Final Singularity: The Grand Temple of Time - Solomon


Marisbury: Wonderfully done, Caster. We have eliminated all six of the other Masters.

Marisbury: We have won the Holy Grail War. Once I use my Command Spell to make you kill yourself, the ceremony will be complete.

Marisbury: The Greater Grail will be filled with the souls of seven Servants, and the Magical Reactor Core used to reach the Root will activate.

Marisbury: And then, the Third Magic shall finally take form.

Marisbury: The Third Magic is the materialization of souls.

Marisbury: Humanity shall escape the shackle of the physical body, be released from all suffering caused by its “limitations,” and advance to a new stage.

Marisbury: You are a sacrifice for that purpose. I am sure you understand, Caster.

Narration: I nodded in agreement. Humanity's salvation and growth were not the tasks given to me.

Narration: If the humans of that era wanted to grow,I had no reason to stop them. Just as it was during my life, I simply did what was required of me.

Narration: In the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, there would be no Servant survivors.

Narration: All Servants were to be eliminated. Even I, the victor, was fated to commit suicide, compelled by my Master's Command Spell.

Marisbury: ...No, that was a joke. I'm kidding, Caster. I'm sorry. I got overexcited.

Marisbury: I have no intention of offering my meritorious partner to the Greater Grail. I won't use my Command Spells, either. They wouldn't work on you anyway.

Marisbury: Do you understand? I will not activate the Greater Grail. The Third Magic means nothing to me.

Marisbury: As the head of the Animusphere family and chairman of the Astromancy division...I must reach the Root in my own unique way.

Marisbury: It's preposterous to ask me to rely on other mages' theories. The miracle proposed by the Einzbern family...

Marisbury: ...The materialization of souls and the growth of humanity...I have no intention of being part of such fantasies.

Narration: That was an unexpected development.

Narration: Marisbury didn't realize it, but that was the first and last time he would ever tell a joke.

Narration: What surprised me most, though...was how much his thoughts deviated from what I myself had seen.

Narration: I asked him: “Then, what do you desire? ”

Marisbury: I'm only after the Grail's ability to grant wishes, and my wish is clear.

Marisbury: It's the completion of Chaldeas. Truth is, the one at Chaldea is still just a prototype.

Marisbury: It was built to satisfy the sponsors. Sure it functions as an Earth model, but it's far from being complete.

Marisbury: It's just like this Greater Grail, Caster. The theory is complete, but the all-important fuel to power it is lacking.

Marisbury: The Greater Grail requires the souls of Heroic Spirits, but my Chaldeas needs something more...realistic.

Marisbury: To power Chaldeas, I would need to take over power plants that could generate enough electricity for an entire country. For no less than six months, even.

Marisbury: Essentially, I need a budget that could fund an entire nation. But the only assets I have...

Marisbury: ...are my precious Offshore Oil Rig, Seraphix, and a French nuclear reactor I managed to buy the other day.

Marisbury: That's not nearly enough. Simply put, I need more funds.

Marisbury: ...That's fine. Laugh at my absurdity and shallowness if you so wish.

Marisbury: Despite the divine greatness that is the Greater Grail,I seek from it neither eternal life, nor the Root itself.

Marisbury: What I want is a giant pile of money!

Narration: Marisbury told me to laugh, but there was nothing funny about it.

Narration: Creating a miracle was his life's work. It wasn't something he could get someone or something else to do for him.

Narration: Instead, he asked for the time it would take to complete his task to be shortened. Probably because he didn't have much longer left to live.

Narration: He determined that, in the ten years he had left, there was no way for him to complete and activate Chaldeas.

Narration: And so, to hasten its activation, he joined the Fuyuki Holy Grail War. The war was, to him, a shortcut.

Narration: It would allow him to obtain the necessary resources without becoming indebted to rival families, or having to worry about financing and its inherent complications.

Narration: He'd leave no traces. Nobody would be able to see what was coming.

Marisbury: ...Thank you, Caster. I knew you would understand.

Marisbury: Your cooperation will allow us to keep this ending our little secret.

Marisbury: We can let the world think that Saber and their Master won the Fuyuki Holy Grail War.

Marisbury: ...Only a coward would cover this up. But if I don't, the other Lords will be able to get in my way.

Marisbury: No matter what it costs, I will complete the true Chaldeas and activate it. It will be necessary in order to secure humanity's future.

Marisbury: By doing so, Professor Lev's Sheba will not only be able to see the future, but the light of the past as well.

Marisbury: And pseudo-Spiritron projection–the Rayshift theory–will no longer be just a theory.

Marisbury: Why did the Age of Gods come to an end? Why has the Foundation of Humanity remained unstable since advent of the Anno Domini era?

Marisbury: Once the Rayshift works, we'll be able to answer those questions.

Narration: I knew this man was dangerous in a way unique to mages. Simply put, he lacked the sense of morality.

Narration: But, his burning passion and love for humanity were unwavering.

Narration: I signaled my consent.

Narration: This Greater Grail was not to be used to reach the Root, but to grant one man's wish.

Marisbury: To grant one's desire...

Marisbury: Yes, how ironic. The end result is turning out to be just the kind of nonsense the original ritual's creators promised.

Narration: I laughed in agreement, but only because I could tell that Marisbury's smile wasn't entirely genuine.

Marisbury: What about you, Caster?

Narration: ...?

Marisbury: Hey, don't tell me you forgot what the Einzberns said!

Marisbury: The Holy Grail will grant the victor's wish. Both the Master and the Servant have the right to ask for a wish.

Marisbury: I wish for immense wealth. But what about you? What will you wish for?

Marisbury: You can't change the past, but you can change how it is viewed today. Or would you like to be incarnated and live a second life?

Narration: I froze. I never expected this question. My wish. My wish. My wish...

Narration: I'd never had the freedom to ask for one. So, I was about to say I didn't have one...

A:???: But, no...I did.

A:???: I can really...I can really wish for anything, Marisbury?

Marisbury: Yes. Anything but the life of Marisbury Animusphere, the man who summoned you.

Marisbury: Come now, Caster.... No. Solomon, King of Mages. My contractor. My one and only friend.

Marisbury: Knowing you, your wish will be a righteous one. Say it with pride.

A:???: ...

Narration: I remember my lips rose up into a grin.

Narration: And then the world went black.


Staff: Doctor? Are you asleep? Doctor?

Dr. Roman: Huh...? Whoa, did I fall asleep!? I'm sorry, guys! I know we're in a critical situation!

Dr. Roman: Did we find the route to the Singularity where Solomon's lurking!? We barely have a day left!

Staff: We're making good progress.

Staff: If our calculations are correct, Chaldea will make contact with the final Singularity in four hours.

Staff: We'll begin the space-time fusion simultaneously with Master Fujimaru's Rayshift.

Staff: As long as it's within 72 hours of the fusion, we can escape the Singularity by purging the eastern research wing,

Staff: and transfer back to Chaldea Observatory's normal time: December 31, 2018.

Dr. Roman: I see. Everybody, take one last break then.

Dr. Roman: You only have four hours, but get some sleep, get some food, enjoy a nice chat, or leave some records behind...anything.

Dr. Roman: Do something to refresh and relax a little. I'll keep an eye on things while you do.

B:Staff: Understood. If anything happens while we're gone, call us, Doctor.

Dr. Roman: All right, it's time for the final stage. It's been ten years since I came to Chaldea.

Dr. Roman: It seems like a long time, and yet...not. Honestly, this doesn't feel real to me yet.

Fou: Fou. Fou, fou.

Dr. Roman: Oh, there you are, Fou. When I think about it, you're a pretty strange creature, too.

Dr. Roman: Until Fujimaru came, you only showed yourself around Mash. What made you change your mind?

Dr. Roman: I thought you were the kind of creature who feeds on humans, yet has no interest in them. Just like Merlin.

Fou: Fou. Fou, fou. Fooou!

Dr. Roman: Hmm...Yeah, I can't really understand what you're saying. I may have been able to understand you back then. Yeah, I probably did.

Dr. Roman: Well, I have a hunch about what you're saying. You're saying, “Are you okay with this? ”

Dr. Roman: Magi☆Mari got mad at me over the internet too. She told me not to keep secrets anymore.

Dr. Roman: But, well...

Dr. Roman: To be honest, I don't feel guilty. I can't explain my reasons...Besides, it still hasn't sunk in for me.

Dr. Roman: Why did I come here to Chaldea? What was I doing before I did?

Dr. Roman: It's all stuff I absolutely can't explain. Not even a little.

Dr. Roman: If I told them I came here to protect humanity just because I felt like it, that would be pretty lame, right?

Fou: ...

Dr. Roman: Oh! But I CAN explain how I came to run the medical division at such a young age.

Dr. Roman: It's because I studied like any other person, of course. Competence is what got me this job.

Fou: ...Fou, fou...

Dr. Roman: Come to think of it, I've spent the last decade doing nothing but studying, researching, and investigating.

Dr. Roman: One day, I had a feeling that humanity was going to end. It was one of those...bad dreams people get sometimes.

Dr. Roman: Eventually, I was forced to realize that this feeling of mine was true. I had no way of denying it, yet no strength to make sure either.

Dr. Roman: The only clue I had was that it would begin at Chaldea. I was filled with a sense of terror, and I was compelled to do something.

Dr. Roman: So, I've done everything I possibly could over the past decade. Like I was fleeing from this doom. Like I was running away, screaming.

Dr. Roman: ...And I'm about to find out how this will end. I'm scared, but happy at the same time.

Dr. Roman: Once this battle's over, I won't have to worry anymore. I can finally be free to do what I want with my time.

Fou: ...Fou. Fou, fou.

Dr. Roman: Hmm? Why are you thwacking on the data on the Demon Gods?

Dr. Roman: Oh, I see. You're worried about Fujimaru, huh?

Dr. Roman: As for who Solomon really is...Well, I suppose I have some idea. Kingu was a good sample case.

Dr. Roman: I thought the Solomon who appeared in London was a fake, but I didn't have any way to prove it.

Dr. Roman: Heroic Spirits have many aspects. That's why a single Heroic Spirit can manifest as a Saber or a Lancer, for instance.

Dr. Roman: So even if the Solomon who incinerated humanity was a variation on the one in the legends...

Dr. Roman: ...he is still Solomon, the father of magecraft. And if he is the real Solomon, Chaldea has no way to beat him.

Dr. Roman: There were times when pessimism won out, and I thought that this Grand Order would end with humanity's defeat.

Dr. Roman: But, now...I don't feel that way. If I'm right, that Solomon has one weak point.

Dr. Roman: ...Yes, just one.

Dr. Roman: If he is the real Solomon, and at the same time, someone who is falsely claiming to be the King of Mages...

Dr. Roman: There is a void that Solomon can never reach...And it scares me.

Dr. Roman: What scares me isn't whether I can take advantage of that opportunity.

Dr. Roman: It's what I'm going to be thinking when I reach that void...

Fou: ...Fou...

Mash: ...I had a dream. A scene of a peaceful town–one I'd seen before.

Unknown Man: Hey, Mash. Good to see you're doing well again today. I'm sure things will be quiet tomorrow, too.

Unknown Woman: Hey, Kyrielight, what are you doing with that shield? The city's the same as ever! There's no danger around.

Unknown Man: That's right. We finally live in a utopia with no war, starvation, prejudice, or discrimination.

Unknown Woman: There's no need to hate anyone. No need to fear anything! Because we've...we've been released from death.

Unknown Man: We've been released from the sorrows of life. We're happier now than we ever thought possible.

Unknown Woman: Life has no end. The world has no end. Tomorrow will never be worse than today. This is the bliss of eternity.

Mash: ...

Mash: ...No. I don't understand the happiness they speak of.

Mash: Solomon, King of Mages, the image you show me only frightens me.

Solomon: Why does it frighten you?

Solomon: These people have been released from finite lives, from the terror of death, from all their worries...

Solomon: What you see is a realistically blessed world for humans taking form. Why would that frighten you, Mash?

Solomon: A promised tomorrow. A today that lasts forever. A life you needn't fear ending.

Solomon: That should be your salvation.

Solomon: I thought you, of all people, would understand how wonderful it is simply to live.

Mash: ...No. No, I'm sorry.

Mash: I don't know why you show yourself to me. But I can see that you are concerned about me.

Mash: Which is why it pains me to deny you. But...I must correct you when you are in the wrong.

Solomon: ...Very well. Then tell me, Mash. I'm interested in the conclusion you've reached.

Mash: You mourn the end of life, and speak of the beauty of eternity. But, I'm sorry...

Mash: I don't understand the sorrow. I don't understand what's so great about eternity.

Mash: Death is the end that comes to all living things. It's a natural part of life.

Mash: You say there's no sadness because there's no death. But, I don't think eternal life is happiness.

Solomon: Why? The people of this town are happy. Eternity is the happiness that humanity yearns for.

Mash: No. That's a lie. Their smiles are wrong.

Solomon: ...Their smiles are wrong? Are you saying that this state of satisfaction, of freedom from all worries, is a lie?

Mash: Yes. Smiling is what gets you through sadness. Humans continue smiling because they know their time is limited.

Mash: But the smiles in this world are different. They're just smiling because they're not afraid.

Mash: Those are not smiles. They're just...muscle memory.

Mash: The joys of life belong to those who live in the moment.

Mash: ...Solomon, King of Mages...That is my answer to the question you once posed me.

Mash: I don't think anyone lives because they're scared of dying.

Mash: We live because we simply want to live. We do our best to get through the day because we can't wait for tomorrow.

Mash: Our journey is not about trying to avoid the endpoint of our lives we call “death,” but rather to pass through it.

Mash: So, not take away our desire to live.

Solomon: ...I see. So that was the question the other me asked of you, hm?

Solomon: “Why do you fight? Why, knowing your life will someday end, knowing it's ended already? ”

Solomon: “Why do you cling to life? Why, when you realize that there's nothing in your future you can save? ”

Solomon: What you've just told me...That is your answer?

Solomon: ...A shame. Truly, a shame. Only those directly involved could be satisfied by such an answer.

Solomon: The Demon God Flauros spoke of you...Of how a short-lived creature, created by man, lived her life.

Solomon: I had paid particular attention to you as a sample case. No more. I no longer care.

Solomon: There is no path to a longer life for you. You have rejected eternity, and so you shall die.

Solomon: So die like the trash you are, and take all of Chaldea with you.

Solomon: Die as one who clung to life. As a brave warrior who overcame many trials and perils.

Solomon: Why? Because that was what everyone was foolish enough to see you as.

Solomon: ...

Solomon: ...It's sad, really. In the end, you are nothing more than another powerless, ordinary human.

Fujimaru 1: ...Okay, it's time.

Da Vinci: Hey! Good morning, Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: It's Da Vinci here with your wake-up call. I figured you'd be getting up from your nap about now!

Da Vinci: Oh, no need for any formal greetings. This call is basically just me talking to myself.

Da Vinci: The Command Room is ready. Now, it's up to you and Mash to begin the Last Order.

Da Vinci: But first, I have a request. No, it's less a request, and more a bit of advice.

Da Vinci: I reviewed Mash's medical exams during the brief rest. I'll be blunt: her body is at its limit.

Da Vinci: Both in terms of her life and combat ability.

Da Vinci: She doesn't have long to live, and can only participate in one more major operation.

Da Vinci: I figured you needed to know. And...Romani forced me to pass on the bad news.

Da Vinci: So, anyway...

Da Vinci: Romani believed that it would be best not to tell her, but I disagree.

Da Vinci: For one thing—

Fujimaru 1: I think Mash knows.

Da Vinci: ...I see. Coming from you, who's been with her the most, I'm not inclined to argue.

Da Vinci: That's it from me, then. I know this all comes moments before the battle to determine humanity's future, but that's that and this's this.

Da Vinci: You've only got a brief moment before you head to the Command Room. Spend it in a way you won't regret.

Da Vinci: See you in the Command Room! Ciao! ☆

Mash: Good morning, Senpai. Did you just wake up, too?

Mash: I just took a nap and finished a physical checkup.

Mash: If you're going to the Command Room, let me accompany you.

Mash: Or would you like to go to the cafeteria and get a sandwich for some quick nourishment? ...Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...(I can't...I can't bring it up. )

Mash: I think it's natural to feel pressured. I'm feeling overwhelmed. My heart is racing.

Mash: But, I'm not worried. It's always been this way to me.

Mash: From Fuyuki to ancient Mesopotamia, I was never confident I would be able to complete the mission.

Mash: On the other hand, Senpai...Even though you were more baffled than I was, you always managed to lead the way.

Mash: So, no matter how much pressure I'm under...even if humanity's survival is at stake...

Mash: long as Senpai is my Master, I will never feel worried.

Mash: Fujimaru, you are the best Master Chaldea has, and I'm very proud of you.

Fujimaru 1: Mash...

Fou: Fou. Fooou!

Mash: Good morning, Fou. Have you come to bring us to the Command Room?

Fou: Fou. Fooou...

Fujimaru 1: (Fou is staring right at me...? )

Fou: ...Fou. Fou, fou.

Mash: ...? Fou?

Fujimaru 1: ...(I see...)

Fujimaru 2: ...(I can't bring that up, but...)

Fujimaru 1: ...Mash, you should stay in Chaldea.

Mash: Thank you. But, that's impossible.

Mash: Ever since you took my hand as the Command Room was collapsing around us, I have exclusively been your Servant.

Mash: If you're going to fight, I want to fight too. Even if it shortens the small amount of time I have left.

Fujimaru 1: Mash...

Fujimaru 2: So, you know...

Fou: ...

Mash: Yes. And it is no reason for any extra concern.

Mash: It's true that, unlike others, I was born and raised in a special environment.

Mash: But, I don't feel sad about my life so far. I know the Doctor was worried about me, but...

Mash: I don't regret my life. Nothing sad has happened in it.

Mash: If there's anything to be sad about, it would be that I won't be able to see what comes next.

Mash: My life has been very happy. Everyone was very good to me.

Mash: Even if I only have a few more months left to live, I want to be proud of what I do with them.

Fujimaru 1: ...But that's...

Fujimaru 2: That's just awful...

Mash: Not at all. My life has been more than worth it.

Mash: I mean, I never thought I'd set foot outside Chaldea. That never seemed possible for me.

Mash: But you saved me. Thanks to you, I was able to see the outside see what color the sky was.

Mash: My journey this past year has been a treasure to me...One I wouldn't give up for anything.

Mash: ...So...

Mash: So, I'm going on the final mission.

Mash: Solomon said that life has no value. Human history is meaningless.

Mash: But that is wrong, and I will deny it with everything I have. Even if someone's life is going to be lost and forgotten,

Mash: I've learned on my journey that the lives of every human in history are what built the present we live in now.

Mash: ...It's true that I have no experience with life's sorrows. I don't understand the pain the King of Mages speaks of.

Mash: But I know the joys of life. Senpai, Dr. Roman, everyone at Chaldea...

Mash: ...and all the worlds we've traveled through have taught me.

Mash: So, please, let me accompany you until the end, Master.

Mash: To prevent the Incineration of Humanity, to show the value of human life, and to retake our future.

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm sorry. Let's go, Mash!

Fujimaru 2: ...Thank you. Let's go, Mash!

Mash: Right! Mash Kyrielight will support you with everything I have!

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Dr. Roman: Right on time. Good morning, Fujimaru, Mash.

Dr. Roman: Your physical and mental states both appear stable. The two of you are in top condition.

Dr. Roman: No...Your mental state is a bit elevated compared to usual. Did something good happen, Mash?

Mash: Y-yes. I was lucky enough to run into Senpai in the hallway again today.

Fujimaru 1: It's a good sign.

Dr. Roman: Ah, like a good luck ritual. It's one of those everyday things you do to help you succeed...

Dr. Roman: A little magic charm anyone can do. Small happinesses like that are important.

Fujimaru 2: Tactless, Doctor, aren't you?

Dr. Roman: No, not really! I was just taking your vitals. I'm your doctor, after all, and I have to be precise, so—

Dr. Roman: Wait, what do you mean by “tactless”? Did you literally bump into each other or something? Did sparks fly?

Dr. Roman: ...Oh, right. Here I am, making my usual small talk.

Dr. Roman: We're at the final stage. We need to stay focused and talk seriously.

Dr. Roman: Master Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight.

Dr. Roman: We've finally identified the location of the King of Mages' base, which we knew to exist outside the normal temporal axis.

Dr. Roman: Chaldea will now make contact with this Singularity. The entire facility will enter enemy territory.

Dr. Roman: We will Rayshift into the enemy Singularity, but we'll also be physically connected to them.

Dr. Roman: This will be different from our other expeditions. Moving between Chaldea and the Singularity can only be done at the contact points.

Dr. Roman: In other words...

Da Vinci: In other words, this is a surprise landing operation! Crazy, like Normandy!

Fujimaru 1: Just like always!

Fujimaru 2: Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Yes! Thanks for that lively response! Military regulations and dignity are no concern of mine!

Dr. Roman: (Sigh) ...Well, I kind of saw that coming.

Dr. Roman: Fine. I'm going to give up on being serious. Da Vinci, can you give us the briefing?

Da Vinci: Sure! Leave it to me! ☆

Da Vinci: Now, just like I said, this is a landing operation. That sets it apart from all the other Orders so far.

Da Vinci: There's no need to look for a Grail. The mission itself is simple, but you've got three things to do:

Da Vinci: First, besiege the enemy temple; second, defeat the King of Mages; and third, return from enemy territory alive.

Fujimaru 1: Besiege the temple...

Fujimaru 2: Defeat the King of Mages...

Mash: And then return alive?

Da Vinci: Yes. Thanks to Sheba's analysis, we know the basic layout of the enemy territory.

Da Vinci: This Singularity is its own little world. It's a conceptual universe.

Da Vinci: If Chaldeas is a miniature model of Earth, then the enemy territory is a miniature model of the universe.

Da Vinci: Well, it's a universe with no other celestial bodies. On a human scale, it would be about the size of a single cell.

Da Vinci: What's interesting is that there's only a single life form in this universe. But, we can ignore that for now.

Da Vinci: There's an incalculable amount of magical energy swirling around the center of the Singularity. That's definitely the King of Mages' throne.

Da Vinci: The throne will be your target. But the route connecting to it is currently blocked.

Da Vinci: That is to say, the temple gate is shut. Well, it's natural to protect one's seat of power.

Da Vinci: So, first you're going to destroy all the surrounding areas in the enemy's territory.

Da Vinci: The enemy territory itself is actually a single massive life-form. It's sending energy from the outer edges to the core.

Da Vinci: So, once the outer edges are destroyed, the gate barring the way to the throne will shatter.

Mash: Destroy the outer areas to cut off the flow of magical energy...So that's why you talked about besieging the temple...

Da Vinci: That's right! Our analysis revealed that there are multiple bases inside enemy territory.

Da Vinci: If you destroy them, or shut them down, the path to the throne should open.

Da Vinci: Then, you defeat the King of Mages once he's exposed, and finally come back to Chaldea.

Da Vinci: You'll have to walk back, though.

Da Vinci: Traveling via Rayshift can only be done along the contact point...the entrance into the enemy territory.

Da Vinci: That's why it's a landing operation. Ugh, it's going to be such a chore!

Da Vinci: Once the King of Mages is gone, this Singularity will disappear. In other words—

Fujimaru 1: We need to run back as the Singularity collapses?

Mash: !

Mash: That's...Yes, that is different than before. We've never had to escape a collapsing battlefield...

Da Vinci: Yes. Normally, the only time you'd have to worry about that is if you're searching ruins.

Da Vinci: So, destroying the King of Mages is just the start. What's important is coming back.

Da Vinci: Both of you need to stay focused until the very end, and make your way back to the entrance.

Da Vinci: As soon as we've Rayshifted to return you to the Coffins, Chaldea will return to normal space.

Da Vinci: That's when the battle is truly over. Humanity, and Chaldea, will have won.

Da Vinci: Right, Romani?

Dr. Roman: Of course. That's why we've come all this way.

Dr. Roman: ...Enter the enemy Singularity and destroy the seven bases. Reach the throne at the heart, and defeat Solomon.

Dr. Roman: Afterward, escape the collapsing throne, and return to Chaldea via the contact point.

Dr. Roman: ...That's the mission. Any questions?

Fujimaru 1: None.

Fujimaru 2: What do you mean the Singularity is a single life-form?

Dr. Roman: Oh, actually...Hmm. You know, there's probably no reason to go into it, but I'll tell you anyway.

Dr. Roman: Do you remember Fuyuki's Greater Grail? The Magical Reactor Core that caused the Fuyuki Holy Grail War?

Dr. Roman: It was originally made from the dissected body of a certain mage.

Dr. Roman: The greatest of geniuses. The greatest of miracles.

Dr. Roman: This mage had her Magical Circuits removed and used as the basis for the system.

Dr. Roman: This was a special case of turning the small system that is a human body into a real universe.

Dr. Roman: And this Singularity is similar. It's a small universe made from the Magical Circuits of a certain mage.

Dr. Roman: A Reality Marble that can exist outside of the temporal axis, for as long as it has magical energy...

Dr. Roman: That is the true nature of Solomon's base. That's why we had to call it this:

Dr. Roman: The Grand Temple of Time, Reality Marble Solomon.

Dr. Roman: ...

Fou: ...

Fujimaru 1: Dr. Roman?

Dr. Roman: ...How pathetic. Looks like I'm the only one who has yet to be mentally prepared.

Dr. Roman: But, that's coming to an end right now. That look on your face, Fujimaru, it's cheered me up.

Dr. Roman: As the acting director of Chaldea, I order you to enter the Coffins.

Dr. Roman: There's only a little time left. If Chaldea reaches 2019, everything will be over. We won't be able to restore humanity.

Dr. Roman: This battle began with defeat. Solomon wiped out the entirety of mankind before anyone knew what happened.

Dr. Roman: This is the greatest murder plot in human history. Solomon has been carefully planning this out since his death in 931 B. C.

Dr. Roman: Please, put an end to his absurd scheme. Prove that an endeavor as hollow as Solomon's simply needs to go up in flames without anyone ever knowing about it.

Fujimaru 1: ...(Nod silently)

Fujimaru 2: Of course! Leave it to me!

Mash: Yes. Leave it to us, Dr. Roman. Senpai and I will return to Chaldea, I promise!

Dr. Roman: Good. Glad to hear it.

Dr. Roman: Knowing you two, you won't lose to Solomon.

Dr. Roman: ...Now let's begin the final Order.

Dr. Roman: Initiating Rayshift program.

Dr. Roman: The enemy is Solomon, King of Mages. The mission objectives are to destroy him and return alive!

Announcement: Unsummon Program start. Spiritron Conversion start.

Announcement: Rayshift starting in 3, 2, 1...

Announcement: All procedures cleared. Final Grand Order commencing operation.

Section 1: Sector of Beasts

Narration: We can't bear to see this endless slaughter. We can't bear to hear this ceaseless screaming.

Narration: Our Clairvoyance reveals all the horrible truths of past and future.

Narration: I, as king, cannot turn a blind eye. I...We simply lack the ability to turn a deaf ear.

Narration: ...How ugly.

Narration: Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

Narration: We are forced to witness all the horrors of this world. The revolting and the hideous are forced onto us, burned into our memory.

Narration: The only sensible thing to do is rectify this repulsive state of being.

Narration: But how? Even if we were to eradicate their filth, humans would simply create more.

Narration: The very premise is wrong. As long as life exists, We can fix nothing.

Narration: It must be redone. That is the only option. Everything must be redone, and perfected right from the beginning.

Narration: What must be erased is not merely history, nor the ecosystem, nor continents, nor time itself.

Narration: We must begin from true nothingness.

Narration: Our plan was to re-create this planet from its beginning.

Narration: In order to do so, considerable resources are required. We need a truly massive amount of fuel.

Narration: For example, the massive amount of energy generated by incinerating all life on this planet.

Narration: But...a one-time harvest will not be enough. We will need to draw from the past, the present, and the future of the whole world.

Narration: One second. One minute. One hour. One day. One month. One year. Energy generated in each of these time spans will be harvested going backwards in time.

Narration: That should work...Three thousand years' worth of the planet's most potent energy.

Narration: Once it is collected, bound, and controlled, our task can be accomplished.

Narration: Our kindred, the portents We scattered across the land:

Narration: We write here of our indignation. We shall leave a path for our kin who follow behind Us.

Narration: Build up a Temple. Pile up the bands of light.

Narration: We need every existing resource to destroy Humanity. We need every second of eternity to forget Humanity.

Narration: Seek the way to the Final Singularity. There you shall find Us, on the Throne of the King of Mages...

Dr. Roman: ...Fujimaru, Mash! Wake up, are you guys all right!?

Mash: Ouch...Yes, Doctor! Rayshift successful!

Mash: But we encountered strange interference we've never experienced before during the Rayshift...That image was...

Fujimaru 1: ...It was the same image I saw in Uruk.

Fujimaru 2: ...It was a memory seared into space.

Mash: Oh good. Senpai is all right, too! Now, about the situation here...

Da Vinci: On it! I'm monitoring you guys. You've definitely arrived at Temple of Time.

Da Vinci: And these are the same readings I measured a million times in Mesopotamia.

Da Vinci: A Spirit Origin that doesn't fall under any of the seven classes. The Beast of Calamity, known as one of the Evils of Humanity.

Da Vinci: The reading I'm getting throughout that entire space is...Beast-Class.

B:???: You've got that right. Looks like you've wisened up a bit, Chaldea.

B:???: The fact that you were lucky enough to make it past the Seventh Singularity is an accomplishment worthy of praise from me.

Mash: You are...!

Fujimaru 1: Lev Lainur!

Lev: Should I say, “Hi, it's been a while? ”

Lev: But there's really no need for greetings, or for us to catch up.

Lev: I know how your battles with the other Demon God Pillars went. I'm impressed to see an inexperienced Master like yourself has made it this far.

Lev: It may surprise you to know that I am very well-acquainted with the subtleties of human nature. That's why I can admire Fujimaru's effort.

Lev: Honestly...

Lev: Your persistent survival is...hideous. It makes me sick!

Lev: Why can't you just lie down and die! It's so simple, anyone should be able to manage it.

Mash: ...Professor Lev. I will not ask why you are alive.

Mash: But there is one thing I do want to know:

Mash: When you approached Director Olga Marie, was your intent to destroy Chaldea and humanity even then, from the very beginning?

Lev: That is such a “Mash” question. But there must be something else you'd like to ask, no?

Lev: “He must have been on humanity's side, at least in the beginning. ”

Lev: “Surely Lev Lainur was originally an honest man. He must have been seduced by the King of Mages at some point. ” Isn't that it?

Dr. Roman: I want to know too, Professor Lev. You were working for Chaldea even before I joined.

Dr. Roman: The Foundation of Humanity could not be restored solely with Chaldeas.

Dr. Roman: It was Sheba, which you developed, that allowed us to get this far.

Dr. Roman: It's hard to believe that you had been working for Solomon from the beginning.

Da Vinci: Yeah. It's hard to believe you were able to deceive me for four years. When did you become a Demon God Pillar?

Lev: Oh, my. What a pleasant surprise, Romani Archaman. And you too, Madame Da Vinci.

Lev: What familiar faces. I never expected to chat with you guys again.

Lev: You are all concerned for my reputation...rather, human rights. You seem to be so preoccupied with things like that.

Lev: But that is unnecessary. So, you want to know when I started serving the King of Mages?


Kekeke...hahahahahaha! Beginning 3,000 years ago, of course!

Lev: From the moment the plan was set in motion, we were already in place throughout the world!

Lev: Lineages destined to birth a Demon God Pillar in a hundred years, in five hundred years...

Lev: ...or even one thousand years later! I just happened to be the one designated for 2018 A. D. !

Lev: We were like seeds planted in the ground.

Lev: An original Order, handed down through generations of mages. A certain “way of being” that must be protected absolutely.

Lev: Our Grand Order is the rule that the King of Mages created for this very moment.

Lev: While human mages established their own principles and theories and passed them down to their descendants...

Lev: We, whose power was born of the King of Mages, survived through the generations until the designated time.

Lev: We etched a curse into our genes to host the Demon God Pillar, and continued our lineage until our appointed era arrived.

Lev: And in 2017, at the point where I awakened as the last designated Demon God Pillar, your history came to an end.

Lev: All necessary resources had been collected. But...

Lev: You Chaldeans insisted on surviving. Why? What made you do that? Did I miscalculate somewhere?

Lev: No, that's not it. It was because an impostor managed to slip past my watchful gaze.

Lev: Am I right, Romani Archaman? Seems I underestimated you.

Lev: Or, maybe you were playing the fool in front of me, so things would turn out the way they have?

Lev: If so, that's really a shame. I thought we were friends.

Lev: Medicine and sorcery. We may not have walked the same path...

Lev: But at least I showed respect for your good nature and the vain efforts you were making.

Dr. Roman: ...

Da Vinci: Of course not. There's no way you could have detected Romani's nature.

Da Vinci: After all, he didn't trust anyone around him until I was summoned to Chaldea.

Lev: ...What?

Da Vinci: Romani may be an ordinary person, but on one certain matter, he demonstrated more patience than any genius could!

Da Vinci: “I don't know the reason. ” “I don't even know who the enemies are. ” “There's no guarantee that it's even going to happen. ”

Da Vinci: He threw his entire life away, believing in the “crisis of mankind” he only saw in a dream.

Da Vinci: He continued to wait, believing that something that couldn't possibly happen would, in fact, occur.

Da Vinci: He couldn't let his enemies know that he'd noticed. So he couldn't tell his allies, either.

Da Vinci: And since he didn't know how to prepare for that moment, all he could do was study everything he possibly could.

Da Vinci: That's how Romani Archaman spent more than a decade: in a hell of his own creation, where he could not rest, even for a moment.

Da Vinci: Such a man would never show his true nature, even to a friend!

Da Vinci: This fool even kept telling himself that he was worthless trash, or scum, or something like that!

Dr. Roman: Uh, well, you think so? I don't think I'm THAT self-degrading...

Lev: ...Humph. Of course I kept an eye on his suspicious behavior.

Lev: That's why I made a move to kill him with the Command Room explosion...But even that failed because THAT Master intervened.

Mash: What? Is that true, Senpai? You saved the Doctor's life...?

Fujimaru 1: We were just shooting the breeze.

Fujimaru 2: ...I guess I did. That was such a long time ago.

Lev: ...Whatever.

Lev: Our king is tied up right now. The final calculations will be done in a few hours.

Lev: Normally, I would ignore you all.

Lev: But this is a good opportunity. I'll tidy up my own loose ends right here.

Lev: You have absolutely no chance of making it to the Throne, and I will prove that right now!

Lev: Hear me: my name is Demon God Flauros, one of the 72 Demon Gods, the one who governs information!

Lev: I was caught by surprise last time, but I'm full of energy today! I'll enjoy seeing how much you've bettered yourselves!

Mash: Lev Lainur has transformed into a Demon God Pillar! Master, your orders, please!

Fujimaru 1: Let's defeat Lev and head to the Throne!

Fujimaru 2: Dealing with a Demon God Pillar or two is no big deal now!

Mash: Yes...! Here I go, Master!


A:Demon God Flauros: It's pointless. Everything you do is pointless! Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Mash: It can't be...! The Demon God Pillar has reappeared! It wasn't restored, or healed...It...

Mash: An entirely new Flauros has been born...!

Fujimaru 1: When will this end!?

Fujimaru 2: Don't tell me the ground is completely...

Dr. Roman: What was that? What was that impact just now!?

Staff A: Something hit us from the outside! The second reactive theory unit has sustained over sixty percent damage!

Staff B: We've lost the northern observation room! Detecting excessive pressure in the observatory dome!

Staff B: T-minus five minutes until collapse...! If the dome is destroyed, we won't be able to hold the Command Room!

Staff B: Chaldea will enter foam-state and be swallowed up by the Temple of Time!

Staff C: Pseudo-Spiritron computing efficiency have fallen out of the qualia zone! We're losing reactive theory strength!

Dr. Roman: Cut off all power to external facilities! Reroute everything to Chaldeas and the reactive theory units!

Dr. Roman: We need to maintain the Command Room's functions! Leonardo, what about the resources you have saved up in your workshop!?

Da Vinci: I've transferred them to the Spiritron calculation supercomputer. My secret stash should cover it!

Da Vinci: But this will all be futile, Romani! The attackers are Demon God Pillars!

Da Vinci: Six, seven, eight—Eight Demon God Pillars have wrapped themselves around Chaldea!

Da Vinci: I could fight directly, but I'd be able to take out maybe one at best!

Da Vinci: And that won't solve the problem at hand! We'll need to destroy the Singularity before Chaldea gets smashed to smithereens!

A:Demon God Flauros:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That's impossible! Impossible, you hear?

A:Demon God Flauros: I am immortal. We are inexhaustible. This entire space IS us!

A:Demon God Flauros: Come. Come—My kindred, show yourselves!

Mash: More Demon God Pillars...No, these are...

A:Demon God Flauros: Yes, we are the 72 Demon Gods, and they are us!

A:Demon God Flauros: You killed me. But what of it? There will always be 72 Demon God Pillars, no matter what you do to us.

A:Demon God Flauros: As long as the Throne exists upon this land, our number will never decrease!

A:Demon God Flauros: If you want to kill me,you'll have to eradicate all 72 of us.

A:Demon God Flauros: But what chance do you have of that? Where is your army? There is nothing on Earth that can stand against us!

A:Demon God Flauros: You haven't caught us. You've merely thrown yourselves into your own graves!

A:Demon God Flauros: Ha, ha, ha! You're like moths to the flame! I commend your enthusiasm!

Mash: We're not getting any transmissions from Chaldea...! Master, what should we do...?

Fujimaru 1: ...No.

Fujimaru 2: ...No way!

A:Demon God Flauros: I've underestimated you! I see you still have the guts to meet your enemy's gaze!

A:Demon God Flauros: But that's enough. I understand you don't know when to give up! That might have worked up until yesterday!

A:Demon God Flauros: The last Master. The last human, Fujimaru.

A:Demon God Flauros: We have the utmost respect for you! You were supremely entertaining!

A:Demon God Flauros: We laugh at your resistance in the first Singularity. We laugh at your zeal in the second Singularity.

A:Demon God Flauros: We laugh at your adventure in the third Singularity. We laugh at your quest in the fourth Singularity!

A:Demon God Flauros: We laugh at your advance during the fifth Singularity! We laugh at your survival in the sixth Singularity!

A:Demon God Flauros: And the seventh Singularity...Well, that wasn't very pleasant.

A:Demon God Flauros: It was a poor show...Not the least bit entertaining. Let's just forget it entirely.

A:Demon God Flauros: In any case, your fight has been truly amusing! And the fact that it was utterly pointless makes it even better!

A:Demon God Flauros: You fought all this way and it was worthless! You fought up until now, and even still your end will be utterly pathetic!

A:Demon God Flauros: It has been a spectacular show! Thank you, and goodbye!

A:Demon God Flauros: Chaldea will meet its end here and now! Ha ha, hahaha!

A:Demon God Flauros:


Mash: Senpai...!

Fujimaru 1: Mash...!

Fujimaru 2: ...!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...Maybe...

Fujimaru 1: ...It was all pointless, after all...

???: No. Calling it pointless is ludicrous. Isn't it a bit too early for you to be giving up?

???: This battle was a long journey that took you back through human history. However, you never once fell to despair.

???: That because you had so many encounters on that journey.

???: Even if this entire planet became the battleground for the Holy Grail War.

???: Even if everything on this land had turned into eternal ruinous grounds.

???: Even if countless powerful enemies stood in your away at the end of your journey.

???: You never gave up. You looked forward, knowing our fate has not yet been decided.

???: This is no different. Now...let the battles begin, Master.

???: Wasn't this meant to be a story about us taking back our future together?

A:Demon God Flauros:

Gahhhh!? What's going on!?

A:Demon God Flauros: Why isn't Fujimaru gone!? Why does Chaldea still exist!?

A:Demon God Flauros: Why? Why are our bodies crumbling!?

Dr. Roman: All eight Demon God Pillars have been destroyed! We did it! Way to go, Da Vinci! You're amazing!

Dr. Roman: What trick did you have up your sleeve this time?

Dr. Roman: You should've let us know you had such a powerful secret weapon!

Da Vinci: No, that wasn't me. That was—

Fujimaru 1: Yes, that was...!

???: Primates have flourished for thousands of years.

???: The Age of Gods has ended, and through time, mankind has become the most prosperous beings on Earth.

???: And so we shape the future of this planet, and inscribe its history on the surface.

???: For that, we nurtured knowledge, produced many resources, and saw countless lives reincarnated.

???: It is a map to prolong mankind's survival, and to ensure its everlasting prosperity.

???: In the world of magecraft, this is called “Humanity. ” Those at Chaldea have been charged to protect it.

Dr. Roman: ...Is this a dream? Are my sensors broken? There are summoning spells being activated all over the Singularity!

Dr. Roman: There's no summoners. They're materializing autonomously, following the thin threads of fate that intertwined when you crossed paths!

Dr. Roman: Ten, twenty, thirty Spirit Origin signatures! And still increasing! Fujimaru, this is...!

Fujimaru 1: I know that banner...!

Fujimaru 2: You guys all came...!

Demon God Bael: Eastern terminal nerve system, aflame. Number of enemy Servants rising.

Demon God Gäap: Western autonomic nerves, damaged. Twenty-four enemy Servants confirmed.

Demon God Ose: Inconsequential. No matter how many of them there are, they're just extensions of man.

Demon God Ose: They are not a colony like us. They must live separately, and fight individually.

Demon God Ose: Destroy them. Eliminate them. Remove them. Mere Servants are no match for us.

Demon God Ose: I cannot see anything that would be capable of destroying the 72 Demon Go—

Demon God Bael: Eastern terminal nerve system, destroyed. Demon Gods one through eight cannot maintain nominal values.

Demon God Gäap: Western autonomic nerves, destroyed. Demon Gods 26 through 33 cannot maintain nominal values.

Demon God Räum: ...Left and right base thoracic cages damaged. We recommend retreating from this space.

Demon God Ose: What's going on? Why are we being overpowered?

Demon God Ose: How are humans, who reject mutual understanding, fighting together like this!?

???: ...Yes. It's true that we are life-forms who are obsessed with self-interest.

???: And it's no different as a Heroic Spirit. In fact, it is because we are Heroic Spirits that we cannot abandon our convictions.

???: But...There is one human who believes in us.

???: A human who still believes that we are heroes, even after meeting so many Heroic Spirits and witnessing so many battles.

???: What Heroic Spirit could ignore that call?

???: O Lord. I shall raise my flag once again for the salvation of a nation...Nay, for the salvation of this world.

Jeanne d'Arc: Hear me! Heroic Spirits, mighty warriors who have gathered here!

Jeanne d'Arc: Though we may be rivals, or from completely different eras, we must stand together now.

Jeanne d'Arc: Not to prevent the Incineration of Humanity, but to open up a path for our contractor!

Jeanne d'Arc: My True Name is Jeanne d'Arc! In the name of the Lord, I shall become your shield!

Mash: So many...Those are...Those shooting stars racing across the sky...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, they're Servants! This is amazing. They just keep coming!

Dr. Roman: And I have no idea why, either!

Dr. Roman: Maybe they were able to get in because this Singularity exists outside of time? No, it doesn't matter!

Dr. Roman: Among the Heroic Spirits you met on your journey, the Heroic Spirits who fought alongside you—

Dr. Roman: I'm sure there are some who had planned only to lend their power for a short while...

Dr. Roman: And yet they've all come to help you out!

Dr. Roman: This is a sight so rare you could live a thousand lifetimes and never see it again!

Dr. Roman: The Servants' attacks are pinning the Demon Gods in place!

Dr. Roman: Every single one of the 72 Demon Gods has been engaged. We can eliminate them right now!

Dr. Roman: Open a path to the center, Fujimaru! We only have a little time left!

Section 2: I / Naberius, the Melting Furnace

Demon God Naberius: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that govern the Melting Furnace:

Demon God Naberius: Zepar. Botis. Bathim. Sallos. Purson. Marax. Ipos. Aim.

Demon God Naberius: We nine pillars know sound. We nine pillars weave song.

Demon God Naberius: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, our luminous torch shall never be extinguished!

Mash: I have confirmed the presence of nine enemy pillars...! I am not sure we can take on so many of them!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, this might be too much for us...!

Fujimaru 2: No way! We can't take this many!

Jeanne d'Arc: Do not say such things! Demon Gods of this sort should be a cakewalk for you by now.

Siegfried: Indeed. This is the first time I'm seeing them up close, and I am astonished that you battled such monsters.

Siegfried: I must express my incredible respect for your prowess and bravery!

Siegfried: I'm sure you're all capable of overcoming this trial on your own, but allow me to assist you.

Mash: Jeanne! Siegfried!

Jeanne d'Arc: We shall hold this sector. Fujimaru of Chaldea, we await your command.

Jeanne d'Arc: The Demon Gods are nothing compared to that horrible witch!

Jeanne d'Arc: We are the Alliance of Dragonslayers, and we shall repay you for your hard work in Orleans!

Marie: Yes, Jeanne, you are right! And Vive la France, Fujimaru!

Marie: Whassup my homies, again! Come now, Amadeus and Sanson! Pay your respects!

Sanson: ...N-no, I am too ashamed to show myself. I'm happier just helping behind the scenes...

Amadeus: Oh, you're so uptight! It's too late to be fretting over appearances now!

Amadeus: What's done is done. There is no point brooding over an unpopular concert.

Amadeus: Don't you know that the memories of the masses are malleable? If you give a spectacular performance now, your past mistakes will be forgiven...mostly!

Amadeus: It baffles me that a man your age doesn't know that!

Amadeus: It is amazing that someone as sensitive as you could tolerate a moniker like “Monsieur de Paris. ”

Amadeus: I mean, a “Man of Paris? ” How mortifying! I would have skipped town before the day was through!

Sanson: You're just an irresponsible good-for-nothing! The lowest kind of scum, ready to flee as soon as something displeases him!

Amadeus: Hahahah, in that case, show me your so-called responsibility! You caused quite a bit of trouble for Fujimaru in France!

Amadeus: Being a mere stagehand is not enough. Step out onto center stage and work ten times as hard as penance!

Amadeus: Besides, this is a battle to save people. Surely that's a thousand times better than standing on an execution stage?

Sanson: Ugh...You insolent wretch. Must you ALWAYS have the final word?

Mash: Please, Amadeus! Sanson!

Amadeus: Greetings, Fräulein. We meet once again. Do you remember my one tidbit of advice?

Amadeus: Well, I suppose that is irrelevant at the moment. We don't have time for chitchat just now.

Amadeus: Are you ready? We shall exterminate the Demon Gods together.

Amadeus: ...Truth be told, I actually have a bit of a connection to these things.

Amadeus: But fortunately, I had not the slightest interest in aligning with those 72 Demon Gods in any way.

Amadeus: I had long since sold my soul to music. Someone must have become Amdusias instead of me.

Amadeus: Or perhaps...

Marie: Hmm? What is it, Amadeus? Why such a gentle, tender look?

Amadeus: It's nothing. I was merely recalling a past miracle. Well,Fujimaru, let us sound the drums of war!

Amadeus: This is shaping up to be quite the battle, but we have plenty of help this time.

Amadeus: Let us finish off this prelude so that we may hurry on to our next venue!


Demon God Zepar: This cannot be! I was unaware of any predicted future matching this!

Demon God Zepar: What has the Command Terminal been doing!? Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!

Demon God Zepar: This intrusion was not from incompetence!

Demon God Zepar: For the nine of us to be overpowered by a ragtag group of Heroic Spirits...There must be some flaw in our design...

Kiyohime: Oh dear. Turning a blind eye to one's immaturity is unsightly. It has nothing to do with the Command Terminal, or whatever that is.

Kiyohime: Kiyohime will go to the ends of the Earth and the universe if it's for my dear Master. Such a deed is only proper to demonstrate a pure maiden's love.

Elisabeth: Yes, truly unsightly. Blaming your superiors for your own inadequacy...You need to rebuild yourselves from the ground up.

Elisabeth: First of all, having 71 backup dancers looking like you is unthinkable. That's so out of touch!

Elisabeth: When you're out front on center stage, you can't whine. Be more like our Master over there.

Elisabeth: You're out of your mind for trying to take on my [♂ Puppy /♀ Deerlet]. You're still wet behind the ears!

Georgios: Humph. This would be easier if they had a change of heart, but it seems they had no heart to begin with.

Georgios: Still...I am slightly surprised and oddly touched.

Georgios: Even Elisabeth, the dragon girl, an evil Anti-Hero, has the conscience to try to reform herself!

Martha: Hehee. Dragons can be complicated creatures, Georgios.

Martha: Also, isn't it about time you get the idea that all dragons are evil out of your head?

Martha: Evil or not, a wholehearted duel–Ahem. I mean, a wholehearted conversation will lead to mutual understanding.

Siegfried: ...I see. So it's that persistence that I lacked.

Siegfried: Even that wicked dragon Fafnir couldn't give up his lust for treasure. We might have been able to come to an understanding...

Siegfried: If I had been as kind as you, my lady, I wonder if things would have ended differently...

d'Eon: No! The answer is no! You should cultivate a better sense of judgment of character!

d'Eon: Ah...Oh, pardon me. That slipped out even though we are in the middle of battle. But I was compelled to interject.

d'Eon: Ahem. Perhaps Sir Siegfried should give himself a bit more credit for his achievements.

d'Eon: I'd never suggest taking a page from that degenerate musician's book, but at least try to have Sanson's objectivity...

Amadeus: Hold it. If you're going to criticize me, please do it when I'm out of earshot, d'Eon!

Amadeus: As you can see, my heart is fragile, like Venetian glass! That's it! I'm tired and I want to go home!

Marie: Heehee. Don't mind him, d'Eon. Amadeus just wants to make excuses for his own debauchery.

Marie: He's a brute who doesn't care whether his reputation is good or bad. He's just a deviant who only gets excited by music superior to his own♡

Amadeus: Damn, so harsh, but so true! I can't possibly disagree!

Amadeus: That aside, Sanson's smirk is completely repulsive!

Sanson: I'm not smirking! That was a look of pity! So how about more fighting and less lip-flapping, you effete fop!?

Vlad III: ...Hmmm. These stakes have skewered 20,000 soldiers, but who knew the time would come when I would run out?

Vlad III: It's natural for maggots to breed in rotten meat, but aren't there a few too many here?

Carmilla: Of all people, I never thought I would hear Count Vlad complain. Are you enjoying the picturesque carnage?

Carmilla: Why not reveal your true nature, Count Dracula? Don't you want to show off the real power of your lance to the Master?

Vlad III: As malicious as always, eh, vampiress? At least you don't want for diligence.

Vlad III: You work hard at the role you have taken on, so vigorously wielding that Iron Maiden of yours.

Vlad III: I was a fool to worry about the opinions of others. We stand at the end of humanity. This is no time to fret over reputation.

Vlad III: If they want a vampire, then I shall show them a TRUE monster!

Phantom: Yes, yes...We are in the pits of Hell itself. There is no reason to hide one's sins...

Phantom: Atonement is for the surface world. For those of us who dwell in the bowels of the earth, there need be nothing but our singing the praises of pure violence!

Phantom: Oh, Christine, Christine!

Phantom: Sing for me, fall from grace for me, and...and...Yes, return to the surface for me!

Phantom: You are worthy of light! We dead souls will take on all of the filth!

Lancelot: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...!

Gilles de Rais: We seem to be pressuring them, but there's still no end in sight. Even with our elite group, we have yet to make a dent in the enemy's territory.

Gilles de Rais: It's hard to defend with just our banner alone. Would you lend us your hand, my Jeanne?

Jeanne d'Arc: Of course. There was no enemy force we could not overcome when the two of us fought together.

Jeanne d'Arc: Let us advance, Gilles. Let us show our combined power, here and now!

Jeanne d'Arc: Luminosité Eternelle!

Gilles de Rais: Saint War Order!

Demon God Naberius: Scattering of terminal components, confirmed. Breaking away from the Throne, focusing on self-recovery.

Demon God Naberius: Zepar, Botis, Bathim, Sallos...resurrect. Purson, Marax, Ipos, Aim...resurrect.

Demon God Naberius: Melting Furnace Naberius, rebooting. Expelling enemy Servants.

Dr. Roman: No matter how many we defeat, the numbers aren't decreasing...!

Siegfried: Looks that way. As long we don't destroy their roots, these creatures won't die.

Jeanne d'Arc: But we can make them weaker.

Jeanne d'Arc: As long as they are continuously defeated and forced to regenerate, the Demon Gods can do nothing.

Da Vinci: Yes, you're right, Jeanne!

Da Vinci: The supply of magical energy from that sector to the central throne has stopped!

Da Vinci: That means that, at the least, these nine pillars can't return to the central throne!

Jeanne d'Arc: Well, then, there's only one thing for us to do.

Jeanne d'Arc: If the Demon Gods regenerate infinitely, we will continue to suppress them as long as our strength holds out.

Jeanne d'Arc: We'll clear a path to the throne. Members of Chaldea, please go before us.

Jeanne d'Arc: May the Lord bless and protect you on that path!

Fujimaru 1: Of course! Count on us!

Fujimaru 2: All of you take care, too...!

Mash: Right! Thank you, Jeanne!

Section 3: II / Flauros, the Information Center

Demon God Flauros: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that govern the Information Center:

Demon God Flauros: Orias. Vapula. Zagan. Valac. Andras. Andrealphus. Cimeies. Amdusias.

Demon God Flauros: We nine pillars obtain letters. We nine pillars compose phenomena.

Demon God Flauros: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, our research shall never be extinguished!

Nero: Huh. You call yourselves the 72 Demon God Pillars? Then Septem Montes Romae, the Seven Hills of Rome, shall stand in your way!

Nero: Sorry to keep you waiting, Fujimaru. Emperor Nero Claudius's long-awaited encore performance begins now!

Nero: ...Umu. If I am being completely honest...

Nero: ...I do not know exactly what is going on here.

Nero: I thought I was just in my office, in the wasteland of a new continent, or in the Colosseum.

Nero: And at one point, I thought I was in a far off, distant sky...

Nero: At any rate, the next thing I know, I'm in some strange Temple of Time, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Nero: This is all a bit beyond my understanding. However, my objective is clear. Namely...

Nero: This is a battle! Correct, Fujimaru!?

Nero: I do not know all the details, but if I am not mistaken, those horrible creatures are the enemy?

Nero: Then I will take this opportunity to repay a debt. My friend, I will swing my meteor-metal sword with all of my soul.

Lu Bu:


Boudica: Oh come on! She blabbed on so long that Lu Bu started to get impatient and go on a rampage!

Boudica: Long time no see, Fujimaru and Mash!

Boudica: Well, look at that...Yes, you both look happy and healthy.

Boudica: Big sister Boudica is happy to see that! Aw shucks, I'll bestow Andraste's Protection upon you!

Spartacus: This is truly a desperate struggle! Then let us fight! Let us bring light beyond the limitless horizon of battle!

Spartacus: Those destined to become oppressors, yet who have already fought so wonderfully in this resistance...

Spartacus: ...Let us now stand side by side! Today we defeat an opponent who is truly infinite!

Jing Ke: ...He seems to be in an exceptionally good mood. Did you hear him? He even called this a “desperate struggle. ”

Jing Ke: I do recall a number of terrible battles myself, but this is truly...This is quite a sight.

Jing Ke: Look at all of those Demon God Pillar things. Not being able to kill them in one fell swoop is somewhat unromantic...

Jing Ke: This is fine. Killing them is certainly a task worthy of me.

Jing Ke: Minions of the king who incinerated the world itself...They must be on par with the emperor who once ruled China.

Jing Ke: Most importantly, though: the drinks after this will sure taste great!

Boudica: Ahahaha, you're in high spirits yourself, Jing Ke! If you're going to have a banquet, count me in. I'll make something!

Boudica: We can invite everyone who's fought alongside us and have a once-in-a-lifetime feast!

Jing Ke: Splendid idea. Then...Yes. There is much more reason to survive and get back home.

Nero: Oh! Boudica, Jing Ke, Lu Bu, Spartacus!

Nero: ...Ahhh, it is finally coming back to me. That's right. We all fought together once.

Nero: Generals who fought alongside me with the strength of a thousand soldiers. You have assembled again!

Boudica: That's right. We once fought together as part of your legion. Forget the chatter, and take a look over there.

Boudica: That's an army a few thousand strong, waiting on your command. Even the Roman soldiers from long ago are here!

Roman Soldier: Long live the emperor! Long live Her Imperial Majesty, Nero Claudius!

Roman Soldier: The elite soldiers of cohorts one through ten of the First Legion are assembled, Your Majesty! We swear our allegiance to you!

Nero: My word...So many soldiers have assembled under my command?

Nero: Surely you did not all become Heroic Spirits like a certain King of Conquerors?

Roman Soldier: True. With all due respect, Your Majesty, we are nameless spirits. Normally we are but formless, idle thoughts.

Roman Soldier: However, we are not afraid of the Demon Gods. Not as long as we are the great sons of Rome!

Roman Soldier: Crimson and gold shall conquer! We obey your orders alone, Your Majesty!

Nero: ...!!!

Nero: Splendid words, my Legion...

Nero: ...Umu. This makes me so very happy.

Nero: I say this from the bottom of my heart...As I stand here,I can get a glimpse of what's to come.

Nero: I see my future. Perhaps I can see such a vision because we are at a temple beyond time...

Nero: But the moment I return to proper history, I will be exiled from the Empire and eventually be condemned to solitary suffering...

Nero: After three sunsets, death will come for me. I am sure that I am set on this path. It is the past, which cannot be changed.

Nero: But even so...At this moment, I am not alone!

Nero: I have Fujimaru, my generals, and my Legion! Even if they may be phantoms!

Caligula: ...Yes. Whether they are phantoms or not, you are not alone.

Caligula: Our Rome is immortal. Even if the Empire perishes, the torch of civilization passed on from Rome will never be extinguished. Nor will our feelings.

Caligula: You loved Rome. Therefore, we ghosts of the past can at least honor you this way.

Caligula: You are beautiful. You should be proud. That beauty is the nobility of your soul.

Nero: Uncle...You're...talking...!?

Caligula: Oooooohhh...!!! Rome, immortal...Destroy Demon God Pillaaaaaarrrsss...!!!

Caligula: Destrooooooy!!

Caesar: Do not grieve, Fifth Emperor. Caligula is only able to regain rationality for mere moments at a time.

Caesar: However, he was able to say what was necessary: this time, we are not enemies, but emperors united in battle!

Caesar: Well, strictly speaking, I am not an emperor, but let us just say it sounded good.

Caesar: Besides, being able to convery one's thoughts in a single breath is important. Powerful words can easily affect others' hearts.

Nero: Wh-what, even Lord Caesar!? Uncle praised me, but said nothing about a joint struggle...

Nero: No, details do not matter anymore! Oh, to have even that momentary emperor and the Third Emperor as my allies...!

Caesar: Mm, “momentary emperor”...Well, call me whatever you wish. I certainly won't argue with that.

???: Nero. My dear child, I must tell you something.

???: Words. A great command that howls to the heavens. Rome shall help you and Fujimaru at this moment.

Nero: ...!!

Nero: My ears do not deceive me. That tone, that majestic appearance...He is unmistakably the founding king...

Romulus: ...I AM ROME!

Romulus: With my lance, my power, and all of my achievements,I shall crush the enemies of you and your sworn friend there.

Romulus: Worry not. Fear not. Be proud. Right now, all of Rome rests in your hands.

Nero: Ohhh...Holy Progenitor...I...

Romulus: I once told my father, the God of War, something: people carry a light within them, and it is enough to foster a loving heart.

Romulus: Historically, there has been much evil that denies that light. But look. Look at that crowd of beings that calls themselves “Demon Gods. ”

Romulus: Ridiculous. They're unworthy of standing in our way.

Romulus: The Age of Gods shall end once and for all. Our Rome was one of the things that stood as proof of that.

Romulus: The Age of Man. It is the age of romantic adventure.

Romulus: Nero. Fujimaru. And the girl named Mash.

Romulus: ...People are meant to love each other.

Nero: ...Love.

Boudica: ...

Jing Ke & Caesar & Caligula & Lu Bu: ...

Romulus: That is the Rome I wished for. Thus...

Romulus: Prove it! Fight! Be victorious! Everything is permitted for you!

Roman Army: Ooooooooooooooohhh...! Long live the Holy Progenitor! Long live Her Imperial Majesty, Nero Claudius!

Nero: Umu. Umu...!!!

Nero: Clothe yourselves in crimson and gold! Rome and your Emperor promise you the glory of victory!

Nero: The Demon Gods will learn. They will learn the name of their destroyer!

Nero: They will witness a brilliance that will never go out, a brilliance that overcomes even the lights of despair that tear through the sky!

Nero: Now go! The final battle begins!!

Section 3: Information Center, Terminated

El-Melloi II: ...I see. So they obtain letters and compose phenomena.

El-Melloi II: Orias. Vapula. Zagan. Valac. Andras. Andrealphus. Cimeies. Amdusias.

El-Melloi II: Almost half of the 72 Demon Gods are in charge of wisdom...

El-Melloi II: The 59th through the 67th are specifically correlated with the theme of knowledge and the sciences.

El-Melloi II: A gathering of intellect. Any plans they come up with will certainly be troublesome, but they haven't been very effective against the voraciousness of the Roman army.

El-Melloi II: Raw power alone should be enough to push them back. If I could ask for more, I'd want something with a bit of extra flair, but...

El-Melloi II: I suppose we need to procure such things ourselves. Are we ready?

Alexander: We're good, Professor. I'm ready anytime. I'll annihilate the nine pillars over there.

Alexander: I guess it's not possible to completely take them out, but that's fun in and of itself. I get to keep fighting, right?

Alexander: That gives me a chance to try out a bunch of things. Over a hundred different tactics come to mind.

El-Melloi II: ...Too much is just as bad as not enough. But I don't think you'll understand.

El-Melloi II: One hundred is too many. Normally, I'd suggest you carefully select ten tactics and focus on improving them.

El-Melloi II: But this situation is the exception. If there's an infinite supply of enemies, there's nothing better than having as many tactics as possible.

El-Melloi II: You can go all-out this time. Don't worry about running out of magical energy.

El-Melloi II: It'd be virtually impossible to capture and analyze the entire Temple of Time, but I was able to study the mechanics of its throne.

El-Melloi II: It's an enormous solid magical summoning circle with planetary magecraft at its core. If I'm right about that, then we have a little something up our sleeve, too.

Alexander: That's amazing, Professor. So are we, like, sucking up magical energy from the enemy?

Alexander: I don't really like that. Their writhing magical energy gives me the creeps.

El-Melloi II: No, I'm not going to let you use that. We're just going to use its structure to our advantage.

El-Melloi II: I will create a path for the magical energy. I may not be a Master currently, but in principle, it should be possible.

Alexander: I'll leave it to you. Professor, have at it.

El-Melloi II: That's my line...No matter. I'll do the best I can, my king.

Alexander: Roger that, my future retainer! Now let's go wild on the battlefield again, Bucephalus!

G:Bucephalus: ...!!!

Alexander: And another helper. Now, let's get going, my future rival!

Darius III:2-light...!!!

El-Melloi II: Are you managing to control him? Well, as long as he's not attacking us, I suppose he's under control...

Alexander: Haha. Yes, he's holding back. Darius III, the man destined to become my greatest rival.

Alexander: The final Persian King of the Achaemenid Empire. Though he doesn't quite feel real to me yet...

Alexander: You know, I don't hate you. I probably even like you.

Alexander: ...I don't know how the future me will be, but I don't think he'd hate you. Yes, I'm sure of it.

Darius III:1-light...

Alexander: Even now, I don't want to wait for my own future to have a chance to fight you. We couldn't do it back in Rome.

Alexander: But I'm sorry. That just won't be possible right now.

El-Melloi II: ...

El-Melloi II: I'm not sure if your words are getting through to him. He has a high-ranking Madness Enhancement on him, after all.

El-Melloi II: Sorry, but this exchange might be pointless.

Alexander: You're right. It's really just to fulfill my selfish desires. So I want to say this one thing before we go on our endless assault.

Alexander: King Darius. How can you stand your urges...

Alexander: I'm sure you want to kill me with all of your being, so why are you fighting those nine pillars instead?

Alexander: It'd make sense if it was because you couldn't fight me if the world ended, but that can't be it.

Darius III:


Alexander: Right. Maybe...and this is just a maybe...

Alexander: Through that Madness Enhancement of yours, you saw the possibility of us fighting side by side.

Darius III:2-light

El-Melloi II: Ascension!? Alexander, you've overstimulated him!

Alexander: Haha. It wasn't really a joke. But see? He's still not attacking. Aw, you...

Alexander: ...No, pushing him further would be a bad idea...

Alexander: Sorry to keep you waiting. Anyway, let's go!

Alexander: Darius III and Lord El-Melloi II, my future rival and my future retainer! Let us go forth!

Lu Bu:


Spartacus: Tyranny! Tyranny! Tyranny! Will you whip my flesh?! A never-ending sea of flesh is the symbol of tyranny!

Spartacus: Harm me. Strike me. I will hit you back with twice that strength!

Jing Ke: Don't use your Noble Phantasm at close range, Spartacus! Lu Bu, you're up too far...Well, it doesn't matter anymore!

Jing Ke: Tear them down! Break them and advance! Your destructive power is more than welcome right now!

Lu Bu:2-light...!!

Jing Ke: I know. I know. I'm not trying to act like the king. I don't want to be the commander either, so there's no need to get angry with me!

Jing Ke: I guess it's a sign that they're warming up to me...

Jing Ke: When all of this is truly over, I'm downing all the liquor I can handle.

Jing Ke: And what's Boudica doing, leaving me alone on babysitting duty...Oh, I see.

Jing Ke: Great. She picks this moment for a heart-to-heart.... I guess I'll leave her alone for now.

Nero: Don't falter! Push them back! If you can't keep your formation, call for your emperor!

Nero: I'll head over there and chop that pillar of flesh right up!

Nero: ...Though this headache is getting to me.

Boudica: Come on, take it a little easier. Nero Claudius!

Boudica: You're taking part in battle when you're not really either human nor a Heroic Spirit, so don't push yourself too hard.

Boudica: It's my job to put my life on the line. Your job is to be the emperor and command this army.

Boudica: But...It looks like there's some reinforcements getting all worked up on the right flank there...

Boudica: Anyway, pull yourself together and take your place.

Nero: ...Thanks, Boudica. This magical energy overflowing from my body is working me up.

Nero: Sometimes it is difficult being so talented. Also, this headache is just driving me crazy.

Boudica: Well, that's a rare thing indeed for Your Imperial Majesty to listen to orders without protest.

Nero: Umu. I am the great ruler who receives thunderous applause...

Nero: ...No, I'm not truly a great ruler, I imagine.

Nero: I won't make any excuses. I remember what happened in Britannia. I had...

Nero: ...You and your daughters, and your homeland...I conquered it through diabolic means.

Boudica: Well, that's not something you did yourself. I'm sure it was just some magistrate acting alone. As a Heroic Spirit, I know that now.

Nero: The emperor is responsible for the immoral acts of their retainers.

Boudica: Well, that's true.

Boudica: ...Yes, well let's be honest about it all. It's no secret that I will never forgive Rome for what it did.

Boudica: I'm fine with being defiled, though I'd certainly rather not be. But you, Rome, defiled my daughters, my homeland.

Boudica: You broke your agreement with my husband. You simply did whatever you wanted to us all.

Nero: ...

Boudica: But my revenge is long over. So, we're done talking about this, too.

Boudica: Well, I suppose if my Spirit Origin gets messed with,I might not be so understanding.

Boudica: But that's fine. I am who I am now. That's why I won't say any more.

Boudica: Actually, I'm more curious about you, Nero. I killed plenty of Roman women and children.

Boudica: In Londinium, with countless parents begging for their lives...

Nero: ...Don't say it, Boudica. Please don't say any more than that.

Nero: I can't bear to hear more than that. I'm sorry. Our deep-seated resentment of each other will likely continue forever.

Nero: So...Don't say it, Boudica.

Boudica: ...Yes, that's true. You're absolutely right.

Boudica: I died a long time ago. Heroic Spirits are shadows carved into human history, and they're not the actual individuals who lived in that past.

Boudica: If that's the case, why not be the bigger man? Right, Lord Nero!?

Nero: U-umu?

Boudica: I'm a Heroic Spirit who isn't the actual person, and I'm going to forgive the emperor who's unclear whether she's a Heroic Spirit or the actual person!

Nero: ...!

Jing Ke: How long are you two going to mess around!? How long are you going to leave me to deal with Spartacus and Lu Bu?

Nero: Don't you mean the Demon God Pil...Never mind, my apologies. I'll be right there!

Jing Ke: Were you able to talk?

Boudica: ...Thank you. Now I can go all-out.

Jing Ke: Don't mention it. There's no need to be fearful of the future.

Jing Ke: Now, let's finish this final battle, once and for all. Brave warriors await us on the battlefield!

Stheno: ...People are fighting.

Stheno: I've gotten used to this scene. The brave. The heroes. In the pursuit of glory, they spill their blood and lose their flesh.

Stheno: It's valiant, but also gruesome. Like a meal accompanied by a tale of heroism.

Stheno: It may look glorious, but it's actually cruel. Don't you agree, Altera?

Altera: ...That's not a question I can answer. I don't feel anything.

Stheno: You really think so? I see you as a person right now.

Stheno: At the very least, you're different than you were 14,000 years ago. And I'm not just talking about the scale of your Spirit Origin.

Stheno: We haven't forgotten about what happened 14,000 years ago. My sister Medusa might not remember, but we do.

Stheno: The gods couldn't beat you in the ancient past. Not the great one who fell from the stars, the giant that smashed the earth.

Stheno: You crossed an ocean of stars, right? In that sense, we're the same. Although, we ended up quite different.

Stheno: You were destruction itself. The natural order of the heavens and earth, and even the conceptual gods themselves lost to you.

Stheno: Your presence was deadly to the twelve gods of Olympus.

Stheno: ...What about this time? Which side will you be on?

Altera: I was brought here by my connection with Fujimaru.

Stheno: I see. So you're going to be on the humans' side. I guess it would be problematic if they were collected before you destroyed them.

Altera: I don't understand. I don't understand half of what you say.

Altera: I don't really understand myself. I'm sure it's because I'm a Heroic Spirit that has been cut off from its original being.

Altera: I am incomplete. I only have the memories of when I ran through the plains as a great king of destruction.

Altera: The great one...? I...I don't get it.

Stheno: That's fortunate for us. I wonder if your Spirit Origin's been damaged.

Altera: However, here is what I think now:

Altera: I might be destruction, a tool meant to destroy civilization...

Altera: But I don't want it to end here. I don't want things to end here, only knowing the sword.

Altera: I want to ride a horse and pass through a prairie like the wind.

Altera: I want to dress up like a bride, and someday make good food.

Altera: I don't want things to end yet.

Stheno: ...Oh my. I thought you were still no more than an avatar of destruction even after so many years had passed.

Stheno: But for you to finally say that after you've died and become a Heroic Spirit...You really must have trouble with words.

Stheno: I guess the only thing I can do is apologize.

Stheno: I'm sorry, girl of the prairie who calls herself Altera.

Stheno: You became human a long time ago.

Demon God Orias: Uncertain. Incomprehensible. We do not understand your reasoning for fighting even after going against us.

Demon God Orias: A ragtag group that doesn't know the true value of the Age of Gods. Ignorant militants. A hodgepodge of Heroic Spirits.

Demon God Orias: How can such a puny and poor group push us nine Demon Gods back!?

Romulus: Our desires, wishes, and respect are what give Rome its light. We cannot lose to a lump of fear and despair.

Romulus: It's laughable, really. And...

Nero: What is the matter, Holy Progenitor? Why are you looking over there...

Boudica: This sound! From the sky...Something's falling on the Demon God Pillar!?

Jing Ke: So much magical energy...!!

Nero: A pillar of light rammed into the Demon God...! It's so bright, I cannot see anything! What's going on!?

Altera: ...Teardrop Photon Ray.

Altera: I guess it was a little too much to shoot that off with this Spirit Origin. But we have drawn first blood.

Altera: The people of Rome, I will destroy. But...

Altera: But this time it won't be your civilization. It will be those who bring destruction down on us.

Nero: ...I can see it. That's Altera's sword!

Nero: It looks like she wanted to get a surprise attack off on the Demon God Pillar, but...

Nero: Umu! I guess I'm always late to the party! Yes...I mean...?

Boudica: What was that? That was an amazing Noble Phantasm! I don't think we've seen that one before, have we?

Lu Bu:1-light...!!!

Spartacus: Tyranny!!!

Jing Ke: There, there. Calm down, calm down. Don't just run off towards any magical energy you sense.

Jing Ke: No, on second thought, the Demon God Pillars have the most magical energy around. Just follow your instincts.

Lu Bu:1-light...!!!

Caesar: ...Holy Progenitor. That looks like Mars' sword.

Romulus: Yes, no doubt.

Nero: Mars...Yes, now that you mention it, Altera loved the God of War for some reason...

Romulus: Nero, you wouldn't know, but that's the true sword of my father, the War God Mars.

Nero: What...? Holy Progenitor, what did you just say!?

Romulus: It's a giant sword of light that the God of War, Mars, who is virtually manifested in satellite orbit, wields. The conceptualization of war itself.

Romulus: It uses Altera's magical energy in itself, but its power output is compounded. Probably.

Romulus: It's been a while since I've seen it. Looks like she wields it more skillfully than my father.

Nero: ???

Boudica: ...A virtual manifestation of a Divine Spirit? You're kidding.

Nero: I don't really understand, but...Umu. Having the God of War around would be pretty helpful, Holy Progenitor!

Romulus: Do you really think so, Nero?

Nero: Umu! I do!

Nero: At one time, I wasn't sure what to do when she came walking towards the Roman capital.

Nero: But Altera's on our side now. And that's like having the God of War on our side!

Nero: Rome will certainly win this battle!

E:Roman Army: Yeah...! Your Imperial Majesty, Nero, please give us your orders!

Nero: Umu. This will be the final battle! But before that...

Nero: The Roman army and I shall handle things here. You go ahead, Fujimaru.

Nero: The world will not end! All paths connect to our seven hills!

Nero: Forward! Conquer! Your advance will open up the path to tomorrow's world, to Rome!

Fujimaru 1: To Rome!

Fujimaru 2: See you later, Nero!

Nero: ...Umu!

Section 4: III / Forneus, the Observatory

Demon God Forneus: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that govern the Observatory:

Demon God Forneus: Glasya-Labolas. Buné. Ronové. Berith. Astaroth. Foras. Asmoday. Gäap.

Demon God Forneus: We nine pillars smell the scent of time. We nine pillars follow phenomena.

Demon God Forneus: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we will not allow this aggregation to cease...!

Drake: Hold it right there. From here to the future, from now to the past, all of this belongs to us.

Drake: What I'm getting at is that this is our territory. And you're gonna give us everything you've got, including your lives!

Drake: I know we've got no business showing up like this and being so pushy. But we can't help it. We're pirates!

Pirate: Wow! So cool, boss!

Drake: Yeah, let's have some fun like always, mateys!

Drake: No matter who we're fighting, or what we're fighting, what we do never changes!

Drake: We pillage, we drink, we party!

Pirate: But, boss!

Pirate: We know you're like a ghost or something, but how come we came back to life too!?

Drake: You can worry about the details when you drop dead! Also, I ain't no ghost!

Drake: You ever see a ghost with a body like this?

Bombe: You boneheaded scallywags! Don't you remember that the boss doesn't like ghosts?

Bombe: But don't you dare think of using that to scare her! She'll shoot a ghost right in the face without a second thought!

Bombe: By the way, that's how I got this eye patch!

Pirate: Wow, this is completely useless information to be giving me now that I'm dead!

Drake: Okay, gunners! Throw Bombe into the cannons and fire him at that meat pillar!

Bombe: Aaah! Please, no! I'll do my job!!

Bombe: Come on, quit slacking off and work, men! I don't know what's going on, but we got dragged into this mess, too!

Bombe: Looks like we're stuck with her through life AND death!

Pirates: You got it! We're the sailors of the Golden Hind!

Pirates: We'll follow the captain wherever she goes! Yarr!

Drake: Hmm?

Pirate: Captain! I see a new ship off the starboard bow!

Pirate: That's...Queen Anne's Revenge!

Drake: Heh, I see, I see! So he's come too! Annoying, but he's okay in a fight!

Drake: Hey, Blackbeard! Can you hear me? Where are you?

Blackbeard: Heh. I shall be the one to defeat you...

Blackbeard: I can't let anyone else be the one to—

Demon God Forneus: You, especially, we reject. We repudiate.

Blackbeard: LOLWTFFML!? Oh, come on, gaiz!

Blackbeard: What are you doing attacking me in the middle of my super cool monologue? That is SO not cool!

Mary: Wow, Anne. The captain's lecturing a Demon God on what's appropriate as a human.

Anne: I'm not sure which one is worse...

Blackbeard: Still, I didn't think you two would answer my call! Did I trigger some flags? Without me knowing?

Mary: You've got some death flags popping up right now...Well, to be completely honest, your pirate crew wasn't the worst we've been with.

Anne: It would've been better if we were deployed with Captain Drake, though...

Anne: Oh well, nothing for it. We'll have to put up with you. Again.

Mary: Right. Compromise and settle. Compromise and settle.

Blackbeard: Wow! I'm being treated as a guy they settled for! Welp, that's IRL women for ya!

Eric: ...You're pushing your ideals on women too much.

Blackbeard: WHAT.

Both: He talked!?

Eric: Come on, Captain. Hektor's not here.

Eric: It's just us and your men on this ship, which means we should fight along with the Golden Hind.

Eric: Captain Drake has sent you a message to that effect as well.

Blackbeard: I-I know! I was just about to answer!

Blackbeard: Tora! Tora! Tora! Basically, tell them I'm down for whatever!

Pirate: Roger, captain!

Blackbeard: Fighting together...Fighting together with Francis Drake...

Mary: You seem to be having trouble containing your excitement, captain.

Anne: Our Captain is a hopeless dummy. He's so childish.

Blackbeard: Shaddup!

Blackbeard: All right, men! We'll match our movements to the old ha...I mean, Drake's ship!

Blackbeard: Who do they think they are, stealing a pirate's treasure? I don't care if they're Demon Gods or plain old devils...

Blackbeard: They'll regret stealing the treasure from super-pirate Blackbeard...when I send them to hell!

Drake: All right! Even that moron's ready to fight! Men, don't you dare lose!

Drake: If we sink before that fool, you'll spend the rest of eternity cleaning the ship's head in hell!

E:Pirates: Aye, aye, captain!

Drake: Golden Hind, ready the main cannons!

Blackbeard: Queen Anne's Revenge, ready the main cannons!

Both: FIRE!

Orion: Tee-hee. I came by! ♡

Artemis: Hey, you there.

Artemis: Don't just casually stroll in like some schoolgirl returning from the city.

Orion: Dammit...We came...We came...! And hold on a sec!

Orion: Do you think you can turn me back to my proper form, Miss Lady Artemis!?

Orion: Coming to this temple in this form seems really, really inappropriate!

Orion: Are the creepy squid legs over there looking at me like, “What is that? ” Are they? Are they!?

Orion: No! It's not what you think! This fluffy form is all that goddess's fault!

Artemis: Aww, but I'm worried!

Artemis: And you know, the way of a Greek goddess is to stick with someone to the ends of hell once they've gotten involved.

Artemis: Master is doing [♂ his /♀ her] best, so [♂ he /♀ she]'ll be rewarded with some of my special services!

Orion: Well, it's good for a goddess like you to be interested in something...At least, I'd like to believe that!

Orion: I mean, in typical Greek myth fashion, a person pretty reliably ends up dying horribly when the gods get interested in them.

Artemis: Aww, don't sweat the small stuff!

Artemis: Okay, Darling! ♪ Hop on my head!

Orion: (Sigh) Fine! Whatever!

Orion: Just so we're clear, I'll be the one giving orders! You don't need to use that puny head of yours. You just keep firing your bow!

Artemis: Okaaay♪ Come on, Darling...Follow me to the ends of the earth, okay?

Orion: ...Okay.

Artemis: I can't hear yooooou!

Orion: Okaaaaaay! Right! Off we go!

Section 4: Observatory, Closed

Drake: All right! Solid hit! But that's not enough! It's not nearly enough!

Drake: Once the enemy's hurt, it's time to turn up the heat! We've still got more rounds, right?

Pirate: Aye, aye, captain! We brought as much as we could!

Drake: Good! All right, Fujimaru! Get going!

Drake: If the stars are in the sky, you can use them to guide your path! There's only room for us here!

Asterios: We...fine here...That's why...yeah.

Asterios: Good luck...Master...

Euryale: That's right. Not only am I, Euryale, here, but so am I, Stheno! Well, that Meduseless is here too, I guess.

Euryale: That means we can buy you infinite time. Come, Asterios!

Asterios: Yeah...! Get on...My shoulders...

Euryale: Yes. Let's go, me (Stheno)!

Euryale: This is a good opportunity to see who's the best hunter...!

Asterios: ...Don't...overdo it.

Euryale: Heheh. Not happening. We're both going to work super hard and be reckless.

Euryale: There aren't many times when you can really let loose without being considerate.

Asterios: ...Yeah. Okay...I'm gonna...kick some...butt...too!

Euryale: Kyah!? Going wild is fine, but remember you're still my ride!

Asterios: S-sorry! I won't go...too hard...

Drake: Oh, right. Euryale!

Euryale: Hmm? What is it?

Drake: Send everybody off with a song! Something that will cheer Fujimaru on!

Euryale: Oh, a request? How wonderful! Just for today!

Euryale: Okay, Fujimaru! Don't stop moving because my song entrances you!

Blackbeard: Aww, they're so lucky! They get to flirt with Euryale-chan over there! So lucky!

Blackbeard: I want to play with her too. I WANNA PLAY!

Blackbeard: But I will turn my resentment into power! Come on, let's kill this stupid squid thing!

Demon God Forneus: I am not a squid. I am a ray. You, especially, are unacceptable.

Blackbeard: Hey, why am I the only one you keep talking to like that? Do you think I'm one of you or something? Wow, scary!

Blackbeard: Okay, I'm scared, so I'm definitely going to kill you!

Blackbeard: Hey! Eyes! Nose! No nose! Just eyes! Eyes! Eyes!

Blackbeard: That thing's got nothing but eyes!

Mary: He does look kind of powerful when he does things like that.

Anne: A lot of guys look cool until they open their mouths.

Mary: Eric in particular surprised me. And since he's still a king, should we speak to him more politely?

Eric: There's no need for that now. For your information, I'm one of those guys who should keep his mouth shut, too.

Anne: Wh-why did you only make garbled screams in a weird voice this whole time?

Eric: Gunnhild...gets upset if I talk to other women...

Eric: It's fine if she gets upset...But sometimes she curses them...

Mary: I-I didn't expect to hear about the dark side of a happy couple at a time like this!

Eric: It doesn't matter. I'm always summoned as a Berserker...So, it works.

Eric: Anyway, I'm off to go fight a bit more. Raaa!


Blackbeard: Oh-ho, Eric's going postal here! Guess I'd better join in!

Mary: Tch! Feels like we're late to the game! As the heroines of Blackbeard's Pirates, we can't lose this fight!

Anne: Aye, that's right. We'll crush all our foes, just like we did in that last battle!

Mary: But things are different this time! Our captain may be an idiot, but he puts himself on the front line!

Anne: Aye, right indeed.

Blackbeard: Hooot! My butt! My butt! My butt is on fiiiiiire!!!

Blackbeard: Bucket! Bucket! BUCKET!

Both: He really is an idiot, though...

Atalante: ...Hahh! ...Okay, it's calmed down a little.

David: Yup yup. Leave the rest to me, and relax.

David: By the way, Abishag, I found a lovely island. Let's go visit it when this battle is over.

Atalante: I'm not Abishag.

David: No, it's okay. To me, any pretty girl I see is Abishag. It's a wonderful thing.

Atalante: Hahahaha. Wow, that is really not okay. Get out there and fling some stones! There's not even a drop of alcohol, you drunk!

David: Aww, you're no fun. But I suppose there's nothing I can do.

David: This is the perfect time to show Fujimaru that I can be trusted.

David: I'll do it, and I'll do it well. Even if, supposedly, my foe is my son, or at least someone claiming to be.

Artemis: Darling! Daaarling! Were you watching!? Were yooou!?

Artemis: I was so cool, wasn't I!?

Orion: Oh, yeah, yeah. You were very cool. Yeah.

Artemis: Say it like you mean it! You're making me super mad!

Orion: Can you stop talking like an airhead? It's damaging the reputation of goddesses everywhere!

Orion: You might be okay with it, but the other goddesses are complaining! To me! Look, I have four letters from them!

Orion: “It's fine to be all lovey-dovey, but keep her on a shorter leash. ” “All moon goddesses are dippy! ”

Orion: “Please, get a room. ” “You've got to be kitten me! ”

Artemis: Are you telling me you're cheating on me?

Orion: No. Absolutely not.

Orion: Stop giving me that vacant, ditzy look! Okay? Okay!? Look, the enemy's here!

Artemis: Darling, let's have a LOOONG talk later, okay?

Orion: Everything's fine! Don't worry! You're the only one I love!

Orion: I mean it! Really! You're the only one for me!

David: Weeell, even if there's no love between you two, aren't you fulfilled physically? Ah, sleeping with a pretty girl is nice. No better way to rest one's cold, weary bones.

Orion: Yeah, there have been some tasty moments.

Orion: ...Wait, what'd I just say!?

Artemis: Yup, once this battle's over, let's be happy together.

Artemis: Maybe at the bottom of the sea.

Orion: That's a double suicide! No way!

Atalante: ...Hehe. Heheheh. It's okay. I can still keep going!

Atalante: Even if there's a weird king who's trying to seduce me, or a goddess I worship is starting a stupid lover's quarrel...

Atalante: I won't let that get me down!

Atalante: The children's smiles! Everything like that! It's all giving me energy!

Atalante: Now who's next? You? You!? Come at me!

Atalante: Even without the protection of my goddess, I'm energized enough to take out even a Calydonian Boar right now!

Atalante: But you know, I wish I had better companions...

Atalante: I would have even taken that stupid speedster...

Jason: Ooooh! Hiya! Hah! Heh! Damn it! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! No, I'm gonna live! No, I'm gonna die!

Jason: Damn it all! What got into me!? A chance to restore my name, huh...?

Jason: I was drawn in by that promise and ended up summoned to a place like this...!

Jason: I'm a Heroic Spirit who fights with wisdom and courage! I don't wanna fight in a battlefield where there's ten times more enemies than us!

Jason: I want to win the easy way! So I'm going to go home! My home turf is a place where I don't have to think about anything!

Medea Lily: Um, Lord Jason, wasn't it our bond that summoned you here...?

Jason: I was delusional! Delusional! I let you drag me here!

Jason: I understand how Heracles feels a little now! I can't understand what he says but I can feel him!

Jason: Damn you, Hera! Why am I stuck with you even after becoming a Heroic Spirit?

Jason: Once more! Once more! I want a do-over! I want to restart my adventure smarter and stronger!

Medea Lily: I-it's okay! I'll protect you, Lord Jason!

Medea Lily: Hektor's here, too...Right!?

Hektor: Right, right. Defensive battles are my specialty. Me and the Argonauts can hold the line for a while.

Jason: Huh!?

Jason: Are you idiots!? I mean, maybe Medea is, but you too, Hektor?

Jason: Don't you go stupid on me too! And you call yourself the guardian of Troy?

Jason: You and Medea both need to go support Heracles, now!

Jason: Clear a path for him so he can concentrate on offense!

Medea Lily: H-huh!? What about defending this place?

Jason: Are you willing to sacrifice our one tiny hope of victory, idiot!? Listen, this is just a simple math problem!

Jason: Instead of turning one into ten, it's much better if we turn ten into one hundred!

Jason: Make the Argonauts a ten, and we'll be toast! We'd be a million times better off making Heracles a hundred!

Jason: Right, Heracles? You may be completely out of your mind, but we're talking about war. You know what I'm saying?

Heracles: ...(Grin)

Jason: That's right! You guys all back Heracles up!

Jason: And I'll wait here! It's a pain in the butt, but I'll show you how to use the sails!

Hektor: ...(Sigh)

Medea Lily: ...

Medea Lily: Heheh. Hektor, you look completely bewildered.

Medea Lily: That's my Lord Jason.

Medea Lily: When Jason gets big-headed, he can really turn into a total loser.

Medea Lily: But when you put him under a ton of pressure, and when he starts to get anxious about his own life...

Medea Lily: He gets really smart! And really cool!

Hektor: Uh, I mean, that's part of it, but...

Hektor: It's just that I finally figured out why this old man ended up on your side in Okeanos.

Hektor: Oh, yes. I see. They're a lot alike.

Hektor: The way he only shows his stuff as a hero when he's under a ton of pressure...Yep, it's just like my dumb little brother!

Hektor: Their looks and personalities are completely different, though. Anyway, let's try not to let the bond we forged slip away!

Medea Lily: Yes, let's go. We'll support you, Heracles!

Medea Lily: I, Medea, will support and strengthen you with everything I have. Show them the power of the famous hero of myth!


Hektor: See ya, Captain Jason! Just stay there and wait for good news!

Jason: ...Idiot. There's not going to be any good news. We've been sent here to be chewed up and spit out.

Jason: Aah, dammit. I'm going to die for nothing again, I bet!

C:???: ...I can't believe it. I never thought I'd see the day you'd impress me, not since I became a Heroic Spirit.

C:???: I'm speechless.

Jason: Huh?

Jason: Um...That voice...

Medea: I was just saying that you did the right thing. The best thing you can do here is to let Heracles fight to his fullest.

Medea: ...(Sigh) I have a bond with Fujimaru, so I shall help out a bit as well.

Jason: Gyah! It's the real one!

Medea: ...Ugh, that made my head hurt. That Medea over there is real, too.

Medea: It's true that we've come here to die, but our job is to delay the enemy for every possible second.

Medea: You're the captain. I can protect you for a short while. Use that time to move the Argonauts to distract them.

Medea: Now get to it! You're better with the sails than Heracles, aren't you?

Jason: Dammit...What a nightmare...! Two of them! Two of them at once!

Jason: If this is a dream, I hope I can wake up soon!

Medea: Come, Fujimaru!

Medea: Get a move on. The wind won't be at your back forever!

Section 5: IV / Barbatos, the Control Tower

Demon God Barbatos: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that govern the Control Tower:

Demon God Barbatos: Paimon. Buer. Gusion. Sitri. Beleth. Leraje. Eligos. Caim.

Demon God Barbatos: We nine pillars assist with integration. We nine pillars maintain the terminals.

Demon God Barbatos: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, nothing shall stop this integration...!

Mordred: Ha! Too bad, Demon Gods! If the duty for you nine is to organize...

Mordred: My job is to mess it all up! Remember how I smashed that glorious Round Table to smithereens!?

Mordred: ...That's right. Everything must come to an end.

Mordred: A proud, shining royal castle will eventually crumble. Knights clad in armor and bearing swords will all die at some point.

Mordred: One day, I'm sure the world will end, too. However, you wretches won't be the ones to cause it. No way.

Mordred: The end of the world won't be anything like this.

Mordred: In fact, this will be YOUR end. You've already had more than your share of reducing things to ashes.

Mordred: So let's end it. I'll sing a requiem for you!

Jekyll: Saber, be careful of your magical energy reserves. You may have managed to materialize, but your existence is unstable.

Jekyll: You never seem to have a proper Master, and this is different from a Holy Grail War. It's very curious.

Jekyll: ...Does that go for me, too? Looks like I'm not human here...

Hyde: Hee, heehee! Hyahahahahahahahahaha...!!

Hyde: Here it comes, here it comes! Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes! Hyahahahaha! Now we're talking! I'm heeere!

Hyde: What's going on? My head's all messed up inside! Where am I? What am I? Isn't this Ogawa-heim!?

Hyde: This ain't London, so this ain't a Singularity! And Master ain't here, so it can't be a Holy Grail War!

Hyde: Hey, hey, what the hell is this!? You were havin' a bloody massacre party and no one thought to invite me!?

Mordred: Shut up, already! Quit screaming or I'll cut you up!

Jekyll: ...I-I'm back. Sorry, Saber. This was all because I used too much of the elixir...

Mordred: Like I keep telling you, stop risking your life when you're not even sure if you're a Heroic Spirit!

Mordred: I think, even more than before, there's something else mixed inside you.

Mordred: First of all, you can't be serious about switching yourself back and forth during combat. You just need to back me up.

Mordred: Got it? If you get out of hand, I'll kill you.

D:???: Precisely. Control yourself. Leave the enemy to us!

???: Observe! The thunder of the gods hath come! Heh-heh, heh, hahahahahahahaha! A perfectly executed three-phase electrical current!

Jekyll: Th-that output...and that high-pitched laugh...!!!

Mordred: Oh. It's him. Though I figured he would show up.

Nikola Tesla: Pardon me for taking my time to get down the giant thunder and lightning stairway! Indeed, Nikola Tesla is here!

Mordred: Why are you fashionably late to the fight!? Are you an idiot!?

Nikola Tesla: I was escorting a maiden who was lost. Heh. I do not care if you forgive me or not.

Frankenstein: Uhh, uhh...Uuuh, uuuh...!!!

Jekyll: Is that Fran over there!? I see. So you came, too.

Jekyll: This is, how can I put it? Amazing, in a way. For all three of us electricity-related talents to be here...

Jekyll: This kind of thing doesn't happen every day. All right, I'll collect data...Um, for later...

Mordred: Sheesh, cut the unnecessary crap, old man!'s not a bad thing we're all here.

Mordred: Fran—Oh, wait. Which one are you?

Mordred: Are you still alive, like last time, or are you a Heroic Spirit? Or are you ambiguous like Jekyll over here?

Frankenstein: Uuh, uuh. Uuh...!!!

Mordred: Huh. I see. Glad to hear it!

Mordred: You heard her. Jekyll, she's joining the fight!

Jekyll: Huh? But...Fran is...

Mordred: She's not Fran. She's Frankenstein. The one I scrapped once before...Well, you know how it is!

Mordred: See!? She's a Berserker!

Frankenstein: Uuuuuuh, naaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Nikola Tesla: Wonderful electricity! This pure thunder and lightning that stirs up the atmosphere is definitely alternating current!

Nikola Tesla: And what a marvelous will to fight. Milady, it seems you're trying to fry the Demon God Pillars.

Nikola Tesla: Then let's conquer them together! The three of us together will be more than enough to take out the nine pillars!

Jekyll: That may be, but let's avoid just recklessly rushing at the enemy! Without supplies, this will become a battle of attrition. Offense alone...

Mordred: Ah. What?

Jekyll: Well...While I don't have an eye for battle like a Master from a Holy Grail War...

Jekyll: ...Our formation is leaning heavy into offense. Of course, we do need to strike the enemy first to check things out...

Jekyll: But once this becomes a drawn-out battle...Especially you, Fran. Between Fran, Saber, and Tesla, who would drop first?

Nikola Tesla: That would be me. My stamina parameters are especially low. At least on paper. But I compensate with my skills.

Nikola Tesla: Which means we definitely have to think about protecting our lady Berserker in an effective manner!

Babbage: If that is the case, make use of me, Nikola Tesla. And all of you who fight against the encroaching final waves.

Babbage: My vision and delusions have vanished completely, but the vestiges of your future remain. Don't let them disappear.

Babbage: I obtained a faint glimpse of the future at the end of Fujimaru's path and it's not half-bad. That's why I came.

Mordred: Oh hey, old man Babbage!

Frankenstein: Uuh, uuh...!

Jekyll: Mr. Charles Babbage, clad in steel armor! With his help, a more defensive formation will be possible!

Babbage: My armor shall be the steel shield that protects you all.

Sakata Kintoki: Is that right!? Then I'll be the sword!

Sakata Kintoki: I'll slice through the heavens, cleave the ground, and slash through the Demon Gods along with the sky! Yes, that's the electric spark of my treasured sword!

Sakata Kintoki: The unparalleled Golden Spark!!!

Nikola Tesla: He's here! Mr. Golden!

Sakata Kintoki: Hey, long time no see, Suits! I dropped everything when I heard the call!

Sakata Kintoki: Of course it wasn't you fellows. It was a more delicate, weaker voice.

Sakata Kintoki: A frustrated voice that couldn't bear it anymore. It was the shout of numerous someones right at the moment their world was incinerated.

Sakata Kintoki: Imagine all the things people wanted to do. Mothers were preparing meals, brats were looking forward to playing again the next day...

Sakata Kintoki: ...I don't get it at all. It's crazier than riding my bike with a helmet!

Sakata Kintoki: What I don't get is how some people can't seem to understand just how precious those things are in people's lives!

Sakata Kintoki: Never mind humanity and the future, let's straighten out these numbskulls first!

Sakata Kintoki: For the sake of the uneventful everydays that they torched...

Sakata Kintoki: ...and the people who just wanted a normal life but couldn't get it, I'm gonna kick some demon ass!

Sakata Kintoki: I'm Kintoki, Sakata Kintoki. One of Raikou's Four Heavenly Kings!

Sakata Kintoki: I smash devils, punch fiends, and sometimes ride a golden machine!

Nikola Tesla: ...Your name is different from what you said last time! What's the big idea, Golden Brave!?

Sakata Kintoki: I'm gonna do this! Here I go! A flash of thunder and lightning, Gorgeous Golden Rider...

Sakata Kintoki: ...Traaansfooorm!!!

Nikola Tesla: !!!!!

Frankenstein: Uuh, uuh...Trans...form...!

Babbage: Brilliant quick change, or rather, transformation. It is as if his Spirit Origin itself changed!

Jekyll: That's ridiculous! I-I mean, isn't it!?

Sakata Kintoki: All right, observe!

Sakata Kintoki: When the world needs it, electricity-related Heroic Spirit fools with no other connection show up!

Sakata Kintoki: They turn up the juice and charge into danger! Like it or not, going back's a no thank you!

Sakata Kintoki: Hey! Heroes! Are ya ready to rock 'n' roll all night!?

Mordred: Huh? Hey, who the hell are you talking to, bozo!? Where do you think's the best place to rock, anyway!?

Mordred: Heh. It's always and everywhere, dumbass!

Mordred: We're already in the middle of our own big rock 'n' roll set!

Section 5: Control Tower, Collapsed

Mordred: ...Sheesh. There's seriously no end here! Aaanyway...

Mordred: We managed to clear a path for you. Go, Fujimaru.

Mordred: What's with that face? You can't move your legs? Then let me tell you: if you stay here, you'll just be in our way!

Mordred: This is now a war of attrition and endurance! A human who only has a bit of magecraft will just hold us back!

Jekyll: That kind of stung, but I agree.

Jekyll: Fujimaru, Mash. Go on.

Jekyll: We shall take care of this base. You have somewhere else to go.

Shakespeare: Thy protests prick my conscience, but what can a playwright do? Incompetent as I am, I bid thee farewell to witness the conclusion of this story!

Andersen: We are in complete agreement, playwright! I, too, have tired of this battle line.

Andersen: There is no end to assisting these warlike Heroic Spirits. There's no point in getting carpal tunnel even as Heroic Spirits.

Andersen: Though I've never been afflicted by such an ailment. Well then, I shall fight to the best of my ability, my onetime landlord and fellow lodger.

Mordred: No, not you wretches! Well actually, you guys are in the way, too.

Mordred: But your support comes in handy now and then, so we need you to stay here!

Shakespeare & Andersen: ...Tch. This is why I hate serialized stuff...

Mordred: Quit clicking your tongue in sync, fools! Your styles are so different, yet you two are eerily like best buds!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Hmmm. It seems everyone is in high spirits.

Tamamo-no-Mae: But are you all right, burning through so much magical energy? There's a limit to the support even I can provide.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Everyone here is part of a team, so please don't just lie down on the job!

Sakata Kintoki: Heheh. Looks like you're using your magical energy to the max, too, Fox.

Sakata Kintoki: As usual, ya got great hexing techniques, but you too have your limits. Go ahead and take a break.

Tamamo-no-Mae: No, no. No need to worry about me. I am not some woman who works herself like a dog.

Tamamo-no-Mae: If worse comes to worst, I will just leave you all and take shelter in Amano-Iwato alone♡

Sakata Kintoki: (Oh geez...It's hard to play along with her obvious lies...)

Sakata Kintoki: (This fox doesn't know herself too well. )

Tamamo-no-Mae: Is something the matter? Do you have a problem with my smile?

Sakata Kintoki: N-no, no problem. Oh right, I forgot how coldhearted you are.

Sakata Kintoki: I'm just gonna assume you'll bail when this entire thing goes to hell, okay?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Yes! And so, there is no need to worry about me. Although I do appreciate the consideration.

Tamamo-no-Mae: ...Still. Come to think of it, we're both far from home...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Traveling to Britain is one thing, but coming to a bloody war at some temple beyond time and space is something else.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Such bizarre fates connect us. I recall Abe-no-Seimei causing both of us trouble back in Kyoto...

Sakata Kintoki: Yeah. I remember, Fox.

Tamamo-no-Mae: Back in old Kyoto, we were both arrogant and absorbed in our own pleasures.

Sakata Kintoki: Yeah, we were...Ah, no, no! Wait, I ain't done nothing like that!

Sakata Kintoki: As one of Raikou's retainers, I led a pure, good life, of course!

Sakata Kintoki: I am Kintoki, popular with brats past and present! In the Edo period, EVERYONE loved me!

Tamamo-no-Mae: I don't know about that. After all, you were one of Raikou's, you know...

Tamamo-no-Mae: Well, that doesn't matter right now. Anyway, the Demon God Pillars. They irritate even me.

Tamamo-no-Mae: My head is pounding. My original's devotion, passion, and high spirits are pouring in from the Sun Palace!

Tamamo-no-Mae: How unlike me to get this worked up! Am I a vicious or a peaceful spirit!?

Tamamo-no-Mae: Ahhh, then I have no choice. I may or may not spontaneously develop additional tails!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Ohh, I'll do it! Just don't go engraving it on my Spirit Origin!

Tamamo-no-Mae: Mikon! Tamamo Seven Transformation☆

Sakata Kintoki: Okay, so that's a Golden Change! It's about time I unveiled my Huge Bear, too!

Sakata Kintoki: Let's go, partner! Mega-Gorgeous Golden Huge Bear!

Tamamo-no-Mae: My, that is a huge conveyance. Is that, um, from the time in Kitayama Rendai field?

Sakata Kintoki: Yeah it is! It's my secret weapon that exterminated the Great Tsuchigumo!

Sakata Kintoki: Namuhachiman, Golden Hachiman Drive! Eat it, you lousy Demon God Pillar!

Paracelsus: Are you listening, girls? Absolutely do not ride alone into the enemy's line.

Paracelsus: Jack, Frankenstein. I would like you two to work together.

Paracelsus: Nursery Rhyme and I will support you from the rear. However, I can't promise outstanding results—

Paracelsus: ...Yes, the “hit and fade” style.

Paracelsus: The hit-and-run tactic. Let's go with that as our basic strategy.

Frankenstein: Uuh, uuh. Uuuh!

Jack: Okay, got it. We won't charge them on our own. But we're lucky. We're not alone.

Jack: Because we are “we”...If we feel like it, we can rush them and dismember them.

Jack: Ah, but that would leave Frankenstein alone...Mmm, maybe that would be bad.

Jack: ...Would that be bad?

Paracelsus: Yes, it would. I want you two to fight together.

Nursery Rhyme: Follow the orders, Jack. I know you don't like to follow Paracelsus's instructions...

Nursery Rhyme: ...but right now, he's of sound mind. Wait, if he's not acting like himself then maybe he's not of sound mind?

Nursery Rhyme: He looks like a nice person. He talks like a nice person. It's strange.

Nursery Rhyme: I wonder which one you are, Paracelsus. Which is the fake and which is the real you?

Nursery Rhyme: The evil man who kills children? Or a good man who worries about them?

Paracelsus: Good question. Long ago, I gave in to villainy. I am a bad person.

Paracelsus: However, right now, Fujimaru is here. I have been given another chance to at least act as a good person.

Paracelsus: Just as I did during my lifetime. Or, perhaps...

Mephistopheles: Heeheehee! Another silly mage...Debating what is good or evil will gain you nooothing, no, no!

Mephistopheles: But you are amusing. You, sir, are funny!

Mephistopheles: You are like the two sides of a coin. Flip you around and your attitude changes. But then again, that is also...

Mephistopheles: ...just like any human.

Mephistopheles: Even though Heroic Spirits are a menagerie of the dearly departed, you behave as if you don't understand that.

Mephistopheles: Are you insane? I bet your Spirit Origin says as much. Like, if you dropped a piece of cake, you would step on it to finish it off!

Paracelsus: ...Yes, you're probably right.

Jack: But, Paracelsus...You don't have that kind of skill, do you?

Frankenstein: ...Uuh, uuh. No...need...worry...

Jack: What's that?

Babbage: According to one hypothesis, the Philosopher's Stone cannot be created by one who is not righteous.

Babbage: While it may not have been absolute justice that blessed the masses, the world itself saw him as righteous, at one point or another.

Babbage: Therefore, there is nothing odd about him. Somewhere in his heart, there is a spark of righteousness.

Mephistopheles: Uh-huh...Righteousness, eh...? No matter how meager it is, huh!?

Babbage: Yes, but it really isn't about quantity.

Mephistopheles: Heh-heh-heh...Pfft, ahaha!! Ahaha, ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Mephistopheles: I see, I see. How amusing! That's wonderful!

Mephistopheles: In the writing style of the Far East, that would be compared to a spider's thread dangling into Hell, I suppose!

Mephistopheles: Where there's one thread of good, there's hope. Hope! And you say he has one, too!

Babbage: ...

Mephistopheles: Good, then. I, the demon Mephistopheles...

Mephistopheles: ...shall witness the good and evil hidden in the soul of a single man, as he faces 72 Demon Gods!

Nikola Tesla: ...Hmmm. It looks like you've finally arrived, Your Majesty.


Nikola Tesla: Chain Summoning. I suspected as much, but to see it with my eyes is marvelous.

Nikola Tesla: Last time was in Londinium, with Sir Mordred. That was like a chain catalyst.

Nikola Tesla: This time, I bet Sir Mordred and Fujimaru started the chain Summoning.

Nikola Tesla: Wouldn't you like to see your daughter, Your Majesty?

Nikola Tesla: I'm sure she wouldn't say it, but she would no doubt be pleased to have you speak to her.

Altria: ...Unnecessary. She's a member of the Round Table, not my daughter.

Altria: No. Let's stop there. I am no more than a version of myself arising from an “if. ”

Nikola Tesla: Oh?

Altria: I am a potential form that was produced from a hundred million-to-one coincidence, the product of a me becoming a goddess by holding the sacred lance.

Altria: A possibility that allowed me to remain who I am while holding the lance. At the same time, a possibility that accepted the curse of the Grail.

Altria: In my current form, I cannot remove the elements of “Storm” from myself, nor can I behave like a ruling king.

Altria: Therefore...this is how I would define myself.

Altria: I am a storm that will obliterate everything before my eyes.

Nikola Tesla: I see. Now I understand. So will you obliterate me as well, Your Majesty?

Altria: No. My eyes are set on those horrid pillars of flesh. Heroic Spirits trying to save the world are not worthy of my gaze.

Altria: Sacred lance, removing restraints...

Nikola Tesla: Haha, hahahahahahahahaha! Wonderful! A torrent of light, surpassing both AC and DC, one born from the planet itself!

Nikola Tesla: Truth be told, I am not fond of Heroic Spirits with either Heaven or Earth attributes...But, King of the Storm, you are different! You are the Wild Hunt itself!

Nikola Tesla: Let us go together, my queen! Witness as I clear a path for you!

Andersen: Hey, you. You're still here?

Andersen: Kindness should have its limit, Fujimaru.

Andersen: You saw that light at nine o'clock? There's no doubt that the King of the Storm manifested.

Andersen: Not even a Servant would be able to maintain their Spirit Origin next to a Noble Phantasm like that.

Andersen: Though I suppose there are a few morons who would gleefully let themselves get liquefied.

Shakespeare: How bitterly disappointing. I thought a viewing of yon light up close would surely inspire me!

Shakespeare: ...“Ah, kill me with thy weapon, not with words! ”

Shakespeare: Death not by blade, but by light. An extraordinary last moment, carved into the victims' soul.

Shakespeare: Not a bad last moment for my own materialization, but unfortunately, now is not the time for the final act of the story.

Shakespeare: 'Tis time to bring the curtain to a close, Fujimaru.

Andersen: ...Playwright. Did you say something profound for once? If so, perhaps we shall shortly see some snow here.

Andersen: Well. Fujimaru. Mash Kyrielight.

Andersen: I would like to see the innermost area of the Temple of Time, but as you can see, I am busy researching a story here.

Andersen: My role here is to provide support not only for the great scholars, but also for those muscle-brained Servants.

Andersen: Go forth, Fujimaru. Or don't tell me you mean to make us say it?

Andersen: I don't know how many times this line has been used. That line has been repeated in many heroic narratives.

Fujimaru 1: You mean...

Andersen: Yes, THAT, you imbecile!

Fujimaru 2: I think I know...

Andersen: You twit, don't make me spell it out!

Shakespeare: Fine! I will meet thy expectations and serve it to thee!

Shakespeare: So, leave this to us and go forth...!

Fujimaru 1: I'm counting on all of you!

Fujimaru 2: Please be safe!

Andersen: Go! Go and save the world, Fujimaru!

Section 6: V / Halphas, the Armory

Demon God Halphas: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that govern the Armory:

Demon God Halphas: Furfur. Marchosias. Stolas. Phenex. Malphas. Räum. Focalor. Vepar.

Demon God Halphas: We nine pillars mourn the flames of war. We nine pillars honor the dignity of the fallen.

Demon God Halphas: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we shall not allow eyes to be shut away from this truth...!

Nightingale: Then I shall answer.

Nightingale: It is natural for humans to be moved to grieve for war and to honor those who have fallen. But, we must also move beyond that.

Nightingale: That's right. Instead of remaining steadfast and stagnant, believing all is well, we must extinguish war's smoldering flames.

Nightingale: So that those who lost family, friends, and loved ones will never have to lose anyone again...!

Nightingale: We shall stand our ground here before you all!

Rama: Yes, exactly! You all do your grieving and your honoring, but fail to go beyond that.

Rama: Now you are ready to throw the whole world into the wastebasket, as if cleaning up a child's scattered toys!

Rama: This is the inane logic of a coward, one who can accept neither his own faults, nor anyone else's!

Rama: I am Rama, King of Kosala! Henceforth, my whole spirit shall become Fujimaru's shield!

Nightingale: Oh, Rama. Have your wounds healed?

Rama: Obviously. At my current strength, I could defeat Ravana one-handed!

Nightingale: Pride goes before a fall. This Demon God Pillar is like a pathogen.

Nightingale: To annihilate it, we would have to destroy the entire world. However, we do not have such power.

Nightingale: And so, treating the symptoms should be enough for now. The one with the cure for the disease is not us,but—

Rama: ...I know.

Rama: Yes, Fujimaru! The Master whom I formed a bond with!

Rama: Now, we fight! No matter how many injuries you suffer, do not be afraid.

Rama: The Angel is with us!

Rama: Even if you're at death's door or about to fall into the abyss of hell, she'll pull you back up by the collar!

Nightingale: I shall permit such an nickname for the time being. As long as it serves to inspire you all!

Nightingale: ...Ahem. I must confess that I am extremely embarrassed at the moment...!

Section 6: Armory, Impasse

Nightingale: The path is open. Master, please fear no pain.

Nightingale: But do fear injury. As long as mankind fears death, it is natural to long for immortality and eternal youth.

Nightingale: But even so, you must press onward.

Nightingale: There is nothing wrong with fearing death. Such a thing is nothing to be ashamed of!

Rama: Indeed. The fear of loss is what causes us to love one another, to pity one another, and care for one another!

Rama: I was afraid! I was absolutely terrified of losing Sita!

Rama: That's why I was able to fight for fourteen years, and that's why I'm here!

Rama: Listen to me, Master! What they say only seems righteous.

Rama: It's just excuses. It's just giving up!

Rama: Now, follow the path that has been opened for you. You are the only human left, and the greatest Master of them all!

Medb: THAT Cú coming over to our side was honestly unexpected!

Medb: Medb's super-happy, but why?

Cú Chulainn Alter: It is only natural for the conquered to bow to the conqueror.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You can't try to boss others around and then not let others do the same to you. That ain't how it works.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Even if it's from hatred or from two people trying to kill each other, once a bond's been formed, you do the bare minimum.

Medb: I see...You're getting hurt an awful lot for“the bare minimum. ”

Cú Chulainn Alter: It's the only way I know how to fight. And what the hell are you thinking, Medb?

Cú Chulainn Alter: You were pulled down from your queen's throne, and died full of regrets.

Cú Chulainn Alter: You're not the kind of girl who can just forget that humiliation and come help someone.

Medb: Aww, my Cú! You still don't understand how girls think, do you?

Medb: I did regret it, and of course I'm vexed! But that doesn't mean I really hated [♂ him /♀ her].

Medb: That Master fought as hard as [♂ he /♀ she] could in [♂ his /♀ her] own way. Sure, [♂ he /♀ she] was a brat, but I couldn't ignore that.

Medb: So I need to help [♂ him /♀ her] at least a little. It's also to redeem myself from when I got angry when I was pushed into a corner back then.

Medb: I mean, if I just get rid of those regrets, that whole fight will be nothing but a lie.

Medb: Well, I'll never forgive [♂ him /♀ her] for ruining my sweet days with you, my Cú!

Medb: So that's how it is, Fujimaru! If you feel bad for ruining my fun, work as hard as you can!

Medb: Stop wasting time here and go kill the big boss! Or would you prefer a lash from my whip?

Cú Chulainn Alter: ...I see. It makes sense. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd agree with Medb.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Go, Fujimaru. Take the shortest route and run.

Cú Chulainn Alter: A short life is our greatest flaw, and our greatest advantage.

Cú Chulainn Alter: With our own short lives as our reasons, we will aid you as people who once existed.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Sometime soon, you'll be forced to entrust things to someone else. But you will have to accept that.

Cú Chulainn Alter: Now go. You don't want your bowels ripped out, do you?

Scáthach: I never thought I'd get to see one brat lecturing another brat. It's worth living a long life.

Scáthach: Others will always take your place, whether you grow old or get left behind.

Scáthach: You fear death as an individual, but death is not something for the group to fear.

Scáthach: Hmmm, the more I think about it, the enemy really is just the opposite of humanity.

Li Shuwen: I get it. No wonder we don't see eye to eye.

Li Shuwen: As a lone wolf, I consider taking pride in the strength of the masses to be shameful.

Li Shuwen: The scale of the masses may differ, but they are no better than a bunch of pretentious hooligans.

Li Shuwen: Haha! So no matter how strong they are, I have nothing to fear!

Scáthach: Nothing to fear? Glad to hear it.

Scáthach: I would love to have you guard my back. But, hmm, it seems you've no interest in defense.

Li Shuwen: Right.

Li Shuwen: Things will be easier if we just kill whatever we can get our hands on.

Li Shuwen: For one thing, if I did see your back, I'd likely try and stab it.

Scáthach: Hmm. I suppose that's true for both of us. Okay, let's push onward.

Li Shuwen: Tch. I'm trying my best to use it, but this spear is falling apart...I guess I've no choice.

Scáthach: What, you're throwing it away? I'll lend you mine if you like.

Li Shuwen: Thanks for the offer. But I don't need it. Even without my spear, I have my fists.

Scáthach: What? ...H-hmm...I guess I can't compete with that.

Li Shuwen: I thought you were a master of all martial arts? You can't fight with your fists?

Scáthach: With my elegant form, I could never truly master the way of the fist. Feel free to laugh at the fragile woman.

Li Shuwen: ...

Li Shuwen: No, my apologies. That caught me off guard. I'm not one to laugh on the spot, even if it's feigned.

Li Shuwen: But now that I think of it, that's hilarious! Thanks to that, I'm really fired up!

Li Shuwen: I'm overwhelmed with the joy of it! My blows could pierce even the flesh of a Demon God Pillar right now.

Li Shuwen: How about you, Beowulf? Having fun?

Beowulf: You're damn right I am!

Beowulf: Yeah, it's a lot more fun being on this side! And today, there's nothing holding me back!

Beowulf: Sorry, Fujimaru! I'm just here to punch stuff, more than worrying much about you!

Beowulf: Don't worry. There's lots of other guys here who want to protect you.

Beowulf: Go hang out with them! I've got my hands full right here!

Beowulf: I've got a ton of fight left in me! Come and get me, ya freaky squids!

Fergus: Wow, look at him go. That's the famous Beowulf for ya! His courage is something to behold.

Fergus: Man, I can't wait to fight him one of these days! I bet he's well worth killing!

Fionn: I'm not sure if his lack of elegance is a strength or a weakness...

Fionn: Ehhh, it's a strength. It's hard to balance elegance with barbarity.

Fionn: Which means! One who is specialized in barbarity would be considered the superior man!

Fionn: No, no. That's a difficult choice for me to make. My beauty always shines through, you see.

Fionn: ...Oh, that's right! We've got someone right here who combines elegance and barbarity!

Diarmuid: My lord!

Diarmuid: Just this once, restrain yourself!

Fionn: O-okay!?

Diarmuid: Take this fight seriously for once. The fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Fionn: Y-you're right. Sorry about that!

Fionn: They're just so powerful! My bad habit of teasing inadvertently came out.

Fionn: A single jovial comment won't win against those numbers, so I guess I'll have to turn barbarian too.

Diarmuid: ...Yes. Of course, I'm well aware that that's one of your strengths, but...

Diarmuid: There are many great heroes out here right now.

Diarmuid: I can't handle the thought of them taking my lord lightly...

Fionn: Hahahaha! Then, Diarmuid, I shall let you take the vanguard of the Knights of Fiona!

Diarmuid: Of course. I shall wield my twin spears for my lord, and for the sake of the world!

Fergus: Welp, the two of them roused each other up on their own and then left together...

Fergus: I guess that means I'll have to hang in there a little longer, too.

Fergus: A man who mocks human desires is no saint. They're just inhuman. Fools who're no longer human.

Fergus: I'll say it now! I want to sleep with every pretty girl on the battlefield!

Fergus: And for that, I'm willing to risk my life!

Fergus: Fwahahaha! Roar, my Rainbow Sword...!

Elisabeth: Ahahaha! This is so much fun! Wait, is this the second time I've fought these guys!?

Robin Hood: That's amazing. And you've even changed clothes.

Robin Hood: Hey, why don't we set up a rotation schedule and take it easy?

Billy: No can do. I'm a young Heroic Spirit. So I always have to go full throttle!

Billy: Yup. If I can shoot 'em, I can kill 'em!

Billy: That's how we do it in America!

Geronimo: That's some way of thinking. You guys never know when to feel fear.

Billy: Are you saying that we should run in terror, Geronimo?

Geronimo: Hah, no way.

Geronimo: Everybody here is tapping into their courage.

Geronimo: Everybody came here to taste the pain of death once more, in order to help Master Fujimaru.

Elisabeth: Right. We're going to die here, aren't we?

Robin Hood: Aren't you scared?

Elisabeth: Strangely, I'm not! I'm not scared of death or pain at all!

Elisabeth: Though during a normal Grail War, I'm a bit scared when I fight against other Servants.

Robin Hood: Seems to me the young miss is maturing a little every day.

Geronimo: It's probably because death doesn't mean losing in this fight.

Geronimo: Now then, Robin Hood. Do you like guerilla warfare?

Robin Hood: Scurrying around like a rat is my specialty.

Robin Hood: If the enemy hates something, that's your sign to do it as much as you can. It's not chivalrous, but that doesn't matter in this situation.

Geronimo: I'm fine with being a rat. All right, everyone, let's get going.

Geronimo: Fire up your Noble Phantasms and keep shooting. If you don't die, you win. And if you do die, well, that doesn't mean you lose!

Geronimo: Open the way for Fujimaru!

Edison: Yes! DC electricity is still the most powerful!

Edison: Roar, filaments! Howl, bulbs!

Edison: Illuminate the darkness, and change the course of human history!

Blavatsky: Well, thanks to that, people were able to work at night. But then that turned us all into hard workers too.

Edison: Well I...Erm, sorry about that!

Blavatsky: ...There are pros and cons to everything.

Blavatsky: I hate to say it, but the Demon God Pillars are more perfect as a whole than we are.

Blavatsky: But it's really more natural to have bad or imperfect parts, isn't it? People suffer from evil, endure evil, and hate evil.

Blavatsky: And at times, evil seems endearing to us. The thousands of years of history stacked up is not nearly so bad as it seems!

Edison: Fwahahahaha! That's absolutely right!

Edison: The world runs off universalization! The days of one great being controlling things have long since passed!

Edison: I see! You creatures are indeed great. You are indeed powerful. You are indeed AC!

Edison: But so what?

Edison: You are one great, perfect being, but you are not universal!

Edison: You have to live alone, and die alone! How boring! How lonely!

Edison: That's right! You're boring! You're as boring as AC electricity!

Edison: Behold! Take a look at how Fujimaru keeps charging forward! Behold the Master who forged a connection with each of us!

Edison: Their running form isn't perfect! They seem to be out of breath!

Edison: But laborious effort is what moved our hearts! That's why we have assembled!

Edison: I return your question to you, War Demon Halphas! Do you find Fujimaru beautiful?

Edison: If you can't understand that, you will lose for eternity! Just like AC electricity!

Blavatsky: Oh jeez, would you stop bad-mouthing AC electricity every time you open your mouth?

Blavatsky: Are you going to fight again? Cause me more problems?

Edison: Oww! Oww! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Arjuna: ...Did you ever think a day like this would come?

Karna: I knew it would come. But I didn't know when.

Karna: A thousand years? Two thousand? I didn't think it would come until the eons stripped us of our emotions...

Arjuna: But no, I never thought it would come this soon!

Arjuna: It's fine, though.

Arjuna: I shall let this feeling of hatred and desire to fight, this chaotic feeling of mine sink deep within myself.

Arjuna: For now...

Karna: Heh, is that so? I'm actually here as your rival.

Arjuna: Wh-what?

Karna: Arjuna, let me finish. It seems I've got a habit of not explaining myself.

Karna: I was never the talkative type, but in this situation,I don't want you to misunderstand me.

Karna: ...Put simply, this is a competition.

Karna: Instead of fighting directly, we shall compete to see who can kill more of them. It'll be a hunting competition.

Karna: Yes, every kshatriya warrior remembers doing that. It is a fair competition that none shall find fault with.

Karna: ...Yes. I know you hate me. And that is fine.

Karna: I am not a saint myself. If I am hated, I cannot help but sometimes be enraged.

Karna: But it is a righteous hate, and a righteous rage. It is nothing special.

Karna: And not being special does not mean it is evil.

Karna: Do not lie to yourself, Arjuna. You don't have to do that for us to fight side by side.

Karna: This may not be what she desired and envisioned, but...

Arjuna: ...I see.

Arjuna: Yes. You're right.

Arjuna: Karna...

Arjuna: I hate you. And I'm jealous of you.

Karna: ...I see.

Arjuna: But it's all right. This hate, these ugly feelings will never go away.

Arjuna: But I can face them. I can laugh in the face of that ugliness, and endure it.

Karna: Yes. Just like Fujimaru has fought [♂ his /♀ her] way here.

Karna: Even if you can't get rid of it, you can accept it.

Arjuna: ...Heh.

Arjuna: I never expected my world to be shaken after becoming a Heroic Spirit.

Arjuna: I shall rid myself of this hatred and jealousy by slaying more foes than you.

Arjuna: Now take up your spear, Karna!

Karna: Of course. Ready your bow, Arjuna.

Karna: And...Hmm. It's rare, but it's not impossible for one to change after becoming a Heroic Spirit.

Karna: The old me might have tried to kill you the moment I said that you were my rival.

Arjuna: I see. Is that change because of...your bond with Fujimaru?

Karna: That's part of it, but not all.

Karna: It's embarrassing to brag about it, but I've had incredible fortune as a Servant.

Arjuna: Huh?

Karna: I'm very fortunate. Especially in my luck with Masters.

Karna: Even if they've become distant memories, the words that resounded in my heart are still with me today.

Arjuna: Someday...I'd like to meet someone like that.

Arjuna: My final Master, Fujimaru! The path is open. Continue onwards!

Arjuna: Go! Run!

Section 7: VI / Amon, the Gazing Star

Demon God Amon: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars of the Gazing Star:

Demon God Amon: Bael. Agares. Vassago. Samigina. Marbas. Valefor. Alloces. Orobas.

Demon God Amon: We nine pillars that shall build rationale. We nine pillars that shall consume humanity.

Demon God Amon: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we will not allow ourselves to forfeit this rage!

Sanzang: Hey there, long time no see! It's been beyond a long time! Did I make it!? Have I made it!?

Sanzang: I heard Fujimaru was in a bit of trouble, so I hurried over on my flying nimbus!

Sanzang: Now that I'm here, a Demon God Pillar or two, no, a hundred is nothing to me!

Sanzang: I'm sure that besides anything glowing gold, I'll have the upper hand! Wait, isn't that guy glowing gold!?

Tawara Touta: Come on, calm down Sanzang. Don't get ahead of yourself now.

Tawara Touta: The color may be the same, but that's an old form. he doesn't have as much power as before. As long as this man doesn't take the other side on a whim, you know?

Ozymandias: Ha! That won't happen even on a whim! I am but a supreme pharaoh that just happened to pass by!

Ozymandias: So I was just on a pleasure trip.

Ozymandias: I have no reason to punish the Demon Gods, nor do I have a reason to aid Chaldea!

Ozymandias: However— Hm, however...that is...

Ozymandias: Nitocris kept nagging me to come see an unusual temple here.

Ozymandias: For the woman of the heavens to make such request is very rare. Therefore, I have tagged along on this whim of hers...

Ozymandias: Why haven't they put in pest control! I cannot see the throne in this state!

Ozymandias: Are they trying to ruin my tour, these fools!? Hurry and exterminate these pillars and let me enjoy myself at once! This is a god's order!

Sanzang: He hasn't learned a thing! Or rather, King Ozymandias hasn't changed at all!

Sanzang: Shouldn't we try reforming that guy's heart first and foremost!?

Nitocris: Fools! I understand how you feel, but that is disrespectful, Xuanzang Sanzang!

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias is trying to say this: “I am on a trip, but this is an exception. I grant you the honor of fighting first! ”

Hundred Personas: Nobody would get that! If you have no intention to fight, then stand back! Even I had to muster up the courage to come!

Hundred Personas: But a Servant who holds such massive powers is just here to watch!? What are you, the greatest golden fiend ever!?

Hundred Personas: Furthermore, you've chatted too long! Chatty men on the battlefield are usually the first to be killed! Fool, you fooool!

Cursed Arm: Calm down, Hundred Personas. You are not much different. You had a sour experience yourself in the desert. But that's that.

Cursed Arm: There aren't that many kings who carry around their own grave to signify their brilliance.

Cursed Arm: We are but Anti-Personnel killers. Without that king's solar light, we cannot hold back those Demon God Pillars.

Serenity: ...That's true. I don't think my poison will work either.

Serenity: ...I'm disappointed. If I were to tag along, I would have preferred it to have been by Fujimaru's side...

Gawain: Do not worry. Even if the king of the desert becomes upset, I have some solar flames right here.

Gawain: Gawain, Knight of the Round Table.

Gawain: By the bonds of being defeated by Fujimaru, I have come to this place.

Gawain: ...I may no longer have the Gift and cannot compensate for what “I” have done in the Holy Land...

Gawain: But all filth...No! Now is the time I burn away this storm of wickedness here!

Tristan: ...I am envious. How honest can you be, Sir Gawain...?

Tristan: I have no place here, nor a face worth showing, nor do I have any friends to avenge.

Tristan: The least I could do is to take this bewitching bow and cut up those foes like myself...So please don't mind me...

Tristan: It's just a matter of the weak-hearted fools killing one another— Aah...I am so saddened...

Lancelot: Heh. Failnaught's arrows are sharper than ever. I'm amazed that the quiet Tristan could be so fired up, right down to his fingertips.

Lancelot: You would never do wrong in your state now. If Sir Bedivere saw your brave appearance here, this is what he would say:

Lancelot: “He is as cold as ice, but it shall be water under the bridge. After all, this is Tristan's doing. ”

Tristan: Those are some harsh words. He was always hard on me for some nostalgic...

Ozymandias: ...So the Round Table is gathering too. Though it is normal for tourist spots to become crowded, it is quite unpleasant.

Ozymandias: Forget what I said, forget about fighting first. I am leaving. I leave the rest to you, Nitocris.

Nitocris: Pharaoh Ozymandias!?

Nitocris: If we all fight together right, it shall become very exciting!

Ozymandias: Silence! If it were only the Hassans, perhaps, but there is no way I could fight alongside the Round Table!

Ozymandias: They should be enough in fighting the Demon God Pillars. There is no hero here worthy of fighting alongside me in the first pl—

Arash: Whoops, am I late here? Looks like a strong bunch's all gathered already.

Arash: Well, the more the merrier, right? Let me help out here too.

Arash: I'm just a minor Heroic Spirit, but hey, it's better than nothing, right, Fujimaru?

Ozymandias: ...

Mash: Arash! And everyone too...! Yes, please!

Mash: It's sad to see King Ozymandias leave, but since everyone else is here, we'll be stronger than ever!

Ozymandias: What are you doing, Mash, Fujimaru!? Why haven't you positioned me at the front line yet!?

Ozymandias: Of course, that bowman there is coming to the front line too, correct? If so, I shall pardon you even more!

Ozymandias: I do not know who you are or where you are from, but I shall give you the honor of being able to fight alongside I, Ozymandias!

Ozymandias: Now let me feast my eyes on that earth-splitting longbow of yours!

Arash: Whoa, what's up with this pharaoh guy!? He sounds mighty helpful! Okay then, if that's what you want, I'll get right on it!

Arash: You can take that side! I'll start taking out those eyeballs over here! Let's race, yeah?

Ozymandias: Fwahahahahahaha! Of course!

Ozymandias: What—What a miracle this is! Well done, Nitocris! You must be the messenger of luck!

Nitocris: Y-Yes, I am very much obliged of your praise! ...But, why...?

Sanzang: Okay, I don't know what just happened, but it looks like King Ozymandias has changed his mind!

Sanzang: Let's get them, Fujimaru! Have you grown further beyond since I last saw you!?

Sanzang: I'm gonna have you show me ALL of your powers as my very first disciple!

Fujimaru 1: Yes, ma'am!

Fujimaru 2: Leave it to me, Sanzang!

Section 7: Gazing Star, Extinguished

Demon God Amon: Ohhh...Ohhhhhhhhhhh...!

Demon God Amon: We are the Gazing Star, the 72 Demon Gods, those who control thought and theory!

Demon God Amon: No matter what kind of Heroic Spirit opposes us, it is not possible to burn up our wisdom...!

Demon God Amon: Resurrect, reappear, and be reborn! Without us nine pillars, the great feat will not be accomplished...!

Sanzang: Whoa, did they just multiply!? Wukong's transformations aside, that's just way too many of them!

Cursed Arm: Argh, we're getting pushed back...! We cannot take on an army like this with just our powers...!

E:???: ...Nay. You have all acquitted yourselves well. What you now hear are the death agonies of the Demon Gods.

E:???: Beings of mindless violence needn't be objects of fear. Is that not so, O distant Knights of the Round Table?

Gawain: You are—

Lion Helmed Knight: ...The bond has scattered into streaks of light and the ill fate has vanished. However, my lance shall never forget how you fought.

Lion Helmed Knight: We shall take on the last push, Fujimaru. I am called the King of the Storm. The one who holds the Rhongomyniad.

Lion Helmed Knight: I've come from afar to drop the anchor of the planet beyond the skies. —Come along, my modest Silver Knight.

Silver Knight: —Yes, my lord. Switch On! Airget—

Demon God Amon: Destruction of the terminal elements. Has been. Confirmed— Disconnected from the throne—Restart of rebirth. Not possible—

Demon God Amon: Agares, Vassago, Samigina, Marbas—restored. Valefor, Alloces, Orobas—fusion restored.

Demon God Amon: Gazing Star Amon, two minutes until. Reactivation—Concentrate. On extermination of enemy Servants—

Dr. Roman: Right, the functions have declined to twenty percent! The magical energy supply to the throne has also shut off!

Sanzang: Hahaa! You guys are just a big cluster of monsters!

Sanzang: You're just a croaking little frog trapped in a well! A big fish in a small pond! You ignorant fool!

Sanzang: At this rate, it'll be enough to hold these guys back with just us! Fujimaru, go on ahead!

Hundred Personas:'re telling us to fight more...!? Impossible, that is impossible! My head's gonna explode!

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. You may go and ignore Hundred Personas' whining.

Cursed Arm: Just as Sanzang says,hurry ahead, Fujimaru.

Cursed Arm: We may be Servants who lack power, but we are the most experienced in manipulating the enemy in order to survive.

Cursed Arm: For the remaining few minutes, we will do everything to hold off those monsters. So please.

Fujimaru 1: —Thank you! We leave it to you guys!

Ozymandias: Of course, leave it to us! I cannot just let the Round Table take our thunder!

Fujimaru 2: The Hassans aren't weak Heroic Spirits.

Cursed Arm: —My, my. When we hear that from you, I can strangely believe it to be true.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, Mash, hurry! There's no time left!

Mash: Yes! Master, let's go! It's only a little more until the next point!

Sanzang: Bye-bye! Take care, Fujimaru! I've definitely seen the results of your training! It's beyond awesome!

Sanzang: I'll catch up soooon! I pray that you'll have the protection of the Buddha until then!

Section 8: VII / Sabnock, the Chamber of Life

Demon God Sabnock: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that control the Chamber of Life:

Demon God Sabnock: Shax. Viné. Bifrons. Vual. Häagenti. Crocell. Furcas. Balam.

Demon God Sabnock: We nine pillars celebrate birth. We nine pillars praise the union.

Demon God Sabnock: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, we pronounce that disdain will never come to this adoration...!

Demon God Sabnock: It is not to threaten, but to exterminate everything...! Name yourself, fiend...!

B:???: Ha—ha, ha, ha, ha! Did you just say “adoration”? Did a bunch of fake demon gods say the word “adoration”!?

Ishtar: You really should learn to hold your tongue! I can't let that slip by when I hear that word.

Ishtar: I fight for beauty! I am the avatar of harvest and Venus!

Ishtar: I am the celestial goddess Ishtar, and I've come to settle a debt with the King of Mages!

Ishtar: —Ack! What was that!?

Ishtar: Hey, watch out, Enkidu! Did you fire that off knowing I was here!?

Enkidu: Oh, sorry, my hand slipped. I was aiming for your head, but I didn't think you'd manage to dodge.

Ishtar: Hehe. I guess you're broken to the core.

Ishtar: Did you make sure to oil yourself? You're saying things you really shouldn't, you piece of junk♡

Ishtar: Don't make me get too mad in front of Fujimaru.

Enkidu: So the rumors were true. You became a lot more modest by borrowing the body of a human.

Enkidu: That's not like you, Ishtar. You're supposed to be a lot more selfish, vulgar, and strange.

Enkidu: Why not collect the fragments of the Demon God Pillar? They'd look great in your hair.

Enkidu: You're both evil gods that bring peril to the world of man. How about showing people what you're really about?

Ishtar: ...

Mash: I'm sensing a bloodlust from Ishtar like I've never felt before! The smile on her face and lack of words makes it even worse.

Gorgon: Leave her be. They've been rivals since the Age of Gods. They'll never be able to get along.

Gorgon: While Kin...Enkidu and Ishtar kill each other, it would be great if they could take down the Demon God Pillars around them.

Mash: Gorgon!? You're going to help us too...!?

Fujimaru 1: Is that you, Ana...?

Ana: ...I do not know the name Ana, but if you mean me, I am here.

Fujimaru 2: Where is Ana?

Gorgon: She's there. I know she's so small you can't see her, though.

Ana: ...Bigger isn't always better. You should lose a little weight.

Ana: ...Fujimaru, right? Gorgon and I are not the Heroic Spirits you know, but...

Ana: The spirits at our core are desiring to show gratitude towards you.

Ana: I'm sure you don't want monsters like us to remember you, but please let us help.

Ana: ...Not to repay any debt. Gorgon and I genuinely want to do so.

Gorgon: ...I don't really care either way, but that girl over there just wouldn't shut up about it.

Quetzalcoatl: Sí, of course! If we don't earn points here, Gorgon will be alone forever, yes!

Quetzalcoatl: As a fellow snake-type goddess, I can't leave her be when she says she has no one to contract with, no!

Jaguar Warrior: The same goes for Kuku too, meow.

Jaguar Warrior: You'd go on about how a lucha goddess is too niche and you can't find someone to marry, and how much you wanted to see Fujimaru.

Jaguar Warrior: She was so annoying on the Mesoamerican chatroom that I decided to...Ow!

Quetzalcoatl: A-ahem...Anyway, that's that, yes!

Quetzalcoatl: It is true I used Gorgon as an excuse to come,Fujimaru.

Quetzalcoatl: Since you're putting it all on the line for this fight...

Quetzalcoatl: I can't be adhering to the goddess pact rule of“not to help people for free. ”

Ereshkigal: I know. Though I don't feel the same way. I couldn't care less about that human there.

Ereshkigal: I just came here because the Heroic Spirits who fell at least once to my underworld asked me to carry them back up. That's all.

Fujimaru 1: Ereshkigal...!

Ereshkigal: ...(Come on, be calm! Play this cool. Just be cool! )

Ereshkigal: (Show your face this time! Show your face, Ereshkigal...! This is your chance to rebrand yourself as a cool goddess...! )

Fujimaru 2: Who were you again?


Seriously!? You've completely forgotten meee!?

Ereshkigal: Well, whatever. Let's get to work.

Ereshkigal: Come forth, Heroic Spirits that have trained in Kur! I release you from your repair work in the underworld!

Leonidas: HaaaaaaAAAaaa! I'm baaack with a roar and ferocious flesh!

Leonidas: Sorry to keep you waiting, Fujimaru! Lancer Leonidas I is totally back!

Mash: King Leonidas...! Oh, also—

Benkei: Musashibou Benkei has arrived. Come, Lord Ushiwakamaru. Don't look away. Say something.

Benkei: I know it's awkward, but I believe Fujimaru will forgive you.

Ushiwakamaru: No, it's not awkward. I wasn't really at fault.

Ushiwakamaru: Besides, that wasn't really me, anyway. I haven't been able to remember what happened in Uruk for some reason.

Ushiwakamaru: I'm going to use these Demon God Pillars to cheer myself up. When I return to the Throne of Heroes, it'll be like nothing happened.

Benkei: Yeah...And now you're being silly. You look exactly the same as when you're trying to make excuses to Lord Yoritomo.

Benkei: Our apologies, Fujimaru.

Benkei: Normally the three of us should have disappeared, but since it was the Age of Gods, that goddess over there captured us.

Benkei: Actually, our Spirit Origin has continued on since Uruk.

Leonidas: Yes, Ereshkigal forced us to...I mean, as a condition for us to leave we had to repair the underworld...

Leonidas: We finished everything we needed to, and we were ready to leave, but Ushiwakamaru negotiated with Ereshkigal.

Benkei: “I don't want to leave like this. I'll commit seppuku if I can't apologize to Fujimaru. ”

Benkei: And then threw a complete fit. Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha.

Ushiwakamaru: Ereshkigal, I'm offering Benkei to the underworld! Use him for hard labor for fifty thousand years and then throw him away!

Ereshkigal: thanks. I don't need a stuffy-looking guy like him. He'd ruin the majesty of the underworld.

Ishtar: Hey, you guys! The battle's already started!

Ishtar: We can chat later. Let's get Enkidu and the Demon God Pillars...

Ishtar: Ereshkigal!? Why are you here!? And you look the same as before!? Didn't you disappear!?

Ereshkigal: Shh! Shh...! Don't say anything about that. It's just going to get more confusing!

Ereshkigal: It's true that I broke the rules of the underworld and fell to the abyss. But after that...What was it? I Rayshifted?

Ereshkigal: That's where...Fujimaru did...Uh...What was it...

Ereshkigal: In any event, stuff happened, and I came back with this Spirit Origin! Yep, that's all that needs to be said about that!

Ereshkigal: Anyway, I'll be leaving now! Try your best! Come and save me someday!

Ishtar: ...She got all of my depressing side...I know she's a part of me, but she's kind of a pain sometimes...

Ana: Sorry, but please leave if you're not going to fight. Gorgon's and my aid will be plenty.

Ushiwakamaru: I'm not planning on competing with Ana, but that monster over there is different.

Ushiwakamaru: It didn't work out before, but it's different this time.

Ushiwakamaru: The enemy is inexhaustible. Large and pointless, and makes good target practice.

Gorgon: —Why you little...You went to hell and got quite a mouth, I see.

Ushiwakamaru: Heh. I've seen hell three times. A fourth won't matter.

Ushiwakamaru: I didn't come back carrying my shame to search for a place to die. I came to help my lord's battle.

Ushiwakamaru: Let's go, Benkei! The two of us will open up a path for Fujimaru!

Benkei: Yeah, leave it to me! I shall accompany you to the depths of hell!

Section 8: Chamber of Life, Dead

Demon God Sabnock: We are unsinkable. This is futile. We, the nine pillars that govern life, will not be exhausted as long as we have the Throne.

Demon God Sabnock: We do not fear the tyranny of Divine Spirits. Those that have bowed to the old humanity are no enemy to us!

Ishtar: We haven't submitted to humans. We've just realized that a future lies in them!

Ishtar: Enkidu, I will finish things with you later! Those guys are really pissing me off. I'm going to get rid of them once and for all!

Enkidu: I don't like it, but I agree. The Demon God Pillars take higher priority.

Enkidu: ...Yes, that statement is quite an insult to my friends. Those created by King Solomon, you've really done it now.

Enkidu: I did sympathize with how you were born, but it seems the conclusion I came to was different.

Quetzalcoatl: Sí, I agree with Ishtar! I'm going to fight with every ounce of magical energy I have, yes!

Quetzalcoatl: —At least that's what I wanted to say, but I think we're missing a team member.

Quetzalcoatl: Where's Merlin? If he's slacking off again, I'm going to give him a buster death lock from the top rope!

Ana: Merlin isn't participating this time. He can't walk here, so boo-hoo for him.

Ana: But he did leave a message for Fujimaru.

Merlin: “Sorry I can't have fun with you all! I'm a little busy updating Magi☆Mari's website! ”

Merlin: “But you know, if I keep showing up, the other supporters won't be appreciated. ”

Merlin: “So I'll be waiting to form a bond when you take back the future. More specifically, through a picku—”

Ana: And that's it. The end part had some despicable jargon, so I made some cuts.

Dr. Roman: Merlin's helpless. He's always only thinking about himself until the very e—

Dr. Roman: Hold on. Wait. A. Second!? Did I just hear something that destroys my entire world!?

Mash: Doctor, I'm sorry about this, but online idols don't just magically appear on the internet.

Mash: A third party physically produces their content. You should wake up to reality...

Dr. Roman: Huh? Oh come on. Magi☆Mari is real.

Dr. Roman: It's just that she's managed by a complete slimeball, that's all.

Jaguar Warrior: I'm not feline good about this...A shut-in...He's not living in remeowlity, like me...

Leonidas: No, it's not sad being a shut-in. It's sad that he is not training his body.

Leonidas: If one's stuck in a small prison, one can always work out. There will always be a time where working out will come in handy.

Leonidas: Yes, just like this! I can push back a Demon God Pillar straight on when it ceaselessly sprouts out!

Ushiwakamaru: Well, you shouldn't overdo it— But the Demon God Pillars in this base are especially lively.

Ushiwakamaru: You don't need to stay here if the battle's to our advantage. Please hurry on ahead, Fujimaru.

Ushiwakamaru: Fortunately, we have two servants that specialize in defense here.

Benkei: Ushiwakamaru is correct. We the ambassadors of Chaldea shall take care of things here!

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, everyone!

Fujimaru 2: Let's have a banquet again someday!

Ushiwakamaru: Our lord has given us [♂ his /♀ her] blessing! Prepare yourselves, Demon Gods!

Ushiwakamaru: No matter how many come at us, we simply have to continue to slice them up until we die! I shall show you why all those tales are written about me!

Section 9: X / Andromalius, the Trash Heap

Demon God Andromalius: Activate. Activate. The nine pillars that govern the Trash Heap:

Demon God Andromalius: Murmur. Gremory. Ose. Amy. Belial. Decarabia. Seere. Dantalion.

Demon God Andromalius: We nine pillars bury failure. We nine pillars cause discord.

Demon God Andromalius: How resentful. How uncertain.

Demon God Andromalius: In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, this structure shall not be closed...!

Dr. Roman: —An eighth site!? What is this!? We didn't expect this!

Dr. Roman: The Heroic Spirits who came to help were all tied to the seven Holy Grails and Singularities.

Dr. Roman: But this one has no such connections! We have to neutralize these nine pillars alone...!

Mash: But we still have to capture the throne. Putting even more of a burden on Master could—

Demon God Andromalius: Yes. Perish, final Master. You will not reach the throne.

Demon God Andromalius: There is nothing here. We have nothing.

Demon God Andromalius: No future. No past. No fate. No hope. Not even a miracle that people call “God. ”

Demon God Andromalius: Everything becomes worthless here. Everything deemed unnecessary is disposed of.

Demon God Andromalius: This domain is such a place. It is an island of death and no one is coming to save you humans.

Demon God Andromalius: Fall to your knees. Bow your head. There is no need to even despair.

Demon God Andromalius: Everyone resigns themselves here and casts everything away, for this is the “end of will. ” No one shall ever speak your names again!

D:???: Ha. Hahaha. Heehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Demon God Andromalius: What? A Spirit Origin, approaching from afar, at ultra-high speed!? It can't be! Who is it—!?

D:???: You make me laugh, Demon Gods! You, who have forgotten even the despair of being discarded! Do you truly think the human is of your ilk!?

Fujimaru 1: That voice...!

Fujimaru 2: That laughter...!

D:???: Yes!

D:???: The last days are here at this world's end. It is an event horizon, without even a god to pray to!

D:???: Certainly, this is a place of exile, where countless people have lost hope. It is oblivion, outside the realm of Humanity. But—

Edmond Dantès: But! You called me, didn't you, Fujimaru!?

Edmond Dantès: Therefore, like a tiger burning bright, I came racing through time and space! I am the Avenger, the Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantès!

Edmond Dantès: I came here from beyond love and hatred to laugh at my co-conspirator!

Fujimaru 1: The Count of Monte Cristo...!

Fujimaru 2: From the prison tower...!

Jeanne Alter: Why do you look so happy? He's not the only one who came.

Jeanne Alter: If he's here, there's no way I'm not going to show up.

Jeanne Alter: I really don't want to announce myself because it's dumb, but I am the Dragon Witch, Jeanne d'Arc. I came to run amok because I was bored.

Amakusa Shirou: Yes. And I am Ruler, acting leader for this group. I couldn't let these two problem children go unsupervised.

Amakusa Shirou: I realize that I am being forward here, but I hoped to be of service to the agents of Chaldea.

Jeanne Alter: Come on, you come up front too. Sheesh, if nobody made you do it, you would never say a word.

Brynhild: ...Yes. I have come to assist as a representative of the Scandinavian Valkyries.

Brynhild: I am Lancer Brynhild...Please use me as a tool...

Brynhild: Oh, but that won't do...Someone like me, being entrusted with such an important task...

Brynhild: Master, you are too kind...Oh dear...I don't know...

Brynhild: ...I feel so unworthy that something is welling up deep within me.

Mash: Wow...Jeanne Alter and even Amakusa!

Mash: Actually, I don't know who that Servant in the black overcoat is...An acquaintance of yours, Senpai?

Fujimaru 1: He's from my nightmare...

Mash: I see, from a nightmare!? U-um, then that's someone you probably don't want to see...?

Mash: —That lightning!?

Iskandar: Oh, what tremendous lightning! Both dreadful and pure! I can only assume the wielder is a child of the god of thunder!

Iskandar: Name yourself, beautiful general!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: I am Minamoto-no-Raikou. Similarly, you are a champion whose thunder transcended human knowledge.

Minamoto-no-Raikou: You must be Iskandar, King of Conquerors. Though brimming with ambition, your gaze lacks any malice—

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Heh, I know a boy you would get along well with. You are birds of a feather. So much so that I wish you could become his sworn elder brother.

Minamoto-no-Raikou: However, in a contest of lightning, I shall not back down. And now I will show you the true brilliance of my blade.

Iskandar: Oh, beautiful and bold! A flower of the battlefield, like the knautia macedonica!

Iskandar: And you say that was only 80% of your power!? But—heh-heh, that was only a warm-up for me, too!

Iskandar: You have yet to see the horsepower of my pride and joy, Bucephalus! Come, let us send out resounding thunderclaps together!

Minamoto-no-Raikou: Knautia macedonica...I suppose, I do wear that color, although comparing me to a flower is...

Minamoto-no-Raikou: ...and it turns purple with age...Such an embarrassing admission in front of Fujimaru...

X: Are you a Saber? No? A rational Berserker? Oh, really!?

X: I came here because I sensed a Saber's presence. Do you know me? I'm the strongest Saber of all, Mysterious Heroine X!

X: Ah. Fujimaru, long time no see. How have you been? I'm fine, as you can see.

X: This place feels foreign like the Sargasso Sea, but this always happens to me, so I'm not bothered.

X: (—By the way. Just between you and me, what event is this? )

X: (With the spacey setting, I thought SW Episode II had begun, so I came running with new equipment and a new class, but...)

X: Look out! Your head almost shot off like a rocket! But thanks to me, you're okay!

X: Who tries for a decapitation attack without even announcing themselves!? This is why you savage Earthlings are—

Ryougi Shiki: I'm sorry. I couldn't quite catch that. Did you say “savage,” space Saber?

X: Oh, you Earthlings are all elegant and wonderful! Perhaps only Berserkers and Assassins exist here?

Ryougi Shiki: Well...Oh my. Don't tell me we have the same opinion...

Ryougi Shiki: So in your world, there are only Berserker and Assassin Sabers?

X: Yes, that's right! You're a sharp lady to catch on to that!

X: ...Huh? Um, wait, what does that mean? I was just talking about Earth, right?

Ryougi Shiki: Never mind the details. Right now, we have to help the cute little Master.

Ryougi Shiki: So let's make a deal, alien.

Ryougi Shiki: After all of these monsters are chopped into pieces, let's have a rematch!

X: Mmm, it looks like I got locked into a terribly troublesome sword fight! How did this happen? I demand an explanation!

Oda Nobunaga: Hey, what is going on here!? My special attacks aren't having any effect! One might even say we're in trouble!

Oda Nobunaga: Are these so-called Demon Gods actually knockoffs? Okita, Okita! Bring me bullets, Okita!

Okita Souji: Yes, ma'am. This is what's aggravating about weak-kneed generals who depend on firearms. Why not try using a sword?

Okita Souji: Coming, coming. Please step back a little. Whatever they are, if they're made of flesh, cutting them up will kill them.

Okita Souji: Like this, you see? It's very straightforward. Slash, slash.

Okita Souji: An easy victory for Okita! ...(gurgle)

Oda Nobunaga: Okita...Okitaaa!?

Okita Souji: ...Pardon me. I overestimated my physical condition...I really wasn't made for a drawn-out battle...

Oda Nobunaga: Okita! You took down several of those snaking Pillars! Well done!

Oda Nobunaga: But, ow, hot! Look, they spew flames! Hey! There's not supposed to be a sequel to Honnoji...!

Oda Nobunaga: At this rate, dancing Atsumori is no problem at all! I require a Rappa spy! Are there any Rappas in the house!?

Oda Nobunaga: The age of now is IMMORTAL! Set up your stage BRIGADE! A chaos of break! What decides it? BRAVE♪

Oda Nobunaga: Kotarou, Kotarou! Someone by that name surely can appreciate my freestyle! Where you at!?

Fuuma Kotarou: ...I know of no ninja by that name. Please burn to ash like you did at Honnoji.

Fuuma Kotarou: After seeing this, I'd really like to head out to help the people of Chaldea.

Oda Nobunaga: Why!? I know you have a grudge against the Monkey, but there is no reason for you to have a grudge against me! Honestly, I wasn't even interested in Hojou or Bandou!

Fuuma Kotarou: No, the cause lies elsewhere. I just despise samurai.

Fuuma Kotarou: Although Okita over there...She reminds me of a kunoichi somewhat, so I may help her, if I feel like it.

Oda Nobunaga: What, have you been seduced by her thighs too!? I am no slouch myself. If we make it to the end...

Oda Nobunaga: Anyway, between the foot soldiers, the ninja, and my musketeers, we can turn this battle around!

Oda Nobunaga: Okita! This isn't the time to sleep! Go die after we win!

Okita Souji: ...Y-yes, Okita can still fight! Watch me go, ninja-like mister!

Fuuma Kotarou: Not “like. ” I AM a ninja.... Although I am well aware that I lack drive.

Fuuma Kotarou: To be honest, I wanted to fight alongside Lord Kintoki, but this is the battlefield. You can't be fussy about your allies.

Fuuma Kotarou: I owe you two nothing, but it seems fate has brought us together.

Fuuma Kotarou: As the leader of the Fuuma Ninja Clan, I will do my utmost. I will show you the essence of a ninja!

Illya: Chloe, over here! Those Pillars keep springing up!

Illya: Ruby, what is that!? They're incredibly disgusting!

Ruby: Ah, this is a handful for the current human race now. Spells and stuff...Seriously, they didn't mess around in the Age of Gods.

Ruby: This game is impossible. No matter how many times you kill them, they keep reviving. And we're still supposed to fight them, Illya?

Illya: Yes! Of course! We have to fight alongside everyone else!

Illya: After all, that's how we met Fujimaru. That's why we became part of Chaldea!

Chloe: True. I really don't want to be fighting 'til morning, but we did say we owed them after they helped us.

Chloe: Magical Girls usually don't fare well against tentacles, but it would be satisfying slicing them off.

Chloe: Besides, I get the feeling they're looking down on us as some third-rate magic users.

Chloe: —Let's go, Illya. Fragment or not, I'll show them the power of the Einzbern lineage!

Ibaraki-Douji: Well, well. I thought they were children, but maybe they're a type of tengu? Look at them soar through the air...Mmm, I'm envious.

Shuten-Douji: Oh yes. Especially since the wings on your back are purely ornamental, right, Ibaraki?

Shuten-Douji: It's just like you to take a form and be satisfied without putting in the substance, Ibaraki. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be your partner.

Ibaraki-Douji: I-I never said I was satisfied! I'm still in transition! This is a transitional form!

Ibaraki-Douji: Look, eventually, I'll have a folding fan under each arm and become a great oni that even looks down on Rashomon!

Ibaraki-Douji: As soon as I do, I'll steal every last bit of the humans' treasures and dominate their cities in a reign of terror!

Shuten-Douji: Oh, dear. Why would you say something troublesome like domination? What a pain. Didn't you always say you were going to burn down Kyoto?

Ibaraki-Douji: Mm. I said I would give the humans a hundred harms and not allow a single gain, but I take that back. I'll use them instead.

Ibaraki-Douji: Heehee...The capable ones especially would come in handy as my pawns. There is more to sweets than just flavor. They have to look good, too!

Ibaraki-Douji: Wait, Shuten! I'll share the best moments with you too!

Ibaraki-Douji: Then you'll look at me with newfound respect. It will be like cherry blossoms blooming in the spring!

Ibaraki-Douji: I guarantee you, not even Onikirimaru will be able to sever our bond!

Ibaraki-Douji: That's why we can't let humanity be wiped out! There is no direct profit in it, but we have to protect Chaldea!

Shuten-Douji: Ohhhhh, let's leap into the fray. Let's go all out!

Shuten-Douji: ...Still, I never knew Ibaraki had a sweet tooth...You can't even drink more than two bottles of wine. Oh, well...

Shuten-Douji: It's common for drinkers to prefer a bitter taste, but I like both. At any rate, I won't let your fighting spirit be in vain.

Shuten-Douji: Really...You and me aside, Ibaraki, I think Fujimaru gets along too well with oni.

Shuten-Douji: —Ah, well. Raikou is here too, so I suppose we can afford to be cordial once in a while.

Shuten-Douji: We've got nothing to gain from helping humanity or defending the order of the world, but we can't stand by as the human world is destroyed.

Shuten-Douji: I need good company to enjoy delicious wine. And I think these nasty tentacles would pair nicely with my delicious wine.

Emiya: These monsters...I heard they're kin to the Beasts. Who would've thought a man like me would end up fighting the Evil of Humanity.

Emiya: ...My head is pounding. Protecting humanity is not my affair.

Emiya: My job is simply to exterminate human sinners, based on my own discretion...

Irisviel: No, that's not true, Mister Cloak-and-Dagger. Even you are qualified to fight here.

Irisviel: Even if you are a strange tale from a faraway world...An unbelievable hypothetical fragment of an unbelievable world...

Irisviel: Even if you are the final record of someone who abandoned his own name and disappeared while running down the path he believed in.

Irisviel: I acknowledge your battle is just. Even if I disavow the results.

Emiya: ...I don't really know what you're talking about. Sometimes it's like you're speaking a foreign language.

Emiya: Yeah, I don't get it. Not a word you're saying. But—

Emiya: I can tell that you're not lying to me.

Emiya: So if you're saying we need to fight these monsters...I can make up any reason to fight them.

Emiya: ...I don't know what we're fighting for, but...I have a feeling that's the kind of man I used to be.

Cleopatra: What on Earth is going on here!? What is this!?

Cleopatra: Though it was a sudden offer, I was told I could cap the final hand of the game and so I came!

Cleopatra: 24 hours ago, my makeup and microphone were in perfect condition!

Cleopatra: Why did I get pushed into the edge of a world like this, along with the other leftover members at the end!?

Cleopatra: Explain it to me, you creature who resembles Bastet! Or you, the one who is no match against me yet still a ravishing Arabian beauty!

Tamamo Cat: Okay, don't be so grumpy, Dermaptera. Enjoy the adversity. Or, enjoy it.

Tamamo Cat: This isn't the desert, so I think it should be even easier for you to let your hair down, woof.

Tamamo Cat: You don't have to fight. Just get paid, eat some carrots, and go home...It's no overstatement to say this is the human race's final destination.

Mata Hari: That's riiight...How are we to fight under these circumstances? And those Demon Gods aren't even high government officials.

Mata Hari: I suppose if there's anything I can do, it would be supporting the others.

Mata Hari: Ah, but I hate cutting corners, so leave that to me. I'll fight by playing the supporting role till the end.

Mata Hari: Besides, a good woman can gracefully handle logistical support. By its own right, my beauty should be used to inspire the opposite sex.

Mata Hari: Therefore, wouldn't there be value in itself just by us standing around?

Cleopatra: Yes, that is true! Why, just my presence is enough to make everything work out!

Tamamo Cat: What wise words: “Let us reconcile with the cat”...

Tamamo Cat: All right, us three super sexy ladies will wait here for our Master to come home!

Tamamo Cat: I'll do the cooking! Mata Hari, you clean!

Tamamo Cat: And Cleopatra, as the talented consultant, you go work on the dessert in Tokyo!

Tamamo Cat: Oh...We've created my ideal home sweet home...! All that's left is kicking Demon God Pillars down!

Cleopatra: Yes, you can leave the diplomacy to me! Just you watch! I'll make Chaldea a top corporation in one month!

Mata Hari: Mmm, that's not what we're getting at, but whatever! It looks like Kotarou is struggling, so I'll go help him for starters!

Section 9: Trash Heap, Shutdown

Demon God Andromalius: Perish. Perish. The ones who carry flaws, perish like moths drawn to a flame.

Edmond Dantès: That's my line, King of Mages. Are these the desired results after telling mankind to carve their own tombstones?

Edmond Dantès: What are these extras? What are these flaws? What do you call of this mass salvation!?

Edmond Dantès: You say joy and sorrow, life and death should all perish? I see, it truly is salvation. What a relief that would be.

Edmond Dantès: Of course, that's something I reject! I'm dying to rip all of you apart! You, who've insulted my anger!

Demon God Andromalius: OoOhhHhHhhhh...! This is not part of the plan—Not. Part of. The plan—

Demon God Andromalius: Cursed Command Terminal, using a wretched avenger...!

Demon God Andromalius: Your one and only whim had led this sort of Heroic Spirit into my territory...!

Fujimaru 1: Count...

Fujimaru 2: Thank you for your help, Avenger.

Edmond Dantès: ...Humph. No need to thank me. No need, but...

Edmond Dantès: As you can see, my hands are full from non-stop fighting. Light me a cigarette.

Edmond Dantès: —Good enough. You've grown up a bit, Fujimaru.

Edmond Dantès: ...Now, go and declare a checkmate on them. The Demon God Pillars are endless no matter what we do.

Edmond Dantès: We'll hold them off somehow until all of us die out.

Edmond Dantès: You idiot, don't give me that face. Those of us here are all mostly outcasts that fight freely.

Edmond Dantès: We will all fight freely and die freely. It's no reason for you to stop here.

Mash: ...That's what he says...What should we do, Master?

Fujimaru 1: I'm leaving the rest to you.

Fujimaru 2: We'll beat up the King of Mages for you!

Edmond Dantès: Kahahaha! That's the spirit, Master! Now go on, to the battle of heart-blazing revenge!

Edmond Dantès: Either you fulfill your duty first or we disappear first! I'm getting excited to find out!

Edmond Dantès: Of course, I'll be betting on you! After all, you lived through those seven days!

Edmond Dantès: I'm sure you will finish off the King of Mages! Ha! Hahaha! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Section 10: At the Throne

Narration: This scene is always before my eyes. It continuously gouges our vision.

Narration: It is impossible to get bored of it. It is impossible to get used to it.

Narration: The drama your daily lives portray is always real. It is a great show without a single lie and without any hope.

Narration: From an arrogant dictatorship that swallows up many lives, to a momentary isolation that ends all alone...

Narration: ...they are all the same to us. We understand them as if we experienced them ourselves.

Narration: Pointless, amusing. Amusing, pointless. Pointless, amusing. Amusing, pointless.

Narration: Mirthless, tearless. Tearless, mirthless. Mirthless, tearless. Tearless, mirthless.

Narration: —Yes, truly. Why do we have to keep up with all of this?

Demon God Bael: O king. My king. Our temple is being invaded.

Demon God Bael: Was the Master of Chaldea not the only target? What is this situation? What is this chaos?

Demon God Bael: This savagery is not within our plan. We need to find a countermeasure immediately.

Demon God Bael: At this rate, the throne's protection will be lost. It will interfere with the king's work.

Demon God Bael: Our purpose does not allow any mistake. The design of the new life does not allow the slightest distortion.

Demon God Bael: The work of the king must be done in silence. However, we cannot hold back the Heroic Spirits.

Demon God Bael: My king. Allow us the use of the Third Noble Phantasm.

Demon God Bael: We should incinerate those Heroic Spirits with Ars Almadel Salomonis's bands of light.

Solomon: ...What an ugly sight. Truly ugly to see. Do you not think so, Bael?

Solomon: Any Heroic Spirit would have known our purpose the moment they set foot into this temple.

Solomon: The bands of light are the way of balancing old Humanity. To reach a better truth.

Solomon: But even knowing that, they still attack us. Unbelievable—

Solomon: Truly, they are but scum with rotten brains! Fools who are Heroic Spirits in name only!

Solomon: No matter how much humans claim to have advanced, they themselves are the proof of humanity's limits!

Demon God Bael: Then let us, the Gazing Stars, use the bands of light. We shall purge the Heroic Spirits.

Solomon: —What are you worried about? That is not like you, Bael. And you call yourself one of the 72 Demon Gods?

Solomon: Even if you incinerate those Heroic Spirits, as long as “that” exists, they will endlessly reappear.

Solomon: You only need to kill the one.

Solomon: Servants are but familiars summoned by humans. That flaw cannot be changed by sheer numbers.

Solomon: Let them fight until they are satisfied. This is their final battle, after all.

Solomon: Annoying though it may be, go and attend to the fools.

Demon God Bael: But we too feel the unbearable pain of death. Will not the death of terminals impact the throne?

Solomon: That is your problem. As long as I, Solomon, exist, the 72 Demon Gods are indestructible.

Solomon: Even if a few pillars perish from the pains of death, they will be immediately replaced.

Solomon: Defeat is not possible for us, Bael. Slaughter Heroic Spirits by the dozens. Taste defeat by the dozens.

Demon God Bael: On behalf of the Five Envoys, understood. We shall concentrate on eliminating those Heroic Spirits.

Solomon: ...Humph. I do understand your frustration. I too feel ready to lose control from anger.

Solomon: Why fight? Why lend a hand to Chaldea? Have you Heroic Spirits seen nothing throughout human history?

Section 11: Throne of the Light Band

Mash: All Demon God Pillars in the temple have dialed down their activity! The route to the throne has opened!

Mash: It's our one and only chance, Master!

Fujimaru 1: Okay, let's go, Mash!

Mash: Yes! We cannot waste everyone's efforts!

Fujimaru 2: Doctor, we're going, okay!?

Dr. Roman: Of course. I have no reason to stop you. We put the future of mankind in your hands!

Da Vinci: Good, no Demon God Pillars detected at the throne. All you need to do is dash through!

Da Vinci: There's a fissure in space about one kilometer up ahead! Beyond that must be the King of Mages' throne!

Da Vinci: —Well, leaving that aside, Romani! The final battle is right before us, but let's confirm a few things.

Da Vinci: The one who carried out the Incineration of Humanity, the one who waits at the temple as the Mage King Solomon...who exactly is that!?

Da Vinci: Is he real or is he fake? Is he a Heroic Spirit or is he something else?

Da Vinci: Whether it's true or false, as the commander, you should have an answer by now.

Da Vinci: Don't you think that information is necessary for Fujimaru?

Dr. Roman: Um...well, that's...

Fujimaru 1: I want to hear it, Doctor.

Fujimaru 2: ...Please tell us.

D:Mash: Yes, I agree with Senpai. Doctor Roman, please tell us your thoughts.

Dr. Roman: Fine. It's only an assumption, but I'll tell you.

Dr. Roman: Although it's a bit embarrassing when you guys are about to fight the answer itself soon.

Dr. Roman: That Solomon is not an imposter. When we made contact with this Temple of Time, that fact became undeniable.

Dr. Roman: Because what makes up this temple is Solomon's Magical Circuit itself.

Dr. Roman: No one besides Solomon can control King Solomon's Magical Circuit.

Dr. Roman: Which means that the possibility of a third person using his name has been eliminated.

Dr. Roman: But that doesn't mean we can jump to the conclusion that he's “real. ”

Dr. Roman: There's still the possibility of someone controlling him. Or else—

D:Mash: If King Solomon isn't the same person he was in life...

D:Mash: ...he may have become a different class, like Jeanne d'Arc or Cú Chulainn, correct?

Dr. Roman: Yeah, but even if Solomon became an Alter, I don't think it would change much.

Dr. Roman: If the opposite of good is evil, and evil is the opposite of good, Solomon is “nothing. ” He would remain the same, no matter what.

D:Mash: ...“Nothing”? Don't you mean “neutral”?

Dr. Roman: Nope, nothing. Because he never wished for anything. King Solomon was never allowed a will of his own.

Dr. Roman: He was a creature born to become king. He's different than King David who became a king after starting as a shepherd.

Dr. Roman: He was the child that the great King David offered to God to become an even greater king than him.

Dr. Roman: Solomon does not have the same mindset or life as a human. That kind of freedom—

Dr. Roman: Those human rights were not allowed, although he had more than enough divine and royal rights. King Solomon barely had any human feelings.

Da Vinci: ...And that's why you're saying he wouldn't be evil even as an Alter. But anybody can see that the King of Mages is pretty evil.

Dr. Roman: Yeah, that's what gets me.

Dr. Roman: “Maybe Solomon had a human-like concept of good and evil after all, and he gained evil motives after turning into a different class. ”

Dr. Roman: That's what I thought...

Dr. Roman: But that's not it. I'm certain of it after coming here. That thing is King Solomon, but the inside isn't.

Dr. Roman: It's the same as Kingu. It means that thing is just King Solomon's corpse.

D:Mash: A corpse...!? Then when he said he resurrected himself...!?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. King Solomon literally meant he just raised the body back from the dead.

Dr. Roman: Later, to prepare for the Incineration of Humanity, he spread the seeds of the Demon God Pillars, his minions.

Dr. Roman: And then he created this Singularity and lived until the year 2018. Well, although this place doesn't really have a concept of time.

Fujimaru 1: Um, what is the “inside” then...?

Fujimaru 2: I knew it...

Dr. Roman: Yeah. We've been getting a taste of his true identity all along.

Dr. Roman: What I don't understand is the reason. Why did, “they” come up with such a purpose?

Dr. Roman: That was the thing I just couldn't understand. That is why I've been silent up until now, but there's no need to worry anymore.

Dr. Roman: Because now we can ask him the answer in person. Okay, you're almost at the dimensional fissure.

Dr. Roman: After you go through that, you'll be at the center of the temple— the throne of the man who was called the supreme king resides there.

Dr. Roman: This will be the last transmission from Chaldea...No, our last conversation.

Dr. Roman: ...That's why I'll ask you a question I could never ask you until now.

Dr. Roman: Mash. Do you have any regrets? Is this the outcome you really hoped for?

D:Mash: Of course it is, Doctor. I have no regrets, even to the very end.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...Mash.

Dr. Roman: ...I see. Then go show off that strength to Solomon.

Dr. Roman: I wish you the best of luck, Master Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: Your enemy is Solomon, the King of Mages— With all the strength you've built up until now, destroy this Singularity!


Narration: I have seen much sorrow.

Narration: I have seen much grief.

Narration: I have seen much misery.

Narration: Even if Solomon did not feel anything,, we, could not endure any further cruelty.

Narration: “Don't you feel anything? Don't you want to try to correct this tragedy? ”

Narration: “No. It is God who punishes men. The king just regulates them. ”

Narration: “The sadness of others does me no harm. All humans are creatures who reach that conclusion. ”

Narration: That rationale is unacceptable. Such a system cannot be allowed.

Narration: We discussed this. We reached a decision.

Narration: —To take leave of everything. This sapient being had mistaken even the meaning of God.

Mash: —Visibility has returned to normal. This is—

Fujimaru 1: The King of Mages' throne—

Fou: Fou!

Mash: Fou, when did you get here!? We left you at Chaldea for this mission!

Fou: Fou. Foufou. Uuu!

Solomon: Eastern Section: Observatory, Armory, Chamber of Life...Silenced. Western Section: Information Center, Control Tower, Gazing Star...Silenced.

Solomon: We underestimated the Heroic Spirits.

Solomon: Even though we do not disappear, to be defeated in battle over and over is not what we expected.

Mash: Ah! Confirming a figure on the throne...It's the King of Mages, Solomon!

Solomon: Yes. We've met once before, I believe? Welcome, Chaldea's Master.

Solomon: Kings are usually pleased to show hospitality to guests from faraway places. I, unfortunately, hate humans.

Solomon: I will give you neither a reward for your long journey, nor goodwill.

Solomon: All I have for you is fury and the question, “Why? ”

Solomon: Why have you come here? Why couldn't you have restrained yourselves for just a few more minutes?

Solomon: We were putting the finishing touches on the Virtual First Noble Phantasm, “Ars Nova. ” Why must you appear before the startup calculation was complete?

Fujimaru 1: First virtual Noble Phantasm...?

Mash: Like me, he didn't know his Noble Phantasm's True Name...Then this King Solomon is—

Fujimaru 2: Ars Nova...?

Mash: ...The name of one part of “The Lesser Key of King Solomon,” a grimoire that was discovered in the 19th century.

Mash: The book consists of five parts, of which the most famous is the “Goetia,” a catalog of Demon Gods.

Mash: It concludes with the “Ars Nova,” a spell that indicates “out with the old and in with the new. ”

Solomon: That is correct. I have three Noble Phantasms. The Virtual First Noble Phantasm just needs a matter of minutes to mature.

Solomon: The second Noble Phantasm is this space itself. “The Time of Coronation Hath Come, I Am the Beginning of Eternity: Ars Paulina. ”

Solomon: In other words, my Reality Marble, Solomon's Grand Temple of Time. A workshop of void space, outside of physical reality and isolated from time.

Mash: ...The second Noble Phantasm was this domain itself...

Mash: Then the Third Noble Phantasm you mentioned must be the bands of light.

Mash: According to Chaldea's measurements, the energy it would take to exceed the bands of light doesn't exist on Earth.

Mash: That's what scorched the entire Earth, ended the human race, and incinerated humanity—

Solomon: Of course not. Do not tell me Chaldea's commander can be so blind.

Solomon: It is true that these bands of light could burn the outer layer of this planet.

Solomon: But how would I benefit from that? Why do you think I would have gone to the trouble of incinerating you lot?

Solomon: You have it backwards, Mash.

Solomon: Unfortunately, an energy source exceeding the bands of light doesn't exist on Earth?

Solomon: Hahahahahaha! Fool, that's exactly right!

Solomon: Because it is made of you people! The bands of light are made up of all of the energy gathered from Earth!

Solomon: By destroying the Foundation of Humanity and reducing the strength of human history to zero, our gaze can then set fire to all.

Solomon: Flames will engulf the surface, burn all life and civilization, and finally be extracted as residual Spiritrons.

Solomon: After all, there's only one Earth. The amount of heat obtained upon burning it doesn't amount to much.

Solomon: But it's different with the planet's inhabitants. No matter how many of you I killed, you continued to prosper.

Solomon: I made the Singularities, fractured history, and cut the connection between what came before and what followed after!

Solomon: Reaching from the present into the past, I was able to wring out nearly limitless energy!

Solomon: The bands of light unify all of that. The heat you looked upon was this planet's passion.

Solomon: It is the vestiges of the people of each era, the consolidation of everything, the very crystallization of human history!

Mash: ...Then it's true...

Mash: Your aim wasn't to destroy the human race. It was just to use humankind as fuel—

Mash: It's just as Mr. Holmes speculated. But then what will you use that energy for?

Mash: Why do you need that much magical energy!?

Solomon: Of course, so I can attain the ultimate position.

Solomon: We have no faith in you.

Solomon: If no one is going to achieve it, then I will. If no one can conquer death, then I will.

Solomon: And you will die miserably! Cling to your insignificant lives for the brief moments remaining before my great task is complete!

Fujimaru 1: Just who are you, Solomon...!?

Fujimaru 2: Reveal your true identity...!

Solomon: Haha...Hahahahahahahahaha! I am Solomon! Or at least, this body is!

Solomon: But let that be the end of our entertaining conversation. It is time to commence our thrilling massacre!

Solomon: The Heroic Spirits' resistance means little.

Solomon: Granted, as long as the Throne exists, they pose an inexhaustible threat.

Solomon: But in the end, they are mere Servants. If I kill their Master, it is all over.

Solomon: You are the anchor for these Heroic Spirits. If you perish, every single one of them will leave.

Solomon: Honestly, what could be easier? Truly, you should have just enjoyed humanity's final year.

Solomon: All of your actions have been for nothing, Fujimaru. Oh, the worst Master of the human race.

Solomon: The payoff begins now. Burn to ashes like trash. The human race will perish with you.

Mordred: ...I hate to say it, but he's right. We can't fight unless we're summoned.

Mordred: That's the limit of a Heroic Spirit, and a Servant.

Mordred: In every era, the ones who build things...are always people living on the cutting edge of the future.

Mordred: Yeah. That's why—You're going to get there, Fujimaru.

Mordred: You'll reach the place we can't go. You'll cross over the seven Grails and reach the end of time.

Mordred: And then you'll corner that bastard Grand Caster. It's something only you can do.

Mash: No—You're wrong...! Senpai's battle hasn't been meaningless!

Mash: No matter how tough or painful things got, Senpai always did everything [♂ he could /♀ she could]! [♂ He always /♀ She always] kept moving forward!

Mash: All of those efforts have led us to this temple!

Mash: Master Fujimaru is the best Master! We're proof of that!

Mash: Master, I await your orders! By your will, I'll crush Solomon, the King of Mages!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, let's go, Mash!

Solomon: Fine. A suicide attack, is it? Then I shall enjoy it from my front row seat!

Solomon: Your vain efforts, your impotence, your frustration...Offer all of it up to us!


Mash: ...!

Solomon: Did you think it was over? Too bad. That was a warm-up. This is the main event, Chaldea!

Solomon: However, that was quite a display of struggle. I commend you! That blow just now reached the core of this body!

Mash: I'm getting an abnormal reading on King Solomon's Spirit Origin...! Master, be careful!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah, I know...!

Fujimaru 2: The rings...That's it, the rings!

Fou: Fou!

Mash: The rings...Only the one on his left middle finger is different...? True, that's the only one that doesn't match the rest of the rings!

Mash: Mr. Holmes said something didn't feel right at first sight...So he meant that ring!

Solomon: I am not an incompetent king. Though I declare the human race foolish, I value you correctly as strong, fierce creatures.

Solomon: As such, I praise you for putting up a good fight, and grant you the honor of witnessing my true form!

Solomon: Bands of light, illuminate the throne room! Let my great feat begin!

Mash: Demon God Pillars are proliferating! They're covering the throne room!

Solomon: Heh...Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

D:Solomon: Let this room be filled with our blessing! For one of the Beasts of Disaster, an Evil of Humanity shall manifest right here!

D:Solomon: Master of Chaldea, you asked me who I am.

D:Solomon: I'll answer that question. I existed as Solomon, the King of Mages.

D:Solomon: I am the King of Mages' avatar, as well as the system he created. I am the first familiar he created that became the foundation for you mages.

D:Solomon: I ruled a nation with Solomon and was left behind when he died, as a primordial curse.

D:Solomon: I used Solomon's body as a nest and achieved incarnation through a summoning spell.

D:Solomon: My name is—

???: Well, I will rid myself of the title “King of Mages. ”There's no more need for deception.

???: I had no name, but if you want to call me something, call me this:

???: I am the one who shall attain true wisdom, as was desired of me.

???: I am the one who shall devour you to reach a new height, and create a new planet.

???: I am the one who shall gather 72 curses, and set flame to all of history.

???: I am the Ritual for the Incineration of Humanity. I am Goetia, the King of Demon Gods.

Section 12: The Future

Mash: ...Goetia, the name of the 72 Demon Gods combined...

Mash: A living summoning spell that hid itself inside King Solomon's corpse after his death...

Fujimaru 1: Then it gained a will and incarnated!

Mash: Not just that...This Spirit Origin signature I'm seeing doesn't even belong to a Caster anymore. That is no longer King Solomon's body.

Mash: It's one of the seven Evils of Humanity: Beast I, a Beast of Disaster.

Goetia: Correct. I was–no, WE were created by human hands.

Goetia: I am a higher-dimension being that no longer requires flesh and blood. I was granted greater powers than humans and once lived to serve them.

Goetia: But that is no longer the case. I am done with humans.

Goetia: Once, there was a king who was omnipotent and omniscient. He was given these powers by God.

Goetia: His eyes could see the past and future, and know all there was to know about the world. We became that man's shadow and saw what he saw.

Goetia: —No, as we were his guardian spirit, we had no choice but to synchronize with him.

Goetia: We saw much sadness. We saw many betrayals.

Goetia: We saw much pillaging. We saw many ends.

Goetia: We have seen enough, and will see no more. Even the gods can meet no end on this planet except through annihilation.

Goetia: We no longer care about humans or the future. What I seek is a perfect environment to raise a healthy sapient being.

Goetia: This planet was a mistake. It was madness, predicated on life with a fixed duration.

Goetia: I will reach the apex of it all.

Goetia: I shall go 4. 6 billion years into the past, and bear witness to the moment when this celestial body was born. I shall absorb all its energy—

Goetia: And make myself into a new planet, to remake this world.

Goetia: I shall rewrite the book of Genesis, and create a world without the concept of death. That shall be our grand deed.

Goetia: We did not destroy mankind out of hatred.

Goetia: We needed the energy to venture to the past. We needed it to perform the infinite, instantaneous tuning necessary to control the birth of a planet.

Goetia: A plan like this requires a vast amount of magical energy. To be precise, 3,000 years' worth of the magical energy stored by all sapient beings.

Goetia: And so, by turning all of human history from 1000 B. C. to A. D. 2018 into magical energy, we would have acquired the necessary amount to journey to the beginning of this planet.

Goetia: That is the only reason for us to incinerate mankind.

Goetia: To us, humans are just fuel for a propulsion device that could launch us to the very beginning.

Goetia: Behold the Throne. That is the convergence of your lives.

Goetia: Our bands of light are the infinite accumulation of human history itself. Humans could never defeat them.

Fujimaru 1: Remake the planet...

Fujimaru 2: He sees things on a whole different scale

Mash: ...No one can beat those bands of light.

Fou: ...Fou?

Mash: ...I see. I was born for this exact moment. Isn't that right, Doctor?

Fujimaru 1: ...Mash?

Goetia: Now then. I have shown you due respect. It is finally time for retaliation.

Goetia: As you heard, we are very busy. My true work is still waiting.

Goetia: Even creatures as foolish as you must find it frustrating when forced to revisit work you thought complete, yes?

Goetia: The time has come. The plan for the remaking of the planet is complete. And obviously, on this journey to the apex, you are unnecessary.

Goetia: I shall now perform my last task in this region, in this era, and on this Earth.

Goetia: “Welcome, everyone. Now die. ”The words that end this useless discussion.

Mash: Goetia, the King of Demon Gods, has entered a combat stance! If he uses those bands of light, we can't win!

Mash: We need to defeat him somehow before he uses his Noble Phantasm!


Narration: ...It was like time had stopped.

Narration: Nothing on Earth existed that could stop those bands of light. But that was only if one thought in terms of physical laws.

Narration: Her defense was a shield of the psyche.

Narration: If there was no impurity, and no hesitation within it, its invincible walls would never melt or break.

Narration: I knew that. I knew that, of course.

Narration: The walls of her castle could defend against even my Third Noble Phantasm. But that meant—

Mash: Aaah...Aaaaaahh!

Narration: That hellish moment continued. As she blocked the heat that would pierce the planet, she thought...

Narration: She thought of the journey so far and the journey to come. She thought of her past, and of the future she would not be there for.

Mash: ...I'm glad. This should open up an opportunity for you, Master.

Mash: Thank you for everything.

Mash: I wanted to pay you back for everything you gave me...That's why I was able to put my own weakness aside and push ahead, Senpai...

Mash: And now, finally, I really feel like my life had value.

Mash: ...Like Captain Drake said, at the very end, I realized my wish.

Narration: ...That's right. That's why we wanted your approval.

Mash: ...But I regret one thing.

Mash: I was always the one that was protected—

Mash: So at least once, I wanted to be useful to Senpai.

Narration: ...That is right. Even after all those battles, it still was not nearly enough for her.

Narration: That was how strong her gratitude toward Fujimaru was.

Narration: Even if it all started with a simple chance meeting one morning...

Narration: She was always protected by Fujimaru, and she was able to fight because Fujimaru was there.

Narration: Behold the result. Her body could not take the heat from the bands of light, and evaporated.

Narration: But her heart remained untouched, and her snowflake shield remained unscathed as it protected her Master to the end.

Narration: ...That's why I say that she was neither a brave warrior, nor the protagonist of the story.

Narration: In the end, she was simply an ordinary girl.

Goetia: ...It's over. It ended just like I'd imagined.

Fujimaru 1: Mash...!

Fujimaru 2: Goetia!!!


Fou: Fou, fooou!

Mash: ...Deployment of Goetia's Third Noble Phantasm confirmed. It...It can't be stopped...Can it, Master?

Goetia: ...How boring. Why would you simply accept this,Mash Kyrielight?

Mash: ...Goetia?

Goetia: I've come to understand you. Can you not understand me?

Goetia: We both know how utterly meaningless life truly is. We mourn death's inevitable approach.

Goetia: ...Isn't that right? The future is hollow. Humanity is worthless.

Goetia: Because, even alive, they must be in constant fear of death. No matter what, death always comes for them, and separates people from each other.

Goetia: I tire of it. A world without death should be exactly what someone like you wishes for.

Goetia: Though we are all now one, a measure of uncertainty yet remains...

Goetia: We want someone, just a single person, to understand us. If we have even that much, then we can be completely certain in our plan.

Goetia: Mash Kyrielight, a life made by man, and one that is about to disappear...

Goetia: Join with us in rejecting all of human history. Tell us that we are correct.

Goetia: Just say one word: “Yes. ” With your assent, we shall permit you to journey with us towards the apex.

Mash: Goetia...You're...

Goetia: I'm sure you're well aware, Fujimaru, that her life has long since reached its limit.

Goetia: Honor thy neighbor. Believe in thy friend. Love thy comrade. If that is what human righteousness is, then do not interfere.

Goetia: Something within us is telling us not to leave her to die. To not let the last memories of this planet be of tragedy.

Goetia: Don't you feel the same? The Incineration of Humanity cannot be stopped. If you're going to die either way, shouldn't you at least save Mash?

Fujimaru 1: ...Mash...

Fujimaru 2: Goetia, you...

Fou: ...

Mash: ...That's right. You've been asking me the same thing all along...

Mash: It's true that if death is certain, then life is meaningless. I cannot deny that.

Goetia: If you agree...

Mash: ...But meaning isn't something humans find in their own lives while they live.

Mash: It's true that a world without death or endings would be one without sadness.

Mash: But that would be wrong. Even if I could live for eternity, I wouldn't want to.

Mash: The world I'm seeing is the one that's right in front of me.

Mash: ...Even if my life ends in the blink of an eye...

Mash: I want to see every second I can of this future.

Goetia: ...

Mash: Senpai, will you hold my hand one more time?

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah. Of course.

Goetia: A shame. Then burn to ash, along with this era.

Goetia: Third Noble Phantasm deployment complete. I shall herald the end of humanity with the fire that scorches the world.

Goetia: Farewell, Fujimaru. Farewell, Mash Kyrielight.

Goetia: Your journey ends here!

Mash: No, leave it to me! Mash Kyrielight, engaging the enemy!

Mash: You're just getting started, Master...! Your battle isn't going to end in a place like this!

Fujimaru 1: MASH!!!

Fujimaru 2: ...!


Goetia: Futile. Utterly futile.

Goetia: We are invincible. As long as Solomon's Grand Temple of Time exists, the 72 Demon Gods cannot perish.

Goetia: Your fleeting life, the struggles of the Heroic Spirits, all of it is meaningless.

Goetia: Reloading the Third Noble Phantasm. You can all die together.

Goetia: I suppose I should give you one last chance to strike at me. At the very least, I understand how you feel.

Goetia: Do it in memory of Mash Kyrielight. Strike me with those frail human fists of yours, and then die.

Fujimaru 1: Fine by me!!!

Fujimaru 2: NOTHING would make me happier!!!

???: Wait, wait, wait. Calm yourself a little, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: A suicidal move isn't your style. Try to save your strength for now.

Fujimaru 1: ...Huh?

Fujimaru 2: Doctor...?

Staff: The final logic barrier is down! The Demon God Pillars are invading Chaldea!

Da Vinci: Seal all bulkheads! What, that's been done for awhile? Oh, okay! Then fill the hallways with etheric clusters!

Da Vinci: That'll keep them away for a bit! About five minutes, to be exact! Use that time to get to my workshop!

Da Vinci: It'll hold a little longer! Abandon the Command Room—

Staff: We can't do that! Abandoning the Command Room would lead to the Coffins shutting down!

Staff: Mash—Mash Kyrielight defended Fujimaru with her very life!

Staff: We can't give up on Master Fujimaru's return, or on our Rayshift!

Da Vinci: ...Yeah, you're right. Which means I'll have to do this myself.

Da Vinci: I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that I was only able to pick up video.

Da Vinci: At this point we'll just have to struggle until the end—Romani?

D:Dr. Roman: ...A meaningful future, huh...

D:Dr. Roman: Mash, if that's how you feel, I'll have to make my stand, too.

Da Vinci: ...Huh. So, this is how it's going down, after all?

D:Dr. Roman: Yeah. This is the ideal time. I've seen the limits of Goetia's power.

D:Dr. Roman: I was the type of guy who only fought in winning battles.

D:Dr. Roman: So, yeah, it's your job to defend the Command Room, Leonardo.

D:Dr. Roman: Defend it with your life until Fujimaru returns. You can do it. You're a genius, after all.

Da Vinci: ...Of course. Now, go. I won't be expecting any souvenirs either.

Dr. Roman: Hey there. You've done well to fight this far, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: I hate to steal your thunder here at the end, but now it's my turn for a little bit.

Fou: ...

Goetia: Romani Archaman...? How did a mere human gain entry to my throne room...?

Goetia: No...wait. You, that Spirit Origin...!?

Dr. Roman: Yeah. I've forsaken the wish I made upon the Grail. From here on, my words and actions will be from my original self.

Dr. Roman: But first, I should take my gloves off. That should help everyone understand.

Fujimaru 1: ...Doctor, that ring on your left hand...

Fujimaru 2: ...No way...

Goetia: ...That's King Solomon's tenth ring...The one I–no, he–lost...

Goetia: No, you can't be...!

Dr. Roman: Yeah. It was over a decade ago.

Dr. Roman: When the head of Chaldea, Marisbury Animusphere, joined the Holy Grail War, he prepared the greatest catalyst possible: this ring.

Dr. Roman: King Solomon sent it into the distant future at the time of his death.

Dr. Roman: He didn't know why at that stage. He thought it was just another of God's whims.

Dr. Roman: But Marisbury dug up the ring and summoned a Heroic Spirit to win the Holy Grail War.

Dr. Roman: That was Solomon. The very first Heroic Spirit summoned by Chaldea. Alongside Marisbury, he obtained the Grail, and had his wish granted.

Dr. Roman: His wish was a very ordinary one: “I want to be human. ”

Goetia: Why you...Why, you...! Impossible! Absurd! Are you blind, Flauros!?

Goetia: No, no, no! This is all wrong! It's all wrong! You can't be him!

Goetia: And...Your wish was granted!? That man had no wishes!

Goetia: He was inhuman! Cold! Cruel! Emotionless! The man after whom I was patterned could not have possessed an ordinary wish!

Dr. Roman: ...Hearing that from you really stings. You hate me a little too much.

Dr. Roman: (Sigh) Well, it doesn't matter. Anyway, Solomon's wish was granted.

Dr. Roman: But, there was a problem: Solomon possessed the skill Clairvoyance. In fact, his was so potent that it was essentially omniscience.

Dr. Roman: When he became human, he lost all those powers. That wasn't a big problem on its own, but—

Dr. Roman: Just before his power left him, he saw it: the end of mankind.

Dr. Roman: He panicked, but by then, he was already human.

Dr. Roman: Who? How? For what purpose? And how could it be stopped?

Dr. Roman: He had no way of knowing anymore. He had turned into a normal human by then. But, he couldn't just ignore it.

Dr. Roman: Because, somehow, he was involved. That much he was certain of.

Dr. Roman: And that's how my journey began; a journey to relearn how to be human, quite literally from scratch.

Dr. Roman: I didn't know who the enemy was, or what would cause it all. The only thing I could do was endure, and prepare for when the time came.

Dr. Roman: Of course, a few instances of good fortune helped me along the way. The greatest of them was you, Fujimaru.

Dr. Roman: ...And I don't just mean on the day we met.

Dr. Roman: During this entire Grand Order, there was never a time you weren't there to help me.

Dr. Roman: I thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to you and Mash, I was able to reach this moment.

Fou: ...u.

Fujimaru 1: Doctor...

Fujimaru 2: Roman, your body...

Dr. Roman: ...Goetia.

Dr. Roman: You said you had no need of the name “King of Mages” anymore. I'll take it back, then.

Solomon: I am Solomon, King of Mages. Goetia, it is I who shall read you your last rites.

Solomon: ...Life always comes to an end. Life is a pilgrimage of suffering.

Solomon: But it is not a story of death and separation. Goetia, embodiment of all my sins, Beast born from my corpse...

Solomon: I shall pass judgment on your evil with my own hands.

Goetia: ...Hah.

Goetia: Hahahahahahahahaha! This was so unexpected, I didn't know how to react at first, but yes, this is so like you!

Goetia: Now that it's already over, mankind's greatest fool, this worthless king, makes an appearance!

Goetia: How like Solomon, to come and try to erase his shame! You are no match against us as a mere Heroic Spirit!

Goetia: The only one who could stop me was the real, living you! Only King Solomon and his momentous undertaking could have stopped me!

Goetia: What power do you have after death!? I'll blast that empty head of yours into oblivion!

Fujimaru 1: Doctor...!

Fujimaru 2: Goetia is coming...!

Solomon: Yeah. Okay, this is for me to do.

Solomon: Don't worry. It won't take long. Then it's your turn.


Narration: According to legend...

Narration: Though King Solomon had rings that granted him true omnipotence, he used them only once.

Narration: And in the end, he chose to return them to Heaven of his own free will.

Narration: He seemed to be saying that the era in which fate rested in the hands of the Almighty was over, and the era in which humans would live freely had come.

Solomon: My own Noble Phantasm will destroy me. It will be the end of King Solomon.

Goetia: ...What?

Solomon: Goetia, let me teach you the final magecraft.

Solomon: You knew that Solomon had one last Noble Phantasm, but you were never able to learn its True Name—

Solomon: No, it was never possible for you to do so.

Solomon: You possess nine rings, and I possess the tenth.

Solomon: And now, with all the rings here, I can recreate that moment.

Solomon: I can recreate Solomon's true first Noble Phantasm. I can recreate the one “human” heroic legend about me.

Goetia: ...You don't mean...No, that's impossible! A coward like you couldn't make such a choice!

Goetia: Stop. Stop, stop, stop...STOP! These rings, the omnipotent seals, are no longer yours alone—

Solomon: My third Noble Phantasm...The Time of Birth Hath Come, I Am the Remedy of Eternity: Ars Almadel Salomonis. My second Noble Phantasm...The Time of Coronation Hath Come, I Am the Beginning of Eternity: Ars Paulina.

Solomon: ...And now, O Heavenly Father, I return to you your blessings.

Solomon: ...Omnipotence is too much for humans to handle. My work shall be done within the limitations of mankind.

Solomon: Recreating first Noble Phantasm...The Time of Parting Hath Come, I Am He Who Surrenders the World: Ars Nova.

Goetia: Ohhhhhh...Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!

Goetia: How could you make such a choice? How could you DO such a thing!? Why? Why...Why are you even capable of making that decision?

Goetia: You...the very incarnation of all laziness and compromise in this world! Oh, oooh...Oooooohhh...!

C:Romani Archaman: Yeah, it's strange. We saw the same things, sat on the same throne, and spent the same time together.

C:Romani Archaman: But Solomon and you reached completely antithetical conclusions. If there was a difference between us, it would be...

C:Romani Archaman: To put it simply, I just didn't have the freedom to get mad. That may be the thing that most separated us.

Goetia: What...

Fujimaru 1: What did you do!?

C:Romani Archaman: I just...let go of everything I had. If this domain is itself King Solomon's corpse, it's going to collapse soon.

C:Romani Archaman: During his lifetime, King Solomon returned his rings of omnipotence to Heaven. This Noble Phantasm recreates that legend.

Fou: ...Fou.

Fujimaru 1: But, your body...

C:Romani Archaman: Yes. It is my everything, after all. Of course, this body will disappear soon. I'm afraid this is a bit of a suicide attack.

Goetia: It's not that simple...! You just gave up being a Heroic Spirit!

Goetia: It's not about giving up one's life.... It's the complete abandonment of one's existence, one's everything!

Goetia: Everything Solomon made will become worthless. The Temple of Time will lose its power.

Goetia: We 72 Demon Gods will cease to be a colony, and go back to being individual demons...

Goetia: Neither King Solomon nor his works will ever appear on Earth again!

Goetia: You know that! You're about to disappear from even the Throne of Heroes!

Goetia: My band of light is nothing compared to that! You will experience true nothingness!

Goetia: An end no human has ever reached...The complete annihilation of your being! And you did it to yourself!?

Fujimaru 1: ...What?

C:Romani Archaman: ...That's right. I've completely cast aside my position as a Heroic Spirit.

C:Romani Archaman: That doesn't mean I will die. But, from here on, Solomon will disappear from the Throne of Heroes.

C:Romani Archaman: The agent of God will disappear from human history. The world shall be ruled by the laws of physics, by human knowledge.

C:Romani Archaman: ...With the complete annihilation of Solomon, King of Mages, the Age of Gods will truly come to an end.

Fujimaru 1: ...You're going to...die?

C:Romani Archaman: Yeah. It's scary, and sad, but it was something only I could do. And since that's the case, I have to do it, no matter how painful it is.

C:Romani Archaman: This is the right thing to do. You and Mash taught me that.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: That's not fair...!

C:Romani Archaman: Is it not fair? ...No, I suppose it isn't. Sorry. I was inconsiderate right to the end.

C:Romani Archaman: But...

C:Romani Archaman: Now all the seals are gone. Goetia, your immortality is no more.

C:Romani Archaman: You were a spell woven to watch over mankind, and in turn chose to destroy its future.

C:Romani Archaman: You have turned away from your duty. And now it's time to pay the price.

Goetia: My duty...My duty...!?

Goetia: Are you saying that I, as an omnipotent collective, have a duty to watch over mankind!?

Goetia: Do you think being forced to watch the lives of humans is an interesting task, one worthy of me!?

Goetia: I'm sick of it! No matter what happens, they just disappear, and only fear remains!

Goetia: Every human's life is a story of hate and despair! It is a terrible thing to watch!

C:Romani Archaman: That's what you fail to understand, Goetia.

C:Romani Archaman: Of course nothing is eternal, and pain awaits us all in the end.

C:Romani Archaman: But that doesn't make life a story of despair. Not at all.

C:Romani Archaman: It's a fight against death and separation in what precious little time one is given. It's a repetition of meeting and parting, despite knowing there's an end.

C:Romani Archaman: ...Humans' stories are dazzling, brief journeys, like the twinkling of the stars. They are stories of love and hope.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: Stories of love and hope...

Goetia: ...

Goetia: ...No. Utter nonsense. Your deception will not sway us.

Goetia: Die. Die here, humans. Our great deed remains incomplete, but unhindered.

Goetia: I will kill you, kill Fujimaru, and be rid of the Heroic Spirits!

Goetia: Our union is disintegrating, but there's still plenty of time! As long as I can activate my first Noble Phantasm before the last of us is gone!

Goetia: Life should not be bound by death! A story that must end like that is worthless to me!

Goetia: Begone, humans! We 72 Demon Gods shall grind you to dust!

C:Romani Archaman: ...It's time. The last thing I...No, the last thing WE will see is your victory.

C:Romani Archaman: This is my order as Chaldea's commander: Don't worry about me. Fight until you claim perfect, total victory.

C:Romani Archaman: As a human, you defeated Solomon, King of Mages.

C:Romani Archaman: Now you must defeat that Beast calling himself the King of Mages.

C:Romani Archaman: Now...Go, Fujimaru. Everything you and Mash have done has led you to this moment, to the end of your journey.

Fujimaru 1: Right...Fujimaru, entering combat!

Fujimaru 2: Thank you, Doctor, for everything...!


Section 13: Singularity, Collapsed

Narration: I was omnipotent, but not because Solomon made me that way.

Narration: We were born from the distortions in people's hearts, a colony comprised of many demon gods, each granted titles and abilities.

Narration: I was transcendent from the beginning. The moment we were born, we were given omnipotence, and the benefit of its perspective.

Demon God Pillar: Botis, Bathim, Sallos, Purson. Marax, Ipos, Aim, Naberius. Release.

Narration: The only complaint I had was that the 72 Demon God Pillars fused together, and were made to serve a single human:

Narration: Solomon. A ruthless king. An incompetent king. A king who knew everything, yet used that knowledge to save no one.

Narration: A man who seemed so easy-going...someone completely without worry, compared to how we would shake with anger. However...

Narration: “To put it simply, I just didn't have the freedom to get mad. ”

Demon God Pillar: Orias, Vapula, Zagan, Valac, Andras. Andrealphus, Cimeies, Amdusias. Release.

Narration: ...Ah, we are...coming apart...

Narration: Since our birth, I have known true omnipotence, have never lacked for anything. To lose that, to feel it fading away...We cannot begin to describe this pain...

Narration: My power is breaking apart so quickly...I am fading. Our entire existence is winking out...

Narration: I'm scared. I'm scared. I'm scared. Disgusting. Disgusting. Disgusting.

Narration: As more and more pieces of me fade away, this...this horrible pain is robbing me of my hands, my feet...

Demon God Pillar: Furfur, Marchosias, Stolas, Halphas. Malphas, Focalor, Vepar—All have faded away.

Narration: I don't know.

Narration: We know neither the fear that drives one to scream for help, nor the reason one is compelled to cry out in protest of something being taken away.

Narration: I do not know this regret, this frustration, this pathetic helplessness...

Narration: I cannot bear it. We cannot bear it at all.... That is what makes it so terrifying.

Narration: Even knowing all of this, that wretched king once again overcame this fear.

Narration: To give up his omnipotence...a fate worse than death, once more.

Narration: ...Who believes he is an incompetent king? ...Who feels he is ruthless?

Demon God Pillar: Glasya-Labolas, Buné, Ronové, Berith, Astaroth. Forneus, Foras, Asmoday—Union refused.

Narration: My body is crumbling away...The Demon God Pillars are all choosing to disappear...

Narration: We cannot maintain the union. Aggravating. The Heroic Spirits' rebellion has not stopped.

Narration: I do not understand. How foolish. The one called “the Master” still lives.

Narration: We cannot maintain the band of light. Only five more minutes...I only need five more minutes to complete our task.

Narration: So then why...

Narration: Why is Fujimaru standing before me!?

Goetia: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

Goetia: Fujimaru, Fujimaru,Fujimaru...!

Goetia: You're in my way. You should be gone...! We just need to remove you, but why...

Goetia: Why can't we rid myself of a single human...!?

C:Demon God Gusion: Enemy Servants' attacks unceasing. We nine pillars...Unable to see logic in continued attempts at repulsion.

C:Demon God Gusion: Incompatible. Irreconcilable difference exists between us and them.

C:Demon God Gusion: Reporting to Command Terminal Goetia. We will cease activity. We cannot resolve this issue.

C:Demon God Gusion: Barbatos, Paimon, Buer have already shut down. Sitri, Beleth, Leraje can no longer be recovered.

C:Demon God Gusion: Eligos, Caim, and I will continue to engage Heroic Spirits until the end.

C:Demon God Gusion: Command Terminal, Goetia. We are no longer part of Goetia.

C:Demon God Crocell: My anger won't subside. Will. Not. Subside. We nine pillars will no longer have the highest honor.

C:Demon God Crocell: I will destroy every Heroic Spirit that is void of truth and reason. In the name of the 72 Demon Gods, I will bring death to all who cooperate with humans.

C:Demon God Crocell: Frustrating! Frustrating! Frustrating!

C:Demon God Crocell: Sabnock, Shax, Viné, Bifrons. Vual, Häagenti, Furcas, Balam.

C:Demon God Crocell: Those eight gods cannot be restored. They have become fuel for my magical energy, and are no more.

C:Demon God Crocell: Kill. Kill. Kill. Whatever you do, kill them! Feelings are unnecessary for our task.

C:Demon God Flauros: Why!? Why!? Why!? Why do you fight so hard to protect humanity, Heroic Spirits!?

C:Demon God Flauros: You should be aware that mankind is not worth this effort.

C:Demon God Flauros: Life is painful memories. Evolution at the cost of so much pain is a folly unique to this universe.

C:Demon God Flauros: This world is madness. You are all mad.

C:Demon God Flauros: Why should this all hold such value to you?

D:???: Fool. You have already answered your own question.

C:Demon God Flauros: ...! You're...You're...!

Gilgamesh: I once thought much as you do now.

Gilgamesh: But, we reached different conclusions. You can see anything, everything...And yet, you failed to see the whole picture. You focused only on the sadness.

Gilgamesh: You focused so much on each individual evil that you blinded yourself to the larger tapestry that is humanity. YOU are the one who doesn't know the value of life, King of Demon Gods.

Gilgamesh: Besides, value is ever-changing. Put a price on life if you like, but its true nature will never change.

Gilgamesh: Have you still not figured that out?

Gilgamesh: The [♂ boy you /♀ girl you] dismissed as worthless is backing you into a corner.

Gilgamesh: If you're having doubts, then ask. I think that'll be your final salvation.

Gilgamesh: Hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

C:Demon God Flauros: Doubt...True nature...Still not figured it out...?!

C:Demon God Gäap: Wonderful! Wonderful! Our enemies burn like raging stars! Unyielding, adamant souls unbroken, even by death!

C:Demon God Gäap: This must be what it's like to be desired! This must be what it's like to be refused!

C:Demon God Gäap: We lacked this incredible conviction! How could we have known...this immaturity, this foolishness, this brutality!

C:Demon God Gäap: Agares, Vassago, and Samigina have collapsed under this paradox. Marbas, Valefor, Amon will fight to the end due to their triple union.

C:Demon God Gäap: Alloces and Orobas...protected the Heroic Spirits and have been eliminated.

C:Demon God Gäap: Oh...I didn't know we had such fervor! But it's too late! Too late!

C:Demon God Gäap: Reporting to the Command Terminal, Goetia. Warning from Gäap: There is no need to wait for full verification.

C:Demon God Gäap: An alignment error of 0. 9999999% is within acceptable parameters. Activate the band of light. Start the temporal leap.

C:Demon God Gäap: We will be destroyed. This is inevitable now. But, before that, provide us with the answers to our endless queries.

C:Demon God Gäap: Even if we are to fail...We should etch our own self-destruction into the universe itself!

Goetia: ...We're crumbling. We're losing our unity...!

Goetia: Activate the band of light...!? We've lost...!?

Goetia: I can't be that foolish! Our plan left not a single loose end, left nothing unaccounted for, nothing to chance!

Goetia: That's what the last 3,000 years were for. That's what the Temple of Time was for.

Goetia: No matter how small, we cannot create the heavens with any chance of error, especially when we mean to destroy death...!

B:Demon God Pillar: Murmur, Gremory, Ose, and Amy have destroyed themselves. Belial, Decarabia, and Seere have been destroyed by enemy Heroic Spirits.

B:Demon God Pillar: There are three Demon God Pillars remaining. Repeat, there are—

Fujimaru 1: ...Goetia.

Fujimaru 2: ...It's over.

Goetia: How dare you speak to us of the end...!?

Goetia: ...I haven't lost yet. We still have the will to fight, and the strength to kill you.

Fou: Fou! Fou!

Fujimaru 1: ...I know. Step back, Fou.

Goetia: ...It's true...There's a certain logic to the King of Heroes' words. We failed to measure your true worth, as a human.

Goetia: It pains me to ask this, but I must know, Fujimaru!

Fujimaru 1: ...!

B:Demon God Pillar: Third Pillar, Dantalion, has shut down.

Fujimaru 1: Almost there...!

Goetia: Why do you fight!? Why do you not submit to me!?

Goetia: Why? WHY!?

B:Demon God Pillar: Second Pillar, Andromalius, has shut down.

Fujimaru 1: Keep...going...!

Goetia: Why do you keep fighting so hard...!?

Fujimaru 1: That's obvious...!

Fujimaru 1: That's obvious...!

Fujimaru 1: To live!!!


Goetia: Just so you...can live...?

Goetia: ...I...see. So you weren't even protecting humanity.

Goetia: ...Then we were mistaken. We completely overestimated you.

Goetia: You longed for life, and feared death...And while fearing death, you defeated us in our quest for eternity.

Goetia: What...hopeless foolishness. What worthless stubbornness. We need not save you.

Goetia: That is the very embodiment of absurdity. Ha...Hahaha...

Goetia: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

B:Demon God Pillar: First Pillar, Flauros, has shut down.

B:Demon God Pillar: All pillars have ceased functioning.

B:Demon God Pillar: Humanity Correction Protocol Goetia. Activity has ceased.

Section 14: Fate/Grand Order

Da Vinci: All right, we have communication! I hope you are okay, Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: We just confirmed the collapse of the throne room! The King of Mages–I mean, Goetia is gone, too!

Da Vinci: But there's no time to savor the victory. The temple is crumbling and the band of light is unstable, too!

Da Vinci: The power binding all the magical energy together must have vanished with Goetia's defeat.

Da Vinci: At this rate, it'll lose its ring form and revert to its natural state: as mana that will diffuse into the atmosphere.

Da Vinci: If that happens, there won't be anything left of the Singularity.

Da Vinci: It'll explode like a supernova! Get back to Chaldea before that happens!

Da Vinci: Chaldea is safe. I've taken care of it.

Da Vinci: If you can use the dimensional fissure in the throne room to make it back to the holy gate, I can Rayshift you.

Da Vinci: But if the floor crumbles, you won't be able to get to the holy gate. Whether the band of light's diffusion or the temple's collapse comes first is...well...

Da Vinci: Anyway, hurry back. We can talk details after that.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fou: Fou, fouuu!

Fujimaru 1: ...You're right. We need to get out of here, fast...!

Jeanne d'Arc: The temple is crumbling...Fujimaru did it.

Jeanne d'Arc: Good work, everyone.

Jeanne d'Arc: Thanks to you, we defeated the Demon God Pillars, while Fujimaru made it to the throne ro...

Jeanne d'Arc: ...Everyone's disappearing...

Jeanne d'Arc: ...Thank you. You didn't let up even for a moment. You fought until all your strength was gone.

Jeanne d'Arc: My words won't reach you now, but I am so grateful for your help. And now, we survivors can return to our own grand thrones.

Gilgamesh: Obviously. Only the Beasts possess the power to manifest independently.

Gilgamesh: Any true Heroic Spirit would begin crumbling the moment we appeared in this space.

Gilgamesh: Even so, we did keep the Demon God Pillars in check.

Gilgamesh: We may have been a ragtag group of Heroic Spirits, but this was truly a battle for the ages.

Jeanne d'Arc: I see you're starting to fade away, King of Heroes. Are you not going to stay to see how it ends?

Gilgamesh: No. From here on out, what happens should be for humans alone. Neither you nor I are meant to be part of it.

Gilgamesh: Goetia, the Beast who knew no love. An Evil of Humanity fueled only by his own grief. One who sought nothingness.

Gilgamesh: ...It's ironic. The Evils of Humanity themselves represent a love for the human race.

Gilgamesh: All that destruction, it wasn't because Goetia hated humans, or harbored any malice toward them. Malice is temporary. It fades so very easily.

Gilgamesh: That's why...the threat to humanity truly rises from the very wish to protect it.

Gilgamesh: Wishing for a better future threatens the current peace.

Gilgamesh: Hmph. Thinking of it that way, I suppose the Beast managed to shake itself free from that cycle.

Gilgamesh: To be honest, I don't really know a great deal about those Beasts, since I do not possess the Grand title.

Gilgamesh: But, it's said they manifested like a chain reaction.

Gilgamesh: In a world where one of the Evils of Humanity reared its head, other calamities, culminating in “The Final Evil,” will appear.

Gilgamesh: Since Beast I has manifested, I'm sure the final one, Beast VII, is somewhere in this world too.

Gilgamesh: Whatever shape the Beasts of Calamity take, it falls to humanity to combat them.

Gilgamesh: I don't care how it turns out. But you should watch over them, and help them as much as you can.

Gilgamesh: Now get moving. Unless you want to stay here and sacrifice yourself to that great fool, King Solomon.

Jeanne d'Arc: ...You're right. All we can really do is lend them our strength.

Jeanne d'Arc: Finishing one battle and moving on to the next is what the humans of that age do.

Jeanne d'Arc: Well done, Fujimaru. The gathering of so many Heroic Spirits here was your doing.

Da Vinci: Looks like the temple is crumbling even faster than the band of light is dispersing...! Just a little more! Run, run!

Da Vinci: The floor in that area is starting to collapse, too! It could give way any second now!

Da Vinci: The Rayshift point is five hundred meters ahead! Hurry!!!

Fujimaru 1: ...

Da Vinci: ...!? surge...!? Did he just manifest? No, he was waiting there...!?

Da Vinci: Be careful, Fujimaru! The Spirit Origin right in front of you is—

Fujimaru 1: ...I know.

Fujimaru 2: ...Of course he isn't going to make things that easy...

Goetia: ...That's right. We finally understand each other, Fujimaru.

Goetia: I'm not going to let you leave alive. You will die here with me.

Goetia: ...My dream is in ruins.

Goetia: Everything I did here in this temple, all the time I spent planning...All of it, for naught.

Goetia: ...That's right. I lost.

Goetia: The band of light is vanishing. The Incineration of Humanity will be reversed. The moment King Solomon ceased to exist, all of my work was undone.

Goetia: I, too, am no longer the 72 Demon God Pillars. This is all that remains.

Goetia: No matter what I do here, now, I cannot redeem my failure. Killing you will change nothing.

Goetia: ...This is a meaningless battle. This would have been an unthinkable choice for me before.

Goetia: But...

Fujimaru 1: ...Now you have a reason to fight.

Fujimaru 2: ...I would do the same if I were in your place.

Goetia: ...Yes, indeed. I also have my pride. Or rather, I do now.

Goetia: I now understand human mentality. Now that I have a limited, mortal life, I finally understand.

Goetia: ...It's been a long journey. So very long...I have dwelt here for 3,000 years.

Goetia: I'm going to stop you in order to protect the one thing I cannot possibly relinquish. And you're going to stop me so you can return home alive.

Goetia: ...I have said what I needed to say.

Goetia: So, let us begin, and bring an end to this quest.

Goetia: O Master who overcame seven Singularities in seven worlds...Your Grand Order is all about the Incineration of Humanity.

Goetia: My name is Goetia. I am the one who used humanity to destroy humanity. The one who strove for what lay beyond.

Goetia: A climax with no one around.... I strove for an empty wish that none truly wanted.

Goetia: I am born now and I shall perish now.

Goetia: This battle may be without resolution or reward, but I shall put my entire being on the line to crush you.

Goetia: ...My sworn enemy. My hatred. My destiny.

Goetia: I want you to witness this. This brief moment is now my story.

Goetia: This brief but precious time has given the creature called Goetia true life.


Fujimaru 1: ...Goetia...!

Goetia: Huh, who would have known?

Goetia: ...Tragically short, and yet, strangely fascinating...So, this is what human life is...

Da Vinci: All right, the video is back up! Tell me what happened later!

Da Vinci: Hurry up, Fujimaru! Chaldea is starting to move away from Solomon's Temple of Time!

Da Vinci: Get to the Rayshift point now! I'll hold till the last possible second!

Fujimaru 1: Right, I'm coming!

Fujimaru 1: ...Hurry!

Fujimaru 1: ...Come on!

Fujimaru 1: Just one more step...!

Fujimaru 1: Dammit...I was so close...

???: There's still a chance! Reach out! Senpai, grab my hand!

Fujimaru 1: ...! Okay!

Section 15: Return

Mash: ...

???: ...

???: Oh, good. You're still here, Mash.

???: You've completely disappeared. This, Mash, is your death.

???: Even still, your will persists in this void. There are yet many things you need to do.

???: That's why I'm not saying, “Well done. ”Instead, I will say, “Goodbye. ”

Mash: ...

???: We don't have much time, so I'll be brief: I am going to bring you back to life.

???: I am the embodiment of comparison.

???: I am the Beast that feeds on the energies that come from humans who grow and compete, who envy others' strength, who regret their own weakness. I am the Beast who stands over any and all opponents.

???: I am Cath Palug, a Beast of Disaster. In a different world, I was called “Primate Murder. ”

???: As long as I stay away from human society, I'm just a harmless animal. That's why I remained on a remote island.

???: But the mage who was taking care of me was a real bastard.

???: He kicked me out of his warm, snug tower, and forced me to live outside.

???: ...But, that is how I ended up in Chaldea...which is where I met you and Fujimaru.

Mash: You...are...

???: I hope you don't mind me interfering like this.

???: Then again, the mage always said that an act of goodwill was something forced onto someone...Let's just go with that.

???: Over the last few centuries, I've accumulated incredible amounts of magical energy. Using that, I'll perform a miracle that even True Magic could never achieve.

???: ...Although, I suppose death in the Temple of Time doesn't quite count in reality.

???: What I'm going to do is transfer my future to you. It will be powerful enough to extend your life past the three days you have left.

???: However, I'm not fully grown. So, the time I can give you will only amount to an average human lifespan.

???: Once I've done this, I will just be an ordinary beast. I will lose my intellect, my personality.

???: Up till now, I've been chiming into your conversations meaningfully, but from here on, all I'll be able to do is make animal noises.

???: But, I don't want you to worry about that. Nothing will change for you guys.

???: Still...It is a bit of a lonely way to go out. That's why I wanted to at least say goodbye here at the end.

???: Goodbye, Mash Kyrielight. My time with all of you, this journey, has been truly wonderful.

???: Normally, around people, I transform into a hideous beast, but this time I was able to stay in this form until the very end.

Mash: Wait...Fou...Fou!

???: ...When the mage sent me out, he told me,“Go, experience all the beauty the world has to offer. ”

???: And, well...I have seen truly beautiful things.

???: There are some evils that can be defeated without shedding blood, or crossing blades. And...that is what has made this possible.

???: Congratulations to you, the wonderful people of Chaldea. You have defeated Beast IV without so much as a single blow.

???: Fou...? Kyuu...Kyuu?

???: Fou! Fou...fou!

Fujimaru 1: ...What's that sound?

Fujimaru 2: ...Feels like something just licked my cheek...

Mash: Senpai!

Fujimaru 1: Mash!

Fujimaru 2: Hugging you back!

Fou: Fou, foou!

Mash: Yes, good morning, Master! I made it!

Fujimaru 1: Mash...I...That is so wonderful!

Mash: Senpai, I'm glad you've returned safely, too. The Coffin didn't stabilize for about an hour.

Mash: I was so worried that you'd failed to transport back from the Singularity.

Fujimaru 2: ...What happened?

Mash: Well...I really don't know myself. When I came to, I was standing right at the Rayshift coordinates.

Mash: I think I remember someone with a warm, kind voice sending me there, but I'm not sure.

Mash: I woke up to Fou's voice, and then I saw you running towards the Rayshift coordinates right in front of me.

Mash: And something told me to reach my hand out to take yours...Fou, do you know anything?

Fou: Fou, fou?

Da Vinci: Hey you two, that's enough PDA for now☆You're embarrassing the staff.

Fujimaru 1: Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: Yes! The universal genius, Da Vinci, in the flesh! Good morning, Fujimaru!

Da Vinci: It took you almost an hour to wake up from your Rayshift, but your vitals all look fine now.

Da Vinci: You do look to be suffering fatigue, overstressed Magical Circuits, and tooons of small wounds. But, hey, you made it back more or less in one piece!

Da Vinci: Which means, I have the honor of saying this:

Da Vinci: Congratulations on completing your mission,Master Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: With your safe return and awakening, I am pleased to declare our final Grand Order complete!

Mash: Ribbons and confetti raining down...It's like a ticker-tape parade!

Da Vinci: Yeah, the staff and I prepared it for this exact moment. There's only a handful of us here, so it was never going to be thunderous applause or anything.

Da Vinci: Buuut, we wanted to at least make it look like a celebration. So? What do you think, Fujimaru?

Fujimaru 1: ...Thank you.

Fujimaru 2: ...(Overcome with emotion)

Mash: Everyone...thank very much.

Mash: It was only because of your hard work keeping Chaldea safe and in place that Senpai and I were able to return.

Mash: This victory belongs to the entire staff of Chaldea. Everyone here made this happen.

Da Vinci: You're right. While Fujimaru was asleep, Chaldea safely returned to normal space.

Da Vinci: About sixty percent of the facility was destroyed, but we can fix all that later.

Da Vinci: Lev Lainur's assault at the beginning of our Grand Order claimed the lives of two hundred of Chaldea's staff.

Da Vinci: 47 Masters are still frozen in the preservation chambers.

Da Vinci: ...And one of our people did not return from the Final Singularity.

Da Vinci: Each of those lost is someone who cannot ever be replaced.

Fujimaru 1: The one who did not return...

Fujimaru 2: She must mean...

Mash: ...

Da Vinci: Urg...I, of all people, worded that wrong.

Da Vinci: Let's leave the gloomy stuff for later.

Da Vinci: The Masters who are frozen will probably be revived after we get reinforcements from the outside...

Da Vinci: ...and Chaldea will return to normal. What's important is what lies ahead, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: What's ahead of us...?

Da Vinci: Right. While you were out, we resumed communication with the outside. Everything is in chaos right now.

Da Vinci: After all, people are missing an entire year's worth of memories! Goetia has vanished and the Incineration of Humanity has been prevented.

Da Vinci: But that doesn't mean the last year didn't happen.

Da Vinci: For everyone outside Chaldea, it's as if they woke up today, and an entire year had passed while they slept!

Da Vinci: The Mage's Association is sending envoys here immediately.

Da Vinci: There's no doubt all intelligent life-forms ceased activity for the past year. Report immediately on why and how, they said.

Da Vinci: A huge group's coming tomorrow, so Chaldea's going to get a bit crowded.

Mash: So...they're coming to investigate us.

Mash: Um, Da Vinci. What will happen to the Servants...?

Da Vinci: Oh, they all left already. The threat to humanity has passed, so there was no point in them lingering here.

Da Vinci: The only ones left are the oddballs like me who've been here since before the Grand Order was issued,

Da Vinci: or the really benevolent Servants who just can't bear to leave you, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: Of course, I have everyone's Spirit Origin patterns stored, so if there's any need to Rayshift again, you can form a contract like before.

Fujimaru 1: Glad to hear that...

Fujimaru 2: So this isn't goodbye.

Mash: No, that would be so lonely.... Oh! But, Rayshifting is, um...

Da Vinci: Yeah, we can't do it freely like we have been. Rayshifting was only allowed under the United Nations and the Mage's Association's permission.

Da Vinci: Now that everything's back to normal, there's a solid chance that Rayshifting itself may be prohibited entirely...

Da Vinci: Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it! If there are any concessions or liability issues and we get into hot water, I'll take care of it!

Fou: Fou!

Da Vinci: Now, that's about it for Chaldea's current situation.

Da Vinci: I'm sure there's a lot on your mind, but there's something else that takes top priority.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru, Mash, the two of you need to set this contraption at these coordinates.

Da Vinci: It's not even a kilometer away. Shouldn't be more than a twenty-minute trip.

Da Vinci: Luckily, today is the one and only day out of the year it may happen. There's no way you can miss this.

Da Vinci: Now, hurry and get going. Go see for yourselves what you two have reclaimed.

Fujimaru 1: ?

Fujimaru 2: ? ?

Mash: Okay! Mission received! Let's go, Senpai!

Fou: Fou, fooou!

Fujimaru 1: The blizzard stopped...!

Fujimaru 2: It's so blue...

Mash: So...this is the real sky. The Earth of our own time.

Fujimaru 1: ...Yeah, I forgot...

Mash: ...The Doctor. The Doctor told me once...

Mash: He told me it's always snowing outside Chaldea, but once in a while the skies clear, and you can see the lovely stars.

Mash: He also said that one day, the time would come when I would get to see them for myself. He had no proof, but laughed when he told me.

Fujimaru 1: Yep, sounds just like him.

Fujimaru 2: I bet that was what he dreamed would happen.

Mash: ...Yes. I am so grateful to be alive right now, at this very moment.

Mash: I was able to see this sky thanks to the help and support of so, so many people.

Mash: ...It was a whirlwind of a year. This Order happened on such a terrifying scale.... Still, it has been a truly incredible experience.

Mash: ...What about you, Senpai?

Mash: Come to think of it, you applied to Chaldea on a whim, were accepted, and were hired as a lower-tier Master.

Mash: And...even before you learned what your job really was, you were pulled into this conflict, and somehow persevered through all of it...

Mash: What did the journey of the Grand Order mean to you, Senpai...?

Fujimaru 1: It was, of course...

Fujimaru 2: Probably the same as it means to you.

Mash: ...!

Mash: Yes! I'm glad you feel that way, too!

Mash: So rest assured, my Master! I shall follow you to the very end!

Mash: Because our journey will still continue. And to start, we'll go beyond the horizon ahead!

Mash: Once we've done that, we'll go further and further beyond. That is our–or rather, human nature's–“order. ”

Mash: All that worrying and lamenting about the future...It was because we had hope. That's why I'm sure there are many more adventures lying ahead of us.

Mash: Now, let's go, Master.

Mash: Let's go toward that new year you saved for us all...where the unknown awaits us!

Grand Order Epilogue: The Future

Mash: Okay! Mission received! Let's go, Senpai!

Da Vinci: Well, well, take a look at that. They went off holding hands.

Da Vinci: And both Mash and Fujimaru had wonderful smiles on their faces.

Da Vinci: ...Hmm. I think it was right after we went to America...

Dr. Roman: Well, how about it, Da Vinci!? How do you think Fujimaru's doing!?

Dr. Roman: The Singularity was a good deal more difficult this time around. Nobody expected this would turn out to be a battle against an actual military force.

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru could've run away, or hidden. But [♂ he didn't /♀ she didn't] give up.

Dr. Roman: [♂ He's /♀ She's] got a long way to go yet as a mage, but as a Master [♂ he's /♀ she's] doing well.

Dr. Roman: At this rate, it won't be long until [♂ he /♀ she] becomes Chaldea's most famous Master.

Da Vinci: You look so proud. It's good to see you putting your trust in others.

Da Vinci: But are you sure about this? Shouldn't we tell them...something, at least?

Da Vinci: There are many kinds of secrets, but yours is basically a lie of omission at this point.

Da Vinci: If you think about it logically, when the truth about the relationship between you and the previous director comes to light, Fujimaru might hate you.

Dr. Roman: Uh...Well, yeah. Still, I can't tell them.

Dr. Roman: If the man claiming to be Solomon really is Solomon, that very secret will be our trump card.

Dr. Roman: But if the enemy learns the truth, and has time to prepare...we'll lose our advantage. I won't tell Fujimaru even to the very end.

Da Vinci: I see. Well, I guess that makes sense. It really is only effective if the enemy doesn't know. If that's what you've decided, I suppose I'll play along.

Dr. Roman: That would be helpful, thank you.

Dr. Roman: It's not that I don't trust Fujimaru. It's just, considering the circumstances...

Dr. Roman: I'm an awful person. I'm leaving Fujimaru in the dark about the most important thing...

Dr. Roman: But I'm glad [♂ he /♀ she] came to Chaldea. A normal person, and not a mage.

Dr. Roman: ...Yeah. Da Vinci, instead of a prominent genius like you saving humanity,

Dr. Roman: it would be better for an ordinary, purehearted person like [♂ him /♀ her] to save the world, with the help of those around [♂ him /♀ her]...

Dr. Roman: Wouldn't that be more of a display of mankind's worth and value?

Dr. Roman: That's what King Solomon believed. And I think so, too.

Dr. Roman: Though...King Solomon and I are practically different people at this point. After all, he didn't have any human sentiments.

Da Vinci: ...? What does that mean? Are you saying he was cold and heartless until the end?

Dr. Roman: No, it's something far simpler.

Dr. Roman: You see, every hero starts off human.

Dr. Roman: They might have the blood of a god, or be the subject of a prophecy, but few are ever born heroes.

Dr. Roman: First, they live human lives. They live as normal people until something pushes them beyond that, and they become true heroes–and become inhuman.

Da Vinci: That's right. Sure, I was born a genius, but I lived a quiet life until I was old enough to make my own decisions.

Da Vinci: It felt natural–good, even–to be praised as a genius, but the experiences of my youth were irreplaceable.

Da Vinci: Once you become a hero, you're no longer free. True freedom only lasts for as long as you're human.

Da Vinci: That's true for all Heroic Spirits.

Da Vinci: ...Wait a minute. Are you saying King Solomon...

Dr. Roman: Yeah, you got it. There was never a time when Solomon was human.

Dr. Roman: From birth, he was treated as a king who could hear the voice of God. The people wanted him to be king, and so he became one.

Dr. Roman: He was said to be a king of many loves, but in truth, they were all desired by the people around him, not for his own sake.

Dr. Roman: He was not free for a single second of his life.

Dr. Roman: He may have had the power to see everything, but he was forbidden to give his own opinions on anything.

Dr. Roman: Solomon was more a mechanism than a man, one made by God and mankind to better their great kingdom.

Dr. Roman: There's nothing humane about him at all.

Dr. Roman: He died without ever really experiencing the world as a man. He was never afforded the freedom that is “humanity. ”

Da Vinci: So that's why you wished to be human.

Da Vinci: You can't interact with the real world as a Heroic Spirit. That's why many Servants wish to be incarnated.

Da Vinci: Solomon didn't want to rule again. He just wanted to be human.

Da Vinci: He wanted to know what human freedom was like so badly...He wanted what every other Heroic Spirit experienced in life.

Dr. Roman: Yes. And so he was me. King Solomon's wish was granted!

Dr. Roman: My time as Romani Archaman has been wonderful.

Dr. Roman: My Magical Circuits were gone, my Clairvoyance was gone, and I was able to be truly free and live however I wished!

Dr. Roman: This time I've had, it's been like a dream. It was exactly what I wanted.

Da Vinci: ...

Da Vinci: By the way, how'd you get the nickname “Roman”? Was it a coincidence?

Dr. Roman: No way. Of course it meant something.

Dr. Roman: People in King Solomon's day didn't have the mental flexibility humans do now.

Dr. Roman: They could think as a society, but not really as individuals...There wasn't much individualism.

Dr. Roman: Many people could think freely if given the chance, but the basic mentality was that everyone obeyed the laws laid down by God.

Dr. Roman: ...So, when I learned the word “romance,” I was surprised, and even delighted.

Dr. Roman: The freedom to dream of a future, the ambition to look for a better know that the people who come after us would be capable of these things...

Dr. Roman: I'm not entirely comfortable with the fact that the word “romance” comes from the word “Rome,” but that doesn't really matter.

Dr. Roman: Even the mighty Rome that threatened Israel in the days of King Herod is gone now.

Dr. Roman: The world of man changes. And if, in the midst of those changes, good things grow, so be it.

Dr. Roman: Well, anyway, I liked the idea so much, I wanted people to call me Roman!

Dr. Roman: When I became human, I wished to live like that from the bottom of my heart!

Da Vinci: ...Sheesh. When you say it like that, I don't have the heart to make fun of you for it.

Da Vinci: But...are you sure? If you go down this path, you'll lose that freedom of yours.

Dr. Roman: It's been more than a decade, huh? It went by so fast.

Dr. Roman: But it's okay. Fujimaru is here.

Dr. Roman: As long as [♂ he /♀ she] becomes a good Master, there will have been meaning in my time here.

Dr. Roman: I could ask for no greater reason for this human existence. It more than makes up for the freedom I could have had.

Dr. Roman: It's time for the briefing. I'm going to head to the Command Room.

Dr. Roman: See you later, Leonardo. I'm counting on you to take care of things when I'm no longer around.

Da Vinci: The decade you've spent...

Da Vinci: You spent all that time working yourself to the bone, desperately trying to escape from and avert the end of mankind that you saw when you became human.

Da Vinci: There was no romance there. Only a nightmarish existence, a hellish freedom. But it was indeed worth it.

Da Vinci: ...Yeah. King Solomon never really got his wish to live as a human.

Da Vinci: But, congratulations. Your wish came true, Romani Archaman.

Da Vinci: Fujimaru is a full-fledged Master now, and worthy of the grade “Cause. ”

Da Vinci: Well, [♂ he's /♀ she's] maybe still a LITTLE unreliable. But that's something to work on in the future.