Singularity 2: Eternal Mandess Empire - Septem


Fou: Kyuuu! Kyau!

Mash: Good morning. Did you sleep well, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Yes, like a log.

Mash: Glad to hear it. I'm happy to know that you got plenty of rest.

Fujimaru 2: Well enough.

Mash: Is that right? Senpai, you must rest as much as possible.

Fou: Fou! Fou!

Mash: As you can see, Fou is also fired up. I'm sure he's had more than enough sleep and breakfast.

Mash: We don't know what it'll be like beyond the Rayshift. No telling when or how much we can rest.

Mash: So as much as possible, please get enough sleep.

Mash: Staying up late is prohibited, since your magical energy is linked to your stamina.

Mash: And, umm–about that dream...

Mash: Did you see something?

Fujimaru 1: Dream? Why?

Fujimaru 2: No, not really...

Mash: It's not like I saw anything special. It's just...

Mash: Da Vinci says that Masters and Servants under contract see the same dream.

Mash: I don't know what that means...But if you didn't see one, then there's no problem.

Mash: Let's go to the command room after breakfast. The Doctor's eagerly waiting.

Dr. Roman: Ah, good morning, everyone. Although by that, I mean just you two and...

Da Vinci: Yawn! Oh, 'morning...The tech department is analyzing the Grail you've retrieved as we speak.

Dr. Roman: ...That half-asleep genius, and myself. Please pardon the work crew for not being very reliable.

Dr. Roman: We're already set to Rayshift. This time you're headed to 1st Century Europe.

Dr. Roman: Specifically Ancient Rome, the great empire that grew from Italy to control the Mediterranean Sea.

Da Vinci: Hm? Ancient Rome? Really? That sounds like fun! I sort of want to go, too!

Dr. Roman: You have analyzing to do, I believe. Please partake of Roman pleasures some other time.

Da Vinci: Oh, darn it. I don't care which one,but I always wanted to chat with a Roman Emperor.

Da Vinci: Especially Emperor Caligula or Nero. I bet we'd have a lot in common.

Dr. Roman: Yes, I feel the same...No, we can't. You also have work to do reviving Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: Ahem! Is that clear, Fujimaru. Your teleport point is the Imperial Capital Rome.

Dr. Roman: The name of the Roman Empire's capital is also Rome. It's geographically similar to the last time.

Dr. Roman: The exact location of the supposedly existing Holy Grail is unknown. There may be historical changes as well.

Dr. Roman: Neither can be determined. Sorry, the observation precision seems unstable.

Mash: Not a problem. Either way, Senpai and I will locate it.

Dr. Roman: Right, that's the spirit. You really are reliable.

Dr. Roman: Similar to the last mission, you'll reach and correct the singularity. Also, find the Grail, and either obtain or destroy it.

Dr. Roman: Humanity's continuation is on your shoulders. I hope you're successful this time, too.

Dr. Roman: And...That you come back safely.

Mash: —Yes. We'll make it back to Chaldea, I promise.

Mash: ...I'm counting on you, Senpai. I'll need your strength for this mission.

Fujimaru 1: Leave it to me.

Mash: Okay!

Fujimaru 2: It's rather your strength we need, Mash.

Mash: No, that's...The fact is, running this mission requires your judgment and leadership.

Dr. Roman: No doubt, Servants will be summoned during the 1st Century Rome as well.

Dr. Roman: If possible, call upon their power. Of course, you won't get help from hostile ones.

Mash: Doctor, I have one question. May I ask it?

Mash: Hostile Servants and neutral Servants. Is there a way to distinguish them upon detection?

Dr. Roman: It would be best if we had the ability to distinguish them from our observation data.

Dr. Roman: For example, the ability to see if approaching Servants are enemies or possible allies–

Dr. Roman: I am sorry. Unfortunately, that's impossible right now.

Dr. Roman: Even if we combine Sheba and Trismegistus, the best we can do is to detect lifeforms and energy readings.

Dr. Roman: The ability to distinguish hostility, that lies within the realm of psychology.

Dr. Roman: For now, you can't quantify that with numbers. I'm sorry, Mash, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: But, we can speculate from the situation. I'll warn you if there's over 70% chance of hostility.

Dr. Roman: As for non-Servant readings of local humans, I will try my best to detect them as well.

Mash: That's okay, Doctor. I'm sorry for asking too much of you.

Mash: I realize it was logically unreasonable. But, even so...

Fujimaru 1: It was to reduce the danger, right?

Fujimaru 2: Was it to avoid fighting?

Mash: ...Yes. Strategically speaking,it's best to avoid unnecessary battles.

Mash: But no, I knew it was an unreasonable request. Please forget it.

Dr. Roman: No, forgive me. I know I'm putting you in unreasonable danger...

Dr. Roman: To the best of my ability, I'll support and back you up.

Dr. Roman: I can promise you that much at least. Mash, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Understood!

Dr. Roman: Thank you.... Well, let's start the Rayshift.

Mash: ...Dr. Roman.

Dr. Roman: Quit being so gloomy! I'll back you up mentally, as well!

Mash: No, that's...It's just the sudden shift in mood is a little...

Dr. Roman: Program start!

Announcement A: Unsummon Program start. Spiritron Conversion start.

Announcement A: Rayshift starting in 3, 2, 1...

Announcement A: All procedures cleared. Grand Order commencing operation.

Section 1: Windy Hill

Mash: —Ahh. We've successfully teleported this time, Senpai.

Mash: The feel of the wind, the scent of earth—the vast blue sky.

Mash: ...It's strange. I've seen it on film so many times,but just standing here, it's so much more vivid.

Fujimaru 1: What's wrong? You're breathing deeply.

Mash: Huh? Was I? I-I see. I'm sure I was doing it without thinking.

Fujimaru 2: So Rayshifting makes you nervous?

Mash: Yes, Rayshifting makes me nervous. But, I don't think my state of mind has anything to do with that.

Mash: ...I mean, I feel overwhelmed.

Mash: In France, it was one shock after another. So now it's like I'm finally able to face this landscape.

Fou: Fou...Kyu, kyu?

Mash: Fou?

Fujimaru 1: You tagged along again?

Fujimaru 2: Did you just pop out of Mash's chest?

Fou: Kyu! Kyau!

Mash: Looks like Fou will be tagging along again. He prefers the outside world to that cramped base.

Mash: I can agree with that sentiment.

Mash: Battles can be scary, but it makes me happy to discover new worlds like this.

Mash: ...But "that" is visible in the sky in this era as well, isn't it?

Mash: That ring of light. It's the same as the one that was over France.

Mash: No, I mean it looks the same. Not that I've examined it precisely.

Mash: I wonder what it could be? It's such a huge–

Dr. Roman: Ring of light, huh? As usual, we can't get a good look at it from here.

Dr. Roman: But it is an intriguing phenomenon. I will continue to investigate.

Dr. Roman: By the way, is that...Oh? Weren't you suppose to be in...Rome?

Fujimaru 1: Uh, we're in the hills.

Mash: You're right Senpai. We're in the hills.

Fujimaru 2: I wonder?

Mash: No Senpai, I don't believe this is the ancient Roman capital. We're in the hills.

Dr. Roman: That's weird, I confirmed it from here as well. That's not the capital.

Dr. Roman: I'm sure that I fixed your teleport position...Uh, looks like that's a suburb of the Roman capital.

Mash: Was there an error in the coordinates? Is the era correct?

Dr. Roman: The era's correct. Definitely the 1st Century where the singularity exists.

Dr. Roman: During the reign of Nero Claudius–fifth emperor of Rome. That's for certain.

Dr. Roman: Still, this is strange. Why are we so far from the capital?

Dr. Roman: Despite the poisoning of Empress Aggripina last year, Nero isn't in his dangerously declining years yet.

Dr. Roman: An era where the emperor is loved, and the city of Rome is prosperous...

Dr. Roman: ...that's what should've been awaiting you.

Mash: No Doctor, it's just rolling hills. All it needs is some sheep to complete it.

Dr. Roman: There must be some reason for this. Do you see anything unusual in the surroundings?

Fou: Fou, fou!

Mash: ...I hear it.

Dr. Roman: What?

Mash: This is–

Fujimaru 1: A battle somewhere?

Fujimaru 2: Do you hear something?

Mash: Yes, I think it's the sound of a large battle. It seems to be coming from over the hill.

Dr. Roman: A large battle? A war, maybe? No, no, no. Impossible.

Dr. Roman: There were no full-scale wars near the Roman capital in that era.

Dr. Roman: That means–

Mash: There's a historical anomaly. That must be it.

Fujimaru 1: Let's get to that noise!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: That's...

Mash: No doubt about it, they're in combat. One side is overwhelmingly larger than the other.

Mash: The larger force wears regalia of crimson and gold. The small wears the same, but a different design.

Dr. Roman: Crimson and gold were colors especially liked in Ancient Rome. Mash, anything else that's distinctive?

Mash: ...A woman. Several groups of the smaller force are being led by a young woman.

Mash: She's practically taking on the enemy forces herself. The overwhelming avalanche towards the capital, all by herself.

Mash: An extremely strong individual. A Servant, perhaps.

Dr. Roman: No, I am not getting any readings on Servants. You don't sense it either, do you?

Mash: Correct.

Dr. Roman: Then it's certain. That woman is a human of this era.

Mash: This is just personal speculation–

Mash: But she reminds me a bit of Jeanne. I've no basis for it, though.

Dr. Roman: Of Jeanne? The saint who rose to defend the sacred?

Dr. Roman: Hmmm, who of this era was like that...I can't think of one. My knowledge is lacking.

Dr. Roman: In any case, an impossible war is going on.

Dr. Roman: Which means–

Fujimaru 1: Let's help that woman.

Fujimaru 2: We must stop the city from being overrun.

Mash: Yes, I agree with your firm policy, Senpai. Even Fou's fired up.

Fou: Kyuu! Kyu kyu, kyu!

Dr. Roman: You aren't facing Servants or monsters,but they have great numbers. Be careful!

Mash: Right!


D:???: Sheathe your swords! It's over. You there! Are you reinforcements from the capital?

D:???: I thought the capital was sealed off...No matter, I commend you!

D:???: It doesn't matter if you were once my enemy. I am merciful, so past mistakes are water under the bridge.

D:???: More importantly, I praise the way you fought just now. For a girl to brandish a weapon larger than herself...

D:???: Umu, I must say I like you! You showed such indescribable, aberrant beauty!

D:???: Very good, I shall allow you to fight by my side. Revel in the ultimate honor!

D:???: ...Still, you people sure dress in a strange fashion. Aren't you showing a little too much? Are you foreigners?

Fujimaru 1: We are beyond words for your generous praise.

D:???: Yes, yes. You may enjoy wallowing in the sweet sounds I utter.

Fujimaru 2: We're reinforcements, just passing by.

D:???: What perfect timing! Do you serve Boudica,perhaps? Her moves are beyond shrewd.

D:???: At any rate, this victory belongs to us. I will reward you handsomely!

D:???: Oh, uh, sorry.... I couldn't help myself just now.

D:???: You'll have to wait for your reward. Since I have nothing but this sword at the moment.

D:???: It will all be taken care of after we're back in Rome. Now then, follow me!

Section 2: All Roads Lead to Rome

D:???: By the way, you people. I don't doubt that you're foreigners, but where are you from?

D:???: Surely not...Britannia. The Far East...doesn't seem likely, either.

Fujimaru 1: We're from Chaldea.

D:???: Chaldea?

Fujimaru 2: We're from the future.

D:???: What? If that's true, we're going to have a problem. You have my sympathies, but did you fall down the stairs perhaps?

Mash: That's enough small talk. We still have many enemies to deal with, the second wave is coming.

D:???: Damn those restless United Empire fools! How dare they interrupt my beautiful voice!

D:???: Let's go! You! Very striking-looking girl,I order you to serve as my shield!

Mash: Huh? Uh, right!

Mash: ...Senpai, now we're the ones under command somehow!


D:???: ...Somehow we're out of the danger. You ended up saving the day again.

D:???: I'm sure it's not uncommon to be outnumbered in war, but being on the inferior side is no fun. So tiring!

Mash: No, it's not over yet. I can sense more coming!

Dr. Roman: A Servant, Mash, Fujimaru! I've detected a single Servant!

Mash: Yes. I'm sensing it. It's almost...there it is!

E:???: –My beloved younger sister's child.

D:???: Uncle!

D:???: No...No, no, let me call you this now. You fool who inexplicably lost his way, aligning with the United Empire!

D:???: ..."Caligula! "

Dr. Roman: What did she just say? Uncle? Is that what she said?

Mash: Yes, I'm sure that's what I heard. A human living in this era, and a blood relative–of a Servant?

Dr. Roman: Let's look into that later, Mash. No question about it, that's a Servant.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, are you ready? This is our first Servant battle since coming to this era.

Fujimaru 1: Ready when you are!

Fujimaru 2: I'm still not used to this, but I have no choice.

Mash: No need to worry, Senpai. No, Master.

Caligula: My–

Caligula: My actions are destiny.

Caligula: Give up your, life. Give up that body.

Caligula: All of it

Caligula: Give it up!

D:???: Uncle, how could you?

Mash: Here he comes! It's a Servant Battle. Master, your orders!


Caligula: Oh...Oh. My beloved...younger sister's...child...

Caligula: Why won't you...give it to me? Why can't you give it to me?

Caligula: My beautiful...My...My...My...My...

D:???: H-He's gone? Uncle...

Mash: I can no longer sense his presence. The enemy troops seem to be withdrawing as well.

D:???: ...My uncle must've been the general of that battalion. I didn't think I'd ever see him again.

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: Looks like he turned into a Spiritual Body and left. Or fled rather, good work.

Dr. Roman: Berserker class from the looks of him. If so, it's hard to believe that he'd flee...

Dr. Roman: Could it be that...He has a Master?

D:???: Hmm. Huh?

Mash: Wh-What is it?

D:???: There's a man around here, who can be heard but not seen. From the feel of it, maybe a Mage?

Dr. Roman: I am glad you know of magecraft. Yes, these two and myself are from an organization called Chaldea–

D:???: That's all right. You two, no, three over there!

Dr. Roman: Hey, you interrupted me...

D:???: I'm not sure about the one with no body, but the two of you fought marvelously. I praise you again!

D:???: Before I ask your lineage, I'll offer my own. I am–

D:???: The true protector of Rome. Truly, I am Rome itself.

D:???: I swear to rebuild the empire. Yes, this I swear to the gods, my ancestors, to myself, and to the people!

Nero: I am Nero Claudius,fifth emperor of the Roman Empire–!

Fujimaru 1: (Gasp)

Fujimaru 2: (I knew it. )

Nero: Heh heh heh, are you surprised? You are surprised!

Nero: Of course, of course. Very good. Be as surprised and amazed as you like. I shall allow it.

Mash: ...Emperor Nero.

Dr. Roman: Was...a girl...History...

Dr. Roman: Is deep...

Section 3: Eternal City

Nero: Take a good look and be struck with awe! This is my city, a glorious regime that even young girls extol!

Fujimaru 1: It does seem incredibly vibrant!

Fujimaru 2: Everyone seems to be laughing!

Nero: Yes, yes, didn't I tell you? After all, this is the greatest city in the world!

Nero: First, there was Septem Montes–Such words existed like so.

Nero: And that's where it all started. Our glorious history began with our divine ancestors and those hills.

Nero: And...Hey, shopkeeper, I'm taking one of these apples.

Shopkeeper: Welcome to my...Oh! Your Majesty! Please,take as you wish. Glory to the Emperor and Rome!

Nero: Shopkeeper, you don't have to be so stiff. Yes, yes, this is a delicious apple.

Nero: Why don't you take one too? We're returning from war,so no need to worry about bad manners.

Nero: Sweet fruit does wonders for battle fatigue. My wounds won't be healed, but my motivation will!

Mash: Oh, no thank you. But I appreciate the gesture...

Nero: Then how about that [♂ man /♀ woman] over there? They're delicious, don't be shy.

Fujimaru 1: Thank you.

Nero: Ah, that is a wonderful apple.

Fujimaru 2: I'll eat it later.

Nero: Really? That's pretty modest of you.

Nero: Well, for me? I'm usually humble about things too, you know?

Nero: But I want to show off a little—ahem. A-Anyway.

Mash: (She's cute...)

Dr. Roman: (How cute...)

Nero: Umu. Once again, I like you.

Nero: Honestly, I'm unclear about what you speak of...But I can tell that you and that girl are honest people.

Dr. Roman: It's a relief to hear you say that, Emperor Nero.

Dr. Roman: It might be best to think of us simply as a mage and his pupils.

Nero: Is that so? Then let us forget this confusing talk of Masters and Servants.

Nero: You are the mage's pupils, and the mage speaks from a distant land.

Nero: And? You also said your goal–is to aid me?

Mash: Yes. You aren't wrong about that.

Dr. Roman: The center of the world, and the world itself. The name of the greatest empire that rules the world is Rome.

Dr. Roman: In this era, there should be no threat to the city. The Grail's influence must be upsetting events.

Dr. Roman: If I am right, this era's singularity is probably the existence of the great Roman Empire.

Dr. Roman: An empire that greatly influenced later generations. Stopping its destruction would fix the singularity.

Nero: ...Mm, Mm Mm...

Nero: ...S-Sorry, I don't quite understand. Please speak a bit more in my range of understanding.

Mash: Sorry, he can be a bit too theoretical...I'll explain.

Mash: We seek something called the Holy Grail, a magical item with special powers.

Mash: It's causing a great many disturbances just by being here.

Mash: The odds are great that the Grail is the problem eating away at Rome now.

Nero: ...I see. This Holy Grail is damaging my Rome.

Mash: Yes. It must sound astounding to you...

Nero: No, neither strange nor weird. This Holy Grail. It strangely...Worries me...

Nero: Never mind, a needless concern of mine. It's just a nightmare I had once.

Nero: Right. Come with me,let's talk freely in my home.

Nero: ...Wait, what? Is there something wrong at the market?

Shopkeeper: H-Hey! What's this! What are you people doing to my shop!

Fou: Fou!?

Nero: How dare you do this to my Rome, and my people! Are they enemy spies? Either way, it's unforgivable!

Mash: ...Senpai, we should go too! The townsfolk are being attacked!


Nero: –Now then. My Rome is currently endangered.

Nero: My great empire's territories are now, vexingly enough, ripped apart and scattered all over.

Nero: On one hand, there is the true Roman Empire that I rule over. The area centered around this capital, Rome.

Nero: On the other hand, there is an alliance controlled by multiple "emperors", that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Nero: The United Roman Empire. That's what they called themselves when they stole half of my empire.

Nero: The United Empire is still a mystery to us. No matter how many scouts we send out, none ever return.

Nero: Even the location of the capital where these fake emperors gather is unknown to us.

Mash: Multiple emperors, you say?

Nero: That's right. In my eyes, they're just a group of treacherous bandits.

Nero: And...

Nero: ...No, it's not worth mentioning. Just rebels spreading their vicious lies.

Nero: They call themselves emperors, but they're just pretenders.

Fujimaru 1: You look troubled.

Fujimaru 2: Is something bothering you?

Mash: ...Senpai.

Nero: No, it's fine. You saw one of them before.

Nero: Caligula, the enemy general. The man who singlehandedly slaughtered my forces before you arrived.

Nero: He's one of the traitors who calls himself "emperor. "As well as being...

Nero: uncle.

Dr. Roman: Shouldn't he be dead already?

Nero: Yes, dear formless mage. That is correct.

Nero: Even our Court Mage was killed by Uncle Caligula, but if he was still alive you might have gotten along well.

Nero: Our mage boasted that he had overcome death. In truth, he showed me some impressive spells.

Nero: But...He was killed by that one "emperor's" sword.

Nero: A master of spells who shouldn't have died, yet died easily.... It shouldn't be possible, yet, he did.

Dr. Roman: To easily beat a mage of this era...That's no ordinary human. It's a Servant.

Mash: That must be causing the historical anomaly. One of the "emperors" got hold of the Grail.

Dr. Roman: It's highly likely that is the cause of this era's singularity.

Nero: Honestly, the United Empire is very strong. Violent battles are occurring all over and the people suffer.

Nero: I've dispatched all my serving viceroys and generals, and thrown nearly every troop at them. Yet the United Empire's power is undiminished.

Nero: Recently, an expeditionary force of theirs pressed in on the capital. They even managed to get inside.

Nero: I only had a few of my troops to defend us.

Nero: I hate to say it...But it showed me that this situation is beyond my ability to break by myself.

Nero: Therefore. I order you, no, I implore you!

Nero: Become my generals! Then Rome and I shall assist you in obtaining this Holy Grail!

Dr. Roman: Such a heaven-sent proposal. It seems we have a common cause.

Mash: That's right. What do you think, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: Let's cooperate.

Nero: Ah, I see! I see! That's a quick response!

Fujimaru 2: Do we get a salary?

Nero: Of course. As soon as the United Empire is beaten,I shall give you what you desire.

Nero: I shall grant one of you the title of viceroy, as well as reward for the work you've already done.

Nero: Rest well tonight. I shall prepare quarters suitable for a viceroy for you.

Nero: Oh yes, will the invisible mage require them as well?

Dr. Roman: Don't worry about me. Supplying a room for those two will be enough.

Dr. Roman: By the way Your Majesty, have you ever heard the name Lev Lainur?

Nero: ...Lev? No I haven't, who is he?

Mash: A mage of our era. He betrayed Chaldea and all humanity.

Mash: There's a chance he's in this era. Although, I don't know if he's revealed himself or taken any action.

Nero: A mage from a foreign land? ...Hmm.

Nero: I've heard there is a powerful mage in the United Empire. It's only a rumor, but someone saw that mage on the front lines.

Dr. Roman: ...It's possible. Your Majesty, I have a request.

Nero: Speak.

Dr. Roman: I'd like Mash and Fujimaru to be deployed as close to the front lines as possible.

Nero: I don't mind, but...Will Fujimaru be all right?

Mash: ...Yes. Lev Lainur is our enemy.

Fujimaru 1: We owe him some payback.

Mash: ...Yes, Master.

Fujimaru 2: The Director will be avenged.

Mash: ...That's right. We can't let him go after the way he killed the Director.

Nero: Very well. Nero Claudius will honor your request.

Nero: I shall pray to the gods and divine ancestors of Rome that your enemy be defeated.

Nero: But first, how about a feast before you rest!

Nero: Not as grand as usual due to the war, but it will still be a feast where I spare no efforts.

Nero: Fujimaru, Mash, do you drink? We have something special imported from the Orient!

Mash: Oh, uh, no drinking for me thanks...

Roman Soldier: Your Majesty! The eastern city gate is under attack by a mid-size United Empire force!

Roman Soldier: I think they're remnants of that expeditionary force! Our eastern gate can't hold them back!

Nero: ...Grr. Just as I was about to have a rare pleasant feast.

Dr. Roman: Go Mash, Fujimaru. Looks like your time has come.

Dr. Roman: It won't be unusual if another Servant shows up as an enemy general. Stay on guard!

Mash: Understood.... Senpai, shall we?

Fujimaru 1: Let's go, Mash!

Mash: Yes!

Nero: I'm counting on you Viceroy Fujimaru. Show those skills you demonstrated before!

Nero: The feast can wait! We'll look forward to it!

Mash: Enemy forces sighted. They're in battle formation.

Dr. Roman: You're facing human forces, not Servants or monsters. Take it easy on them you two.

Mash: Got it. Master, your commands please.


Mash: The sun is setting, but it seems the attack isn't over yet.

Dr. Roman: I'm worried about the enemy's numbers. Keep an eye on Fujimaru's stamina and magical energy consumption.

Mash: Yes Doctor. Master, try not to exert yourself too much.


Mash: ...It's getting dark, huh?

Dr. Roman: The enemy isn't letting up. As expected in the age of close combat, they all have incredible stamina!

Dr. Roman: Still, this is where you need to make your stand. Don't let your guard down, Fujimaru!


Mash: ...Whew. The enemy is retreating.

Mash: There didn't seem to be any Servants among them. They were all human soldiers.

Dr. Roman: No mages that could be Lev, huh? Anyway, good job. It's gotten really dark.

Mash: Let's head back, Senpai. If there's a night raid, we'll be in for another battle.

Mash: You should rest while you can. Didn't I tell you as much this morning?

Fujimaru 1: Yes, you did.

Mash: Okay.

Fujimaru 2: I'm not sleepy yet...

Mash: What?

Dr. Roman: Hahaha! Then I think I'll go back to my room and sleep.

Dr. Roman: I have to check Magi☆Mari's blog too. She should've updated her diary by now...

Fujimaru 1: Doctor...

Dr. Roman: Wh-Why are you looking at me like some sort of pitiful creature? What's wrong with internet idols?

Dr. Roman: They're truly the ideal "idols," untainted by the hand of the media, TV networks, or even morals!

Fujimaru 2: Isn't the outside world destroyed?

Dr. Roman: You've noticed a vital point. The outside world has definitely been destroyed.

Dr. Roman: Which means Magi☆Mari and that HP will no longer be updated...Is that what you think?

Dr. Roman: Fool! Magi☆Mari is a supreme idol who has transcended beyond this world's circumstances!

Dr. Roman: ...Well actually, she's been recreated as an auto-generated AI from her original data.

Mash: Doctor, it's not my place to comment on the hobby of a 30-year old bachelor, but please do your job.

Mash: Otherwise, I'll be forced to delete that "secret" folder of yours.

Dr. Roman: C-Come on now, it's a joke! I'm always checking your surroundings and finding data!

Dr. Roman: Anyway, get some rest you two. The Emperor's also waiting for your report.

Section 4: Burning Mountain

Dr. Roman: Good morning Your Majesty, I actually have an important favor to ask of you.

Nero: Umu, ask me anything! I am quite generous!

Dr. Roman: In order to stabilize our activities in this era, I'd like to go to Mount Etna.

Dr. Roman: A leyline crucial to our mission exists in that volcano.

Nero: Etna, huh? The Court Mage used to go to Etna a lot too. Hmm, but why?

Fujimaru 1: We need to set a terminal point.

Fujimaru 2: So we can bolster our troops.

Nero: I see. I'm not sure I understand, but I'll grant you permission.

Nero: If you go to Etna, will it be for me and for the sake of my Rome?

Mash: Yes, Your Majesty. Of course.

Nero: Very well. While my investigation of the United Empire prevents me from going–

Nero: You may do as you wish. Be prepared for enemy soldiers along the way.

Mash: Thank you very much.

Fou: Fou, foooou!

Dr. Roman: ...We arrived more easily than expected. Isn't this a vital region to the United Empire?

Mash: Wait Doctor, it looks like something's already swarming around the leyline!

Mash: That's–

Dr. Roman: Ghost-type monsters? If it's naturally occurring, that's quite a leyline!

Fujimaru 1: Let's eliminate them!

Fujimaru 2: Secure the leyline!

Mash: Roger Master! Initiating combat!


Mash: The battle is over. Now I'll create a terminal point–

Dr. Roman: ...Hm. Huh?

Dr. Roman: Da Vinci's not coming out. Oh, could it be that this time it's...

Fou: Fou?

Dr. Roman: He must be busy with Sheba's maintenance, so I guess he doesn't have the time.

Fou: Fou, fou...

Mash: I've completed the summoning circle. Now we can secure combat personnel even in this era.


Mash: Now then, let's return to Rome. Thank goodness there were fewer battles than I expected.

Dr. Roman: What? No, wait, I am still detecting some magical energy.

Dr. Roman: Did it get drawn by the energy that was leaking before the circle was established?

???: ...Oh...oh...oh!

Mash: ...Senpai, the opponent is a non-physical type. Your battle commands!


Mash: –No sign of any nearby enemies.

Dr. Roman: This time we're safe for sure. Let's head down while keeping an eye out for enemy soldiers.

Fou: Fou! Foooou!

Mash: United Roman Empire...They seem to have taken in Servants.

Mash: Who is the mastermind anyway? Is it Lev Lainur, or perhaps–

Dr. Roman: I still can't pick up anything, but if there's a Servant here it'd be hard to avoid combat.

Dr. Roman: Servants are being implemented in wars without hesitation. This is clearly unusual.

Dr. Roman: If you weren't here, the emperor would've been killed for sure.

Dr. Roman: Please do your best, I'll proceed with my analysis.

Fujimaru 1: Understood.

Fujimaru 2: Do your best, Doctor.

Fou: Fou!

Nero: Ah, you're back, Fujimaru.

Nero: I know you only just returned, but I'm thinking of launching an expedition to Gaul.

Nero: It's to aid and give encouragement to my fellow subordinates. Of course, if I don't go there's no point.

Nero: I'd like Fujimaru and Mash to join me. Well? Will you come?

Mash: ...What should we do, Senpai?

Dr. Roman: The emperor's given me details of the situation. Gaul seems to be a front line in the war with the United Empire.

Dr. Roman: There's a chance that the Servant with the Grail could be rampaging there. Lev could be there too.

Dr. Roman: I think you should go with her. Naturally, it'll be dangerous, but–

Fujimaru 1: It can't be helped.

Fujimaru 2: We'll do our best and be careful.

Mash: ...Right Senpai, I agree.

Nero: It's decided! An imperial expedition! Prepare at once!

Roman Soldier: Yes, Your Majesty!

Section 5: Onward to Gaul

Nero: Fujimaru, you're not going on horseback?

Mash: I do have Riding Skill, but...Senpai isn't very used to horses.

Mash: Senpai, are you all right? You've been walking non-stop all this way, are you not tired?

Fujimaru 1: This is nothing.

Mash: Don't tell me...Before coming to Chaldea,you were the outdoors type?

Fujimaru 2: Are you all right Mash?

Mash: I'm fine. As a Demi-Servant I have incredible stamina.

Dr. Roman: You shouldn't try to keep up with Mash, Fujimaru. Demi-Servants have mind-blowing stamina.

Dr. Roman: You should've just gotten on that horse. Were you traumatized when you almost fell off?

Mash: Doctor. Try not to tease Senpai too much, please.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha! Well, it's no fun just providing intel support.

Dr. Roman: —Hold! I am detecting life ahead. Not a Servant, but I think it's an enemy.

Nero: Hmmm. The invisible mage is quite convenient.

Nero: Faster than my scouts. If you may, please consider becoming my Court Mage.

Dr. Roman: Gulp. Royal service...A promotion?

Mash: ...Doctor.

Dr. Roman: No, no, I was just kidding. How could I ever accept royal service?

Dr. Roman: Anyway, here they come! Flanking from left and right! Prepare for immediate combat!

Nero: Umu, we'll get rid of them! Fujimaru, I'll leave the right side to you!


Nero: You handled those veterans like they were nobodies. With such small numbers, too.

Nero: Was that thanks to Mash's skills? Or was it–

Nero: Or was it Fujimaru's leadership? Either way, you're more intriguing than when we first met.

Nero: Listen...Rather than a guest commander, want to serve me?

Nero: You'll get to savor all the glory of this world by my side. I mean after we've defeated the United Empire, of course.

Mash: ...

Nero: Well? Not a bad deal, is it?

Fujimaru 1: True...

Nero: Isn't that right? Isn't that right? You're an honest soul. Heh, heh, I think I really like you now!

Mash: Senpai, we have a mission. You haven't forgotten, have you?

Mash: ...You haven't forgotten, have you?

Fujimaru 2: Please let me think about it.

Nero: Can't answer right away even though you want to? How modest! Very well, think it over!

Nero: Once we defeat the United Empire, I can even grant you Britannia, let alone Gaul.

Nero: You know of my generosity, but grand feasts like this have been rare.

Nero: Isn't that right, soldier? Do I not excel in splendor among past emperors?

Roman Soldier: Yes, as you say. Today the brilliance that is Rome shines all the brighter!

Nero: Heh, heh, an honest fellow. Yes, yes,I believe that even I may shine a bit too brightly.

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: Oh? Mash is looking a little...

Mash: What is it, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: No, it's nothing. Nothing. Whoops! Another enemy attack! More regular soldiers, this time.

Nero: This mage is really quite useful. Go on then, crush them once more!


Mash: Battle over. We've only sustained minor casualties.

Mash: Senpai, good work! Aren't you exhausted?

Fujimaru 1: Good work to you too.

Mash: R-Right...Thank you very much,but I'm more worried about our allies.

Fujimaru 2: I'm a little tired.

Mash: You mustn't overdo it. Let's ask Nero if we can rest for a bit.

Dr. Roman: No, we only have to endure this a little longer. We should be arriving soon. I can see it.

Nero: ...How truly convenient! I'm going to want one in every country, mage.

Nero: Whoa, it's just like the mage said Fujimaru. We've entered the territory of Gaul. You must be tired from your long journey.

Nero: The Gaul expedition troop's camp is nearby. We can finally get a good long rest.

Section 6: Wild Camp

Nero: I am Emperor Nero Claudius! I shall allow you to listen carefully!

Nero: Soldiers of the Gaul expedition, I thank you for your efforts for me, my subjects, and my Rome!

Nero: I have now come to the expedition's aid. You now have a mighty general here with you!

Nero: There's no reason for us to lose this battle! –Victory belongs to me, and the Rome you all love!

Mash: Listen to the crowd. So this is how charismatic Emperor Nero was at her peak?

Dr. Roman: Probably, but it's also a mystery. She's so charismatic now, but in her later years...

Dr. Roman: ...No, never mind. I will stop there, never tell people living in the past about the future. That's our policy.

Fou: ...Kyuu...

Dr. Roman: Mm. This is...This reaction, Mash...right there–

G:???: Well, Emperor Nero Claudius came earlier than I thought.

G:???: –You there. [♂ The boy who looks like a rookie. /♀ The girl who's doing her best. ]Are you the guest commander I've heard so much about? I guess looks can be deceiving.

Boudica: Thank you for travelling so far. I'm Boudica, general of the Gaul expedition.

Mash: Boudica–?

Boudica: Yes Boudica, the "former" queen of Britannia, and this huge fellow here is...

H:???: Another champion who was invited to the battlefield. You should be pleased, this garden of battle is full of oppressors.

H:???: The oppressors are committing atrocities as they approach. It is time to rise up. Let us battle side by side. You who dare defy this unparalleled tyranny.

Mash: ???

Mash: ...Right. His words baffle me, but I have a feeling...

Boudica: H-Huh? Whoa, that's extremely rare. Spartacus hardly ever takes a liking to someone at first sight.

Boudica: Let me correct myself. He hardly ever takes a liking to someone at first sight, without then pouncing on them.

Mash: (...Doctor, this giant over here is. )

Fou: (Fouuuuuu...)

Dr. Roman: (Y-Yes, he's definitely a muscle. )

Dr. Roman: (I mean a Servant. That's what the reading says. Definitely a Servant. Let's leave it at that. )

Dr. Roman: (He doesn't seem to have hostile intentions. )

Mash: (I can't translate what he's saying. He's looking at us, but what does he mean by "You who defy tyranny"–? )

Dr. Roman: (My guess is he's a Berserker. Yes, he must be...Maybe...)

Spartacus: Warrior of the rebellion, give me your name. Let us revolt together against the inhumane empire and shout in triumph under a free sky.

Mash: ???

Fujimaru 1: My name is Fujimaru.

Mash: Did he ask for your name just now? Is that what it was?

Fujimaru 2: I don't know what he's saying.

Mash: Neither do I...He's got this extremely carefree smile, but that's all I'm getting...

Dr. Roman: Huh? He's smiling while saying all that? His Madness Enhancement must be incredible.

Dr. Roman: That being said, I suppose this proves that even in this era, stray Servants do exist.

Dr. Roman: For some reason, unlike hostile Servants, there are also those who have free will, stand by their era, and fight.

Dr. Roman: It has been confirmed in two eras. I am sure it will be the case for all the singularities.

Dr. Roman: If we count Fuyuki, this makes the third time–

Dr. Roman: At any rate, this is encouraging. This way we know we'll have allies even without summoning.

Boudica: Ummmm, are you the Invisible Mage?

Dr. Roman: Oh excuse me, let me introduce myself. I am Roman, and...

Mash: I am Mash Kyrielight,this is Fujimaru...The viceroy.

Boudica: I've heard your names before, news of you travels even out here. They are the honored guests, aren't they, Your Majesty.

Nero: ...

Mash: Your Majesty?

Nero: ...Mm. D-Did you say something? It seems I am a little tired. Boudica, take care of our guests.

Nero: Tell them about the situation here in Gaul. I have a terrible headache. I'm going to lie down for a bit.

Boudica: Understood. Leave these youngsters to me.

Nero: Yes, I'm counting on you. Fujimaru,you must be exhausted, too. You should get some rest.

Boudica: ...

Roman Soldier: I bring news! An enemy scouting party has been discovered!

Boudica: ...Can we pursue them?

Roman Soldier: We can't catch up to the enemy soldiers' speed! At this rate, it's possible they'll get away!

Dr. Roman: Yes, you're right. A group of them are leaving the camp and making off with intel on us!

Dr. Roman: I think we should strike,Mash and Fujimaru.

Mash: Understood, Doctor.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go.

Fujimaru 2: Sometime we can't let them go.

Mash: Right. Let's go!


Mash: –So that's the story. I think we'll be in your care for a while.

Boudica: Oh? From a foreign world? I see, I guess such things can really happen.

Dr. Roman: Thank you for your understanding. Boudica, was it? You're a Servant too, right?

Mash: ...Doctor.

Boudica: It's all right, you don't have to hold your tongue. Yes, I "should be dead" already.

Boudica: I see you find that strange. How did Queen Boudica become a Roman general, right?

Mash: Yes. In the history that I'm aware of, you–

Boudica: Yes, that's right.

Boudica: I'll never forgive Emperor Nero or Rome. I even swore it to the Celtic gods.

Boudica: ...And then I materialized. To this era right after my death, of all things.

Boudica: I thought maybe it was my chance for revenge,but when I saw Rome overrun by the United Empire...

Boudica: My body moved on its own. Not for Nero's sake, but for the people who live there.

Boudica: ...Or did I feel guilty towards the Londinium fellows, whom I brutally murdered for the sake of my vengeance.

Boudica: I don't really know myself. But when I think about it, I've always been like that.

Boudica: I think fighting to protect something is just my personality. That's what seems most natural to me.

Boudica: So my apologies to Nero, who wrongly sees me as a "worthy living opponent," but...

Fujimaru 1: Are you keeping your Servant status a secret?

Fujimaru 2: Are you keeping your death a secret?

Boudica: Yes, because somehow she's more dangerous than before. If she becomes overly concerned about me, who knows what she would do.

Mash: ...Understood. You're a proper Heroic Spirit.

Mash: A hero whom others aspire to be. The symbol of strength used to suppress villainy and save others.

Boudica: Nyahaha, I was just doing it on a whim...Although if that's how I look to you, who am I to disagree?

Dr. Roman: There aren't many Heroic Spirits who could put it like that. Queen Boudica, your pride is dazzling.

Mash: ...Senpai. Um, are you keeping up with the conversation?

Fujimaru 1: I don't really get it...

Mash: I didn't think so. Sorry, I'll explain.

Fujimaru 2: Yes, it's okay. I understand.

Mash: ...Right. Ms. Boudica is, um...

Mash: ...She's a Heroic Spirit, a Servant. She was killed by Nero's army just before this era.

Mash: She was the Queen of Britannia, which was overrun by Rome. Now she stands with Nero.

Mash: I do have a question, though. I mean, why–

Boudica: It's not that difficult. I dislike the United Empire more than Nero.

Boudica: You feel the same way, don't you Spartacus? You intend to fight a legion of oppressors.

Boudica: It's dangerous to say this, but she isn't the enemy. You don't consider yourself to be Nero's ally, do you?

Spartacus: Hahaha, the walls of the colosseum have fallen. Soon, all of this land shall become my colosseum.

Boudica: You see?

Mash: (I don't. )

Dr. Roman: (I wonder if she possesses a special skill. Like Madness Comprehension...or something? )

Mash: A-Anyway. Both of them are Heroic Spirits and Servants.

Mash: Just like in Orleans, right? In a singularity, multiple Servants will materialize.

Mash: But not all of them are enemies. Some have wills of their own and stand on the side of justice.

Boudica: You're embarrassing me. I'm not all that.

Spartacus: Hahaha! Behold, this muscular body is proof of the uprising. The oppressors shall know any injuries inflicted are my strength.

Boudica: There, you see? Spartacus is embarrassed, too.

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: ...

Mash: ...Senpai, did you understand what he said?

Fujimaru 1: I got the gist.

Mash: Huh? R-Really?

Fujimaru 2: Not one bit!

Mash: I-I didn't think so. I didn't catch any of it either...

Boudica: –All right, shall we get started then?

Mash: Excuse me?

Boudica: I don't doubt your skills, but...Ah, actually, maybe I do.

Boudica: Right now, the United Empire controls most of Gaul. Not even we can drive them out.

Boudica: The ruler of Gaul–One of the "emperors," is strong.

Boudica: There's nothing excessive about him, body or mind. He's a top-notch hero in both looks and skills.

Boudica: Do you have the strength to fight him head-on? Or should I use you as back-up?

Boudica: My apologies, but could I put your abilities to the test?

Dr. Roman: What? I thought you were a rational queen, but it turns out you're a hero who "speaks" with her sword!

Boudica: Ahaha, now you've got the idea. So, shall we?

Boudica: Just try not to die. When we're done,I'll whip up something delicious for you.

Boudica: Of course I mean Britannia cuisine, not Roman. –So, let's meet face to face and cross swords!

Boudica: My True Name is Boudica, class Rider! Be careful, because my chariot is extremely strong!


Boudica: Ah.... I must say, I am happy to be proven wrong about you.

Boudica: You showed me how competent you are. Thanks,I know you must be exhausted from your travels.

Boudica: My defense and Spartacus's offense matches pretty well. You held your own against us, I underestimated you!

Boudica: As for you...Mash? You're a shield-wielding Heroic Spirit, right? I really like you.

Boudica: I know it's twisted to have a weapon solely for defense, but it's far better than one solely for killing.

Boudica: I mean, how can you be so reliable when you're so slim?

Fou: Fou?

Mash: R-Reliable?

Boudica: Yes, when you wielded your shield and stood your ground...It was like you'd taken root.

Boudica: If Lord Nero is the violence of fire, then you're the riches of the earth. I think you'd be compatible with any Heroic Spirit.

Mash: ...Right.

Boudica: Yes, good answer. Indeed, indeed.

Boudica: Hmm...

Boudica: Hmm, hmm. (staring)

Boudica: Hmm, hmm, hmm. (staring)

Mash: E-Excuse me?

Boudica: Now that I look at you carefully, yes, I see. So that's what it is. If that's the case, you should have just told me!

Mash: Excuse me?

Boudica: Things are getting complicated, aren't they? Even we...Ah, I just noticed. How adorable!

Mash: Huh?

Boudica: Come here. Come on. There, there.

Mash: Ah–W-What is it, Boudica? Augh...What's with you all of a sudden...

Boudica: You're like a little sister to me. Maybe both of you are. There, there.

Boudica: I'm so proud of you, coming from a faraway time period. You're so strong. There, there.

Fujimaru 1: She's like an aunt...or big sister.

Fujimaru 2: Boudica's chest is mashing Mash...

Mash: U-Um, y-your chest...I can't breathe...

Boudica: Mmm, good girl, good girl!

Boudica: You called yourself Nero's ally so I was on my guard for a bit, sorry!

Boudica: But now I'm in a great mood! All right, tonight I'll make you something wonderful to eat!

Boudica: Your big sister here is really good at cooking Britannia cuisine. You'll eat it, won't you?

Mash: T-Thank you...Senpai, how about you? Are you hungry?

Fujimaru 1: Famished.

Mash: I know, right? Actually, me too.

Fujimaru 2: I'm just completely exhausted.

Mash: Ah...I-I know, right? I'm exhausted from traveling, too. I'm sorry!

Boudica: Yes, yes! Eat, eat, and then go to sleep! That's the key to having plenty of energy!

Boudica: Even if you don't like it, I'll force you to eat! Then after dinner–

Boudica: Of course, we should take a bath! I'll even wash your back.

Mash: Huh?

Boudica: I hate to admit this, but Roman baths are the best in the world. It goes to show that even Nero can be useful.

Boudica: It feels amazing. Even Spartacus calms down when he's immersed in hot water.

Mash: Huh?

Mash: U-Um...I think you can let go of me now...

Dr. Roman: Berserkers calm down when they're immersed in hot water...This is a discovery Mash!

Mash: No, it's not.

Mash: No...

Section 7: Take Back Gaul!

United Empire Soldier: I have a report, Your Majesty. Enemy attacks are intensifying–and we have a message from the front.

United Empire Soldier: A small unit led by the pretender, Emperor Nero, is advancing with incredible force.

United Empire Soldier: It's as you said, Your Majesty. There's a "special" enemy leader among them.

Caesar: I see.

United Empire Soldier: Yes, sir.

Caesar: Hmm.

United Empire Soldier: Sir, how should we proceed?

Caesar: Do nothing. Forget about them.

United Empire Soldier: What?

Caesar: Only a Servant can stand up to another Servant. Seriously, it's such a pain.

Caesar: It's laughable to think that the fickle gods would come this far. I mean, look at me–

Caesar: A "Saber" class, huh? To think they would make me take up my sword.

United Empire Soldier: D-Do you mean...Emperor Caesar, are you going into battle yourself?

Caesar: Fool.

United Empire Soldier: Sir!

Caesar: I am not going into battle. They are coming to me.

Caesar: I'm not moving. The rest of you better not meddle with them, either.

United Empire Soldier: B-But, Your Majesty! We are soldiers of the true United Roman Empire!

United Empire Soldier: If our rule over Gaul is the will of the gods, then we must not retreat!

Caesar: Fool! Are you in a hurry to die? Humans cannot defeat a Servant. They would be slaughtered.

United Empire Soldier: B-But...

Caesar: Then let it be an order. Fight in moderation, I do not desire your deaths.

United Empire Soldier: ...Yes, sir! With everything I have.

Caesar: That being said, I'm sure you are going to die for the sake of the Rome that you believe in.

Caesar: Honestly...I've had it with "that one's" whims.

Caesar: Perfect government. Perfect leadership. But then you're left with a colony of people without a will.

Boudica: Spartacus and I will lead the charge! Both of you,go with Nero to take the enemy's main camp.

Spartacus: Hahahahaha. Wonderful. Everything is here. Hundreds, thousands of oppressor's evil agents are here.

Spartacus: Now is the time to sing of our victory. We're not at a disadvantage, we have the upper hand. From now on, my warcry shall signify the beginning of our triumph.

Boudica: Not over there, here! Oh, come on Spartacus!

Spartacus: Hahahahaha. The queen of the rebellion is my ally. That is to say, victory is at hand. The powerful will be defeated!

Nero: ...Umu, I'm counting on you, Boudica. In a number of ways, I'm counting on you.

Nero: Still, Spartacus isn't wrong! The time has come to defeat one of the "emperors. "

Nero: Let us take Gaul back from the false emperor! Come, Mash and Fujimaru!

Mash: Right. Master!

Fujimaru 1: Hold nothing back!

Fujimaru 2: Let's be careful out there!

Mash: Right! Order understood!


Mash: ...What was that enemy just now.

Dr. Roman: No question, it's a magical creature. Is this the work of an enemy Servant or mage?

Dr. Roman: Or was it Lev Lainur–?

Nero: Stop daydreaming! We're charging into the enemy's main camp!


Dr. Roman: I am getting a reading on non-human, non-Servant entity. Fujimaru, more golems are coming!

Mash: I will crush them. Master, your orders!


Caesar: ...So you're here.

Caesar: I'm tired of waiting. How long do you intend to keep me waiting.

Caesar: Still though, it looks like it was worth a little boredom!

Caesar: That beauty of yours–

Caesar: So beautiful. Beautiful. Truly beautiful, your beauty is fitting for the world's greatest treasure - Rome!

Caesar: Heir to our beloved Rome. What did you say your name was?


Caesar: Don't fall silent. Even if it's on the battlefield, be eloquent.

Caesar: Or do you intend to fight without giving me your name? Is that the way of the current Roman emperor?

Caesar: Now then, speak. Who is the one who would force me to take up arms, what is your name?

Nero: –Nero. I am the fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Nero: My name is Nero Claudius. I will take you out pretender to the throne!

Caesar: I like how you announced yourself. Otherwise it would all be so dull.

Caesar: You, guest commander! Thank you for coming from a distant land. Tell me your names as well.

Fujimaru 1: I am Fujimaru.

Mash: Mash Kyrielight. I'm Master Fujimaru's Servant.

Caesar: I've never heard of those names. All roads lead to Rome, eh? I see that I was arrogant.

Fujimaru 2: ...Um, you're kind of plump, aren't you?

Caesar: Of course, Rome is the pinnacle of civilization and that begins with gourmet food. Plumpness is power.

Caesar: Take the fifth Emperor here, she's plump in all the right places. Although inferior to my woman, the Queen of Desert, but that's fine.

Nero: ...Mmm, as befits the mystery man who subdued Gaul...You soften a woman's heart as naturally as you breathe...

Nero: But I am not a woman like my mother. I am an emperor and a young maiden!

Nero: Oddly rotund man, your words fail to strike a chord in my heart!

Caesar: Is that so...

Dr. Roman: Um, can we get down to business?

Mash: I want to ask you something. About the United Empire, and the Holy Grail.

Caesar: Oh? Then, um, the what's-your-name over there...

Fujimaru 1: It's Fujimaru.

Caesar: So you're the "Master," huh? I see, so this is Master and Servant.

Caesar: You seem very different from the one I know. Or are you the proper one?

Caesar: In any case, I suppose you're my enemy. It's a pain, but so be it.

Caesar: Let me reward you for coming all this way. I will let you witness the power of my golden sword, Crocea Mors.

Nero: Don't say that! Gold is my color! Mine! The one who built the Golden Theater!

Caesar: Haha, that's the spirit. Protect her well, Demi-Servant.

Caesar: Fight well and perhaps I will tell you where to find the Holy Grail that you seek.

Mash: !!!

Caesar: Now then–Come forth. The die has already been cast.


Caesar: Hmm, you certainly are strong. No–

Caesar: Who would even place a fine general like me on the front lines in the first place. Can't call this "best man for the job. "

Mash: Wielding such a devastating sword...How can you even say that...

Dr. Roman: Just what you'd expect of a Saber Class...He's truly a skilled Servant.

Nero: Such a monster...Ugh, and I thought he was just a fake emperor...

Caesar: No, you're wrong about that Nero Claudius. I'm still the emperor, though no such title existed in my time.

Caesar: In response to your beauty and courage, I shall tell you my name. I am Caesar. In other words...

Caesar: Gaius Julius Caesar.

Nero: Wh-What? That's...the name of the ruler who preceded our first emperor...

Nero: But...You're dead...How can this be?

Caesar: You've already met Caligula, I presume? Then you should already know.

Caesar: We're "genuine. "Both myself...and him.

Nero: ...Ugh.

Caesar: Try to relax. You are beautiful, truly beautiful. Your beauty can match any other treasure in the world.

Caesar: You, Demi-Servant, you too are beautiful. Very nice indeed. Nice body, too.

Mash: !!!

Caesar: I admire your courage, strength, and beauty. Therefore, I shall tell you one thing.

Caesar: The Holy Grail is located in a castle within the United Empire's capital. More precisely, in the hands of our Court Mage.

Mash: Mage–Can you tell us the name of that person?

Caesar: I can't. Your reward ends here for I have no reason to tell you more.

Caesar: Now, Emperor Nero, your hardship is not something I wish for.

Caesar: But I have my own reasons to fight. I want that Holy Grail for myself as well.

Caesar: They say once a Servant has obtained the Holy Grail, they can get any wish granted–

Caesar: This is rather greedy as I am already dead, but I must fulfill the promise that I made.

Caesar: ...Well then. It's time for me to be serious.

Caesar: It's been a while, so I needed exercise. The poor golden sword also needs occasional use.

Nero: "Serious? "

Mash: This presence–Please be careful, Master!

Dr. Roman: His magical energy level is rising? No, he's unleashing what he's been holding back!

Dr. Roman: I guess our opponent has gotten serious! Or rather, he didn't fight seriously until now!

Caesar: I came, I saw. Now, I must conquer!


Nero: Mm, mmm...Did we...get him?

Dr. Roman: Yes, I can detect his readings are getting weaker. You've won. Congratulations.

Mash: Your sword was very powerful, but as long as I have Senpai's instructions I can block it.

Caesar: Hmm, being taken out by beautiful women isn't so bad.

Caesar: It's not feasible for me to act like a mere soldier anyway. Seriously, I was helpless against that person's weirdness.

Nero: That person–?

Caesar: That's right, the true emperor of this era. That person is surely waiting for your arrival in the capital.

Caesar: I'm not an emperor to be exact, but none of the past "emperors" can stand up against that person.

Caesar: When you see that person's name and face,I wonder how you'll react? I can't wait.

Caesar: I am not being sarcastic. You are beautiful,no matter what expression you may have–

Nero: He's gone...

Nero: What's this...Is this some sort of magecraft...or...

Fujimaru 1: It's a Servant death.

Nero: What did you...

Mash: Like Senpai said, that Servant has lost his life.

Fujimaru 2: He's left this world.

Nero: What did you...

Mash: Like Senpai said, that Servant is gone from this world.

Mash: A Servant disappears when facing death. Their temporary body dissipates, and their experience is sent back to the Throne.

Nero: I don't quite understand...What that bastard, no, "that man" said earlier.

Dr. Roman: He is a Servant. A deceased human transcended into a different form.

Nero: ...I see.

Nero: I made you personally kill the once great ruler Caesar.

Mash: Nero–

Nero: No, nothing. Umu! I commend you for defeating one of the "emperors. "

Nero: Now Gaul is truly under my command. We have shown the United Empire what we can do!

Nero: Just as I wished, just as my people wished, the Rome blessed by our ancestors and gods is returning to us!

Nero: I will bring Rome back into my hands! Until then–Until then, no matter what, I cannot afford to stop here.

E:???: ...So Caesar was defeated.

Lev: Yes, it seems that way. I only used him because he had a wish for the Grail.

Lev: This shouldn't cause many issues. I can summon as many new Servants as I want.

Lev: If there's an issue, it's this foolish Berserker. Isn't it obvious that Berserkers are fools?

Lev: I was surprised he would defy my orders. Is blood thicker than water? What a joke.

Caligula: For my destiny...My beloved niece irrelevant...

Caligula: Beautiful child...Nero, you will be loved, loved, so loved...

Caligula: Therefore...In my destiny...

Lev: Hmph, I regret not having a Command Spell. However, I have quite the spell ready for you.

Lev: You will kill your niece with your own hands. Then,drowned in regret, you will destroy everything else in this era.

Lev: That said—You likely don't have enough intellect left to regret.

Lev: My, my, Servants truly are inconvenient beings.

Lev: No matter how legendary you are, or how much superhuman strength you possess, in the end you are just mere familiars.

Lev: With the power to change the world at will, yet that freedom is not allowed. Talk about irony.

Lev: Say, wouldn't you agree?

E:???: ...Well then.

Lev: Oh, excuse me. Come to think it, you are a Servant too.

Lev: —Heh, that's why you must obey me. If anything called destiny exists for you, I am it.

Lev: The utter annihilation of this era. The death of Emperor Nero, the collapse of ancient Rome, the death of humanity.

Lev: That–is my duty, bestowed upon me by our king.

E:???: ...Yes.

Lev: Then, it is time to replenish our lost personnel. The summoning ritual is almost finished.

Lev: This is different than the incomplete one in Chaldea. I can truly summon Servants at will.

Lev: We were created as such. With this summoning ritual,I stand at the end of this world.

Leonidas: ...Servant, Lancer. True Name, Leonidas. I will serve you from here on.

Lev: Oh, a Heroic Spirit from Thermopylae. Not bad. Use your full powers to eliminate Nero Claudius–

Section 8: The Trip Back Home

Nero: ...Hmm.

Nero: Did you hear what that farmer said just now? The traveler we passed yesterday said the same thing.

Nero: That "an ancient god has appeared. "Could it be true?

Dr. Roman: I wonder. It's an interesting phrase. If he said"ancient god," could it be from the Age of the Gods.

Mash: To be precise, it's the fourth time we've heard it. None of them seemed to be lying.

Mash: "An ancient god appeared on an island in the Mediterranean. " For a rumor, it's very specific.

Nero: Well, Gaul faces the Mediterranean. It's not unusual to hear such rumors...

Nero: But after hearing it over and over, I'm intrigued. Though we're on our way back to Rome now.

Dr. Roman: Hmm, it is intriguing, huh? I mean, I'm extremely intrigued.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, what do you think?

Fujimaru 1: It may have to do with the Holy Grail.

Mash: Well...I don't know about that. Caesar said their Court Mage has possession of it.

Dr. Roman: We can't tell if it's Lev Lainur or not,but is it possible that he moved to the Mediterranean?

Dr. Roman: And is claiming to be a god. It's a likely story.

Dr. Roman: No, well, he could be a real god.

Fujimaru 2: I think we might've misheard.

Mash: No, we've heard it multiple times for sure. Senpai, have you forgotten?

Dr. Roman: An island where a god lives, huh. Ah, that sounds so romantic!

Dr. Roman: An ancient god in the 1st Century! The supposedly gone Divine Spirits returned to the land once more!

Mash: Question Doctor, is materialization of Divine Spirits really possible?

Dr. Roman: It's difficult. So much so that it's nigh impossible. At least, it's not possible with Chaldea's system.

Fujimaru 1: Divine Spirit?

Mash: Yes, a Divine Spirit.

Fujimaru 2: Divine Spirit, not Heroic Spirit?

Mash: Yes. It is different than a Heroic Spirit. It is said to be a higher being than elementals.

Dr. Roman: Divine beings are mentioned in many legends of this world. Sometimes as a natural phenomenon, or symbols of authority.

Dr. Roman: They are what you may call God, or gods. Just think of Divine Spirits as a term to define them.

Dr. Roman: They're already gone from the face of the Earth. Perhaps they never existed in the first place?

Dr. Roman: It's hard to understand with magecraft developed after Anno Domini. After all, we can't observe them in our time.

Dr. Roman: When you pray to the gods in times of trouble, they don't give help that easily do they?

Dr. Roman: ...Maybe that was a bad example. In any case, they "do not exist. "

Dr. Roman: However, several pieces of supporting evidence exist. Hence we predict Divine Spirits exist in a higher dimension.

Dr. Roman: At the very least, they won't do anything directly. No, they can't do anything.

Dr. Roman: Anyways, it's impossible. The world has long been that of humans and civilization.

Dr. Roman: Even if there was a kind god, realistically they wouldn't be able to regain a lost future.

Dr. Roman: We're the only ones who can possibly save the world and its future.

Dr. Roman: So, let's get back to an earlier topic. Whether or not a Divine Spirit can materialize as a Servant.

Dr. Roman: They can't. That's the answer.

Dr. Roman: Even if "they" were inclined to do so. Even if technology reached realms of True Magic, it's disadvantageous.

Dr. Roman: In theory, it should not necessarily be impossible though.

Mash: Then, the god of the Mediterranean–

Dr. Roman: It's probably not a god from somewhere. Probability of a materialized Divine Spirit is quite low.

Dr. Roman: But, there might be that one in a million chance if it's a god that fell from its throne.

Nero: This is pointless. Umu, if it's on our minds so much, fine!

Nero: It would be a good idea to verify. Fortunately, we're facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Roman Soldier: Your Majesty! Rear ranks are being assaulted by an unknown monster!

Roman Soldier: We can't hold it down! At this rate...

Nero: ...Mm, perfect timing.

Dr. Roman: I am detecting traces of magical energy. It could be the Holy Grail that's causing the monster to spawn.

Mash: Let's go, Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Let's quickly deal with it.

Fujimaru 2: Be careful, but be quick.

Mash: Yes, Master. Commencing battle!


Mash: –The battle has ended. There are no reinforcements.

Dr. Roman: Ahh, how awful. To think that spirits of the dead would materialize on their own.

Nero: I'm used to it. So, uh, what were we talking about–

Nero: Right, that Mediterranean god! Personally, I'd really like to find out about that.

Mash: Are you sure? Don't you need to return to Rome?

Nero: I don't know what this ancient god may be, but what if it's truly one of the gods?

Nero: It's not impossible, right? There are Roman legends.

Nero: For instance, Romulus the founder and first king of Rome became the newest god after he disappeared in lightning.

Nero: Things like that occasionally happen. Ancient gods. How amusing.

Nero: Further, assume they are gods of Rome. If the United Empire's "emperors" took that god away, we'd have bigger problems.

Nero: I don't want that. That's the one thing I absolutely cannot stand.

Dr. Roman: I see, Your Majesty's words are reasonable. As guest commanders, we'd be happy to accompany you.

Mash: ...Aren't you enjoying this too much, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: That's not true! I just can't hide my overflowing curiosity as a researcher!

Mash: But that's...

Fou: Fu...Kyu, kyu. Fou.

Nero: ...

Mash: Come on Nero, say something...

Mash: Nero? Are you all right?

Nero: ...Hmm, what? No, I've decided. A triumphant return from the sea might not be so bad!

Nero: Then, we'll continue our journey back through the sea. I'm rather tired of traveling on land!

Mash: (She spaced out just now. )

Dr. Roman: (Right. This must be what Boudica was talking about. )

Boudica: There's something I'm worried about. Something about Nero.

Boudica: It happened right after you got here. I wonder if you noticed.

Boudica: She occasionally spaces out. She been like that ever since the United Empire showed up.

Boudica: I think it might be just me, but when it happens,I feel a slight trace of magical energy.

Boudica: ...She's a human from this era, not a mage. Still, I definitely feel it.

Boudica: I asked her about it, but she doesn't feel it at all.

Boudica: Can you guys keep an eye out? I mean, about her.

Boudica: As the governors of Gaul, Spartacus and I must to continue protecting this place.

Boudica: About her...If possible, I'd like to rely on you all.

Mash: Understood. You are...worried about Nero aren't you.

Boudica: I wouldn't worry about her at all! ...It's not something I want to do personally.

Boudica: For better or for worse, she's the symbol of this land. If something happens to her, it would be a war lost.

Boudica: I don't want to lose another war. That's the only reason I care about her.

Mash: ...Right.

Boudica: Well then, that's that. Mash, we still have time, right?

Mash: U-Um–

Boudica: Before you leave, I will teach you the best of Britannia cuisine!

Boudica: I'd be happy if you learned it and made it your specialty!

Mash: N-No, that's–

Boudica: You're so cute, you should start training to be a bride!

Boudica: Oh, geez, so cute! Come here!

Mash: W-Wah! Again–Your breasts–

Boudica: There, there. Good girl, good girl.

Boudica: You stay cheerful forever. Don't get too hurt, and don't be too reckless.

Boudica: You really are an adorable girl.

Mash: Y-Yes, well, I-I am Senpai's...Um...

Boudica: There, there! I am so happy to see you grow into such a fine lady!

Mash: ...

Mash: ...

Dr. Roman: (Yeah, I definitely sensed a trace of magical energy in Nero. But that might just mean she has the potential to be a mage. )

Mash: (I wonder what it is. )

Dr. Roman: (Hmm, we don't have enough info...)

Nero: All right, then it's settled! Let's go, we must first hurry and procure a ship!

Mash: –Before that, Master look, the enemy army remnant. I feel their presence.

Dr. Roman: Yes, I have detected multiple lifeforms. I am getting hostile readings from the United Empire troops in Gaul.

Nero: I'd leave them be if they're fleeing home, but if they're headed here it can't be helped. Let's defeat them!


Nero: It's more or less taken care of. Now then, let's regroup and head out to the sea.

Nero: It's good to travel by sea. Fujimaru,let me show you my brilliant sailing skills!

Fujimaru 1: I can't wait!

Nero: Right? Right? Heh, heh, such a honest fellow.

Fujimaru 2: I'm a bit worried.

Nero: No need to be embarrassed. Heh, heh, you're bad at hiding your feelings, huh?

Dr. Roman: The emperor is amazing! Whatever you say, she interprets it in a positive way!

Mash: ...

Section 9: Secret of the Ancient God

Nero: Umu, that was some nice wind! It was the most aggressive voyage ever!

Mash: ...Thank goodness my semicircular canals were enhanced.

Mash: If I hadn't become a Demi-Servant...Ugh...I'm not going to go there.

Dr. Roman: Y-You seem to have gone through an ordeal. I could tell by your vitals.

Dr. Roman: The soldiers couldn't leave the ship either. Oh, poor men!

Dr. Roman: Since the emperor offered to take the wheel herself, I thought she had impeccable skills.

Dr. Roman: But wait, maybe, just maybe! Those were impeccable skills, in a sense.

Dr. Roman: I mean, the ship's still standing after such a rocky journey. It also leapt through waves, and drifted some turns...

Dr. Roman: It's amazing when you think about it. Just what you'd expect of the emperor...

Fujimaru 1: Don't be stupid.

Fujimaru 2: I agree.

Dr. Roman: Hahaha! Oh c'mon Fujimaru,you didn't get mad, did you?

Dr. Roman: Anyways, you landed safely on the rumored island. You should start looking for this ancient god–

Dr. Roman: Wait, maybe we don't have to look after all? It seems the god is coming to greet us.

Dr. Roman: However, I am detecting a Servant. Be on your guard.

Mash: !!!

Nero: What, another enemy attack? So this island is also under the United Empire's control.

Dr. Roman: No, this is...a Servant, but...Something is off. It's different than normal, what is this?

E:???: Yes, that's right. I'm not a "normal" Servant.

E:???: Good day heroes, welcome to my humble temporary home for this era, the "Shaped" Isle.

E:???: My, oh my. I was wondering what kind of magnificent hero was here.

E:???: But to my surprise, it seems there are Servants in your group. Unfortunately, I was waiting for human heroes.

Mash: This presence–

Dr. Roman: What in the world...can this even be possible? Her reading is definitely like a Servant, but different...

Fujimaru 1: What the...

Fujimaru 2: Is she the "ancient god"?

Dr. Roman: An immeasurable divinity level! Without a doubt, she's definitely a god. No, a goddess!

Stheno: That's right. I am a goddess–my name is Stheno.

Stheno: One of the three Gorgon Sisters. Though, I rather dislike being called an ancient god.

Stheno: But it's fine. It is true that where you're from, I am a past god.

Stheno: You may call me whatever you wish. After all, time is irrelevant when it comes to my beauty.

Mash: Servant of a Divine Spirit, not a Heroic Spirit? Doctor, this is different from what we talked about.

Dr. Roman: Y-Yeah, I guess everything has an exception. O-Oh this is unheard of, a Divine Spirit Servant.

Dr. Roman: Furthermore, one of "the" ancient Greek gods! That's an authentic god!

Dr. Roman: Is that possible? She is actually standing before you. Even so, there's no way she can remain "as a god. "

Dr. Roman: I mean, it's the same for Heroic Spirits. Her power must've been downsized.

Dr. Roman: Gods no longer have "Authority" on this land. If that's the case...

Stheno: Aren't you the knowledgeable one, Mage. That's right, you are not mistaken there.

Stheno: However...There's one thing you should remember, pure one.

Dr. Roman: W-What is it? –To think a goddess would personally instruct me.

Stheno: Oh, what a wonderful voice. It has a nice sound to it,I would love to see your face but...

Stheno: Such a shame. You're in a place where even my "eyes" can't reach.

Stheno: If you were in my arm's reach, I'd have done something nice to you in the wink of an eye.

Dr. Roman: Whoa...I just had shivers down my entire body...This presence is different than Dark Jeanne!

Stheno: Oh, that's just your imagination. Allow me to inform all of you clueless people.

Stheno: Not all gods are powerful. "Myself" and I are quite "feeble" beings.

Mash: ???

Dr. Roman: Based on the readings you are quite an individual...So does that mean you're not hostile because your combat abilities are low?

Stheno: There are goddesses who are never asked to fight. For instance, you over there.

Mash: You mean me?

Stheno: You are one such, no? Your power is not to kill, but to protect.

Mash: ...It is.

Stheno: Hehe, I do like honest girls. I'd like to pamper you like I do to my "little sister. "

Mash: (Oh, I just got a shiver. )

Nero: (I had a shiver, too! )

Fou: Fou.

Dr. Roman: ...Wait. I'm detecting another presence on the beach!

Stheno: Oh my.

Nero: How dare they interrupt an emperor and a goddess. Who are they? From the United Empire?

Mash: ...No, they're just ghosts. But they are closing in.

Fujimaru 1: Let's drive them off.

Fujimaru 2: Let's ask them to leave.

Mash: Yes Senpai, commencing interceptive combat!


Nero: Anyway! Stop leaving me out of the conversation!

Nero: I get the gist of what you're saying. That goddess isn't our enemy, right?

Mash: Right. I'm assuming that's the case.

Nero: Hmm, in that case, isn't it simple? Ancient Goddess Stheno, come to Rome!

Nero: I am Rome. The fifth emperor of the Roman Empire, Nero Claudius.

Nero: I shall accept you as a new god. Let us defeat the United Empire together!

Stheno: Well now, how dazzling you are,as much as Apollo. But I'm sorry, Your Majesty.

Stheno: I am not suitable for combat.

Stheno: Now that I've taken on the form of a Servant, I do have some skills and basic functions, but...

Stheno: I don't possess the power to fight valiantly like my younger sister.

Dr. Roman: What?

Stheno: I said I don't have the power♡ You'll get stabbed in the back if you don't stop being insensitive.

Dr. Roman: ...Sorry, I get it. She's more of the type of goddess who hunts her prey, I guess.

Stheno: But, you are a hero who came all the way here.

Stheno: I should give you a reward. Though back in the day, I would've incited Medusa–

Fujimaru 1: Incited?

Fujimaru 2: I heard nothing

Nero: Incited?

Mash: Did you say incited?

Stheno: Ahem, hehe. Never mind! I'll give you a goddess' blessing.

Stheno: As you walk along the coast, you'll find an entrance to a cave. All the way in the back...

Stheno: I prepared a treasure. It doesn't exist in nature, it's something special.

Stheno: I'll give it to you because you're fun. Haha, I don't usually reward someone like this.

Nero: Well, a goddess' blessing...That's really...

Dr. Roman: It's interesting. It could be the Holy Grail.

Mash: It doesn't match up with Caesar's information. That said, I think there's still a chance...

Nero: I don't care what kind of treasure it is. I try to love everything.

Dr. Roman: All right then, let's head for the cave now!


Nero: Ugh...

Nero: ...It's so dark, and clammy...

Mash: It's not exactly comfortable in here, is it? It's hard to see ahead.

Dr. Roman: Oh...

Mash: Doctor, is something wrong? Your, I mean your voice sounds funny.

Dr. Roman: I've been deceived. Forgive me,multiple magical energy signatures up ahead.

Mash: What?

Dr. Roman: They're not Servants, but a type of monster. Does this mean...that goddess...

Dr. Roman: Set us up? Oh, hahaha...

Skeleton Soldier: (clank, clank, clank)


Nero: What's going on here? This cave is full of skeletons!

Mash: Well, let's hope they're just skeletons...

Dr. Roman: Multiple signatures incoming! I think a lot of skeletons are coming...

Nero: Mm, mmm, mmm! Sword-wielding skeletons aren't treasure by a long shot!

Mash: Please give me your orders, Master!


Nero: Phew, I'm getting a little exhausted...I want to go back and rest...

Dr. Roman: But what do you know? Looks like we reached the back of the cave while fighting.

Dr. Roman: I'm getting a unique signature there. This amount of energy–No, that's not possible.

Mash: What is it, Doctor? Could the Holy Grail really be here?

Dr. Roman:, it's not the Holy Grail at all! It's a Phantasmal,not a dragon, but a powerful mystical beast!


Mash: This is–

Nero: It's so huge! Oh, but that lion has a cute face!

Dr. Roman: It's a chimera, a legendary beast of ancient Greece. This is not a product of magecraft, but a true mystical beast!

Dr. Roman: Why would a thing like this be here? Oh, I know why. That goddess.

Dr. Roman: It's powerful and has considerable toughness, so be careful!

Mash: Roger. Master, commencing battle!


Stheno: Haha. Welcome back, did you enjoy your special reward to the fullest?

Nero: I'm exhausted...

Mash: Yes, I'm sure...Consecutive battles in a closed space will wear you out beyond belief...

Fujimaru 1: I'm totally wiped out...

Mash: Yes, I think you should rest immediately...Should we return to the ship?

Fujimaru 2: This is nothing!

Mash: Are you sure? Senpai, at times you display extraordinary endurance...

Elisabeth: Really, you're so lame! I could've taken on a big cat like that without breaking a sweat!

Tamamo Cat: Ahahahaha!

Mash: Master, I'm sensing two enemies. Either lizards, dragons, or maybe idols...

Mash: At any rate, we're going to take them out!

Fujimaru 1: No, that's Elisabeth!

Mash: I know, I know!

Mash: But she's dangerous, Senpai. I have a feeling that she might screw everything up!

Dr. Roman: I agree...Let's pretend we don't notice her,so we can get away with it Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 2: Okay, let's beat them up!

Dr. Roman: It's the right choice. I'm sure they will bring up some absolute nonsense!

Elisabeth: What, that reaction again! You ugly, weird deerlet!

Tamamo Cat: Ahahahaha!

Mash: Senpai, a weird person told me I'm weird!

Fujimaru 1: There, there.

Fujimaru 2: She's the weird one.

Elisabeth: Hmph, I guess that cave was really tough. Well, it can't be helped with the Puppy's ability.

Nero: ...Who the hell are you, appearing all of a sudden and talking nonsense?

Elisabeth: Who the hell are YOU? Oh, I'm not sensing any magical energy...wait a human? You?

Nero: Not sure why you're so surprised. You are rude and insensitive. I would have slashed you already if you didn't look so cute.

Nero: I'm Nero Claudius, the emperor of this era.... Um, why are you looking at me like that?

Elisabeth: Are you kidding me? The real Nero?!

Mash: The real...

Nero: What do you mean by "real? "

Tamamo Cat: Ahahahaha!

Dr. Roman: This is worse than France! I'm even more confused about what's going on!


Stheno: Anyway, when I materialized in this world I dragged these two with me.

Stheno: I didn't feel like I'd be able to complete the Heroes' Cave on my own.

Stheno: So I had these two serve as my testers for the cave, that's all I think?

Elisabeth: Hmph, it was a totally boring dungeon. Oh, but a live show in an underground cave is a new concept, right?

Tamamo Cat: Ahahaha!

Stheno: So you know Elisabeth. What about this one?

Tamamo Cat: Ahahaha!

Mash: Uh no...we've never met. Although, I know she's a Servant—

Tamamo Cat: Ahahaha! All right, let's introduce ourselves!

Tamamo Cat: I am Tamamo Cat, one of the Tamamo Nine!

Tamamo Cat: I tag "woof" at the end of my sentences. My hobby is cafe management. My favorite food is carrots.

Tamamo Cat: Hmm. That's pretty inconsistent even for me. Woof woof.

Nero: She talked!

Mash: She did that on purpose, too. Woof!

Dr. Roman: ...Neutral, huh? I'm glad she's not a hostile Servant. Or maybe I should say I'm glad she's not our ally?

Tamamo Cat: I was laughing because it was fun. I'm a laughing drunk.

Mash: Oh, s-sure.

Tamamo Cat: I'm Tamamo Cat, one of the Tamamo Nine! Can I speak in cat language?

Mash: What?

Nero: What's the Tamamo Nine?

Tamamo Cat: No? How about dog language?

Nero: Umu?

Stheno: Hehe! Your reaction was better than I thought. It requires technique to communicate with her.

Stheno: Thank you, Tamamo Cat. But why weren't you in the treasure chest?

Stheno: You were supposed to be the last trick. After they dealt with the chimera, you should've come out.

Tamamo Cat: Now I'll get my carrots as the reward!

Stheno: Did you eat the chest? Oh my...okay. I understand.

Nero: H-Hmm. Their conversation seems to be working out...

Nero: She's a goddess after all. She doesn't even flinch at that oddball.

Dr. Roman: Oh, well. Though this island has been somewhat fun,I guess we came here for nothing.

Fujimaru 1: You sound like it's not your problem...

Fujimaru 2: Probably.

Dr. Roman: Ahahaha! It happens! Don't look so depressed. Why don't we return to Rome for now–

Dr. Roman: But it looks like we can't! There's a Servant over there!

Elisabeth: Huh? (←Servant)

Tamamo Cat: Indeed. (←Servant)

Stheno: Oh? (←Servant)

Mash: Doc? (←Demi Servant)

Dr. Roman: Sorry, that didn't come out right! There's another Servant besides you guys, it's coming from the sea!

Caligula: My!

Caligula: My! My...actions...are...fate!

Caligula: Sacrifice your life! Sacrifice your flesh!

Nero: Uncle?

Elisabeth: What? Who? Nero's uncle?

Stheno: He seems to be pretty "tangled up. "That's how one should deal with Servants, I suppose.

Stheno: –That's just bad taste.

Caligula: Beautiful...You're beautiful...

Elisabeth: You popped out of nowhere and now you're hitting on girls? W-What's with you, I know I am an attractive idol and all.

Elisabeth: But acting like a lowly beast is the worst! What kind of royalty are you?

Caligula: Beautiful...Really beautiful! You are beautiful!

Caligula: I want to take it, lust over it, and tear it apart. Your purity, your divine beauty, everything!

Caligula: I want to trample all over you with my entire body!, my beloved sister's child–

Caligula: –Nerooooo!!

Nero: ...That's right. You are a beast. You are no longer my uncle!

Nero: My uncle is dead. I still can't stop thinking about his regrettable death.

Nero: But still, if you appear before me after being lost in death...

Nero: ...Then I shall sing a requiem for you. Know it's my duty as your niece, and as a proper emperor!

Mash: Master, this is going to be a Servant battle. Your orders!


Caligula: Nero...Nero...My...beautiful...niece...


Caligula: More so than...the goddess...of the moon...More than...the radiance of...the Holy Grail...

Nero: Uncle...

Nero: ...I've defeated the enemy commander, Caligula. I've slaughtered yet another pretender to the throne!

Nero: What a splendid job. Thank you Mash, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: It was nothing.

Nero: Oh, it was definitely something. Now I'll have to think up another reward.

Fujimaru 2: Are you all right?

Nero: You really are kind, Fujimaru. But no need to worry, I am the emperor of Rome after all.

Nero: Anyways, you guys have saved me so many times.

Nero: I can assure you that the reward for the defeat of the United Empire's shall be grand.

Nero: I won't send a monster and say, "Here, it's your reward. "

Stheno: Are you talking to me? You, not a Servant, but a mere human?

Stheno: The queen of this era seems to be brave.

Stheno: You might actually be a proper hero. Oh, how I wish you were a man.

Nero: No, I am not a queen or a hero. Listen well, I am–

Nero: –I am, the Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire!

Stheno: Yes of course, that's what I shall call you. The Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire.

Stheno: As a special gift, I'll give you a real goddess' blessing. This time it won't be a monster.

Stheno: It is also my thanks, for taking out a Servant who was not a hero.

Stheno: Your enemy, this so-called United Empire, and the gathering ground for their "emperors"–

Stheno: The United Empire capital. I shall tell you its exact location.

Nero: !!!

Dr. Roman: This unexpected reward. Good thing we got into the cave, eh guys?

Mash: R-Really?

Fujimaru 1: Dr. Roman didn't do anything.

Fujimaru 2: The cave had nothing to do with it.

Dr. Roman: ...Y-Yes. T-That's right. Sorry.

Elisabeth: ... (←Did nothing)

Tamamo Cat: ... (←Did nothing)

Section 10: Triumph

Mash: It won't be long until we're in Rome again. Good work on the way back, Senpai.

Nero: Why won't you go by horseback Fujimaru? I know, I should've provided a chariot.

Nero: I apologize, the few soldiers left in my unit are brilliant, but none of them fights on chariots.

Roman Soldier: Your Majesty, should I provide a chariot for the next expedition?

Nero: I'm sure we'll need one anyway. After all, next time we'll be attacking the United Empire capital!

Roman Soldier: Sir!

Nero: Yes, yes.

Dr. Roman: Your Majesty, we seem to be under attack. Enemy brigade up ahead. Multiple signatures.


Mash: That's strange...We're running into the same amount of enemies as before.

Nero: You're right. Even though we already regained control of nearby Gaul.

Nero: Don't tell me they're attacking from the sea! If our scouts haven't noticed, then...

Dr. Roman: The scouts were discovered and killed. We might be dealing with an elite battalion.

Dr. Roman: Well, that explains it. But if so, that would mean–

Dr. Roman: It's as I feared. I'm detecting even more enemies now!

Mash: Brave soldiers, please be safe. I'm going to do what I can.

Roman Soldier: Good luck to you too, Miss Mash!

Mash: Your orders please, Master. Commencing battle.


Nero: Those soldiers just now–They're not like the ones we've run into before.

Nero: Not that they looked much different, but...

Mash: True, rather than human soldiers, they feel like Servants.

Mash: Yet they're not really Servants per se. Doctor, do you have an idea?

Dr. Roman: I can think of several possibilities. Not good. Things like this are typically related to Noble Phantasms.

Dr. Roman: And I don't mean typical Noble Phantasms. The type that's designed for use on the battlefield.

Dr. Roman: In which case–


Mash: ...Master, I'm sensing the presence of a Servant. There's, several hundred!

Mash: It's the same presence from before. But I can only tell that one of them is an actual Servant.

Roman Soldier: Enemy attack! Several hundred enemy soldiers!

Nero: Is this an ambush? Where did several hundred enemies come from?

F:???: It's not an ambush. I chose to defend this place, that's all.

F:???: You people trespassed into my stronghold. So I shall defend it.

F:???: I will crush any and all enemies more valiantly than any attack, and far stronger than any defense.

F:???: This is how we Spartans fight. You will soon experience it for yourselves.

Mash: Did you just say Sparta? Then you are–

Leonidas: Servant, Lancer. My True Name is Leonidas.

Dr. Roman: He's not hiding his True Name. Just like last time,this is far different than a normal Holy Grail War.

Nero: Leonidas? You introduce yourself as King Leonidas of Sparta?

Leonidas: Precisely. It is an immoral war, but I'm still going to destroy you.

Nero: What! You are the legendary Leonidas,the guardian of the Hot Gates!

Nero: So the "emperors" aren't the only ones who came back? Hmm, then what about Boudica?

Fujimaru 1: Stay focused on the battle!

Nero: U-Umu?

Fujimaru 2: We met Elisabeth, too, remember?

Nero: Ah, now that you mention it. Hmm, but then is Boudica...

Nero: Is she also dead? Is that it?

Nero: Or was she alive? I told her, "This time, surrender yourself to Rome. " Thinking that was the case...

Mash: N-Never mind that Nero, there are many enemies. We must strengthen our defenses!

Nero: U-Umu, our unit is quite small. I hope we're able to defend...

Mash: If we defeat the main Servant, the remaining hundreds should be gone. In that case–

Mash: Master, it's a Servant battle. Your orders, please!


Leonidas: Just as I thought, huh? In a battle with nothing to protect...

Nero: He vanished? So he wasn't meant to exist in this world after all.

Mash: ...He was a formidable enemy. Just what you'd expect of the ultimate defensive Heroic Spirit.

Dr. Roman: No signs of Servants or humans around us. No Phantasmals, either.

Nero: Then let's head back to Rome! Mash, Fujimaru, you can hold your heads up high!

Nero: Umu, you in particular Mash. Your skills aren't as good as mine, but they are quite good.

Mash: N-Not really...

Nero: Haha! Hold your head up high with pride! This is our triumphant return from Gaul, after all!


Nero: Phew...At last, things have settled down.

Mash: That was an unbelievable crowd. It was like a festival. Senpai, you got squished pretty hard, didn't you?

Mash: But you didn't seem that uncomfortable. Maybe you like that sort of thing?

Fujimaru 1: Well, yeah.

Fujimaru 2: Can't be helped if it's a festival...

Mash: I see, I see, at festivals, everyone becomes friendly, right?

Dr. Roman: Haha. I bet you didn't mind at all. That's what you call a victory wine!

Nero: Ah unseen mage, you speak as though you've actually tasted some?

Dr. Roman: Hahaha, I have a vivid imagination. Which has led me into all kinds of situations.

Nero: Mash, you protected us well. Do you not like being touched?

Nero: As expected, the great warrior of shield swore loyalty only to me. It makes me like you even more.

Mash: T-Thank you. It's nice of you to say that...

Fujimaru 1: Why are you looking at me?

Fujimaru 2: I'm glad that she likes you

Mash: Y-Yes...Well, no. Nothing. I have nothing to say.

Roman Soldier: Your Majesty! The special expedition force is heading back to Rome!

Nero: What–? Those people are coming back?

Roman Soldier: Yes, both generals are alive and well! But now they are tied down due to a massive attack by the United Empire!

Nero: That's not good. I'm sorry, Mash, Fujimaru!

Mash: Yes. Senpai, your orders please.

Fujimaru 1: Let's go help them.

Fujimaru 2: Orders are orders.

Mash: –Understood.



H:???: We're completely surrounded. Nothing but swarms of enemies around us.

H:???: That shouldn't be a problem, but...



H:???: Yeah, we'll probably lose the soldiers Nero Claudius provided for us. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

H:???: Find a way out of an impossible situation–

H:???: People like you and me can get through it on our own, but it would be too harsh to force them to do that.

H:???: What should we do? ...Huh?



H:???: Reinforcements, huh? Though I heard Boudica and Spartacus were in Gaul.

Mash: ...You must be Jing Ke. I recognize you from your description. Looks like we met up with them, Master.

Fujimaru 1: I'm relieved.

Mash: Yes. We made it.

Fujimaru 2: I thought it was all over

Mash: Yes. I was a little nervous when we broke through the enemy's line, but...

Mash: They are human forces. The degree of risk is relatively low.

Jing Ke: You look unfamiliar, but you don't seem to be an enemy.

Mash: No we're not, we are reinforcements from Rome. You guys are–

Jing Ke: Let's talk later. You're Servants, too, aren't you?

Mash: Yes.

Jing Ke: Then, let's find a way out together. My hope is to bring as many soldiers back to Rome as possible.

Mash: Of course. Master, massive enemy troops ahead. Your orders, please!


Mash: We have destroyed the enemy forces and sustained only minor casualties. Good work Senpai!

Jing Ke: Thank you again, looks like I didn't lose my borrowed troops.

Jing Ke: I'm Assassin, Jing Ke. Like you, I'm a guest commander under Nero Claudius.

Jing Ke: I was drawn by the prospect of killing multiple"emperors," but now I'm being treated like a general.

Jing Ke: Of course...My main activities are reconnaissance and assassination.

Jing Ke: It's his job to do the actual work on the battlefield. Lu Bu–'s he gone after chasing those enemies?

Jing Ke: ...Hm. I'm sure he'll be back eventually.

Dr. Roman: Jing Ke. The legendary Chinese assassin? No wonder you're obsessed with killing emperors.

Jing Ke: Huh–?

Jing Ke: Mash and Fujimaru,I see that you are visitors from another era.

Jing Ke: I understand your circumstances. That said, it doesn't change what we must do here.

Jing Ke: We are here to slaughter the "emperors. "Me and Lu Bu.

Jing Ke: We've already killed three enemy "emperor" Servants. It's going to be a competition with you guys.

Mash: S-Sure. Competition...

Fujimaru 1: We are not losing to you.

Jing Ke: Is that so?

Fujimaru 2: We've killed only two so far...

Jing Ke: Don't be so depressed. You still have a chance to catch up.

Jing Ke: As soon as we're back in Rome,Nero's full-scale invasion of the United Empire will start.

Jing Ke: And there comes the race. We count heads of "emperors," or enemy generals.

Jing Ke: Our team or your team, which one gets more–Heh, now I have something to look forward to.

Mash: W-Well. Something to look forward to...

Mash: (...I can't, Senpai. I can't maintain the conversation. )

Fujimaru 1: It's okay. Me neither.

Fujimaru 2: You just have to do your best

Mash: (H-Hey, Senpai! )

Lev: –So they failed to eliminate Lu Bu.

H:???: ...What should we do, Lev Lainur?

Lev: There's nothing to worry about. Don't forget that I have the Holy Grail. I told you before, didn't I?

Lev: I'm capable of summoning Servants at will. No matter how powerful they may be!

F:???: ...Servant Rider, huh? Hmm, I guess, that's my class?

F:???: So? What should I do, Master?

Lev: Eliminate Nero Claudius immediately. Destroy this era, and crush the foundation of humanity.

H:???: ...I'll lend you my troops. Use them as you see fit.

F:???: Got it. In short, you want me to start a war, right?

H:???: ...Exactly.

F:???: War. War, hmm. War, huh? I guess I'm very good at that.

F:???: All right, if you insist I'll borrow your troops–

Section 11: Attack the United Empire

E:???: –That sums up Nero Claudius' army.

E:???: All the details are in the report. Look it over later.

E:???: One comment from me. Think of the enemy commander, Lu Bu as a disaster.

E:???: The same goes for Spartacus. It's no use confronting them head-on.

E:???: That said, these disasters can be dealt with. The two Berserkers are like automatic machines.

E:???: It should be easy to "lure" them. Luckily, they didn't materialize as other classes.

F:???: Guess our luck is turning. Were my Luck parameters that high?

E:???: Luck that's already played out is nothing but reality. Meaning that reality is working in your favor, nothing more.

F:???: Oh? You can look at it that way too, I guess.

F:???: It doesn't matter either way. I want to see her face.

F:???: Nero Claudius. The fifth emperor of the Roman Empire.

F:???: What kind of king is she? No, what kind of emperor is she, I should say.

E:???: I will make your wish come true. No matter what.

F:???: Thank you, but I kind of feel weird.

F:???: I'm what you may consider a curveball as a Heroic Spirit, so my "memory" is a little different too.

F:???: It seems a little bit off, that you became my teacher.

E:???: Those are my words. Can you imagine being sent back in time, and becoming a vessel for a Heroic Spirit I have no connections with.

E:???: What happened to me in my own era? Did I switch with this Heroic Spirit?

E:???: Or did the time in "my era" stop, and I'm here as myself, integrated with this Heroic Spirit?

E:???: ...I have no idea what's going on.

F:???: But you came here anyway. As my new teacher.

F:???: Right, Mr. Zhuge Liang.

E:???: No. Well, as a Heroic Spirit, that may be true.

El-Melloi II: –I am Lord El-Melloi II.

Mash: And–

Mash: The true Roman Empire Army has started its attack. The United Empire is being invaded.

Mash: Jing Ke already came back with intel. A city resembling Rome indeed exists in the specified location.

Mash: This is the place Stheno was talking about. This is the real blessing from the goddess.

Mash: Boudica and Spartacus of Gaul, along with Lu Bu and Jing Ke.

Mash: An army commanding five Servants, including me. That is the true Roman Imperial Army led by Emperor Nero.

Mash: It's a force that no standard army can match. Yet the United Empire force won't send in their Servants.

Mash: No sign of Lev Lainur either. Everyday, we advance further.

Mash: We certainly have the upper hand now. The Imperial Army is marching toward the enemy capital with unbelievable momentum.

Mash: In the meantime, I–

Mash: will do this–

Fujimaru 1: What are you doing?

Fou: Fou!

Mash: S-Senpai? Fou?!

Fujimaru 2: Are you keeping a journal?

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Well...Senpai, Fou, yes that's right. To tell you the truth–

Mash: ...Doctor asked me. To keep a journal, like a military record.

Dr. Roman: That's right, I'm the one who asked. To take advantage of the fact that you became a Roman viceroy!

Dr. Roman: What do you think about "Novus Commentarii de Bello Gallico"? This title is an homage to the book written by Caesar.

Dr. Roman: That sounds interesting, right? Though you do have to cover the part where a god showed up...

Fujimaru 1: Are you planning to publish this?

Fujimaru 2: Wouldn't that be breach of confidentiality?

Dr. Roman: I suppose you're right. Well then, let's talk about something serious!

Dr. Roman: Let's assume you guys could save the world. I thought about what would come after that.

Dr. Roman: Even if the world is saved, the tragedy of Chaldea will never be reversed.

Dr. Roman: In other words–there's no guarantee for our salary.

Dr. Roman: You understand the rest, right?

Mash: I see. You mean prevention is better than the cure,but why are you the one avoiding physical labor, Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Oh, it's a joke, it's a joke. Why would I count my chickens before they hatch when the world's about to end?

Dr. Roman: What's happening in Rome is exactly like a war. In order to grasp the situation correctly, I just use the best means.

Mash: I understand its purpose now. In that case, I will dispose of this journal right away.

Mash: Regarding the war record, I will deliver it to Da Vinci later.

Dr. Roman: Good! Look how well you've been trained! Damn!

Fujimaru 1: Mash is right.

Fujimaru 2: What a waste to throw it away.

Mash: ...

Fou: Fou?

Nero: Mmm, what? What are you talking about?

Nero: Fujimaru always seems to be having fun. You should let me in on it, too.

Boudica: Hey! You know this is not the time to be fooling around. We've detected the enemy.

Dr. Roman: You're right, multiple signatures. I am not picking up any Servants, it's a regular military force.

Nero: Hmmm. I was just about to have a lovely conversation...what a disappointment...

Nero: It's okay. First, we'll get rid of them. What can mere United Empire troops do to us!

Nero: I shall take in those who surrender! Pledge fealty to my Rome, and your life will be spared!

Boudica: Your Rome, I see.

Nero: Huh?

Mash: Master, we should go too. If we can crush the leading units, we can demoralize their troops.

Fujimaru 1: Understood!

Fujimaru 2: Don't overdo it.

Mash: Yes. Let's go!


Jing Ke: ...That's all. Already, the United Empire is without clear leadership.

Jing Ke: All we encountered are small random skirmishes with independent enemy units.

Jing Ke: It's safe to assume that the situation looks positive.

Nero: Umu! In other words, my army has regained its true power, right?

Nero: No, I have Mash and the others, as well. These traitors have no chance against my forces!

Jing Ke: Carelessness could be fatal, Nero Claudius. Life can be extinguished without you even knowing it.

Jing Ke: The United Empire defense is still formidable. That's also why we only run into weaker units.

Nero: U-Umu. Jing Ke is so cautious.

Jing Ke: Have you forgotten? I assassinate others for a living.

Jing Ke: Plotting is my specialty and at the same time, it's what I'm most wary of.

Nero: Umu...

Roman Soldier: Pardon me, Your Majesty! Enemy troops are ahead! Also they are behind us!

Mash: Behind us?

Dr. Roman: I believe General Lu Bu was in the rearguard,Spartacus as well. We can't leave them like that–

Jing Ke: This is not good.

Jing Ke: Once the fight starts, those two will probably chase the enemy to the ends of the earth...

Nero: That's why we placed them in the rearguard. To capture the capital as planned...but it backfired.

Nero: We can't lose those generals! I'm sorry, Mash,Fujimaru, I am counting on you!

Mash: Understood. I just need to stop the rear enemy troops, right?

Mash: I am relatively good at fighting defensively. I want to emphasize...'relatively. '

Fujimaru 1: Let's hurry up!

Fujimaru 2: Don't over do it.

Mash: Yes, Master!


Mash: We've crushed the enemy forces, and destroyed all the monsters.

Mash: We somehow made it–

Dr. Roman: Not yet! Multiple signatures! What's this? The enemy forces are even stronger than before!

Mash: Another battle! Master, your orders please!


Dr. Roman: Did we stop them? Looks like the rest retreated. Good job, Mash, Fujimaru!

Dr. Roman: We were able to save Lu Bu and Spartacus. Dear me, let's take a breather.

Jing Ke: From now on, let's protect our rearguard as well. The enemy seems to understand how our army works.

Dr. Roman: Did you sense any Servants? I couldn't detect anything from here.

Mash: There were no signs of such during the battle. Except for the four in our own forces. Oh wait...

Mash: Jing Ke often extinguishes her presence. So to be precise, that's three Servants.

Dr. Roman: That's Assassin's Presence Concealment skill. I can't detect her from here, either.

Dr. Roman: I don't think an Assassin is involved. In this case–

Jing Ke: It must be directed...There must be an enemy general who's adept at commanding.

Mash: I wonder if it's one of the "emperors. "

Jing Ke: I don't know. But we will find out soon.




Nero: Wh-What's this sound? A beast howling?

Mash: No, it's a Servant's presence. It's possible that an enemy Servant has appeared.

Nero: A big gun like Mash and the others? An enemy commander? In that case, one of the "emperors"–

Mash: First, let's draw back our men. Humans don't stand a chance against that, they'll be slaughtered!

Nero: Right, gotcha! So the instant we move Boudica to the rear, this happens?

Mash: Let's head to the front. Master!

Mash: I have them in my sights. That's...

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up multiple magical energy signatures. All belong to that of necromancy, but with this number...perhaps a Caster?

Mash: Multiple non-human, hostile creatures. We haven't confirmed the source of the roar.

Mash: It may be a Berserker. Master, we should eradicate this group of hostile creatures.

Fujimaru 1: Please!

Fujimaru 2: Pay attention to Servants!

Mash: Right!


El-Melloi II: Looks like a Servant was summoned in the enemy vanguard. Was it that Court Mage's doing–

El-Melloi II: No, it couldn't have been. In that case, was it you?

F:???: I don't know. All I did was gallop my horse.

F:???: I thought they'd be on their way by now. I never thought it would be this soon.

El-Melloi II: Oh?

F:???: Have you heard the rumors about the Mediterranean goddess? They say that aside from her, there are two female monsters.

F:???: So you see...It hit me.

F:???: A Chained Summon. If such a thing could be possible.

El-Melloi II: I don't like battles that rely on luck.

F:???: Please don't say that. You're the one who created that opening in their vanguard.

F:???: Let's get ready now, while he's buying us time.

El-Melloi II: ...Are you sure?

F:???: About?

El-Melloi II: If he materialized through the chained summon,then most likely he's–

F:???: Yes, I think he's Darius III. The fearless Persian King and my forever rival in life.

F:???: However, right now, I feel that I know that as a kind of future.

F:???: It's okay. I fought him once, and will fight him again.

F:???: And I want to fight him again. But not right now.

F:???: Right now, it's Nero Claudius. I want to talk to that person.


Darius III:


Dr. Roman: Amazing, I can almost feel the air vibrations over here! Magical energy signature confirmed. He's a Servant!

Mash: Linguistic communication impossible, it's an enemy Servant. Master, your orders!

Darius III:


Mash: Ugh...

Fujimaru 1: Don't get swallowed up!

Fujimaru 2: We can beat it!

Mash: –Right!


Mash: We have defeated the enemy Servant. Good job, Master.

Dr. Roman: You're really getting hang of fighting Servants. Your experiences are coming in handy, well done.

Mash: Oh no Doctor, I think it's because of Master's precise orders.

Roman Soldier: Commander Fujimaru, Commander Mash,a message! It's from Her Majesty the Emperor.

Roman Soldier: There's been an ambush in the rear, both General Spartacus and General Lu Bu have left the battlefield.

Mash: !!!

Dr. Roman: Oh, no! So the enemy deployed a two-front attack?

Roman Soldier: The two generals have defeated the enemy forces, but they've broken away in pursuit of remnants!

Roman Soldier: Then another force launched a surprise attack from both sides. General Boudica fell into the enemy's hands and was taken prisoner!

Dr. Roman: This is...Mmmm, this is not good at all...

Nero: ...

Nero: ...

Nero: ...

Mash: –Nero.

Nero: Hmm? Oh, I seemed to be deep in thought. I have made my decision.

Mash: (Seemed? )

Nero: Our forces were outmatched in the previous battle...I will accept this as a stern truth.

Nero: My generals are just as capable as the enemy"emperors. " But two of them left the front line, and one is captured by the enemy.

Nero: There is nothing we can do about those two. No, it was my mistake.

Nero: It might take a little bit of time, but I'm willing to believe Lu Bu and Spartacus will return to us.

Nero: Therefore, at this point–We will save Boudica!

Nero: Fortunately, Jing Ke found the location of enemy fort. We will charge in, destroy the fort, and save Boudica.

Dr. Roman: Hmmm...

Mash: Doctor, something wrong?

Dr. Roman: I just feel uneasy. The one who captured Boudica is supposed to be a Servant.

Dr. Roman: It's not something a regular human can do, but why are they barricading themselves in a fort?

Dr. Roman: It's not that far from the United Empire capital. So it should be convenient to get back there.

Mash: The enemy is trying to lure us in. Is that what this means?

Dr. Roman: If they just want to destroy our force, the approach I mentioned earlier should be "better. "

Dr. Roman: We have at least two Servants. They should understand that too.

Dr. Roman: That's why they cut off Lu Bu and Spartacus in such a spectacular manner.

Mash: ...Yes. Humans and Servants, I think the enemy has a good grasp of the clear difference.

Dr. Roman: Now, Fujimaru. It's time for a decision.

Fujimaru 1: We're going to rescue Boudica.

Dr. Roman: I see. I knew you'd say that.

Dr. Roman: You're too optimistic. We're at war. We need a strategic point of view.

Fujimaru 2: If it's a trap, we'll crush it.

Mash: ...Senpai. You're starting to think like a Berserker.

Mash: I understand more Berserkers have materialized this time, but I don't think it's a good idea to be influenced by them.

Mash: But...I don't believe your way of thinking is bad.

Nero: You understand me, Fujimaru. In that case, let's conquer together. Our target is the enemy base!

Nero: We will take it at once! My loyal soldiers, attack with caution!

Section 12: Rescue Boudica

Mash: I am sensing Servants nearby. Please be careful, they're very close.

Dr. Roman: I'm picking up two signatures from here. You're looking at a battle with multiple Servants. Watch your back!

Nero: Where are you Boudica? Answer me!

Nero: I know you can't be dead yet! I can tell, I can tell. You would never die!

F:???: ...No, no. Isn't that a rather selfish way to put it?

F:???: Rest assured, she's safe. Right now, she's fast asleep thanks to his spells.

E:???: It's a Restraint Spell. Not like being fast asleep.

F:???: But she really was sleeping. Fast asleep.

Nero: ...You bastards. I'm surprised that you'd show your faces.

Nero: I assume you're both leaders of this fort. I shall allow it, tell me your names.

F:???: You're making us tell you our names? Hmm, let's see...How should I put this?

F:???: I have several names. It's hard to pick one, hmm.

F:???: –All right, this is what I'm gonna do.

Alexander: My name is Alexander. To be precise, that's Alexander III.

Alexander: So, he's–

El-Melloi II: Lord El-Melloi II. Due to certain reasons,or should I say fate, I am his strategist.

El-Melloi II: I am not a true Heroic Spirit. I'd probably have another name as a Heroic Spirit.

El-Melloi II: Therefore, it's okay to forget my name.

Alexander: That doesn't work. We are the enemy generals to her.

Alexander: Right, Roman Emperor?

Nero: Of course...what? Now that it's come to this,don't tell me you're not going to fight.

Alexander: Exactly.

Nero: W-What?

Mash: You aren't going to fight? You aren't the enemy Servants?

El-Melloi II: I'm a "drop out," I don't have a Master. Alexander, however, is a different story.

Alexander: I guess I didn't get along with my Master. That's why I'm here of my own will.

Alexander: I was waiting here. For you to show up.

Nero: You were waiting?

Alexander: Yes, I'm a little bit interested. That's why I teased you here and there.

Alexander: I wanted to talk to you.

Alexander: If possible–right here in the middle of the battlefield.

Alexander: Thank you, Lord El-Melloi II. You made my selfish wish come true.

El-Melloi II: What are you talking about? More than half of them were your directions.

Nero: ???

Mash: ...Senpai! Your Majesty! The enemy soldiers are coming, their target is Your Majesty!

Nero: Ugh, a pincer attack!?

Alexander: Yes, don't worry. We won't do anything, but–

Alexander: The United Empire soldiers won't stop. Once they notice you, they will attack automatically.

Mash: They're coming!

Fujimaru 1: Intercept them!

Fujimaru 2: Protect Nero!

Mash: Got it, Master!


Alexander: ...Is it over?

Alexander: All right, let's talk. We need to hurry,or both your soldiers and mine will die off.

Alexander: It's not my intention. That's why–

Alexander: —C'mon. "Let's talk. "

Nero: ...I don't understand, not one bit. At the very least, my men were killed by your army!

Nero: It's happening even now. Knowing that...

Nero: ...Are you still saying your purpose is to talk? You bastard!

Alexander: Yes.

Alexander: I do believe that human lives are sacred. Even I believe that.

Alexander: But you see, I think that this is the best way.

Alexander: Because you caught my attention Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire, Nero Claudius.

Alexander: Why is it––that you fight?

Alexander: Why would you not show allegiance to the United Empire, and keep fighting like that? No, "like this. "

Alexander: If you chose to be one of the united "emperors,"you could've avoided many unnecessary conflicts.

Nero: Unnecessary...

Nero: Did you call this fight unnecessary? How dare you.

Alexander: I did. So what are you going to do?

Nero: ...I won't forgive you.

Nero: It doesn't matter if you're my resurrected kin...or a wise ruler from the past...

Nero: Or a brave general from an ancient era...or even if you're a legendary king yourself...

Nero: The only one suitable to be emperor is none other than Nero Claudius!

Nero: Loved by the people, allowed to love them, wanted by them...There is only one! The one and only ruler!

Nero: A shining star like so! Arrogant to carry all the burden like so!

Nero: Even if all the Gods of Rome descend and tell her to surrender to the United Empire, she'll never back down!

Nero: How can I back down! Such is my life to believe in this philosophy, such is my fate!

Nero: I won't back down, I will rule and I will prosper gloriously. I am, without a doubt, Rome itself!

Alexander: Splendid! That's exactly what I wanted to hear.

Alexander: You pass. Go forth and become a ruler. No, an emperor! You have the right to do so!

Alexander: A rose that attracts glory and prosperity! A sin only allowed for humans, a Beast that shows the number of the Fallen.

Alexander: You can even "become the Devil! "Yes, you!

Nero: Shut up, shut up, shut up! You don't need to say any more, so!

Nero: Mash, Fujimaru! I need your help. Take this bastard–

Nero: –down!


Alexander: I have one more thing to say to you, my adorable emperor.

Alexander: That pride of yours...Its blossom,it's radiance is sure to be revered, but...

Alexander: I'm sure it can also be dangerous. Please...

El-Melloi II: That's not for you–No, it's not your place to say.

El-Melloi II: But it's so like you to meddle that way. Dear me.

Nero: I am not wrong by any means. Not by any means...

Nero: I am the only...Emperor...

Mash: ...

Section 13: Signal to the Final Battle

Nero: Umu—In other words, it's the final showdown!

Nero: Now is the time to gather my strength and yours, as my soldiers. With this battle, Rome will become one again!

Nero: Those miserable pretenders to the throne...Now is the time for the false Rome to fall!

Nero: Fight, my soldiers! As my swords, annihilate every one of those pretenders!

Nero: My sword is the Original Flame, and the sound of it clashing is like a star streaking across the sky.

Nero: Listen in awe and praise it! Rejoice, my Swords!

Dr. Roman: I could hear her voice and cheers over here, too. The troops' morale is sky-high.

Mash: The battle has already started, but there's still no sign of any Servants.

Mash: We'll be taking part in the palace raid. I hope we can find that court mage...

Fujimaru 1: You mean Lev Lainur?

Mash: I can't say for sure, but it's a strong possibility.

Fujimaru 2: Professor Lev...

Mash: A dangerous man who killed the Director, and proclaimed the world to have ended. There's no room for sympathy, Senpai.

Dr. Roman: Mash, Fujimaru, be extremely careful. Who knows what will happen if we run into the holder of the Grail.

Dr. Roman: A dragon was summoned with the power of the Grail last time. This time it might not just be used to summon Heroic Spirits.

Dr. Roman: Also–

Dr. Roman: Wait, I've detected a Servant signature. It's close, you should be able to see it in front of you.

E:???: ...Brave ones.

E:???: You are truly brave, and that is why you rule over the current Rome.

Nero: Hmm–

Mash: We've got visual confirmation. One large target, near the entrance to the palace.

Mash: To us...he's talking to us. It seems Nero heard him too.

Dr. Roman: His voices reaches this far even on the battlefield? As expected of Servants, even their vocal cords are different.

E:???: I see. So you're Nero?

E:???: How adorable. How beautiful. How gorgeous. I can see how you held Rome up with those slender arms of yours.

E:???: Now, come.

E:???: The past, the present, the future. All that is Rome loves you.

Nero: What?

Nero: What's...No, I-I can't...

Nero: Would...that...even be...possible...No, no, but...

Mash: Nero? You don't look well. Did someone cast some spell on you–

Dr. Roman: I'm not detecting any traces of magical energy. It's probably not due to magecraft or Servant Skills.

Mash: Then what's–

Fujimaru 1: Do you know who that might be?

Nero: W-Well...

Fujimaru 2: Why are you so afraid?

Nero: Afraid? A-And...just what would I be afraid of?

Nero: I am the Roman Emperor...That's right, Rome...

Nero: Rome...But that person..."He" is...

Nero: Just one glance...and I understand...He is truly...

Nero: Rome, itself...

E:???: I'm sure you understand, Nero.

E:???: Now come back, come back to Rome my dear child.

E:???: It's Rome. Rome is the true leader of the United Empire.

E:???: You should join, as well. You shall be forgiven for everything. Rome shall forgive you.

E:???: Rome will even love that inner beast of yours. Rome is the only one that can do that.

E:???: That's right–

E:???: I am Rome.

Nero: I...You're...No, you're...

Nero: You're...That's not possible...I...

Nero: I had thought about it...I had believed. I had wanted to believe...

Nero: However, you stand in my way! You are none other than Rome, the founding king of the nation.

Nero: The Holy Progenitor, Romulus!

Mash: Master, there's a group of enemies headed this way! I believe they're going after Nero!

Fujimaru 1: Intercept them!

Fujimaru 2: Let's pull back!

Mash: Yes, Master!


Lu Bu:


Spartacus: Hahaha! Hahahahahahahaha! The day of liberation has come. Crush the oppressors with your will and bodies!

Roman Soldier: The generals have returned! Victory is within our grasp! Glory to Her Majesty, the emperor!

Boudica: ...I see, the founding ruler.

Boudica: So that's why she's acting like that. Such a gloomy face is sure to affect the troops' morale.

Jing Ke: Emperor Nero? She doesn't look so gloomy.

Jing Ke: Even as we speak, she's encouraging the troops on the battlefield. I'm sure there's no problem.

Boudica: Well, she is acting cheerfully. But she's not as radiant as normal.

Boudica: Well, right now we're fighting human soldiers, and the boss is hiding in the palace. It should be fine, but...

Boudica: If that big one shows up again, we'll have a problem.

Boudica: The morale of the United Empire troops is strangely high. The soldiers were all ready to sacrifice themselves.

Boudica: More so, each capital civilian is acting like a soldier, and attacking our troops whenever in sight.

Boudica: I am sure this is the charisma of that Holy Progenitor. The soldiers and people are acting like moths drawn to the flame.

Jing Ke: It's true they seem to be acting that way.

Jing Ke: People of the United Empire are blind. Though that may be proof that they're under proper leadership.

Jing Ke: However, our troops have high morale as well. acting no different than usual.

Mash: I'm...not sure about that.

Mash: I understand a little bit. It's her determination,or just general aura about her...

Mash: It feels...a little bit lacking right now.

Mash: I'm sure it came as a shock for her. The founder of the nation, King Romulus, is actually the enemy leader...

Fujimaru 1: Romulus?

Fujimaru 2: I thought he was some mythological figure...

Dr. Roman: Yes, the founding-king, Romulus. The great hero who founded Rome upon the Septem Montes.

Dr. Roman: A great figure that deserves to be called the Progenitor of Rome. At any rate, he's the son of the War God Mars.

Dr. Roman: So that means his Divinity level is quite high,since Mars is the equivalent of Ares the Greek God of War–

Dr. Roman: Sorry, I'll get back on track. Either way...

Dr. Roman: It doesn't matter if he existed in history or not. Just like I've explained before, Heroic Spirits are the heroes people dreamt of.

Dr. Roman: In other words, Emperor Nero must have dreamt of Romulus, as well.

Dr. Roman: A dream of the shining hero who created Rome. I'm sure it was quite a shock when that person turned out to be an enemy.

Boudica: It would be like if I was betrayed by the Celtic gods.

Dr. Roman: Something like that. Maybe also adding in being betrayed by your beloved husband.

Boudica: My husband is the best husband there is. If the world turned inside-out, he still wouldn't betray me.

Dr. Roman: It was just an example, but it looks like it's time for you to go.

Dr. Roman: It isn't a Servant, but I am getting magical energy signatures. Might be some kind of monster.

Jing Ke: ...I will search for a route to infiltrate the palace.

Boudica: Then I will protect the soldiers and the Emperor. Mash, Fujimaru, can I leave this to you?

Fujimaru 1: Sure.

Boudica: Thanks, I'm going to go save our silly emperor.

Fujimaru 2: Don't expect too much from us.

Boudica: Oh, but I will. Mash, you'll figure this out, right?

Mash: Yes, of course. Senpai gets things done when the need is there.

Mash: Well then Master, commencing battle with the enemy creatures.


Nero: ...Mmm, so it's you.

Nero: Where's Mash? Oh, the restroom? I guess this happens too.

Nero: It's just you two seem to be joined at the hip, so I thought you'd be together during those times too, sorry.

Nero: ...

Nero: ...I made a fool out of myself, didn't I? I can't believe I'd lose it like that.

Nero: Although I panicked a bit during the incidents with my uncle and Lord Caesar.

Nero: This time, it hit home. Just a tiny bit, mind you...

Nero: I...

Nero: "Could it be? " I thought. Could it be that my path was mistaken?

Nero: ...Needless to say, that's not possible. I myself am Rome...its fifth emperor.

Nero: But when I heard our founding ruler's voice,though it was for a brief moment, it did cross my mind.

Nero: "Could it be? "

Nero: The other day, I put up such an act, and now I'm being completely pathetic.

Nero: But it crossed my mind. Could it be possible?

Nero: Would it be better for me to just bow down to the Holy Progenitor? No, let's say it. I will say it.

Nero: I wanted to. That's how I really, truly felt in my heart!

Nero: The Holy Progenitor! With all of his faults, he founded this nation!

Nero: If my path is wrong, if that is indeed the case, then I want to entrust everything to him as an "emperor" of the United Empire!

Nero: But–

Nero: I can't do that. That is the one thing I cannot do. The Holy Progenitor is definitely mistaken.

Nero: Look at his people, look at his soldiers. Not a single one of them is smiling!

Nero: No matter how perfect the reign may be, how can there be a nation without laughter!

Nero: Which is why I...I...

Fujimaru 1: You're not wrong. Stay on your path!

Fujimaru 2: We're in the middle of a battle right now.

Nero: ...I know. Oh, I know!

Nero: That's it. I forgot something important.

Nero: No matter who the enemy might be, I must not stray from the path. I shall finish what I started.

Nero: Thank you, Fujimaru. I feel like my eyes are wide open now.

Mash: I'm back, Senpai.... Oh, Nero?

Nero: Umu, hey there Mash! If you're back, it's about time to finish this!

Mash: ???

Mash: Looks like you've cheered up...Senpai, Nero looks brighter now, right?

Fujimaru 1: She's the same as usual.

Mash: Yeah, that's true. That might just be true.

Mash: I think she's a lot like the sun. That's why she's captured the hearts of many.

Mash: Even now, people are fighting under her name. She's got a powerful charisma.

Mash: That's just who she is...Even if it dims a little, her light still shines true.

Fujimaru 2: I cheered her up a little.

Mash: All because of that?

Mash: I see...So that's what I should have done.

Mash: I couldn't do anything for her. Master, you're amazing.

Nero: Boo. What are you talking about? I want in on it too.

Nero: At least that's what I want to say. Right now, I'll just have to wait, for now we assault the palace!

Nero: Jing Ke has found a way in. We will take a small number of elites, and take out Romulus.

Nero: This will be the last battle. Will you come with me Mash, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: Of course!

Fujimaru 2: We have unfinished business in there, too.

Nero: Umu! Let's go, then!

Section 14: The Emperor

Nero: Are you sure this is the way, Jing Ke?

Jing Ke: This is the second time I've gone to the emperor. Don't worry, I promise I'll guide you to the throne without fail.

Nero: The city sure looks familiar...It's impressive,they even replicated the palace down to the interiors.

Nero: When did they build it? Is this some sort of spell?

Dr. Roman: That's possible. It might have been the power of the Holy Grail.

Jing Ke: There's no time to chit chat. The enemy's noticed us–They're not human.

Dr. Roman: Nor are they Servants. They're probably monsters created by magecraft.

Nero: Ugh, monsters huh? Whatever they may be, I am no longer afraid!

Mash: Master, it's enemy lifeforms...Commencing battle.


Romulus: ...Here you are, my beloved child.

Nero: Umu, I am here! O proud founder of our great nation, King Romulus!

Romulus: ...Splendid radiance. In that case, should I call out your name, "Emperor? "

Nero: Oh, there's no need. Call me what you did just now–

Nero: Whether it's the past, the present, or the future. I am the one and only Fifth Emperor of the Roman Empire!

Nero: Holy Progenitor, O King Romulus! I hereby challenge you with my warriors, my swords!

Romulus: I'll allow it, Nero Claudius. Show me you can trample over Rome's love with your love.

Romulus: Behold. My spear–

Romulus: –"Rome" is here!

Mash: An enemy Servant is approaching. Speculated class is Lancer. Battle commencing. Master, your orders!


Romulus: ...Your love, is so dazzling, Nero.

Romulus: My eternal crimson and gold empire. I entrust it all to you and your heirs.

Romulus: Don't forget. Rome is eternal.

Romulus: Therefore, the world must always be eternal. Remember that...

Mash: We've defeated the enemy Servant, Lancer Romulus. Victory is ours.

Nero: We won? In that case...

Nero: ...Umu. Rome shall be restored to its former glory.

Dr. Roman: That's true, more or less, but we still haven't found that Court Mage. We've got to search for the Holy Grail.

Nero: Hmm? But the United Empire has already met its end. Isn't that right, Unseen Mage?

Dr. Roman: That's certainly true, give or take. But unless we secure the Holy Grail, our purpose will be–

Jing Ke: Wait, someone's there. Though it's not a Servant.


Lev: ...Well, well. To think you took out Romulus.

Lev: Nice work for a "mere" Demi-Servant. Have you become more powerful since I last saw you at Fuyuki?

Lev: However, a Servant is still a Servant. Sorry,but you'll never surpass the power of the Holy Grail.

Mash: !!!

Nero: Is that the Court Mage? Then that golden chalice he has is–

Mash: Yes, that's the Holy Grail. It looks similar in shape to the one we saw before...

Dr. Roman: Who could've thought a Court Mage would ignore his king's crisis. I guess betrayal is second nature to you now, Professor Lev?

Dr. Roman: Actually, perhaps this is the real you? You seem more energetic than when you were at Chaldea.

Fujimaru 1: Save the small talk for later!

Fujimaru 2: Hand over the Holy Grail!

Lev: I see. Looks like you've learned to talk back, [♂ boy /♀ girl].

Lev: I hear you did quite a bit in France. Thanks to that— I really got yelled at!

Lev: I would've been back at the Temple already, but I got sent back out!

Lev: As a result, I am here to do some clean-up.

Lev: My plan was to give the Grail to a fitting fool,then enjoy what would unfold. But you ruined that.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. Find a human, or a Heroic Spirit who wants to plunge an era into madness.

Dr. Roman: Then if you give them the Grail, that era would surely drive itself into madness.

Dr. Roman: That's what happened in France, but this time—

Mash: Yes, the Holy Progenitor Romulus, did not wish for the downfall of mankind. That's why—

Dr. Roman: You have no other choice but to interfere yourself.

Dr. Roman: That's quite ironic, Professor Lev. In this era,the only betrayer of mankind is you.

Lev: Shut it trash. I never had any hope for humans in the first place.

Lev: You either, Fujimaru.

Lev: You think you can stop me, Lev Lainur,just because you defeated a few Servants?

Fujimaru 1: It's not going to go like before!

Lev: It's true you've changed. You've grown quite a bit.

Lev: You've grown more stupid that is! Don't you know that if you try to resist, you're going to suffer that much more?

Fujimaru 2: What are you after?

Lev: I believe I told you, I already long completed my objective. This is what you should be asking, Fujimaru.

Lev: "Why did you destroy humanity? "

Lev: Although, even if you did ask me, I have no reason to answer you.

Lev: Besides, I think you people misunderstand something. Recover the Grail, repair the Singularity,protect mankind—

Lev: Protect humanity? —Idiots. There's nothing you can do.

Lev: There's no point in struggling. The end is certain. You're insignificant, worthless!

Lev: You will perish in sorrow! Allow me to show you the favor of our King!

Fou: Fou! Fooou!

Mash: !!!

Nero: What's that creature! It's ugly! You're uglier than anything of this world!

Lev: Haha! Hahahaha! That's right! That ugliness will be your undoing!

Dr. Roman: ...This signature, this amount of magical energy...

Dr. Roman: That's not a Servant, not even a Phantasmal! Could that be—could that be an actual "Demon" from legends?

Lev: Allow me to introduce myself again. I am Lev Lainur "Flauros! "

Lev: One of the Seventy-Two Demon Gods! The Demon God Flauros– This is the true favor of our King!

Nero: How disgusting...You are the reincarnation of evil!

Mash: A giant pillar of flesh protruding out of the ground? A large amount of magical energy...Doctor!

Dr. Roman: ...Flauros. He did say Seventy-Two Demon Gods. In that case, the King he speaks of is—

Dr. Roman: No, there's still not enough information. That's impossible, Demon Gods do not exist!

Fou: ...Fou! Kyu, kyu, kyu, kya!

Dr. Roman: We don't know the details, but that thing is dangerous. Here it comes! We've got to take it out!


Mash: ...We've defeated the enemy lifeform Master!

Fujimaru 1: All right!

Fujimaru 2: Don't let your guard down!

Mash: Right!

Lev: ...Impossible...

Lev: A mere Heroic Spirit...Do you really think you can repel one of the "Gods? "

Lev: No, this is simple miscalculation. That's right, that must be it.

Lev: It's been too long since I left the Temple. My cells are starting to die off.

Lev: But, I am entrusted with the mission to incinerate the future. It's not as if I didn't have a contingency plan.

Mash: Is something else coming?

Dr. Roman: Watch out! I'm detecting the Holy Grail's activation! Mash and Fujimaru, Something's about to happen!

Lev: ...By sacrificing ancient Rome,I have managed to summon the strongest hero.

Lev: Rejoice, Emperor Nero Claudius. This one is truly fit to bring the demise of Rome.

Nero: Rome is the world, and the world shall never come to an end!

Lev: Even pride is nothing more than ultimate stupidity if misdirected, huh? See with your own eyes, the end of your world!

Lev: We'll pull the bottom out on humanity! We'll destroy one of its seven foundations!

Lev: –By the esteemed words of our King!

Lev: Come forth! Great hero of destruction, Altera!


Mash: !!!

Lev: Kill. Destroy. Incinerate. With your power,burn Rome and this Singularity to the ground!

Lev: Hahaha! It's over, Romani Archaman! Your dream of continuing Humanity is nothing but a dream!

Lev: This Servant is the ultimate destroyer! Altera is a Heroic Spirit, but her power–

Altera: –Silence.

Lev: Huh?

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: What? Lev Lainur's signature has disappeared!

Mash: He...He was cut in half by the Servant he summoned! Her True Name is Altera. She's probably a Saber.

Mash: Altera has the Grail! It's being absorbed...huh? She's absorbing it...

Altera: I am–

Altera: A warrior of the Hun.

Altera: And, its King.

Altera: I am the King of Destruction, the one who destroyed the western world.

Altera: Destruction–

Nero: I've got a bad...feeling about this! Mash, something's going to happen. Even I can tell!

Dr. Roman: Huge spike in her magical energy signature! This must be her Noble Phantasm–an Anti-Fortress level at that!

Mash: Master!

Fujimaru 1: Deploy your Noble Phantasm, hurry!

Mash: Right!

Altera: This is what you people said.

Altera: That I am the divine punishment itself.

Altera: –The Scourge of God.

Section 15: Scourge of God

Nero: ...I thought I was going to die.

Dr. Roman: Right. With the release of an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm so close, I'm amazed that you're not dead.

Dr. Roman: Thank you, Mash. You too, Boudica. That was great timing.

Boudica: ...To be honest, that was too close.

Boudica: I ran in to raid the palace from the entrance, only to sense this vast amount of magical energy, so I rushed to release my Noble Phantasm's True Name as well.

Mash: I couldn't have blocked that with my Noble Phantasm alone. Thank you, Boudica.

Boudica: Likewise. But, what are we going to do now.

Boudica: Lu Bu and Spartacus were rampaging around the palace entrance and unfortunately got hit by that light.

Boudica: We can't count on them any more. We've gotten this far...

Nero: Altera was the name, right? She–

Dr. Roman: Already started her advance from the Untied Empire's capital. Judging from the direction, she's heading for Rome.

Nero: In that case, is she planning to burn my capital to ash?

Dr. Roman: I'd imagine so. Plus, she has that ability.

Dr. Roman: Even if you're left alive, with the capital destroyed, Rome will disappear as well.

Dr. Roman: Or she might come to kill you after she destroys the capital.

Nero: Either option is rejected. I have no intention of allowing Rome or myself to fall.

Mash: Then we have to defeat Altera. But can we...even stand up to her?

Mash: Her magical energy is tremendous. It reminded me of the sacred sword in Fuyuki...

Mash: And we had a powerful Caster helping us back then. Now...

Nero: You can't do it, Mash?

Mash: ...

Nero: I would like to think otherwise. Fujimaru and Mash have saved me multiple times.

Nero: You were talking about gods and the like, I'm certain the gods and fate are on our side.

Nero: That's why Fujimaru and the rest of you came here. My wish shall see its fruition.

Nero: Rome will be saved. My people and my Rome will be left for future generations. I'm sure of it.

Nero: The Holy Progenitor said so as well. I heard it.

Nero: The world must be eternal. Rome must continue on eternally.

Nero: Even if its name will someday be forgotten, the many seeds Rome planted will continue on in different forms.

Nero: The eternal empire will continue to exist. Even if its emperor, state, and name changes.

Nero: It is the innate truth that mankind will continue to thrive. The tree of life that is humanity.

Nero: —Fujimaru. I am sure that is the "Humanity" you are trying to protect.

Boudica: ...Emperor Nero. I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Nero: I see. Honestly, I don't either.

Mash: I understood it a little. At least I think I did.

Mash: Even if something's clear and defined fades, as long as the world exists, its memes will remain.

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: How about thinking more romantically? Nero's words gave me strength.

Dr. Roman: She's confident that we can fight Altera. That's why the world won't end.

Dr. Roman: Sounds good to me. Although there's no real basis for it–

Dr. Roman: But it makes you feel like we should at least try. Fujimaru, what do you think?

Fujimaru 1: –Let's put our faith in Nero.

Mash: ...Got it. Then I will put my faith in your words Senpai.

Boudica: I'll join in, too. I'm tired of things getting destroyed.

Boudica: I hate that one called Altera far more than Emperor Nero.

Jing Ke: I don't really get what's going on, but I think it's safe to believe in Nero Claudius's luck.

Nero: Oh, hey there Jing Ke, where did you disappear off to?

Jing Ke: I was observing–Altera. It looks like she's slowly advancing.

Jing Ke: We can catch up if we leave now. That is, if you all want to.

Dr. Roman: We just came to a conclusion on that. Nice timing, there.

Dr. Roman: Well then everyone, time to head out! Let's get the Grail back and save the world!

Dr. Roman: ...At least that was the plan until a second ago. I am picking up a major magical energy signature.

Dr. Roman: It must've be drawn to the power of the Grail when it connected with Altera–Phantasmals, it's the wyverns!

Nero: Wyvern? What's that? A monster out of a fairy tale?

Mash: No, it's a dangerous enemy! Master, your orders please!


Dr. Roman: Now I'm picking up multiple magical energy signatures. Is she attracting monsters just by walking?

Dr. Roman: Is she summoning them? I don't know the details, but they're closing in fast!

Nero: Wyverns again? I never thought I'd be fighting dragons.

Mash: We're used to it. Lord Nero, Senpai and I will take the front!

Nero: So reliable! Umu, I'm leaving it to you!

Fou: Fou!


Dr. Roman: I really want to say "good work," but more are coming. Several times more than before–

Nero: Wh-What? Several times? That's pretty wild.

Boudica: ...Guess it can't be helped. We'll take those on, Jing Ke are you ready?

Jing Ke: Monsters aren't my specialty. But I should take on non-human enemies for a change.

Nero: W-Wait, Boudica, Jing Ke, what do you mean take them on? You're coming with us.

Boudica: Exactly. You go on ahead already.

Nero: What are you saying–

F:???: GuOOOOOO–!!!!!

Boudica: Go! You stupid emperor! Never mind this,go protect what you call your world!

Nero: ...Apologies. My worthy rival, Queen of Britannia.

Dr. Roman: That's right everyone. No time to look back,we're close to where Altera is–


Altera: ...Are you going to stand in my way?

Fujimaru 1: That's why we're here.

Fujimaru 2: I can't let you advance any further.

Nero: Yes, I'll stand in your way. I can't allow you advance further, no matter what.

Nero: You said that you would destroy the world.

Nero: I don't understand. Why would you say that you were going to destroy the world?

Nero: The world is brimming with beauty. Flowers, songs, gold, love...

Nero: That's right, above all, this Rome, this world is filled with my love.

Nero: And you'd destroy it? Don't you find that wasteful Altera, or whoever you are?

Altera: I am–

Altera: A warrior of the Hun.

Altera: And its King.

Altera: A King of Destruction, who will bring destruction to the western world.

Nero: That again?

Nero: How sad Altera, but even that sadness seems beautiful to me.

Nero: I can't just leave you like this. I feel a great pain and contradiction in your life.

Nero: Perhaps your power exceeds mine, but know that you cannot defeat me in love.

Altera: I know not of love, I know not of beauty.

Mash: Doctor, those words are different from before. It seems like she's not responding automatically.

Dr. Roman: This reaction–

Dr. Roman: I see, she's going out of control by becoming one with the Grail! This isn't good, talking is not going to end this.

Dr. Roman: Magical energy signature rising. You have to stop her before she unleashes it again.

Dr. Roman: This is the last battle for Rome–Mash, Fujimaru!

Mash: Prepare for anti-Servant combat! Master, your orders!


Altera: ...I see.

Altera: In this world...There are things that cannot be destroyed, my sword.

Altera: I was called, the Scourge of God...

Altera: Even my...

Altera: Sword of Mars...can't...I see...

Altera: Well that...

Altera: Makes me...a little happy...

Nero: Altera is gone. Perhaps fate will arrange for us to battle again one day.

Nero: it over? Have you obtained that Holy Grail–

Mash: Yes, we've obtained the Holy Grail. This concludes our mission.

Mash: Thank you very much, Nero Claudius.

Nero: Mash, your toes are looking faint! Don't tell me you're going to vanish too!

Nero: Fujimaru, Fou...I see, you're all going to vanish...

Fujimaru 1: Farewell.

Fujimaru 2: We must go now.

Nero: ...I had a feeling. My intuition is pretty sharp, you see.

Nero: You're going to disappear like Altera,my uncle, and the Holy Progenitor.

Nero: Boudica, will you, as well? Jing Ke, Lu Bu, Spartacus?

Mash: ...Yes.

Mash: This era will be restored. Your memories of fighting the United Empire will no longer exist.

Nero: That's a sad thing.

Mash: Yes, it is...

Nero: I will no longer doubt you. I believe you, but this is a problem.

Nero: It's unfortunate, I haven't given you any reward.

Nero: You could have been more than my retainers. Something more–

Nero: No, no sense in saying it. Fujimaru,you will find yourself heading to Rome.

Nero: All roads lead to Rome, for Rome is the world. Both the Holy Progenitor and I believe so.

Nero: So I will not say goodbye. Only thanks.

Nero: –Thank you. I offer you the thanks of my soul and a rose for your efforts!

Dr. Roman: Welcome back and good job you two. You retrieved the Grail.

Fujimaru 1: Was that for the best?

Fujimaru 2: When?

Da Vinci: I'll explain. The Grail is the law that decides how magical energies in a dimension is used.

Da Vinci: Think of it as a world's rules. It normally doesn't have a form, but Lev crystallized it into one.

Da Vinci: We can't analyze its workings, but we can seal it away.

Da Vinci: I fiddled with Mash's shield a little, and created a space for the Grail.

Mash: My shield can do that?

Da Vinci: Yes. The best place for a relic is in a relic, I figure.

Da Vinci: It can only hold one at a time, so I yank it out after each retrieval. Got it?

Mash: Ahhh!

Da Vinci: Ok, Grail's retrieval is confirmed~♪Try your best to search for the next one!

Dr. Roman: This is our second Grail and we've also achieved our original goal of finding Lev.

Fujimaru 1: But Lev is—

Fujimaru 2: I didn't learn anything...

Dr. Roman: ...That's right. Altera killed him,and we never found out what his plans were.

Mash: ...You mean why he betrayed mankind and tried to...destroy it?

Dr. Roman: That's right. We still don't know anything,but still have five singularities left.

Dr. Roman: Lev spoke of "Gods. " In other words,there are other enemies out there just like him.

Dr. Roman: What that means at this point, we don't know.

Dr. Roman: All we can do is recover the Grails one by one, and restore the Singularities.

Fujimaru 1: Leave the next Grail to me!

Fujimaru 2: We've got a long way to go.

Dr. Roman: Good answer. I'm counting on you, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: We don't have that much time, but for tonight try and rest well.

Dr. Roman: You walked a long way. You'll want a good massage, I'm sure.

Mash: ...

Fujimaru 1: You look down Mash.

Fujimaru 2: ...Thinking about Nero?

Mash: ...Yes. Our parting with Nero was so sudden. I feel bad about leaving her...

Mash: Even if it ended up never happening, in that last moment, she was alone.

Mash: She defeated the people she respected, and said goodbye to her rivals—

Mash: She was left all alone in that huge empire with no one to rely on.

Fujimaru 1: Was this battle hard for you?

Fujimaru 2: Do you think Nero feels lonely?

Mash: —No, I don't think so.... I'm sure that's not right.

Mash: It was a hard battle, yes. We almost died many times, and I'm still scared of fighting.

Mash: But—it was a fun journey.

Mash: Partially thanks to Nero's glamour, but...It was a lot of fun.

Fujimaru 1: I'm sure it was fun for Nero, too.

Fujimaru 2: It was a fun Empire, just like Nero.

Mash: ...Yes. I'll never forget that sky and land, I'm sure.

Mash: By the way Senpai, about what the Doctor said.

Fujimaru 1: What did Roman say?

Fujimaru 2: The massage?

Mash: Yes, you need to take care of yourself. Shall I give you a massage?

Mash: I know several effective methods shiatsu, deep tissue...

Fujimaru 1: Sounds good.

Mash: Really?

Fujimaru 2: I'll pass.

Mash: Come on, please!

Mash: ...Ahem. I really wanted to try it.

Mash: Yes, that's all. Um, well...

Mash: I tried it once before, and they said it really hurt...Oh!

Mash: T-That shouldn't happen anymore. I practiced after that. In my mind.

Mash: Huh? Senpai?

Mash: Where are you going? Oh, you want a massage in your room, right?

Mash: Senpai?