Trial Quest / Strengthening - Mysterious Heroine X

Attention! This takes place during Saber Wars 2!

"Interlude Entracte I"

: A little while ago in a Servant Universe far, far away...

:           ~Planet Lothian~

A:???: ...Black Knight.

A:???: Black Knight...

A:???: Yeah. You. Servant AUX Voloid K6-X4.

Fujimaru 1: (Eh...are you talking to me?)

Fujimaru 2: (...I can't speak.)

A:???: Are you mad?

A:???: You sometimes space out. Even though you're a Voloid. You're really an odd one.

A:???: Did you, just, intercept some funny transmission? That's, no good.

A:???: There may be a time when I'll have to rely on you during battle. Maybe.

A:???: Yeah, but...I guess I don't really have room to talk about spacing out.

Fujimaru 1: (...Voloid?)

A:???: ...Hm? Dumpling?

A:???: You want a dumpling? I just ate it. That dumpling.

A:???: But, you know—

Fujimaru 2: (What battle...?)

A:???: ... (Sigh) Red bean soup?

A:???: I'd like some, too. But—

A:???: What are you talking about? Your train of thought's gone off the rails.

A:???: Your conversational protocol's also been strange. Maybe I need to check for crossed wires.

A:???: It's unfortunate, but it looks like we're going to be apart from each other for a while.

A:???: Is it this...circuit here... Or this one...?

Fujimaru 1: (Stop, you're tickling me.)

Fujimaru 2: (This nonsensical way of talking... Berserker?)

A:???: ... (Gasp)

B:???: Alter. X Alter.

X Alter: Yes, Master Agravain. Alter is here.

X Alter: Has the next land to purge been prophesied?

Agravain: ...

Agravain: ...We will need to go into hiding for a while. Their pursuit has grown more aggressive each day.

X Alter: I shall join you. No matter what kind of desolate star it may be.

Agravain: That is unnecessary. There is another job better suited to your skills.

Agravain: Alter. Guided by the Alternium, the prophesied child of destruction...

Agravain: A Berserker formed using the X Factor as a catalyst...

Agravain: A crystal of Alternium is hidden within your body, and you are granted the Ultimate Anti-Anti-Saber Weapon.

Agravain: In this region of space, few know of you. That fact will aid us as we prepare to strike back.

Agravain: Our fellow lords have all fallen and been sealed away. The only one left is me—

X Alter: I am still here, Master. I, Alter, your own disciple.

X Alter: I shall not let the sacrifice of our great lord of Villains be in vain.

X Alter: My Mana Conversion Altereactor Engine is burning furiously, ready to defeat our sworn enemy, Heroine X.

Agravain: ...Alter. What I am about to tell you is of the utmost importance. Carve it deep into your heart. Also, write it down on a piece of paper so you do not forget.

Agravain: You are going to go in hiding, and go on a journey alone.

Agravain: You are the final hope of Dark R.O.U.N.D.S. Or something like that.

Agravain: We must focus on the opportunity to realize our wish, while we work, obscure, from the shadows.

Agravain: We must sink into the muck, and become a slumbering dragon. For such a task, I would only be in your way.

X Alter: That... No...

X Alter: What are you talking about? That doesn't make sense. It's incomprehensible, like a wet piece of toast smothered in jam.

X Alter: Are you trying to distance yourself from me, Master? Please allow me to stay by your side. I cannot live alone.

Agravain: I will not repeat myself. You need to find a proper job.

X Alter: ...Ugh...

X Alter: Does that mean we're no longer going to communicate?

X Alter: ...!?

Agravain: Hm...

Agravain: ...That steam noise. I could never forget that sound.

X Alter: ..Babbagen! That tin can running on steam has managed to reach our castle!

X Alter: That thing is truly the mortal enemy of all Villains. I shall slice it down with my dark sword!

Agravain: Evil Sacred Sword Necro-calibur... That blade shall one day cut through even a planet.

Agravain: But it still hasn't fully matured. We were foolish to believe in the specs written in the catalog. Honestly, internet shopping...

Agravain: No, that's not what I mean. We did not have enough time to provide you with all that is necessary.

Agravain: Learn, Alter. Go to a new land and search for a superior Master.

X Alter: I...I have yet to reward the enemy with a single blade of mine.

X Alter: I have put none of Master's teachings into practice.

X Alter: ... (Gasp) Master...what are you—

Agravain: Alter. I am sealing away your memories.

X Alter: ...!

X Alter: ...Ungh...ahhh...

Agravain: This is the hidden skill called “Black Knight's Black Hand.” All who call themselves knights are shackled down by the rules of example.

X Alter: That's your favorite pestering Noble Phantasm, isn't it? But the Black Knight and Black Hand seem redundant.

Agravain: ...Just ignore the minute details, okay?

Agravain: This skill shall take effect a few days from now. You will forget my name, as well.

Agravain: Go, Alter.

Agravain: You are Servant Universe's strongest and final Alter, and that truth shall be hidden from all.

X Alter: ...Master...

Agravain: There's no need to be sad as we part with the promise of victory. May the Alternium be with you.

X Alter: Lord Agravain...! May you have good fortune in battle!

Agravain: ...

X Alter: (Pant...pant...) Black Knight, are you there!?

Fujimaru 1: (I don't know what's going on.)

X Alter: I need you to navigate the escape pod.

X Alter: Otherwise, we're going to be space dust.

X Alter: The enemy...the machine soldiers...Babbagen's drones!

X Alter: Ah...I can't believe they've managed to invade our secret base!

X Alter: We need to break through! At any cost! Black Knight, I need your help!

Fujimaru 1: (Got it!)

X Alter: What a cute response. It's like you're not Black Knight.

X Alter: Target the memory banks! No records shall be left!

Fujimaru 2: (Something seems wrong here... She just said Villain...)

X Alter: Yep, Villain. It means enemy. Huh? Are you complaining again?

X Alter: Just because one's an enemy, that doesn't necessarily mean they're a bad guy. Just like how the hero may not always be a good guy.

X Alter: But what's important right now is that we need to fight or else it's game over. Let's go!


X Alter: ...Breaking away from Planet Lothian's gravitational pull. Warp preparations complete.

X Alter: Check the sensors to see if anyone is following us, Black Knight.

Fujimaru 1: (I don't know how to drive a spaceship...)

Fujimaru 2: (Huh... I'm going in and out of consciousness...)

X Alter: Are you all right?

X Alter: I was pretty sloppy erasing your confidential data, so maybe that's why you're acting funny.

X Alter: ...

X Alter: lord... Goodbye, my ruthless Villain Master...

X Alter: May the Alternium be with you, always.

"Interlude Entracte II"


(Munch munch) ...

X: ...Delicious! My Altrium is getting cleansed! Meat buns in the winter sure taste like justice!

X: Even on a space colony, they create a man-made winter. I thought they were just stingy with the heating...

X: But this alone is praiseworthy! On the other hand, red bean buns taste like corruption!

X: One more... Hey! This is a red bean bun! Why that guy at Vamily Mart!

X: ...Hmm? I sense a Saber approaching!

X: You there! You, in the sailor uniform, standing there mysteriously! Yes, you!

B:???: ...

X: What? I'm not giving you one even if you stare at it!

X: Who are you? I don't know you, but you look familiar! This is mind-boggling!

X: Are you a Saber!? If you are, then you're gonna get blown away!

B:???: ...

X: ...Hm? Are you cold? And hungry? Your knees are shaking... Do you have altitude sickness?

X: ...

X: I guess I have no choice. Consider yourself lucky you're not a Saber. And just one. You can only take one.

X: Come on, hold out your hand. Whoa! It's so cold!

B:???: ...

B:???: ... (Munch...munch...)

B:???: ...So sweet...and warm...

X: ...You must have been hungry. Well, I'm not sure that even counts as a good deed.

X: Out in the vastness of space, I hear there's even a hero who lets you eat his head. Could he be from the cosmic horror genre?

B:???: I...?

X: Did you come here without knowing?

X: You're at Cosmo-Chaldea High School. It's a school attended by many young students who dream of becoming tomorrow's SSR Servants.

B:???: Cosmo...Chaldea High...?

B:???: I heard of a place around here with a ton of elite Masters, but I guess this isn't it.

X: Master? There are plenty of annoying teachers.

C:???: You've ditched class to eat out, X?

X: Oh crap, Lionhead!

God Bless Edison: I am not currently known as Lionhead! I am God Bless Edison! GBE!

God Bless Edison: I am the very first principal of the glorious Cosmo-Chaldea High!

X: You don't have to roar so, cathead. I can hear you. I get it.

X: I just bumped into someone who I guess is a transfer student. I was about to give her a tour.

God Bless Edison: A noble effort, but you still owe me 50,000 super gravity squats.

God Bless Edison: So this is her? Hm, I did not receive any word about a transfer student...

X: Hey. What's your name, by the way?


B:???: ...Ex...

B:???: ...Ex...ah...

X: “Ex”? Is it just “Ex”? What a short name!

God Bless Edison: Look who's talking.

X: I like it. It's short and sweet! All right, Ex!

Ex: Ah...yes... That's...fine.

God Bless Edison: Very well. Ex.

God Bless Edison: I know you must want to enroll in this school, but it doesn't accept just anybody.

God Bless Edison: It's a school where heroic Servants are raised by experienced, active Servants working as teachers.

God Bless Edison: Thus, those who wish to enroll must have certain qualifications!

Ex: ...Qualifications...?

X: Don't be stupid, principal! You were just complaining that the school is in the red because there were so many dropouts from the tough curriculum!

God Bless Edison: Those are separate issues! As different as AC and DC!

X: I see. So, there's not much difference.

Ex: ...I enroll. I want to become a great Servant.

Ex: I'll make the tuition thing work. So...please...

God Bless Edison: It seems like your words are sincere. You have passed the first entrance exam.

God Bless Edison: And while we're here. X, you be her opponent.

God Bless Edison: We'll hold a mock battle. Based on the result of that, I shall judge whether you can enroll or not!

X: Okay... It seems wrong that a student is in charge of testing another student, but I guess this is just what comes with being an upperclassman. I'll do it.

X: ...Heh. In other words, a part-time job with the school principal's full permission. I'll get at least a week's worth of lunch vouchers out of this!

God Bless Edison: No. If anything, this is a secret deal. You do know that buying food from outside vendors is prohibited.

God Bless Edison: I'll turn a blind eye to it if you win. Also, if you lose to her, I will double your tuition.

God Bless Edison: Do you think that's unreasonable? No, call me a capitalistic gentleman! It just means you're going to be paying for her tuition as well!

X: So you're saying that whatever the outcome, the school won't lose anything, AND will gain another student!

X: Why you, what a sharp way of thinking! It's hard to believe you're a lion. Are you by chance human!?

God Bless Edison: I keep telling you I'm a human! Not having any toe beans is proof!

God Bless Edison: Ah, no, that's not what I mean. Ex...

God Bless Edison: X may act rowdy like she does, ditch classes, and sometimes battle active Servants...

God Bless Edison: ...but she is still our star pupil. She's pretty strong. She even uses ninja skills. Will you still fight?

Ex: Star...

Ex: Yes. I will.

Ex: X, please be my opponent!

X: I like that attitude! I'm not going to complain about my stomach being empty, but I wholeheartedly accept any newbies with spirit!

X: Ex, this is payback for that red bean bun! Bring it on!

Ex: I want to eat more sweet things!


Fujimaru 1: (...Hm? Where am I?)

Fujimaru 2: (This...isn't Chaldea.)

Fujimaru 1: (I...I'm in this Voloid body again!?)

X: Ah...darn!

X: Unayaaaaaabarubarubarumo!

X: Special intense lectures by Nameless Red are so boring, I can't stand it!

X: Doubling my tuition would've been a hundred times better—Ouch!

X: Arrrgh, there's a dent on my shin now! Hmph!

X: Why is there a weird black bucket in my room?

X: What are you, a Voloid? Are you an invention of Professor Babbagen? You are!

Fujimaru 1: (No! Ouch!)

Fujimaru 2: (X, it's me!)

X: ...Hmmm, I feel something in the Altrium. A presence I haven't felt since...

X: ...Sorry. It doesn't look like you're a defective Voloid, but electricity doesn't come free.

X: Um, when do the waste collectors collect trash Voloids?

Ex: bad. gets confused.

X: Hm...Ex. You still need something?

Ex: That thing is with me. It's my only possession.

Ex: We're going to be roommates starting today. Please be kind to me, X.

X: ...

X: Huh!? Nobody told me this! A roommate!?

X: I had...a single room all to myself, something that can't normally be enjoyed on backwater planets! My sweet, private school life...!

Ex: These were the orders from the student support division, so there's no mistake. Besides, this room is obviously big enough for two students.

Ex: Everything on this side of the line is my territory. This space will be our common area.

Ex: Also I'm going to pull this juice bottle out of our fridge. My snacks won't fit with that inside.

X: You're rolling the bottle of super extreme explosive carbonated drink, Space Sipep! Th-that'll cause an explosion!

X: Now that I look closely, you look a lot like me! No wonder I did so poorly in that mock battle!

X: Even though I held back! You really went all-out on me, and it hurt!

Ex: That... Likewise. Thank you.

Ex: There will be the two of us here from now on, so I ask you to be quieter, please.

X: What the... Are you taking over the room already!? Instead of waiting for you to sleep, maybe I'll slice you up right now!

Fujimaru 1: (Um, no fighting, please.)

Fujimaru 2: (She already has her sword out!)

Ex: Careful. Black Knight, stand back. You might get caught in X's weak beam crossfires.

X: Are you calling my sword moves “weak beams”? Tsk. I didn't realize you were a Servant of sick burns. Are you perhaps a literary genius?

X: Hmph, as a science buff, I don't think you and I could get along. I suggest you move to another room—

Fujimaru 1: (X is more versed in physical sports.)

Fujimaru 2: (Haha, science buff... Good one.)

X: Here's a lesson for you! Physical punishment! I saw it in your eyes!

X: Why you! Why are you protecting that Voloid!?

Ex: Because Black Knight is correct. And your reaction. You just said it yourself!

X: You may be a nerd, but your swordsmanship is spot-on. I actually sense that you have some formal training in your background.

X: Heh... Heh, heh. Interesting!

X: Whether you be an Assassin or Berserker, if you're a Saberface, then you're definitely a Saber!

X: Okay then, I'm going to get serious now! I don't have anything against you, but I will cut down all Sabers!

Ex: No— That's right, I'm a Saber! Fine! That's how it will be!

Ex: By thinking that, I feel like a burden has been lifted...I think.

X: I understand that feeling very well! But give up, because your Saber days are over!

Girls' Dorm Supervisor:

You two are too noisy!

Girls' Dorm Supervisor: Stop your fighting! If you don't, I'll put you both in swimsuits, strap you to my Noble Phantasm, and shoot you around the third moon!

Girls' Dorm Supervisor: ...Hey, I kicked something.

Fujimaru 1: (Waaahhh, I'm rolling! Stop me! Stop me!)

X: Huh?

X: Ah. I cut the little guy down on accident! Sorry! I'm really sorry! Are you all right?

Ex: Black Knight...

: And thus the two fake Sabers began their life together.     Roommates. Roomshare. Saber rival.

: At times they would fight over pudding. At times they would guess what would be on the test using darts and share a laugh...

: Ex would be scolded by the dorm supervisor for staying up past midnight reading, and X for sneaking in outside food...

: They would spend a difficult, yet fulfilling school life together.

"Interlude Entracte III"

: No matter what they said, the two fake Sabers living together were friendly, but fought tons. And so it continued.

:             However...

Ex: ...

God Bless Edison: She is still not back.

Ex: Principal...

God Bless Edison: It's been so long since we last heard Du Stallion II's jets.

God Bless Edison: We know so far that her disappearance has something to do with the irregular increase in Heroine Zs.

God Bless Edison: But we haven't seen Heroine X. How sad and lonesome...

Ex: Eradicating Heroine Z was hard work. I still question what that Saber ninja evade move was.

Ex: And ever since X disappeared, the Saber class students are all sighing with relief.

God Bless Edison: Hmm...

God Bless Edison: Knowing her, she must be off saving some world in crisis. All while having no idea people are wondering where she is.

Ex: I'm...just worried about all the “use by” dates on her food in the fridge.

Ex: What should we do...Black Knight...?

Fujimaru 1: (Oh no, not this mind-only warp again!)

Fujimaru 2: (She seems sad...?)

Ex: I've been having fuzzy memories lately.

Ex: Some pretty men are sitting around a black round table, and they're drinking. And I'm just sitting there, looking bored...

Ex: Then then someone special to me secretly gives me candy. It tasted sweet...

Ex: But then the hotties disappear from their seats at the round table one by one, like petals dropping from a wilting flower.

Ex: The quiet round table wasn't bad. As long as that one man was there.

Ex: Being in my empty room reminds me of that scene.

Ex: A knock. ...Come in.

Ex: ...?

Ex: Why aren't you coming in? Is the door broken?

B:???: I'm just killing time in the halls, Lizardlet.

B:???: I don't mind people seeing us talking, but I don't want our conversation to be recorded.

Ex: You're disguising your voice? Who are you? What do you want?

B:???: I'll just say that I'm a classmate. Spies for the Villain Alliance are everywhere.

B:???: Even in this school of heroic Servants.

Ex: Villain...Alliance... Inside the school...

Ex: ...In a way, I'm relieved. You seem to be an elite agent.

Ex: Not like that striped-pants Elisa, who always herself caught in the traps she sets for X and me.

Ex: I was so worried she might be the spy. But it looks like I was wrong.


Gwah! A-ahem!

B:???: ...They will soon come for you. Be ready to meet them.

B:???: I'm talking about those who believe you have fighting potential, after the reports they've received from spies here.

B:???: A large-scale attack by the Villains will soon start. It'll be a Death Tour, with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

B:???: Heroine X will likely not return. And even if she did, she could not save this place.

B:???: See you, docile Berserker. School life with you was quite entertaining.

Ex: ...

Ex: Leave...the school...

Ex: I knew that this day, would come. I didn't think X would be first. But.

Ex: But...there is still something I need to do.

Fujimaru 1: (I have a bad feeling about this...)

Ex: You don't have to be so worried, Black Knight.

Ex: I secretly collected parts bit by bit, so you've powered up quite a bit.

Ex: If you can help me again...that would be great.

Fujimaru 2: (Ex wears leggings...)

Ex: Black Knight...your eye movements are a little creepy.

Ex: Maybe there's still some weird programming left. I'm going to change, so go out in the hall.

Ex: Come on, hurry.

Babbagen: Beep boop. So you were the one who called me out here to the dark side of the school.

Babbagen: Data extraction. Found: a traditional school yard callout to settle old scores. In other words, there's an one hundred percent possibility that a secret art will be passed on due to graduation.

Babbagen: ...Good. Preparing to deploy Noble Phantasm for self-defense.

Babbagen: With my fantasy, my ideal, my dream...the time has come for you to awaken to the appeal of steam!

Ex: ...No, that's not what we're talking about. I wanted to ask you some personal questions before the battle started, Professor Babbagen.

Ex: I know you are busy, and you are not around the school much. Tonight was my only chance.

Babbagen: ...Hm. Steam pressure...dropping. What kind of lecture do you desire, Servant candidate?

Ex: Please tell me...

Ex: On the planet Lothian, I believe you once battled against a dark lord.

Ex: That information is strictly confidential, and it is not even in the school's database. Could you tell me the details...

Ex: And tell me what fate befell the black lord!?

Babbagen: Confidential data, number SA80T521X. Punitive expedition of the planet Lothian.

Babbagen: Such information is strictly confidential. Of course, revealing such information to a common student candidate is not permissible.

Ex: All right, then! I have no choice but to tear our your memory media and read it myself!

Ex: And...above all...

Ex: My burning and screaming at me that I need to defeat you!

Babbagen: Hm. I am a gentleman, and a scholar who abhors physical violence.

Babbagen: Yet I am also aware that I must defend myself against any attack. Student or not, I will not hold back.

Babbagen: Your burning heart... Show me if it can best my steam power armor!


Babbagen: ...Left and right manipulators...stopped. I have sustained critical damage.

Babbagen: ...Candidate Ex.

Ex: Yes, Professor Babbagen.

Babbagen: You were a good student. A truly good student. You were one of the few who sincerely listened to my lectures.

Babbagen: You sat in front of the class, and I remember you always wiping your fogged up glasses.

Ex: ...It was tough. It was as tough as eating mochi topped with powdered chestnut without hands...

Babbagen: ...You have utterly defeated me.

Babbagen: You so accurately pinpointed my armor's weaknesses. I can think of no better sign that you studied well.

Babbagen: I do not have enough information to understand the entire situation, but I can hypothesize about the outcome.

Babbagen: Ex, you are planning to leave, are you not?

Ex: Professor, I...

Ex: I just couldn't like you. I couldn't help this hatred I felt toward you.

Ex: But I always liked your lectures. I truly did.

Babbagen: ...Ah, a student completes her studies and departs. That is every teacher's joy...

Babbagen: As your reward, I shall tell you. The dark lord's name is... “Sir Agravain.”

Ex: Agra...vain...!

Babbagen: He was a senior member of the group called the Dark R.O.U.N.D.S.

Babbagen: As the descendant of a clan that alchemizes artificial Servants, the work he inherited was truly evil.

Babbagen: The Heroine Zs earlier were just incomplete fakes. What he was searching for was something beyond that... A crystallized form of magecraft.

Babbagen: But we have been able to determine that he was not successful.

Ex: ...

Babbagen: Agravain fought valiantly, but he was no match for the overwhelming pressure of my steam.

Babbagen: In the end, he tumbled down into the castle's reactor core.

Babbagen: Whether it was accidental or intentional, I cannot say.

Babbagen: Not long after, the castle collapsed.

Babbagen: We conducted a thorough search, but were unable to locate his body.

Babbagen: At the same time, the secret ceremonial rites for the creation of artificial Servants were also lost. That's what

Ex: Professor...Professor Babbagen.

Ex: ...Ungh.

Ex: Agravain...Agravain...!

Ex: My Master... Revenge...!

Ex: ...

Ex: ...It's impossible...

???: Aren't you going to finish him off? Wouldn't that be more elegant?

Ex: ...!

???: Encased within his armor, the critical steam will release, cutting off his vision and breathing, and soon after, a world of extreme cold will await him.

???: He's an extremely troublesome enemy.

???: ...iii...

Ex: ...Are you the one who is here to get me, as the agent said?

???: ...Indeed, Lord Pendragon.

???: The final knight of the fallen Dark R.O.U.N.D.S. ...To think you would be hiding here, right under his nose.

???: ...Hmph. The villain may not always be evil, while the “good guy” may not always be working for the weak.

???: A school intended to educate heroic Servants? Laughable. You know that the moment it becomes a public facility, it also becomes a pawn of those in power, don't you?

???: Never mind. Now we need to think of how to deal with you, Lord Pendragon.

???: The reports said you had lost your memories, but by the look of it, you seem to understand what is going on.

Ex: Pendragon... Yes, that is the True Name I was given.

X Alter: My name is Heroine X Alter. The Ultimate Anti-Anti-Saber Weapon!

???: Hahahahaha! Wonderful. Let us celebrate your new journey!

???: I welcome you as a new member of the Villain Alliance. You shall serve me directly!

???: Admittedly, I am an outsider within the Alliance. But that means you will have absolute freedom in your job! What a wonderful position!

X Alter: ...I see. I'm actually more keen on being told what to do.

X Alter: But I do have one wish.

X Alter: I would like to take one Voloid with me. AUX Voloid K6-X4.

???: Hm? What a piece of junk. Fine. Doesn't look like much, though.

???: Board my container-shaped infiltration ship. We will return at once to the mothership, and convene with the other alliance members.

X Alter: Please, give me ninety seconds to prepare.

???: Understood. I will await you in the ship.

X Alter: ...Black Knight. I have...something to ask you.

X Alter: I finally figured out what was wrong with you.

X Alter: You have a tiny shard of crystallized Alternium embedded in your head. It was being used to track me.

X Alter: That crystal had been receiving mana waves leaking through the cracks of multidimensional space.

X Alter: It seems, coincidentally, that you were on the same wavelength as someone else's mind. They would appear to be a mage.

X Alter: But we are headed to a battlefield. Information leaks and unknown elements cannot be permitted.

X Alter: I'm going to remove the cause of the problem.

X Alter: Maybe you're still listening to my words through this Black Knight as a vessel.

X Alter: If you are...I would like to say goodbye.

X Alter: Having someone listen to me when I needed it... I think that was nice.

X Alter: When I succeed, and make a name for myself as a Servant...maybe we can talk like this again.

X Alter: When that time comes...

X Alter: No, that's just wishful thinking. She and my deceased Master would both laugh at that thought.

X Alter: See you. Whoever it is, from a Servant Universe far, far away...

X Alter: May the Alternium be with you, always...

Fujimaru 1: ...Whoa! Chaldea!?

Fujimaru 2: Did I fall asleep?

X: Have you awoken, Master? How was sleeping at the nice warm kotatsu?

X: It was good? I'm glad to hear! But Mash seems to be a little disappointed.

Mash: ...!

X: She seems to have kind of made a hobby of watching Master sleep. I don't understand that allure at all!

Mash: Ah, ah! Shhhhh. X, I told you to please keep that a secret...!

Mash: This kotatsu we inherited from Doctor's room is a Noble Phantasm to be feared!

Mash: Um... It's so that Senpai will remain healthy...

X: Let's just keep it that way. This mikan is delicious! This iyokan citrus is sour!

Fujimaru 1: Heroine X... I just saw someone with your face?

X: What? Is there something on my face? (Sigh) Fine. Then have a good look at it.

Mash: H-hey! Please! Both of you! Your faces are too close!

Fujimaru 2: (This one wears bloomers...)

X: Wha...? This is a special spacesuit! It's a wardrobe essential for those who follow the Star of Altria!

X: Well, they were on sale at the school's store, so I bought them all up.

Mash: What are you talking about?

Mash: (Sigh) ...Master, were you dreaming? Eh? Not a dream!?

Mash: Those are some hazy details.

X: Eh? Did I ever have a BFF?

X: Oh, come on. I don't remember anything like that. Sounds like space opera nonsense to me!

X: But...yeah. I did have someone I considered a troublesome rival.

X: Oh? You want to hear all about it? Uh... Well, it's not really an interesting story...

X: It's not like I defeated a space dragon, or won first place in a race through the Saint Quartz Run...

X: This story isn't as flashy as all that. It's just a story about ordinary school life.

X: Sheesh. I wonder how she's doing... That Saber who was energized by Japanese sweets...

X: No, no. Forget about that. Let's talk about releasing the long-awaited EPII!

X: I got excited thinking this quest was going to be about that, so I've been waiting patiently next to Master this whole time!

Mash: I-is that so? Anyway, it looks like you are still going to be talking.

Mash: We have run out of both mikan and tea, so I shall go get some more.

Fujimaru 1: Thanks, Mash. What would you like, X?

X: Any Japanese sweets. We are sitting at a kotatsu, after all.

X: Sometimes the flavor of corruption isn't so bad!

Mash: Yes, understood. I shall go check the kitchen!