Trial Quest - Amakusa Shiro

Chapter I - Sky-Soaring Knight

Mash: Doctor. These coordinates mark the location where a Singularity is forming, correct?

Dr. Roman: Yes, enemy readings are exceeding predictions and have been confirmed in several areas.

Dr. Roman: If we don't do anything about it, it might exacerbate the separation and collapse of the Seven Eras.

Dr. Roman: It seems that Servants are being summoned in opposition, so I want you to go and help correct the era.

Mash: Okay. Well then, Master, let's look for those Servants for the time being.

Mash: This town is in ruins. There is not a single soul in sight...

Dr. Roman: I'm getting readings on a Servant near you. Do you not see it?

Mash: A...Servant? I can sense its presence, but I cannot see its form–

???: Boo!

Mash: Ahhh!?

Fou: Foou!?

???: Hah hah hah! Did I startle you? Did I?

???: Ah, sorry about that. I just got carried away in the moment!

Mash: To just suddenly appear like that out of the sky... That made me scream out loud. How unbefitting of a Servant...

Mash: Uhh, you are a Servant...correct?

???: Indeed! My name is Astolfo!

Astolfo: My class is Rider, and I am one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne!

Astolfo: My hobbies are walking, eating, jousting, gambling, drinking, reading, chatting, and also...

Mash: Th-That's enough. My name is Mash Kyrielight.

Mash: This is Fujimaru, my Master.

Astolfo: What a cute little Servant... So you're the Master, huh! Nice to meet you!

Astolfo: Huh? Have we met before?

Astolfo: Hmm... I forgot, but whatever! So what are you doing here?

Mash: Y-Yes. We are investigating a Singularity–

Astolfo: A Singularity? I see. I think I've heard of those.

Astolfo: But I don't really know much myself.

Mash: I see... In that case, do you know any of the remaining Servants?

Astolfo: Ah!

Mash: W-What!?

Astolfo: That's right! The reason why I called out to you! Now I remember!

Astolfo: Oh man, I was just about to forget about it, too! Heh heh.

Mash: Please don't forget...

Astolfo: There are actually two other Servants here. One of them is a Ruler!

Mash: A Ruler... A Ruler!? Like Jeanne d'Arc?

Astolfo: That's right, just like her! The other is an Archer.

Astolfo: Umm, I can't quite recall the name... Gira...Giri...Gil...

Mash: ...Perhaps “Gilgamesh”?

Astolfo: Oh yes, that's right! Gilgamesh!

Mash: The King of Heroes, Gilgamesh... The oldest Heroic Spirit who possesses an inexhaustible amount of treasures.

Mash: The weapons from his treasury later became prototypes for weapons owned by other heroes in this world.

Mash: Or that's what Da Vinci said. I've never actually met Gilgamesh, but...

Mash: Ah, I'm not sure. I have this feeling...that maybe I have met him...

Fujimaru 1: Surely it was a dream.

Mash: A dream, huh. I see. Now that you mention it, I think you're right.

Fujimaru 2: I've seen him.

Mash: Really? Umm... Are you talking about Santa?

Mash: What are you talking about? I apologize for my ignorance...

Astolfo: Indeed. He did seem like a child worthy of that name.

Astolfo: I'm sure in the future that child will be a great hero! But he'll also probably turn out to be a tyrant!

Mash: So, what happened to the two of them?

Astolfo: Oh, um, you see... How do I explain...

Astolfo: That Ruler and Archer I met, you see... They're...waging.

Mash: Waging... What are they waging?

Astolfo: A Holy Grail War.

Mash: What... A Holy Grail...

Mash: Whaaaat!?

Astolfo: Come, follow me! At any rate, I want you to stop the two of them!

Astolfo: Come on! Hurry, hurry!

Dr. Roman: Hey! Sorry to ruin the party, but it's time for battle.

Dr. Roman: Some Lamia-type enemies are heading in your direction.

Mash: Okay. I have visual confirmation of the enemy. Preparing to engage!

Mash: ...Uh, Astolfo!?

Astolfo: Ahhhhhh! Snakes, there are snakes!

Astolfo: Okay! It's hunting time! I'll make sure that at least thirty of them enter Nirvana...or Heaven?

Astolfo: Anyway, I'll send them packing down the road to the afterlife!


Astolfo: What a big haul! I've got to say, snake hunting is so much fun!

Astolfo: At this rate, I could go ahead and change the whole ecosystem!

Mash: Please don't change the ecosystem...

Mash: Well, I suppose Lamias have no influence over the ecosystem, so it's no problem, but still...

Mash: A-Anyway, it's more important that we stop the two who initiated a Holy Grail War!

Astolfo: Oh yes, I forgot! Well then, both of you, just follow me!

Chapter II - The Child King and The Rebel Saint

F:???: Hmm... Well, this is pointless. We're completely different when it comes to ideology.

E:???: –And neither one of us comes out on top if we fight.

E:???: You're above me when it comes to being a Heroic Spirit, though–

F:???: Since you were summoned as a Ruler class, I'm at a disadvantage.

F:???: Well, this is a problem. We're at an impasse now.

F:???: If that Rider would become an ally instead...

E:???: Unfortunately, that Rider hates us both.

E:???: Well, no.

E:???: I don't think you're hated. Just... Maybe the Rider knows how you're going to end up in the future.

F:???: Ouch, that stings. I personally want to grow up to be a proper person.

F:???: –Well, if the Rider turns against me, that's fine. Can't do much about it.

E:???: As expected from the world-renowned King of Heroes. ...I didn't think you'd be this young.

Gilgamesh (Child): I didn't think I'd get summoned like this either.

Gilgamesh (Child): If Servants are summoned at their peak condition, I should've shown up in such a form as well, but...

Gilgamesh (Child): It seems this Holy Grail is bugging out. So I would like to ask you to hand it over right away.

Gilgamesh (Child): This isn't something that a pretend holy man from the Far East should be playing with, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada.

Amakusa Shirou: Hahaha. I can't deny that reputation of mine. But I have a dream of my own.

Amakusa Shirou: “I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you stroll on my dreams.”

Amakusa Shirou: –So, unfortunately, I can't just do that.

Gilgamesh (Child): Looks like there's no choice, then. I'm not sure when we'll settle this, but we'll have to fight–

Amakusa Shirou: Yes. ...Looks like we'll have to get down to it.

Astolfo: Oh. There they are! I brought a Master here!

Both: Huh?

Amakusa Shirou: I see, we can tell Master why we need the Grail and then let Master decide in the end.

Amakusa Shirou: I don't think it's a bad plan. ...What do you think, King of Heroes?

Gilgamesh (Child): Hmm... Well, I don't mind. But can you really do this without any grudges?

Amakusa Shirou: You could say that about anything. Astolfo, what do you think?

Astolfo: Oh, I don't need the Grail!

Astolfo: Once summoned, it's the Servant's job to completely be loyal to their Master!

Gilgamesh (Child): Ouch, that stings.

Gilgamesh (Child): If one's Master is a proper Master, then that makes sense.

Amakusa Shirou: Well, that makes it sound like you've served an “improper” Master in the past, now doesn't it?

Gilgamesh (Child): A lot happens when you've been a Servant for a while.

Gilgamesh (Child): Well, if Astolfo isn't going to participate, then it's just between me and him.

Gilgamesh (Child): Then, I'll go first.

Gilgamesh (Child): It's only natural that I would desire the Holy Grail. It is in a king's nature to wish to amass fortune.

Gilgamesh (Child): Also, when we're talking about a Holy Grail that will grant every...well, almost every wish, we have to be very careful.

Gilgamesh (Child): In that case, it should be a king's duty to store away such an object. It's not like there's anything I would wish at this time, anyway.

Gilgamesh (Child): No return here, but no risk involved.

Gilgamesh (Child): Master, given the situation here, don't you think it would be best to let me handle the Grail?

Amakusa Shirou: I'm...not so sure about that.

Amakusa Shirou: What Gilgamesh says is true. The Holy Grail is dangerous. However, as a neutral power, it should be used to maximum effect.

Amakusa Shirou: ...This pseudo Holy Grail isn't enough to fulfill my wish, however.

Fujimaru 1: Wish?

Amakusa Shirou: My wish is everlasting world peace. But with the current state of things, I'm not sure it'll make it that far.

Fujimaru 2: Isn't enough?

Amakusa Shirou: I'd like to wish for world peace, but unfortunately, this world is about to be incinerated.

Amakusa Shirou: Even if the world isn't incinerated, this Holy Grail will never be able to bring about perfect world peace.

Amakusa Shirou: ...But it'd be an extreme waste just to keep this Holy Grail locked away.

Amakusa Shirou: Fortunately, I know how the Holy Grail works. It would be best if you let me handle the Grail.

Amakusa Shirou: What do you think, Master?

Mash: W-What should we do, Master? They both have good points, but I'm not sure they're correct.

Mash: I can't decide myself!

Fou: Fou!

Dr. Roman: Hmm... This is hard.

Dr. Roman: I have data on the pseudo Holy Grail. It's growing, eating the magic energy around it.

Dr. Roman: At this rate, it's going to stop being pseudo. You can't give that to a Servant you haven't contracted with...

Dr. Roman: I feel like it'd be dangerous.

Astolfo: So, it is dangerous then. Yeah, those two treat their Masters rather rudely.

Gilgamesh (Child): You can't go saying that, Astolfo. I am very considerate of my Masters.

Gilgamesh (Child): Even if my Master is a tyrant, and orders me to do the most annoying work,

Gilgamesh (Child): I won't murder them. Nothing so immoral. Isn't that right, Amakusa Shirou?

Amakusa Shirou: Hahaha. You're acting like you want people to think that I killed one of my Masters, I see.

Amakusa Shirou: Unfortunately for you, I have not.

Amakusa Shirou: I let one die before, but that was more like an unfortunate accident.

Amakusa Shirou: I do think what I did was wrong. I won't do it again.

Both: ... ...

Amakusa Shirou: Ahem. ...In any event, last Master in this world...

Amakusa Shirou: Who's the most worthy of the Grail?

Gilgamesh (Child): Me or him. Who do you pick?

Fujimaru 1: I'll take it.

Gilgamesh (Child): Yeah... I thought that might happen.

Gilgamesh (Child): The second Astolfo brought you here, I thought that things might turn out this way.

Fujimaru 2: Either is bad.

Amakusa Shirou: That's just the way it goes. This is a Holy Grail War after all.

Gilgamesh (Child): In that case... There's only one thing left to do.

Amakusa Shirou: Yes, we'll work together and... ...keep Master away.

Mash: What? That's how this is going to turn out?

Astolfo: Of course! This is a Holy Grail War, after all!

Astolfo: In that case, I'm on Master's side! We'll just have to see who wins...

Astolfo: ...That which rules, that which serves, or that which rebels.


Gilgamesh (Child): Ow... Not very adult of you to do that to a kid.

Astolfo: You're not really a kid!

Amakusa Shirou: Not very adult of you to do that to a clergyman...

Astolfo: You, part of the clergy?! In any event, the Grail goes to my Master!

Gilgamesh (Child): Huh?

Amakusa Shirou: ...This is not good. Looks like we took too much time.

Mash: Time? What's going...

Dr. Roman: Fujimaru, this is bad!

Dr. Roman: It looks like the pseudo Holy Grail just summoned Shadow Servants!

Dr. Roman: Too many variables. Approach with caution!

Chapter III - False Grail, Untouched by Heaven

Gilgamesh (Child): Oh, well. I guess that's it for that Holy Grail.

Gilgamesh (Child): It was fake to begin with, so maybe it was easy to infect. Should have stored it immediately.

Amakusa Shirou: Should have put it under our control immediately. We should both think about what we did.

Astolfo: And you two still won't admit you should have given it up. That's so typical of you two!

Gilgamesh (Child): Umm... Fujimaru? We'd like to help, too.

Gilgamesh (Child): I mean, no matter how you think about it, our fight was the cause of all of this.

Gilgamesh (Child): We need to take responsibility.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks.

Gilgamesh (Child): Got it. I'll be helping out then!

Fujimaru 2: Sure, thanks.

Amakusa Shirou: Understood. Then the two of us will back you up.

Gilgamesh (Child): Looks like it's been completely infected. Destroying it immediately will prevent any more issues, I imagine.

Dr. Roman: I've already confirmed several Shadow Servants. It's possible it will become a Singularity if we leave it like this.

Amakusa Shirou: I agree.

Amakusa Shirou: It won't nearly be on the same level as the Greater Grail at Fuyuki, but it would be terrible if it was even a fraction of that.

Mash: You know about the Greater Grail at Fuyuki?

Amakusa Shirou: Yes. The one in a faraway, unrelated world, right? ...Well, that aside...

Amakusa Shirou: We'll have one of us guard Fujimaru. The other two will intercept the enemy. How does that sound?

Amakusa Shirou: We'll take out the Shadow Servants first. After that we can destroy the Holy Grail.

Astolfo: Okay, leave it to me! In that case, Kid Gil and I will head to attack.

Astolfo: Master, you work with Ruler, over there.

Amakusa Shirou: Okay, thank you– It's been a while since I fought alongside someone.

Amakusa Shirou: Unfortunately, I'm from a rather hard-to-control class, but– Please put me to good use.


Amakusa Shirou: I've wiped out most of them, but–

Astolfo: Help—!

Amakusa Shirou: ...Astolfo?

Astolfo: I am really afraid of ghosts! I am sorry, but please help meeeeeeee!

Amakusa Shirou: ...Oh, brother...


Amakusa Shirou: Ghosts? Then our only option is to exorcise them.

Amakusa Shirou: All I can offer is a pseudo baptism rite. But it's better than letting them continue to exist in that anguished state.

Amakusa Shirou: –Well then, let's get going, shall we, Master?


Amakusa Shirou: With this, we've finished clearing out all the Shadow Servants as well–

Amakusa Shirou: Now the problem is how to destroy this Holy Grail. Gil, do you have anything for that?

Gilgamesh (Child): Hmm... For something like that, a sword from my treasury might do it.

Gilgamesh (Child): –Though the real problem is figuring out what this fake Grail is trying to give birth to.

Mash: W-What? It's trying to...give birth?

Dr. Roman: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Huge amounts of magical energy are pouring out of that Grail! Something's coming out of it!

Dr. Roman: Huh? You're wondering what that something is?

Dr. Roman: I don't think it's a Demon God Pillar, but... I think it's probably something fairly equal in power to it?

Dr. Roman: ...This is a disaster!!


Amakusa Shirou: Now then, we'll keep back this massive ghost–

Gilgamesh (Child): I'll summon swords as needed from my Gate of Babylon and destroy it.

Gilgamesh (Child): So cover me out there. Also, please keep out of my line of fire, okay?

Gilgamesh (Child): Especially you, Rider.

Astolfo: I-I've got it, all right?! Don't worry! I absolutely won't enter your line of fire!

Astolfo: Because I have no doubt that you'd destroy me along with the target! That's what my gut's telling me!

Gilgamesh (Child): You're absolutely correct!

Astolfo: I'd expect nothing less from a future tyrant-king! But whatever. Okay...let's go, Hipp!

Amakusa Shirou: Well then, I'll also be heading out to keep that creature at bay.

Amakusa Shirou: ...Master, stay between us. You can pick one of us to follow and back up.

Amakusa Shirou: I'll be off, then. –Set!

Mash: Master, give me your orders! I will destroy that false Holy Grail!


Mash: W-We beat it somehow... The massive ghost is breaking apart!

Gilgamesh (Child): Okay, that's my cue! Now— Shatter!

Amakusa Shirou: Well, that's that. It's over. That didn't measure up to Heaven's Feel at all.

Amakusa Shirou: Being shattered is perhaps the most fitting end for it.

Gilgamesh (Child): Hah, I didn't really want to own it, but just letting it break feels like a waste... Actually, no, it doesn't.

Gilgamesh (Child): After all, it was like wings made of wax. Inferior even to the black wings of a real crow.

Astolfo: Well, I guess that concludes this little pseudo Holy Grail War. And here I thought I'd finally get my chance to punch Amakusa Shirou!

Amakusa Shirou: Well, you were close, anyway. But how lucky it was for us to run into a real Master in a place like this.

Amakusa Shirou: If, someday, we are able to form a real contract between us, I hope I will be able to serve you well.

Amakusa Shirou: I will gladly work with you to grant my own dream as well.

Astolfo: Though, in my opinion, it's a pretty worthless dream!

Astolfo: But, whatever.

Astolfo: Well, if it is in our fates to meet again, good tidings to you from Astolfo of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne!

Astolfo: If you'll kindly summon me, I'll give you a good, thumping shoulder rub! See you!

Gilgamesh (Child): Well... I'd like to be summoned back again too, but I suppose this isn't really my prime form, huh?

Gilgamesh (Child): But I think, maybe, I could be more helpful than my adult form would be?

Gilgamesh (Child): Yes. I'd really like it if, next time, you could judge which of us is the better Servant, Master!

Gilgamesh (Child): Well, I hope it is in our fates to meet again! Goodbye, Master.

Amakusa Shirou: Even among us Servants, there are those with dreams and ambitions of their own. Some will betray their Masters to achieve those dreams.

Amakusa Shirou: But the path walked by that “king” was no dream. The incineration of an era and the destruction of the world are hardly “dreams.”

Amakusa Shirou: Thus, something inside him must be irreparably broken. ...No, perhaps there's nothing inside.

Amakusa Shirou: There seem to be no exploitable weaknesses in his overwhelming power– Even so, perhaps I can be of service to you.

Amakusa Shirou: Master Fujimaru. My True Name is Amakusa Shirou Tokisada.

Amakusa Shirou: As a mediator and as a Servant, I will gladly fight by your side!