Trial Quest - Parvati

A Lady Descends to Fuyuki

Mash: All systems green. Rayshift is a success.

Da Vinci: Good, good. Now then, Fujimaru.

Da Vinci: Let me go over this again: you're in Fuyuki, a rural Japanese city.

Da Vinci: You're here to investigate the odd reading we got in this area.

Da Vinci: So...see anything?

Da Vinci: Anything or anyone that seems out of place or that catches your attention in your general vicinity?

Fujimaru 1: Let's see...

Fujimaru 1: There is a woman...dressed in Indian attire...

Da Vinci: Hmmm...

Da Vinci: Ah, good work, Fujimaru. Looks like you got it in one!

Da Vinci: She's definitely the source of the odd reading we got. Looks like she's a Servant.

Mash: But she is no ordinary Servant. I'm getting a Divine Spirit response from her.

Da Vinci: Oh-ho. I knew this would be a special case since Sheba interpreted it as irregular when we detected it, but I never imagined it would be a Divine Spirit Servant.

Da Vinci: She doesn't seem hostile, but we don't know what's going to happen. Proceed with caution, Fujimaru.

Fujimaru 1: Okay... Um, excuse me, do you have a moment?

Fujimaru 2: Hello. You there. Can I speak to you for a bit...?

A:???: !? Eh? Uh, yes...? Wh-what is it!?

A:???: Um, I know I've been wandering around the same spot for a while now...

A:???: So of course you think I'm suspicious, but I promise I am absolutely not a shady sort!

A:???: ...Oh?

A:???: ...

A:???: Um, forgive me if I'm wrong, but...

A:???: Are you by chance a Master who has formed a contract with a Servant...?

Fujimaru 1: Indeed I am.

Fujimaru 2: I contract with lots of Servants.

A:???: Oh, wonderful. Then I don't have to explain all the basics to you.

A:???: I'm not the least bit shady. I am–get this–a wayward Servant who has nothing to hide!

Da Vinci: Well, thanks for that polite explanation. But it's not just about being polite.

Da Vinci: (She acts like the passive type, but she's got a heck of a stubborn attitude...)

Da Vinci: (Despite her appearance, she's almost certainly no pushover. Be careful, Fujimaru)

Mash: That's not nice, Da Vinci. She was honest about being a wayward Servant...

Mash: And while I know neither her circumstances, nor her True Name, I am sure she is a wonderful Servant!

A:???: Oh, are they your friends? It's nice to be in such a lively group.

A:???: They are transmitting their voices from somewhere across both space and I correct?

Da Vinci: Yeah, that's a great interpretation. It's nice to have a Divine Spirit who's quick on the uptake.

A:???: You can tell I'm a Divine Spirit...a goddess Servant? Even with my weakened Spirit Origin?

Mash: Y-yes. It's difficult to explain, but we have encountered our share of goddesses. And every one of them has been pretty...distinctive...

A:???: Oh my. What wonderful encounters. You must have gone through intensive training.

A:???: I don't know which goddesses you encountered, nor do I know what kind of humans were used as vessels...

A:???: But since you already understand the basics, I see no reason to hide my identity. Allow me to formally introduce myself:

A:???: I am Pārvatī. I've manifested here using this girl's body as a vessel... She is someone to whom I am attuned in both body and soul.

Fujimaru 1: Pārvatī...?

Fujimaru 2: A vessel? So, a Pseudo-Servant!?

Pārvatī: Yes. It has been something of a confluence of coincidences.

Mash: Pārvatī is a famous goddess from Indian myth.

Mash: She is the divine wife of Shiva, and is the embodiment of kindness and grace. She doesn't seem to be a dangerous Divine Spirit, which is a relief.

Da Vinci: Yeah. If that woman is really Pārvatī, you're not in immediate danger.

Da Vinci: After all, there really aren't any myths about Pārvatī doing battle.

Da Vinci: Goddesses tend to be pretty fickle. They just love punishing humans at even the slightest hint of provocation or disrespect.

Da Vinci: But as long as she is truly Pārvatī, anything dark–Wait a minute...

Da Vinci: A goddess who's portfolio includes beauty and gentleness... This is bad. Really bad!

Da Vinci: Because she's not a goddess of war and beauty, but she's exclusively a goddess of beauty! She's the same! The same as me!

Mash: ...Let's just put Da Vinci's antics aside...

Mash: I'm curious about the individual who became her vessel. Um, excuse me, Miss Pārvatī...

Mash: May I ask what has happened to the owner of that body of yours?

Pārvatī: You're asking about the state of this body's owner... I didn't think you would ask that question so quickly...

Pārvatī: You're bold, though you seem mild-mannered. Or, at least, you're certainly cautious. You have the kouhai thing going on, and we have similar personalities...

Mash: Um, Miss Pārvatī?

Pārvatī: Nothing. Were I in your shoes, I would have asked the same question.

Pārvatī: The original owner of this body is not here.

Pārvatī: That is... She isn't asleep, and she hasn't been destroyed or anything...

Pārvatī: Being a Divine Spirit, this is embarrassing to admit, but she and I merged together seamlessly♡

Mash: M-merged!? D-does that mean...

Mash: The human girl's, embraced the Divine Spirit Pārvatī...or rather, didn't lose to you...?

Pārvatī: Oh, I know...

Pārvatī: I may not be a god of war, but even so, to be able to retake control from a Divine Heroic Spirit...I'm speechless myself.

Pārvatī: This body is...well, it's basically me now. You know, I'm told that I am gloomy, scary, strong-willed...

Pārvatī: My memories and behavior are all Pārvatī, but expressed through her personality.

Pārvatī: We combined our good aspects and cut away the bad parts in a sort of mutual consensus, creating a new Pseudo-Servant.

Pārvatī: The girl's past and memories were sealed when we merged. After all, no human can bear the full weight of a god's mind and memories.

Pārvatī: But in exchange, my preferences and decision-making were all entrusted to her human nature.

Pārvatī: This may be hard to understand, but...let's see... Are you familiar with the concept of magical girls?

Pārvatī: I'm not too far off from that concept. It's a temporary state I can't change back from, but were I to do so, I would forget everything as soon as I did.

Fujimaru 1: Magical girl...I get it.

Fujimaru 2: I don't know much about magical girls,but I think I get the idea.

Da Vinci: Hm. I figured we'd find a vessel once I knew we were dealing with a Divine Spirit, but this is a pretty far cry from what we saw in Uruk.

Da Vinci: In that case, it was a goddess using a human as her core, but this seems to be a human using a goddess as her own core.

Da Vinci: Either way, that girl must have some sort of connection with the Holy Grail and Servants.

Da Vinci: Typically, the human the god's compatible with is just used as a vessel. The god puts a small part of their power into the vessel and kind of forces their way into that person to manifest as a Servant.

Da Vinci: At least, that's how it usually works for a Pseudo-Servant. You seem to be something of a special case, though.

Da Vinci: But ultimately, you're not really much different from the other Divine Spirits in Chaldea.

Pārvatī: Oh, so there are others like me. That's good to know.

Pārvatī: I'm not particularly comfortable with excessive fear or worship from those around me.

Pārvatī: I would very much like for you to interact with me naturally, just like how you treat anyone else.

Mash: Thank you for your concern, Pārvatī. By the way–

Pārvatī: Oh, you can call me Par. My name is kind of long and a bit hard to say, don't you think?

Mash: O-okay... I'm a little apprehensive about that, but... Very well, Par...

Pārvatī: Okay! Hee hee. This is my first time going by a nickname. I'm really being quite sociable, aren't I? That makes me happy.

Pārvatī: The owner of this body and I are both naturally very shy.

Pārvatī: But by combining the best parts of ourselves, I believe we're better able to speak our mind and not be so timid.

Pārvatī: We can assert ourselves and say what we like.

Pārvatī: Just that fact makes this manifestation worth it.

Fujimaru 1: So, Par...

Fujimaru 2: What's a goddess like you doing in a place like this?

Pārvatī: Oh yes, I forgot! There's no time for me to be standing around here being all happy!

Pārvatī: Um, well, simply put, I'm looking for something. I know it's around here somewhere.

Mash: You mean in Fuyuki, during this age?

Pārvatī: Yes. This city seems to have some sort of connection to my body...

Pārvatī: And so I thought that if I wandered this place, I would eventually come across it...

Pārvatī: But this Fuyuki seems to be different than the one my body is familiar with...

Pārvatī: Embarrassing as it is to admit, I seem to have gotten lost and landed myself in a bit of a bind...

Fujimaru 1: I see...

Mash: Now that we know what's going on, what do you think, Senpai? Should we help out Par?

Da Vinci: Yeah. If that's her reason for being there, granting her wish will definitely lead us to some answers.

Fujimaru 2: Want us to help?

Mash: Yes. We do have some connection with Fuyuki, and we can provide a bit of backup from here.

Mash: We may be able to be of some help.

Pārvatī: Well, if you really want to, then I'd welcome it! But...are you sure you want to help me? We only just met.

Fujimaru 1: (Nod)

Fujimaru 2: (Give a thumbs up)

Pārvatī: Oh, what kindhearted people you are! I must show my appreciation for your generosity!

Pārvatī: ...Oh, my apologies. I have yet to learn your names. May I ask what they are?

Fujimaru 1: I'm Fujimaru.

Pārvatī: Fujimaru. So your name is Fujimaru...

Pārvatī: Yes, I think that is a wonderful name. Pleased to meet you, Fujimaru!

Pārvatī: And...Miss Mash and Miss Genius Da Vinci!

Da Vinci: So the thing you're looking you have any other clues other than that it's in this city?

Pārvatī: This is more of an instinctual thing, so I think I would know if it were nearby...

Mash: Then we have no choice but to search the area.

Mash: Let's map out the area, and we'll keep track of where you've covered as you do it.

Mash: This could take awhile, but if you just do it bit by bit, I'm sure we'll find what Par is looking for eventually.

Pārvatī: Wow...and I thought you were the same sort as me, but you take initiative much more than I do, Mash!

Pārvatī: But that is very promising! Running into you is the best thing that could have happened to me here. I'm so lucky!

Pārvatī: Now let's get going! I'm counting on everyone!

Mash: By the way, Par, that thing you're carrying... Is that a lance?

Da Vinci: Oh yeah, I was wondering the same. Your Class is Lancer, right?

Da Vinci: But I've never heard of Pārvatī carrying a lance...

Pārvatī: Oh, you're right. This actually isn't mine.

Pārvatī: I borrowed it from my husband, Shiva.

Da Vinci: Ah, that's Shiva's trident, Trishula? So that's why you're a Lancer.

Pārvatī: Since I'm only borrowing it, I can't do nearly as much with it as Shiva could.

Pārvatī: And I customized it a little so I could use it easier.

Pārvatī: It's probably far from what a lance should look like... Well, no, it's probably just not as cool because I'm the one who customized it.

Pārvatī: I...may be a goddess, but I'm kind of a klutz.

Fujimaru 1: Ummm...

Mash: No, that's not true! No matter how clumsy you are, I am sure you're a very diligent worker, Par!

Mash: I have absolutely no reason to believe that, but I'm certain of it because...because I feel such a close connection with you!

Pārvatī: Mash!

Fujimaru 2: You're no klutz! You're beautiful, goddess!

Pārvatī: R-really? You think so!? You speak so much more passionately than I could... You make me blush!

Pārvatī: But hearing you say that about me gives me so much confidence!

Pārvatī: I may not have as much firepower as Shiva, but since I've manifested...

Pārvatī: That proves that I am a full-fledged Lancer Servant! Hi-yah!

Fujimaru 1: Hi-yah...?

Fujimaru 2: Um... What was that wobbly move?

Pārvatī: It''s a “hi-yah!” It's what all martial artists shout...!

Pārvatī: ...Ungh. Drat. You're doubting me now, aren't you?

Pārvatī: I know I'm a beginner at being a Lancer, but I am still a goddess!

Pārvatī: I may not look cool, but I'm definitely really strong when I fight. Probably.

Pārvatī: If an enemy comes, I'll just slap, slap, slap them. Like this!

Pārvatī: I may borrow Shiva's power, but I still plan on doing it my way: by being splendid and graceful!

Pārvatī: Don't worry. I won't summon any weird shadows or anything!

Da Vinci: Eh? (What does she mean by “weird shadows”?)

Mash: (I think she's trying to show that she's strong, in her own way...)

Mash: (It might be rude of me to say this, but she seems more elegant and cute, really...)

Mash: (A goddess will always be a goddess, I suppose...)

Pārvatī: That's why, even if we encounter enemies on our way, there's nothing to worry about, Fujimaru.

Pārvatī: You were all kind when I was in a tough spot. Now, I swear on my honor as a goddess...I will protect you all!

Da Vinci: Hm... Normally, you wouldn't expect much from a goddess like Pārvatī in a melee battle...

Da Vinci: But it's a different story if you consider the mythology surrounding her. If you trace her roots, you'll find quite the warlike–

Pārvatī: Oh? That's...

Mash: Is that...Cursed Arm over there?

Mash: It looks like he's doing something shifty by the road. I wonder...

Pārvatī: ...

Mash: Par?

Pārvatī: I'm not sure, but...I sense something.

Pārvatī: He is a bad man.

Da Vinci: Well, that might be TECHNICALLY true in terms of alignment...

Pārvatī: I feel that...we need to proceed with extreme caution. This feeling is bubbling up within me...

Pārvatī: And, what should I call it... It's just a vague association, but there's a smell on him that bothers me...

Pārvatī: It's like...this terrible...smell of bugs...?

Pārvatī: It's all very instinctual, and I can't express it very well...

Pārvatī: ...

Pārvatī: But anyway! The fact of the matter is that he is an evil man!

Pārvatī: And a goddess like me simply cannot allow that to stand!

Pārvatī: Fuuu...haaa (deep breaths)...

Pārvatī: Hold it right there, suspicious masked man!

Cursed Arm: Oh? Are you perhaps addressing me?

Fujimaru 1: Well, you're the only masked man around!

Fujimaru 2: Well... If those weirdo Island Masks were around...

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. Very true. What business do you have with me?

Cursed Arm: I see a young lady who has been glaring at me for the past few minutes...

Pārvatī: As I believe that sincere words will reach even those who are evil, I will ask you this:

Pārvatī: What are you doing here?

Cursed Arm: What am I doing? Hmmm, now that I think of it, that is quite a profound question.

Cursed Arm: Many factors have led me here. However, to put it simply...

Cursed Arm: Perhaps it is best to say that I am disposing of those who are empty, or those who've lost their place...

Pārvatī: Wh-what did you say!?

Mohawk: Heh heh heh... Sir! I've found some! There's a ton over by the river!

Cursed Arm: Oh, so it seems... Let's head over right away. This is very exciting, hahaha...

Pārvatī: H-he even has some mean-looking minions...!

Pārvatī: They have some nerve. I mean...wait a minute!

Pārvatī: I know that the modern world is full of wicked, soulless people who have lost their way!

Pārvatī: But even so, as a goddess, they are all my beloved children!

Pārvatī: I will not turn a blind eye to the senseless murder of innocents!

Pārvatī: Stay right where you are, you murdering assassin. It's probably not hard to tell, but I am mad!

Fujimaru 1: (Tremble)

Mash: That look on Par's face...! She's intimidating even for a goddess!

Da Vinci: Bingo. Pārvatī is usually described only as Shiva's wife...a goddess who is very mild-mannered...

Da Vinci: But since she is Shiva's wife, Pārvatī is often identified with his OTHER wife, Durga, who is the goddess of battle...

Da Vinci: And on top of that, she is also identified as Kali, who was born from the two gods. Long story short, if you get Pārvatī mad, she's terrifying!

Pārvatī: This is no time for idle chatter.

Pārvatī: If you are truly a disciple of justice, you cannot let these evil men walk free!

Pārvatī: Now come, Fujimaru! We must give these nasty, bug-smelling murderers divine punishment!


Cursed Arm: Ugh! There's no reason to fight to the death here! I'll just be the bigger man and say you got me!

Pārvatī: Oh my... You're a lot more accommodating than I expected.

Pārvatī: So that horrid, filthy scent of insects was just something that rubbed off onto you? You must scrub hard to get the smell off of you, understood?

Cursed Arm: Well, not really, but men, put your weapons down. Do as this woman says.

Mohawk: Damn! Why!?

Mohawk: But we just met you, our mentor...and we were on the verge of bettering ourselves...

Fujimaru 1: Bettering yourselves?

Mash: Um...I'm going to ask you again.

Mash: What were you doing here? Can you tell us again?

Cursed Arm: ...? I don't remember lying to you, so my answer has not changed. I'm disposing of those that are empty—

Mash: I'm sorry, can you please clarify? Without the poetic assassin phrasing...

Cursed Arm: it wasn't clear, huh? Well, let me put it in plainer terms...

Cursed Arm: We were picking up all the empty bottles and cans people left here. What of it?

Pārvatī: But you're a Hassan!!!

Mash: What does that matter?

Cursed Arm: I had some time on my hands, so I pick up things that can be recycled. I'm the sort who collects all the daggers I throw from the battlefield.

Cursed Arm: And this habit has left it somewhat painful for me to see the culture of fast consumption in this age. It can be so terribly wasteful.

Cursed Arm: After a while, the young men who had time and shared in my beliefs gathered here and began to assemble and volunteer their time to assist me.

Mohawk: Yeah...our mentor became known for turning our delinquent ways around for the better...

Mohawk: Hawkmo from third street even landed his dream job at an IT company...and I am also going to start work at this company called Gold Mansomething.

Mohawk: You shouldn't judge people by their looks, you know... What matters is leading an honest, hardworking life!

Cursed Arm: Hahaha. Indeed. They can save face and regain something of an identity. Heh.

Pārvatī: (Grr... I don't know why, but he gets on my nerves. Maybe we had a connection in our past lives...)

Mohawk: Can I keep talking? Um...

Mohawk: Right. Even if he was judged by his looks, no matter what his past was, our mentor's unwavering spirit to keep going was what attracted us to him.

Cursed Arm: Heh, you think too much of me, boy. But a little flattery never hurt anyone. Keep going.

Pārvatī:'re still an assassin, correct?

Pārvatī: Aren't you the bad guy of all bad guys who, under the orders of a bug-smelling Master, killed both humans and Servants!?

Cursed Arm: ...? I don't quite know what you mean.

Cursed Arm: Yes, I am an assassin...a nominally evil being.

Cursed Arm: But now, I am first and foremost the Servant of Master Fujimaru.

Cursed Arm: Without being ordered to do so, I would certainly never attack at random.

Fujimaru 1: I forgot to mention...

Fujimaru 2: But Hassan is actually a nice guy.

Pārvatī: ...!!!

Pārvatī: ...A-ah...

Pārvatī: Such a thing is possible!? I'm terribly sorry! I am such klutz in every possible way!


Pārvatī: Oh...I can't believe I did that... I feel just awful...

Fujimaru 1: Don't think too much about it...

Fujimaru 2: No worries! It happens!

Mash: Master is right, Par.

Mash: Anyone can make mistakes, you know! Even Hassan laughed it off and forgave you!

Da Vinci: That said, we were all a bit shocked at how mad you got!

Da Vinci: You too, right, Fujimaru?

Da Vinci: That incredible–if dark–fighting spirit that was practically pouring from sure reinforced that you are definitely a god!

Fujimaru 1: Now I know not to make you mad.

Pārvatī: Please don't talk about it! All that anger and it was just a misunderstanding... I'm so embarrassed...

Pārvatī: Ahem... Well, there's one tiny bit of silver lining!

Pārvatī: Compared to what happens when I'm REALLY angry, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Pārvatī: Fortunately, since I'm a Pseudo-Servant, I am one hundred percent good, wholesome goddess!

Pārvatī: I won't let that destructive negativity out so easily!

Mash: Um, are you trying to say that your REAL anger is even more intense than what we saw?

Pārvatī: ...(Smile)

Fujimaru 1: That wasn't much of an answer,but let's try not to tick her off.

Pārvatī: No, you don't have to worry too much.

Pārvatī: What I mean is that you will never see my true fury.

Pārvatī: What I'm looking for isn't around here...

Pārvatī: Maybe it is that I'm still unused to this since I just manifested...

Da Vinci: Oh hey, I meant to ask you. Why did you manifest in the first place?

Da Vinci: Does it have to do with what you're looking for?

Pārvatī: Oh, no. What I'm seeking is more of a bonus. Or, well, it's sort of all in my mind.

Pārvatī: There is a legitimate reason for my manifestation. It's very difficult to put into words though...

Pārvatī: But let's feels like there is something that I must do...

Da Vinci: Hm. If you manifested as a Servant, that means you will need a Master to help you accomplish whatever it is you want to do.

Da Vinci: What do you think?

Da Vinci: I can very confidently put forward Fujimaru as highly recommended Master.

Mash: I agree wholeheartedly. Senpai truly is a reliable Master.

Pārvatī: R-right. I completely forgot. A Servant needs a Master.

Pārvatī: Fujimaru is...of course, a pure and just individual.

Pārvatī: You're right. It would be best for me to continue receiving Fujimaru's support... (Stare)

A:???: Wait, wait, wait!!! You're not getting away! Pink aerial stunts are a no-no!

Mash: Ah! That voice...?

Jaguar Warrior: (Providing minimal explanation) I'm pawtrolling my territory... That's right, it's mew!

Fujimaru 1: A wild animal appears!

Fujimaru 2: Yep, pretty much a cat. Sneaking in without being called.

Mash: Jaguar Warrior? Why are you here?

Jaguar Warrior: Shut up, you purrpetrator! This is Jaguar's territory!

Jaguar Warrior: Power over life and and or beef! Know that everything hinges on the whims of the mistress of this territory...ME!

Pārvatī: Teacher...! That is such an absurd role!

Pārvatī: Um...I actually don't know why I called that thing a teacher... It just came out!

Jaguar Warrior: Of course you did. This Jaguar actually stands above all living creatures to be an example to all! I'm the ultimate creature of eduCATion!

Jaguar Warrior: I'm gonna give you a snippet of truth! Eating meat makes you super happy, and naptime is the doorway to your dreams!

Jaguar Warrior: Heh. I tried to make it sound Nirvana-y because there's an Indian goddess in front of me. What do you think? No good? Aww...I see.

Jaguar Warrior: Whatever. I'm being super generous today! Take a look at Student No. EX, who also worships me!

Illya: Actually she just dragged me out here! And why are you calling me Student No. EX!?

Pārvatī: Um...actually, that girl is even more of a rare case than we are. Maybe you could leave her out...?

Jaguar Warrior: Ah! The gang's back together... I'm feeling invincible! I've clinched this!

Illya: Arrrgh, this is nuts... Although I kind of understand instinctively calling her “teacher.”

Illya: But...there is someone I've never met with Master. Oh, she's so pretty...

Illya: Anyway, I should politely introduce myself to people when I meet them for the first time. Hello, big sister!

Pārvatī: ...Yes, hello, Illyasviel. My name is Pārvatī.

Illya: Huh? Did I say my name already?

Pārvatī: The world and distant space sometimes align by sheer coincidence, like the light hitting a kaleidoscope to form a distinct and dazzling pattern...

Pārvatī: Our encounter must be like that kind of miracle. Either way, I'm glad to see that you are well and happy, Illyasviel.

Illya: O-okay... Thanks...?

Jaguar Warrior: Hey! Trying to chat up my student is furbidden!

Jaguar Warrior: I've heard enough, meow! This Jaguar is here to object to what you were talking about!

Pārvatī: Um...what WERE we talking about?

Fujimaru 1: About Masters and their Servants...

Fujimaru 2: About a contract...

Jaguar Warrior: Right! That's it! I ask of you...!

Jaguar Warrior: Ahhh, I've always wanted to say that line. It feels nice. I KNEW I was the real heroine!

Jaguar Warrior: Anyway! I ask of you! Are you pawsitive you want to come to Chaldea!?

Pārvatī: Ah, that was what we were talking about. And yes, if I have the chance...

Jaguar Warrior: Listen, Chaldea is no ordinary place! Get this: Chaldea...

Jaguar Warrior: Has Emiya...and Emiya...and even another Emiya! On top of that, there's even a pawsibility that more Emiyas will pop up one day!

Pārvatī: Sukhavati!!!

Fujimaru 1: I dunno, not sure there'll be more...

Fujimaru 2: She's not lying...

Jaguar Warrior: Heh heh... So whaddaya think? Confused?

Pārvatī: ...Yes. Very...confused!

Jaguar Warrior: I like your honesty! Now, do you really think the psyche of a serious kouhai-type would be able to withstand the ridiculous hell that is Chaldea!?

Jaguar Warrior: Testing that resolve in a furrocious fight is the duty of an educator!

Jaguar Warrior: Let's go, Student No. EX! Now is the time to show our senpai pawers, strengthened by having to endure that weird hell for so long!

Illya: What!? So I'm on this side!? I don't want be on your side! I don't want to fight against Master!

Jaguar Warrior: You idiot! If you do a good job here, your dream of appearing in bloomers won't have to remain a dream!

Illya: I don't want that either!

Jaguar Warrior: Are you kitten me? Fine, then how about I help you do your homework for a week?

Illya: ...

Mash: She stopped moving.

Pārvatī: Trying to make an innocent girl do your work by bribing her makes you a terrible teacher! You must be punished!


Jaguar Warrior: Gaaah! How could this happen!? We're both Lancers! So this is what happens when you get a fourth star!

Illya: Buh. I guess that means I have to do my homework on my own...

Pārvatī: Game, set, and match.

Jaguar Warrior: Urgh, so this is your resolve, huh? You've got true grit.

Jaguar Warrior: But let me ask you again, and this time I want your final answer!

Jaguar Warrior: Cute girl who'd be cuter with some sakura petals decorating her: Do you really think you'd be happy if you came to Chaldea?

Pārvatī: ...Yes, I think so.

Pārvatī: To be happy, to make someone else happy...or even to be happy BY making someone else happy...

Pārvatī: I'm sure there are many different methods.

Pārvatī: But no matter what, as long as I am myself, I know the people around me will be happy!

Pārvatī: Isn't that what being a goddess is about?

Jaguar Warrior: Got it. If you have that much confidence in yourself, I have nothing more to say!

Jaguar Warrior: But...but! It's just too purrfect! It just doesn't feel right. Don't you need SOME kinda dark side to you!?

Pārvatī: (Glare)

Pārvatī: Ah-hem. Rest assured. I may have cut away the shadowy parts of myself, but make no mistake, there is such a thing as shadows in the light.

Pārvatī: Fujimaru and the others are well aware that I am not JUST the pure, good parts of myself.

Pārvatī: That's why I am able to somewhat participate in battle. Like smacking people.

Jaguar Warrior: Hm? Hmmm...well, that's not exactly what I meant...

Jaguar Warrior: Oh, crap. I'm almost out of energy. Farewell, everyone! Look forward to the next exciting installment of the Jaguar Warrior show!

Illya: She just does whatever she wants, doesn't she? Hmm... She looks an awful lot like someone I know.

Fujimaru 1: Try not to think too hard and just go home.

Illya: Okay! I'll do that!

Illya: If something like this happens again, I'm sending Chloe instead. They both act like cats anyway, so they'll probably get along. Yep!

Fujimaru 2: I'll check your homework later.

Illya: Really, Fujimaru!?

Illya: Yay! I'll wait with tea and snacks at the ready!

Mash: You really are kind, Senpai. If I didn't have work to do, I would have loved to join.

Mash: While I do not have homework, I always feel that studying the books in the library is important.

Mash: I'm sure I would make great progress in my studies if I asked Senpai lots of questions, and I'm sure it would be fun.

Pārvatī: Whew. Thanks to that mysterious jolly animal, we took an unexpected detour...

Pārvatī: But I have a feeling we're getting close to what I'm seeking!

Pārvatī: We just have a little more to go. Please bear with me, Fujimaru!


Pārvatī: There it is! I'm sure that's it!

Mash: Someone's standing over there...

Medusa: You've finally come.

Fujimaru 1: She looks familiar...

Fujimaru 2: Nobody would ever forget that figure!

Medusa: M-Master!? Why are you here!?

Medusa: This is...well, this was not part of the plan.

Pārvatī: What are you doing? Those are MY clothes.

Da Vinci: Oh, you found it? You were looking for that school uniform?

Pārvatī: Yes. It's sort object that acts as an anchor to maintain my existence. That Spiritron Dress should naturally be in my possession.

Pārvatī: But for some reason, the moment I manifested, I realized I didn't have it, and that it was somewhere else entirely.

Pārvatī: So I went looking for it by following its scent.

Pārvatī: And when you sense that someone else is wearing your precious clothes...

Pārvatī: You would never want to give them up, and go on a journey to find them, no matter what. Do you understand that feeling?

Mash: Um...well...

Pārvatī: So...what is your intention?

Medusa: see...

Medusa: It is difficult to explain my actions...even for me.

Medusa: After all, what I've done here was motivated by a sort of impulse that bubbled up from somewhere within me. least half of my goal is accomplished now.

Mash: ...?

Medusa: I used this school uniform as bait to lure you here, Pārvatī.

Pārvatī: I see. So it was part of your plan to be found. So what is the other half of your goal?

Medusa: Why, to eliminate you, of course.

Mash: !?

Medusa: While some may argue otherwise, I would say that I am doing what I am because we are both goddesses. I'm not certain myself, but my gut tells me...

Medusa: ...there's no need for you to fight if it means you have to use THAT vessel.

Medusa: And since you've just became a Servant, hitting you with a sufficiently powerful Spiritual attack may cleave you apart from your vessel.

Medusa: Doing so may entirely negate your existence as a Pseudo-Servant.

Medusa: So there's no reason for me not to try it. My Spirit Core is compelling me to try...

Medusa: Now, please...

Medusa: Please return to the realm of the gods. I have nothing against you personally, but brace yourself!

Pārvatī: It looks like we can't talk this out.

Pārvatī: I may not understand your reasoning, but I can see that you are resolved to do this. But...

Pārvatī: I also have a purpose for being here, so I cannot allow myself to be sent away so easily.

Pārvatī: So, I will defend myself!


Pārvatī: This is the end. Please accept defeat.

Medusa: Ungh...

Pārvatī: You don't look like you're willing to give up...

Pārvatī: ...(Sigh)

Pārvatī: I suppose I have no choice... Please, allow me to speak to you, though I must make some assumptions to do so...

Pārvatī: I am an Indian goddess, while you are from the Greek pantheon. Bluntly put, we have nothing in common.

Medusa: That is...true...

Pārvatī: Yet that doesn't seem to matter to you, and you are fighting fiercely to stop me.

Pārvatī: It is hard to believe you're doing this just because we are both goddesses.

Pārvatī: Then, the answer is quite clear.

Pārvatī: You are concerned not about the goddess I am, but the girl whose body I inhabit.

Medusa: ...Nnngh...

Medusa: a valid point... I simply felt that you should not be fighting...

Medusa: ...

Medusa: Yes, you may be right. The girl and I do have some sort of connection.

Pārvatī: The reason why you feel I should not fight is because you are concerned for her becoming a container for a Divine Spirit.

Pārvatī: ...Hee. Being overprotective can sometimes backfire, Rider.

Medusa: !!!

Pārvatī: Oh, but don't get me wrong.

Pārvatī: I'm not quite sure why, but something within me compelled me to refer to you that way, by the name of your Class.

Pārvatī: But I have absolutely no memory of you. After all, I am Pārvatī right now. However...

Pārvatī: Neither I, nor this body of mine, feel any anger towards you for what you've done here. In truth, we are happy about it.

Medusa: don't intend to stop the manifestation?

Pārvatī: No. This is a part of my duty.

Pārvatī: I have been entrusted with a mission. I must deal with my own mess. Well, it's my own fault for making a certain sacrifice...

Pārvatī: No matter the path I take, I'm certain it will lead me to save the world as a goddess.

Pārvatī: Even if it means I must sacrifice my life, I will protect the world and the people that I love.

Pārvatī: And the girl shared my wish to be such a being.

Pārvatī: It is the wish we share that allowed me to manifest here. At least that's what I believe.

Pārvatī: Surely you must know that the girl possesses a strong heart.

Medusa:'re right.

Medusa: If your existence here is a result of her resolve...

Medusa: All I did was get in her way and overstepped my boundaries in doing so.

Pārvatī: You didn't overstep anything. As I said, the thought behind your actions made us happy. Truly.

Pārvatī: But...there are things that even we cannot give up. That is all I wanted to say.

Medusa: ...Ah, you are absolutely right.

Medusa: She may look weak and cowardly...but she really was strong-willed.

Medusa: I had forgotten that you were that kind of person.

Medusa: Please, allow me to apologize for my actions. And these clothes... Here, I will return them to their rightful owner.

Pārvatī: Thank you very much. This is a relief.

Mash: Looks like everything has been settled peacefully, Senpai.

Fujimaru 1: Yep, yep... Whoa, Par!?

Pārvatī: Oh, my... I'm a bit drained now that everything is over.

Pārvatī: Now that I've recovered what I sought, this seems like a good place to take a rest.

Pārvatī: Please rest assured. Now that we have met once and forged a bond...

Pārvatī: long as we retain that connection, we are sure to meet again, Fujimaru.

Pārvatī: Yes. In due time, I am sure I will become your Servant. When that happens, I will work my hardest, so please take good care of me.

Medusa: ...

Pārvatī: It's okay, Rider. My shyness will never completely go away, but I've gotten tougher.

Pārvatī: Even if the relationships between those in Chaldea are as complicated as that odd animal said...

Pārvatī: I'll be...well...I'm sure I'll be...fine.

Medusa: ...

Pārvatī: Is something else bothering you? Oh, I get it.

Pārvatī: You've come to like this school uniform too, haven't you, Rider?

Pārvatī: Oh, all right. Even though this was originally mine...

Pārvatī: Those who have only seen you wearing this uniform might think a goddess assaulted you and stole your clothes.

Pārvatī: It might be best to consider making a duplicate of the uniform just for you.

Pārvatī: Oh, it would be so wonderful for the two of us to wear matching uniforms and become Servants together!

Fujimaru 1: Um...

Medusa: I'm sorry, Master. This has turned into something of an anticlimactic farewell.

Medusa: But that is another side of the girl...or so I feel. She can be a little ditzy...

Fujimaru 1: No worries. I have a feeling we'll meet again.

Medusa: ...

Medusa: Master. I know that, with you, there's no need to bring this up, but I will say it just the same.

Mash: (Senpai, Senpai... Medusa's giving you a really terrifying glare, and she's not even using her Mystic Eyes!)

Fujimaru 1: Y-yes?

Medusa: Even if you do manage to summon her...

Medusa: You must vow to not treat her like a disposable pawn or put her in unnecessarily dangerous situations.

Medusa: I'm not asking for you to give her special treatment.

Medusa: I'm only saying that you should treat her as well as the rest of your Servants, and take good care of her. Understood?

Fujimaru 1: Understood.

Medusa: I can't hear you.

Fujimaru 1: YES, MA'AM!!!

Medusa: Good [♂ boy /♀ girl]. Now, let us head back.

Medusa: Hm. I wonder why I'm feeling so restless.

Medusa: Perhaps I should prepare by cleaning the room next to mine.

Mash: Par is somewhat special, even unique among Pseudo-Servants...

Mash: And not just to Medusa...

Mash: But perhaps many others in Chaldea would feel the same way when they see her.

Fujimaru 1: That's concerning.

Mash: It'll be okay. As long as Master's around, any complicated relationships between the Servants are sure to be resolved quickly!

Mash: And of course, I will do my very best to support you!

Fujimaru 2: That's something to look forward to.

Mash: That's the spirit, Master! I hope to one day have an outlook as positive as yours!

Mash: Either way, our quest here is done now. Good work!