amadeus: She finally went and did it, huh? Sorry, just ignore that.

Amadeus: Maria has a bad habit of kissing everything. It caused chaos in the palace.

Amadeus: There were actually factions formed of people she'd kissed and people she hadn't.

Amadeus: No playwright would touch a story about a court that almost destroyed itself before the revolution.

Mash: Master, come on. Snap out of it. Snap out of it!

Marie Antoinette: Huh? You guys don't do kisses?

Marie Antoinette: Maybe like when your heart feels like someone's squeezing it...You do it too, right Jeanne?

Jeanne: I-I do not! I do not! Only with someone I was going to marry—

Amadeus: ...Huh? Hey, hold on a second.

Amadeus: Those soldiers over there seem ready to kill. I don't think they're back from the front.

Jeanne: ...Seems like they've become bandits. This tragedy is enough to shatter anyone's mind.

Jeanne: We cannot let the townspeople suffer. Let us capture them.

Mash: Got it. Back of the blade it is!

Amadeus: ...But that's a shield right?


Mash: We've tied up the bandits, let's hand them to the town's people. I think we can leave the rest to them.

Mash: All right, let's head out everybody!


Marie Antoinette: We're almost there, don't you think?

Jeanne: Yes, we should be.

Jeanne: ...The thought of having to see a ruined town again, is heartbreaking.

Jeanne: ...There's no one here.

Mash: Doctor, any signs of life–

Dr. Roman: ...

Mash: Doctor?

Mash: I'm sorry. Reception's not very good here.

Mash: Let's split up and search for that "Dragon Slayer" Martha mentioned.

Marie Antoinette: Right. Let's see which of us finds that person first. Amadeus and I will take the west side.

Jeanne: Then Mash and I will take the east.

Mash: Understood. Let's go, Master!

Jeanne: This was once a beautiful town. Why would that Dragon Witch do this–

Fujimaru 1: That's a fake.

Fujimaru 2: That's not you.

Jeanne: That'd be nice, but...Huh? Did I just hear a voice?

Mash: Yes, faintly. It may be a survivor. Let's go check it out.

Jeanne: ...Ugh!

Mash: Living Dead!

Jeanne: Turning the townsfolk into monsters...This is beyond heresy!

Mash: We can't save them anymore...Ready for battle, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Rest in peace.

Fujimaru 2: Be at peace.

Mash: Yes, Master!


Mash: Even more enemies!

Marie Antoinette: Yes, just as I thought! I hurried back, but they're swarming over here too!

Marie Antoinette: You may not need any help, but I can't just sit around!

Marie Antoinette: I will help you, Fujimaru!


Jeanne: Wyvern!

Amadeus: What? I am tired of seeing them. They are no more than third-rate instruments, time to get rid of them!


Jeanne: Phew! Enemies eliminated. May their souls rest in peace–

G:???: Peace...Do they desire peace? That is such a foolish thing to say.

G:???: They have no peace in their souls. There is certainly none residing in us Servants–

G:???: This world has been frozen for years...

Mash: ...Servant!

Jeanne: –Who are you?

Phantom: Correct. People call me–The Phantom of the Opera.

Phantom: By order of the "Dragon Witch,"this town is under my absolute control.

Phantom: Now, now, now. This is the middle of Hell, where the dead live.

Phantom: –What are you going to do?

Fujimaru 1: We'll send you flying.

Fujimaru 2: We'll crush you.

Mash: Just like that, Master! Here we go!


Phantom: Ugh! Still, my mission is accomplished. Though I shall never be rewarded, never.

Phantom: This is where my song ends, but the real Hell starts now.

Phantom: Rejoice, oh Holy Maiden! Your evil has grown even more than you.

Jeanne: –Be silent. It must be hard to even talk now.

Phantom: These are not words. This is a song. To lament your future, and to mourn it.

Phantom: Forget about the Dragon Slayer...Run to the ends of the earth.

Phantom: If lady luck is on your side–you might just have a chance to escape.

Phantom: Here it comes. The Dragon is here. The Devil is here. An evil dragon unlike any of you have seen before.

Amadeus: You're a stubborn one, aren't you? The coda has ended, now back to hell with you.

Mash: An evil...dragon?

Dr. Roman: Finally, I got through to you! Everyone, I recommend that we evacuate!

Dr. Roman: This reading is way beyond a Servant–It's indicating an "ultra-size lifeform. "

Dr. Roman: It's approaching with incredible speed!

Mash: ...Beyond a Servant! Can such a lifeform even exist in this world?

Dr. Roman: Of course they can! The world's a big place!

Dr. Roman: Um, sorry. Save the chatter for later! I am also detecting 3 Servants heading this way.

Marie Antoinette: ...It must be them. This is quite a problem.

Amadeus: The orchestra is done. Let's get out of here. I know we just wasted our effort, but that's life.

Mash: But...Wait, please.

Mash: If the reading is truly beyond that of a Servant, then we need the "Dragon Slayer" more than ever.

Mash: That person must be in this town, right? We can at least look for that Servant–

Dr. Roman: No, no, no. No time, no time!

Jeanne: But if we abandon that Servant now, we may never get another chance!

Mash: Master, your orders!

Fujimaru 1: Find the "Dragon Slayer".

Fujimaru 2: If we run here, things will get worse. Let's fight!

Mash: Understood!

Marie Antoinette: Amadeus, let's prepare for battle.... Will you fight with me?

Amadeus: Didn't you just order me to fight? You just need to stand proudly, and smile as always.

Amadeus: Don't worry yourself over me. If things get bad, I'll run away on my own!

Marie Antoinette: Yes. That's the Amadeus I know. It's okay, we just have to buy some time.

Marie Antoinette: I won't die. Not here, at least.

Mash: Doctor! Are you detecting any other Servants?

Dr. Roman: Searching now. Hang on a moment!

Dr. Roman: –Right. There's a faint reading from the castle up ahead!

Jeanne: Let's go!

Section 8: Attack of the Giant Dragon

Mash: ...There you are!

Jeanne: What a terrible wound!

G:???: ...Ugh!

Mash: Oh!

G:???: One after...Another.

Jeanne: Please wait! We are on your side! At least, we have no intention of causing you harm!

G:???: ???

Mash: At any rate, please hurry! A dragon is approaching!

Mash: Several Servants are with it, as well. We are at an overwhelming disadvantage here–

G:???: A dragon, huh......I see.

G:???: That's why I was summoned and then attacked.

Mash: We will help you, let's get out of here!

G:???: I'm sorry, I owe you one!

Marie Antoinette: Hurry, Fujimaru! Even we can sense it approaching!

Dr. Roman: It's within plain sight now! This is...No, it can't be!

Mash: Wyverns can't compare to that thing. That's a real dragon!

Jeanne Alter: ...I was wondering what you found, turns out it's just another dying Servant.

Jeanne Alter: Very well, you can all die together!

Marie Antoinette: It's attacking!

Amadeus: No, get back, Maria! Your Noble Phantasm is useless here!

Mash: I-I am going out!

Fujimaru 1: Don't be ridiculous!

Fujimaru 2: What are you saying?

Jeanne: Mash, we'll do it together!

Mash: R-Right!

Jeanne Alter: Incinerate them...Fafnir!

Jeanne: "Luminosite–"

Mash: Deploying Virtual Noble Phantasm!

Jeanne: "Eternelle!! "

Marie Antoinette: Kya!

Dr. Roman: Whoa! What an immense amount of energy!

Dr. Roman: You all right!? Can you hear me?

Dr. Roman: ...S-Say something!

Fujimaru 1: Just shut up!

Fujimaru 2: Please stop talking!

Jeanne: Ugh! Just as I thought, this is...

Mash: I can't hold on anymore, it's no use!

G:???: –No, looks like you made it. Thanks to you, my power's restored for a little.

Jeanne: ...Huh?

G:???: –It's been a while Evil Dragon Fafnir. If you've resurrected, I will send you back to your slumber...

Jeanne Alter: ...Fafnir is trembling...That Servant, could it be–?

Siegfried: Hear me, One Who Rules the Blue Sky! My name is Siegfried! He who once defeated thee!

Siegfried: Noble Phantasm, Release! "Bal–mung! "

Jeanne Alter: Dammit! Fafnir, climb up now!

Siegfried: ...(pant, pant, pant)Sorry, this is the best I can do.

Siegfried: Get out of there, before they come back...

Jeanne: Everyone, let's retreat while we can!

Jeanne Alter: It's dangerous. Considering what's to come,I can't exhaust Fafnir.

Jeanne Alter: ...If they use that sword again it may be a problem.

Jeanne Alter: Berserker, Saber. That "Dragon Slayer" is the prize. Concentrate on getting him.

Jeanne Alter: Berserk Assassin will be joining us soon. This time, finish them off for good.

Dr. Roman: I am not detecting the ultra-size lifeform anymore. But the enemies are still on our tails, hurry!

Mash: Senpai, I want a horse!

Marie Antoinette: Sorry, this is a one-seater!

Amadeus: I'm used to traveling, but this is a first for me! This is just us retreating, right?

Mash: Master, don't fall behind!

Fujimaru 1: Sorry, but my leg...

Mash: In that case, well!

Fujimaru 2: Let's fight back.

Mash: I suppose so, in that case...

Jeanne: Wait, please. I see something up ahead. That's the...French army!

Jeanne: They're being attacked by the wyverns! We need to go help them!

Mash: Master, here they come!

Fujimaru 1: Ready to fight back!

Fujimaru 2: We'll just have to do it!

Mash: Right, Senpai! In for a penny, in for a pound!


Mash: There are zombies heading this way, too. No problem, we'll just fight it out!

Mash: Let's keep this battle going, Master!


Mash: I've disposed of the first wave of wyverns. Next up...

G:???: A—Urrrrr!

H:???: ...

Amadeus: ...Damn you!

Marie Antoinette: –My, what a coincidence. I've never forgotten your face, you lazy artisan.

H:???: That's good to hear. I've never forgotten yours either. Your face, and your pale white neck.

H:???: At the same time, I feel like this is destiny. That you and I share a special connection.

H:???: Don't we? The fate of a executioner killing the same person twice, I feel like only we share that kind of connection.

Amadeus: ...Not only in life, but even now you're eager to execute Maria?

Amadeus: Charles-Henri Sanson. Could it be that you are genuinely mad?

Sanson: ...As a human, it pains me to discuss our relationship with a low-life like you.

Sanson: Amadeus, you claimed all lives, all humans, are filthy. Not I. Humans are sacred, precious things.

Sanson: That's why we executioners respect life. We are incompatible, you and I.

Sanson: Trash who couldn't even love humans, trash who couldn't understand her, has no right to be next to her.

G:???: ...Arrrrrrrrrrr!

Mash: Ugh!

Mash: What an attack! Master, please stand back!

Mash: This Berserker...He's much more frightening than any Servant we've faced so far!

Marie Antoinette: Look at the sky! Look how many wyverns are in flight!

Jeanne: Ugh! I'm going to help the French army! You two, take care of that Servant!

Sanson: My sword of execution is pure.

Sanson: It's not for the likes of you who do not submit to death, but...

Sanson: Thinking of it, this entire nation is an execution site. Now, I shall remove your head with one strike!

???: Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!


???: ...Arrrrrrrrrr!

Sanson: ...Damn. What is with that Servant? I mean, that's beyond indestructible!

Mash: Haaa...Ugh!

Marie Antoinette: Sanson...What's the meaning of this...

Amadeus: Dammit, now there are more wyverns, too! If only they'd focus on that crazy decapitating maniac!

Mash: Where's Jeanne?

Jeanne: ...Run!

Soldier: Wh-What?

Jeanne: Never mind, just make a run for it now! Do you want to die?

Commander: D-Don't run! That's the Dragon Witch over there!

Commander: Take her down! Avenge your hometown!

Jeanne: Ugh!


Berserk Assassin: Wyvern. Start off by eating the soldier!

Jeanne: Aaaaarrrghhhhhhhh!

Jeanne: (pant, pant, pant)...

C:Soldier: H-Hey, isn't that the Dragon Witch?

C:Soldier: Why is she fighting the dragons?

E:Soldier: Don't ask me, but this is perfect. Let them both go down.

E:Soldier: They burned my homeland to the ground. I hope both of them die!

Jeanne: ...

Berserk Assassin: The people you're protecting are saying all kinds of things about you, my Saint.

Berserk Assassin: Even though the only reason they can safely watch this is because you're dealing with the wyverns.

Jeanne: ...Please leave me be.

Berserk Assassin: Heh, how stubborn. If you're worried about your lack of manpower, then by all means, why don't you ask the French army?

Berserk Assassin: Oh, forgive me. You're the "Dragon Witch" now, aren't you?

Berserk Assassin: A saint cruelly burned to death and then resurrected for revenge.

Berserk Assassin: A beautiful, ephemeral, and ultimately ridiculous tale. And look, you're still struggling–

Berserk Assassin: Because this time, they see you as the enemy!

Berserk Assassin: Can you tell me, Jeanne d'Arc? How do you feel right now?

Berserk Assassin: Do you wish to die? Or do you wish to kill?

Berserk Assassin: Do you long to drive that flag into those soldiers' hearts like a stake?

Jeanne: ...Normally, I'd fall into distress. I'd fall into despair.

Jeanne: But, unfortunately–I'm an optimist in life. Their hatred of me gives them the strength to rise.

Jeanne: And that's a good thing.

Berserk Assassin: ...Are you sane?

Jeanne: Good question. People questioned my sanity when I decided to bring salvation to France.

Berserk Assassin: Yes. Whether light or dark, it just means both of us are insane!

Berserk Assassin: Wyvern!

Jeanne: Ugh!

F:???: Artillery, FIRE!

Jeanne: Huh?

Berserk Assassin: Ugh!

Jeanne: Gilles!

Gilles: Prioritize all surrounding dragons! Fire all cannons!

Jeanne: Now!

Berserk Assassin: Curse you!

Berserk Assassin: Heh–I expect nothing less from a Ruler. Even with your power stolen, your physical strength...

Berserk Assassin: Retreat! Lancelot! Sanson!

Jeanne: Wait!

Lancelot: ...A...A—Urrrrrrr!!

Mash: Huh?

Sanson: ...It would seem that Jeanne d'Arc has touched the strings of his heart.

Sanson: Now what, Carmilla? Will he even listen to reason?

Berserk Assassin: ...Retreat! We have no obligation to stay with a black knight that's lost his mind.

Berserk Assassin: Lancelot! Buy us as much time as you can. Until the moment your life is extinguished!

Lancelot: ...Arrrrrrrrrrr!

Jeanne: Ugh! Why are you...

Mash: W-We have to stop them! Master, it's a once in a lifetime chance!

Mash: It breaks the code of chivalry, but we have to bring down Lancelot!

Fujimaru 1: All right, let's do it!

Fujimaru 2: That's clearly no longer a knight!


Lancelot: A-Arthur...

Jeanne: Arthur? ...You mean your king, Arthur?

Jeanne: –Unfortunately, I am Jeanne d'Arc. I am not Arthur, the king you seek.

Mash: ...Oh, I see.

Fujimaru 1: What?

Fujimaru 2: What's wrong?

Mash: I know why Lancelot was so obsessed with Jeanne. She resembles Arthur, doesn't she?

Mash: Not her face, but her soul–

Lancelot: My...king...I...please...

Jeanne: ...

Mash: Jeanne, let's go.

Jeanne: Yes!

Gilles: Jeanne! Please wait! You are indeed Jeanne d'Arc!

Gilles: Not the Dragon Witch, but a bona fide saint!

Jeanne: ...

Marie Antoinette: ...Shouldn't you answer?

Jeanne: If I answer, I will endanger Gilles's position. For now, we can't depend on them.

Jeanne: At the very least, we must endure the scorn of those who once fought by our side.

Marie Antoinette: But...Do they really hate you?

Jeanne: –Let's go.

Commander: General. What was that just now...

Gilles: I don't know. I don't know, everything we know of the Dragon Witch.

Gilles: Was it truly Jeanne d'Arc who attacked Charles VII? Or some evil imposter?

Gilles: It's possible...That there may be two Jeanne d'Arcs in this world.

Section 9: Pause

Mash: ...It looks to be an abandoned fort. Let's rest here for now.

Jeanne: How is Siegfried's wound?

Marie Antoinette: My Noble Phantasm can heal wounds, just a bit. But not this one, it seems.

Siegfried: ...It looks like some kind of curse.

Jeanne: Why were you in that city?

Siegfried: It seems that I was summoned relatively early.

Siegfried: I was drifting without a Master...That's when I saw the town being attacked.

Marie Antoinette: So you went to rescue them?

Siegfried: Yes...Though it's not like when I was alive. Still, with Balmung, I managed somehow.

Siegfried: When you're attacked by multiple Servants, it's not easy to pull off.

Siegfried: ...Then one of them hid me in the castle. My wound wouldn't heal, and I couldn't ask anyone for help either.

Siegfried: I had no choice but to wait.

Mash: Was it a woman who could control a dragon?

Siegfried: Dragon? No, it was a turtle...No, a dragon...A dragon turtle...Now that you mention it, is it possible for that kind of dragon to exist?

Siegfried: Oh. She had the aura of a Ruler, similar to what you have.

Jeanne: It was St. Martha, I'd say.

Siegfried: So that's St. Martha, the one who drove off the evil dragon Tarasque. I want to thank her–

Mash: ...

Siegfried: I see, then never mind. I am sure she's prepared for the worst.

Siegfried: Still, I feel guilty that she saved me when I was useless.

Jeanne: Baptism Rites could probably remove this curse. But, a Servant of considerably high rank must perform it–

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne, you can do that, can't you?

Jeanne: ...No. I tried, but my power alone isn't enough.

Jeanne: Multiple curses have been put on Siegfried.... It's a miracle he's even alive.

Jeanne: We need another Saint to remove multiple curses at once.

Mash: A Servant who was a saint...Hmm?

Dr. Roman: ...Yes, we do have a chance.

Dr. Roman: If St. Jeanne d'Arc...Sorry, Jeanne the "Dragon Witch" has the Holy Grail.

Dr. Roman: There is a possibility–that a Saint was summoned as the result of the Counter Force.

Dr. Roman: St. Martha was actually summoned, right? Do you guys know any Saint Servants to ask?

Siegfried: You're the only Servants that I've ever met.

Mash: Jeanne and I don't know any other Servants beside the ones who became enemies.

Marie Antoinette: ...Staying together is probably safer, but maybe it be better if we split up?

Marie Antoinette: Unless we remove the curses on "Dragon Slayer"Siegfried, we can't defeat Fafnir can we?

Jeanne: But...

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne?

Jeanne: Oh, well.... It's nothing.

Jeanne: You are right. I think that's a reasonable idea. What do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Let's look for that Saint.

Fujimaru 2: Break into teams and look around France.

Mash: "Fortunately" may not be appropriate to say, but the French territories have already been reduced to less than half.

Mash: Searching them should be easy. How to split up is the problem...

Dr. Roman: Whoa, I'm sorry to interrupt, but look at those wandering monsters.

Mash: Wander...What?

Dr. Roman: ...Well, never mind. Anyway, we've got enemies. Let's deal with them now so we can continue our discussion.


Marie Antoinette: I just had a great idea! Let's draw lots right now!

Mash: ...Excuse me?

Marie Antoinette: These things should be settled by drawing lots! Amadeus, please prepare some!

Amadeus: You just want to draw lots, don't you? ...All right, all right, I'll make some. Let's split up based on that.

Jeanne: I am with, Marie.

Marie Antoinette: Amadeus. Please look after Fujimaru and the others.

Amadeus: To be honest, I'm nervous about leaving your side. Not that there's a time when I'm not nervous about you.

Amadeus: ...But lots are derived from fate. If I defy fate, I might invite misfortune.

Amadeus: Well, you can use your Noble Phantasm to escape, and Jeanne is a defense specialist.

Amadeus: I'm rather worried about our side.

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: Mash's skill is as good as hers.

Fujimaru 2: Actually, Mash's is better.

Mash: Master...Thank you!

Amadeus: Actually, what I meant was it's because we have Siegfried who's wounded.

Amadeus: Oh, well. I was taken advantage of.

Marie Antoinette: Amadeus, make sure you get along with them. You tend to be misunderstood by friends.

Amadeus: I don't want to hear it from you. Anyway, Maria...

Marie Antoinette: Yeah?

Amadeus: Well, never mind. Just be careful along the way. Don't try to find a pastry shop even if you get hungry.

Marie Antoinette: Oh! My heart beat thinking that you might propose to me again!

Amadeus: —Wait. Why would you bring that up now?

Mash: Propose? What? Marie? And Amadeus?

Dr. Roman: Oh, you didn't know Mash? It's a pretty popular story.

Dr. Roman: When Mr. Amadeus, standing right there, was 6 years old, he proposed to Marie who was 7 years old.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, I reached out to him as he fell, then I saw him staring at me with his starry eyes–

Marie Antoinette: "Thank you, nice lady. My name is Amadeus. "

Marie Antoinette: "If a beautiful lady like you has no fiance yet, could I be the first one? "

Marie Antoinette: He said that to me! I'd never been flattered like that since I was born!

Amadeus: Who knew the story would get passed down...this is a nightmare...

Marie Antoinette: Hehehe. Of course it would. I was so happy that I told everybody about it.

Amadeus: So it was you! You did it! You turned me down! You're such a femme fatale!

Marie Antoinette: I had no choice. After all, I couldn't decide who would be my fiance.

Marie Antoinette: Besides—

Amadeus: Besides?

Marie Antoinette: You know how my life was after that, don't you? I was happy with my decision. It was best to turn you down.

Marie Antoinette: It turned out that you were loved by many people as a musician. That's why I ended my life as a silly queen.

Marie Antoinette: It can't be helped you see, I have no choice because I'm always in love.

Marie Antoinette: Maybe I was in love with a country named France. I only loved the country itself, not the people...

Marie Antoinette: Because I was such an arrogant woman, I ended up getting killed by the nation.

Jeanne: Marie, that's...

Amadeus: ...What is that? Are you a fool?

Marie Antoinette: Am I?

Amadeus: Yes, you are. You've got it all wrong. You say you were in love with France?

Amadeus: You're wrong. It's not that you were in love with the country. France was in love with you.

Marie Antoinette: —...Yes. Thank you, Mozart.

Marie Antoinette: Wait. Isn't that strange? Doesn't that mean that I was killed by the people who loved me?

Amadeus: That's right. That's how people are.

Amadeus: Love can easily turn to hatred. You were hated precisely because you were loved.

Mash: ...Hated because she was loved...They were in love, yet killed the one they loved...

Marie Antoinette: I see. People are complicated. Until I died, well, even after I died, I couldn't reach love.

Marie Antoinette: But I think I'm fine with it now.

Marie Antoinette: I'm Marie Antoinette, a woman loved by France!

Marie Antoinette: See you, Amadeus! I'm leaving now! When I come back, let me listen to your piano again!

Mash: Oh, Jeanne. Let's keep in contact with each other at regular intervals.

Mash: It's a Chaldean communication device. It allows communication via magical energy.

Jeanne: Very well. I'll hold onto it, then.

Fujimaru 1: Take care.

Fujimaru 2: Be careful.

Jeanne: Yes, thank you. Fujimaru, please take care as well.


Amadeus: ...What I just spoke about was out of line. Let's get going.

Fujimaru 1: Don't you want to follow her?

Fujimaru 2: Do you still love Marie?

Amadeus: Certainly not. I have no more passion for her. She was just a special divergence in my fate.

Amadeus: If I'd led a decent life, the divergence would've been that proposal.

Amadeus: Like what you'd call the cornerstone of human history.

Amadeus: What choices would this man, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, have made to end up this way?

Amadeus: No matter what happens. No matter what lovers I meet,what friends I gain, what bliss I grasp.

Amadeus: I would offer my life to music, and become a scum that abandons all human virtue.

Amadeus: But there's just one thing.

Amadeus: If there were someone who could change my fate, I think it would've been her.

Mash: ...Amadeus. Doesn't that mean that you love Marie?

Amadeus: Oh, sure. I do love her. It's just that I'm not in love with her any more. Is there a problem with that.

Mash: ...I don't know. Before you said that we humans are filthy.

Mash: Based on what you said, that means you think Marie is also filthy without exception...

Amadeus: So what? I love anything filthy. Music is beautiful. We humans are filthy.

Amadeus: You weren't aware of such differences? It's just a matter of category, isn't it?

Mash: Well...what? You said that humans only love beautiful things...

Amadeus: It's not that we can only love something beautiful. What I meant was humans can love beautiful things, too.

Mash: Well...To me, that difference is too abstract...

Amadeus: Hmm, I guess I can't make you understand it with words.

Amadeus: You'll understand someday. You're going to continue your journey with Fujimaru, right?

Amadeus: Then you'll figure it out. When it comes to the topic of humanity, [♂ he /♀ she] is an ideal Senpai.

Mash: Y-Yes! I can completely understand the "ideal Senpai" part!

Fujimaru 1: Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Trust can be heavy sometimes.

Siegfried: ...Excuse me. I understand that you guys are talking about something nice, but...

Siegfried: It seems enemies are coming. I'm sorry for being insensitive...

Fou: Fou...Fou, Fou!

Dr. Roman: —What! Darn! Sieg snatched what I was supposed to do!

Dr. Roman: But I hope you'll understand what made me drop my guard.

Dr. Roman: You know, I thought he was as much of a loser as me,but he's actually a great person with a deep view on life.

Amadeus: Don't worry about it, Doc. I feel sympathy for you too.

Amadeus: We are basically good-for-nothing humans...Or adults, I should say.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, thanks Amadeus! I've never been this unhappy with words of comfort!

Mash: Enough. Please monitor the battle!


Mash: We're done here. Siegfried, are you all right?

Siegfried: I've recovered enough to walk. Anything but combat should be fine.

Siegfried: ...I'm going to be making trouble for you a little longer. I'm sorry.

Dr. Roman: Let's regroup and set off! I'm going to put everything into detecting Servants!

Jeanne: ...

Marie Antoinette: Jeanne, Jeanne. You have a scary look on your face!

Jeanne: What? ...D-Do I look scary?

Marie Antoinette: Hehehe, not so much scary as...Stern?

Jeanne: Well...I guess so. I was doing some thinking.

Marie Antoinette: You mean about the Dragon Witch?

Jeanne: ...Yes. Exactly.

Jeanne: From the day I was born I've received God's revelations, and I just ran off without even looking back.

Jeanne: I became a Heroic Spirit after I died, and then was summoned as a Ruler.... I accept this fact as part of the natural order of things.

Jeanne: I don't understand–anything the Dragon Witch says, not a single word.

Jeanne: I wonder...Who that "me" is.

Marie Antoinette: –Ah, you really are beautiful. Very, very, very–beautiful.

Jeanne: D-Don't tease me.

Marie Antoinette: Well, it's the truth. If I were you–

Marie Antoinette: I would probably accept the things the "Dragon Witch" says.

Jeanne: ...Marie?

Marie Antoinette: I don't hate the people who executed me. It's a fact that I'm 90% positive about.

Marie Antoinette: But the 10% that's left...Or, it might be much smaller than that.

Marie Antoinette: I hated those who killed my children–just for a little bit.

Jeanne: !!!

Marie Antoinette: They killed my son Charles, to hurt me...You should truly feel pity for him.

Marie Antoinette: So, if my version of the Dragon Witch appears,I would probably think "oh, that's the other me. "

Marie Antoinette: And accept the things she says.

Marie Antoinette: But that's not the case for you, is it Jeanne? It's something really great and beautiful.

Marie Antoinette: It's not because you don't want to get dirty, or don't want to believe you are. Nor does that mean you lack something.

Marie Antoinette: You like–people, don't you?

Marie Antoinette: People who try to move forward by groveling around. The unreasonable ones, the accusers.

Jeanne: ...Yes. I do love them. Oh I see, there was no way I could hold a grudge against them–because I loved them.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. That's why France was saved by you.

Marie Antoinette: It's okay, tell the Dragon Witch when you see her.

Jeanne: Tell her? Well, tell her what?

Marie Antoinette: Say what you want to say out loud.

Marie Antoinette: Say, "You're not me. "Or, "I don't know you. "

Jeanne: Marie...Well, you're right. Absolutely right.

Jeanne: I certainly–Oh, huh? ...Know you, maybe?

Marie Antoinette: You're starting to look serious again...I'm sorry, it wasn't of any help?

Jeanne: Y-Yes.... It was very helpful.

Jeanne: When I confront her next time, I'm sure I can tell her what I want to say.

Marie Antoinette: Yes, you should be fine. Oh, I think it's time to make our regular contact.

Jeanne: That's right we should. Let's do that now–

Section 10: Saint

Mash: Jeanne and the others will be arriving soon it seems.

Mash: Let's do our best, too. We'll soon arrive in Thiers.

Amadeus: Thiers...If I recall, it's famous for its knives. So far it looks like it hasn't been destroyed.

Mash: Doctor, any signs of Servants?

Dr. Roman: I'm checking...All right, there are two Servants in Thiers.

Dr. Roman: Let's make contact right away–

Mash: ...Flame just went up in that town, didn't it?

Amadeus: This noise...I hate it! An unprecedented noise, the premonition of an unprecedented demon!

Amadeus: Oh, Muses! Please show mercy! My body can't stop trembling from fear.

Fujimaru 1: Let's hurry up.

Fujimaru 2: Let's check it out.

Mash: O-Okay! Everyone, follow me!

H:???: You! You, you, you! You cheeky squirrel fom the East!

G:???: Hehehe! Who's the actual cheeky one? Do you really think a failure like you can beat–

G:???: A true Dragon like myself, Elisabeth?

Elisabeth: Ughhhhh! I'm so upset! I'll deal with Carmilla later, you die first!

Elisabeth: You creepy stalker!

G:???: I'm not a stalker. I'm "a devoted bodyguard who acts like a spy. "

G:???: I, Kiyohime, am a woman who lives for love.

Elisabeth: Your love violates human rights!

Kiyohime: I don't want to hear it from a pervert with a fetish for blood torture.

Kiyohime: I imagine that you were doing doing THAT. Weren't you?

Elisabeth: What's "doing it? " What's "doing that? "Don't talk nonsense!

Kiyohime: ...What? Elisabeth, I didn't know that you were–

Elisabeth: Ahhhhhhh! Shut up, shut up, shut up! I'm going to–kill you!

Kiyohime: You can't kill me because I'll kill you!

Both: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Amadeus: Enough! Stop right there! I can't let you go further. What you're doing is sacrilege against all of voice and sound!

Fujimaru 1: Are they saints?

Fujimaru 2: They aren't saints, are they?

Amadeus: No way! Religions would tumble if they're saints.

Mash: Anyway, we have to stop them! Hey, you two!

Elisabeth: Huh? What?

Kiyohime: I'm busy right now. Come back the day before yesterday.

Elisabeth: Hmph. You'll no longer be busy soon. Until the next Holy Grail War that is!

Kiyohime: ...Hmph. Frilled-necked lizard.

Elisabeth: Japanese Rat Snake!

Kiyohime: Mexican Bearded Lizard.

Elisabeth: Sharp-Nosed Viper!

Mash: Okay, stop!

Amadeus: Ahhh...My ears will rot...You scum...Oh no, I'm forbidden to say that. I promised Maria.

Amadeus: By the way, Mash.

Mash: What now?

Amadeus: To our great joy, enemies are coming. For the sake of my ears, let's deal with them.

Elisabeth: Black Mamba!

Kiyohime: Japanese Grass Lizard!

Amadeus: Let's go! By the time we come back,I am hoping they'll be done, too!


Mash: More are coming! It's the wyverns this time!

Dr. Roman: No sign of any other Servants besides those two. Don't worry, go ahead and fight!


Dr. Roman: I am getting a powerful reading. Brace yourselves!


Mash: Looks like the enemy assault has stopped...

Elisabeth: Grr, grr, grr, grr, grr!

Kiyohime: ...Hmmmmmm.

Mash: We can't let those two to fend for themselves, can we?

Amadeus: ...I can't. I've had it. I'm about to vomit. Yes, I'm leaving those people to you all...

Siegfried: Since I am useless and can't fight, I won't say a thing.... Sorry.

Fujimaru 1: Both of you, knock it off.

Fujimaru 2: You shouldn't fight.

Elisabeth: Huh?

Kiyohime: Did you just say something?

Mash: Well, that you shouldn't fi–

Elisabeth: Back off, [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]!

Kiyohime: Recklessness and bravery aren't the same. Are you stupid?

Fujimaru 1: It's better than reptiles.

Fujimaru 2: It's a mammal, at least.

Mash: M-Master? Hey Master, aren't you a little upset?

Elisabeth: ...Now I'm pissed.

Kiyohime: You said it. You'll regret your words from the bottom of Hell.

Kiyohime: Elisabeth, let's get started!

Elisabeth: Fine! Just don't get cocky just because you beat some wimpy wyverns!

Elisabeth: I'll show you the terror that a Dragonkin can inflict!

Mash: Did they just team up?


Kiyohime: Y-You got me...Ooooh.

Elisabeth: N-Not bad, you know...I'll let you call it a day now...

Mash: Now that things have settled, I'd like to hear from you. Would you mind?

Elisabeth: ...What?

Kiyohime: I'm a loser snake, in other words, you're kicking a defeated snake when it's down?

Mash: Loser snake? Um, have you ever seen any other Servants besides yourselves?

Elisabeth: Well, I've seen crazy Servants. Like this one.

Kiyohime: Would you mind not lumping me in with them? I'm a Berserker with my reasoning intact.

Elisabeth: What's your problem?

Kiyohime: What is it?

Amadeus: ...Oh, now I remember. When I was alive, I saw them often. Catfights! They were beyond loud.

Amadeus: Just you wait, in time they'll latch on to your head and make noises like, "gyaggggegggo! "

Elisabeth: I will not! But that's called shamisen right? Shamisen?

Kiyohime: I've said this many times, but would you not lump me in with them?

Mash: Anyways! You haven't seen any Servants other than the "Dragon Witch" or Carmilla's group, right?

Mash: Master...It looks like we've just wasted our time.

Fujimaru 1: That sucks.

Kiyohime: Elisabeth aside, treating me like that is a little bit rude, don't you think?

Fujimaru 2: What a shame.

Elisabeth: What's that about shame! You met ME, and it's a shame!?

Fujimaru 1: We're looking for a saint.

Fujimaru 2: We're only interested in saints.

Kiyohime: Oh. It takes guts to make that comeback...But in any case, a saint?

Kiyohime: I only know of one saint, if you mean someone whose teachings took root deep within this nation.

Mash: Really?

Kiyohime: Yes. I met him before coming across Elisabeth.

Kiyohime: I almost fought him, but he realized I was a "genuine"Berserker and he sheathed his sword.

Kiyohime: His True Name is Georgios. I believe he is quite a famous saint around here.

Dr. Roman: Georgios! The saint referred to as St. George.... Yes, he would be perfect.

Dr. Roman: Do you know where he went?

Kiyohime: That's the real shame. He went the opposite direction as me, to the west.

Mash: The west...That's where Jeanne and the others went. Commencing communication!

Jeanne: ...Yes, we're fine. We detected a Servant over here as well.

Jeanne: I'm about to make contact right now.

Georgios: Please stop right there. Who are you?

Marie Antoinette: I am a Servant. My class is Rider,but my True Name is Marie Antoinette.

Georgios: ...I see, you are not under Madness Enhancement.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. I'm on the side opposing them, and this is–

Georgios: I see...She is the holy maiden. Best we keep her name undisclosed.

Georgios: This city has been razed by the Witch and her dragon. I was able to make them retreat, but that won't happen again.

Jeanne: ...Then, will you come join us?

Jeanne: Our "Dragon Slayer" is cursed, and we need to remove it immediately.

Jeanne: However, multiple curses are entwined together, so both you and I must be present...

Georgios: I understand the situation.

Georgios: ...The residents have already started to evacuations. Let us depart once that has completed.

Jeanne: Thank you very much!


Georgios: A wyvern attack? There's been a lot of violence lately.

Jeanne: No, that wasn't it. This sensation...It's the "Dragon Witch! "

Georgios: What did you say?

Jeanne: Let's retreat, Georgios! We don't stand a chance against her right now!

Georgios: ...But we can't do that yet.

Jeanne: Oh...

Georgios: The civilians aren't evacuated. The mayor has entrusted me with their protection.

Georgios: I must fulfill that wish–Or else, I won't be able to stay a saint.

Jeanne: But...

Georgios: ...I know. If I stay, I will die.

Georgios: But even so–I can't abandon them.

Marie Antoinette: Lord Georgios, you are a man who is thick in head and body.

Georgios: What was that?

Marie Antoinette: But, the part of you that is terribly cute has touched my heart.

Marie Antoinette: And so—Please allow me to take over that duty.

Jeanne: What?

Marie Antoinette: I am the Queen of France.

Marie Antoinette: Even though that is in the "future" from here, for me neither "past" nor "present" make much difference.

Marie Antoinette: Protecting the citizens is an important duty for me too, and you are now given a duty that can change everything.

Marie Antoinette: St. Georgios, go with Jeanne d'Arc and please lift the curse from the "Dragon Slayer. "

Marie Antoinette: In the name of Marie Antoinette, I will make sure to protect this city.

Jeanne: P-Please wait up! Wait, hey wait! Marie!

Jeanne: Marie, let us stay and fight with you! You can't do it alone, but I am sure the two of us can—

Marie Antoinette: Non. That makes me very happy, but you cannot, Jeanne.

Marie Antoinette: I am sure I was summoned for precisely this moment.

Marie Antoinette: Not to harbor hatred or defeat enemies, but to protect the people.

Marie Antoinette: So that at this time, I will protect those dear to me. To save my dear country, I will do what is right.

Marie Antoinette: Oh, but please apologize to Amadeus for me. I never got to hear him play after all.

Marie Antoinette: He was 6, and I was 7. Since then, we've passed each other, but never met.

Jeanne: Marie!

Marie Antoinette: Lord Georgios, do you agree to this arrangement?

Georgios: ...If you are fine with it, I will humbly yield this role to you.

Jeanne: ...Marie...

Marie Antoinette: Now go, Jeanne. As short as our time was, it was the greatest honor to fight under your flag.

Jeanne: Yes.... I will be waiting.

Marie Antoinette: Don't worry, I'll catch up soon.

Marie Antoinette: Sanson, you're here.

Sanson: Of course I am. Execution needs qualifications. For both the executioner, and the executed.

Sanson: No other person has the right to execute you. You should have realized that Marie.

Marie Antoinette: ...Let's see ...Hold on a second, Sanson. I know that you are a wonderful executioner.

Marie Antoinette: I mean, you're cruel, merciliess, and inhuman, but you never once mocked criminals.

Marie Antoinette: You guarded the guillotine with great respect, so I do indeed trust you.

Marie Antoinette: But, does that mean you alone hold the right to kill me? Isn't that a bit absurd?

Sanson: It's not absurd. I was born into a family of executioners, and I was only taught how to execute.

Sanson: No compromise. It's not only about dedication,I am particular about the method—the technique.

Sanson: It's natural for a good executioner to not inflict pain on the criminal. I see beyond that.

Sanson: I see the—ecstasy. The moment it feels so good that "it will kill you. "

Sanson: That is the type of beheading I dedicate myself to. The best slice of my life was my "kiss" for you.

Marie Antoinette: ...

Sanson: So, this is destiny. I couldn't help but want to see you so I could ask...

Sanson: Please, tell me, Marie.

Sanson: How was my beheading? Were you able to climax at the very end?

Marie Antoinette: ...I can see that you seriously showed respect for me Sanson, from the bottom of your heart.

Marie Antoinette: But, I'm sorry. That's just impossible. It's something that I cannot possibly say...

Marie Antoinette: I already know enough men with perverse hobbies. Terribly sorry, but I can't accept a second kiss from you.

Sanson: Yes, I know. But I'm sure you will be delighted,I've gotten even better than back then.

Sanson: That is why I was summoned as a Servant. I shall give you the final ecstasy once again!

Mash: If we hurry, we might still make it in time.

Siegfried: Right, if we lose them for the sake of my revival, that would be a great loss.

Dr. Roman: I have a reading...Unfortunately, an enemy. Please hurry and defeat it!

Fujimaru 1: Full power.

Fujimaru 2: Understood.

Mash: Yes Master! Now, please stand back!


Sanson: That's, impossible! How could I be defeated?

Sanson: I've killed so many since that day, and become so much stronger...So why?

Marie Antoinette: How sad, Charles-Henri Sanson. I should've told you when we reunited.

Marie Antoinette: Our relationship ended that day.

Marie Antoinette: Because your blade was truly—rusty.

Marie Antoinette: You've killed so many people that it's lost its way. You've increased your proficiency as a killer.

Marie Antoinette: Executioners and killers are not the same, Sanson. The more skilled you become at killing others—

Marie Antoinette: The rustier your blade as an executioner, savior of criminals, becomes.

Marie Antoinette: By the time you followed the Dragon Witch, you were no longer the Sanson I knew.

Sanson: No...Lies! It cannot be! I kept my faith that you would come! That's why I kept honing my skills!

Sanson: To see you, and behead you with more skill—Give you a much better ecstatic moment!

Sanson: I thought that by doing so, you would surely forgive me!

Marie Antoinette: ...Geez. You really are a pitiful, adorable person. I don't hold a grudge against you.

Marie Antoinette: From the beginning, you never had the need to be forgiven by me.

Sanson: Ah...aah, ah—

Jeanne Alter: ...That makes three. It's ironic how the ones who show potential are the first to fall.

Marie Antoinette: Yes. Perhaps the two vampires you loathe may be the last ones standing.

Marie Antoinette: Good day, "Dragon Witch. "It seems you got here a little too late.

Jeanne Alter: "Myself" has already escaped. –How pitiful.

Marie Antoinette: No, that's not true. She left here embracing hope.

Jeanne Alter: Just by gaining one Servant? How ridiculous.

Jeanne Alter: Speaking of ridiculous, it's amazing that you are still here.

Jeanne Alter: Are you intoxicated with the idea of saving these citizens?

Jeanne Alter: You, the person killed by her citizens. A woman put to the guillotine, beheaded in ridicule!

Marie Antoinette: So disappointing. Witches don't understand such simple logic?

Marie Antoinette: It's true that I was executed. There was ridicule, and there was disdain.

Marie Antoinette: However–that gives me no reason to murder them in return.

Marie Antoinette: I became a queen because the people asked me to. A queen cannot be without her people.

Marie Antoinette: Thus, it was inevitable. If they don't want you,then you exit even if you don't want to.

Marie Antoinette: That is the destiny of those serving their country. I believe my execution led to my people's next smile.

Marie Antoinette: No matter when, viva la France! Stars glimmer, and that will do. That's all we need.

Marie Antoinette: Now I am certain. Say–"Dragon Witch. "

Marie Antoinette: "Who are you exactly? "

Jeanne Alter: ...Shut up!

Marie Antoinette: –Deploy Noble Phantasm. "Crystal Palace!! "

Marie Antoinette: ...Goodbye Jeanne, it was lovely meeting you.

Marie Antoinette: If I can help the Saint who saved France...No, if I can help a friend.

Marie Antoinette: Then I will gladly shed the last of my radiance and fall.

Marie Antoinette: Like a star, like a flower. Like a fleeting dream.

Marie Antoinette: That is what a Servant is,and how Marie Antoinette lives–!

Section 11: Baptism Rite

Jeanne: Mash!

Mash: Oh, thank goodness! And who is–

Georgios: My name is Georgios.

Amadeus: ...Where's Maria?

Jeanne: Marie is...

Amadeus: I see. That's what she said when she stayed behind? Oh well, it can't be helped.

Amadeus: You don't have to feel bad. Even if we were there,she would've done the same thing.

Amadeus: Maria is an eternal philanthropist. That's how she lives and dies.

Amadeus: But never mind that, why don't you reverse Siegfried's curse?

Jeanne: R-Right!

Mash: Amadeus...

Amadeus: It's all right, I knew this was going to happen. Remember how Maria was talking about the piano?

Amadeus: See, that was her way of saying goodbye. It never happened when we were alive.

Amadeus: If she'd said to me "Let me hear your piano,"I couldn't have stopped her.

Amadeus: But, the second farewell hits hard. Worse than the first. All the more as we'll never meet again.

Mash: Eh...Um, if you are Heroic Spirits, wouldn't there be a chance to see each other again?

Mash: Like now, you may be called to the same battlefield...

Amadeus: Mm, that won't happen, I think? There are as many Heroic Spirits as the stars.

Amadeus: How I came across her this time was already a miracle. Though, a whimsical Master might change things a bit.

Amadeus: Anyway, I'm a bit tired. I'm going to excuse myself,call for me when you're ready to leave.

Mash: Wait...

Fujimaru 1: You shouldn't, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: Stop Mash.

Mash: Master, but–

Elisabeth: It's fine. Everyone has moments where they want to be alone.

Kiyohime: That's right, Mash, you don't understand a man's heart quite yet.

Mash: You're right. Now that aside...

Mash: ...Why are YOU here?

Elisabeth: It's fine, isn't it?

Kiyohime: You don't approve of us being here? We're willing to assist you in combat.

Mash: Well, that is something to be thankful for, but...

Kiyohime: By the way, Master.

Fujimaru 1: Who?

Fujimaru 2: ME?

Kiyohime: Of course you. Though temporary, can you enter a contract with me?

Kiyohime: Yes, sticking out your pinky is enough.

Kiyohime: This is a pinky promise, if you lie, I'll make you swallow a thousand needles...

Kiyohime: This completes the contract! Just so you know...I really will make you swallow a thousand needles if you lie.

Kiyohime: Is that clear? Please take care of me from now on.

Mash: Master, Jeanne's group seems to have succeeded in lifting Siegfried's curse!

Jeanne: Okay, you will be fine from now on. This would probably have been impossible by myself.

Jeanne: ...It's all thanks to Marie. We were able to survive because of her.

Jeanne: What she risked her life protecting is something I want to protect too.

Jeanne: This era, this world, this country–To do so,let's defeat the "Dragon Witch" and, the dragon.

Siegfried: –All right, I can move now. I apologize for all your efforts, Fujimaru.

Siegfried: No, Master...The more correct way to put it is,I appreciate all your efforts from the bottom of my heart.

Siegfried: I shall entrust my sword to you. This body will be my Master's sword and shield.

Siegfried: My True Name is Siegfried. I have no other skill than slaying dragons, but I'd be honored to be put to use.

Mash: That sound...It's the wyverns!

Siegfried: ...It looks like it's my turn already. Please command me.

Fujimaru 1: I will leave them to you.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go get them.

Siegfried: Yeah. –My name is Siegfried, here I go!


Dr. Roman: All right, now we have ourselves a team.

Mash: That's right Master.

Fujimaru 1: Let's attack Orleans.

Fujimaru 2: Let's take down the dragon.

Mash: Yes! Understood Master!

Elisabeth: ...Hmph. I wouldn't mind helping you out with that, little Puppy.

Kiyohime: My, my, Elisabeth, calling my Love a Puppy is an insult.

Elisabeth: ...Did you just make a ridiculous word change? Well, I don't care.

Elisabeth: I'm not a cheap dragon. I will meet an extra-special Master someday!

Kiyohime: Oh, so the horn on your head isn't the only thing twisted. Seeking an impossible dream...Is your head okay?

Elisabeth: It's not an impossible dream! It's conviction! I'm convinced of it!

Elisabeth: I'll someday meet a Master that is to my liking and will love me!

Kiyohime: Yes, yes, in your head it's another cloudless day.

Georgios: ...Our team sure is a lively one. Of course, I will be in your service.

Amadeus: Oh, heading out already? Then I'll tag along. I've come this far, might as well see the end.

Jeanne: Fujimaru. No, Master.

Jeanne: Right now, I am merely a powerless Servant.

Jeanne: But I wish to protect this world. Please, fight with me.

Fujimaru 1: Of course.

Fujimaru 2: That is our duty.

Jeanne: Thank you so much!


Jeanne: Let's make camp here tonight to prepare for tomorrow's showdown...

Jeanne: First, we'll have to secure the area. Everyone prepare for battle, we're surrounded.

Jeanne: Don't draw too much attention, and refrain from any flash attacks so we can end this soon...Wait.

Jeanne: Fujimaru,I don't see Mash or Amadeus anywhere...

Amadeus: Well crap, I just came to get a bit of water. How unlucky of me to be assaulted by enemies.

Mash: Amadeus, over here! I'll go up to the front line, so please hide behind me!

Amadeus: I'd take up your offer...but I can't. This time the situation is different.

Amadeus: I can't run away if the front line is just you, Mash. Let me fight with you.

Mash: Amadeus? Will you be all right? You'll get hurt, you know!

Amadeus: Oh, it's a rehearsal to prepare for tomorrow's battle. A few wounds? No worries.


Amadeus: Whew! We made it through in one piece, but we accidentally left the forest during the battle.

Amadeus: Fujimaru and Jeanne must be worried. Let's rest awhile, then return to camp.

Mash: ...Um. It seems a bit crazy to ask questions at a time like this, but do you mind?

Amadeus: Of course not. Be it important or trivial, ask away.

Amadeus: Tomorrow is the final battle. You should wrap up any unfinished business.

Mash: ...Right. I hate to bring this back up...

Mash: But it's about when we heard that Marie had died. This is what you said, Amadeus.

Mash: "Humans choose what they love. "I don't understand what that meant.

Mash: Rather, I understand the meaning of the words,it's the "choose" part that I don't understand.

Mash: I mean, things we should view favorably are morally just,and things we should reject are socially bad.

Mash: That's what I was taught. I feel deep down that it's right.

Amadeus: Hmm. What do you consider right then?

Mash: Well...Something that saves many lives, and sees value in many lives, I suppose.

Amadeus: That's rather ill-defined. Let's assume for a moment that Fujimaru were not such a person. What then?

Mash: But that's...

Amadeus: Forgive me, that was a mean assumption. However, keep that hesitation and discomfort in mind.

Amadeus: Mash, I suspect that you are a person who has only recently gained her freedom.

Amadeus: As such, you freeze in the face of hard choices and have doubts about the person you are becoming.

Mash: ...Yes, I think you might be right. I, uh...didn't know much about the outside world.

Mash: ...No. Maybe I never had the right to care for anything in the first place.

Mash: I mean, I—

Amadeus: Oh, dear. You truly are pure, aren't you? You're like a music sheet without a single note on it.

Amadeus: But heed my words, Mash. Even if you are a doll created for the sole purpose of fighting...

Amadeus: ...You have the obligation to care for something. You may not have freedom, but you have obligations.

Mash: Obligations? Not rights or privileges?

Amadeus: No, obligations. Or duties, if you like.

Amadeus: Humans have that responsibility, for they possess the intelligence to think.

Amadeus: What to care for, what to dislike, what is considered precious, what is considered evil.

Amadeus: Those are the things you must choose for your self. Not by the words of others, nor by conforming to your environment.

Amadeus: Every human is unique. So too is each one's values.

Amadeus: We learn and see as much as we can. By doing so, your life will be enriched.

Amadeus: Listen, the world is not what you make of it. You are what the world makes of you.

Amadeus: Then when you have become you, become more than this world.

Amadeus: You must leave proof that you existed, whatever it is. I have. All the music I left behind is proof.

Amadeus: Even though—that itself is insignificant.

Mash: ???

Amadeus: After all, I am a man who couldn't even bear witness to the death of his one and only first love.

Amadeus: My legacy may have been loved by many, but my actual life was nothing special.

Amadeus: Still, I am content with that. Human beings are filthy and unpleasant. My conclusion stands.

Amadeus: There are sinners who shine brilliantly and saints that make one retch. So there is no need for you to fear your own future.

Amadeus: You are created by the world, and you expand and improve the world.

Amadeus: That is what "being a human" is all about.

Amadeus: Begin by absorbing all you can from the world and then return those favors to the world as you see fit later.

Amadeus: Worrying over what results that will have is a matter for another day.

Mash: Amadeus...

Amadeus: However, most things in this world have a fair value, and a result fit for such value.

Amadeus: As was the case with my music and my life.

Amadeus: As long as humans are human, evil will not prevail. After all, humanity will be unable to flourish otherwise.

Amadeus: It is said that "evil" is the hindrance to the prosperity of life. The species cannot survive with it there.

Amadeus: If humanity cannot purge itself of that "evil," that is the day of humanity's extinction. It's that simple.

Amadeus: ...I see that you are now breathing more calmly. Our break is over Mash, let's return to the others.

Amadeus: Most likely this is the last time we shall chat. For some reason, it turned into a bit of a lecture.

Amadeus: Still, I'm happy that we were alone for this final talk. From start to finish, you're a charming young lady.

Amadeus: In this battle, I would have proposed to you had Maria not been there.

Mash: ...I see. Thank you great composer Amadeus,I won't forget what you said.

Amadeus: Indeed. You pass, Mademoiselle.

Amadeus: I want you to remember one last thing. There's nothing more beautiful than a parting smile.


Mash: The supplies have arrived, but apparently there's been a shift in topological space.

Mash: Our rations are being devoured by monsters. Senpai, are you okay with being hungry?

Mash: ...I suppose not. Let's go!

Elisabeth: Hey, I had my eye on that! Don't eat it!

Kiyohime: You are so annoying!


Elisabeth: Hey, that looks good.

Kiyohime: Then allow me to feed you, say "ahhh. "

Mash: ...What's gotten into you?

Jeanne: ...

Amadeus: Hello, is this seat taken?

Jeanne: Oh, no! Be my guest.

Amadeus: I'm sorry to be a bother while you're relaxing, but those dragons over there are too noisy.

Jeanne: ......Amadeus. Marie was very kind to me.

Amadeus: But of course. She was kind to everyone, but her affection for you was unique.

Jeanne: Why do you suppose that was? Because I'm a fellow Frenchwoman?

Amadeus: I'm not sure. I don't think it had anything to do with you being French.

Amadeus: Whether one is from England, Spain, or the Far East, that is of no importance to Maria.

Amadeus: The reason she was fond of you, that she held you in high esteem, was because you were a young woman who took a stand all on her own.

Amadeus: In a sense, Maria is the same. She became a queen at 14 and was forced into battle all alone in Versailles.

Amadeus: ...Of course, I'm sure that her battles paled in comparison to yours.

Amadeus: Battlefields with cannonballs and conspiracies are in truth, fundamentally different.

Amadeus: Nevertheless, it was indeed a life or death struggle for her. That is why she empathized with you.

Jeanne: Because she was living through a lonely battle of her own?

Amadeus: And one other reason. This is the important one.

Amadeus: For Maria, standing up for a loved one is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

Amadeus: Be it family, another person, a Servant–or even the nation itself.

Amadeus: True, she was a sheltered girl who knew no hardship, so her way of standing up for someone was rather off-key.

Jeanne: ...Oh, is that so? In that case, I wanted to stand up for her as a friend.

Jeanne: Given the situation, nothing could've been done,but I wish–I could've been by her side.

Jeanne: ...I like to believe so.

Amadeus: A friend, eh? Yes, you thinking of her that way would be the ultimate reward for her.

Amadeus: Maria and I have one thing in common. We were not blessed with friends.

Amadeus: But, her wish was fulfilled in this second life. I get the feeling she was able to move on with a light heart.

Jeanne: Um...Actually, I think of you as a comrade. Fujimaru feels the same too.

Amadeus: No, no, that won't do. After all, I don't think that of you. Maria said it, remember? I'm fundamentally trash.

Amadeus: I only love music. That is how I lived my life, and I am proud of that fact.

Amadeus: That is why I cannot make friends. Instead, I left behind many pieces of music.

Amadeus: If I had any desire for human happiness, I would vanish in a cloud of self-hatred.

Amadeus: Still, thank you Jeanne d'Arc. I'm sure that Maria had no regrets.

Jeanne: I shall avenge her.... No, vengeance isn't important, is it?

Jeanne: I will make her wish come true. I will save this France.

Jeanne Alter: Gilles, are you here?

Gilles: Yes, right here!

Jeanne Alter: Marie Antoinette has perished, but what about Sanson?

Gilles: I am treating him right now. His mind perished with her.

Gilles: All we can do is to keep his Spiritron Shell intact, and use him as a foot soldier.

Jeanne Alter: ...I see. Georgios escaped from that town.

Jeanne Alter: Had Marie not sacrificed herself to buy time, our plan would have worked–

Gilles: Ah, I see. The enemy ranks lost one, but also gained one.

Jeanne Alter: We're not at a disadvantage here, but it is a nuisance. Continue searching for them–

Berserk Saber: It doesn't look like that will be necessary.

Jeanne Alter: Saber? I thought I ordered you to search the southeastern region.

Berserk Saber: There's no longer any need, Master. They're heading straight for Orleans.

Berserk Saber: Looks like it's a final showdown they want. Don't you want the same thing?

Jeanne Alter: ...So, they've stopped running around have they? Which means they think they have a shot at winning.

Berserk Saber: I suppose they do. They have many Servants as well.

Berserk Saber: We might have dragons on our side, but this should still be a glorious fight.

Jeanne Alter: You're enjoying yourself?

Berserk Saber: Of course. As you know, I'm not right in the head. I'll be just as happy with wiping them out as being wiped out by them.

Berserk Saber: Go on, order me–Master.

Jeanne Alter: Prepare for the final battle. Gilles, summon them, not just the Servants.

Gilles: Understood. I shall gather all the dragons who were slain in France.

Jeanne Alter: ...If we win, the world will be destroyed. Even if we lose, it will make no difference.

Jeanne Alter: The world is long gone. Even if they correct this place, an endless journey lies ahead.

Jeanne Alter: And yet...And yet, they have faith in the world–Those people, and "me. "

Jeanne Alter: In that case, I shall smite them. I won't let them reconnect this world.

Jeanne Alter: That is my wish, and Gilles' wish.... Yes, that should be my wish—



Siegfried: I seem to be the only one here with experience leading an army.

Siegfried: Of course, it's not as if I have a glorious military record where I led an army to invade a worthwhile country.

Siegfried: In any event, our numbers are few while the enemy's are large.

Siegfried: ...But, most of the enemy's forces are weaker than us. In situations like this, there are two options.

Siegfried: A frontal assault, or an ambush from the rear. However, our location was given away long ago.

Siegfried: Stealth is out of the question. The enemy knows where we are...There's only one option.

Both: A frontal assault.

Siegfried: ...Exactly.

Siegfried: Master and I will see to Fafnir.

Siegfried: I want the others to protect us from Servants and wyverns.

Siegfried: Whether we slay Fafnir or not, the outcome of this war hinges on that question.

Mash: ...Understood. I'm inexperienced, but I'll fight with everything I have.

Elisabeth: Oh Puppy, there is someone I must fight.

Elisabeth: Would it be all right if I focus on her.

Fujimaru 1: Go ahead.

Elisabeth: Oh? Thanks.

Fujimaru 2: Who do you want to fight?

Elisabeth: Oh, a Servant I share a certain fate with.

Elisabeth: If I can do that, I'll be quite satisfied.... I'll lend you a hand if I can spare the time.

Jeanne: I, without a doubt, will be facing the "Dragon Witch" in battle.

Georgios: Can you defeat her?

Jeanne: ...Yes, I shall be victorious.

Jeanne: Even if she turns out to be the real Jeanne d'Arc, I will still prevail in battle.

Amadeus: Hm, I don't have an issue with anybody. I guess I will just try to get wyverns' attention.

Kiyohime: In that case...I shall be at our Master's side and breathe fire as needed.

Kiyohime: As they say, like moths to the flame, and scoundrels of dubious origin who stand in the way of romance.

Dr. Roman: Leave scouting the area to me.

Dr. Roman: This is do-or-die time. I've got lots of energy drinks and buckets ready!

Mash: Doctor, those have the opposite effect. They cause stomachaches, so maybe you shouldn't drink them...

Dr. Roman: I am sure it will freshen me up if I dunk my face in it. Anyway, leave everything to me!

Siegfried: So, if no one has any questions...Master–please issue your orders.

Fujimaru 1: Let's fight!

Fujimaru 2: Let's win!

Jeanne: Right! Now, on to Orleans—!

Section 12: March to the Orleans

Dr. Roman: ...As predicted it's swarming with wyverns. Still, we can't afford any delays.

Dr. Roman: Everyone, take care of them as fast as you can.

Mash: Understood! Master, the enemies are coming, give me your orders!


Amadeus: They're still coming!


Dr. Roman: Servant detected! They're coming straight for you—It's our enemies!

Berserk Archer: ...I'll kill you...I'll kill you all! Every last one of you, shatter before my bow!

Jeanne: Archer...She's been forced under Madness Enhancement as well!

Georgios: She must be the type of Servant who'd never serve the Dragon Witch.

Mash: It can't be helped! I'm taking her out!


Berserk Archer: ...This is fine. This is fine. Really, what a troublesome and unrewarding job.

Berserk Archer: Go, and take down that dragon. Yes, next time for sure, I–

Dr. Roman: Berserk Archer's elimination is confirmed. I am getting a reading of a ultra-size lifeform!

Dr. Roman: Fafnir's left Orleans. In other words...The showdown's about to begin!

Section 13: Jeanne and Jeanne

Jeanne Alter: Hello, trash I left behind.

Jeanne: ...No, I am a vestige. Most importantly, I'm not you Dragon Witch.

Jeanne Alter: But you are me. What are you talking about?

Jeanne: ...No matter what I say, I can no longer reach you.

Jeanne: After this battle is over, I'm going to give you an earful!

Jeanne Alter: Silence! Behold these dragons! Behold this horde of dragons!

Jeanne Alter: We have turned this nation into a nest of dragons!

Jeanne Alter: They will devour everything, and nothing will ever live in France again!

Jeanne Alter: Then this world will be complete. Then this world will be destroyed.

Jeanne Alter: The dragons will fight one another for eternity. Endless war. Endless devouring.

Jeanne Alter: That will be the true Hundred Years' War–A Hundred Years War of Evil Dragons!

Jeanne Alter: What!

Jeanne: ...Gilles!

Gilles: Fire! We fight for the survival of France! Fire everything we have! Fire! Fire!

Gilles: Do not be afraid! Do not sorrow! Do not falter! If you have human blood, now is the time to die!

Gilles: I will say it again! There is nothing to fear! For we–

Gilles: "For we have the Saint on our side! "

Jeanne: ...Gilles!

Jeanne Alter: Hmph, such stubborn belief. It makes me want to vomit. Fafnir!

Jeanne Alter: Incinerate that Saint, that army, this nation! Burn everything to the ground!

Siegfried: –Hah. I never thought I'd see you a third time.

Siegfried: Perhaps, in another time or another world, we could've been connected in another way–

Jeanne Alter: Siegfried!

Siegfried: Fafnir! I am here wicked dragon! I, Siegfried, am right here!

Siegfried: Once again, you shall taste the twilight. I swear by my righteousness, and by my beliefs–!

Jeanne Alter: Come forth my Servants!

Berserk Saber: Hey you guys, good to see you doing well!

Berserk Saber: I am Chevalier d'Eon. This time I lend my blade to evil–but it remains as pure as ever.

Berserk Saber: Now, fight me with all you have! End this nightmare!

Berserk Lancer: ...So you came, huh? There's no shame becoming fallen.

Berserk Lancer: Defeat is the greatest shame of all. I've become a mere puppet in the search for the Grail–

Berserk Lancer: I am praised as the immortal vampire.

Berserk Lancer: Fiction or not, it is all I have left.

Mash: Master, they're coming! The French army is holding off the wyverns!

Mash: This is it!

Fujimaru 1: I'm counting on you, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Let's do it, Mash!

Mash: Right! We'll achieve victory together!


Berserk Saber: ...We've lost. Now my curse will be broken.

Berserk Saber: Thank you all. Apologies to my beloved queen.

Berserk Saber: I'm so sorry, my queen. Please forgive my mistake–

Berserk Lancer: –Is it over now? My dreams, my ambitions will once again be erased?

Berserk Lancer: Hmph, who knew I'd deal with a "Dragon Slayer" again? How ironic.

Berserk Lancer: I see. So they were right, I am Dracul, the devil.

Berserk Lancer: It must be my destiny to fall in the presence of a Servant who slew devils and dragons.

Berserk Lancer: Very well, I will allow it. You, the Master over there.

Berserk Lancer: You are a [♂ man /♀ woman] who does not lose sight of themselves amidst the battle. Next time, summon me.

Berserk Lancer: Then I will show you the true power of my lance.

Berserk Lancer: The lance that defended a nation—the weapons that defended my people...In your hands, they will shine—


Mash: (pant, pant, pant)...

Sanson: Ahhh...Augh...augh!

Amadeus: I can't believe this, I was here fighting random enemies and the one I despise the most showed up.

Amadeus: Hey executioner, from the looks of it I guess Maria turned you down?

Sanson: Ama...deus? Aaaaamaaaaaadeeeeeeuuuuuus!

Amadeus: Mmm, why are you so fired up? Don't tell me Maria said something she shouldn't have.

Amadeus: For example, maybe— Although we are both scum,she said I am 100 times better. Something like that?

Sanson: Hah—Ah, ah—Shu—t up. Shut up, Amadeus!

Sanson: I won't let you beat me! You're the one man I'll never lose to!

Amadeus: ...Whoa! Wait, did that give him back his sanity?

Amadeus: Jeez...I guess I should've kept my mouth shut. But—this makes things worth doing.

Amadeus: Charles-Henri Sanson, are you ready for me to take my frustration out on you?

Amadeus: I've actually got some energy for once. Enough energy to play an extra song on the piano.

Sanson: Whatever, I'll chop you fingers off. You know something, Amadeus?

Sanson: I always hated your Requiem! The way it turned death into mere music!

Amadeus: Tsk, this is the problem with gloomy muscleheads! Damn, his intensity's overwhelming!

Amadeus: Sorry, help me out Master! This is my last gift for Maria, let me make it a good one!


Sanson: Ha—I see. So I'm going down to you?

Sanson: Then...The evil one is me, no question about it. Justice is on your side.

Sanson: Just like last time, the queen smiled–as she took in the witch's flames.

Sanson: Not with resignation, but with hope.... May blessings be upon you.

Amadeus: You idiot, you actually cared whose side justice is on?

Amadeus: ...How gloomy. This is why we need to get rid of jobs where you do nothing but kill people all day.

Amadeus: Bye Sanson, next time I see you I'll play my Requiem until you're sick of it.

Amadeus: I mean, you're actually a huge fan of the song aren't you?


Elisabeth: Why, you! Why you, why you, why you!

Carmilla: This is...quite irritating. This "me. "

Elisabeth: Right back at you! How did you get to be a Servant?

Carmilla: Never thought you'd say that. From where I sit,it's far more maddening to see that I've become a Servant as myself!

Carmilla: I'm a revered countess, feared by all. The finished product.

Carmilla: I'm not like an unfinished product like you. I devoured fear and became an Anti-Hero.

Carmilla: But what about you?

Carmilla: You devoured the existence that is me. You simply refused to age, and feared being sealed away.

Carmilla: Of course you did. From your perspective, I'm just a sign of your sin.

Carmilla: The guilt you brought upon yourself, the unassailable record of your murders!

Elisabeth: ...That's right.

Elisabeth: You are who I really am, my final destination. The symbol of my sin, that no tears will ever change.

Elisabeth: Denying you means looking away from the crimes I've committed.

Elisabeth: But that doesn't mean I can't take responsibility! It may be ugly self-deception, but I'll say it anyway!

Elisabeth: I...I don't want to be like you!

Carmilla: How foolish, we're spirits of the past. The future's already been decided.

Elisabeth: I know that! But I'm saying it anyway!

Elisabeth: Help me, Little Puppy!

Elisabeth: You may be a step down from the Master I dream of, but you're still first rate!

Elisabeth: Please let me settle things with her! Let me sing with everything I have!


Carmilla: The future doesn't reject the past, but rather, the past rejects the future?

Carmilla: –Such drivel coming out of your mouth! But that's why...You're so dazzling, it's annoying.

Carmilla: Let me return to the darkness. That last instant...That light—that I saw between the bricks.

Carmilla: That's right...Whether I live or die,I—am always alone—

Elisabeth: ...Farewell, my future. Farewell, the part of myself so sad I had to separate.

Elisabeth: This will not lessen my sins, nor the fear others feel towards me.

Elisabeth: I–will deny the future as many times as I must,and sing as many times as I must.


Siegfried: After multiple obstacles, we're finally here.

Siegfried: ...Good work, Master. And Mash Kyrielight.

Siegfried: We're almost at the evil dragon. Confronting it like this—I must confess.

Siegfried: I don't know how I won the first time.

Mash: Hey! Don't say stuff like that now!

Siegfried: There's just one thing inscribed in my memory.

Siegfried: My victory was not a certain one. It was a single, tiny sliver of a chance, surrounded by a million defeats.

Siegfried: Plan carefully, move boldly, keep a broad perspective,and focus deeply upon a single point.

Siegfried: Be like the sea, the sky, the darkness, the light. Contradict thyself.

Siegfried: Unless you do that, there is no way you can defeat Fafnir.

Mash: I-I understand! I'll do what I can!

Siegfried: Oh, Master.... Are you ready?

Fujimaru 1: Let's go!

Fujimaru 2: Of course!

Siegfried: Heh. It's an honor to have such a bold Master.

Siegfried: Return to earth once more, wicked dragon!


Jeanne Alter: Impossible!

Mash: ...We've defeated it!

Dr. Roman: Confirming Fafnir's complete silence! Amazing, a new Dragon Slayer has been born!

Mash: Look! The wyverns are in a panic!

Siegfried: They must be confused because Fafnir, their commander, got taken out.

Jeanne Alter: ...Ugh!

Gilles: Come back, Jeanne!

Jeanne Alter: Gilles!

Jeanne: ...Gilles?

Gilles: First, let's get back to this prison castle! We need to regroup.

Jeanne Alter: ...Understood.

Jeanne: Wait!

Section 14: Chase After Jeanne Alter

Jeanne: I'm off to settle the score with the "Dragon Witch. "

Mash: Master, we'll head out there too.

Mash: We should leave this place to the other Servants, and track the "Dragon Witch! "

Siegfried: You're right, let me handle this. Take Kiyohime and Elisabeth with you.

Kiyohime: Very well. I look forward to working with you, Master.

Elisabeth: That's fine, but...Why us?

Siegfried: (Her Noble Phantasm hurts my ears...)(And Kiyohime breathes fire on anyone, friend or foe...)

Georgios: (Both of their Noble Phantasms...)

Amadeus: (Elisabeth's is the worst Noble Phantasm in the world, I'm sure of it. )

Elisabeth: ???

Kiyohime: Huh?

Mash: Ahem. L-Let's go, you two!

Gilles: Fafnir has fallen. Without it, the other wyverns...

Jeanne Alter: I'm aware. Let us summon a new Servant.

Gilles: Indeed!

Jeanne Alter: Gilles, defend me while I focus on the summoning. I'm counting on you.

Gilles: Understood. I'll use my Noble Phantasm, Prelati's Spellbook, to buy us time.

Gilles: Use that time to summon us a powerful Servant.

Gilles: Perhaps King Arthur?

Jeanne Alter: I can't imagine an English knight answering my summons...But I'll see what I can do.

Jeanne Alter: Good luck.

Gilles: Indeed Jeanne, I pray that the light of your glory is not tainted.

Jeanne: Let us hurry! If we're too slow, she'll summon another Servant!

Elisabeth: I-I know that! But you know, this castle's kind of nice...

Elisabeth: It's kind of my style, you know?

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, it's terrible!

Fujimaru 2: Yeah, it's awful!

Kiyohime: Indeed, all this blood. They don't organize, they don't filthy.

Kiyohime: Only a bloodthirsty barbarian would prefer a place like this.

Elisabeth: ...Y-You're right! This is bad, isn't it!

Mash: Master, enemies! Let's finish them quickly!


Dr. Roman: Whoops, there's a Servant up ahead! Be careful!

Gilles: –Well, well, long time no see.

Jeanne: Gilles!

Gilles: Who knew you'd defeat Fafnir, and show yourself here in Orleans...

Gilles: To be honest, I am impressed.

Gilles: However! However! Oh, my saint! And your comrades!

Gilles: Why do you stand in my way?

Gilles: You come into my world destroying everything, and now you're even trying to kill Jeanne d'Arc!

Jeanne: –I had a question about that.

Jeanne: Gilles de Rais, is she really "me? "

Gilles: ...What? What-what-what unforgivable blasphemy! Even the Saint would despair and rage to hear such a thing!

Gilles: That is, without a doubt, the true Jeanne d'Arc. It is the darkness hidden within her!

Jeanne: –I see. Then as the light, I must face her.

Gilles: Jeanne, I won't let anyone stop me–even you!


Mash: We can handle this!

Jeanne: But their numbers are great...Why you!

Elisabeth: Never mind that, what's with this giant starfish? Oh gross, this weird liquid is dripping onto my clothes! Dripping!

Kiyohime: So filthy. Master, please protect me.

Mash: D-Do your job as a Servant, okay?

Elisabeth: Huh? This roar...

Mash: Enemy sighted! This time it's a wyvern?

Kiyohime: Jeez. How'd it fit inside this tiny castle?


Gilles: Curse you, curse you, curse you! In that case, take me on!

Gilles: My comrade Prelati...Grant me your power!

Jeanne: Gilles...I shall release your soul!

Mash: Let's go! Master, your orders!


Gilles: ...Ugh!

Mash: Ugh! As powerful as expected...I couldn't finish him off!

Kiyohime: We'll hold off this Servant! Master, you go on ahead!

Elisabeth: Right, go settle the score with the last boss!

Mash: Thank you for your support! Jeanne!

Jeanne: ...

Fujimaru 1: Jeanne!

Fujimaru 2: What's wrong?

Jeanne: ...I-I'm sorry. It's nothing.

Jeanne: I'm going. Thank you both!

Section 15: The Dragon Witch

Jeanne: ...

Mash: Jeanne, what was bothering you just now?

Jeanne: Oh no, there was something on my mind...It's nothing important.

Jeanne: Anyway, it's time to confront the "Dragon Witch. "There shouldn't be anything in our way.

Jeanne: Let's go!

Jeanne Alter: ...That was faster than I thought. I don't have time to modify the spell–

Jeanne: –"Dragon Witch. "

Jeanne Alter: So you finally made it here, huh? Gilles is–alive, but delayed.

Jeanne Alter: I suppose that's fine. Everything is ready.

Jeanne: Tell her what she needs to hear.... That was Marie's instruction to me.

Jeanne: I have another thing to ask of you as well.

Jeanne Alter: It's too late for talking–

Jeanne: It's a very simple question. Do you remember your family?

Jeanne Alter: ...Huh?

Mash: Jeanne?

Jeanne: I asked you a simple question.

Jeanne: No matter how vivid my memories of battle are,I remember far more of my life as a simple country girl.

Jeanne: Even my dark side should remember those peaceful days.

Jeanne: No, it's precisely because she remembers them–that the hatred and betrayal brought her such pain.

Jeanne Alter: I...I...

Jeanne: –You don't remember, do you?

Jeanne Alter: What...What does it matter?

Jeanne Alter: Whether I remember or not, I'm still Jeanne d'Arc!

Jeanne: That's right. It doesn't matter whether you remember.

Jeanne: But this settles it. I shall defeat the "Dragon Witch" with sadness, not anger.

Jeanne Alter: –My Servants!

Mash: These are...The Servants we saw in Fuyuki! And so many of them!

Jeanne Alter: I didn't have time to summon a normal Servant, but I can summon as many of these as I like.

Jeanne Alter: Crush them!

Mash: Master, they're coming!

Fujimaru 1: Let's do this, Mash!

Mash: Right!


Jeanne Alter: Ugh...So they broke through that swarm?

Jeanne: We're going to settle this right now. "Dragon Witch"–

Jeanne Alter: Shut up! Let's fight! Will despair win, or will hope win–

Jeanne Alter: Will murderous intent win, or will pity win? Let's see if you can surpass me–Jeanne d'Arc!


Jeanne Alter: What?

Jeanne Alter: Im-Impossible. Ridiculous. This can't be happening. It's a lie.

Jeanne Alter: Because I–have the Holy Grail–! The owner of the Holy Grail knows no defeat.

Jeanne Alter: That's how it should be!

Gilles: Oh, Jeanne! Jeanne! What a pitiful sight you are!

Jeanne Alter: Gilles...

Gilles: But now that I, Gilles de Rais, am here you can rest.

Gilles: Now then, sleep in peace.

Jeanne Alter: But–I still haven't...I haven't destroyed France...

Gilles: I will take care of that. Leave everything to me.

Gilles: Don't worry. You will never die. You're just a little...a little tired.

Gilles: Close your eyes, and rest. When you awake, I'll have finished everything.

Jeanne Alter: Yes, yes you're right. Gilles...If you'll fight for me, I can rest, and...


Gilles: ...

Jeanne: –So that's how it ended up, after all.

Gilles: You have a powerful intuition.

Elisabeth: Oh, there she is!

Kiyohime: To think that you'd make a sudden run for it...

Mash: Um, Jeanne? What exactly–

Jeanne: It wasn't the "Dragon Witch" who possessed the Holy Grail.

Jeanne: No, actually that Servant, never existed in the Throne of Heroes.

Jeanne: As long as she wasn't an aspect of my darkness, there was no other conclusion I could make.

Jeanne: ...Then how did she acquire that massive strength?

Jeanne: That couldn't have been anything but the Holy Grail. In other words, the Dragon Witch herself–

Gilles: Exactly. The Dragon Witch herself was my wish.

Gilles: In other words, the Holy Grail itself.

Mash: What?

Elisabeth: Huh? Huh? Huh? What do you mean? The dragon's the Holy Grail? Then me, too?

Kiyohime: You dragon-dummy, Jeanne d'Arc didn't use the Grail for evil.

Jeanne: You–created Jeanne d'Arc with the power of the Grail, didn't you?

Gilles: My wish was to revive you. It was a wish from my heart,from the bottom of my heart. Of course it was.

Gilles: ...But the Grail rejected me. For all its omnipotent power, it said it couldn't do that!

Gilles: But my wish was only for you! So I created a new you!

Gilles: The Saint I believed in! The Saint I longed for! I created her!

Gilles: Jeanne d'Arc–the Dragon Witch. The Grail itself!

Jeanne: ...I see. But of course, she never learned that did she?

Jeanne: Gilles, even if you could revive me, I would never become your Dragon Witch.

Jeanne: It's true that I was betrayed, it's true that I was mocked.

Jeanne: It could only be described–as a tragic end.

Jeanne: But I could never hate my homeland. This is where you and the others lived.

Gilles: ...So kind. Your words are far too kind. However, Jeanne...

Gilles: Your kindness has made you forget one thing. Even if you never hated this country–

Gilles: I HATED THIS COUNTRY! I swore I would destroy it for its betrayal!

Jeanne: Gilles...

Gilles: You will forgive them I'm sure. But I never will! Not God! Not the King! Not the nation!

Gilles: I'll destroy them all. I'll kill them all. That is the wish I made upon the Grail!


Jeanne: ...Yes, you're right. You're absolutely right.

Jeanne: It makes perfect sense for you to hate, and for you to use the Grail's power to destroy France.

Jeanne: And I–I will stop you. As a Ruler, the judge of the Holy Grail War.

Jeanne: I will stand in your way Gilles de Rais!

Gilles: Then you are my enemy now.

Gilles: Let us finish this Jeanne d'Arc, savior of France—!

Jeanne: Let us indeed!

Mash: Master, I've confirmed the presence of the Grail. Your orders!

Fujimaru 1: This is the last battle.

Fujimaru 2: Get ready.

Mash: Right! Moving to recover the Grail! Mash Kyrielight–here I go!


Gilles: Not, possible! Even with the power of the Grail, I still...fell...

Gilles: That's not possible! Such nonsense can't be true! I-I am still...

Jeanne: Gilles. Enough.

Jeanne: Get some rest. You did such a good job.

Jeanne: Believing in a little girl who had no clue, you even liberated this town.

Jeanne: ...No matter who you are now, I believe in who you were back then.

Jeanne: Don't worry. Until the very end, I have no regrets.

Jeanne: My death will light the way for someone else. That's all I ever wanted.

Jeanne: Now let's go back to the time where we belong.

Gilles: ...Jeanne. I'm the only one of us who should go to Hell–

Dr. Roman: The Grail recovery is complete! The timeline restoration is about to start!

Dr. Roman: Rayshift preparations are ready! Get back here, now!

Mash: Understood Doctor!

Jeanne: You're leaving? So soon?

Fujimaru 1: I have work to do.

Fujimaru 2: I have to go.

Elisabeth: Oh do you? Hmmph...Well, I've achieved my goal, so I suppose it's fine.

Elisabeth: Goodbye Little Puppy, you fought fairly well.

Kiyohime: –Oh my, this is goodbye? Don't worry Master.

Kiyohime: I can be rather persistent. No matter where you go, I'll follow.

Kiyohime: That's what love is, after all.... You know?

Kiyohime: Farewell.

Siegfried: ...It seems that everything is over. The wyverns are disappearing.

Georgios: This wasn't exactly a normal Holy Grail War. But still, it was an honor to fight with the Dragon Slayer.

Siegfried: I never thought I'd get a chance to fight with the famous St. George.

Georgios: But from the look of things, it won't be long before we're summoned again.

Siegfried: Yes, that Master's journey seems to be a long one. I hope we can aid them again–

Amadeus: My role is finally over, huh? I'm so tired. I worked so hard my butt hurts.

Amadeus: ...Oh, I'm not supposed to make those sort of jokes. Sorry.

Amadeus: Excellent conducting nonetheless, Fujimaru. A masterful performance all around.

G:Gilles: Jeanne!

Jeanne: Gilles!

G:Gilles: What happened? Wait, you're alive?

G:Gilles: France is in ruins, but...If you're alive, that's enough!

Jeanne: ...No, that's not true.

G:Gilles: What–?

Jeanne: I'm sure on some level you understand. This world is nothing but an ephemeral dream.

Jeanne: I died, and you–sorrowed. That is history. That is unchangeable fate.

G:Gilles: Jeanne...

Jeanne: But in a different form, in a different way, we'll be able to fight together...I can feel it.

Jeanne: So this is but a temporary goodbye.

G:Gilles: You truly are...No, even in death, you still care for this country...

G:Gilles: Forgive us, Jeanne d'Arc! We...France betrayed you!

G:Gilles: Ooooohh!

Jeanne: It's all right. Let's at least leave this world with a smile.

Mash: Master...It's time.

Jeanne: Master and Mash.

Jeanne: I expect that my meeting with you Mash,and Fujimaru, our battles, even the lives we lost...

Jeanne: All of this will disappear, won't it? That makes me a little sad.

Jeanne: ...Of course, it's a joyous thing that lives lost will return to us.

Jeanne: But I feel like I'll meet you again somewhere. My intuition can be pretty good, you know?

Jeanne: –Farewell. And thank you.

Jeanne: Even if all this disappears beyond the void, I'm sure something will–

Dr. Roman: Welcome back Mash, Fujimaru! Good work!

Dr. Roman: Thanks to you, the first Grand Order was completed successfully.

Dr. Roman: —Yes, excellent job. We had few supplies, no personnel...

Dr. Roman: ...and the Rayshift was still at an experimental stage, yet you both did such a fine job.

Dr. Roman: I say this on behalf of all surviving members of Chaldea...

Dr. Roman: You are now full-grown Mages, and Chaldea is very proud of you!

Fou: Fou! Fooou!

Mash: ...Fou made it back too. Are we sure it's not a lucky animal of some sort?

Da Vinci: Oh, welcome back. You guys look tired.

Da Vinci: Here's your latest observation records. Take a look, Doctor.

Dr. Roman: Hm...Oooohh!

Dr. Roman: We did it! 15th century France is restored completely! Still six to go, but–

Dr. Roman: Part of human history is in its rightful place! We did it, Fujimaru!

Mash: Yes. But Doctor–we never saw Lev Lainur.

Mash: He was not in France?

Dr. Roman: Yes, he's probably hiding in one of the other 6 eras.... No, I guess he wouldn't hide.

Dr. Roman: He has more than enough power. If he's in the same time as us, he'll act.

Dr. Roman: ...I'm sure we'll see him eventually. Until then, we need to get stronger.

Dr. Roman: Well, details like that don't matter!

Dr. Roman: That's the end of our mission for today!

Dr. Roman: I bet you want a warm bed and a shower, right? Go back to your room and rest.

Mash: Yes, that plan sounds absolutely wonderful. See you later Doctor.

Mash: Oh, and Senpai...

Mash: Good work today. Let's get back to it tomorrow!

Fujimaru 1: You too Mash.

Mash: ...Yes, thank you.

Mash: Once again, I wasn't able to help you at all...

Mash: But I'm finally starting to think I can do this.

Mash: Together, I think we can make it through the next six eras.

Fujimaru 2: You feeling okay?

Mash: Yes, just fine.

Mash: A Demi-Servant's body has incredible strength,endurance, and self-healing abilities.

Mash: I'll be back to top health in just a short while.

Mash: You need to rest though, get some sleep.

Mash: Maybe you should have the Doctor take a look at you, he is a doctor after all.

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong?

Fujimaru 2: Need something?

Mash: No, I was just thinking of Gilles de Rais.

Mash: I knew his history, or so I thought. His heart was broken by Jeanne's death...

Mash: In our history, he became a murderer who killed hundreds of children.

Mash: ...That bloody France was what he wanted. It was an appropriate sight for a murderer.

Mash: But still, even then–His real wish was for Jeanne d'Arc to live.

Mash: That was the source of his rage, and his hatred. A pure rage that could destroy a country–

Mash: Raw feelings are powerful, aren't they? They can destroy the world–

Fujimaru 1: He was human, after all.

Mash: ...Because he was human. Amadeus said something similar, right?

Mash: ...I don't have the experience they do. I don't have those deep feelings, or a heart that can handle them.

Mash: But I'd like to learn them if I could. Even if I don't understand, I can learn a little at a time.

Mash: I think that's what Amadeus was talking about.

Mash: I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.

Mash: Sweet dreams. May the blessing of the Saint be upon us.