Trial Quest - Miyamoto Musashi


A:???: I can't believe this!

???: ...

A:???: Whoa, hold on! You were cheating! I didn't even see when you drew your sword!

A:???: Seriously, cut that out! What kind of nonsense is a move I can't see even after I already saw through your movement!? You think people can just swing their swords around like chopsticks or something!?

???: Strength is not from the body alone, but from a state of perfect zen, and absolute purity. That was the ultimate strike, one I spent my entire career as a swordsman perfecting.

???: And yet, you were able to parry it somehow. I didn't pay much attention to this twaddle about “the greatest swordsman under heaven,” since it sounded like you made it up...

???: ...But now, I must cut you down. No matter what, I must cut you down.

A:???: Wait! Waitwaitwait! No way, I don't fight when I can't win!

A:???: Besides, you tricked me! What do you mean the name “Yagyu of Edo” is meaningless!?

A:???: Your skill with a sword is godlike! The people who told me your style was child's play lied!

???: ...Of course. Only the one who rules our nation knows the truth of my skill. Such is not meant for the likes of lowly peasants.

???: If you want to curse anything for being cut down in the middle of the street, curse your own aura as a swordsman.

A:???: ...Well, I can't really complain since I was the one who picked a fight with you... Wait, no, I will complain!

A:???: Shouldn't a powerful swordsman and government official like you just ignore taunts from a wanderer like me!?

A:???: But no! Not only did you ambush me, but you weren't even taking the fight seriously!?

A:???: That's not fair! You bully! Bullying the weak is bad!

???: ...

A:???: (...Looking at him, it seems nothing I say will matter anymore. This old geezer is unlike any opponent I've faced before.)

A:???: (I can't see his attacks. I can't win. I guess this is the end of the road for me... Hm?)

???: ...Hm.

A:???: YES! It's that thing again! Thank you, O merciful bodhisattva!

A:???: Since it looks like luck is on my side, I better take advantage of it and run! Sorry, but our fight ends here, Yagyu...something!

A:???: I won't taunt you again, so just forget about me! Bye!

???: ...

A:???: Phew, that worked! I'm getting so dizzy right noooooow!

???: ...She's gone. To think she would be versed in the demon arts as well as swordsmanship.

???: I may have injured her, but her head is still on her shoulders... To survive my secret technique not once, but twice...

???: Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara-no-Harunobu. I will never forget your name.

Fujimaru 1: ...Wait...

Fujimaru 2: ...This is...

Fujimaru 1: ...I've seen this place before?

Fujimaru 2: ...This looks familiar...

A:???: ...Ugh... Hmmm... Argh, my head hurts...

Fujimaru 1: Someone has collapsed!

Fujimaru 2: Hey, are you okay!?

A:???: ...! This is nothing, I can still fight!

A:???: Wait... Huh? Who...are you? Where's that scary old geezer?

Fujimaru 1: ...You... You were about to kill me...

A:???: Sorry about that! Y'know, if you tell me what's going on, I'll be even MORE apologetic. I'll even buy you a bowl of udon after!

A:???: But, before that...

Fujimaru 2: ...No, who are YOU?

A:???: I asked the question first. You're dressed funny... Hmm, looks like you're from another country?

A:???: In any case...

A:???: You, unfamiliar foreigner! Before you name yourself, you must answer this!

A:???: Who in the world am I!? And where exactly is this!?

Fujimaru 1: ...You lost your memories?

A:???: Yes, it seems that way. I must have hit my head hard, and forgot who I am.

A:???: So, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me my name. Oh, but if you don't know, that's fine too.

A:???: If you could just point me to a nearby tea shop, I'll handle the rest myself.

A:???: So? Do you know my name? Do you know anything about this place?

Fujimaru 1: ...I'm sorry...

Fujimaru 2: I'm afraid I don't know either...

A:???: I see... Yup, then nothing I can do. This stuff happens.

A:???: Sorry for asking so much. Anyway, let's get back to the introduction.

A:???: What's your name? My memories don't matter, but I can't call someone I just met “Hey You,” right?

Fujimaru 1: Fujimaru.

A:???: Okay, Fujimaru. I'm sorry about slashing at you just now.

A:???: You revived me, right? After I passed out? Well, it looks like no one stole anything off me...

A:???: It seems luck is on my side again this time. For someone as cute as you...

A:???: ...No, for someone as pure-hearted as you to wake me up.

Oni B: Heh...hehe! This new year is starting off great for us!

Oni B: Hey, partner! We've got some humans washed up over here! TWO OF THEM!

Oni B: Look at that one, tasty-looking meat and nice clothes! She even got swords around her waist!

Oni B: That [♂ guy /♀ girl] over there, though... No flair at all. No swords, no fancy getup...

Oni B: But perfect for physical labor! Let's grab [♂ him /♀ her] so [♂ he /♀ she] can make our meals!

Oni A: ...Not bad. It's about time we started aiming higher.

Oni A: A full-fledged oni has human slaves. It will keep those weirdos staying at the gate in check.

Oni A: Hey, you two humans there. If you don't want to die, come quietly and do as we say.

Oni A: If you resist, we won't have any choice: we'll have to hurt one of you. Real bad.

Fujimaru 1: ...Go on! Run!

A:???: Of course. If running would take care of it, I'd be happy to. But, it doesn't seem like running will do the trick.

Fujimaru 2: Can you fight?

A:???: Hmm... My memory's hazy... Can't even remember my own name... Still, I'm guessing this isn't something we can just run away from, so...

A:???: I mean, those are real oni, right? Here we go again... I always end up in weird places like this.

A:???: Fine, I shall fight! Fujimaru, I'll trust you to cover me!

A:???: I don't know where you idiots came from, but you sure have guts, talking weird trash like that to a couple of strangers who washed up on a beach!

A:???: I can tolerate thieves, miscreants, oni, centipede monsters...even Osakabe-hime! But I just can't stand evil jerks like you!

A:???: Now, an honest match, you oni-looking villains! Playtime is over. I'll send you back to hell!


Oni B:

Eeeeeek! What's with this human!? She's super strong!

Oni A: That dual sword stance... Ferocious, yet perfectly controlled... The flexibility and ability to adapt to any and all situations...

Oni A: This woman... Don't tell me... She's the famous Miyamoto Musashi! The one who killed off all the disciples of the Yoshioka school!

Oni B:

Whaaat!? You know of her, partner!?

Oni A: Indeed. I once devoted myself to the way of the sword. I'm familiar with all the famous swordsmen.

Oni A: This woman is Miyamoto Musashi, without a doubt! No, but... Woman... A woman...?

Fujimaru 1: Miyamoto Musashi...!

Musashi: ...Mmm, I guess that's my name. Sounds right to me.

Musashi: Do you know about me, Fujimaru? Is the name Miyamoto Musashi famous or something?

Fujimaru 2: Apparently your name is Musashi.

Musashi: Yeah. Sounds about right to me, so let's go with that.

Musashi: Although... I can't remember what kind of person this “Musashi” is... Well, she's probably a good-for-nothing person!

Musashi: In any case, we're still in the middle of a match. Hey, oni, thanks for telling me my name.

Oni B:

Eeek! If that's Musashi, there's no way we'd win! Sorry, Sukeroku, die for me!

Oni A:

Whoa, don't push me to the front! What are you, an evil oni!? Oh... Wait... Yeah...

Oni A: Ugh arrrgh! I'm going to die here!

Oni A: ...Hm? I'm not dead? I'm still alive?

Oni A: You mean Musashi let me live? The same Musashi they say kills everyone she meets?

Musashi: Where did you hear that?

Musashi: My memory is still hazy right now, but I won't cut down an opponent who's lost the will to fight.

Musashi: We're not at war or anything. Isn't it a bit barbaric to kill someone on first sight?

Musashi: If I can scare away my opponent through intimidation, that's a perfect victory.

Musashi: All I want's money and fame. Killing my opponents will only make people hate me!

Oni A: I-is that so...? You say that, but each of your attacks was powerful enough to kill...

Musashi: Well, yeah. Obviously. I didn't practice my bladework just so I could go easy on opponents.

Musashi: That said, I don't need a trail of blood and corpses following me. Only a true swordsman can stop a slash mid-strike.

Musashi: I don't fight if there's nothing in it for me. Lemme see...

Musashi: Weeell, if you have a bounty on your head, I'mma cut it off and get that bounty! But you don't... Do you?

Musashi: You don't look like you got a lotta money, or like someone'd be paying for your head.

Musashi: Okay, then! Hate the sin, not You know what? Just consider yourself lucky, and forget about me!

Oni A: ...

Musashi: Right! Since I think I know my name now, let me reintroduce myself. I am Miyamoto Musashi! Probably.

Musashi: Nice to meetcha, Fujimaru! For now, let's head to the tea shop I see on top of that ridge!

Interlude : First Gate

Musashi: I see. Chaldea, Servants, and Rayshifts, oh my...

Musashi: I've never heard of any of those, but I have an idea of who you are now.

Musashi: And you're saying I'm one of those so-called Servants?

Fujimaru 1: With that dual-wielding stance? Definitely.

Fujimaru 2: Musashi was a famous hero and swordsman.

Musashi: ...Hmm... That doesn't sound right... I definitely don't remember getting treated like a hero, or a famed swordsman...

Musashi: And it's not just 'cause I don't remember much about myself, y'know?

Musashi: That kinda...makes my nose itchy. I can just feel that something about that's a bit off.

Musashi: I don't think I'm the same swordsman you know of, Fujimaru. That's for sure, but...

Musashi: Eh, the little stuff can wait! Let's fill up our tummies first!

Musashi: Miss, bring more dumplings! Also, bring me some udon! Plain or not doesn't matter, just gimme what you got!

Fujimaru 1: Losing your memory doesn't bother you?

Musashi: Tee hee hee. Just knowing my name's making this better.

Musashi: Besides, there's no use worrying about what you don't know, right?

Fujimaru 2: Do you have any money?

Musashi: ...! Don't tell me... Fujimaru, you don't have any money?

Musashi: Hmm... Okay, let's just sell the shop owner something of ours! This sword guard is quite well-crafted, no?

Musashi: Don't worry, if I sell it, it'll cover travel expenses for a while. I'll share some with you too, Fujimaru.

Musashi: I mean, selling it'll kinda ruin its legacy and stuff... Eh! Luckily, I still have other swords.

Musashi: Anywho, you woke up on this island, and you remember having being here before... Am I correct?

Musashi: How did you get back to your original world before? I wonder if that strange hole is somewhere on this island, too?

Fujimaru 1: Original world...?

Fujimaru 2: Don't tell me... You, too?

Musashi: Yep! Already got used to it. Happens to me a lot. I just kinda meander into weird worlds.

Musashi: Last time, I ended up in the western part of this place called “America.” I had to fight a bunch of guys with pistols.

Musashi: The priestess that took care of me then said that I was a stranger.

Musashi: Apparently, I'm the sort who gets spirited away all the time. That's why I end up in all sorts of places.

Musashi: Usually, there's a hole to return to the original world nearby. So, long as I can find it, I can get back to the previous world.

Fujimaru 1: A swordsman who Rayshifts without realizing it...

Fujimaru 2: Isn't that a big deal...?

Musashi: Naaah! That's just how things have always been for me! It's not like I'm dying or anything!

B:???: I see. Openhearted and cheerful like in all the stories.

B:???: Even in a predicament that would kill an ordinary person, she just shrugs it off... I'm at a loss for words.

Fujimaru 1: The oni from earlier!

B:???: No, hold on, Master from Chaldea.

Sukeroku: I am Sukeroku. Raiden-no-Sukeroku. Caretaker of the fields and farms on this island.

Sukeroku: An oni making a meager living in Onigashima, a land that lost its master and is now fated to disappear.

Sukeroku: I couldn't help but be concerned about that woman saying she was Musashi. That's why I followed you...

Musashi: Oh, right. Don't just stand there. Care to sit next to me?

Sukeroku: No, I can't sit next to Miyamoto Musashi, even if you're only claiming to be him. I'm afraid my head would come toppling off my shoulders at any moment.

Sukeroku: I think I'd prefer to stand. ...Also, I came here bearing good news.

Sukeroku: Onigashima is an island someone created, then abandoned. This place doesn't exist in the real world anymore.

Sukeroku: This is the boundary of dreams and illusions.

Sukeroku: These days, the only visitors we get are oni with nowhere else to go... Just like us...

Sukeroku: But today must be quite the special day. Many travelers have wandered into this dream.

Sukeroku: Three great oni occupying the gates. A Master of Chaldea washing up ashore.

Sukeroku: And, a lady swordsman calling herself Miyamoto Musashi tumbles into a place she's wholly unconnected to.

Sukeroku: Each of you with unknown origins, but doubtless foreigners. If so, you want to return to your native worlds, yes?

Musashi: Yes. The dumplings here suck!

Fujimaru 1: I really do need to get back to Chaldea...

Sukeroku: Well, then matters are simple. Head for the summit of Onigashima.

Sukeroku: “Her” shrine still sits on the summit of Onigashima. A sanctuary shrouded in her divine aura.

Sukeroku: This world's god will reject anything that's deemed unnecessary.

Sukeroku: Given that, foreigners like you should get “bounced back” to your original world the moment you reach the summit.

Musashi: That's splendid. Thanks for the advice, Lord Raiden-no-Sukeroku.

Sukeroku: S-sure, you did spare my life, so I owed you one. No need to than–

Musashi: Okay! I, Fujimaru, and Lord Sukeroku, shall proceed to the summit of Onigashima!

Musashi: We just need to go past that gate in the distance, right? You can guide us, hold our luggage, and make our meals!

Musashi: Oh, and I'm not really asking. I'm telling.

Musashi: Defy me, and I'll give you some PAIN! So, better just do what I say!



Fujimaru 1: (Politeness x oppression = Musashi's power...!)

Fujimaru 2: (And now we have yet another weirdo Saber...)

Sukeroku: In the first place, Miyamoto Musashi is known as the most powerful swordsman in the history of Japan. He is said to have lived in the early Edo period.

Sukeroku: The “Niten Ichiryu” he created is a style that utilized both long and short swords, and is considered the quintessential “dual-wielding style” in Japan.

Sukeroku: The many duels Musashi fought with other swordmasters while he was in his twenties are known across the land, and serve as inspiration for a great deal of literature and entertainment.

Sukeroku: Among us oni, Musashi is synonymous with the dual-wielding style, and is both feared and loved at the same time.

Sukeroku: So much so that many oni children would swing around two clubs pretending to be Musashi.

Musashi: The Niten Ichiryu... The Book of Five Rings... The Throne of Void... Ah... I am starting to remember things...

Musashi: I haven't reached the fifth blade yet.

Musashi: When I was out in the Sagami area in hopes of training, I met a strange old man in a gazebo while sheltering from the rain...

Sukeroku: ...I see. They say Musashi was born in Ohara, Sakushu.

Sukeroku: His father's name was Shinmen Munisai, the martial arts coach of the Shinmen clan in Takeyama Castle. His lord was the one who gave him the name “Shinmen.”

Sukeroku: Munisai set up a dojo for jitte skills in Miyamoto, Yoshino. Musashi considered this home, so later used Miyamoto as a surname...

Sukeroku: Stories of Miyamoto Musashi are popular, but Shinmen Munisai was incredibly skilled as well.

Sukeroku: Consider that the name he gave himself is “Muni,” which means “unique.” You have to be quite skilled to consider calling yourself that!

Sukeroku: To be unique is to be the singular, ultimate one. In other words, it's a show of a powerful ego asserting none follow in his footsteps.

Sukeroku: Musashi, his son, calling his own style “Niten” is surely respect for his great father—

Sukeroku: Hmm? I'm getting a chill somehow. Do oni catch colds as well?

Fujimaru 1: Musashi is totally glaring at you!

Fujimaru 2: I don't know why, but don't talk about her dad!

Sukeroku: Oh! Right! There's not much point in trying to recount Musashi's history with her standing right here, is there? It's certainly nothing she doesn't know!

Sukeroku: Sorry about that. A slip of the tongue. It's just, none of the oni are interested in stories of this sort, so...

Sukeroku: I... I can't help but be attracted to swords. Because of that, I've spent a lot of time rifling through books and documents alone.

Musashi: Well, I've never heard of any oni versed in swordsmanship. On the other hand, I have heard of people becoming oni-like in pursuit of swordsmanship.

Musashi: Oh well, I already knew that was the version of the story in your world.

Fujimaru 1: Wait, what do you mean?

Musashi: In my world, Shinmen Munisai was as violent as a storm,

Musashi: and his child was abandoned simply because she was a girl.

Musashi: But wait! She wasn't discouraged by the abandonment! Nope! She built a shed to live right under that bastard father's nose!

Musashi: I don't know what kind of swordsman Miyamoto Musashi was in the worlds of Lord Sukeroku or Fujimaru.

Musashi: But in MY world, “Miyamoto Musashi” is still a nameless swordsman that lives each day in self-indulgence.

Musashi: ...Well, someone once told me I was from a world that went toootally off the rails–a Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon. That's why I'm different than the other Musashi, they said.

Musashi: But the Musashi in your world became famous? That's pretty awesome.

Musashi: When you get down to it, Miyamoto Musashi is just a careless sorta fellow. But in his version, he was at least able to touch the Throne of Void.

Fujimaru 1: Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon?

Fujimaru 2: Throne of Void...?

Sukeroku: Pruning Theoretical Phenomenon...? I've never heard the term before. What does it mean?

Musashi: Who knows? Perhaps it's a destiny like the morning dew. I don't know all that much myself.

Sukeroku: This is the first great gate. This was the gate Kazakoemaru guarded in the past...

C:???: Hoooooohohoho! How dare you show up, seedy bald oni and country girl who doesn't even have a long-sleeved kimono!

C:???: It's the New Year! The first dawn of the year! The neighborhood overflows with New Year gifts and the pharaoh's sun!

C:???: No day is as joyous as today! In other words... Yes, in other words, it's MY turn!

C:???: Hiiiyah!

Cleopatra: Hiiiyah!

Sukeroku: ...

Musashi: ...

Fujimaru 1: ...

Cleopatra: Eh... What is this... This quiet as if this was a mall where every store was shuttered and closed...

Cleopatra: ...That was a mistake. Making an elegant and conservative entrance just because it is the New Year... What was I thinking!?

Cleopatra: Right! A pharaoh must be brazen like the glimmering sun for any and every occasion!

Cleopatra: Just like the great Ozymandias! And Nitocris!

Nitocris: You know I'm not like that.

Cleopatra: Yes! I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart, Pharaoh Nitocris!

Nitocris: That's... That's really not...what I meant...

Cleopatra: All right! Now that I have my support, let's try this again!

Cleopatra: Hiiiiyah!

Cleopatra: Hooohohoho! Surprised you made it here, scrawny ugly oni and girl with three Buster Cards!

Cleopatra: But your advance ends here! I will not allow any further violence!

Cleopatra: That's because... Yes, that's because... I'm going to turn this island into my second castle!

Fujimaru 1: Second castle...!?

Fujimaru 2: She...she wouldn't repeat the nightmare of Castle Csejte!

Cleopatra: Right! I couldn't borrow a pyramid from Pharaoh Ozymandias this time...

Cleopatra: ...But I have superior money management skills! Give me three days, and this gate will be renovated into a classy spa!

Cleopatra: Once I'm done, you will all be able to rest to your heart's content! The first three days of the year are special, so take it easy!

Musashi: Really? We have no money but you'll let us stay in an inn?

Cleopatra: Heh, of course, samurai girl. That obi you have is quite exquisite! I am always looking for new girlfriends!

Musashi: So she says. No idea what she's talking about, but she seems awfully generous, I guess?

Musashi: It's the New Year, right? How about we forget about going to the summit and just rest here?

Fujimaru 1: You realize she's going to put you to work, right?

Cleopatra: Heh... To think you would call me out on that. I expect nothing less from the Master who saved humanity.

Cleopatra: Six hours per shift, two shifts a day, each separated by a six-hour break.

Cleopatra: With this miraculous labor law, I can turn a single working day into two. That's how you lot will build my new castle!

Fujimaru 2: Our New Year's vacation will end!

Cleopatra: ...!

Cleopatra: N-no, you can take longer than those special three days. I mean, some schools are taking the entire week off, no?

Sukeroku: Who knows? I heard people are starting to work a lot sooner now.

Musashi: ...I knew it! She runs a shady business!

Musashi: The only real miracle in the world should be udon! Let's defeat her and move on!

Cleopatra: She holds her head so high...! Not only do you not go with my plan, but you accuse me of running a shady business! Now I MUST fight!

Cleopatra: I am the final heir of the Pharaoh Fighting Style... The very incarnation of beauty, Cleopatra VII Philopator!

Cleopatra: I don't know what Heroic Spirit you are, but I'm not just a supreme beauty!

Sukeroku: What... Pharaoh Fighting Style...!?

Fujimaru 1: You know of it, Raiden!?

Sukeroku: Yes... In a land far to the west, someone devised a magical attack strengthened by pompous acts and laughs!

Sukeroku: The more pompous and cocky you act, the greater king you become... To think those are the requirements to inherit such a fighting style...

Sukeroku: Obviously, I don't need to tell you that once you inherit the style, you always look at people with your head held—

Musashi: Okay, stand back, Lord Sukeroku! That girl's weapon is a sickle chain as big as Baiken's!


Cleopatra: Kyaaah...!

Sukeroku: Amazing! The match is over!

Fujimaru 1: Winner, Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami!

Musashi: Ah, hearing that declaration of the victor felt so good! Thanks, Fujimaru!

Cleopatra: Tch... You people don't know a good opportunity when you see one!

Cleopatra: This is where you should be praising me! This is your chance to receive the greatest New Year gift ever: my unparalleled beauty!

Cleopatra: But I will not give up! My dream of a fitness boot camp island—

Cleopatra: For the sake of my dear Caesar, I will make Cleopatra Fitness Island a reality!

Musashi: Huh? She disappeared. I didn't even hit her that hard, though...

Fujimaru 1: She went back to Chaldea.

Musashi: I see. Glad I didn't end up killing her. Okay, moving on!

Musashi: From the look of things, these, um... Servants, you call them? I bet they'll be at the other gates, too.

Musashi: It'll be good if we can talk things out with them, but if we have to fight, that's fine too!

Musashi: Wielding my sword will probably restore my memories, and I'm happy for any chance to fight a strong opponent!

Interlude : Second Gate

Tamamo Cat Woof: Hahaha! Master here on New Year's, welcome! I am the dream cat guarding the second gate.

Tamamo Cat Woof: My name is Tamamo Cat Woof! There will be no lounging around a kotatsu eating mandarin oranges here!

Musashi: Now it's a fox-girl? Fujimaru, your friends are weird.

Tamamo Cat Woof: Of course! Master has an A Rank in Endurance, and will listen to even the ramblings of a wild cat with patience!

Tamamo Cat Woof: However. However...! This cat is ticked!

Tamamo Cat Woof: I've been carefully getting ready for a nice traditional New Year's meal since the end of last year...

Tamamo Cat Woof: I was willing to skip the last battle for it. Honestly, being an all-star is so annoying.

Tamamo Cat Woof: So I was peeling my shrimp, resolved to duck out of any battles...

Tamamo Cat Woof: When Master... Master... Master ordered the New Years meal at a convenience store!

Tamamo Cat Woof: And [♂ he /♀ she] even ordered one for me! So considerate! But that turned out to just really make me angry!

Sukeroku: Ah... That's no good. Don't you know why New Year's meals are so elaborate, kid?

Sukeroku: They're made of food that lasts so that the lady of the house doesn't have to cook for three days straight.

Sukeroku: And they're made elaborately and lovingly with as many of the husband's favorite foods as possible. It's their way of showing their gratitude at the end of the year.

Fujimaru 1: Huh?

Musashi: Yes... They say New Year's Day dictates the rest of the year, you know. So traditionally for the wife, pleasing her significant other with a homemade New Year's meal...

Musashi: a way to infuse the relationship with love, spirit, joy, and mutual support for the whole year ahead!

Musashi: And you just went out and got a store-bought one...? Even my jerk dad gets quiet in front of a New Year's meal...

Fujimaru 1: Huh!?

Tamamo Cat Woof: That's right! This kitty's chest is about to burst with sadness!

Tamamo Cat Woof: Actually, it did burst. And the result was—

Tamamo Cat Woof Woof: Happy New Year, Master! I am Tamamo Cat Woof Woof, the hawk!

Tamamo Cat Woof Woof Woof: Never get store-bought meals! I'm Tamamo Cat Woof Woof Woof, and I'm taking it to the danger zone!

Tamamo Cat Woof: As you can see, the sadness split my heart into three pieces! And the result was the raging feline, Tamamo Cat.

Tamamo Cat Woof Woof: Hehehe. One's good enough, and now there's two more of us. You're gonna need a whole lot of carrots!

Tamamo Cat Woof Woof: Now we have no choice but to open up a maid café, or rather a maid CATfé! But where do we get the cats?

Tamamo Cat Woof Woof Woof: Impressive, a maid enterprising enough to open up a café! How modern! Does that make Master the café owner?

Tamamo Cat Woof: That's right, kitties! So let's grab our Master!

Tamamo Cat Woof: Open Caaaaaats! Eagle, Jaguar, Bear... LET'S COMBINE!

Tamamo Cat Woof: Let's go, Master! It's time for some triple cat trouble!

Interlude : Third Gate

Sukeroku: Huh? The last gate's supposed to be here...

Sukeroku: But instead there's this weird field. And what's that funky steel tower...

Fujimaru 1: That rocket...!

Fujimaru 2: Watch out! You'll be ambushed!

Musashi: ...! A ghastly aura!

X: Heh. Not bad, new Saber! You guys just keep popping up like weeds, don't you?

X: I've been watching from afar... What's with that cool battle animation!?

X: A true Saber should only use a single beloved blade! Using two is so wrong... You should be ashamed of yourself!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. Dual-wielding isn't a Saber style at all.

X: That is correct. I knew you were the type of Master who would understand, Fujimaru. Hello!

X: Here's your New Year's present. It's red bean paste balls they sell at a station on planet Guntama.

X: Anyway, did you hear that, newbie!? Dual-wielding is MY thing, so cut it out!

X: Even my self-control, which is reinforced as tightly as a plasma chain, is still about to snap!

Fujimaru 2: Musashi, that's a ninja.

Musashi: Huh? No way! Ninjas don't stand out like that.

Musashi: And her skill with the sword seems like the real deal. It's a style I've never seen before. I can tell that she's a master swordsman.

Musashi: Yeah. That girl looks really fun. How do I put it... I've never met anybody so deserving of my blade!

X: Umm... When you say that with a smile on your face, it's like you're telling me you like me. You're making me blush!

X: ...This is bad... I get the same sense from this Saber as I did from that kimono-clad street murderer!

X: Either way, I'm going to attack like I'm the victor of this fight! I am Heroine X, the Space Saber!

X: I work to maintain the balance of the Servant universe by defeating the ever growing number of Sabers! All things must be perfectly in balance!

X: Taste my ever-so-flashy Saber Ninja Technique!

Sukeroku: What...? Saber Ninja Technique, you say!?

Fujimaru 1: I knew you would know about this, Raiden.

Sukeroku: Yes, it's a demonic technique some traveler taught to the King of Knights–after the latter crossed the sea by mistake and got lost on Mt. Katsuragi.

Sukeroku: Though extraordinarily powerful, it's a cursed technique that becomes almost useless once its user joins your side.

Sukeroku: I never thought such a technique would ever get implemented... I mean, would actually exist!

X: Heh. I may not have Nameless Red or Babbagen with me this time, but I do have barbaric techniques that can only be used alone!

X: Get ready, dual-wielder! And be careful, Fujimaru!

X: Don't underestimate me just because it's New Year's! I'm kind of seriously strong right now!

Fujimaru 1: Fine! Bring it on!

Fujimaru 2: Please go easy since it's New Year's.


X: ...! This Saber's a pain!

X: Just like me, she'll do whatever it takes to win, and it really looks like ANYTHING goes!

Musashi: No way! Sure, I'll do whatever I need to in order to win, but my policy is to master a single technique!

Musashi: Niten Ichiryu is an attempt to challenge and overcome an absolute “one”!

Musashi: I've set my eyes on your weakness! I shall reach the apex of heaven. Now prepare yourself!

X: ...! She's after my left hand...! I know what she's doing, but I don't think I can stop her...!

X: Tch—!

X: Oww! Owwwww! I can't believe she destroyed the W. F. D. bracelet on my wrist!

X: This was specially made by the new engineer that joined my Knights of the Round Table team, Lionhead!

X: Very well! We'll finish this later! Actually, I'm running away because I'm scared!

X: But don't think you've won! A second and third me will appear one of these days! Just wait for it!

X: Until we meet again, Fujimaru! I'll see you in yet another spacey war someday!

Musashi: ...She also disappeared. Well, that was a strange opponent.

Musashi: Fujimaru, are all Servants like that?

Fujimaru 1: X is...special.

Fujimaru 2: Just forget about her.

Musashi: I see. So she's an exception among exceptions. That explains why we got along so well.

Sukeroku: ...Hm. What exactly does that mean?

Musashi: Neither she nor I are really part of this world. In a sense, we're alike that way.

Musashi: You know, I'm the kind of girl who randomly wanders into different worlds. I know how it feels to be left out no matter where you are.

Sukeroku: ...I knew it.

Sukeroku: Anyway, this is the final gate. We're almost to the top. Let's hurry before someone else stops us.


Musashi: Whoa... So that's what the Incineration of Humanity was...? You battled and went through a lot!

Musashi: That means you took back our history and future, right? That's amazing. I'm sure everyone praised you for that.

Musashi: So let me add in as a bonus: Good work, Fujimaru. I'm sure it was a long year for you.

Musashi: Oh, and another thing, Master of Chaldea... Happy New Year!

Musashi: Thanks to you, I can continue my journey!

Fujimaru 1: I was helped by so many around me.

Musashi: Aww, come on! Bonding with others is great and all, but that alone's not enough to do it justice!

Musashi: In the end, it was all about your potential!

Sukeroku: ...I'm very interested in you as well, Shinmen Musashi. Why have you continued your wandering journeys?

Fujimaru 2: What's your goal for your journey?

Musashi: My journey's goal? Um, that's...

Sukeroku: Yes. I would like to know as well. Shinmen Musashi, what do you seek?

Musashi: ...Hmm. My journey is just to perfect my skills, so there's no real goal.

Musashi: I guess if I had a goal, it's to get home to my world. And to master my bladework.

Musashi: My dad... Munisai's blade was about “one.” A perfected “one.” A “one” that reached heights that could never be exceeded.

Musashi: But I HAAATE that damn old man. So I want to surpass him no matter what it takes.

Musashi: So I want a sword that can exceed “one.” Before I die, I want to reach the Throne of the Void. I want to achieve “zero.”

Sukeroku: ...

Musashi: There it is! I feel it! Fujimaru, there's a hole there!

Fujimaru 1: I can't see it, but I can tell.

Fujimaru 2: We got here pretty anticlimactically.

Musashi: ...Well, you're right. It's too bad, since we got to know each other so well.

Musashi: I have my own world, and you have your own world of Chaldea.

Musashi: It's a shame, but we have to say goodbye. But if we have the chance, I'm sure we'll meet again somewhere—

Sukeroku: No, that will never happen. You will die here, Shinmen Musashi.

Sukeroku: You said you wanted to go home, right? But that was never going to happen in the first place.

Fujimaru 1: ...!?

Fujimaru 2: He's turning into... a Servant!?

Musashi: ...What? Did you know me, Sukeroku?

Musashi: Did you follow me around because you hated me for some reason?

???: ...That's right. For a long, long time, I had forgotten. I had forgotten how I became an oni.

???: On that day, I fought with you.

???: After I killed those monkey-like brats in the Miyamoto village, I just happened to pass you by on the mountain road.

???: What a beautiful sight you were, there in the twilight. The very embodiment of evil.

???: I knew instantly that I had to fight you or I would have regretted it.

???: That's how beautiful your demeanor was. It was enough to drive me mad, had I let you go.

???: ...And you defeated me. And now I'm finally able to remember your words you uttered at that time.

???: “If it's for money or honor, I'm going to run. If it's for hate or duty, I'll run then, too.”

???: “But...if you say your spirit can't survive unless you kill me, then I shall fight you.”

???: “If our lives cannot exist without killing each other, then I shall resign myself to this bloodshed.”

Musashi: Yeah, that sounds right. I'll kill someone for that reason.

???: Indeed. So then you defeated me, and I wandered the world harboring a grudge. The next thing I knew, I had become an oni that had forgotten everything.

???: But...meeting you brought back my rage. I will repeat what I said then.

???: “Fight me, flower that blossoms at the apex of heaven. Life is meaningless to me if I don't kill you.”

Musashi: ... (Sigh)

Musashi: Sorry, Fujimaru, can you help me out?

Musashi: I don't think I can slay him completely. But with you, I can let him move on to the next life. I know it's a pain, but—

Fujimaru 1: All right. It won't be for your sake...

Musashi: ...Yup. I knew I could count on the one who saved the world. It's impressive at your age.

Musashi: Very well, you obsessed oni. I don't know who you are.

Musashi: No, I don't even remember your name. You must be one of the many warriors I slew.

Musashi: I doubt I will remember this fight, either. But come.

Musashi: I am Shinmen Musashi-no-Kami Fujiwara-no-Harunobu! Master of the Niten Ichiryu! With my Fifth Force, I shall cut your obsession crosswise!


Musashi: Arima whatchamacallit, your life is mine...!

Oni: Gwaah... Oooohh...!

Oni: This inescapable declaration of death— This is it! This is the flower of the blade I saw on that day...!

Oni: Haha— But, how futile.

Oni: Poor Musashi. How sad, Musashi. The desire to return home—

Oni: You cannot return anywhere. You are the same as the Heroic Spirits.

Oni: I'm sure you've realized it already. Your world disappeared a long time ago.

Oni: You were ejected from your vanishing world, and you are going up a creek without a paddle through the worlds of others.

Oni: You'll be an outcast, forever and ever.

Oni: There is no world left for you to belong to.

Musashi: ...

Oni: You will never be able to return home, and your journey will continue forever. That is, until the time you meet the greatest foe of your life.

Oni: Thus, I pity you. For such a master of the arts does not exist.

Musashi: ...Hold it. I hate to criticize someone's dying words, but what are you talking about?

Musashi: I can encounter all kinds of “greatest foes.” I mean, I was almost killed by a scary old guy just recently.

Oni: ...No. That's not it. That's not it, Musashi.

Oni: There are no doubt better swordsmen, greater masters than you.

Oni: But that is not what I mean by your greatest foe.

Oni: It's the path that you seek. To a swordsman, the greatest foe is one who has mastered the path, the Origin opposite to their own.

Oni: But...but, that will never be fulfilled. Such a person doesn't even exist.

Oni: The Swordsman of the Heavenly Eye. That path where zero rivals one is, in other words, infinity.

Oni: No swordsman has ever reached infinity. Such a path is something no one can ever reach.

Oni: Thus...your journey will never end. You are just like a drifting boat—

Oni: Oh... How I pity you, Musashi. How sad you are, Musashi.

Oni: All your talent will never pay off. Even with all your training, you will never get a chance to truly use it...

Oni: Like a flower blooming in the twilight, you will only scatter idly.

Musashi: Begone to your next life. Someday, I will join you.

Fujimaru 1: ...

Fujimaru 2: ...Musashi.

Musashi: All right. Now that the pain in the neck is gone, it really is time to say goodbye.

Musashi: That oni said I can't go back to my old world, but don't let it bother you too much.

Musashi: If nothing else, I can go back to the world I was in before I came here. Just like how you'll wake up in Chaldea.

Musashi: Oh, if you do make it safely back, immortalize me in a journal or something.

Musashi: Well, we were companions for a while. A really, really short while, though...

Fujimaru 1: I want you to remember, too.

Musashi: ...Yes, of course! Anyway, goodbye, Master!

Musashi: ...Oh, right! I'm so dumb. How could I just realize this now?

Musashi: A once-a-year joyous and happy event— of course it was fun!

Musashi: This was the first dream you had in the new year!

Fujimaru 1: Yeah. See you later, Musashi!

Fou: Fou, foou?

Mash: Good morning, Senpai. Happy New Year.

Mash: As I promised last night, I am here for your seven o'clock wake-up call!

Mash: You're going to help Da Vinci with her mochi-making party, right?

Mash: I can't wait to—Master?

Mash: ...Um, is something wrong? It looks like you were crying...

Fujimaru 1: ...I don't know.

Fujimaru 2: ...I think I had a strange dream...

Fou: Fou, fooou?

Mash: I see. But it wasn't a bad one, was it?

Mash: How do I know, you ask? I can tell. You look very happy.

Mash: It was sad, but there was also something good... That's the look you always have when that happens.

Fou: Fou. Fou!

Fujimaru 1: ...I see. Happy New Year, Mash.

Fujimaru 2: Let's go see Da Vinci!


Right! I'll accompany you on our first mission of 2019, Master!

Fou: Fou, fouuu!